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Veterans - All RAF/WAAF Personnel

We are pleased to be able to offer the opportunity for you to place a page for your relative / friend.

Thousands of web pages have been made to various Aircrew and some to Ground crew - very few offer the chance for others to remember your loved one forever.

We are able to do this.

The British Web Archive, based with the British Library, London, England, copy our website and archive it, in order that the information and pages that we collate with your help, will be made available - forever - long after you and I are gone.

Such is the importance of this research - prepared with people like you. Not a book that can be lost, not in a photo album - mislaid, not in family notes - destroyed. On the world wide web - forever.

Send us your relatives page and know that they can be researched, a hundred years from now! You still keep all those precious originals.

Just click onto either the thumbnail or text and you will be taken to their page:

Master Pilot George Henry Richardson, 20 EFTS, 28 EFTS, 16 EFTS, 9, 61, 204, 240 Squadrons

Fl/Lt. Roy John Montrowe (Momo) Pilot 148 and 692 Squadrons (RNZAF)

Fl/Sgt Dennis R. Girling Flight Engineer, 576 and 150 Squadrons

Czesław Eugeniusz Blicharski. Air Bomber, 300 Squadron (Polish)

Flt. Lt. Jeff (Alexander Jeffery) Clarson DFC. Pilot, 186 Squadron (RAAF)

Acting Sq/Ldr. John Coller DFC. DSO. Air Gunner 51 and 10 Squadron (RAFVR)

Jan Czwojdrak. Technical Trainer 300 Squadron (Polish)

Fl/Of. David Eugen (Gene). Former Glider Pilot 315/34th Troop Carrier (USAAF)

Mike Gorzula MiD. Pilot, 315 Squadron (Polish)

W/O. ‘Titch’ Albert Frederick Halliday. Air Gunner, 75 Squadron (RNZAF)

Ofw. Heinz Hamacher. Pilot, 2/JG-11 (Luftwaffe)

Fl/Lt. John Anthony (Tony) Hawkey. Pilot, 143 Squadron - Coastal Command (RAFVR)

Leopold Heimes. Pilot, 350 Squadron (Belgium)

Kaz Kijak. Pilot, 315 Squadron (Polish)

Fl/Lt. Martin Adam Kilpatrick (Mart) DFC. Pilot, 75 Squadron (RNZAF)

'Kuba' Jakub Bargielowski. Pilot, 315 Squadron (Polish)

P/O. Gerald McPherson. Air Gunner, 186 Squadron (RAAF)

Uffz Franz Mörl. Pilot, 2/JG-27 (Luftwaffe)

Hanna Reitsch. Former Luftwaffe test pilot and aviation record holder. (Luftwaffe)

Rudolf Singler. Pilot, 2./Stukageschwader 77 (Luftwaffe)

Walter (Wally) John Smith. Flight Engineer, 12 / 463 Squadrons (RAFVR)

Ernst Specht. Radio operator, Ju88 8/Kampfgeschader 54 (Luftwaffe)

Robert Stringer DFC. Pilot, 460 Squadron (RAAF)

Albert Ridge Warington. Air Gunner/Pilot, 405 Squadron (RCAF)

P1099 Franciszek Antoni Wiza K.V. and 2 bars, D.F.C.Pilot, 302, 315, 316 Squadron (Polish)

Ludwik Wojturski. Mechanic, 306 Squadron (Polish)

Allan (Callander) Wyse. Pilot, 193 Squadron (RAFVR)

Albert Ziglarsch. Pilot, Ju 88 1./Fernaufklaerungsgruppe 123 (Luftwaffe)

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we will remember them. - Laurence Binyon

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