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This database provides notes on over 9300 RCAF personnel. These were previously published by us in a non-searchable form and we hope the new database structure makes it easier to find what you are looking for. These notes were assembled by Jean Schadskaje over many years from research books, biographies, mentions on websites etc. and were originally intended for private use, not publication, hence the frequent use of shorthand terms. Because these notes were works-in-progress they may include errors: if you find any, please let us know via the Helpdesk.

They make available information on many RCAF personnel, some of which is unavailable elsewhere in the searchable context provided here. Researchers may cross-reference names with the 45,000 entries in our Paradie Archive. In January 2018 our colleague François Dutil began an exercise to review and correct entries where appropriate, particularly in relation to 438 Squadron RCAF. Further Canadian material can be found here.

Thanks to Jacqueline Freeguard for technical assistance in preparing this data for publication.

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1 Brown W/Co Mark Henry 'Hilly' Canadian DFC & Bar Born on 9 Oct 1911 in Glenboro Manitoba. Learned to Fly in Russell Man. Joins RAF in 1936 Posted Hurricane pilot w/ 1 Sqd in Feb 1937 Promoted F/O in Dec 1938 The unit moves to Octerville France in Sept 1939 On 23 Nov 1939 S/L Halahan and F/O Hilly Brown patrolling the Verdun-Metz area attack a Do-17P of 4.(F)/122 piloted by Ofw Baptist Schapp and shoot it down at Haumont-la-Chaussee near Longuyon. The German crew were all kia. On 2 March 1940 leads three Hurricanes from Vassincourt against a Do-17 from 4.(F)/11 near metz. His Hurricane L1974's wooden propeller disintegrate in flight. He glides to a forced landing. On 3 March 1940 w/ Soper they intercept He-111H of 3.(F)/121. They forced it to force-land in flames S of Forbach. Only the piloy Uffz Nagel and another crew were rescued by german infantry. On 20 April 1940 flying Hurricane P2678 for a patrol by F/L Walker F/O Hilly Brown F/O Billy Drake they clobber a gaggle of nine Bf-109s from 7./JG 53 he claims a Bf-109 fallen in german territory. On 3 May 1940 he delivers a captured Bf-109 to Boscombe down for tests. On 10 May 1940 F/L Walker flying Hurricane N2382/B leads A/Sqd 1 w/ F/O Brown F/O Richey F/O Kilmartin Sgt Soper over Metz they claims a Do-17Z piloted by Uffz Graefe from 7./KG 53 shared s/d it crash-lands at Dun-sur-Meuse. On 11 May 1940 part of 5 Hurricanes scrambled at 19:15 against a raid against Reims by 30 Do-17Zs from III/KG 76 and 15 Bf-110s from I/ZG 26. They dove on the escort E of Vervins and claimed 9 s/d. He claimed two Bf-110s s/d. On 12 May 1940 over Maastritch turn on two Bf-109s to protect Lewis who had baled out he shoots and the two germans collide crashing together. Damaged in turn by Bf-109s from 2./JG 27 he RTB. On 14 May 1940 1 Sqd provides escorts for Battles from Nos.105 and 150 Sqd to bomb the bridges on the Maas; they surprise the Stukas from I/StG 77 near Sedan he claims a Stuka s/d; (the British claimed 5 vict 6 Stukas were lost); then the Hurricanes turned w/ the escorting Bf-109s from I/JG 53; he claims a Bf-109 s/d. (4 Bf-109s were s/d and 2 damaged). On 15 May 1940 claims a Me-110. On 17 May 1940 intercepting the escort of a Stuka raid near Sedan he claims the Bf-110C from V(St)/LG 1 which had s/d Pussy Palmer as s/d at 09:00 He attacked a He-111 claiming it s/d also. (the german unit lost 3 Bf-110s against 7 claims). On 18 May 1940 he leads 8 Hurricanes to escort 6 Blenheims from 18 Sqd to attack german columns near cambrai. He is raked by AA fire at 15:20 near St.Quentin; he attacks a Hs-126 which disappear 7m SE of St. Quentin. On 19 May 1940 patrol over the Aisne river then on return intercept the He-111s from III/KG 27 NE of Rethel he claims a He-111 s/d and a He-111 probable at 11:00 near Chateau-Thierry. On 21 May 1940 he claims a He-111 s/d NE of Rethel On 23 May 1940 posted FtCdr A On 1 June 1940 he claims a Bf-109E damaged S of St.Valery On 5 June 1940 he claims a Do-17 s/d near Amiens On 14 June 1940 he claims a He-111 and a Bf-109E s/d in the Caen area but he is s/d and bales out. return to UK on 18 June 1940 by boat. On 11 Aug 1940 flying Hurricane P3047 he claims a Bf-110C from I/ZG 2 shared damaged w/ P/O Chetham 20m S of St.Catherine's Point at 10:10 On 15 Aug 1940 Flying Hurricane P3047 leading the Sqd's 9 a/c from North Weald saw Rubensdorfer's 24 a/c returning from the Martlesham raid at 14:30 thought that Harwich might be in trouble climbed to divert the bombers. Wia he had to bale out S of Harwich and drifted at sea but was rescued. Harwich was untouched. On 6 sept 1940 flying hurricane L1934 he claims a Ju-88 damaged between Kenley and Turnbridge Wells Promoted F/Lt in Sept 1940 On 24 Sept 1940 flying Hurricane V7379 he claims a Do-17 shared s/d E of Bambury W of Cambridge Promoted S/L OC 1 Sqd from Nov 1940 til May 1941 On 8 Jan 1941 he claims a Bf-109 s/d over Quercamps airfield U/c. In March 1941 converted to Hurricanes II. Pionneer the two fighter sweep system. Posted to No.58 O.T.U. in May 1941 Posted to No.57 O.T.U. at Grangemouth in July 1941 and promoted W/Co In mid Aug 1941 he is s/d over the channel and baled out. In late Oct 1941 posted to the Middle East arrived on Malta on 5 Nov 1941 He is posted W/Co Takali On 12 Nov 1941 flying w/ W/Co Rabagliati in a four Hurricanes sweep of Gela airfield he is s/d by flak and kia. Claimed 15 vict 4 shared vict 1 probable and 2 damaged, Buried Catania
2 BrownG/C Alan Coatsworth DSO DFC OBE From Winnipeg Joined RAF on 19 Oct 1934 In Sept 1939 flew Blenheim w/ 53 Sqd at Odiham Went to France in late Sept 1939. On 13 May 1940 hit and loosing one engine but rtb. On 1 June 1940 hit and crashed back at Manston On 2 June 1940 hit and s/d near Dunkirk they rtb by boat. On 7 Jan 1942 posted OC 407 Demon Sqd at North Coates Lincs flying Hudsons for Coastal Cd.,
3 BrownP/O Allan Keith DFC Pilot w/ No.408 Sqd Home at Midnapore AB One night in April 1945 detailed to attack Hamburg. S/d over germany three crews bale out and he crash-land safely in the dark.,
4 BrownF/L Arthur Leland DFC AFC No.216 Sqd Home in Hawarden Sask To Ferry Command Dorval June 1942; sent overseas in Sept 1942. Posted to No.216 Sqd (Dakotas). Returned to Canada Jan 1945. Posted to No.6 OTU Comox until April 1946 taken part in operations in India the Western Desert and the Eastern Mediterranean area. Recom. dated 27 Jan 1945 when he had flown 2 033 hrs 124 in past six months. ,
5 Brown Capt Arthur Royal "Roy" DFC DSO Born 23 Dec 1893 in Carleton Place Ontario; educated there and in Edmonton (1913-1915). When WW1 started he was one of a handfull of canadians who could fly. Attended Wright School Dayton Ohio and attained ACA Certificate No.361 24 Nov 1915; S/Lt on 15 Nov 1915; sailed from New York on 2 Dec 1915; at Chingford 24 Dec 1915; He crashed in an Avro 504 and was injured severely. Eastchurch Gunnery School 8 Sept 1916; Cranwell 1 Jan 1917; to Dover Air Station 24 Jan 1917; To No.9 RNAS Sqd 10 March 1917; sick on 20 March 1917; returned to No.9 (N) Sqd 10 May 1917; to No.11 (N) Sqd 23 May 1917; sick 25 May to 2 June 1917; In July 1917 he claims an Albatross D.III s/d. to No.9 (N) Sqd 2 Aug 1917 through to late April 1918 (with time off in late 1917 for leave in Canada). Wounded 30 Sept 1917; died in Stouffville Ont 9 March 1944. On the 3rd Sept 1917 he attacked a two-seater Aviatik in company with his flight. The enemy machine was seen to dive down vertically the enemy observer falling over on the side of the fuselage shot. On the 5th Sept 1917 in company with formation he attacked an Albatross scout and two-seater driving them away from our lines. One machine was observed to go down apparently out of control. On the 15th Sept 1917 whilst on patrol he dived on two Aviatiks and three Albatross scouts followed by his flight. He dived several times and picked out one enemy scout firing about 200 rounds when the enemy machine went down out of control spinning on its back. On the 20th Sept 1917 whilst leading his flight he dived on five Albatross scouts. Brown picked out one enemy machine and opened fire. One of his guns jammed but he carried on with the other. The enemy machine went down out of control and over on its back and remained in that position for about twenty seconds whilst Brown continued firing until his other gun jammed. The enemy machine then disappeared in the clouds still on its back. Another officer of the same patrol was later followed by four enemy machines as he was separated from the formation. Both Brown's guns were jammed but he dived on the enemy machines and drove them off thus undoubtably saving the pilot's life. Flying a Bentley-powered Camel of 209 Sqd (ex- RNAS 9) he led the second flight of the Sqd in a patrol on Sunday 21 April 1918 towards the somme river. He leads his flight to help two Australian RE-8s attacked by Richthofen's unit. Followed by the remainder of the Sqd. He fired but missed. He then went to help his friend MAY pursued and harrassed by the red barron. He dove on the red triplane and fired at it. The triplane started a progressive glide with the dead Richthofen at the command. Although a great controversy exists as to who between Brown and some australian gunners brought the baron down. Brown was credited with the victory. He retired from flying on 23 april 1918 with severe stomac ulcers. He was discharged in April 1919. After the war he operated an airline between Quebec and Ontario.
6 BrownF/O E. de P. USA from Coronado Cal. served w/ 1(401) Can Sqd B of B . On 27 Sept 1940 he claims a Ju-88 shared s/d w/ F/O Christmas and S/L McNab (in fact it was McNab's vict alone). During the afternoon he claims a Do-17 s/d S of London. On 30 Sept 1940 he claims a Bf-109 damaged ,
7 BrownF/L Malcolm George DFC&B No.683 Sqd Home in Montreal Arrived in UK 18 Dec 1941; No.3 School of General Reconnaissance 31 Jan 1942; No.1 PRU 15 April 1942; assigned to Middle East Pool 11 Aug 1942; Station Benson 19 Oct 1942; to No.62 Sqd 27 Dec 1942; to R Depot 24 Oct 1943; to RCAF Overseas Headquarters 8 Nov 1943; to No.128 Airfield (No.400 Sqd) 6 Dec 1943; to No.39 Wing 13 May 1945; to No.3 Personnel Reception Centre 7 Aug 1945; to Overseas Headquarters 17 Sept 1945. Flew in the Western Desert and has photographed concentrations of armoured vehicles the disposition of troops and various defensive positions in spite of fighter opposition. obtained photographs of Taranto from below 500 feet although he was pursued by enemy fighters.
8 Brown F/O Marvin Kitchener Can From Kincardine Ont Joined RAF in Jan 1939 Posted to 242 Sqd on 6 Nov 1939 On 16 May 1940 afternoon posted to France attached to 85 Sqd On 18 May 1940 Part of 9 Hurricanes to patrol Le Cateau. They encounter Bf-110Cs from I/ZG 26 at 07:00 5 Hurricanes are s/d. Flying N2320 he is s/d and bales out evacuated to England. On 17 Oct 1940 flying P3207 LE-L his a/c was damaged by Do-17 return fire off Great Yarmouth at 09:25. On 21 Feb 1941 flying N2476 he spun in the ground was kia at Grange farm Alderton. (he still carried a bullet in his body from his wounds in May). He was attractive to women!,
9 BrownF/O Norman DFC Hudson Pilot w/ 194 Sqd for 20 months Home in Toronto rejoined RCAF in 1948 and had risen to Air Commodore by Dec 1966. In April 1942 completed a reconnaissance of the Andaman Islands during which intense anti-aircraft fire was encountered. Despite evasive action the aircraft was repeatedly hit and severe damage sustained. The navigator was killed and the gunner injured. A fire broke out which however was soon extinguished. Despite the damage he rtb safely. Recom. dated 15 June 1944. It states he had flown 789 hrs 15 min. In 1943 general transport work on Hudsons to Fort Hertz valley Chin Hills Arakan and Brigadier Wingate's 1942- 43 force. 60 sorties (56 day and four night) In 1944 supply dropping on Dakota. Supply dropping to the army on the Arakan and the 14th Army supplying Chindits in Burma flying General Wingate's forces into Burma and movement of the 5th Indian Infantry Division from Arakan to Manipur Road area. 104 sorties carried out (66 day and 38 night) including 20 landings behind enemy lines. Total sorties carried out - 164 (125 day and 39 night). BROWN F/Lt Norman Fenton DFC Served w/ 428 Sqd Home in Moskow Saskaatchewan Involved in Mine laying Made five Berlin raids,
10 BrownF/O Ross Norman Morrison DFC No.245 Sqd Born in 1921 in Toronto commissioned 1944. participated in attacks on targets in France Belgium Holland and at the Rhine crossing. In March 1945 he attacked and destroyed a tank at Emmerich On the same day he led a most successful attack on a mortar strongpoint.,
11 Brown2/Lt Sydney MacGillvary DFC American (student Princeton University though home was likely in Brooklyn New York) Attached to French Army for some time and served with Franco-Serbian detachment. Reported to No.29 Sqd 3 July 1918. On 28th Oct 1918 in company with three other machines attacked nine Fokkers; three of the latter were destroyed He claimed one s/d. Total score 3 vict + 1 balloon,
12 Brown W/O1 Wilfred David "Canada" Born in Hamiota MB on 13 Oct 1919 Joins RCAF on 2 Jan 1941 trained at 8 EFTS Boundary Bay to 10 SFTS Dauphin promoted Sgt in Oct 1941. Posted to UK To No.52 O.T.U. in UK from nov 1941 til 9 Feb 1942 Posted w/ 72 Sqd from 22 march 1942. (He demolished a Spitfire landing gear). Posted to 239 Wing and posted to the Middle East Served w/ 112 Sqd near el Alamein in Oct 1942 as W/O. On 31 Oct 1942 flying Kittyhawk FR211/GA-E he claims 2 Stukas and another damaged near El Daba On 4 Nov 1942 flying Kittyhawk III FR266 he claims a Bf-109G-2 piloted by Lt H Luedemann from 8./JG 77 as damaged E of El Garanigh Libya. The german pilot was wia but rtb. On 11 Dec 1942 flying Kittyhawk III FR255/GA-J in engagement he claims a Bf-109G-4/Trop damaged and another Bf-109g possibly piloted by Uffz F Doht from 7./JG 53 who was reported Mia as probably s/d but he is hit by two other Bf-109s and severely wia. He force-lands at Magrun On 17 April 1943 flying Kittyhawk III FR338 he collides on landing w/ the Kittyhawk III piloted by Sgt F/O Ross. Unhurt On 19 april 1943 flying Kittyhawk III FL882/GA-A he is damaged by Bf-109 possibly from 6./JG 53 On 19 Sept 1943 part of 10 a/c on a strafing sortie in the Poyenza-Vallata-Grottaminarda-Lioni-Aveglino areas flying Kittyhawk III FR860/GA-D he is s/d by flak and spin into the ground in flames between Apoli and Avellino; Kia.,
13 BrownWilliam Henry MC Home in Victoria BC (bank clerk). RFC 4 April 1917; joined No.84 RFC Sqd either 6 Aug or 27 Sept 1917; to Canada on 10 April 1918. Whilst bombing an enemy aerodrome his Sqd was attacked by a formation of forty enemy scouts. He engaged one of these with the result that it dived straight to the ground. He was then attacked by another machine and by skilful piloting he succeeded in firing at close range behind its tail with the result that it fell on its back and went down out of control. Later whilst leading a low-flying attack on enemy troops he dropped four bombs from a very low altitude scattering the enemy in all directions and then at a height of 300 feet engaged them with machine gun fire. Claimed 7 vict incl some OOC.
14 Christmas W/Co Beverly Evans "Bev" Born at S+t.Hilaire QE Joined RCAF 3 Jan 1939. P/O w/ 1 Can Sqd on 20 June 1940 arrival in UK. On 31 Aug 1940 flying a Hurricane I he claims a Bf-109 s/d SW of Gravesend. On 1 Sept 1940 flying a Hurricane I he claims a Do-17 damaged over Biggin Hill at 14:15. Promoted F/O On 11 Sept 1940 flying Hurricane I V6609/YO-X he claims a He-111 damaged S and E of Gatwick On 27 Sept 1940 flying Hurricane I V6609/YO-X he claims a Ju-88 shared s/d w/ F/O Brown and S/L McNab 15m S of Brooklands On 5 Oct 1940 flying Hurricane I V6609/YO-X he claims a Bf-109 s/d near Maidstone. Posted to 400 Sqd (ex- 110 RCAF Sqd) on 1 March 1941 flying Lysanters and Tomahawk. Sent to North Africa in Nov 1941 attached to RAF and South African Air Force; shot down in Jan 1942 but parachuted to safety. Attached to South African Air Force for liaison duties in South Africa itself May 1942. application for Operational Wings dated 11 Feb which indicates 80 hrs ten min flown with 1 (F) Sqd Jan 1940 to April 1941 Served w/ 403 Sqd May til 12 Sept 1941; Returned to Canada Posted S/L OC 133 RCAF Sqd at Boundary Bay flying P-40s on the west coast. In March 1942 posted to the Middle East w/ 4 SAAF Sqd on Tomahawks Then to 260 Sqd til 15 May 1942 returned to Canada in Aug 1942 Posted W/Co at Patricia Bay BC. To RCAF Staff College in Nov 1942 til June 1944 Posted to UK as Dty W/Co w/ 2 TAF After the war he was OC 4 Wing/1 Air Div from April 1955 til July 1957. Promoted Col. When he retired (March 1973) he was the last Battle of Britain veteran in the RCAF. Died 15 May 1988. ,
15 CochraneS/L Homer Powell DFC&B Brother of Arthur Joined RAF in Aug 1938 Posted Gladiator pilot w/ Sqd 112 in July 1939 in the Middle East. Moved to Greece * On 28 feb 1941 at 15:00 S/L Brown leads his Gladiators to patrol w/ Sqd 80 led by S/L Jones. W/Co Coote flies a Sqd 80 Gladiator. They meet bombers and CR-42s from 160th Gr G.50bis from 24th Gr. When the battle ended the RAF claims were 27 e/a s/d 6 probables 5 damaged. Actual losses were 8 s/d and several damaged. He claimed a CR-42 s/d. * On 9 March 1941 S/L Brown leads 15 Gladiators over Kelcyre and Tepelene. They intercept 30 G.50bis escorting BR-20s bombing the front lines. He claimed one e/f s/d. (actually the Italians reported one MC-200 was s/d and two BR-20s were damaged). * On 11 March 1941 he claims one G.50bis s/d during an escort for Sqd 211 Blenheims intercepted by the 24th Gr. * On 13 March 1941 S/L Brown leads 14 Gladiators over Kelcyre. They intercept S.79s from 104th Gr BT escorted by G.50Bis and CR-42s. He claimed three CR-42s s/d. (Only two CR-42s were s/d). * On 14 March 1941 his flight attacks Italian bombers from 47th and 38th Stormo BT. He claimed one G.50bis probably s/d near kelcyre. (italian losses were 2 fighters s/d and one damaged). Promoted S/L OC 112 Sqd in Oct 1941 Posted to 238 Hurricane Sqd To Staff work Scored 9 vict.,
16 CooperF/Sgt Frederick Terrance From Goderich Ont. Born in 1920 Served w/ 22 O.T.U. On 26 Aug 1943 part of a raid to Montargis they are s/d and kia. see Brown NC for details.,
17 FarrellS/L Desmond William From Senneville Quebec born in 1915 Enlisted in Montreal 2 January 1940. Served w/ 407 Sqd On 6/7 June 1944 flying Wellington HQ149 w/ Nav F/Lt W.E.Brown Co-pilot F/O W.B.Johnson during an ASM patrol to protect the normandy landings. They were one of 7 canadian a/c lost on D-Day. 5 crews Mia. recommendation for a DFC dated 27 June 1944; this was turned down at Station Chivenor 1 July 1944 because it had been submitted after Farrell went missing. He had made attacks on U-boats on 22 December 1943 and 11 March 1944. ,
18 FryF/L Charles F. DFC Served w/ 112 Sqd in Egypt Posted to Greece on 4 Dec 1940 as detachment to 80 Sqd. By end jan 1941 he led 112 Sqd B Flight to Eleusis Greece. On 28 feb 1941 at 15:00 S/L Brown leads his Gladiators to patrol w/ No.80 Sqd led by S/L Jones. W/Co Coote flies a No.80 Sqd Gladiator. They meet bombers and CR-42s from 160th Gr G.50bis from 24th Gr. When the battle ended the RAF claims were 27 e/a s/d 6 probables 5 damaged. Actual losses were 8 s/d and several damaged. He claimed a G.50bis and a CR-42 s/d. On 4 March 1941 S/L Brown's Gladiators tangled w/ G.50bis and CR-42s. He claimed one G.50bis s/d. On 9 March 1941 S/L Brown leads 15 Gladiators over Kelcyre and Tepelene. They intercept 30 G.50bis escorting BR-20s bombing the front lines. He led his section after the low bombers forcing one to jettison. He claimed a Fighter s/d when engaged by the escort: MC 200 from 22nd Gr. On 11 March 1941 he claims one G.50bis probable and another damaged during an escort for Sqd 211 Blenheims intercepted by the 24th Gr. On 14 March 1941 leads his flight to attack Italian bombers from 47th and 38th Stormo BT. He claimed a BR-20 s/d north of kelcyre. (italian losses were 2 fighters s/d and one damaged). On 16 May 1941 a raid by 30 Bf-110s from I and II/ZG 26 arrives over Heraklion. flying hurricane V7857 he hit the Bf-110 piloted by Uffz Witzke who will have to ditch during the return to Argos. Fw Reinhardt gunner of the Bf-110 placed a good burst and Fry had to bale out getting bruised by the plane tail. On 28 May 1941 he is made Pow. Scored 6 vict.,
19 GonyonCapt Harold Harrison DFC Born in Chatham on 6 May 1896. Home in Wallaceburg Ont. (electrical engineer); Received ACA #518 on 28 June 1916 following trials at Curtiss School Newport News Virginia; Joined RNAS Ottawa on 30 June 1916 as S/Lt To Dover Seaplane Station on 2 Jan 1917; to Dover Seaplane Station on 19 Feb 1917; to Dunkirk Seaplane Station on 14 July 1917; Served w/ No.217 RAF Sqd on 18 Jan to 22 July 1918 On 3 April 1918 Capt Gonyon and Lt Brown flying DH-4s for an ASM patrol and bomb a german submarine claiming it sunk at 16:10 w/ two 230lbs bombs. On 30 May 1918 he is wia; to Home Establishment on 22 July 1918 Posted to No.233 RAF Sqd. ,
20 LamontagneGilles Served w/ 425 Sqd On 12/13 March 1943 Part of the 2nd raid against Essen (457 bombers 23 losses) flying Lancaster BK340. Returning over holland they were s/d by a Ju-88 near Spaabruck. All crews were able to bale out. (Sgt J Aumont and Rolly Goulet were severely wia Nav Bud brown BA Vince Gauthier; all Pow,
21 LisleF/Sgt John Brown From Colombus OH. Born in 1921 Served w/ 30 Sqd On 20 April 1942 flying Hurricane JGN91 he looses control in the slipstream of another a/c and crashes near Kanatta Ceylon. Kifa. ,
22 Maye (name is May. See explanation in Search Tips)Capt Wilfred R.Wop DFC OBE Born in 1898 in Edmonton. Posted to No.209 RAF Sqd w/ Cpt BROWN's flight flying Camel. On 21 April 1918 he had a shot at a triplane and his guns jammed. Soon he is chased by Richthofen himself. Brown flew to help him. Soon also May was hit by the red barron in the arm. FtCdr; He is wia on 8 Aug 1918 Scored 13 vict in WW1 After the war he rents a Curtiss jenny from the City of Edmonton for 25$ and form the May Airplane Ltd. He barnstorms around the province. In Jan 1929 w/ Vic Homer aboard an Avro Avian they fly 6 000 doses of anti-dyphteria serum. It took 3 days in extremely cold weather to get to Fort Vermillion. He flew throughout Canada. Helped set up the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. He died in 1952.,
23 McNab Ernest A. "Ernie" DFC G/C Joins RCAF in 1926 w/ No.1(401) RCAF Sqd B of B 35 y/o. On 16 Sept 1939 ferry and test Hurric 329 from Toronto to St Hubert. On 1 Nov 1939 takes command of the Sqd. S/L No.1 RCAF Sqd shipped to UK in June 1940 B of B at Middle wallop on 21 June 1940. On 11 Aug 1940 while attached to No.111 Sqd he claims a Do-17 s/d over westgate-on-the sea. On 24 Aug 1940 he leads the unit to intercept a raid on Portsmouth two of his sections s/d two Blenheims from No.235 Sqd On 26 Aug 1940 he leads the unit to attack 24 Do-17s he claims a Do-17 damaged but he is s/d and force-lands safely after combat. On 4 Sept 1940 leads 11 hurricanes to intercept a Me-110 circle. (They claimed 2 Me-110s s/d 1 probable and 5 damaged). On 7 Sept 1940 take off alone and claims a Bf-109 probably s/d over Maidstone. On 9 Sept 1940 intercepting bombers in the Guilford area he claims a Bf-109 damaged. (the unit claimed 1 Bf-109 s/d and 3 damaged; for the loss of one pilot (from No.110 Sqd) s/d and wia). On 11 Sept 1940 damages a He-111 On 15 Sept 1940 s/d a He-111 at 14:00. On 27 Sept 1940 shared a Ju-88 w/ F/O Brown and Christmas s/d a Me-110. Awarded DFC on 4 Oct 1940. Promoted W/Co Posted away on 12 Nov 1940. On 16 sept 1942 posted G/C OC Station Cdr RCAF Digby.,
24 RossFLt Arthur Stuart F/O Typhoon pilot w/ No.609 Sqd On 5 Oct 1943 part of a strafing raid near Paris. He is credited w/ a Bf-110 damaged on the ground. Then he claims a Ju-88 shared s/d south of paris. On 4 Dec 1943 Fighter suppression to support B-17s over Holland. Ross claim a Do-217 s/d near Endhoven plus a Do-217 shared s/d w/ Sgt Henrion and another Do-217 shared s/d w/ S/L Thornton-Brown. Posted to No.193 Sqd as FtCdr On 29 April 1944 Ross and F/O Porter claim a Leo-45 s/d between le Mans and Tours.,
25 WhelanAVM Roger James DSO DFC&B OBE From Saskatoon Joined RAF in Sept 1937 P/O Posted to No.18 Blenheim Sqd in sept 1939 P/O On 11 May 1940 flying Blenheim IV L9192 w/ Sgt Moncey & LAC Brown they are sent on a recce of the Albert Canal at 10:00 they are hit by flak and force-land at Vitry. On 17 May 1940 he is s/d and crash-lands in France. Posted to 680 Spitfire PRU Sqd in 1943 in the Middle East He was in more a/c crashes than anyone on record Remained in RAF postwar,
26 BrownS/L William Russell AFC No.3 Training Command Headquarters Born in Woodstock Ont 18 Dec 1918 Flying instructor and Sqd commander No.1 Air Command Headquarters had flown 1 563 hrs (1 300 as instructor
27 BrownF/Lt William Wood Lindsay Born on 18 aug 1916 Joins RCAF in Oct 1940 Trained and promoted Sgt posted to UK in Aug 1941 Commissionned in Oct 1942 Served as Ftcdr w/ 441 Sqd in june 1944 On 22 June 1944 flying Spitfire IXb MK992 he claims a Fw-190 shared s/d SE of Domfront On 17 July 1944 flying Spitfire Ixb NH398 he claims two Fw-190s s/d SW of Verneuil. On 13 Aug 1944 flying Spitfire NH178 for a recce to Flers he is s/d by flak and kia E of Vire.
28 BrownFg.Off. Richard Cyril Joseph Brown, J 20148, 414 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) - Story courtesy of Anne Brown, daughter-in-law of Fg.Off. Brown

Flying Officer (Fg.Off.) Richard Cyril Joseph Brown, who earned the nicknames of “Dick” and “Sid”, was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on the 12th February 1921. He volunteered for service with the RCAF and commenced training on the 28th April 1942 at #21 Elementary Flight Training School (EFTS), RCAF Station Chatham in New Brunswick. He continued his flight training at a number of other establishments: #2 Service Flight Training School (SFTS) RCAF Station Uplands in Ottawa; #16 EFTS RAF Burnaston in Derbyshire, England; #17 (Pilots) Advanced Flying Unit ((P) AFU) RAF Watton in Norfolk, England; #41 Operational Training Unit (OTU) at RAF Hawarden in Flintshire, Wales. On completion of his training, he was posted to 414 Fighter Reconnaissance (Recce) Squadron (Sqn) (unofficially known as the “Black Knight Sqn” or the “Sarnia Imperials”) at RAF Croydon on the 3rd August 1943.

Predominantly flying the North American P-51 Mustang Mk 1 Fg.Off. Brown conducted armed Recce sorties over occupied northern France. As cited in THE RCAF OVERSEAS - THE FIFTH YEAR “The month ended (31st October 1943) with a noteworthy low-level sortie by Lou May and Fg.Off. Brown of the Imperials, who caught a Yale* training plane bearing German markings and crashed it into a clump of bushes south of Paris. … Then the two Mustangs shot down a second Ju-88 in flames into a ploughed field. Following this it was Jerry’s turn when May and Brown were bounced by two Fw-190s which chased them ineffectually for 15 minutes.” As Fg.Off. Brown states in his flight Log, “while the Rhubarb** clocked some victories, the latter chase was too close for comfort”.

* The NAA-64 P-2 “Yale” was built for the French Armée de l'Air and Aéronavale in 1939–1940. More than 100 had been delivered before France surrendered to the Germans after the Battle of France. The designation NAA-64 P-2 was abbreviated from "North American Aviation modèle 64 perfectionnement, 2 seats".

** Fighter sorties to search for targets of opportunity such as railway locomotives and rolling stock, aircraft on the ground, enemy troops, and vehicles on roads.

In 1944, the Sqn became part of the 2nd Tactical Air Force (TAF) and in June 1944 was serving with No. 39 (Recce) Wing, operating from RAF Odiham in Hampshire and undertook sorties on behalf of the army over the front lines. The Sqn was very active from January to June 1944, flying missions into France to photograph various enemy positions and airfields in preparation for D-Day on the 6th June 1944. This was a key part of D-Day preparation. On D-Day, Fg.Off. Brown with Fg.Off. Garry as his #2 carried out a recce mission in the Malon-Alençon area, and spotted tanks at Epinol. As Fg.Off. Brown records in his Flight Log, he “destroyed (an) armored car when he opened fire on me.” On this historic day, both pilots returned to base from this sortie unscathed.

On a sortie a few days later on the 14th June 1944 Fg.Off. Brown’s Mustang AP205 was hit by flak. As he recounts in his journal, “I took my photographs and was just reaching down to turn off the camera when the whole instrument panel seemed to explode in my face. The cockpit at once seemed to be full of flames and it became unbearably hot. … The aircraft was out of control; it must have been a direct hit. There was nothing to do but bale out …”. As recorded in the last entry of his flight log on the 14th June 1944, by Sqn.Ldr. Charles H. “Smokey” Stover, DFC, his Commanding Officer, “Fg.Off. Brown’s a/c hit and he was seen to bail out near Villes Bocage, by Fg.Off. Garry”.

Villes Bocage was behind enemy lines. While he survived the crash, Fg.Off. Brown was not out of harm’s way. Over a three day period, he dodged the enemy filled roads by travelling stealthily at night and surviving through the generosity of farmers. But within 1 km of the front lines, his luck ran out and he was captured. On the 17th June 1944 he began his time as a PoW. From the Villes Bocage area, he was marched or transported by truck or boxcar with other PoWs through France, Belgium, Germany and finally to Stalag Luft 3 Sagan-Silesia, Germany, now Żagań in Poland. He remained at this camp from the 17th August 1944 until the 7th February 1945. As the Allied forces were advancing, the Germans fell into retreat with the Stalag Luft 3 PoW’s being relocated to Stalag 13d at Nürnberg and then to Stalag 7a Moosburg in Bavaria. It was on the 29th April 1945 that an American tank rolled into Moosburg to announce that the PoWs were free at last. Fg.Off. Brown was transported by train and by air, finally returning to RAF Dunsfold on the 12th May 1945, almost one full year after he was shot down.

Fg.Off. Brown left the RCAF and returned to his civilian job at Imperial Tobacco where he had a successful 43 year career. He married his “girl back home”, Rita. They had two children, Mary and Rick. And they lived a life filled with family, work, Florida vacations and golf. Sid Brown passed away on the 23rd July 2005 at 84 years of age.
29 BrownSgt Kenneth William Born in Moose Jaw Aug 1920 Overseas in No.44 Sqd. Stayed with No.617 Sqd to May 1944. Postwar RCAF (S/L rank) in Winter Experimental Establishment No.408 Sqd. On the night of 16th May 1943 he flew ED918/AJ-F (Nav Sgt Heal FE Sgt Feneron Bomb Sgt Oancia Radio Sgt Hewstone Fgu Sgt Allatson Rgu Sgt MacDonald) in a force of Lancaster bombers was detailed to attack the Moehne Eder and Sorpe dams in Germany. The operation was one of great difficulty and hazard demanding a high degree of skill and courage and close co-operation between the crews of the aircraft engaged. Nevertheless a telling blow was struck at the enemy by the successful breaching of the Moehne and Eder dams. This outstanding success reflects the greatest credit on the efforts of the above mentioned personnel who participated in the operation in various capacities as members of aircraft crew.,
30 Stanger Stanley 'Stan' Born 10 July Montreal, died 10 Sep 1967 1894. Ace. Captain Stanley Stanger was a World War I flying ace credited with 13 confirmed aerial victories scored on the Italian Front. He was also noted for his ingenious escape from being captured by the Austro-Hungarians. Stanley Stanger was an investment broker when he volunteered in Toronto for the Canadian Expeditionary Force on 21 March 1916. He claimed a year's prior military service in the Westmount Rifles with the rank of Sergeant. His mother Mary was named as his next of kin. He was five feet six inches tall at time of enlistment. He had dark brown hair, brown eyes, and dark complexion. Stanger was commissioned on 10 May 1917. He joined 66 Squadron in France as a Sopwith Camel pilot on 18 October 1917. Shortly thereafter, the squadron relocated to Italy. At Ormelle on 14 December 1917, Stanger forced down an Albatros D.V out of control for his first victory. He would score twice more with 66 Squadron, destroying two foes a month apart, on 18 March and 17 April 1918. On 27 April 1918, he transferred to 28 Squadron. He shot down opposing two-seater reconnaissance planes on 2, 3, and 13 May, becoming an ace in the process. He continued to score, and by the end of July, he was a double ace. On 23 August 1918, he was wounded in action by anti-aircraft fire. His wounds grounded him until 20 September. On 26 September 1918, he scored his eleventh win, sharing it with Clifford MacKay McEwen. Stanger then destroyed a pair of Albatros D.Vs over the Tagliamento River on 4 October to finish his victories. He ended up with a record of three enemy planes set afire in midair, another nine destroyed while in flight, and one driven down out of control. Stanger fell ill while he was aloft on one of his October sorties. He landed on a handy airfield and shut down his plane's engine before realizing he had landed on an Austro-Hungarian strip. His only chance to escape any enemy soldiers investigating the racket of an untimely landing was to restart his engine and fly away. The customary method for starting an engine was for a ground crew member to yank the propeller as a lever to crank the engine, while a pilot sat at the controls. Stanger's solution was to remove his boots and chock the landing gear tires with the footwear. He then cranked the prop, started the engine, circled about the rotating blades, clambered into the cockpit, and departed. The fate of the boots is unknown. Stanger returned to the family business in Canada. He rose to President of that firm, Guardian Trust Company of Montreal, in 1939, and remained in that position until a few months prior to his death.
Citations: Military Cross Lt. (T./Capt.) Stanley Stanger, R.A.F. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to; duty in destroying six enemy aeroplanes. He did splendid service. Distinguished Flying Cross Lieut. (A./Capt.) Stanley Stanger, M.C. (ITALY) A dashing and determined leader who has frequently engaged enemy formations .in superior numbers, inflicting heavy casualties. On 4 October he, in company with another machine, engaged six enemy aeroplanes; three of these were destroyed, Captain Stanger accounting for two. In all he has destroyed five enemy machines, displaying on all occasions great courage and skill. (M.C. gazetted 16 September 1918.)
31 AbbotP/O Clifford Richard Cliff Served w/ 198 Sqd On 12 June 1943 flying Typhoon DN587 he suffers engine failure and bails out in the channel. Rescued by a Walrus from 277 Sqd On 30 Nov 1943 Part of a 9 a/c Ranger to attack airfields in Holland. He claims a Fw-190 s/d while on approach over Deelen airfield. On 4 Dec 1943 Fighter suppression to support B-17s over Holland. Abbot and F/Lt Fittall claim a Do-217 shared s/d near Endhoven.,
32 AbbottMarty Served w/ 439 Sqd CF-104 pilot in Europe from 1975 til 1978 Once he suffers engine failure and ejects. He lefts the RCAF to become a lawyer.,
33 AbeyH.R. From Kaslo BC Served w/ No.54 RAF Sqd in Aug 1918 On 2 Nov 1918 flying a Camel he is s/d Wia and Pow,
34 AcerF/Lt John Frederick From Westmount Qu. Born in 1906 Served w/ 415 Sqd On 7 Feb 1944 flying a Wellington they are s/d and kia. see P/O NC West for details.,
35 AdamP/O Raymond Francis From Windsor Ont. Born in 1924 Served w/ 419 Sqd On 28 Dec 1944 part of a raid against Scholven/Buer in Germany they are s/d and kia. see Tarzwell HC for details.,
36 AdamacF/O George Ernest From Windsor Ont. Born in 1922 Served w/ 175 Sqd On 6 Oct 1943 flying Typhoon JP731 in a training sortie w/ a Spitfire at Hawkinge he crashes and is Kifa.,
37 AdamsF/Lt Anthony Wallace Born in Ripon UK Home in Charlottetown Born in 1921 Served w/ 254 Sqd flying Beaufighter at North Coates On 20 July 1944 flying a Beaufighter w/ F/O Steele for an anti-shipping sortie he suffers engine failure and crashes at sea. he is Kia. the Nav is rescued by a trawler.,
38 AdamsP/O Donald William From Hamilton Ont. Born in 1922 Served w/ 45 Atlantic Transport Group On 22 June 1944 flying a Hudson he crashes and is Kifa. See Thomas CH for details.,
39 AdamsF/O Douglas Andrew From Newdale MB Born in 1923 Served w/ 172 Sqd On 14 Aug 1944 flying Wellington NB857 for an ASM patrol they are s/d. He and 4 crews are Mia.,
40 AdamsF/O Lloyd John From Windsor ont Born in 1922 Served w/ 78 O.T.U. On 15 Nov 1944 flying Wellington JA563 he crashes 6m S of Polis Cyprus. He and 4 crews are Kia.,
41 AdamsF/L Lloyd S. Born at Smythville Ont Served w/ 7 Sqd Served w/ 61 Sqd In May 1940 flying a Hampden he is s/d and made Pow until 1945,
42 AdamsF/L Robert Austin AFC Born at Moose Jaw Sask 8 May 1917 Pilot and training officer w/ 353 Sqd (Transport Command) he had flown 1 801 hrs ,
43 AdamsS/L William Houghton DFC Born in Toronto 1917 Joined No.415 Sqd 29 Dec 1941 and was with it off and on until 26 July 1943 when posted to RCAF Overseas Headquarters. In May 1943 detailed to attack a convoy off the Frisian Islands. The largest merchant vessel in this convoy was successfully attacked in spite of anti-aircraft fire. In July 1942 attacked and sank an enemy merchant vessel near the Dutch coast In Nov 1942 he made a successful attack on an escorted merchant vessel in the Bay of Biscay. ,
44 AdamsonP/O William George From Victoria BC. Born in 1916 Served w/ 211 Sqd On 24 March 1944 flying Beaufighter LZ136 for a rhubarb in Burma they are s/d and Mia.,
45 AdilmanF/Lt Bernard Mortimer From Saskatoon Born in 1918 Served w/ 431 Sqd 2nd tour of ops. On 6 Jan 1945 part of a raid against Hanover. They are s/d and kia. see F/Lt GR Pool DFC for details.,
46 AdlardP/O William Robert From Winnipeg Born in 1924 Served w/ 429 Sqd On 23 April 1944 part of raid to Duesseldorf. They are s/d and kia. see Young JO for detail.,
47 AdsettF/Sgt Frederick Charles From Victoria. Born in 1920 Served w/ 115 Sqd On 2 Oct 1942 flying Wellington BK271 for a mine laying operation and a raid against Krefeld he and four crews are s/d and Kia. ,
48 AdyeF/Lt Capel Francis Goodson From Fort William Ont. Born in 1905 Joins RAF in late 1920's. Service Number 28173. Served w/ 17 Sqd in France On 18 May 1940 he claims a Do-17Z piloted by Lt G Losse from 4.(F)/14 shared s/d w/ S/L Toyne and Bird-Wilson south east of Seclin then a Bf-110C from 5./ZG 26 probable. On 19 May 1940 intercepting the escort of a Do-17P he claims a Bf-109 from I/JG 2 probable at 16:20. (2 e/f were lost against 3 claims Lt Stakeljahn was made Pow). On 21 May 1940 patrolling over Arras he shared a Hs-126 piloted by Fw A.Herzig from 2.(H)/31 s/d north of Amiens at 10:45. On 26 May 1940 he is s/d and baled out at sea Mia over the dunkirk area. Runnymede Memorial Panel 4 ,
49 AgarP/O Anthony From Victoria BC Born in 1918 On 25 July 1943 he is s/d and Mia. ,
50 AgarF/L Carlyle Clare AFC reported to have flown 2 600 hrs to date 2 400 hrs as instructor Born at Lion's Head Bruce County Ont 28 Nov 1901 Accepted in 1940 (enlisted Edmonton 15 Jan 1941). Trained as an instructor at Moose Jaw and Trenton. Instructed at Edmonton High River and Abbotsford. Instructor at 24 EFTS Served w/ 5 EFTS Postwar he formed South Okanagan Flying Club and then Okangan Air Service. In 1947 began first Canadian commercial helicopter operations initially spraying forests then topographical surveys in mountains where he pioneered helicopter work at altitude. This led to work on transporting prospectors in bush areas and moving construction materials. ,
51 AgriosF/O James Edward DFC Served w/ 424 Sqd Born in Camrose AB 1921 has taken part in many attacks on German and Italian targets. ,
52 AikenP/O Douglas Earl From Sarnia Ont. Born in 1921 Served w/ 44 Sqd On 25 June 1944 part of a raid to Pommerval France. They are s/d and kia. see Simmons AM for details.,
53 Aikman F/O Frederick Alan DFC&B Born 5 March 1919 in Toronto enlisted Toronto 6 Nov 1940. Posted overseas 27 Sept 1941 arriving 14 Oct 1941. To No.57 OTU 11 Nov 1941. Served briefly w/ Sqd 134. To No.154 Sqd 6 Jan 1942 (although probably not taken on strength until 20 Jan 1942). Flew wingman to W/Co Finucane on 15 July 1942 when the later was s/d. He strafed the gun position. Moved with that unit to North Africa Jan 1943 On 27 Aug 1942 flying Spit Vb damaged a Fw-190 over the Channel. On 12 Nov 1942 on Spit Vc s/d a Ju-88 near Bougie. On 13 Nov 1942 he s/d a Ju-88 near Djijelli On 16 Nov 1942 shares two S.79 over Bougie On 22 Nov 1942 claims a Ju-88 from II/KG 30 probably s/d near Djijelli. On 28 Nov 1942 claims a Do-217 s/d and one damaged..(Maybe a S.84 ?) near Bougie Promoted F/L In Jan 1943 On 13 Jan 1943 s/d a Fw-190 near Bone. DFC on 26 Feb 1943. On 5 April 1943 he s/d a Ju-87 and damaged a Bf-109 south of Pont du Fahs 10 April 1943 one Bf.109G destroyed; On 10 April 1943 s/d a Bf-109G near Beja-Medjez-el-Bab On 13 April 1943 claims one Bf-109G damaged near Medjez On 25 April 1943 claims a Bf-109G north of Hamman Lif On 17 July 1943 flying a Spit IX s/d a MC-202 over Sicily. Hospitalized 27 July 1943 (malaria). To Canada 14 Nov 1943. W/ No.4 Training Command (Calgary) 12 Jan 1944; to AFHQ 21 March 1944; to No.6 OTU (Comox) 12 June 1944 for conversion to Dakotas until 17 Sept 1944 and posted overseas on 27 Sept 1944. Posted Transport pilot (Dakota) w/ No.436 Sqd 14 Nov 1944 to 23 Sept 1945 over Burma. scored 8 vict and 2 shared 1 probable and 4 damaged. To Canada 23 Nov 1945; released 10 Dec 1945. 50 hrs on Finches 20 on Yales 80 on Harvards two on Master Is five on Magisters and 700 on Spitfires (Mks.I II V VIII and IX). Time includes 40 hrs at No.57 OTU and estimated time on first tour as 400 hrs. Another form gives him 388 hrs 40 min on second tour. In an application to be a civilian pilot states that by Aug 1945 he had flown 2 500 hrs including 1 000 on Dakotas 1 100 on Spitfires 400 on other types (might be exaggerated).,
54 AinslieF/L Thomas Edgar Craig DFC AFC Born in Comber Ont 1917 Was an experienced civilian pilot when he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in June 1940 and was at once posted as an elementary instructor at No.7 EFTS Windsor By 19 Sept 1944 he had flown 29 sorties (130 hrs 15 min) 12 May to 10 Sept 1944. Made a tour of operational duty in Bomber Command w/ 420 Sqd,
55 Aird F/O John Smith Scaton From Windsor ont. Born in 1914 Served w/ 6 AFU On 18 Sept 1944 flying Oxford HN435 he collides w/ another Oxford at Odiham and Crashes. Kifa., Airspeed Oxford
56 AinsworthF/O Gerald Wm DFC From Verdun PQ Sunderland Pilot w/ Sqd 207 in 1944 AITCHISON F/Lt Edward Grant From Elora Ont. Born in 1919 Served w/ 403 Sqd On 31 March 1945 flying Spitfire TB737 he runs out of fuel and crashes. Kifa in Belgium.,
57 AitkenP/O Douglas Spencer From Lethbridge AB. Born in 1921 Served w/ 403 Sqd On 8 March 1942 flying Spitfire Vb BL661 to escort six Bostons to attack the power station at Comines between 15:03 and 16:30 he is s/d by Bf-109 from JG 26 N of Gravelines and kia.,
58 AitkenSgt John R. From Antigonish NS. Born in 1918 Enlisted in 1936 as airman In Aug 1942 was wia Served w/ 34 Sqd On 16 Jan 1944 flying a Hurricane he is s/d over Burma and kia.,
59 Aitken G/C the Hon. Sir John William Maxwell Max DSO DFC&B Born in Montreal on 5 Feb 1910 son of Baron Lord Beaverbrook. He entered commercial flying as a pilot flying passengers in the US and all over Europe. Next he entered into journalism. Joined No.601 AAF Sqd in 1935 flying Demons Gauntlets Harts and Blenheim Is. He owned an Aeronca G-ADZZ high-wing monoplane. Claimed as spin proof Max had it spinning from 2 000 ft almost into the ground at a display at Hanworth. 601 Sqd was re-equipped with Demons Gauntlet then Blenheim converted to fighters. On 3 Sept 1939 No.601 Sqd was at biggin Hill. On 28 Nov 1939 Six Blenheims of No.601 Sqd plus six from No.25 Sqd were sent to attack the german seaplane base at Borkum. They surprised the airfield and raked it thouroughly. Sqd Ldr Peakock received a DCF. Aitken led B Flight. Re-equipped with Hurricanes A Flight is sent to France on 16 May 1940 to reinforce No.3 Sqd. On 18 May 1940 the pilots claimed 7 Vict incl. a He-111 s/d and one probable by Aitken over Brussels. On 19 May 1940 he claimed a He-111 s/d one Ju-87 s/d one ju-87 probable then a Bf-110 probable over Douai/Cambrai. Sqd 601 is then retired to UK continuing to support the retreat. On 23 May 1940 he damages a Bf-109E north of Arras. Promoted to S/L w/ 601 Sqd on 6 June 1940. During night of 25/26 June 1940 he s/d a He 111 in the sea off Brighton at night. DFC awarded for 8 vict to-date. Based at Tangmere on 1 July 1940. shared a s/d Do-17P of 2.(F)/123 on 7 July 1940 at 10:25 15 miles north off Cherbourg. Awarded DFC on 9 July 1940 for 8 vict. Posted away on 20 July 1940. Promoted W/Co on 16 Aug he relinquishes command and passes to the Directorate of operations. After agitating he was returned to active duties in Feb 1941 as S/L 68 Sqd at coltishall. A night fighter unit equipped with Blenheim IVF. He will remain w/ the unit until Jan 1943. operational in April 1941 Beaufighters arrived in May 1941. First Sqd vict on 17 June 1941. On 25 June 1941 as guest of No.610 Sqd flying a Spitfire II he s/d a Bf-109 during a circus operation over Le Touquet. Between April and July 1942 he Claimed 5 enemy a/c: On 30 April/1 May 1942 on Beaufighter I he s/d a Do-217 off East Anglia. On 29/30 May 1942 he s/d a Do-217 and damages a Ju-88 over the Norfolk coast. On 23/24 July 1942 he s/d a Ju-88 and a Do-217 east of Spurn Head. DSO in Aug 1942. Early 1943 posted to HQ Eastern Med. On 5/6 March 1944 flying Beaufighter X LZ330/F from Sqd 46 he claimed a Ju-52/3m s/d and one damaged in the heraklion area a Ju-52/3m s/d north of Dhia Island and a probable north of Crete. Later in 1943 return to the Coastal Cd as OC Mosquito Strike Wing at Banff operating along the Norwegian coast. His score stands at 14 vict incl 8 by night +1 shared 1 probable and 3 damaged. Released in 1946. Becomes manager of the Sunday express. Also S/L No.601 RauxAF. Conservative MP in 1945. Later Lord beaverbrook. Knighted Chairman of beaverbrook papers. He died on 1 March 1985.,
60 AlbertsF/L Edward John DFC No.420 Sqd Born 1919 in Rockdell Sask Recom. dated 20 July 1944 when he had flown 33 sorties (193 hrs 35 min). Had ferried an aircraft to North Africa 17 Aug 1943 and flown ten sorties against Italian targets 3 Sept to 1 Oct 1943. Attacked German targets 15 Feb to 6 July 1944. ,
61 AldcornF/Sgt W.F. Served w/ 412 Sqd On 19 Aug 1942 part of the escort of Hurribombers to Dieppe at 10:15; flying Spitfire Vb BL587 he is s/d by flak and bails out safely at sea. Rescued.,
62 AldercotteSgt Walter Harold From Toronto Spitfire pilot w/ Sqd 253 in Italy On 4 Jan 1945 was s/d and kia. Born in 1920 Served w/ 253 Sqd On 4 Jan 1945 flying a Spitfire he is s/d and Mia in the Med.,
63 AldredF/O Elwood Morton DFC Served w/ 420 Sqd Born 1914 in Ceylon Sask; home in Regina; enlisted there 31 March 1942. Former bus driver. Trained at No.2 ITS (grad. 10 Oct 1942) No.15 EFTS (grad. 18 Dec 1942) and No.11 SFTS (grad. 30 April 1943). completed many sorties against heavily defended targets in Germany and northern France.,
64 AldredS/L Joel Waldon DFC Served w/ 431 Sqd Born in Toronto 1920; salesman; enlisted Toronto 1 July 1940. Trained at No.1 ITS (grad. 22 July 1940) No.2 EFTS (grad. 16 Sept 1940) and No.2 SFTS (grad. 16 Nov 1940) Recom. by W/C W.F. McKinnon dated 22 May 1945 when he had flown 14 sorties (100 hrs 34 min) 27 Feb to 25 April 1945). Later well known television pitchman. FtCdr has completed fourteen sorties against the enemy. ALDRED P/O William Murray From Port Perry Ont. Born in 1923 Served w/ 431 Sqd On 29 July 1944 flying Halifax LK833 for a raid against Hamburg they are s/d at Quarnstedt Germany. He and 6 crews are kia. the Sqd lost three bombers see P/O RJ Stone/Sgt JR Bothwell/Sgt WE Desborough for one. See P/O GE Sidebottom/F/O AM Mills for the other. ,
65 AldrichF/L John Gerald DFC US-DFC Transport Pilot w/ No.31 Sqd Born in Grimsby Ont 1918. Home in Calgary; enlisted there 5 May 1941. Trained at No.2 ITS (grad. 19 Aug 1941) No.14 EFTS (grad. 9 Oct 1941) and No.11 SFTS (grad. 3 Jan 1942). From 2 aug 1942 til 28 Feb 1945 flew 347 supply-dropping missions totalling 1 040hrs against the Japanese.
66 AldwinckleS/L Robert Morrison DFC Born 28 July 1920 Besselsleigh Berkshire England; migrated to Canada as child with parents. Educated at Abington Grammar School (England) Stanley Ont Clinton Collegiate Institute and University of Toronto. Enlisted 13 Aug 1940. Trained at 1 ITS 14 EFTS and 33 SFTS (wings in June 1941). Flew 1 933:20 hrs 924:35 operational hrs (84 sorties) VLR Liberator pilot w/ No.10 (BR) Sqd On 26 Oct 1943 flying a Liberator he attacks U-420 760m NE of Torbay the first five depth charges failed but the U-boat dived and was sunk by more charges and a torpedo.
67 Alers-HankeyP/O Nigel Clinton From Vernon BC Born in 1912 Served w/ 82 Sqd On 11 June 1941 flying a Blenheim they are s/d and Mia flying from Karachi India.,
68 AlexanderF/Sgt Edward George From St. Laurent Qu. Born in 1922 Served w/ 259 Sqd In 1943 flying a Capalina EP275 they crash on landing at St.Lucas S Africa. He and 7 crews are Kifa.,
69 AlexanderS/L Ernest Archibald AFC Instructor Pilot w/ 1 SFTS (since moved to No.5 OTU) Enlisted in Vancouver 26 Sept 1940. Trained at No.2 ITS (grad. 31 Oct 1940) No.8 EFTS (grad. 22 Dec 1940) and 4 SFTS (grad. 17 March 1941). Took a law degree in Montreal 1948. Flew 2 079 hrs to date 1 800 hrs as instructor ALEXANDER Cpl George Langstaff From Turtleford SK. Born in 1922. Trainee at 35 SFTS North Battleford On 5 Oct 1943 he is killed in accident at the base.,
70 AlexanderF/O Ian Sutherland From Renfrew Ont. Born in 1918 Served w/ 434 Sqd On 29 July 1944 part of a raid against Hamburg. They are s/d and kia. see Sherril JF for details.,
71 AlexanderF/L James Okeden Born in Victoria BC in 1918 Served w/ RCAF prewar Transferred to RAF Served w/ 88 Sqd On 28 Aug 1942 flying a Blenheim they are s/d and kia over Holland,
72 AlexanderS/L John Playfair OBE Attended Ridley College (St.Catharines); CEF veteran. Home in Calgary; enlisted there 28 Oct 1939. completed 20 North Atlantic crossings ALEXANDER F/L Kenneth Andrew AFC W/ No.2 SFTS from Dec 1942 as instructor. Born in Arden Ont 17 March 1916; educated there Peterborough Ont Agricultural College and Queen's University. Teacher. Enlisted in Ottawa 27 May 1941. Trained at No.5 ITS (grad. 24 Sept 1941) No.3 EFTS (grad. 21 Nov 1941) and No.14 SFTS (grad. 13 Feb 1942). Flew 1 960 hrs to date 1 696 instructional hrs ALEXANDER F/Lt Orlin Ronald From St.Thomas Ont. Born in 1922 Served w/ 400 Sqd On 20 Feb 1944 flying a Mosquito he crashes. KIfa. See Cosoff J for details. ,
73 AlexanderF/Lt Peter Bruce From Victoria BC. Born in 1917 Joins RAF in Aug 1937 Served w/ 202 Coastal Cmd Sqd On 21 Jan 1942 flying a Catalina he and 9 crews are s/d and kia.,
74 AlexanderS/L Robert Wilfred DFC From Sarnia On. Born in 1920. He flew 50 sorties as observer in North Africa. Trained as a pilot in Canada at 5 SFTS Brantford til July 1943. Served w/ 437 Sqd flying Dakota. On 21 Sept 1944 flying Dakota KG387 to drop supplies over Arnheim they are s/d by flak. Most of the crews bail out he and F/O WS McKintock are Mia.,
75 Alexander Capt William Melville DFC Born in Toronto 8 Nov 1897 S/Lt RNAS in Ottawa 23 March 1916; to No.3 (RNAS) Wing 3 Dec 1916 to disbandment on 22 April 1917; He flew Sopwith Strutter. Sopwith Triplane pilot w/ No.10 (RNAS) Sqd formed on 26 April 1917 to 29 May 1918 (on leave to Canada 14 Oct 1917 to Dec 1917). Part of the Black flight with engine cowling metal fuselage panels and wheel covers painted in black gloss and each carrying a name emblazoned in white:Black Maria Black Prince Black Roger Black Sheep Black Death. On 2 June 1917 flying N5487 he shares a two-seater OOC w/ Collishaw over St.Julien after 07:00. On 4 June 1917 he claims an Albatross D.III OOC north east of Ypres at 08:50 On 6 June 1917 he claims an Albatross D.III OOC over Polygone Wood at 11;50 On 6 July 1917 he claims 2 Albatross D.IIIs OOC over Deulemont at 11:00 On 11 July 1917 he claims an Albatross D.V OOC over Polygone Wood at 20:45 On 20 July 1917 he claims an albatross D.V s/d in flames over Menin/Messines at 08:05 On 28 July 1918 he claims an Albatross D.V OOC over Dadizeele at 19:50 In Aug 1918 converted to Camels On 16 Aug 1917 flying Camel N6368 he attacks two Albatross D.Vs one of which he sends OOC over Wervicq at 08:50. On 20 Aug 1917 flying Triplane N6302 he pursue three Albatross D.Vs one is sent OOC over Roubaix at 15:30 On 21st Aug 1917 while on an offensive patrol he attacked and drove down completely OOC an Albatross D.V which was attacking another member of his patrol east of menin at 18:30. On 23 Sept 1917 flying Camel b3910 he claims an Albatross D.V OOC over Houthulst at 11:25 On 23 jan 1918 flying B7215 he claims an Albatross D.V OOC at 14:50 over Staden On 6 march 1918 he claims an Albatross D.V OOC south east of Dixmude at 08:30 On 10 March 1918 he claims an enemy two-seater s/d over Roulers at 15:45; and an Albatross D.V OOC south east of dixmude at 16:00 On 24 March 1918 he claims 2 Albatross D.Vs OOC over Menin-Roulers at 09:20 In Spring 1918 No.10 RNAS Sqd becomes No.210 RAF Sqd On 3 april 1918 he claims an enemy Two-seater s/d over Roulers at 11:30 On 11 April 1918 he claims an enemy two-seater OOC east of Estaires at 15:15 On 11 may 1918 flying D3348 he claims an Albatross D.V s/d in flames over Armentieres at 19:25 On 18 May 1918 he claims a Pfalz D.III s/d over Bac St.Maur at 20:05 On 27 May 1918 he claims a Pfalz D.III OOC over Bailleul at 08:20 Claims: 5 s/d 17 + 1 shared OOC for total of 23 Returned to Home establishment in May 1918 after 465 combat hours. He died in Canada on 4 Oct 1988., Albatross
76 AlgerF/Lt Clifford Tompkins DFC Served w/ 434 Sqd Born in 1922 at North Bay Ont; home there. Former electrician enlisted in Ottawa 30 June 1942. Trained at No.6 ITS (grad. 5 Dec 1942) No.20 EFTS (grad. 20 Feb 1943) and No.2 SFTS (grad. 25 June 1943). Recom. dated 17 April 1945 when he had completed 32 sorties over Germany(219 hrs 30 min) 6 Sept 1944 to 24 March 1945.,
77 AljoeF/O Lorne Raymond From Kitchener Ont. Born in 1924 Served w/ 404 Sqd On 24 March 1945 flying Beaufighter NE399 w/ P/O C Orser to attack enemy shipping in the North Sea they are s/d and mia.,
78 AllanF/Lt Edward A. Ted Born in Edmonton 1915 Enlisted in RAF in 1938 Served w/ 426 Sqd flying Lancaster. Retired from C.P. Air in 1970 flew for 39 years and over 30 000hrs on 143 a/c types. ,
79 AllanF/Lt Everett Brock From Calgary Born in 1923 Instructor at 3 EFTS Enlisted at Calgary 27 Feb 1941. Grad. at No.6 SFTS 5 Feb 1943. On 16 May 1945 flying Anson 12478 he crashes and is Kifa. See Hodge RG for details.,
80 AllanP/O Francis Frederick George From Montreal Born in 1922 Served w/ 166 Sqd On 20 Feb 1944 flying a raid to Leipzig they are s/d and kia. see Yelland JJ for details.,
81 AllanF/O James Arthur Jim From St.James MB Born in 1914 Served w/ 419 Sqd On 28 April 1943 part of a raid against Skaggerak Norway they are s/d and Mia. See Smallwood GK for details. He flew w/ RG Sgt Don Veri ,
82 AllanF/O James Davidson From Toronto Born in 1922. Served w/ 4 B&GS Fingal On 20 Jan 1945 flying Bolingbroke #10019 w/ LAC W Neville and LAC L Watt they crash 4m S of Irwood Ont. all Kifa.,
83 AllanF/O James Llewellyn DFC Born in Valparaiso Sask in 1921; home in Tisdale Sask; teacher in civilian life. Enlisted in Saskatoon 13 Aug 1941. Trained at No.7 ITS (grad. 28 March 1942) No.2 EFTS (grad. 20 June 1942) and No.1 SFTS (grad. 9 Oct 1942). Served w/ 198 Sqd On 4 Dec 1943 Fighter suppression to support B-17s over Holland. On 13 Jan 1944 Plamondon F/Lt Dall F/O MacDonald and W/O Allan went to attack enemy airfields in France. They try to s/d an Ar-196 but it evades them but force-lands near the Seine river where they strafe it. A few minutes later they meet three Ju-88s. Dall Plamondon and MacDonald each claim one. On 5 Nov 1944 flying Typhoon MN707 he is s/d over South Beveland Holland while attacking targets on Walcheren island. Kia has taken part in numerous attacks on enemy road and rail transport tanks radio installations and gun positions.,
84 AllanF/O John From Edmonton Born in 1922 Served w/ 434 Sqd On 5 Oct 1943 flying a raid to Frankfurt they are s/d and Mia. See W/O PH Sheldon for details.,
85 AllanCapt John Roy DSC Born 18 Oct 1895; home in Montreal transfer to RNAS. Trained at Curtiss School Toronto passing tests on 20 July 1916; S/Lt the same day; sailed for UK 4 Aug 1916; at Crystal Palace Sept 1916; at Chingford Oct 1916; at Cranwell Dec 1916; to Frieston 10 Jan 1917; to Manstone 1 Feb 1917; to No.7 (N) Sqd Dunkirk 5 April 1917 until 12 March 1918; to No.15 RFC Sqd March 1918. Mia (believed drowned) 11 April 1918. Reported to have taken part in 43 night bombing raids on Handley-Page machines plus three daylight raids. Dropped bombs on enemy railway lines and ammunition dumps on the night of the 11th-12th July 1917.,
86 AllanF/Lt William Cosmo From Toronto born in 1918 Served w/ 405 PFF Sqd On 16 Dec 1943 flying a Lancaster for a raid to Berlin they crash in UK and kia he doI on 28 Dec 1943. see Stamers DH for details.,
87 AllardP/O Bernard Louis Philip DFC No.405 Sqd Born 1924 in The Pas Man; home there; enlisted there 21 Sept 1942. Trained at No.3 WS (grad. 16 May 1943) and No.3 BGS (grad. 17 Sept 1943). ...numerous operations against the enemy ALLCROFT F/O Frederick Charles DFC Born in Vancouver in 1923; home there; enlisted there 24 June 1941. Trained at No.2 ITS (grad. 4 Oct 1941) No.15 EFTS (grad. 8 Dec 1941) and No.10 SFTS (grad. 10 April 1942). Commissioned 1943. Served w/ 61 Sqd On 2/3 Jan 1944 the RAF sends 362 Lancasters 12 Mosquitoes and 9 Halifaxes to Berlin loosing 26 a/c. He flew Lancaster JB355 w/ Nav F/O A Blakeman handling a H2S Mk.III set. He was s/d over Berlin. Kia w/ 6 crews.,
88 AllenP/O Daniel Frederick DFC Born in Salem Massachusetts 1921 home in Lennoxville QE. Educated there and in Sherbrooke. Enlisted in Sherbrooke QE 22 July 1940. Trained at No.1 ITS (grad. 28 Nov 1940) No.4 EFTS (grad. 28 Jan 1941) and No.8 SFTS (grad. 17 May 1941). Commissioned 1942. Served w/ 408 Sqd Completed 30 sorties
89 AllenF/L Ernest Ellwood DFC Born in St.George Ont 1921. Enlisted in Hamilton Ont 21 Aug 1940. Trained at No.1 ITS (grad. 22 Nov 1940) No.4 EFTS (grad. 29 Dec 1940) and No.8 SFTS (grad. 16 May 1941). Commissioned 1941. Served w/ 59 Sqd,
90 AllenF/O Ethan DFC&B Served w/ 224 Sqd Born in France in 1919; home in New York N.Y. Enlisted in Montreal 4 Dec 1941. Trained at No.6 ITS (grad. 8 May 1942) No.9 EFTS (grad. 14 Aug 1942) and No.16 SFTS (grad. 4 Dec 1942). On 4 July 1943 he claims a U-boat sunk On 28 July 1943 he claims a U-boat sunk On 6/7 June 1944 flying Liberator BZ941 for an ASM patrol he P/O ME Maynard and 9 crews are Mia.
91 AllenP/O John Andrew From port Colborne Ont. Born in 1922 Served w/ 93 Sqd On 12 April 1945 flying Spitfire PT929 to attack a german field gun at Imola Italy he is s/d and kia.,
92 AllisonP/O A.G. From Ont Enlisted 16 Aug 1937 Pilot w/ RAF Sqd 112 and 250 in the Middle East Commissioned in April 1944,
93 AllistonF/L Alexander John CdG Fce No.65 Sqd Home in Montreal; enlisted there 28 Aug 1941. Trained at No.1 ITS (grad. 20 Dec 1941) No.4 EFTS (grad. 27 Feb 1942) and No.9 SFTS (grad. 19 June 1942). destroyed numerous barges trains and other mechanized transport. ALLISON Lt John Oliver MC Home in Maxwell Ont (born there 8 Oct 1891) medical student at University of Toronto. to RFC 6 Jan 1917; appointed Flying Officer and seconded to RFC 6 July 1917. joined Sqd 30 on 17 Aug 1917 Hospitalized Basra 26 Aug 1917; On 15 May 1918 Shot down and kia while bombing and strafing enemy positions. he had volunteered to take a Colonel in charge of Mapping Section over Altun Kupri on the Lesser Zab to gather important information on enemy positions ,
94 AllisonP/O W.H. From Ont Wellington pilot w/ RAF Sqd 40 Blenheim pilot w/ RAF Sqd 34 in UK and the Middle East Veldebeste pilot at Singapore. Commissioned in Feb 1943,
95 AllmanF/O Leonard Ralph USA From Schennectady NY. Born in 1920 Served w/ 440 Sqd On 18 March 1944 he force-lands at Woodvale w/ engine problems. On 6 June 1944 flying Typhoon MN248 he was probably s/d by AA fire and reported Mia after ground attacks near Caen Normandy.,
96 AllowayF/Lt Alex Hamilton Forbes From Winnipeg Born in 1918 Served w/ 110 Sqd On 22 Jan 1941 flying a Hurricane he is s/d and kia. ,
97 AllsupP/O Charles James From Vanvouver Born in 1914 Served w/ 220 Sqd On 2 Aug 1940 flying a Hudson he is s/d and kia,
98 AlversonF/L James Rees DFC Served w/ 357 Sqd Born in Fleet AB 1920; home in Winnipeg Man. Enlisted Edmonton 10 May 1940. Trained at No.1 ITS (grad. 21 June 1940) No.1 AOS (grad. 14 Sept 1940) No.1 BGS (grad. 28 Oct 1940) and No.1 ANS (grad. 30 Nov 1940). Commissioned 1941. Numerous sortie over Germany.,
99 AmosF/Lt J.A. Mustang recce pilot w/ 414 Sqd On 19 Aug 1942 Amos on AM160 and F/O MacQuoid on AG582 are sent on a tact. Recce over the roads in the Blangy-Neufchatel-St.Victor-Longeville area at 05:00. They rtb at 06:30. At 11:30 Amos and F/O MacQuoid fly a recce over Trouville Cleres Cailly Toray. MacQuoid hit by flak return early.,
100 AndersonF/L Albert Erik DFC Transport Pilot w/ No.31 Sqd in India Burma the 1st Chindit Op. Born in 1920 at Allenby British Columbia; enlisted in Vancouver 20 February 1941. Trained at No.4 ITS (graduated 24 September 1941) No.18 EFTS (graduated 3 December 1941) and No.15 SFTS (graduated 27 March 1942).,

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