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Luftwaffe Victories by Name and Date

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Data derived from many sources. Corrections/Additions requested through Helpdesk
This is a non-political research resource. The author of this material does not condone hatred in any form,
neither does he support oppressive and despotic regimes or political systems. See our Statement.

This remarkable database is intended to complement data in the Kracker Archive (on this site) by providing a daily account of each Luftwaffe pilot's actions against his opponent(s). Using a number of primary and secondary sources, we attempt to list for each pilot, his victories in their date order, so far as this has been possible (records, however, are on many occasions not up to this task). One line thus covers one complete action and victory. Thus, for example, you can read across from a pilot's name to discover that he scored 65 victories in total and the line you are reading is the 38th victory he recorded.

This is a work-in-progress.
It is our first 'crowd-corrected' database. The number of errors contained in the raw data is higher than for other of our databases and as a consequence, we need your help in cleaning up the data: with over 600,000 data items in the database we simply can't do this on our own. Duplication errors were introduced when we consolidated data from several sometimes-overlapping sources, and there are the usual errors associated with wartime records. Despite this, the records contain information not commonly found elsewhere and hence merit publication. It's relatively easy to see when a pilot's record is duplicated: 2 victories on the same date and at the same time are obviously describing a single incident, even if one version has the pilot's first name and other might not, comparing other details will show it's the same person. Let us know please when you find any of these, or any other errors, by raising a ticket on the Helpdesk. Thanks in advance.

Bear in mind when cross-referencing Luftwaffe claims to our Allied Losses and Incidents Database that for consistency, Date of Death in the Allied Losses and Incidents Database is the date the mission was briefed since the precise time of a loss was not usually certain at the time. Take-off was usually later the same day as the briefing, though occasionally a delay meant take-off occurred after midnight and therefore strictly the 'next day'. Our date is always the briefing date. Obviously many missions flew through midnight, therefore a Luftwaffe claim against a plane - or a locally generated crash report - may record the incident as occurring on the day following our date. For example, a Luftwaffe claim for a shoot-down at 0345 on 4 April will correspond to a Loss in the Allied Losses and Incidents Database for 3 April. Times are from German records and are thus are LOCAL (not GMT)

Search on date (format YYYY-MM-DD) to show who recorded victories in that date. Search on 'YYYY-MM-DD AND LaGG-3' to show who claimed a LaGG-3 victory on that date. Search on '1944-06' to discover all recorded victories on all fronts for June 1944. To Search on name, try 'last name'. If this produces too many results, use 'last name AND first name', thus 'marseille AND hans-joachim'

There are numerous duplicate entries included owing to the number of sources employed. These are being removed as found.

In the Links column you may find Links back to the Kracker Archive or forward to an extended story about this pilot, or a reference to his action in one of our other Databases. Where links are not provided, you may search for the pilot's name in our Kracker Archive, or you may use the serial number of his victim to search for further information in our Allied Losses and Incidents Database.

The Luftwaffe employed a grid reference system for action locations, as is occasionally shown in the location column. An explanation of the complex system is provided. An external site provides a conversion facility (unfortunately not currently accessible) which allows you to see the exact location of an action.
In order to get the location correct you must first determine (by reference to other sources) the location at which the pilot was based for this victory. This will tell you the Zusatzzahlgebiet (largest square) in which he was operating. Select that in the 'Current “Zusatzzahlgebiet“ (the largest square of Luftwaffe Map)' for example select 15 O (for 15 degrees East of Greenwich Meridian). After you have done that, put the location grid shown in the database in the 'Change Planquat' box, and you will then see a map showing where the action took place.

For actions on the Eastern Front, assistance with identifying Russian plane types is found here.

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#Name (↑)First NamesRankVictoriesSequenceVictoryDate (↑)Victory TimeOpponentAirCraft (↑)UnitLocationNotesLinksPhoto
1 AchleitnerFranz511940-05-1916:45Hurricane

9./JG 3Arras
2 AchleitnerFranz531940-07-1014:25Blenheim

9./JG 320km W Arras
3 AchleitnerFranz541940-07-1014:33Blenheim

9./JG 320km W Arras
4 AdamBernhard1940-08-2416:00Hurricane

2./JG 26West of Dover 5000m
5 AdamHeinz-Gunther1941-07-1721:00Spitfire

2./JG 26S. Cassel  
6 AdamHeinz-Gunther1941-07-1721:00Spitfire

2./JG 26South of Cassel  
7 AdamHans-Gunther1941-09-1715:43Spitfire

2./JG 26NW Dunkirchen 2500m
8 AdamHans-Gunther1941-09-1715:43Spitfire

2./JG 26NW Dunkirk (Kanal)  
9 AdamHans-Gunther1941-09-2116:35Spitfire

2./JG 263km NW Etaples  
10 AdamHans-Gunther1941-09-2116:35Spitfire

2./JG 263km NW Etaples  
11 AdamHeinz-Gunther1942-03-1316:10Spitfire

2./JG 2640km SW Dunkirchen 3000m
12 AdamHeins-Gunther1942-03-1316:10Spitfire

2./JG 2640km SW Dunkirk  
13 AdamHans-Gunther1942-08-1911:36Spitfire

2./JG 265km NE Dieppe  
14 AdamHans-Gunther1942-08-1911:36Spitfire

2./JG 265 kn NE Dieppe 1000m
15 AdamHans1942-11-2709:15Spitfire

4./JG 5110km SE Beja Low Level
16 AdemeitHorst16611940-09-183./JG 54 
17 AdolphWalter2531940-05-12Blenheim

2./JG 1Near MaastrichtBlenheim of 139 Sqn RAF
18 AdolphWalter2541940-05-12Blenheim

2./JG 1Near MaastrichtBlenheim of 139 Sqn RAF
19 AdolphWalter2551940-05-12Blenheim

2./JG 1Near Lüttich139 Sqn RAF
20 AdolphWalter2561940-06-06LeO 451
2./JG 1BeauvaisLeO 451 of G-B- I/II, II/12 or II/31, Armée de l’Air
21 AdolphWalter2571940-06-06LeO 451
2./JG 1MontdidierLeO 451 of G-B- I/II, II/12 or II/31, Armée de l’Air
22 AdolphWalter2581940-07-1918:25Hurricane

8./JG 27Near Isle of Wight43 Sqn, RAF
23 AdolphWalter2591940-08-0116:45Blenheim

8./JG 27Near Cherbourg236 Sqn, RAF
24 AdolphWalter25131940-10-1514:10Hurricane

II./JG 26London46 or 501 Sqn, RAF
25 AdolphWalter25181941-06-2216:00Spitfire

II./JG 26W Dunkirkprobably Mk I of 609 Sqn- P/O François Xavier de Spierlet
26 AdolphWalter25191941-06-2611:55Spitfire

II./JG 26MardyckMk V of 603 Sqn
27 AdolphWalter25201941-07-0614:45Spitfire

II./JG 26Wormhout74 Sqn, RAF
28 AdolphWalter25211941-07-0815:30Spitfire

II./JG 26Gravelines 
29 AdolphWalter25231941-07-2414:55Spitfire

II./JG 26Gravelines 
30 AdolphWalter25241941-08-1609:30Spitfire

II./JG 2620km NW Boulogne602 Sqn, RAF
31 AdrianUlrich511940-05-1814:11Blenheim

1./JG 2W Arras
32 AdrianUlrich521940-05-2119:12Morane

1./JG 2Compiegne
33 AdrianUlrich531940-05-3018:07Potez 63

1./JG 2Rollot
34 AhlertJoachim1944-01-2713:41Spitfire

6./JG 7722614 3500m
35 AhnertHeinz1941-09-1214:16Spitfire

3./JG 52Den Helder  
36 AhnertHeinz1941-09-1214:14Spitfire

3./JG 52Den Helder 7000m
37 AhrendtWerner1941-11-0418:05Spitfire

9./JG 2   
38 AhrensWerner1940-09-0918:35Hurricane

1./JG 27South of London  
39 AhrensEwald1940-05-1509:02Morane 405

9./ZG26   Listed as Morane
40 AhrensPeter1943-07-2515:15Spitfire

3./JG 26KG-9 (Westkapelle) 500m
41 AhrensKarl-Heinz1943-12-1509:15Spitfire

6./SG4Area Giovanni Low Level
42 AistleitnerJohann1941-07-0806:40Spitfire

1./JG 2610km NW Cap Gris Nez 1200m
43 AistleitnerJohann1941-07-2314:00Spitfire

1./JG 2610km N. Gravelines-Calais  
44 AistleitnerJohannes1941-07-2314:00Spitfire

1./JG 2610km North of Gravelines-Calais  
45 AistleitnerJohann1941-08-2110:30Spitfire

1./JG 26zw Calais-Cap Blanc Nez 200m
46 AistleitnerJohann1942-02-28 Spitfire

1./JG 2620km NE Margate  
47 AistleitnerJohann1942-02-28 Spitfire

1./JG 2620km NE Margate  
48 AistleitnerJohann1942-04-2614:35Spitfire

1./JG 2610-15km NW Cap Gris Nez  
49 AistleitnerHans1942-04-2614:35Spitfire

1./JG 2610-15km NW Cap Gris Nez  
50 AistleitnerJohann1942-05-1711:43Spitfire

Stab III./JG 2615km NW Calais  
51 AistleitnerJohann1942-06-0118:43Spitfire

Stab III./JG 26   
52 AistleitnerJohann1942-06-0113:51Spitfire

Stab III./JG 26   
53 AistleitnerJohann1942-08-2715:11Spitfire

Stab III./JG 2615km NW Cap Gris Nez 3000m
54 AistleitnerJohann1942-08-29 Spitfire

Stab III./JG 26Sea off Cap Gris Nez  
55 Albert1940-05-2914:15Hurricane

5.ZG76Kanal Near Dunkirchen 2500m
56 Albert1940-05-2914:19Hurricane

5.ZG76Kanal Near Dunkirchen 3500m
57 AlbertFranz1940-06-0714:58Hurricane

7./JG 3West of Abbeville 2000m
58 AlbertFranz1940-06-0714:58Hurricane

7./JG 3West of Abbeville 2000m
59 AlbrechtKarl1940-11-2509:05Hampden

9./JG 545km SW Bergen-aan-Zee 300m
60 AlbrechtKarl1942-08-1917:32Spitfire

3./JG 2   
61 AlfRudolf1941-08-16 Spitfire

2./JG 2Brest  
62 AlfRudolf1941-12-0212:58Spitfire

2./JG 2   
63 AlfRudolf1942-06-26 Spitfire

2./JG 2   
64 AltendorfHeinz1940-09-0815:15Blenheim

7./JG 53Battle of Britain  
65 AltendorfHeinz1940-05-1909:35Bloch 152
7./JG 53NE Reims  
66 AltendorfHeinz1940-05-2119:25Curtiss Hawk 75A

7./JG 53SW Compiegne  
67 AltendorfRudolf1940-08-1313:15Hurricane

15.(Z)LG1Salisbury 4500m
68 Altendorf1940-08-1313:15Hurricane

15.(Z)/LG1Salisbury 4500m
69 AltendorfRudolf1940-08-1518:25Hurricane

15.(Z)LG1Portland 5000m
70 Altendorf1940-08-1518:25Hurricane

15.(Z)/LG1Portland 5000m
71 AltendorfHeinz1940-05-2714:20Morane 405

7./JG 5310km S Creil 2000mListed as Morane
72 AltendorfHans1940-05-2714:20Morane 406

7./JG 5310km S Creil  
73 AltendorfHeinz1940-06-0310:35Potes 63

7./JG 53Gournay  
74 AlthofWilli1942-10-1912:23Spitfire

7./JG 27East of El-Daba  
75 AmhausendKaspar1940-10-1513:35Hurricane

1./JG 2Portsmouth  
76 AmhausendKaspar1941-04-2416:07Spitfire

1./JG 2Ostende on a shipping reconnaissance mission. P7531 Pilot Plt Off. Peall safe  
77 AmonGeorg1943-04-1819:08Spitfire

7./JG 535km SW Cap Bone  
78 AndresWerner1940-05-1220:30Fokker CX

Stab II./JG 27South of Wageningen  
79 AndresWerner1940-05-1220:30Fokker CX

Stab II./JG 27South of Wageningen  
80 AndresWerner1940-06-0913:45Morane 406

Stab II./JG 27Le Ferte Milon  
81 AngeliHans-Eberhard1940-06-0720:10Morane 406

3./JG 5420km SW Peronne 4500m
82 Ankum-FrankAlbrecht von1940-06-0821:30Curtiss Hawk 75A

Stab /JG 27Bois de Compiegne  
83 Ankum-FrankAlbrecht von1940-06-0821:30P-40 Warhawk

Stab /JG 27Bois de Compiegne  
84 Ankum-FrankAlbrecht von1940-06-1416:45Potes 63

Stab /JG 27S. Troyes  
85 Ankum-FrankAlbrecht von1940-06-1416:45Potes 63

Stab /JG 27South of Troyes  
86 Ankum-FrankAlbrecht von1940-06-1416:45Potes 63

Stab /JG 27South of Troyes  
87 AnthonyGeorg1940-05-1611:40Morane 405

4./ZG76Le Cateau  Listed as Morane
88 AnthonyGeorg1940-05-1712:30Morane 405

4./ZG76   Listed as Morane
89 AnthonyGeorg1940-05-1711:45Morane 405

4./ZG76   Listed as Morane
90 Arndt1943-05-2218:33Spitfire

5./JG 5315km S. Gela 6000m
91 ArnimHarald von1940-09-2817:32Hurricane

8./JG 2   
92 ArnoldErnst1940-06-1319:55Fairey Battle

2./JG 27Montmirail  
93 ArnoldyHans-Jakob1940-10-2616:50Beaufort

4./JG 77SW of Bergen  
94 ArnoldyHans-Jakob1940-06-1114:25Hudson

4./JG 77Trondheim  
95 ArnoldyHans-Jakob1940-06-1114:35Skua

4./JG 77Trondheim  
96 ArnoldyHans-Jakob1940-06-1302:08Skua

4./JG 77Trondheim  
97 ArnoldyHans-Jakob1940-06-1302:02Skua

4./JG 77Trondheim  
98 Arnswaldt1942-09-1617:07Spitfire

9./JG 27South of El-Hameija  
99 AspernRoloff von 1940-05-1816:25Curtiss Hawk 75A

1./JG 76West of Rethel  
100 AspernRoloff von1940-06-0315:20Curtiss Hawk 75A

1./JG 76West of epernay  
101 AspernRoloff von1940-06-0621:00Curtiss Hawk 75A

1./JG 76NW Amiens  
102 AspernRoloff von1940-06-0621:05Curtiss Hawk 75A

1./JG 76NW Amiens  
103 AspernRoloff von1940-08-3013:00Hurricane

5./JG 54   
104 AspernRoloff von1940-09-0516:20Hurricane

5./JG 54Thames Estuary 6000m
105 AspernRoloff von1940-09-2710:20Hurricane

5./JG 54South of London 4500m
106 AspernRoloff von1940-10-1214:25Hurricane

5./JG 54South of Tonbridge  
107 AspernRoloff von1940-10-1513:00Hurricane

4./JG 54   
108 AspernRoloff von1940-05-1918:30Morane 405

1./JG 76West of Laon  
109 AspernRoloff von1940-05-1816:25P-40 Warhawk

1./JG 76West of Rethel  
110 AspernRoloff von1940-06-0315:20P-40 Warhawk

1./JG 76West of Epernay  
111 AspernRoloff von1940-06-0621:00P-40 Warhawk

1./JG 76NW Amiens  
112 AspernRoloff von1940-06-0621:05P-40 Warhawk

1./JG 76NW Amiens  
113 AspernRoloff von1940-06-0409:40Potes 63

1./JG 76   
114 AspernRoloff von1940-06-0409:40Potes 63

1./JG 76   
115 Assi'Hans1940-05-1409:55Hurricane

4./JG 2Gembloux  
116 Assi'Hans1940-05-1912:18Hurricane

4./JG 2Tournai  
117 Assi'Hans1940-05-19 Morane 406

4./JG 2Tournai  
118 AugustinJakob1941-05-1120:41Spitfire

8./JG 2Portland  
119 AugustinJakob1941-07-1020:35Spitfire

8./JG 2   
120 AugustinHelmuth1941-07-1012:40Spitfire

Erg./JG 2   
121 AugustinJakob1941-08-1919:42Spitfire

8./JG 220km NE Calais 5000m
122 AugustinJakob1941-08-3114:30Spitfire

8./JG 2NW Lille 6400m
123 AugustinJakob1941-09-2715:55Spitfire

8./JG 2   
124 AugustinJakob1941-10-0210:45Spitfire

7./JG 2   
125 AugustinJakob1941-10-1213:32Spitfire

7./JG 2   
126 AugustinJakob1941-10-1213:31Spitfire

7./JG 2   
127 AugustinJakob1942-06-0315:34Spitfire

7./JG 2   
128 AugustinJacob1942-06-0315:34Spitfire

7./JG 2   
129 AugustinJacob1942-06-0315:34Spitfire

7./JG 2   
130 AugustinJakob1942-06-0412:55Spitfire

7./JG 2   
131 AugustinJacob1942-06-0412:55Spitfire

7./JG 2   
132 AugustinJakob1942-06-0617:27Spitfire

7./JG 2   
133 AugustinJacob1942-06-0617:27Spitfire

7./JG 2   
134 AugustinJakob1942-06-1114:27Spitfire

7./JG 2N. Cherbourg  
135 AugustinJakob1942-06-1114:31Spitfire

7./JG 2N. Cherbourg  
136 AugustinJacob1942-06-1114:27Spitfire

7./JG 2Sea North of Cherbourg  
137 AugustinJacob1942-06-1114:31Spitfire

7./JG 2Sea North of Cherbourg  
138 AugustinJakob1942-06-1711:00Spitfire

7./JG 2NE Barfleur  
139 AugustinJacob1942-06-1711:00Spitfire

7./JG 2Sea nordEast of Barfleur  
140 Aussen1940-04-0312:22Morane 405

15.(Z)/LG115km E Nancy 6000mListed as Morane
141 AxthelmErwin1940-05-1009:55Gladiator
3./JG 27SE Tirlemont 3000m
142 AxthelmErwin1940-05-1009:55Gladiator
3./JG 27   
143 AxthelmErwin1940-05-1009:55Gladiator
3./JG 27SE Tirlemont 3000m
144 AxthelmErwin1940-05-2512:35Wellington

2./JG 27West of Calais  
145 AxthelmErwin1940-05-2512:35Wellington

2./JG 27West of Calais  
146 BaagoeSophus1941-04-20 Hurricane

5.ZG26Area Eluesis  
147 BabenzEmil2421941-06-288:25Spitfire

3./JG 26W LilleSpitfire 303 Sqn P8346, RAF. Józef Bondar
148 BabenzEmil2431941-07-1116:30Spitfire

3./JG 2610km NW Gravelines
149 BabenzEmil2441941-08-1213:20Spitfire

3./JG 26S Goeree IsSpitfire 9 or 152 Sqn, RAF
150 BabenzEmil2451941-08-2115:10Spitfire

3./JG 26SE Dunkirk
151 BabenzEmil2461941-08-278:10Spitfire

3./JG 26W Gravelines
152 BabenzEmil2471941-10-1314:43Spitfire

3./JG 2610km E Dungeness
153 BabenzEmil2481941-11-0812:29Spitfire

3./JG 26Near MontreuilSpitfire 401 Sqn, RAF
154 BabenzEmil2491942-02-1215:35Spitfire

3./JG 2630km N Dunkirk
155 BabenzEmil24101942-03-0817:21Spitfire

3./JG 26SE BerguesSpitfire 121 Sqn, RAF
156 BabenzEmil24111942-03-2817:05Spitfire

3./JG 2610km S DungenessSpitfire 401 Sqn, RAF
157 BabenzEmil24121942-03-2818:58Spitfire

3./JG 26Cap Blanc NezSpitfire 457 or 602 Sqn, RAF
158 BabenzEmil24131942-04-3019:38Spitfire

3./JG 262km W Somme EstuarySpitfire 129 or 340 Sqn, RAF
159 BabenzEmil24141942-05-2511:40Spitfire

1./JG 26Near NieuportSpitfire 222 Sqn, RAF
160 BabenzEmil24151942-05-298:20Spitfire

1./JG 26ChannelSpitfire 72 Sqn, RAF
161 BabenzEmil24161942-06-0113:50Spitfire

1./JG 26Pl Qu 22456Spitfire 65 or 111 Sqn, RAF
162 BabenzEmil24171942-06-0211:05Spitfire

1./JG 2615km W Somme EstuarySpitfire 403 Sqn, RAF
163 BabenzEmil24181942-07-3019:15Spitfire

3./JG 26Near Watten
164 BabenzEmil24191942-08-1913:35Spitfire

11./JG 26NE Dieppe
165 BabenzEmil24201942-08-199:52Spitfire

11./JG 26NE DieppeSpitfire 411, 485 or 610 Sqn, RAF
166 BabenzEmil24211942-08-1913:30Spitfire

11./JG 26NE Dieppe
167 BachOtto1941-07-1012:33Spitfire

Erg./JG 2   
168 BachOtto1941-07-17 Spitfire

169 BachOtto1941-08-0616:18Spitfire

1.Erg.JG2N. Cap-de-la-Hague  
170 BachOtto1941-09-30 Spitfire

171 BachOtto1941-09-30 Spitfire

172 BacherAlfons1940-05-2617:50Curtiss Hawk 75A

3./JG 52Chantilly  
173 BacherAlfons1940-05-2617:50P-40 Warhawk

3./JG 52Chantilly  
174 Bachmann1944-05-2412:07Spitfire

1./SG4North of Roma 3000m
175 Bachmann1944-05-2412:07Spitfire

1./SG 48km SE Mentana (Roma) 3500m
176 Bachmann1944-05-2507:39Spitfire

3./SG410km NE Tarquinia 150m
177 Bachmann1944-05-2507:39Spitfire

3./SG 410km NE Tarquinia 150m
178 BacsilaErwin3414 ?1942-12-13Spitfire

Stab JG 77Near Agedabia
179 BahnsenJens1943-07-0316:17Spitfire IX

8./JG 538km SSW Vittoria 4500m
180 BahnsenJens1943-07-0316:20Spitfire IX

8./JG 5320km S San Juanmaria 6500m
181 BahnsenJens1942-10-1010:35Spitfire

8./JG 53   
182 BahnsenJens1942-12-1808:41Spitfire

8./JG 5330 NW La Valetta 3000m
183 BahnsenJens1943-01-0614:51Spitfire

1./JG 5315km ssE Protville 2000m
184 BahnsenJens1943-04-1912:10Spitfire

8./JG 5310km E Mateur 500m
185 BahnsenJens1943-05-11 Spitfire

8./JG 53   
186 BalfanzWilfried1940-05-1416:50Fairey Battle

Stab I./JG 53Sedan  
187 BalfanzWilfried1940-05-1308:45LeO 45
Stab I./JG 53Thenorgues  Claimed as LeO 45
188 BalfanzWilfried1940-05-1320:45LeO 451
Stab I./JG 53Thenorgues  
189 BalfanzWilfried1941-04-2018:26Spitfire

StabJG51E. Sheerness  
190 BalfanzWilfried1941-04-2119:43Spitfire

StabJG51E. Canterbury  
191 BalthasarWilhelm4781940-05-116:55Gladiator

1./JG 1Albert Canal Gladiator 1/I/2 of Aeronautique Militaire Belge
192 BalthasarWilhelm4791940-05-11Gladiator

1./JG 1Albert CanalGladiator 1/I/2 of Aeronautique Militaire Belge
193 BalthasarWilhelm47101940-05-116:58Gladiator

1./JG 1Albert Canal Gladiator 1/I/2 of Aeronautique Militaire Belge
194 BalthasarWilhelm47111940-05-1119:51Morane

1./JG 1W Maastricht
195 BalthasarWilhelm47121940-05-136:15Hurricane

1./JG 1Jodoigne
196 BalthasarWilhelm47131940-05-1713:55Hawk 75a

1./JG 1Compiegnie
197 BalthasarWilhelm47141940-05-1913:50Lysander

1./JG 1AmiensLysande 16 Sqn RAF
198 BalthasarWilhelm47151940-05-2314:10Hurricane

1./JG 1Douai
199 BalthasarWilhelm47161940-05-2314:20Hurricane

1./JG 1Douai
200 BalthasarWilhelm47171940-05-2314:40Hurricane

1./JG 1Douai
201 BalthasarWilhelm47201940-06-0510:40LeO 451

1./JG 1Montdidier
202 BalthasarWilhelm47211940-06-0510:48Potez 63

1./JG 1Nesle
203 BalthasarWilhelm47221940-06-0510:50LeO 451

1./JG 1Nesle
204 BalthasarWilhelm47231940-06-0521:20Morane

1./JG 1Roye
205 BalthasarWilhelm47241940-06-0521:30Morane

1./JG 1Roye
206 BalthasarWilhelm47251940-06-0616:40Morane

1./JG 1Roye
207 BalthasarWilhelm47261940-06-0616:50LeO 451

1./JG 1Roye
208 BalthasarWilhelm47271940-06-0616:55LeO 451

1./JG 1Roye
209 BalthasarWilhelm47281940-06-0617:05LeO 451

1./JG 1Ham
210 BalthasarWilhelm47291940-06-1317:50Potez 63

1./JG 1Provins Potez 63 (Nr 205) of GR I/14, Armée de l’Air, crash-landed on Troyes a/f
211 BalthasarWilhelm47301940-06-1318:20Blenheim

1./JG 1Sézanne
212 BalthasarWilhelm47371941-05-1718:55Spitfire

Stab JG 2Dover Straits
213 BalthasarWilhelm47431941-06-2420:50Spitfire

Stab JG 2Gravelines-Ramsgate
214 BalthasarWilhelm47441941-06-2513:00Spitfire

Stab JG 2Hazebrouck-Gravelines
215 BalthasarWilhelm47451941-06-2516:45Spitfire

Stab JG 2St Omer-Boulogne
216 BalthasarWilhelm47461941-06-2722:03Spitfire

Stab JG 2Lille-Gravelines
217 BanschKarl-Heinz1942-07-23 Spitfire

5./JG 2   
218 BanschKarl-Heinz1942-07-2316:24Spitfire

5./JG 2   
219 BanserWilhelm1940-08-1518:35Hurricane

15.(Z)LG1SW Portland 4000m
220 Banser1940-08-1518:35Hurricane

15.(Z)/LG1SW Portland 4000m
221 BarHeinz1940-05-2116:20Hurricane

1./JG 51Samer  
222 BarHeinz1940-05-2311:10Hurricane

1./JG 51Bethune  
223 BarHeinz1940-08-18 Hurricane

1./JG 51Battle of Britain  
224 BarHeinz1940-08-2414:13Hurricane

1./JG 51Battle of Britain 1000m
225 BarHeinz1940-09-09 Hurricane

1./JG 51Battle of Britain 6500m
226 BarHeinz1940-11-0815:05Hurricane

1./JG 51N Dungeness 5000m
227 BarHeinz1940-11-0812:18Hurricane

1./JG 51Battle of Britain  
228 BarHeinz1941-05-0614:10Spitfire

1./JG 5115-20km nordw Calais 200m
229 BarHeinz1941-05-1121:40Spitfire

1./JG 518km E Deal 50m
230 BarHeinz1942-10-11 Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Southfront (MTO & North Africa)  
231 BarHeinz1942-10-1307:58Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77N. Malta  
232 BarHeinz1942-10-1308:14Spitfire

Stab I./JG 7710km N. Marsa Scirocco  
233 BarHeinz1942-10-1417:59Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Comiso based 30km NW St. Paul's bay 5700m
234 BarHeinz1942-10-1713:32Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77SE La Valetta  
235 BarHeinz1942-11-0214:50Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Bir-el-Abd based  
236 BarHeinz1942-11-0513:50Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Gambut based  
237 BarHeinz1943-01-1414:37Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Bir Dufan based  
238 BarHeinz1943-01-1414:32Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Bir Dufan based 3700m
239 BarHeinz1943-02-1507:45Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Fatnassa based  
240 BarHeinz1943-02-1507:46Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Fatnassa based 1500m
241 BarHeinz1943-02-2610:55Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Fatnassa based 4500m
242 BarHeinz1943-03-0108:45Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Time confliction  
243 BarHeinz1943-03-0114:50Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Fatnassa based  
244 BarHeinrich1943-03-0114:50Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Fatnassa based  
245 BarHeinz1943-03-03 Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Southfront (MTO & North Africa)  
246 BarHeinz1943-03-03 Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Southfront (MTO & North Africa)  
247 BarHeinrich1943-03-03 Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77   
248 BarHeinrich1943-03-03 Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77   
249 BarHeinz1943-03-0508:00Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Southfront (MTO & North Africa)  
250 BarHeinz1943-03-0607:58Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Fatnassa based  
251 BarHeinz1943-03-0613:23Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Fatnassa based  
252 BarHeinrich1943-03-0613:23Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Fatnassa based  
253 BarHeinrich1943-03-0607:58Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Fatnassa based 5000m
254 BarHeinz1943-03-0713:25Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Fatnassa based  
255 BarHeinz1943-03-0714:45Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Time confliction  
256 BarHeinz1943-04-1615:50Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Tunis/Soliman-South based  
257 BarHeinz1943-04-19 Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Southfront (MTO & North Africa)  
258 BarHeinz1943-04-2915:25Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77Southfront (MTO & North Africa) 4500m
259 BarannLeo-Lothar1944-07-14 Spitfire

7./JG 1UU-5 (South Caen) 2500m
260 BarannLeo-Lothar1944-07-25 Spitfire

7./JG 1   
261 BarannLeo-Lothar1944-08-06 Spitfire

Stab III./JG 105 East S/UE Pontoise 3500m
262 BarkhornGerhard3011251943-04-307:45Spitfire

4./JG 52Cholmskaja
263 BarkhornGerhard3011281943-05-289:18Spitfire

4./JG 52Kijewskoje
264 BarschelHans1940-05-1413:21Morane 405

Stab III./ZG26   Listed as Morane
265 BartelWilhelm1943-08-2910:50Spitfire

3./JG 536917 3000m
266 BartelsHeinrich9911941-08-19Spitfire

Erg./JG 26 
267 BartelsHeinrich9921941-08-27Spitfire

Erg./JG 26 
268 BartelsHeinrich99571943-10-2313:11Spitfire

11./JG 27SSW Podgorica
269 BartelsHeinrich99641943-11-0213:47Spitfire

11./JG 27WSW Skutari
270 BartelsHeinrich99651943-11-02Spitfire

11./JG 27WSW Skutari
271 BartelsHeinrich99751944-04-238:20Spitfire

11./JG 2710 km SW Cilli
272 BartelsHeinrich99761944-04-238:22Spitfire

11./JG 2715 km SW Cilli
273 BartelsHeinrich99771944-04-238:23Spitfire

11./JG 2720 km SW Cilli
274 BartelsHeinrich99921944-06-2214:10Spitfire

11./JG 27WSW Caen
275 BartenFranz5511940-09-1417:00Hurricane

2./JG 77-
276 BartenFranz5521940-10-1417:56Hurricane

2./JG 77S Tunbridge Wells
277 BartenFranz5531940-10-1418:05Hurricane

2./JG 77Tunbridge Wells
278 BartenFranz1943-07-1218:28Spitfire

7./JG 535km SE Rammacco 1800m
279 BartenFranz1944-02-0616:37Spitfire

9./JG 5310km N Nettuno 3000m
280 BartenFranz5541941-04-158:55Spitfire

11./JG 51SE Boulogne
281 BartenFranz55451943-07-1218:28Spitfire

7./JG 535km SE Rammacco
282 BartenFranz55521944-02-0616:37Spitfire

9./JG 53
283 BartenFranz55541944-05-21Spitfire

9./JG 53
284 Bartusch1943-07-0415:15Spitfire

1./JG 532km E Gerbini 3000m
285 Bartusch1943-07-0415:15Spitfire

1./JG 532km E. Gerbini 3000m
286 BatzWilhelm (Willi)237151943-08-1517:35Spitfire

5./JG 52
287 BaudachHeinz-Helmut2151942-03-1514:00Spitfire

1./JG 2
288 BaudachHeinz-Helmut2171942-03-2612:05Spitfire

1./JG 2
289 BaudachHeinz-Helmut2181942-05-2417:06Spitfire

1./JG 2
290 BaudachHeinz-Helmut2191942-06-2015:53Spitfire

1./JG 2
291 BaudachHeinz-Helmut21101942-08-2417:48Spitfire

1./JG 220-70km NNW Stab Valéry
292 BaudachHeinz-Helmut21131943-09-2316:50Spitfire

11./JG 210km NE Serqueux
293 BaudachHeinz-Helmut21151944-08-24Spitfire

Ekdo 262WSE Walchensee Spitfire XIX of 683 Sqn RAF flown by F/Lt FN Crane, killed
294 BauerJosef1940-06-0616:12Hurricane

7./JG 320km W Aumale 4000m
295 BauerJosef1940-06-0616:10Hurricane

7./JG 3West of Aumale  
296 BauerJosef1940-06-0616:10Hurricane

7./JG 3West of Aumale  
297 BauerJosef1940-06-0616:12Hurricane

7./JG 320km W Aumale 4000m
298 BauerViktor10621940-05-1815:45Hurricane

1./JG 77E Cambrai
299 BauerViktor10611940-05-1514:10Hurricane

2./JG 77W Brügge
300 BauerFranz911941-07-10Spitfire

4.(E)/JFS 5Le Havre
301 BauerFranz921941-08-12Spitfire

4.(E)/JFS 5SE Fécamp
302 BauerFranz931941-08-28Spitfire

4.(E)/JFS 5Le Havre
303 BauerFranz941941-08-28Spitfire

4.(E)/JFS 5Le Havre
304 BauerFranz951941-09-20Spitfire

4.(E)/JFS 5NW Fécamp
305 BaumannHelmut1942-12-1710:25Spitfire

5./JG 51N Djedeida 7000m
306 BaumannHelmut1944-02-0708:23Spitfire

5./JG 51SW Frascati 2000m
307 BaumannLothar1944-06-2515:25Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77ESE Rimini 3500m
308 Baumel1943-04-3011:39Spitfire

6./JG 7720km N Kelibia 3000m
309 Baumel1943-04-3011:39Spitfire

6./JG 7720km N. Kelibia 3000m
310 BaumgartenRichard-Ewald1940-05-2118:15Morane 406

2./JG 21Cambrai  
311 BaumgartnerWilhelm1943-03-27 Spitfire

7./JG 77   
312 BaumgartnerWilhelm1943-04-0618:45Spitfire

7./JG 775773 3000m
313 BaunAlbrecht1940-06-0707:08Bloch 151

6./JG 53E Compiegne  
314 BaunAlbrecht1940-06-0707:08Bloch 151

6./JG 53East of Compiegne  
315 BaunAlbrecht1940-03-3115:57Morane 405

6./JG 53SW Saargemund  Listed as Morane
316 BaunAlbrecht1940-05-1920:55Potes 63

6./JG 53Signy l Abbaye  
317 BaunAlbrecht1940-05-1920:55Potez 63

6./JG 53Signy l Abbaye  
318 BecherHeinrich1940-05-1009:55Gladiator
3./JG 27Tirlemont  
319 BecherHeinrich1940-05-1009:55Gladiator
3./JG 27Tirlemont  
320 BeckGunter1940-05-2508:45Morane 406

13.(Z)LG120km S. Amiens 200m
321 BeckerFriedrich1940-06-1512:25Blenheim

6./JG 3   
322 BeckerFriedrich1940-06-1512:25Blenheim

6./JG 3   
323 BeckerArno1940-05-20 Morane 406

Stab I./JG 1Amiens  
324 BeckerHelmut1942-12-2216:35Spitfire

8./JG 2Pl.Qu. 6953/14 West 50m 7000m
325 BeckerPaul1942-09-0608:04Spitfire

2./JG 27SSE El-Alamein  
326 BeckerPaul1942-10-1217:58Spitfire

2./JG 27North of Insel Gozo  
327 BeckerPaul1942-10-1411:15Spitfire

Stab I./JG 27North of La Valetta  
328 BeckerPaul1944-01-1208:19Spitfire

11./JG 27South of Insel Split 400m
329 Becker1943-01-1814:54Spitfire

8./JG 269/43/ 14 West 50m 50m
330 Becker1943-01-1814:54Spitfire

8./JG 269/43/14 West 50m
331 Becker1943-02-1312:18Spitfire

7./JG 21141/05 East 800m
332 Becker1943-02-1312:18Spitfire

7./JG 21141/05 East 800m
333 BeckerLudwig1940-09-2922:53Wellington

4.NJG 1Blijham/Groningen  
334 BeckerLudwig1940-10-1621:25Wellington

4./NJG 1   
335 BeckersWerner1942-04-1516:34Spitfire

7./JG 2   
336 BeckersWerner1942-04-1620:04Spitfire

7./JG 2   
337 BeckersWerner1942-04-1615:35Spitfire

7./JG 2MC-8 (S Folkestone) 4000m
338 BeckersWerner1942-12-2216:35Spitfire

8./JG 215 West S/69/5/3 50m
339 BeckersWerner1943-08-1912:35Spitfire

4./JG 212km N Amiens 3000m
340 BeckhFriedrich1941-05-0613:55Spitfire

Stab IV.JG5120km Cap Blanc Nez  
341 BeckmannErich1942-04-3011:35Spitfire

9./JG 53   
342 BeckmannErich1942-05-0912:12Spitfire

9./JG 53   
343 BeckmannHelmut1942-06-2619:12Spitfire

2./JG 27E Marsa Matruh  
344 BeeckFritz1940-08-2413:55Hurricane

6./JG 51East of Margate  
345 BeerSiegfried1943-03-02 Spitfire

2./JG 53   
346 BeeseArtur22151943-08-1511:57P-47 Thunderbolt

1./JG 26Vlissingen-North SeaSpitfire 453 Sqn, RAF
347 BeeseArtur2231942-03-0817:15Spitfire

1./JG 26Near Dunkirk 
348 BeeseArtur2241942-05-0515:40Spitfire

1./JG 26N HazebrouckSpitfire 122 Sqn, RAF
349 BeeseArtur2251942-05-0913:40Spitfire

1./JG 264km N ArdresSpitfire 350 or 457 Sqn, RAF
350 BeeseArtur2261942-09-23Spitfire

1./JG 265km N Cap Gris Nez 

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