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Poetry of Direct Personal Experience
Our Collection of Aviation and Military Poetry

War Time WAAF

We were only beginning to enjoy our teenage years

When war broke out the unknown caused our parents tears

Our country needed us, we didn't hesitate at all

We joined the WAAF you and I looked smart, walked tall

Dark grey silky bloomers, almost down to our knees

Woolly ones in the winter so we didn't freeze

Everything was rationed, even toilet tissue

One sheet per person per sitting was the total issue

Sent here and there, obeying orders making new friends

Certainly had no worries about the latest trends

We loved and lost many times. Sometimes our hearts were broken

Top secrets were kept not a single word was spoken

Those years helped us gain strength and sheer determination

Taught us how to deal with most any situation

Age is our problem now not everything seems to work

But one thing is for sure WAAF friendship is a perk

Submitted to us by Alice Anson (née Gross) January 2015

Alice Anson

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