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Poetry of Direct Personal Experience
Our Collection of Aviation and Military Poetry

Yvonne Mitton

He told us he could walk on clouds

sink and stride knee deep in softness

feet firm on the safety of silver lining

lie back and let them take his weight

sunside up

lie back and enjoy the view

through shifting portals

to the distant secrets of the ground

lie back wandering on winds

surviving the thin air.

Moisture leaks, condenses

coils into pools

to drip and slip, seep

and grow into a cascade

pulled down by the planet

collapsing to the ground in

the malignant mutter of thunder

time to go in flight

on slight Tiger Moth wings

to stand on the soaked shadowed

ground of the ordinary.

Poem inspired by Arthur Mitton and written by his daughter, Yvonne Mitton

We hope to receive further information from Yvonne in order to place an obituary page to her father.

Arthur Mitton 11/05/1923 - 06/12/2016

Arthur Mitton

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