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The Air Forces Memorial, or Runnymede Memorial, in Englefield Green, near Egham, Surrey, England is a memorial dedicated to some 20,456 men and women from air forces of the British Empire who were lost in air and other operations during World War II. Those recorded have no known grave anywhere in the world, and many were lost without trace. The name of each of these airmen and airwomen is engraved into the stone walls of the memorial, according to country and squadron. There are other memorials to the fallen with no known grave, namely the Ottawa Allied Forces Memorial, the Malta Memorial and the Alamein Allied Forces Memorial, all of which are to be found on this site under the Databases menu.
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#Name (↑)First NamesInitialsService NumberRank (↑)TitleAwards (↑)DutyAir Service (↑)DateofDeath (↑)DatesofOperationSquadron (↑)CommandAircraftMarkSerialCodeStationDepartedOperation NameCircumstancesFateAgeFamily DetailsPanelNotes
1 Abbas Philip RobertP R1199343 SergeantRAFVR1942-05-05103 Sqd Panel 77
2 Abbott RonaldR590429 Flight SergeantRAF1940-04-30110 SqdPanel 10
3 Abell Edwin RaymondE R1474271 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-08-09296 SqdPanel 215
4 Ablett John Stephen RobinsonJ S R1461188 SergeantRAFVR1943-06-2524/25.06.43102 SqdBomber CommandHalifaxIIJB834DY-C2300WuppertalKilledPanel 140
5 Abrams Sidney EdwardS E620836 Warrant OfficerRAF1945-01-076-7-Jan-45103 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIII PB637PM-LElsham Wolds1607GardeningLost without traceKilledPanel 269
6 Adair Leslie JamesL JR/133591 Warrant Officer Class IAir GunnerRCAF1944-01-031-2-01-44156 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIIIJB553GT-J.0008.BerlinKilled Son of J R Adair of Wingham, Ontario, CanadaPanel 253
7 Adams Peter DavidP D551554 Sergeant DFMRAF1940-11-01144 Sqd
Panel 11
8 Adams Kenneth Ernest CharlesK E C1852722 SergeantRAFVR1944-08-1918-19-08-4451 Sqd
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIILW538MH-N2241SterkradeKilledPanel 223
9 Adamson William IanW I148447 Flying Officer DFCRAFVR1944-03-3130-31-03-44101 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIIIDV264SR-L2145NurnbergCrashed near GemundKilled Panel 204
10 Addess MaxwellM1375854 SergeantRAFVR1942-04-12236 SqdPanel 77
11 Agate James VictorJ VR/121039 Flight SergeantRCAF1943-04-2928/29.04.43428 SqdBomber CommandWellingtonXHE728NA-B2057GardeningKilledPanel 181
12 Ahern JohnJ903278 SergeantPilotRAFVR1941-08-2121.08.4192 SqdFighter CommandSpitfireVbW3409SweepFailed to returnKilledPanel 38
13 Airs WilfredW141023 Flying OfficerRAFVR1944-06-292044-06-297 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIIIND897MG-C1236SiracourtExploded & crashed at St-Pol-sur-Ternoise {Pas-de-Calais}KilledPanel 204
14 Aitken CharlesC1551157 SergeantRAFVR1942-08-2020/21.08.42115 Sqd
Bomber CommandWellingtonIIIX3989KO-VMarham2150GardeningKilledPanel 77
15 Akers Roland GrahamR G1536320 SergeantRAFVR1943-06-2424/25.06.43214 SqdBomber CommandStirlingIIIEE883BU-T2330WuppertalCrashed off Dutch CoastKilledPanel 140
16 Aldridge Robert EdwardR E517434 SergeantRAF1940-09-0853 SqdPanel 11
17 Alexander Kenneth AlbertK A657919 Flight SergeantRAF1943-10-25612 SqdPanel 134
18 Allan Robert EdwardR EJ/86012 Pilot OfficerRCAF1944-01-3030-31-01-44626 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIME587UM-X21718BerlinKilledPanel 249
19 Allan RobertR951386 SergeantRAFVR1941-09-0890 SqdPanel 38
20 Allen JohnJ109109 Pilot OfficerRAFVR1942-07-31201 SqdPanel 68
21 Allen Joseph EdwardJ ER/162368 Warrant Officer Class IIRCAF1944-04-1398 SqdPanel 254
22 Allen HarryH947225 Leading AircraftmanRAFVR1942-05-06Panel 97
23 Allenby George CliftonG C1053554 SergeantRAFVR1941-05-18258 SqdAge 18 Son of Elizabeth Allenby, of Skegness, LincolnshirePanel 38
24 Allison FrankF141772 Flying Officer DFMRAFVR1944-01-2928-29-01-44144 Sqd
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIJB712OF-U.0020.BerlinKilled Panel 204
25 Almond Charles WilliamC W1375217 SergeantRAFVR1941-10-17Panel 38
26 Alpe Bertram LawrenceB L621140 SergeantRAF1941-02-11206 SqdPanel 38
27 Alston Thomas ReidT R911565 SergeantRAFVR1941-03-2121 SqdPanel 38
28 Amstell Raymond HenryR H1455709 SergeantRAFVR1943-08-076/7.08.4375 Sqd RNZAF
Bomber CommandStirlingIBK614JN-H2145GardeningKilled Panel 140
29 Anderson WilliamW156592 Pilot Officer DFCRAFVR1943-11-2323/24.11.43156 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIIIJB223GT-M1735BerlinKilled Panel 130
30 Anderson Floyd Roger WillisF R WR/98929 Flight SergeantRCAF1943-04-076/7.04.43405 SqdBomber CommandHalifaxIIDT699LQ-G2042GardeningPresumed crashed in seaKilledPanel 181
31 Anderson Nigel McCollN McC1365274 SergeantRAFVR1944-09-06423 SqdPanel 224
32 Anderson Leslie HerbertL H907274 SergeantRAFVR1941-07-15Age 26 Son of Mabel Anderson, of Southampton, HampshirePanel 38
33 Andrew Pryce DavidP D1399685 SergeantRAFVR1944-05-24422 Sqd (RCAF) Panel 224
34 Andrews Ewart JohnE J1190685 SergeantRAFVR1942-05-066/7.05.4218 SqdBomber CommandBlenheimIVV6382WV-Wattisham2211IntruderKilledPanel 77
35 Andrews Clifford RaymondC RR/108563 Flight SergeantRCAF1943-06-1211/12.06.43199 SqdBomber CommandWellingtonXHE277EX-Q2312DusseldorfKilledPanel 181
36 Andrews Clifford WilliamC W563158 Flight SergeantRAF1941-04-25218 SqdPanel 35
37 Andrews Albert HowardA H1804199 Flight SergeantRAFVR1945-01-21518 SqdPanel 270
38 Andrews WilliamW1685359 SergeantRAFVR1945-02-25524 SqdPanel 273
39 Anger Francis Harold EmmanuelF H ER/67247 Flight SergeantRCAF1942-03-09No.3 OTUWhitley Husband of Marjorie Ann Anger of Barriefield, Ontario, CanadaPanel 102
40 Angus Jack NormanJ N1387376 SergeantRAFVR1943-06-1212/13.06.4378 SqdBomber CommandHalifaxIIJD145EY-2257BochumKilledPanel 140
41 Annable EricE614800 SergeantRAF1942-04-2827/28.04.4210 SqdBomber CommandHalifaxIIW1037ZA-ULossiemouth2032TirpitzBelieved crashed vicinity of Elverumgaard NorwayKilled Husband of Elizabeth Bettye Annable of YorkPanel 77
42 Anson Reginald KennethR K1154272 SergeantRAFVR1941-12-077/8.12.41104 SqdBomber CommandWellingtonIIZ8426EP-EDriffield2005DunkerqueKilledPanel 38
43 Antell William FishwickW F564245 SergeantRAF1939-12-1414.12.3999 SqdBomber CommandWellingtonIaN2886LN-Newmarket1143ReconnaisanceKilledPanel 1
44 Antifaev MichaelMR/157737 Flight SergeantRCAF1943-10-21No.20 OTUWellingtonPanel 181
45 Appleby Michael BartonM B551671 Flight SergeantRAF1941-04-18114 SqdPanel 35
46 Appleton JohnJ1101248 Flight SergeantRAFVR1943-04-098/9.04.4376 SqdBomber CommandHalifaxIIW1236MP-G2138DuisburgKilledPanel 134
47 Archer Jack ColinJ CR/141130 Flight SergeantRCAF1943-05-054/5.05.43408 SqdBomber CommandHalifaxIIHR658EQ-V2240DortmundKilledPanel 181
48 Archer JackJ1005718 SergeantRAF1941-08-2961 SqdPanel 38
49 Ardern WalterW581488 SergeantRAF1940-06-1798 SqdS.S. ' Lancastria'Lost in S.S. ' Lancastria'Panel 11
50 Armitage Joseph FoxJ F741932 Flight SergeantPilotRAFVR1941-06-1717.06.41234 SqdFighter CommandSpitfireIIP7569RoadsteadShot down KilledPanel 35
51 Armstrong Colin Alfred GeorgeC A G1061246 SergeantPilotRAFVR1942-05-2727.05.42222 SqdFighter CommandSpitfireVbW3563Rodeo 54KilledPanel 77
52 Armstrong Arthur RonaldA RR/291562 SergeantRCAF1945-05-171659 HCUHalifaxPanel 282
53 Arnold Ernest ArthurE A1393146 SergeantRAFVR1943-02-2019/20.02.4390 SqdBomber CommandStirlingIBK627WP-P1754WilhelmshavenKilledPanel 140
54 Arrowsmith VincentV521409 SergeantRAF1940-09-24139 Sqd
Panel 11
55 Ash George RobertG RR/74689 Flight SergeantRCAF1942-08-1048 SqdPanel 102
56 Ashfield Frederick WilliamF W1160840 SergeantRAFVR1942-02-1212.02.42420 Sqd (RCAF)Bomber CommandHampdenIP4400PT-JWaddington1337FullerKilled Husband of J W Ashfield of Halstead, EssexPanel 77
57 Ashton Derek EllisD E1609829 SergeantRAFVR1943-10-077/8.10.43149 SqdBomber CommandStirlingIIIEJ106OJ-O2023GardeningKilledPanel 140
58 Ashton Leonard VictorL V1271044 SergeantRAFVR1944-05-0258 SqdPanel 224
59 Ashurst KennethK553270 Flight SergeantRAF1942-02-1616/17.02.4261 SqdBomber CommandManchesterIL7433QR-Woolfox Lodge1910GardeningCrashed in sea off TerschellingKilledAge 19 Son of Agnes Ashurst, of Orrell, Lancashire; husband of Marjory AshurstPanel 73
60 Ashworth FredF1059874 SergeantRAFVR1942-02-22204 SqdPanel 77
61 Ashworth EricE754706 SergeantRAFVR1941-08-05220 SqdPanel 38
62 Astall CliffordC2211524 SergeantRAFVR1944-08-1276 SqdPanel 224
63 Aston John WalterJ W1379656 SergeantRAFVR1942-02-1111/12.02.4212 Sqd
Bomber CommandWellingtonIIW5355PH-BinbrookLe HavreKilledPanel 77
64 Atkins James ArthurJ A1195452 SergeantRAFVR1944-06-23612 SqdPanel 224
65 Atkinson Herbert Thomas GeorgeH T G150377 Flying OfficerRAFVR1944-08-2726-27-08-4412 Sqd
Bomber CommandLancasterILM225PH-C2011KielKilledPanel 204
66 Atkinson Richard Alfred Palmer VincentR A P V1006920 SergeantRAFVR1941-12-1313.12.41144 Sqd
Bomber CommandHampdenIAD921PL-N LuffenhamGardeningKilledPanel 38
67 Atkinson Ronald HenryR H988994 SergeantRAFVR1941-10-2423/24.10.4144 Sqd (Rhodesia)
Bomber CommandHampdenIAE290KM-Waddington325le HavreKilledPanel 38
68 Atkinson Thomas MartinT M1266030 SergeantRAFVR1943-06-2625/26.06.43466 SqdBomber CommandWellingtonXHF544HD-2349GelsenkirchenCrashed near UrkKilledPanel 141
69 Atkinson JamesJ515180 SergeantRAF1940-04-1514/15.04.4061 SqdBomber CommandHampdenIL4113QR-HemswellGardeningLost without traceKilledPanel 11
70 Atkinson DenisD1594808 SergeantRAFVR1945-01-1212-13-Jan-4577 Sqd
Bomber CommandHalifax IIIMZ812KN-XFull Sutton1745GardeningLost without traceKilledPanel 273
71 Atkinson Cyril TaylorC T984792 SergeantRAFVR1941-03-26Panel 38
72 Atwill Sidney RonaldS R1663326 SergeantRAFVR1943-04-27Panel 141
73 Audley Denis JamesD J1337107 SergeantRAFVR1943-07-3029/30.07.4351 Sqd
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIJD309MH-2251HamburgPresumed lost over the seaKilledPanel 141
74 Austin John AlbertJ ANZ.414575 SergeantRNZAF1943-01-1414/15.01.43466 SqdBomber CommandWellingtonXHE152HD-L1621GardeningCrashed in sea W of AmelandKilledAge 24 Son of Edith Maude Austin, of North Beach, Christchurch, New ZealandPanel 199
75 Babacek PavelP787148 SergeantRAFVR1941-07-19311 Sqd (Czech)Panel 39
76 Baddeley Robert AshtonR A1378467 SergeantRAFVR1942-01-1414/15.01.4250 SqdBomber CommandHampdenIAE420VN-Skellingthorpe1642HamburgKilledPanel 77
77 Baillie John RobertJ RR/74696 Flight SergeantRCAF1942-09-09405 SqdPanel 102
78 Bain RonaldR632767 SergeantRAF1941-11-27Panel 39
79 Baird ArthurA639105 SergeantRAF1940-07-0444 Sqd (Rhodesia)
Panel 11
80 Baker NicholasNJ/87569 Pilot OfficerRCAF1944-03-3130-31-03-44101 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIME618SR-J2145NurnbergCrashed SimmershausenKilledPanel 249
81 Baker Peter DorsanP D911948 SergeantRAFVR1941-07-2318 SqdPanel 39
82 Bala Edward StanleyE S1216503 SergeantRAFVR1943-01-28Panel 141
83 Baldry Cecil MalcolmC M1583083 SergeantRAFVR1944-01-22578 SqdPanel 224
84 Baldwin William Albert JohnW A J1296659 SergeantRAFVR1943-11-2222/23.11.43218 SqdBomber CommandStirlingIIIEF180HA-D1715BerlinCrashed target areaKilledAge 21 Son of Florence Elizabeth Baldwin, of Reading, BerkshirePanel 141
85 Baldwin Frank HenryF H935264 SergeantRAF1941-03-14Panel 39
86 Bannister Raymond FrankR F553996 SergeantRAF1943-01-07279 SqdPanel 141
87 Bannon JamesJ107990 Flight LieutenantRAFVR1943-11-2423/24.11.437 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIIIJB480MG-N1706BerlinKilledPanel 119
88 Barber Peter WilliamP W647990 SergeantRAF1940-09-0237 SqdPanel 11
89 Barber Dennis AlbertD A1339953 SergeantRAFVR1944-04-2524-25-04-4412 OTUBomber CommandWellingtonIIIB542DiversionKilledPanel 224
90 Barker FrederickF1049813 SergeantRAFVR1942-10-2929.10.42115 Sqd
Bomber CommandWellingtonIIIBJ660KO-HMildenhall1349EssenKilledPanel 77
91 Barker WalterW748632 Flight SergeantRAFVR1941-10-16255 SqdPanel 35
92 Barker Kenneth Stowell HarrisonK S H146946 Flying Officer DFMRAFVR1944-07-2120-21-07-44144 Sqd
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIPA979OF-R2319CourtraiKilledAge 24 Son of Constance Barker, of Lytham St Annes, LancashirePanel 204
93 Barker Herbert HawleyH H1213488 SergeantRAFVR1942-12-11Panel 77
94 Barnard Frederick VernonF V1392675 SergeantRAFVR1943-06-2221/22.06.4335 Sqd
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIBB361TL-V2347KrefeldKilledPanel 141
95 Barnes Robin HaroldR H1311751 SergeantRAFVR1943-06-2524/25.06.43102 SqdBomber CommandHalifaxIIJB834DY-C2300WuppertalKilledAge 29 Son of Ada Dorothy Barnes; husband of Gwendoline Irene Barnes, of Shamley Green, SurreyPanel 141
96 Barnett Edwin AlfredE A53823 Flying OfficerRAFVR1945-03-211945-03-21617 Sqd
Bomber CommandLancasterIPD117YZ-LWoodhall Spa745BremenCrashed 19km S of BremenKilledPanel 266
97 Barr William BuntinW B1062414 SergeantRAFVR1942-07-16Age 21 Son of William Margaret Auld Barr, of Mossend, Lanarkshire, ScotlandPanel 77
98 Barrett Frederick GeorgeF G1313413 SergeantRAFVR1944-07-30172 SqdPanel 224
99 Barrington-Taylor Maurice WilliamM W516752 SergeantRAF1939-12-1818.12.3937 SqdBomber CommandWellingtonIaN2889LF-PFeltwellReconnaisanceKilledAge 26 Son of Mabel Barrington-Taylor, of Hammersmith, LondonPanel 1
100 Barron ArthurA553534 SergeantRAF1941-05-0621 SqdPanel 39

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