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What is this 'https' I see on some websites


You're familiar with the original http form in web addresses, otherwise known as URLs. Examples are our own site and the Imperial War Museum

When you are connected to a URL starting with http, there is a risk of information YOU send (for example when you fill in a form) being intercepted by a hacker. With https, all communication between you and the site is encrypted and much, much harder to maliciously alter. This is particularly important when you are reading sensitive information from the site (such as your bank statement) or sending sensitive information to the site, such as your credit card.

Our site does not handle ANY such information and therefore there is no exposure to you whilst we maintain our http URL. Then only time you send us information is via the Helpdesk, or when you post to our Guestbook

We have a plan to migrate our entire site to an https environment but this is a time consuming and quite expensive effort and we have other priorities to deal with first.

Google is trying to force sites to adopt https through actions to rank http only sites lower and by issuing warnings to users of http sites that their information is at risk.

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