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Luftwaffe Victories by Name and Date

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Data derived from many sources. Corrections/Additions requested through Helpdesk
This is a non-political research resource. The author of this material does not condone hatred in any form,
neither does he support oppressive and despotic regimes or political systems. See our Statement.

This remarkable database is intended to complement data in the Kracker Archive (on this site) by providing a daily account of each Luftwaffe pilot's actions against his opponent(s). Using a number of primary and secondary sources, we attempt to list for each pilot, his victories in their date order, so far as this has been possible (records, however, are on many occasions not up to this task). One line thus covers one complete action and victory. Thus, for example, you can read across from a pilot's name to discover that he scored 65 victories in total and the line you are reading is the 38th victory he recorded.

This is a work-in-progress.
It is our first 'crowd-corrected' database. The number of errors contained in the raw data is higher than for other of our databases and as a consequence, we need your help in cleaning up the data: with over 600,000 data items in the database we simply can't do this on our own. Duplication errors were introduced when we consolidated data from several sometimes-overlapping sources, and there are the usual errors associated with wartime records. Despite this, the records contain information not commonly found elsewhere and hence merit publication. It's relatively easy to see when a pilot's record is duplicated: 2 victories on the same date and at the same time are obviously describing a single incident, even if one version has the pilot's first name and other might not, comparing other details will show it's the same person. Let us know please when you find any of these, or any other errors, by raising a ticket on the Helpdesk. Thanks in advance.

Bear in mind when cross-referencing Luftwaffe claims to our Allied Losses and Incidents Database that for consistency, Date of Death in the Allied Losses and Incidents Database is the date the mission was briefed since the precise time of a loss was not usually certain at the time. Take-off was usually later the same day as the briefing, though occasionally a delay meant take-off occurred after midnight and therefore strictly the 'next day'. Our date is always the briefing date. Obviously many missions flew through midnight, therefore a Luftwaffe claim against a plane - or a locally generated crash report - may record the incident as occurring on the day following our date. For example, a Luftwaffe claim for a shoot-down at 0345 on 4 April will correspond to a Loss in the Allied Losses and Incidents Database for 3 April. Times are from German records and are thus are LOCAL (not GMT)

Search on date (format YYYY-MM-DD) to show who recorded victories in that date. Search on 'YYYY-MM-DD AND LaGG-3' to show who claimed a LaGG-3 victory on that date. Search on '1944-06' to discover all recorded victories on all fronts for June 1944. To Search on name, try 'last name'. If this produces too many results, use 'last name AND first name', thus 'marseille AND hans-joachim'

There are numerous duplicate entries included owing to the number of sources employed. These are being removed as found.

In the Links column you may find Links back to the Kracker Archive or forward to an extended story about this pilot, or a reference to his action in one of our other Databases. Where links are not provided, you may search for the pilot's name in our Kracker Archive, or you may use the serial number of his victim to search for further information in our Allied Losses and Incidents Database.

The Luftwaffe employed a grid reference system for action locations, as is occasionally shown in the location column. An explanation of the complex system is provided. An external site provides a conversion facility (unfortunately not currently accessible) which allows you to see the exact location of an action.
In order to get the location correct you must first determine (by reference to other sources) the location at which the pilot was based for this victory. This will tell you the Zusatzzahlgebiet (largest square) in which he was operating. Select that in the 'Current “Zusatzzahlgebiet“ (the largest square of Luftwaffe Map)' for example select 15 O (for 15 degrees East of Greenwich Meridian). After you have done that, put the location grid shown in the database in the 'Change Planquat' box, and you will then see a map showing where the action took place.

For actions on the Eastern Front, assistance with identifying Russian plane types is found here.

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#Name (↑)First NamesRankVictoriesSequenceVictoryDate (↑)Victory TimeOpponentAirCraft (↑)UnitLocationNotesLinksPhoto
1 BeckerMartin (Tino)5871944-02-202:594 Motor2./NJG 6Harber
2 BeckerMartin (Tino)58131944-03-2221:424 Motor2./NJG 6Hamm-Paderborn
3 BeckerMartin (Tino)58151944-03-2222:104 Motor2./NJG 6130° Frankfurt-Main
4 BeckerMartin (Tino)58161944-03-2222:294 Motor2./NJG 6NW Frankfurt-Main
5 BeckerMartin (Tino)58191944-03-2422:354 Motor2./NJG 615km E Reuden
6 BeckerMartin (Tino)58281944-04-271:304 Motor2./NJG 6FF "Christa"
7 BeckerMartin (Tino)58301944-04-274 Motor2./NJG 6-
8 BeckerMartin (Tino)58331944-04-284 Motor2./NJG 6-
9 BeckerMartin (Tino)58461945-01-214 MotorStab IV./NJG 6
10 BeckerMartin (Tino)58471945-01-214 MotorStab IV./NJG 6
11 BeckerMartin (Tino)58481945-01-214 MotorStab IV./NJG 6
12 BeckerKurt1943-07-3101:354 Motor1./JG HerrmannRemscheid 4000m
13 BeckerKarl1942-09-1100:39A-20 Boston

9./NJG 2   
14 BeckerKarl1943-07-2812:55B-17 Fortress Hss

3./JG 1CQ-7 (NW Oldenburg) 6000m
15 BeckerErich1943-08-1716:44B-17 Fortress

2.NJG 6Oberweitz (Near Wetz) 5500m
16 BeckerHans.1944-06-2110:20 B-17 Fortress

1./JG 300Burg b Madgeburg 7000m
17 BeckerKarl1943-03-1816:05B-17 Fortress

12./JG 1658-9 (N Ameland) 8000m
18 BeckerKarl1943-07-2612:55B-17 Fortress

3./JG 105 East S/OQ-7 6000m
19 BeckerKarl1943-07-3010:15B-17 Fortress

3./JG 105 East S/HN-8 (Doesburg) 7500m
20 BeckerOlaf1943-07-2812:05B-17 Fortress

1./JG 3IM-2 Near Wageningen (Arnhem) 1500m
21 BeckerPaul.1943-04-1713:29 B-17 Fortress

2./JG 27 05 East S/55/8/8 (N Ameland) 5000m
22 BeckerWalter1944-04-2911:05B-17 Fortress

6./JG 3Area Helmstedt 7500m
23 BeckerWalter1944-05-1212:40B-17 Fortress

6./JG 3QR-PR 6500m
24 BeckerWalter1944-05-1212:40B-17 Fortress

6./JG 305 East S/RR to PR-9 6500m
25 Becker1943-01-2314:12B-17 Fortress

7./JG 214 West N/4973 6000m
26 Becker1943-01-2314:12B-17 Fortress

7./JG 214 West N/4973 6000m
27 Becker1943-05-1712:45B-17 Fortress

8./JG 24075/14 West 3000m
28 Becker1943-05-1712:45B-17 Fortress

8./JG 24075/14 West 3000m
29 Becker1943-05-2916:10B-17 Fortress

7./JG 22954/14 West 7500m
30 Becker1943-05-2916:10B-17 Fortress

7./JG 22954/14 West 7500m
31 Becker1943-10-1015:45B-17 Fortress

1.ZG13km SW Raalte 5000m
32 Becker1944-05-24 B-17 Fortress

5./JG 11   
33 Becker1944-05-24 B-17 Fortress

5./JG 11   
34 Becker1944-06-2908:47B-17 Fortress

2./JG 300Laucha MD 2 (E Leipzig) 7000m
35 BeckerMartin (Tino)58571945-03-1523:37B-17 Fortress

Stab IV./NJG 6Near Crailsheim
36 BeckerAlbert1944-03-2412:02B-24 Liberator HSS

2./JG 7736 35 6000m
37 BeckerPaul1943-11-02 B-24 Liberator Hss

2./JG 27SSE Wiener Neustadt  
38 BeckerPaul1943-11-02 B-24 Liberator Hss

2./JG 27SSE Wiener Neustadt  
39 BeckerPaul1943-11-02 B-24 Liberator Hss

2./JG 27SSE Wiener Neustadt  
40 BeckerPaul1943-11-02 B-24 Liberator Hss

2./JG 27SSE Wiener Neustadt  
41 BeckerPaul1943-11-0212:43B-24 Liberator

1./JG 27SW Mattersburg  
42 BeckerPaul1943-11-0212:33B-24 Liberator

1./JG 27SW Mattersburg 7000m
43 BeckerPaul1943-11-0212:43B-24 Liberator

1./JG 27SW Mattersburg  
44 BeckerPaul1943-11-0212:33B-24 Liberator

1./JG 27SW Mattersburg 7000m
45 BeckerPaul1944-04-0210:36B-24 Liberator

11./JG 27S Unterdraoverg 7000m
46 BeckerWalter1944-05-2912:20B-24 Liberator

6./JG 3BK Wollin 6500m
47 BeckerWalter1943-12-0813:48Beaufighter
10./JG 505 East N/FR-9 30m
48 Becker1941-06-02 Beaufort

E.ZG76Sea off Terschelling  
49 BeckerFriedrich1940-06-1512:25Blenheim

6./JG 3   
50 BeckerFriedrich1940-06-1512:25Blenheim

6./JG 3   
51 BeckerErich1943-11-0319:53Halifax

2.NJG 65km N. Dusseldorf 6500m
52 BeckerErich1943-11-1820:56Halifax

2.NJG 6WSW Mannheim  
53 BeckerHorst1943-09-2222:50Halifax

8./NJG 105 East S/HT-9 Ohr S Hameln 5200m
54 Becker1942-09-1402:21Halifax

6./NJG 2631 1C 5700m
55 Becker1943-10-0901:10Halifax

2./NJG 31½km S Nassdorf 4000m
56 Becker1943-11-0319:53Halifax

2./NJG 65km N Dusseldorf 6000m
57 Becker1943-11-1820:56Halifax

2./NJG 6WSW Mannheim  
58 BeckerMartin (Tino)5881944-02-203:02Halifax

2./NJG 6SE Celle
59 BeckerMartin (Tino)5891944-02-203:20Halifax

2./NJG 6SW Stendal
60 BeckerMartin (Tino)58141944-03-2221:53Halifax

2./NJG 6Paderborn area
61 BeckerMartin (Tino)58171944-03-2222:38Halifax

2./NJG 6NW Frankfurt-Main
62 BeckerMartin (Tino)58181944-03-2222:39Halifax

2./NJG 6ca- 150km NW Frankfurt-Main
63 BeckerMartin (Tino)58201944-03-310:20Halifax

2./NJG 6190° von FF KurfürstLancaster III (ND466) of 156 Sqn, RAF flown by S/L P R Goodwin , 4 killed, 4 POW
64 BeckerMartin (Tino)58211944-03-310:23Halifax

2./NJG 6Leuchburg-Kln KK SELancaster III (ND535) of 106 Sqn, RAF flown by P/O R Starkey, 6 killed, 1 POW
65 BeckerMartin (Tino)58221944-03-310:33Halifax

2./NJG 6320° ~ FF OttoLancaster III (ND640) “OF-B” of 97 Sqn, RAF flown by F/Lt LV Hyde, 7 killed
66 BeckerMartin (Tino)58231944-03-310:35Halifax

2./NJG 6320° ~ FF Otto : KK SEHalifax III (LV857) of 51 Sqn, RAF flown by Sgt JPG Binder, 7 killed
67 BeckerMartin (Tino)58241944-03-310:40Halifax

2./NJG 6330° ~ FF OttoHalifax III (LW555) of 640 Sqn, RAF flown by P/O CE O’Brien, 7 killed
68 BeckerMartin (Tino)58261944-03-313:15Halifax

2./NJG 6NW KettenbürgHalifax (LK800) of 429 Sqn, RAF flown by P/O KH Bowly, all crew baled out, 5 POW, 2 evaded
69 BeckerMartin (Tino)58271944-04-250:58Halifax

2./NJG 6SW Karlsrühe
70 BeckerMartin (Tino)58311944-04-281:35Halifax

2./NJG 6Near FF "Christa"
71 BeckerMartin (Tino)58411944-08-261:15Halifax

2./NJG 6S F-F- “Otto” 230°
72 BeckerMartin (Tino)5831943-11-1821:05Halifax

I./NJG 6Rimbach
73 BeckerMartin (Tino)5851943-12-2019:52Halifax

I./NJG 6Near Weilmünster
74 BeckerMartin (Tino)5861943-12-2019:55Halifax

I./NJG 6Hintermeilingen
75 BeckerHorst1944-01-1419:30Lancaster

8.NJG 1   
76 Becker1943-10-1821:18Lancaster

2./NJG 3NE Listrup 7100m
77 Becker1943-11-0319:53Lancaster

Stab I./NJG 6Dusseldorf durch  
78 BeckerMartin (Tino)58101944-02-204:18Lancaster

2./NJG 6SW LeizipLancaster III (JB469) “EA-B” of 49 Sqn, RAF flown by F/Sgt E White, 7 killed
79 BeckerMartin (Tino)58111944-02-2521:30Lancaster

2./NJG 612km E Luneville
80 BeckerMartin (Tino)58121944-02-2521:49 Lancaster

2./NJG 6Roggenbach
81 BeckerMartin (Tino)58251944-03-310:50Lancaster

2./NJG 6350° ~ FF OttoHalifax III (MZ504) of 432 Sqn, RAF flown by F/O CR Narum, 4 killed, 3 POW
82 BeckerMartin (Tino)58291944-04-271:36Lancaster

2./NJG 6Stuttgart
83 BeckerMartin (Tino)58321944-04-281:57Lancaster

2./NJG 6SW Bremen
84 BeckerMartin (Tino)58341944-07-262:10Lancaster

2./NJG 6W Stuttgart
85 BeckerMartin (Tino)58351944-07-291:25 Lancaster

2./NJG 6270° Fu-F- “Christa”75 Sqd Allied Losses ND756
86 BeckerMartin (Tino)58361944-07-291:35Lancaster

2./NJG 6AP Fu-F- “Christa”
87 BeckerMartin (Tino)58371944-07-291:45Lancaster

2./NJG 6180° Strausbourg
88 BeckerMartin (Tino)58381944-07-292:04Lancaster

2./NJG 6Pforzheim-Calw
89 BeckerMartin (Tino)58391944-08-260:50Lancaster

2./NJG 6F-F- “Otto” 220°
90 BeckerMartin (Tino)58401944-08-261:08Lancaster

2./NJG 6S F-F- “Otto” 240°
91 BeckerMartin (Tino)58421944-09-1222:45Lancaster

2./NJG 6Frankfurt Main
92 BeckerMartin (Tino)58431944-09-1222:53Lancaster

2./NJG 6
93 BeckerMartin (Tino)5811943-09-2323:21 Lancaster

I./NJG 6Speyer
94 BeckerMartin (Tino)5841943-12-2019:50Lancaster

I./NJG 612km NW Bad Nauheim
95 BeckerMartin (Tino)58442/3-1-1945Lancaster

Stab IV./NJG 6
96 BeckerMartin (Tino)58452/3-1-1945Lancaster

Stab IV./NJG 6
97 BeckerMartin (Tino)58491945-03-1521:53Lancaster

Stab IV./NJG 6SE Erfurt
98 BeckerMartin (Tino)58501945-03-1521:59Lancaster

Stab IV./NJG 6Weimar-Naumburg
99 BeckerMartin (Tino)58511945-03-1522:03Lancaster

Stab IV./NJG 6Naumburg
100 BeckerMartin (Tino)58521945-03-1522:05Lancaster

Stab IV./NJG 6Naumburg
101 BeckerMartin (Tino)58531945-03-1522:06Lancaster

Stab IV./NJG 6Naumburg
102 BeckerMartin (Tino)58541945-03-1522:15Lancaster

Stab IV./NJG 6Jenna
103 BeckerMartin (Tino)58551945-03-1523:00Lancaster

Stab IV./NJG 6NE Schwabisch Hall
104 BeckerMartin (Tino)58561945-03-1523:15Lancaster

Stab IV./NJG 6Near Unterschlauersbach
105 BeckerMartin (Tino)58581945-03-1621:35Lancaster

Stab IV./NJG 630-50km W NürnbergLancaster I (NG492) “PM-D” of 103 Sqn, RAF flown by F/L Stephamoff, 7 killed
106 BeckerLuudwig1941-08-1301:25Manchester

4./NJG 1b Shlochteren E Groningen 4700m
107 BeckerArno1940-05-20 Morane 406

Stab I./JG 1Amiens  
108 BeckerPaul1944-01-1410:55P-38 Lightning

11./JG 27NW Metkovic (Croatia) 7000m
109 BeckerPaul1944-06-0717:40P-38 Lightning

11./JG 27BU-4 10-20km Domfront 1500m
110 BeckerWilhelm1944-04-2511:55P-38 Lightning

2./JG 4UC-2 (Passo di Futa) Ground-Strike
111 BeckerKarl1943-07-30 P-47 Thunderbolt

3./JG 1P-47 Dogfight Hengelo  
112 BeckerPaul1944-06-1206:10P-47 Thunderbolt

11./JG 27UB-8 (Beaumont-le-Roger) 1000m
113 BeckerPaul1944-06-1206:08P-47 Thunderbolt

11./JG 27AB-4 (10km N Laigle) 700m
114 BeckerPaul1944-06-1412:05P-47 Thunderbolt

11./JG 2710km SE Lisieux 600m
115 BeckerPaul1944-06-1412:10P-47 Thunderbolt

11./JG 2710km SE Lisieux 500m
116 BeckerPaul1944-06-2907:23P-47 Thunderbolt

11./JG 27UA-5 (Thiberville) 1200m
117 BeckerPaul1943-04-1807:30P-51 Mustang

2./JG 2705 East/33/51 (100km W Ijmuiden) 100m
118 BeckerPaul1944-05-2909:50P-51 Mustang

11./JG 27Weiselberg 7500m
119 BeckerPaul1944-06-2419:17P-51 Mustang

11./JG 2710km SSW Cherbourg 3000m
120 BeckerSiegfried1939-09-12 PZL P-23

1./ZG2West of Krakau  
121 BeckerSiegfried1939-09-12 PZL P-23

1./ZG2West of Krakau  
122 BeckerHelmut1942-12-2216:35Spitfire

8./JG 2Pl.Qu. 6953/14 West 50m 7000m
123 BeckerPaul1942-09-0608:04Spitfire

2./JG 27SSE El-Alamein  
124 BeckerPaul1942-10-1217:58Spitfire

2./JG 27North of Insel Gozo  
125 BeckerPaul1942-10-1411:15Spitfire

Stab I./JG 27North of La Valetta  
126 BeckerPaul1944-01-1208:19Spitfire

11./JG 27South of Insel Split 400m
127 Becker1943-01-1814:54Spitfire

8./JG 269/43/ 14 West 50m 50m
128 Becker1943-01-1814:54Spitfire

8./JG 269/43/14 West 50m
129 Becker1943-02-1312:18Spitfire

7./JG 21141/05 East 800m
130 Becker1943-02-1312:18Spitfire

7./JG 21141/05 East 800m
131 Becker1942-08-2801:50Stirling

6./NJG 243i 6D (Sea) 3600m
132 BeckerMartin (Tino)5821943-11-1820:44Stirling

I./NJG 6Maheinkeil
133 BeckerPaul1944-06-0813:07Typhoon

11./JG 27SE Caen UU 800m
134 BeckerKurt1943-12-0220:34Unident:5./JG 302Berlin 5500m
135 Becker1942-06-0601:21Wellington

6./NJG 24329 5200m
136 Becker1942-06-0902:16Wellington

6./NJG 24476 in Sea 5100m
137 Becker1942-08-2801:22Wellington

6./NJG 2Weroerspeet 3200m
138 BeitmannLudwig1942-09-0823:30Halifax

5./NJG 151/5/1A2 5000m
139 BergerLudwig1943-04-3006:18Beaufighter
10./JG 105 East N/99/33/3 10m
140 BergmannHelmut241944-04-1102:50 Halifax

8./NJG 4Beauquesne 3000m Nachtjagd War Diaries Volume 2 has this as Lancaster JB732 (See Bomber Command database in this site). This would be his 24th kill. Hptm Helmut Bergmann scored 7 kills on this night bringing his total to 26. He started at 02:20-02:30-02:35-02:43-02:50-02:54 and finally at 03:06. See Kracker Archive on this site.
141 BertramLudwig1944-06-2711:00P-51 Mustang

10./JG 1115 West S/UU-5 (Caen) 1000m
142 BielmeierLudwig1940-10-0809:45Spitfire

5./JG 52NE London 6700m
143 BietmannLudwig1942-08-1200:54Halifax

5./NJG 151/5/6D5 1½km NNE Namur 3500m
144 BietmannLudwig1942-09-0823:30Halifax

5.NJG 151/5/ 1A2 (25km SW Ardennes) 5000m
145 BietmannLudwig1942-08-0702:57Stirling

5./NJG 162/57/D/6 Kassel 4200m
146 BietmannLudwig1942-04-0204:17Wellington

6./NJG 1   
147 BietmannLudwig1942-07-3001:30Wellington

6./NJG 1   
148 BietmannLudwig1942-08-2823:03Wellington

5./NJG 1511 5G9 N Rumenen 5300m
149 BietmannLudwig1942-08-2823:12Wellington

5./NJG 1   
150 BoesLudwig1944-07-2916:17Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
1./JG 54MM-84 (Subat) 30m
151 BoesLudwig1944-08-2509:27Petlyakov Pe-2

1./JG 54KG-59 3500m
152 BuchheitLudwig1943-08-2413:45A-20 Boston III

5./JG 5276432 7000m
153 BuchheitLudwig1943-12-0514:15Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
5./JG 52West of Kap Tusla Low Level
154 BuchheitLudwig1943-12-2909:40Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 52WNW Kap Farchan 4000m
155 BurchheitLudwig1944-07-1613:23Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
5./JG 5241675 300m
156 BurchheitLudwig1944-07-1919:50Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
5./JG 5242 787 Bodennahe  
157 BurchheitLudwig1944-07-1916:52Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
5./JG 5242 724 Bodennahe  
158 BurchheitLudwig1944-06-2214:06Lavochkin LaGG-3
5./JG 5268887 600mRecorded as LaGG
159 BurchheitLudwig1943-11-3013:13P-39 Airacobra

5./JG 52Kap Tusla 4000m
160 BurchheitLudwig1944-07-1408:15P-39 Airacobra

5./JG 5241695 2400m
161 BurchheitLudwig1944-07-1916:46P-39 Airacobra

5./JG 5242751 150m
162 BurchheitLudwig1944-07-2519:30P-39 Airacobra

5./JG 5220228 3400m
163 BurchheitLudwig1944-07-2519:20P-39 Airacobra

5./JG 5221877 3000m
164 BurchheitLudwig1944-07-1818:20Yakolev Yak-7

5./JG 5241867 2200m
165 BurgerKarl1944-04-1910:40B-17 Fortress

6./JG 27SW and WSW Eschwege 6800m
166 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69131942-07-08Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 77
167 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69191942-07-12Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 77
168 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69201942-07-12Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 77
169 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69211942-07-12Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 77
170 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69251942-07-13Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 77
171 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69281942-07-2315:58Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 77
172 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69291942-07-2316:00Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 77
173 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69301942-07-23Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 77
174 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69321942-07-3117:02Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 77
175 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69401942-08-14Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 77
176 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69411942-08-1617:52Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 77
177 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69511942-09-209:45Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 77
178 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69521942-09-209:48Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 77
179 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)6921942-05-12Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
Stab II./JG 77
180 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)6931942-05-13Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
Stab II./JG 77
181 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)6991942-06-17Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
182 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69111942-07-06Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
183 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69121942-07-08Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
184 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69141942-07-09Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
185 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69151942-07-09Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
186 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69161942-07-12Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
187 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69171942-07-12Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
188 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69221942-07-13Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
189 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69231942-07-13Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
190 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69241942-07-13Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
191 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69271942-07-20Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
192 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69341942-08-086:21Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
193 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69351942-08-086:36Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
194 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69361942-08-138:48Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
195 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69371942-08-139:00Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
196 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69381942-08-1313:44Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
197 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69391942-08-1313:52Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
198 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69431942-08-1817:16Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
199 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69441942-08-1817:19Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
200 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69451942-09-034:51Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
201 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69461942-09-1212:48Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
202 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69481942-09-156:54Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
203 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69491942-09-157:04Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
204 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69531942-09-2216:22Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 77
205 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)6981942-06-0816:52MiG-1

6./JG 77
206 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69331942-07-3117:10MiG-1

6./JG 77
207 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69181942-07-12Mig-3

6./JG 77
208 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69311942-07-25Mig-3

6./JG 77
209 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69671944-05-22P-38 Lightning

7./JG 1
210 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69471942-09-1412:09P-39 Airacobra

6./JG 77
211 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69581944-03-0214:30P-47 Thunderbolt

7./JG 1S Verviers
212 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69591944-03-23P-47 Thunderbolt

7./JG 1
213 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69601944-04-09P-47 Thunderbolt

7./JG 1
214 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69641944-05-04P-47 Thunderbolt

7./JG 1
215 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69651944-05-07P-47 Thunderbolt

7./JG 1
216 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69681944-05-29P-47 Thunderbolt

7./JG 1
217 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69611944-04-11P-51 Mustang

7./JG 1
218 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69621944-04-1314:10P-51 Mustang

7./JG 1Darmstadt
219 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69631944-04-2218:10P-51 Mustang

7./JG 1NE Rothaargebirge
220 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69661944-05-22P-51 Mustang

7./JG 1
221 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69691944-06-10P-51 Mustang

7./JG 1
222 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69571943-11-17P-51 Mustang

Stab I./JG 77
223 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69421942-08-1815:11Petlyakov Pe-2

6./JG 77
224 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69501942-09-157:18Petlyakov Pe-2

6./JG 77
225 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)6911942-05-09Polikarpov I-15

3 Chaika
Stab II./JG 77
226 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)6941942-05-17Polikarpov I-15

3 Chaika
Stab II./JG 77
227 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)6971942-06-0813:14Polikarpov I-16
6./JG 77
228 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)6951942-05-17Polikarpov I-16
Stab II./JG 77
229 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69101942-07-05Polikarpov I-180

6./JG 77
230 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69261942-07-15Polikarpov R-5

6./JG 77
231 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)6961942-05-18Polikarpov R-5

Stab II./JG 77
232 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69541943-01-0712:05Spitfire

4./JG 772km SSE Buerat
233 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69551943-09-16Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77
234 BurkhardtLudwig-Wilhelm (Lutz)69561943-10-16Spitfire

Stab I./JG 77
235 EderGeorg-Peter78?-1944B-17 Fortress

Kdo NowotnyPossibly between 13- and 28-10-1944
236 EderGeorg-Peter78?-1944P-38 Lightning

Kdo NowotnyPossibly between 13- and 28-10-1944
237 EderGeorg-Peter78?-1944P-51 Mustang

Kdo NowotnyPossibly between 13- and 28-10-1944
238 EderGeorg-Peter78?-1944P-51 Mustang

Kdo NowotnyPossibly between 13- and 28-10-1944
239 FalckWolfgang (Wolf)771940-04-096:38Fokker CV

I./ZG 1VaerlöseFokker C V of 5 eskadrille, V- Godtfredsen (pilot) and G-F- Brodersen were killed
240 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43401943-10-1414:50B-17 Fortress

Stab I./JG 2710km E Schweinfurt 
241 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43411943-10-1414:55B-17 Fortress

Stab I./JG 2720km SE Schweinfurt 
242 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)431943-10-1415:02B-17 Fortress

Stab I./JG 2715km WSW Rothenburg 
243 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43421944-10-06-B-17 Fortress

244 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43431944-10-06-B-17 Fortress

245 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43141940-09-0813:42Blenheim

7./JG 27Calais 
246 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)4311940-05-116:53 Gladiator

1./JG 1Near Maastricht. Gladiator of 1/I/2 of Armee de l’Air Belge flown by Sgt Denis Rolin, baled out
247 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)4351940-05-2314:12Hurricane

1./JG 1Douai 
248 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)4361940-05-2314:20Hurricane

1./JG 1Douai 
249 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43331942-06-1218:50Hurricane

1./JG 27El Adem 
250 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43361942-06-2718:25Hurricane

1./JG 27SW Fuka 
251 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43381942-07-1713:12Hurricane

1./JG 27SW El AlameinHurricane of 92 or 238 Sqn, RAF
252 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43171941-06-145:05Hurricane

3./JG 27S Ain el GazalaHurricane (V7818) of 1 Sqn, SAAF flown by Capt KW Driver (10/0/1 victories), baled out, POW
253 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43191941-06-1516:30Hurricane

3./JG 27SE GambutHurricane of 274 Sqn, RAF
254 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43231941-09-0917:15Hurricane

3./JG 2730km E Sidi BarraniHurricane of 33 Sqn, RAF
255 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43101940-07-119:03Hurricane

7./JG 27S PortlandSpitfire (L1069) of 609 Sqn, RAF flown by F/Lt PH Barran, killed
256 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43111940-08-0813:25Hurricane

7./JG 27S Isle of Wight 
257 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43121940-08-1614:20Hurricane

7./JG 27Portsmouth 
258 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43131940-08-2518:55Hurricane

7./JG 27Portland 
259 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43151941-04-2310:40Hurricane

Stab I./JG 27TobrukHurricane of 73 Sqn, RAF
260 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43161941-04-2311:05Hurricane

Stab I./JG 27TobrukHurricane of 73 Sqn, RAF
261 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)4371940-06-0510:45LeO 451
1./JG 1Nesle 
262 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)4381940-06-0510:50LeO 451
1./JG 1Nesle 
263 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43351942-06-278:55Martin 167

1./JG 27SW El DabaBaltimore of 223 Sqn, RAF
264 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43181941-06-145:06Martin 167

3./JG 27SE Ain el GazalaMaryland of 24 Sqn, SAAF
265 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43271941-12-2312:24Maryland

1./JG 27NE AgedabiaMaryland of 12 or 21 Sqn, SAAF
266 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)4321940-05-1119:55Morane

1./JG 1Riemst 
267 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)4391940-06-0521:22Morane

1./JG 1Roye 
268 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)4341940-05-1913:50Mureaux 113

1./JG 1AmiensProbably Mureaux 115
269 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43251941-12-1711:12P-40 Tomahawk

1./JG 27Martuba 
270 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43261941-12-1711:20P-40 Tomahawk

1./JG 27SE Tmimi 
271 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43281942-03-217:55P-40 Tomahawk

1./JG 27N Ain el GazalaKittyhawk of 94 Sqn, RAF flown by P/O RH Mackillop
272 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43291942-03-2716:55P-40 Tomahawk

1./JG 27S Ain el GazalaHurricane of 80 Sqn, RAF
273 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43301942-04-1110:55P-40 Tomahawk

1./JG 2720km NE Bir HabexTomahawk of 4 Sqn, RAAF
274 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43311942-05-227:41P-40 Tomahawk

1./JG 2720km E DernaKittyhawk of 112 or 250 Sqn, RAF
275 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43-1942-05-22-P-40 Tomahawk

1./JG 27Near MartubaNot confirmed
276 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43321942-06-097:50P-40 Tomahawk

1./JG 27SW Hagfa el BedaTomahawk of 4 or 5 Sqn, SAAF
277 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43341942-06-2612:12P-40 Tomahawk

1./JG 27SW Mersa Matruh 
278 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43201941-06-2613:45P-40 Tomahawk

3./JG 27Ain el GazalaTomahawk of 250 Sqn, RAF
279 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43211941-06-3016:35P-40 Tomahawk

3./JG 27N Marsa LuccechHurricane of 73 Sqn, RAF flown by P/O JFC Kent
280 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43221941-07-1918:15P-40 Tomahawk

3./JG 27N Ras Asaz 
281 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43241941-10-128:08P-40 Tomahawk

3./JG 27Bir SheferzenTomahawk of 1 or 2 Sqn, SAAF
282 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)4331940-05-1713:05Potez 63

1./JG 1Laon 
283 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43371942-07-0513:50Spitfire

1./JG 2720km S El AlameinSpitfire V of 145 Sqn, RAF
284 FranzisketLudwig (Zirkus)43391942-10-12-Spitfire

1./JG 27La Valetta, MaltaSpitfire of 229 Sqn, RAF
285 FriedrichGerhard (Gerd)3311942-06-173:08 Wellington

III./NJG 15km W Ijmuiden
286 FrobaLudwig1940-06-1302:04Skua

4./JG 77Trondheim  
287 FrobaLudwig1940-06-1302:04Skua

4./JG 77Trondheim  
288 FrobaLudwig1940-06-1302:04Skua

4./JG 77Trondheim  
289 FrobaLudwig1940-09-1318:10Skua

4./JG 77   
290 FrobaLudwig1940-09-1318:10Skua

4./JG 77   
291 GreinerGeorg-Hermann5111942-06-266:00 Wellington

4./NJG 2NW Holland
292 GrosserLudwig1943-07-2611:02B-17 Fortress

2./JG 1150km W Westerland RP 6 7000m
293 HaferLudwig1940-08-2519:30Hurricane

Stab I./JG 26West of Folkestone 2500m
294 HaferLudwig1940-08-1613:25Spitfire

Stab I./JG 26S Gravesend  
295 HäfnerLudwig5221941-06-257:01Ilyushin DB-3

6./JG 3
296 HäfnerLudwig52431942-10-147:10Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
3./JG 3
297 HäfnerLudwig52441942-10-14Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
3./JG 3
298 HäfnerLudwig52461942-10-2611:40Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
3./JG 3
299 HäfnerLudwig52481942-10-3014:12Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
3./JG 3
300 HäfnerLudwig5231942-05-2014:25Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 32km SE Wagislaska
301 HäfnerLudwig5251942-06-1310:23Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 3
302 HäfnerLudwig5291942-07-0413:37Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 3
303 HäfnerLudwig52191942-07-1411:22Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 3
304 HäfnerLudwig52231942-07-2917:52Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 3
305 HäfnerLudwig52291942-07-3113:55Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 3
306 HäfnerLudwig52301942-07-3114:03Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 3
307 HäfnerLudwig52321942-08-075:47Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
6./JG 3
308 HäfnerLudwig52391942-09-299:35Lavochkin LaGG-3
3./JG 3
309 HäfnerLudwig52401942-09-2912:10Lavochkin LaGG-3
3./JG 3
310 HäfnerLudwig52411942-10-0914:40Lavochkin LaGG-3
3./JG 3
311 HäfnerLudwig52421942-10-0914:48Lavochkin LaGG-3
3./JG 3
312 HäfnerLudwig52491942-11-0114:25Lavochkin LaGG-3
3./JG 3
313 HäfnerLudwig5271942-07-0112:05Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 3Voronezh
314 HäfnerLudwig52111942-07-0917:55Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 3Nowo-Ussman
315 HäfnerLudwig52121942-07-0918:10Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 3Demschtuhliak
316 HäfnerLudwig52131942-07-0918:13Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 3N Losow
317 HäfnerLudwig52141942-07-0918:33Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 3
318 HäfnerLudwig52241942-07-305:32Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 3
319 HäfnerLudwig52251942-07-305:47Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 3
320 HäfnerLudwig52261942-07-305:48Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 3
321 HäfnerLudwig52281942-07-3113:45Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 3
322 HäfnerLudwig52331942-08-0710:25Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 3
323 HäfnerLudwig52361942-08-23Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 3
324 HäfnerLudwig52371942-09-21Lavochkin LaGG-3
6./JG 3
325 HäfnerLudwig52501942-11-0212:12MiG-1

3./JG 3
326 HäfnerLudwig5241942-05-296:14MiG-1

6./JG 3
327 HäfnerLudwig5261942-06-1310:43MiG-1

6./JG 3
328 HäfnerLudwig52161942-07-109:17MiG-1

6./JG 3
329 HäfnerLudwig52221942-07-2510:12MiG-1

6./JG 3
330 HäfnerLudwig52341942-08-206:20MiG-1

6./JG 3
331 HäfnerLudwig52351942-08-23MiG-1

6./JG 3
332 HäfnerLudwig52381942-09-21MiG-1

6./JG 3
333 HäfnerLudwig52151942-07-104:37P-39 Airacobra

6./JG 3
334 HäfnerLudwig52171942-07-134:55Petlyakov Pe-2

6./JG 3
335 HäfnerLudwig52271942-07-30Petlyakov Pe-2

6./JG 3
336 HäfnerLudwig52311942-08-065:35Petlyakov Pe-2

6./JG 3Stalingrad
337 HäfnerLudwig5281942-07-028:04Polikarpov R-5

6./JG 3
338 HäfnerLudwig52181942-07-1311:55Polikarpov R-5

6./JG 3
339 HäfnerLudwig5211941-06-2413:22Potez 63

6./JG 3
340 HäfnerLudwig52511942-11-0311:08Yakolev Yak-1

3./JG 3
341 HäfnerLudwig52521942-11-1011:54Yakolev Yak-1

3./JG 380km E Stalingrad
342 HäfnerLudwig52101942-07-0616:32Yakolev Yak-1

6./JG 3
343 HäfnerLudwig52201942-07-239:30Yakolev Yak-1

6./JG 3
344 HäfnerLudwig52211942-07-259:55Yakolev Yak-1

6./JG 3
345 HäfnerLudwig52451942-10-1710:403./JG 3
346 HäfnerLudwig52471942-10-273./JG 3
347 HartmannLudwig-Friedrich1943-01-0311:45B-17 Fortress

9./JG 214 West N/3887 5000m
348 HartmannLudwig-Friedrich1943-01-0311:45B-17 Fortress

9./JG 214 West N/3887 5000m
349 HartmannLudwig1944-03-0311:58B-24 Liberator

3./JG 225km S Orbetello (Sea) 4800m
350 HartmannLudwig1944-03-0311:58B-24 Liberator

3./JG 225km S Orbetello (Sea) 4800m

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