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This database attempts to include all aircrew gravesites for losses from British, Commonwealth and foreign forces fighting under RAF operational command. Additionally it lists German gravesites for Luftwaffe crew members who lost lives over Britain.

We have made exhaustive studies to find pictures of all the gravesites because it's one thing to read the name of a cemetery but it evokes quite another emotional response to see a picture of the location.

Each grave is a life given up too early and perhaps the first emotion that strikes one on seeing pictures of the gravesites is how many there are. For family and friends each loss was mourned for a lifetime and for the rest of us, the least we can do is honour their loss by remembering.

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#Name* (↑)First NamesRankServiceNumberHonoursServiceUnitAgeDateOfDeath (↑)BuriedCommemorated (↑)LinksPhoto (Click To Expand)Notes
1 AdamsAlfred JosephSergeant1234879RAFVR1942-09-11United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 22. A. 9.
2 AgarJohn RobertPilot Officer124742RAFVR1942-09-11BelgiumOostduinkerke Communal Cemetery, Row G. Grave 171.
3 AllenbyThomas PeterSergeantR/95975RCAF221942-09-11Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 12. D. 7.Son Of Thomas Peter And Irma Allenby; Husband Of Madeline Allenby, Of Saratoga Springs, New York State, U.S.A.
4 AndrewsWalter MowbrayFlight SergeantR/92243RCAF106 Sqd (RAF)1942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 15.
5 ArnoldAlbert EdgarSergeant404586RNZAF78 Sqd (RAF)231942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 11. D. 4-6.Son Of Edgar And Jessie May Arnold, Of Tapanui, Otago, New Zealand.
6 BannisterHarry ErnestFlight Sergeant1111864RAFVR15 Sqd311942-09-11United KingdomMaidstone Cemetery, Kent, Plot C.C.1. Grave 128.Son Of Ernest A. Bannister And Olive Bannister, Of Kirkliston, West Lothian. A.C.I.I.
7 BarlowNorman JamesSergeant413013RNZAF241942-09-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 117.Son Of James Trevor And Sarah Elizabeth Barlow; Husband Of Nora Barlow, Of Tuakau, Auckland, New Zealand.
8 BarrLeslie RonaldFlight Lieutenant43627DFC and BarRAF7 Sqd281942-09-11Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, Joint Grave 12. D. 8.Son Of Thomas And Catherine Susan Barr; Husband Of Lilian Elsie Barr, Of Kingswood, Gloucestershire.
9 BaylyFrank Brenner ByronSergeant1330983RAFVR191942-09-11United KingdomCroydon (Mitcham Road) Cemetery, Plot B.B. Grave 26094.Son Of Richard Francis Maurice And Ethel Emily Bayly, Of Addiscombe, Croydon.
10 BertramRichard EdgarFlight SergeantR/75831RCAF1942-09-11BelgiumAdegem Canadian War Cemetery, I. E. 6.
11 BriggsEdgar TongSergeant1005748RAFVR261942-09-11Netherlands (Holland)Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, Plot Jj. Grave 122.Son Of Tong And Emily Briggs, Of Whetstone, Middlesex.
12 BrownAlbert ErnestFlight Sergeant403105RAAF281942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 4. A. 7.Son Of Albert Edward And Margaret Isabell Brown, Of Wellington, New South Wales, Australia.
13 BrydenJohn AlexanderFlight Sergeant404601RAAF261942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 4. A. 6.Son Of Richard And Martha Bryden, Of Warwick, Queensland, Australia.
14 CalderwoodDonald JohnFlight SergeantR/68128RCAF83 Sqd (RAF)1942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 7.
15 CartwrightLancelot CyrilSergeant530247RAF50 Sqd1942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 28. A. 14.
16 ChalmersGerald GrahamSergeant778593RAFVR106 Sqd201942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 18.Son Of James Alfred And Margaret Chalmers, Of Sawmill, Southern Rhodesia.
17 CharronJoseph HilarionFlight SergeantR/90686RCAF211942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 3. B. 12.Son Of J. H. And Maude Charron, Of Mattawa, Ontario, Canada.
18 ChildsArthur HenryPilot Officer116799RAFVR16 O.T.U.221942-09-11Netherlands (Holland)Bergen General Cemetery, Plot 1. Row A. Grave 18.Son Of Frederick Henry And Margarretta Pamflett Childs, Of Oxhey, Hertfordshire.
19 CookAlbert GeorgeSergeant1293852RAFVR83 Sqd211942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. E. 3.Son Of George Henry And Annie Louisa Cook, Of Wealdstone, Harrow, Middlesex.
20 Danks-BrownKeith JohnSergeant404403RAAF261942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 4. A. 9.Son Of Ernest And Winifred Agatha Danks-Brown, Of Mosman, New South Wales, Australia.
21 DevlinKevin JohnPilot Officer413334RNZAF75 Sqd RNZAF
261942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 4. A. 20-21.Son Of Joseph Calixtus Devlin And Dorothy May Devlin, Of Wellington City, New Zealand.
22 DonahueArthur GeraldFlight Lieutenant81624DFCRAFVR91 Sqd291942-09-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 65.Son Of Frank And Ada Donahue. Native Of U.S.A.
23 DownsAlexander Irvine LewisSergeant403565RAAF251942-09-11Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 12. D. 3-5.Son Of Philip Kenneth And Cecile Wilhelmina Downs, Of Bondi, New South Wales, Australia.
24 DrennanAlfred ThomasFlight SergeantR/93310RCAF405 Sqd RCAF

261942-09-11United KingdomDishforth Cemetery, Grave 20.Son Of John Ernest And Isabella Ann Drennan, Of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
25 EggletonCleveland JohnFlight SergeantR/83220RCAF25 O.T.U.231942-09-11BelgiumOostduinkerke Communal Cemetery, Spec. Memorial. Row G. Grave 175.Son Of Stanley D. And Eleta Perle Eggleton, Of Creemore, Ontario, Canada.
26 FountainIrwin DalePilot OfficerJ/9420RCAF7 Sqd271942-09-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 100.Son Of John And Dorothea J. Fountain, Of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.
27 GallagherFrank JohnFlight SergeantR/102761RCAF231942-09-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 104.Son Of Frank J. And Annie Gallagher, Of Toronto, Ontario Canada.
28 GardnerJack WilfredSergeant1264572RAFVR1942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Joint Grave 2. B. 11-12.
29 GennettFrancis WayneFlight SergeantR/98366RCAF241942-09-11Netherlands (Holland)Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Xvi. F. 2.Son Of H. Wayne Gennett And Florence Burke Gennett, Of Bedford, Indiana, U.S.A.
30 GeorgeRichard MelvinFlight SergeantR/100105RCAF201942-09-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 104.Son Of John Joseph And Lillian Margaret George, Of Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada.
31 GilchristWilliamLeading Aircraftman620901RAF211942-09-11China, (including Hong Kong)Sai Wan War Cemetery, Ii. C. 4.Son Of James And Janet Gilchrist, Of Glasgow.
32 GrantKenneth MaxwellSergeantR/88238RCAF211942-09-11United KingdomCirencester Cemetery, Plot 6. N.C. Row C. Grave 16.Son Of Aubrey R. Grant And Bertha D. Grant, Of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
33 HancockHenry WilliamSergeant1337937RAFVR1942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Joint Grave 3. B. 9-10.
34 HarrisTerence ClaudeFlight Sergeant406453RAAF201942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 4. A. 10.Son Of Claude And Ellice Harris, Of Mosman Park, Western Australia.
35 HavenhandJohn CooperSergeant1062558RAFVR50 Sqd281942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 28. A. 13.Son Of Alezander And Amy Havenhand; Husband Of Gertrude Mary Havenhand, Of Beighton, Derbyshire.
36 HigginsClarence WilliamPilot Officer48518RAF15 Sqd281942-09-11United KingdomMaidstone Cemetery, Kent, Plot C.C.1. Grave 12.Son Of William George And Lilian Grace Higgins, Of Hatzic, British Columbia, Canada. B.S.
37 HigginsonJohn BlakeFlight SergeantR/141503RCAF231942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 2. B. 10.Son Of John Bright Higginson And Frances Ann Higginson, Of Westmount, Montreal, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
38 HiltonEdwardSergeant986343RAFVR20 O.T.U.271942-09-11Netherlands (Holland)Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, Plot Jj. Grave 123.Son Of George Haworth Hilton And The Late Nancy Hilton, Of Blackburn, Lancashire.
39 HiscockWilliam Charles HenrySergeant908307RAFVR78 Sqd1942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 11. D. 4-6.
40 HodgsonWilfredSergeant1286431RAFVR78 Sqd301942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 11. D. 4-6.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. F. Hodgson, Of Crook, Co. Durham.
41 InnesDouglas Alexander WattSergeant1347937RAFVR218 Sqd (Gold Coast)201942-09-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 86. Son Of James Smith Innes And Ann Innes, Of Aberdeen.
42 JamiesonAndrew PattonSergeant778713RAFVR106 Sqd191942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 17.Son Of Andrew Patton Jamieson And Charlotte Maud Jamieson, Of Theydon, Southern Rhodesia.
43 JanataKarelSergeant788040RAFVR310 (Czech) Sqd1942-09-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 86.
44 JohnsonWallace HaydenFlight SergeantR/82881RCAF221942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 12. D. 8-11.Son Of William Clifford Johnson And Mabel Gethin Johnson, Of Brockville, Ontario, Canada.
45 JohnsonHenry CharlesPilot Officer126089MiDRAFVR233 Sqd331942-09-11GibraltarGibraltar (North Front) Cemetery, Plot 2. Row D. Joint Grave 11.Son Of Alfred And Lydia Johnson; Husband Of Alice Mabel Johnson, Of Forest Hill, London.
46 KearnsJames JosephSergeant656186RAFVR271942-09-11Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 12. D. 3-5.Son Of John And Mary Kearns, Of Gillingham, Kent.
47 KelcherWalter FochSergeant411908RNZAF75 Sqd RNZAF
231942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 4. A. 22.Son Of Leonard And Isabella Mary Kelcher, Of Maheno, Otago, New Zealand.
48 KenyonGordon AlfredPilot Officer143471RAFVR233 Sqd251942-09-11GibraltarGibraltar (North Front) Cemetery, Plot 2. Row D. Joint Grave 12.
49 Khodah DarwishPrivate3607RAF Iraq Levies1942-09-11IraqHabbaniya Memorial, 
50 KingJames KevinSergeant406980RAAF241942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 4. A. 8.Son Of Edward John And Elizabeth King, Of Midlands Junction, Western Australia.
51 KirkpatrickRonald HerbertSergeant1270480RAFVR261942-09-11Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 12. D. 3-5.Son Of Charles William And Minnie Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, Of Sheerness, Kent.
52 LockAlexander JohnSergeant928200RAFVR75 Sqd RNZAF
221942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 4. B. 3-19.Son Of Thomas William And Maud Mary Lock.
53 MackenzieFrancis RaymondAircraftman 2nd Class1077630RAFVR211942-09-11LebanonBeirut War Cemetery, 3. E. 1.Son Of Frank W. And Margaret Mackenzie, Of Edinburgh.
54 MaginnHenry HowardSergeant637636RAF15 Sqd291942-09-11United KingdomSeagoe Church Of Ireland Churchyard, Sec. A. Plot 5. Grave 10.Son Of William And Adelaide Maginn, Of Portadown; Husband Of Emma Maginn, Of Portadown.
55 MallottHenry GeorgeSergeant526697RAF7 Sqd251942-09-11United KingdomManor Park Cemetery, Sec. 49. Grave 438.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. James Alexander Mallott, And Stepson Of Sarah Ann Mallott, Of Southwark, London.
56 MansfieldSidney PhariesSergeant1210919RAFVR15 Sqd201942-09-11United KingdomCannock Cemetery, Div. A. Sec. 1. Grave 1091.Son Of Sydney And Hilda Mansfield, Of Cannock.
57 MartynFrederick ThomasSergeant413875RNZAF211942-09-11United KingdomMontrose (Sleepyhillock) Cemetery, Sec. 7. Class C. Grave 63.Son Of Frederick Martyn And Of Robina Martyn (Nee Blacklock), Of Seaward Downs, Southland, New Zealand.
58 MatsonMervin KeithFlight SergeantR/103575RCAF241942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 3. B. 11.Son Of Mats K. Matson, And Of Betsy Matson (Nee Larson), Of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
59 MazengarbHarris LewingtonFlying Officer402667RAAF221942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 9.Son Of Reginald Muller Mazengarb And Alice Winifred Mazengarb, Of Cammeray, New South Wales. Australia.
60 MccaskyEddie Stanley JosephSergeantR/110750RCAF1942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 12. D. 8-11.
61 McdonaldJohn GordonFlying OfficerJ/5059DFCRCAF83 Sqd (RAF)251942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. E. 1.Son Of Norman Donald And Ida Louina Mcdonald, Of Islington, Ontario, Canada.
62 McphersonRay DouglasSergeant401244RAAF251942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 16.Son Of William Antill Mcpherson And Ethel Myra Mcpherson, Of Donald, Victoria, Australia.
63 MetcalfeThomas OttoSergeant414386RNZAF75 Sqd RNZAF
191942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 4. A. 20-21.Son Of Joseph William Metcalfe, And Of Dorothy Mary Metcalfe (Nee Moore), Of Norsewood, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand; Nephew Of Ellis Todd, Of Hastings, Hawkes Bay.
64 MillardGraham GeorgeSergeant1179058RAFVR83 Sqd1942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 11.
65 MIlveenJamesPilot Officer129073RAFVR281942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Joint Grave 2. B. 11-12.Son Of Andrew And Helen Mkiddy Milveen, Of East Kilbride, Lanarkshire.
66 MoltonFrank ReginaldFlight Sergeant747753RAFVR311942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 3. B. 13.Son Of George Molton, And Of Alice Elizabeth Molton, Of Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex.
67 MooreThomas McmurtryFlight Sergeant1026311RAFVR233 Sqd251942-09-11GibraltarGibraltar (North Front) Cemetery, Plot 2. Row D. Joint Grave 12.Son Of Thomas And Jeannie Moore, Of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
68 MorganThomas LewisSergeant1312560RAFVR211942-09-11United Kingdom Crynant (St. Margaret) Churchyard, S.W. Of Church. Son Of William And Hannah Morgan, Of Crynant.
69 NicholasAlbertSergeant1334237RAFVR191942-09-11Netherlands (Holland)Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, Plot Jj. Grave 124.Son Of Albert Alfred And Emily Gertrude Nicholas, Of Westerham, Kent.
70 NicolleJohn FrederickPilot OfficerJ/7784RCAF106 Sqd (RAF)1942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 14.
71 OgilvieCreighton CarlyleSergeant403599RAAF231942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 2. B. 9.Son Of James Grant Ogilvie And Lena Meta Ogilvie, Of Gunnedah, New South Wales, Australia.
72 PabloDaniel LawrenceFlight SergeantR/109023RCAF221942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 12. D. 8-11.Son Of Lawrence Edward And Pearl Pablo, Of Emo, Montana, U.S.A.
73 PittendrighWilfred ErnestSergeant1291394RAFVR15 Sqd211942-09-11United KingdomLittle Stanmore (St. Lawrence) Churchyard, Row 12. Grave 17.Son Of Russell And Mary Ellen Pittendrigh, Of Canons Park, Edgware.
74 PollardCharles EdwardSergeantR/123260RCAF1942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 12. D. 8-11.
75 PrimeNorman AllanSergeant536221RAF15 Sqd1942-09-11United KingdomMaidstone Cemetery, Kent, Plot C.C.1. Grave 58.
76 RenwickAndrew ScottSergeant1552246RAFVR201942-09-11United KingdomCamelon Cemetery, Sec. 12. Grave 421.Son Of William Montgomery Renwick, And Of Elsie A. Renwick, Of Edinburgh.
77 RogersBarney AndrewSergeantR/99252RCAF191942-09-11United KingdomIpswich Old Cemetery, Sec. C. Div. 31. Grave 33.Son Of Nelson Burt Rogers And Lottie Gaunce Rogers, Of Fielding, New Brunswick, Canada.
78 RowlingJames WilliamSergeant1264833RAFVR311942-09-11Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 12. D. 6.Son Of Frank Harold And Louisa Mary Rowling; Husband Of Violet Maud Rowling, Of Ilford, Essex. His Brother George Albert Rowling Also Fell.
79 RoyRobert JamesSergeant967125RAFVR78 Sqd1942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 1.
80 RunnaclesErnest Ronald MauricePilot Officer118622RAFVR7 Sqd281942-09-11Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, Joint Grave 12. D. 8.Son Of Maurice Arthur Runnacles And Of Margaret Helen Runnacles (Nee Macfarlane), Of General Lavalle, Buenos Aires, Argentine. Ornithologist.
81 RushtonDennis JohnSergeant1432963RAFVR218 Sqd (Gold Coast)201942-09-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 92.Son Of Montague William And Dora Winifred Rushton, Of Northampton.
82 RussellJohnSergeant622505RAF106 Sqd221942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 13.Son Of Joseph And Ellen Ann Russell; Husband Of Dorothy Russell, Of Redruth, Cornwall.
83 SamwellPhillip William ArthurSergeant1195426RAFVR83 Sqd211942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 10.Son Of William And Josephine Samwell, Of Northampton.
84 SedinAlbert EdwardSergeant915124RAFVR1942-09-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 93.
85 ShermanCharles ArthurSergeantR/ 105877RCAF1942-09-11Netherlands (Holland)Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Xvi. D. 5.
86 SmithAlfred GeoffreySergeant407688RAAF241942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 12.Son Of Frederick Alfred And Edith Ellen Smith, Of Pinnaroo, South Australia.
87 SouthgateStanley TeranceSergeant1335832RAFVR1942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Joint Grave 3. B. 9-10.
88 StevensonCharles JosephPilot Officer117686RAFVR78 Sqd311942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 2.Son Of Frank And Winifred Stevenson; Husband Of Evelyn Beatrice Stevenson, Of Ingoldmells, Lincolnshire.
89 SteynJ FAir Corporal210119SAAF7 Sqd221942-09-11EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery, 2. B. 20.Son Of Cornelis D. Steyn And Elizabeth R. Steyn, Of Noorder Paarl, Cape Province, South Africa.
90 SullivanClifford RoyPilot OfficerJ/85162RCAF191942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 12. D. 8-11. Son Of Bernard And Frances Sullivan, Of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
91 SweeneyJamesSergeant1113304RAFVR221942-09-11United KingdomManchester Crematorium, Panel 21.
92 ThorpeFrederick ArnoldSergeant1310941MiDRAFVR7 Sqd261942-09-11United KingdomEdmonton Cemetery, Middlesex, Sec. G. Grave 632.Son Of Frederick And Jessie Thorpe, Of Palmers Green.
93 WaddingtonThomasSquadron Leader39623RAF (RAFO)233 Sqd261942-09-11GibraltarGibraltar (North Front) Cemetery, Plot 2. Row D. Joint Grave 11.Son Of Thomas Waddington, And Of Margaret Ann Waddington, Of Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire.
94 WalkerArthurAircraftman 2nd Class1116673RAFVR102 Sqd221942-09-11United KingdomAcomb (St. Stephen) Churchyard, Row H. Grave 25.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. A. Walker, Of York.
95 WalsheDesmond JamesSergeant412912RNZAF75 Sqd RNZAF
251942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 4. A. 20-21.Son Of James And Gertrude M. Walshe, Of Wellington City, New Zealand.
96 WarrenBruce BissetSergeant1006895RAFVR78 Sqd201942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 3.Son Of Alfred George And Isobel Bisset Warren, Of Dundee.
97 WatsonHarry RaeburnFlight SergeantR/98140RCAF83 Sqd (RAF)1942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. D. 8.
98 WetheredIan LeslieSergeant1379832RAFVR211942-09-11United KingdomSlough (Stoke Road) Cemetery, C. Of E. Plot. Grave 1472.Son Of Leslie William And Phyllis Rose Wethered, Of Slough.
99 WilliamsHenry EricSergeant657180RAF15 Sqd251942-09-11United KingdomFaversham Borough Cemetery, Sec. E. Grave 19.

Son Of Ada Williams, Of Faversham.
100 WoodfordJohn HamiltonFlight Sergeant400187RAAF261942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 11. E. 2.Son Of Charles Campbell Woodford And Martha Jane Woodford, Of Balaclava, Victoria, Australia.
101 YoungStanley GeorgeSergeant1310940RAFVR50 Sqd1942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 28. A. 15.

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At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we will remember them. - Laurence Binyon

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