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what happens when I send you a scanned photo or a document


These are usually used for a page of remembrance and then filed accordingly. Sometimes they are not suitable for viewing for the page in question - they are then filed for reference purposes.

At times other websites do ask if they can use them and our view is that history is to be shared and as long as credits are placed, we will allow this.

If however you specify that you only wish to have it on our website then that will be adhered to.

We are not able however to prevent the removal of the image - anything on the web can be copied.

We do take precautions to try and make them unusable for 'unauthorised' us in a printed publication by making them a low resolution.

We strongly advise against sending any original documents or photographs to anyone! If you are unable to scan them - contact us and we will advise further.

Never release originals to anyone without first taking advice from an alternative reliable source. Contact us if you are unsure and we will assist in any way that we are able.

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