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Colophon - How the Site is Constructed

Aircrew Remembered is published by Kelvin Youngs who is based in Norfolk, England. Senior Editors are Kate Tame, Roy Wilcock, Linda Ibrom and Ralph Snape, who works closely with Traugott Vitz on War Crimes material as well as managing our very busy Helpdesk.

Content is being dynamically added on a continuous basis. Important contributions are made by Tom Kracker in the USA, W/O François Dutil (RCAF), Major Fred Paradie (RCAF) and Colin Bamford in Canada. Jack Albrecht leads a specialist team in Canada addressing the missions of 625 Squadron. A team of specialist editors in England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Poland contributes important content.

Kelvin Youngs laying the Wreath to Alec Pietrzak's 309 Squadron, Polish War Memorial, Northolt, September 2014
Photo © 2014 Frances Gates, used with permission


The main site font is Avenir. Since this is not a standard system font for many users, we use automatic font downloading for those who do not have the font installed on their system. Arial is the secondary font, automatically substituted whenever Avenir font definitions are unavailable for any reason.

In order to maximize user performance, images are generally rendered at the lowest resolution that still provides good visual quality. We utilize custom-written software to perform automatic resolution reduction. Images are generally .jpg which delivers minimal file size for a given image quality but .png is used on occasions. Users can request higher resolution versions from our custom-designed Imaging Archive.

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative

Because of the high level of interaction between ourselves and Archives and Libraries worldwide, standarisation of terms and methods of describing data are more important, and to this end we support and are part of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, or DCMI, which is an open organization supporting innovation in metadata design and best practices across the metadata ecology. DCMI's activities include work on architecture and modeling, discussions and collaborative work in DCMI Communities and DCMI Task Groups, global conferences, meetings and workshops, and educational efforts to promote widespread acceptance of metadata standards and best practices.

DCMI maintains a number of formal and informal liaisons and relationships with standards bodies and other metadata organizations.

Content Preparation

Content is provided by contributors from many locations worldwide and in order to preserve consistency, we provide templates via a custom-written interface. Templates are supported for Apple OSX, iOS 9, Windows 10 and Windows 8 systems. In some cases, content is created directly in html.

Database Technology

Most database content is held in custom-designed MySQL databases, though some is provided via Excel-compatible spreadsheets. Custom-written functions support creation, search and database maintenance is performed using PHP.

Extensive use is made of custom-written and third-party JavaScript. JavaScript frameworks are used, including JQuery. Other than on the homepage, no graceful fallback is provided for users who have turned off JavaScript and those functions will not operate for users who make this choice, including Facebook and Twitter interactions and highlighting.

Research Tools

Our team makes extensive use of their own libraries related to aviation, and in addition are paid-up members of various National Archives across the world and other research groups. We support our efforts with a research tool based on a system designed for professional and academic researchers, and customised by us. Using this, each team members can share his/her research resources and results with the entire Aircrew Remembered team, greatly enhancing each individual.

Technical Support and Content Validation

Technical support is provided by Stefan Pietrzak Youngs and database specialists based in Europe. Hosting support is provided by a team based in the USA. Content creation by our contributing editors is made on the current releases of OSX Safari and iOS Safari, and on Windows 10 Firefox, Windows 8 Firefox and Chrome. Prior to deployment, testing of templates they use is conducted on Apple Macintosh using OSX Safari and iOS Safari, plus Firefox and Chrome, whilst testing on Windows 10 is performed using Firefox and Chrome. Testing on Windows 8 uses Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 10.

We perform very basic tests on Nokia Lumia running on Windows Phone.

We don't have the resources to specifically test the site on Android devices owing to the large number of incompatible variants out in the wild, but our content is tested on Mac and Windows Chrome which Google says ensures validity on Android Chrome browsers.


Video playback of all videos held on our servers is HTML 5. Flash playback is not supported from our servers because of performance and security issues. However, videos from external sources (for example YouTube) may use other encodings such as Flash, and here playback will be determined by your browser and what the hosting server provides. For example, YouTube will automatically serve HTML 5 to iOS devices. Our policy is to host videos on our own Rumble channel, rather than depend on YOuTube.


In order to preserve user privacy, no user tracking technologies are employed. You can see our Privacy policy here.

Site Design

Site design is performed by Stefan Pietrzak Youngs on Apple Macintosh systems using validated HTML/CSS and is tested on current-generation OSX, current-generation iOS (iPad and iPhone) and current-generation Windows systems prior to publication. Our design process uses Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator, Font Book, custom-written and modified JavaScript, various text editors, custom-written OSX automation routines and custom-written CSS and native html. Primary browser used for development is Apple OSX Safari.

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At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we will remember them. - Laurence Binyon

All site material (except as noted elsewhere) is owned or managed by Aircrew Remembered and should not be used without prior permission.
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