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The Aircrew Remembered team includes mathematicians and programmers who spend a portion of their time working with spreadsheets, lists of data and databases, sourced from original research and from contributing researchers as well as ordinary readers across the world.

The task is time-consuming and demanding because even a small inconsistency in the layout and organization of the data can render a result unusable. Since much of the material was collected for personal interest before anyone had the idea of publishing for more general use, it is inevitable that errors in layout are scattered throughout. Data finds itself in the wrong columns, numbers appear in text columns and so on. Our job is to painstakingly identify and rectify these organizational errors where we can.

That's not to say these databases are 100% accurate in terms of their data because our focus is not on validating specific facts as such, but on getting all the data into a consistent form so our database search engines can function. We therefore encourage readers to submit factual corrections.

Some lists are very small but none the less valuable for that and some are gigantic records representing a lifetime of collation.

Our objective is to present researchers worldwide with as much valuable data as we can manage, in the most useful ways we can find. Our hope is that researchers worldwide will benefit and that this might also lead to the development of more family histories and stories which we would be pleased to add to the site.

We ask any reader who has lists, however big or small, and in whatever condition to contact us. You may be holding just the data a researcher the other side of the globe needs, but if it stays hidden in your private files, its more general usefulness is compromised. We have developed considerable experience in working with data in the form of lists, spreadsheets, research books and so on and would endeavour to present your data in a pleasing and useful manner, with attribution to you if preferred.

Consolidated Names Database : this special database includes ALL Names (only the names, no details) from ALL our databases. This allows you to quickly see in which databases the individual you are searching for appears. There are over 500,000 entries in this database.

Aces and Aviators WW1 International Database Large database of WW1 flyers from all nations

Alamein Allied Air Forces Memorial Database 3000+ entries

Allied Graves in Europe Managed by CWGC: refer to Databases Menu at top of page

Allied Losses and Incidents: all Commands (supersedes Bomber Command and Fighter Command databases)

Allied Losses and Incidents: Nordic participants. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland 800+ entries

Battle of Britain Roll of Honour 3098 entries

Cross Reference Research Lists

Deutsches Kreuz in Gold Awards 6300+ entries

Glider Regiment Casualties 640+ entries

Sites of Luftwaffe War Graves in England

The Kracker Archive 30,000 + individual Luftwaffe pilot records

Luftwaffe Graves Managed by CWGC

Luftwaffe Victories by Name/Date 90,000 individual air actions

Malta Memorial Database

Ottawa Allied Air Forces Memorial Database 830 entries

Paradie Archive: RCAF Personnel 1939 - 1945 45,000+ entries

Polish Air Force Honour Roll 2200+ entries, detailed data

Royal Australian Air Force Losses 1939 - 1945 11,000+ names

RCAF Notes 9000+ entries

Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm 4500+ entries

Runnymede Memorial Database 20,000+ entries

Soviet Aces Database 3176+ entries

US Aces and Aviators WW2

US Air Service Victories WW1

USAAF Operations WW2 complete record of USAAF activities

US Marine Corps Squadrons with squadron histories and insignia

Vitz Archive: Murder Victims of Axis curated database by specialist researchers. Extensive Notes and Trial Papers

Top Scoring Fighter Pilots (International) 9300+ entries (coming soon)

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