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This database integrates our legacy RAF Bomber Command Losses and RAF Fighter Command Losses databases into a single database.
Included is all their data plus thousands of updates since integration, plus many more entries from other RAF Commands.
Data derived from many sources. Corrections/Additions requested through Helpdesk
NOTE: For consistency, Date of Death is given as the date the mission was briefed since the precise time of a loss is not always certain. Take-off was usually later the same day as the briefing, though occasionally a delay meant take-off occurred after midnight and therefore strictly the 'next day'. Our date is always the briefing date. Obviously many missions flew through midnight, therefore a Luftwaffe claim against a plane - or a locally generated crash report - may record the incident as occurring on the day following our date. Bear this in mind when cross-referencing to our Luftwaffe Victories by Name/Date Database and other Luftwaffe sources.

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