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I don't know how to scan. Can you help?



Our intention is to provide a detailed explanation of the process.

A start has been made at How To Scan.

Also check this site for a good overview of scanning basics

If you're on Windows and use Word, it is possible to control your scanner direct from Word. It's typically Microsoft (how do they get away with this?)  to get the thing set-up, but once you do, it's really simple to scan direct from Word. Here's a video going through the process.

Here's an interesting video about an online scanning service from gophoto and here's the gophoto website

We're not sure if this guy is a real person or an animated hologram, but the video shows how to scan from Google's Picasa software,which many people use to store their images both online at Google's servers and on their own Mac or PC.

What's obvious from this trawl around the Internet is that there's a real need for a simple step-by-step guide on scanning that doesn't confuse with unnecessary complexity. Looks like we've talked ourselves into another task.

Please send us an email/ticket expressing your interest so we can automatically inform you when our scanning guide is complete.

We will also do the scanning for you. Send us your photos together with a stamped self-addressed envelope and we will return them to you together with a CD containing the scans. There is a small charge for this service. Please send your photos either registered mail or with a tracking number, as we can't be responsible for their loss.

You could of course just take your original photographs to he many outlets that offer a scanning service, the price is small and you then also have a digital copy at a high resolution in case your photo is lost or damaged

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