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Add your book here today for review - simply contact us and send us a copy - if your book is relevant to any article on the website we will add it there as well!

There are of course hundreds of publications available for you to research the period of history that we are dedicated to.

These research publications are, due to the tremendous amount of research time involved, expensive and so we are currently reviewing what we feel are the top publications to assist your research further.
We always place credits to any publication that we use for our articles - Aircrew Remembered respect the great deal of research and effort that go into these.
If you are researching a particular squadron then any publication for that squadron would be of interest to you. As and when they are sent to us for review we will let you know:

1> What we think about this publication?
2> How many pages and the weight for postage?
3> What information / period you will find inside?
4> Where it can be purchased?
5> How much it will cost you?
6> How you can assist them and us for updates?
7> Author, publisher, language and ISBN number to enable you to search other websites.

This is a service that has been requested by readers - although we do update this section as regular as we are able, we do not accept any responsibility as to the relevance for the publication and all opinions made are by our own researchers and may not apply to your own - we have over 1,700 research books in our archives - some are superb, others are OK, all are important research tools.

Bomber Command Losses W.R. Chorley

51 Squadron Series Renee Ounsley

West Row Girl in War Time Una Ellen Jenkins

West Row Girl Una Ellen Jenkins

Nottinghamshire Air Incidents A.P. and R.M. Glover

Fighter Command Losses - awaiting copy

Fighter Command War diaries - awaiting copy

The Last Blitz Ron Mackay

Final Flights Ian McLachlan

Boeing B-17 Fortress Robert M. Stitt

In Honour of Fallen Airman Robert Gretzyngier, Wojtek Matusiak, Waldemar Wójcik, Józef ZieliƄski

Lost in War James T. Watt

Diver! Diver! Diver! Brian Cull with Bruce Lander

A Thousand Shall Fall Murray Peden

Bomber Command Losses in the Middle East and Mediterranean David Gunby and Pelham Temple

Night Fighter war diaries Volumes 1 and 2 Dr. Theo Boiten and Roderick J. Mackenzie

Bomber Command War Diaries Martin Middlebrook and Chris Everitt

Coastal Command Losses Ross McNeil

431 Squadron History William Heron

Footprints On The Sands Of Time Oliver Clitton-Brock

At First Sight Alan B. Webb

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