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Poetry of Direct Personal Experience
Our Collection of Aviation and Military Poetry

Last Words Of An Airman
Clara Bernhardt

If I should no more waken on this earth,

To greet the daily miracle of dawn,

I shall have known much of deepest worth -

Then do not weep for me when I am gone;

High service has been mine, and prayer, and dreaming

Of that new world which sacrifice should bring;

Oh, I have soared to realms where stars are gleaming

And raced translucent clouds on silverer wing.

I perish if I perish, well aware

That life is not too great a price to give

For truth and freedom. Do not then despair

When I am gone - but lift your heart and live!

I shall have conquered earth’s confiding dod

And Willingly gone forth to be with god.

Clara Bernhardt 18th November 1911 - 01st May 1993

Discovered in the belongings of P/O. Albert Forsyth. Lost on the 20th February 1944 429 Squadron Halifax V LK993 AL-J

Clara Bernhardt

P/O. Albert Forsyth

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