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Allied Losses and Incidents: all Commands Alphabetical List
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A'Court, G A
A'Court, G H
Aalborg, K I
Aarflot, B L B
Aarflot, A E.
Aaron, Elmer Oscar
Aaron, J
Aaron, A L
Aas, A A B
Aasberg, B
Abakonowicz, L
Abbas, P R
Abberton, J
Abbiss, L W
Abbott, Stanley James
Abbott, C R
Abbott, William Gibbs
Abbott, A R
Abbott, J R
Abbott, P J
Abbott, F B
Abbott, F B
Abbott, R
Abbott, H
Abbott, H
Abbott, A W
Abbott, D A
Abbott, F J
Abbott, N W S
Abbott, F H
Abbott, R T
Abbott, W
Abbott, L C
Abbott, A R
Abbott, C
Abbott, C H
Abbott, A F
Abbotts, J E
Abbs, R C
Abecassis, G E
Abel, Leslie Fancis
Abel, G T
Abel, S
Abel, J S
Abel, S
Abel, R
Abell, D R
Abell, R E
Abell, F
Abels, A
Abels, A
Abels, A
Abercrombie, R R
Abercromby, A
Aberle, D B
Abernethy, R F
Abernethy, J A S
Abery, E S
Abery, F J
Abey, Mitchell George
Ablamowicz, S
Ablett, J S R
Ablett, H G
Ablett, C
Ablett, P D
Ablewhite, E J
Abraham, J H
Abraham, R B
Abraham, R G
Abraham, A L
Abraham, C F
Abraham, B A
Abrahams, F J
Abrahams, A
Abrahamsen, T B
Abramik, Z
Abrams, A
Abrams, R W
Abrams, S W
Abrams, S E
Abrams, R W
Abrams, B C
Abramson, M L
Abrey, Cyrill William
Abrey, G J
Ace, J H
Acezat, L
Acheson, G V
Acheson, J S
Acheson, J McF
Achtymichuk, A
Acker, J G
Ackerley, D B
Ackerman, G W
Ackerman, R F
Ackernley, P R
Ackers, R D
Ackland, W E
Ackland, L J
Ackland, A
Ackland, P
Ackroyd, I L T
Ackroyd, H
Ackroyd, J O
Ackroyd, E
Acland, W R
Acland , Ion Hugh
Acombe-Hill, C A
Acorn, C W
Acorn, J W
Acourt, H G
Acourt, B C
Acquier, J F
Acres, R J
Acres, Leonard
Acres, E P
Acthem, J
Acton, J H
Acton, George Nelson
Acton, G A
Acton, N
Acton, E P
Acton-Hill, Ian Rex Locke
Acworth, George F
Acworth, D H
Adair, C E
Adair, David Kenneth
Adair, L J
Adair, A D
Adair, R
Adair, H H
Adair, S
Adair, E
Adair, R S
Adair, S W
Adam, W J
Adam, B J
Adam, R E
Adam, J P H
Adam, R F
Adam, T J S
Adam, J C
Adam, W S
Adam, J D
Adam, J G
Adam, W W
Adam, R K
Adam, D D
Adam, K A
Adam, G C
Adamcyzk, I
Adamek, M
Adamiak, J
Adamik, W
Adamowicz, Klemens
Adamowski, J
Adams, J A
Adams, R H
Adams, D G
Adams, W K
Adams, S
Adams, J C
Adams, Basil Andrew
Adams, Frank Henry
Adams, Desire Ernest Charles
Adams, Andrew Mill
Adams, Hugh Charles
Adams, Gilbert Ernest
Adams, Walter Waldron
Adams, J J W
Adams, V R
Adams, F G W
Adams, H A
Adams, F E
Adams, J C
Adams, G P
Adams, Lloyd John
Adams, T G H
Adams, J M
Adams, W
Adams, W
Adams, W
Adams, A J
Adams, S B
Adams, D H G
Adams, J A
Adams, A E
Adams, S G
Adams, R
Adams, P W
Adams, D
Adams, G R C C
Adams, R R
Adams, A E
Adams, H T
Adams, R C
Adams, T H
Adams, P E F
Adams, P E F
Adams, A E
Adams, J
Adams, F J
Adams, D E
Adams, P M
Adams, P D
Adams, M T H
Adams, G R N
Adams, M E
Adams, D A M
Adams, J
Adams, E J
Adams, K C C
Adams, F T
Adams, W A
Adams, A J
Adams, R B T
Adams, J E
Adams, P A
Adams, T G
Adams, R W
Adams, I G
Adams, F C
Adams, W S
Adams, F C
Adams, B H G
Adams, W S C
Adams, Horace John D.G.
Adams, J C
Adams, R T
Adams, D A
Adams, G
Adams, G
Adams, J R B
Adams, C
Adams, C
Adams, D A
Adams, F T H
Adams, D G
Adams, D
Adams, S G
Adams, R H
Adams, L R
Adams, K E C
Adams, K E C
Adams, R A
Adams, P A I
Adams, H H
Adams, J W
Adams, C C
Adams, L S
Adams, G
Adams, K
Adams, R
Adams, W E
Adams, K A
Adams, L
Adams, H J
Adams, A W
Adams, D A
Adams, R A
Adams, D
Adams, K T J
Adams, D J E
Adams, N E
Adams, D
Adams-Langley, J A
Adamson, John
Adamson, J McL
Adamson, R H
Adamson, D M
Adamson, W I
Adamson, W
Adamson, G R
Adamson, W T
Adamson, R W
Adamson, W
Adamson, J W
Adamson, J A
Adamson, J
Adauist, F
Adcock, T
Adcock, William Jeffery
Adcock, R S
Adcock, L R
Adcock, R
Addems, C C
Addenbrooke, D
Adderley, T H
Adderley, T
Addie, P A F
Addinsall, G W
Addinsall, G W
Addinsell, P
Addis, R G
Addis, H W
Addis, T F N
Addis, J H
Addison, T W S
Addison, J H
Addison, D G
Addison, H A S
Addison, W W G
Addison, P
Addison, W E
Addison, J E
Addison, C E
Addy, D
Addyman, D E
Addyman, D E
Adelsrein, J J
Aderton, J M
Adey, I
Adey, J W
Adey, F
Adger, A S
Adilman, B M
Adilman, B L
Adkin, L S J
Adkins, I H
Adkins, H C
Adkins, A E C
Adkison, T J
Adlam, R G D
Adlam, K F
Adlam, P R
Adlam, R P
Adlam, A A A
Adlam, O P E R J
Adlam, L F P
Adland, W R
Adler, W
Adler, W L
Adler, M
Adnams, Cyril George
Adnet, J
Adrain, R R A
Adsett, F C
Adsetts, J
Adshead, P J N
Adye, C F G
Aeberhardt, R A C
Aedy, R G
Affleck, J
Affleck, D
Afflick, W R
Agar, B W
Agar, G H
Agar, W
Agar, W
Agar, G B S
Agar, J
Agassiz, Roland Ernest Garnault
Agate, J V
Agate, G E
Ager, W G A
Ager, V R
Ager, E D
Ager, P D V
Agg, C E
Agg, Richard William
Aggett, A H R
Aggle, P
Agnew, R M
Agnew, D R
Agnew, J G
Agnew, C
Agnew, A
Agnew, W H
Agnew, K L
Agnew, H J
Agrell, J D
Agur, P G
Ahern, J
Aherne, P
Aherne, J B
Ahrens, W C
Aiano, R H
Aichison, C E J
Aicken, J N
Aicken, M N
Aicken, K R
Aide, Louis Lynde
Aiken, David
Aiken, D E
Aiken, A
Aikens, S J
Aikman, W McA
Ailey, J D
Ainge, J A
Ainger, T B
Ainger, S R J
Ainley, H
Ainscough, H T M
Ainscow, William
Ainsley, Alan
Ainsley, S
Ainsley, R W
Ainsley, L C
Ainslie, R A
Ainsworth, Sydney Wilson
Ainsworth, N
Ainsworth, B C
Ainsworth, R T
Ainsworth, L P
Ainsworth, R E
Ainsworth, D B
Ainsworth, S
Ainsworth, K W
Ainsworth, G
Ainzstein, R
Air, J
Aird, R I H
Aird, K
Aird, J S
Aires, E K
Airey, E
Airey, M T
Airey, D V
Airey, R W
Airs, W
Airy, A B R
Airy, A R
Aiston, A
Aiston, A W
Aistrop, C S
Aitchison, James Dougal
Aitchison, K M
Aitchison, E G
Aitchison, H M
Aitchison, C E J
Aitchison, R J
Aitchison, R
Aitchison, A S
Aitchison, H L J
Aitchison, A S
Aitchison, R S
Aitchison, K M
Aitken, John
Aitken, John
Aitken, J W
Aitken, G E
Aitken, J M
Aitken, R N
Aitken, K D
Aitken, C
AItken, J
Aitken, J D
Aitken, R L
Aitken, R B
Aitken, L
Aitken, W C
Aitken, G S
Aitken, G D
Aitken, A
Aitken, H M
Aitken, T N
Aitken, R J
Aitken-Quack, R W
Aitkenhead, G S
Aitkenhead, W
Aitkenhead, A
Aiton, H
Akehurst, J
Akehurst, B S J
Akeister, C W
Akenhead, T S
Akerman, F S
Akeroyd, Terence Clifton
Akers, R G
Akers, J A
Akhurst, S J
Akin, Thomas Bernard
Akrill, W E
Akroyd, H J
Alabaster, R C
Alavoine, A
Albans, A
Albers, M M
Albert, Joseph Henry Yvon
Albert, J A
Albert, M H
Alberts, Edward Lloyd
Albery, R L
Albery, A R
Albiston, S
Albiston, K
Albon, E J
Albon, E
Albone, A R
Albonice, R A
Albrecht, O J
Albrecht, J M B
Albrecht, V M
Albrecht, J
Albright, Frederick Bruce
Albright, R B
Albrighton, E T
Albutt, O L
Alcazar, W E
Alcock, G A
Alcock, E H
Alcock, J P
Alcock, S R
Alcock, G T
Alcock, J
Alcock, F K
Alcock, P F G
Alcock, S H
Alcorn, J W
Alcott, A J
Aldcorn, W F
Alden, J L
Alden, A J
Alder, C D
Alder, G
Alder, K C R
Alder, J N
Alderdice, William Yarr
Alderdice, J
Alderdice, G F
Aldersley, R G F
Aldersley, J A
Alderson, J G
Alderson, E H
Alderson, R
Alderson, K
Alderson, W C
Alderson, R
Alderson-Hiller, J
Alderton, K H W
Alderton, S V
Alderton, E
Alderton, P W
Alderton, M
Alderton, P H
Alderton, E H
Alderwick, T E S
Aldhous, B J
Aldis, B C
Aldiss, H D D
Aldom, D R
Aldous, E S
Aldous, G E
Aldous, R F
Aldous, E S
Aldred, P N
Aldred, Norman Frederick
Aldred, W M
Aldred, B G
Aldred, C J
Aldred, F G
Aldridge, E R
Aldridge, T
Aldridge, N H
Aldridge, J E
Aldridge, F H
Aldridge, A C
Aldridge, A
Aldridge, E W
Aldridge, R W
Aldridge, H
Aldridge, J
Aldridge, K R
Aldridge, A J
Aldridge, R S E
Aldridge, H W
Aldus, R M
Aldworth, F C
Aldworth, R G
Aleo, J
Alexander, D S
Alexander, E D
Alexander, R L
Alexander, J R
Alexander, I S
Alexander, J W
Alexander, I H
Alexander, J McK
Alexander, H
Alexander, T
Alexander, R D
Alexander, J C
Alexander, G W
Alexander, H
Alexander, J W E
Alexander, E S
Alexander, K J
Alexander, R J
Alexander, R J
Alexander, D R
Alexander, J L
Alexander, J R
Alexander, R McK
Alexander, R C
Alexander, C
Alexander, L G
Alexander, T E
Alexander, W H T
Alexander, H
ALexander, G A
Alexander, R L
Alexander, J M
Alexander, K M
Alexander, R W P
Alexander, J O
Alexander, W E
Alexander, F N
Alexander, A J
Alexandra, G P
Alexandratos, D
Alexandre, R A G
Aley, H G
Alford, T D H
Alford, J D
Alford, O
Alford, D E
Alford, R A
Alford, R A
Alfred, J McK
Algar, A
Alger, Percy Arthur
Alger, A A
Alger, J K
Algie, W F
Alison, W H D
Alkemade, N S
Allais, L P E
Allaker, K H
Allam, F J
Allamby, Walter Vernon
Allan, W J
Allan, S G
Allan, F B
Allan, R N
Allan, Norman Sinclair
Allan, John Cecil Owen
Allan, G I
Allan, Francis Frederick George
Allan, J L
Allan, J McG
Allan, W C
Allan, J
Allan, W B
Allan, J A L
Allan, J W
Allan, R G
Allan, R
Allan, J
Allan, R E
Allan, W E
Allan, McK
Allan, D C
Allan, D H
Allan, J C
Allan, S
Allan, R
Allan, K C
Allan, K T P
Allan, K T P
Allan, J
Allan, J
Allan, A
Allan, A
Allan, D
Allan, A
Allan, I
Allan, J M
Allan, L A
Allan, H B
Allan, I G
Allan, R
Allan, J C O
Allanson, G
Allanson, T
Allard, W J
Allardice, K G
Allasson, T E
Allatson, D
Allaway, T G R
Allberry, C R C A
Allbon, D G
Allchin, J C A
Allcock, P O D
Allcock, T
Allcock, F T
Allcot, R J
Allcroft, F C
Allden, B E E
Alldis, S
Alldis, S C
Alldrick, R
Alldritt, T
Allegre, F M
Allely, W H
Allen, J J
Allen, R
Allen, C F
Allen, K
Allen, F W R
Allen, C F
Allen, K F
Allen, Arthur George
Allen, Norman William
Allen, R J
Allen, Alistair Gordon
Allen, Frank
Allen, S
Allen, T W
Allen, B P
Allen, W W J
Allen, H G
Allen, J
Allen, R A H
Allen, A G
Allen, J B
Allen, H L
Allen, J A
Allen, J A
Allen, J F
Allen, E A
Allen, A
Allen, Everett Brock
Allen, G E
Allen, R B
Allen, E
Allen, C A L
Allen, S R
Allen, V
Allen, T A
Allen, R E C
Allen, S W
Allen, D
Allen, D G
Allen, F E
Allen, F A
Allen, E G H
Allen, N D
Allen, F
Allen, W S
Allen, R
Allen, K
Allen, W E
Allen, W
Allen, B D
Allen, R E
Allen, J H L
Allen, D F
Allen, E A
Allen, J A
Allen, P H
Allen, R F
Allen, J C
Allen, J W K
Allen, L R
Allen, J
Allen, J
Allen, R J
Allen, A H
Allen, R S
Allen, D C
Allen, D W
Allen, R N G
Allen, D A
Allen, W G
Allen, R G
Allen, L
Allen, D A
Allen, F J
Allen, A G
Allen, J
Allen, E J
Allen, Stanley
Allen, G.
Allen, E C
Allen, A P
Allen, D J
Allen, F McI
Allen, J
Allen, F H
Allen, D R
Allen, L
Allen, C M
Allen, R J
Allen, J L
Allen, E S
Allen, F
Allen, H J
Allen, C R
Allen, J
Allen, B C
Allen, B J
Allen, C F
Allen, W
Allen, F N
Allen, C L E
Allen, H R
Allen, H R
Allen, F F
Allen, B
Allen, E F F
Allen, R G
Allen, C
Allen, W Q
Allen, D B
Allen, V G
Allen, F G
Allen, F E P
Allen, E
Allen, C W
Allen, H E
Allen, R W
Allen, D H
Allen, D H
Allen, J G
Allen, N J
Allen, S J
Allen-White, A J F
Allenby, George
Allenby, T P
Allesbrook, R A P
Alletson, D
Alleway, F W
Alleyn, F R
Allford, F C
Allgood, H H
Allies, W D
Alligier, A
Alligier, A
Allin, G J
Allin, R
Allingham, William George
Allison, Douglas Bellamy
Allison, H D C
Allison, R F N
Allison, R
Allison, R A
Allison, R F W
Allison, G A
Allison, W R
Allison, J W
Allison, G F
Allison, J
Allison, J K
Allison, J
Allison, G E
Allison, G E
Allison, E
Allison, J
Allison, A H
Allison, S H
Allison, J
Allison, E C
Allison, J W
Allison, F
Alliston, A W
Alliston, E A
Alliston, E A
Allitt, R
Allman, L R
Allman, J
Allman, A
Allman, H E
Allnatt, E E
Allom, S
Allon, R
Alloway, F V G
Allport, R B
Allred, R
Allsebrook, R A P
Allsebrook, P J
Allso, G W
Allson, A E
Allsop, W A
Allsop, S J
Allsop, J W
Allsop, A
Allsop, A
Allsopp, B N
Allsopp, W F
Allsopp, A
Allum, L J
Allum, K G
Allum, L J
Allum, L J
Allwell, P
Allwood, P D
Allworth, W H
Allworth, W H
Allwright, E F
Allwright, H
Alm, E R
Almas, R H
Almas, R M
Almond, J N
Almond, G F
Almond, J S
Alp, F A
Alp, P L
Alpe, J F
Alsbury, W T
Alsop, N F
Alsop, E B
Alsopp, K G
Alston, T R
Alston, W A G
Alston, E R
Alston, I R
Alstrom, Francis Norman
Alt, C A
Alterson, J
Altha, P
Althan, R
Altic, W I
Alton, W
Alton, J P
Alton, F
Alton, E C
Altree, A I
Altus, H F
Alty, F R
Alukiewicz, W W
Alverson, J R
Alverston, J R
Alves, J E
Alward, F L
Alway, C G
Ambler, W F
Ambler, K E
Ambler, K
Ambler, J M
Ambridge, E E A
Ambrose, P J
Ambrose, Richard
Ambrose, S
Ambrose, E
Ambrose, C F
Ambrose, C F
Ambrose, B S
Ambrose, S
Ambrose, F W
Ames, E J
Ames, W E
Ames, R L
Ames, A J H
Ames, R H
Amesbury, R L
Amey, R R
Amey, R E
Amey, F W
Ameye, Emile Rene Lucien Maria Ameye
Ameye, E R L M
Amies, A
Amies, P
Amirault, A B
Amirault, A S
Amlin, A H
Amond, K A
Amor, E W J
Amor, H D F
Amory, R G
Amos, Clifford Oswald William
Amos, Walter David
Amos, L H
Amos, O E
Amos, R G
Amos, R J
Amos, G
Amos, D L
Amos, N
Amos, E R
Amos, A
Amos, D W S
Amos, L E
Amphlett, W V
Amphlett, J
Amphlett, J
Amstein, N W
Amstell, R J
Amy, H T
Amy, K C
Anaka, Peter John
Anastassiades, M C
Ancell, R H
Anderle, L
Anderle, L
Andersen, A A L
Andersen, K P C
Andersen, E K A
Anderson, R C
Anderson, G H
Anderson, K M
Anderson, W W
Anderson, E J
Anderson, Neville Jack
Anderson, E H
Anderson, P R
Anderson, C B
Anderson, L D
Anderson, R C
Anderson, E J
Anderson, T R B
Anderson, J M
Anderson, David Campbell
Anderson, James Falconer
Anderson, Charles Harold
Anderson, Reginald Stephen
Anderson, Alan Herbert
Anderson, James Williamson Stuart
Anderson, James
Anderson, John
Anderson, Adam
Anderson, Richard
Anderson, Walter A
Anderson, H L
Anderson, L R
Anderson, R F L
Anderson, S A
Anderson, F
Anderson, W D
Anderson, J
Anderson, J S
Anderson, A A
Anderson, P M
Anderson, Richard Frank
Anderson, R J
Anderson, R E V
Anderson, B O
Anderson, J B
Anderson, J B
Anderson, R W
Anderson, E A
Anderson, F R W
Anderson, G B
Anderson, J I
Anderson, H J
Anderson, N P H
Anderson, M W
Anderson, B B
Anderson, G
Anderson, H G
Anderson, J A
Anderson, Howard Francis
Anderson, W S
Anderson, R A
Anderson, M S H
Anderson, L L
Anderson, W F
Anderson, Robert Desmond (Bob)
Anderson, W B
Anderson, L L
Anderson, E E V
Anderson, W
Anderson, P
Anderson, Peter Gordon
Anderson, L E
Anderson, A J
Anderson, W C
Anderson, L G
Anderson, W D
Anderson, C H
Anderson, B A
Anderson, A C
Anderson, J G
Anderson, R C
Anderson, H H W
Anderson, R B
Anderson, W J
Anderson, L D
Anderson, A M
Anderson, W G
Anderson, J D
Anderson, J W
Anderson, R
Anderson, C T R
Anderson, E G M
Anderson, E G M
Anderson, G H
Anderson, W H
Anderson, G S
Anderson, W
Anderson, J
Anderson, J T
Anderson, P J P
Anderson, F
Anderson, C B
Anderson, J McI
Anderson, N
Anderson, M B
Anderson, P G
Anderson, W C
Anderson, G D
Anderson, V G
Anderson, H R
Anderson, W
Anderson, A McN
Anderson, A
Anderson, B G
Anderson, A
Anderson, T J
Anderson, S McK
Anderson, C R
Anderson, J C
Anderson, D A
Anderson, R
Anderson, P J
Anderson, J
Anderson, J
Anderson, A I P
Anderson, F A
Anderson, N
Anderson, J A
Anderson, T B R
Anderson, W F
Anderson, H T J
Anderson, J A
Anderson, D J
Anderson, L M
Anderson, J
Anderson, A
Anderson, W J
Anderson, T G
Anderson, P J
Anderson, N T
Anderson, J A
Anderson, R M
Anderson, F P
Anderson, K
Anderson, C T
Anderson, A L
Anderson, A F
Anderson, J
Anderson, J J
Anderson, P A
Anderson, S M
Anderson, T
Anderson, L D
Anderson, J R
Anderson, W G
Anderson, A
Anderson, E D
Anderson, J W T
Anderson, A D
Anderson, W F
Anderson, A D M
Anderson, J E
Anderson, S R
Anderson, F V
Anderson, W A M
Anderson, W R
Anderson, W
Anderson, V
Anderson, R A J
Anderson, W
Anderson, C N
Anderson, D
Anderson, J D
Anderson, F W
Anderson, F W
Anderson, J
Anderson, H
Anderson, C B
Anderson, J A
Anderson, R
Anderson, R
Anderson, E
Anderson, J
Anderson, W
Anderson, C C
Anderson, J
Anderson, J S
Anderson, R
Anderson-Smith, T
Anderton, J A
Anderton, J T
Anderton, C
Anderton, K
Anderton, J H
Anderton, J B
Anderton, J J
Andet, R J
Andet, R J
Andre, E G F G
Andre, R L
Andreae, C J D
Andrew, J B
Andrew, K A
Andrew, Stanley
Andrew, P B
Andrew, G V
Andrew, C M
Andrew, J A
Andrew, J F
Andrew, D
Andrew, E J
Andrew, R W
Andrew, C F
Andrew, J F
Andrew, E S
Andrew, A D
Andrew, J N
Andrew, J G
Andrew, E W
Andrew, N H
Andrewes, P L
Andrews, William Charles
Andrews, R T
Andrews, Frank Henry
Andrews, John French
Andrews, W M
Andrews, W H
Andrews, G A
Andrews, C R
Andrews, J W
Andrews, D R
Andrews, E J
Andrews, D J
Andrews, E J
Andrews, W
Andrews, W H
Andrews, C B
Andrews, E R
Andrews, P
Andrews, P R
Andrews, W
Andrews, E J
Andrews, F G
Andrews, D S
Andrews, J F
Andrews, E G
Andrews, G F
Andrews, J F E
Andrews, L A
Andrews, R A
Andrews, S E
Andrews, R J
Andrews, R W
Andrews, E J
Andrews, R H
Andrews, C W
Andrews, W L
Andrews, R A
Andrews, P C
Andrews, J M
Andrews, J M
Andrews, K G
Andrews, D G
Andrews, J H
Andrews, D J L
Andrews, W H T
Andrews, E J
Andrews, T N
Andrews, V H
Andrews, G E
Andrews, H C
Andrews, R S
Andrews, D W
Andrews, J N
Andrews, F B
Andrews, R
Andrews, R W
Andrews, R J
Andrews, D E
Andrews, J S
Andrews, R F
Andrews, E L
Andrews, R E
Andrews, E W
Andrews, W R
Andrews, W
Andrews, L A
Andrews, A S
Andrews, A J
Andrews, T
Andrews, S R
Andruszkiewicz, K
Andruszkow, T
Andruszkow, Tadeusz
Anekstein, C
Angel, A A
Angel, L A
Angelini, S
Angell, J L
Angell, D
Angell, L A C
Angell, D W
Anger, A B
Angers, J A A A B
Angier, D S
Angill, S R
Angles, W G
Anglin, W S
Angus, Ian MacKenzie
Angus, F J
Angus, D C B
Angus, R A
Angus, J H
Angus, C W
Angus, A B
Angus, I
Angus, J N
Angus, J W
Angus, A B
Angwin, Gordon Arthur
Anivitti, M E
Ankers, Ronald Thomas
Ankers, G C
Annable, H C
Annable, E
Annals, A J
Annan, William Donald Francis
Annan, R S
Annand, G R
Annat, D J
Annear, E M
Annear, T F
Annells, Harold Paull Stanfield
Annesley, D B
Annett, H C
Annett, H C
Annetts, Percy
Annetts, J W
Anning, W J
Annis, L D
Annis, L D
Annis, C W
Annis, L
Anscomb, R J
Ansdell, N A
Ansdell, G R
Ansell, J
Ansell, Gerald
Ansell, Frederick Neale
Ansell, D J
Ansell, B E
Ansell, H E W
Ansell, H G
Ansell, E J R
Ansell, R F
Ansell, A A
Ansell, K R
Ansell, W H S
Ansell, A V
Anset, D C
Ansfield, A S
Ansford, E D
Ansley, D
Anson, R K
Anson, G
Anson, G A
Anstee, B R
Anstee, J
Anstey, T E
Anstey, W J
Anstey, W J
Anstey, F W
Anstey, P J
Anstey, J A
Anstruther, J-L-W
Anstruther, J D-L-W
Antcliffe, K
Antcliffe, W
Antehley, H
Antell, W F
Anthony, A H
Anthony, H R
Anthony, E
Anthony, E A
Anthony, J
Anthony, K
Anthony, W Y
Anthony, D
Anthony, T H
Anthony, C R
Anthony, D N W L
Anthony, D T
Anthony, R G G
Antoine, J
Anton, F R
Antonek, C J
Antonio, R
Antwis, P W N
Anunsskos, T
Anweiler, R R
Anyan, J R
Apleton, R K
Aplin, W G J
Aplin, J H
Aplin, J
Aplin, D P
Apostilides, J G
Apperley, N H
Apperley, H H
Apperley, P S G
Apperson, M W
Apperson, E T
Appleby, N W
Appleby, E E
Appleby, R B
Appleby, R R G
Appleby, T G W
Appleby, T
Appleby, J R
Appleby, F
Appleby, J
Appleford, A N R L
Applegarth, T A
Applegarth, K
Applegate, E A
Appleton, C H
Appleton, R M
Appleton, A S
Appleton, D J
Appleton, L J
Appleton, E R M
Appleton, J
Appleton, L L
Appleton-Bach, E
Appleyard, W D
Appleyard, D R C
Appleyard, G
Appleyard, R
Applin, D J
Apps, K
Apps, P J
Apps, P J
Apps, W
Aquaviva, J
Aquires, M B
Aranowski, T
Arbic, H C
Arbon, H E
Arbon, H G
Arbon, F J
Arbour, J E J G
Arbuckle, I
Arcand, J J R
Arch, P
Archambault, J R
Archard, Theodore Edward
Archard, L T
Archay, K E
Archer, G A
Archer, Harold Thorpe
Archer, Charles Ronald
Archer, J C
Archer, W E
Archer, R W
Archer, J T
Archer, K
Archer, A
Archer, A J O
Archer, A D
Archer, V H
Archer, W G
Archer, D W
Archer, D P D
Archer, P L I
Archer, K A
Archer, J D
Archer, W F
Archer, J W
Archer, J
Archer, A
Archer, R A
Archer, G W M
Archer, W
Archer, R E
Archer, R F
Archer, F
Archer, A W
Archer, P L I
Archer, P L I
Archibald, T
Archibald, William Alexander Mclean
Archibald, L P
Archibald, J S
Archibald, W J
Archibald, D
Archibald, J
Archibald, J
Archibald, W B
Archibald, W B
Archibald, K
Archibald, R E
Archibald, W
Archie, S
Archison, C
Arct, B
Arcus, L D
Ardelli, K
Arden, B
Ardent, R J
Arderne, P V
Arderne, P V
Ardis, D C
Ardis, Beverley Donn (Joe)
Ardron, W F
Arends, W A
Arentowicz, T A
Argent, Edward J
Argent, S J
Argent, Edward J
Argue, E B
Argument, G A
Aris, J B
Arkigg, B
Arkinson, A S
Arkle, J N P
Arkless, L N
Arksey, W L
Arkwright, D W
Arlen, A
Arlett, G W
Arlidge, W G
Arliss, F G
Arlotte, S G
Arlow, J H
Arlow, T A
Armer, G W
Armer, E W
Armes, H I S
Armet, I G
Armin, A M
Armitage, I
Armitage, S
Armitage, B H
Armitage, D L
Armitage, J L
Armitage, J F
Armitage, H
Armitage, P S
Armitage, D
Armitage, L P
Armitt, G
Armitt, J
Armon, A J T
Armour, W J
Armour, J K
Armour, E W
Armour, W G
Armour, E G
Armour, W G
Armour, C H
Armsby, J A
Armstrong, J E
Armstrong, M L
Armstrong, H B
Armstrong, H T
Armstrong, H T
Armstrong, G A
Armstrong, Thomas
Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, David
Armstrong, Gordon Dyson
Armstrong, D S
Armstrong, John David
Armstrong, G
Armstrong, T J
Armstrong, Arthur Ronald
Armstrong, G E
Armstrong, R A
Armstrong, D R
Armstrong, A T
Armstrong, J L D
Armstrong, G K
Armstrong, E L
Armstrong, D M
Armstrong, C N
Armstrong, John Marshall
Armstrong, H R
Armstrong, H A
Armstrong, G H
Armstrong, G E
Armstrong, William Ernest
Armstrong, J K
Armstrong, J S
Armstrong, L W
Armstrong, Oswald Walter
Armstrong, J A
Armstrong, J A
Armstrong, J B
Armstrong, A W
Armstrong, R H
Armstrong, J F
Armstrong, G
Armstrong, G W
Armstrong, J W
Armstrong, P E
Armstrong, C E
Armstrong, G
Armstrong, A J
Armstrong, R
Armstrong, D S
Armstrong, F T
Armstrong, D H
Armstrong, R L
Armstrong, G H
Armstrong, D
Armstrong, C
Armstrong, C A
Armstrong, K G
Armstrong, R J
Armstrong, R
Armstrong, R I
Armstrong, D H R
Armstrong, R
Armstrong, J
Armstrong, C A G
Armstrong, R J
Armstrong, J W
Armstrong, L J
Armstrong, J G
Armstrong, J H
Armstrong, J G
Armstrong, J G
Armstrong, R G
Armstrong, A
Armstrong, A
Armstrong, R
Armstrong, A
Armstrong, T
Armstrong, G R
Armstrong, G R
Armstrong, F A
Armstrong, E N
Armstrong, R
Armstrong, J G
Armstrong, R
Armstrong, G E
Armstrong, G E
Armstrong, W
Armstrong, J
Armstrong, C B
Armstrong, J D
Armstrong, J R
Armstrong, P H
Armstrong, J
Armstrong, G R
Armstrong, T R
Armstrong, R H
Armstrong, A
Armstrong, J
Armsworth, R G
Armytage, P C T
Armytage, M F
Arneil, A S
Arneil, A S
Arnell, A L
Arnett, S
Arnett, D S
Arnett, A D
Arnett, R
Arney, H J
Arnfield, S J
Arnold, V J
Arnold, A
Arnold, Gideon George
Arnold, R J
Arnold, R S
Arnold, W H
Arnold, W R
Arnold, A E
Arnold, T
Arnold, W H
Arnold, P S
Arnold, R A
Arnold, S J
Arnold, R F
Arnold, A F
Arnold, E R
Arnold, J T
Arnold, T
Arnold, R G
Arnold, J F
Arnold, F R
Arnold, J H
Arnold, J P
Arnold, P
Arnold, L E J
Arnold, R G A
Arnold, P E
Arnold, E A
Arnold, A J
Arnot, C
Arnot, D M
Arnott, H M
Arnott, G D
Arnott, K
Arnott, P
Arnott, A P
Arnott, A P
Arnott, J W
Arnott, W McG
Arnott, H
Arnston, F A
Aronson, K J
Arpin, J J C
Arrache-Quesne, R
Arrieta, C M
Arriett, C M
Arrowsmith, J C
Arrowsmith, J R St G
Arrowsmith, V
Arrowsmith, J R
Arrowsmith, H L
Arscott, J E J
Arsenault, J A
Arsenault, J C
Arseneaut, J D H
Arter, A E
Arthan, F R
Arthan, F R
Arthur, C G
Arthur, M J
Arthur, Rober Peter
Arthur, N G
Arthur, James Lamb
Arthur, S
Arthur, D A
Arthur, D I
Arthur, J A
Arthur, G A
Arthur, J L L
Arthur, L J
Arthur, C J
Arthur, S R
Arthur, W G
Arthur, R G
Arthur, L C
Arthurs, K N
Arthurson, J W
Artus, A G
Artymuik, J
Artyniuk, J P
Arundel, J S G
Arundel, D R
Arundell, D R
Asbrey, G F
Asbury, R A
Ash, R W
Ash, N A
Ash, A C
Ash, J W
Ash, G H
Ash, R C V
Ash, W F
Ash, M S
Ash, RG
Ash, J T
Ash, C J K
Ash, R D
Ash, B
Ashburner, N
Ashby, R F
Ashby, B P
Ashby, F C
Ashby, A
Ashby-Peckham, S D J
Ashby-Peckham, R E
Ashcroft, P K
Ashcroft, E R V
Ashcroft, F R
Ashcroft, B P
Ashcroft, A E D
Ashcroft, A E
Ashcroft, C C G
Ashcroft, A H
Ashcroft, T A
Ashcroft, C
Ashdown, F J M
Ashdown, E T
Ashdown, W R
Ashdown, R
Ashdown, L E
Ashdown, E F
Ashdown, M H C
Ashdown, H I
Asher, C D
Ashfield, Leslie James
Ashfield, F W
Ashfield, L J
Ashford, F H A
Ashford, C M
Ashford, A R
Ashford, E W J
Ashford, W
Ashford, D M
Ashford, A H
Ashford, A E
Ashforth, L E
Ashill, D E G
Ashleigh, D D
Ashley, A G
Ashley, A E
Ashley, B B
Ashley, H L
Ashley, C
Ashley, N C
Ashley, F H
Ashley, A H
Ashley, E
Ashley, J R
Ashley, W
Ashley, R Y
Ashman, G L
Ashman, G L
Ashman, R W
Ashman, A C
Ashman, F E
Ashman, H L
Ashman, C G
Ashmead-Bartlett, D L
Ashmore, J Q
Ashmore, J N
Ashplant, G
Ashplant, G
Ashplant, W L
Ashplant, L C
Ashpole, G J J
Ashton, R A
Ashton, Stanley William
Ashton, C J
Ashton, H C
Ashton, J
Ashton, J F
Ashton, D A
Ashton, R H
Ashton, F H J
Ashton, L
Ashton, J H
Ashton, D E
Ashton, D K
Ashton, E
Ashton, E
Ashton, L
Ashton, D G
Ashton, T R
Ashton, J N S
Ashton, J N S
Ashton, T
Ashton, J G
Ashton, S R
Ashton, L
Ashton, J C
Ashton, J H
Ashun, W P
Ashun, K C
Ashurst, T E
Ashurst, F
Ashurst, K
Ashurst, W
Ashurst, J J
Ashwell, R H
Ashwell, H
Ashwin, E L
Ashwin, H J B
Ashwood, John
Ashworth, Harry
Ashworth, W J
Ashworth, C J
Ashworth, F M
Ashworth, C P
Ashworth, E
Ashworth, H J V
Ashworth, H J V
Ashworth, V E
Ashworth, C H
Ashworth, W S
Ashworth, D W
Ashworth, R
Ashworth, E
Ashworth, T
Ashworth, D
Ashworth, A
Ashworth, L
Askam, C
Asken, G W
Asker, F W
Asker, W F
Askew, M V
Askew, R
Askew, R
Askew, R
Askey, V
Askham, L
Askham, C
Askie, R E L
Askill, N D
Askwith, D
Askwith, R
Aslett, P R
Aslett, P R
Aslin, M R
Aslin, D J
Aslin, P R
Aspden, K R
Aspden, L W
Aspden, J H
Aspden, E J
Aspell, K J
Aspey, William
Aspey, H E
Aspin, Thomas
Aspin, J D
Aspin, V E
Aspinall, Glyn Robert (Bob)
Aspinall, L E
Aspinall, J S A
Aspinall, K
Aspinall, T R
Aspinall, W
Aspinall, H A
Aspinell, D C E
Asplen, R J
Aspley, A A Bathurst
Asprey, J L
Asprey, J L
Asquith, D B
Asquith, D
Asselin, J E T
Assheton, W R
Assman, L K
Assman, L
Asson, William
Astall, C
Astbury, J W
Astbury, T E
Astbury, R C
Astell, W
Astell-Burt, H
Astill, A E
Astin, A
Astle, Alfred
Astle, C W
Astle, A W
Astles, J J
Astley, W E
Astley, S
Aston, J E G
Aston, J W
Aston, M R
Aston, A E
Aston, A
Aston, J D
Aston, R L
Aston, G W
Aston, G W
Astrosky, P C
Asutin, J
Atack, D
Atcherley, R L R
Atcheson, S C
Atchison, J M
Atchison, W J
Atchison, I A N
Atchison, T T
Atenski, S
Atha, J L
Atherton, Thomas
Atherton, J C
Atherton, J L
Atherton, J S
Atherton, C
Atherton, T
Athey, Stanley Tallintyre
Athey, R W
Atkin, C C
Atkin, Alwyne
Atkin, H
Atkin, J W F
Atkin, R
Atkin, J H
Atkin, D
Atkin-Berry, H L
Atkins, Frederick Thomas George
Atkins, N
Atkins, M W
Atkins, R J
Atkins, J I
Atkins, O M
Atkins, D B
Atkins, D V
Atkins, K L
Atkins, S S
Atkins, N A
Atkins, B H
Atkins, F P J
Atkins, J F
Atkins, L J
Atkins, J F
Atkins, E H
Atkins, J C
Atkins, G
Atkins, W G
Atkins, A R
Atkins, G T
Atkins, C L:
Atkins, C E
Atkins, N
Atkins, E
Atkins, J R M
Atkins, C G
Atkins, W
Atkins, J E
Atkins, J S
Atkins, R C C
Atkins, W J
Atkinson, W J
Atkinson, W E
Atkinson, John Edgar
Atkinson, Cyril Taylor
Atkinson, Eric
Atkinson, R D
Atkinson, J L
Atkinson, J N
Atkinson, A E
Atkinson, J McK
Atkinson, R E
Atkinson, M V
Atkinson, R B
Atkinson, D K
Atkinson, L N
Atkinson, R
Atkinson, J P
Atkinson, J M
Atkinson, R
Atkinson, R
Atkinson, W V
Atkinson, G
Atkinson, D
Atkinson, H T G
Atkinson, R
Atkinson, J
Atkinson, R A P
Atkinson, R
Atkinson, M R
Atkinson, M R
Atkinson, J
Atkinson, S H
Atkinson, G
Atkinson, D J
Atkinson, W G
Atkinson, J L
Atkinson, J H
Atkinson, J W
Atkinson, R G
Atkinson, M
Atkinson, T D
Atkinson, W J
Atkinson, H D
Atkinson, R
Atkinson, G A
Atkinson, H P
Atkinson, J
Atkinson, R
Atkinson, S K
Atkinson, R I
Atkinson, R H
Atkinson, C
Atkinson, T M
Atkinson, J A
Atkinson, E C
Atkinson, E C
Atkinson, J C
Atkinson, A S
Atkinson, J C
Atkinson, D
Atkinson, J B
Atkinson, J J
Atkinson, T G
Atkinson, T
Atkinson, J
Atkinson, D L
Atkinson, G A
Atkinson, J
Atkinson, J L
Atkinson, T R
Atkinson, E D
Atkinson, G A
Atkinson, A H L
Atkinson, D
Atkinson, R E
Atkinson, R E
Atkinson, E R
Atkinson, H P
Attenborrow, E
Atter, C E
Atter, D W
Atterby, E
Atterton, A W
Attew, K V
Attewell, A E
Attfield, R A
Attwater, R E
Attwell, A J
Attwell, J A
Attwood, D W
Attwood, R H
Attwood, G G
Attwooll, P R
Atwell, K J
Atwell, W J
Atwood, B E
Atyeo, Gene Mitchell
Aubert, C O
Aubert, R D
Aubert, R D
Aubiet, H
Aubin, J G M
Aubin, Joseph Gilbert Dollard
Aubourg, V E
Aubrey, D G
Aubry, J S A
Aubry, J A A
Audley, D J
Audy, J E
August, D C
Augusta, F K
Augusta, F K
Auld, J B
Auld, G S
Auld, W
Aulens, J M G
Ault, Roy Elkington
Ault, W G
Aumell, A D
Aumell, A D
Aumond, M J A J
Aune, C N
Aungiers, G B
Austeen, A
Austen, W G
Austen, F J
Austen, D W
Austen, J
Austerberry, F F
Austin, R A
Austin, W E J
Austin, C E
Austin, E P
Austin, James
Austin, J
Austin, G P W
Austin, F C
Austin, J D
Austin, R W
Austin, K H
Austin, R S
Austin, J A
Austin, W H
Austin, W F
Austin, W H
Austin, J P
Austin, W W
Austin, J
Austin, H W
Austin, L E
Austin, F J
Austin, A
Austin, G J
Austin, H W
Austin, C E
Austin, R E
Austin, H I
Austin, A W G
Austin, W E
Austin, H
Austin, A S
Austin, A S
Austin, T M
Austin, J
Austin, D
Austin, W T
Austin, F H
Austin, G F
Austin, M
Austin, J W
Austin, A L
Austin, G W B
Austin, G H
Austin, K H
Austin, F E
Austin, C
Austin, G
Austin, L
Austin, S
Austin-Johnson, J E
Authousen, K B
Autret, P J M
Auty, E
Avaan, R J
Avant, A F
Avedisian, J T
Avent, John William
Avent, D J
Avent, S W G
Avent, K J
Aver, F A
Avery, J D
Avery, Harold Frederick
Avery, G
Avery, R A C
Avery, P H
Avery, W N
Avery, B P
Avery, J V
Avery, C
Avery, A N
Avery, J
Avery, A
Avey, G R
Aveyard, A
Aviet, P B
Avis, A H
Avis, G V
Avis, R F
avn der Honert, R
Avon, J L G
Avory, G A
Awad, P P
Awad, C M S
Awcock, T L
Awrey, D McL
Axby, L F
Axe, F A
Axford, Cecil
Axford, H F
Axford, J L
Axford, N F
Axtell, D
Axten, D
Axton, R H
Axup, G A
Ayer, W B
Ayers, R J
Ayers, R B
Ayers, D H
Ayerst, F D
Aylard, A C
Ayles, R J
Aylesworth, R M
Aylieff, J M
Ayliffe, H D
Ayling, K A C
Ayling, C A H
Aylmer, A A
Aylmer, A A
Aylott, G J
Aylott, A V
Aynsley, C S
Ayotte, J H
Ayre, George Francis
Ayre, A E W
Ayres, L J
Ayres, A A
Ayres, R A
Ayres, K J
Ayres, K A
Ayres, L R
Ayres, N S
Ayres, R J
Ayres, V H
Ayres, G A
Ayres, L
Ayres, A W W
Ayres, R F
Ayres, A
Ayres, R K
Ayscough, P E
Ayton, R A
Ayton, R
Ayton, G F
Ayton, G T
Ayton, E S
Ayton, R S
Azema, J
B-Burgess, F E
Babbage, C F
Babeck, P
Baber, S E
Baber, T J D
Baber, D G
Babiarz, J
Babicek, Z
Babington, F G
Babington, R V
Babington-Browne, K D
Babraj, Z
Bachant, J F J
Bachard, J G
Bache, K
Bache, M G
Bache, L L
Bache, D F
Bachelder, A L
Bachelor, A E
Bachurek, S
Back, P J Q
Backhouse, F L
Backhouse, E
Backhouse, D A
Backhouse, J W
Backhouse, R
Backhouse, E R
Backhouse, E R
Backhurst, G.W.
Backler, H
Backler, A F
Backlog, C P
Backway, H G
Bacon, S R
Bacon, L P
Bacon, Charles Harvey
Bacon, D R
Bacon, R A
Bacon, S G
Bacon, L W
Bacon, P F
Bacon, D J
Bacon, D A
Bacon, H
Bacon, H W
Bacon, W C
Bacon, J A
Bacon, B A
Bacon, J E
Baczak, J
Badcock, D H W
Badcock, K F
Badcock, J O
Badcock, J
Badcoe, H C
Baddeley, D H
Baddeley, R A
Badelek, S
Badell, C F
Bader, D R S
Bader, D R S
Baderski, Z
Badge, H
Badger, Victor John
Badger, J V C
Badger, C R
Badgley, J C
Badkin, R W
Badley, J W
Badowski, Z
Badshaw, D J
Baecke, A J
Baerlein, A
Baetz, H L
Baffico, P
Bage, N
Bagenal, B
Bagg, A J
Baggaley, Joseph
Baggaley, R F F
Baggaley, J
Baggie, J W B
Baghurst, R J
Bagley, D
Bagley, A E
Bagnall, Trevor Horace
Bagnall, D S
Bagnall, G
Bagnall, H T
Bagnall, D R
Bagot, J M A
Bagot, E C
Bagott, R R
Bagshaw, G M
Bagshaw, G L C
Bagshaw, C
Bagshaw, G E
Baguley, P
Baguley, P
Baguley, J
Baht, R E
Baigent, P H
Bailes, R J
Bailes, R
Bailey, G J
Bailey, L W
Bailey, V L
Bailey, R O
Bailey, R A
Bailey, John Brian Godfrey
Bailey, Donald Charles Ephraim
Bailey, James
Bailey, J N D
Bailey, F C
Bailey, John Howard
Bailey, J
Bailey, Denis Reginald
Bailey, D J
Bailey, H J
Bailey, S J
Bailey, W A
Bailey, J A
Bailey, H R
Bailey, E L
Bailey, R G
Bailey, W G
Bailey, W G
Bailey, N
Bailey, D H
Bailey, A G
Bailey, W G
Bailey, George Cooley
Bailey, H R
Bailey, M G
Bailey, M
Bailey, A H
Bailey, R
Bailey, A
Bailey, P A G
Bailey, R S
Bailey, H W
Bailey, J E
Bailey, C A
Bailey, A W
Bailey, A W
Bailey, S J
Bailey, P
Bailey, G I
Bailey, W
Bailey, A E
Bailey, J A J
Bailey, G E
Bailey, E A
Bailey, S A J
Bailey, J R A
Bailey, R F G
Bailey, S L
Bailey, P F
Bailey, A
Bailey, J
Bailey, M H
Bailey, W J
Bailey, W E
Bailey, G
Bailey, A R
Bailey, J
Bailey, P G
Bailey, C R
Bailey, J H
Bailey, K W
Bailey, A
Bailey, R K
Bailey, V
Bailey, H J
Bailey, R C
Bailey, J C
Bailey, R H M
Bailey, F C
Bailey, R L
Bailey, J B G.
Bailey, T W
Bailey, E
Bailey, E
Bailey, R
Bailey, C
Bailey, C J
Bailey, J H
Bailey, P B
Bailey, H J
Bailey, W H
Bailey, R W
Bailey, R W
Bailey, H
Bailey, R J
Bailey, R G
Bailey, B C
Bailey, J F A
Bailey, G D
Bailey, D B
Bailey, G P
Bailey, H E
Bailey, H
Bailey, D
Bailey, R C
Bailey, F J
Bailey, A
Bailhache, Mark Proctor
Bailie, W J M
Bailie, J
Bailie, C P
Baillargeon, Joseph Louis
Baille, R C
Baillie, T
Baillie, T
Baillie, C R
Baillie, J H
Baillie, J E
Baillie, A S H
Baillie, C W
Baillie, R
Baillon, L
Baillon, P A
Baillon, P A
Baily, L J
Baily, G H
Baily, N G
Baily, J H
Bain, R G
Bain, Victor Albert
Bain, John Douglas Norman
Bain, D T
Bain, D L
Bain, G E J
Bain, A
Bain, D P
Bain, J F
Bain, S L
Bain, C G S
Bain, F G L
Bain, D J
Bain, J S
Bain, A
Bain, F J R
Bain, C G S
Bainblatt, N
Bainbridge, G H
Bainbridge, W
Bainbridge, J
Bainbridge, R B
Bainbridge, G H
Bainbridge, T J
Bainbridge, F K
Bainbridge, E
Bainbridge, E
Baines, John Lewis
Baines, L W E
Baines, A W
Baines, A P
Baines, W
Baines, C
Baird, Robert (Ronnie)
Baird, J D
Baird, N G
Baird, W G
Baird, R H
Baird, W A
Baird, D W
Baird, R A G
Baird, A G G
Baird, D R
Baird, D H
Baird, W J
Baird, E R
Baird, G M
Baird, A H
Baird, A B
Baird, A
Baird, W J
Baird, D W
Baird, A R
Baird, J H
Baird-Smith, M J
Bairnsfather, R McP
Bairstow, Edward Akeroyd
Baittle, H D
Bak, J
Bakalarski, P
Bake, A G
Bake, E.
Bakeman, E H
Baker, R M
Baker, J A
Baker, M
Baker, R H
Baker, R H
Baker, J
Baker, George
Baker, James Howard
Baker, Alfred
Baker, Donald
Baker, Thomas Henry William
Baker, A
Baker, N
Baker, W L
Baker, N
Baker, E D
Baker, E D
Baker, A W
Baker, E
Baker, R M
Baker, J J
Baker, W A
Baker, D H
Baker, R E
Baker, H D
Baker, G R
Baker, Frank Greenaway
Baker, E C
Baker, D G
Baker, S W F
Baker, Johial William (CWGC list his name as Jonial)
Baker, D C
Baker, T L
Baker, Clifford Stanley
Baker, W L
Baker, W M
Baker, C G
Baker, E S
Baker, R L
Baker, P S
Baker, B C
Baker, J G
Baker, C
Baker, A D
Baker, G H
Baker, G
Baker, T H
Baker, A E F
Baker, J A
Baker, J V
Baker, J K
Baker, J K
Baker, R W
Baker, E W
Baker, W
Baker, W E
Baker, F E
Baker, M R F
Baker, F W
Baker, G W F
Baker, T H
Baker, A V
Baker, C H
Baker, E G
Baker, E G F B
Baker, V C R
Baker, F W
Baker, W H
Baker, H R
Baker, E N
Baker, F W
Baker, D A
Baker, E D
Baker, E R
Baker, G
Baker, D A
Baker, D A
Baker, H S
Baker, K J
Baker, L T
Baker, A R
Baker, C R H
Baker, W G
Baker, L M G
Baker, N P
Baker, E G
Baker, P D
Baker, E R
Baker, A R
Baker, R V
Baker, F R
Baker, G A
Baker, G
Baker, J H A
Baker, R
Baker, W F
Baker, R
Baker, B
Baker, B
Baker, A S
Baker, E T
Baker, R G
Baker, R E
Baker, H C
Baker, C P
Baker, H
Baker, J C
Baker, R E
Baker, V G
Baker, R B
Baker, A C
Baker, N K
Baker, F W
Baker, E G
Baker, C T
Baker, G C
Baker, R D
Baker, W J
Baker, S F
Baker, C
Baker, J
Baker, T C
Baker, G
Baker, F J
Baker, K R
Baker, A D
Baker, R D
Baker, Arthur C H
Baker, D
Baker, A S
Baker, H W
Baker, A W
Baker, V E
Baker, A W
Baker, A C
Baker, F J
Baker, A K
Baker, G A
Baker, F B
Baker, R
Baker, J D
Baker, S
Baker, T D
Baker, S
Baker, J
Baker, R C
Baker, H G
Baker, D C
Baker, T H W
Baker, H
Baker, Jack F.
Baker, V R
Baker, W G
Baker, W C
Baker, W J
Baker, J
Baker, J H
Baker, F W
Baker, L J
Baker, J
Baker, V
Baker, R C W G
Baker, H A B
Baker, C
Bakewell, J H
Bakewell, T
Bakewell, L
Bakinowski, R
Bakke, F O
Bakker, G W
Bakun, Waclaw
Bala, E
Balaam, E
Balantyne, A G
Balas, A
Balasse, M A L
Balasse, M A L
Balawaider, J A
Balcer, C R
Balch, G C
Balchin, David Henry
Balck, J A
Balcomb, E O T
Balcomb, E O T
Balcombe, G R
Balcombe, J K
Balcombe, A A
Balcombe, G
Balderston, John Percival Ernest
Baldick, A F
Balding, K T
Baldock, R M
Baldock, F E
Baldock, H W
Baldry, E F
Baldry, C M
Baldwin, E A
Baldwin, W G
Baldwin, Alexander James
Baldwin, Peter
Baldwin, W H
Baldwin, J S
Baldwin, J M
Baldwin, C T F
Baldwin, C T F
Baldwin, C J D
Baldwin, K G
Baldwin, J A
Baldwin, J A
Baldwin, J
Baldwin, B O
Baldwin, B H J
Baldwin, W A J
Baldwin, S A
Baldwin, S A
Baldwin, H V
Baldwin, J
Baldwin, A H
Baldwin, A
Baldwin, L S
Baldwin, L H
Baldwin, J R
Baldwin, R W B
Baldwin, C S
Baldwin, L S
Baldwinson, W B
Bale, Alan Dennis
Bale, Frank Edwin Fricker
Bale, D
Bale, C F
Bale, T
Balerston, P P
Bales, L P
Bales, A
Bales, P R
Balflour, F D K
Balfour, Donald Campbell
Balfour, A G
Balfour, R D
Balfour, J S
Balfour, A
Balich, L
Balicki, R
Balkam, M E
Balkin, Morris Ernest
Balkwill, H J
Ball, A D J
Ball, Kenneth Rhodes
Ball, N S
Ball, R J J
Ball, D G E
Ball, J D
Ball, J H
Ball, W S
Ball, H L
Ball, H L
Ball, E C
Ball, R L H
Ball, D J
Ball, T W
Ball, F
Ball, J D P
Ball, F W E
Ball, W L
Ball, R W
Ball, H
Ball, D A
Ball, R J
Ball, A
Ball, John Potter
Ball, W A C
Ball, K R
Ball, H
Ball, T
Ball, G F
Ball, G E
Ball, G E
Ball, G E
Ball, P W
Ball, W A H
Ball, E G
Ball, J B
Ball, B F
Ball, B F
Ball, P J W
Ball, A R
Ball, A R
Ball, A R
Ball, R A A
Ball, R
Ball, W
Ball, P A
Ball, L
Ball, G E
Ball, F C
Ball, D F
Ball, L W
Ball, W L
Ball, B
Ball, A W C
Ball, W
Ball, F
Ball, R W
Ball, K C W
Ball, D A J W
Ball, E F
Ball, F
Ballantine, A
Ballantyne, J H
Ballantyne, W B
Ballantyne, R
Ballantyne, T
Ballantyne, R B S
Ballantyne, J
Ballantyne, R
Ballard, V N
Ballard, George Edward John
Ballard, R C
Ballard, W
Ballard, P S
Ballard, W A
Ballard, J E W
Ballard, W J S
Ballas-Anderson, K
Ballauff, Roland Walter
Ballauff, T
Balleine, B G P L
Ballentine, R E
Balley, Julian William Noel
Ballingall, D L
Ballinger, W S
Ballinger, G
Balloch, Albert
Balloch, J H
Balloch, F
Balls, William Ronald
Balls, D A O
Balman, J H
Balmanno, D T
Balmer, William Lockie
Balmer, J H
Balmer, J
Balmer, D P
Balmer, J R
Balmforth, T W
Balmforth, D
Balsden, R C
Balsdon, D E
Balsdon, D F
Balser, C A
Balson, A P
Balster, B G W
Balster, B G W
Baltzer, R L
Balucki, J
Balyx, G A
Balzer, C S
Bamber, H C M
Bamberough, R
Bamblett, W
Bambrick, V G
Bambridge, J H
Bambury, J J
Bambury, R H
Bamford, J
Bamford, T
Bamford, J
Bamford, C G
Bamford, C
Bamford, P E
Bamford, W
Bamford, N E
Bamford, N L
Bamford, F B
Bamforth, W G
Bamsey, A H
Banbury, J A
Bance, E
Bancescu, G
Bancroft, B D
Bancroft, W S
Bancroft, L
Bandeen, W R
Bandeen, F A
Bandle, L
Bandur, S B
Bandy, F A
Baness, J H H
Banfield, R C
Banfield, A J
Banfield, J K
Banfield, J K
Banfield, C W
Banford, J H
Bangor Jones,
Bangs, E
Bangs, E C
Bangs, A R
Banham, Douglas Walter
Banham, E A
Banham, A
Banham, A J
Banham, A J
Banham, A J
Bankowski, P R
Banks, Ivan William
Banks, M J
Banks, Edwin Thomas
Banks, Frank
Banks, Leslie
Banks, Robert Arthur
Banks, K A
Banks, D E
Banks, Stirling David
Banks, A
Banks, L M
Banks, V
Banks, J H
Banks, W
Banks, G G
Banks, E G
Banks, E W
Banks, D F R
Banks, W P
Banks, D E
Banks, R C
Banks, G L
Banks, R G
Banks, C A
Banks, H C
Banks, J
Banks, N L
Banks, R F
Banks, D J
Banks, R
Banks, P
Banks, C
Banks, R H
Banks, R J L
Banks, R J
Banks, D N
Banks, J
Banks, T G
Banks-Martin, R A
Bann, S E
Bannan, J B
Bannatyne, W W
Banner, W T
Banner, B T
Banner, W T
Bannerman, D R
Bannerman, D G
Bannihir, R H
Banning, J D J
Banning, A E F
Bannister, R H
Bannister, L C
Bannister, J A
Bannister, H G
Bannister, H E
Bannister, R A
Bannister, R A
Bannister, D P
Bannister, W G
Bannon, J
Banting, J A S
Banting, S J
Banton, D
Banville, R T
Banville, J
Banyer, J
Banys, J
Baptist, R
Baracatt, K D
Baracz, E
Baral, Fred L
Baran, M
Baras, M S
Barass, J
Barbe, M J
Barbeler, G S
Barber, R F L
Barber, Charles Albert Mark
Barber, G C
Barber, B R
Barber, B B
Barber, Brian Samuel
Barber, Dennis
Barber, J W
Barber, Bernard Higson
Barber, R J
Barber, R T
Barber, H B
Barber, F G
Barber, J W
Barber, J
Barber, J W
Barber, W H
Barber, R W
Barber, A L
Barber, F E
Barber, D A
Barber, R C
Barber, A
Barber, G W
Barber, W
Barber, W J
Barber, H F
Barber, D
Barber, J L
Barber, P
Barber, P W
Barber, V E
Barber, J D
Barber, S B
Barber, A R
Barber, E J
Barber, A L H
Barber, L R
Barber, K A
Barber, K A
Barber, J S
Barber, W
Barber, D R
Barber, J T
Barber, L J R
Barbezat, C L
Barbour, F D
Barbour, R R
Barbrooke, D J
Barcikowski, J
Barclay, R T
Barclay, George
Barclay, John Bell
Barclay, W S
Barclay, P G
Barclay, W P
Barclay, A S
Barclay, G S
Barclay, T S
Barclay, O K
Barclay, R G A
Barclay, P P
Barclay, J
Barclay, A
Barclay, R G A
Barclay, C E
Barcley, D
Barcroft, Richard Neilson
Barden, J L E
Barden, A V C
Barden, A V C
Barden, H K
Bardes, E
Bardill, C
Bardley, E
Bardour, F D
Bardsley, E
Bardzo, S
Bareham, A N
Bareham, H J W
Barfoot, T B
Barfoot, A
Barfoot, G E
Barford, W
Barford, A H
Barford, T R
Barge, A L
Barham, S
Barham, H F
Barham, E F M
Barham, L A
Barham, D R
Barham, L P
Barham, W
Barham, S G R
Baribeau, L J
Bariteau, P
Bark, E W
Barker, J N
Barker, David Conquest
Barker, M M
Barker, H
Barker, J C
Barker, J G
Barker, Frank Harvey
Barker, L R
Barker, K H
Barker, M E
Barker, A C S
Barker, R G
Barker, R F G
Barker, L
Barker, D M
Barker, R
Barker, S F
Barker, F A
Barker, F
Barker, R R
Barker, J B
Barker, J B
Barker, J S
Barker, D W
Barker, J
Barker, F
Barker, E A
Barker, E A
Barker, G T
Barker, T R
Barker, J K
Barker, T
Barker, K W
Barker, D A
Barker, R B
Barker, D E
Barker, E H F
Barker, J S
Barker, R
Barker, W D
Barker, H S
Barker, F
Barker, F J
Barker, R W
Barker, R B
Barker, A
Barker, L
Barker, F C
Barker, L H
Barker, A
Barker, L
Barker, R B
Barker, G G
Barker, J W
Barker, T A
Barker, D
Barker, J D
Barker, L
Barker, T W
Barker, F
Barker, F
Barker, R G
Barker, N
Barker, R J
Barker, W
Barker, A
Barker, W J
Barker, R C
Barker, R
Barker, B D
Barker, D W F
Barker, D W F
Barker, D W F
Barker, W A
Barker, W R
Barker, G A
Barker, K S H
Barker , Ernest William Henry
Barkess, P
Barkhouse, D F
Barkhouse, D F
Barking, G E
Barkley, H A Y
Barkley, H A Y
Barkshire, Albert L
Barkway, P J W
Barkwell, J H
Barlegs, S G
Barleigh, S C
Barley, Edward
Barley, W E
Barley, F N
Barling, Grahame Wiliam
Barlow, J C
Barlow, C A
Barlow, D A
Barlow, Reginald Dennis
Barlow, William Thomas
Barlow, J P
Barlow, E S
Barlow, R M
Barlow, G M B
Barlow, P
Barlow, H D
Barlow, J R
Barlow, O W
Barlow, R W
Barlow, R K
Barlow, P S
Barlow, A T
Barlow, G
Barlow, A K
Barlow, D J
Barlow, R A
Barlow, W N
Barlow, E C
Barlow, J G
Barlow, P T
Barlow, R
Barlow, W G
Barlow, A E
Barlow, R N G
Barlow, D V
Barlow, R W
Barlow, L
Barnaby, M A
Barnard, Leslie James
Barnard, L J
Barnard, D R
Barnard, W S
Barnard, D B
Barnard, H G
Barnard, R
Barnard, S H
Barnard, M S
Barnard, L W A
Barnard, R
Barnard, F V
Barnard, A E
Barnard, H W
Barnard, J A
Barnard, J A
Barnard, E C
Barnard, G H
Barnard, J O
Barnden, L R
Barnden, J W
Barnes, N E
Barnes, K O
Barnes, A J G
Barnes, J F
Barnes, N E
Barnes, W H
Barnes, A C
Barnes, G J L
Barnes, R H
Barnes, J B
Barnes, R J
Barnes, William James
Barnes, L
Barnes, J G
Barnes, W G
Barnes, F
Barnes, C C
Barnes, A D A
Barnes, R H
Barnes, C
Barnes, P A
Barnes, J R
Barnes, R J
Barnes, R
Barnes, R A
Barnes, T E
Barnes, J H L
Barnes, T E
Barnes, R L
Barnes, C A
Barnes, D M
Barnes, G
Barnes, W G
Barnes, W G
Barnes, H G
Barnes, R E
Barnes, A D
Barnes, H L
Barnes, R H
Barnes, R
Barnes, A E
Barnes, K V
Barnes, F J C
Barnes, L J
Barnes, H
Barnes, W
Barnes, E C A
Barnes, W G
Barnes, L G
Barnes, S
Barnes, S
Barnes, A
Barnes, E E
Barnes, A M
Barnes, J H
Barnes, G K
Barnes, H R
Barnes, W G
Barnes, D A
Barnes, D
Barnes, L A
Barnes, S J
Barnes, R L
Barnes, C
Barnes, L H
Barnes, V J
Barnes, E W
Barnes, A T
Barnes, R H
Barnes, O C C
Barnes, P R
Barnet, W M F
Barnett, K H
Barnett, L V
Barnett, R F
Barnett, Frederick William
Barnett, Laurence Philip
Barnett, Stanley Sutton
Barnett, T A J
Barnett, M G
Barnett, W A
Barnett, F E
Barnett, S S
Barnett, S S
Barnett, G A
Barnett, T E
Barnett, T J
Barnett, T
Barnett, H R
Barnett, N W
Barnett, W D
Barnett, A J
Barnett, C A S
Barnett, T S
Barnett, A R
Barnett, E A
Barnett, W H P
Barnett, K G
Barnett, C D
Barnett, F E
Barneveld, R
Barnfather, E R
Barnfather, William John
Barnfather, D A
Barnfather, E R
Barnfield, K W
Barnfield, H
Barnhart, C P
Barnhurst, R E
Barnicke, P
Barnicoat, J H
Barnicoat, R E H
Barnicoat, R E
Barnicott, A T J
Barnsdale, F S
Barnsley, P
Barnwell, R A
Barnwell, J S
Baron, R
Baron, Donald John Kelsall
Baron, E E
Baron, N
Baron, R V
Baron, E H
Baron, R
Baron, R J
Baron, W G
Baroni, R B
Baroni, R J
Baronwski, T
Barough, J
Barr, D R
Barr, Ernest Henry Mackenzie
Barr, C R
Barr, R A
Barr, R J
Barr, A
Barr, R L
Barr, J J
Barr, W J
Barr, Eric William
Barr, C R
Barr, A J McD
Barr, V H
Barr, D L S
Barr, G H
Barr, P R
Barr, P R
Barr, R B
Barr, R E
Barr, G H
Barr, L R
Barr, D M
Barr, H W J
Barr, A C
Barr, K A
Barr, S J
Barr, L H J
Barr, P
Barr, D
Barr, D
Barr, L R
Barr, D S
Barr, P
Barr, P R
Barr , Eric William
Barraball, G J
Barraball, P J
Barraclough, R G V
Barraclough, S
Barraclough, H
Barraclough, D
Barradell, E B
Barralet, A F
Barran, P H
Barras, Alexander Edward Owen
Barrass, R
Barrass, J M
Barrass, A S G
Barratt, J H
Barratt, E
Barratt, R S
Barratt, W
Barratt, E
Barratt, E
Barratt, T
Barratt, F H
Barratt, R H
Barratt , Frank
Barrault, A
Barre, R F
Barrell, E R N
Barrell, R G
Barrell, R J P
Barrell, G P
Barrell, G P
Barret, H
Barrett, A B
Barrett, D G
Barrett, N C
Barrett, L F B
Barrett, Richard Lyndon
Barrett, Ronald Charles
Barrett, Robert Dennis Parker
Barrett, Fred
Barrett, Michael
Barrett, Henry Thomas
Barrett, G D
Barrett, W C
Barrett, C K
Barrett, M
Barrett, F H
Barrett, G S
Barrett, J
Barrett, R A
Barrett, W
Barrett, J G
Barrett, M A
Barrett, D H J
Barrett, J W
Barrett, F G
Barrett, W J
Barrett, W J
Barrett, L C
Barrett, T
Barrett, D R
Barrett, W E
Barrett, K A
Barrett, G J
Barrett, G A
Barrett, W S
Barrett, G
Barrett, A C
Barrett, H B
Barrett, J H
Barrett, W
Barrett, D H
Barrett, A E
Barrett, J L
Barrett, C
Barrett, D M
Barrett, J F T
Barrett, J K
Barrett, R
Barrett, J E
Barrett, W G
Barrett, P W
Barrett, W E
Barrett-Lennard, M G
Barrett-Lennard, F G
Barrette, J B G
Barrie, Ronald Harry Joseph
Barrie, J D
Barrie, C S
Barrie, G C
Barrie, F W
Barrie, J I
Barrie, J I
Barrie, D L
Barrie, A
Barrie, A S
Barrie, T B
Barrie, R B
Barrie-Smith, William Stanley
Barrier, J A
Barringer, R A
Barrington, G H
Barrington, J E
Barrington-Taylor, M W
Barritt, J
Barritt, J
Barrois, R
Barron, H L
Barron, P E
Barron, N J
Barron, A S
Barron, J F
Barron, J F
Barron, H B
Barron, A V M
Barron, C N
Barron, A
Barron, J H
Barron, J F
Barron, L J
Barron, H
Barron, E H
Barron, H F
Barron, J A
Barrons, H J
Barrott, C B
Barrow, B E
Barrow, S
Barrow, V St G
Barrow, V S G
Barrow, S F
Barrow, L R
Barrow, H J R
Barrow, G A
Barrow, C H
Barrow, R C
Barrow, W H
Barrowman, A M
Barrows, L
Barrows, S W
Barry, J L
Barry, M R
Barry, George Richard
Barry, J H
Barry, W J
Barry, J C G B R
Barry, J H
Barry, K W
Barry, G
Barry, G D
Barry, E H
Barry, F
Barry, J
Barry, N J M
Barry, T P
Barry, D A
Barry, E T
Barry, W
Barsby, Eric Arthur
Barsby, G E
Barske, P J
Barson, J F M
Barss, Monty
Barstow, J A
Barszcz, A
Barteaux, R C
Barteczko, M
Bartells, J G
Barter, A C T
Barter, J J H
Barter, S P
Barthel, P V
Barthelemy, J
Bartholomew, Cyril Edward
Bartholomew, D W
Bartholomew, K
Bartholomew, K F
Bartholomew, E
Bartholomew, W B
Bartholomew, J
Bartholomew, E F
Bartholomew, B
Bartkowicz, Z
Bartlam, C D W
Bartle, H T
Bartle, H G
Bartle, A J A
Bartle, T C
Bartleet, F W
Bartlemay, W A
Bartler, A C
Bartlett, G K
Bartlett, D A
Bartlett, J E
Bartlett, Raymond Neil
Bartlett, J
Bartlett, J P
Bartlett, K C
Bartlett, C A
Bartlett, C A
Bartlett, W H
Bartlett, P J
Bartlett, V H
Bartlett, J
Bartlett, L H
Bartlett, A E
Bartlett, W K J
Bartlett, G A
Bartlett, R C
Bartlett, E A
Bartlett, A McK
Bartlett, F R
Bartlett, E
Bartlett, C S
Bartlett, F A
Bartlett, E W
Bartlett, W H
Bartlett, A
Bartlett, S D
Bartlett, J S
Bartlett, R W
Bartlett, C H
Bartley, H L
Bartley, J
Bartley, D
Bartley, E L
Bartley, J E
Bartley, F W
Bartley, G
Bartman, G H
Bartman, L A
Bartolomew, J A
Barton, Arthur Robert
Barton, Harry
Barton, C J
Barton, J F
Barton, R J
Barton, Hugh Hartil
Barton, T G
Barton, V A
Barton, J E
Barton, J H
Barton, A J D
Barton, T
Barton, R P
Barton, W F
Barton, H H M
Barton, A H D
Barton, D E
Barton, P S
Barton, B J
Barton, A E J
Barton, K J
Barton, R J
Barton, J
Barton, A E
Barton, H R
Barton, P
Barton, R A
Barton, A R H
Barton, D C
Barton, A R H
Barton, W K
Barton, J
Barton, S
Barton, T G
Barton, K F F
Barton, T E
Barton, J J
Barton-Smith, H
Bartosiak, E
Bartram, R
Bartram, E G
Bartrip, D A
Bartrum, J E
Barty, William Edward Heaton
Barty, W E H
Bartys, P
Barugh, C
Barwell, E G
Barwell, G F A
Barwise, F
Bary, A J
Barzdo, Rajmund
Barzdo, P
Barzdo, W
Barzeele, C S
Basan, L W
Basan, L W
Basarab, L
Baseden, Geoffrey Thomas
Baseley, A L
Baser, Wylie
Basevi, B A
Basey, R W
Basford, L E
Basford, R B
Basham, J A
Bashford, S
Bashi, E
Baskerville, John Edward
Baskerville, N G
Baskott, A W
Basnett, H
Bass, N G
Bass, F J
Bass, F J
Bass, E G
Bass, G K
Bass, R F
Bass, D C
Bassage, C T
Bassett, J F
Bassett, C D
Bassett, T G
Bassett, R G
Bassett, J P
Bassett, J H
Bassett, D A
Bassman, L A
Bassom, R C E
Basson, P H
Bastable, V J
Bastable, H D
Basten, H G
Basten, J
Baster, B
Bastian, H
Bastian, H
Bastian, J
Bastian, P S
Bastian, C O
Bastick, T W
Bastick, Richard Stanley
Bastick, H A
Bastin, L J
Bastings, L A
Baston, T J
Bastow, E H
Bastow, J
Bastow, M
Batchelder, H E
Batchelder, H E
Batchelor, George William Frederick
Batchelor, G W F
Batchelor, C R
Batchelor, C R
Batchelor, R H
Batchelor, H O
Batchelor, F W
Batchelor, W J
Batchelor, H W
Batchelor, L G
Batchen, R T
Batchouski, W J
Bate, A J
Bate, H J
Bate, W G
Bate, H
Bate, F W
Batelka, K
Bateman, G W
Bateman, J R
Bateman, D W
Bateman, A L
Bateman, R
Bateman, J W
Bateman, F W
Bateman, K
Bateman, A B
Bateman, L D
Bateman, R
Bateman, W G
Bateman, C McC
Bateman, C G G
Bateman, D W
Bateman, G H
Bateman-Jones, P
Bates, Colin Campbell
Bates, A H C
Bates, D C
Bates, Bernard Samuel
Bates, William John
Bates, Michael
Bates, D H
Bates, L S
Bates, J D
Bates, C W
Bates, A I N
Bates, J F
Bates, J A
Bates, S
Bates, C J
Bates, S
Bates, E
Bates, P A
Bates, P
Bates, T A
Bates, J E
Bates, F W A
Bates, P
Bates, A P
Bates, A C M
Bates, J D
Bates, R A
Bates, R E
Bates, R E
Bates, G F
Bates, J E
Bates, E W H
Bates, A
Bates, J
Bates, R L
Bates, D
Bates, A W
Bates, G M
Bates, G M
Bates, J A
Bates, W A
Bates, W A
Bates, R
Bates, J S
Bates, H F K
Bates, R E
Bates, C F
Bates, P E
Bates, P C
Bates, J A
Bates, S H
Bates, W A
Bates, D G
Bates, E P
Bates, M
Bateson, B W
Bateson, G W
Bateup, J E
Batey, G
Batey, G
Batey, N
Batger, H
Bath, V W
Bath, P H
Batham, R J
Bathe, J R
Bathgate, J R G
Bathmaker, F H
Batho, R F
Batholomew, E E
Batkin, W C
Batman, P
Batrick, H R
Batson, W T
Batt, R H
Batt, C S
Batt, H W
Batten, D W
Batten, Henry Thomas
Batten, R H
Batten, G H McD
Batten, H R
Batten, K S
Batten, G G
Batten, R M
Batten, H A C
Batten-Smith, John
Batterbee, R
Batterbee, E A
Batters, H M
Battersby, G W
Battersby, R C
Battersby, J
Batterton, J M
Battey, J
Battison, G G M
Battison, G G M
Battle, J J
Battle, E J
Battle, A M A
Battle, E H
Battle, J R B
Battler, R O
Battram, A
Battrick, R H J
Batts, D
Batty, Ronald John Morton
Batty, William James
Batty, F W
Batty, A V
Batty, H W
Batty, J J C
Batty, J J C
Batty, J
Batty, E
Batty, G
Battye, R H
Battye, E
Battye, H K
Baty, W J
Baty, F A
Bauchop, R J
Baudinette, I S
Bauer, J
Bauer, W F
Baughan, R D
Baughan, R L
Baulderstone, T H
Bauldie, D
Baulf, I H W
Baum, W G R
Baum, D J
Baum, A J
Bauman, D C
Bauman, V
Baumann, G R
Baumann, A E
Baumber, C
Baumer, R C
Baumgarten, R L
Baumruk, S
Bauset, P
Baush, C W
Baverstock, E
Baverstock, D
Baveystock, L H
Bavis, C H
Bawden, H H
Bawden, Reginald Vernon
Bawden, J D
Bawden, E S
Bawtree, L
Bawtree, J E
Bax, J H D
Bax, T A
Baxendale, R
Baxter, K A
Baxter, J R
Baxter, R W
Baxter, R W
Baxter, W S
Baxter, L E
Baxter, A G
Baxter, F D
Baxter, F D
Baxter, D F J
Baxter, W
Baxter, A K
Baxter, M F
Baxter, C J
Baxter, J
Baxter, K W J
Baxter, M W
Baxter, R G L
Baxter, W B
Baxter, W A
Baxter, G E A
Baxter, W
Baxter, J C
Baxter, W P
Baxter, J F
Baxter, S
Baxter, S
Baxter, L H
Baxter, G
Baxter, D W
Baxter, H A
Baxter, J R
Baxter, S
Baxter, N G
Baxter, D G
Baxter, E
Baxter, H
Baxter, A R
Baxter, J W
Baxter, J A
Baxter, D
Baxter, M
Baxter, J D
Baxter, S
Bay, D M
Bay, F
Bay, D W S
Baybut, R W
Baybutt, T
Bayes, J T
Bayfield, S A
Bayfield, S
Bayford, C
Bayldon, E A
Bayle, P
Bayles, T R
Bayless, G E
Bayley, L A
Bayley, Richard Frederick
Bayley, E
Bayley, R
Bayley, G G
Bayley, G R
Bayley, E A
Bayley, A F
Baylis, G P
Baylis, W H
Bayliss, Colin Evan
Bayliss, J B
Bayliss, C E
Bayliss, E P G
Bayliss, D A
Bayliss, G L
Bayliss, R C
Bayliss, D G
Bayliss, J
Bayly, F B
Bayly, R S
Bayly, G L M
Bayment, D L
Bayne, A W A
Baynes, C J
Baynes, R
Baynton, T J
Baynton, C H P
Bayon, M E
Bayram, C H
Bays, L
Bayston, S J
Bayton, J C
Bazalgette, F S
Bazalgette, I W
Bazeley, D S
Bazinet, J O
Bazley, S H
Beach, Jack Stear
Beach, E V
Beach, R B
Beach, M F
Beach, C A
Beach, A E
Beach, G H
Beach, A K
Beach, W
Beacham, D O
Beacham, E G R
Beacham, A
Beacham, E C
Beacock, E C
Beaddie, R L
Beadle, D J
Beadle, R E
Beadle, F V
Beadle, C H
Beadle, J F
Beadman, E A B
Beadon, S D
Beadsmore, W R
Beagles, L C
Beagley, J O
Beake, H J
Beake, P H
Beal, E T
Beal, J D A
Beal, G
Beal, D N
Beale, Frederick Allen
Beale, W S
Beale, E
Beale, D R
Beale, D R
Beale, D
Beale, D
Beale, R C
Beale, R N
Beale, G
Beale, J W
Beale, F G
Beales, Fred
Beales, W A
Beales, R W
Beales, R W
Beales, R
Beales, A J
Beales, D B
Beales, D
Beales, A C
Beales, H
Beales, R
Bealey, D J
Beall, G S
Beals, J W
Beaman, R C
Beament, T H
Beames, H D
Beames, H D
Beames, G N
Beames, F E
Beames, K H
Beamish, F V
Beamish, N R
Beamont, R P
Bean, B O
Bean, F J
Bean, H D
Bean, L F
Bean, W
Bean, D A
Bean, H
Beane, A H
Beane, H
Beaney, V D
Bear, P H
Bearcroft, A B
Beard, R
Beard, E G
Beard, E
Beard, H N
Beard, J M B
Beard, J M B
Beard, E J
Beard, R
Beard, J
Beard, J L
Beard, A W
Beard, A W
Beard, P F
Beard, A
Beard, O
Beard, L T
Beardmore, E W B
Beardmore, J D
Beardmore, J T
Beardmore, J C
Beardsall, K S
Beardshaw, J G
Beardsley, G
Beardsley, G
Beardsmore, W J H
Beardwell, F G
Beardwell, R W
Beardwood, G
Beare, R L B
Beare, H T
Beare, W P
Beare, F
Beare, E S
Bearisto, C P
Bearne, H M V
Bearne, V S
Bearne, W
Bearnes, K L
Beasley, J R
Beasley, H W
Beasley, J E St V L
Beasom, J A
Beason, S N
Beasse, C
Beat, R
Beath, J H A
Beaton, J J
Beaton, C N
Beaton, E M
Beaton, A F
Beaton, H J
Beaton, M A
Beaton, R A
Beaton, D J H
Beaton, J M
Beaton, D
Beaton, D
Beaton, A C
Beaton, R G
Beaton, J A
Beatson, R V
Beatson, J
Beatson, W G C
Beatson, C
Beatson, A
Beattie, G P
Beattie, C M
Beattie, R L
Beattie, Harold James
Beattie, H D
Beattie, John Leslie
Beattie, J W
Beattie, R O
Beattie, K A
Beattie, A J
Beattie, S G
Beattie, T
Beattie, J S
Beattie, F D
Beattie, E D
Beattie, D W
Beattie, A
Beattie, J E
Beattie, J A
Beattie, T
Beattie, T
Beattie, J A D
Beattie, J A D
Beattie, J
Beattie, J D
Beattie, J M
Beattie, W W
Beattie, G L C
Beattie, L F
Beattie, J
Beattie, R H
Beattie, W H T
Beattie, J
Beatty, A D
Beatty, W B
Beatty, D L
Beatty, Alvin Marshall
Beaty, W S
Beauchair, R F
Beauchamp, P G H
Beauchamp, J S
Beauchamp, K H P
Beauchamp, A W
Beauchamp, A
Beauchesne, N E
Beauclair, R F
Beaudoin, C H M
Beaudry, J V R
Beaudry, J E R
Beaufoy, M H
Beaumont, L M
Beaumont, Lawrence Herbert
Beaumont, E S
Beaumont, L
Beaumont, S
Beaumont, W
Beaumont, W
Beaumont, W H C
Beaumont, A
Beaumont, R F
Beaumont, J E
Beaumont, R A W
Beaumont, O R
Beaumont, G A
Beaumont, S J
Beaumont, H E
Beaumont, H E
Beaune, R G
Beaupre, J
Beaupre, H H F
Beauregaard, J G W
Beauregard, C M
Beauvoit, N
Beavan, W W
Beaven, J W
Beaven, A E
Beaven, R
Beaver, G F
Beaver, T
Beaver, T E
Beavers, W R N
Beavers, C S G
Beavis, H W
Beavis, F J R
Beavis, J
Beavo, W E
Beazleigh, A J
Beazley, A O
Beazley, H
Beazley, H J S
Beazley Long, A
Bebbington, R J
Bebensee, D G
Beber, A A
Bebington, E E
Becherel, Roland Jean
Bechtold, R C
Beck, J A G
Beck, J W
Beck, C D
Beck, A J
Beck, H
Beck, R C V
Beck, N C
Beck, G H
Beck, L
Beck, A
Beck, P S
Beck, J A
Beck, L T
Beck, H J
Beck, D M
Beck, W C
Beckby, M G
Becker, Robert S.
Becker, R B
Becker, B J
Becker, P A
Becker, R S
Beckett, J R
Beckett, G A
Beckett, R F
Beckett, A C
Beckett, G
Beckett, R J
Beckett, P H
Beckett, S N
Beckett, J F
Beckett, G
Beckett, C S
Beckett, L A
Beckett, J C
Beckford, G J
Beckhouse, G E
Beckingham, C W
Beckingham, W
Beckley, D J
Beckman, L J W
Beckolt, D H
Beckthold, William
Beckwith, H
Beckwith, G J
Beckwith, E P
Beckwith, F W W
Beckwith, D S
Bedall, C
Bedard, J R A
Bedard, J P
Bedard, J D M
Bedard, J J P M
Bedbrook, A E D
Beddall, H
Beddis, H J
Beddison, B D
Beddoe, A
Beddow, D C
Beddow, D C
Bedell, L E
Bedford, G W
Bedford, G W
Bedford, H
Bedford, H T
Bedford, H
Bedford, R E E
Bedford, E L
Bedford, M F
Bedford, H E
Bedford, H E
Bedford, H G
Bedggood, A H
Bedingham, F T
Bednarski, Z
Bednarski, P
Bedward, A A C
Bedwell, H K
Bedwell, E J
Bedwell, George F K
Bedwell, George F K
Bee, Charles Frederick
Bee, C R
Bee, A M
Bee, R
Beebe, H C
Beebe, J
Beeby, A S
Beeby, A S
Beech, C T
Beech, C
Beech, S P
Beech, G McK
Beech, J
Beech, D C
Beech, W L
Beech, F R
Beech, J T H
Beech, K A
Beech, L J
Beech, C
Beecher, T P
Beecher, J E A
Beechey, D H
Beechey, W R
Beecroft, J M
Beecroft, J
Beecroft, J M
Beecroft, R G
Beecroft, B
Beecroft, J
Beedie, S W S
Beedim, J A
Beedle, George
Beedle, S
Beedle, S
Beedle, D
Beeger, P
Beeken, G
Beeley, K
Beemer, F H
Beer, A J
Beer, A D D
Beer, Leslie William
Beer, Howard Ernest
Beer, Bernard Arthur William
Beer, L S
Beer, N C
Beer, R H
Beer, R H
Beer, R G W
Beer, G W
Beer, R E
Beer, N
Beere, W H
Beere, I St J
Beers, F K
Bees, H G
Beesley, A H
Beesley, J F T
Beesley, P L
Beesley, D R
Beesley, J F
Beeson, J L
Beeson, W C J
Beeson, S C
Beeson, J
Beeson, W J
Beeson, J E
Beeston, R D
Beeston, J M
Beeston, F L
Beeston, A H
Beetch, A U
Beetham, M J
Beeton, E H
Beetoning, C W A
Beever, J
Beever, G F
Beevers, G A
Beevers, G H
Beevers, D
Befinger, Mieczyslan Franciszek
Begbie, B
Begbie, J E
Begernie, A H J
Begg, R K
Begg, R P McM
Begg, J
Begg, J A B
Begg, W
Beggs, J R
Beggs, H W
Beggs, W J
Beggs, J A
Begin, A
Beguin, D
Behal, F
Behan, T F
Beharrie, D
Behn, J F P
Beinke, Dudley Raymond
Beisley, R F
Beisley, A R C
Belanger, F J
Belbin, S F
Belcher, L R
Belcher, E J
Belcher, M A
Belcher, G
Beldin, R J
Beldon, E N N
Beley, R W G
Belfield, J P
Belford, T D
Belford, A G
Belford, W N
Belford, W N
Belford, E R
Belina-Prazmowski, J J
Belk, E L
Bell, Ralph Douglas
Bell, Hilton Craig
Bell, K S
Bell, C D
Bell, P
Bell, Maxwell Heron
Bell, A T
Bell, J C
Bell, J H
Bell, R J
Bell, Peter Edwin
Bell, John Robson
Bell, Thomas Hylton
Bell, Ian
Bell, M R
Bell, E W
Bell, C H L
Bell, Frank George
Bell, J W
Bell, C H
Bell, J W
Bell, J K
Bell, R G
Bell, R G
Bell, A H
Bell, C E
Bell, A M J
Bell, J I
Bell, Neil Alan
Bell, E N
Bell, M O M
Bell, E M
Bell, J W
Bell, David
Bell, C
Bell, N A
Bell, A D G
Bell, D G
Bell, J B
Bell, J D
Bell, W A
Bell, W O
Bell, H C
Bell, T
Bell, J
Bell, Lesley Edwin
Bell, R J McL
Bell, M P
Bell, G G
Bell, R
Bell, P G
Bell, J R
Bell, W J
Bell, W
Bell, D J
Bell, F
Bell, J B
Bell, J
Bell, F
Bell, P A C
Bell, J B
Bell, T
Bell, D N
Bell, D C
Bell, T
Bell, G H R
Bell, R
Bell, R E
Bell, J
Bell, S
Bell, J
Bell, J L
Bell, M
Bell, L W
Bell, W
Bell, E J
Bell, John 'Dinger'
Bell, C A
Bell, R
Bell, E
Bell, W J
Bell, W J
Bell, J P O
Bell, R S
Bell, J
Bell, A E
Bell, G
Bell, D S
Bell, F D
Bell, H B
Bell, W G
Bell, P
Bell, P H
Bell, G
Bell, K F
Bell, L S
Bell, J M
Bell, C S
Bell, W
Bell, L H
Bell, C
Bell, A
Bell, A
Bell, E N
Bell, A R
Bell, C A
Bell, G W
Bell, M W
Bell, M W
Bell, C H
Bell, D P M
Bell, C R M
Bell, I R
Bell, E
Bell, D M
Bell, J R
Bell, J S
Bell, B E
Bell, W
Bell, J A M
Bell, P H
Bell, F J
Bell, H
Bell, D McF F
Bell, B E
Bell, B S
Bell, D
Bell, K T
Bell, R D
Bell, E
Bell, W H
Bell, J D
Bell, P V
Bell, J R H
Bell, J S
Bell, J S
Bell, J S
Bell, G
Bell, T
Bell, W E D
Bell, J B
Bell, S P
Bell, A
Bell, E I J
Bell, G
Bell, F
Bell, F
Bell, H
Bell, H
Bell, R
Bell, D R
Bell, J I M
Bell, J A
Bell, J
Bell, A A
Bell, D B
Bell, W I
Bell, E
Bell, J W
Bell, R C
Bell, J
Bell, J W
Bell, J
Bell, A W
Bell, S J
Bell, F J
Bell, G
Bell, R
Bell, W
Bell, J
Bell, R R
Bell, J
Bell-Berry, R
Bell-Berry, R
Bell-Salter, D B
Bell-Salter, D B
Bell-Syer, H B
Bell-Towers, W W
Bell-Walker, H J
Bell-Walker, J H
Bell-Walker, H J
Bellamy, G C
Bellamy, J A
Bellamy, J W
Bellamy, D L F
Bellamy, J E
Bellamy, J E
Bellamy, D W
Bellamy, W H
Bellamy, F W
Bellamy, J E
Bellamy, J E
Bellamy, N L
Bellamy, C E
Bellantino, D
Bellchambers, Frederick George
Bellenger, A
Bellerby, D A
Belles, A W
Bellew, Henry Benedict
Bellewe, J H
Bellhouse, E W
Bellhouse, W H
Bellinger, James
Bellinger, J H
Bellinger, W G
Bellinger, W J
Bellingham, W H L
Bellingham, K G
Bellingham, R F
Bellis, Charlie
Bellis, E
Bellisle, A C
Bellman, N E
Bellman, W A
Bellman, G C
Bellman, G
Bellow, W S
Bellwood, L
Beloe, P C
Belot, D
Belous, W L
Belsey, A J
Belsham, D W
Belshaw, A E
Belshaw, R W
Belshaw, E L
Belshaw, R P
Belshaw, W D
Belson, A
Belton, J S
Belton, Alfred Johnson
Belton, S L S
Belton, R E
Belton, W S G
Belton, T W
Belton, F W
Belton, W
Belton, W T
Belton, J
Beluse, J E M
Belyea, A C
Belyes, D G
Belza, Stefan Stanislaw
Bemben, E
Bembridge, J W
Bemi, F
Bemister, John Edward
Bemrose, P J
Bemrose, M
Bemrose, E E
Bemrose, F E
Ben, A C
Ben-Hertz, M
Benabo, R
Benall, D J
Benbow, D R
Benbow, H F
Benbow, F C
Bence, J
Bendall, J K
Bendall, J D
Bender, Frederick Hendrik Jacobus
Bender, J
Bender, G
Bender, L G
Bender, M H
Bender, M H
Bending, Henry William
Benditski, S
Bendix, J L
Benefield, V D
Benefield, C F
Beney, Eric Thomas
Beney, D L
Benfield, H G
Benfield, N
Benford, S M
Benford, S M
Benge, S P
Bengston, J
Benham, J E D
Benham, A C
Benham, R P
Beningfield, A S
Benjamin, Kenneth
Benjamin, T E E
Benjamin, C G
Benjamin, M
Benjamin, E A
Benn, J W
Bennell, R J
Benner, D R
Bennett, F
Bennett, B W
Bennett, J R
Bennett, K
Bennett, R S
Bennett, K E H
Bennett, B P
Bennett, C R
Bennett, A C
Bennett, James Frederick Morgan
Bennett, William
Bennett, Leslie
Bennett, Robert Sidney
Bennett, John Wallace
Bennett, H E
Bennett, George Herbert
Bennett, Richard Edward
Bennett, Vickers Lavender
Bennett, William
Bennett, J G
Bennett, D W
Bennett, T H
Bennett, D H
Bennett, J
Bennett, G
Bennett, G N
Bennett, K H
Bennett, J B
Bennett, James Gordon
Bennett, J A
Bennett, D E
Bennett, C J
Bennett, D J
Bennett, J
Bennett, J N E
Bennett, R J
Bennett, R A J
Bennett, L D
Bennett, R S
Bennett, L J
Bennett, D
Bennett, R F
Bennett, R F
Bennett, D C T
Bennett, A
Bennett, L
Bennett, M J
Bennett, W
Bennett, W A
Bennett, J
Bennett, G E
Bennett, N J
Bennett, T
Bennett, P M
Bennett, R H M
Bennett, A H M
Bennett, G C
Bennett, P A
Bennett, E
Bennett, R W
Bennett, R
Bennett, R
Bennett, J W A
Bennett, G H S
Bennett, H
Bennett, A W
Bennett, E W J
Bennett, N R
Bennett, R
Bennett, W G
Bennett, C A
Bennett, W
Bennett, L C
Bennett, R J
Bennett, H W
Bennett, H
Bennett, K
Bennett, S G
Bennett, R F
Bennett, L W
Bennett, C C
Bennett, J E
Bennett, J T
Bennett, A T
Bennett, A W
Bennett, W H
Bennett, R G
Bennett, M O D
Bennett, V
Bennett, W R
Bennett, R K
Bennett, G
Bennett, J K
Bennett, S C
Bennett, J N
Bennett, L L
Bennett, T
Bennett, J H
Bennett, P C K
Bennett, A E
Bennett, C V
Bennett, H S
Bennett, F W
Bennett, W J
Bennett, G
Bennett, E
Bennett, B M
Bennett, G C
Bennett, G C
Bennett, R W
Bennett, R
Bennett, L W
Bennett, A
Bennett, A
Bennett, R B
Bennett, R B
Bennett, R J
Bennett, B C
Bennett, P E
Bennett, W J
Bennett, C M
Bennett, J L
Bennett, J S
Bennett, H H
Bennett, H W
Bennett, D
Bennett, A
Bennett, J E
Bennett, F
Bennett, R S
Bennett, P J
Bennett, N D
Bennette, G R
Bennetton, F H
Bennetts, E H
Bennetts, G A
Bennie, J
Benning, R D
Bennington, I C
Bennington, G W
Bennion, S
Bennions, George Herman
Bennions, G H
Bennis, H
Bennitt, N A
Bennitt, N A
Benny, J H
Benoit, M
Benoit, W
Benoit, J P
Benoit, F J
Bensley, G G
Benson, Sydney William
Benson, P W
Benson, Peter Henry
Benson, L J
Benson, R L
Benson, P H
Benson, I B
Benson, C S
Benson, H J
Benson, J E
Benson, J F G
Benson, R
Benson, J
Benson, A
Benson, F N
Benson, G H
Benson, Leslie B
Benson, A H
Benson, J
Benson, N J V
Benson, T L
Benson, G E
Benson, L
Benson, G E
Benstead, C E
Benstead, W C
Bensted, B G
Bent, T E
Bent, W T
Bent, V E
Bent, J J
Bent, J W
Bente, J F
Bentham, H
Bentham, T
Bentham, T
Bentinck, G H
Benting, Alan William
Bentley, Harry Roderick
Bentley, T L
Bentley, D G
Bentley, W J
Bentley, L C
Bentley, L L
Bentley, L G
Bentley, W
Bentley, H E
Bentley, R
Bentley, S G
Bentley, S
Bentley, L J
Bentley, D
Bentley, G J
Bentley, R G
Bentley, M A
Bentley, Ronald W
Bentley, S F
Bentley, G W
Bentley, J H
Bentley, W
Bentley, J H
Bentley, A F
Bentley, R E
Bentley, J H
Bentley, E
Bentley, G L
Bentley, R H W
Bentley, H
Bentley, E
Benton, J E
Benton, G
Bentz, W B
Benville, L J
Benyon, E
Benzie, J M
Benzie, J
Benzie, J
Berand, P M L
Beranek, S J
Beraud, A
Beraudo, V
Beraudo, V
Berckley, R E
Bercuson, Bernard
Berdeaux, H A
Berdecha, J
Berdys, S
Beresford, J S
Beresford, J S
Beresford, G
Beresford, H R A
Beresford, C S
Beresford, G
Beresford, R W
Beresford, A G
Beresford, W C
Beresford, D H
Beresford, J D
Beresford, D H
Beresford, J B
Beresford, A G
Berg, R A
Berg, G T
Berg, N W
Berg, R A
Berg, J J
Berg-olsen, E J
Bergan, Finn
Bergelin, R W
Bergeon, J
Berger, A
Berger, H O
Berger, D
Berger, J
Bergeron, J A
Bergey, D G
Bergin, J S
Bergland, N
Bergman, V
Bergman, J F
Bergner, M J
Bergner, M
Bergquist, B W
Bergsland, P
Bergson, Julius
Berguist, E R
Berkeley, N G
Berkeley, F R
Berkeley, F R
Berkeley, T C E
Berkery, George Robert
Berkey, E R
Bermingham, E D
Bermingham, G R
Bermingham, D C
Bernaldo, J
Bernard, David
Bernard, A G
Bernard, D H
Bernard, A R
Bernard, W
Bernas, K
Bernasconi, J
Bernasinski, K
Bernaski, L J
Bernbaum, M
Berndsson, N B
Berndt, E J
Bernhardt, D P
Bernick, L A
Bernier, J W L F
Bernier, J W
Bernier, C L
Bernstein, B
Bernstein, B
Bernyk, M
Bernyk, V H
Berresford, D L
Berrett, R H
Berrett, E A
Berridge, L A
Berridge, G F
Berridge, G F
Berridge, G F
Berridge, G H
Berridge, B H
Berrie, D
Berrigan, L T
Berrill, Edward Reginald
Berriman, V G
Berriman, W J H
Berrington, W
Berrington, J R
Berrisford, N C
Berry, W R
Berry, G R
Berry, E H
Berry, Harold Arthur James
Berry, Ernest
Berry, W L
Berry, J H
Berry, L J
Berry, G R
Berry, J L P
Berry, M D
Berry, D E
Berry, G H
Berry, G W
Berry, A B
Berry, A E
Berry, F G
Berry, S A
Berry, A J
Berry, R A
Berry, J L
Berry, J L
Berry, K H
Berry, T G W
Berry, A
Berry, E R
Berry, M V
Berry, W C
Berry, K G
Berry, J W
Berry, W A
Berry, J
Berry, A
Berry, H
Berry, N
Berry, A
Berry, W
Berry, A M
Berry, T C
Berry, W G
Berry, R W
Berry, R W
Berry, A W
Berry, J
Berry, L
Berry, E
Berry, W
Berry, J
Berry, G A
Berry, T H
Berry, L F
Berry, E
Berry, J J
Berry, W
Berry, W
Berry, T G
Berry, A
Berry, P E
Berry, E H
Berryman, A A N
Berryman, S
Bertelsen, F C
Bertenshaw, C
Bertenshaw, H
Bertera, D
Bertera, D
Berthelsen, F J
Berthelsen, F J
Berthet, C H
Berthiaume, J F E G
Bertie, M H
Bertoia, C
Bertram, John Rutledge
Bertram, R E
Bertram, N
Bertram, A E
Bertram, I C
Bertram, R
Bertram, F C
Bertrand, J N
Bertrand, J H T R
Bertrand, L
Berven, T
Berwick, K W
Berwick, S W
Berwick, G A
Berwick, R C
Berwick, T A
Besant, R C
Besnard, J M L
Besse, Claude Andrew
Bessell, G E
Bessent, H R
Bessette, B J A
Bessette, B J A
Bessette, G M
Best, R A
Best, T
Best, A G
Best, W F
Best, H F S
Best, C H
Best, E V
Best, J R
Best, R B
Best, F G S
Best, A
Best, H H
Best, D W
Best, P A
Best, C D
Best, W G
Best, A E
Bestel, E G R
Bester, J F
Bester, J.D.P.
Bestick, F F
Beston, C M
Bestridge, I W
Bestwick, R B
Bestwick, W H
Bestwick, F
Bestwick, J
Beswick, W E
Beswick, A
Beswick, O P
Beszant, P T
Betham, A
Bethel, S J
Bethel, R E
Bethell, P E
Bethridge-Topp, E
Betley, R D
Betson, J L W
Bett, R
Bett, R C
Bettaney, L
Bettany, J
Bettcher, J R
Betteridge, A J
Betteridge, R S J
Betteridge, R S
Betterton, D
Bettesworth, C J
Bettington, M M
Bettinson, D W
Bettles, K J
Bettney, J
Bettney, S
Betton, R A
Bettridge, O A
Betts, W H
Betts, Leslie Robert
Betts, B G
Betts, N G
Betts, R
Betts, R L
Betts, R C
Betts, E
Betts, S J
Betts, A E
Betts, W H
Betts, T I
Betts, E W
Betts, K G
Betts, I F
Betts, D G
Betty, R D
Beutel, W
Bevan, L S
Bevan, C J
Bevan, H C C
Bevan, C J W
Bevan, J E S
Bevan, T R
Bevan, J C
Bevan, A W
Bevan, F
Bevan, W H
Bevan, G N
Bevans, J H
Beven, H E
Beveridge, M W
Beveridge, M W
Beveridge, J R
Beveridge, A R
Beveridge, A W
Beveridge, D
Beveridge, D
Beveridge, G T
Beveridge, R W
Beveridge, J
Beverley, D G
Beverley, Douglas Bernard
Beverley, A E R
Beverley, R L
Beverley, V
Beverton, H A
Bevin, A
Bevington, P E
Bevis, P E
Bevis, P E
Bevis, K J
Bewg, W H
Bewlay, H R
Bews, A R
Bews, S
Bews, R D
Bexton, A E R
Bexton, A E R
Beyak, A E
Beyer, E H
Biaggi, D
Biaggi, D
Bialek, S
Biallosterski, T M
Bialobrowka, M
Bialobrzaski, K
Bialy, C
Biard, R H
Bibby, T J
Bibby, C O
Bibby, G H
Bibby, W
Bibby, W V
Bibby, R
Bibby, A
Bicat, V J F
Bice, A A
Bichard, Frederick James William
Bick, R W
Bick, F G A
Bickell, H C
Bickerdike, H F
Bickers, K G
Bickers, E G
Bickers, T
Bickerton, John William
Bickerton, G S
Bickerton, N V
Bickford, D F
Bickford, Peter William
Bickford, R R
Bickham, Cyril Adolphus Tregannon
Bickham, C J
Bickle, W D
Bickley, L F
Bickley, J F
Bicknell, N
Bicknell, N H
Bicknell, T J
Bicknell, D G
Bicknell, C A
Bicknell, G A
Bicknell, E S
Bicknell, K J A
Bidden, Byron Stanley
Biddiscombe, L G
Biddle, F H
Biddle, F J
Biddlecombe, R W A
Biddlecombe, Charles W H
Biddlecombe, L R
Biddulph, Sidney
Biddulph, F B
Biden, R M
Biderman, D
Bidgood, H W T
Bidmead, W E
Bidwell, N S
Bidwell, J
Biehl, W McK
Biel, J
Bielby, K T
Bielby, R R
Bielby, P R
Bielec, S
Bielski, A
Bienenu, R L
Bienkowski, Z
Bienkowski, Z
Bienkowski, J Z
Biers, Robert Lloyd
Bierton, A
Bierton, A
Biffen, J S
Biffin, A S
Bigg, C P
Bigg, F J R
Bigg, D R
Biggane, D F H
Biggar, J M
Biggar, D C
Bigger, A J
Bigger, R A
Biggerstaff, R A
Biggin, H
Biggs, E R
Biggs, William
Biggs, William 'Billy'
Biggs, H D
Biggs, K S
Biggs, S
Biggs, W F
Biggs, F A
Biggs, E A
Biggs, A H
Biggs, J
Biggs, D L
Bigham, D J
Biglands, Reginald John
Bignell, S H
Bignell, R A F
Bignell, J C R
Bigwood, N
Bijowski, J
Bilan, J
Bilbie, J
Bilbrough, A
Bilham, R P
Bilinski, B
Bilkey, James Dalton
Billard, C E
Billens, H E
Billett, C
Billett, C
Billett, H C
Billett, C W
Billing, A N J
Billing, J W
Billing, K C
Billing, G D
Billing, G
Billingham, J A G
Billings, L E
Billings, G E
Billingsley, Percy Raymond
Billingsley, F D
Billington, Robert Anthony
Billington, J
Billington, J
billington, J
Billington, E N
Billington, T H
Billington, L E
Billington, W
Billington, C
Billington, W
Billington, C L
Billington, A R
Billman, D P
Billows, C J
Bills, J W
Billson, D R
Billyeald, P
Bilney, F G
Bilney, R T J
Bilodeau, J A M
Bilsborough, P W
Bilson, F W
Biltcliffe, W D
Biltoft, A H
Bilton, W H B
Bilton, J N
Bilton, W J
Bilton, J M
Bilyard, R G
Bimson, J
Binch, V H
Binder, K W
Binder, Jack Percival George
Binder, A F
Binder, A
Binder, P E
Bing, G R
Bing, B
Bingham, R A
Bingham, J
Bingham, W N
Bingham, J M
Bingham, D E
Bingham, Kenneth R
Bingham, E
Bingham, J H G
Bingham, J H G
Bingham, J H G
Bingham, W
Bingham-Hall, Donald Vincent
Bingley, Dennis Gordon
Bingley, S R
Bingley, S R
Binion, C E
Binne, G A V
Binnie, J F
Binnie, K C
Binnie, N
Binnie, A E
Binnie, J
Binning, L H R
Binnington, W R
Binnington, W R
Binns, M R
Binns, H D
Binns, S J
Binns, S
Binns, A F
Binns, J B
Binns, H
Binstead, J
Bint, T W
Bintley, B
Biollo, P J
Bion , Pierre Cecil
Biquray, W W
Birbeck, A F
Birbeck, J T
Birbeck, C R
Birbeck, E G
Birbeck, J L
Birbeck, C R
Birbeck, D B
Birch, E
Birch, E E
Birch, Philip Vincent
Birch, R
Birch, C N
Birch, C H
Birch, E
Birch, T
Birch, W
Birch, R R G
Birch, G H A
Birch, N
Birch, S H
Birch, F
Birch, F
Birch, R H
Birch, K A
Birch, H
Birch, H
Birch, A H
Birch, J R
Birch, J
Birch, D E
Birch, W C A
Birch, A J
Birchall, A
Birchall, A
Birchall, R
Birchall, J W
Birchall, E
Birchenough, K R
Bircher, R H
Bircher, R N
Bird, J P
Bird, N G
Bird, H W
Bird, Herman Albert Benjamin
Bird, D G
Bird, D J
Bird, S D
Bird, R F
Bird, T A
Bird, C
Bird, C
Bird, J A M
Bird, J E H
Bird, T A
Bird, K M
Bird, C R
Bird, P R S
Bird, H L
Bird, F W
Bird, C T
Bird, B F
Bird, A G
Bird, E N
Bird, D H
Bird, T C
Bird, J R
Bird, L
Bird, K S
Bird, A W P
Bird, S E
Bird, J L
Bird, A R
Bird, A H
Bird, R H
Bird, A
Bird, E W
Bird, A W D
Bird, W D W
Bird, E G
Bird, G C
Bird, S G
Bird, R W
Bird, H J
Bird, N
Bird, G O L
Bird-Wilson, H A C
Birdsall, W
Birdsell, G B H
Birdseye, A F
Birk, D P
Birk, H E
Birkbeck, H D
Birkby, T
Birkby, R
Birkett, W N
Birkett, J S
Birkett, S E
Birkhead, D
Birkin, F
Birkin, W
Birkitt, H
Birkland, H
Birks, R S
Birks, J B W
Birks, W S A
Birks, F R
Birley, A F
Birmingham, W J
Birmingham, J P
Birnie, R
Birnie, H W
Birnie, H W
Birnie, R
Birnie, J
Birrell, E A
Birrell, J W
Birrell, I A
Birrell, J B E
Birrell, J
Birt, P N
Birt, P McL
Birt, G R
Birt, P J
Birt, A M
Birtch, G E P
Birtles, R J
Birtles, Alfred John
Birtles, C
Birtwell, F
Birtwhistle, H
Birtwhistle, J
Birtwistle, F R
Bisby, T E
Bischlager, H
Bischoff, J N
Bish, C F
Bish, A R
Bisheff, G E
Bishell, H S F
Bishop, B H
Bishop, Jack
Bishop, John William
Bishop, Donald Robert
Bishop, Norman Reginald
Bishop, John
Bishop, Cecil Thomas
Bishop, D C
Bishop, D
Bishop, S A
Bishop, G
Bishop, J H W
Bishop, M W
Bishop, J P
Bishop, J P
Bishop, A G
Bishop, G E
Bishop, H G
Bishop, Ernest Howard
Bishop, J
Bishop, J D
Bishop, G M
Bishop, S B S
Bishop, S B
Bishop, L E G
Bishop, O W J
Bishop, P D
Bishop, C A
Bishop, W J B
Bishop, R F
Bishop, J
Bishop, G H
Bishop, W B
Bishop, G T
Bishop, R
Bishop, H W
Bishop, R C
Bishop, E L
Bishop, T D
Bishop, T D
Bishop, E G
Bishop, A W
Bishop, A T
Bishop, F J
Bishop, P W
Bishop, H E
Bishop, R
Bishop, D Y
Bishop, N D
Bishop, R W
Bishop, W J
Bishop, W H
Bishop, N E
Bishop, L G
Bishop, A J
Bishop, S T
Bishop, F
Bishop, R C
Bishop, G M
Bishop, E C
Bishops, F E
Bissell, D C
Bissell, A F
Bissell, F
Bisset, David
Bisset, W McM
Bisset, S R
Bisset, R C
Bisset, G A
Bisset, R C
Bisset, T N W
Bissett, J A
Bissett, J M
Bissett, E H
Bisson, G E
Bissonnette, G A R
Bist, A C
Bitmead, M R
Bitmead, E W
Bitten, F C
Bittner, J D
Bizley, N C
Bizley, N C
Bizley, N C
Bjarnason, S R
Bjelke-Peterson, H R
Bjercke, A R
Bjornstad, B
Bjornstad, B F
Bjornstad, H E
Bjoroy, H G
Blaber, Herbert Sidney William
Blaber, A C
Blach, L
Blach, Tadeusz
Blachowski, Z
Blachowski, Z
Blachowski, M
Black, Stanley Kevin
Black, G J
Black, C A
Black, C N
Black, W R
Black, W S
Black, D V
Black, F A
Black, W C
Black, F
Black, George Roderick Hartwell
Black, Reginal Thomas
Black, Joseph
Black, Harold Gibson
Black, R E
Black, G S G
Black, B G
Black, W A
Black, D A
Black, W A
Black, J M
Black, R B
Black, J H
Black, J H
Black, J H
Black, H G
Black, Gordon Ronald
Black, A J
Black, P N
Black, J W
Black, N S
Black, C W
Black, J McD
Black, H
Black, H J
Black, C
Black, C
Black, W
Black, R H
Black, J R K
Black, L
Black, J C E
Black, A
Black, J B R
Black, D I
Black, R H
Black, I M
Black, J
Black, J
Black, F W
Black, H E
Black, H P
Black, A W
Black, A M H
Black, H
Black, R
Black, D R
Black, A W
Black, P A W
Black, J F
Black, J M B
Black, C T
Black, H J W
Black, I C B
Black, H P
Black, A W
Black, J D
Black, T W
Blackadder, W S
Blackall, H
Blackband, N C
Blackbarow, E B
Blackbee, K A
Blackbourne, R J
Blackburn, Philip
Blackburn, E
Blackburn, G R P
Blackburn, J S
Blackburn, J E
Blackburn, J
Blackburn, E A
Blackburn, C P
Blackburn, W G
Blackburn, R G
Blackburn, R A McC
Blackburn, I H
Blackburn, W A
Blackden, V Q
Blackden, V Q
Blackensee, L M
Blacket, G C
Blackett, Jack
Blackett, H
Blackett, W S
Blackford, D A
Blackford, C L
Blackford, C L
Blackford, H W
Blackhall, R O
Blackham, T H
Blackham, P D
Blackhurst, S
Blackie, D
Blackie, W
Blacklaw, E
Blackley, A N
Blackley, A N
Blackley, E J
Blackley, R
Blacklock, T
Blacklock, H W
Blacklock, N P
Blackman, Henry Francis
Blackman, George Joseph
Blackman, E C
Blackman, D W
Blackman, H C D
Blackman, W P
Blackmore, G L
Blackmore, D G
Blackmore, Hubert Waddy
Blackmore, G R
Blackmore, W W
Blackmore, L J
Blackmore, J C
Blackmore, A H
Blackmore, S F O
Blackmore, S F O
Blackmore, D M
Blackshaw, G W
Blackshaw, H J
Blackshaw, A T
Blackstone, M E
Blackwell, Willam Donald
Blackwell, William Alfred
Blackwell, F S
Blackwell, H L
Blackwell, S J
Blackwell, L R
Blackwell, R A
Blackwell, R G
Blackwell, A E
Blackwell, R A
Blackwell, E K
Blackwell, L R
Blackwell-Smith, R
Blackwood, G D M
Blackwood, J B
Blackwood, J G
Blackwood, J L
Bladen, W E T
Blades, Ronald E
Blades, W H
Blades, J W
Blades, W
Bladowski, F S
Blagborne, C W
Blagden, A S
Blaha, J
Blaha, O D
Blaha, O D
Blaikie, I A
Blaikie, D V
Blain, N P
Blain, L M
Blain, D E
Blaior, N H
Blair, R A W
Blair, George Alexander
Blair, J F
Blair, R G
Blair, T C
Blair, R W
Blair, J L
Blair, J L
Blair, P L
Blair, E F G
Blair, J E
Blair, C E
Blair, R R
Blair, D
Blair, F C
Blair, I
Blair, E B
Blair, L
Blair, J
Blair, D
Blair, J G
Blais, J L A
Blaize, P M
Blajda, J
Blake, Albert William
Blake, F H
Blake, William Vincent 'Bill'
Blake, J M
Blake, R B
Blake, H R
Blake, E G
Blake, R J
Blake, D
Blake, W S
Blake, E A
Blake, A W
Blake, M V
Blake, J R
Blake, R A
Blake, A S
Blake, A G
Blake, W L
Blake, R S
Blake, M V
Blake, W H
Blake, Frederick John
Blake, L A E
Blake, E G
Blake, P J W
Blake, P R J
Blake, W P
Blake, W
Blake, P
Blake, W E
Blake, E C A
Blake, R E
Blake, W A
Blake, W A
Blake, J C H
Blake-Hales, G
Blakeley, F A M
Blakely, W J
Blakeman, J C
Blakeman, G
Blakeman, H S
Blakeman, A W
Blakeman, H S
Blakemore, Eric J
Blakeney, L F
Blakeway, R B
Blakey, H V
Blakey, R
Blakey, J
Blakey, J W
Blakey, J W S
Blakiston-Houston, B K
Blamey, R C
Blamires, R G
Blance, I E
Blanchard, A
Blanchard, S S
Blanchard, W L
Blanchard, J J
Blanchard, C F
Blanchard, R W B
Blanchard, R A O
Blanchard, J W
Blanchard, R
Blanchard, N
Blanchard, A
Blanchard, E
Blanchard, L S
Blanchett, P G
Blanchette, C E
Blanckensee, L M
Blanckensee, L M
Blanckley, G W
Bland, Eric
Bland, Joseph
Bland, L A
Bland, R W
Bland, E B
Bland, S
Bland, R A
Bland, E A
Bland, G R
Bland, D F
Bland, E A
Bland, J W
Bland, H V
Bland, P W
Blandford, S K
Blandford, J G
Blandford, J G
Blandford, G E
Blandon, Cyril George
Blane, J D
Blane, J H
Blane, T W
Blaney, L A
Blank, J F
Blanks, E H
Blaskey, P H
Blaskey, P H
Blasko, J A
Blassiaux, R
Blaszczak, K
Blatch, A F
Blatch, A R
Blatch, W E
Blatch, T P E
Blatchford, Glenn Hugh
Blatchford, L G
Blatchford, H P
Blatchford, B F
Blatchford, W
Blatchford, R C H
Blatchford, H P
Blatchley, R B
Blatherwick, G
Blaubaum, M B
Blaydes, Herbert
Blaydon, R W
Blaydon, R W
Blayney, Alfred Goodman Wells
Blaze, A H
Blazejewski, L
Blazejewski, J
Blazer, A H
Blazier, J K
Bleach, S R
Bleakley, C
Bleakley, A
Blease, John Thomas
Blee, C E
Bleich, J A
Bleier, George Ervin
Blencowe, Arthur Frank
Blencowe, Antony Orlando
Blencowe, J D
Blenkarn, A N
Blenkarn, R J
Blenkinsop, E W
Blenkinsop, M
Blerkom, F A
Blessing, W
Blew, D
Blewett, W C
Blewett, J D
Blewett, J D
Blewett, R T
Blewett, T D
Blewett, A
Blewett, H
Bley, A K
Blicharz, T
Bligh, Peter Ivo
Bligh, Peter Ivo
Bligh, W A
Bligh, Norman Nicholas
Bligh, W C
Blight, Ambrose Edward
Blight, W G
Blight, L E
Blignaut, J J
Blignaut, J J
Blincoe, K E
Blincoe, K H
Blinko, E
Bliss, O L
Bliss, J M
Bliss, H
Bliss, L E
Bliss, E J
Blizzard, W B
Bloch, W R
Bloch, H
Block, D
Block, S
Block, D I
Blockey, R C
Blockley, M W
Blockley, D E
Blogg, A C
Blok, S
Blom, W M
Blom, W M
Blomeley, E E
Blomely, D H
Blood, R G
Bloofield, A P
Bloom, Benjamin
Bloom, R B C
Bloomer, G T
Bloomer, J H
Bloomer, P
Bloomer, J E
Bloomfield, D L'A
Bloomfield, D B
Bloomfield, J A
Bloomfield, F H
Bloomfield, M G
Bloomfield, R
Bloomfield, A C
Bloomfield, H W
Bloomfield, G W
Bloomfield, E
Bloor, G E
Bloor, H
Bloor, E
Blore, E A
Blore, W E
Blot, G
Blott, D McG
Blott, W
Blount, B
Blow, A R
Blowfield, P H
Bloxham, W H
Bloxham, M V
Bloxham, J L
Bloxwich, James Henry
Bloy, A J
Bloy, N C F
Bloy, R F
Bloyce, W R
Bluck, N B
Blue, J H
Blue, D
Bluett, P F B
Bluett, P F B
Bluj, F A
Blumer, R A B
Blumer, R A B
Blundall, B S
Blundell, C F
Blundell, R
Blundell, T H
Blundell, J M
Blundell, H E
Blundell, Cecil L
Blundell, W J
Blundell, P
Blundell, L
Blundell, J J
Blundell-Hill, C J
Blunden, Arthur Thomas
Blunden, N R
Blunden, K O
Blunden, S G
Blunstone, F
Blunt, M J L
Blunt, E G
Blunt, C J H
Blurr, T M V
Blurton, P J
Blute, F J
Blute, J
Blyskal, Franciszek
Blyth, C J
Blyth, K K
Blyth, A M
Blyth, W
Blyth, C A
Blyth, J S
Blyth, G
Blyth, T S
Blyth, R
Blyth, J
Blyth, K D
Blyth, K
Blythe, D A
Blythe, B
Blythe, R C
Blythe, E E
Boad, A A
Boaden, F B
Boag, R J
Boag, L R
Boag, R J
Boag, J H
Boag, G
Boak, A S
Boakes, E J
Boal, H J
Boal, E W
Boam, A G
Boanson, J G S
Boanson, J G S
Boar, A J
Board, L E
Board, D M
Board, R W H
Board, H W
Board, K B
Boardley, H
Boardman, E J T
Boardman, L
Boardman, R
Boardman, R
Boardman, T K
Boardman, R C
Boardman, F
Boardman, H
Boardman, G M
Boardman, J B J
Boardman, E J
Boase, Peter Leonard
Boast, W E H
Boatswain, J A
Bobek, L
Bober, M
Bobson, R H
Bochaczek, A
Bocinfuso, A J
Bock, H L
Bock, E A
Bock, R N W
Bocking, R J
Bocking, A
Bockma, Jan
Bockus, A W
Bocock, A G
Bodden, K
Bodden, G
Boddington, Robert Anthony
Boddington, Peter?
Boddington, C W
Boddington, J P
Boddington, J T S
Boddington, E
Boddy, H B
Boddy, D
Boddy, W
Boddy, T I
Boddy, C W
Boddy, W
Bode, J W
Boden, S
Boden, G R
Bodey, L R
Bodger, H
Bodie, C A W
Bodker, C S
Bodkin, W F
Bodkin, F S
Bodley, W
Bodley, A J
Bodman, E H
Bodnar, B O
Bodsworth, J A W
Bodtker, C
Body, A. Robert
Body, G D
Body, J
Body, R W
Body, J H
Bodycot, G H
Bodycote, R S
Boe, B
Boehmer, G A
Boehmer, A E C
Boese, F A
Boese, F A
Boettcher, Arthur Harold
Boffey, G H
Boffey, R
Boffin, N
Bogard, J
Boge, A
Boggild, C C
Boggis, J W R
Bogle, C S
Bogle, V F
Bogle, E A
Bogue, J
Boguslawski, S M
Boguszewski, B
Bohn, Arthur Reginald
Bohrac, M
Bohuszewicz, W
Boileua, J P R
Boily, J E O J
Boire, J D
Boissevain, H G
Boisvert, J L R A
Boisvert, E H
Boitel-Gill, B P A
Boivin, L C W
Bojakowski, T
Bokros, J
Bolam, W H
Boland, J A
Boland, John Robert
Boland, J
Boland, D E J
Boland, T
Boland, A E
Bolcewicz, H
Boldero, R H
Bolderson, J
Bolderston, G T
Bolderstone, Peter Frederick
Boldy, D A
Bole, James
Boles, W H
Boles, W R K
Boles, F
Boles, G R
Bolfik, R
Bolger, C K
Bolger, H B
Bolger, T J
Bolger, T J
Bolin, L A
Bolinbroke, D
Bolitho, R
Bolke, L C
Bolland, G E
Bolland, R C
Bolsover, A R
Bolstad, K D H
Bolster, C L
Bolster, R V C
Bolsworth, B
Bolt, B
Bolt, W F D
Bolt, R
Bolt, E W
Bolt, N
Bolt, W T
Bolt, R J
Bolt, L A
Bolter, A J
Bolter, T F
Bolton, R J
Bolton, D C
Bolton, L D A
Bolton, W K
Bolton, A
Bolton, E
Bolton, J H
Bolton, J
Bolton, F
Bolton, W F
Bolton, J A
Bolton, J A
Bolton, G F
Bolton, J S
Bolton, J H
Bolton, N
Bolton, S D
Bolton, T O
Bolton, I D
Bolton, D
Bolton, H J
Bolton, L D A
Bolton, T E
Bolton, K S
Bolton, L W
Bolton, W
Bolton, G
Bolton, H A
Bolton, F
Bolus, A H
Bomby, J
Bomford, C P
Bon Seigneur, C R
Bonakis, B D
Bonar, W S P
Bonar, C N
Bonard, I N
Bonathan, R
Bonchard, H O
Boncher, E G
Bonckoski, D
Bond, J K
Bond, John Norman
Bond, A C
Bond, J C
Bond, J C
Bond, Harold
Bond, W F
Bond, T R
Bond, A T
Bond, A H G
Bond, R S
Bond, I H
Bond, D H G
Bond, P
Bond, L F
Bond, J C A
Bond, P
Bond, P
Bond, C J
Bond, W G
Bond, G P R
Bond, R J
Bond, F C
Bond, A D
Bond, A L
Bond, E G M
Bond, E H
Bond, J W
Bond, J G H
Bond, R
Bond, L J
Bond, G
Bond, D W
Bond, H W
Bond, R A
Bond, A W
Bond, S G
Bond, S G
Bond, F J
Bond, G A A
Bond, K F P
Bond, B J
Bond, T J
Bond, G W
Bondar, J
Bondar, J
Bonderczuk, A
Bondett, H J
Bone, E
Bone, A
Bone, F C
Bone, H G
Bone, J
Bone, L A
Bone, F
Bone, A V
Bone, E D
Bone, G
Bone, W A
Bone, J H
Bone, E J
Bonell, W S
Bonenfant, J O R
Bones, F L
Boness, H P
Boness, L P
Bonest, H E
Bonet, J C
Bonet, J C
Bonett, J P A
Bonfield, J J D
Bongard, E N E
Bonham, G L
Bonikowsky, A
Bonisch, L L
Bonjean, L T
Bonk, L
Bonkowski, R
Bonnar, K W
Bonner, Alfred James
Bonner, Albert Carey
Bonner, Kenneth Harding
Bonner, G H
Bonner, G F C
Bonner, H F C
Bonner, S
Bonner, C A
Bonnet, F
Bonnett, L D
Bonnett, W
Bonnett, AC
Bonnett, D D
Bonnett, H J
Bonnett, H
Bonneville, J R
Bonnewit, Jacques
Bonney, H V D
Bonney, E J
Bonser, A K
Bonser, F
Bonson, R
Bonson, J E
Bonstead, S
Bonter, Kenneth Charles
Bonter, I W
Bonter, S M
Boobyer, W R R
Boocock, W
Boocock , John Hargrave
Booker, Sidney James
Booker, S A
Booker, J O
Booker, F L
Booker, R S R
Booker, B S
Booker, W R
Booker, D R
Booker, D
Booker, D
Booker, A J
Bookhout, E W
Bools, C R K
Bools, M
Bools, J S
Boomer, K A
Boon, A E
Boon, J
Boon, J
Boon, R J A
Boon, P C
Boon, W L
Boone, C J W
Boone, R H
Boord, T K
Boorman, E M
Boorman, R J
Boos, R E
Boosey, R H
Boosma, A T
Boot, W C
Booth, J M
Booth, B N
Booth, Ernest
Booth, Ronald
Booth, Leonard
Booth, J R
Booth, G V
Booth, D G
Booth, W A
Booth, George Arnold
Booth, R E
Booth, A W
Booth, J C
Booth, P W
Booth, S K
Booth, F
Booth, F R
Booth, G
Booth, N
Booth, N
Booth, A F C
Booth, G F
Booth, J D
Booth, F W
Booth, M A
Booth, T B
Booth, A
Booth, E F W
Booth, N G R
Booth, R
Booth, A S
Booth, R
Booth, C W K
Booth, E O
Booth, H
Booth, L A
Booth, J H
Booth, F J
Booth, N R
Booth, E W
Booth, F
Booth, G
Booth, L
Booth, R A
Booth, H A
Booth, M W
Booth, N
Booth, R A
Booth, S D
Booth, A E
Booth, H W
Booth, S T
Booth, D
Booth, E
Booth, E
Booth, D A
Booth, P W
Booth, J W
Booth, G S
Booth, A B E
Booth, F O
Booth, H
Booth, E V
Booth, J
Booth, S J
Booth, G E
Booth, F E
Booth, C
Booth, R
Booth, W
Booth, D F
Booth, D F
Booth, G B
Booth, C
Booth, C W R
Booth, J
Booth-Smith, P W
Bootham, R A
Boothby, C D
Boothby, A
Boothman, A
Boothman, B
Boothroyd, S
Boothroyd, J K
Boots, R P
Boots, A
Bootsma, D H
Booty, C H
Booty, E D
Booty, C A
Booy, F H
Boques, K
Boram, B T
Boratynski, K
Borchardt, H H
Bordelais, R V E
Border, W
Bordier, M J
Bordiss, R J
Bordycott, K W
Bore, S R
Bore, H F
Borecki, B
Boreham, E R
Boreham, L F G
Boreham, L F W
Boreham, C J
Boreham, P F
Boreham, G B
Boreham, E H
Borham, G H
Borkofsky, E
Borkowski, H
Borland, A G
Borland, A R A
Borland, J
Borland, N V
Borley, Ian Edward Maitland
Borley, John Henry
Borley, L H J
Borne, R
Borodej, M
Boroski, F
Borossi, P
Borowicz, L
Borowski, Jan
Borowski, K
Borradaile, G C
Borrett, Arnold Harvey
Borrett, Frederick Britain
Borrett, Frederick Britain
Borrett, W F
Borrett, G
Borrodale, G C
Borrow, H E
Borrowes, R D
Borrows, N
Borsberry, E T
Borsberry, E R
Borsht, C
Borst, F C
Borthwick, W
Borthwick, D
Borthwick, R
Borthwick, G W S
Bortolussi, A
Borton, Eric Edward
Borton, J A
Borzecki, S
Borzemski, C
Bosley, R A
Bossick, H
Bostle, P
Bostock, D
Bostock, J T
Bostock, L F
Bostock, R
Bostock, W C
Boston, D J
Boston, B J
Boston, J N
Boston, R G
Bostwick, S E
Boswell, J McL
Boswell, G T
Boswell, A
Boswell, R McB
Boswell, G W
Boswell, D H
Boswell, R G
Boswell, F J
Boswell, H G
Boswell, A
Boswell-Kitching, J L
Bosworth, Sidney
Bosworth, R A J
Bothwell, A E
Bothwell, J R
Botkin, R T
Botsford, R L
Botsford, K C J
Bott, N K
Bott, E C
Bott, S F B
Bott, R J
Bott, R L
Bott, J W
Bott, W J
Bott, J W
Botten, A
Botterill, Harry
Botterill, H W
Botterill, W H
Botterill, J
Botting, Ronald Douglas
Botting, Eric Piggott
Botting, J C
Botting, F M
Botting, N A
Botting, H E
Bottomley, Eric Burton
Bottomley, H F
Bottomley, C H
Bottomley, H
Bottomley, G F
Bottomley, G
Bottomley, H
Bottomley, G L
Bottomley, J E
Bottomley, D E
Bottomley, J W
Bottrell, W J
Bottrill, K H
Bouch, Albert
Bouchard, J E Y
Boucher, G J
Boucher, N A
Boucher, R J L
Boucher, G E
Boucher, E G
Boucher, W R
Boucher, R
Boucher, R
Boucher, R
Bouck, G W
Boucock, K G
Boudier, M
Boudreau, L J H
Boudreau, L J H
Boudreau, G V
Boudreault, J R A
Boudry, E
Bouffler, K A
Boughton, W T W
Boughton, C
Boughtwood, Alan Gilbert
Bougin, J M C
Bould, G
Boulding, H
Boulding, R J E
Boulger, K
Boullier, S T
Boulter, F C
Boulter, H E
Boulter, H E
Boulter, J L
Boulter, P F
Boulton, J E
Boulton, Sidney
Boulton, George
Boulton, R G T
Boulton, C A
Boulton, A E
Boulton, R A
Boulton, G
Boulton, A
Boulton, Stanley H
Boulton, F H
Boulton, J A
Boulton, R H
Boulton, A W T
Boulton, F W
Boulton, J H
Boultslier, E P
Boumphrey, E H
Bound, E G
Bounds, E G
Bounds, W C K
Boundy, W H
Boundy, J T
Boundy, W H
Bouquillard, H J
Bourassa, P E
Bourchier, B J
Bourcier, J H I F
Bourdat, W L
Bourdeau, H F
Bourderotte, R
Bourdon, G R
Bourelly, L
Bourgeau, J R F
Bourgeault, J A
Bourgeois, L A
Bourges, Y
Bourgue, T P
Bourke, T H
Bourke, P J
Bourke, W
Bourke, W S
Bourke, J M F
Bourke, J H
Bourke, C W
Bourne, Alistair Hugh Richmond
Bourne, George Victor
Bourne, R H S
Bourne, K R
Bourne, R
Bourne, N
Bourne, P R
Bourne, J N
Bourne, D A
Bourne, C
Bourne, L B
Bourne, H J
Bourne, R S
Bourne, D B
Bourner, G G E
Bournier, D L
Bourreau, G
Bourton, E
Bousfield, George Raymond
Bousfield, J H
Bousfield, E R
Bousfield, J M
Bousfield, D
Bousher, F L
Bouskill, R R
Bouskill, R R
Bousquet, E C
Boussa, A L T J
Boussy, E
Boutcher, W E
Boute, F E L
Boutell, R L
Boutilier, E H
Boutiller, E
Boutillier, A M
Boutle, J
Boutle, D A
Boutle, C N
Bouttell, R H D
Bouttell, R L
Bouvier, J M L
Bouzek, J W
Bovaconti, M J
Bovairs, W Le R
Bovard, E W
Bovee, L M
Bovett, George W
Bovill, J M
Bovington, L W
Bovington, L W
Bovis, D C
Bow, H H
Bow, L P
Bow, J
Bowack, N H
Bowater, A H
Bowcock, F H
Bowden, George Vernon
Bowden, Stanley Jarvis
Bowden, D I
Bowden, W H
Bowden, E E
Bowden, V I
Bowden, W K H
Bowden, W W
Bowden, D R
Bowden, D J
Bowden, P L
Bowden, J
Bowden, W H
Bowden, F H
Bowden, I C R
Bowden, S
Bowden, F S
Bowden, R S
Bowden, T
Bowden, I F
Bowden, H
Bowden, G
Bowden, W E
Bowden, R J
Bowditch, John Alexander
Bowditch, P
Bowditch, B R
Bowdon, L D
Bowell, P J
Bowen, J
Bowen, Donald Joseph
Bowen, Charles Ronald
Bowen, Jack
Bowen, William Gerwyn
Bowen, L M
Bowen, R H
Bowen, M G
Bowen, T H
Bowen, A R
Bowen, W D
Bowen, D B
Bowen, R J
Bowen, P D
Bowen, B V
Bowen, N G
Bowen, J A
Bowen, J T
Bowen, R D
Bowen, H J
Bowen, P H
Bowen, A G
Bowen, F E
Bowen, C E
Bowen, C E
Bowen, H E
Bowen, E S
Bowen, J B
Bowen-Chennell, P
Bowen-Morris, B V (V B?)
Bowen-Morris, H
Bower, F G
Bower, A A
Bower, G W
Bower, P
Bower, K O
Bower, E W
Bower, W H
Bower, G E
Bower, T C
Bower, D
Bowering, J E R
Bowering, N E
Bowerman, K I
Bowerman, D R C
Bowerman, R V T
Bowers, W H
Bowers, J W
Bowers, R H
Bowers, C S
Bowers, R S
Bowers, H
Bowers, W
Bowers, A
Bowers, N
Bowers, E G W
Bowers, J A B
Bowes, L E
Bowes, K
Bowes, L
Bowes, L W
Bowes, D S M
Bowes, M R
Bowes, K
Bowes, A J L
Bowes, C A
Bowes, J
Bowes, A E
Bowes, J W
Bowes-Cavanagh, B D
Bowey, W
Bowhill, W J
Bowie, V T
Bowker, N C
Bowker, H W
Bowker, H W
Bowker, T L
Bowker, C
Bowker, D C
Bowker, A P
Bowker, F
Bowker, R A
Bowkett, R H G
Bowlby, A T
Bowlby, T L
Bowler, F E
Bowler, R P
Bowler, J A
Bowler, R W
Bowler, F A
Bowler, R E
Bowler, J A
Bowler, J A
Bowles, Arthur James
Bowles, Frederick James
Bowles, H
Bowles, J B
Bowles, G S
Bowles, C
Bowles, C
Bowles, F J
Bowles, T W
Bowles, T W
Bowles, R A
Bowles, H R
Bowles, H D
Bowles, T P
Bowley, K W
Bowley, I
Bowley, K
Bowling, C B
Bowling, T J
Bowling, J
Bowling, H
Bowman, N J
Bowman, N E
Bowman, A E
Bowman, L D
Bowman, A M
Bowman, P V
Bowman, J F
Bowman, N
Bowman, J
Bowman, J
Bowman, F
Bowman, R A
Bowman, H C F
Bowman, E A
Bowman, G W
Bowman, J H
Bown, L W
Bown, D R
Bown, L G
Bown, G M
Bown, T
Bown, G
Bowring, C M
Bowring, E
Bowring, R A H
Bowring, R A H
Bowring, N H
Bowring, B
Bows, R
Bowsher, N F
Bowskill, T
Bowtell, J H R
Bowthorpe, D W
Bowyer, Raymond Marshall
Bowyer, J F
Bowyer, R
Bowyer, N H
Bowyer, S T K
Bowyer, C C J
Bowyer, R L G
Bowyer, W
Bowyer, D L
Bowyer, W G
Box, George Walter
Box, Frederick Ernest Arthur
Box, J A
Box, D G
Box, A J
Box, W H
Box, L B
Box, D C
Boxall, G R
Boxall, J
Boxall, C F
Boxall, J R
Boxall, G L
Boxall, C H G
Boxall, G E
Boxell, R H
Boxsell, W K
Boxshall, S G J
Boy, R
Boyall, J F R
Boyce, W G
Boyce, J R
Boyce, J W
Boyce, C D
Boyce, W J
Boyce, R R
Boyce, E B
Boyce, T W
Boyce, K A
Boyce, P G
Boyce, W J
Boyce, R J
Boyce, J S
Boyce, D B
Boyce, D G N
Boyce, D G N
Boyce, J I
Boyd, Robert Douglas
Boyd, F L
Boyd, R H
Boyd, J O
Boyd, R T R
Boyd, N C
Boyd, Thomas
Boyd, Thomas
Boyd, F R
Boyd, H R
Boyd, Allan Bernard
Boyd, C A
Boyd, J L
Boyd, B A
Boyd, Donald McMillan
Boyd, J M
Boyd, R G
Boyd, W J V
Boyd, J C
Boyd, G J P
Boyd, F
Boyd, J
Boyd, F
Boyd, J T
Boyd, R
Boyd, D L
Boyd, R J
Boyd, W J S
Boyd, P D
Boyd, T
Boyd, J
Boyd, W A
Boyd, R V
Boyd, J
Boyd, G K
Boyd, R
Boyd, R
Boyd, G P
Boyd, J
Boyd, A B
Boyd, C R
Boyd, A G
Boyde, R
Boydell, J C B
Boydell, A
Boydell, R A
Boydell, E
Boydell, R
Boyden, D A G
Boydon, Ronald Arthur Blake
Boyer, G D
Boyer, M W
Boyer, J P A
Boyer, D L
Boyers, C W
Boyes, Joseph Edward
Boyes, James Riby
Boyes, H T
Boyes, L C
Boyes, W H
Boyes, J A
Boyes, R L
Boyes, H
Boylan, Michael Joseph
Boylan, M
Boylan, T H
Boyle, Brian Phillip
Boyle, J J
Boyle, J
Boyle, William Donald
Boyle, John
Boyle, E E
Boyle, H V
Boyle, J A
Boyle, A N
Boyle, B F
Boyle, C P
Boyle, M H
Boyle, E F
Boyle, M J
Boyle, T C
Boyle, M
Boyle, N C
Boyle, B J
Boyle, A H
Boyle, F P
Boyle, J G
Boyle, P N
Boyle, M I
Boyle, A D
Boyle, S
Boyle, R C
Boylson, W W
Boylson, W W
Boyne, A J
Boynton, T S
Boynton, T W
Boyson, G A T
Boyter, P V
Boyton, H J
Boyton, S C
Bozeat, J E
Bozek, W
Bozer, D M
Bozier, R T
Bozier, L H
Bozier, G A
Braathen, H
Brabant, N K
Brabbins, E S
Brace, A A
Brace, N E
Brace, A C
Brace, J W
Brace, R H J
Bracegirdle, J
Bracegirdle, J C
Bracegridle, J C
Bracewell, J H
Bracey, K G
Brachet, R
Brachi, Basil John
Bracken, W H
Bracken, W D
Bracken, E
Brackenbury, S B K
Brackenridge, D M
Brackley, M B
Brackley, R A
Brad, H A
Bradbeer, H S
Bradbrook, L H
Bradburn, C M
Bradburn, J L
Bradburn, G
Bradburn, J
Bradburn, J H
Bradbury, K R
Bradbury, J
Bradbury, R F
Bradbury, H
Bradbury, R S
Bradbury, H W
Bradbury, L E
Bradbury, L E
Bradbury, E D (Robert?)
Bradbury, C S
Bradbury, D A
Bradbury, M
Bradbury, R
Bradbury, R
Bradd, D G
Braddock, B
Braddock, E F
Braddock, W E
Braden, D
Bradey, J C
Bradey, George Edward Francis
Bradfield, L F
Bradford, M A E
Bradford, J McK
Bradford, E A J
Bradford, W R
Bradford, J G
Bradford, J
Bradford, R L
Bradford, N W
Bradford, F H
Bradford, C S
Bradford, D
Bradford, T W
Bradford, J D
Bradhurst, J C
Brading, R J
Bradley, T W
Bradley, A R
Bradley, Joseph D
Bradley, C R
Bradley, G C
Bradley, J E
Bradley, J R
Bradley, R G
Bradley, A C
Bradley, E
Bradley, R J
Bradley, K W
Bradley, F
Bradley, N W
Bradley, A G
Bradley, R I
Bradley, F W
Bradley, R
Bradley, J W
Bradley, D R
Bradley, A H
Bradley, A H
Bradley, A H
Bradley, D G
Bradley, H W
Bradley, J C
Bradley, W F
Bradley, S
Bradley, W L
Bradley, A
Bradley, E
Bradley, G E
Bradley, H
Bradley, J W
Bradley, J W
Bradley, J
Bradley, R M
Bradley, I H
Bradley, E G
Bradley, A A
Bradley, N J
Bradley, D R
Bradley, J S
Bradley, R C
Bradley, H
Bradley, G B
Bradley, A A
Bradley, S C
Bradley, G R
Bradley, H
Bradley, T P A
Bradley, V T
Bradley, V H
Bradley, D
Bradley, A G T
Bradley, E
Bradley, R G
Bradnury, W E
Bradshaw, George William
Bradshaw, John Olav
Bradshaw, D C E
Bradshaw, J
Bradshaw, R L
Bradshaw, S V
Bradshaw, A J
Bradshaw, R R
Bradshaw, R E
Bradshaw, E W
Bradshaw, H E
Bradshaw, N
Bradshaw, D C
Bradshaw, J R
Bradshaw, A
Bradshaw, J C
Bradshaw, A L
Bradshaw, J R
Bradshaw, E A
Bradshaw, R
Bradshaw, E
Bradshaw, J
Bradshaw, S E
Bradshaw, G H
Bradshaw, J O
Bradshaw, E
Bradshaw, G C A
Bradshaw, C A
Bradwell, C
Brady, J
Brady, F P J
Brady, A J
Brady, John Bernard
Brady, J W
Brady, Patrick John
Brady, F J D
Brady, A T
Brady, C J
Brady, Joseph Gordon
Brady, M
Brady, M
Brady, A S
Brady, N S
Brady, G
Brady, C T T
Brady, D T
Brady, H G
Brady, T G
Brady, T S
Brady, N S
Brager, K L
Brager, K L
Bragg, J P
Bragg, S A
Bragg, W S
Bragg, C G
Bragg, A L
Bragg, R V
Bragg, D A
Bragg, R E
Braham, J R D
Braham, J R D
Brahams, D F
Braid, A A
Braid, R W
Braid, G M
Brailey, C R
Brailsford, R
Brain, G
Brain, E A
Brain, William Walter D arcy
Brain, Ronald Ernest
Brain, D I
Brain, P C J
Brain, C J A C
Brain, J
Braine, A W
Braine, A R
Braines, M R
Braithwaite, J S
Braithwaite, F A
Braithwaite, J E
Braithwaite, C
Braithwaite, W
Braithwaite, C R
Braithwaite, H
Braithwaite, J G N
Brakes, B E
Brakes, B E
Braley, Raymond Sydney
Bramah, H G K
Bramall, Joseph Dennis
Bramall, F
Bramble, A J
Bramble, J A
Bramble, K W
Brambleby, James Edwin
Brames, R
Bramfitt, G L
Bramhall, Ronald
Bramhall, J V
Bramham, C O
Bramham, H
Bramley, T C
Bramley, R A
Bramley, G W
Bramley, E M
Bramley, F P
Bramley, F P
Bramley, R
Brammall, J A
Brams, G C
Bramwell, C A
Bramwell, W
Branch, Guy Rawstron
Branch, H J
Branch, G R
Branch, C R
Branch, A C
Branchflower, R W
Brancker, H P
Brand, N
Brand, L W
Brand, P H
Brand, R N
Brand, A
Brand, R C H
Brand, A C
Brand, G
Brand, D
Brand, W
Brander, H S
Brander, A P
Brander, H D
Brandish, R S
Brandon, T S
Brandon, T W
Brandon, A A
Brandon, A G
Brandon, F D
Brandon-Trye, Philip
Brandow, W L
Brandrick, D M
Brandt, A L
Brandt, J
Brandwood, F B
Branford, J
Braniff, M S
Branigan, W E
Branigan, A
Branmer, D A
Brannagan, T A
Brannigan, S G
Brannigan, A
Brannigan, A
Brannon, W A F
Brans, S
Bransby, J
Bransby, S B
Branscombe, J V
Bransgrove, W E
Bransgrove, A E
Branson, K G
Branson, Geoffrey Victor
Branson, J P L
Branston, L F
Branszted, J
Brant, Harry
Brant, J W
Brant, K
Brant, K
Brant, R R
Branton, J R
Branton, H J
Brash, G B
Brash, R H
Brasher, E K F
Brasington, G C
Brasnett, R G
Brass, J G
Brassard, P A
Brassel, T J
Brassey, G A
Brathwaite, Robert George Ashley
Brathwaite , Robert George Ashley
Bratkowski, M
Bratley, H W
Bratley, P H
Bratt, E C
Bratt, D S
Bratton, H
Braun, M R
Braund, M P
Braund, J P
Braur, H C
Brawley, P F
Brawn, R A
Brawn, H
Brawn, L T
Brawn, L T
Brawn, L T
Bray, J T
Bray, R S
Bray, C L
Bray, E C
Bray, W
Bray, J
Bray, C H
Bray, D
Bray, A R
Bray, F J
Bray, E R
Bray, K
Bray, W R
Bray, W R
Bray, J
Bray, L R
Bray, D G
Bray, L C
Bray, G E
Bray, K
Bray, E R
Bray, R T
Bray, W T
Braybrook, B S
Braybrook, F A
Braybrook, F A
Braybrook, S
Braybrooke, Fulke Henry Arthur
Braybrooke, F V
Braye, I W
Brayford, L W
Brayler, W E J
Brayley, E
Brayne, F C
Brayne, K
Brayne, R P
Brayshaw, C E
Brayshaw, C E
Brayshaw, J D
Brazda, P
Brazeau, J P R F
Brazier, William Joseph
Brazier, P V
Brazier, A J
Brazier, S V
Brazier, E W B
Brazil, J L
Brazill, W
Breach, R G A
Breaden, Geoffrey Malcolm Drysdale
Breaker, J
Breakey, A
Breaks, R
Breakwell, G
Breakwell, R
Bream, E J
Brear, James
Brear, B
Breard, R
Breare, John Barrie
Brearley, E
Brearley, E W
Brearley, R
Breault, A J
Brechin, J M
Breck, A N
Breckell, R H
Breckell, W L
Breckon, G F
Breckon, J
Bredin, J C
Bredin, M W
Breed, M R
Breed, D E
Breedon, S H D
Breedon, G
Breedon, G N
Breen, F J
Breen, W J
Breen, J G
Breen, R F
Breene, P J
Breene, P J
Brees, A
Breese, J C
Breet, R O C
Breeze, H A A
Breeze, J T
Breeze, L B
Bregman, J J
Breir, H P
Breithaupt, W W
Breivis, J
Brejcha, V
Brelsford, H
Bremner, Eric
Bremner, John
Bremner, J D
Bremner, I M
Bremner, A
Bremner, A F
Bremner, W S
Bren, Robin H.D.
Brenard, W A
Brenchley, G H
Brener, H
Brennan, A B
Brennan, C
Brennan, Kevin Barry
Brennan, Christopher Charles
Brennan, J R
Brennan, H J P
Brennan, A C
Brennan, H J
Brennan, E K
Brennan, L W
Brennan, W T
Brennan, L J
Brennan, J
Brennan, C
Brennan, J B
Brennan, P
Brennan, J B
Brennan, T
Brennan, J F
Brennan, M
Brennen, D
Brent, J L
Brent, J W
Brent, J W L G
Brentnall, Kenneth Thomas
Brenton, Kenneth Stickney
Brenton, L A
Brereton, R Le Gay
Brereton, T F S
Brereton, A S
Breslin, Daniel
Bresslof, B
Bresson, J
Brest, Clarence Samuel
Bretherton, F J
Bretscher, E M
Brett, P B
Brett, B G
Brett, David
Brett, H B
Brett, T E
Brett, R H
Brett, D T
Brett, D W
Brett, J
Brett, C M A B
Brett, A F
Brett, M K
Brett, P W
Brett, A L
Brett, J E L
Brett, R W
Brett, J A
Brett, J A
Brett, B T
Brett, B T
Brett, A C
Brett, J
Brett, J
Brettel, E G
Brettell, A
Brettell, G E
Brettle, L R
Brevitt, R W
Brewer, Robert Henry
Brewer, John Harrison
Brewer, David John
Brewer, Thomas James Brewer
Brewer, D L
Brewer, E C
Brewer, M J
Brewer, H R
Brewer, E C
Brewer, R L
Brewer, A
Brewer, A
Brewer, S C
Brewer, P C
Brewer, H C J
Brewer, J
Brewer, J
Brewer, C
Brewer, W H H
Brewin, R T
Brewington, Robert A
Brewis, V G
Brewis, V G
Brewster, J W
Brewster, W E
Brewster, A J
Brewster, C M
Brewster, J E
Breyner, S
Brezina, F G
Brezinski, J
Brian, E J
Brian, R F
Brian, W L F
Briant, A C
Briant, E A R
Briant, V G E
Briant, N J
Brice, V L
Brice, P T S
Brice, A
Brice, A R
Brice, K O
Brice, E W A
Brichta, P S D
Brick, G
Brick, E D
Brickell, H
Brickenden, A W
Brickley, T S
Brickman, F J
Brickwood, G C
Brickwood, W D
Brickwood, D
Bridden, W
Bridekirk, J H
Briden, M F
Bridewell, Maurice Edward
Bridewell, T A
Bridewell, T A E
Bridge, E A
Bridge, R C
Bridge, E
Bridge, S H
Bridge, J
Bridge, B D
Bridge, B S
Bridgeman, W G
Bridgeman, P J
Bridgeman, T B
Bridgeman, R D
Bridgen, J
Bridger, C J
Bridger, J C
Bridger, F N
Bridger, L M
Bridges, R K
Bridges, D M
Bridges, S
Bridges, M C
Bridgewater, C B
Bridgman, E F
Bridgman, W F
Bridgman, A M
Bridgman, F H
Bridgman, S B
Bridgman, A O
Bridle, W
Bridson, H
Briegel, J S
Brien, H H
Brierley, Thomas Barry
Brierley, K
Brierley, J R
Brierley, D
Brierley, F
Briers, J W
Briers, J M
Briers, G R
Briffett, G W
Briffett, S J
Brigaland, R
Brigden, C M
Brigden, D A
Brigden, J C
Brigden, R O
Briggs, James
Briggs, Alfred Neil
Briggs, T S
Briggs, W E
Briggs, H H
Briggs, F
Briggs, S
Briggs, E T
Briggs, H R
Briggs, A G
Briggs, J H
Briggs, G H J
Briggs, D A
Briggs, H A
Briggs, T W
Briggs, A G
Briggs, E S
Briggs, A
Briggs, J
Briggs, J L
Briggs-Jude, R W
Brighouse, M S
Brighouse, E C
Bright, K M
Bright, A L
Bright, Stanley
Bright, W H
Bright, J A
Bright, K E
Bright, D S
Bright, R F J
Bright, T J
Bright, F C
Bright, J B
Bright, L R
Bright, J A
Brightmore, P
Brighton, W J
Brignell, Dennis Horace Albert
Brignell, C
Brill, J K
Brill, D J
Brillard, R
Brillinger, D S
Brimble, J J
Brimble, W S
Brimelow, R
Brimfield, D G
Brimicombe, V E
Brimicombe, R A J
Brind, J R
Brind, T
Brindle, E
Brindle, J A
Brindley, R W
Brindley, R W
Brindley, William Norman
Brindley, A
Brindley, K L
Brindley, A H
Brine, L R
Brine, Frederick Reginald
Brine, J E
Brining, J
Brinkhurst, John Derrick
Brinkhurst, D
Brinkworth, R G
Brinn, W G
Brinsden, F N
Brinsden, F N
Brinton, Eric Alfred
Brinton, R H
Brisbane, W C
Brisbane, N J
Brisco, F L
Brisco, R H
Briscoe, James Walter
Briscoe, James Walter
Briscoe, I M
Brisdoux Galloni d'Instria, P
Brisson, J P G
Brister, John Archibald
Brister, C W
Bristow, T J
Bristow, W F
Bristow, R G
Bristow, A J
Bristow, A N
Bristow, A G
Bristow, A E
Bristow, L J D
Bristow, D E
Bristow, D A
Bristow, A E
Bristow, J F H
Britchford, A T
Britland, G D
Britnor, Stanley
Britt, J L
Brittain, B W
Brittain, George
Brittain, P H
Brittain, W B
Brittain, A
Brittain, F C
Brittain, W S
Brittain, A
Brittain, J G
Brittain, H G
Brittain, E J
Brittain, J C
Brittan, D W
Britten, A G
Britten, C A
Brittingham, R A
Brittle, G H
Britton, C W A
Britton, H
Britton, M H
Britton, R V
Britton, J J
Britton, E I
Britton, A J
Britton, F J
Britts, A J
Briza, Vitezslav
Broad, E G
Broad, R C
Broad, Frederick Heath
Broad, J C S
Broad, S P
Broad, R F
Broad, H D
Broad, H P
Broad, H P
Broad, L H
Broad, J T
Broad, C
Broadbank, R A
Broadbent, R C
Broadbent, E
Broadbent, A S
Broadbent, R E
Broadbent, H
Broadbent, H C F
Broadbent, C W
Broadbent, L
Broadbent, A B
Broadbent, J F
Broadbent, A R
Broadbent, G W
Broadbridge, R F
Broadfield, W E
Broadfoot, J G
Broadfoot, D F
Broadfoot, R R
Broadfoot, C McN
Broadhead, Donald
Broadhead, B H
Broadhead, D
Broadhead, H M R
Broadhead, E
Broadhurst, J
Broadhurst, K
Broadhurst, J W
Broadhurst, S
Broadhurst, R B
Broadhurst, H
Broadie, I J D
Broadland, E
Broadley, John Duncan
Broadley, J
Broadley, J A
Broadley, R
Broadley, J W R
Broadmore, A G
Broadmore, W H
Broadribb, P F
Broady, R H J
Brochu, V A G
Brochu, V A G
Brochue, J P B
Brock, W
Brock, H
Brock, T W
Brock, J A
Brock, R G D
Brockbank, S
Brocket, J C
Brockett, W D
Brockett, L R
Brockhurst, E D T
Brocking, George Thomas
Brocklehurst, E E
Brocklehurst, N
Brocklehurst, T
Brockley, D C
Brockway, George William
Brockway, R C
Brockway, A J
Broda, J M
Brodby, J R
Broddle, A
Broddle, A
Broddy, J M
Broden, M H
Broderick, L J M
Broderick, K J
Broderick, J
Broderick, W
Broderick, W
Brodie, I G
Brodie, H R
Brodie, W A
Brodie, R J
Brodie, W
Brodie, J D
Brodie, J
Brodie, W C
Brodie, H F
Brodie, H F
Brodie, A
Brodie, A E
Brodie, P G
Brodie, B H
Brodie, W J T
Brodie, I J D
Brodie, A M
Brodribb, A F B
Brodrick, W E
Brodrick, L C J
Broemeling, A J
Brogan, J A
Brogan, M A
Brogan, M A
Brogan, M A
Brogan, P G
Brogden, F W
Broham, J W T
Broley, D
Broll, J
Bromby, A
Bromfield, J J
Bromham, C G
Bromiley, J
Bromiley, J L
Bromley, R E
Bromley, R A
Bromley, T L
Bromley, N B R
Bromley, J S M
Bromley, J S M
Bromley, J A
Bromley, A S
Bromley, H H J
Bromley, R
Bromwich, A T C
Bromwich, A C
Brondgeest, L J
Bronicki, M
Bronsky, H
Bronson, H E
Bronson, C R
Brook, P M
Brook, K R
Brook, R E
Brook, R
Brook, Thomas Geoffrey
Brook, George Elliot
Brook, Derek Augustine
Brook, Robert
Brook, C C
Brook, A C
Brook, R G
Brook, D
Brook, D H
Brook, K A
Brook, J E
Brook, C E
Brook, G H
Brook, H J
Brook, F V
Brook, H W
Brook, S
Brook, F G
Brook, K R
Brook, H C G
Brook, W J
Brook, J H
Brook, J R
Brook, N
Brook, H C G
Brooke, K S
Brooke, W R
Brooke, D
Brooke, H
Brooke, F H
Brooke, P O
Brooke, B
Brooke, P R S
Brooke-Norris, S W
Brooke-Taylor, K
Brooker, G R
Brooker, Sydney George
Brooker, R
Brooker, K A
Brooker, R E P
Brooker, R E P
Brooker, M D
Brooker, B C
Brooker, J R
Brooker, F J
Brooker, P L
Brooker, R E
Brooker, R E P
Brooker, R E P
Brooker, A A
Brooker, A A
Brooker, D F
Brooker, R N B
Brooker, G B
Brooker, B C
Brookershire, H C
Brookes, R
Brookes, C A
Brookes, D W
Brookes, W J
Brookes, J
Brookes, J C
Brookes, J A
Brookes, E W
Brookes, C H
Brookes, L S
Brookes, F
Brookes, J R
Brookes, E C
Brookes, E
Brookes, R
Brookes, E
Brookes, E
Brookes, A E
Brookes, A E
Brookes, E A
Brookes, M J H
Brookes, W
Brookfield, T S
Brookfield, T S
Brookfield, H
Brookfield, H
Brookhouse, J N
Brooking, A R
Brookman, R C
Brookman, L P
Brookman, H J E
Brooks, H G
Brooks, J L
Brooks, C C
Brooks, Wilfred Stanley
Brooks, Alexander Thomas
Brooks, Herbert Gordon
Brooks, John Stanley
Brooks, W H
Brooks, C E
Brooks, Harry
Brooks, H
Brooks, Alfred
Brooks, J P
Brooks, G W
Brooks, R C
Brooks, H L
Brooks, F C
Brooks, K B
Brooks, W A
Brooks, J C
Brooks, J H
Brooks, R J
Brooks, Cyril
Brooks, Cyril
Brooks, S J
Brooks, O V
Brooks, J A
Brooks, W S
Brooks, F G
Brooks, W E
Brooks, G D
Brooks, J
Brooks, A L
Brooks, A L
Brooks, A W
Brooks, L E
Brooks, J L
Brooks, P
Brooks, A B
Brooks, A B
Brooks, A B
Brooks, J H
Brooks, J
Brooks, J A
Brooks, L E
Brooks, J L
Brooks, B
Brooks, F W
Brooks, M A
Brooks, A G
Brooks, W B
Brooks, E D
Brooks, D P
Brooks, D
Brooks, L J
Brooks, W A
Brooks, A J J
Brooks, C H S
Brooks, A V
Brooks, E G
Brooks, A C
Brooksbank, J P
Brookshank, A C
Broom, H
Broom, F A
Broom, T
Broome, Charles George
Broome, S
Broome, A T
Broome, V J
Broome, D C
Broomfield, John
Broomfield, E J A
Broomfield, L A
Broomfield, A E
Broomfield, L S
Broomhead, C J
Brophey, B O
Brophy, B A
Brophy, A C V
Brophy, George Patrick
Brophy, J B
Bros, E H
Brosko, P P
Brosnahan, F T
Brosnahan, J J
Brosnan, J L
Brotchie, D B
Brotherhood, Harry William
Brotherhood, L
Brothers, P G
Brothers, G
Brotherton, L A
Brotherton, R
Brotherton, D J
Brotherton, A
Brotherton, N F
Brothwell, G W
Brothwell, J
Brothwell, G
Brough, George Valentine
Brough, R
Brough, H S
Brough, J E
Brough, J F
Brough, R H
Brough, R
Brough, D W
Brough, J F
Brougham, G G
Brougham-Faddy, P L
Broughton, D O
Broughton, J T
Broughton, J du V
Broughton, D L
Broughton, W
Broughton, J W
Brouillette, J R E
Broulette, J A G
Brousseau, J H N
Browell, W H
Browes , Albert Edward
Browett, D H G
Brown, V L
Brown, R W
Brown, W N W
Brown, W N W
Brown, B O
Brown, S V
Brown, W
Brown, E
Brown, H A B
Brown, Gilbert Francis
Brown, E G
Brown, R N
Brown, T L
Brown, R
Brown, E B
Brown, R A
Brown, J E
Brown, A J J
Brown, F T
Brown, G S
Brown, A E
Brown, A H
Brown, E R
Brown, J H
Brown, S A
Brown, D E
Brown, C
Brown, D A
Brown, H A
Brown, G A
Brown, J E
Brown, H K
Brown, B
Brown, K J
Brown, B H
Brown, R W
Brown, S W
Brown, G W
Brown, K T
Brown, V W
Brown, D G W
Brown, R
Brown, Ronald Jack
Brown, Mark Henry
Brown, Reginald William
Brown, Maurice George
Brown, Norman Wilson
Brown, Hedley
Brown, William Alfred
Brown, John Alan Gibbon
Brown, Walter
Brown, Arnold
Brown, Sidney
Brown, Philip Harold
Brown, Arthur Edward
Brown, Frederick Raymond
Brown, Alfred Charles
Brown, Thomas Anderson
Brown, Bernard Edward
Brown, Reginald John
Brown, Charles Thomas
Brown, Bert A
Brown, J W
Brown, Sidney
Brown, David Robert
Brown, Norman Wells
Brown, Ralph
Brown, James Edward
Brown, C H
Brown, J H
Brown, I S
Brown, E H
Brown, G C
Brown, D S
Brown, F H
Brown, W E
Brown, Walter Gordon
Brown, D W
Brown, J H
Brown, C H L
Brown, D S
Brown, Thomas Lloyd
Brown, J P
Brown, R L
Brown, A W
Brown, R A
Brown, E H
Brown, R E
Brown, N C
Brown, M W
Brown, O R
Brown, N E
Brown, D H
Brown, W B
Brown, C D
Brown, H A
Brown, T N
Brown, J A
Brown, A K
Brown, R O
Brown, R C
Brown, A J
Brown, H A
Brown, C P L
Brown, K E
Brown, S
Brown, R W
Brown, E
Brown, R W
Brown, H M
Brown, R C
Brown, A W
Brown, J D
Brown, J A C
Brown, G G C
Brown, J H
Brown, W McI
Brown, G S
Brown, D W
Brown, L G
Brown, H MacN
Brown, Alan Francis
Brown, F N
Brown, F M
Brown, R
Brown, Wesley
Brown, R
Brown, O M
Brown, Herbert
Brown, G
Brown, D W F
Brown, C A
Brown, C P
Brown, J A
Brown, B F
Brown, H
Brown, W W L
Brown, H L
Brown, W
Brown, D O
Brown, W E
Brown, J W
Brown, E J
Brown, D C
Brown, H E
Brown, L E
Brown, J B F
Brown, G Le R
Brown, I A
Brown, Robert Burns
Brown, G T
Brown, S C
Brown, R W
Brown, D G E
Brown, A A
Brown, G
Brown, H S
Brown, K C
Brown, C F P
Brown, J L
Brown, A S
Brown, R H
Brown, A E
Brown, W H H
Brown, H M
Brown, W G
Brown, D
Brown, J L
Brown, B T B
Brown, J
Brown, N
Brown, J W
Brown, P S
Brown, V D P
Brown, J N
Brown, P J
Brown, C D
Brown, R W
Brown, E R
Brown, S J
Brown, R S
Brown, C R
Brown, C D
Brown, W G
Brown, E L R
Brown, G H
Brown, S
Brown, F C
Brown, L
Brown, J W
Brown, H
Brown, J W
Brown, D H
Brown, J W
Brown, H
Brown, N N
Brown, A
Brown, R
Brown, A E
Brown, J
Brown, M B
Brown, W R
Brown, H
Brown, C M
Brown, A McK
Brown, R S
Brown, T J
Brown, J D
Brown, W
Brown, W A
Brown, D
Brown, W A
Brown, R
Brown, D McC
Brown, R J W
Brown, J E
Brown, T W
Brown, R
Brown, R
Brown, A B
Brown, H
Brown, D F P
Brown, C F
Brown, G K
Brown, F T
Brown, J
Brown, W R
Brown, D
Brown, A E
Brown, R T
Brown, J W H
Brown, K H C
Brown, W
Brown, R
Brown, P
Brown, A S C
Brown, P G
Brown, R
Brown, J H
Brown, S C
Brown, A A
Brown, W S F
Brown, J L
Brown, A A
Brown, A H
Brown, I K
Brown, J W
Brown, T B
Brown, D G
Brown, J
Brown, J W
Brown, H G
Brown, D
Brown, V G
Brown, S C
Brown, R
Brown, G W
Brown, L F J
Brown, F G
Brown, A
Brown, J W
Brown, O McD
Brown, J
Brown, S V D
Brown, E S
Brown, T D
Brown, R
Brown, P H
Brown, N S H
Brown, R S
Brown, T D
Brown, E G
Brown, T A V
Brown, S A
Brown, H S
Brown, R A
Brown, J R
Brown, R C
Brown, J A
Brown, G C
Brown, W C
Brown, L L
Brown, C B
Brown, G S
Brown, F J
Brown, E G
Brown, R
Brown, W
Brown, T D
Brown, R
Brown, W R M D
Brown, K W C
Brown, D O
Brown, P
Brown, J B M
Brown, J A
Brown, J McD
Brown, V K
Brown, R
Brown, C B
Brown, C
Brown, C
Brown, S
Brown, D J
Brown, W
Brown, A
Brown, S
Brown, F W
Brown, J D
Brown, A
Brown, M K
Brown, K H
Brown, G A
Brown, R G
Brown, R G
Brown, H S
Brown, F H
Brown, E J
Brown, J H
Brown, G W
Brown, W G L
Brown, P G
Brown, T L
Brown, H A
Brown, E G
Brown, N
Brown, J F
Brown, G R
Brown, T
Brown, R
Brown, C
Brown, D L G
Brown, R C
Brown, W
Brown, T
Brown, H
Brown, K J
Brown, H
Brown, J F
Brown, K A
Brown, H G
Brown, D
Brown, M P
Brown, G F
Brown, R
Brown, J K
Brown, A R
Brown, C V
Brown, H D
Brown, D F
Brown, P E G A
Brown, G H
Brown, H D
Brown, S K
Brown, P J
Brown, T A
Brown, P C R
Brown, A C
Brown, E
Brown, G E
Brown, F C
Brown, N McA
Brown, F J
Brown, J T
Brown, R W B
Brown, H S
Brown, J
Brown, P R D
Brown, G E
Brown, F P
Brown, C H
Brown, E G
Brown, G H
Brown, A
Brown, R D
Brown, J F
Brown, F C
Brown, J
Brown, J R
Brown, F J C
Brown, G K
Brown, F W
Brown, R R
Brown, C
Brown, A R
Brown, A H
Brown, G E
Brown, P C
Brown, D F
Brown, R C
Brown, E E
Brown, L C
Brown, F
Brown, J
Brown, R
Brown, P
Brown, D E W
Brown, E H
Brown, J E
Brown, I M
Brown, R
Brown, A L
Brown, B J W
Brown, J
Brown, J
Brown, C D
Brown, D
Brown, T
Brown, E P S
Brown, C B
Brown, R
Brown, R
Brown, C A
Brown, G W
Brown, R J
Brown, D
Brown, F G C
Brown, A W
Brown, R T
Brown, D M A
Brown, C
Brown, R V H
Brown, C W D
Brown, B S
Brown, R G
Brown, W D
Brown, R W
Brown, E A
Brown, WJ
Brown, B W
Brown, R
Brown, J W
Brown, S H C
Brown, W
Brown, G J
Brown, J G
Brown, G
Brown, D B
Brown, F G
Brown, W
Brown, E A
Brown, E A
Brown, J H
Brown, E W
Brown, G W
Brown, D R
Brown, E A
Brown, D N
Brown, R A
Brown, R
Brown, W J
Brown, J R
Brown, W C
Brown, N W
Brown, A
Brown, G C
Brown, S
Brown, A J E
Brown, F W
Brown, E R
Brown, H V
Brown, J R
Brown, J
Brown, H E
Brown, D A
Brown, H T
Brown, J
Brown, H McB
Brown, J G
Brown, T G
Brown, J G
Brown, D A
Brown, C W
Brown, W A
Brown, W E
Brown, K
Brown, C M
Brown, J H
Brown, J T
Brown, R R
Brown, G W
Brown, W R J
Brown, M G
Brownbill, A E
Browne, P L
Browne, W J
Browne, M
Browne, G S
Browne, J E
Browne, D D
Browne, J A G
Browne, R H
Browne, Dennis Owen Mathew
Browne, Cyril Dennis
Browne, D E
Browne, T C M
Browne, S F
Browne, G W
Browne, D O M
Browne, D
Browne, D R
Browne, E W H
Browne, R G
Browne, W A C
Browne, O L
Browne, A
Browne, F A A
Browne, D J
Browne, P E S F M
Browne, J B
Browne, R H
Browne, H G
Browne, C R D
Browne, E W
Browne, H J
Browne, D V
Browne, L
Brownell, J F
Brownett, H J
Brownhall, E E
Brownhill, S
Brownhill, G I
Browning, J R
Browning, W
Browning, J R
Browning, A C
Brownjohn, H G
Brownjohn, W R
Brownlee, I G T
Brownlee, C C
Brownlee, W
Brownlee, J P H
Brownless, T
Brownlie, J
Brownlie, I M R
Brownlie, A H
Brownlow, F C
Brownson, L K
Browse, I V
Browse, I V
Broxup, W E
Broyd, S H
Broz, J
Brozda, Z
Brubaker, D W
Bruce, F T R
Bruce, H E V
Bruce, A
Bruce, D J
Bruce, G
Bruce, J G
Bruce, W
Bruce, D C
Bruce, G R
Bruce, D
Bruce, D C
Bruce, J
Bruce, J B L
Bruce, A F
Bruce, N
Bruce, J H
Bruce, G J
Bruce, A R
Bruce, T M
Bruce, J S
Bruce, A W A
Bruce, W S
Bruce, D M
Bruce, W
Bruce, J W
Bruce, W G
Bruce, G D
Bruce, R G
Bruce, V W
Bruce, A E A
Bruce, J H
Bruce, D
Bruce, D
Bruce, W
Bruce, D A
Bruck, R A
Bruckner, M B
Bruckshaw, J
Brudell, M A T
Bruegeman, R G
Bruggeman, J A
Bruhn, K C
Bruhus, H H
Brulet, G
Brulinski, W
Brumby, N
Brummell, T E
Brummitt, C H
Brumwell, R A
Brundell, J H
Brundish, G W
Brundish, E N
Brunelle, P M
Brunet, C
Brunet, E C
Brunet, J J C P
Brunner, G C
Brunning, J C
Brunning, W H
Bruno, A
Bruno, A
Bruno, D
Brunschwig, M F
Brunsdon, Edward Ronald
Brunsdon, P S
Brunskill, Edward
Brunt, Edward
Brunt, Sidney Percival
Brunt, A H
Brunt, R
Brunt, R
Brunton, Derrick Augustus
Brunton, Andrew Turnbul
Brunton, W E
Brunton, R L
Brunton, J F
Brunton, A M
Brunton, L D
Brunton, A C
Brunton, A B
Brunton, G A
Brusone, J
Brutey, R C
Bruton, C G
Bruton, K J
Bruty, D S
Bryan, K E
Bryan, K E
Bryan, J R
Bryan, R H
Bryan, C S
Bryan, C E T
Bryan, C E T
Bryan, G G
Bryan, J M
Bryan, D
Bryan, T
Bryan, T J
Bryan, W J
Bryan, A J
Bryan, J H D
Bryan, J W
Bryan, L S
Bryan, E
Bryan, J
Bryan, A
Bryan, C B
Bryan, A G
Bryan, T
Bryan-Smith, Martin
Bryan-Smith, A
Bryand, R C
Bryans, R J
Bryans, S F
Bryans, S F
Bryans, W S
Bryans, A
Bryans, W R
Bryans, H B
Bryant, R D
Bryant, R M
Bryant, J D
Bryant, Cyril Arthur
Bryant, Charles Edward
Bryant, Donald John
Bryant, H D
Bryant, E M
Bryant, S W
Bryant, P W
Bryant, R F C
Bryant, F G
Bryant, W K
Bryant, F
Bryant, R W G
Bryant, A G
Bryant, K R
Bryant, S H
Bryant, E F
Bryant, D
Bryant, J H
Bryant, L D
Bryant, A E
Bryant, W H
Bryant, K
Bryant, H C
Bryant, J
Bryant, E O
Bryant, F W
Bryant, F E
Bryant, G F
Bryant, R G F
Bryant, W H
Bryce, C F
Bryce, A C
Bryce, A
Bryce, F
Bryce, J
Bryce, W
Bryce, J
Bryceson, A L
Brych, R
Bryden, W E
Bryden, J A
Bryden, H
Bryden, R
Brydon, W A
Brydon, E D
Brydon, F S
Brydon, J S
Brydon, J L
Brydon, H
Brydon, R J
Brydson, J A
Bryer, Dennis George Albert
Bryer, R S
Bryett, A E
Bryk, A
Bryks, J
Bryne, K E
Bryne, P D
Bryne, L
Bryne, T P J
Bryne, T P
Bryne, V G
Bryne, J I F
Bryne, L
Bryne, T P
Bryne, T P
Bryom, A
Bryon, F H
Bryon, A G
Bryson, G
Bryson, N A
Bryson, W S
Bryson, R C
Bryson, J
Bryson, J G
Bryson, W A
Bryson, J S
Bryson, R S
Brzeski, S
Brzezina, S
Brzezowski, Michal
Brzier, C G
Brzozowski, K
Brzozwski, W F
Brzozwski, M
Buchak, T
Buchan, K C
Buchan, Herbert
Buchan, David McDougal
Buchan, A
Buchan, A
Buchan, W
Buchan, W A
Buchan, G M
Buchan, F
Buchan, G B
Buchan, A W
Buchan, T
Buchan, T
Buchan, R M
Buchan, E
Buchanan, J T
Buchanan, N W
Buchanan, R G
Buchanan, M S
Buchanan, J E G
Buchanan, A G
Buchanan, George David Wills
Buchanan, G R
Buchanan, D J A
Buchanan, G H
Buchanan, J G
Buchanan, S L G
Buchanan, J D
Buchanan, D H
Buchanan, J McN
Buchanan, J K
Buchanan, J K
Buchanan, J K
Buchanan, D
Buchanan, R H
Buchanan, J
Buchanan, J
Buchanan, J
Buchanan, K
Buchanan, T A S
Buchanan, N A
Buchanan, W L
Buchanan, W L
Buchanan, A S
Buchanan, W S
Buchanan, W J F
Buchanan, J R
Buchanan, A K
Buchanan, F
Buchanan, J A G
Buchanan, G H P
Buchanan, I A
Buchart, G R
Buchholz, K H
Buchin, Maurice Simon Henri Charles
Buchner, Charles Wesley
Buchwalter, F D
Buchwold, B
Bucirde, R J
Buck, Frederick Sinclair
Buck, K H
Buck, K H
Buck, F W
Buck, P L
Buck, George Rupert
Buck, E S
Buck, P L
Buck, S J
Buck, W
Buck, C L
Buck, R M
Buck, J A
Buck, R A
buck, A W
Buck, P J
Buck, P J
Buck, J A
Buckberrough, R C
Buckby, John Alan
Buckby, P
Buckby, N
Buckel, W
Buckel, A C
Buckell, A E
Buckeridge, C E
Buckfield, J
Buckham, J A
Buckham, R M
Buckham, R J
Buckham, R B
Buckham, H A
Buckie, D S
Buckingham, R J
Buckingham, J A
Buckingham, R
Buckingham, G T
Buckingham, F T
Buckingham, E M
Buckland, J W J
Buckland, Ronald George
Buckland, R W
Buckland, J
Buckland, C R
Buckland, P G
Buckland, J C
Buckland, E
Buckle, R W
Buckle, R O
Buckle, T A
Buckle, K R
Buckle, F A
Buckle, C J
Buckler, D K
Buckler, H C J
Buckles, R J
Buckley, J W
Buckley, J P B R
Buckley, M H
Buckley, R C
Buckley, W E
Buckley, I S
Buckley, C Y
Buckley, W
Buckley, J T
Buckley, W E
Buckley, A
Buckley, A
Buckley, H D
Buckley, J M
Buckley, K
Buckley, L I
Buckley, J
Buckley, E H
Buckley, J A
Buckley, P W
Buckley, A
Buckley, R T
Bucklitsch, J M
Buckman, P J
Buckman, Ronald Frank William
Buckman, H E
Buckmaster, J
Bucknall, G J
Bucknell, G C
Bucknell, G C
Bucknell, R
Buckner, R G E
Bucknole, J S
Bucksey, V R
Buckton, E J
Buckwell, G L
Buckwell, W H S
Bucwald, N J R S
Buda, F J
Budd, P C
Budd, A C D
Budd, R E
Budd, H E
Budd, W C
Budd, P A
Budd, C A
Budd, M B
Budd, W H
Budd, R O
Budd, E W
Budd, R A
Budden, H
Budden, F A
Budden, F A
Budden, D A
Budden, P H J
Budge, W F
Budgen, C F
Budil, B
Budinger, A T
Budnik, B
Budreau, D H
Budreau, J G
Budrewicz, R P
Budrewicz, R P
Budzalek, C
Budzik, K
Budzynski, J
Buechler, M E
Buell, C M
Buffery, William Henry
Bufka, B
Bufton, J R
Bufton, H E
Bugden, E T
Bugden, A W C
Bugg, T A
Bugg, T A
Bugg, B S G
Bugge, O R
Buggey, N F
Buglass, G C
Buglass, E A
Buick, J A
Buie, R M
Buie, R M
Buist, A N
Buist, C N
Buitendijk, K
Bujac, B G D
Bujak, J
Bujak, W
Bujnowski, S
Bujold, P L
Bukowski, J
Bulanda, J P
Bulcraig, J A
Bulford, J H
Bulger, J P
Bull, W
Bull, H E
Bull, L J
Bull, WJ
Bull, R M
Bull, C G
Bull, G
Bull, A D
Bull, J B
Bull, F W
Bull, E
Bull, L J
Bull, P E T
Bull, T W
Bull, G W
Bull, N J
Bull, K F
Bull, R B
Bull, B C
Bull, B
Bull, R
Bull, P E
Bull, H W
Bull, W S
Bull, A E
Bull, J H
Bull, F C W
Bull, W C
Bull, J B
Bull, L J
Bull, A D
Bull, G F
Bull, E G
Bull, G
Bull, L R
Bullamore, S
Bullance, H C
Bullard-Davies, R H
Bullen, M J
Bullen, V
Bullen, H B
Bullen, R W
Bullen, W
Bullen, W
Bullen, R J
Bullen, P G
Buller, A J S
Bullis, H L
Bullivant, Bernard Ivor
Bullivant, R C
Bullivant, I A
Bullivant, A E
Bullivant, G
Bulloch, C H
Bulloch, E K
Bulloch, H L McL
Bullock, M R
Bullock, V C
Bullock, G A
Bullock, D V
Bullock, D A
Bullock, J R
Bullock, J R
Bullock, H F
Bullock, D
Bullock, E
Bullock, J
Bullock, P H
Bullock, A E
Bullock, H R
Bullock, C
Bullock, H J
Bulman, F L
Bulman, Elmer Leigh
Bulman, R P
Bulmar, S T
Bulmer, A D
Bulmer, G G R
Bulmer, A
Bulmer, J H
Bulow, K G
Bulpitt, A N
Bult, S R
Bumpstead, A
Bumstead, G A
Bumstead, G W
Bumstead, A E
Bunbury, John Shirley
Bunce, J
Bunce, G
Bunce, R F
Bunce, R S
Buncher, J A
Bunclark, F C
Bunclark, F C
Bunclark, P
Bunclark, P
Bundey, G F
Bundle, J T
Bundock, F V
Bundock, L E E
Bundy, E H
Bundy, F W
Bung, A L
Bungay, R W
Buning, J J
Buning, J J
Bunker, J D G
Bunker, A A
Bunker, A St J
Bunker, R R
Bunker, R H
Bunn, M E
Bunn, P M
Bunn, W G
Bunn, C J
Bunn, A H
Bunn, S J
Bunn, S V
Bunn, K J
Bunn, I G
Bunnagar, M
Bunnell, P J
Bunney, Kenneth Ralph
Bunster, A H
Bunt, Eugene
Bunt, J E
Bunt, E T
Buntain, W R
Buntin, J
Bunting, E N
Bunting, T A
Bunting, J A
Bunting, M
Bunting, B A
Bunting, W F
Bunting, D E V
Bunyan, S
Bunyan, W
Bunyan, R A
Burak, A
Burbage, E R
Burbeck, K R
Burberry, W H
Burberry, M S
Burbidge, K A
Burbidge, W L
Burbridge, Eric James
Burbridge, A G
Burbridge, G F
Burbridge, J I
Burbridge, C H
Burbridge, F P
Burch, R V
Burch, G H
Burch, B S
Burch, C R
Burch, G J
Burch, W
Burch, A P
Burcham, A J
Burchell, E J
Burchell, D F
Burchell, D H
Burcher, G M
Burcher, W E
Burcher, Anthony Fisher
Burchett, H F
Burchett, A R
Burchill, J G
Burda, F
Burda, J
Burdall, J W
Burden, G F
Burden, J W S
Burden, H J
Burden, D
Burdett, Donald William
Burdett, N W E
Burdett, F
Burdett, A
Burdett, F W
Burdett, J C
Burdett, A P
Burdett, G A
Burdgess, N E
Burdis, W V J
Burdoff, H C
Burdon, J
Burdon, S
Burdon, C
Burdon, J W S
Burdsall, G
Burel, R
Burfield, J R R
Burford, L R
Burford, U E T
Burgan, Geoffrey Shuttleworth
Burge, W F
Burge, R W
Burge, D J
Burge, J F
Burgeois, H
Burger, T
Burges, D W
Burgess, N G A
Burgess, T J
Burgess, A B
Burgess, G L
Burgess, C H
Burgess, M R
Burgess, George Frederick
Burgess, Alan
Burgess, H T B
Burgess, R R
Burgess, C W
Burgess, Fred Andrew
Burgess, R C
Burgess, J M
Burgess, J
Burgess, A A
Burgess, A C
Burgess, E H
Burgess, R E
Burgess, A S
Burgess, T D
Burgess, T O
Burgess, J
Burgess, A C
Burgess, H G
Burgess, J
Burgess, R F
Burgess, A B
Burgess, A
Burgess, R O
Burgess, G R
Burgess, B
Burgess, W H
Burgess, R C
Burgess, C S
Burgess, W C
Burgess, C
Burgess, S
Burgess, A G
Burgess, T M A
Burgess, F
Burgess, N V
Burgess, J E
Burgess, P S
Burgess, J R
Burgess, W J H
Burgess, A
Burgess, E W
Burgess, H J
Burgess, R H
Burgher, R S
Burgin, L R
Burglass, G T
Burgoine, M C
Burgon, P G
Burgon, W W
Burgoyne, L G
Burgoyne, H
Burgoyne, E
Burgoyne, E
Burgum, W A
Burgum, R E
Burgwal, R F
Burini, K A
Burk, K
Burk Hill, G
Burkacki, R
Burke, E P
Burke, T W
Burke, M K
Burke, R W
Burke, E
Burke, J A
Burke, James
Burke, J R P
Burke, F R
Burke, R W
Burke, R N V
Burke, J G
Burke, D J
Burke, R J
Burke, D W
Burke, J R A
Burke, D L
Burke, D L
Burke, James Joseph
Burke, James Joseph
Burke, E L
Burke, A B
Burke, D T
Burke, J W
Burke, E J
Burke, H
Burke, I C
Burke, W I H
Burke, D
Burke, C W G
Burke, J
Burke, W
Burke, J E S
Burke, H S
Burke, H J
Burke, T H
Burke, J Y
Burke, R E
Burke, T W
Burkiewicz, H M
Burkitt, Ivor James
Burkitt, A E
Burkitt, A E
Burkitt, A E
Burkitt, W F
Burkwood, R W
Burl, E W
Burland, G H
Burland, J
Burleigh, D W
Burleigh, T J
Burleigh, S C
Burleigh, R J
Burleigh, S C
Burley, A R
Burley, P R K
Burley, R H
Burley, W C
Burley, P K
Burley, S H
Burlingham, D G
Burlinson, R M
Burman, D C
Burman, R T
Burn, R M
Burn, R H
Burn, A E
Burn, D R
Burnard, M E
Burne, C
Burnell, B D
Burnell, D A
Burnell, P J
Burnell, S
Burnell, S
Burnell, W H
Burnell, B
Burnell, W
Burnell, A W A
Burnet, R
Burnett, T A
Burnett, R
Burnett, W J
Burnett, W G
Burnett, L G E
Burnett, D M T
Burnett, E G
Burnett, P
Burnett, B N
Burnett, A J
Burnett, L
Burnett, G S
Burnett, W H
Burnett, R G
Burnett, F T A
Burnett, E W
Burnett, Walter McG H
Burnett, N W
Burnett, R
Burnett, E J
Burnett, L H
Burnett, R
Burnett, F F H
Burnett, T
Burnett, W A
Burney, C D E
Burnham, W H
Burnham, R C
Burnham-Richards, Sydney George
Burnley, J D
Burnley, J D
Burns, A J
Burns, E R
Burns, J A
Burns, J C
Burns, W C
Burns, M J
Burns, J D
Burns, R J
Burns, J
Burns, J C
Burns, W
Burns, J
Burns, G C
Burns, K O
Burns, W H
Burns, William Stirling
Burns, I C
Burns, D
Burns, W E
Burns, A
Burns, J
Burns, J
Burns, J R
Burns, R E T
Burns, J
Burns, J J W
Burns, W E
Burns, A J
Burns, T R
Burns, J
Burns, G J
Burns, N A
Burns, S G
Burns, D R
Burns, A
Burns, G B
Burns, A
Burns, S
Burns, J W
Burns, C E
Burns, A
Burns, J G
Burns, K W L
Burns, W D
Burns, W D
Burns, K H
Burnside, H
Burnside, John Stanley
Burnside, W M
Burnside, D
Burnside, H C
Burnside, D H
Burnside, J
Burnside, J K
Burnside, J L
Burnside, W M
Burpee, Lewis Johnstone
Burr, Norman Albert
Burr, R S
Burr, R H
Burr, R
Burr, R H
Burr, P W
Burr, R P V
Burr, W C
Burr-Thomas, W K
Burrage, C L
Burrell, R A
Burrell, R
Burrell, W E
Burrell, H J E
Burrell, G A
Burrell, R
Burrell, P A M
Burrell, A W
Burrell, R
Burrell, E R
Burrell, G J
Burrell, E F
Burrett, H F
Burridge, R
Burridge, C F P
Burridge, P L
Burridge, H J
Burridge, H J
Burrill, F
Burrill, K
Burrough, T N C
Burrough, T N C
Burrough, T N C
Burroughs, Harry West
Burroughs, J R
Burroughs, K D
Burrow, L F W
Burrow, J H
Burrow, J
Burrows, F M
Burrows, W G
Burrows, A H
Burrows, F R
Burrows, B A
Burrows, W J
Burrows, J W
Burrows, D E
Burrows, P I
Burrows, R B
Burrows, L A V
Burrows, R H
Burrows, J S
Burrows, N
Burrows, S H
Burrows, S H
Burrows, D C
Burrows, J G
Burrows, W B
Burrows, D E
Burrows, N A
Burrows, H
Burrows, N R
Burrows, G
Burrows, R H
Burrows, A E
Burrows, L R
Burrows, A E
Burrows, D E
Burry, Sam A.
Burson, T P
Burson, A C
Burston, M H
Burszewski, E
Burt, Rex Theodore
Burt, A G
Burt, H A
Burt, R G A
Burt, L J
Burt, J B
Burt, C S
Burt, P R
Burt, A S
Burt, C J
Burt, H L
Burt, Philip R
Burt, L J
Burt, R C
Burt, P
Burt, K O
Burt, B W
Burt, E C
Burtenshaw, D F
Burtenshaw, A A
Burtis, Marvin Edson
Burton, A
Burton, L P
Burton, W P
Burton, W P
Burton, R G
Burton, H E
Burton, Walter Matthew
Burton, Roger William
Burton, J R
Burton, E A
Burton, R E
Burton, W H
Burton, H H
Burton, C S
Burton, A B
Burton, J T H
Burton, J R
Burton, S G
Burton, L
Burton, A J
Burton, W W
Burton, E N
Burton, F J
Burton, R G
Burton, J
Burton, H
Burton, C
Burton, F R
Burton, H J
Burton, R G
Burton, R R
Burton, A W
Burton, J E
Burton, E
Burton, C
Burton, J B
Burton, A R
Burton, K R
Burton, D L
Burton, P R F
Burton, J J
Burton, G D
Burton, D H F
Burton, E G
Burton, R E H
Burton, H F
Burton, E H
Burton, F
Burton, G C
Burton, G C
Burton, R
Burton, F W
Burton, D
Burton, C K
Burton, N H
Burton, J
Burton, A J
Burton, H W
Burton-Burgess, F E
Burton-Burgess, F E
Burtonshaw, F E P
Burtt, H J
Burtt, Marcus H
Burtt, R P
Burtwell, S
Burwell, G R
Burwood, Geoffrey Hubert Stephen
Bury, G N
Bury, D S H
Bury, E M
Bury, F G
Bury, S W
Busby, J H
Busby, A E
Busby, P
Busby, G
Busby, D C C
Busby, S
Busby, D G
Busby, W G
Busby, F R
Buscombe, E G
Buse, G B
Busfield, E H
Bush, J F
Bush, K A
Bush, Cyril
Bush, W A
Bush, D J M McK
Bush, A
Bush, K S
Bush, R E
Bush, R E
Bush, R
Bush, E F
Bush, G F
Bush, L W
Bush, K F
Bush, W J
Bush, M
Bush, W C
Bush, W H
Bush, G A
Bush, R E
Bush, R E
Bushby, J B
Bushby, J
Bushby, J H
Bushell, Roger Joyce
Bushell, John H.L.
Bushell, H J
Bushell, C
Bushell, J C W
Bushell, H R
Bushell, E J
Bushell, J R
Bushell, W J
Bushell, F G
Bushell, H B
Bushill, A S
Bushnell, P W M
Bushord, C E
Busina, E
Busko, E
Buss, G B
Bussell, A A
Bussell, H C
Bussell, R H
Bussey, Richard Selwyn
Bussey, M A
Bussy, G M
Busuttin, J V
Buswell, E J
Butchart, D C G
Butchart, L E
Butcher, R E N
Butcher, W H J
Butcher, William Albert
Butcher, C M
Butcher, S H
Butcher, L
Butcher, R V
Butcher, G A
Butcher, L C
Butcher, P B J
Butcher, K R
Butcher, J S
Butcher, P J
Butcher, K H
Butcher, R D
Butcher, D J
Butcher, D J
Butcher, K C
Butcher, C H
Butcher, A F
Butcher, N
Butcher, S C
Butcher, E
Butcher, E
Butcher, W H M
Butcher, A W
Butcher, S C J
Butkiewicz, W
Butland, G H
Butler, R W
Butler, N E
Butler, W C
Butler, Murray Anderson
Butler, Lionel Wembley Henry
Butler, Reginald Colston
Butler, Francis Charles Joseph
Butler, A R V
Butler, R H
Butler, N A
Butler, A H
Butler, J
Butler, D A
Butler, P W
Butler, L H
Butler, B L
Butler, I W
Butler, L L
Butler, G T
Butler, R B
Butler, G
Butler, R
Butler, E J
Butler, R W
Butler, R
Butler, R F
Butler, K F
Butler, C
Butler, Charles J
Butler, A H O
Butler, A C
Butler, E D
Butler, P E
Butler, R J
Butler, C
Butler, L A A
Butler, C E
Butler, W V
Butler, S W
Butler, W V
Butler, C J
Butler, J
Butler, P M W
Butler, M
Butler, R
Butler, H
Butler, V S
Butler, W C
Butler, A E W
Butler, J J
Butler, E F
Butler, C A
Butler, C J E
Butler, H
Butler, K G
Butler, R
Butler, P S
Butler, J R
Butler, W C
Butler, P G
Butler, M P
Butler, F C
Butler, D F
Butler, W
Butler, W
Butler, P R
Butler, D R
Butler, N
Butler, P F
Butler, L J
Butler, H D
Butler, C H
Butler, G H
Butler, J W
Butler, N
Butler, R W
Butler, J H
Butler, V J A
Butler, R
Butler-Williams, G H
Butlin, Dennis Charles
Butlin, A J
Butson, J F
Butson, G F
Butson, C
Butt, W H
Butt, R E
Butt, Jack Eric
Butt, M G
Butt, L G
Butt, W R
Butt, H R
Butt, R G
Butt, E J
Butt, T A G
Buttel, Albert Francois
Buttell, H B
Buttell, H B
Butterfield, Samuel Leslie
Butterfield, Samuel Leslie
Butterfield, W
Butterfield, D W H
Butterfield, W R
Butterfield, F
Butterfield, W R
Butterfield, W R
Butterfield, T
Butterly, J D
Butters, Uriah Bernard
Butters, K D
Butterworth, Douglas Graham
Butterworth, J
Butterworth, John Leslie Gilbert
Butterworth, R S
Butterworth, H M
Butterworth, H R
Butterworth, G W
Butterworth, E R
Butterworth, F N
Butterworth, D
Butterworth, J
Butterworth, P
Butterworth, P
Butterworth, J B
Butterworth, L A
Butterworth, J
Butterworth, C
Butterworth, T A
Butterworth, J W
Buttery, H
Buttery, R T L
Buttigeig, P S
Buttler, L F
Buttling, A G
Button, L E
Button, C
Button, J C
Button, K E
Button, D G
Button, F O
Button, E L
Buttrey, J W
Buttrey, H
Buttrum-Gardiner, E P
Butts, N
Butts, N
Buxton, A W
Buxton, Martin Levi
Buxton, T K
Buxton, H
Buxton, G
Buxton, B J
Buxton, H G
Buxton, L
Buxton, J
Buxton, R K
Buxton, R K
Buxton, J E
Buys, T F A
Buzan, W C
Buzza, R E
Byars, J A
Byass, R A
Byatt, C V
Bybee, S C
Bychowski, J R
Bydwell, H W
Bye, V C
Bye, G A
Byer, S T
Byers, P W
Byers, C W
Byers, G J
Byers, G J
Byers, H
Byers, Colin Edward
Byers, V W
Byers, J E
Byers, I H
Byers, W H S
Byfield, B R
Byford, E T W
Byford, H A
Bygrave, L
Bygraves, Ivor Pestell
Byng, C A
Byrd, H C
Byrd, C H J
Byres, G W H
Byres, N E
Byrne, N T
Byrne, G B
Byrne, F P
Byrne, M J
Byrne, P J J
Byrne, D C
Byrne, G B
Byrne, A R
Byrne, J A
Byrne, L M
Byrne, C T
Byrne, M T
Byrne, R M
Byrne, J R
Byrne, T A
Byrne, E L
Byrnes, R W
Bysouth, H
Bysouth, R W
Bysouth, D N
Bywater, M
Bywater, A H
Bywater, A H
Bywaters, T B
Bzowy, M A
Caban, E G
Cabana, J L E
Cable, W B
Cable, J D S
Cable, H B
Cable, J
Cable, W D V
Cacchioni, J
Cachart, E B
Cachia, J
Cadd, J J
Cadden, E
Cadden, A
Caddick, J E
Caddie, A S
Caddie, J W
Caddon, M S
Caddy, M
Cade, A S
Cade, W H
Cadeau, G
Cadeau, A J
Cadge, D E
Cadge, F T
Cadger, W J
Cadman, P E
Cadman, W G
Cadman, J W
Cadman, P M
Cadman, R W
Cadman, S
Cadman, R
Cadman, A
Cadman, A R
Cadmore, E
Cadmus, G A
Cady, D S
Caesar, G C
Caesar, C C
Cafferty, A E
Caffery, N
Caffrey, F
Caffyn, M C
Cage, R H
Cagienard, R R
Cahil, C B
Cahill, J F
Cahill, C McC
Cahill, C McC
Cahill, J A
Cahill, E J
Cahill, J
Cahill, D
Cahir, F S
Cahir, J G
Cahoon, G A
Caie, A
Caiger, C
Caile, A
Cailes, L H
Cailes, L H
Cain, L W
Cain, D D
Cain, W E
Cain, W E
Cain, I W
Cain, T E
Cain, N H
Cain, R
Caine, A M
Caine, G
Caine, J L
Caine, W M
Caines, G T M
Cains, S W
Cains, S W
Cairn, Leslie Albert
Cairns, J D
Cairns, R I
Cairns, A W
Cairns, L T
Cairns, J
Cairns, P L
Cairns, J C
Cairns, J D
Cairns, C G
Cairns, J D
Cairns, J C
Cairns, G
Cairns, R S
Cairns, J
Cairns, T R
Cairns, T D S
Cairns, W D
Caister, J R
Caitcheon, G E
Cakebread, J A
Cakebread, F C
Calcraft, N J
Calcutt, F K
Calcutt, C G
Calcutt, Richard
Calcutt, F I
Calcutt, E A
Caldecott, Leslie H
Caldecourt, R D
Calder, R H D
Calder, J R
Calder, D H
Calder, W H
Calder, J P S
Calder, J A
Calder, G A
Calder, J P S
Calder, T S
Calder, K V
Calder, R M D
Calder, R H
Calder, R H
Calderbank, J R
Calderbank, W F
Calderhead, L W
Calderhead, R F
Calderwood, L J
Calderwood, L J
Calderwood, N
Calderwood, D J
Calderwood, T McW
Calderwood, W
Caldicott, H
Caldswell, J A
Caldwell, J H
Caldwell, Frank
Caldwell, W G
Caldwell, G M
Caldwell, R G
Caldwell, A G
Caldwell, E R
Caldwell, W D
Caldwell, W R
Caldwell, T R
Caldwell, T R
Caldwell, L J
Caldwell, W A
Caldwell, W F
Caldwell, D A
Caldwell, J H
Caldwell, R H
Caldwell, W F
Caldwell, R C
Caldwell, C D
Caldwell-Horsfall, J M
Cale, F W
Cale, A L W
Cale, R P
Caley, G F
Caley, A A
Calhoun, M B
Calhoun, M B
Calinski-Cap, S
Callaghan, W D
Callaghan, P A
Callaghan, J E
Callaghan, M A
Callaghan, W J
Callaghan, R H
Callaghan, J B
Callaghan, J
Callaghan, F J
Callaghan, H
Callahan, P R
Callahan, R P
Callan, M K
Callan, N J
Callan, J R
Callan, J A
Callan, J P
Callanan, J
Callard, S A
Callard, A S
Callas, M
Callas, M
Callaway, F P R
Callaway, J A
Callaway, M P
Callcut, J S
Callender, E
Callingham, J
Callon, G F
Callow, P
Callow, H
Calloway, R
Calman, L G
Calman, D H
Calnan, B J
Calverley, I J
Calvert, Cecil
Calvert, F I
Calvert, A H
Calvert, H P
Calvert, T
Calvert, E H
Calvert, L
Calvert, G E
Calvert, C P
Calvert, J
Calvert, J L
Calvert, K W
Calvert, C
Calvert, J L
Calvert, G A
Calvert, J R G
Calvert, A J
Calvert, J M
Calvert, W
Calvert, E D
Calvert, KE
Calvert, E N
Calvert, C D
Calvin, B R
Calway, F G
Camaart, F P
Camberry, V R
Cambray, J P B
Cambridge, W P
Cambridge, E R
Cambridge, W J C
Cambrook, R A
Camburn, A R
Camden, H J
Camenzult, M P
Cameron, A C
Cameron, P T
Cameron, R R
Cameron, E R
Cameron, C J
Cameron, J W K
Cameron, A V
Cameron, G O
Cameron, Ivan McLeod
Cameron, Colin Charles
Cameron, Douglas
Cameron, D A J
Cameron, W L
Cameron, R H
Cameron, D A
Cameron, Gilbert Keith
Cameron, M L
Cameron, J G
Cameron, J G
Cameron, L M
Cameron, B C
Cameron, J R
Cameron, G E
Cameron, J B
Cameron, J B
Cameron, G E
Cameron, M C
Cameron, William Donald Leslie
Cameron, W D L
Cameron, R B
Cameron, S
Cameron, W A
Cameron, W A
Cameron, J B
Cameron, W W
Cameron, L H
Cameron, D J
Cameron, C R
Cameron, W P
Cameron, R E H
Cameron, G
Cameron, D N
Cameron, J E
Cameron, R
Cameron, R
Cameron, W S
Cameron, D I
Cameron, N
Cameron, J P
Cameron, A J
Cameron, G
Cameron, J B
Cameron, J W
Cameron, F
Cameron, D A
Cameron, J S
Cameron, G D
Cameron, A J G
Cameron, J W
Cameron, V
Cameron, A G
Cameron, I N F
Cameron, S
Cameron, E K
Cameron, J S
Cameron, A
Cameron, J C
Cameron, S L
Cameron, D
Cameron, L C
Cameron, G
Cameron, E C J
Cameron, J McD
Cameron, A H
Cameron, W J
Cameron, D
Cameron, J S
Cameron, J D
Cameron, D
Cameron, N D
Cameron, N D
Camfield, H R
Camier, R S
Camille, P E
Camlin, B B
Camm, G S
Camm, P O
Cammaerts, P E G
Cammell, G W
Cammish, H S
Cammish, H S
Cammock, R J
Camp, S C
Camp, A J
Campbell, H D R L
Campbell, R H
Campbell, Nigel Douglas
Campbell, H
Campbell, R B
Campbell, H T
Campbell, C M
Campbell, K W
Campbell, D R
Campbell, C A
Campbell, A D
Campbell, W R
Campbell, V R
Campbell, M J
Campbell, R H
Campbell, A C
Campbell, J J
Campbell, H D
Campbell, George Law
Campbell, John James
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, John
Campbell, Neil Mussen
Campbell, Joseph Henry
Campbell, F A
Campbell, R P
Campbell, D F
Campbell, D A
Campbell, A B
Campbell, G E
Campbell, T G
Campbell, D J
Campbell, J D
Campbell, J B
Campbell, A W
Campbell, A P
Campbell, S E
Campbell, M
Campbell, H H
Campbell, L
Campbell, R R
Campbell, R A
Campbell, C
Campbell, C M
Campbell, G D
Campbell, K P
Campbell, T M
Campbell, J D
Campbell, H T
Campbell, K L
Campbell, H N
Campbell, H W
Campbell, W G
Campbell, C S
Campbell, D E
Campbell, C J
Campbell, J M
Campbell, W C
Campbell, J W
Campbell, R E J
Campbell, W R
Campbell, Roy
Campbell, David Sinclair
Campbell, J S
Campbell, C A
Campbell, E A
Campbell, A G
Campbell, F W
Campbell, J L
Campbell, V D H
Campbell, K E
Campbell, J C
Campbell, D R
Campbell, F Y
Campbell, C J
Campbell, R R
Campbell, K J
Campbell, I M
Campbell, A
Campbell, J J R
Campbell, D
Campbell, D
Campbell, T
Campbell, T
Campbell, E A O
Campbell, G
Campbell, A
Campbell, J K
Campbell, E
Campbell, A
Campbell, J K
Campbell, D
Campbell, C S
Campbell, W A
Campbell, J W
Campbell, B D
Campbell, H J
Campbell, C
Campbell, A A
Campbell, E
Campbell, K P
Campbell, E
Campbell, C I D
Campbell, D N
Campbell, W S
Campbell, I I R
Campbell, W S
Campbell, J E
Campbell, D McL
Campbell, H
Campbell, D E
Campbell, I
Campbell, T
Campbell, R
Campbell, G McN
Campbell, J McD
Campbell, R G
Campbell, R G
Campbell, T McC
Campbell, I A
Campbell, K M
Campbell, J N
Campbell, H
Campbell, N N
Campbell, I G
Campbell, J R
Campbell, A B
Campbell, K A J
Campbell, D G J J
Campbell, Donald J
Campbell, D G
Campbell, J T
Campbell, L H D R
Campbell, A S
Campbell, J C
Campbell, P
Campbell, W G
Campbell, G C
Campbell, J
Campbell, J
Campbell, K S
Campbell, R McM
Campbell, E
Campbell, J McL
Campbell, W R
Campbell, J W
Campbell, A
Campbell, A
Campbell, A
Campbell, A
Campbell, P A T W B
Campbell, A R McL
Campbell, A R McL
Campbell, D
Campbell, E W
Campbell, J N
Campbell, C G
Campbell, R G
Campbell, S S
Campbell, S S
Campbell, P
Campbell, J S C
Campbell, J G
Campbell, R A
Campbell, C M
Campbell, J
Campbell, D S
Campbell, E
Campbell, C N S
Campbell, E F
Campbell, C D E
Campbell, J E
Campbell, C R
Campbell, T
Campbell, G
Campbell, B A G
Campbell, G M
Campbell, A
Campbell, R J
Campbell, J R
Campbell, J A
Campbell, G
Campbell, S
Campbell, C D H
Campbell, W W
Campbell, R A
Campbell, T H
Campbell-Colquhoun, E W
Campbell-Irons, I
Campbell-Martin, P C
Campbell-Rogers, F L
Campeau, J L A
Campey, W
Campin, W K
Campion, A N
Campion, T S
Camplin, A M
Campling, R D
Camps, A
Campsall, R S
Campton, C H F
Campton, A S B
Camsell, P S
Camsell, G C
Camus, J
Canavan, James
Canavan, J
Cancea, S J W
Canday, C R
Cander, W
Candish, E J
Candler, P T
Candline, A E
Candlish, John Muir
Candlish, J W
Candy, Ernest
Candy, R P
Cane, W G
Cane, D W
Cane, H V
Cane, M J T
Canham, J
Canham, J
Canham, J L N
Cann, Robert Leslie
Cann, P N
Cann, Y H
Cann, L N B
Cann, R J B
Cann, S R
Cannell, D A
Cannell, D R C
Canniff, J
Canning, Frank Hill
Canning, Thomas Kenneth
Canning, S
Canning, W
Canning, D
Canning, A S
Canning, G M
Canning, D H
Canning, L W
Canning, C D McC
Cannings, K L
Cannock, G
Cannock, L E
Cannon, J G
Cannon, E A
Cannon, G C
Cannon, C H
Cannon, J K
Cannon, D
Cannon, E W
Cannon, J
Cannon, W A
Cannon, L
Cannon, W
Cannon, C C
Cannon, P G
Canny, E K
Cansell, George Edward
Cansell, G E
Cansfield, P
Cant, Robert Bramley
Cant, G F
Cant, W J
Cant, J S
Cant, L R
Cant, J A
Cantara, D R
Cantell, E T L
Cantell, N W S
Canter, W L
Canter, W L
Canter, H J S
Canterbury, G T
Cantillon, R J
Cantin, J G A B
Cantin, R R M
Cantin, M R
Cantin, R C H
Cantle, A B
Cantle-Jones, A
Cantley, A C
Cantlon, W L
Canton, N E
Cantor, J M
Cantwell, R P
Cantwell, M J W
Cantwell, C F
Cantwell, G J M
Cantwell, R H
Canty, E A
Canty, E A
Canty, A W
Capar, N C
Capdeville, P
Cape, J C
Capel, D J
Capel, D J
Capel, B G
Capel, M G
Capeling, R
Capham, R G P
Capin, E B
Caplan, B A
Caplin, V M
Caplin, S H E
Capon, John
Capon, P J
Capon, C F A
Capon, R B
Capon, M G
Capon, G B
Capon, R J B
Capp, L S
Capper, F B
Cappleman, W H
Capps, H G
Capreol, E L
Capron, R H
Capstick, F L
Capstick, N J
Capton, L J
Capuston, A
Carabine, R
Carbine, J
Carbutt, D
Carbutt, D
Carbutts, P
Carcopino, J
Card, B W
Card, S G
Cardall, L A
Cardell, J S
Cardell, J S
Cardell, N S
Cardell, P M
Cardell, P M
Carden, L E
Carder, R E
Cardinal, B P
Cardinal, B P
Cardinal, J J B
Cardnell, C F
Cardoo, A R
Cardwell, D E
Cardwell, N
Care, D B
Care, E C
Carefoot, G O
Carefott, G O
Careless, D
Carey, D W
Carey, Basil
Carey, J J
Carey, D M
Carey, L E
Carey, J H R
Carey, J H R
Carey, R W B
Carey, B T P
Carey, C E H
Carey, J J
Carey, F R
Carey, J W D
Carey, F J
Carey, J
Carey, F J
Carey, J P
Carey, G H M
Carey-Hill, A
Carfoot, N H
Carins, L R
Carless, J
Carleton, E B
Carleton, F B
Carleton, J D H
Carleton, R H
Carley, J W
Carlick, David Brynor
Carlile, W D
Carlile, S S
Carlile, D R
Carlile, N W
Carlill, A J
Carlin, M F
Carling, Ronald David John Campbell
Carling, R P
Carling, P
Carling-Kelly, F C
Carlon, P J
Carlon, R
Carlon, T E
Carlson, E W B
Carlson, R
Carlson, A
Carlson, E K
Carlson, C
Carlson, E L
Carlton, J M
Carlton, A R H
Carlton, H F J
Carlton, A E
Carlyle, H G
Carlyle, W B
Carlyon, P W M
Carman, G
Carman, D M
Carman, W G
Carmen, W
Carmichael, D N
Carmichael, R
Carmichael, J A L
Carmichael, D J
Carmichael, J A
Carmichael, D A
Carmichael, P E J
Carmichael, J S
Carmichael, E D
Carmichael, J S
Carmichael, J D
Carmichael, H
Carmichael, W
Carn, N G G
Carnall, R
Carncross, M E
Carncross, N
Carne, R D
Carnegie, T
Carnegie, R C
Carnegie, R F
Carnegie, D S
Carnell, Basil
Carney, R A
Carney, E J
Carney, W C
Carney, R A
Carnill, J S
Carnley, J W
Carol, R F
Carolan, A G
Caron, A L
Carpenter, W J
Carpenter, J F
Carpenter, Cecil Thomas William
Carpenter, Charles Louis
Carpenter, E C
Carpenter, C C
Carpenter, D J
Carpenter, G R
Carpenter, L C
Carpenter, K N
Carpenter, L R A G
Carpenter, G R
Carpenter, J O
Carpenter, J M
Carpenter, J M
Carpenter, F R
Carpenter, G
Carpenter, C A
Carpenter, P R
Carpenter, H G
Carpenter, J C
Carpenter, A V
Carpenter, J C
Carpenter, J A
Carpenter, G H
Carpenter, R W
Carpenter, A T
Carpenter, E J L
Carpenter , James A.
Carr, R L
Carr, N R
Carr, Thomas Edward
Carr, Walter
Carr, R A
Carr, L A
Carr, K C
Carr, C M
Carr, F
Carr, J W
Carr, W A K
Carr, R B
Carr, J B
Carr, L F
Carr, C
Carr, L W
Carr, V F M
Carr, B G
Carr, C
Carr, L W
Carr, L W
Carr, G R
Carr, W G
Carr, L G
Carr, P E A
Carr, J H
Carr, P W
Carr, T S
Carr, F G
Carr, T E F
Carr, P N
Carr, T E
Carr, R S
Carr, L
Carr, J H
Carr, B J B
Carr, D W
Carr, D W J
Carr, J H
Carr, R H
Carr, R L
Carr, J
Carr, David H
Carr, H
Carr, E
Carr, K S
Carr, R
Carr, A
Carr, R T
Carragher, W A J
Carraline, V
Carrall, N B
Carran, F S
Carrapiett, R McC
Carrapiett, R McC
Carreau, P E
Carrel, N E R
Carrel, J
Carrell, Gerald P.
Carrell, R M
Carrick, J H
Carrick, W D
Carrick, M L
Carrick, J
Carrie, J M
Carrie, J
Carrie, J
Carrier, W J
Carrier, J A R M
Carrigan, John William (Jimmy)
Carrigan, J T
Carrigan, C L
Carriline, V
Carrington, James Llewellyn
Carrington, H J
Carrington, Edgell R
Carrington, L V
Carrington, R D W
Carrington, G E
Carrington, G E
Carrington, C G
Carrington, D J
Carrodus, R F
Carroll, M W
Carroll, J
Carroll, John Adrian
Carroll, B
Carroll, R W
Carroll, A S
Carroll, C E
Carroll, R V
Carroll, R C
Carroll, W T
Carroll, J M
Carroll, G D
Carroll, W P
Carroll, B
Carroll, P A J
Carroll, H B
Carroll, R F
Carroll, R F
Carroll, M B
Carroll, R
Carroll, G
Carrothers, Robert George
Carrott, J E
Carrott, R J
Carrott, D C
Carrott, H E
Carruthers, William Alan
Carruthers, William Maurice
Carruthers, F R
Carruthers, C S
Carruthers, Alexander
Carruthers, G W
Carruthers, H A
Carruthers, J R
Carruthers, J T
Carscadden, A S
Carson, Allan Edwin
Carson, R J
Carson, L B
Carson, H G
Carson, J N
Carson, R A
Carson, W D
Carson, D A
Carson, S T
Carson, R A
Carson, L G
Carson, A S
Carson, D E M
Carson, R
Carson, I T H
Carson, C W
Carson, D E M
Carson, A F
Carson, M F
Carson, R A
Carson, A
Carson, A L B
Carson, A L B
Carson, A
Carson, J E
Carstairs, A
Carswell, R
Carswell, J C
Carswell, A G
Carswell, M K
Carswell, M K
Carswell, M K
Carswell, F
Cartan, E P
Carter, J M
Carter, W H
Carter, L T
Carter, A G
Carter, A K
Carter, P J
Carter, D A
Carter, Peter Edward George
Carter, G A C
Carter, Edward James
Carter, J A
Carter, J A
Carter, H W T
Carter, J T
Carter, H M
Carter, G H F
Carter, G H F
Carter, G H F
Carter, G H F
Carter, A M
Carter, J W
Carter, R E
Carter, A V
Carter, Charles Murray
Carter, J H
Carter, G C
Carter, N E
Carter, Roy Edward
Carter, R G
Carter, D B
Carter, F E
Carter, R G
Carter, F M
Carter, D N
Carter, C W P
Carter, S C
Carter, J A
Carter, H W
Carter, T
Carter, T M
Carter, N C J
Carter, K S
Carter, N C
Carter, F E
Carter, G K
Carter, S A
Carter, A
Carter, G K
Carter, A C
Carter, G W D
Carter, J A
Carter, E F
Carter, J D
Carter, T
Carter, J W
Carter, V C
Carter, J
Carter, R F
Carter, J W
Carter, C
Carter, C W
Carter, A T
Carter, H
Carter, C S
Carter, D B
Carter, K
Carter, N H
Carter, G A
Carter, J
Carter, T S
Carter, C
Carter, J B
Carter, W
Carter, D D J
Carter, R W H
Carter, A J
Carter, F R
Carter, L W
Carter, S W
Carter, C B
Carter, J H
Carter, N
Carter, M M
Carter, L R
Carter, G F
Carter, R
Carter, H W
Carter, W H
Carter, W J
Carter, J P
Carter, D G
Carter, M C
Carter, L T
Carter, G H
Carter, G H
Carter, M J
Carter, H G
Carter, J N G
Carter, B G
Carter, S G
Carter, E R
Carter, D
Carter, L
Carter, A L
Carter, J C
Carter, D J
Carter, J
Carter, S C
Carter, J P
Carter, C F
Carter, J P
Carter, W F
Carter, E
Carter, P E G
Carter, L R
Carter, W F
Carter, C H
Carter, E
Carter, L C
Carter, S S
Carter, G C
Carter, W G
Carter, S
Carter, J N
Carter, R D
Carter, J N
Carter-Edwards, E
Carthew, E G
Carthew, E F
Carthew, W J
Cartier, Joseph L. L.
Cartier, J L R F
Cartland, K H
Cartledge, E K
Cartlidge, J
Cartlidge, R M
Cartmel, B
Cartmell, J L
Cartmell, M W
Cartmell, J M
Cartmell, R J
Cartwright, Gordon
Cartwright, J
Cartwright, G S
Cartwright, L W
Cartwright, E M
Cartwright, G A
Cartwright, F
Cartwright, W
Cartwright, E
Cartwright, R
Cartwright, R G
Cartwright, G
Cartwright, D L
Cartwright, P F
Cartwright, R
Cartwright, L H
Cartwright, L C
Cartwright, J E
Cartwright, J C
Cartwright, G F
Cartwright, A W E
Cartwright, G A
Cartwright, F
Cartwright, H
Cartwright, N B
Cartwright, J
Cartwright, J
Cartwright, H
Cartwright, N E
Cartwright, J
Cartwright, C W
Carty, H D G
Carvajal, E R
Carvell, R C
Carvell, J F
Carvell, A R
Carver, A J
Carver, J C
Carver, J
Carver, K M
Carver, A H
Carver, R W
Carver, G
Carvill, R D
Cary, Sydney Leslie
Cary, E S
Cary, L N
Cary, L H
Caryer, P A
Caryi, Charles Joseph Anthony
Caryle, S
Caryle, S
Caryll, I B
Caryll de Tilkin, M C
Caryll-Tilkin, M C
Casajuana, R D
Casaubon, J N G R
Casbolt, T W H
Case, T E
Case, W R
Case, E E
Case, T E
Case, J T R E
Case, C W T
Case, H R
Casebrook, J
Caseley, A R
Caseley, R J
Caselton, V J
Caseman, K H
Casenove, P
Casey, A J
Casey, R T
Casey, B W
Casey, J N
Casey, R F
Casey, E R O
Casey, A M
Casey, J J
Casey, T E J
Casey, T A
Casey, W A
Casey, G F
Casey, E F
Casey, J
Casey, L J A
Casey, W P
Casey, R
Casey, J
Casey, J
Casey, W A
Casey, M J
Casey, A J P
Casey, A J
Casey, J
Casey, J
Cash, A V
Cash, N
Cash, G B J
Cash, J C
Cash, G W
Cash, J C
Cash, D T
Cash, E L
Casher, F E
Cashion, G A
Cashman, W M
Cashmore, J T D
Casper, L C
Cass, Ronald Foster
Cass, Raymond
Cass, N
Cass, J
Cass, C E W
Cass, E G
Cass, E G
Cass, R M
Cassady, J M
Cassam, A H
Cassan, J D
Cassapi, V B
Cassavetti, I McK
Casselden, H J
Cassell, S J
Cassell, W A
Cassell, J E
Cassell, D B
Cassells, F J
Cassells, W H
Casselman, D E
Cassels, J R
Cassels, J J
Cassels, J K
Casserley, L H
Cassey, S R
Cassford, T
Cassibault, N C
Cassidy, C A
Cassidy, J A
Cassidy, George John
Cassidy, D E
Cassidy, L F
Cassidy, L F
Cassidy, F W
Cassidy, B M
Cassidy, E A
Cassidy, T C
Cassidy, J
Cassidy, C
Cassidy, P
Cassie, A
Cassim, J P
Cassingham, E
Cassini, C W
Cassini, C W
Cassley, A
Casson, John
Casson, William Harry
Casson, L H
Casson, L H
Casson, L H
Casson, R T
Cassy, C C
Castellari, R L
Castello, W D
Castells, N P I
Casterton, E R
Castle, G R
Castle, J G
Castle, J G R
Castle, R B
Castle, H
Castle, H W
Castle, F J
Castle, F J
Castle, A
Castle-Hall, R A
Castleton, G J
Castling, D H
Caston, C L
Caswell, H C
Caswell, J J
Caswell, D W
Catch, H
Catchpole, W J
Catchpole, P
Catchpole, P
Cater, D C E
Cater, R G C
Cater, F W
Caterer, J
Cates, L R
Catford, G S
Cathels, E C
Catheralle, L J G
Catley, R
Catley, B MacC
Catley, B
Catley, J A
Catley, F N C
Catley, W P
Catley, W F
Catlin, J H
Catlin, R W
Catlin, R H
Catlin, E W
Catling, J C
Catlow, R
Cato, H O
Cato, R L
Cato, P C
Cato, D A
Caton, A E
Caton, J S
Catt, N D
Catt, H N
Catt, R E
Cattell, J C
Cattellier, L
Catterall, R
Catterick, D
Cattermoul, F H
Catterwell, J T G
Cattle, T R M
Cattley, D
Catto, John Harrison
Catto, P T
Cattrall, P R
Cattran, K
Catty, Arthur Wellesley
Cauchy, L A M
Caudell, W E
Caudrey, D E
Cauely, J T R
Caulderwood, John Samuel Davidson
Caulfield, G
Caulfield, T
Caulton, J J
Caulton, I
Caunt, B
Caunt, G L
Caunter-Jackson, F A
Caunter-Jackson, F A
Caurington, W E
Causer, G T
Causier, J T
Causley, L
Causley, L F
Causley, H W
Causon, J A
Causton, F
Causton, R H
Cautherley, E
Cavadino, F A
Cavaghan, E G
Cavanagh, L E
Cavanagh, E
Cavanagh, W T
Cavanagh, H C
Cavanagh, G C
Cavanaugh, Robert Joseph
Cavanaugh, F M S
Cave, Arthur Ernest
Cave, W J
Cave, B H
Cave, J M
Cave, K
Cave, C G
Cave, W
Cave, E J
Cave, R
Caveney, T J
Caveney, T
Caveridge, G
Cavet, A P E
Cavey, R
Cavie, Jack George
Cavill, E
Cawdery, V N
Cawdron, H G
Cawker, D E
Cawkwell, S
Cawley, J G
Cawse, Frederick Norman
Cawsey, J N
Cawson, C A
Cawson, H D
Cawthorne, P E
Cawthorne, J T
Cawthorne, W
Cawthorne, C A
Cawthorp, R T
Cawthra, N A
Cawthra, N A M
Cayer, A J W
Cayford, B D
Cayless, G R S
Cazalet, A B T
Cazaly, W P
Cazaly, C K
Cebrzynski, W
Cebrzynski, Arsen
Cederbraun, R
Ceeley, A F
Ceeney, G E H
Ceglinski, K
Ceglowski, E D
Celak, S
Cent, W
Cerat, J
Cermak, J
Cermalacce, M
Cerny, O
Cervi, L
Chabot, J J G
Chaboud, M
Chabourd, M
Chabres, H
Chabroud, J
Chabrowski, S A
Chadburn, L V
Chadd, G G
Chaderton, S
Chadfield, G E
Chadwick, W R
Chadwick, T P
Chadwick, H
Chadwick, R W
Chadwick, T N
Chadwick, J G
Chadwick, E
Chadwick, C
Chadwick, R
Chadwick, R B
Chadwick, R H
Chadwick, D F
Chadwick, F R
Chadwick, B
Chadwick, J
Chadwick, J E
Chadwick, M W
Chadwick, F
Chadwick, W
Chadwick, A
Chadwick-Bates, A G J
Chafer, S R
Chaffe, G
Chaffey, G H
Chaffey, F M
Chalcroft, W R
Chaldecott, E W J
Chalder, H H
Chalice, L H
Chalk, J T E
Chalk, E W
Chalk, W W N
Chalk, R G
Chalk, F G H
Chalk, A E
Chalk, K W
Chalk, K W
Chalken, C N
Chalker, C L
Chalkin, S J
Chalkley, John
Chalkley, D E J
Challenger, C J
Challes, John Thomas Irvine
Challicombe, H G
Challinor, A F
Challinor, G
Challis, E G
Challis, Albert Clifford
Challis, H
Challis, B E
Challis, E
Challis, J F
Challis, K L
Challis, N D
Challoner, Charles Stuart
Challoner, T W
Chalmers, M A
Chalmers, I F
Chalmers, I R
Chalmers, F L
Chalmers, J B E J
Chalmers, J G W
Chalmers, D R
Chalmers, G G
Chalmers, G S
Chalmers, J C
Chalmers, J C
Chalmers, J A
Chalmers, J C
Chalmers, T
Chalmers, H E
Chalmers, P W S
Chalmers, D
Chalmers , Robert Allan Arthur
Chaloner, G
Chaloner Lindsey, P
Chaloupka, C
Chaloupka, C
Chamberlain, John William
Chamberlain, Eric
Chamberlain, R
Chamberlain, L M
Chamberlain, W D
Chamberlain, W E
Chamberlain, J A
Chamberlain, R J
Chamberlain, H E
Chamberlain, S O
Chamberlain, W T
Chamberlain, G H
Chamberlain, P L
Chamberlain, W J
Chamberlain, S D
Chamberlain, H
Chamberlain, T H
Chamberlain, J W
Chamberlain, C M
Chamberlain, P B
Chambers, Colin Frederick
Chambers, Ralph
Chambers, Albert
Chambers, W O E
Chambers, R E
Chambers, B K
Chambers, P K
Chambers, W M
Chambers, S V
Chambers, G W
Chambers, C A
Chambers, C L
Chambers, W H
Chambers, W
Chambers, K J
Chambers, W E
Chambers, J C
Chambers, H
Chambers, F T
Chambers, L E
Chambers, D E C
Chambers, J
Chambers, S J
Chambers, D W A
Chambers, R
Chambers, W J
Chambers, C A
Chambers, R
Chambers, J H
Chambers, W
Chambers, G L
Chambers, J W
Chambers, A
Chambers, A
Chambers, G J
Chambers, S D
Chambers, J A
Chambers, W J
Chamney, B M
Champ, W S
Champ, F J
Champagne, R M J
Champion, E C
Champion, H M
Champion, F J J
Champion, W J
Champkin, D G
Champness, ‘Jack’ John Alec
Champness, J A
Chance, A D
Chancellor, R N
Chancellor, R N
Chancellor, C R
Chandler, W C
Chandler, R S
Chandler, James
Chandler, Gordon Emery
Chandler, John Frank
Chandler, Rowland John Paul
Chandler, Cyril Harry
Chandler, W P
Chandler, J J
Chandler, J L
Chandler, E F
Chandler, A A
Chandler, K E
Chandler, A G
Chandler, R W
Chandler, R W
Chandler, C
Chandler, J N T
Chandler, G N
Chandler, G C H
Chandler, T H
Chandler, T N
Chandler, A W
Chandler, J
Chandler, E B
Chandler, R W
Chandler, J J
Chandler, F J
Chandler, R E
Chandos, R
Chanin, R A
Channing, B W
Channing, D W B
Channon, G
Chanson, J
Chanson, J
Chant, E G
Chant, W M
Chant, D V
Chant, L
Chantler, R E
Chantler, R E
Chantler, W J
Chantrell, A S
Chantz, F W
Chaplin, R
Chaplin, K W
Chaplin, F J
Chaplin, J
Chaplin, R J
Chapman, A E
Chapman, Neil Proctor
Chapman, Christopher Geoffrey Blomfield
Chapman, L H
Chapman, L H
Chapman, Jack Routledge
Chapman, C A
Chapman, W H
Chapman, R J
Chapman, F N
Chapman, Walter James
Chapman, Anthony William
Chapman, Edward Geoffrey
Chapman, D J
Chapman, Harold Edward
Chapman, W M
Chapman, D H
Chapman, K F
Chapman, L
Chapman, Robert Scott
Chapman, A D
Chapman, T B
Chapman, C E
Chapman, E W
Chapman, G A
Chapman, R A
Chapman, G L
Chapman, F R
Chapman, J R
Chapman, J W
Chapman, K D
Chapman, H E
Chapman, L A
Chapman, P L
Chapman, E J
Chapman, R E
Chapman, H A E
Chapman, W
Chapman, P A
Chapman, J
Chapman, A L
Chapman, A L
CHapman, K H
Chapman, G
Chapman, F
Chapman, P A
Chapman, S
Chapman, H
Chapman, H
Chapman, M A
Chapman, K W
Chapman, P G
Chapman, C
Chapman, K S J
Chapman, F G
Chapman, W W
Chapman, J H
Chapman, S E
Chapman, J A C
Chapman, D
Chapman, A G
Chapman, K J
Chapman, G B
Chapman, F J
Chapman, C E
Chapman, L T
Chapman, K
Chapman, R J
Chapman, R A
Chapman, R H
Chapman, C
Chapman, R C
Chapman, A R
Chapman, H R G
Chapman, J
Chapman, R L
Chapman, G E
Chapman, W J
Chapman, F R F
Chapman, C E
Chapman, E H
Chapman, W R
Chapman, W P D
Chapman, R J
Chapman, H G
Chapman, J D
Chapman, P A
Chapman, A S
Chapman, S
Chapman, S
Chapman, G L
Chapman, H C A
Chapman, C
Chapman, J E
Chapman, C D
Chapman, L
Chapman, K
Chapman, A C R
Chapman, F E W
Chapman, H
Chapman, W S
Chapman, J H A
Chapman, F L
Chapman, J W
Chapman, J W
Chapman, E F
Chapman, A R
Chapman, S W
Chapman, G
Chapman, G C
Chapman, W G
Chapman, G K
Chapman, D
Chapman, E W J
Chapman, W
Chapman, A W M
Chapmness, E F
Chappel, A J A
Chappell, J A
Chappell, Henry S.
Chappell, Clifford Daniel Robert
Chappell, S J
Chappell, S F
Chappell, W E
Chappell, D S K
Chappell, D S K
Chappell, P A
Chappell, D
Chappell, C L
Chappell, N A
Chappell, C G
Chappell, L A
Chappell, G E
Chappell, P
Chappell, L N
Chappell, L F
Chappell, A
Chappell, H
Chappell, H D
Chapple, I
Chapple, D A
Chapple, J K
Chapple, P B
Chapple, D W E
Chapple, J H B
Chapple, W J
Chapps, C M
Chapron, G
Charaudeau, R
Charbonneau, I L
Charbonneau, J M
Charbonneua, R F
Chard, E G
Chard, H Y
Chard, B S
Charde, W C
Charest, J M A L
Charland, R A
Charlebois, P A
Charlebois, E W L
Charles, T E
Charles, Walter James
Charles, Eric Arthur
Charles, W J D
Charles, J F
Charles, J H
Charles, R D
Charles, F W R
Charles, D E S
Charles, D A
Charles, E C
Charles, E F J
Charles, R T
Charlesbos, M J
Charlesworth, D N
Charlesworth, Ronald
Charlesworth, G E
Charlesworth, T
Charlesworth, E R
Charlesworth, D
Charlesworth, T G W
Charlesworth, H C
Charlesworth, H W
Charlesworth, W H
Charlesworth, W H
Charlesworth, A
Charlesworth, G
Charley, J R
Charlick, D G
Charlick, D H V
Charlier, A
Charlier, M J J
Charlier, J M
Charlton, W R K
Charlton, W R K
Charlton, William Frederick Dixon
Charlton, R C
Charlton, J R
Charlton, C
Charlton, D
Charlton, J I
Charlton, S
Charlton, A N
Charlton, J F
Charlton, J T
Charlton, J
Charlton, R
Charlton, E H
Charlton, T T
Charlton, R
Charlton, R
Charlton, J R
Charlton, G G
Charlton, E O
Charlton-Jones, C
Charman, E G
Charman, R W
Charman, H E
Charman, A F
Charnock, F R
Charnock, E
Charnock, J E
Charnock, L
Charnock, H W
Charnock, W
Charnock, H D
Charpentier, J
Charriere, P
Charron, J H
Charron, P M
Charron, R E O
Charrott, J D
Charrott, C W
Charteris, W D
Charters, R B
Charters, J B
Charters, R J
Charton, Moses
Chartrand, J L E
Chase, W McL
Chase, R F
Chase, A J
Chase, D J
Chase, W G
Chase-Casgrain, M G A
Chasinger, J E
Chasmar, M D
Chaster, J B
Chaston, L G
Chaston, T W
Chaston, R W
Chaston, D A
Chatfield, R E
Chatfield, R E
Chatfield, W L
Chatfield, R A
Chatfield, E B
Chatfield, E B
Chatfield, K C
Chattell, D G
Chatten, C S
Chatters, W A A
Chatterton, E
Chatterton, R C
Chatterton, L W
Chatterton, H
Chatteway, A
Chattin, P W
Chatwin, E
Chatwin, R J
Chatwin, F R
Chaulk, A
Chaundy, George Raymond Peter
Chaundy, J R
Chaundy, M L
Chaut, J H
Chauvin, J L A
Chauvin, F
Chave, Owen Cecil
Chawanski, A P
Chciuk, W
Cheadle, G
Cheadle, R J
Cheadle, A R
Cheal, W E
Cheal, D J H
Cheal, D J
Cheasman, H A
Cheatle, R H
Cheavlier, J
Checketts, J M
Checketts, J S
Checketts, F R W
Checkley, F
Chedd, C J
Cheek, B G
Cheese, William Desmond
Cheese, A C
Cheeseman, L H J
Cheeseman, G R
Cheeseman, R E W
Cheeseman, R E W
Cheeseman, J A
Cheeseman, S A
Cheeseman, S H
Cheeseman, H N
Cheeseman, K L
Cheesman, W R
Cheesman, W G
Cheesman, R F
Cheesman, A J
Cheetham, H T
Cheetham, A F
Cheetham, A F
Cheetham, R W
Cheetham, W H
Cheetham, G T
Cheetham, A
Cheistiansen, J H
Chell, L H
Chell, J F
Chell, D G
Chell, F G
Chelmick, A G
Chelu, R W
Chemin, A
Cheminade, J
Chenery, L C
Cheney, D
Cheney, J
Chenn, R T
Chenoweth, E
Chepil, M
Chequer, G J
Cherkinsky, A D
Cherniuk, G
Cherrington, G I
Cherrington, A
Cherry, F J
Cherry, A J
Cherry, E
Cheshire, G L
Cheshire, W J
Cheshire, K G
Cheshire, K W
Cheshire, C C
Cheshire, H W
Chesman, A L
Chesman, G H
Chess, J B
Chessel, L T
Chessell, H
Chessell, L J
Chesser, R E
Chesson, N L V
Chesson, L G
Chesson, F J C
Chessun, L H
Chester, L A
Chester, L H
Chester, S C
Chester, W
Chester, A B
Chester, A J
Chester, J H
Chester, H W
Chester, R O
Chester, H F
Chester-Master, J P
Chester-Masters, R C
Chesterman, H W A
Chesters, Ralph Sherwin 'Chris'
Chesters, P
Chesters, P
Chesters, G W
Chesterton, J H F
Chesterton, P F
Chestnut, G A
Chetham, Charles Arthur Copeland
Chetney, R A
Chetnicki, S
Chetter, A E
Chettham, G H
Chetwynd-Stapylton, E M
Chevalier, R
Chevalier, J F
Chevers, N V
Chevrier, L T
Chevrier, R J
Chew, N A P
Chew, A D
Chew, B
Cheyne, G J
Cheyney, M J
Chiasson, J C
Chiasson, J A
Chibanoff, A
Chick, L G
Chick, D W
Chicoine, J V
Chiddenton, Arthur Dickens
Chiddick, W E A
Chidester, S H
Chidgey, F S G
Chidgey, E J
Chidwick, J J
Chiericci, P
Chigwidden, J J
Chilcott, Fernley Graham
Chilcott, R A
Child, F C
Child, C C
Child, N
Child, R C
Child, A J
Child, R J
Child, J S
Child, R
Childs, Arthur Henry
Childs, A J
Childs, C P D
Childs, J L
Childs, B A
Childs, J R
Childs, J W
Childs, J
Childs, V G
Childs, E H
Chiles, K
Chilman, Peter Ernest
Chilton, A
Chilvers, George Alfred
Chilvers, H
Chilvers, K G
Chilvers, J E
Chilvers, J G B
Chinery, R W
Chinery, W
Ching, W M
Ching, A H
Chinn, H A
Chinn, H A
Chinn, A J
Chinn, E J
Chinnery, L E J F
Chinnery, R V
Chipchase, K W
Chiperfield, G F
Chipman, P G
Chippendale, G B
Chipperfield, C T
Chipping, D J
Chir, B
Chirighin, C D
Chisamore, J A
Chisholm, R J
Chisholm, R E
Chisholm, D A
Chisholm, A P
Chisholm, R S
Chisholm, J H MacK
Chisholm, W A
Chisholm, D A
Chisholm, J E
Chisholm, K B
Chisholm, D A
Chisholm, G T L
Chisholm, J N
Chisholm, R
Chisholm, A F
Chisholm, J A
Chisick, M
Chislett, H A
Chislett, R C
Chislett, K E
Chisnall, L M
Chiswell, D R
Chiswell, A D
Chiszczyk, T
Chittenden, P
Chittick, J C
Chittim, R H
Chittock, W V
Chittock, I L
Chitty, W E
Chitty, W E
Chitty, D J D
Chitty, R L
Chivers, E K
Chivers, P
Chivers, E G F
Chivers, M E
Chivers, M W
Chiverton, H G R
Chiverton, T
Chlopik, Tadeusz Pawel
Chlup, J
Chmielewski, S
Chocholin, V
Chocholin, V
Chodyra, J
Chojnacki, W
Cholette, J H J
Cholewka, M
Choma, C R
Chomka, J
Chomley, G F
Chomley, J A G
Choms, W
Chopping, P G
Chopping, S G
Chopping, R C
Chorley, G W
Chorley, V J
Chorley, R A
Chorlton, H G
Chorneyko, A
Chornons, W R
Chorny, W
Choron, M P C
Chote, A H F
Chouiniere, E E
Chouler, M R
Chowanski, Z J
Chowen, W R
Chown, C M
Chown, H W
Chretien, G T
Chrimes, O K
Chrisp, R B
Christensen, J R
Christensen, W I
Christensen, L J
Christensen, G K R
Christensen, H P
Christensen, S
Christenson, F R
Christian, C D
Christian, K C
Christian, A L
Christian, H
Christiansen, A G
Christianson, Chris Zane Robert
Christie, R S
Christie, A A
Christie, William Douglas
Christie, W
Christie, H D
Christie, T W
Christie, R F
Christie, J H
Christie, T A M
Christie, R G
Christie, M K
Christie, R G
Christie, J
Christie, J H
Christie, A S
Christie, J
Christie, G
Christie, J
Christie, C W
Christie, J M
Christie, W J
Christie, J C G
Christie, J S
Christie, A F
Christie, C
Christie, E T
Christie, P A
Christie, C C
Christie, J
Christie, L
Christie, G P
Christie, W T
Christie, F
Christie, W H
Christison, R L
Christison, R
Christman, R
Christman, Lorne Smith
Christmas, L H
Christmas, L G
Christmas, J W
Christoff, C
Christon, J F
Christopher, Percy Frederick
Christopher, K W M
Christopher, H M
Christopherson, O P F
Christy, E F
Christy, R E
Christy, R
Chrostowski, T
Chrysler, C K
Chrystal, J R G
Chrzanowski, G
Chrzanowski, B
Chubb, J A
Chubb, F B
Chubb, A W
Chudek, A
Chudleigh, F D
Chudleigh, R N
Chudy, S
Chudzik, S E
Chudzik, W J
Chugg, Gerald Alfred
Chumbley, R A
Church, G N
Church, D C
Church, Eric Arthur
Church, J M
Church, M G
Church, T H L
Church, E R
Church, E C
Church, J E
Church, D G
Church, H A
Church, C A J
Church, B H
Church, R W
Church, S A
Church, H D
Church, D
Church, J E
Churcher, J R
Churcher, L A
Churcher, G L
Churcher, W J
Churches, E W G
Churchill, T
Churchill, R S A
Churchill, N C
Churchill, H D
Churchill, R F
Churchill, C F
Churchill, D A
Churchill, C S
Churchill, J E
Churchin, J
Churchman, M
Churchouse, D J K
Churchward, H F
Churchward, D A T
Churchward, H G
Churchyard, C K
Churchyard, F
Churms, James William
Chute, G E
Chuter, E R
Chylewski, F
Ciarns, H L W
Cibulka, J F
Cichowicz, S
Cichowski, W H
Cieslak, L
Cieslik, M
Cieszynski-Nalecz, J
Cigos, F
Cioch, S
Ciolek, J
Cipirski, Z
Cipirski, Z
Cipriani, M E
Ciuchcinski, J S
Ciundziewicki, A
Clabburn-Detrez, D A
Clack, G L
Clack, M H
Clack, S A
Clack, S A
Clack, L R
Clack, B A
Clack, K A
Clack, N W S
Cladis, L G
Claeson, A R L
Clague, Alex
Clague, W H
Clague, W F
Clague, J E
Clamp, C
Clampitt, E B
Clancey, G D
Clancy, F J
Clancy, R P
Clandillon, J A
Clandillon, J A
Clapham, S
Clapham, H D
Clapham, W P
Clapham, P C
Clapham, J S
Clapin, B P W
Clapp, W G
Clapp, T H
Clapperton, K W
Clapperton, R W
Clapperton, R H
Clapperton, J
Clapson, D H W
Clapton, I R
Clare, Frederick William
Clare, J E S
Clare, J E
Clare, B G
Clare, R
Clare, P A
Clare, V H
Clarence, A
Clarey, C M
Claridge, S A
Claridge, H G
Claridge, H G
Clark, I H
Clark, R L
Clark, K G
Clark, H
Clark, Donald Carpenter
Clark, Cecil Philip
Clark, George Frederick
Clark, Henry
Clark, J R
Clark, Gerard
Clark, Horace Alfred
Clark, J
Clark, W B
Clark, G M
Clark, L M
Clark, G C
Clark, D K
Clark, S S
Clark, C T
Clark, W L J
Clark, J F
Clark, R S
Clark, W J
Clark, J A
Clark, E W
Clark, F J
Clark, H A
Clark, D A
Clark, H L
Clark, Edwin Spencer Charles
Clark, R E
Clark, H B
Clark, A T
Clark, T A
Clark, J H
Clark, A B
Clark, D
Clark, D A
Clark, Robert John
Clark, T G
Clark, A W
Clark, W D
Clark, L D
Clark, J N
Clark, F D
Clark, I
Clark, B A
Clark, M O
Clark, Ronald Thomas
Clark, W G
Clark, W H R
Clark, E W
Clark, G G
Clark, J W C
Clark, A H
Clark, J
Clark, G C
Clark, J B
Clark, D
Clark, A C
Clark, H D
Clark, C
Clark, S P
Clark, A
Clark, R
Clark, F G
Clark, T H
Clark, C A G
Clark, W L
Clark, F B
Clark, R T
Clark, A W J
Clark, H N
Clark, R B G E
Clark, J A
Clark, A J
Clark, P C H
Clark, A
Clark, W H
Clark, A J
Clark, W A G
Clark, J L
Clark, E W
Clark, W T J
Clark, C P
Clark, R
Clark, J
Clark, G J R
Clark, R L
Clark, J C
Clark, A W
Clark, C G
Clark, L S
Clark, L S
Clark, R
Clark, J J R
Clark, A J P
Clark, H A
Clark, J
Clark, J
Clark, R S
Clark, G M
Clark, I P
Clark, R C
Clark, R M G
Clark, T F S
Clark, S F
Clark, H E
Clark, P
Clark, B
Clark, T H
Clark, R
Clark, A D
Clark, A W
Clark, J H
Clark, J
Clark, H W
Clark, T J
Clark, H D
Clark, F
Clark, F
Clark, J
Clark, L
Clark, F C
Clark, D N
Clark, W A
Clark, J D
Clark, W G
Clark, R E
Clark, H A T
Clark, M A
Clark, K W C
Clark, C D
Clark, W
Clark, J C
Clark, H
Clark, E S
Clark, N W H
Clark, R E
Clark, B
Clark, S
Clark, G E
Clark, W A
Clark, R E W
Clark, N A W
Clark, W
Clark, G F
Clark, W A
Clark, D G
Clark, H M
Clark, S E C
Clark, W G
Clark, V J
Clark, J
Clark, A B
Clark, F A
Clark, P G
Clark, J S
Clark, H M
Clark, C F
Clark, K E
Clark, R
Clark, R
Clark, H M
Clark, A M
Clark, J A D
Clark, H F P
Clark, G D
Clark, H A
Clark, H D
Clark, C H A
Clark, J
Clark , Lloyd Loris
Clark-Carter, D C
Clarke, J Y
Clarke, A H
Clarke, R R
Clarke, T T
Clarke, J R
Clarke, T K
Clarke, Roy Leslie
Clarke, R C
Clarke, R M
Clarke, R M
Clarke, Roy Desmond Edward
Clarke, Harold Thomas
Clarke, Guy Archer
Clarke, Ciaran Anzlony
Clarke, Charles William
Clarke, William
Clarke, Alfred Thomas
Clarke, Robert
Clarke, Desmond De Villiers
Clarke, J F W
Clarke, A W
Clarke, J H
Clarke, A E
Clarke, C
Clarke, W R
Clarke, R W
Clarke, D W
Clarke, R W
Clarke, G F
Clarke, D M
Clarke, D M
Clarke, K W
Clarke, H W
Clarke, Frederick Edsall
Clarke, J T
Clarke, S E
Clarke, R F
Clarke, G W
Clarke, G W
Clarke, R G
Clarke, H W
Clarke, Edward Allan
Clarke, A K
Clarke, C J
Clarke, R E
Clarke, T H
Clarke, W V
Clarke, J E
Clarke, A B
Clarke, L C
Clarke, H J
Clarke, F
Clarke, F J
Clarke, J E
Clarke, A J
Clarke, S R
Clarke, R R
Clarke, H J
Clarke, G McF
Clarke, R J
Clarke, M A
Clarke, E G
Clarke, R J
Clarke, W C
Clarke, W J
Clarke, J G
Clarke, A T
Clarke, E R
Clarke, R B
Clarke, E G
Clarke, F V
Clarke, R K
Clarke, H W
Clarke, E J T
Clarke, R N
Clarke, T
Clarke, T
Clarke, N A
Clarke, L R
Clarke, W E F
Clarke, H M
Clarke, R
Clarke, A R
Clarke, H G
Clarke, A M
Clarke, C D
Clarke, F S
Clarke, R L
Clarke, A G
Clarke, G
Clarke, L F
Clarke, D
Clarke, L E
Clarke, L R
Clarke, G T
Clarke, P E
Clarke, J P D
Clarke, E W
Clarke, D A E
Clarke, J
Clarke, J S M
Clarke, N
Clarke, F F
Clarke, F F
Clarke, W H
Clarke, F D
Clarke, E J
Clarke, A W
Clarke, K W
Clarke, H F
Clarke, W
Clarke, H
Clarke, A E
Clarke, F R
Clarke, G S
Clarke, L C E
Clarke, D A
Clarke, M W P
Clarke, H
Clarke, R J
Clarke, J A C
Clarke, E
Clarke, K W
Clarke, H T
Clarke, G F
Clarke, A R
Clarke, J T
Clarke, J
Clarke, H P
Clarke, A J
Clarke, A G
Clarke, J C
Clarke, E W A
Clarke, A W
Clarke, L F
Clarke, J J
Clarke, F
Clarke, C A
Clarke, J
Clarke, J
Clarke, S M
Clarke, J C A
Clarke, J C
Clarke, R T
Clarke, C V
Clarke, B E
Clarke, A G
Clarke, R W T
Clarke, G
Clarke, M T
Clarke, H G
Clarke, C H
Clarke, G H
Clarke, G A
Clarke, F C
Clarke, R F
Clarke, D J S
Clarke, E
Clarke, J B
Clarke, L W
Clarke, F A G
CLarke, A
Clarke, D J
Clarke, P E
Clarke, P B
Clarke, S F
Clarke, C
Clarke, E J
Clarke, G B
Clarke, W L
Clarke, J W
Clarke, M
Clarke, E J
Clarke, E R
Clarke, E W J
Clarke, J D
Clarke, A R
Clarke, E S
Clarke, F C
Clarkin, P P
Clarkson, R L
Clarkson, R G
Clarkson, H
Clarkson, A
Clarkson, F
Clarkson, F
Clarkson, T W
Clarkson, R H W
Clarkson, H P
Clarridge, W T
Clarson, Ian David Henry
Clary, J T
Clary, G A F
Clary, G
Clasper, R
Classen, W G
Classen, E G
Clatworthy, Douglas Roy
Clatworthy, W S
Claude, R
Clausen, H W N
Claxton, D Y
Claxton, J R
Claxton, E R
Claxton, R
Claxton, J L
Clay, H C
Clay, C
Clay, C N
Clay, P H J
Clay, P H J
Clay, L D
Clay, D R
Clay, R E
Clay, R E
Clay, F T
Clay, J H
Clay, G E
Clay, G E
Clay, T S
Clayden, D J
Clayden, F A
Claydon, Gordon William
Claydon, F E
Claydon, G R
Claydon, L W
Clayes, N
Clayton, A J
Clayton, William
Clayton, A D
Clayton, D A
Clayton, A J H
Clayton, R G
Clayton, C M
Clayton, V N
Clayton, L S
Clayton, E W
Clayton, J
Clayton, F
Clayton, P L
Clayton, W H
Clayton, W H
Clayton, D R
Clayton, H
Clayton, A H
Clayton, S F G
Clayton, P G
Clayton, J B
Clayton, E
Clayton, E
Clayton, S J
Clayton, G L
Clayton, M J
Clayton, J
Clayton, J F
Clayton, J F
Clayton, H L
Clayton, P H
Clayton, E
Clayton, R F
Clayton, F T
Clayton, T R
Clayton, R J H
Clayton, J
Clayton, C E
Clayworth, E R
Clayworth, Albert
Cleak, F B
Cleal, P D
Clear, G S
Clearwater, R L
Clearwater, D
Clearwater, D
Cleary, F J
Cleary, Henry Joseph (Harry)
Cleary, E D
Cleary, J P
Cleary, W L
Cleary, D D
Cleary, M C
Cleasby, F J
Cleaver, J B
Cleaver, D S
Cleaver, D V
Cleaver, F C
Cleaver, R A
Cleaver, B
Cleaver, A A B
Cleaver, G N S
Cleaver, G N S
Cleaver, R B
Cleburne, P B N
Clee, H A
Cleeton, B F
Cleeve, A W J
Cleeve, R G
Clegg, B M
Clegg, W A
Clegg, Richard John
Clegg, W H
Clegg, J
Clegg, H
Clegg, Herbert
Clegg, J V
Clegg, R
Clegg, W A
Clegg, J
Cleghorn, D G
Cleghorn, A H
Cleland, H J
Clelland, E J
Clelland, G
Clelland, J G
Clelland, J G
Clemenhagen, T F
Clemens, C E
Clemens, E P
Clement, C
Clement, D F
Clement, H
Clement, R A
Clement, J McV
Clement, H E
Clement, F C W
Clement, R D
Clement, C T L
Clement, E J
Clement, C R
Clements, G B
Clements, J G
Clements, J R
Clements, H
Clements, J E
Clements, H H
Clements, R S
Clements, R K
Clements, H G
Clements, R C
Clements, R C S
Clements, F
Clements, M F
Clements, J S
Clements, W L
Clements, J S
Clements, S
Clements, C
Clements, John A
Clements, R F
Clements, N O
Clements, C M
Clements, R S
Clementson, W S
Clemerson, W H
Clemett, J A
Clemett, J A
Clemo, W L
Clenahan, Robert Lonsdale
Clenard, A B
Clendinneng, R S
Clennell, Dennis Herbert
Clenshaw, I C C
Clenton, J S
Clephane, D A
Clerc, Jacques Oliver
Clerides, G
Clerke, H G
Clermont, Justin Gerard
Cletheroe, C
Cleve, F
Cleveland, F A
Cleveland, S G
Cleveland, V A F
Cleveland, A
Cleveland, J McG
Cleveland, H D
Cleveland, I B
Cleveland, C H
Cleverdon, R J A
Cleverley, D H H
Cleverley, G E
Clevey, W A
Clewley, G C
Clewley, R J
Clews, P H
Clezy, W
Clibbery, Alexander Rex (Alex)
Clibbery, A R
Cliburn, E P
Cliff, I B
Cliff, G D M
Cliff, W
Cliff-McCulloch, A P
Cliffe, J
Cliffe, F G
Cliffe, J
Clifford, C E W
Clifford, Samuel William
Clifford, N H
Clifford, A A
Clifford, D J
Clifford, M G W
Clifford, M G W
Clifford, R
Clifford, G W
Clifford, H J
Clifford, R C
Clifford, D J
Clifford, J A
Clifford, A C
Clifford, R H
Clifford, J
Clifford, J T
Clifford, A V
Clifford, W J
Clifford, L B
Clifford, T A
Clifford-Jones, Bruce Innes
Clifford-Reade, A P
Clifford-Reade, C
Clift, J E
Clift, T
Clift, D E
Clift, A
Clift, A
Clifton, J W
Clifton, B A
Clifton, B
Clifton, A J
Clifton, R R
Clifton, T C C
Clifton, J J
Clifton, A E
Clifton, C
Clifton, J K G
Clifton, F A N
Clifton, R J
Clifton, C T
Clifton, L
Clifton, L
Clifton-Mogg, W S
Climie, W B F
Climie, C B
Climie, W
Climo, F W P
Climo, R G W
Clinch, A H
Clinch, Kenneth
Clinch, D H
Clinch, E J
Clinch, F W
Clinch, J J
Clinging, B J
Clingly, J
Clinkard, D C G
Clinkskill, J T
Clinton, R S
Clinton, E O
Clinton, W R
Clinton, B V
Clinton, F E
Clinton, J F
Clisby, Leslie Redford
Clisby, L R
Clisby, D
Clissold, G A
Clithero, G N
Clitheroe, R V
Clitheroe, T C
Clitheroe, B
Cloarec, J
Clogg, A L
Clohessy, K F
Cloran, T H
Close, D E
Close, Leslie
Close, P T
Close, J J
Close, A C
Closterman, P H
Clothier, B A
Clothier, J G
Clothier, H G
Clothier, H G
Clothier, R A
Clothier, C
Clothier, R A
Cloud, A
Clough, James Algernon
Clough, John Alfred
Clough, W J
Clough, G F
Clough, K
Clough, H D
Clough, W L
Clough, K
Clough, J T B
Clough, F
Clough, W P
Clough, D
Clough, R
Clough, A R
Clouston, R C
Clouston, J G
Clouston, W
Clouston, F N
Clouston, W G
Clouston, D J
Clout, C F
Clouter, G T
Clouter, T
Clouthier, J D L
Cloutier, J E
Cloutier, W B B
Clow, E
Clow, E
Clow, W R
Clow, D J
Clowes, W A
Clowes, W A
Clowes, J W
Clubb, F J
Clubb, S J
Clucas, F C
Clucas, P H
Clucas, J K
Cluer, R
Cluff, R F
Cluff, E B
Clulow, G F
Clulow, P
Clunas, Eric Clark
Clunas, I C
Clutterbuck, R F
Clutterbuck, L C
Clutterbuck, W G
Clyde, Alexander Thomas
Clyde, N W
Clyde, W
Clydesdale, W R
Clydesdale, N H
Clyne, G A
Clynes, M G
Coad, C P
Coad, J I
Coade, C F
Coaker, R L
Coaker, F P
Coakes, A E
Coakley, C H
Coakley, C H
Coales, D
Coalter, R
Coard, David
Coas, A H
Coast, G
Coates, J E
Coates, E A
Coates, R
Coates, Ronald
Coates, E D
Coates, D M
Coates, P H
Coates, Grossett Keith
Coates, D D
Coates, L D I
Coates, A
Coates, J
Coates, R
Coates, R
Coates, K W
Coates, J A
Coates, H K
Coates, W E
Coates, J
Coates, J
Coates, J R
Coates, W H R A
Coates, R
Coates, H
Coates, W
Coates, W
Coates, E A
Coates, J R
Coates, S
Coates, W D
Coathup, C H
Coatsworth, N
Cobb, Reginald Ernest
Cobb, N A
Cobb, Cyril Thomas
Cobb, V A
Cobb, H
Cobb, J A
Cobb, T A
Cobb, W
Cobb, D
Cobbe, A W L
Cobbett, B V
Cobbett, C H
Cobbett, J A
Cobbett, J F
Cobbin, D W
Cobble, R C
Cobbold, C J
Cobby, A V E
Cobby, G R
Cobden, Gerald Thomas
Cobden, W T G
Cobden, D G
Cobell, W
Cobern, C A
Cobley, F
Cobley, C
Coburn, T W
Coburn, A R
Coburn, A J
Cochbaine, M W
Cochrane, J B
Cochrane, A W
Cochrane, T D
Cochrane, J R H
Cochrane, A W G
Cochrane, D C
Cochrane, G N
Cochrane, A W
Cochrane, J
Cochrane, J H F
Cochrane, A G A
Cochrane, A P
Cockaday, C W
Cockaday, A J
Cockayne, C G
Cockayne, A C
Cockayne, R C
Cockbone, G D
Cockburn, W
Cockburn, J T
Cockburn, D W
Cockburn, A McN
Cockburn, R C
Cockburn, W A
Cockburn, W
Cockcroft, V E
Cockcroft, B H
Cockcroft, A C
Cocker, E R
Cockerham, L
Cockie, A M
Cockin, E M
Cocking, Ronald Francis
Cocking, L
Cocking, F
Cocking, A B
Cockington, Percival
Cockman, M A
Cockram, ‘Freddie’ Frederick John
Cockrem, H W G
Cockroft, J
Cocks, S G
Cocks, J G
Cocks, J G
Cocks, A R
Cocks, F R
Cocks, C W H
Cockshott, W
Cockshott, R J
Cockwell, D C
Cockwill, W G
Cocozza, Raphael Michael
Codd, D A
Codd, J H
Codd, W R L
Code, J E
Code, R M
Coderre, W H
Coderre, M A
Codling, Ronald
Cody, B F
Cody, J D
Cody, C T K
Cody, M
Coe, C R
Coe, D R
Coe, G E
Coe, E J
Coe, A
Coedy, H J W
Coen, O H
Coffey, S D
Coffey, H M
Coffey, J B
Coffey, B E
Coffin, Albert Glyn
Coffin, J G
Coffin, R I
Cofield, L C
Cogdell, C N V
Cogdell, C J B
Coggans, G M
Cogger, W L
Coggin, S A
Coggins, L E
Coggins, R W W
Coggins, R J
Coghill, C M McG
Coghlan, J F
Coghlan, L W
Cogman, W C G
Cogman, W C G
Cohen, L
Cohen, M
Cohen, C B
Cohen, A I
Cohen, T
Cohen, S
Cohen, M
Cohen, L
Cohen, A
Cohen, L R
Cohen, B
Cohen, I I
Cohen, Edward Charles
Cohen, M
Cohen, N
Cohen, M
Cohen, M
Cohen, A
Cohen, L
Cohen, S G
Cohen, H C
Cohen, D I
Coignard, P C R
Coignard, P C R
Coish, F C
Coke, D A
Coker, C K
Coker, F C
Coker, H
Coker, H G
Coker, M S D
Colan, A O
Colangelo, W
Colbeck, T S
Colbert, S
Colbert, E
Colbert, S R
Colborn, E A
Colborne, C G
Colbourn, C E
Colbourn, F L J
Colbourne, A
Colbourne, V C H
Colbourne, J L
Colbran, L D
Colburn, L
Colburn, C M
Colby, D
Colclough, M J
Coldicatt, A D
Coldicott, D J
Coldicott, C N
Coldicutt, E C
Coldrey, Jeffrey Cyril
Coldrey, G E
Coldrey, N W J
Coldridge, A S
Coldron, G E C
Coldwell, G W
Coldwell, A L
Coldwell, B
Coldwell, P R
Coldwell, P R
Coldwell, L C
Coldwell-Horsfall, G D
Cole, K I
Cole, N
Cole, S V
Cole, R O
Cole, E L
Cole, Frank William Richard
Cole, George
Cole, Arthur George
Cole, G S
Cole, Douglas Neville
Cole, F M
Cole, R J L
Cole, E M
Cole, F M
Cole, J E
Cole, K A
Cole, H O
Cole, G D
Cole, R S
Cole, E W
Cole, J A
Cole, W R
Cole, F C
Cole, G W
Cole, J
Cole, E W
Cole, J F
Cole, M J B
Cole, W F L
Cole, C
Cole, J D
Cole, G W
Cole, A W
Cole, G A
Cole, A C
Cole, R C
Cole, R W
Cole, W H
Cole, C W
Cole, F S
Cole, E F
Cole, R S
Cole, R L
Cole, R L
Cole, A J
Cole, Albert S
Cole, H J E
Cole, T B
Cole, D O
Cole, D O
Cole, M M
Cole, J S
Cole, R S
Cole, R S
Cole, R D
Cole, J P V
Cole, F J
Cole, R H
Cole, A T
Cole, G F
Cole, W J
Cole, R A
Cole, J
Cole, D A
Cole, W J
Colebatch, N H
Colebrook, W J
Colebrook, D G
Colebrook, C
Colebrooke, J R
Colehan, R A
Coleman, Mervyn John
Coleman, M J
Coleman, K G
Coleman, A J
Coleman, J R
Coleman, W C
Coleman, G S
Coleman, L U
Coleman, William Harcourt
Coleman, C L
Coleman, W R
Coleman, J
Coleman, J
Coleman, K
Coleman, G
Coleman, L W
Coleman, D R
Coleman, A
Coleman, V G F
Coleman, N E H
Coleman, D E
Coleman, D E
Coleman, W E
Coleman, G
Coleman, R F
Coleman, S H
Coleman, E J
Coleman, J R
Coleman, V G F
Coleman, R F
Coleman, P J
Coleman, E B
Coleman, J W
Coleman, G E
Coleman, J E
Coleman, P J
Coleman, E
Colenutt, H J
Coles, G S
Coles, Kenneth Robert
Coles, F W
Coles, E T
Coles, M W
Coles, G H
Coles, T E
Coles, T C
Coles, P
Coles, R M
Coles, J
Coles, R G
Coles, H W
Coles, S A
Coles, A
Coles, E C
Coles, L P
Coles, F W
Coles, D
Coles, M A
Coles, M A
Coles, N J
Coles, N J
Coley, R C
Coley, A W
Colfe, W K
Colfey, F
Colgan, J
Colgan, J
Colgan, B T
Colgate, H E W
Colhoun, H
Colier, A T S
Coling, E F
Colk, F C G
Collard, G G
Collard, C
Collard, G M
Collard, R C
Collard, P
Collard, E M
Collard, T C
Collas, C
Colledge, V G
Colledge, W W
Colledge, M W
Colledge, D M
Colledge, R
Collen, D O
Collender, R G
Collender, R
Collenet, F B
Collenette, M de B
Collens, W W
Collens, R J
Collet, A E
Collett, P G L
Collett, R T J
Collett, A J
Collett, H W
Collett, K P
Collett, M A
Collett, I H
Collett, D S R
Collett, H W
Collett, G R
Collett, G R
Collett, F
Collett, W I
Collett, A L
Colley, A G S
Colley, N S C
Colley, R J
Colley, E L
Collie, D F
Collier, K R
Collier, K R
Collier, C M
Collier, R A J
Collier, R F
Collier, R
Collier, R
Collier, S S J
Collier, A
Collier, T
Collier, R T
Collier, G F
Collier, W
Collier, W R
Collier, T P
Collier, R E
Collignon, L
Collignon, L
Collin, K R
Collin, A C
Collin, C
Collin, H O
Collin, T
Collin, T H
Colling, A
Collinge, Frank Donald
Collinge, H K
Collinge, R V
Collinge, J D
Collinge, D O
Collingham, J R
Collingridge, L W
Collings, B L
Collings, Henry Philemon
Collings, L G
Collings, F J
Collings, R C
Collings, M B
Collings, R
Collings, B B
Collings, A C
Collings, K V G
Collingwood, C J
Collingwood, J V
Collingwood, E
Collingwood, O E
Collingwood, C N
Collingwood, R A
Collingwood, F
Collingwood, E W J
Collins, L
Collins, W F
Collins, E F
Collins, L C
Collins, R J
Collins, J C
Collins, J G
Collins, N T
Collins, Allan James
Collins, Harold George
Collins, Arthur
Collins, B.P.
Collins, L J
Collins, Gilson Edmund
Collins, R L
Collins, G A
Collins, J R
Collins, J T
Collins, K McR
Collins, R A
Collins, A W
Collins, O R
Collins, R W B
Collins, R F
Collins, K C
Collins, R C
Collins, O E
Collins, John Noel
Collins, W
Collins, L J
Collins, T
Collins, R A
Collins, F G T
Collins, R W
Collins, L
Collins, F R
Collins, D J
Collins, T
Collins, R N
Collins, L G
Collins, P R
Collins, E L
Collins, J J F
Collins, R A
Collins, R A
Collins, J W C
Collins, N B
Collins, W
Collins, J
Collins, A V
Collins, N P
Collins, M
Collins, A E
Collins, B O
Collins, E E
Collins, F C
Collins, F J
Collins, F C
Collins, A V
Collins, L
Collins, E H
Collins, J W
Collins, D N
Collins, C V
Collins, G H G
Collins, G H G
Collins, A H
Collins, M R
Collins, D
Collins, C L A
Collins, N S
Collins, M A
Collins, J R
Collins, W N
Collins, J
Collins, W N
Collins, R N
Collins, R H G
Collins, A S
Collins, D
Collins, P R
Collins, W S
Collins, W A
Collins, J H
Collins, L W
Collins, W E
Collins, H W
Collins, M W G
Collins, G R
Collins, J K
Collins, G
Collins, A R
Collins, A
Collins, W B
Collins, P O
Collins, R G
Collins, E
Collins, L F
Collins, E F
Collins, C H
Collins, G E
Collinshaw, C W
Collinson, L J
Collinson, B
Collinson, K L
Collinson, G T
Collis, R B
Collis, G
Collis, R
Collis, G F
Collis, M A
Collis, P F
Collis, J H
Collis, W E
Collis, L J
Collis, R G
Collis, R D
Collis, J A
Collison, G A
Collison, A H
Collister, J W
Collman, E G
Collopy, G K
Collopy, J H
Collopy, J H
Collorado-Mansfield, F F
Colloton, W
Colls, L J
Collumbell, D
Collumbell, J
Collver, J B
Collyer, J W
Collyer, D R
Collyer, C T
Collyer, B
Collyer, A C
Collyns, B G
Collyns, B G
Colman, H W
Colman, H W
Colman, T A
Colman, G W
Colman, P L
Colman, R K
Colman, L W
Colmer, W L
Colombo, D A
Colonna, A R A
Colp, E L
Colpitts, J W
Colquhoun, J M
Colquhoun, C M
Colquhoun, I L
Colquhoun, J M
Colquhoun, W L
Colquhoun, R S
Colquhoun, D
Colquhoun, W A
Colson, F A
Colson, W A
Colston, T J
Colt, A G S
Colter, J C
Colthurst, J B
Coltman, P E
Coltman, J
Columbine, A B
Columbus, G P
Columbus, R E
Colverson, R L
Colverwell, O D
Colville, A C
Colville, J S
Colville, A
Colville, J
Colville, F
Colvin, Robert Stevenson
Colvin, Robert Stevenson
Colvin, J A
Colvin, R J T
Colvin, T L
Colvin, A
Colvin, M F
Colvin, W W
Colvin, D A S
Colvin, J
Colvin, R
Colvon, K M
Colwell, J H
Colwell, R
Colwell, T B
Colwell, H G
Colwill, Ernest
Colwill, W C
Colwill, M C
Colwill, W J
Colyer, G W
Comans, R V
Combaz, A J
Combe, G E
Combeaud, J
Comber, N S
Comber, D R
Comber-Higgs, E D
Comber-Higgs, E D
Combes, J C
Combres, M E
Comeau, J N P E
Comeau, J A
Comely, P W
Comer, G A
Comer, C J
Comer, J
Comer, L F
Comer, J C V
Comer, D A C
Comery, A
Cometti, K A
Comley, J M
Commerford, L P
Commins, W J
Compston, R
Compton, G A E
Compton, V J F
Compton, G K
Compton, A W A
Compton, L J
Compton, J D
Compton, D
Compton, F C
Compton, W H S
Compton, L A
Compton, B
Compton, S J
Comrie, W P
Comroe, P
Comyn, R D
Conacher, R G A
Conard, F A H L A
Cond, R H
Cond, L C
Conde, H
Conde, R
Condie, A Y
Condon, A
Condon, A J
Condon, J J
Condon, L
Condon, V E
Condon, T
Condron, J
Coney, A
Coney, K
Confait, A E
Congdon, D W
Congdon, S J
Congdon, S J
Congerton, V B
Congreve, C H
Conisbee, A A
Conklin, N F
Conley, G R
Conley, Ronald John
Conley, R C
Conley, J
Conlon, J V
Conlon, P
Conlon, W M
Conlon, J R
Conly, W M
Conn, F L
Conn, W A
Connacher, S McI
Connah, C
Connatly, T R
Connatly, T
Connearn, D J
Conneff, S R
Connell, Geoffrey Maurice
Connell, W
Connell, J H
Connell, J
Connell, J M
Connell, J M
Connell, S P
Connell, T S
Connell, P
Connell, R W
Connell, L F
Connell, W T
Connelly, H I F
Connelly, J
Conner, A N
Conner, N
Conner, A M
Conner, A M
Conner, F H P
Connery, L B
Connett, E L
Conning, R H
Connochie, H R
Connoley, J H
Connolly, D O
Connolly, J F
Connolly, F A
Connolly, Hilary James
Connolly, T L
Connolly, E W
Connolly, D F
Connolly, H
Connolly, F M
Connolly, M J
Connolly, D J
Connolly, D H G
Connolly, H
Connolly, J
Connolly, J J
Connolly, E
Connolly, J A
Connolly, H H M
Connolly, P E G G
Connolly, C W
Connolly, J R
Connop, D
Connor, E A
Connor, A A
Connor, D D
Connor, G R
Connor, J G
Connor, T W
Connor, D W
Connor, R H
Connor, B
Connor, A E
Connor, J N
Connor, L N
Connor, A C
Connor, T W
Connor, W C
Connor, J E
Connor, R O
Connor, C A
Connor, P M
Connor, D G
Connor, J R
Connors, Stanley Dudley Pierce
Connors, B
Conolly, D J
Conolly, J L De V
Conquest, H J
Conrad, A H
Conrad, W C
Conrad, H
Conrade, Neil Loraine
Conran, J E M
Conran, J E M
Conran, G C
Conrey, J H
Conroy, B K
Conroy, R M
Conroy, J J
Conroy, R F
Conroy, R F
Conroy, R F
Conroy, J
Conroy, D
Conroy, P H
Conry, E J
Consentino, G
Considine, B B
Considine, A T P
Consin, C
Constable, D F
Constable, M R
Constable, W M
Constable, J C
Constable, J E
Constable, H V
Constable, E W
Constable, R I
Constable, P M
Constable, F A
Constable, F G
Constable, T A
Constance, D W
Content, J M
Content, J M
Conter, D
Conter, E
Conture, J J M S
Convey, L J
Convy, Michael
Conway, N J
Conway, P J
Conway, W J
Conway, N F
Conway, J W H
Conway, J
Conway, L
Conway, W G
Conway, J
Conway, T G
Conwell, P G
Conwell, E V
Conwell, E V
Conybear, Edward Anthony
Coogan, Thomas Edward
Coogan, L D
Coogan, J P
Coogan, T E
Coogh, C W
Cook, A
Cook, F R M
Cook, Ronald Anthony
Cook, K A
Cook, Francis John
Cook, James Falshaw
Cook, J H
Cook, Alistair John
Cook, Thomas Bertram
Cook, William Alexander
Cook, Herbert
Cook, Harry William
Cook, S W
Cook, A
Cook, C E
Cook, H L
Cook, W W
Cook, A
Cook, R G
Cook, O
Cook, H J
Cook, N E
Cook, W A
Cook, R G
Cook, James
Cook, Gordon Thomas
Cook, L F
Cook, W H
Cook, H J
Cook, M A
Cook, W H
Cook, W Le R
Cook, W A
Cook, B M
Cook, G W
Cook, P J
Cook, Stephen Astley
Cook, P
Cook, W R
Cook, V
Cook, A R
Cook, W L
Cook, R E
Cook, W J
Cook, A L
Cook, F S C
Cook, E J
Cook, S
Cook, C O
Cook, N C
Cook, G A
Cook, A M
Cook, P W
Cook, E C
Cook, C A
Cook, G
Cook, J R
Cook, G T
Cook, G V
Cook, D W
Cook, R J
Cook, A S
Cook, R J
Cook, R J
Cook, A E
Cook, E J
Cook, R
Cook, S W
Cook, P T R
Cook, D F
Cook, R H D
Cook, W W R
Cook, S A J
Cook, A J
Cook, A M F
Cook, H S
Cook, S
Cook, D T
Cook, W F
Cook, H R
Cook, C
Cook, R
Cook, C H D
Cook, P V
Cook, D A
Cook, M J
Cook, C A
Cook, A H T
Cook, P D
Cook, C S
Cook, P J
Cook, C S
Cook, E G
Cook, A D
Cook, R J
Cook, D R
Cook, H
Cook, L G
Cook, C
Cook, H
Cook, E H
Cook, R N
Cook, F L
Cook, E D
Cook, A
Cook, J W
Cook, C F
Cook, R D
Cook, A G
Cook, J R
Cook, E W
Cook, A V I
Cook, D H W
Cook, F H
Cooke, Terence Raymond
Cooke, Reginald
Cooke, Eric
Cooke, J C
Cooke, J C
Cooke, J L
Cooke, L F
Cooke, W D
Cooke, G H
Cooke, J J
Cooke, J L
Cooke, W H
Cooke, H
Cooke, E T
Cooke, T A
Cooke, C W
Cooke, E M
Cooke, G C
Cooke, R E
Cooke, R E
Cooke, L C
Cooke, F O
Cooke, N C
Cooke, H
Cooke, R
Cooke, T C S
Cooke, A S
Cooke, R J
Cooke, E R
Cooke, G F R
Cooke, R J
Cooke, D C
Cooke, M J H
Cooke, F S
Cooke, E R F
Cooke, G B
Cooke, N G
Cooke, W J
Cooke, J G
Cooke, H W
Cooke, D N
Cooke, F T
Cooke, K B
Cooke, D E
Cooke, A
Cooke, H W F
Cooke, J R A
Cooke, A
Cooke, P F M
Cooke, G
Cooke, D
Cooke, C A
Cooke, J P
Cooke, L J
Cooke, W
Cooke, D
Cooke, A
Cooke, T H
Cooke, T H
Cooke, W L
Cooke, R L
Cookman, H
Cooksey, J B
Cooksey, R F
Cooksey, J A F
Cooksey, J S
Cooksey, J
Cooksley, B L
Cooksley, B W
Cookson, W R
Cookson, D G
Cookson, W B
Cookson, A A
Cookson, S
Cookson, R H
Cookson, J
Cookson, C
Cookson, T P
Coole, S G
Coole, D A P
Cooledge, L D
Cooles, D R
Cooley, P
Cooley, J C
Cooling, C D
Cooling, J
Coombe, H K
Coombe, H K
Coombe, M J
Coombe, A P
Coombe, D J
Coomber, D
Coombes, G B
Coombes, G E
Coombes, D G J
Coombes, W F E
Coombes, H J
Coombes, F W
Coombes, C
Coombridge, T W
Coombs, Cyril Ernest
Coombs, F A
Coombs, A J R
Coombs, J E
Coombs, R V
Coombs, G F
Coombs, V J
Coombs, G E W
Coon, G A
Coon, M T
Coone, E H
Coones, M W
Cooney, J D O'L
Cooney, P
Cooney, K
Cooney, T
Cooney, C J
Coons, D B
Cooombs, J R
Coop, S
Coop, P B
Coope, A
Coope, W E
Coope, W E
Coope, W E
Cooper, J A B
Cooper, E N
Cooper, C G
Cooper, S W
Cooper, R G S
Cooper, J A G
Cooper, Gerald Louis
Cooper, K R
Cooper, William Richard
Cooper, Thomas Noel
Cooper, E J
Cooper, H T M
Cooper, J
Cooper, R W
Cooper, F T
Cooper, D T
Cooper, T W
Cooper, E E
Cooper, D A
Cooper, J H
Cooper, H
Cooper, N P
Cooper, B H
Cooper, J F
Cooper, J D
Cooper, K E
Cooper, E H
Cooper, G A
Cooper, S G
Cooper, J A
Cooper, T E
Cooper, B G A
Cooper, W A
Cooper, J
Cooper, D B
Cooper, B W D
Cooper, C J
Cooper, W J
Cooper, E J
Cooper, R B
Cooper, N M
Cooper, S
Cooper, F
Cooper, F S
Cooper, E
Cooper, W A
Cooper, R H
Cooper, J
Cooper, C J
Cooper, G C
Cooper, J J
Cooper, K J
Cooper, W J
Cooper, V V
Cooper, K
Cooper, A R
Cooper, G W
Cooper, F
Cooper, F
Cooper, E J
Cooper, F H
Cooper, R
Cooper, G L
Cooper, A B
Cooper, R A
Cooper, R W
Cooper, F W
Cooper, B E
Cooper, H C
Cooper, E W L
Cooper, C
Cooper, J R
Cooper, G S
Cooper, A J M
Cooper, W V
Cooper, S
Cooper, J A
Cooper, F W
Cooper, A E S
Cooper, H
Cooper, J S
Cooper, G D
Cooper, H D H
Cooper, W C
Cooper, E H
Cooper, D F
Cooper, H J
Cooper, R
Cooper, M C
Cooper, N
Cooper, K J
Cooper, S F
Cooper, E R P S
Cooper, A E
Cooper, E G
Cooper, W B
Cooper, N S
Cooper, J R
Cooper, G
Cooper, K T
Cooper, F S
Cooper, D J
Cooper, G H
Cooper, D J
Cooper, W
Cooper, K T
Cooper, R G
Cooper, R
Cooper, A
Cooper, K J
Cooper, P G
Cooper, J
Cooper, J F
Cooper, G
Cooper, N
Cooper, B J
Cooper, G
Cooper, G J
Cooper, A W
Cooper, D
Cooper, A W
Cooper, C F
Cooper, K G
Cooper, F E H
Cooper, H W
Cooper, M H F
Cooper, M H F
Cooper, M H F
Cooper, M H F
Cooper, J L
Cooper, R L
Cooper, R G
Cooper, H B
Cooper, L H
Cooper, N L
Cooper, E
Cooper, H B
Cooper, B
Cooper, L G
Cooper, J H
Cooper, E R
Cooper, L
Cooper, A N
Cooper, N E
Cooper, E F J
Cooper, J H
Cooper, R W
Cooper, R W R
Cooper, A N
Cooper, J S
Cooper, R E
Cooper, W G
Cooper, J A H
Cooper-Slipper, T P M
Coopey, W M
Coopman, P
Cooreman, P H M
Coote, Patric Bernard
Coote, C E
Coote, K P
Coote, G A
Coote, A W
Coote, F S
Copcutt, R
Cope, G R
Cope, J L
Cope, J E
Cope, G A
Cope, R
Cope, J F
Cope, H C
Cope, A J
Cope, J
Cope, D E
Cope, F S
Cope, E V
Copeland, G W
Copeland, B B
Copeland, D J
Copeland, H R
Copeland, James Coulter
Copeland, J C
Copeland, T D
Copeland, G L
Copeland, R
Copeland, H
Copeland, T O
Copeland, T W A
Copeland, P
Copeland, A A
Copeman, J H H
Copeman, H J
Copeman, G D
Copinger, W P
Copland, J R
Copland, L
Copland, D R
Copley, R A
Copley, R A
Copley, E H
Copley, L
Copley, D
Copley, J J
Copley, A T
Copp, P J F
Coppersmith, R P
Copperwaite, R A C
Copping, H J L
Copping, F S
Copping, A J
Copplestone, A F
Copsey, T
Copsey, L G
Copson, D
Copus, P J
Coqueron, J
Corah, G P
Coram, T S
Corbally, J C
Corbally, E J
Corbet, Cecil M
Corbet, C M
Corbett, James Brownlie
Corbett, J A
Corbett, W D
Corbett, W D
Corbett, V J
Corbett, V B
Corbett, K R
Corbett, W J
Corbett, J J
Corbett, J T
Corbett, P E
Corbett, F
Corbett, J
Corbett, F
Corbett, C R
Corbett, E H
Corbett, E H
Corbett, G H
Corbett, G H
Corbett, P B
Corbiell, Joseph Clement Aloysius (Clem)
Corbishley, H
Corbitt, Daniel
Corby, R C
Corcoran, Len G
Corcoran, R R
Corcoran, M M
Corcoran, D J
Corcoran, H
Corcoran, E
Cordall, R O
Cordell, R A
Corderoy, E A
Cordery, S
Cordery, J C
Cordery, D
Cordick, J M
Cordingley, R
Cordle, R S W
Cordner, J
Cordon, Leslie Theodore
Cordon, A
Cordwell, John D.
Core, F A
Corelli, F M C
Corewyn, W G
Corfe, D A
Corfe, D F
Corfe, D F
Corfield, N
Corfield, J W
Corfield, J W
Corin, H G
Cork, C S
Cork, Alfred John
Cork, Kenneth James
Corke, J K
Corke, J
Corke, J K
Corke, K C E
Corker, W J C
Corker, A W
Corkett, A H
Corkhill, C W M
Corkhill, R B
Corless, A V D
Corless, J
Corless, T
Corlett, G S
Corlett, A I
Corlett, E M
Corlett, E M
Corlett, A S
Corley, L E
Corley, P M
Corley, E E
Corlis, J E
Cormack, William Thomas
Cormack, J
Cormack, A
Cormack, W E
Cormack, W G
Cormack, J A
Cormack, A McK
Cormack, A A
Cormack, A McG
Cormer, A A
Cormier, C
Cormier, J L
Cornelison, J E
Cornelius, C B
Cornelius, E D
Cornelius, R W
Cornell, E R I
Cornell, R H
Cornell, B T
Cornell, N J
Corner, Frank Leonard
Corner, H W
Cornes, D C
Cornes, H M
Cornett, G M
Cornfield, E A
Cornford, S E
Cornforth, J W
Cornish, H N
Cornish, Herbert
Cornish, L
Cornish, J C
Cornish, O M
Cornish, D J
Cornish, G H
Cornish, W G
Cornish, G J
Cornish, E
Cornish, V C
Cornish, R
Cornlius, R S
Corns, A
Corns, E
Cornthwaite, J W
Cornwall, G S
Cornwall, H L
Cornwall, J A
Cornwall, C H
Cornwallis, P B
Cornwell, R G
Cornwell, C A
Cornwell, R S
Cornwell, R W
Cornwell, K F
Cornwell, F W
Cornwell, R
Corps, A G
Corr, W O
Corran, S
Correll, J D
Correlli, S
Corrie, Michael
Corrie, C H
Corrie, J E
Corrie, C C
Corrigan, Peter
Corrigan, R J
Corrigan, G L
Corrigan, J L
Corrigan, W
Corrigan, E P
Corrigan, L R
Corris, D
Corriveau, J T R
Corriveau, A J
Corrs, A S S
Corrs, A S S
Corry, K C
Corry, J S B
Corry, E
Corsbee, J H
Corsby, A G
Corser, E G M
Cortis, W
Coruvalin, C
Corvan, P W
Cory, J K
Cory, G J
Cory, J E
Coryton, P D O
Cosby, B H
Cosby, T C
Cosby, E T
Cosens, F W
Cosford, D E
Cosford, T
Cosgriff, B P
Cosgrove, J P
Cosgrove, J P
Cosgrove, M W
Cosgrove, P M
Cosgrove, A E
Cosgrove, W
Cosgrove, R J
Cosgrove, G
Cosgrove, H J
Cosgrove, D J C
Coshall, S
Coshall, S
Cosnett, Eric William
Cossar, A E
Cossar, R C
Cossart, J B
Cossens, E J
Cossey, H J
Cossins, R F H
Cossins, J G
Cossins, G D
Cossins, A J
Coste, R M
Costello, A G
Costello, J T
Costello, R M
Costello, G A
Costello, M
Costello, J A
Costello, J J
Costello-Bowen, E A
Costello-Brown, E A
Coster, J S
Coster, E F
Coster, D A
Coster, A G
Coster, E S
Coster, C H E
Costigan, John
Costigan, Edward Norman
Cote, L E J
Cote, P E
Cote, J E B A
Cote, C E
Cote, J A
Cote, M J A
Cote, M J A
Coter, P C
Cotnan, W B
Coton, E H
Coton, E
Cotsell, D
Cottam, A P
Cottam, W W
Cottam, S
Cottard, D F
Cotte, D W
Cottenden, M
Cotter, D W
Cotter, T A
Cotter, E J
Cotter, D A
Cotter, R
Cotterell, Peter Samuel
Cotterell, N C
Cotterell, C H W
Cotterell, A R
Cotterell, N I
Cotterell, M C
Cotterill, S H R
Cotterill, R
Cotterill, G E
Cotterill, W H
Cotterill, A
Cottew, R G
Cottham, C
Cottier, T G
Cottier, T G
Cottingham, Cyril Morgan
Cottingham, J C
Cottle, J R
Cottle, W W
Cottle, P F
Cottman, J D
Cotton, W
Cotton, M T
Cotton, M T
Cotton, M T
Cotton, Leonard
Cotton, D N
Cotton, E J
Cotton, J
Cotton, B A
Cotton, W
Cotton, E H B
Cotton, P
Cotton, G H
Cotton, L
Cotton, G A D
Cotton, G A D
Cotton, I
Cotton, W
Cotton, K A C
Cotton, E
Cotton, R W
Cotton, L J V
Cotton, F W
Cotton Michin, Christopher Humphrey
Cottrell, Gilbert Valentine
Cottrell, B
Cottrell, K G
Cottrell, L
Cottrell, E C
Cottrell, N R
Cottrell, N
Cottrell, D O
Coubrough, G T
Couch, A T
Couch, J E
Couch, A C
Couchman, L N
Couchman, R
Couchman, W B
Couchman, E
Coughlan, J
Coughlan, L
Coughlin, J A
Coughlin, G P
Coughlin, B
Coughtrey, F
Coul, J
Coulam, A G M
Coulby, F G
Coulcombe, J
Couldwell, E
Coules, E C A
Coulhoun, W A L
Coull, John Thomson
Coull, A
Coull, J
Coulombe , K J R A R
Coulsey, J R
Coulson, Frederick Ernest
Coulson, F
Coulson, E
Coulson, J
Coulson, K
Coulson, S
Coulson, R
Coulson, R
Coulson, J F
Coultatd, P C
Coulter, Kenneth Boyd
Coulter, R L
Coulter, J S
Coulter, E M
Coulter, Richard Leslie
Coulter, J
Coulter, B H
Coulthard, J C
Coulthard, J
Coulthard, A M
Coulthart, T W
Coulton, J
Coulton, H
Counell, V
Counter, M J
Countess, R E
Coup, J
Coupe, A H
Coupe, H
Coupe, H P
Coupe, R
Coupeau, M
Coupeau, M
Couper, F A
Couper, M W
Couper, C C F
Coupland, T K
Coupland, T J
Courage, D
Court, L G
Court, Frederick John
Court, G L
Court, D A
Court, J R
Court, K O
Court, T R
Court, A W
Court, J
Court, H F
Court, R
Court, P J
Courtenay, E J
Courtenay, S W
Courtis, E E
Courtman, T S
Courtnall, J S
Courtney, J G
Courtney, J B
Courtney, D
Courtney, R N H
Courtney, J J
Courtney, B
Courtney, D H
Courtois, J H R
Courtois, J E J A
Courvalin, C
Cousens, G B F
Cousens, A G S
Cousin, Robert Frederick
Cousin, H
Cousineau, J T
Cousineau, J A E T
Cousins, John Runnacles
Cousins, Alec H
Cousins, W L
Cousins, A J
Cousins, A S
Cousins, J
Cousins, F W
Cousins, C H
Cousins, A
Cousser, R J
Coutter, F T
Coutts, H A
Coutts, L R
Coutts, A E
Coutts, D C F
Coutts, D C F
Coutts, R W
Couture, J A L
Couzens, G A F
Couzens, R H
Couzens, G F
Couzin-Wood, K R
Covell, G
Covell, D W
Coveney, A J
Coveney, W R
Coventry, R C
Coventry, Henry Reginald
Coventry, S W J
Coventry, L A
Coventry, P P
Coventry, C R
Coveny, R C
Coverdale, John
Coverdale, John
Coverdale, Reginald Francis
Coverley, W H
Coverley, W H
Coverley, J C
Coverley, H D
Coverly, D W R
Covey, W W
Coveyduck, V A
Covington, A R
Covington, A R
Covington, W I
Cowan, C R
Cowan, R R
Cowan, N E
Cowan, H
Cowan, W
Cowan, R E
Cowan, N E
Cowan, R J A
Cowan, C P
Cowan, T
Cowan, W B
Cowan, A J
Cowan, J R
Cowan, J
Cowan, A
Cowan, R W McG
Cowan, H
Cowan, L M
Cowan, G E
Cowan, J F
Cowan, J P C
Cowan, H W
Cowan, G H
Cowan, F C
Cowan, J
Cowan, J E
Cowap, J
Coward, Robert Lonsdale
Coward, J R
Coward, J L
Coward, E C
Coward, C N
Coward, B
Cowd, J
Cowden, John Duncan Forbes
Cowdrey, A G R
Cowdrey, R S W
Cowe, A M
Cowell, Walter Robert
Cowell, George Albert
Cowell, Robert Bryan "Barney"
Cowell, W J
Cowell, J R
Cowell, A J
Cowell, R M
Cowell, A E
Cowell, R
Cowell, D W G
Cowell, F
Cowen, Peter
Cowen, L
Cowen, J
Cowen, J
Cowen, J R
Cowen, J R
Cowen, W J
Cowgill, S
Cowgill, P J
Cowham, S W
Cowie, John Campbell
Cowie, J H
Cowie, J M
Cowie, R J
Cowie, James Lindis
Cowie, F N S
Cowie, A
Cowie, J B
Cowie, P
Cowie, W
Cowie, D
Cowin, D J
Cowin, A
Cowin, N R
Cowings, G H
Cowler, F G
Cowles, R C
Cowles, R C A
Cowley, Stuart Harold
Cowley, R
Cowley, M J
Cowley, J A
Cowley, N C
Cowley, T B
Cowley, R H
Cowley, D
Cowley, V C
Cowley, T
Cowley, J
Cowling, J W
Cowling, P R
Cowling, H E
Cowling, D
Cowling, D L
Cowling, A F
Cowlishaw, H
Cowlrick, A J
Cowman, W H
Cownden, V J
Cownie, N J V
Cowpe, F F
Cowpe, F F
Cowper, E F
Cowsill, J R
Cowtan, Thomas H.
Cox, N H
Cox, A L
Cox, D V
Cox, Gurth Ernest
Cox, John James
Cox, Kenneth Stanley
Cox, Ralph James Mitchell
Cox, R L
Cox, R L
Cox, E T
Cox, P C
Cox, J R T
Cox, J S
Cox, H
Cox, D M
Cox, L E
Cox, J G
Cox, H G F
Cox, J E
Cox, T
Cox, G L J
Cox, L
Cox, D B
Cox, R
Cox, W R
Cox, F W
Cox, T J
Cox, M I
Cox, W F
Cox, G
Cox, R H
Cox, R E
Cox, R L
Cox, R Le M
Cox, J W
Cox, G W
Cox, J
Cox, J H
Cox, D S
Cox, A R
Cox, D
Cox, W A
Cox, L A
Cox, A
Cox, A
Cox, H L
Cox, L
Cox, H F
Cox, C A
Cox, G
Cox, S
Cox, D G S R
Cox, T H
Cox, R W
Cox, G T
Cox, N McD
Cox, R J
Cox, S
Cox, K R
Cox, G D
Cox, B J T
Cox, R C R
Cox, D L
Cox, H M
Cox, J C
Cox, J A A
Cox, A G
Cox, A G
Cox, A W
Cox, A
Cox, R
Cox, A E
Cox, A C
Cox, R T
Cox, L
Cox, E S
Cox, F G
Cox, A
Cox, A J
Cox, H W
Cox, L E
Cox, J L
Cox, K
Cox, A B
Cox, P A N
Cox, E W
Cox, A T
Cox, A D
Cox, K H
Cox, R B
Cox, D G
Cox, J K
Cox, A C L
Cox, J
Cox, C E
Cox, G
Cox, Q T
Cox, G H
Cox, W
Cox, G N
Cox, R E
Cox, W L
Cox, G
Cox, A H C
Cox, H
Cox, A M
Coxhead, D J
Coxhead, P E
Coxhill, L E J
Coxon, J H
Coxon, W T
Coxon, G L
Coy, J L
Coy, D
Coy, J
Coyle, M J
Coyle, M G
Coyle, J J
Coyle, D E
Coyne, E K
Coyne, J
Coyne, P
Coyne, S G
Coyne, S G
Cozens, P J
Cozens, W J G
Cozens, A D
Cozens, R H
Cozens, G A
Cozens, E B
Cozens, E B
Cozens, W A
Cozens, W A
Cozens-Hardy, G S
Cpoas, K R
Crabb, B
Crabb, R G
Crabb, P H
Crabb, J M
Crabb, G J L
Crabb, B
Crabbe, E S
Crabree, Kenneth
Crabtree, E J
Crabtree, John Athelstan
Crabtree, C M
Crabtree, R H
Crabtree, N W
Crabtree, H
Crabtree, D B
Crabtree, T J
Crabtree, J D
Crabtree, J C
Crabtree, M
Crackart, N D
Cracknell, Stanley Arthur
Cracknell, Richard Stephen
Cracknell, Richard Stephen
Cracknell, W C
Cracknell, A W
Cracknell, H E
Craddock, T E
Craddock, Thomas Finbar
Craddock, G
Craddock, J L
Craddock, N S
Craddock, N
Craddock, S
Craddock, R G
Craddock, W J
Craft, C
Craft, G W
Crafts, R H
Cragg, W P
Cragg, K L
Craggs, J B
Craggs, D
Crago, J D
Craib, G R R H
Craig, James William Barrie
Craig, R K
Craig, Michael Joseph
Craig, W D
Craig, W W
Craig, J
Craig, J F
Craig, F H
Craig, H C
Craig, W
Craig, W
Craig, J MacD
Craig, J M
Craig, R K
Craig, J W
Craig, J D
Craig, J F
Craig, A D F
Craig, A D F
Craig, D J R
Craig, J T
Craig, J T
Craig, J W
Craig, D L T
Craig, D G
Craig, J D
Craig, A E
Craig, A E
Craig, J G
Craig, A M
Craig, W N
Craig, A
Craig, D R
Craig, J W
Craig, J N
Craig, K A
Craig, G H
Craig, R
Craig, W H
Craig, G D
Craig, W
Craig, H H
Craig, J R
Craig, R G
Craig, R S C
Craig, P
Craig, R H
Craig, A D F
Craig-Adams, M A
Craigie, J E D
Craigie, C C D
Craigie, R A
Craigie, C
Craigie, D H
Craigie-Halkett, L M
Craik, James Fraser
Craik, M C
Crail, W D
Craill, D G
Crain, A I
Crain, W G
Craine, R M
Cram, H R
Cram, W H
Cram, W
Cram, D
Cramb, P W
Cramer, P J
Cramer, O R
Crameri, A R A
Cramm, H C
Crammond, J
Cramp, R
Cramp, D
Cramp, D
Cramp, D D
Cramp, P J F
Cramp, D L
Crampin, A J
Crampton, Leonard Robert
Crampton, H T
Crampton, W F
Crampton, R A V
Crampton, J G
Crampton, C E
Crampton, W F
Cran, F B
Cranch, F E
Crandell, T M
Crane, R J
Crane, T
Crane, E R
Crane, W M
Crane, L G
Crane, J
Crane, B
Crane, R A
Crane, S C
Crane, K N
Crane, W E
Crane, J F R
Crane, J F R
Crane, J S
Crane, W McD
Crane, C J
Crane, J H
Crane, G
Cranefield, R A G
Cranfield, A A
Cranham, J R
Cranidge, S
Cranidge, T J
Crank, N S
Crank, A A
Cranmer, P A
Cranna, W T
Cranston, D G
Cranston, T G J
Cranston, D C
Cranston, J E
Cranston, G
Cranstoun, J P
Cranswick, D
Cranswick, Alec P
Cranswick, A P
Cranswick, G
Cranswick, A
Cranz, W A
Crapp, Errol Clifton
Crapp, F G
Crapp, E C
Crapper, M
Crapper-Bovey, D R L
Crarer, T E
Craske, B S
Crate, S R
Crate, G G
Craton, James Douglas Crawfors
Craven, C R
Craven, Frank
Craven, Robert B
Craven, P D
Craven, W E
Craven, W
Craven, T L
Craven, L J
Craven, C
Craven, A
Craven, H
Craven, Jack
Craven, L
Craven, R H
Craven, H E A
Craven, A J
Craven, T
Craven, J D
Cravette, C
Cravoisier, J P
Crawford, D R
Crawford, K E
Crawford, Ronald Aubrey
Crawford, David Nicholson
Crawford, J
Crawford, W S
Crawford, V
Crawford, N
Crawford, O E
Crawford, F S
Crawford, J J
Crawford, K
Crawford, D H
Crawford, W G
Crawford, Bernard Verdun
Crawford, J
Crawford, H V R
Crawford, R B
Crawford, F P
Crawford, R J
Crawford, J S G
Crawford, G E
Crawford, F A
Crawford, W A
Crawford, A
Crawford, I K
Crawford, H J
Crawford, G B
Crawford, G B
Crawford, D R
Crawford, J B
Crawford, W A
Crawford, J M
Crawford, G M
Crawford, W E
Crawford, F D
Crawford, S
Crawford, A V
Crawford, J S G
Crawford, A F
Crawford, J
Crawford, J
Crawford, I R B
Crawford, C N C
Crawford, I D
Crawford, F
Crawford, F
Crawford, C W
Crawford, P J S
Crawford, P
Crawford, J L
Crawford, J M
Crawford-Marks, S
Crawford-Watson, L S
Crawley, Charles Douglas
Crawley, Gordon Joseph
Crawley, Clifford Tom
Crawley, F W
Crawley, D
Crawley, F W
Crawley, G W
Crawley, J S F V
Crawley, T S J
Crawley, R F
Crawley, E
Crawley, S E
Crawley, R J
Crawley, J K
Crawley, C H
Crawshaw, R A
Crawshaw, M S
Crawshaw, L
Crawshaw, S R
Crayden, B
Crayston, K M
Craze, H E L
Craze, W R J
Creamer, K A
Creaney, C
Crearer, D L
Crease, H S
Crease, A C
Crease, R
Creaser, G
Creba, J F
Crebbin, G J
Crebbin, G J
Crebbin, W D
Crebbin, W N
Crebbin, J P
Crebbin, J P
Crebbin, J P
Creber, W S
Creber, R G
Creed, E W C
Creed, W H
Creeda, J O
Creedy, D W E
Creer, G
Creer, G E
Crees, P S
Creevy, D W
Creig, C F J
Creighton, Alan D
Creighton, N V
Creighton-Kelly, G K H
Crellin, E H
Cremer, J M
Cremins, T D
Crengh, S C
Crerar, D
Crerar, A
Cresswell, R N A
Cresswell, V
Cresswell, C
Cresswell, A
Cresswell, K J
Cresswell, J D
Cresswell, A B
Cresswell, F A
Creswell, G E
Creswell, P H
Creswell, A E
Creswell, A E
Creswell, A E
Creswell-Turner, A
Crew, B G
Crew, K B
Crew, G C
Crew, G G
Crew, C G
Crew, E D
Crew, E D
Crewe, R E
Crewe, K E
Crewe, F J
Crews, R H
Crews, C A R
Cribb, R J
Cribb, R F
Cribb, H L
Cribbin, G
Cribbin, G N
Crich, W R
Crich, W R
Crichton, D L
Crichton, A
Crichton, F G
Crichton, M I
Crichton, W McL
Crichton, C E
Crick, L E
Crick, W R
Cridge, A V G
Cridge, F W
Cridge, R J
Cridland, R G
Cridland, J
Crighton, A B
Crighton, J
Crighton, A M
Crilly, T
Crimes, B F F
Crimmins, J A C
Crimmins, R T
Crimmins, R T
Crimmins, William Dennis Crimmins
Crimmins, W J
Crimmon, D J
Cringle, R M
Crintinacce, G
Cripps, R F
Cripps, B R
Crisfield, K S
Crisford, R G
Crisford, R G
Crisford, C
Crisp, J R
Crisp, J
Crisp, J A
Crisp, R P
Crisp, J L
Crisp, P D
Crisp, J L
Crisp, R G
Crisp, C E
Crisp, J
Crispin, J P
Crisswell, P
Criswick, M L C
Critch, H L
Critchett, E D L
Critchison, S B
Critchley, J A
Critchley, R
Critchley, Lawrence A
Critchley, D J
Critchley, G T
Critchley, G G
Critchlow, R N P
Critchlow, A
Crittenden, P G
Cro, David Harry
Croad, G P
Croad, I A H
Croad, L H
Croaker, John
Croal, E
Croal, P
Croall, C
Croall, G A
Crobian, M
Crock, H W
Crockart, William Finlay
Crockatt, D E
Crocker, Murray Rowe
Crocker, B
Crocker, F W
Crocker, Malcolm
Crocker, D H
Crockett, J G
Crockett, E G
Crockett, R C
Crockett, R
Crockford, A L
Crockford, A
Crockford, W S
Croft, Robert McKerlie
Croft, W D
Croft, W B
Croft, L F
Croft, A F W N
Croft, J E N
Croft, A C
Croft, J M
Croft, C W
Croft, W A
Croft, K N J
Croft, P N
Croft, A B
Croft, L G
Croft, P F
Croft, D E
Crofton, C C W
Crofton, C C W
Crofton, R M E
Crofts, Donald Albert
Crofts, F
Crofts, R
Crofts, P G
Crofts, R
Croker, M R
Croker, D R
Croll, J MacG
Croll, A H
Croll, A H
Crollie, B C
Cromar, D
Cromarty, J D R
Cromarty, D R
Cromarty, L W
Cromb, L D
Crombie, D C C
Crombie, R
Crombie, G
Crombie, J D
Crombie, J D
Crome, D A
Cromie, J A
Crompton, Douglas
Crompton, Richard Clifford
Crompton, F
Crompton, W R
Crompton, R K
Crompton , Douglas
Cromwell, L N
Cronan, T
Crone, John H
Crone, R D
Crone, R D
Crone, T W A
Croney, L
Croney, H
Cronin, P E
Cronin, M J
Cronin, C P F
Cronk, G J
Cronk, G E
Cronk, L W
Cronk, E F
Cronyn, P H
Crook, William
Crook, E C
Crook, L C
Crook, B J F
Crook, J W
Crook, E
Crook, R D
Crook, W M
Crook, W M
Crook, R E
Crook, L B
Crooke, A W
Crooke, S R
Crookel, G J
Crookes, C
Crookes, V
Crookes, V
Crooks, R W J
Crooks, L
Crooks, L A
Crooks, A
Crooks, W W
Crooks, J H
Crooks, M B
Crooks, D A C
Crooks, L
Crooks, L
Crooks, R H
Crooks, H M
Crookston, D A
Croome, A J C
Croome, A E
Cropper, D L
Croquet, J L J
Crory, A V
Crory, W
Crosbie, P A
Crosbie, D A
Crosbie, D A
Crosbie, P G
Crosby, P A
Crosby, Vincent Brian
Crosby, D Y N
Crosby, R G
Crosby, R G
Crosby, B
Crosby, G L
Crosby, C G
Crosier, P
Crosland, A H
Cross, R F
Cross, W N
Cross, Peter William
Cross, James Arthur
Cross, John Davies
Cross, A L
Cross, W A
Cross, G W
Cross, C N
Cross, H E
Cross, I K P
Cross, L
Cross, A
Cross, P L U
Cross, P L U
Cross, W
Cross, N J
Cross, M M
Cross, W
Cross, H
Cross, D
Cross, C W
Cross, F T
Cross, W
Cross, R J
Cross, F
Cross, G
Cross, G H
Cross, G
Cross, C D
Cross, L C
Cross, J
Cross, R W
Cross, A
Cross, L P
Cross, G R
Cross, G W
Cross, R H
Cross, J S
Cross, J H C
Cross, W H
Cross, T R
Cross, M J C
Cross, M F
Cross, J R
Cross, D H J
Cross, M G
Cross, J W
Crosse, W P
Crossgrove, R
Crossing, J K
Crossland, N
Crossland, Tom
Crossland, H R
Crossland, J
Crossland, A A E
Crossley, F W
Crossley, R
Crossley, L A
Crossley, R C
Crossley, J L
Crossley, J S
Crossley, M N
Crossley, M N
Crossley, E
Crossley, F K
Crossley, E F
Crossley, R
Crossman, T A
Crossman, J D
Crossman, L C
Crossman, T J
Crosson, A J
Crosson, A J
Crossthwaite, D
Crosswell, P B
Crosthwaite, D C
Crostin, David Payne
Croston, L A
Croston, W
Croston, R
Croteau, J F R
Crothers, T E
Crothers, F
Crothers, K D
Crouch, D H
Crouch, C N
Crouch, J W
Crouch, J W
Crouch, D A D
Crouch, K
Crouch, E W
Crouch, W
Crouch, R C A
Crouch, E
Crouch, R G
Crouch, J L
Crouch, A J
Crouch, P J
Crouch, A G B
Croucher, G
Croucher, L C
Croucher, N S
Croucher, J R
Croucher, Henry
Croucher, G
Croucher, J H
Crouse, H A
Crout, H R
Crow, R K
Crow, M H C
Crow, E F L
Crow, P
Crowcroft, T S
Crowdy, C W E
Crowe, H R
Crowe, Eric Arthur
Crowe, W A
Crowe, C D
Crowe, L R
Crowe, D F
Crowe, J F K
Crowe, E
Crowe, J W
Crowe, R F
Crowe, D McB
Crowe, E J
Crowe, A
Crowe, P M
Crowe, A J S
Crowe, G A
Crowe, F C
Crowe, M M
Crowe, W S
Crowfoot, T B
Crowhurst, S V
Crowhurst, E F
Crowley, H E
Crowley, John William
Crowley, P A
Crowley, F J
Crowley, F J
Crowley, P J
Crowley, D F
Crowley, M J
Crowley-Milling, D
Crowsley, D A
Crowsley, W J V
Crowther, A D
Crowther, G C
Crowther, F S
Crowther, W L
Crowther, A R
Crowther, J H P W
Crowther, J
Crowther, T R
Crowther, E
Crowther, F E W
Croxall, A
Croxford, R J
Croxon, Kenneth Eric
Croxon, E
Croxson, H
Croxton, W L
Croxton-Davies, R
Croydon, H L
Crozier, D MacL
Crozier, W J
Crozier, J H T
Crozier, A W
Crozier, N H
Crozier, W A
Crozier, L A
Crucikshank, R A
Cruickshank, A D
Cruickshank, W E
Cruickshank, J D
Cruickshank, D J
Cruickshank, J A
Cruickshank, G
Cruickshank, J R
Cruickshank, J M R
Cruickshank, C
Cruickshank, J M
Cruickshank, D
Cruickshank, D A
Cruickshank, W
Cruickshank, A
Cruickshank, A R
Cruickshanks, G L
Cruise, W L
Crum, W W
Crumbley, W M
Crummey, P J
Crump, Reginald Robert Terance
Crump, J C
Crump, D
Crump, E E G
Crump, R G
Crump, G F
Crump, J
Crumpler, G E
Crush, Richard Hope
Crutch, V J
Crutchfield, P N
Crutchfield, P N
Crutchley, C S
Cruttenden, J
Cruttenden, J
Cruttenden, C L
Cruwys, G H
Crux, C C
Cruxton, G H
Cruze, H E
Cryderman, L E
Cryer, A
Cryer, R P
Cryer, E A
Cryer, J E
Crystal, R H
Crystal, R H
Ctvrtlik, J
Cubbage, B S
Cubberey, A N
Cubberley, W R
Cubbon, W H
Cubey, J K
Cubitt, E G
Cubitt, J C
Cubitt, T
Cudd, A F
Cude, B V
Cudlipp, L W
Cudlipp, L
Cudmore, L R
Cudmore, L R
Cudney, H W
Cudworth, T
Cue, H D
Cueto, F
Cuff, R W J
Cuff, E H
Cuffe, G L
Cuffey, J
Cuffey, F
Cufley, N B
Cugley, S
Culbert, Frederick Campbell
Culff, E R
Culham, G W
Cull, D O
Cull, A J
Cull, R
Cull, S V
Cullen, C R
Cullen, J K
Cullen, Edward
Cullen, S H
Cullen, W C
Cullen, J P L
Cullen, J A
Cullen, C L:
Cullen, P G
Cullen, A F
Cullen, J R
Cullen, R W
Cullen, M F
Cullen, M H
Cullen, W
Cullen, H S G
Cullerne, A P
Cullerne, M N
Cullerton, J D
Culley, J M
Culley, W J
Culley, E J
Culley, J
Culley, J
Culley, J W
Culliford, R F
Culling, W H
Culling, M F
Cullington, A F
Cullis, E
Cullity, J A
Cullum, Douglas Cyri
Cullum, J F W
Cullum, A T L
Cullum, J L
Cully, V C
Cully, V C
Cully, W
Culmer, S W C
Culmsee, W
Culp, R H
Culpan, N S
Culpan, W J R
Culshaw, T
Culshaw, J R
Culver, D G
Culver, D G
Culver, D G
Culverson, D H
Cumber, T S
Cumberbatch, G D
Cumberland, R L
Cumberland, W J E
Cumberlidge, R B
Cuming, L W
Cummer, F H
Cummine, C
Cumming, A B
Cumming, J W
Cumming, A G
Cumming, C G
Cumming, D H
Cumming, L A
Cumming, R A
Cumming, R M
Cumming, W H
Cumming, J W
Cumming, J D
Cumming, J G
Cumming, G M
Cumming, R F
Cumming, R S
Cumming, J
Cumming-Bart, J T E
Cummings, R I
Cummings, M K
Cummings, K G
Cummings, W E
Cummings, R
Cummings, E N
Cummings, J M
Cummings, J W
Cummings, H
Cummings, D G
Cummings, V
Cummins, F R
Cummins, H A
Cummins, W
Cummins, S C
Cummins, T F
Cummins, A P
Cummins, T H
Cummins, R C L
Cummock, V P
Cumpstey, H G
Cumpstey, H G
Cumpsty, F W R
Cundall, H G
Cundall, I P
Cundick, G H
Cundill, W B
Cundill, T C
Cuningham, J C
Cunliffe, J
Cunliffe, W E
Cunliffe, D O
Cunliffe, H N
Cunliffe, F
Cunliffe-Lister, P I
Cunning, E W
Cunning, C H
Cunning, J E
Cunning, W
Cunningham, W A
Cunningham, J M
Cunningham, A F
Cunningham, Edgar W
Cunningham, H T
Cunningham, F L
Cunningham, H J
Cunningham, J C
Cunningham, J H
Cunningham, R N
Cunningham, J A
Cunningham, W
Cunningham, A H
Cunningham, A B
Cunningham, S D
Cunningham, L E
Cunningham, A
Cunningham, E A
Cunningham, V A
Cunningham, D H J
Cunningham, J L
Cunningham, J C
Cunningham, J A
Cunningham, W
Cunningham, W
Cunningham, G S
Cunningham, W J
Cunningham, J D
Cunningham, J M
Cunningham, C A
Cunningham, J C
Cunningham, R L
Cunningham, J L G
Cunningham, R P
Cunningham, R N
Cunningham, J
Cunningham, J
Cunningham, G
Cunningham, L R
Cunningham, J
Cunningham, R F
Cunningham, F S
Cunningham, P A
Cunningham, P C
Cunnings, R E
Cunnliffe, B R
Cunnliffe, R
Cunyinghame, W B S
Curatolo, L
Curd, N
Curl, C P
Curle, Richard Alexander
Curle, John Garfield
Curle, J
Curle, J
Curle, E A
Curle, R
Curless, G
Curlewis, R F
Curley, A G
Curley, J G
Curling, E D
Curling, D J
Curling, D J
Curness, W H
Curnick, D
Curnock, R M
Curnow, L D
Curnow, J M
Curphey, A L
Curphey, A L
Curphy, T G
Curr, A J
Curr, A D W
Currah, G
Curran, A R
Curran, B P
Curran, K R
Curran, B
Curran, A P
Curran, J
Curran, R H
Curran, J
Currant, C F
Currell, L H
Currey, G D
Currey, J A
Currie, A McG
Currie, C E
Currie, Duncan Jamieson McCormick
Currie, W M
Currie, J M
Currie, R E
Currie, R E
Currie, R J
Currie, D R
Currie, G
Currie, J
Currie, D F
Currie, Alfred Ross
Currie, J
Currie, A
Currie, W
Currie, R A
Currie, J
Currie, A J
Currie, J
Currie, R
Currie, J R
Currie, V L
Currie, W B
Currie, D P
Currie, W
Currie, J
Currie, J
Currie, E J
Currie, A
Currie, B W
Currie, H
Currie, E J
Currier, W E
Currier, W H
Currigan, S W G
Currums, W N
Curry, M F
Curry, D G
Curry, L F
Curry, A
Curry, D
Curry, J H
Curry, J H
Curry, W T H
Curry, J
Cursett-Sutherland, A F P
Cursiter, J R
Cursley, L J
Curson, John
Curson, H
Curtain, L S
Curtes, R F
Curtes, R J
Curties, M C
Curtin, L P
Curtin, D J
Curtin, O J
Curtis, D de B
Curtis, S N
Curtis, N W
Curtis, James Gerard
Curtis, Frank B.
Curtis, K G
Curtis, W S
Curtis, W S
Curtis, J S
Curtis, W
Curtis, E R
Curtis, C H
Curtis, R M
Curtis, W H
Curtis, C K
Curtis, S R
Curtis, E F W
Curtis, R J
Curtis, L W
Curtis, P
Curtis, E F
Curtis, J R
Curtis, F J
Curtis, B A
Curtis, R O
Curtis, M H J
Curtis, C D
Curtis, P J
Curtis, K L
Curtis, G A J
Curtis, L H
Curtis, D
Curtis, D
Curtis, W R
Curtis, R
Curtis, L
Curtis, C F
Curtis, J B
Curtis, A
Curtis, A E
Curtis, S A
Curtis, J N D
Curtis, F
Curtis, B C
Curzen, E W
Curzon, R D H
Cusack, C
Cusden, Sydney Howard
Cusden, V H
Cush, H
Cushing, K
Cushing, C
Cushing, C
Cushion, John Peter Boston
Cushman, N
Cushway, R C
Cushway, A W
Cusick, M J
Cusin, A
Cussen, R J
Cussen, O A
Cussens, D A
Cusson, T F
Custance, C
Custance, R C
Custeau, R O
Custeau, J M
Custers, A M
Cusworth, John Frederick
Cusworth, J P
Cutchey, Peter Henry
Cuthbert, R W
Cuthbert, E
Cuthbert, W
Cuthbert, J E A
Cuthbert, E
Cuthbert, D D
Cuthbert, S
Cuthbert, R
Cuthbert, J R
Cuthbert, G I
Cuthbert, A V
Cuthbertson, H
Cuthbertson, W R
Cuthbertson, F W
Cuthbertson, F W
Cuthbertson, J G
Cuthbertson, A
Cutherbertson, H
Cuthill, F J
Cutler, Nelson Harcourt
Cutler, E H
Cutler, J
Cutler, R F
Cutler, E J
Cutler, A C
Cutler, R L
Cutler, D G
Cutler, J F
Cutler, S A C
Cutler, J F
Cutmore, M H
Cutmore, J
Cutmore, J H H
Cuttance, J L
Cutter, G R
Cutting, A M B
Cutting, E J
Cutting, J
Cutting, K C
Cuttle, V H S
Cuttler, S G
Cuttler, S
Cutts, H V
Cutts, J W
Cwenar, S
Cwojdzinski, B M
Cwynar, M
Cybulski, S J
Cybulski, M A
Cybulskie, A J
Cymbala, K
Cymbroski, Jan Adam
Cynkier, K
Cytulski, M
Cywinski, N
Czabanski, S
Czachla, S
Czachowski, J
Czajkowski, M
Czajkowski, F
Czapiewski, J A
Czapski, Z
Czarkowski, H
Czarnecki, L
Czarnecki, S
Czeckalski, W
Czerniak, Jerzy Michał
Czerniawski, Stanislaw
Czernichowicz, A
Czerniejewski, M
Czernin, M B
Czernin, M B
Czerwinski, T
Czerwinski, A
Czerwinski, A J W
Czerwonka, J
Czternastek, S
Czura, S
Czyzyk, H T
D'Albenas, P W
d'Aligny, ?
D'Amour, G R
D'Andrea, D A
d'Aperng, H
d'Aperng, H
D'Arcy, A
D'Arcy, G
D'Arcy, F J
D'Arcy, J
D'Arcy, J M
D'Arcy, J B
D'arcy-Irvine, B W J
D'Arcy-Wright, G
D'Ath-Weston, E H
D'Avril, H J M
D'Eath, D M
D'Hautecourt, H J B
D'Oyley, A A
d'Ursel, J M J A
Daab, M
Dabadie, E
Dabbs, H E
Dabbs, J
Dabbs, A
Dabinette, T W
Dabnor, R A
Daborn, H S F
Dabrowski, A B
Dabrowski, Jozef
Dabson, C A C
Dacey, G
Dacey, F V
Dacey, F
Dack, Irwin John
Dack, P R A
Dack, A W
Dack, R D
Dack, K P
Dacre, D A
Dacre, K F
Dadd, R E
Dadds, K
Dade, A W
Dadej, M
Dadson, V C
Dadson, R C
Dadswell, D A
Dadswell, J D
Dafforn, R C
Dafoe, J S
Daft, Christopher Harry George
Daft, G
Dagan, N
Dagenais, J J G
Dagg, T I L
Dagger, D W
Daggett, S
Daggett, H
Dagless, L E
Dagnall, H T G
Dagnall, T S R
Dahl, C W
Dahle, T H
Dahle, H J
Dahle, H J
Dailey, H R
Daines, A H
Daines, G B
Daines, A H
Daintith, E D
Daintith, C
Dainton, J S
Dainty, E
Dainty, E
Dainty, F W
Daisley, L C W
Daitz, L B
Daix, G J C
Daker, Leslie John
Dakin, T W
Dalby, W E
Dalby, J W
Dalby, J
Dalby, G W
Dalby, T
Daldy, G A J
Dale, Frederick
Dale, Reginald
Dale, D W
Dale, J R
Dale, C A G
Dale, T W
Dale, G E
Dale, James Atkinson
Dale, J A H
Dale, H
Dale, H
Dale, D V
Dale, H R
Dale, R C
Dale, W
Dale, P A
Dale, G A
Dale, G
Dale, I G R
Dale, K T
Dale, J R
Dale, A G
Dale, J W
Dale, S
Dale, G R
Dales, Douglas Frank
Dales, J W
Dales, A E
Dales, J H
Dales, W P
Dalessandro, F J
Daley, A E
Daley, J
Daley, Frank Shannon
Daley, C F
Daley, B J
Daley, D
Daley, T J
Daley, A
Daley, E
Dalgarno, W
Dalgleish, W L
Dalgleish, J D
Dalgleish, E
Dalgliesh, John Wilson
Dalgliesh, W I
Dalgress, A S
Dalik, C E
Dalkins, R
Dall, J M
Dall, J M
Dallas, Charles William MacPherson
Dallas, A F
Dallaway, D D R
Dallen, J G
Dallenger, B
Dallimore, L W
Dallin, R V
Dallin, W C
Dallwotz, R E
Dally, J W
Dally, A R
Dally, P S
Dallyn, J B
Dalman, A C
Dalphond, M H J
Dalrymple, A
Dalseg, P I
Dalton, J E
Dalton, K H
Dalton, W
Dalton, G E
Dalton, G A
Dalton, A C
Dalton, ?
Dalton, F A
Dalton, A C
Dalton, P A
Dalton, G H
Dalton, J A
Dalton, L S P
Dalton, G W R
Dalton, J
Dalton, R C
Dalton, J P
Dalton, D E
Dalton, G W
Dalton, J M
Dalton, K
Dalton-Morgan, T P
Daly, H J W
Daly, J T
Daly, H
Daly, J
Daly, W P
Daly, K L
Daly, J
Daly, B I J
Daly, A T
Daly, P
Daly, J V P
Daly, J
Dalzell, H A
Dalzell, E T P
Dalzell, W M
Dalzell, J
Dalzell, J C
Dalziel, J S K
Dalziel, N H
Dalziel, J
Dalziel, C T
Dalziel, J R
Damboise, J J G
Damgaard, H E
Damm, A
Damman, Ronald Gustave
Damms, R A
Dampier, R E A
Dampier-Crossley, E
Dams, V B
Damsell, W A
Dan, N
Danahy, S
Danberger, J L
Danbury, G A
Danby, A
Danby, F
Dance, J J
Dance, A T
Dance, R E
Dance, V J
Dance, H E
Dancer, S T
Dancey, G A
Dancot, G L M G
Dand, R M
Dando, Laurence Laver
Dando, T McE
Dando, R W
Dandy, C M
Dandy, G E
Dane, E J
Dane, S W
Dane, G H
Danes, A E
Danes, F G
Danes, J
Dangerfield, J C
Dangerfield, R D
Dangerfield, P E H
Dangerfield, E
Daniel, Ronald William
Daniel, W N
Daniel, Gilbert
Daniel, T K
Daniel, R
Daniel, W A
Daniel, R B
Daniel, A W
Daniel, J B
Daniel, R N V
Daniel, S
Daniel, P S W
Daniel, T S
Daniel, G C
Daniel, C
Daniel, T W R
Daniel, W K
Daniel, E G
Danielewicz, J
Daniels, Harry Joseph
Daniels, R F
Daniels, A
Daniels, L F
Daniels, D R
Daniels, J B
Daniels, R V M
Daniels, R D
Daniels, D
Daniels, J
Daniels, S P
Daniels, N
Daniels, R F
Daniels, R F
Daniels, V C
Daniels, L
Daniels, L J
Daniels, B J
Danielson, G D
Danielson, P J
Danielson, C H
Danieluk, J
Danihelka, K
Danik, J
Danks, H E
Danks, S W
Danks, J D
Danks-Brown, K J
Dann, G M
Dann, C L
Dann, L W
Danniger, H A
Dansey, Arthur Patrick
Dansie, J
Danskin, John
Danson, A D
Danson, R
Danzey, R J
Daoust, Richard Cecil
Daplyn, F W
Daragon, J A
Daragon, K A
Darbins, A R
Darbins, R G
Darbishire, P O'N
Darbon, D
Darby, C E
Darby, L J
Darby, D T
Darby, W
Darby, H G
Darby, A W C
Darby, R J
Darbyshire, F
Darbyshire, E
Darbyshire, F
Darbyshire, H
Darbyshire, J
Darcy, G J
Dards, F P
Dare, K E
Dare, G F
Dare, C F
Dare, H W J
Dare, S C
Dargenton, P
Dargie, L M
Darke, K C
Darken, R de C
Darkin, V A
Darkin, G W
Darley, H F S
Darley, F W
Darling, W R
Darling, R M
Darling, W R
Darling, D F W
Darling, A W
Darling, G W
Darling, E V
Darling, E V
Darling, A S
Darling, A S
Darlington, F L
Darlington, W
Darlington, L F G
Darlington, L F G
Darlington, J
Darlington, R W
Darlison, L F
Darlow, D F
Darlow, A E
Darlow, C G N
Darnell, Frederick Edward
Darnell, R C
Darney, J N
Darney, T B
Darragh, T F
Darrah, K W
Darroch, S
Darroch, J B
Darroch, J W
Dart, H R
Dart, D
Dart, A J
Dartnall, J V
Dartnall, G H
Darton, T W
Darvall, J W C
Darvall, J H J
Darvill, G R
Darvill, M
Darvill, T W
Darwin, J
Darwin, C F
Darwin, P C P
Darwish, D H
Darwood, C S
Darwood, J T
Darycott, F E
Dash, Rowland Josiah
Dash, R
Dash, R
Dashwood, W S
Dashwood, R P
Dastur, R N
Daszewski, J K M
Daszewski, J
Daszuta, C
Date, J M
Datson, J
Datson, J
Datta, R C
Daughney, J H
Daughters, G D
Daughters, R K
Daulby, G
Daulby, P
Dauman, A
Dauncey, Reginald Matthew
Dauncey, P B
Dauncey, P B
Dauncey, W G H
Dauncey, H
Dauphines, G A O
Daussac, J
Davany, E F
Davenport, F S
Davenport, F
Davenport, J J
Davenport, R F
Davenport, R B
Davenport, R E
Davenport, J B T
Davenport, R V M
Davenport, V
Davenport, R M
Davenport, R M
Davenport, T
Davenport, H
Davenport, L E J
Davenport, E
Davenport, L E J
Davenport, J J
Davenport, J G
Davenport-Jones, Garton Vincent
Daveson, E O
Davey, D J
Davey, A J
Davey, J J
Davey, R E
Davey, A E D
Davey, W H
Davey, J B
Davey, H G
Davey, L G
Davey, C R
Davey, C R
Davey, J A J
Davey, W R
Davey, E J
Davey, D J
Davey, R S
Davey, T D H
Davey, W E
Davey, A G
Davey, C A
Davey, E V
Davey, E F
Davey, A E
Davey, A A
Davey, C K
Davey, P D
Davey, D
Davey, J
Davey, G H N
Davey, F J
Davey, D W H
Davey, P J
David, J A A M
David, Raymond John
David, B A
David, J M
David, J B S P H
David, E G
David, A J M
David, J N
David, T E
David, M J
David, D E
Davidge, R W
Davidge, S V
Davidner, D H
Davids, D C
Davidson, D W
Davidson, D W
Davidson, N M
Davidson, A C
Davidson, James Stuart
Davidson, E W
Davidson, W H
Davidson, J W
Davidson, G
Davidson, A
Davidson, K B
Davidson, J L
Davidson, Frank Edward
Davidson, R D
Davidson, R D
Davidson, W C
Davidson, J E L
Davidson, Tom
Davidson, D
Davidson, K
Davidson, L J
Davidson, J E
Davidson, E V
Davidson, Norman James
Davidson, A
Davidson, N A
Davidson, L N
Davidson, N R
Davidson, A L
Davidson, A L
Davidson, J W
Davidson, D H
Davidson, G
Davidson, W H
Davidson, N G
Davidson, R D
Davidson, R D
Davidson, G R
Davidson, H
Davidson, A
Davidson, W R N
Davidson, T L
Davidson, J
Davidson, J T
Davidson, H E
Davidson, P M
Davidson, P N
Davidson, R T P
Davidson, K McN
Davidson, D
Davidson, A G
Davidson, J
Davidson, B B
Davidson, L
Davidson, B A
Davidson, J
Davidson, T A
Davidson, R W
Davidson, G
Davidson, C H
Davidson, J T
Davidson, T R
Davidson, R M
Davidson, J
Davidson, G R
Davidson, Francis H
Davidson, F J
Davidson, J F
Davidson, J McI
Davidson, J McN
Davidson, W R
Davidson, D A M
Davidson, A G
Davidson, J E
Davidson, A M
Davidson, V C
Davidson, O R
Davidson, R C F
Davidson, W
Davidson, S E
Davidson, E R
Davidson, R
Davidson, D H
Davidson, F E
Davidson, A
Davidson, R
Davidson, N C
Davidson, A J
Davidson, J
Davidson, F
Davidson, J C
Davidson, J P A
Davie, J H C
Davie, J A
Davie, J D
Davie, C K
Davie, G A
Davie, A J
Davie, D C S
Davie, A
Davies, E L
Davies, H W
Davies, G A F
Davies, S H
Davies, K N B
Davies, R F
Davies, L A
Davies, Robert Thomas
Davies, Hiram Edwin
Davies, Thomas Anthony Frederick
Davies, William George
Davies, Arthur James
Davies, James Owen
Davies, John Albert
Davies, Evan Arthur
Davies, John
Davies, Richard Edward
Davies, Reginald T
Davies, E A J
Davies, W R
Davies, L G
Davies, L W
Davies, Walter Cecil
Davies, D P
Davies, F C
Davies, D M
Davies, D S
Davies, G P
Davies, R H
Davies, P W
Davies, P P
Davies, N
Davies, A C
Davies, D W
Davies, R P
Davies, J C
Davies, J C
Davies, J I
Davies, D I
Davies, I W
Davies, William Evans
Davies, G S
Davies, T S
Davies, V W
Davies, W R C
Davies, E
Davies, K C
Davies, J H
Davies, C C
Davies, D S
Davies, E
Davies, L
Davies, I G
Davies, J McD
Davies, W E
Davies, J A
Davies, J
Davies, I
Davies, E
Davies, H
Davies, V B
Davies, A B
Davies, R
Davies, A G
Davies, N W
Davies, N W
Davies, E
Davies, G G
Davies, A
Davies, T L
Davies, V
Davies, T H
Davies, R G
Davies, F W
Davies, S A T
Davies, E W
Davies, T H
Davies, T H
Davies, W G
Davies, P A
Davies, F R E
Davies, M J M
Davies, R I H
Davies, L
Davies, G W
Davies, B O
Davies, N D
Davies, G W
Davies, W S
Davies, F R
Davies, O J
Davies, W T
Davies, D F
Davies, D W
Davies, J O
Davies, I G
Davies, E E C
Davies, K G H
Davies, F W
Davies, W E
Davies, C
Davies, E W
Davies, C H
Davies, G G
Davies, D M
Davies, A W
Davies, I H
Davies, D
Davies, W D
Davies, D C
Davies, J R
Davies, J
Davies, J F M
Davies, J G
Davies, R
Davies, E M L
Davies, P T
Davies, H
Davies, R D
Davies, J H
Davies, J
Davies, J O
Davies, ?
Davies, E R
Davies, E R
Davies, I J
Davies, D G
Davies, L W
Davies, L J
Davies, A H
Davies, A H
Davies, F W
Davies, D O
Davies, S
Davies, W J
Davies, W
Davies, G T
Davies, J R
Davies, G M
Davies, H R
Davies, L D
Davies, H R
Davies, J
Davies, J H
Davies, G G A
Davies, G G A
Davies, A E
Davies, P K
Davies, T E
Davies, T C
Davies, A G
Davies, W
Davies, R C
Davies, S E
Davies, R C
Davies, Eric McH
Davies, E M
Davies, G E
Davies, G I F
Davies, J W T
Davies, H
Davies, D V
Davies, R C
Davies, T
Davies, G
Davies, W J R
Davies, H F
Davies, D C
Davies, C
Davies, R
Davies, E H
Davies, T
Davies, W D R
Davies, L
Davies, H N
Davies, D E
Davies, D H
Davies, J
Davies, C C
Davies, B A
Davies, K N B
Davies, P H R B
Davies, M H
Davies, G R
Davies, W A
Davies, J H
Davies, A H
Davies, I D
Davies, A
Davies, P M
Davies, D A
Davies, F
Davies, C
Davies, I G
Davies, W P
Davies, C
Davies, J S
Davies, K
Davies, A G
Davies, D R M
Davies, L C
Davies, N A
Davies, J E H
Davies, D G
Davies, P F M
Davies, D L
Davies, N C
Davies, S H
Davies, W G
Davies, A H
Davies, A H
Davies, R E
Davies, G
Davies, G C
Davies, K L
Davies, G J
Davies, A J M
Davies, H C
Davies, M C
Davies, F J
Davies, P B G
Davies, E C T
Davies, W A
Davies, J M
Davies, R T E
Davies, D W
Davies, W H
Davies, R J
Davies, L I
Davies, R E
Davies, V
Davies, G
Davies, G H
Davies, H G
Davies, W
Davies, W
Davies, J A
Davies, R M
Davies, J
Davies, J M
Davies, L A
Davies, C
Davies, J
Davies, W J
Davies, M
Davies, R
Davies, R J
Davies, G C
Davies, R D
Davies, W J
Davies, M A T
Davies, H T
Davies, S M
Davies, D T
Davies, E A
Davies, T R
Davies, H
Davies, D A R
Davies, A R
Davies, T A
Davies, R A
Davies, E K
Davies, F A
Davies, R
Davies, T P W
Davies, M H
Davies, D
Davies, J I E
Davies, K W
Davies, J W E
Davies, G
Davies, G L
Davies, P G
Davies, E A
Davies, J C H
Davies, T J G
Davies, B D
Davies, R
Davies, E R
Davies, C E
Davies, D J
Davies, D G St J
Davies, H L
Davies, W G
Davies, G S
Davies, R G
Davis, B H
Davis, G E
Davis, V
Davis, Noel Michael
Davis, W A M
Davis, N C W
Davis, R P
Davis, L A
Davis, T E W
Davis, Carl Raymond
Davis, R.E.
Davis, F H
Davis, M D
Davis, E L
Davis, G J
Davis, William Corley
Davis, Delmar Murray
Davis, H H
Davis, C A
Davis, H F
Davis, R H
Davis, M
Davis, G H
Davis, Harry Walter
Davis, F A
Davis, W G
Davis, Daniel George
Davis, F S
Davis, K H
Davis, K G
Davis, C A
Davis, R C
Davis, M D S
Davis, R F
Davis, F M
Davis, M McF
Davis, K C
Davis, K C
Davis, J
Davis, H J
Davis, P G
Davis, V F
Davis, A
Davis, W
Davis, H P
Davis, A
Davis, H A
Davis, K A
Davis, D E
Davis, E A
Davis, G A
Davis, T W
Davis, W
Davis, H L
Davis, A C A
Davis, J A
Davis, R T
Davis, N
Davis, J C
Davis, R
Davis, J G E
Davis, J
Davis, J G
Davis, T H
Davis, R
Davis, S A T
Davis, C F C
Davis, W T
Davis, J W
Davis, W A J
Davis, D G
Davis, P O
Davis, W L
Davis, W L
Davis, P
Davis, F W
Davis, G A
Davis, F P
Davis, L F
Davis, H L
Davis, O J
Davis, R
Davis, W A
Davis, B M T
Davis, E S
Davis, V G T
Davis, L
Davis, J A
Davis, J C
Davis, D H V
Davis, A W
Davis, J
Davis, J H
Davis, G J
Davis, E
Davis, B O
Davis, A S
Davis, J H
Davis, V A
Davis, A R N
Davis, J
Davis, B J
Davis, D H
Davis, T
Davis, M A H
Davis, L G
Davis, H A
Davis, C G
Davis, G J
Davis, L G
Davis, N
Davis, H S
Davis, A J
Davis, F V
Davis, L H
Davis, K G
Davis, J J
Davis, S B T
Davis, S
Davis, V A
Davis, S M
Davis, R W
Davis, T W
Davis, J K
Davis, A W
Davis, L L
Davis, H A
Davis, F E
Davis, L F
Davis, E R
Davis, S J
Davis, E T
Davis, L G
Davis, J B
Davis, E J W
Davis, T R
Davis, C
Davis, R J
Davis, L L
Davis, R H
Davis-Cooke, P J
Davison, A G
Davison, Stewart
Davison, Charles Clement
Davison, David Arthur Keith
Davison, Arthur Sisterton
Davison, K L
Davison, A
Davison, G W J
Davison, T
Davison, J R
Davison, J
Davison, F M
Davison, E
Davison, R W
Davison, M M
Davison, J S
Davison, C
Davison, J
Davison, J L
Davison, R
Davison, P
Davison, P
Davison, F W
Davison, R
Davlin, J
Davoy, G A
Davy, Henry William
Davy, H D
Davy, P J
Davy, F E T
Daw, P J
Dawbarn, A A M
Dawbarn, Peter Leslie
Dawber, N E
Dawdy, L D
Dawe, R W
Dawe, J A G
Dawe, H V
Dawe, W A
Dawes, S S
Dawes, S S
Dawes, H D
Dawes, J E
Dawes, J K
Dawes, W R
Dawes, K E
Dawkins, A F A
Dawkins, N W
Dawkins, L J
Dawkins, G B
Dawkins, A H
Dawkins, J J
Dawkins, G
Dawkins, F O A
Daws, D J
Daws, A S
Dawson, H E
Dawson, William Gordon
Dawson, G F
Dawson, Douglas
Dawson, L W J
Dawson, J F B
Dawson, H C
Dawson, D J V
Dawson, R G
Dawson, A
Dawson, A
Dawson, D W
Dawson, R W
Dawson, R F
Dawson, R
Dawson, J G
Dawson, E H
Dawson, D A
Dawson, T
Dawson, T
Dawson, M B
Dawson, F L
Dawson, T B
Dawson, I M
Dawson, T
Dawson, C G
Dawson, W F G
Dawson, H
Dawson, J G
Dawson, D O
Dawson, J W
Dawson, J
Dawson, G N
Dawson, R H L
Dawson, S
Dawson, A R
Dawson, L B
Dawson, S
Dawson, R
Dawson, A D
Dawson, H
Dawson, R
Dawson, T
Dawson, G W
Dawson, C M
Dawson, R B
Dawson, A K
Dawson, P
Dawson, T C
Dawson, E
Dawson, E S
Dawson, J
Dawson, W W
Dawson, R
Dawson, W W
Dawson, F
Dawson, J
Dawson, E
Dawson, D A
Dawson, R
Dawson, E
Dawson, F
Dawson, R C
Dawson, J M
Dawson, D O R
Dawson, J R
Dawson Jones, F D
Day, A J
Day, E A
Day, G F
Day, J A
Day, Kenneth George
Day, Peter
Day, Walter Frederick
Day, R S L
Day, J F
Day, R C
Day, A D
Day, G C
Day, J F
Day, D F G
Day, C J
Day, F W
Day, R H
Day, R
Day, D E
Day, E G H
Day, R E B
Day, A S
Day, S V
Day, R L F
Day, J R G
Day, R O
Day, F W
Day, F W R
Day, P J
Day, J T
Day, J A
Day, H F D
Day, D R
Day, A
Day, D G B
Day, J
Day, J B
Day, N L T
Day, F E V
Day, E H
Day, C J
Day, M J
Day, R L F
Day, F
Day, W H
Day, H
Day, R B
Day, W H
Day, L F C
Day, H H
Day, W E
Day, W R
Day, H H
Day, R J
Day, J G
Day, W G T
Day, D
Day, H M A
Day, M C
Day, E J
Day, A G
Day, E K
Day, E C
Day, M I R
Day, H
Day, A E
Day, K H V
Day, A F S
Day, R
Day, F J
Daye, R E
Dayman, M G
Daymond, K W
Daymont, W
Daynes, H E
Dayton, J E
Dayton, C A
Daze, J C
De Angelis, J A
De Bardeleben, W A
De Bartok, E A F
de Beaumont d'Autichamp, C
De Beer, J L
De Belleroche, H R A
De Bij, H M
De Bloeme, D R
de Blommaert de Soye, A H E M
de Boote, L
De Bourbon, P L M D
de Brath, D N N
de Bressey, B A Z
de Bressey, B A
De Breyne, Arthur
De Bruin, A E
De Bruyn, J
De Bussac, G H
de Callatay, J G P M
de Cannart-d'Hamale, R E
de Casagrande, R E
De Celles, L L
de Cherade de Montbron, E
de Cordoue, Comte Jacques Fernand Gabriel
de Cosier, Mathew Henry Ivor
de Courcy, R C W
De Courcy, R C W
de Courcy, R C W
De Croix, P
De Cruyenaere, A J
de Dampierre, E
de Dauw, A F
de Forest, H G
de Forest, H C
De Fraine, G R
de Freitas, C L
De Garis, W S
de Garis, D G
de Gramont, G A A
de Grunne, R G C de H
de Grunne, R G C de H
De Hasse, R G H
de Hepcee, M
De Kerdrel, M
de la Haye, N J
de la Parelle, V B
de la Perrelle, V B
de Labouche-Sparling, Francis Albert Gabriel Joseph
de Labouchere, F
de Large, B
de Larminat, B
de Lart, E C
De Laspee, H R H
De Laurier, D R P
de Lengerke, K H F
De Leuze, R C
De Leuze, R C
De Loire, F E D
de Longeville, M
De Lorme, P J
de Lough, C T
De Luca, J M
De Lueze, E
de Macedo, J M
De Mancha, R A
De Marco, W T
de Mariqny, G J G
De Meillac, G M M L
De Meillac, Y
de Menten de Horne, G M H H F
de Merode, W P
de Mestre, P M
De Mestre , Peter Morrice
De Metz, P
de Molenes, H J M
de Molitor, W D
De Mone, H E
de Montmorency, R H
De Moulin, C J G
De Naeyer, F
de Nevers, F H
De Pape, R A C
De Patoul, G R J
De Pellepont, F
De Sachy, Maurice Paul
De Saint Aubain, C A J G
de Saint Mare, L
de Sauvebeuf, G
de Saxce, A
de Scitivaux de Gresche, P
de Selys Longchamps, J M P M G
de Sieyes, J G
De Silva, D M
De Silva, D M
De Silva, J H W
De Souza, K M A
de Spirlet, F X E
De Taris, D G
De Veill(?), W
De Vere, A
De Vere, A
De Ville, E P
De Ville, E P
De Villiers, P
de Vis, S G
De Vries, Henry Andrew
de Vries, T
De Vries, W
De Wallens, V P
de Wesselow, G
de Wever, R
De Witt, W N
De Witt, A M
De-Jongh, O G
De'ath, E W
De'ath, L J
Dea, M
Deacock, V A
Deacon, F S
Deacon, John William
Deacon, Victor George
Deacon, R M
Deacon, A H
Deacon, A H
Deacon, J W
Deacon, N T
Deacon, R A
Deacon, T
Deadman, K D
Deakin, E
Deakin, C
Deakin, A G
Deakin, H
Deakins, N W
Dealacour, H S
Dean, D E E
Dean, Jack
Dean, W B
Dean, G A E
Dean, A
Dean, A W
Dean, A
Dean, E A
Dean, G E
Dean, H
Dean, H
Dean, W H
Dean, J C
Dean, J G K
Dean, R P
Dean, W T
Dean, R J C
Dean, F
Dean, B C F
Dean, A K M
Dean, G W D
Dean, A C
Dean, T
Dean, G J
Dean, D L
Dean, S F
Dean, A W
Dean, D F E
Dean, J E
Dean, R E
Dean, R G
Dean, W T
Dean, J H
Dean, R F C
Dean, K A
Dean, R K
Dean, J A
Dean, K H
Dean, W E M
Dean, F B
Dean, E V
Dean, E H
Dean, E H
Dean, G H
Dean, G H P
Dean, G H P
Dean, R
Deane, A P
Deane, A D
Deane, R
Deane, J W F
Deane, C H
Deane, A A
Deane, A G
Deane, J H K
Deanesly, E C
Deans, Robert
Deans, K D
Deans, R J
Deans, J L
Deans, J L
Deans, D
Deans, J A
Deansley, E C
Dear, B H K
Dear, C A
Dear, J
Dearden, Robert Francis
Dearden, T A
Dearden, F H E
Dearling, M B
Dearlove, L N
Dearlove, C G E
Dearman, D R
Dearnaley, E V
Deas, G C T
Deas, B N
Deas, W I
Dease, M
Deasley, G L A
Death, A H
Death, L A
Death, L F
Deatherage, G E
Deatherage, W D
Deaton, J F
Deaves, E J
Deavin, F E
Debac, A G Y
Debarr, F H
Debben, R E
Debeer, A G
Debenham, K F
Debenham, K B L
Debeurier, W E
Debiec, J
Debkowski, K
Debonnaire, D W
Debowski, I
Debrock, F C G
Debroise, M A
Deck, R A
Deck, P D
Deck, C G F
Deck, H F
Deckman, H N
Decorby, R J
Dedieu, J
Dedman, H G D
Dee, G K
Dee, E H
Dee, W J
Dee, F J
Dee, T A
Deed, L L
Deed, C K
Deed, S V
Deegan, Robert Cyril (Bob)
Deegan, Robert Cyril 'Bob'
Deehan, O
Deeley, G R
Deemer, E J
Deere, A W
Deere, A C
Deere, A C
Deere, A C
Deere, A C
Deere, A C
Deering, G A
Deeth, L W
Defraigne, C A H F
Deges, C
Degg, W
Dehoux, J L
Dehoux, J F G R
Deighton, F E
Deighton, M
Deighton, G
Deighton, A P
Deinboll, P
Dejaeger, G C
Dek de Bocock, I M T
Dekkers, G M
Dekur, W
Delahay, H R
Delahunty, J R
Delahunty, M
Delanchy, Louis M
Delaney, C
Delaney, M B C
Delaney, D B
Delaney, D B
Delaney, T J
Delaney, L W
Delaney, R A
Delaney, E W
Delaney, D T
Delaney, T
Delange, P G
Delap, M V
Delaroche, R
Delaroy-Hall, V
Delatorre, M G
Delatorre, M G
Delauzun, M
DeLaveleye, C A
Delayen, N P
Delery, F
Deleuze, F
Delgado, A C S
Delieu, A W
Dell, H J
Dell, R F
Dell, D J
Dell, J F
Dell, F A
Dell, F H
Dellar, Thomas George
Dellar, J C E
Deller, E
Deller, A L M
Dellit, V M
Dellitt, V W
Dellow, C W
Dellow, C W
Dellow, E
Delmorme, J A
Delong, G R
Delorme, Louis Thomas
Delorme, J A
Deloughry, Laurie Daniel
Deltour, G F
Delve, R J
Delvin, P T
Delvin, J
Demaine, D
Demas, C
Dembrey, M J
Demcoe, P
Demers, J W E
Demetriadi, R S
Demont, M A H
Demont, M A H
Demouchel, J A P
Demoulin, C J G
Dempsay, R
Dempsey, William Charles Thomas
Dempsey, R
Dempsey, S W
Dempsey, P D
Dempsey, Dennis James
Dempsey, J H
Dempster, W J
Dempster, R
Dempster, C J
Dempster, John McBride
Dempster, W J
Dempster, D D
Demsey, J
Denamore, G R
Denbeigh, A
Denby, Warren Steen
Denby, J W
Denby, L
Denby, A W
Dench, F G H
Dench, R L H
Dench, F K
Dench, W
Denchfield, H D
Denham, K H
Denham, W
Denholm, R R
Denholm, T W J
Denholm, J
Denholm, R
Denholm, G L
Denholm, G L
Denier, D E G
Deniey, J A
Dening, J G
Denison, W H
Denison, H T
Denison, H T
Denison, W Y
Denison, A C
Denison, M H
Denkman, K R E
Denley, I
Denman, G C
Denman, B
Denman, B
Dennehy, D J
Dennehy, F W
Dennes, C L
Denness, B
Denness, P C
Denness, K
Dennett, W J
Dennett, P B
Dennett, T S E
Dennett, T A
Dennett, E G
Denney, R F
Denning, D G
Denning, L W
Denning, R F
Dennis, S P
Dennis, S L
Dennis, E A
Dennis, R
Dennis, Bryan Hedley
Dennis, A D
Dennis, F S
Dennis, W L
Dennis, F B
Dennis, R E
Dennis, R V G
Dennis, W F
Dennis, R G
Dennis, D W
Dennis, J C
Dennis, F
Dennis, A J
Dennis, F J A
Dennis, T R
Dennis, G C
Dennis, T O
Dennis, J M
Dennis, H
Dennis, J R
Dennis, J R
Dennis, R C W
Dennis, C G
Dennis, A D
Dennis, F H
Dennis-Smither, D G
Dennison, F H
Dennison, G J
Dennison, Borden Carrrick
Dennison, P B
Dennison, A B
Dennison, G
Dennstedt, W G
Denny, W C
Denny, H N
Denny, H N
Denny, E F K
Denny, J
Denny, E M
Denny, G A
Denny, B M
Denny, J R
Denny, P F
Densham, R R
Denslow, D G
Densmore, G R
Denson, G J
Dent, Ian Wilshire
Dent, R W
Dent, Lancelot
Dent, W G
Dent, A N
Dent, J J E
Dent, R
Dent, H C
Dent, M L
Denton, R F H
Denton, J B
Denton, I P B
Denton, F H
Denton, J N
Denton, A H
Denton, J A
Denton, F H
Denton, R F
Denver, R
Denyer, N H
Denyer, Kenneth Ernest Victor
Denyer, J A
Denyer, E C
Denzey, A R
Depew, D G
Deplus, J
Depot, M H
Depotex, H J
Depper, C L
Deprez, R
Derby, F K
Derbyshire, J
Derbyshire, D E
Derbyshire, J
Derbyshire, J
Derbyshire, A
Derbyshire, A
Derbyshire, J E
Derbyshire, R V
Dereniuk, H
Derham, N
Derham, J
Dermody, B J
Dermond, P A
Dernam, R A
Derrington, H E
Derrington, T R
Derry, R I
Derulski, Z
Des Courtis, J
Desautels, R V
Desbiens, J J A L
Desborough, W E
Deschaine, G E
Deschamps, L J
Deschamps, A R A
Deschenes, J V M
Descousis, J
Deserteaux, C A
Desessard, C
Desloges, J P J
Desmarais, J R J M
Desmarais, J E G
Desmarns, J R M
Desmond, J M
Desmond, H W M
Desmond, A H J G
Desplaces, A
Desroches, J O L
Desroches, J P L W L
Desrosiers, J C M
Desrosiers, J Y
Desrumeaux, J
Detley, F C
Detlor, P B
Detmold, P G
Dettasse, R
Deugard, R D
Deugo, R H
Deugo, R H
Deutscher, J
Devalle, J A
Devaney, E P
Devenish, J W
Devenish-Meares, J
Deverall, M R
Deveraux, F S
Devereau, G S
Devereaux, J
Devereaux, F G
Deverell, E E
Deverell, A J
Devereux, S J
Deverill, E A
Devetter, L
Deviell, W H
Deville, E P
Devine, E N
Devine, E J
Devine, W H
Devine, T W
Devine, J C
Devine, F
Devine, B P
Deviney, H A
Devitt, J F
Devlin, K J
Devlin, D J
Devlin, Richard
Devlin, G J
Devlin, J
Devon, J R
Devon, H A
Devoto, D
Devoy, A G
Devtt, R F
Dew, Thomas George William
Dew, J V
Dew, B E
Dew, T A
Dew, J H
Dew, N H
Dew, F B
Dewar, Thomas Cuthbert
Dewar, D H A
Dewar, P
Dewar, J F
Dewar, H
Dewar, W W
Dewar, D R
Dewar, J S
Dewar, A
Dewar, F
Dewar, J M F
Dewar, W Q
Dewdney, P F
Dewdney, C J
Dewey, K W
Dewey, A A S
Dewey, R
Dewey, R B
Dewhurst, K S
Dewhurst, H
Dewhurst, W
Dewhurst, J L
Dewin, R G J
Dewing, M S
Dews, A
Dewsbury, R F
Dewson, W
Dexter, K I
Dexter, P G
Dexter, P G
Dexter, A R A
Dey, R
Dey, P A
Dey, L N
Deyell, J
Deyell, D
Di Clacca, D A A
Dial, W G B
Diamond, R C
Dias, Vivian Peter
Dibben, A R
Dibben, R O
Dibbins, D R
Dibden, L G M
Dick, J N G
Dick, J N G
Dick, L V J
Dick, W H A
Dick, A J
Dick, D L
Dick, W L M
Dick, A H
Dick, T
Dick, R B
Dick, D L
Dick, H R
Dick, F
Dick, N R D
Dick, A McD
Dick, A R J
Dick, W R A
Dick, W R A
Dickel, A H
Dicken, A E
Dicken, A B
Dicken, J R
Dickens, F D
Dickens, J D
Dickens, C W
Dickens, C J S
Dickenson, M L
Dickenson, J E
Dickenson, M E S
Dickenson, H
Dickenson, G L
Dickenson, G K
Dickenson, P G S
Dickenson, R C
Dickenson, R C
Dickenson, J
Dickenson, G R
Dickenson, C
Dicker, J W
Dicker, A R
Dickerson, K L T
Dickerson, A
Dickerson, R W
Dickerson, R G
Dickerson, E L
Dickerson, E L
Dickerson, H
Dickeson, R V
Dickeson, C R
Dickey, H N
Dickey, D O R
Dickey, E W G
Dickhard, E A
Dickie, R J
Dickie, Alex Morrison
Dickie, No details
Dickie, A G
Dickie, A McK
Dickie, R L
Dickie, R J
Dickie, J D
Dickie, D G
Dickie, T L
Dickie, K J
Dickie, W
Dickie, W G
Dickin, R C
Dickins, K S
Dickins, T E
Dickins, D S
Dickinson, Clifford
Dickinson, Albert
Dickinson, W J
Dickinson, R W
Dickinson, F
Dickinson, A J
Dickinson, R
Dickinson, J
Dickinson, R J
Dickinson, B N
Dickinson, A L
Dickinson, T
Dickinson, H
Dickinson, S
Dickinson, G C
Dickinson, W H
Dickinson, J H
Dickinson, J
Dickinson, R
Dickinson, J R
Dickinson, H
Dickinson, R S
Dickinson, F
Dickinson, K
Dickinson, C
Dickinson, J R
Dickinson, H
Dickinson, J E W
Dickinson, J P
Dickison, A W
Dickman, E W
Dicks, Leonard George
Dicks, L G
Dicks, R
Dicks, J
Dickson, A S
Dickson, R W
Dickson, D L
Dickson, C D
Dickson, W A D
Dickson, Eric Donald
Dickson, Harry Thomson
Dickson, H G
Dickson, H G
Dickson, A F
Dickson, R J
Dickson, R S
Dickson, Walter Edward
Dickson, W S
Dickson, J A
Dickson, G R
Dickson, R
Dickson, H
Dickson, H G
Dickson, R H
Dickson, D
Dickson, D G
Dickson, D G
Dickson, G M
Dickson, J E
Dickson, J G T
Dickson, E W
Dickson, F G
Dickson, A
Dickson, A
Dickson, W G
Dicon, M
Didsbury, C McD
Didsbury, G F
Didsbury, C McD
Didsbury, S R
Diebel, H M
Diemer, A C
Dieno, G A
Dier, A C
Dierkes, W J
Dietman, J A
Dietrichson, G
Difford, I B
Digby, F A
Digby, A C F
Digby, W C
Digby, R E
Digby, P W
Digby-Worsley, M P
Diggins, W W
Diggins, A E
Diggle, A
Diggle, F C
Diggle, J W
Diggle, L
Diggle, L
Diggory, J
Digle, R
Dignan, T De V
Digney, R J
Dignum, R E
Dil, W R
Diley, J A
Dilkes, M F
Dill, D
Dill-Russell, J D
Dilley, Dennis Arthur
Dillicar, J C
Dillingham, H C
Dillmutt, G W
Dillnutt, F C
Dillnutt, F C
Dillon, J McK
Dillon, W
Dillon, B G D
Dillon, J H
Dillon, R J
Dillon, J V
Dillon, M F
Dillon, J
Dillon, S
Dillon, P J
Dillon, T
Dillon, P
Dillon, A M
Dillon, G W
Dillow, W E C
Dilnot, A A
Dilon, S I
Dilworth, A A
Dilworth, J F
Dilworth, A J
Dimmock, T F
Dimmock, H E D
Dimock, A E
Dimock, V A D
Dimond, R
Dimond, L G C
Dimond, E R
Dimond, F J
Dimond, F J
Dimond, D J
Dimond, J
Dineen, W W
Dineen, Cecil "Johnny"
Dineen, B P
Dineen, J F
Ding, L A
Dingey, V G
Dingle, B N
Dingle, W R J
Dingle, A C
Dingle, D P
Dingley, L D
Dingley, L A
Dingley, K W
Dingman, R B
Dingwall, J
Dingwall, F T
Dingwall, P F
Dingwall, P F
Dinnage, F H
Dinnage, H E
Dinnen, R L
Dinney, W
Dinning, J H
Dinning, J B
Dinsdale, T M
Dinsdale, G C
Dinsmore, G T
Dint, D C
Dion, R B
Diplock, S A F
Dippie, J G
Disbrowe, H A
Disher, J R
Disley, R M
Disney, P A
Disney, P A
Diss, R W
Disson, T
Ditchburn, F H
Ditchburn, F W
Ditlev-Simonsen, J
Ditmarsch, E
Ditson, M T
Dittrich, F K
Ditzler, D W
Divall, W G
Dive-Robinson, L C
Divens, J
Diver, R A
Divers, J G
Divitcoff, Alexander
Divoy, L
Dix, K
Dix, F H
Dix, J E
Dix, J
Dix, J H J
Dix, F M
Dix, F H
Dix, J E
Dix, A L
Dixey, H C
Dixon, R K
Dixon, G W
Dixon, H B
Dixon, F W
Dixon, John
Dixon, Leslie Reginald
Dixon, Eric
Dixon, B
Dixon, Herbert Horace
Dixon, Alan Joseph Patrick
Dixon, J M
Dixon, T D
Dixon, M R
Dixon, A R
Dixon, C D
Dixon, G L
Dixon, C B
Dixon, A
Dixon, A A
Dixon, R W
Dixon, J
Dixon, N A
Dixon, W A
Dixon, M W
Dixon, G C
Dixon, L S
Dixon, N
Dixon, S
Dixon, R R
Dixon, R N
Dixon, R
Dixon, J H
Dixon, J R
Dixon, S
Dixon, J A G
Dixon, E
Dixon, J H
Dixon, D A H
Dixon, H P
Dixon, J M
Dixon, P L
Dixon, J
Dixon, T
Dixon, L T
Dixon, E
Dixon, J C
Dixon, B R
Dixon, T W
Dixon, T G F
Dixon, G H
Dixon, J J
Dixon, A
Dixon, R
Dixon, H E
Dixon, F D
Dixon, C N
Dixon, L H J
Dixon, A N
Dixon, J P
Dixon, H
Dixon, W D
Dixon, F J P
Dixon, J
Dixon, D
Dixon, H
Dixon, D A
Dixon, T S
Dixon, C A H
Dixon, P
Dixon, W B
Dixon, A T
Dixon, D
Dixon, J J
Dixon, L S
Dixon, K T
Dixon, H D
Dixon, K T
Dixon, A G E
Dixon, N F
Dixon, N F
Dixon, C W
Dixon, G
Dixon Townsley, E
Dixon-Wright, F W
Dixonet, B
Djonne, O
Dlugafczyk, F
Dmytruk, P
Doak, W E
Doak, J B
Doan, E V
Dobb, K H
Dobbie, A L H
Dobbin, L St G
Dobbins, R W
Dobbs, F W
Dobbs, W
Dobbs, W
Dobbs, K
Dobbyn, R J
Dobbyn, J L
Dobie, J R
Dobie, J S
Dobie, E C
Dobie, I A
Dobinson, J
Dobinson, L
Dobney, R
Dobromirski, Krzysztof Leon
Dobrut-Dobrucki, T D
Dobrut-Dobrucki, T D
Dobson, R P
Dobson, W L
Dobson, C D
Dobson, J E
Dobson, P G
Dobson, F A
Dobson, R F
Dobson, J M
Dobson, J R
Dobson, A T
Dobson, H
Dobson, W
Dobson, L N W
Dobson, R W
Dobson, D F
Dobson, E
Dobson, E
Dobson, J
Dobson, J
Dobson, W E
Dobson, J
Dobson, G G
Dobson, A
Dobson, W F
Dobson, T R
Dobson, E B
Dobson, R W
Dobson, E S K
Dobson, A
Dobson, N J J
Dochambeau, M O
Docherty, William
Docherty, R
Docherty, C F
Docherty, T
Docherty, E
Docherty, J
Docjerty, N
Dock, Frank William
Dock, F W
Docker, John
Docker, F
Docker, R J R
Dockerill, J P
Dockerty, B W O
Dockery, G M
Dockery, C B
Docking, R O
Dockrill, C J E
Dod, H F
Dodd, T H F
Dodd, T W
Dodd, E L
Dodd, J R
Dodd, A
Dodd, J E
Dodd, G
Dodd, E G
Dodd, J
Dodd, L J
Dodd, F C
Dodd, D
Dodd, F J
Dodd, W V
Dodding, J D
Dodds, J R
Dodds, David Laing
Dodds, James
Dodds, R L
Dodds, V F
Dodds, G D
Dodds, R
Dodds, G H
Dodds, P
Dodds, J
Dodds, J R
Dodds, M
Dodds, C N
Dodds, R V
Dodds, J
Dodds, J K
Dodds, H
Dodds, J D
Dodds, T D
Dodds-Forrest, J
Dodge, L E
Dodge, J H
Dodge, J S H
Dodge, S W
Dodgshun, J H
Dodgshun, G T
Dodgson, N C R
Dodgson, David James
Dodgson, H
Dodgson, W K
Dodgson, H S
Dodgson, J
Dodson, A D
Dodson, R E
Dodson, C
Dodson, J
Dodson, J
Dodson, H L G
Dodsworth, H
Dodsworth, J D
Dodwell, T E
Doe, Leslie Hubert
Doe, B A
Doe, J H
Doe, R F T
Doe, D J
Doel, A W
Doel, R
Doggart, T W
Doggett, G E
Doggett, H
Dohaney, G F
Doherty, O J
Doherty, W J
Doherty, L A
Doherty, R S
Doherty, F A
Doherty, M
Doherty, R A A
Doherty, R A A
Doherty, E B
Doherty, H L
Doherty, R A A
Doherty, J C
Doidge, R W
Doidge, R W
Doidge, G L
Doidge, T W
Doig, J
Doig, P H
Doig, A I
Doig, C S
Doig, C S
Doiron, H W
Dolamore, F L
Dolan, J
Dolan, W T
Dolan, S J
Dolan, W
Doland, M D
Doland, R J
Dolata, E J
Dolbear, R
Dolby, R E
Dolby, E G
Dolby, B H
Dolby, L A
Dolby, H
Doldan, J
Dolding, Arthur John
Dolejs, A
Dolezal, F
Dollar, R E
Dollard, E J
Dollery, T P
Dollery, A G
Dolling, F R
Dolling, F R
Dolter, F W
Dolton, F
Dolton, A K
Domagala, M B
Doman, G A
Domanski, Stanislaw
Domanski, J
Domanski, L
Dombrain, P C L
Domigan, B
Dominy, R H
Domke, A F
Domleo, S V
Dommitz, J
Domone, E V
Don, R S
Don, R S
Donagby, M
Donaghue, C D
Donaghue, B A
Donaghy, T R
Donahue, W V
Donahue, A G
Donahue, A G
Donald, H W E
Donald, K C
Donald, J R
Donald, Peter Laird
Donald, D N
Donald, J L
Donald, R S
Donald, D
Donald, G
Donald, G
Donald, G
Donald, I D G
Donald, J
Donald, J A
Donald, W
Donald, G
Donald, K N
Donald, K M
Donald, J
Donaldson, D R
Donaldson, Vincent John Mervyn
Donaldson, J
Donaldson, G E
Donaldson, M F
Donaldson, R G
Donaldson, K J
Donaldson, John Clifford
Donaldson, P R
Donaldson, R
Donaldson, D W
Donaldson, G B
Donaldson, E M
Donaldson, D J
Donaldson, G
Donaldson, L J
Donaldson, M
Donaldson, D
Donaldson, J W
Donaldson, A H
Donaldson, R W
Donaldson, J
Donaldson, M W
Donaldson, W A
Donaldson, D S
Donaldson, A
Donaldson, A
Donaldson, J
Donaldson, L G
Donaldson, D B
Donaldson, L
Doncaster, Ivan Keith
Doncaster, F H
Donda, Z
Done, R A
Done, G F
Donehue, C E
Donelan, P J H
Donhone, F M
Donkersley, G I
Donkin, Dixon David
Donkin, J
Donkin, P L
Donkin, E W
Donkin, A V
Donkin, H
Donkin, H
Donlan, P
Donlan, J
Donlan, J M
Donlevy, P
Donlin, E A
Donlon, J F
Donmall, N E
Donn-Patterson, J
Donnan, N
Donnan, J E
Donnan, R
Donne, Michael Stephen
Donne, E H
Donnell, A C
Donnelly, C A
Donnelly, T H
Donnelly, J W
Donnelly, E B
Donnelly, N W
Donnelly, W W
Donnelly, J P
Donnelly, J P
Donnelly, H McL
Donnelly, W A
Donnelly, P
Donnelly, J T
Donnelly, W S
Donnelly, J G
Donnelly, T E
Donner, W J
Donner, R W
Donnett, D J
Donnison, Frederick Ritchie
Donocik, J
Donoghue, J E
Donoghue, M G E
Donoghue, J G
Donoghue, S P
Donoghue, D A
Donoghue, P
Donohoe, J B
Donohue, John Richard Charles
Donohue, C J
Donovan, I I
Donovan, G H
Donovan, W H
Donovan, W
Donovan, J A
Donovan, R L
Donovan, G A
Donovan, P E
Donovan, R W
Donovan, J H
Donovan, C A
Donovan Fuller, D M
Donowa, Rex Valentine
Donson, H E
Doodey, F W
Doolan, Gregory McGowan
Dooley, Peter Lawrence
Dooley, JP
Dooley, V
Doolittle, E F
Doonan, F W
Doore, R S
Doorly, E
Dootson, H
Dop, C
Dopere, R
Dopson, I B
Doram, E C
Doran, W L
Doran, A J
Doran, W L
Doran, K C
Doran, J
Doran, W H C
Doran, P B
Doran, W L
Doran, J
Dore, Harry
Dore, M I
Dore, M I
Dorey, A
Dorey, W D
Dorey, E H S
Dorey, C W
Dorey, D A
Dorian, J
Dorman, J P
Dorman, A V
Dorman, R E
Dormand, A W
Dormand, D A C
Dormer, J F
Dormer, P F
Dorn, D
Dorn, T A C
Dorosz, S
Dorrell, M
Dorrell, J W
Dorrell, S G
Dorrell, P G
Dorrett, A E C
Dorrien-Smith, L R
Dorrington, F W
Dorrington, J B
Dorris, D L
Dorrity, J
Dorsett, J W A
Dorward, L C
Dos Santos, T
Dose, R H
Dossett, W S
Dossett, K S F
Dossetter, W C
Dotchin, N
Dothie, H J
Dotrice, R L
Dott, H F
Dotten, F E
Doubt, R H
Doucette, A T
Doucha, J
Douds, D
Douetil, B N
Dougall, T F
Dougall, J
Dougall, J
Dougan, Jack Llewelyn
Dougan, K
Dougan, S N
Dougherty, J H
Dougherty, G S
Dougherty, L D
Doughty, Herbert
Doughty, R B
Doughty, R J
Doughty, J C
Doughty, D G
Doughty, H
Doughty, W J B
Doughty, J
Douglas, Clifford Stanley
Douglas, J K
Douglas, J W
Douglas, Herbert Walter
Douglas, W M
Douglas, D B
Douglas, G T
Douglas, R G S
Douglas, William Ernest
Douglas, A B
Douglas, H J
Douglas, Harry Lawrence
Douglas, A V
Douglas, R O
Douglas, A G
Douglas, A P
Douglas, R C A
Douglas, C B
Douglas, J
Douglas, S E R
Douglas, J W
Douglas, R T
Douglas, T
Douglas, N
Douglas, E R
Douglas, A W
Douglas, A S
Douglas, R G
Douglas, N M
Douglas, W J
Douglas, G
Douglas, Gordon
Douglas, K A R
Douglas, G
Douglas, W A
Douglas, J
Douglas, W J
Douglas, R C M
Douglas, D H
Douglas, W M
Douglas, B
Douglas, M L
Douglas, C H
Douglas-Cooper, J S
Douglas-Pulleyne, I R M
Douglass, A
Douglass, P N
Douglass, E R
Douglass, R
Doull, Ronald Henry
Doulton, M D
Doust, L B
Douthwaite, B
Doutrepont, G L J
Dovaston, L
Dove, R K
Dove, B J
Dove, A S
Dove, C B
Dove, W
Dove, A R
Dove, J
Dove, G
Dovey, C W
Dovey, D M
Dow, J C Du B
Dow, H R
Dow, R
Dow, J R
Dow, G H
Dow, T R A
Dowbiggin, T W
Dowd, P P
Dowd, A H A
Dowd, J
Dowdall, L J
Dowdell, S G
Dowdell, L C
Dowdell, W J
Dowdell, E F
Dowden, M E
Dowden, N E
Dowdeswell, John Leslie
Dowdeswell, P
Dowding, R B
Dowding, A F
Dowding, A W
Dowding, J
Dowding, K B
Dowding, K B
Dowding, M McL
Dowds, John
Dowe, R A
Dowe, E A
Dowe, D J
Dowgaslki, E
Dowie, N W
Dowie, Donald Alexander
Dowie, A W
Dowing, J W
Dowker, G B
Dowl, F H
Dowler, N G
Dowler, J C
Dowling, G L
Dowling, T E
Dowling, G E
Dowling, B J
Dowling, R A
Dowling, J A
Dowling, R O
Dowling, A J
Dowling, V J
Dowling, E F
Dowling, P L
Dowling, F P
Dowling, H J
Dowling, H J
Dowling, H J
Dowling, L G
Dowlman, C F
Downe, G W
Downe, E H
Down, J W R (Search for Downe: see note)
Down, F H (Search for Downe: see note)
Down, K W C (Search for Downe: see note)
Downer, I W
Downer, I W
Downer, G L
Downer, D J
Downer, G L
Downer, E D
Downes, J
Downes, T N
Downes, J M
Downes, H T H
Downes, D W
Downes, C W S
Downes, T K
Downes, S W
Downes, A R
Downes, A R
Downey, W C
Downey, G
Downey, E W D
Downey, T W
Downey, B
Downey, J
Downey, M A
Downey, W H
Downham, E A
Downie, A J
Downie, N D
Downie, J A
Downie, A
Downie, J
Downing, J J
Downing, D
Downing, Tom
Downing, J
Downing, F C
Downing, A E
Downing, E J
Downing, J B
Downing, J B
Downing, W R
Downing, R
Downing, J
Downing, R
Downing, G N
Downing, K D
Downing, K
Downing, S
Downs, A I L
Downs, John Philip
Downs, A J
Downs, H C
Downs, R V
Downs, C H
Downs, C H
Downs, J A
Downs, J B
Downs, R C
Downs, E J H
Downs, F C
Downs, R
Downs, B C
Downs, A
Downs, H
Downs, A E
Downs, A E
Downton, C M
Downward, A Q
Downward, A C R
Dowse, H J
Dowse, C D
Dowse, C C
Dowse, B J
Dowse, E E
Dowse, A P
Dowse, A P
Dowset, A W
Dowsett, C
Dowsing, J F
Dowson, W
Dowthwaithe, B P
Doy, J
Doye, P J
Doyle, John Christopher Patrick
Doyle, Kenneth Patrick Cochrane
Doyle, Desmond Patrick
Doyle, W A
Doyle, G T
Doyle, G J
Doyle, G J
Doyle, K J
Doyle, J G
Doyle, J P
Doyle, E
Doyle, J W
Doyle, W A
Doyle, F K
Doyle, J
Doyle, T J
Doyle, J
Doyle, G J
Doyle, J P
Doyle, J I
Doyle, D T F
Doyle, W E
Drabble, Maurice Louis Seth
Drabble, K J
Drabble, A
Dracass, H
Draee, A W
Draffin, R J
Drain, J A
Drake, Reginald George
Drake, H R
Drake, W B
Drake, F D
Drake, R E
Drake, B
Drake, E L D
Drake, D J
Drake, K N
Drake, W J
Drake, A R S
Drake, G
Drake, J R
Drake, H
Drake, S
Drake, R E
Drake, R E
Drake, C A
Drake, G J
Drake, E A
Drake, A G
Drake, A
Drake, H A
Drake Carrell, F J
Drakes, D B
Dramnitzki, E
Drane, P J
Drane, A P
Dranicki, M K
Dransfield, M
Dransfield, W I
Draper, T M
Draper, C O
Draper, P G
Draper, C R
Draper, J D
Draper, M
Draper, J
Draper, L C
Draper, W
Draper, E C
Draper, K R
Draper, A S
Draper, C G
Draper, H J
Draper, E G
Draper, G G F
Draper, G G F
Draper, G A
Draper, B V
Draper, I R
Draper, P H
Draper, E
Drapper, R A
Draqaniuk, W
Drawbridge, H J
Drawbridge, T
Drawwater, M I
Dray, R H
Dray, A A
Draycott, G A
Draysey, L
Drayton, V A
Drayton, P C B
Drayton, W G
Dredge, W F
Dredge, E W
Dreger, C J
Drejtnar, ?
Drenna, A T
Drennan, Alfred Wallace Jack
Drennan, J C
Drennan, T E
Dreschsier, W W
Dresser, Robert Edward
Dressler, R E
Drever, F I
Drever, N G
Drew, E D
Drew, T A
Drew, W P
Drew, E B
Drew, T J
Drew, G T
Drew, D M
Drew, D M
Drew, R H
Drew, T E
Drew, P E
Drew, W A
Drew, W J
Drew, S T
Drew, C S
Drew, C N G
Drew, F E
Drew, D H
Drew, D A
Drew, E F
Drew, D W
Drew, J E
Drewer, C H
Drewery, B E
Drewett, R
Drewett, R E
Drewett, W A
Drewry, John Richard
Drewsen, J
Dreyer, L C U
Dreyer, R W
Dries, P W
Drimmie, Gordon Robert
Drimmie, G K R
Dring, T
Dring, F F
Drinka, C
Drinkall, A
Drinkwater, J W
Drinkwater, F
Drinkwater, T H D
Drinkwater, W R
Drinkwater, R C
Drinkwater, R C
Drinkwater, R C
Drinkwater, R J
Drinnan, R K
Dripps, D C
Dripps, D C
Driscoll, S A
Driscoll, C J
Driscoll, E S
Driscoll, D
Driscoll, R D
Driscoll, P T
Driver, Charles Ronald (Ronnie)
Driver, P E
Driver, L K
Driver, R B H
Driver, G H
Driver, G H
Driver, J W
Driver, L G
Driver, R C
Drobny, J
Dromgoole, S H
Dromlewicz, A
Dron, W
Dronfield, H
Drongeson, R S
Droogenbroeck, F A J
Drope, W J
Drossaert, A E
Drover, J E
Drower, T A
Drozdiak, William Roy
Drozdowicz, R
Drozdz, J
Drozdzik, K
Druett, D J
Druett, E J
Drumm, K W
Drumm, W C
Drummond, D P
Drummond, A F
Drummond, William MacFarlane
Drummond, J W
Drummond, K
Drummond, M K P
Drummond, J A P
Drummond, D W
Drummond, J A
Drummond, D
Drummond, R R
Drummond, J F
Drummond, P
Drummond, J F
Drummond, L A
Drummond-Hay, A B
Drury, R W
Drury, C
Drury, D J
Drury, J B
Drury, A
Drury, D
Drury, R A
Drury, J R
Drury, A
Drury, R
Drury, F A
Drury, E A
Drussel, D P
Drybrugh, W T
Dryburgh, W R
Dryden, I M
Dryden, R P
Dryden, K C
Dryden, J R
Dryden, F C
Dryer, H R
Dryer, L
Dryhurst, H G
Dryland, R
Dryland, E J
Drylie, John
Drymont-Jussewicz, E
Drysdale, J K M
Drysdale, R
Drysdale, J L
Drysdale, T A H
Drysdale, R E
Drysdale, R
Drysdale, W
Drysdale, A T
Du Bose, T C
du Boulay , D C D
Du Broy, J W
Du Broy, T E
du Fretoy, M H
Du Pre, P P F
Du Preez, C J
Du Preez, C J
Du Toit, J C F
Du Toit, J C F
Du Vivier, R A L
Du Vivier, D A R G LE R
Du-Plat-Taylor, P C
Dubas, Z J K
Dube, J P H
Dube, H E
Dubeau, R J
Dubeau, E D
Dubetz, L
Dubiel, J
Dubnick, H
Dubois, J E L
Dubois, Philip Alfred (Phil)
Dubois, A
Dubois, J
Dubois, S
Duboulay, D
Dubourgel, V J
Dubowski, F
Dubroy, William Edmond
Dubroy, Joseph Leonard
Ducat, L
Duce, C C
Duchaczek, J
Ducharme, Joseph Jean Andre
Ducharme, A J
Duchene, E A
Duchesnay, A A H J N A
Duchesnay, A A H J N A
Duchesne, G F J
Duchnicki, S
Duck, R A
Duck, G E
Duck, R T
Duck, R E
Ducker, F E R
Ducker, B V L
Duckers, P E
Duckers, P W
Duckers, G G
Duckett, J D
Duckett, G W F
Duckham, G R
Duckham, P F
Duckiewicz, M
Duckmanton, H C
Duckmanton, G W
Duckworth, John S
Duckworth, H L
Duckworth, E R
Duckworth, D D
Duckworth, S
Duckworth, M
Duckworth, L
Duckworth, H
Dudding, K
Dudek, I
Duder, M S
Dudley, R
Dudley, G H
Dudley, W G
Dudley, T K
Dudley, C G
Dudley, J
Dudley, J K
Dudley, S
Dudley, R J
Dudley, P
Dudley, C
Dudley, C W
Dudley, C T O
Dudley, L C
Dudley-Jones, D T
Dudman, J
Dudziak, J
Due, E E
Duell, J B
Duerden, C
Duerden, H
Duerr, E A
Dufay, E R
Duff, G A
Duff, F
Duff, T A S
Duff, P S
Duff, B
Duff, T H
Duff, P
Duff, G G
Duff, D J
Duff, F A
Duff, T
Duff, G R
Duff, J
Duff, E
Duffee, G W H
Duffell, B W
Duffett, J
Duffield, K V
Duffield, J A
Duffield, J G W T
Duffield, H W
Duffield, H G
Duffield, A R
Duffield, R A
Duffield, J W
Duffield, R A
Duffill, Arthur Victor
Duffill, J G
Duffin, E R
Duffin, J D
Duffus, G M
Duffy, R E
Duffy, D MacL
Duffy, P J
Duffy, F J
Duffy, D C
Duffy, C
Duffy, W A
Duffy, J L
Duffy, T P
Duffy, T
Duffy, J H
Duffy, P P
Duffy, R
Duffy, T
Duffy, P J
Duffy, L P
Duffy, E C
Duffy, J L
Duffy, G L
Duffy, M H
Dufour, H V
Dufour, J T G G
Dufreane, L E
Dufresne, Edward Charles
Dufresnoy, F
Dufton, D W
Dufton, V R
Dufton, C T
Dufty, T B
Dufty, A D
Dugal, J J B A
Dugan, J H
Dugard, H W
Dugard, L J
Dugardin, C
Dugas, M J
Dugas, J M D J
Dugdale, Cyril Peter
Dugdale, K J
Dugdale, G
Dugdale, J
Duggan, G W
Duggan, Francis Anthony
Duggan, J P
Duggan, T D
Duggan, D
Duggan, W J N
Duggan, L H
Duggan, D C
Duggan, D P
Duggan, R F
Duggan, T D
Duggin, G J
Duggin, G J
Duggleby, A M
Dugid, J I
Dugiud, A G
Dugnat, G
Duguid, J
Duguid, D C
Duigan, B L
Duke, M McK
Duke, R R
Duke, R W
Duke, A J
Duke, R C
Duke, R C
Duke, G H
Duke, E C
Duke, J L
Dukelow, R B A
Dukelow, P J
Dukes, F J B
Dulait, A J G
Dulieu, H E M
Dullaghan, S P
Dumaresque, J A
Dumas, R A
Dumbreck, O W
Dumbrell, A G
Dumbrill, H C
Dummer, Cyril Albert Reginald
Dummett, G F
Dumphy, C A
Dumville, G
Dunae, A
Dunajski, Francis Xavier Joseph
Dunand, A
Dunand, E J F
Dunbabin, N S
Dunbar, Geoffrey James
Dunbar, M
Dunbar, R
Dunbar, W P
Dunbar, L I
Dunbar, W A
Dunbar, W A
Dunbar, J E
Dunbar, H
Dunbar, A
Dunbar, J L
Dunbar, J A
Duncan, A J
Duncan, W F
Duncan, A
Duncan, M
Duncan, W H
Duncan, R A
Duncan, G R
Duncan, F C
Duncan, R McI
Duncan, J
Duncan, J D
Duncan, Gordon Robert
Duncan, C C
Duncan, I
Duncan, J J
Duncan, J J
Duncan, L
Duncan, G R P
Duncan, A
Duncan, T S
Duncan, J G
Duncan, J
Duncan, A S
Duncan, F A
Duncan, J L
Duncan, J G
Duncan, J B
Duncan, M
Duncan, A C
Duncan, R F
Duncan, J H
Duncan, J
Duncan, J D McA
Duncan, G M
Duncan, J W
Duncan, W
Duncan, A U
Duncan, W G
Duncanson, Robert Hay
Duncanson, W
Duncanson, R W
Duncanson, R
Dunckley, R H
Duncombe, D G
Duncombe, W
Duncombe, E F
Duncombe, J
Duncombe, A
Dundas, B T
Dundas, J C
Dundas, H S L
Dundas, R
Dundee, P E
Dundon, R A
Dunfee, G E
Dunford, P J
Dunford, E R
Dunford, J W
Dunford-Wood, H D S
Dunger, K J
Dunger, P J
Dungey, E B
Dungey, S A
Dunham, D W
Dunham, W M G
Dunham, G E
Dunham, L R
Dunham, W
Dunham, W
Dunham, P F
Dunin-Rzuchowski, Z A J
Dunismuir, J M
Dunk, T W
Dunk, J
Dunkeld, W T
Dunkelman, G A
Dunkels, C O
Dunkerley, A R F
Dunkerley, M P
Dunkerley, W
Dunkerley, H H
Dunkley, G C
Dunkley, D
Dunkley, R F S
Dunkley, E M
Dunkley, R H
Dunkley, D
Dunkley, R W
Dunkling, E W
Dunkling, L G
Dunks, G F
Dunleavy, W A
Dunley, L S
Dunlop, Norman Kenneth
Dunlop, E A
Dunlop, Cyril Ernest
Dunlop, Charles Espeth Armour
Dunlop, J L
Dunlop, T E
Dunlop, B
Dunlop, G J T
Dunlop, C J L
Dunlop, J M
Dunlop, R D
Dunlop, J M
Dunlop, L S
Dunlop, T R
Dunlop, L H
Dunlop, I D M
Dunlop, J B
Dunlop, J McC
Dunlop, T N
Dunlop, R
Dunlop, D F
Dunlop, J
Dunlop, R O M
Dunlop, J McI
Dunlop-Mackenzie, R J
Dunmall, C
Dunmall, K J
Dunmore, L A
Dunn, I C
Dunn, L W
Dunn, P W
Dunn, R W
Dunn, V
Dunn, D C
Dunn, A J
Dunn, D A
Dunn, Harry
Dunn, Allan John
Dunn, G E
Dunn, S G E
Dunn, J H
Dunn, R G
Dunn, L A
Dunn, C D
Dunn, Harvey Adam
Dunn, F A
Dunn, L J
Dunn, J W K
Dunn, E M
Dunn, S H
Dunn, J R
Dunn, P T
Dunn, F E
Dunn, L G
Dunn, F T
Dunn, S J E
Dunn, R J
Dunn, A G
Dunn, J
Dunn, L W
Dunn, E F
Dunn, J C
Dunn, S
Dunn, W A
Dunn, ??
Dunn, R
Dunn, R
Dunn, B
Dunn, R W
Dunn, F S
Dunn, R
Dunn, R J
Dunn, G L
Dunn, D J
Dunn, D J
Dunn, G F
Dunn, L T
Dunn, H
Dunn, D I
Dunn, W R
Dunn, L
Dunn, W J
Dunn, T
Dunn, A W
Dunn, A W
Dunn, A W
Dunn, A W
Dunn, A W
Dunn, G E
Dunn, A R
Dunn, C J
Dunn, H J R
Dunn, H J L
Dunn, G B
Dunn, J R L
Dunne, J J
Dunne, J B
Dunne, D C K
Dunne, M G
Dunne, J K
Dunne, J D
Dunne, T R
Dunne, P M
Dunne, J
Dunne, J B
Dunnet, C W
Dunnett, W H
Dunnett, E G
Dunnett, H J
Dunnett, C A
Dunnett, S E
Dunnicliffe, D A
Dunning, Guy Ernest
Dunning, W T
Dunning, A C
Dunning, J
Dunning-White, P W
Dunningan, W J
Dunoan, D D
Dunphy, H A
Dunphy, R J
Dunphy, D C
Duns, J P
Dunseath, J
Dunseth, J I
Dunsford, J R
Dunsford, P R
Dunsmore, W E
Dunstan, R C
Dunstan, P J
Dunstan, R J
Dunstan, B P
Dunstan, B P
Dunstan, R H
Dunster, R J
Dunstone, F V J
Dunt, D H
Dunton, F R
Dunville, J C
Dunwoodie, W H
Dupe, R F C
Dupont, L J
Dupont, J A C
Dupre, F L E
Dupree, D A
Dupreez, C J
Dupueis, Charles Gordon
Dupuis, I M
Duran, P
Durand, A A
Durant, E
Durant, E
Durant, E R
Durban, N F
Durban, N F
Durber, W E
Durbin, T
Durbin, T
Durbridge, Ronald Charles
Durdin, Garnet Walter
Durdin, C N
Durdin, G W
Durfee, A B
Durham, A N
Durham, A N
Durham, George Henry
Durham, D
Durham, R
Durham, R McD
Durham, E V
Durham, L
Durham, R
Durham, J G
Durham, V D
Durie, T K
Durie, T W
Durie, G C
Duringer, A H
Durk, K I
Durkin, James Alexander
Durkin, J G
Durkin, J P
Durland, E G
Durling, M V
Durling, M L
Durn, M
Durn, F E
Durnam, H
Durnan, Grant
Durne, R R F
Durnell, K W
Durnford, P E G
Durnin, A H
Durnin, G W
Durnin, A H
Durning, J H
Duro, H
Duroe, W H
Durrant, Charles Henry
Durrant, F G
Durrant, J C
Durrant, T
Durrant, N W
Durrant, H V
Durrant, D
Durrant, L W J
Durrant, S A
Durrant, S F
Durrant, K M G
Durrell, D
Durston, I G
Durston, G H
Durston, K G
Durtnall, R R B
Durtnall, R R B
Durward, J S
Dushman, D
Dussaut, A
Dusson, N J
Duszynski, Stanislaw
Dutchak, P
Dutfield, I D
Dutfield, H C
Duthie, W P
Duthie, G R J
Duthie, C
Duthie, J
Duthie, W
Duthie, J D
Duthie, I C
Duthoit, C
Dutka, R S
Dutkiewicz, K Z
Dutneall, R A
Dutton, J R
Dutton, J M
Dutton, L
Dutton, T A
Dutton, R A
Dutton, J G S
Dutton, P H
Dutton, G D H
Dutton, K L
Dutton, T R
Dutton, W
Dutton, R E
Dutton, E J
Dutton, F G
Dutton, F
Dutton, Kenneth
Dutton, R L J
Dutton, W A
Dutton, K T
Dutton, J A
Duval, W
Duval, J G
Duval, B P
Duvall, V R
Duvall, S V
Duvall, J G
Duvall, R V
Duxbury, T L
Dvorak, B
Dvorjetz, George Arthur
Dwan, L S
Dwelly, J A
Dwelly, E D
Dwight, H C
Dworakowski, W
Dworski, S
Dwyer, F D
Dwyer, R O
Dwyer, J A
Dwyer, E S
Dwyer, J H P
Dwyer, W
Dyball, D A
Dyce, K D
Dyck, A G
Dyckhoff, G E
Dyde, E R H
Dyde, F W
Dyde, E R H
Dydo, A
Dye, B
Dye, Leslie Richard
Dye, W H
Dye, K R
Dye, B E
Dyelle, G R
Dyer, B D
Dyer, J M
Dyer, A R
Dyer, D E H
Dyer, M B
Dyer, W A
Dyer, H G
Dyer, K C
Dyer, K D P
Dyer, J H
Dyer, J
Dyer, H J A
Dyer, F J
Dyer, W A
Dyer, Raymond H H
Dyer, E
Dyer, A H G
Dyer, S A
Dyer, L S
Dyer, C G
Dyer, R J
Dyer, J H
Dyer, R
Dyer, J P
Dyerson, H E
Dygryn-Ligoticky, L
Dyhouse, J L
Dyke, E J
Dyke, H
Dyke, L A
Dyke, J
Dyke, W H
Dyke, G C
Dykes, William Arthur
Dykes, Edward D 'Ted'
Dykes, E D
Dykes, R E
Dykes, F
Dykes, B J
Dykins, T
Dyment, L R
Dymick, A G
Dymock, J M
Dymond, C V
Dymond, W L
Dynarski, E F
Dynes, G C
Dynott, B C
Dyson, J H
Dyson, D J
Dyson, C L
Dyson, A G
Dyson, W A
Dyson, F
Dyson, R F
Dyson, R F
Dyson, P
Dyson, J D
Dyson, R
Dyson, F
Dyson, W
Dyson, E
Dywan, J
Dziegiel, D
Dziegielewski, A
Dziekonski, C
Dzierzbicki, L
Dzuibinski, T
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