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Paradie Archive Database Alphabetical List J-P     

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Jablons I.M.
Jack D.
Jack D.G.
Jack D.L.
Jack J.A.
Jack M.A.J.
Jack Robert Alastair Moth Anson Halifax NP721 Wellington
Jack R.B.
Jack R.K. Lancaster Lancaster PB131
Jack W.L.
Jack Donald Lawrence
Jack Ross Alexander
Jack Robert Kidd
Jackalin F.T.
Jackes L.G.
Jackes W.F.
Jackes James Connacher
Jacklin S.C.
Jackman C.W.
Jackman F.D. Halifax DK252 Jackman H.R.
Jackman J.C.
Jackman J.M.
Jackman T.A. Jackman Thomas A.
Jackman John Charles
Jackson A.
Jackson A.
Jackson A.B.
Jackson A.B.
Jackson A.G.
Jackson A.H.
Jackson A.H.
Jackson A.H.
Jackson A.J. Church of England
Jackson A.J.H.
Jackson A.R.
Jackson A.S.
Jackson B.A.
Jackson B.G.D. Lancaster JB241
Jackson C.
Jackson C.R.
Jackson D.E.
Jackson D.J.
Jackson D.R.
Jackson D.V.
Jackson D.W.
Jackson D.W.
Jackson E.F.
Jackson E.L.
Jackson E.M. -
Jackson E.R.
Jackson E.S.L.
Jackson F.
Jackson F.A.
Jackson F.C. Halifax
Jackson F.C.
Jackson F.E.
Jackson F.E.
Jackson G.
Jackson G.
Jackson G.B.
Jackson G.L.
Jackson H.
Jackson H.A.
Jackson H.A.J.
Jackson H.E.
Jackson H.J.
Jackson H.L.
Jackson H.N.
Jackson H.T.
Jackson I.B.
Jackson I.M.
Jackson J.
Jackson J.A. Kittyhawk
Jackson J.A.
Jackson J.A.
Jackson J.A.
Jackson J.E.
Jackson J.I.
Jackson J.O.
Jackson J.P.
Jackson J.R.
Jackson J.R.
Jackson J.R.
Jackson K.H. Halifax LW124
Jackson L.A.
Jackson L.E.
Jackson L.K.
Jackson M.E.
Jackson M.J.
Jackson M.J.
Jackson O.L.
Jackson R.A.
Jackson R.A.
Jackson R.A.
Jackson R.H.
Jackson R.R. Boston
Jackson R.R.
Jackson S.C. Typhoon Spitfire
Jackson S.J.
Jackson S.W.
Jackson S.W.A.
Jackson T.E. Halifax JB912 Jackson T.M.
Jackson T.R.C.
Jackson W.
Jackson W.
Jackson W. Beaufighter
Jackson W.A.
Jackson W.C. Jackson W.C.
Jackson W.C.
Jackson W.D.H.
Jackson W.E.
Jackson W.E.
Jackson W.H.
Jackson W.J.
Jackson W.J.C.
Jackson W.M.
Jackson W.M.
Jackson W.R. Lancaster ND620
Jackson W.S.
Jackson Carl Douglas Finch Harvard Harvard
Jackson George Charles Henry
Jackson Gordon Bert
Jackson Gordon Mcdonald (Don)
Jackson Lawrence Herbert
Jackson Earl Morse
Jackson Granville Andrew
Jackson William
Jackson Leonard Douglas
Jackson Leonard Thomas
Jackson Wallace Henry
Jackson Rutherford James
Jackson Kenneth Robert
Jackson Robert James
Jackson Ronald Adey
Jackson Donald Victor
Jackson Lloyd Thomas
Jackson Ross Banting
Jackson George Bertram
Jackson Henry Alfred
Jackson Alan Benjamin
Jackson Ralph Henry Burgess
Jackson George Frederick Radcliffe
Jackson Alan Hamilton
Jackson Charles Warner
Jackson George Thomas
Jackson Gordon
Jackson Alvin Roy
Jackson Robert Harold
Jackson Alexander James
Jackson Olavi Leonard
Jackson Frederick Grant
Jackson William
Jackson Duncan John
Jackson Harold Naylor
Jackson Donald Edward
Jackson Leonard Maccallum
Jackson Elvin Lawrence
Jackson Lawrence Kendall
Jackson William Calder
Jackson William James
Jacob Jack Morton
Jacobi D.J. Halifax NA192
Jacobi G.W.
Jacobs A.B.
Jacobs D.S.
Jacobs H.J.V.
Jacobs J.M. Halifax EB210
Jacobs K.E.
Jacobs L.H.
Jacobs S.B.
Jacobs S.H.
Jacobs William Harvey
Jacobs Alan Laurie
Jacobs Michael Stein
Jacobs Robert George
Jacobs David Sinclair
Jacobs Avroy
Jacobs Daniel Louis
Jacobsen G.F.
Jacobsen J.M.
Jacobsen W.L.
Jacobsen Harold Thomas
Jacobson B.A.
Jacobson J.W.
Jacobson S.A.
Jacobson Joseph Alfred Hampden AT122
Jaco D.
Jacques A.
Jacques A.R.
Jacques E.M.
Jacques G.W.
Jacques H.A.
Jacques H.C.
Jacques I.L.
Jacques J.A.L.
Jacques J.A.P.A.
Jacques J.C.A.
Jacques L.A.
Jacques L.R.
Jacques M.C.F.
Jacques John Allen
Jacques Douglas Harold Morton
Jacques Joseph Gaston
Jacquest Edmund Sydney
Jacquot M.
Jaffray W.N. Halifax JD214
Jagger P.
Jahnke L.E.B.
Jahnke Walter Robert Albert
Jakeman A.P.A. Lancaster KB749 Jakeman C.I.
Jakeman J.S.
Jakeman Colin Ian
Jakubiec Mike Halifax Halifax MZ949
Jakubowski W. Lancaster HK729
James A.
James A.A.
James A.E.
James A.L.
James A.M.
James C.A.
James C.D.
James C.H.
James C.H.
James C.V.
James C.W.
James D.A.
James D.E.
James E.
James F.M.
James G.S.
James G.W. Lancaster DV279
James H.F.
James H.M.
James J.C.
James J.E. Halifax EB257
James J.F.E.
James J.H. Church of England
James J.L. Mosquito
James J.L.
James J.P.
James J.R.
James J.S. Lancaster LL632
James J.S.
James J.T.
James J.W.
James K.
James L.
James L.C.
James L.F.
James L.K.
James L.M.
James L.N.
James M.
James R. Halifax LK907
James R. Wellington
Wellington W5561
James R.A. James R.F. Wellington
James R.H.
James R.L.
James R.L.
James R.T.
James R.V.
James R.W.
James R.W.F.
James S.B. Mosquito
James S.E. Halifax JD464 James S.R.
James S.W.
James W.R.
James Elsie Phyllis
James Francis Thomas
James Robert Bernard
James William Conroy
James William Henry
James Francis Gerald
James Alan Frederick
James Gerald Griffiths Oakes
James Robert Frederick
James William Patrick
James Russell George
James James Clair Rouse
James John William
James Norman Thomas
James David Eric
James Leslie Kerry
Jameson J.V.
Jameson K.R.
Jamieson A.M.
Jamieson D.A.
Jamieson D.C. Lancaster KB797
Jamieson D.P.
Jamieson D.R.C. Spitfire MJ136 Jamieson Don S. Halifax NP683
Jamieson E.A.
Jamieson E.L.
Jamieson G.A.
Jamieson G.K.
Jamieson G.L.
Jamieson G.W.
Jamieson H.C.
Jamieson H.D.
Jamieson J.A.M.
Jamieson J.C.C.
Jamieson J.H. Halifax W7937 Jamieson J.R.
Jamieson J.S. M
Jamieson J.V.
Jamieson K.W.
Jamieson L.D.
Jamieson L.S. Halifax MZ831
Jamieson R.D. Spitfire
Jamieson R.E. Jamieson W.
Jamieson W.K.
Jamieson James Edward
Jamieson John Murray Blenheim lV Z6245
Jamieson Stuart William
Jamieson John Bourne
Jamieson Carl Elwood
Jamieson Fred Starr
Jamieson Walter Reginald
Jamieson Walter St. avier
Jamieson Gerald Alexander
Jamieson Donald Sinclair
Jamison J.M.
Jamison W.E.
Jamroz A.
Jandron Geoffrey Maynard
Jane C.D.
Janes H.R.
Janes J.M.
Janin J.M.J.G.A.
Janisse Joseph Laurent Leonard
Janiszewski Franciszek
Janke H.
Jankun J.
Janney W.H.
Janney William Harold
Jansen B. Jansonn Lars Cyril
Janssen J.L.
Janz P. Lutheran
Janzen R.H.
Janzen Leslie Homer
Jaques J.H.
Jardine G.G.
Jardine J.D. Halifax LV986
Jardine J.J.
Jardine J.K.
Jardine K.G.
Jardine R.G.
Jardine R.H.
Jardine R.S.
Jardine W.B.
Jardine Douglas Graeme
Jardine Robert Stewart
Jardine Wallace Bell
Jarman H.R.
Jarman R.H.
Jarosz E.R.
Jarratt W.E.
Jarred Arthur Harvard Battle Lysander Kittyhawk AK821
Jarrell J.F.
Jarrell W.A.
Jarrett F.R.L.
Jarrett G.H.
Jarrett H.R.
Jarrett Donald Leslie
Jarrott J.R.
Jarry J.G.A.L.
Jarvi R.W.
Jarvis A.E.D.E.
Jarvis A.H.
Jarvis A.I.
Jarvis A.M.
Jarvis A.T.
Jarvis E.J.
Jarvis E.L. Jarvis G.J.L.
Jarvis G.W.J.
Jarvis H.A.
Jarvis H.W.
Jarvis J.D.
Jarvis J.G.
Jarvis J.G.
Jarvis J.I.
Jarvis J.P. Spitfire
Jarvis L.E.
Jarvis L.F.
Jarvis L.G.W.
Jarvis M.R.
Jarvis R.J.
Jarvis T.H.
Jarvis T.P.
Jarvis W.D.P.
Jarvis W.I.B. Halifax NP811
Jarvis W.J.
Jarvis W.J.B.
Jarvis W.L.
Jarvis W.P.
Jarvis Ralph Hendy
Jarvis Ambury Newton
Jarvis Terrance Patrick
Jarvis Everitt Franklyn
Jarvis George Kitchener
Jarvis Leonard Fitzgerald
Jasmin J.F.M.
Jasmin Herbert Eloi
Jasper C.M. Mosquito
Jasper K.C.
Jasper Harvey Bell
Jaworski J.
Jay A.C.
Jay A.K.
Jay H.J.D.
Jay R.H. Halifax BB311 Jay David Joseph
Jay Clyde Homer
Jaynes A. Halifax W7817
Jeakins P.T.
Jeal A.J.
Jean F.
Jean J.E. Lancaster DS624
Jean J.E.F.
Jean J.J.P.
Jean L.J.R. Spitfire
Jeanneret Paul Winstanley
Jeannotte A.
Jeans K.R.
Jeavons S.
Jebb H.W.
Jeeves W.G.H.
Jefferies R.C.
Jefferies T.P.
Jefferies Ernest Norman
Jeffers G.R.
Jefferson J.I.
Jefferson John Alan
Jeffery E.S.
Jeffery J.C.
Jeffery J.E.M.
Jeffery J.G.
Jeffery J.W.O.
Jeffery R.H.C.
Jeffery Basil
Jeffery Kenneth Arthur
Jeffreies W.A.F.
Jeffrey B.R.
Jeffrey D.J.
Jeffrey E.
Jeffrey F.A.
Jeffrey G.D.
Jeffrey W.B.
Jeffrey W.J.
Jeffrey George Wilbert
Jeffrey Frank Armstrong
Jeffrey Wilbur Joseph Halifax LL419
Jeffreys H.A.
Jeffreys Herbert Arthur
Jeffries J.
Jeffries N.H.
Jeffries T.D.
Jeffries Samuel
Jeffs G.A.F.
Jeffs J.I.
Jeffs J.L.
Jeffs K.L.
Jeffs R.D.
Jeffs Richard Norman
Jellett A.F.
Jelley W.J.
Jellison J.E. Vancouver 916 Jemmett C.F.
Jemmett R.
Jemmett Joseph
Jemmett Francis Charles Martineau 'Frank' Spitfire
Jenkin D.W. Hurricane Z5001
Jenkins A.D.
Jenkins C.A.
Jenkins F.
Jenkins G.F.
Jenkins H.
Jenkins H.W.
Jenkins J.
Jenkins J.G.
Jenkins J.P.
Jenkins L.H.
Jenkins R.H. Halifax LL151
Jenkins R.L.
Jenkins S.B.
Jenkins S.D.
Jenkins S.H.
Jenkins T.
Jenkins V.L.
Jenkins Alger
Jenkins Franklin Elwood
Jenkins Francis Surrage
Jenkins Norman Bruce
Jenkins Thomas Corson
Jenkins Spurgeon Delma
Jenkins Arthur Stewart Cody
Jenkins James Parsloe
Jenkins Clarence
Jenkinson C.F.
Jenkinson J.P.
Jenkinson David Montgomery
Jenks A.G.
Jenks E.L.
Jenner G.T.
Jenner H.H.
Jenner L.C.
Jenner L.H. Hudson Jenner M.C.
Jenner Raoul De Fontenay Stinson Anson Bolinbroke Stirling W7564
Jenner Edward George
Jennett K.J.
Jennings A.H. Hampden Hampden P1244
Jennings D.M.
Jennings D.R. Fortress SR 382 Jennings E.D.
Jennings E.W.
Jennings F.D.
Jennings F.S.
Jennings H.J. Halifax BB250
Jennings H.J.
Jennings J.E.
Jennings M.J.
Jennings M.W.K.
Jennings R.N.
Jennings W.B. Church of England
Jennings W.L.
Jennings W.T.
Jennings Ivor Derrick
Jennings Roland Warren
Jennings Reginald George
Jennings Patrick Sylvester
Jennison J.D.
Jennison S.K.
Jensen A.C.
Jensen A.K.
Jensen A.P.
Jensen A.R.
Jensen B.A.A.
Jensen G.A.
Jensen J.C.
Jensen L.T.
Jensen L.W.L.
Jensen M.G.
Jensen R.J.
Jensen S.I.
Jensen W.T. Halifax
Jensen Oscar Knud Lerche
Jensen Arne Paul
Jensky Jacob
Jenson Stanley
Jenvey Donald Edward Moth Harvard Hurricane Master Spitfire Typhoon RB201
Jenvey Donald Edward
Jephson R.S. Mosquito Mosquito MM460 Mosquito HK462
Jepson A.
Jepson H.F. Halifax NA173
Jepson James Alton
Jepson Alan Arthur
Jerdan P.
Jermey Norman Seymore
Jermyn E.P.
Jernholm R.I.S.
Jerome G.H.
Jerome John Orville
Jerred B.A.
Jerrett F.F.
Jerry T. Halifax LW285 Jervis I.H. Halifax NP992
Jeske B. Lancaster
Jessee J.P.
Jessee W.E.
Jessiman D.
Jessiman George Herkis
Jessiman William Herkis
Jessop H.F.
Jessop L.C.
Jessop W.T.
Jessup C.G.
Jessup J.E.
Jessup J.E.
Jette A.B.
Jette G.A. Halifax LL550
Jette J.C.E. Wellington MS481
Jette Joseph Charles Etienne
Jette Jean Leon
Jeune R.E.
Jevne N.A.
Jewell H.L. Hampden
Jewell J.C.
Jewell L.G. Halifax LM435 Jewell M.H.
Jewell George William
Jewell Victor John
Jewett A. P-51 Mustang
Jewett A.B. Spitfire MJ453
Jewett A.L.
Jewett F.C.
Jewett James Steven
Jewitt D.A.
Jewitt H.V.
Jewitt J.F.
Jewitt J.H.
Jewitt O.V.
Jewitt W.G.
Jewitt Robson Thomas
Jewsbury H.C.
Jewsbury W.H.
Je I.R.
Jickling J.G.
Jira Alfred Gisli
Joannette Joseph Hector Sylva
Joannis G.P.
Job A.D.
Job B. Mosquito
Jobb P.H.
Jobe G.J.
Jober S.J.
Jobin A.
Jobin Albert Byrne
Jobin Paul Andre Marc
Jobson A.R.
Jobson R.A.
Jobson Stewart Walter
Jodin J.M.C.
Jodoin J.A. Spitfire
Jodoin Philippe Typhoon
Jodoin Joseph Arthur
Jodrell L.J.
Jodrell W.A.J.
Jodrell Norman Francis
Joel W.V. Lancaster ND526
Johannesson K.
Johannesson Gudmundur Arnpor
Johannson H.S.
Johannson J.H.
Johansen J.E.
Johanson E.B.
John J.E.L.
John M.L. Halifax
John Merlin Lindsay
Johns A.T.
Johns C.F.
Johns C.P.
Johns F.S.A.
Johns G.E.
Johns H.P.
Johns K.R.
Johns P.
Johns Royce Allen Moth Harvard Hurricane Typhoon MN765
Johns R.P.
Johns R.W.C.
Johns W.F.G.
Johns Kenneth William
Johns Royce Allen
Johns Irvine Lawrence
Johns A.C.
Johnson A.
Johnson A.
Johnson A.B. Lancaster PA972
Johnson A.B.
Johnson A.B.
Johnson A.B.C.
Johnson A.C.
Johnson A.L.
Johnson A.P.
Johnson A.W.
Johnson B.F.
Johnson B.G.
Johnson B.H.
Johnson B.P.
Johnson B.T.
Johnson C.H.
Johnson C.I.
Johnson C.J.
Johnson C.R.
Johnson C.W.
Johnson C.W.
Johnson C.W.
Johnson D.A.
Johnson D.C.H.
Johnson D.E. Typhoon Spitfire
Johnson D.H.
Johnson D.H.P.
Johnson D.J. Halifax LK846
Johnson D.J.
Johnson D.M.
Johnson D.R.
Johnson D.S.
Johnson D.S.
Johnson D.W.
Johnson E.A.
Johnson E.A.
Johnson E.B.
Johnson E.D.
Johnson E.E.
Johnson E.G.
Johnson E.G.
Johnson E.H. Anson A426
Johnson E.H.
Johnson E.L.
Johnson E.P.
Johnson E.R.
Johnson F. Typhoon
Johnson F.A.
Johnson F.B.
Johnson F.C. Lancaster KB729
Johnson F.E. Wellington
Johnson F.J.
Johnson F.L.A.G.
Johnson F.S.
Johnson F.W.
Johnson G.
Johnson G.A.
Johnson G.B.
Johnson G.D.
Johnson G.D.
Johnson G.K.
Johnson George Owen SE.5a SE.5a Dolphin Viking & Vedette
Johnson G.P. Kittyhawk Kittyhawk AL216
Johnson G.T.
Johnson G.W. Hurricane Spitfire
Johnson G.W.
Johnson G.W.
Johnson H.A.
Johnson H.C.
Johnson H.E.
Johnson H.G.
Johnson H.J.
Johnson H.L. Halifax NR173
Johnson H.M.
Johnson H.M.
Johnson H.S.O.
Johnson H.W.
Johnson J.
Johnson J.A.
Johnson J.A.L. Beaufighter V8836
Johnson J.A.N.
Johnson J.B.
Johnson J.C.
Johnson J.D. Whitley Z6656
Johnson J.E.R.
Johnson J.G.
Johnson J.G.
Johnson J.H.
Johnson J.H.
Johnson J.J.R.
Johnson J.L.
Johnson J.M.
Johnson J.R.F. Mosquito
Johnson J.S.P.
Johnson J.V.
Johnson J.W.
Johnson K.G.
Johnson K.M.
Johnson K.R. Typhoon Spitfire
Johnson K.R.
Johnson Linc D Halifax BB390
Johnson L.E.
Johnson L.F.
Johnson L.F.
Johnson L.H.
Johnson L.O.
Johnson M.
Johnson M.H.R.
Johnson M.J. Halifax DK252 Johnson M.M. Halifax PN226
Johnson N.A.S.
Johnson N.C.
Johnson N.E.
Johnson O.
Johnson O.C.
Johnson O.O. Lancaster JB348
Johnson O.T.
Johnson P.G. Spitfire
Johnson R.
Johnson R.

Johnson R.
Johnson R.A. Wellington LP567
Johnson R.A.
Johnson R.A.
Johnson R.D.
Johnson R.E.
Johnson Russell Edward Moth Harvard Oxford Whitley Halifax LW719 Vampire
Johnson R.F.
Johnson R.G. Johnson R.H.
Johnson R.K.
Johnson R.M.
Johnson R.M.
Johnson R.O.
Johnson R.S.
Johnson R.T. Halifax DK243
Johnson R.W.
Johnson R.W.
Johnson S.
Johnson S.
Johnson S.E.
Johnson T.B.
Johnson T.B.
Johnson T.R.M.
Johnson T.V.
Johnson V.C.
Johnson V.H.
Johnson V.H. United Church
Johnson V.H.
Johnson V.L.
Johnson W.A.
Johnson W.A.
Johnson W.E.
Johnson W.E.
Johnson W.E.F.
Johnson W.G.
Johnson W.G.W.
Johnson W.H. Lancaster ND644
Johnson W.H.
Johnson W.H.
Johnson W.J.
Johnson W.K.
Johnson W.L.
Johnson W.M.
Johnson W.P.
Johnson W.R.
Johnson W.R.
Johnson W.S.
Johnson W.S.
Johnson Ross Everleigh Finch Harvard Kittyhawk Hurricane Typhoon
Johnson Nora
Johnson John Rudolph
Johnson Oliver Charles
Johnson Trask ONeil
Johnson Gerald Pringle
Johnson James Mclean
Johnson Douglas Graeme Harrison
Johnson Albert Morse Borden
Johnson Melvin Florin
Johnson Frank Edward
Johnson Wallace Hayden
Johnson Howard Edward
Johnson William Ernest
Johnson David Earl
Johnson Harlow Eugene
Johnson Harry Laverne
Johnson Otto William
Johnson PhillipåÊ Shuttleworth
Johnson Harold Chester
Johnson Merle
Johnson Wilfred
Johnson William Quinton
Johnson Leonard John
Johnson Julius Bjorn
Johnson Dennis Wilbert
Johnson Einar
Johnson Jack Lawrence
Johnson John William
Johnson Wilfred Sydney
Johnson Charles Martin
Johnson Frederick David
Johnson Harold Winthrop
Johnson Roy Ael Kermit
Johnson Paul Gilbert
Johnson Gwynn Wray
Johnson Donald Woodrow
Johnson James Kitchener
Johnson John George
Johnson Hubert Clarence
Johnson Harry William
Johnson Fusi Eric
Johnson William George Wesley
Johnson Joseph John Raymond
Johnson Elmer Orville Finch Anson Oxford Whitley Halifax LK837
Johnson John Brine
Johnson Harold
Johnson Benjamin Peter
Johnson William Kemp
Johnson Leonard Knut
Johnson Frederick George
Johnson Garth Borland
Johnson John Alfred
Johnson John Gilbert
Johnson Kenneth Scott
Johnson Robert Andrew
Johnson Norman Marshall
Johnson William Harvey
Johnson Clifford Theadore
Johnson William Andrew
Johnson Donald Wilfred
Johnson Donald Hugh
Johnson Kristinn Gudmundur
Johnson Robert Oliver
Johnsson I.
Johnston A.A.
Johnston A.A.
Johnston A.A.
Johnston A.C.
Johnston A.D.
Johnston A.J.
Johnston A.J.M.
Johnston A.J.P.
Johnston A.L.
Johnston A.L.
Johnston A.M.
Johnston A.N.
Johnston A.R.
Johnston A.R.
Johnston A.S.
Johnston A.W.
Johnston B. Wellington Z 8582
Johnston B.
Johnston B.E.
Johnston B.E.J.
Johnston B.F.
Johnston B.G.
Johnston B.H.
Johnston B.L.
Johnston C.A.
Johnston C.D. Wellington Wellington MF148
Johnston C.H. Stirling Stirling W7512
Johnston C.L. Halifax NP745
Johnston C.S.
Johnston D.A.
Johnston D.G.
Johnston D.M. Halifax LW328
Johnston D.M.
Johnston D.R.
Johnston E.A.
Johnston E.A.
Johnston E.C.
Johnston E.C.W.
Johnston E.F.
Johnston E.G.
Johnston E.H.
Johnston E.R.
Johnston E.R.
Johnston E.W.H.
Johnston F.
Johnston F.E.
Johnston F.W.
Johnston F.W.
Johnston G.B.
Johnston G.B.
Johnston G.C.
Johnston G.D.
Johnston G.H.
Johnston G.J.
Johnston G.L.
Johnston G.R. Halifax W7931 Johnston G.W. Halifax LV910 Johnston H.A.
Johnston H.A.T.
Johnston H.C. Lancaster Lancaster
Johnston H.D.
Johnston H.L.
Johnston J.
Johnston J.
Johnston J.A.
Johnston J.A.
Johnston J.A.L.
Johnston J.B.
Johnston J.C. Johnston J.C.
Johnston J.D.
Johnston J.D.
Johnston J.D. Halifax NR257
Johnston J.E.
Johnston J.G. Halifax NR144
Johnston J.G.
Johnston J.H.
Johnston J.H.
Johnston J.H.
Johnston J.H.
Johnston J.I.
Johnston J.J.
Johnston J.P.S.
Johnston J.R.
Johnston J.S.
Johnston J.W.
Johnston K.E.
Johnston K.L. Hurricane P-40 Kittyhawk
Johnston K.L.
Johnston L.
Johnston L.B.
Johnston L.C.
Johnston L.C.
Johnston L.E.
Johnston L.E.
Johnston L.S.C.
Johnston M.
Johnston M.
Johnston M.A. Spitfire Johnston M.C. Baptist
Johnston N.
Johnston N.
Johnston N.A. Mosquito
Johnston N.D.
Johnston N.K.
Johnston P.
Johnston R.
Johnston R.A.
Johnston R.E.
Johnston R.E.
Johnston R.G.
Johnston R.G.
Johnston R.G.
Johnston R.H.
Johnston R.H.
Johnston R.J.
Johnston R.L.
Johnston Roy S. Lancaster ND805
Johnston S.H.
Johnston T.C.
Johnston T.H.
Johnston V.C.
Johnston V.R.
Johnston W.C.
Johnston W.E,
Johnston W.G. Halifax NR249
Johnston W.G.
Johnston W.G.
Johnston W.H.
Johnston W.J.
Johnston W.L.
Johnston W.P. Wellington Wellington HQ149
Johnston W.P.
Johnston W.R.
Johnston W.R.
Johnston W.S.
Johnston W.T.
Johnston Lorne Herbert Wellington
Johnston Norman Hubert Anson Wellington Lancaster LM756
Johnston Howard Robert Franklin Whitley Z6811
Johnston Hugh Browning
Johnston Norman Lachlan
Johnston Francis Clair
Johnston John Harvey Alexander
Johnston Robert Guthrie
Johnston Kenneth Leslie
Johnston Edward Irvine
Johnston William Ross Campbell
Johnston Thomas Ardies
Johnston Hubert Clodomir
Johnston Arthur George
Johnston James Kenneth
Johnston Leroy Verdun
Johnston Clifford
Johnston James Locke
Johnston Jay Syver
Johnston Alec Clare
Johnston Gregg Mcintyre
Johnston Percy Hallowes Wray
Johnston James Hendry
Johnston Keith Mclean
Johnston Wallace Arthur
Johnston Allan Andrew
Johnston Eugene Huntley
Johnston Duncan Donald
Johnston Angus Augustus
Johnston Ernest Gerald
Johnston John Albert
Johnston Clarence Arthur
Johnston Lloyd L.
Johnston James Ian Lancaster DV403 KC-G
Johnston Arthur Leon
Johnston Norman
Johnston Thomas Andrew
Johnston James Webster
Johnston Jack Harvey
Johnston Ernest Carl
Johnston Arnold Ney
Johnston Clifford Stanley
Johnston John Markey
Johnston Carl Donald
Johnston William Lloyd
Johnston William Smith
Johnston William Phoeni
Johnston Lloyd George
Johnston George Peter
Johnston Allan Menzies
Johnston John Armstrong
Johnston John William
Johnston Lorne Herbert
Johnston Norman Hubert
Johnston Alexander
Johnston Crawford Lee
Johnston Jack Dennison
Johnston Booth James
Johnston Keith Leroy
Johnston Samuel Holden
Johnstone Alan Harvard Harvard Kittyhawk Spitfire
Johnstone A.I. Lancaster ND924
Johnstone A.W.M.
Johnstone C.A.
Johnstone C.G.
Johnstone D.H. Johnstone D.J.D.
Johnstone E.
Johnstone H.A.
Johnstone J.A.O. Spitfire
Johnstone J.D.
Johnstone J.M.
Johnstone K.G.
Johnstone M.M. Halifax MZ537
Johnstone N.R.
Johnstone R.E.
Johnstone R.E.
Johnstone R.T.
Johnstone T.H.
Johnstone W.A.
Johnstone George Peters
Johnstone Erle Ernest Edward
Johnstone Andrew Taylor
Johnstone William Thomas
Johnstone Thomas
Johnstone Ronald Elliott
Johnstone Ralph Alexander
Johnstone Ernest Howe Macdonald
Johnstone Ross John Hugh
Johsnton R.K.
Johsnton R.R.
Joiner Raymond Conserdine
Joinson B.E.
Jolicoeur Fernand Daniel
Jolicoeur Fernand Leo
Jolicouer J.A.E.F.
Jolie J.E.
Jolie J.L.
Jolkowski P.F.J.
Jolley E.D.B.
Jolley J. Church of England
Jolley J.G.
Jolley John Percy
Jolley Edward Daniel Birch
Jolliffe R.F.
Jolliffe R.M.
Jolliffe Percy George
Jollow F.E.
Jollow R.B.
Jolly J.E.B.
Jolly Raymond Edward
Jollymour H.G.
Jollymour R.D.
Jolson H.T.B.
Joly A.V.
Joly G.W.
Joly K.
Jonas G.A. Hudson
Hudson AM 729
Jonason J.C.
Jonassen W.L.
Jonasson D.H.
Jonasson D.W.
Jonasson R.E.
Jonasson Leonard Norman
Jonasson David Herman
Joncas H.J.F. Jones A.
Jones A.
Jones A.A.
Jones A.A.
Jones A.F.
Jones A.G.
Jones A.L.
Jones A.M.
Jones A.O.W.
Jones A.R.
Jones A.S.
Jones A.T.
Jones A.V.
Jones A.W.
Jones A.W.S.
Jones B.E.
Jones B.E.
Jones B.E.P.
Jones B.N.
Jones C.
Jones C.
Jones C.
Jones C.
Jones C.A.B.
Jones C.H.
Jones C.J.
Jones C.J.L.
Jones C.P.
Jones C.R.
Jones C.R.
Jones C.R.
Jones C.R.
Jones C.R.
Jones C.V.
Jones D.
Jones D.
Jones D.C.
Jones D.E.
Jones D.E.
Jones D.J.
Jones D.J.G.
Jones D.M.
Jones D.N. Halifax MZ535
Jones D.R.
Jones D.R.
Jones D.S.
Jones D.S.
Jones E. Boston
Jones E.
Jones E.A.
Jones E.A.
Jones E.C.
Jones E.D.
Jones E.E. Mosquito
Jones E.H.
Jones E.H.
Jones E.H.
Jones E.J.S.
Jones E.K.
Jones E.L.
Jones E.M.
Jones E.P.
Jones E.P.
Jones E.P.
Jones E.R. Lancaster LL692
Jones E.T.
Jones F.C.
Jones F.E.
Jones F.E. Hurricane
Jones F.G.
Jones F.G.H.
Jones F.G.P.
Jones F.L. Lancaster KB740
Jones F.M.
Jones F.M.
Jones F.O.
Jones F.R.
Jones F.R.
Jones F.S.
Jones G.A.
Jones G.B.
Jones G.E.
Jones G.E.
Jones G.E.
Jones G.F.J.
Jones G.J.L.
Jones Greville Llewellyn Lancaster KB743 NA-I
Jones G.M.
Jones H.
Jones H.A.
Jones H.B. Baptist
Jones H.C. Halifax BB211
Jones H.E.
Jones H.E. MosquitoMosquito
Jones H.F.
Jones H.G.
Jones H.J.
Jones H.K.
Jones H.L.
Jones Harlo Lloyd Halifax NP713
Jones H.R.
Jones H.S.
Jones Henry W 'Rocky'
Jones I.R.
Jones J.
Jones J.A.
Jones J.A.M.
Jones J.B.
Jones J.E.
Jones J.E.
Jones J.H.
Jones J.I. Halifax
Jones J.L.
Jones J.L.E.
Jones J.L.G.
Jones J.P.
Jones J.R. Mosquito HK415
Jones J.R.
Jones J.T.
Jones J.W.
Jones J.W.L.
Jones K.C.
Jones K.W. Halifax Halifax MZ858
Jones L.C. Anson Anson 8266
Jones L.E.
Jones L.H.
Jones Lloyd Ingram Halifax NA179
Jones L.M.
Jones L.W. Halifax
Halifax LL139
Jones L.W.
Jones L.W.W.
Jones M.
Jones M.
Jones M.B.
Jones M.D. Wellington Wellington W5427
Jones M.E.
Jones M.F.
Jones M.N.
Jones M.S.
Jones N.
Jones N.C.
Jones N.H.
Jones O.
Jones O.E.
Jones O.J. Lancaster ND989
Jones P.A.
Jones R.
Jones R.
Jones R.A.
Jones R.A.
Jones R.C.
Jones R.C.
Jones R.D.
Jones R.E. Halifax NP755
Jones R.E.
Jones R.E.
Jones R.E. ?
Jones R.F.
Jones R.F.
Jones R.H.
Jones R.H.
Jones R.H.
Jones R.H.
Jones R.J.
Jones R.J. Lancaster
Jones R.L.
Jones R.M.
Jones R.R. Lancaster NG345
Jones R.T. Lancaster PB561
Jones R.W.
Jones S.
Jones S.B. Halifax LK877 Jones S.H.
Jones S.M.
Jones S.P.
Jones Thomas Merville Typhoon RB323
Jones T.B.
Jones T.D. Church of England
Jones T.M. Mosquito KB446
Jones T.W.A.
Jones V.H.
Jones W.A.
Jones W.A.
Jones W.A.
Jones W.C.
Jones W.D.
Jones W.E. Halifax
Halifax BK540
Jones W.E.
Jones W.F. Lancaster PB244 Jones W.H.
Jones W.H.
Jones W.J.
Jones W.J.
Jones W.L.C.
Jones W.O.
Jones W.O.
Jones W.T. Wellington 3351
Jones W.T.
Jones W.T.
Jones Gerald Morley Lancaster
Jones F.M. Halifax LL536 Halifax
Jones F. Halifax MZ603
Jones Archie Walker
Jones Edmund George
Jones Edward James
Jones Philip Consterdine
Jones Elric Cameron Latter
Jones Lloyd Henry
Jones Joseph
Jones William James
Jones William Irving
Jones Leslie Leather
Jones Robert
Jones David Allen
Jones William Gordon
Jones Robert John
Jones Leslie Warwick
Jones James Rundle
Jones George Macdonald
Jones Benjamin Stanley
Jones Thomas Reid
Jones Maurice Campbell Pryce
Jones Lester Charles
Jones Clifford Alfred
Jones Walter Stanley
Jones James Howard
Jones Douglas Jackson
Jones Richard Cyril
Jones William Gordon
Jones David Richard
Jones Harvey Edgar
Jones Harry Robert
Jones Howard Kitchener
Jones Edward Crowther
Jones Lloyd William Wesley
Jones Paul Reviere
Jones Allan
Jones Douglas Edward
Jones Robert Henry
Jones George Ernest
Jones Norval Hodges
Jones Marshall Levi
Jones Robert Roy
Jones George Andrew
Jones John Harrison
Jones Ronald Marwood
Jones Wilfred Alexander
Jones David Charles Towyn
Jones Raymond Francis
Jones Richard Barron
Jones Jack Macdonald
Jones William Harvey
Jones Arthur Malcolm
Jones Roy Howard
Jones Gregory James
Jones Cyril John
Jones Arthur Henry
Jones Harold Alfred
Jones-Williams B.H.
Jonson E.E.
Joplin A.F.
Joplin Stanley John Halifax LK803
Joplin Stanley John
Jopp A.D. Halifax MZ822
Jopp A.D. Jopson R.J.
Jordan C.
Jordan D.K.
Jordan Frank Liberator
Jordan F.H.
Jordan H.W.
Jordan J.A.
Jordan J.J.
Jordan J.J.
Jordan J.J.
Jordan J.S.
Jordan J.S.
Jordan L.L.W.
Jordan M.P.
Jordan M.R.
Jordan N.
Jordan R. Roman Catholic
Jordan W.R.
Jordan Joseph
Jordan Lawrence Henry
Jordan Herbert Charles
Jordan Gordon Richard
Jordan William Francis
Jordan Robert Carson Halifax EB258
Jordan Joseph Anthony
Jordan Thomas Lawrence
Jordan-Kno T.
Jordison A.N.
Jordison J.W.
Jordon J.E.
Jorgensen E.S.
Jorgensen R.B.
Jorgensen Stanley Johannes Halifax JB854 EQ-D
Jorgenson Leonard Raymond Halifax NP805
Jorgenson M. B-24 Liberator B-24 Liberator NG822
Jorgenson R.E.
Jorgenson Maurice
Jorow G.F.J.
Jory J.
Jory J.S. N./A
Jory T.
Jory W.E.
Jory William Edward
Joscelyn J.
Jose G.B.
Jose Gordon Beverley
Joseph A.J.
Joseph H.
Joseph N.
Joseph R.H.
Josephson Svein
Joslin C.S.
Joslin Kenneth Ross
Joss A.J.P.
Joss R.A.
Joss Norman
Jost Burton Norris Moth Harvard Wellington Z1572 Wellington Halifax JD147
Jost Burton Norris
Jowett T.R.
Jowett William
Jowett Harold Ernest
Jowsey M.E. Hurricane BM971 Hurricane / Harvard Spitfire
Joy D.G.M.
Joy H.F.
Joy K.W. Halifax NP967
Joy W.H.
Joy W.N.
Joy Douglas Gordon Mackenzie
Joyal J.O.I.
Joyce A.J.
Joyce A.P.
Joyce C.V.
Joyce F.C. Spitfire Joyce H.G.
Joyce J.J.
Joyce J.O.
Joyce N.L.
Joyce P.F.L.F.
Joyce R.G.
Joyce S.L.
Joyce A.R. Halifax LL576
Joyce Frederick John
Joyce David Dudley Plaister
Joyce Keith Mayhew
Joyner L.M.
Joyner R.C.
Joyner R.G.
Joynson Francis Edward
Joynt A.E.
Joynt A.W.
Joynt E.L.
Joynt J.C.
Joynt John Millar
Joynt Alfred Earl
Jubb J.
Juby Allan Francis
Judar (Sp?) F.T.
Judd A.S.
Judd E.C.
Judges J.R.
Judges W.C.
Judges Gordon Joseph
Judiesch J.F.
Judiesch Thomas Clarence
Judson A.J.
Judson H.
Juister M.F.
Jukes C.W.
Jukes D.H.
Julian Noel Patrick
Julien G.A.
Julien J.A.G.
Julien Joseph Albini Gustave
Julseth H.R.
Juneau Alfred Roger Halifax DG222
Jung A.E.
Juniper D.G.M.
Junker D.E.
Junor V.R.M.
Jupe L.L.
Jupe Royden Martin
Jupp A.M.
Jupp L.C. Halifax W1061
Jupp R.W.
Jupp James John
Justason Bernard R. Halifax LK766 Halifax NP687
Justason H.P.N.
Justason L.A.
Justice J.F.P.
Justice Robert Mclaren
Jutras G.M.C.J.
Jutras J.R.
Jutras R.N.
Jutzi Curtis
Juul J.C.
Juzak A.
Juzda W.
Kabbash A.D.
Kachuk M.
Kacsmar J.J.
Kaechele Emmet Solomon Halifax NA190
Kaechele Emmet Solomon
Kaesemodel Ernest Richard
Kagna L.I.
Kaguk H.
Kahala E.A.
Kahn G.M.
Kahn Melvin Samuel
Kail L.T.
Kain George Donald
Kaine A.J.
Kains M.A.
Kains N.I.
Kaiser J.W.
Kaiser L.R.
Kaiser S.K.
Kaiser Walter Bruce
Kaiser Stanley Keith
Kaitting E.W.
Kalbfleisch M.S.
Kalen John Finch Harvard Hurricane Master Typhoon MN574
Kalheim B.I.
Kalheim Ben Ingard
Kalik Michael
Kalina J.E.
Kall A.D. Lancaster NN785
Kall A.D. Wellington HF452
Kallal Joseph Thomas Anson Halifax HR834 Halifax
Kalle R.A. Halifax NA528 Kallio J.W.
Kallio O.C. Hurricane / Spitfire Spitfire JF472
Kalmakoff M.A.
Kalman A. Kalms M.Y.Z. Lancaster
Lancaster LL718
Kalpakis H.
Kalyniuk A.
Kalyta Peter
Kamedish J.B. Whitley
Whitley T4323
Kamedish John Benjamin
Kamin S.
Kaminak A.
Kaminski S.
Kanakos T.J. Halifax DK119 Kane E.F.J.
Kane L.A. Kane P.
Kane P.A.
Kane R.G.
Kane W.J.
Kane Leslie James
Kanelakos J. Lancaster JA849 Kannakko R.W.
Kantel F.H.
Kany N.S.
Kapaniuk E.A.
Halifax NP757
Kaplansky B.M.
Kaplansky Y.M.
Kapuscinski William George Halifax DT790 Halifax JB925
Kapusta Basil
Karaim Tony John
Karandiuk C.
Karasinski J.A.
Karcza George
Kark R.M.
Karlenzig John Frederick Vincent
Karloff J.V. Halifax LV883 Karp W.L.
Karr A.R.
Karr J.S.
Karrel Curdis
Karstens William Russell
Kartinen H.J.
Kartonchik T.
Kasey Michael James
Kashmar William
Kasper L.L.
Kasper W.W. Spitfire AD571
Kassaneff John Michael
Kastner Joseph John Michael
Kasubeck William James
Kasureck W.J.
Kater Robert George Ephraim
Katrichak J. Katsulos J.
Kattruck E.
Katz E. Katz M.
Kaucharik J.A.
Kaucharik Joseph Anthony
Kaufeldt L.M.C.
Kaufman H.K. Halifax LK786
Kaufman N.
Kaufman S.R.
Kaufman W.H.
Kaufman William John
Kaufmann F.J.
Kauk R.H.
Kaukonen P.
Kautto E.
Kavanagh M.A.M.
Kavanagh P.W.
Kavanagh R.J.
Kavanagh John Patrick
Kavanaugh Joseph Garnet Stewart
Kavaner H.
Kaviza Joseph Frank
Kawucha Joseph Francis
Kay A.
Kay A.L.
Kay C.
Kay F.A.
Kay F.V.
Kay G.H.
Kay H.J.
Kay H.L.
Kay J.H.F.
Kay L.J.
Kay S.
Kay W.G.
Kay W.H.
Kay W.T.
Kay Gordon Harry
Kay Solomon
Kay Lloyd Ronald
Kay Robert James
Kay Harry Leslie
Kay John Henry
Kaye F.D.
Kaye G.T.
Kaye M.
Kaye P.A. Lancaster PB362
Kaye P.P.
Kaye T.C.
Kaye Douglas Victor
Kayser P.C.
Kaytor C.G.
Kazakavich W.
Kazakoff M.
Keaist Richard Preston
Kean John Robert
Keane H.W.
Keane J.A.
Keane J.H. Halifax
Keane J.H.
Kearl Eldon Eastham
Kearney D.E.
Kearney H.A.
Kearney L.A.
Kearney L.J. Mosquito HK459
Kearney P.B.
Kearney John Henry
Kearney Wallace David
Kearney Robert Emmett
Kearns A.W.A.
Kearns C.F.
Kearns F.R. Spitfire Kearns J.A.C.
Kearns M.C.
Kearns R.C.
Kearns R.G. Halifax Kearns W.R. Lancaster
Lancaster KB787
Kearns Gerald John Patrick
Kearns Thomas Melville
Kearns William Robert
Kearns-Batchelor W.H.
Kearse P.H.
Kearse Percy Harold
Keast J.D.
Keast W.C.
Keast Harry Arnold
Keates J.A. Lancaster KB874
Keating A.A.
Keating C.E.
Keating John Gerald Ohara
Keating John Patrick
Keating Joseph Arthur
Keats F.V.
Keay J.
Keay Charles William
Keays G.C.
Keddy W.B.
Wellington Keddy Charles William
Keddy Oliver Ambrose
Kedey W.P.
Kedrosky John Francis
Kedwell Horace Russell
Kee G.D.
Kee R.J.
Kee John Richard
Kee Robert James
Kee John Gordon
Kee Ross James
Keech G.M. Halifax RG477
Keech O.A.
Keech W.A. Boston Z2294 Keech Owen Andrew
Keedwell Roy Barrington
Keefe B.H.M.
Keefe C.
Keefe E.J. Beaufighter JM123 Beaufighter LZ176
Keefe H.L.
Keefe Ernest James
Keefer George Clinton Finch Harvard Hurricane Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire ---------- Harvard & Vampire
Keefer Ralph Gardner Moth Anson Wellington Wellington Wellington T2506 Hudson FK407 Liberator BZ863 Mosquito ---------- Harvard & Vampire
Keegan F.I.L.
Keegan K.E.
Keegan William Charles
Keegan Charles Clement
Keelan L.H.
Keelan W.G.
Keele R.C.
Keele W.R.
Keele Gordon Frederick
Keeler A.C.
Keeler G.
Keeler G.T.
Keeler J.A.
Keeler L.A. Keeler R.B.
Keeler R.C.
Keeler R.H.
Keeler Russell Ross
Keeler Ervin Leroy
Keeley F.J.
Keeley J.J.
Keeley J.L.
Keeley R.T.
Keeling V.B.
Keeling W.H.
Keely Louis John
Keen G.F.
Keen J.N.
Keen W.D.
Keen W.H.
Keenan B.P.
Keenan J.I.J.
Keenan J.R.
Keenan J.T.
Keenan James Philip
Keenan John Ignatius Joseph
Keendz G.E. Halifax H348
Keene J.H.
Keene N.A. Spitfire BM519 Hurricane Keene Arthur George Wilson
Keeper G.J. Halifax MZ910
Keeping John Ross
Keeping Arthur Thomas
Keer F.R.
Keetley F.A.
Keetley R.B.
Keevil C.A.
Kehl Edward Carl
Kehoe B.D.
Kehoe C.E.J.
Kehoe F.P.
Kehoe F.P. Roman Catholic
Kehoe Gerald Desmond
Keighan James Edmond
Keighan James Edmond Halifax Oxford DF471
Keighley F.E.
Keighley W.
Keil F.N.
Keil George Alvin Anson Anson & Battle Anson Wellington Hudson Hudson Hudson EW921
Keill R.T.
Keiller A.C. Lancaster DS731 Keillor H.G.
Keir D.D.
Keir D.J.
Keir H.P.
Keir R.C.
Keirstead F.E.
Keirstead W.W.W.
Keith B.A.
Keith D.C.
Keith G.A. Wellington BJ771
Keith G.D.
Keith G.N. Spitfire
Keith K.L.
Keith L.K. Swordfish/Gladiator Sea Gladiator N 5513 Buffalo A 813
Keith R.
Keith R.L.G.
Keith R.R.
Keith S.M.
Keith Asa Howard
Keith John Rainsford
Keith George Noel
Keith Alan Lionel
Kekewich D.E.
Keleher D.F.
Keleher R.J.
Kelk K.T.
Kell W.L. Whitley P4931
Kell Adam Halifax NA583
Kell Wilfrid Raymond
Kellar D.G.
Kellar David Garfield
Kellaway H.G.
Kellaway L.D.
Kellaway Lorne Edward
Keller C.A.
Keller J.W.
Keller Ross Whaley Finch Harvard Hurricane Typhoon Typhoon PD503
Kellett J.E.
Kelley B.W.
Kelley J.W.
Kelley T.
Kelley Robert Frederick
Kelley Alfred Theodore
Kelley Harry Joseph
Kelley David Austin
Kelley Stanley Frederick Harding
Kelley Thomas
Kellie James William
Kellner J.A.
Kellner N.
Kellner Norman
Kellond J.C. Halifax NP761
Kellough A.
Kellough T.C.
Kellough Howard John
Kellow W.L. Wellington
Wellington 3715
Kelloway Edward
Kells Harry Kenneth
Kellum John Reid
Kellway J.G.
Kelly A.D. Kelly A.E.
Kelly A.G.
Kelly B.
Kelly C.A.
Kelly C.J. Kelly D. Spitfire CF-86 Sabre CF-100 Canuck CF-100 & CF-101
Kelly E.
Kelly E.D. Spitfire MH719
Spitfire MJ951 Kelly E.G.
Kelly E.H.
Kelly E.J. Halifax NA612
Kelly F.J.
Kelly G.A.
Kelly G.D.
Kelly G.J.F.
Kelly G.M.
Kelly H.G.
Kelly H.G. Kelly H.I.
Kelly H.J. Hurricane
Kelly H.M.
Kelly J.A.
Kelly J.A.
Kelly J.C.
Kelly J.E.
Kelly J.F.
Kelly J.F.
Kelly J.H.
Kelly J.J.
Kelly J.M.
Kelly J.R. Lancaster LW751
Kelly J.R.
Kelly K.E. Kelly L.E.
Kelly L.J.
Kelly M.J.
Kelly N. Halifax Kelly N.W.
Kelly P.G.
Kelly P.J.
Kelly R.
Kelly R.A.
Kelly R.A.M.
Kelly R.H.
Kelly R.L.
Kelly R.W.
Kelly T.A.
Kelly T.C.
Kelly T.J.
Kelly T.R.
Kelly T.R.C.
Kelly W. Halifax LL225
Kelly W James Lancaster KB726
Kelly W.J.
Kelly W.W.
Kelly J.M. Halifax LL576
Kelly John Joseph
Kelly Paul
Kelly Gardner Hill
Kelly Joseph Harold
Kelly Lloyd Franklin
Kelly Angus Campbell
Kelly James Francis
Kelly Robert James
Kelly Leonard Thomas Joseph
Kelly Albert Edward
Kelly Paul Grant
Kelly Francis Joseph
Kelly Donald Patrick
Kelly Alexander Michael John
Kelly John Stanley
Kelly Donald Robert
Kelly Alan Douglas
Kelly Donald Herbert
Kelly John Lomer
Kelly Michael John
Kelly James Francis
Kelly Thomas Raymond
Kelly Jack Arthur
Kelly Ralph Gordon
Kelly Karl Emerson
Kelly Richard Martin
Kelly Ivan Wesley
Kelly Louis Joseph
Kelly (Above?) F.W. Typhoon Spitfire
Kelly (Below?) F.W. Hurricane
Kelman A.V.
Kelman H.
Kelner Clarence William
Kelsey I.H.
Kelsey L.H.
Kelsey R.
Kelshall J.B.G.
Kelso R.G. Halifax
Halifax LW173
Kelso Stuart Ross
Kelso Roger Gordon
Kelter H.F.
Kelter Herbert Frank
Keltie I.G.S. Spitfire
Kelton M.
Kelty J.D.
Kelusky R.M. Halifax NP939
Kelway C. Halifax MZ867
Kelway Connaught
Kember Robert Richard
Kemble E.L.
Kemble J.F.
Kembry S.V.
Kemp A.F. Lancaster PB244 Kemp B.D.
Kemp C.R.
Kemp D.S.
Kemp E.A.
Kemp E.W. Kemp G.P. Hurricane/Harvard Typhoon Tempest
Kemp H.
Kemp H.L.
Kemp K.D. Lancaster PA972
Kemp L.
Kemp L.D.
Kemp L.H.
Kemp M.J.
Kemp P.G.
Kemp R.A.
Kemp R.W. Halifax JD381 Kemp W.A.
Kemp W.G.
Kemp W.N.
Kemp John Beverley
Kemp Kenneth Donovan
Kemp Harold Leon
Kemp Russell William
Kemp Dennis Stuart
Kempel L.E.
Kemper F.A.J.
Kemper Frederick August John
Kempling F.H.
Kempling R.
Kempling W.J.
Kempling Russell Joseph
Kemprud T.G.
Kempster A.A.
Kempster R.F.E.
Kempster R.H.
Kempton Maurice Mcallister
Kendal R.C.
Kendall A.G.
Kendall C.M.
Kendall C.N.
Kendall D.H.
Kendall E.A.
Kendall E.C.
Kendall G.J.
Kendall H.M.
Kendall J.H.
Kendall J.T.
Kendall L.
Kendall R.D.R. Lancaster NG114
Kendall R.G. Halifax W1245
Kendall R.G.
Kendall W.S.
Kendall Norman
Kendall John Topham
Kendall John Mcnabb
Kendall Clyde Crosby
Kendall George Herbert
Kendall Francis James
Kendall Charles Marland
Kendel Ewald George
Kendrick J.S.
Kendrick P.G.
Kendrick R.J.
Kendrick S.J.
Kendrick W.W.
Keniston Robert Leroy
Kenmuir R.C.
Kennard C.G.H.
Kennedy A.E.
Kennedy A.B.N.
Kennedy A.J.
Kennedy A.M.
Kennedy A.P.
Kennedy A.W.
Kennedy B.B.
Kennedy C.A.
Kennedy C.J.
Kennedy D.
Kennedy D.D.K.
Kennedy D.E.
Kennedy D.E.
Kennedy D.J.
Kennedy D.M.
Kennedy D.M.
Kennedy E.P.
Kennedy E.R.
Kennedy F.
Kennedy F.A.
Kennedy F.J.
Kennedy G. Typhoon
Kennedy G.D.
Kennedy G.G.
Kennedy G.H.
Kennedy H.J.
Kennedy H.M.
Kennedy H.R.
Kennedy H.Y.
Kennedy Irving Farmer 'Hap' Whirlwind Spitfire EP712 Spitfire MA481 Spitfire L926 Spitfire MK311
Kennedy J. Kennedy J.A.
Kennedy J.B.
Kennedy J.C. Lancaster LM542
Kennedy J.F.
Halifax MZ302
Kennedy J.H.
Kennedy J.L.
Kennedy J.L. Whitley AD575 Kennedy J.N.
Kennedy J.P.C.
Kennedy J.R.
Kennedy J.T.
Kennedy J.W.
Kennedy J.W.
Kennedy J.W.
Kennedy J.W.T.
Kennedy L.F. Lancaster RA523
Kennedy L.J.
Kennedy L.K.
Kennedy L.M.
Kennedy L.R.
Kennedy L.S.
Kennedy M.
Kennedy M.M.
Kennedy O.
Kennedy P.
Kennedy P.C.M.
Kennedy R. Bollingbroke
Kennedy R. Kennedy R.C. Tempest
Kennedy R.E.
Kennedy R.M.
Kennedy R.M.
Kennedy R.S. Halifax NP683
Kennedy T.F.
Kennedy T.V.
Kennedy W.
Kennedy W.A.
Kennedy W.D.
Kennedy W.E.
Kennedy W.E. Yale
Kennedy W.G.
Kennedy W.J.
Kennedy W.J.
Kennedy W.W.
Kennedy W.W.
Kennedy W.W.?
Kennedy Donald Leslie
Kennedy Edward Richard
Kennedy Gordon
Kennedy John Robert
Kennedy Frederick James
Kennedy Donald Stewart
Kennedy Jack Matthew
Kennedy John Richard
Kennedy James
Kennedy Michael Joseph
Kennedy Elmer Earl
Kennedy John Clayton
Kennedy Neil
Kennedy James Carlyle
Kennedy Donald Lloyd
Kennedy Patrick
Kennedy Gerald William (Bunny)
Kennedy Robert Van
Kennedy Roy
Kennedy William Elmer
Kennedy Henry John
Kennedy Lancelot Stanley
Kennedy Leonard Thomas
Kennedy William Wallace
Kennedy William John
Kennedy Francis Leonard
Kennedy Carleton Gladstone
Kennedy Edward John
Kennedy John Ballantyne
Kennedy George Alexander
Kennedy-allen Philp
Kennelly F.J.
Kenner T. Wellington BB475
Kennett R.F. Halifax BB250
Kenney D.H.
Kenney J.J.E.
Kenney L.H.
Kenney Arthur Joseph
Kenniger A.A.
Kenning R.D.
Kennish J.K.
Kennish M.
Kenny E.A.
Kenny E.L.
Kenny G.E.
Kenny J.
Kenny James H.F. Typhoon
Kenny R.A.
Kenny William Booker
Kenny Walter Robert
Kenny Jack
Kenrick E.W.
Kensett R.C.
Kensit L.J.
Kent A.H.
Kent A.L.
Kent B.
Kent D.
Kent D.G.
Kent E.C. Wellington
Wellington HQ149
Kent E.D.
Kent E.F.
Kent E.F.S.
Kent F.
Kent G.E.
Kent G.S.V.
Kent H.P.
Kent L.P.
Kent John A. Kent M.G. Mosquito
Mosquito HK503 Kent R.C.
Kent R.E.
Kent R.W.
Kent William Charles Delta Anson Anson Anson Sunderland
Kent W.C.
Kent Gerald Albion Halifax LK803
Kent Ronald Strongman
Kent Stanley Martin
Kent Hugh Benjamin
Kent Joseph Charles
Kent Eric Charles Noel
Kent Emil Dan
Kent Gerald Albion
Kentner J.E.
Kenwell D.E. Halifax JD214
Kenwood W.F.
Kenworthy C.P.
Kenyon A.G.
Kenyon E.A.
Kenyon J.M.
Kenyon W.C.
Keogh J.G. Halifax NP723 Halifax NP721
Keogh T.J.
Keogh William Austin
Keogh William George
Keon H.C. Hurricane / Harvard
Keon H.J.C.
Keough William Joseph
Keough Joseph Leo Richard
Keoughan K.J.
Keown W.B. Hampden
Hampden P1151
Keown John Lightfoot
Keown Charles Ashton
Keple J.
Ker E.A. Spitfire AR290 Hurricane/Harvard
Ker T.E.G.
Ker James Henry Mawell
Kerby Harold Wilmer Moth & Fairchild Moth & Fawn Lysander Lysander Lysander Tomahawk Anson & Oxford Wellington Wellington Wellington LN294 QO-E
Kerby Michael Joseph Stuart
Kercher G.E.
Kereliuk W.
Kergan J.
Kerkhoff Bruce Alfred
Kerlerou J.B. Lancaster PB113
Kerley G.E.
Kerluk William
Kermeen S.
Kermode D.J.
Kern J.D.
Kernaghan C.G. B-25 Mitchell FL676
Kernaghan J.A.
Kernaghan S.J. Beaufighter T5040
Kernaghan T.G. Halifax MZ594 Kernaghan Clarence Gerald
Kerner D.M.
Kerr A.F.
Kerr A.G.
Kerr A.G.
Kerr A.H.
Kerr A.L.W.
Kerr A.W.H.
Kerr B.C.
Kerr C.G. Halifax LV997 Kerr C.L.
Kerr C.P.
Kerr D.C.
Kerr D.C.
Kerr D.G.
Kerr D.G.
Kerr E.C.
Kerr E.L.
Kerr G.B.
Kerr G.H.
Kerr G.R.
Kerr H.J.F.
Kerr J. Typhoon
Kerr J.
Kerr J.A. Spitfire
Kerr J.A.
Kerr J.B. Mosquito HR183
Kerr J.G. Yale-------------
Kerr J.H.
Kerr J.K. Halifax LW557 Kerr J.L.
Kerr J.O.
Kerr J.R.
Kerr J.W.
Kerr J.W.
Kerr J.W.
Kerr J.W.
Kerr J.W. Halifax
Halifax BK540
Kerr M.
Kerr M.A.
Kerr M.M.
Kerr N.H.
Kerr R.
Kerr R.A.
Kerr R.A.
Kerr R.H.
Kerr R.J.R.
Kerr R.T.
Kerr W.H.
Kerr W.H.
Kerr W.J.
Kerr W.K. Kerr W.R.
Kerr W.S. Halifax DK267
Kerr Leslie Walter
Kerr John Carl
Kerr Lloyd Wilson
Kerr Louis Noel Lyndon
Kerr John William
Kerr Lawrence
Kerr Richard Alexander
Kerr James Bernard
Kerr David Simpson
Kerr Hubert Lloyd
Kerr Bertram Clarence
Kerrigan G.M.
Kerrigan H.F.
Kerrison H.
Kerrison H.F.
Kerry John Nicholas Halifax NP710
Kerry John Nicholas
Kersey S.R.
Kershaw E.M.
Kershaw M.U.
Kershman J.
Kerslake E.C.
Kerslake Walter
Kersley J.F.
Kerstiens H.M.
Kerswill Giles James Daniel
Kertland P.
Kertland W.S.
Kertson Richard Arthur
Kervin John Joseph
Kerwin A.J. Kerwin J.W. Hurricane P3963
Kerwin John William
Keslick J.L.
Kesselman Murray
Kessler C.A.
Kester H.A. Kester K.B.
Kester John Douglas
Kester Noel Thompson
Keswick Murray Mclaren
Ketcham J.M.
Ketcham W.H. Halifax LW394
Ketchen J.G.J. Roman Catholic
Ketchen John Barton
Ketcheson B.R.
Ketcheson J.M.
Ketcheson Karl Benjamin
Ketchum G.W.R.
Ketterer R.
Ketterson A.B.M.
Ketterson A. Boyd
Kettle C.
Kettles E.I.
Kettles W.J.S.
Kettlewell T.W.
Kettley Clifford John Vosper
Kettyls H.R.
Keveriga William
Kew E.R.
Kew M.G.
Kew P.G.
Kew T.J.
Kew Allan Alfred
Kewen T.C. Mosquito Mosquito HK406
Kewen Thomas Causon
Key E.R.
Key J.A.
Key P.B.
Key R.
Keyes J.H.
Keyes Thomas Eric Edmond
Keyes Robert Joseph Wellington III 3870 E-S
Keyfetz C.K.
Keys F.B.
Keys M.R.
Keys W.J.
Keys Frederick Bennett
Kibbe Donald Kyle
Kibble S.G.
Kibblewhite R.G.
Kicak J.A. Kidd A.
Kidd E.A.
Kidd E.F. Typhoon
Kidd G.R.
Kidd J.A.B.
Kidd K.R.
Kidd L.D.
Kidd P.G.K.
Kidd T.W.
Kidd William Franklin
Kidd Terence William
Kidd John Armand Boyd
Kidd Leonard Dewain
Kidd Earl David
Kidder G. Wellington BJ776 Kidder Gordon Arthur
Kiddie H.M. Lancaster LM111
Kiddie H. Kidney Neil John Halifax H147
Kidney Alvin Eric
Kidney Neil John
Kidnie G.T.
Kidson Frank Wilfred
Kiehlbauch A.
Kiehlbauch Aaron
Kiekebelt J.P.
Kieler B.
Kiely L.B.
Kiernan J.P. Hudson
Hudson FK 593
Kierstead D.M.
Kieswetter Emerson Harvey
Kieswetter (Sp?) E.W. (?) Stirling BF384 Kiez T.
Kift R.L.
Halifax LK805 Kight Leslie John
Kightley G.M.
Kilburn B.C.
Kilburn G.R.
Kilburn J.
Kilburn P.
Kilby K.H.
Kileen Orville Martin
Kilgore C.B.
Kilgore F.A.
Kilgore R.G.A.
Kilgour A.A.
Kilgour F.A.
Kilgour G.H.
Kilgour J.G.
KIlgour M.O.S.
Killaire E.G.
Killam A.P.
Killarn J.J.
Killen M.S.
Killen A.F.
Killgore S.A.
Killham Richard Archibald
Killick C.H.P.
Killick C.L.
Killick Ronald William Gillingham
Killin Ronald Douglas
Killingbeck R.N.
Killips C.B.
Killips K.L.
Killmaster R.V.
Killoran D.H.
Killoran J.L.
Kilmer W.S.
Kilpatrick H.S.
Kilpatrick J.H.C. Halifax
Halifax JD410
KIlpatrick N.G.
Kilpatrick W.F.
Kilpatrick James Augustus
Kilpatrick Worthy James
Kilpatrick William Frederick
Kilsby Albert Charles
Kilvington A.
Kimball D.H. Hurricane Spitfire & P-51
Kimball G.F.
Kimball O.G.
Kimball Richard George
Kimber F.B.
Kimber G.S.
Kimber Michael Patrick
Kimber Gordon Stanley
Kimberley D.E.
Kimberley H.E.
Kimm J.J.
Kimmel Spencer Griffith
Kimmerly W.W.R.
Kimmerly Amos Walter
Kimmerly Merle Faon
Kimmett T.H.
Kimmig R.L.
Kimmins G.P.J.
Kimmins Gordon Patrick James
Kimpton G.H.
Kimpton J.M.
Kincaid J.W.
Kincaid John Joseph
Kincannon M.M.
Kinch D.I.G.
Kinch James Henry
Kindelvich F.T.
Kinder James Frederick Halifax MZ828
Kindness J.
Kindree D.T.
Kindret A. Lancaster KB804 Kindt Cecil John Edgar Lancaster I DV388 UM-S2
King A.J. Halifax LV938 King A.J.
King A.R. Anson
Anson A426
King A.R.
King B.F.J.
King B.S.
King B.W.
King C.A.
King C.E.
King C.H.
King C.M.
King C.N.
King C.O.
King C.W.
King D. Wellington BK564 King D.
King Daniel Baird Bolinbroke Anson Anson Lancaster Lancaster
King D.G.
King D.M. Halifax LK842 King E.A.
King E.L.
King F.
King F.B.
King F.C.
King F.E.
King F.E.
King F.H. Halifax MZ418 King F.J.
King G. King G.A.
King G.H.
King G.M.
King H.E.
King H.G. King H.G.
King H.G.
King Harold Herbert Lancaster I ME616 SR-B
King H.J.
King H.L.
King H.R.
King J.
King J.A.
King J.E.
King J.I.B.
King J.L. Halifax MZ822
King J.R. Halifax LW421
King J.R.
King K.B.
King K.M.
King L.A.
King L.R. Lancaster JA920
Halifax HR918
King M.
King M.K.
King P.M.
King P.W.
King R.
King R.
King R.B.
King R.B.
King R.C. Halifax EB220
King R.F.B.
King R.H.
King R.R.
King S.G.
King S.R.
King T.C. Halifax NP712 King T.R.
King W.A.
King W.A.
King W.E.
King W.H. Halifax HR871
King W.L.
King King Douglas Stuart
King John Clifton
King John Nelson Secoro
King Donald Chesley
King Francis Edward (Ted)
King George Frederick
King Bliss Dunfield
King Arnold William Charles Ernest
King George Thomas
King William David
King George Mccowan
King Perry
King Lawrence Clifford
King Rolph Henry
King William Robert
King Harold Herbert
King Francis Joseph
King John Gregory
King Gordon Lawrence
King John
King Elmer Charles
King William George
King Jack Alexander Stewart
Kingdon J.A. Hurricane
Kingdon O.F.
Kingdon R.V.
Kingdon Robert Verdun
Kinghorn Herbert Helmer
Kings D.
Kings P.G.
Kingsbury J.H. Mosquito
Kingsbury George Frazer
Kingscott E.W.
Kingsland E.N.
Kingsland R.R.
Halifax MZ864 Kingsland T.H.
Kingsland W.R.
Kingsland Edwin Herbert
Kingsley A.
Kingsley A.
Kingsley D.J. Kingsley W. Halifax HR816 Kingsley W.C.
Kingsley Joseph Leopold Rene
Kingsley William Charles
Kingsmill F.E.
Kingsmill G.R.
Kingston G.B.
Kingston J.C.
KIngston J.D.
Kingston J.S. Lancaster ME789
Kingston J.S. Lancaster JA921
Kingston J.S.
KIngston P.A.
Kingston P.B.
Kingston W.G.
Kingston Philip Alan
Kingswood G.T.
Kingswood Gordon Thomas
Kingwell J.A.L.
Kinley J.R.
Kinmond A.
Kinnaird William Johnstone
Kinne A.T.
Kinnear D.
Kinnear E.M.
Kinnear G.F. Halifax HR834 Halifax Halifax MZ903
Kinnear G.P.
Kinnear S. B-24 Liberator
Kinnear S.
Kinnear George Publow
Kinneard J.L.
Kinnee B.W.
Kinnee G.W.
Kinnee Ronald Alfred
Kinney G.G.
Kinney J.M.
Kinney J.R.
Kinney Irvine James
Kinniburgh Jack C. Halifax JN969 Halifax
Kinniburgh M.
Kinnis A.G. Lancaster ME668 Kinnon J.G.
Kinsella William James Moth Harvard Hurricane Spitfire Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon MP181
KInsey A.H.
Kinsey G.A.
Kinsey M.A.
Kinsey P. Kinsler T.F.
Kinsler Thomas Francis
Kinsley R.J.
Kinsman R.D.
Kinsman Bennett Graham
Kinton Clare
Kipfer C.W.
Kipp C.G.
Kipp E.N.
Kipp R.A. Mosquito Vampire Vampire
Kipp R.S.
Kipp T.R.
Kipp W.M. Halifax LL135 Kippan Lloyd Duncan
Kippan Claremon Delmar
Kippen Angus Lloyd
Kipper R.H. Halifax LW206
Kipping R.S.
Kiravey F.
Kirby D.C.
Kirby G.R. Halifax
Kirby H.A.
Kirby J. Halifax
Kirby R.R.
Kirby T.R.
Kirby Arthur Raymond
Kirby John Herbert
Kirby Walter Grenfell
Kirby Erlyn Everard
Kirby Alfred
Kirchin Clarence Gordon
Kirick D.
Kirk A.A.
Kirk A.P.
Kirk A.T.
Kirk C.F.
Kirk E.E. Halifax LW413
Halifax LW715 Kirk F. Kirk H.P.
Kirk J.E.
Kirk J.G.
Kirk J.H.
Kirk J.P.
Kirk N.S.
Kirk O.J.
Kirk T.E. Kirk W.H.
Kirk W.J.E.
Kirk W.J.M.
Kirk Thomas Lorne
Kirk Gordon Leonard
Kirk Norman Edward
Kirk Raymond Arthur
Kirk James Frederick
Kirk-Owen E.P.
Kirkbride D.
Kirkby A.G.
Kirkby I.F.
Kirkby O.C.
Kirkby Warren Milton
Kirkcaldy F.W.
Kirkham B. Halifax PT616
Kirkham C.D.
Kirkham C.W.
Kirkham E.R.
Kirkham S.R.
Kirkham Thomas Yarwood
Kirkham Ernest Bruce
Kirkland J.
Kirkland J.W.
Kirkland J.W.
Kirkland K.J.
Kirkland S.W.
Kirkland W.C.
Kirkland Harry Nettleton
Kirkpatrick C.J.
Kirkpatrick C.W.
Kirkpatrick D.H.
Kirkpatrick D.V.
Kirkpatrick G.D.
Kirkpatrick H.H.
Kirkpatrick J. Blenheim Z 6156
Kirkpatrick J.B.
Kirkpatrick J.G.
Kirkpatrick R.E.
Kirkpatrick R.M.
Kirkpatrick R.N.
Kirkpatrick W.H.
Kirkpatrick James Alexander
Kirkpatrick Herbert Joseph
Kirkpatrick Roy Nion
Kirkpatrick John Gillespie
Kirkvold K.P.
Kirkwood D.S.
Kirkwood L.
Kirkwood R.
Kirkwood R.A.
Kirkwood W.G.
Kirkwood Francis Lussier
Kirkwood Douglass-Smith
Kirley S.A.
Kirlin B.C. Typhoon
Kirlin Joseph Russell Arnold
Kirsch A.L.
Kirsch L.V. Typhoon Kirsch Abie
Kirsch Abraham Lionel
Kirschberg L.S.S. Kirschner Irving Jack
Kirstine Lloyd
Kirton G.H.
Kirton L. Kirton Lloyd
Kirton Harry James
Kisek J.H.
Kisilowsky Edward Lancaster PD216
Kisilowsky Edward Lancaster PD216
Kisilowsky Edward
Kissack J.C.
Kissick Victor Robert David
Kistler W.W.
Kistner R.H.
Kit J.
Kitchen D.C.
Kitchen H.A.
Kitchen H.A.
Kitchen I.
Kitchen J. Lancaster KB842
Kitchen S.R.
Kitchen W.C.
Kitchen John Colwell Halifax W7710
Kitchen Harold Allen Nelson
Kitchen Beverley Gordon
Kitchin J.M.
Halifax MZ288
Kitchin Jack Hurst
Kitching G.
Kite G.R.G.
Kite George Robert Graham
Kiteley A.J. (J.A.?) Lancaster PB203
Kiteley J.R.J.
Kiteley Raymond Valentine
Kitley P.J.
Kitson M.W.
Kitson Charles Albert
Kitt E.V. Wellington
Wellington HE419
Kitt Elliott
Kittmer C.F.
Kitts John Stephen
Kiziak H.
Kjellander W.E.
Klager C.H.
Klapkew Francis Joseph Wellington Anson Anson Anson Mosquito Mosquito Mosquito Mosquito Mosquito RS561
Klapkew Francis Joseph
Klaponski F.
Klarner Gordon Daniel
Klassen W.C. Klassen W.G.
Klatman J.
Klatman Joseph
Klatt E.H.S.
Klauer Aloysius William
Kleckner Cardell
Klein A.O.
Klein I.M.
Klein J.
Klein P.E.
Klein W.J. Halifax JB791
Klein Samuel
Klein Irvine George
Kleinau Herman Carl George
Klem R.W.
Klem John
Klementoski Walter John
Klersy W.T. Spitfire
Klersy William Thomas
Klesko R.S.
Kletsky J.A. Klienfeldt G.V.
Kliman Ira Irvin
Klimenko Michael
Klimovich A.
Kline R.
Klingbell L.C.
Klinkhamer T.L.
Klintworth Richard Barthold
Klokeid A.W.
Klombies R.P.
Klotz P.J.
Klovan A.
Klufas W.J.
Kluke D.V.
Knapik D.W.
Knapp C.H.
Knapp C.R.
Knapp G.E.
Knapp K.K.
Knapp R.S.
Knapp S.C.
Knapp W.J.
Knapp Roger Singleton
Knarr O.
Kneale Thomas Matthew
Knebel A.J.
Knechtel E.E.
Knechtel J.R.
Knechtel R.B.
Kneeland C.J.
Kneen E.W.
Kneen T.
Kneeshaw A.G.
Knetzer R.S.
Knewstub R.
Knibb A.H.
Knibbs Edward Frederick
Knickerbocker G.H.
Knickle R.J. B-17 Fortress KJ 103
Knier E.C.W.
Knight A.J. Wellington
Wellington W5476
Knight A.J.
Knight A.N. Halifax MZ907
Knight A.R.
Knight B.J.
Knight C.C.
Knight C.L.
Knight C.P.
Knight C.R. Halifax LL168
Knight D.A.
Knight D.A.
Knight D.H.
Knight D.R.
Knight E.H.
Knight E.H.
Knight E.J.
Knight E.L.
Knight H. Blenheim Z 7782
Knight H.J.
Knight H.R.
Knight I.W.
Knight J.C.
Knight J.F.
Knight J.R.
Knight J.R.
Knight J.T.
Knight K.B.
Knight M. Knight M.A.
Knight M.E.
Knight N. Wellington DV517
Knight N.W.
Knight O.W.
Knight P.A.
Knight R.
Knight R.E.
Knight R.G.
Knight S.M. Mustang Spitfire MV252
Knight S.N.
Knight T.J.
Knight W.L.
Knight W.M.
Knight Alan John
Knight Melvin
Knight Ernest Bigland
Knight Ronald Earl
Knight Martin Allan
Knight Ronald Charles
Knight Oswald Wellington
Knight Wilfred Leslie
Knightley Ronald George Edward
Knighton R.A.
Knights A.C.
Knights H.J.
Knights J.K.
Knights John Kingsley
Knippleberg J.
Knisley M.R. Wellington Z8332 Knobovitch Harry Finch Harvard Master Oxford Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax MZ603
Knobovitch Harry
Knock W.F.
Knoke A.L. Knoke Joseph
Knoll A.
Knorr E.M. Halifax MZ831
Knott A.S.
Knott A.V.
Knott H.J.B.
Knott J.
Knott S.R.
Knowland A.J.
Knowles A.F.
Knowles A.F.
Knowles B.
Knowles C.R.
Knowles G.W. Hudson
Hudson BW 700
Knowles J.M.
Knowles N.W.
Knowles P.H.
Knowles W.G.
Knowles W.L.
Knowles David Mcgillivray
Knowles George William
Knowles Fred
Knowling T.A. Knowlton J.L.
Knowlton R.A.
Knowlton Wesley R. Halifax III MZ529 SE-E
Kno A.
Kno A.M.
Kno D.G.
Kno G.W.F.
Kno J.
Kno J.
Kno J.B.
Kno J.D.
Kno J.E.
Kno J.J.
Kno K.W.
Kno N.D. Church of England
Kno R.F.
Kno S.H.
Kno T.J.
Kno Roy Vincent Bernard
Kno Vincent Cooke Lindsay
Kno Victor Alfred
Kno Chester Dwane
Kno-Leet E.R.
Knudsen D.F.
Knudsen P.C.
Knupp G.C.
Knupp G.W.
Knupp Gordon Winston
Knutson A. Knutson Vincent Harold
Knuuttila Arne Gabriel
Knysh M.
Kobierski M.J.
Koch A.
Koch J.D.
Koch T.
Koch T. Spitfire
Kochan H.H.
Kock D.
Koebel C.E.
Koehl L.W.
Koehl Leonard William
Koehler William Gordon
Koehn Arthur Ferdinand
Koellhoffer George Thomas
Koen V.J.
Koepke John Barth
Koester C.H.
Koester G.D.S.
Koester N.M.
Koffend J.A. Pres
Kogon M. Halifax DK252 Kohlmeier H.D.
Kohn J.F.S.
Kohn Benjamin Leo
Kohnke L.D. Halifax HR871
Kohnki L. Kohut J.
Kohut Frank
Koivu J.O.
Koivu Jack Olavi
Koken E.H.
Kokkola O.L.
Kolakowski S.E.
Kolb R.A.
Koleda P. Koleda Peter
Kolesar Thomas Norman
Kolisnek J.
Kolisnyk A.B.
Koller H.G.
Kolomic John Peter Halifax H147
Kolomic Johnny Peter
Kolosoff R.A.
Kolstad W.L.
Komaiko William Kadison
Komer Walter
Kommes J.J.
Kommes Joseph John
Kon W.E.M.
Kon William Emil Miroslav
Konantz L.J.
Konar S. Konhad F.
Konig A.
Konkle G.E.
Konkle James Allan
Kontzie Herbert Edwin
Konvalinka G.M.
Konver C.
Konzuk C.J.
Koopman W.J.
Kooyman A.C.
Kooyman B.
Kopacz Walter Anthony
Kopchuk John
Kopp Benjamin Peter
Kopp John Walter
Kopp Cornelius John
Korber T.
Korbyl P.F.
Korbyl Paul Frank
Koresky J.
Korlie W.
Korpela O.G. Lancaster ME700 Korski G.
Korski J.E.
Korski George
Korstrom E.A.
Kosabuski J.T.
Kosalle J.F.
Kosalle K.A.
Kosio J.C.
Koski W.J.
Koslo P.
Kosmack R.L.
Kossatz Thomas Carle
Kossup J.
Kostenuk William Michael
Kostiuk H. B-24 Liberator 594
Kostiuk W.D.
Kostoff J.T.
Kostyshyn William Martin
Kotelmach Peter Stanley
Kotofsky M.
Kottmeier L.H.
Kotyk A.
Kotyk M. Halifax MZ316
Kotyk Ale
Kovacich A.M.
Kovacich Anthony Michael
Kowal N.
Kowalchuk J.
Kowalchuk M.
Kowalchuk T.
Kowalchuk Theodore
Kowalski Louis
Kowalski John
Kowatsch A.W.
Kowbuz W.J.
Kowch M.
Kowk R.
Koyl D.H.
Kozachenko T.
Kozakavich W.C.
Kozicki W.
Kozlof A. Mitchell
Mitchell EW216
Kozlof Alexander
Kozlowski Stanley John
Kozlowski Stanley John
Kozmuk F.
Kozocki William Walter
Kozokar D.
Kozoriz G. Mitchell
Kozoriz J.
Kraglund B.J.
Krahn G.C.
Krahn George Cornelius
Krakovsky Ma Halifax NP701 Halifax NP699
Krakowsky M.S.
Kram J.B. Lancaster HK598
Kram Meryn
Kramer A.R.
Kramer C. Roman Catholic
Kramer C.E.
Kramer H.W. Spitfire ML295 Kramer I.
Kramer J.
Kramer V.F.
Kramer Julius
Krampe W.E.
Krampe William Ernest
Krampp H.G.
Krampp R.J. Liberator
Liberator EV945
Krampp Robert John
Krantz W.T.
Krantzberg J.
Krapek Louis Joseph
Krause C.A.
Krause J. Wellington Z8722
Krause Joseph Anthony
Kraushar E.L.
Krauter A.N. Krautschneider J.
Kravac William
Krawchuk Steve Lawrence
Krefting Raymond Marinus
Kreiner J.H. Kreklevich P.
Kreklewetz G.
Krempin E. Lutheran
Krentz H. Halifax LK680 Kress A.E.
Krestensen A.F.J.
Krett O.M.
Kreut Arthur
Krewenchuk Metro Ale
Kriger Louis
Krinke K.H.
Kristensen F.L.
Dakota KG 653
Kristensen Fred Larson
Kristjanson V.R.
Kristoff F. Halifax H286
Kritzer S.
Krnac L.J.
Krochak J. Halifax RG622
Kroeker W. Lancaster ND324 Kroeker C.W. Halifax NA582
Kroeker Walter
Kroes J.O.
Kroetsch F.A.
Kroft George C Halifax JP204
Krol J.
Kronbauer Kathleen Dorcas
Krook N.
Kropf L.E. Halifax W7770
Halifax MZ600
Kropf M.G.
Krotz Percy Earl Halifax W1251
Krueger C.R.
Krueger William Opsal
Krug K.E.
Kruger C.W. Lancaster
Kruger Frederick Charles Moth Anson Lancaster Halifax Anson ----- Canuck
Kruger Carl William
Krukowski B. Lancaster JB534
Krulicki Louis John Stirling R9261
Krupa S.J.
Kruse W.M.
Krynski Tony
Kryskow E.J.C.
Kryskow P.
Kryzanowski W.S.
Kuart J.
Kubicki W. Typhoon MN424
Kubin John Richard
Kucbel F.J.
Kuch P.
Kucharski W.J.W.
Kucheryk Peter
Kucinsky Joseph Wendelin
Kuczma Harry Peter Bolinbroke Bolinbroke Halifax Halifax MZ683
Kuebler F.G.
Kufske K.G.
Kufta A.M.
Kugelmass Jack
Kuhl A.G.
Kukulski W.
Kukurski R.
Kukurski Robert
Kuleski Stephen Halifax MZ506 QO-
Kullberg Elmer Nels
Kullbom V.A.
Kulyk Nick
Kumsky F.J.
Kunkel A.E.
Kunkel W.L.
Kuntz H.G.
Kuntz William Joseph
Kunz J.A.
Kunz James Jonathan
Kuozma P.H.
Kuperman A.
Kurek Stanley Peter
Kurtz Dennis Haig
Kurtzhals Allan Edward
Kuryk P.
Kuryk W.W.
Kurylo S.S.
Kuryluk W.
Kusch E.F..
Kusenko F.
Kusiar C.W.
Kusiar G.W.Wellington & B-24
Kusoma H.P. Halifax MZ683
Kutch E.W.
Kuviak W. Lancaster PA970
Kuzma A.
Kuzyk Eugene
Kvapilik Thomas Gerald
Kvasnak R.
Kwas M.
Kwas Michael
Kwasney William
Kwiatknowski J. Halifax MZ658 Kwinter S.N.
Kwinter Samuel Noah
Kwizak M.
Kydd G.W.
Kydd J. Lancaster PD274
Kydd W.M.
Kyle A.H.
Kyle C.A. Kyle C.H. Halifax
Halifax LW173
Kyle D.V.
Kyle G.J.
Kyle G.R.A.
Kyle H.D.
Kyle M.J.
Kyle W.A.
Kyle W.D.
Kyle W.J.
Kyle William Thomas
Kyle Wilton Henry
Kyle Charles Harrison
Kyle William Joseph
Kyles J.
Kyte M.S.
L’Abbe J.W. Halifax LW591
L’Abbe W.
L’Ami R.O.
L’Aventure G.E.
L’Heureu P.P.
L’Heureu J.R.M.
La Belle J.O.
La Belle P.A.
La Berge A.J.
La Bossiere Jules Joseph
La Brish Frederick Blair Anson Bolinbroke Anson Liberator AM926 Anson Anson Fortress Fortress 9205 Fortress 9203
La Brish Frederick Blair
La Chance E.J.
La Chapelle L.L.
La Clair W.E.
La Douceur C.J.
La Douceur R.E.
La Flamme J.E.A.
La Flamme Joseph George Euclid
La Fond L.E.
La Force J.A.P.
La France J.F.
La Freniere Joseph Frederic Paul Henry
La Grave H.J.
La Grave L.F.
La Jambe J.G.H.
La Londe D.G.
La Palme J.A.R.L.
La Palme Joseph Armand Roger Lucien
La Plante T.G.
La Pointe J.J.C.D.
La Pointe L.P.H.
La Porte Edmund Elie
La Rochelle J.L.E.
La Rocque A.M.
La Rocque L.L.H.
La Roque J.P.
La Rose G.C.F.F.D.
La Rose L. Roman Catholic
La Rose M.V.
La Rue G.E.
La Rush K.P.
La Salle J.D.L. Lancaster R5498
La Salle Joseph Daniel Leo
La Turner R.R. Lancaster KB795
La Vallee E.B.
La Valley L.E.
La Vigne R.J.
La Voie A.J.A.
La Voie J.G.
Laakso W.W.
Laatsch H.K.
Labach P.
Labach Peter
Labarge Leo John
Labarge Bernard Henry
Labarre P.J.
Labbe F..L.
Labbe J.W.
Labbe Joseph Paul Roland
Labbett E.C.
Labella Anthony Joseph
Labelle D.M.J. Halifax EB276
Labelle G.
Labelle G.L.
Labelle J.C.L.R.
Labelle J.E.N.
Labelle L.P.M.
Labelle M.
Labelle John Henry
Labelle Joseph Napoleon Emile Roger
Labelle Joseph Gaston Gustave Andre
Labelle Joseph Willie Conrad
Labercane C.J. Halifax NA608
Laberge A.
Laberge C.H.
Laberge E.C.
Laberge J.A.R. Lancaster ND493 Laberge J.J.M.P.
Laberge M.
Laberge M.J.J.P. Anson # 367
Laberge Joseph Claude Albert
Laberge Daniel Joseph
Labine H.R.J.
Labiuk George
Laboeuf J.A.A.
Labone T.L.
Labonte P.
Labow J.I. Halifax JD174 Labow John Irvin
Labram G. Mosquito
Labranche P.J.
Labreche G.J.
Labrecque Joseph Rosaire Jean Charles Halifax MZ538
Labrecque Joseph Rosaire Jean Charles
Labreque E.S.
Labrick G.C.
Labrie R.E. Lancaster
Lancaster ED663
Labrie Reginald Edmond
Labrosse E.L.
Labrosse J.C.J.R.
Lacaille V.J.P.
Lacasse C.
Lacasse Florian Mercier
Lacchia A.M. Halifax RG350
Lacelle Joseph Harvey Milton
Lacerte R.J.
Lacerte R.J.
Lacerte Charles Henry
Lacey D.G.
Lacey E.
Lacey H.F.A.
Lacey T.
Lacey W.M.
Lacey W.M. Lancaster
Lancaster KB731
Lacey Patrick Earl (Pat)
Lacey William Morris
Lacey Robert Henry
Lachambre R.L.
Lachance C.E.F.
Lachance J.O.J.
Lachance J.R.L.
Lachance R.
Lachance Joseph Leonidas Roger Rolland
Lacheur M.R.
Lachman W. Wellington MS481
Wellington HE322
Lacina Emanuel George
Lack S.
Lackman E.
Lacombe J.L.G.
Lacombe J.L.R.
Lacombe J.M.
Lacombe Joseph Mervin
Lacoste J.L.P.A.C.E.
Lacroi J.F.L.P.
Ladbrook H. Mosquito
Ladd F.L.
Ladd Frederick Lewellyn
Lade A.L.
Laderoute Michael John
Ladley J.
Ladner A. Halifax LV965 Ladouceur J.O.L.
Ladouceur L.
Laduke W.E.
Lafave W.J.
Laferriere J.L.A.
Laferriere Joseph Claude Raul Andre
Lafferty A.E.
Lafferty W.G.
Lafferty Albert Ervin
Laffin D.H.
Laffin G.N.
Laffin M.A. Halifax LK801
Laffoley J.C.
Laffoley J.G.L.
Laffoley John Gifford Laurence
Laflamme F.
Laflamme Henry Mathias Hurricane Typhoon Typhoon JP495
Laflamme J.K.
Laflamme J.P.E.
Laflamme J.P.G.B.
Laflamme P.
Laflamme Joseph Yves Camille Charles A.
Laflamme Henry Mathias
Lafleche L.A.
Lafleur J.R.D.R.
Lafleur Leonard James Patrick
Lafleur George Leo
Lafond L. Lafond P.C.E.
Lafontaine J.
Lafontaine J.E.R.
Lafontaine Theodore
Laforce J.E. Laforce P.
Laforce C. Halifax & Lancaster
Laforet L.J.
Laforet P.M.E.
Laforme G.W.
Lafoy L.
Lafoy L.S.
Laframboise J.E.C.R. Halifax LV840
Laframboise R.
Lafrance R.
Lafrance Hubert Elias Joseph
Lafranier V.G.
Lafreniere H.
Lafreniere J.A.J.L. Roman Catholic
Lafreniere J.J.A.
Lafreniere J.R.H.
Lafreniere P.
Lagace H.P.
Lagace Joseph Maurice Conrad
Laganiere M.L.M.G.
Lagarde J.L.H.
Lagden E.C.
Lageer E.A.
Lagerquist R.H. Halifax LW559
Lagimodiere A. Lagimodiere Donald Roderick
Laginskie A.V.
Lago J. Halifax DT723 Lago J.E.
Lago P.W.
Lahaie G.
Lahaie M.J.
Lahaise R.A.M.
Laidlaw A.F. Lancaster DV227
Laidlaw A.H.M.
Laidlaw A.M.
Laidlaw D.D. Halifax JD381 Laidlaw J.D.
Laidlaw J.M.
Laidlaw J.S.
Laidlaw L.A.
Laidlaw L.J.
Laidlaw M.J.
Laidlaw M.S.
Laidlaw P.C.
Laidlaw R.
Laidlaw R.G.N.
Laidlaw Joseph Stanley
Laidlaw James Dutton
Laidlaw Jeffery Cayley
Laidlaw David Drysdale
Laidler A.J.
Laidler D.G.
Laidler R.A.
Lailey J.W.
Lailey Peter Childs
Laine Sven Roy Walfrid
Lainess P.
Laing C.H.
Laing D.A.S.
Laing G.A.
Laing G.D.
Laing G.H.
Laing H.M.
Laing K.D. Whitley
Whitley LA937
Laing L.N.
Laing O.I.
Laing R.
Laing R.
Laing R.A.
Laing R.W.
Laing S.C.
Laing W.A.
Laing W.H.
Laing D.H. Lancaster LM133
Laing William G. Hurricane
Laing James Christopher Halifax NP682
Laing Norman Leslie
Laing Richard Arthur
Laing Keith Nesbitt
Laing John Arthur
Laing Frederick Davidson
Laing Leslie Norman
Laing James Christopher
Laird A.N.
Laird D.C.
Laird D.D.
Laird E.S.
Laird F.W.
Laird G.J.
Laird G.J.V.
Laird J.S.
Laird R.C.
Laird R.E.
Laird W.
Laird George Johnstone Halifax LV923 ZL-M
Laird David Albert
Laird David Drenel
Laird John Seddon
Lajeunesse A.R.
Lajeunesse P.E.
Lajeunesse R.
Lajeunesse U.R.
Lajoie A.R.
Lajoie J.R.
Lake A.
Lake A.E.
Lake D.S. Lake I.C.M.
Lake L.C.
Lake R.G. Spitfire MK267
Lake W.G.
Lake John William
Lake Kenneth Neville
Lakeman J.C.
Lakey T.M.
Laking A.B.
Lalande D.R.
Lalande J.J.R.
Laliberte A.
Laliberte J.J.
Lally J.M. Halifax HR751 Lally T.H.
Laloge H.R.
Lalonde D.A.
Lalonde J.A.J. Halifax MZ683 Halifax NR194
Lalonde J.A.L.
Lalonde J.A.W. Spitfire
Lalonde J.B.J.F.
Lalonde J.J.
Lalonde J.O.B.
Lalonde J.P.
Lalonde J.T.
Lalonde L.G.
Lalonde P.F.
Lalonde P.J.
Lalonde R.
Lalonde R.A.
Lalonde Joseph Jean Aleandre Victor
Lalonde Joseph Bernard Rene
Lalonde Lawrence Joseph
Lalonde Joseph Moise Gaston
Lalonde Joseph Boyd
Lalonde Joseph Albert Rodrigue Wilfrid
Lalonde Joseph Guy Bernard
Lalonde (1)
Lalor F.H. Ventura
Ventura AJ 173
Lalor G.
Lalor Fintan Howard
Lalumiere P.E.
Lamarche J.P.A.
Lamarche P.
Lamarche Leo Leon
Lamarre Joseph Yves Jean Claude Halifax MZ860
Lamarre Joseph Guy Georges
Lamarre Joseph Yves Jean Claude
Lamb A.D.
Lamb A.S.
Lamb A.T.
Lamb C.D.
Lamb D.C.
Lamb F.F.
Lamb H.
Lamb J.A.
Lamb J.A.
Lamb J.D.
Lamb J.E.
Lamb M.
Lamb N.G.M.
Lamb O.A.
Lamb R.A.
Lamb R.A.
Lamb R.D.
Lamb S.
Lamb S.H.M.
Lamb T.
Lamb W.A. Lancaster LM638
Lamb W.A.
Lamb W.C.
Lamb W.T.L.
Lamb W.W.D.
Lamb John Edward Michael
Lamb Thomas Fraser
Lamb James Lawrence
Lamb Collin Bruce
Lamb Robert Arthur
Lamb William Alexander Lancaster KB751 NA-Q
Lamb Leeming Cameron
Lambe C.
Lambe H.J.B.
Lambert A. Halifax HR854 Lambert A.A.
Lambert A.F.
Lambert C.A. Typhoon PD478
Lambert C.F.
Lambert E.
Lambert E.R.
Lambert F.F. Wapiti Blenheim/Lysander Vengeance Mosquito Lambert J.A.J. Halifax LW131
Lambert J.F.
Lambert James Fielden Spitfire BR490 Spitfire MA467 Spitfire MH903
Lambert G.H.
Lambert J.F.
Lambert J.J.H.
Lambert J.J.M.
Lambert J.L.P.
Lambert J.L.M.
Lambert J.W.
Lambert M.A.
Lambert R.A.
Lambert Kenneth Albert
Lambert Milford Alexander
Lambert James Fielden
Lambert Edward Roger
Lambert Charles Albert
Lambertus M.C.
Lambeth J.
Lambie D.W.
Lambo G.
Lambourne R.P.
Lambrinos H.P.
Lambros Andrew Moth Harvard Hurricane Typhoon ------ Vampire Sabre
Lambroughton D.B.R.
Lammerse Joseph Jack
Lamon S.G.
Lamon T.R.
Lamond James Crawford
Lamont A.A.
Lamont A.L.
Lamont D.M.
Lamont D.P.
Lamont D.W.
Lamont G.D.
Lamont J.
Lamont J.
Lamont J.D.A.
Lamont M.C.
Lamont P.W.
Lamont R.A.
Lamont R.W.
Lamont R.W.
Lamont T.J.N. Lamont Ian Craigie
Lamont James
Lamont Douglas Peter
Lamont Orville Alvin
Lamont Raymond Joseph
Lamontagne E.
Lamontagne J.
Lamontagne J.E.R.
Lamontagne J.G.G.C. Wellington BK340
Lamontagne L.P. Halifax PN173
Lamontagne Joseph Albert Yvon
Lamothe J.F..J.C.
Lamothe J.R.B.
Lamothe L.H.V.
Lamothe P.
Lamothe Marie Elizabeth Rita
Lamoure Lawrence Ronald
Lamourea A.E.
Lamoureu A.P.
Lamoureu G.M.J.
Lamoureu J.B.A.
Lamoureu J.G.H.
Lamoureu R.
Lamphear Norman Robert
Lampin F.E.
Lampin Frank Edward
Lamport A.W.
Lancashire H.J.
Lancaster D.S.
Lancaster G.C.
Lancaster G.H.
Lancaster G.K.
Lancaster H.L.
Lancaster J.
Lancaster J.D.
Lancaster L.R. Anson
Anson # 1675
Lancaster L.S.
Lancaster S.F.
Lancaster T.R. Church of England
Lancaster W.G.
Lancaster W.J.J.
Lancaster Lloyd Ross
Lancaster Hector Beattie
Lancaster John Douglas
Lancaster George Kenneth
Lance E.T. Lance William Ronald
Lance-Hudson W.R. Hudson
Lancefield H.A.
Lancelay C.H. Wellington BJ724
Lanceley Charles Henry
Lancey G.W.
Lanctin Joseph Wilfred Maurice Edmond
Lanctot J.J.R. Halifax NR172
Lanctot R.
Land E.F.
Land E.J. Land J.E. Stirling BF335
Land R.J. Spitfire I MH761
Land James Edward
Land Robert James
Landale C.W.
Landau H. Halifax
Landermann J.H.L.L.
Landers K.W.
Landers M.A.
Landers R.W.
Halifax MZ471
Landon R.G.
Landriault J.
Landry H.R.
Landry J.E.D.
Landry J.G.M.
Landry L.L.
Landry M.
Landry M. Halifax LW424
Landry R.
Landry Rene Rodger
Landsberg C.S.
Landsborough J.G.
Landsky John Frederick Halifax LL240
Landsky John Frederick
Lane C.H.
Lane D.A.
Lane D.J. Pres
Lane D.S.
Lane E.A. Lancaster
Lancaster LL627
Lane E.K.
Lane E.W.
Lane F.R. Roman Catholic
Lane G. Typhoon
Lane R.A.
Lane R.C.
Lane R.F. Halifax LW654 Lane R.J.
Lane R.P.L.
Lane S.J.
Lane T.C. Wellington Z1670
Lane T.H. Halifax L9610
Halifax HR799 Lane T.W.
Lane W.T. Spitfire
Lane Carleton Thompson
Lane Herbert Mitchell
Lane William Thompson
Lane Frank Sydney
Lanegraff Wilfred Ernest
Lanfranchi J.L.
Lanfranchi James Leon
Lang A.M.
Halifax LV920
Lang A.N.
Lang E.G.P.
Lang F.H.
Lang H.R. Halifax W1116
Lang J.C.
Lang J.G.
Lang J.G.
Lang L.A.
Lang M.G.
Lang N.D.
Lang N.E.
Lang O.W.
Lang R.F.
Lang R.G.R.
Lang R.J. Halifax LW436 Lang S.R.
Lang W.E.
Lang W.E.
Lang Andrew Alexander
Lang Sydney Stephen
Lang James Murray Reginald
Lang Francis Henry
Lang Wallace Ewing
Langdale N.
Langdale N.
Langdale Frank
Langdon D.R.
Langdon F.H.
Langdon I.H.
Langdon J.G.
Langdon N.W.
Langdon R.W.
Langdon Robert Edward
Langeum G.L.J.
Halifax PN173
Langevin J.M.P.
Langevin L.
Langevin O.
Langevin Joseph Arsene Adelard
Langevin G.
Langevin J.E.
Langfeldt K.S.
Langford A.E.
Langford A.E.
Langford E.S.
Langford F.G.
Langford G.C.
Langford H.G.
Langford H.H.
Langford J.M.H.
Langford L.G.
Langford P.W. Wellington R1450
Langford R.G. Langford Frederick George Halifax III LV778 C6-B
Langford Patrick Wilson
Langhorne W. Wellington
Wellington W5561
Langhorne William Deverau
Langill K.P.
Langille A.H. Lancaster W4827 Langille B.A.
Langille C.G.
Langille H.C.
Langille L.
Langille N.E.
Langille P.
Langille R.B.H.
Langille S.S.
Langille George Eugene Finch Harvard Hurricane Master & Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon MN912
Langillle V.E.
Langlais J.L.G.
Langlais M.J.G.
Langlands H.W.
Halifax NP992
Langley A.C.
Langley F.
Langley G.E.
Langley V.G.
Langley Frederick Anthon
Langley William Henry
Langley Russell Norris
Langley Lloyd George
Langlois H.I. Halifax DK147
Langlois H.
Langlois J.A.
Langlois J.D. Stirling
Stirling LK456
Langlois J.L.
Langlois J.O.H.M. Langlois L.
Langlois L.P.
Langlois R.J.M.
Langlois Joseph Adolphe Romeo
Langlois Louis Marie
Langlois Joseph Albert Roger
Langlois John D'Arcy
Langmack David Francis
Langman J.N.
Langmuir J.W.C. Langmuir K.M. Spitfire Langner A.
Langrell E.S.
Langridge G.L.
Langridge George James
Langrill William Arthur
Langrish H.K.
Langrish Harold Keith
Langstaff W.C.
Langston C.F.
Langston E.L.
Langston N.
Langstone C.E. Lancaster LL846
Langton D.M.
Langton H. Blenheim BA 446
Langtree W. Halifax LW223
Languedoc D.W.E.
Laniel J.A.G.G.
Lanigan E.N.
Lanigan G.J.
Lanin M.
Lankin K.W.
Lankin William Walford
Lanktree J.G.
Lanning A.E.
Lanning J.
Lanouette Joseph Andre
Lanquette R.A.
Lansdall F.C.
Lansdowne Edwin Arthur
Lanskail R.B.
Lanteigne J.G. Halifax DT634 Lanteigne R.
Lanthier E.P.
Lanthier U.
Lanthier J.H.R.
Lanthier J.J.U.
Lantinga S.R.
Lantinga W.
Lantz George Malcolm
Lanyon A.E.
Lapaire J.M.
Lapchuk T.
Laphen F.J.
Laphen J.S.
Lapierre A.J.
Lapierre J.J.B.G. Lancaster DS726 RCAF
Lapierre J.M.R. Halifax NR178 Lapierre L.
Lapin A.W. Lapin L.
Laplante J.P.
Laplante J.R.M.H. Roman Catholic
Laplante L.
Lapointe A.L.L.
Lapointe F.J.
Lapointe H. Lapointe H.D.
Halifax H352 Lapointe J.A.J.
Lapointe J.O.J.
Lapointe J.P.E.
Lapointe L.P.
Lapointe P.J.O.
Lapointe Jean Paul Claude
Lapointe Joseph Omer Andre
Lapointe Joseph Henri Dosithee
Lapointe Peter John Orville
Lapond L. Halifax JP199
Laporte E.E.
Laporte J.J.A.
Laporte J.L.D.
Laporte J.R.S.Y.
Halifax PN172
Laporte Joseph Eugene Raymond
Laporte Adolphe Norman
Lapp E.G. Spitfire
Lapp K.T.N.
Lapp P.D.
Lapp R.E.
Lapp R.R.
Lapp Cyril Samuel
Lappa V.L.
Lappin John Stephen
Laprade A.J.J.
Laprich J. Lapthorne F.J.
Larche Joseph Armand
Larcheveque P.A,
Larcombe L.E.
Larden A.W.J. Stirling EF452
Larden J.K.
Lardie J.P. Roman Catholic
Lardner V.P.
Lareau J.H.G.
Large A.W. Large G.R. Halifax JB790 Large J.L.R.
Large W.S. Spitfire BL809 Spitfire BM376
Large William Sydney
Large William Sydney
Large George Russell Halifax II JB790 EQ-V
Laricheliere J.E.P. Hurricane
Larin M.
Larin N.
Larin Joseph Louis Bernard
Larivee H.A. Lariviere J.D.V. Halifax Lariviere Joseph Rene Halifax MZ538
Lariviere M.
Lariviere M.A.T.
Lariviere W.
Lariviere Joseph Rene
Larkin C.N.
Larkin H.R.
Larkin J.M.
Larkin M.R. Lancaster
Lancaster KB731
Larkin Mark Richard
Larkin James Meyrick
Larkin Donald James
Larkins L.H. Wellington
Wellington HE737
Larkins R.J.
Larkman F.E.
Larkman Frank Ernest
Larkworthy D.R.
Larlee D.E. Halifax JD331 Larlee T.W. Spitfire MA637 Larmon R.
Larmour D.H.C.
Larmouth William Oswald Derry
Larney N.H.
Laroche A.
Laroche J.E.M.
Laroche L.
Laroche R.
Larochelle A.W.
Halifax LW688 Larochelle J.E.J.J.
Larochelle J.M.R.
Larochelle L.N.
Larocque B.G.
Larocque E.W.
Larocque G.W.
Larocque L.G.
Larocque W.M.
Larocque Joseph Albert
Laronde H.D.
Laronde P.R.M.
Laronde Gerald Grenville Joseph
Laronde Harry Demerse
Larone E.
Larose E.T.
Larose G.
Larose J.C.E.
Larouche C.J.
Larsen A.W.
Larsen C.D.
Larsen G.
Larsen Peder
Larsen Arnold Wilfred
Larsen George Martin
Larsen Frederick Albert
Larson A.A.
Larson A.M.
Larson C.
Larson C.A.
Larson C.A.
Larson C.W.
Larson D.H.
Larson E.A.
Larson G.M.
Larson L.E.
Larson L.L.
Larson O.P.
Larson R.B. Lancaster DS660 Larson R.H.
Larson S.O.
Larson V.M.
Larson W.J.
Halifax / Lancaster Larson Richard Henry
Larson Alfred Perry
Larson Clarence Floyd
Larson Ivar
Larson Oscar Frederick
Larson John Alexander Henry
Larter E.N.
Larter L.C.
Lasby L.E. Wellington
Lasby Lawrence Edley
Lasek J.
Lash W.H.
Lashley J.J.E.R.
Lashmar H.E.
Laskey D. Wellington 3699
Wellington HE905 Lasko S.
Halifax NP718
Laskoski H.P.
Laslett G.R.
Lasnier G.A.L.
Lassalle K. Halifax BB323
Lassard L.M. Lasser A.R.W.
Lasser Robert Arnold Samuel
Lassner Arthur Joseph
Lastuk W. Halifax LW198 Laswick A. Latchford J. Latchford L.C. N/Z
Later J.D.
Latham B.C.
Latham E.
Latham F.W.
Latham Horace Roger Halifax LL501
Latham Jim
Latham Frank Wilfred
Latham Horace Roger
Latimer E.C.
Latimer G.B.
Latimer J.W.
Latimer R.E.
Latimer R.R. Church of England
Latimer W. Latimer Lawrence Hugh
Latimer Gerald Bennett
Latondress N. Lancaster HK680
Latornell M.C.
Latornell Maurice Coupland
Latour J.
Latour A.J.
Latour J.J.P.A.
Latour Leo Alphonse John
Latourelle G.
Latremouille A.R.
Latremouille B.E.
Latremouille J.R. Wellington BJ783 Latremouille W.
Latremouille Joe Richard Lancaster KB834 WL-Y
Latsch J.F.
Latta G.E.
Latta J.B. Hurricane Hurricane
Latten E.
Latter A.T.
Laturney S.J.
Laturnus A.
Laturnus Andrew
Laubach B.M.
Lauber G.J.
Laubman Don C. Spitfire MJ230
Lauckner I.
Lauder A.A.
Lauder D.E.
Lauder G.R.
Lauder H.S.
Lauder W.M.
Lauder Jack Morgan
Lauder Gordon Robert
Laudrum F. Anson Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax NP703 Halifax NP759
Laudrum Ernest Hubert
Lauer A.M.
Lauer F.L.
Lauer F.R.
Laughlan Harmon Wendellyn
Laughland Alexander
Laughland Alan MacNeiley Lancaster ED735
Laughlin F.R.
Laughlin H.M.
Laughlin J.O.
Laughlin W.H.
Laughren R.C.
Laughton B.A.
Launey G.L.W.
Laur O.E.
Laurence Robert Howard Moth Harvard Hurricane Hurricane Typoon Typhoon RB233 Typhoon RB233
Laurence T.A. Laurence V.A. P-40 Kittyhawk
P-40 Kittyhawk Laurence Victor Arthur
Laurence Joseph Fernand Rolland
Laureys J.P.M.
Laurie A.
Laurie D.I.A.
Laurie J.
Laurie R.A.
Laurie Douglas Ian Alexander
Laurin J.D.
Laurin L.B.
Laurin L.K.
Laurin Jean Paul
Laushway E.D.
Laut J.W.
Laut William George
Laut Albin
Laut Ross K.
Laut George Weston
Lautenschlager A.H.
Lautenschlager E.C. United Church
Lauzon J.I.A.A.
Lauzon L.R. Halifax LW616 Lauzon Norman Leo
Lavallee C.
Lavallee H.
Lavallee J.A.A.T.
Lavallee J.H.A.
Lavallee L.
Lavallee L.
Lavallee L.J.
Lavallee Louis Ma
Lavallee Thomas Edward
Lavallee Joseph Pierre
Lavalley David Henry
Lavender J.
Lavender W.F.
Laventure Harold Hiram Andrew
Laver J.O.C.
Lavergne J.
Lavergne J.A.
Lavergne Elmer Ivan
Laverock D.J.
Lavers William Wilfred Henry
Laverty R.E. Lancaster PD312
Lavery E.S.
Lavery J.M.
Lavery L.W.
Lavery T.M.
Lavery T.W.
Lavery W.H.
Lavery W.R.
Lavery Kenneth Graham
Lavery Charles Algernon
Lavery Thomas Wilbert
Lavigne A.
Lavigne G.C. Stirling EE914
Lavigne J.G.H.A.
Lavigne Joseph Edward Robert
Lavigueur J.A.A.
Lavigueur J.B.A.
Lavine Solemn (Solly)
Laviolette J.A.
Laviolette Joseph Aleandre
Lavitt H.S.
Lavoie A.P.
Lavoie E.
Lavoie J.G.R.
Lavoie J.G.Y.
Lavoie J.V.M.
Lavoie M.J.P. Halifax MZ683 Halifax NR194
Lavoie P.H.M.
Lavoie R.
Lavoie S.G.B. Halifax BB303
Lavoie Y. Halifax LK739
Lavoie Norman Thomas
Lavoie Marcel
Lavoie Joseph Michael Guy Leroy
Lavoie Albert Joseph Arthur
Lavoie Marie Joseph Paul Henri
Law A.A.S.
Law A.O.
Law D.D.
Law D.W.
Law G.
Law G.W. Halifax LW209 Law H.E.
Law I.
Law K.J.
Law M.E.
Law M.J.
Law N.C.
Law R.B.
Law R.H.
Law R.R.
Law W.C.
Law Raymond Ingham
Law Harold Naismith
Law Robert Ronald
Law Albert Clayton
Law Joseph Franklin
Law Ian
Law James
Law Robert Robinson
Lawie C.
Lawler A.G.
Lawler W.L.
Lawless J.F.
Lawless J.J.
Lawless Joseph Frederick
Lawless James Francis
Lawley Edward Douglas
Lawley Thomas Daniel
Lawlor J.J. Halifax LW199 Lawlor J.P.
Lawlor J.R.R.
Lawlor R.J.
Lawlor R.J.
Lawn John Andrew
Lawrence A.E.
Lawrence A.G. Beaufighter
Lawrence A.W. Anson
Anson 7056
Lawrence B.E.
Lawrence C.H.
Lawrence C.M.
Lawrence D.O.
Lawrence D.R.
Lawrence E.C.
Lawrence F.A. Pres
Lawrence F.W.
Lawrence G.B.
Lawrence G.E.
Lawrence G.H.
Lawrence G.M.
Lawrence G.V.
Lawrence H.H.
Lawrence J.
Lawrence J. Lawrence J.
Lawrence J.
Lawrence J.A.
Lawrence J.B.
Lawrence J.E.
Lawrence J.F.B.
Lawrence J.W.
Lawrence K.W.
Lawrence M.E.
Lawrence M.F.
Lawrence M.V. Halifax H320
Lawrence N.B.
Lawrence P.B.
Lawrence P.S.
Lawrence R.C.

Hurricane BN160
Lawrence R.F.
Lawrence R.R.
Lawrence R.S.
Lawrence S.E.
Lawrence S.K.
Lawrence S.T. Halifax LV921
Lawrence T.A.
Lawrence T.S.
Lawrence W.C.
Lawrence W.D.
Lawrence W.J.
Lawrence W.P.
Lawrence Arthur Henry
Lawrence Reginald Marcus
Lawrence Arthur William Francis
Lawrence James Allison
Lawrence Richard Chilrose
Lawrence John Buchanan
Lawrence William Joseph (Bill)
Lawrence Arthur William Francis
Lawrence Harvey Franklin
Lawrence Henry Bruce
Lawrence Kenneth Frank
Lawrence Glyn James
Lawrence Jack
Lawrence William John
Lawrence Edward Charles
Lawrence Ralph Maurice
Lawrence William Charles
Lawrence Donald Earle Craig
Lawrence Allan Keith
Lawrence George Henry
Lawrence Francis Winburn
Lawrence Thomas Selborne
Lawrence George Richard
Lawrenec W.G.
Lawrenson R.E.
Lawrie F.D.
Lawrie J.B.
Lawrie J.C.
Lawrie J.L.
Lawrie R.S.
Lawrie Robert John
Lawry Gordon Williams
Laws H.W. Laws J.R.
Lawson Arthur Edward Anson Stinson Bolinbroke Anson Halifax Halifax NP690 Halifax NP722
Lawson A.H.
Lawson A.H.S.
Lawson A.M.
Lawson A.M.
Lawson A.P.A.
Lawson B.M.
Lawson D.F. Halifax NP690
Lawson D.H.
Lawson G.A. Lawson G.B.
Lawson G.H.L.
Lawson G.M.
Lawson G.W.
Lawson H.A.
Lawson J. Lawson J.
Lawson J.
Lawson J.A.
Lawson J.H.
Lawson K.F.
Lawson R. Spitfire
Lawson R.N.
Lawson R.W.

Spitfire RM804 Lawson V.M.
Lawson W.C. Lawson W.R.
Lawson Lloyd Theodore
Lawson John Stephen
Lawson Clovel Fay
Lawson Harry Taylor Anderson
Lawson Gordon Herbert Moth Crane Oxford Whitley Wellington Wellington Wellington HP631
Lawson Kenneth William
Lawson Orval Percy
Lawson Victor Mitchell
Lawson Wilfred Carroll
Lawson Harry Richard
Lawton A.A.
Lawton D.E.
Lawton Darwin Cameron Halifax NP689
Lawton Harry
Lawton Richard Woffendale
Lawton Clinton Ernest
Lawton Darwin Cameron
Ladal J.
Ladal Hugh Lawrence
Laton E.
Lay H.M. Lay W.R.
Lay Peter Charles Everett
Lay Ronald William
Lay William Robert
Layard A.R.
Laycock C.W.
Laycock Maurice Preston Typhoon MN870
Laycock R.W.
Laycock W.R.
Laycock Joseph Frederick
Laycock Maurice Preston
Layden J.D.
Layman A.T.
Layman T.L.
Halifax LW209
Layng W.G.
Layng William George
Layton D.M.
Layton D.N.
Layton E.J.
Layton J.G.G.
Layton Michael Shakespeare Anson Battle Anson Hudson AM818 Liberator Liberator Anson Liberator & Fortress
Layton T.A.
Layton Frederick William Halifax LW686 Halifax LW582
Layton Frederick William
Lazarowich M.J.
Lazelle J.H.
Lazenby Thomas Henry
Lazier C.S.
Lazier F.H.
Lazier T.A.
Lazier Vernon John
Le Bel G.Y.
Le Bel Joseph Ovila Maurice
Le Blanc A.T.
Le Blanc D.J.
Le Blanc E.L.V.
Le Blanc J.C.J.P.
Le Blanc J.J.M.
Le Blanc W.L.
Le Blanc Joseph Hyacinthe Ulysses
Le Blanc Ernest Joseph
Le Blanc Joseph Renee Aleis
Le Blanc Albert Thomas
Le Blond H.W.
Le Blond J.H.W.
Le Boeuf R.S. Halifax MZ495
Le Boldus M.J.
Le Brock Joseph Willy Odessa Roger Garry
Le Brun H.L.
Le Brun J.L.L.
Le Cheminant A.N.
Le Chien Leonard Francis
Le Clair M.L.
Le Clair R.N.
Le Claire Eugene Joffre Kenneth
Le Courtois A.J.
Le Craw L.H.
Le Dressay F.M.
Le Drew D.A.P.
Le Drew Donald Alfred Parsons
Le Flufy D.R.F.
Le Francis R.W.
Le Furgey Osborne Bayfield
Le Gear D.C.
Le Gear F.S.
Le Gear V.H.J.
Le Gear Frederick Stanley
Le Grice E.G.
Le Gros Philip John Moth Anson ?
Le Grow Ronald Hudson
Le Liever Donald Elmer
Le Mare J.D. Le Mare John David
Le May M.B.G.
Le Mere Roland Walter
Le Moine Vernon Albert
Le Noury H.F.
Le Noury Harold Frederick
Le Page A.L.W.
Le Page B.C.
Le Page F.B.
Le Page W.J.
Le Page Joseph Louis Philippe
Le Page Adrian Roland Joseph
Le Roue R.G.
Le Roy A.W.
Le Roy G.R.K.
Le Saunier M.J.
Le Sauvage W.S.D.
Le Sergent M.W.
Le Sueur D.R.
Le Vasseur Lucien Charles
Lea A.E.
Lea E.R.
Lea G.B.
Lea H.F.
Lea J.N.
Lea N.
Lea P.E.
Lea Stephen Alfred William
Leach C.E.
Leach D. Hurricane / Harvard
Leach D.K.
Leach D.M.
Leach G.B. Lancaster ED778 Leach H.C.
Leach J.A.
Leach J.D.
Leach J.O.
Leach R.M.
Leach W.D.
Leach W.I.
Leach Douglas Beatty
Leach William Howard Edgar
Leach Leonard Charles Robert
Leach Ronald Wilfred
Leach John Anthony
Leach John Edward
Leach Charles Francis
Leach Roy Arthur
Leadbeater L.R.
Leadbeater R.N.
Leadbeater Gordon Bruce
Leadbeater Arthur Cameron
Leader H.A.
Leader R.A.
Leader Robert Arthur
Leadlay E.B. Stirling EF311 Leadley W. Wellington HE553 Lancaster DS830
Leadley Henry Roy
Leadley Henry Roy
Leaf C.C. Hurricane
Leafloor C.G.E.
Leafloor E.H.
Leagas V.T.
Leah H.M.
Leahy J.J.
Leahy T.W.
Leahy Thomas William
Leake E.J.L.
Leake Albert Edward
Leaman J.R.
Leaman Joseph Edmund
Leaman James Richard
Leamen R.J.
Leaming W.C.
Leaming William Clothier
Lean Richard Harvey
Leander I. Leaney C.P.
Leaper R.W.
Lear N.E.
Leard J.R.
Leard William Godfrey
Learmonth A.J.
Learmonth N.R. Hurricane Hurricane
Learmonth Andrew Owen
Learmonth Norman Russel
Learn L.B. Halifax
Halifax LW173
Learn R.B.
Learn Robert Bradford
Learn Keith Grant
Leary D.C.
Leary R.E.
Leask D.J.
Leask G.R.K.
Leask M.R.
Leask Donald Grant
Leather R.J.
Leatherdale C.G.
Leatherdale N.K.
Leatherdale Charles Grant
Leatherdale Harry Clifford
Leatherman Russel Quince
Leaver W.S.
Leaver Francis Henry
Leavis C.W.
Leavitt D.T.
Leavitt S.A.
Leavitt William Herbert Champion Finch & Moth Anson Oxford Wellington Boston Liberator Dakota Dakota
Leavitt W.L.
Leavitt Douglas Thayne
Leband F.G.
Lebano Vincent Joseph Louis
Lebano Frank George
Lebans A.R.
Lebeau M.F.
Lebel G.Y.
Lebel J.M.P.E.
Lebel P.
Lebel Georges Yvon
Lebel-Dit-Beaulieu J.D.R.
Lebihan Gabriell Emile Joseph
Leblanc A.E.
Leblanc D.
Leblanc I.
Leblanc J.C.M.
Leblanc J.E.G.
Leblanc J.L.H.
Leblanc J.L.P.
Leblanc J.M.
Leblanc J.M.E.
Leblanc J.R.G.
Leblanc J.W.
Leblanc J.Y.
Leblanc M.R.
Leblanc R.
Leblanc R.N.
Leblanc T.
Leblanc Charles Emile
Leblanc John Maurice
Leblanc Joseph Edouard Gerard
Leblanc Joseph Thomas Lloyd
Leblanc (2) P.
Leboeuf A.
Leboldus Peter John
Leboldus John Anthony
Leboldus Martin Benedict
Lebouef S.R.
Lebrecque J.R. Halifax
Halifax MZ538
Lebrun J.R.N.
Lecavalier B.
Lecavalier E.M.J.U.V. Lecavalier J.E.M.F.
Lecavalier Eugene Marie Joseph Ulric Victor
Lechow B.
Leckenby J.H.
Leckie G.G.
Leckie J.L.
Leckie M.
Leckie Robert
Leckie R.C.
Leckie Norman Abraham
Leckie John Campbell
Leckie John Alexander
Leckie Albert Wordie
Leckie Robert Clarke
Leckie John Lyle
Lecky C.R. Lancaster
Lancaster KB853
Lecky Clarence Reginald
Leclaire J.J.H.G.
Leclaire Joseph Jacques H. Guy Halifax V898
Leclerc B.
Leclerc E.R.A.
Leclerc J.B.M.
Leclerc J.L.B.S.
Leclerc J.S.R.
Leclerc Jean Paul Denis
Leclerc Joseph Norbert Gerald
LeCompte J.H.
Lecompte J.H.L. Lecoq Pierre Auguste Spitfire ---------- Vampire
Lecours J.G.R. P-40 Kittyhawk Lecuoffe P.
Lecuyer P.
Lecuyer P.J.J.
Ledbetter D.E.?
Leddy Gerald Bernard
Ledford William Holt Anson Anson & Bolinbroke Anson Oxford Wellington Wellington Wellington DF665 Halifax Halifax Halifax EB255
Ledford William Holt
Ledger R.W.
Ledger W.H.
Ledger Roy Walton
Ledgett Milton Ray
Ledingham G.G.
Ledingham H.R.
Ledingham J.I.
Ledingham W.A.
Ledingham W.E.
Ledingham W.M.
Ledingham Robert Alexander
Ledou H.C. Ledou J. Wellington Z8492
Ledou J.E.M.
Ledou J.R. Ledou J.R.F.
Ledou R.B.
Ledou Georges Paul Henri
Ledou Joseph Henri Roger Robert
Ledressey L.E.
Ledressey P.J.
Leduc A.D.G.
Leduc E.
Leduc J.P.E. Halifax BB303
Leduc J.R.J.
Leduc Joseph Jean Baptiste Laurier
Leduc Marie Joseph Claude Hamel
Ledyard L.C.
Lee A.
Lee A.L.
Lee A.T.
Lee A.T.
Lee B.H.
Lee B.W.
Lee C.A.
Lee C.B.
Lee C.C.
Lee C.C. Lee C.T.E.
Lee D.B.
Lee D.C.
Lee D.G.
Lee D.H.
Lee E.
Lee E.
Lee E.G.
Lee E.L.
Lee E.T.
Lee G.
Lee G.A.
Lee G.E. Lee G.H.
Lee G.O.
Lee H.A.
Lee H.H.
Lee H.L.
Lee H.T.E.
Lee J.C.
Spitfire MK230 Lee J.D.
Lee J.F.
Lee J.G. Lancaster
Lancaster LL755
Lee J.G.
Lee J.G.
Lee J.L. Halifax DT779
Lee J.P. Halifax LW129
Lee J.P.
Lee J.P.
Lee J.R. Stirling W7532
Lee J.S.
Lee J.W.
Lee J.W.
Lee L.E.
Lee M.
Lee O.R. Lee P.F.
Lee P.J.
Lee P.S.
Lee R.C.M.
Lee R.D.
Lee R.E. Lee R.E.
Lee R.F.
Lee R.H.
Lee S.C. Wellington
Lee S.C.
Lee S.E.
Lee T.
Lee T.B.
Lee T.E. Halifax LL152
Lee T.R.
Lee W.C.
Lee W.H.
Lee William John Halifax LL240
Lee W.M.
Lee W.R.
Lee H.D. Halifax Halifax MZ660
Lee John Gosnell
Lee Lloyd George
Lee William Thomas
Lee Arthur Geoffrey
Lee Frederick John
Lee Melville Spencer
Lee Charles Campbell
Lee James Livingston
Lee Howard Osborne
Lee Herbert John
Lee Richard Le Roy
Lee Robert Thomas
Lee Wilbur Moats
Lee Everett Victor
Lee Richard John
Lee Calvin Frederick
Lee Jack Griffin
Lee Thomas Edwin
Lee John Robert
Lee Robert Edward
Lee Carl Thomas Edward
Lee John Joseph
Lee William John
Lee Edgar John
Lee Jim Gen
Lee Conrad Albert
Lee Gordon William
Lee-Knight R.A.
Lee-Warner G.
Leece Herbert
Leech C.H.
Leech Lawrence Malcolm
Leech John Peter
Leech Frederick Sydney
Leech Francis James
Leeder C.E.
Leeds P.
Leeds Phil
Leeming H.J.
Leeming John
Leeper J.F.
Lees A. Lees A.G. Wellington BK436
Wellington HE159
Lees C.S.
Lees D.J.
Lees E.A.A.
Lees J.M.M.. Lees J.S.
Lees S.I.
Lees T.O.
Lees George Douglas Lancaster I ME730 KM-R
Lees John Clive
Lees Sydney Isaiah
Leese Robert Gibson
Leese William Hewison Halifax LV818 ZA-F
Leeson M.J.
Leeson R.B.
Leet R.J.
Leet Finley Ralph
Leetham J.H. Hurricane BE579
Hurricane BE579
Leetham Joseph Henry
Leether Albert
Lefave Emile Joseph Anson Halifax
Lefcoe J.
Lefeau L.
Lefebvre E.R.H.Y.
Lefebvre F.S.
Lefebvre J.M.
Lefebvre J.M.A.J.
Lefebvre M.J.T.R.
Lefebvre R.O.
Lefebvre T.H. Halifax W1146
Lefebvre Gordon Randolph
Lefebvre John Walter Raymond
Lefebvre Joseph Donat Camille
Lefeuvre S.G.
Lefevre Allan William
Leffler C.H.
Lefort P.J.
Lefroy Henry Keith
Leftly E.A.
Leftly Emerson Master
Leftly Nelson
Lefurgey B.H.
Lefurgey John Alfred
Lefurgey Archie William
Legaarden C.K. Lancaster KB911 Legaarden L.T.
Legace H.P.
Legace L.F.
Legace Lawrence Firge
Legacy Valerie David
Legare J.P.E.
Legare L.
Legary Harvey Albert
Legault A.
Legault A.E.D.
Legault E.
Legault E.G. Lancaster KB735
Legault H.M.S.
Legault J.
Legault J.C.A.
Legault J.E.E.
Legault J.E.
Legault J.H.E.
Legault P.H.
Legault ?
Legault Joseph Georges Jean
Legault Jean Breboeuf Laurent
Legault Joseph Henri Charles
LeGear V.H.J.
Leger A.
Leger J.J.P.
Leger Joseph Antoine Albert
Legere Joseph Reginald Evariste Lancaster
Legere Frederick Mawell
Legere Joseph Reginald Evariste
Legg E.R.
Legg P.G.
Leggat P.S.
Leggat L.W.
Leggat M.A.
Leggat P.S.
Leggat R.J.
Legge A.E.E. Church of England
Legge D.C.
Legge F.H.
Legge G.W.
Legge H.T.
Legge P.S.
Legge Lionel Edgar
Legge Robert Colin
Legge Preston St. Clair
Leggett E.H.
Leggett G.E.S.
Leggett H.N.W.
Leggett L.H.
Legon John Sydney
Legris A.J.
Legris Joseph Alphonse Irenee Roland
Legros C.B.
Legroul Claude Oscar
Leguerrier Joseph Gilbert Hector Spitfire
Lehman A.
Lehman A.R.
Tiger Moth
Master & Spitfire
Lehman F.E. Lancaster KB809
Lehman H.A.
Lehman R.J.
Lehman R.N. Halifax LL176
Lehman W.H.
Lehman Leonard Wilfred
Lehman Bruce Edward
Lehman Edgar Clarence
Lehn A.
Lehrer J.M.
Lehring W.J.
Lehti H.W.
Lehto W.P.
Leibel B.
Leichnitz K.P.
Leidl H.P.
Leier A.J.
Leigh C.C.
Leigh E.W.
Leigh H.A.
Leigh J.B.
Leigh J.E.
Leigh J.M.
Leigh L.
Leigh Z.L.
Leigh Kenneth
Leigh Charles Hardy
Leightizer S.W.
Leighton B.E.
Leighton I.H.
Leighton J.
Leighton M.J.
Leighton Robert Frederick
Leighton James Alan
Leinbach R.L.
Leishman D.
Leishman G.E.
Leishman J.S.
Leishman L.W. Halifax LK863
Leiskau H.T.
Leitch A.H.
Leitch A.J.
Leitch A.K.
Leitch D.H.
Leitch H.A.
Leitch H.W.
Leitch R.
Leitch W.G.
Leitch John William Battle & Bolinbroke Anson Oxford Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax LV989
Leitch Donald Mclellan
Leitch Glenn Arthur
Leitch John Bruce
Leitch Cecil Desmond
Leitch Archibald Havill
Leiter M.
Leith A.F.
Leith G.
Leith P.E.M.
Leith R.S.
Leith W.
Leithead F.T.
Leithead J.C.
Leithead John Chalmers
Leithead Frank Taylor
Lejambe Joseph Gilbert Newton
Lejeune J.R.
Lekis Walter Raymond Halifax MZ603
Leleu H.W.
Lellman R.S.
Leman Robert Arthur
Lemay J.A.R.
Lemay R.E.
Lemieu A.H.R. Halifax MZ632
Lemieu M.J.J.H.
Lemieu R.
Lemieu Joseph Henri Thomas Jacques
Lemire A.J.
Lemire J.R.A.
Lemire P.
Lemire R.E.
Lemire J.G.
Lemke M.F.
Lemke John Julius Wellington Z1680
Lemke John Julius
Lemky Ronald George
Lemmerick John Albert
Lemmerick George Earl
Lemmon W.E.
Lemmon Ralph Ernest
Lemoal L.J. Lancaster JB565
Lemoine J.P.F.
Lemoine Lorne James Stinson Battle Wellington Wellington Wellington Wellington Wellington Wellington
Lemoine Lorne James
Lemoins G.L.
Lemon E.A.
Lemon F.S.
Lemon G.D.
Lemon H.A.
Lemon H.E.
Lemon Leonard Burnie Halifax JD106 Halifax Halifax
Lemon R.L.
Lemon James Edward
Lemon John Harold
Lemoureu J.B. Halifax LK918
Lempriere G.H.
Lenaghan C.M.
Lenaghan J.P.
Lenehan T.H.
Lenehan John Donald
Lenichek Victor Raymond
Lenihan G.J.
Lenihan J.F.
Lennie D.A. Halifax LL183
Lennie P.S.
Lennie T.W.
Lennon L.P.
Lennon Frank Robert
Lenno C.S.
Lenno D.H.
Lenno D.T.
Lenno G.A.
Lenno M.J.
Lenno W.B.
Lenno W.J.A.
Lenno Andrew
Lenno John Watt
Lenover R.M.
Lenover William Beverley Harvard & Fort Battle Hudson Hudson AM598
Lenover Charles Stephen
Lensniewich T.
Lenson A.D.
Lentsch G.
Lenz K.E. Lancaster PB184 Lenz Lambert William Halifax ll DT642
Leonard A.R.
Leonard C.T.
Leonard D.W.
Leonard E.J.
Leonard H.L.A.
Leonard J.
Leonard J.C.A. Leonard L.A.W.
Leonard R.G.
Leonard R.K.
Leonard R.O. Stirling BF482 Leonard W.G.
Leonard Arthur Murray
Leonard Raymond Gale
Leonard John
Leonard Roderick John
Leone N.
Leone Nuncie
Leopold Herbert Arthur
Lepage L.A.J.
Lepage P.
Lepard H.M.
Lepine G.
Lepine J.H.C.A. Lancaster DV394
Lepine Joseph George Ambroise
Lepp R.J.
Leppard F.E.
Lepper Harry Joshua
Leppert S.E.
Leppert Spencer Edwin
Leppington G.W. Lancaster KB817 Leppington J.T.
Leprich J. Leranbaum A.S.
Lerhe S.A.
Leringer A.L.
Lerl F.W. Halifax
Halifax LW495
Lerl Frederick William
Lerman A.
Lerminiau R.
Lerner A.H.
Lerner S.
Lerner S.
Lerou A.
Lerou A.S. Lerou F.C.
Lerou G.G.
Lerou J.G.R.
Lerou J.J.J.
Lerou Romeo Lionel
Lerou Adrian Steve
Lesage A. Lesage Joseph Alexander
Lescaudron R.J.
Lesesne C.
Lesesne Charles
Leshko L.
Lesiuk M.
Leskiw J.
Lesley Arthur Bennet
Leslie A.B.
Leslie D.
Leslie D.
Leslie D. Spitfire
Leslie G. Mosquito MM586
Leslie G.H.
Leslie G.J.I.
Leslie I.T.
Leslie J.A.
Leslie J.C.
Leslie J.G. Halifax JP121 Leslie J.G.
Leslie J.P.
Leslie P.J. Mosquito
Leslie K.M.
Leslie M.N.
Leslie R.C.
Leslie R.O.
Leslie R.W.
Leslie S.M.
Halifax LW415 Leslie W.
Leslie W.A.
Leslie W.J. Leslie Percy Gartshore
Leslie William
Leslie William Alexander
Lesperance J.J.P. Halifax MZ860
Lessard C.A.
Lessard F.
Lesser Raymond
Lester H.A.
Lester J.H.R.
Lester O.J.
Lester T.K.
Lester George Martial
Lestrange T.V. Church of England
Lesy H.
Letard M.
Letarte Letawske V.
Letcher Albert Clayton Lancaster II DS734 KO-Y
Letchford G.S.R.
Lethbridge John William
Letheridge W.U.
Letkemann G.H.
Letourneau A.H.P.E.
Letourneau J.G.J.
Letson F.R.
Lett A.A.
Lett A.J.
Lett K.C. Lettner P.L.S.
Letts T.H.
Letts Ralph Thomas
Leuty Allen Henry
Levasseur J.J. Wellington HE864 Levasseur M.R.
Levasseur Benoit Albert
Levasseur Joseph Jean Marie
Levasseur Joseph Armand Roger
Leveille E.K. Hurricane Hurricane P3724
Levene Alfred Barish
Leveque A.J.F. Roman Catholic
Levere H.L. Halifax HR852 Levere O.H. Spitfire ML140 -------- Leverrier Gabriel Charles
Levesque A.
Levesque J.A.
Levesque Joseph Auguste Omer Spitfire Vampire F-86 Sabre
Levesque J.C.H.
Levesque J.M.
Levesque J.O.A.
Levesque J.P.O.V.
Levesque L.
Levesque O.
Levesque R.
Levesque V.M.P.E.
Levesque Fernand Joseph
Levesque Edmond Joseph Vital Spitfire Vb Vb EE666 Spitfire Vc Vc AA746
Levesque Joseph Thomas
Levesque Joseph Pierre Octave Victor
Levesque Stanley Joseph
Levesque Reid Edmond
Levesque (2) R.
Levi D.M.
Levi J.A. Mustang AG548 Levin M.
Levine A.
Levine A.N.
Levine T.G.
Levine Sam Meyer
Levine Harry Edgar
Levine David
Levins Milford Glen Thomas
Levinson S.C.
Levis L.G.
Levis S.E. Halifax NP811
Levis W.H.
Levitan E.
Levitin N.
Levitt F.A.
Levitt M.M.
Levitt Isadore Samuel
Levy E.G. Levy J.L.
Levy Henry (Harold)
Levy-Despas GuyåÊ Andre
Levy-Despas (AKA Carlet) G.A.
Spitfire BP957
Lewall G.J.B.
Lewin J.G.B.
Lewin L.L.
Lewingdon A.L.G.
Lewington A.J.
Lewis A.
Lewis A.D. Halifax W7766
Lewis A.D.
Lewis A.E.
Lewis A.J.
Lewis A.J.
Lewis B.G. LancasterJB 189
Lewis C.F.
Lewis C.J.
Lewis C.L.
Lewis C.W.
Lewis D.J.
Lewis D.T.
Lewis E.B.
Lewis E.N.
Lewis E.W.
Lewis F.A.
Lewis F.B.
Lewis F.E.
Lewis F.G.
Lewis F.G.
Lewis G.A.
Lewis G.A. Halifax
Halifax MZ562
Lewis G.G.W.
Lewis G.J.
Lewis H.C.
Lewis H.J.
Lewis H.M.
Lewis H.S.
Lewis J.A.
Lewis J.D.
Lewis J.F.
Lewis J.G.R.
Lewis J.J.S.
Lewis J.M.
Lewis J.P.
Lewis J.T.
Lewis L.A.
Lewis L.R.
Lewis M.F. Lewis M.S.
Lewis N.D.
Lewis P.E. Hudson
Lewis P.G.
Lewis R. B-24 Liberator
Lewis R.A.
Lewis R.G.
Hurricane L1688

Hurricane P3229
Hurricane Lewis R.J. Whitley Z6975
Lewis R.R.?
Lewis R.R.
Lewis R.W.
Lewis T.A.
Lewis T.G.
Lewis T.L.
Lewis T.S.
Lewis T.W. Lancaster R5484 Lewis V.F. Halifax
---- CL-28 Argus
Lewis V.H.
Lewis W.E. Lancaster PA998
Lewis W.J.
Lewis W.M.
Lewis W.V.
Lewis W.W.
Lewis William Thomas Harvard & Fort Anson & Battle Wellington Wellington Wellington 3754 Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster W4888
Lewis Albert Anthony
Lewis Arthur Lloyd
Lewis Edward John
Lewis Gordon James
Lewis Walter
Lewis Gerald Edwin
Lewis James Norman
Lewis Richard James
Lewis Gordon Ralph
Lewis Jack Edwin
Lewis Herbert Dalton
Lewis Albert Bennett
Lewis James Melford
Lewis Duncan Hamilton
Lewis Richard Hubert
Lewis Glen Edwin
Lewis Frank Edward
Lewis Howard Clark
Lewis Raymond David
Lewis Gilbert Allan
Lewis Harvey Daniel Halifax VII NP702 QO-B
Lewis Gerwyn Winton
Lewis William Douglas
Lewis David Earl Kitchener
Lewis Thomas Stewart
Lewis Theos Llewellyn
Lewis-Watts A.C.
Lewis-Watts D.L.
Lewis-Watts Desmond Loftus
Lewostry (?) W.J.
Lewthwaite J.R.
Lewthwaite T.A.
Lewthwaite George Alexander Halifax JD372
Lewthwaite Donald Clifford Battle & Anson Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax Halifax JD114
Ley A.G.
Ley Sidney Edwin
Leydon J.P.
Leyland C.
Leyland J. Spitfire
Spitfire MJ820
Leyland J.M.
Leyland John William
Leyne J.L. Halifax MZ522 Leznoff J.
LHeureu Joseph Maurice Claude
LHirondelle Patrick Bernard
LHommedieu George Martin
Libbey D.E.A. Spitfire MK661 Libby G.R.
Libby Otis Wilfrid
Liberman S.B.
Liberty J.L. Libgott ?.
Licshorish ? S.J.
Liddell A.C.
Liddell H.
Liddell J.F.
Liddell K.
Liddell R.
Liddell Arthur George William
Liddell John Raymond
Liddle C.A.P.
Liddle Stanley Melville
Liddy J.Y.
Lidington E.W.
Lidkea W.R.
Lidker R.T.
Lidster Perry Desmond
Lidstrom A.G.
Liebeck M.M. Beaufort
Liebeck Kenneth William
Liebeck Millard Meyer
Lieberman S.S.
Lieberman Leo Typhoon
Liebran H.
Liebscher John Martin Burns
Liefeld P.W.
Lieff A.H. Lieff L.H.
Liesener (Sp?) A.J.E.
Lievenge (Sp?) E.J.
Lievense Semon
Liffiton E.J.
Lifman Thornhall Baldur
Liggett C.R.
Liggett J.L.G.
Liggett L.J.
Liggett Gerald Campbell
Light A.J.E.
Light E.S. Church of England
Light I.
Light T. Protestant
Light Alan Scott
Lightbody A. P-51 Mustang AM230 Lightbourn G.D. Church of England
Lightbown J.R.
Lightfoot J.W.
Lightfoot W.W. Lancaster KB870
Lighthall D.W. Lancaster NG346
Lighthall L.C.
Lighthall W.D.
Lighthall W.W.S. Lightheart C.V.
Lightheart Alvin Ernest
Lightle Howard Austin
Lightly R.W.
Lightly Tom H. Halifax BB390
Likely L.H.
Likeness E.C.R. Spitfire MH617 Lilley K.S. Halifax MZ 854
Lillico G.W.
Lillico J.N.
Lillico W.D. Lancaster KB706
Lillico William Davidson
Lillico Gordon William
Lillico Allan Gainford
Lillicrap C.H.
Lillie B.S.
Lillie J.M.
Lillis J.C. Lancaster ND635 Lillo M.V.
Lilly R.
Lilly R.W.
Lim Peter James Mosquito MM567
Lim Peter James
Limacher S.A.
Limbrick C.B.
Limebeer R.E.
Limmer J.G.
Limoges G. Blenheim BA 734
Limoges J.P.
Limpert Leonard W.G. Catalina & Sunderland
Linburg H.S.
Lince I.R.
Lince R.J.A.
Lincoln Thomas Mclaren
Lincourt Joseph Henri Bruno
Lind C.E.
Lind W.
Lindabury J.E.
Lindberg C.S.
Lindblom F. Anson Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax NP703 Halifax NP759
Linde James Alexander
Linden C.V.
Linden R.F. Lindenfield Alvin Edward
Lindensmith G.L. Lindensmith Gordon Leroy
Lindley J.W.W.
Lindner W.S.
Lindo E.S.
Lindo H.L.
Lindo Harold Lester
Lindquist D.E.
Lindquist P.J.
Lindsay A.
Lindsay A.
Lindsay A.R.
Lindsay B.B.
Lindsay C.A.
Lindsay C.L.
Lindsay C.S.
Lindsay D.
Lindsay D.D.
Lindsay D.E.
Lindsay D.J.
Lindsay D.L.
Lindsay D.S.
Lindsay E.B.
Lindsay E.J.A.
Lindsay G.A.
Lindsay G.E.
Lindsay G.K. Spitfire
Lindsay G.M.
Lindsay G.W.
Lindsay H.A.
Lindsay H.A.L.
Lindsay H.H.
Lindsay J.
Lindsay J.
Lindsay J.
Lindsay J.A.
Lindsay J.B.
Lindsay James Douglas 'Doug'

Spifire CF-86 Sabre
F-86 Sabre
F-86 Sabre
Lindsay J.S.
Lindsay M.S. Halifax LV910
Lindsay N.C.B.
Lindsay O.A.
Lindsay P.R. Halifax H189
Lindsay S.B. Lancaster KB767
Lindsay S.S.
Lindsay S.S.
Lindsay T.
Lindsay W.D.
Lindsay Frank Donald
Lindsay John David
Lindsay Douglas Maam
Lindsay George William
Lindsay Magnus James
Lindsay Basil Edward
Lindsay Alexander
Lindsay James
Lindsay Donald Mcleod
Lindsay John
Lindsay Egan
Lindsell R.C.
Lindsey A. Lindsey G.W.
Lindsey H.C.
Lindsey R.F.
Lindsey Donald Cole
Lindstedt S.A.
Lindzon I.
Lindzon Irving
Lineham D.K.
Lineham G.W.W.
Lineham J.A.
Lineham J.G.
Lineker G.W.
Lines H.
Lines J.D.
Lines Walter John Edward
Liney G.J.
Liney Gerald Joseph
Linfield A.G.
Ling F.J.
Ling G.R.
Ling Stanley Harold
Ling Frank James
Lingham H.T.
Lingings W.
Lingley L.R.A.
Lingman A.
Lingwood J.E.
Linington O.
Linington Donald Erwin
Link C.H.
Link H.D.
Link Rudolph Walter
Linke R.G.
Linkert M.E.
Linkert R.W.
Linklater G.L. Beaufighter V8450 Beaufighter
Linklater J.A.
Linklater J.D.
Linklater R.E.
Linklater R.T.
Linklater Gordon Leonard
Linklater Raymond Edwin
Linklater Jack Allan
Linkletter H.C.
Linley G.H.
Linn J.R.L.
Linn Hubert Joseph
Linnell Lloyd Martin
Linning W.E.
Linning William Edward
Linquist S.R.
Linquist Kenneth Victor
Linscott H.W. Wellington
Wellington MP804
Linscott J.G.
Linscott Harold Wills
Linstead John Blair Halifax LV965 Halifax PN228
Linstead John Blair
Lintell W.E.
Linthicum W.P.
Linton A. Baptist
Linton D.
Linton D.A.
Linton F.M.
Linton G.A.
Linton K.J.
Linton K.R. Spitfire
Linton O.M. RCAF Spitfire
Spitfire BR111
Spitfire MJ147
Spitfire Linton R.W.
Linton W.B.
Linton W.D.
Linton W.J.
Linton Ross Franklin
Linton Leonard Thomas
Linton Oswald Adam
Linton Francis (Frank) Malcolm
Lintott C.G.
Linwood William
Lipman A.M.
Lipp M. NA
Lipp M.
Lippert John William Finch Harvard Kittyhawk Kittyhawk Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon MN793
Lippert John William
Lippi James Raymond
Lippincott Robert Taylor
Lipscomb W.S.
Lipsett C.M.
Lipsett L.R.
Lipsett Gordon Mawell Halifax II R9388
Lipsey S.N.
Lipsit H.B.
Lipsit R.R.
Lipton Moses (Maurice) Harvard Anson & Crane Harvard Defiant Defiant Defiant Hurricane Harvard Harvard & Hudson Boston BZ448
Lipton M.J.
Liscombe J.J.
Lishman W.G. Lancaster W 4172
Lisk F.K.
Lisle John Browne
Liss K.R.
Lisson H.S.


-- Lisson Harris Mansel
Lisson Douglas Clark
Lister A.F.
Lister C.A.
Lister I.M.
Lister J.D.
Lister M.D. Lister W.G.
Lister John Ernest Hudson AM598
Lister John Ernest
Lister Gerald Lawrence
Liston A.J.
Litalien P.E.
Litchfield R.F.
Litchfield Ralph Frank
Little Wilfred Robert
Little A.J. Halifax NR205
Little G. Wellington 9993
Little G.B. Lancaster KB715
Little R.R. LancasterLancaster LL755
Little T.B. Hurricane P3534
Little Ashley Lorne
Little Robert John
Little Robert Caldwell
Little Patrick Campbell
Little Kinglsey Clarence
Little Gordon James
Little Albert William
Little Stuart Walker
Little Martin Stewart
Little Ralph Robert
Little Thomas Bruce
Little Thomas Burgess
Little A.C.
Little A.R.
Little B.K.
Little D.H.
Little E.D.
Little E.E.
Little E.E.
Little E.F.
Little G.A.
Little G.E.
Little H.A.
Little H.W.
Little J.B.
Little J.C.
Little J.D.
Little J.D.
Little J.H. Mosquito
Little J.L.
Little L.E.J.
Little L.G.
Little M.W.
Little R.H.
Little R.H.
Little R.W.
Little S.W.
Little T.B.
Little T.M.
Little W.M.
Littlefield E. Wellington Z8410
Littleford B.H.
Littlejohn A.C.
Littleton M.V.
Littlewood A.J.T. United Church
Litts B.V.
Litynesky Stephen Williams
Litz D.F.W.
Lively J.P.
Lively Harry Harvey
Livermore R.R.
Livermore T.R.
Livermore Teas Roy
Livermore Carl Herman
Livesay R. Living C.H.
Living Charles Henry
Livingston J.A.
Livingston J.R.C.
Livingston S.J.
Livingston Robert Andrew
Livingston Gordon Archie
Livingstone A.F. Halifax NP739 Livingstone A.T.
Livingstone G.M.
Livingstone John George Stanley Joseph Finch Harvard Master Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire Hurricane Spitfire Master & Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon JR294
Livingstone J.T.
Livingstone K.G.
Livingstone S.G.
Livingstone Samuel George
Livingstone Robert Douglas
Livis M.J.
Livis Mortimer
Liwiski P.E.
Liznick G.
Lizotte Rene Leonidas Joseph
Llewellin George Tucker
Llewellyn C.S. Hudson
Hudson FH395
Llewellyn Frank
Lloyd A.D. United Church
Lloyd D.D.
Lloyd D.K. Halifax
Lloyd G.H.
Lloyd G.P.
Lloyd G.W.
Lloyd H.J.
Lloyd J.A.
Lloyd J.G.
Lloyd J.P.
Lloyd J.T.
Lloyd K.
Lloyd L.J.
Lloyd L.M.
Lloyd L.W.
Lloyd P.I.
Lloyd R.R.
Lloyd R.T.
Lloyd S.R.
Lloyd W.
Lloyd W.R.
Lloyd W.S.
Lloyd Clarence Franklin
Lloyd Deuel Dewitt
Lloyd Willis Hilson
Lloyd George Henry
Lloyd-Jones D.A.
Lloyd-Smith D.L.
Loach A. Wellington
Loach A.
Loadman A.G.
Loan W.W.
Loates Henry George Blenheim 3147
Lobar H.A.
Lobb N.W.
Lobb Kenneth Alfred
Lobb Benjamin Jack
Lobinsoff P.
Lobsinger E.C.
Lobsinger M.
Locheed T.D.
Lochhead C.H.
Lochhead K.Y.
Lochhead Robert Lachlan
Lochhead Hector
Lochnan P.W. Hurricane V6670 Tomahawk
Lochnan Peter William
Lock A.E.
Lock W.
Lock W.V.
Lockard E.H.
Locke A.L.
Locke D.W.
Locke F.D.
Locke J.C.
Locke J.E.R.
Locke J.G.P. Halifax LL171 Locke L.E.
Locke M.H.
Locke R.G.
Locke R.W.
Locke W.H.
Locke Harry Gordon
Locke Hugh Francis
Locke Richard Philip
Locke Aubrey Randall
Locke Cecil Ray
Lockeberg R.S.
Locker Robert Lorne
Lockett J.
Lockett J.E. Halifax
Halifax MZ628
Lockett L.W.
Lockett James Ernest
Lockhart A.R.
Lockhart A.W.
Lockhart D.H.
Lockhart I.A.L. Halifax DT522
Halifax DK259 Lockhart R.A. Whitley
Whitley BD267
Lockhart J.T.
Lockhart R.C.
Lockhart John
Lockhart Robert Alexander
Lockhart-Smith C.J.
Lockie G.M.
Lockwood C.H.
Lockwood H.N.
Lockwood W.M.
Lockwood John Lawson
Lockwood Merton Ralph
Lockwood Duane Francis
Lockyer C.A.
Lod B.T.
Lodge W.
Loescher D.R.
Loewen D.H.
Loewen Dale Howard
Loewen Henry
Loft C.R.
Loft Charles Robert
Lofthouse J.
Lofts K.W.
Loftson Stephan August
Loftus J.A.
Loftus J.B. Loftus T.R.
Loftus W.J. Roman Catholic
Logan A.S. Mosquito KB444
Logan D.C.
Logan D.M. Hurricane HV547
Logan E.A.
Logan E.A.
Logan F.L.
Logan G.E.
Logan G.G. Logan G.J.
Logan G.N.
Logan H.A.
Logan H.M.
Logan J.
Logan J.
Logan J.C. Halifax Logan J.E.
Logan J.K.
Logan J.T.
Logan J.W.
Logan N.J. Logan P. Spitfire
Logan P.C.
Logan P.C.
Logan P.N.J. Halifax NP683
Logan R.H.
Logan R.W.
Logan T.E.
Logan W.J.
Logan W.T.
Logan Albert Lawrence
Logan James Allan
Logan Ray Hutchings
Logan Carl Edgar
Logan James Alexander
Logan Frederick Willis
Logan Francis George
Logan Carson Layton
Logan L.E. Halifax BB250
Lancaster LM345
Logelin John Michael
Loggie James Roy
Loggin E.A.
Loggin H.
Logie Robert Fraser
Logue K.G.
Lohnes E.I.
Lohnes L.C.
Lohr F.W.
Loiselle J.T.J.P.
Loke D.
Loken L.E.
Loken R.H.
Lomas A.K.
Lomas D.G.
Lomas L.J.
Lomas Clifford Herbert
Loma J.B.
Lommel G.G.
Lomness H.W.T.
Londeau F.
Londeau H.J.
London R.A.
London L.B. Halifax JN969 Halifax
Londry A.W.
Lonergan P.A.
Lonergan R.N. Wellington
Wellington Z8428
Loney A.S.
Loney D.R.
Loney R.E.
Loney W.D.
Loney Wellington James
Loney Glen Benson
Long A.B. Wellington
Wellington HE624
Long A.G.
Long A.M. Wellington HE469
Long E.E.
Long E.G.
Long E.R.
Long G.A.
Long H.A.
Long H.B.
Long H.H.
Long H.M.
Long H.V.
Long J.A.
Long J.A.
Long J.F. Halifax BB211
Long J.F.
Long J.H. Spitfire
Long J.S.
Long K.L.
Long L.B.
Long M.A.
Long M.A.
Long N.T.
Long R.C.D. Lancaster KB711
Long R.D.
Long R.H.
Long R.H.
Long R.S.
Long R.W.
Long W. Halifax LV799
Long W.
Long W.B.
Long W.J.
Long W.J.
Long W.R.
Long Gordon Halifax DG219
Long Lindsay Lester
Long James Andrew
Long Vaughan Ross
Long Albert Morgan
Long John Herbert
Long Arthur Bebbington
Long Clarence Roy
Long Robert Michael
Long Norman Earl
Long Stuart Herman
Long Charles Robert Gaudet
Long George Albert
Long Ronald Walter
Long William James
Long Henry Maynard
Long Alfred Joseph
Long George Albert
Long Wendell Lyall
Long Gordon
Long Lloyd Elmer
Long Richard Hartley
Long Michael La Verne
Long William James
Longard E.C.
Longard Roy Edward Moth Anson & Crane Whitley Whitley Z9215 MH-C ---
Longbottom G. Longbottom G. Longley E.T. Halifax LW206 Longley G.H. C Longley G.M.B.
Longley J.A.
Longley John Arthur
Longley Louis Vernon
Longley Robert Thomas William
Longpre J.G.C.E.
Longstaff F.A. Halifax LW572 Longstaff Emmett Jay
Longstreet N.H.
Longwell Arthur Grant
Longworth Harold Francis Lawrence
Lonie Jack Maurice
Lonsdale A.E.
Lonsdale D.W.
Lonsdale F.P.
Lonseth P.
Look H.E.
Looker M.
Loomer E.I.
Loomer R.E. Lancaster DS731
Loomer R.E. Loomis A. Loomis C.A.
Loomis J.G.M.
Looseley H.W.
Loosen P.D.
Looten H. Loppe L.W.W.
Loppe Erwin Albert
Loranger N.A.
Loranger Norman Albert
Lord Andre Typhoon ---------- Harvard & Vampire Kiowa & Griffon
Lord A.J.
Lord B.S.
Lord C.W.
Lord F.G.
Lord H.J.A.
Lord P.G.T.
Lord R.G.
Lord R.W.
Lord W.H.
Lord David Frank
Lord Frederick Charles
Lord Clifford Allen
Lorden J.C.
Lording E.A. Halifax LL576
Loree A.D.
Loree D.E.
Loree J.E. P-40 Kittyhawk Loree M.R.
Loree James William
Lorenz Dennis Budd Herman
Lorenz Douglas Leander
Lorenz Sylvester Henry
Lorenzen F.
Loriau H.
Lorimer D.B.
Lorimer G.A. Lancaster ND347
Lorimer J.F.
Lorimer R.A.J.
Lorimer W.C.
Lorimer Donald Robert
Lorimer Alexander Seaton
Loring C.W.
Loring G.R.D.
Loring W.P.
Lornie J.F.
Lornson Arthur Christian
Loroche L.J.
Lortie G.R.
Lortie J.A.K.
Wellington HE803
Lortie J.M.R.
Losa Ricardo
Losee S.T.B.
Losey W.N.
Losier P.J.
Lossing Howard Walter
Loszchuk Peter Paul
Lothian Thomas James
Lotimer H.A.
Lotochinski J.
Loton L.T. Crane
Crane 8169
Lott A.M.
Lott B.V.
Lott R.D.
Lott William Wesley
Lotz F.
Loubert J.C.
Loubert P.G.P.
Louch M.E.
Loucks M.D.
Loucks M.E.
Loucks R.B.
Loucks W.H.
Loucks John Clark
Louden A.H.R.
Louden Wifred James
Loudon J.A.
Loudon T.R.
Loudoun N.G.
Lough G.T.
Lough S.W. Halifax
Halifax NA514
Lough W.T.
Lough William Herbert
Lough Ross William
Lough Spencer William
Loughead Eric Crowe
Lougheed A. Lougheed A.W.
Lougheed J.A.
Lougheed J.C.
Lougheed J.H.A.
Lougheed J.M.
Lougheed N.N.
Lougheed R.J.
Lougheed W.C.
Lougheed Ralph James
Loughlan R.B. Anson # 367 Loughlin H.J.L.
Loughlin J.M.
Loughlin P.J.
Loughran H.J.
Loughran J.H.
Lancaster LL959
Loughran Hugh Joseph
Louie Q.J.
Louie Quan Jil
Louis Valentine Hinton
Lounder B.O.
Louney G.
Lounsbury Ronald Cyrus
Lount H.F.G.
Lount Robert Marr
Loutet G.R.
Loutet J.E.
Loutet S.
Louth William James
Louthood J.W.P.E. Whitley Z9221 Loutit C.P.
Lovasz J.A.
Lancaster PB113
Love A.R.D. Halifax LW615
Love A.T. Boston
Love A.W.
Love A.W.
Love C.H.
Love D.E.
Love D.J.
Love E.A.
Love E.M.Y.
Love F.H. Lancaster KB711 Love G.
Love G.D.
Love J.N.
Love L.W.
Love Mortimer Crane
Love R.J.
Love R.K. United Church
Love V.C.
Love W.E.
Love William Kilworthy Murray Lancaster DS794 1944-02-15
Love Hubert Bryce
Love Claude Lorraine
Love James Hawthorne
Love Wilford Clay
Love Robert Portor
Love Roy James
Love Lawrence Wyman
Love Charles Henry
Love William Kilworthy Murray
Love Edwin Albert
Loveday E.J.
Loveday G.B.
Loveday T.G.
Lovegrove E.I.
Lovegrove J.
Lovegrove W.M.J.
Lovekin E.R.
Lovelace F.E.
Lovelace James Cameron Norseman & Stinson Battle & Bolinbrole Wellington Wellington Wellington ----- Canso
Lovelace S.E.
Loveland H.A.
Loveless F.R.
Lovell B.M.
Lovell R.J.
Lovell R.W.
Lovell V.E.
Lovell W.E.
Loveridge R.D. Halifax NA204
Loveridge Kenneth Robert
Loveridge Denis Llewellyn
Lovering M.L.G.
Lovering Mervyn Lloyd George
Lovesy S.A.
Lovett W.J.
Lovett Charles Edward
Lovie W.
Loving L.R.B.
Loving R.E.
Loving Leslie Rowland Bond
Low A.A.J. Halifax NP945
Low A.R.
Low B.A.
Low C.T.
Low D.E.
Low G.H. Halifax DT615
Low G.H.
Low G.W.
Low H.R.
Low John Halifax LW210
Low J.
Low J. Low J.R.
Low M.G. Stirling R9150
Low M.G.
Low Robert Bruce Halifax LK802 AL-F
Low S.E.
Low W.D.
Low Leslie Robert
Low Howard Pilmore
Low Douglas Dunbar
Low George Stewart
Low George
Low James
Lowans E.J.
Lowcock E.
Lowden D.W.
Lowden H.J.
Lowden J.A.
Lowden M.M.
Lowe A.D.R.
Lowe Arthur Robert Halifax MZ454
Lowe A.R.A.
Lowe A.T.
Lowe A.W.
Lowe E.R. Lancaster
Lancaster KB731
Lowe F.F.
Lowe H.
Lowe H.A.
Lowe J.B.
Lowe J.F.
Lowe J.L. Halifax MZ 419
Lowe J.M.
Lowe J.S.
Lowe J.W. Halifax LL142
Lowe J.W.
Lowe J.W.
Lowe K.R. Halifax LW175
Lowe K.R.
Lowe L.
Lowe N.A.
Lowe P.J.
Lowe R. Wellington 9989
Lowe R.S. Halifax LL283
Lowe T.B.
Lowe T.M.
Lowe Gordon Albert
Lowe George Douglas
Lowe Levi
Lowe John Manley
Lowe Francis John
Lowe Irvin Melville
Lowe Robert Henry
Lowe Harry
Lowe Edward Ronald
Lowe Leslie Allen Ralph
Lowe Thomas Bentley
Lowe Herbert
Lowe Harry Alexander
Lowe Arthur Robert
Lowen B.H.
Lowen I.L.
Lowenstein L. Lower W.M. Lowerison H.S.
Lowery E.F.E.
Lowery J.R.
Lowes J.H.
Lowick Morton Albert
Lowle Gordon Pomeroy
Lowman C.E.
Lowman R.L. Mosquito
Lown John Lionel Frederick
Lowndes J.A.
Lownds E.
Lowney Joseph Patrick
Lowrey J.A.
Lowrie E.H.
Lowry A.E.
Lowry D.J.
Lowry F.J.
Lowry G.H.
Lowry H.F.
Lowry H.G. Pres
Lowry J.H.
Lowry R.E.
Lowry R.H.
Lowry Russel William Halifax JD113
Lowry W.E.Y.
Lowry Edward Arthur
Lowry Herman Mervyn
Lowry James
Lowson E. Sunderland
Sunderland W6013
Lowther C.C. Hurricane Hurricane
Lowther C.S.
Lowther J.C. Lancaster JA920
Lowther R.F.
Lowther W.B.
Lowther Creighton Carlisle
Lowther Edward Arthur
Lowther Robert Flemming
Lowther David Wesley
Lowther John Clair
Lowther Roy Woodside
Loyer R.
Loyer Gordon Feli
Loynes L.W.
Loynes W.
Loyns Ronald Harvey
Loyst J.
Loyst L.A.A.
Loyst Morley Percival
Lozo L.J. Halifax LW577
Luard Richard Aubrey
Lubell B.
Lucas A.A.
Lucas D.C.
Lucas H.R.
Lucas H.W.
Lucas J.A.H.
Lucas J.F.
Lucas J.J.
Lucas J.W.
Lucas K.B.
Lucas L.
Lucas L.
Lucas L.T. Halifax LW327 Lucas R.R.
Lucas S.J.
Lucas Thomas Francis Crozier
Lucas John Robert
Lucas John James
Lucas Weir Smith
Luchsinger P.W. Hurricane Spitfire ER335
Luck H.S.
Luck Jack
Luck Harvey Samuel
Luckett G.W.
Lucki Albin
Lucking A.A.
Lucock R.E. Anson
Anson 7056
Lucyk Steven William
Luczyszyn F.
Ludford A.W.
Ludhan H.J.
Ludhan ? H.R.
Ludington Leroy Hart
Ludlam W.F.
Ludlow E.
Ludlow John Murray Halifax JD372
Ludlow Michael Thomas Robert
Ludlow John Murray
Ludwick A.P.
Ludwig A.J.
Ludwig Joseph Andrew Halifax Halifax LK764 Halifax MZ601
Luetchford W.G.
Lugar W.R. Blenheim
Blenheim 9922
Lugar William Rand
Lugg W.G.
Lugg Harold William
Luhming H. Lukas A. Boston Luke A.C.F.
Luke C.E.
Luke E.C.
Luke L.M.
Luke L.W.
Luke M.H.
Lukey J.A.
Lukey John Anthony
Lukinuk A.S.
Luma J.D. Mosquito Mosquito
Lumby J.M.
Lumgair N.A.
Lumgair R.O. Halifax JB959 Lumgair Norman Andrew
Lumler R.J.
Lummis H.V.
Lummis J.C.
Lummis James Cornwallis
Lumsden A.L.
Lumsden G.L.
Lumsden J.P. Spitfire PL280 Lumsden P.V.
Lumsden S.S.
Lumsden W.F.
Lunan D.M.
Lunan E.A.
Lunan M.D.
Lunan W.E. Halifax L9621
Lunan William Everett
Lunan Athol Lorne
Lunau S.G.
Lund A.E.
Lund F.
Lund H.E.
Lund H.J.
Lund P.C. Lund Urban Francis
Lundahl R.L.
Lundberg S.T. Hurricane Spitfire MJ832
Lundberg Torkel Torkelsson
Lunde L.F.
Lundeen C.P.
Lundell F.W.
Lundgren A.A.
Lundin E. Lundy C.W.
Lundy F.E. Lundy J.E.
Lundy R.B.
Lundy W.J.
Dakota KG 653
Lundy Harvey William
Lundy Ernest Edward
Lundy James
Lundy William John Scott
Lundy John Edward
Lunenfeld J.L.
Lunkie Antti Alfreet
Lunn A.
Lunn A.E.
Lunn H.J.
Lunn R.R.
Lunn Gerald Alfred
Lunney D.M.
Lunney Vernal Norwood
Lunnin Thomas Horace
Lunny C. Halifax EB216
Lunny Kenneth Urban Anson Bolinbroke Hudson & Ventura Halifax NP703
Lupien J.A.
Lupien J.P.V.J.
Lupinsky Jack
Lupton E.J.
Lupton H.W.
Lupton R.C.
Lupton Stanley Raymond
Luscombe F.
Luscombe H,H,
Luscombe R.D.
Lush D.R. Hurricane
Lush F.P.
Lush J.L.
Lush R.D.
Lusk D.
Luskey A.W.
Lussier J.L.P.
Lussier K.E. Lancaster DS845 Lussier Joseph Raoul Rene
Lussier Joseph Emile Jean Baptiste G.
Lusty W.E.
Luten Leo Owen
Lutes H.A.
Lutes J.M.
Lutes L.S.
Lutes W.D.
Lutes Ronald Albert Eldon
Lutes Allison Roy
Luther B.C.
Luther E.W.
Luther Norman Clifford Graham
Luford Floyd Edward
Luton C.
Luton John David
Luton Eric Laurence
Lyall D.S.
Lyall R.B.
Lyall J.?.
Lybbert D.H.
Lybbert Dwain Earl
Lydiard J.M.
Lye H.A.
Lye J.G.
Lyel R.N.
Lyford Richard
Lyle E.F.
Lyle H.C.
Lyle H.K.
Lyle J. Lyle J.A.
Lyle K.K.
Halifax MZ302
Lyle Horace Keith
Lyle Robert Samuel
Lyman Benjamin Charles Philip
Lymburner J.A.L. Halifax Mosquito NS731
Lymburner Leo Mcclellan
Lynam F.W.J.
Lynam Francis William Joseph
Lynas James
Lynass J.C. Ventura AE 877
Lynass James Cunningham
Lynch A.E.
Lynch B.F.
Lynch D.K.
Lynch D.K.
Lynch D.M.
Lynch F.E.
Lynch G.V.
Lynch James Laurids Halifax MZ454
Lynch H.C.
Lynch J.
Lynch J.A.
Lynch J.C.
Lynch J.H.
Lynch J.J.
Lynch J.P.M.
Lynch M.S. Roman Catholic
Lynch R.
Lynch R.V.
Lynch T. Halifax NA192
Lynch John Joseph Whitley V Z6841 GE-F
Lynch John Donald
Lynch Raymond Victor
Lynch Norman Herbert
Lynch Robert Russell
Lynch Hugh Charles
Lynch James Laurids
Lynch-Staunton V.M.
Lynd B.N.
Lynd L.E.
Lynd N.M.
Lynd W.L. Halifax NR233
Lynde C.A. Mosquito KB421
Lyndon A.B.S.
Lyndon J.H.
Lyndon N.P.
Lynds C.E.
Lynds Alfred George
Lyne F.H.
Lyne J.E. Canso 3742
Lyne Francis Harold
Lynes E.C.F.
Lynett R.E.
Lynett T.P.
Halifax LV965 Lyng D.T.
Lyng John J. Halifax III MZ529 SE-E
Lyng David Thomas
Lynham V.H.P. Hudson
Lynk J.H. Lynn B.E.
Lynn B.Y.
Lynn J.P.
Lynn L.K.
Lynn W.R.
Lynn Robert John Thomas
Lynn Barry Everett
Lynott W.J.
Lyon A.C.
Lyon D.
Lyon H.G.
Lyon H.P.
Lyon J.D.
Lyon J.W.
Lyon K.B.
Lyon P.H.
Lyon P.V.
Lyon W.J.
Lyon Kenneth Brogden
Lyons A.K.
Lyons A.L.
Lyons C.O.
Lyons G.H. Spitfire
Lyons G.H. Hurricane Hurricane
Lyons G.S.
Lyons H.F. Halifax LL593
Lyons J.E.
Lyons J.S.
Lyons L.G. Hampden
Hampden AT228
Lyons M.G.
Lyons M.M.E.
Lyons P.A.
Lyons R.A.
Lyons R.L.
Lyons W.M.L.
Lyons Gordon Howard
Lyons Frederick Erwin Edgar
Lyons Ronald Alexander
Lyons Henry Neelin
Lysack P.
Lysak Leo Mo
Lysecki J.J.
Lyster H.N.C.
Lytel E.R.
Lytel H.S.
Lytel O.
Lytel R.I.
Lytle Orville
Lyttle A.L.
Lyttle J.D.
Lyttle W.A.
Lyttle William Ale
Maartman C.H.
Maas P.W.A.
Mabee D.R.B.
Mabee J.W.
Mabee K.W. Lancaster
Lancaster RE188
Mabee George Floyd
Mabee Franklin Thomas
Mabee Keith Wearing
MacAdam G.F.
MacAdam R.S.
MacAdams H.W.
MacAdams W.
MacAfee R.L. Stirling N6070
MacAgy M.E.
MacAllen D.H.
MacAllister H.D.F.
MacAllister R.M.
Macallister Gordon Dale
Macallister Harvard Darrell Frederick
MacAloney A.H.
MacArthur A.I.
MacArthur C.A.
MacArthur C.A.
MacArthur D.A.
MacArthur J.M.
MacArthur W.J.C.
Macarthur Harry Francis
Macarthur George Reginald
MacAskill Timothy Leo Halifax BB324
Macaskill Timothy Leo
Macaulay A.D.A.
Macaulay A.E.
MacAulay D.A. Wellington
Macaulay E.H.
MacAulay J.M.S. Kittyhawk ET902
MacAulay J.S.
MacAulay J.W.
MacAulay M. Halifax DK233
MacAulay M.G.
MacAulay N.A.
MacAulay R.C.
MacAulay R.D.
MacAulay S.
MacAulay T.
MacAulay T.H.R.
MacAulay W.A.
MacAulay Harold
MacAulay Donald Archie
MacAulay John Walter
MacAulay William James
MacAulay Neil Thomas
MacAulay Norman Alexander
MacAulay Thomas Hadley Roderick
MacAuley A.C.
MacAuley D.A.
Macauley Frank Alfred Conway
MacBain K. Spitfire EN256
MacBean D.P.
MacBean R.E.L.
MacBeth D.R.
MacBeth J.D.
MacBride Robert Ernest Finch Harvard Anson Digby Canso Canso 9816 Canso 9841 --- Silver Star Canuck
MacBrien W.R. Yale
MacBrien Michael Desmond
MacCallum E.J.
MacCallum G.L. Halifax DT741
MacCallum H.C.
MacCallum N.W.
MacCallum R.J.
MacCarthy A.H.
MacCarthy J.A.
MacCarthy Dermot Reagh
MacCaul D.H.
MacCausland W.E.
MacCausland Vincent Sanford
MacClement W.D.
MacColl D.F.
Maccoll Donald Duncan
MacConnell C.B. Spitfire RN119
MacConnell O.M.
MacCormack J.G.
MacCormack R.A.O.
Maccosham William Raymond
MacCrimmon P.C.
MacCrindle J.B.
MacCugan I.C. Lancaster KB809
MacCuish E.B.
MacCuish R.H.
MacCulloch C.H.
MacCulloch D.L.E.
MacDermid H.D.D.
MacDermid H.G.R.
MacDermid R.F.
MacDermot D.H.A.
MacDiarmid D.H.
MacDiarmid H.M.
MacDiarmid J.E.
MacDiarmid J.K.
MacDonald A.
MacDonald A.
MacDonald A.
MacDonald A.
Macdonald A.
MacDonald A.A.
MacDonald A.C.
MacDonald A.C.
MacDonald A.G.
MacDonald A.H. Wellington HE422
MacDonald A.H.
MacDonald A.I.
MacDonald A.J. Halifax NA629
MacDonald A.J.
MacDonald A.J.
MacDonald A.J. Halifax NA629
MacDonald A.J.
Macdonald A.M.
MacDonald A.P.
MacDonald A.R.
MacDonald A.R.
MacDonald A.R.
MacDonald A.S.
MacDonald A.T.
MacDonald A.V.
MacDonald A.W. Halifax NA580
MacDonald A.W.
MacDonald B.A.
MacDonald B.E.
MacDonald B.E.
MacDonald C.D. Halifax NP815
MacDonald C.D.
MacDonald C.E. Spitfire
MacDonald C.G.
MacDonald C.G.
MacDonald C.G.E. Lancaster LL698
MacDonald C.G.S.
MacDonald C.H.
MacDonald C.M.
MacDonald C.M.
MacDonald C.P.
MacDonald C.R.
MacDonald C.R.
MacDonald D.
MacDonald D.
MacDonald D.A.S.
MacDonald D.C. Halifax LW592
MacDonald D.C.
MacDonald D.C.S. Mosquito
MacDonald D.F. Lancaster W4782
MacDonald D.J. Dakota KG 653
MacDonald D.J. Mosquito MM504
MacDonald D.J.
MacDonald D.J.
Macdonald D.K.
MacDonald Donald Malcolm Harvard & Fort Battle Wellington & Halifax
MacDonald Donald Montague
MacDonald D.R.
Macdonald E.
MacDonald E.A.
Macdonald E.A.
Macdonald E.C.
MacDonald E.E. Wellington BJ776
MacDonald E.M.
MacDonald E.N.
MacDonald E.R.
Macdonald E.S.
MacDonald F.A.
MacDonald F.H.
MacDonald F.L.
MacDonald F.R.
MacDonald G.
MacDonald G.A.
Macdonald G.C.
MacDonald G.E.
Macdonald G.E.C.
Macdonald G.M.
MacDonald G.W.
Macdonald G.W.K.
MacDonald H.
MacDonald H.B.
MacDonald H.D. Spitfire
MacDonald H.F. Lancaster LL647
MacDonald H.J.
MacDonald H.J.
MacDonald H.J.
Macdonald H.J.
Macdonald H.J.
Macdonald H.M.
MacDonald H.N.
MacDonald H.V.
MacDonald H.W.
MacDonald I.A.
Macdonald I.A.
MacDonald I.C. NA
MacDonald I.N.
MacDonald I.R. Halifax BB311
MacDonald I.S.
Macdonald I.W.
MacDonald J.
MacDonald J.A. Typhoon JR371 Typhoon JR242
MacDonald J.A.
MacDonald J.A.
MacDonald J.A.
MacDonald J.A.J.
Macdonald J.A.S. Halifax LW690
MacDonald J.B.
MacDonald J.B.
MacDonald J.D.
Macdonald J.D.
MacDonald J.D.C.
MacDonald J.E. Halifax MZ686 Halifax NA600
MacDonald J.E.
MacDonald J.E.
Macdonald J.E.
MacDonald J.E.A.
MacDonald J.F.
Macdonald J.F.
MacDonald J.H.
MacDonald J.I.
MacDonald J.K. Halifax NP687
MacDonald J.K.F. Wapiti
MacDonald J.L.
Macdonald J.L.
MacDonald J.M. Halifax RG350
MacDonald J.M.
MacDonald J.M.
MacDonald J.N.
MacDonald J.N.
Macdonald J.P.
Macdonald J.P.
MacDonald J.R.
Macdonald J.R.
MacDonald J.S.
MacDonald J.S.
Macdonald J.T. Beaufighter
MacDonald J.W.
MacDonald K.A.
Macdonald K.G.
MacDonald K.H.
MacDonald K.H.
MacDonald K.J.
MacDonald K.R.
MacDonald K.R.
MacDonald K.V.
Macdonald K.W.
MacDonald L.
MacDonald L.A.
MacDonald L.V.
MacDonald L.V.
MacDonald M.A.
MacDonald M.A.L.
Macdonald M.E.G.
Macdonald M.F.
MacDonald M.G.
MacDonald M.M.
MacDonald M.W.
MacDonald N.
MacDonald N.
MacDonald N.D.
MacDonald N.J.
Macdonald N.J.
MacDonald N.M.
MacDonald P.D.
MacDonald R.
MacDonald R.
MacDonald R.A.
Macdonald R.C.
MacDonald R.F.J. Halifax LL501
MacDonald R.G.
MacDonald R.H.
MacDonald R.J.
MacDonald R.J.
Macdonald R.J.V.
MacDonald R.K.
MacDonald R.L. Halifax BB242
MacDonald R.L.
MacDonald Ralph Nelson Finch & Moth Harvard Lysander & Hurricane Typhoon JR500
MacDonald R.P.
MacDonald R.P.
Macdonald R.R.
MacDonald R.W.
MacDonald R.W.
MacDonald R.W.
Macdonald R.W.
MacDonald S.
MacDonald S.A.
MacDonald S.G.K.
MacDonald S.M. Lancaster PB725
MacDonald T.D. B
MacDonald T.F.M.
MacDonald V.C. Halifax LR754
MacDonald V.C.
MacDonald W.A. Halifax DT745
MacDonald W.A. Lancaster PB172
MacDonald W.A.R.
Macdonald W.G.
MacDonald William Hamilton Kennedy Moth Anson Halifax BB217 Halifax LW388
Macdonald W.I.
MacDonald W.J.
MacDonald ? Spitfire R7279
MacDonald H.W. Halifax NP721
Macdonald George Sinclair
Macdonald Ian Alistair
Macdonald Arthur Climie
Macdonald Charles Lloyd
Macdonald John Edward
Macdonald George Alfred
Macdonald George Eardley
Macdonald Robert Douglas
Macdonald Ian Alexander
Macdonald Ian Batty
Macdonald William Claude
Macdonald Angus Daniel
Macdonald Frank Mcleod
Macdonald Joseph Camillus
Macdonald Harry Alexander
Macdonald Mado Henry Donald
Macdonald Donald Charles
Macdonald Eric William
Macdonald Charles George
Macdonald Louis John
Macdonald Ronald Douglas Jeffrey
Macdonald Colin Murray
Macdonald Robert William
Macdonald Alan Stuart
Macdonald Ernest Mills
Macdonald Peter Aeneas
Macdonald Wallace Harold
Macdonald Robert Gray
Macdonald Irving
Macdonald Donald Andrew
Macdonald Donald John
Macdonald James Kenneth
Macdonald Kenneth Watson
Macdonald Duncan Hildrain
Macdonald Archibald Stewart Lancaster I DV388 UM-S2
Macdonald Aeneas Francis
Macdonald Denis Charles
Macdonald James Clarence
Macdonald Joseph Roderick Gerald
Macdonald Roy William
Macdonald Bertram Alexander
Macdonald Harry Deane
Macdonald Ronald Edwin
Macdonald Wallace Reginald
Macdonald Alexander Hugh
Macdonald James Ignatius
Macdonald Ian Alasdair
Macdonald James Arthur
Macdonald Alexander
Macdonald Murdo Norman
Macdonald Douglas Allister
Macdonald Donald John
Macdonald Joseph Neal Douglas Haig
Macdonald Donald Alastair
Macdonald Fred Whitten
Macdonald Jack Franklin
Macdonald James Stewart
Macdonald Kenneth Franklin
Macdonald Norman Hector
Macdonald Alexander Joseph
Macdonald Lorne Albert
Macdonald Colin Bruce
Macdonald Robert Emmett
Macdonald James Livingston
Macdonald Charles Campbell
Macdonald Alexander Bernard
Macdonald James John Crawford
Macdonald Don Blenheim IV L9746
Macdonell F.W.H.
Macdonell J.A.
MacDonell P.K.
MacDonell P.O.
MacDonell Angus John Halifax LK878
Macdonell Joseph Miles
Macdonell Hugh John
Macdonell Edward Noel
Macdonell Archibald Bernard
Macdonell Charles Beverly
Macdonell Angus John
MacDonnell C.A.
MacDonnell J.B.
MacDonnell J.K.
Macdonnell P.L.P.
Macdonnell S. Pres
Macdonnell John Kenneth
MacDougald I.M.
MacDougald W.O.
MacDougall A.D.
MacDougall A.G.
MacDougall D.A. Lancaster PB650
MacDougall D.A. Halifax LV945
MacDougall D.C. Halifax
Halifax LV990
MacDougall D.C.J.
MacDougall D.R.A.
MacDougall G.A.
MacDougall J.A.
MacDougall J.H.
MacDougall R.

MacDougall John Neil Halifax JN953 Halifax LW210
MacDougall J. Halifax MZ603
Macdougall Donald Clark
Macdougall Neil
Macdougall George Douglas
Macdougall Alfred Keith
Macdougall Dalton Ross Alexander
Macdougall Daniel Craig
Macdougall John Hillhouse
Macdougall John Neil
MacDougall Alfred Keith Sunderland DV967
MacDowell F.
MacDuff H.E.
Macduff Herman Earl
Mace R.M.
Mace Roger Meredith
Maceachen Hugh Archibald
MacEachern C.V.
MacEachern D.L.
MacEachern E.
MacEachern I.A.
MacEachern J.H.
MacEachern W.N.
MacEachern W.O.
Maceachern John Andrew
MacEacheron J.F.
MacEachren M.M.
MacElwain J.R.
MacEwan D.W.
MacEwan W.R.
MacEwen G.F.
MacEwen K.F.
Macey C.E.
Macey E.F.
MacFadden J.H.
Macfadden J.J.
MacFadden W.D.
MacFadyen Donald Aikins Moth Harvard & Yale Anson Blenheim Mosquito Chipmunk Vampire
MacFadyen I.L.
Macfadyen Ian Lachlan
MacFarlane G.
MacFarlane G.
MacFarlane A.B.
Macfarlane A.H.
MacFarlane A.M.
MacFarlane A.N.
MacFarlane D.W.
Macfarlane G.S.
MacFarlane H.B.
MacFarlane J.A.
MacFarlane J.H.
MacFarlane J.W.R.
MacFarlane M.C.
MacFarlane M.E.
Macfarlane M.E.R.
Macfarlane R.
MacFarlane R.B.
MacFarlane R.E.
MacFarlane R.J.
Macfarlane T.C.
Macfarlane T.G.
Macfarlane Thomas Campbell
Macfarlane Reginald Robert
Macfarlane David William
Macfarlane Ronald Ernest Lancaster DV300
Macfarlane John Donald
Macfarlane Ross Edward
Macfarlane Donald John
Macfarlane Duncan Walter
Macfarlane Matthew Ernest Reid
Macfarlane John Alexander
MacFayden R.D. Halifax H320 MacFee M.A.
MacFie C.A.
MacFie D.M.
MacFie J.A.
MacGarva R.
MacGillivray A. Roman Catholic
MacGillivray A.H. Lancaster ND353
MacGillivray C.J.
MacGillivray F.N.
Macgillivray J.D.
MacGillivray K.A.
MacGillivray R.
MacGillivray W.S.
Macgillivray Ralph Northcliffe Wellington
Macgillivray Aubrey Lawrence
Macgillivray Donald Duncan
Macgillivray John James
Macgillivray Arthur Clarance
Macgillivray John Campbell
Macgillivray Robert
Macgillivray Ralph Northcliffe
MacGlasher M.J.
MacGorman D.C.
MacGougan M.K.
Macgowan K.O.
MacGowan W.H.
MacGranachan Robert
MacGregor Donald Charles Mustang & Spitfire
MacGregor A.B.
MacGregor A.R.
MacGregor D.A.
MacGregor D.C.
MacGregor D.D.
MacGregor D.S.
MacGregor G. Halifax HR854
MacGregor H.C.
MacGregor H.D.
MacGregor J.D.
MacGregor J.G.
MacGregor M.A.
MacGregor M.G.
MacGregor N.M.
MacGregor N.S. MacGregor P.G.H.
MacGregor R.
MacGregor R.A.
MacGregor R.J.
MacGregor S.C. MacGregor W.L.
MacGregor W.R.
MacGregor John Alfred Stuart Wellington HE201 Halifax W1235 Lancaster
Macgregor Donald Cameron
Macgregor Alexander Edward
Macgregor Rob Roy
Macgregor John Alfred Stuart
Macgregor Peter George Harvey
Macgregor Donald Stewart
Macgregor David Alton
Macgregor Gordon Fraser
MacGregor-Steeper H.
MacGugan I.C.
MacGuire Frank
MacHale J.B.
Machan G.A.
Machan H.J. Blenheim
Machan S.H. Spitfire AD463
Machan Willis Elnor Ross
Machell Harry George
Machen G.S.
Machesney Gerald Rowland
Machin S.
MacHonachie J.R.A. Mosquito - PF451
Machum E.A.
Machum L.A. N/QA
Machum Ian Thompson
Machum Donald Blair
Macilroy V.L.
MacInnes A.S.
MacInnes C.
MacInnes C.M.
MacInnes D.A.
MacInnes E.D.
MacInnes E.S.A.
MacInnes R.C.
MacInnis D.
MacInnis D.A. Halifax LW198
MacInnis D.N.
MacInnis E.C.
MacInnis E.G.
MacInnis F.R. Lancaster PB573
MacInnis G.L.
MacIntosh A.M.
MacIntosh C.E.
MacIntosh C.S.
MacIntosh C.T.H.
Macintosh D.A.
MacIntosh D.M. United Church
MacIntosh D.N. Mosquito
MacIntosh E.A.
MacIntosh E.W.
MacIntosh F.M.
MacIntosh I.F.
MacIntosh J.A.T.
MacIntosh J.D.K.
MacIntosh J.H.M.
Macintosh M.C.P. United Church
MacIntosh O.C.
Macintosh Charles David
Macintosh Kenneth James
Macintosh Ernest William
Macintosh Finlay
Macintosh Charles Thomas Henry
MacIntyre A.I.
MacIntyre A.J.
MacIntyre D.P.
MacIntyre E.M.
Macintyre J.A.A.
Macintyre John Clement
Macintyre John Scott
Macintyre Peter Mcdonald Wellington HF307 RH-L
MacIsaac D.J.
MacIsaac J.D.
MacIsaac Brendan Hilary
MacIver A.J.
MacIver A.M.
MacIver A.R. United Church
MacIver D.W.
MacIver N.
Maciver John Neil
Mack G.F.
Mack H.E.
Mack J.H. Halifax NP739
Mack R.H.
Mack R.T.
Mack Frederick Charles
MacKachern John Hugh Halifax RG347
MacKaskill J.G.A.
Mackay A.C.
MacKay A.D.
MacKay A.E.
Mackay A.E.
MacKay A.H.
MacKay A.R.W. Spitfire
Mackay A.S.
MacKay B.K.
MacKay C.M.
MacKay D.C.
Mackay D.C.
MacKay D.G.
Mackay D.H.M.
Mackay D.K. Lancaster ND345
Mackay D.M.
MacKay D.R.
MacKay E.N.
MacKay F.E. Halifax JB957
Halifax HR797
MacKay G.
Mackay G.I.
MacKay H.J.
MacKay I. United Church
MacKay I.E.
MacKay J. Spitfire F-86 Sabre
MacKay J.
MacKay J.A.
MacKay J.E.
MacKay J.G. Lancaster NN711
MacKay J.H. Lancaster KB707
MacKay J.K.L.
MacKay K.H.
MacKay M.
MacKay M.A.
MacKay M.L.
MacKay M.S.V.
MacKay P.W. Halifax NP681
MacKay R.
MacKay R.A. Spitfire AD256
MacKay R.A.
MacKay R.I.
MacKay R.S.
MacKay T.O. Whitley BD368
Mackay T.S.
MacKay W.
MacKay W.B. MacKay W.C.
MacKay W.G.
MacKay W.M. Wellington W5551
MacKay W.N.
Mackay James Garfield
Mackay Ross Alexander
Mackay James
Mackay Gerald Peabody
Mackay William Leslie
Mackay Norman Hugh
Mackay George Laing
Mackay John (Jack) Galloway
Mackay Lauchlan Blair
Mackay William James
Mackay James
Mackay Hugh Leith Munro
Mackay William Bruce
Mackay Angus Donald
Mackay Roy Alderson
Mackay George Ian
Mackay John Garwood
MacKeen A.G.
MacKeen C.D.
MacKeen H de F
MacKeigan D.C. Halifax NP999
MacKeigan Eion Lloyd
MacKell A.F.J.
MacKell D.E.
MacKell T.E.
MacKellar D.W.
MacKellar J.
MacKellor D. Halifax
MacKelvie B.S.
MacKelvie G.F.
MacKelvie J.A.
MacKelvie James Archibald
Macken M.K.
Mackenie R.J.
MacKenna William Frank
MacKenzie Alexander Gerald Anson Bolinbroke Anson Hudson Halifax JD331
MacKenzie A.A.
MacKenzie A.A.
MacKenzie A.B.
Mackenzie A.B.
Mackenzie A.F.
MacKenzie A.G. Halifax JD331
MacKenzie A.G. MacKenzie A.K.
MacKenzie A.R. Lancaster ME848
MacKenzie A.R. Spitfire P-40 Kittyhawk F-86 Sabre
MacKenzie A.T.
Mackenzie B.L.
MacKenzie B.M. Spitfire
MacKenzie C.H.
MacKenzie C.L.
MacKenzie C.R.S.
MacKenzie C.W.G.
MacKenzie D.G.
MacKenzie D.I.
MacKenzie D.L.
Mackenzie D.M. Mosquito MM501
Mackenzie D.N.
MacKenzie D.R.
MacKenzie E.G.
Mackenzie E.V.
MacKenzie F.J.
MacKenzie G.A.
Mackenzie G.B.
Mackenzie G.H.
MacKenzie G.J.
MacKenzie Gordon Thompson Finch Yale Wellington
MacKenzie G.T.
MacKenzie G.W.
MacKenzie H.E. Halifax NP959
MacKenzie H.E.
MacKenzie H.F.
MacKenzie H.G.
MacKenzie H.H. Typhoon
MacKenzie H.L.
MacKenzie H.R.
Mackenzie H.W.
MacKenzie I.D.
MacKenzie J. Halifax JD317
MacKenzie J.
MacKenzie J.A. P-51 Mustang
MacKenzie J.B.
MacKenzie J.C.?
MacKenzie J.F. MacKenzie J.H. Halifax JD317
MacKenzie J.H.
MacKenzie J.J.
MacKenzie J.K.
MacKenzie J.L.W.
Mackenzie J.S.
MacKenzie K.
MacKenzie K.A.
Mackenzie K.A.
MacKenzie K.J. Lancaster DS838
MacKenzie L.E.
MacKenzie L.J.
Mackenzie L.O.
MacKenzie M.
Mackenzie M.C.
MacKenzie M.G.
MacKenzie M.M. Halifax LW680
MacKenzie M.R.
MacKenzie P.
MacKenzie R.
MacKenzie R.A.
MacKenzie R.A.
Mackenzie R.A.
MacKenzie R.C.
MacKenzie R.E.
MacKenzie R.G.
MacKenzie R.K.
MacKenzie R.L.B.
MacKenzie R.V. Roman Catholic
MacKenzie R.W.
MacKenzie S.A.
MacKenzie W.D.
MacKenzie W.E. Halifax DT731
MacKenzie W.G.
MacKenzie W.S.
Mackenzie Walter Cameron
Mackenzie Maurice Doherty
Mackenzie Norman Angus
Mackenzie Kenneth Alexander
Mackenzie Ian
Mackenzie Duncan Cameron
Mackenzie Gordon Lamont
Mackenzie John Grant
Mackenzie Samuel
Mackenzie Ronald Blair
Mackenzie John Irven
Mackenzie Jack Douglas
Mackenzie James Foster
Mackenzie Donald Andrew
Mackenzie Alan Edward
Mackenzie Wendell Daniel
Mackenzie Samuel Albert
Mackenzie Henry Hector
Mackenzie Norman Alexander Freeman
Mackenzie Hugh Fraser
Mackenzie David Victor
Mackenzie Warren Ellwood
Mackenzie John
Mackenzie Hugh Munro
MacKeracher N.M.
MacKeracher W.W. Halifax
MacKerrow Robert East Finch Harvard Anson Bolinbroke Halifax NP703
Mackett R.E.
Mackey A.A.
Mackey G.A.
Mackey H.D.
Mackey J.P.
Mackey L.J.
Mackey W.J.
Mackey W.K.
Mackey James Gordon
Mackey Harold Dee
MacKey (Sp?) P.O. Halifax NA183
MacKichan P.K.
Mackie Angus Halifax RG347
Mackie A.A.
Mackie A.D.
Mackie A.J.
Mackie A.S.
Mackie D.V.A.
Mackie E.J.
Mackie G.D.
Mackie G.B.
MacKie G.L.
Mackie J.C. Halifax W7763
Mackie J.F. Gypsy Moth Shark & Avro 504K Swordfish & Tutor Anson & Hind Hurricane
Mackie J.J.
Mackie J.T.
Mackie J.W. Lancaster LM452
MacKie W.C.
Mackie W.J.
Mackie Geoffrey Fylton
Mackie George Forrester Squire
Mackie William George
Mackie John Wallace Allan
Mackie Alexander Morton
Mackie Angus
Mackillop William
Mackimmie Allan Hustead
MacKinlay E.H.
MacKinlay R.D.
MacKinnon A.B.
MacKinnon A.G.
MacKinnon A.M.
MacKinnon A.S.
MacKinnon B.J.
MacKinnon C.G.
MacKinnon D.J.
MacKinnon E.B.
MacKinnon F.
MacKinnon G.L.
MacKinnon I.M.
MacKinnon J.G.
MacKinnon K.D.
MacKinnon L.L. Lancaster
MacKinnon M.
MacKinnon M.B.
MacKinnon M.D. Lancaster ND781
MacKinnon M.H.M.
MacKinnon R.G. Lancaster KB719
MacKinnon R.L.
MacKinnon R.P.
MacKinnon R.R.
MacKinnon S.D.
MacKinnon T.J.
MacKinnon Daniel Webster Halifax Halifax MZ768
Mackinnon Fernand Fagan
Mackinnon John Reginald
Mackinnon John Allan
Mackinnon Bernard Joseph
Mackinnon John Russell
Mackinnon Daniel Webster
Mackinnon Duncan Joseph
MacKintosh A.W.
Mackintosh D.M.
Mackintosh W.D.
Mackintosh W.D.
Mackintosh Donald Mckenzie
MacKirdy D.H. Halifax LK850
MacKirdy K.A.
MacKirdy M.D.
Macklaier C.W.
Macklaier Charles Wilbert
Mackle J.L.
Macklem M.R.
Macklem Phillip G. Typhoon IB
Macklem James Douglas
Macklin D.I. Harvard
Macklin E.V.
Macklin L.W.
Mackness R.R.
MacKnight R.D.
MacKrory J.M.
Macksimchuk John Theo
MacLachlan A.J.
MacLachlan D.E.
MacLachlan D.S.
MacLachlan F.T. Halifax RG451
Maclachlan I.K.
MacLachlan J.A.
MacLachlan J.C.
MacLachlan J.H.
MacLachlan J.K. Hurricane
Maclachlan J.M.
MacLachlan L.B.
MacLachlan P.A. Spitfire
MacLachlan R.J.N.
Maclachlan V.D.
Maclachlan Robert Bruce
Maclachlan Albert James
MacLaren R.E.
Maclaren W.J.
MacLaren W.L.D.
Maclaren Alexander Stewart
Maclaren Richard Edwardes
Maclaren Donald Alexander
Maclaren Colin Charles
MacLatchy J.P.C.
MacLaurin D.J.
MacLea J.W.
MacLean A.
MacLean A.
MacLean A.C.
MacLean A.C.
MacLean A.J.
MacLean A.M.
MacLean B.
MacLean C.
MacLean C.M.
MacLean C.R.
MacLean D.A.
Maclean D.C.
MacLean D.H.
MacLean D.I.
MacLean D.L. Halifax H353
MacLean H.
Maclean H.A.
MacLean H.J.
MacLean J.
MacLean John Angus Moth Harvard Yale Anson Wellington W7708
MacLean J.B.
MacLean John Heath Halifax LW235
MacLean J.H. Spitfire
MacLean M.S.
MacLean R.R.
Hudson / B-24
Maclean Andrew Kenneth
Maclean Ian
Maclean Ralph
Maclean Stephen Joseph
Maclean Donald Stewart
Maclean John Orville
Maclean Gordon Bruce
MacLean John Scott
Maclean Donald Douglas
Maclean Ronald Gabriel
Maclean William Osborne
MacLean Isaac Murray
Maclean John William
Maclean Roy
Maclean John Angus
Maclean Ian Hector
Maclean Norman John
Maclean George Murray
MacLellan D.
MacLellan D.
Maclellan Alexander Neil
Maclellan Donald Angus
Maclennan F.M.
Maclennan H.M.
MacLennan I.A.
MacLennan I.R. Spitfire Spitfire MH850
MacLennan J. Lancaster PB120
MacLennan W.
Maclennan Norman Duncan
Maclennan Charles Grant
Maclennan Donald Stuart
Maclennan Stuart Cameron
Maclennan John Alexander
Maclennan Hugh
Maclennan Bruce
MacLeod A.J. Lancaster PB701
MacLeod A.J. Halifax MZ509
MacLeod D. Hampden
MacLeod D.R. MacLeod E.H.
MacLeod F.H.
Macleod G.S.
Macleod I.
MacLeod J.J.W. Halifax LV968
MacLeod L.G. Hudson
Macleod M.M.
Macleod N.S.
MacLeod Wesley Alexander Bolinbroke Anson Halifax LK765 Halifax LW686 Halifax NA608
Macleod Jessie Margaret
Macleod John Donald
Macleod Alexander Owen
Macleod Lloyd George
Macleod Norman Kenneth
Macleod Thomas Norman
Macleod Allan Allister
Macleod Malcolm George
Macleod Douglas George
Macleod Joseph Murdoch Lancaster II DS734 KO-Y
Macleod George Dewar
Macleod Malcolm Hinds
Macleod Douglas Kenneth
Macleod Melvin Joshua
Macleod Alexander Harvey
Macleod Gordon Alden
Macleod James George
Macleod Malcolm Alexander
Macleod John
Macleod John Leslie
MacLernon R.A.
Maclure K.C.
Maclure M.B.
Macmaster John Glenn
Macmillan A.G.
MacMillan H.J.
Macmillan J.F.
Macmillan J.F.
MacMillan J.M.
MacMillan J.M.
MacMillan M.B.
MacMillan M.B.
MacMillan M.E.A.
MacMillan M.J.
Macmillan M.T.
MacMillan N.R.
MacMillan R. Spitfire
MacMillan R.D.
MacMillan V.J.
MacMillan W.A.
MacMillan W.G.D.
Macmillan James Forrest
Macmillan Russell Hamilton
Macmillan Joseph Kenneth Norman
Macmillan Edgar
Macmillan Hugh Coles
Macmillan Harry
Macmillan David John
Macmillan John Mervyn
Macmillan William James
Macmillan Jack Delmas
Macmillan Hubert Joseph
MacMullen R.
MacMurchy B.F.
MacMurchy D.A.
MacMurchy E.E.
MacMurchy H.A.
MacMurchy Edward Douglas Halifax JB968
Macmurchy Edward Douglas
MacMurdo H.M.
MacNab A.G.
MacNab B.C.
MacNab C.W.
MacNab J.A.
MacNab S.C.T.
Macnab David Charles
MacNabb Donald Scott Halifax LW139
Macnabb Donald Scott
MacNair E.J.A.
MacNair J.A.
MacNair K.A.C.
Macnair Elmer Joseph Alexander
MacNamara B.D.
MacNamara F.H.
MacNamara F.J.
MacNamara F.R.
MacNaught Alan Rae Richard Lancaster KB740 KB743 NA-I
MacNaught J.R.L.
MacNaughton A.
MacNaughton A.E.
MacNaughton A.U.
MacNaughton D.
MacNaughton M.P.
MacNaughton S.M.
MacNaughton W.K.
Macnaughton William Gordon
Macnearney John Douglas
MacNeil D.B.
MacNeil D.S. Halifax LW 614
MacNeil D.S.
MacNeil D.T.
MacNeil J.
MacNeil J.A.
MacNeil J.D. MacNeil J.I.
MacNeil J.J.
MacNeil M.
MacNeil M.J. Roman Catholic
MacNeil R.G.
MacNeil W.
MacNeil W.C.
Macneil Ferdinand Foch
Macneil Hugh Columba
Macneil Donald Glendon Ellsworth
Macneil Daniel Thomas
Macneil Daniel Hillary
Macneil Donald Bernard
Macneil Ralph Gordon
MacNeill B.
MacNeill D.N.
MacNeill D.O.
MacNeill G.E.
MacNeill H.C.
MacNeill I.T.
MacNeill J.B. Stirling BF477
MacNeill J.B. Lancaster NE144 Macneill W.C.
Macneill William Murray
Macneill Rodney Warren
Macneill Duncan
Macneill Bevan Terrill
MacNicol J.W. Lancaster LM641
Macnicol Donald Kenneth Irvine
Macnicoll Robert Campbell
MacNutt E.G.
Macnutt Gerald Frederick
Macomber R.J.
Maconachie J.R.A.
Maconachie James Roy Alexander
Maconnell R.A.
Maconnell Walter Douglas
Macoun J.M.
MacPhail A.S.
MacPhail H.A.
Macphail John Franklin
MacPhee A.C.
MacPhee A.I.
MacPhee E.H.
MacPhee J.G.
MacPhee J.W.
Macphee John Goodwill
MacPherson A.
Macpherson A.B.
Macpherson A.G. United Church
MacPherson B.E. Spitfire Hurricane Spitfire PL186
Macpherson C.F.
MacPherson C.G.
MacPherson D.
MacPherson D.J.
MacPherson D.M.
Macpherson E.G.
MacPherson F.A.
MacPherson F.E.. United Church
MacPherson G.C.
MacPherson H.A.
MacPherson H.J.
Macpherson J.C.
MacPherson J.H.
MacPherson M.E.G.
MacPherson M.R.
MacPherson N.C.
MacPherson N.F.
MacPherson N.J.
MacPherson P.B.
MacPherson R.A.S.
MacPherson R.R.
MacPherson S.W.
MacPherson V.C.
MacPherson W.G.
MacPherson W.N. Mosquito MM728
MacPherson W.N.
Macpherson Cyril Haig
Macpherson Hugh Douglas Kingsley
Macpherson Donald James
Macpherson Norman
Macpherson Harold Stanton
Macpherson William Neil
Macphie Hugh Douglas
MacQuarie A.L.
MacQuarrie C.E.
MacQuarrie G.B.
MacQuarrie G.I.
MacQuarrie J.C.
MacQueen D.D.
MacQueen D.G. Hurricane P2767
MacQueen F.C.
MacQueen I.C.
MacQueen J.R.
Macqueen Ian Andrew James
Macqueen Fred Calder
Macquoid Raymond Charles
MacRae D.A.
MacRae D.J.
MacRae D.J.
MacRae F.W.
MacRae G.D.
MacRae R.M.
MacRae W.G.
Macrae George Kenneth
Macrae William David
Macrae John
Macrae Alexander Iver
Macrae George Dougald
Macready J. Halifax DK258
MacRitchie W.A.D.
MacRobert J.A.V.
MacRobie J.A.C.
Macrory B.F.J.
Macrovic F.R.
MacSporan D.
MacStocker W.J. Halifax MZ521
MacSwan J.
MacSween A.J.
MacSween G.A.
MacSween K.
MacTavish I.E. Mosquito MM743
MacTavish J.A. Halifax EB208
MacTavish R.O.
Mactavish Roswell Murray Moth Crane Typhoon Hurricane LD594
Mactier E.S.
Macumber A.L.
Macumber M.G.
Macvey E.F.
Macvey N.W.
MacVicar A.A.
Macvicar John Douglas
Macvicar Donald Irwin
MacWilliam D.L.S.
MacWilliam G.F.G.
MacWilliam H.T.
MacWilliam W.R. Wellington 3467
Macwilliam Walter Alexander
Maday J.
Maddeford C.W.
Madden B.M.
Madden H.D.
Madden J.E.
Madden J.P.
Madden J.W.
Madden M.A.
Madden R.P.
Madden Willard Edward
Madden Lyn Bertram
Madden Joseph Leo Anthony
Madder W.J.
Maddin C.
Maddin C.A. Lancaster ME578
Maddison H.C.B.
Maddock D.B.
Maddock G.
Maddock J.W.
Maddock Frederick Daniel
Maddocks D.W.
Maddo A.J.
Maddo J.L. Wellington Z1670
Maden Earl Kitchener
Mader E.H.
Mader R.C.
Mader W.D.
Madge Roy Gibson
Madigan F.D.
Madigan J.M.
Madill B.D.
Madill D.G.
Madill H.E.G.
Madill J.S.
Madill J.W.
Madill J.W.
Madill R.M. Halifax NP992
Madill W.M.
Madoin C. Halifax MZ573
Madore A.F.
Madore F.R.
Madore G.A. Blenheim / Hurricane
Madore P.J.B.M.
Madore Pierre Joseph Benoit Morel
Madsen E.H.P.
Madsen J.C.K.
Madson John Emmett
Maduik Arthur
Maeder P.A.C.
Maeder Paul Allan Cornell
Maeers S.P.
Maffre G.F.
Maffre J.M.
Maffre Kenneth Reginald
Maffre Gerald Frederick
Magas F.
Magdalinski W.F. Halifax LK752
Magder Hiam Murray
Magee C.C.
Magee C.H.
Magee D.G.
Magee D.T.
Magee Emmett Andrew Typhoon MN356
Magee F.B. Lancaster ND641
Magee K. Le B.
Magee R.G.
Magee T.J.P.
Magee T.R.
Magee W.A.
Magee John Gillespie
Magee Gerald Austin
Magee Thomas John Paul
Magee James Thomas Joseph
Magid L.G.
Magill J.P.
Magill T.E.
Magill W.H.
Magill John George Henry
Magill Thomas Eldon
Magladry Harold Ernest
Magnes Julius Harold
Magnus A.L. Stirling BK620
Magnus R.C.
Magnusson J.F.
Magnusson M.G.
Magnusson N.L.
Magnusson Clarence Norris
Magoffin James Ivan
Magonet Manson
Magoon M.A.
Magor J.F.
Magor P.D.
Magor R.F.
Magrath D.A.
Magrath K.W.
Magrath Douglas Arthur
Magson L.T. Halifax NA528
Magson P.J. Halifax
Halifax HR918
Magson R.A.V.
Magson Philip John Ashworth
Maguire A.T.
Maguire B.S.
Maguire E.S.
Maguire G.F.
Maguire G.G. Halifax LR754
Maguire G.W.G.
Maguire H.A.
Maguire H.E.
Maguire James Stinson Battle Anson Blenheim Hampden AN123
Maguire J.G.
Maguire M.
Maguire W.R.
Maguire Patrick Ernest
Maguire Lawrence Robert
Maguire James Frankish
Maguire James
Maguire Hugh Edward
Maguire Edmund Henry Duggan
Maguire Edward Stidston
Maguire John Goodwin
Magwood C.M. Spitfire
Magwood E.J.
Mahaffy C.E.
Mahaffy S.
Mahagan W.J.

Mahagan Wilfred Joseph
Mahalek A.
Maher A.T.J.S.
Maher F.J.
Maher G.T.F.
Maher J.J. Halifax LK963
Maher Gregory Thomas
Maher Anthony Joseph
Maher Peter James
Maheu F. Wellington MS496
Maheu J.M.A.A.
Maheu J.L.
Maheu Francois Gabriel
Mahler F.G.
Mahler L.H.
Mahler Laurence Herman
Mahn Frederick Holbrook
Mahon A.G.
Mahon H.H.S.
Mahon J.M.
Mahon M.S.R.
Mahon R.K.
Mahon Michael Stanley Reece
Mahon Cecil Thomas
Mahoney C.J.
Mahoney C.V.
Mahoney D.B.
Mahoney D.C.
Mahoney E. Liberator AL542
Mahoney E.G.
Mahoney G.M.
Mahoney J.A.
Mahoney J.A.
Mahoney J.E. Gladiator L7620 Stirling BK765
Mahoney J.H.
Mahoney J.J.
Mahoney J.M. Halifax DT798
Mahoney J.P. Halifax LW209
Mahoney V.F.
Mahoney W.A.
Mahoney John Ambrose
Mahoney John Burke
Mahony Edward Patrick Joseph Anson Halifax MZ632
Mahood A.W.
Mahood J.S.
Mahood R.H.
Mahr Rudolph Walter
Maidens D.F.G.
Maier G.F.
Maier W.H.
Maika A. Roman Catholic
Maika P.J.
Maika Peter Joseph
Maillhot A.
Maillhot G.
Maillou E.E.
Mailman E.P.
Mailman L.A.
Mailman W.K.
Mailman Arlington Walter
Maimann C.E.
Main A.
Main C.H.T.
Main F.T.
Main J.D.
Main J.H.
Main L.C. Wellington HE476
Main W.F.
Main W.H.
Main W.W.
Main James Richard Stinson Anson Bolinbroke Halifax MZ632
Main Faris Clyde
Main Lenno Cameron
Main Robert Lindsay
Main John Mckinnon
Main Thomas
Main Owen Keith
Maine G.
Maine H.
Mainelly N.J.
Maines L.M.
Mainguy Richard Patrick
Mainil J.A.
Mainprize G.W. Halifax HR871
Mainprize Harold Kester
Mains G.A. Hudson / B-24
Mair A.C.
Mair F.J.
Mair R.C. Stranraer 911
Mair R.T.
Mair W.M.
Mair James Irvine
Mair Charles Mawell
Mair Alexander Campbell
Maisenbacher William Malcolm
Maitland J.O.
Maitland K.W.
Maitland Peter Ronald Boston lll BZ549
Maitland R.P.
Maitland William John
Majchrowicz Frank Robert
Majeau Russell John
Major A.R.M.
Major C.K.
Major F. Lancaster HK663
Major J.C.R.
Major J.J.
Major James Joseph
Major Thomas Ernest
Makay Albert George
Makely H.V.
Makepeace Thomas Johnson
Makepease J.A.
Maki Harry Arthur
Makin T.O.G.
Makinson H.W.
Makinson W.J.
Maksymetz Ma Ronald
Malach S.
Malach S.T.
Malaidack Aleck
Malanchuk N.
Malanchuk W.
Malcolm D.A.C.
Malcolm D.K.
Malcolm H.A.
Malcolm H.B.
Malcolm J.D.
Malcolm J.F.R.
Malcolm J.N.
Malcolm K.B.
Malcolm P.E.R.
Malcolm R.M.
Malcolm W.A.
Malcolm Douglas Burton St. John
Malcolm Kenneth Bruce
Malcolmson G.H.S.
Malcolmson H.G.
Malcomnson A.D.
Malcomson A. Halifax LL225
Malcomson A.
Male R.W.
Male John Frederick
Malec J.
Malenfant R.J.L.
Males Charles (Chuck)
Malette B.J.
Maley F.C.
Maley George William
Malin John Arnold
Malin Kenneth Brawn
Malkemus William Risdon
Malkin H.
Malladaine J. P-51 Mustang
Mallalieu O.J. Beaufighter
Mallalue R.E.B. Halifax LW206
Mallen N.D. Lancaster KB722
Mallen W.B.
Mallen William Brown
Mallet E.J.
Mallett E.L. Halifax H313
Mallett W.A.
Mallett Ronald Frederick
Mallett John Burns
Mallette F.L.J.A.A.
Mallette J.A.L.W.
Mallette J.R.H.B. Halifax LK810
Mallette L.
Mallette M.O.
Mallette Joseph Raoul Henry Bernard Clovis
Mallick S. Lancaster NE151
Mallory D.
Mallory G.E.
Mallory G.E.
Mallory H.D. Halifax DK258
Mallory J.R.
Mallory L.A. Halifax MZ807
Mallory L.S.
Mallory Leslie Allan
Mallory Gordon Ewart
Mallory Herbert David
Malloy D.E.
Malloy D.G. Spitfire
Malloy J.A.
Malloy K.D.
Malloy John Alfred
Malmas H.I.
Malmas Harold Irvin
Malo A.C.
Malo J.A.
Malo P.E.
Malo R.
Malofie Daniel
Maloin J.
Malone B.W. Roman Catholic
Malone C.J. Spitfire
Malone F.A.
Malone H.V.
Malone J.C.
Malone Bernard Edward
Malone Edward Cecil
Maloney A.A. Church of England
Maloney D.J.
Maloney E.R.
Maloney F.E.. Stranaer, Canso, Cat Maloney G.H.E.
Maloney H.T.
Maloney J.M.
Maloney J.P.
Maloney W.B.
Maloney W.P.
Maloney Thomas Joseph
Maloney William Patrick
Malouf E.H.
Malouf S.E.
Malowney M.M.
Maltais Francis Giles
Maltby D.G.J.
Maltby M.H.
Maltby R.V.
Maltby William Thomas
Maltinsky B. Halifax
Malton J.K.
Malton R.S.
Malton George Samuel
Maluish George Douglas
Maluta B.
Malvern M.W.
Malyon R.H.
Malyon Douglas Francis
Malyon William John
Malzan Albert Paul
Mamczasz M.
Manace G.
Manahan D.E.
Manchester E.
Manchester W.I.S.
Manchester W.J.
Manchip F.W.
Manchip Francis Walter
Manchul Donald Peter
Manchur Carl Albert
Mancini V. Whitley Z9315
Mander J.O. Halifax JD160
Mander W.E. Halifax
Mander William Eric
Manders D.F.
Manders Robert Emmett
Manders Clarence Delrose
Manderson M.E.
Mandeville W B
Mandin Emile Francois Bruno Wellington 3725
Mandin Emile Francois Bruno
Manfield Jack Stannas
Mang A.R.
Mang E,G.C.
Mang R.F.
Mang Ronald Franz
Mangan J.E.
Mangan John Thomas
Mangione J. Mangione N.
Mangold O.E.
Manifod C.C.
Manion D.C.
Manion J.E.
Manion W.J.
Mank Matthew
Manley Douglas Russell Spitfire BS391
Manley J.F.
Manley J.T.
Manley John Alfred Wapiti Harvard & Yale Anson Anson
Manley Douglas Russell
Manly H.C.
Mann A.
Mann A.C.
Mann A.E. Lancaster LL964
Mann A.I.
Mann D.
Mann D.A.
Mann E.H. Spitfire
Mann E.H.
Mann E.J.
Mann F.G.
Mann G. Wellington HE804
Mann G.
Mann G.
Mann G.A.
Mann G.F. Halifax NP942
Mann G.L.
Mann G.S.
Mann H.K.
Mann H.S.
Mann H.V.
Mann J.M.
Mann J.P. Roman Catholic
Mann L.A.
Mann N.W.
Mann R.P. Wellington Wellington W5476
Mann R.S.P.
Mann R.K.
Mann W.E.
Mann W.F. Lancaster
Mann W.R.
Mann W.S.O.
Mann Margaret
Mann Ronald Percy
Mann Lloyd Robertson
Mann Douglas
Mann Walter Edward
Mann Joel Brooks
Mann Edward James
Mann William George
Mann Stanley Dickinson
Manners Frank Thorburn Halifax JB968
Manners Frank Thorburn
Mannett C.W.
Mannett D.W.
Mannett Clarence Wilfred
Manninen G.H.A.
Manning C.G.
Manning E.D.
Manning E.W.
Manning F.C.
Manning F.J.
Manning F.R. Halifax
Manning G.R.
Manning G.W.
Manning H.R.
Manning J. Dakota FZ 585
Manning J.E.
Manning M.
Manning R.C.
Manning Ralph Viril Moth Anson Hudson Beaufort
Manning W.G.
Manning W.G.
Manning Gordon Harry
Manning Percival Theodore
Manning Jack
Manning Frederick John
Manni J.B.
Manos H.A.
Mansbridge J.C.
Mansell B.R.
Mansell G.C.
Mansell Lloyd Colley
Manser G.E.
Manser J.R.
Manser R.E. B-25 Mitchell FL676
Manser W.M.M.
Manser Raymond Earl
Manser William Mason Mawell
Mansfield R.G.
Mansfield T.L.
Mansfield Richard Gerard
Manske B.H.
Mansker J.H.
Manson C.D.
Manson D.H.
Manson D.R.
Manson F.N.
Manson J.A.
Manson J.F.
Manson J.W.G.
Manson R.H.
Manson Harold John
Manson William Mackenzie
Manson Harald Magnus
Manson John George
Manson Donald Hendry
Mantha Rene Real
Mantle J.B.
Mantle S.R.
Mantley J.T.
Mants J.F.
Mantz C.A.
Manuel L.W.
Manuel Gerald Fenwick
Manwaring A.H.
Manwaring R. Church of England
Manwell Robert Gordon
Manyluk W.A.
Manyluk William Alexander
Manzer Leo David Kittyhawk I
Manzerolle J.V.
Mapes N.W.
Maple C. Wellington H680
Maple O.O.
Mara N.D.
Mara Joseph Frederick
Mara Stanley
Mara Neil Duncan
Maracle C. Halifax HR807
Maracle L.
Maracle M.
Maranda J.C.R. Spitfire
Maranda Joseph Cyril Robert
Marani F.H.
Marbry R.M.
Marc-Aurele J.P.A.H.R. Halifax MZ495
Marceau H.B. Wellington BJ918
Marceau Joseph Alfred Henri Bernard Lancaster KB834 WL-Y
Marcellus Francis Simon Halifax Halifax MZ768
Marcellus Douglas Lloyd
Marcellus Francis Simon
March D.H.
March G.H.
March H.G.
March I.A. Mosquito MM409
March J.H.
March J.J. Lancaster ND341
March R.C.
March W.S. Mosquito
March Gilbert Horace
Marchand D.C.
Marchand E.R. Wellington MS481
Marchand G.A. Roman Catholic
Marchand P.J.
Marchand Eric Ritchie
Marchant E.M.
Marchant H.A.
Marchant J.P.
Marchant P.
Marchant Robert Cresswell
Marchant James Earl
Marchant John Phillip
Marchbank W.A.
Marche G.C.
Marchen (Sp?) J.W.
Marchessault Joseph Jean Marie Paul
Marchildon P.E. Halifax MZ808
Marchington J.S.
Marchington George Frederick
Marcil G.
Marcille A.M.?
Marcille J.L. Halifax NP759
Marcolin W.
Marcotte J. Wellington Z9038
Marcotte J.C.A. Wellington 3477
Marcotte Joseph Henri Arthur Moth Anson Wellington Wellington Wellington ----- Harvard Expeditor Mitchell Neptune Neptune
Marcotte Joseph Louis Albert Lucien Finch Anson Halifax ------------ Harvard
Marcotte J.P.
Marcotte W.L.
Marcou H.F. (H?)
Lancaster PB530
Marcou B.V.
Marcou E.
Marcou G.J.
Marcou M.J.A.A. Hurricane Tomahawk & Mustang Typhoon Typhoon
Marcou Joseph Jacques Gerard
Marcus M.D. Hurricane
Marcus John Joseph
Marder B.
Marder M.
Marder Moie
Marean Fred Aten
Marett J.A.
Marfell H.W. Defiant
Defiant, Anson, Walrus
Marfleet B.H.
Margerison C.C.?
Margesch H.W.
Margeson J.M.R.
Margeson R.L.
Margesson R.D.?
Margetts V.A.
Margison D.M. Wellington
Wellington HZ814
Margison Douglas Millen
Margolese I.B.
Margolian H.
Margolis Albert Abraham
Margrett Alan Arthur
Marier J.E.
Marini A.H. Halifax LW682

Marion B.H.
Marion B.M. Wellington BK361
Marion G.E. Halifax MZ432 Marion G.P.
Marion J.A.
Marion J.J.B.A.
Marjerrison S.G.
Marjerrison W.A.
Mark C.V.
Mark G.E.
Mark H.R.
Mark L.G.
Mark M.L.
Mark W.M. Halifax LW394
Mark Edward
Mark Alfred Rothwell
Mark Clarence Robert Irwin
Markell C.R.
Markell G.B.
Markham A.J.
Markham C.H.
Markham H.J.
Markham J.P.
Markham O.S.
Markle A.G. P-40 Kittyhawk

Markle J.E.C.
Markle J.F.
Markle J.W.E.
Markle Jack Wellington
Markle George Hudson
Markle Orin Clemens
Marklund G.T.
Marklund I.A.G.
Marko L.F.
Markowski Joseph Rene Phillippe
Markowsky W.J.
Marks A.
Marks A.
Marks E.M. Stirling
Stirling N3761
Marks J.D.
Marks J.N.
Marks L.G.
Marks W.
Marks W.W. Marks George Henry Herbert
Marks Edward Michael
Marks Edward Reginald
Marks Walter Douglas
Marks Morris Slock
Markus E.W. - Former Aircrew?
Marland O.P.
Marlatt Sholto Paton
Marlatt Samuel Paul
Marlatt C.R.
Marlatt S.D. Hurricane / Harvard Spitfire Typhoon
Marleau J.E.R.
Marler H.?.
Marler W.
Marler Donald Thomas
Marler Norman Gordon
Marling A.J.
Marlor L.W.
Marlow G.C.
Marlow G.E.
Marlow G.H.
Marlow K.G.
Marlowe Lee Khaim
Marnar (Sp?) M.
Marno E.
Marno S.G.
Marois J.R.G.E.
Marok Joseph Mitchell
Maroney Paul Jones
Marquand E.R. Halifax DT630
Marquet Maurice Halifax MZ683 Halifax MZ683
Marquis J.A.D.
Marr A.H.
Marr C.R. Wellington Wellington HZ303
Marr G.
Marr G.L.B.
Marr J.W.
Marr W.F.
Marr W.L.
Marr George Frederick
Marr Ronald Douglas
Marrin F.A.
Marrin P.J.
Marrion R.O. Marriott E.L.
Marriott E.T.
Marriott G.H.D.
Marriott J.

Marriott J.T. Spitfire MK326

Marriott R.W.
Marriott John Robert
Marriott Terrence James
Marritt E.F.
Marritt R.H.
Marritt Robert Harvey
Marrs D.C.
Marsden A.F.
Marsden E.L.
Marsden J.V.
Marsden K.C.
Marsden W.
Marsden Raymond
Marsden Arthur Frank
Marsh A.J.
Marsh E.
Marsh F.
Marsh H.G.
Marsh H.J.
Marsh J.B.
Marsh J.R. Halifax LV879

Marsh L.E. Lancaster ME314

Marsh L.W.
Marsh R.A.
Marsh R.D. Hurricane Spitfire
Marsh S.F.
Marsh W.A.
Marsh W.H.
Marsh W.L.
Marsh Carl Finney
Marsh A. James (Jim)
Marsh Francis Peter
Marsh Reginald Thomas White
Marsh Francis Joseph
Marshal W.D.
Marshall A.A.
Marshall A.M.
Marshall A.V.
Marshall B.L.
Marshall C.B.
Marshall C.C.W.
Marshall C.D.
Marshall D.
Marshall D.A.B.
Marshall D.C.
Marshall D.F.
Marshall D.G.
Marshall D.H.
Marshall D.J.
Marshall D.R.
Marshall E.J.W.
Marshall F.D.

Marshall F.J.
Marshall George Charles Moth Harvard Kittyhawk Crane Bolinbroke Ventura 2193
Marshall G.E.
Marshall G.L.
Marshall G.M.
Marshall G.M.
Marshall G.T.
Marshall H.H.
Marshall H.W.
Marshall J.
Marshall J.C.
Marshall J.C.
Marshall J.F.
Marshall J.G.
Marshall J.H.
Marshall J.M. Halifax NR249

Marshall J.P.
Marshall J.P.
Marshall J.R.
Marshall J.W.
Marshall K.P.

Marshall M.
Marshall M.G.
Marshall M.V.
Marshall Normand Battle - Bolinbroke Finch Harvard Spitfire BP860 Spitfire MK902
Marshall N.A.
Marshall N.W.
Marshall O.H.
Marshall O.R.
Marshall R.
Marshall R.
Marshall R.D.
Marshall R.E.
Marshall R.E.
Marshall R.G.
Marshall R.H.
Marshall S.A.
Marshall V.L. Lancaster LM115
Marshall W.
Marshall W.
Marshall W.A.
Marshall W.A.S.
Marshall W.D.
Marshall W.D.
Marshall W.E.
Marshall W.K.
Marshall W.L.
Marshall W.M.
Marshall W.O.
Marshall ??????? Canso 9841
Marshall Douglas Crosbie
Marshall Hudson Eric
Marshall Thomas
Marshall William John Anson Battle Hampden AT196
Marshall James Stanley Stirling R9261
Marshall Walter Farquhar
Marshall Donald Courtenay
Marshall John Glenford Alexander
Marshall William John
Marshall William James
Marshall Norman
Marshall Lawrence
Marshall William Kenneth
Marshall William
Marshall Francis Arthur
Marsland D.L.
Marsland J.
Marson J.V.
Marson L.R.
Marson R.J.
Marsters J.M.
Marston A.H.
Marston J.A.
Marston W.T.
Marteinsson B.T.H.
Martel H. B-24 Liberator 593
Martel G.E.
Martel Pierre Augustine Guy
Martel Joseph Ernest Gabriel
Martel Joseph Alphonse Leon
Martell A.J. Halifax DT546
Martell D.P.
Martell H.
Martell Charles Ernest
Martello R.J.
Martello Robert Joseph
Marten T.A.
Martens A.
Martens A.T. Lancaster
Lancaster DS775
Martens Conrad William
Martensen H.
Martin A.A.
Martin A.A.
Martin A.A.
Martin A.B. Wellington
Martin A.B.
Martin A.D.
Martin A.D.
Martin A.F.G.
Martin A.J.
Martin A.J.
Martin A.M.
Martin A.N. Halifax
Halifax LL139
Martin A.P.
Martin A.R.M.
Martin A.W.T.
Martin B.
Martin B.D.
Martin B.L. Halifax LV986
Martin B.L.
Martin B.W.
Martin B.W.
Martin C.
Martin C.
Martin C.D.
Martin C.F.
Martin C.M.
Martin D.
Martin D.A.
Martin D.C.
Martin D.E.
Martin E.

Martin E.
Martin E.
Martin E.D.
Martin E.D.K.
Martin E.F.
Martin E.H.
Martin E.J.
Martin E.R.
Martin E.W.
Martin E.W.
Martin E.W.
Martin F.G.
Martin F.J.E.
Martin G.A.
Martin G.A.
Martin G.E.
Martin G.J.
Martin G.L.B.
Martin G.T. Roman Catholic
Martin H. Wellington BJ762

Martin H.D. Church of England
Martin H.D.K.
Martin H.E.
Martin H.E.
Martin H.G. Baptist
Martin H.J.E.
Martin H.K.
Martin H.K.G.
Martin H.L.
Martin H.M.
Martin James Halifax JN953
Martin J.A.S.
Martin J.B.
Martin J.C.
Martin J.D.H.
Martin J.D.P.
Martin J.E.
Martin J.E.R.
Martin J.G.
Martin J.H. Halifax LK801 Martin J.H.
Martin J.H.
Martin J.J.
Martin J.L.
Martin J.L.
Martin J.L.
Martin J.P.
Martin J.R.
Martin J.R. B-24 Liberator
Martin J.R.P.
Martin K.B.
Martin L.C.
Martin L.F. Halifax LW240
Martin L.F.
Martin L.H.
Martin L.R.
Halifax LK662

Martin M.
Martin M.E.
Martin M.F.
Martin N. Halifax LL169

Martin N.B.
Martin N.C.
Martin N.E.
Martin N.K.
Martin N.K.
Martin N.L.
Martin N.V.
Martin O.A.J. Mosquito
Martin O.R.
Martin O.R.

Martin P.C.V.
Martin P.H.L.
Martin R.A.
Martin R.B.
Martin R.B.
Martin R.F.
Martin R.H.
Martin R.H.
Martin R.I.
Martin R.J.
Martin R.K.
Martin R.L.
Martin R.L.
Martin R.M. Halifax
Halifax MZ858

Martin R.O.
Martin R.S. Halifax NP795
Martin R.W.
Martin S.E.
Martin S.R.
Martin S.S.
Martin S.T. Dakota

Martin T.J. Halifax W1214

Martin T.R. Halifax

Halifax LW583
Martin V.B.S.
Martin V.J.
Martin V.S.
Martin W. Blenheim Z 7511
Martin W.
Martin W.A.
Martin W.D.
Martin W.E. Blenheim

Martin W.F.
Martin W.G.
Martin W.H. Catalina
Catalina AH566
Martin W.H.
Martin W.J.
Martin W.M.
Martin W.M.
Martin W.R.
Martin W.S.
Martin W.S. Mosquito MM622
Martin W.S. Mosquito
Martin W.S.
Martin W.Y.


Martin Clifford Mackenzie
Martin Jack Henderson
Martin Joseph Oscar Albert
Martin Julian Lee Byron
Martin Vernon Dumaresq Bowden
Martin Alistair Bruce
Martin James Stanley
Martin James Temple Blackwood
Martin Roy Alfred
Martin Arthur Frederick George
Martin Walter Keogh
Martin Burnett Hamilton
Martin Hugh Macdonald
Martin William Bradley
Martin William Mckenzie
Martin Stanley Sinclair
Martin Chester Thomas
Martin Emerson Hubert
Martin Eric
Martin Herbert James
Martin John Joseph Bernard
Martin Victor Lewis
Martin Peter James
Martin Harold Stuart
Martin Thomas Edwin
Martin Thomas Mcphaile
Martin Irwin Andrew
Martin John Roddick
Martin William
Martin James
Martin Daniel Montgomery
Martin Stephen Henry
Martin William Edward
Martin Thomas Russell
Martin Laurence George
Martin George Bernard
Martin Wilfred Bernard
Martin Richard Charles
Martin Thomas James
Martin Ivan William Lancaster II DS771 OW-P
Martin Arthur Norman
Martin John Livingstone
Martin Harry Mcnaughton
Martin Alva James
Martin Fred Scott
Martin Maurice Allan
Martin Stanley Douglas
Martin William Henry
Martin John George
Martin George
Martin Joseph Marcisse Orval
Martin Louis Grover
Martin James Douglas Hazelwood
Martin Bernhard William
Martin William David
Martin Leslie Charles
Martin Maurice James
Martin Ernest William
Martindale A.F.
Martindale R.A.
Martineau F.E.
Martineau R.
Martineau W.A. Halifax MZ816

Martinez M.V.
Marting H.F.
P-40 Kittyhawk
P-40 Kittyhawk
Martino G.W.
Martinovitch M.

Martins R.T.
Martinson D.S.
Martinson O.D.
Martinson Douglas Stuart
Martyn D.E.
Martyn D.E.G.
Martyn H.L.
Martyn J.A. Halifax

Martyn M.L.
Martyn M.P.

Martyn John Reid
Martynuk C.
Marugg Stephen James
Marvel J.E. Halifax DT646

Marvell G.C.
Marvin A.J.P.
Marvin J.
Marwick L.W.
Marwick R.L.
Marynowski Michael Edmund
Mascoe P.A.
Masdin T. Halifax NA514 Maser G.B.
Mask P.W.G.
Maskell A.C.
Maskell R.F. Maskill Donald Joseph
Mason A.G.H.
Mason A.T.
Mason A.V.
Mason A.W.
Mason C.A.
Mason C.L.C.
Mason C.R.
Mason D.E.
Mason E.
Mason E.B. Halifax LK913

Mason F.G.
Mason F.J.
Mason F.L.
Mason F.W.
Mason G.L.
Mason G.S.
Mason H.E.
Mason H.R.
Mason J.A.R.
Mason J.E. Mason J.G.
Mason J.L.
Mason J. McL Lancaster ND571

Mason J.M.
Mason J.O.L.
Mason J.P.R.
Mason J.R.
Mason J.T.
Mason K.C. Mosquito
Mason K.M. Halifax MZ740

Mason K.N.

Mason L.E.
Mason N.C. Halifax JP199

Mason N.W. NA
Mason R.
Mason R.C.
Mason T.G.
Mason T.T.S.
Mason W.E.B.
Mason W.F.J. Spitfire MK835

Mason W.P.
Mason W.R.M.
Mason Earl Wallace
Mason Peter George
Mason Emory Andrew
Mason Gordon Ward
Mason Thomas Francis Stewart
Mason Leonard Eric
Mason Harry Richard
Mason James Hubert
Mason Charles Richard
Masse J.J.C.U.
Masse George Joseph
Massey C.
Massey D.
Massey G.F.G.
Massey H.P.V.

Massey M.P.
Massey M.V. Typhoon
Massey R.A.D.
Massey W.E.
Massey Maurice Pierre
Massey Clarence Ames
Massey Robert Alfred
Massey James Dickinson
Massey Maurice Pierre
Massian H.J.
Massicotte George O.
Massie J.C.
Massie W.W. Whitley BD368

Massieon J.B.
Massier R.R.
Massing O.
Masson D.G.
Masson J.A.
Masson J.N.G.
Masson M.
Masson W.M.G.
Masson Eugene Shadrack
Masson Joseph Lloyd Clinton
Massue J.G.N.
Masterman R.H.
Masterman Wallace Alfred Lawrence
Masters R.E.
Masters R.G.
Masters R.H. Halifax JD244

Masters T.J.
Masterson F.J.
Masterson Kenneth Howard
Masur G.J. Halifax LW396
Masur Dennis Stanley
Matches Alvin James
Matchett T.H.S.
Mather A.T.
Mather E.R.
Mather G.E.
Mather G.S. Lancaster ME789

Mather H.M.
Mather J.M.

Mather J.S.
Mather L.
Mather L.G.
Mather L.S.
Mather R.A. Wellington
Wellington W5476
Mather Donald Stuart
Mather Robert Addison
Mather William Hume
Matherly Jones Monroe
Mathers J.W.
Mathers M.C.
Mathers Russel David
Mathers James Wilson
Matheson A.
Matheson A.C.
Matheson A.M.
Matheson C.N.
Matheson D.A.
Matheson D.M.
Matheson D.R.
Spitfire BM156 Matheson E.B.
Matheson G.R.
Matheson H.H.
Matheson J.D.B.
Matheson J.P.
Matheson K.A.
Matheson K.J.
Matheson L.L.
Matheson N.E. Stirling EH883
Matheson R.J.
Matheson R.K.
Matheson Sidney Edward Anson Anson Bolinbroke Anson Stranraer Canso Canso Canso Canso Canso 9754 Canso
Matheson S.G.
Matheson S.H.
Matheson S.W.
Matheson T.M.
Matheson W.G.
Matheson W.H. Lancaster
Lancaster ME750

Matheson W.R. Lancaster EE167

Matheson Ian George
Matheson James Munro
Matheson Alexander Colin
Matheson Douglas Haig
Matheson Everett Morley Lancaster ND684
Matheson Roderick James
Matheson Alexander Mcgregor
Matheson Beverly William
Matheson William Henry
Mathew J.I.
Mathews A.
Mathews A.G.
Mathews A.T.
Mathews D.E.
Mathews E.T.
Mathews J.O.
Mathews P.T.
Mathews R.M.
Mathews Lawrence Edgar
Mathews William Hooker
Mathews Thomas Donald
Mathews Arthur George
Mathewson C.D.
Mathewson F.A.L.

Mathieson G.M.
Mathieson J.C.
Mathieson J.G.
Mathieson L.
Mathieson R.G.
Mathieson R.J.
Mathieson Donald
Mathison D.E.
Mathison Earl Donald
Mathison Earl Donald
Matier F.J.
Matier T.
Matier Francis John
Matikka George Edwin
Matkin M.L.
Matkin Frederick Joseph
Matkin Philip Keith
Matkin Merlin Leigh
Matlock Elmer Keith
Maton R.K.
Matson C.A.E.
Matson Mervin Keith Wellington Wellington Z1745
Matson Mervin Keith
Matson George Enos Hampden V P4964
Matte C.
Matte J.A.C.E.
Matte L.E. Lancaster ND990
Matten W.C.
Matthew J.
Matthew J.M.
Matthew R.D.
Matthew R.W.R.
Matthew T. Mosquito
Matthew Robert Duff
Matthews A.B.
Matthews A.L.
Matthews A.S.
Matthews C.F.
Matthews D.J.
Matthews D.L.
Matthews E.C.
Matthews E.J.
Matthews E.R. Wellington HE804
Matthews F.D.
Matthews F.W.
Matthews H.
Matthews H.B.
Matthews H.D.
Matthews H.L.
Matthews J.
Matthews J.H.V.
Matthews John Lamont Anson Battle Anson Lancaster Anson Anson Anson
Matthews J.R.
Matthews J.R.
Matthews K.M.
Matthews N.H.
Matthews P.M. Halifax
Halifax DG238
Matthews P.W.
Matthews R.E.
Matthews R.H.
Matthews R.M.
Matthews R.P.
Matthews S.E.
Matthews S.J.
Matthews S.W. Spitfire
Matthews T.H.
Matthews W.H.
Matthews W.J.
Matthews W.V.
Matthews Donald Willis Halifax JB968
Matthews John Joseph
Matthews Philip Malcolm
Matthews Joseph Henry Gabriel
Matthews Grant Carmichael
Matthews George
Matthews Donald Willis
Matthews Ray Arthur
Matthews Stanley Wilbur
Matthews Walter Henry Halifax MZ506 QO-
Matthews Ronald Hepburn
Matthews George Norman
Matthews Lionel Wollaston Moth Crane Oxford Oxford Anson & Wellington Wellington Wellington Anson & Oxfords Wellington Wellington Wellington DF566
Matthey R.L.
Matthias G.S.
Mattick A.K.
Mattin Leslie Walter
Mattingly J.W.
Mattinson R.S.
Mattison Frederick Thomas
Mattless William Robert
Mattock A. Typhoon
Mattock R.S. Halifax HR794
Mattocks Walter James
Matton L.E.
Mattoon Stanley Finice
Mattson G.D.
Mattson Vernon Gilbert Halifax LW414
Mattson Vernon Gilbert
Mattusch C.G.
Matusiak M.
Matuszewski George
Matynia George Theodore
Maude W.F.
Maudsley James Alfred
Mauger A.R.
Mauger P.G.
Maughan D.L.
Maughan H.F.
Maughan Howard Lawrence
Maughan Herbert Francis
Maun R.A. Anson
Anson R3431
Maund W.G.
Maunder J.L.
Maunder Clifford Leigh
Maurice J.E.
Mavaut P.R.
Mavaut Paul Raymond Murray
MavCkay C.R.
Maves N.F.
MavFarlane J.B.
MavFarlane L.W.
Maville John Allan
Mavor Grant John
Maw A.D.
Maw J.T.
Maw Clifford Charles
Maw Arthur Douglas
Maw Franklin L.
Mawatari Winston Claude
Mawdesley F.J.
Mawdsley I.M.
Mawer W N M
Mawhinney B.A.
Mawhinney C.S.
Mawhinney H.B.
Mawhinney P.R.
Mawhinney John Robert
Mawson J.D.

Mawson James Alexander
Maham Arthur Gilbert Bolinbroke Halifax Halifax NA611 Halifax NA611
Mai L.R. Halifax LV951

Maim William Leonard
Maimick N.
Mamen Stanley Ray
Maon G.M.
Maon James Matthew Stinson Battle Wellington Wellington Wellington W5492
Maon Gunnlaugur Marino
Mated D.K.
Mated W.J.
Mawell A.
Mawell A.A.
Mawell A.H.
Mawell A.V.
Mawell A.W.
Lancaster LL962

Mawell B. B-24 Liberator TS520
Mawell B.

Mawell C.E.
Mawell D.C.
Mawell E.E. P-40 Kittyhawk
Mawell F.A.
Mawell G.D.
Mawell G.E.
Mawell G.R.
Mawell G.S.M. Hurricane
Mawell J.C.
Mawell J.F.
Mawell J.G.
Mawell J.L.
Mawell J.W.
Mawell M.
Mawell P.H.
Mawell R.B. Halifax LK684
Mawell R.B.
Mawell W.C.
Mawell W.K.
Mawell W.T. Mawell John Arthur
Mawell William
Mawell James David
Mawell Arnold Grant
Mawell William James
Mawell David Chester
Mawell William Harold Mcqueen
Mawell Austin Vaughan
Mawell Wallace Kingdon
Mawell Alfred
Mawell Arthur
May A.E.
May A.H. Halifax RG455

May E.D.
May F.

May G.A.
May G.L.
May H.E. Halifax H318

May H.J.
May J.
May J.
May J.A.
May J.A. Halifax
Halifax LK754
May J.R.
May J.W.
May L.A.
May N.S.
May R.F.
May R.N.
May R.S. Hurricane Stirling BF346
May S.J.D.
May W.E.
May Douglas Gordon
May Thomas Irving
May David Merriman
May George Alexander
May Russell Edward
May Bruce Herbert
May Alan Edward
May James
May Alexander Humphrey Halifax RG455 QO-
May A.F. P-51 Mustang AM172
May E.J. Lancaster JA908
May F.S. Halifax W7884

May L.F. P-51 Mustang
May S.N. Mosquito PZ220
Mayahay R.B. Lancaster NA500
Maybee N.W.
Mayberry Ronald Maford
Maybin L.H.
Maycock G.H.F.
Maycock M.E.
Mayell J.F.
Mayer B.
Mayer F.C.
Mayer G.
Mayer G.H.
Mayer H.L.C. Halifax ML422 Mayer J.C.A.
Mayer S.E.
Mayer S.J.
Mayer Harry Edward
Mayers E.W.
Mayers H.F.
Mayers J.D.
Mayes Warren Bretall
Mayfield Freddy
Mayhew A.K.
Mayhew C.A.
Mayhew Vernon Earle
Mayhew Charles Alan
Mayhood R.B.
Maynard A.R.
Maynard B.H.
Maynard E.G.D.
Maynard E.R.
Maynard F.H.B.
Maynard O.E.
Maynard R.E.
Maynard Howard Charles Alan
Maynard Richard Davies
Maynard Roy Edward
Mayne B.O.
Mayne D.L.
Mayne J.G.
Mayne James Anderson
Mayne Thomas Henry
Maynes W.W.
Mayo E.C.
Mayo F.R. Halifax
Halifax LK702
Mayo H.B.
Mayo J.R.
Mayo J.W.
Mayo W. Wellington LN554
Mayo John Raymond
Mayo William James
Mayor George William
Mayou F.D.?
Mayson G.L. Spitfire

Mayson R.V.
Mayville Joseph Fernard Halifax III LW395 KW-O
Maze R.M.
Mazedkin N.
Mazer N.L.
Mazerall Wallace Jerome
Mazier Michael William
Mazur A.P.
Mazur B.E.
Mazur M.

Mazur Adam John
Mazur Apollon Paul
Mazurek K.P.
Mazurk J.A.
McAdam M.K.
McAdam R.C.
McAdam R.D.
McAdam W.D. Halifax NA580
McAdam W.D. Halifax LW416
Mcadam William Henry
McAfee S.G.
McAlear H.A.
Mcaleavey Joseph Morgan
McAleenan C.H.
McAleese T.
Mcaleese Thomas
McAlister G.A.
McAlister R.B.
McAlister W.D.C.
McAllen D. Wellington Z9096

McAllister D.F.
McAllister D.R. Stirling BK806

McAllister G.E.
McAllister J.B.
McAllister J.C.
McAllister John Everett Finch Anson Harvard Halifax NR156 Halifax NP935
McAllister J.E.

McAllister L.G.
McAllister R.
McAllister R.B. Lancaster LL625

McAllister R.F.
McAllister S.H.
McAllister T.A.
McAllister V.P.
McAllister W.J. Halifax NP819
McAllister W.R.
McAllister W.R.
Mcallister Leslie Duncan
Mcallister Douglas Fraser
Mcallister Donald James
Mcallister John Carson
Mcallister Vincent Paul
McAlpine A.R.
McAlpine C.C.
McAlpine D.A.
McAlpine D.M.
McAlpine Earl James Moth Anson Harvard Master Master & Spitfire Hurricane Typhoon RB217
McAlpine H.T.

McAlpine J.J.C.
McAlpine J.L.
McAlpine L.R.
McAlpine M.J.
McAlpine N.W.
McAlpine W.
McAlpine W.E.
McAlpine W.J. Halifax W7766
Mcalpine Douglas Haig
Mcalpine William James
McAmmond M.A.
McAndrew B.E.
McAndrew R.T.
McAndrews K.S.
McAndrews T.F.S.
McAndrews W.G.
Mcaneeley Emmitt Francis
McAneney J.H.
McAneney T.B.
Mcaneney Thomas Bernard
McAninch G.L.
McAnulty J.D. Halifax H269

McAra J.B.F.
McAra P.G.
McAra W.E.H.
Mcaran Terence Joseph
McArdle C.A.
McArdle J.S.R.
Mcardle Clifford Austin
McAroy Michael
McArter D.M.
McArter W.M. Halifax JB794
Mcarter Glenville
McArthur A.
McArthur A.F. Halifax W7852

McArthur B.D.
McArthur D.A.
McArthur E.K.
McArthur G.
McArthur J.A.
McArthur J.A.L.
McArthur J.G.

McArthur J.G.
McArthur J.G.
McArthur J.H.G.
McArthur J.M.
McArthur M.C.
McArthur N.M.
McArthur R.K.
Mcarthur James Brewer
Mcarthur Kenneth Alexander Bernard
Mcarthur Leo Neil
Mcarthur Walter William
Mcarthur Edwin Matthew
Mcarthur Hugh Joseph
Mcarthur William John
McAskile A.A.
McAskile K.
McAskin J.M.
McAtee N.J.
McAughey J.P.
McAulay G.F.
McAulay M.
Mcaulay Martin
Mcaulay Donald Joseph
McAuley A.G. Halifax

McAuley J.C.
McAuley N.F.
McAuley S.L.
McAuley Vincent Cronkite Battle Anson Hudson AM785 Wellington Stirling BF379 MG-D Finch Harvard Mosquito
McAuley W.J.
McAuley W.J.A.
Mcauley Douglas Ewing
McAusland J.O.
McAvany J.H.
McAvity D.M.
McAvity Hugh Kaye Hurricane IV
Mcavity George Fellows
Mcavity Hugh Kaye
McAvoy J.K. Lancaster JA916

McAvoy J.S.
McBain C.A.
McBain D.K.
McBain J.R.
McBain M.E.
McBain W.N.
McBain W.R.
McBain W.W.
McBain Andrew Harold Adelbert Fort Bolinbroke Anson Wellington Halifax NP720 Halifax NA609
Mcbain William Ernest Jay
McBean J.W.
McBean W.A.
McBean W.M.
Mcbean William Charles
McBeath A.G.
McBeath D. Beaufighter
Beaufighter 7893
McBeath H.L. Stirling R9262

McBeath J.H.
McBeath S.B.
Mcbeath Douglas
Mcbeath Robert Alexander
Mcbeath Thomas Albert
McBeth H.G.
Mcbeth John
McBratney William Thomas Beilby Wellington R1616
Mcbratney William Thomas Beilby
McBride A.C. Typhoon
McBride B.D.
McBride C.H.
McBride C.W.
McBride D.
McBride D.J.
McBride G.E.
McBride J.A.
McBride J.A.
McBride J.L.
McBride J.W.R.
McBride L.H.
McBride M.A.
McBride M.F.
McBride N. Halifax EB257

McBride R.F.
McBride R.T.E.
McBride R.W.
McBride S.E.

McBride T.J.
McBride W.C. Typhoon MN379
McBride W.W.
Mcbride Thomas
Mcbride Leslie Brooks
Mcbride John Dugald Halifax II JB866 EQ-T
Mcbride Harold Ferguson
Mcbride Charles Wylie
Mcbride John Lawson
Mcbride Bruce Douglas
McBrien C.H.
Mcbrien Norman Arthur
Mcbrien Cecil Howard
Mcbrinn Patrick Joseph
McBroom W.W.
Mcbryde Samuel Hampton
McBurney B.C.
McBurney D.O.?
McBurney H.J.
McBurney L.C.
McBurney Ralph Edward
McBurney R.W. Halifax

McBurney W.J.
McBurney W.R. Halifax LL252

McBurney W.R.
Mcburney Harry Robert
Mcburney Samuel Lorne
McCaa J.F.
McCabe Desmond Finch Harvard & Yale Wellington Mosquito Dakota
McCabe E.J.
McCabe G.E.J.
McCabe J.V.
McCabe P.F.C.
McCabe R.H.
McCabe T.H.M.
McCabe Charles Arthur Patrick
Mccabe Robert Morrison
Mccabe Dennis Albert Lancaster II DS718 EQ-R
Mccabe George Edward Joseph
Mccabe Edward James
McCachren W.C.B.
McCaffery D.B.
McCaffery D.R. McCaffery E.H.
McCaffery E.J.

McCaffery W.A.
McCaffery W.J.
McCaffrey B.J.
McCaffrey J.H.A.
McCaffrey N.R.

McCaffrey R.L.
McCaffrey Edward William Harold Halifax LL141 WL-H
Mccaffrey John Harold Alexander
Mccaghey Harold Abraham
McCagney W.D. Halifax DT731

McCague J.A.
McCahon F.J. Lancaster NF974

McCahon F. McCahon J.
McCaig A.
McCaig L.N.
McCaig R.H.
Mccaig Leslie Neil
Mccaig Archibald Arnold
McCall F.A.
McCall F.R.G.
McCall H.C.
McCall I.
McCall J.G.
McCall J.P.
McCall R.A.
McCall T.C.
McCalla J.W.
McCalla R.I.
McCallan V.F.
McCallum A.E.C.
McCallum A.H.K.
McCallum C.D.
McCallum C.F.
McCallum D.A.
McCallum D.J.C.
McCallum D.R.G.
McCallum E.E.
McCallum F.A. McCallum H.W.
McCallum J.
McCallum J.A.
McCallum J.D.
McCallum J.W.
McCallum J.W.B.
McCallum J.W.F.
McCallum K.B.
McCallum K.F. Lancaster KB707
McCallum L.B. Stirling BF531
McCallum M.A.N.
McCallum N.G.
McCallum P.T.

McCallum R.F.
McCallum R.G.
McCallum R.J.

McCallum T.V.
McCallum W.A.
McCallum W.D.
McCallum W.L. Spitfire

McCallum Dugald Forbes
McCallum John Francis
McCallum James
McCallum Albert Robert
McCallum Peter Thomson
McCallum John Malcolm
McCallum Arthur Arnold Lancaster ND411
Mccallum John
Mccallum Robert John
McCallum (MacCallum) Brian Allan
McCalpin B.O.
McCalum R.J. Halifax MZ864
McCammon T.M.
Mccammon Samuel James
McCamon E.M.
McCamon E.R.
McCamus W.H.
McCance W.M.
McCandless D.
McCann D.S.
McCann E.E.
McCann E.W.
McCann G.E.

McCann J.A.
McCann J.A.
McCann J.J.
McCann J.J.
McCann L.M.
McCann P.
McCann R.L.
Mccann Charles Curtis Merril
Mccann John Warren
Mccann William Alexander
Mccann Daniel Allister
Mccann William Roy
Mccann Thomas Daniel
Mccann Garnet Edward
Mccann Alexander
Mccann Joseph Maurice Allan
Mccann Eric William
Mccann Leonard Myles
Mccann Edwin Earl
Mccann Edward
McCannell E.W.
Mccanney Patrick
Mccardle Frederick Grant
McCargar R.N.
McCarron P.F.
Mccarron Charles Michael
Mccarry James Joseph
McCart J.
McCart R.O. Halifax JD332
Mccart Robin Opal Patrick Joseph
McCarter R.B.
McCarthy C.H.
McCarthy E.L.
McCarthy F.S.
McCarthy H.A.
McCarthy J.A.
McCarthy J.C. Oxford Hampden Lancaster R5569 Lancaster ED915 Argus
McCarthy J.D.G.
McCarthy J.F.
McCarthy J.G.
McCarthy J.J.
McCarthy J.J.
McCarthy J.P.
McCarthy J.P.W.
McCarthy J.R.
McCarthy L.
McCarthy R.J.
McCarthy T.J.
McCarthy W.J. Hurricane Typhoon Typhoon
McCarthy W.V. Roman Catholic
McCarthy Benedict Joseph Halifax NP793
Mccarthy Murray Lorne
Mccarthy William Patrick
Mccarthy Winston Francis
Mccarthy William Francis
Mccarthy Philip William
Mccarthy Benedict Joseph
McCartney J.A.
McCartney K.L. Halifax LW583 McCartney L.F.
McCartney R.L.
McCartney R.S.
Mccartney John
Mccartney Harold Samuel
Mccartney George William
McCarty W.R. Stranraer
Stranraer 916
Mccarty Warren Roberts
Mccarty Daniel John
McCarvill C.J.
Mccarvill Cyril James
McCashin J.H.B.
McCaskill K.A.
McCaskill N.D.

Mccaskill Richard Llewellyn
Mccasky Eddie Stanley Joseph
Mccatty Winston Alexander
McCaughey A.G.
McCaughey G.S.
McCaul John Lefroy Anson Battle Anson Blenheim Mitchell Ventura Mosquito Harvard & Vampire
McCaul W.G.H.
McCaulay D.N. Halifax LK807
McCauley A.L.
McCauley A.T.
McCauley G.T.
McCauley J.W. Spitfire
McCauley W.A.
McCauley W.D.M.
McCauley W.G.
McCauley Gordon Theodore
McCausland C.D.
McCausland G.A.D.
Mccausland William Maughan
Mccausland William Alfred Delmore
Mccausland James Waldo
McCaw E.W.
Mccaw Cameron Francis
Mccaw John Francis James
McCawley J.D.
McCay S.
Mcchesnie Lyle William
McClacherty T.H.
McClain E.A.
Mcclanaghan Frederick
McClarty S.M.
Mcclarty Stanley Malcolm
Mcclarty Edward John
McClaskey A.C.
McClatchey D.
McClatchie G.K.
Mcclay Murton Lawrence
McClean C.W.
McClean L.S.
McClean R.S.
McClean W. Pres
McCleary A.

McCleary J.S.
McCleary R.J.
Mccleary George Frederick
McCleave J.A.
Mccleery Raymond Norman
McClellan D. Halifax NR144
McClellan D.J.
McClellan F. Wellington H676
McClellan F.C.
McClellan H.F.
McClellan M.W.
McClellan R.R.
Mcclellan Robert Bruce
McClelland A.K.
McClelland G.W. Lancaster
Lancaster PA173
McClelland K.C.
McClelland J.O.
McClelland R.C.
McClelland R.J.
Mcclelland David Stuart
Mcclelland James Ronald
McClelland William Gordon
Mcclelland Wilfred Glenn
McClemens A.G.
McClenaghan J.R. Lancaster LL716

Mcclennan Bruce Wallace
McClintock A.J.
McClintock D.J.
McClintock H.T.

McClintock J.S.
McClintock P.M.
Mcclintock Archibald
Mcclintock George Austin
Mcclintock Patrick Michael
McClinton J.H.
Mcclive Lloyd Peter
McCloskey C.D.
McCloskey R.J.
McCloskey R.S.
Mccloskey Richard Scott
Mccloskey Edward Jerome
McCloy A.A.
McCloy D.M.
McCloy R.
McCloy T.L.
Mccloy Robert
McCluggage M.O.
McClung J.G.
McClung J.V.
McClung V.F.
McClung W.R.
Mcclung John Henry Colin
Mcclung William Ross
Mcclung Vernon Frederick
McClure A.
McClure A.D.
McClure C.E.
McClure H.B. Halifax LW391 McClure H.G.
McClure J. Lancaster DV269
McClure J.
McClure J.E.
McClure W.C.
McClure Gordon Hutchinson
Mcclure James Edward
McCluskey E.J.
McClusky G. Hurricane
McClusky G.
McClusky J.B.K.
Mcclusky George
McClymont G.E.
McClymont R.J.H.
McColgan A.E.
McColl A.C.
McColl A.F.
McColl D.K.
McColl D.P.
McColl F.R.
McColl H.
McColl J.B. Hurricane V7372 Spitfire NH268
McColl R.
McCollum B.W.
McCollum J.R.
Mccollum William John
Mccollum Jack Ross
Mccolm Harold Walton
Mccolman James Murray
McComb C.W.A.
McComb D.S.
McComb F.A.
McComb R.H.
McComb R.J.
Mccomb Bud Douglas Roy
Mccomb Roy Ernest
McCombe R.J.
McCombs H.E.
McCombs R.B.F.
McConechy A.F.
Mcconechy Donald Hyatt
McConkey E.J.
McConkey F.G.
Mcconkey Frederick William
McConnachie N. McConnell B.
McConnell D.G.
McConnell D.H.
McConnell D.J.M.
Beaufighter ND221

McConnell E.W.
McConnell F.C.
McConnell J.D.
McConnell J.F.
McConnell J.K.
McConnell J.M.
McConnell J.R. Halifax LK798 McConnell J.R. McConnell J.S.
McConnell J.V.
McConnell J.W.
McConnell M.S.
McConnell M.W.
McConnell N.E.H.
McConnell R.F.
McConnell R.J.

McConnell Roy Kirkwood Camel
McConnell S.
McConnell W.A.S.
McConnell W.E.
McConnell W.L.
McConnell Mosquito
Mcconnell Andrew Lloyd
Mcconnell James Lawrence
Mcconnell Norman Edward Henry
Mcconnell James Louis
Mcconnell John Robert
Mcconnell-Taylor Edward Henry
Mcconvey Carl Joseph
McConville L.J.

McCool D.S.
McCool J.

Mccool Delbert Ellsworth
McCoombes W.J. Lancaster JA679

McCoppen W.J.
McCord L.N.
McCorkell Edwin Albert Moth & Stinson Battle Dragon Wellington Wellington Wellington HP631
McCorkindale M.H.
McCorkle R.G.
Mccorkle Donald Frederick
McCormack G.A.
McCormack H.P.
McCormack J.
McCormack J.E.
McCormack J.M.G.
McCormack R.J.
McCormack John Moth Anson & Crane Wellington Magister L8162
Mccormack Robert Jamieson
Mccormack John
McCormick D.J.
McCormick D.M.
McCormick D.R. Halifax LW121 McCormick G.E.
McCormick G.L.
McCormick J.B. Lancaster ME848

McCormick J.J.
McCormick L.H.A.
Wellington HE745
Wellington HZ481
McCormick R.
McCormick R.E.
Mccormick Joseph
Mccormick Hugh Roderick Neil
Mccormick Lee Henry Alexander
Mccormick John Gibney
Mccormick Joseph Roy
Mccormick Kenneth Corbett
Mccormick Robert Joseph
Mccormick Keith Robert
Mccormick James Francis
McCorquodale B.A.
McCorquodale M.E.
McCorriston J.M.
McCosham L.J. Wellington 3393

McCoubrey J.H.C. Lancaster LL964
Mccoubrey John Herbert Charles
McCowan James Gordon
McCoy D.A.

Halifax LW592

McCoy D.J. Halifax

McCoy H.D.J.
McCoy K.A.
McCoy K.L.D. Lancaster ND964
McCoy K.W.
McCoy W.A.
Mccoy Alfred Ernest
Mccoy Allan Frank
Mccoy Kenneth Lloyd Douglas
McCracken B. Spitfire

McCracken G.
McCracken H.W.
McCracken J.A.

McCracken J.G.
McCracken Robert Clare Finch & Cornell Harvard & Yale Hurricane Spitfire MJ463
Mccracken Alexander Purves
McCracken Gordon Malcolm
McCrady E.R.
Mccrady Alexander Currie
McCrae D.
McCrae H.R.
McCrae J.E.R. Spitfire MK117
McCrae J.S.
Mccrae Athol Malver William
Mccrae Donald
Mccrank Robert Neil
McCrea F.W.
McCrea J.
McCrea James Alexander Halifax LK878
McCrea J.E.R.
McCrea J.P.
McCrea K.B.
Mccrea Harry James
Mccrea Leslie Asa
Mccrea James Robert
Mccrea James Alexander
Mccrea Charles Frederick Douglas
McCready C.G.
McCready E.A. Hurricane Hurricane
McCready P.C.
Mccready George Donald
Mccready Francis Edward
Mccready Ernest William
McCreary A.M.
McCreary G.W. Halifax NP681
McCreary J.F.
McCreary W.J.
Mccreary James Duncan
Mccredie Caldwell Harvey
McCreedy J.
McCreery W.B.
McCreery Harry Kenneth
McCreight J.T.
McCreight V.W. Halifax LV910

McCrimmon B.W.
McCrimmon D.J. Spitfire

McCrimmon M.R.
McCrindle J.
McCrindle R.M.
McCririck A.P.
Mccron William Granger
Mccron Samuel Lorne Wilfred
McCrorie K.J. Lancaster LL959
McCrory J.A.
Mccrory Phillip Joseph
McCrudden R.C.H.
McCruden Robert James
Mccrum Charles John Frederick
McCuaig C.D.
McCuaig D.E.
McCuaig D.S. Halifax NP770
McCuaig D.S.
McCuaig I.B.
McCuaig I.H.
McCuaig K.G.

McCuaig K.J.S Halifax MZ454
McCuaig N.E.
McCuaig R.B.
McCuaig R.F.
McCuaig V.K.

Mccuaig Russell Kenneth
Mccuaig Eric Stuart
McCubbin R.C.D. Halifax LW121 McCubbin Francis Cole Halifax HR876
McCue J.O.
McCue J.W.
McCue R.
McCuish R.L.
McCullagh A.
McCullagh D.G.
McCullagh E.C. Pres
McCullagh G.H.
McCullagh M.R.
Mccullagh Robert Desmond
McCulloch A.S.
McCulloch F.F.
McCulloch G.M.
McCulloch I.W.
McCulloch J.
McCulloch J.C.
McCulloch M.A.
McCulloch R.G.
McCulloch W.A.
McCulloch William Donald
McCulloch John Ryan
McCulloch Robert Lyle
McCulloch Robert Lloyd
McCulloch Everett Elmer Stuart
McCulloch Gordon Saunders
Mcculloch Donald Malcolm
McCullogh R.G.
McCullough A.T.
McCullough D.L.C.
McCullough E.E.
McCullough G.H.
McCullough H.E.
McCullough H.J.
McCullough J.H. Typhoon SW525
McCullough J.K.
McCullough J.W.
McCullough R.
McCullough R.B. McCullough R.B.
McCullough W.J. Halifax NR180

Mccullough Donald Robert
Mccullough Robert Leroy
McCullough David Louis Caskey
McCully A.B.
McCully G.P.

McCunn R.M.
McCurdy A.R.
McCurdy G.L.
McCurdy H.T.
McCurdy R.E.G.
McCurdy R.W.
McCurdy W.R.
Mccurdy Ma Albert
Mccurdy Roger Eugene George
Mccurdy Archibald Roy
McCurlie J.M.
McCurrach S.T.C.
McCurry H.P.J.
McCutchen D.R.
McCutcheon A.D.
McCutcheon E.B.
McCutcheon H.D.
McCutcheon J.O.
McCutcheon John Terrence Moth Anson & Crane Blenheim & Beaufighter Dakota Liberator Expeditor Bocar
McCutcheon R.
McCutcheon W.C.
McCutcheon William Harold Moth Moth Harvard ?
McCutcheon William Robert Moth & Stinson Anson & Battle Wellington Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster ND815
McCutcheon Ralph Gordon
Mccutcheon Franklin Tees
Mccutcheon Ernest Borden
Mccutcheon Elvet Bater
McCuthcan J.E. B-17 Fortress SR 384 McDade E.J.
McDaniell H.H.
McDavid D.S.
Mcdavid Ronald Laird
McDearmid A.
Mcdennon Thomas Roy
McDermand R.F.
McDermid J.M.
McDermid N.N.
McDermid N.W.
McDermid W.K.
Mcdermid Earl Duncan
McDermott A.A.
McDermott E.J.
McDermott E.T.
McDermott J.A.
McDermott J.M.
McDermott L.P.
McDermott T.E.
McDermott W.E.
Mcdermott Edwin Terrance
Mcdermott Edward
McDernott F.C.
McDevitt D.H. Halifax JD420

McDevitt J.J.
McDiarmid A.C.
McDiarmid A.P.
McDiarmid I.A.F. Halifax NA186

McDiarmid I.H.
McDiarmid M.C.
McDiarmid W.C.
McDivitt K.D.
Mcdivitt Keith Oscar
McDolding J.G. Lancaster W4305

McDonagh J.N. Halifax LW721

McDonagh J.N.A.
McDonald A.
McDonald Ale A. Hurricane II Spitfire V Typhoon I
McDonald A.B.
McDonald A.H.
McDonald A.J. Spitfire ML213

McDonald A.R.

McDonald A.W.
McDonald B.K.
McDonald B.P.
McDonald C.B.
McDonald C.P. Lancaster ED312
Lancaster JB187
McDonald C.P.R.
McDonald C.T.
McDonald D.
McDonald D.
McDonald D.
McDonald D.A. Hurricane
McDonald D.A.
McDonald D.B.
McDonald D.C.
McDonald D.C.
McDonald D.F.G. Roman Catholic
McDonald D.F.?
McDonald D.G.
McDonald D.G.
McDonald D.H. McDonald D.M.
McDonald D.S.D.
McDonald D.W.

McDonald E.G.
McDonald E.K.
McDonald E.R.
McDonald F.W.
McDonald G. McDonald G.A.
McDonald G.A.
McDonald G.C.
McDonald G.D.
McDonald G.S.
McDonald G.S.V.
McDonald G.W.B.
McDonald H. Spitfire
McDonald H.H.
McDonald H.R.
McDonald H.R.
McDonald H.R.
McDonald H.S. United Church
McDonald H.W.
McDonald J.A.
McDonald J.A.
McDonald J.A.
McDonald J.A.F.
McDonald J.C.
McDonald J.D.
McDonald J.G. Halifax HR843

McDonald J.G.
McDonald J.G.
McDonald J.H.
McDonald J.O.
McDonald J.P.
McDonald J.R.
McDonald J.S. Stirling EF365
Stirling BK722

McDonald J.W. Spitfire MK990
McDonald K.J.
McDonald K.S.
McDonald L.B.
McDonald L.E.
McDonald L.G.
McDonald L.H. Halifax BB274
McDonald L.H. Lancaster KB729
McDonald M.A.
McDonald M.J.
McDonald M.P.
McDonald M.W.
McDonald N.L.
McDonald P.J.
McDonald R.A. Halifax MZ349 McDonald R.A.
McDonald R.A.
McDonald R.A.
McDonald R.B.
McDonald R.D.
McDonald R.G.
McDonald R.L.
McDonald R.M.
McDonald R.T.
McDonald R.W.G.
McDonald S.A.
McDonald S.C.
McDonald S.E.
McDonald S.J. Roman Catholic
McDonald T.P.W.
McDonald W.
McDonald W.A.L.
McDonald W.B.
McDonald W.D.
McDonald W.E.
McDonald W.H.
McDonald W.L.
McDonald W.V.
McDonald Spitfire AB963

Mcdonald Donald Smith
Mcdonald William Milton
Mcdonald Harry
McDonald Gordon Cameron
Mcdonald Joffre Kitchener
Mcdonald William Russell Campbell
McDonald John Gordon
Mcdonald James Edward
Mcdonald Donald Patrick
Mcdonald Donald
Mcdonald John Duncan
Mcdonald Alexander Robert
McDonald John Melville Harvard & Fort Battle Whitley Whitley Whitley Z9215 MH-C
Mcdonald Arthur Joseph
Mcdonald Jack Thompson
Mcdonald Melvin Joseph
Mcdonald Donald Francis
Mcdonald Howard William
Mcdonald James
Mcdonald Gerald Edwin
McDonald Charles Grant
Mcdonald Melvyn Alexander
Mcdonald Robert Spence
Mcdonald Devereau Richard Cecil
Mcdonald Andrew Basil
Mcdonald Verdun Frederick
Mcdonald Wesley Earl
Mcdonald Duncan Joseph
Mcdonald Stanley Clayton
Mcdonald Martin John
Mcdonald Donald Allan
Mcdonald Frederick Edward
Mcdonald Adam Raeburn
Mcdonald William Earl
Mcdonald Alexander James
Mcdonald Ronald Alexander
Mcdonald Harry Thomas
Mcdonald Hugh Eugene Anson I A177
Mcdonald Kenneth John
Mcdonald Arthur
McDonald Daniel
Mcdonald John Swan
Mcdonald John Alexander Francis
Mcdonald Wesley Ernest
Mcdonald Richard Albert
McDonald B.A. Wellington Z1078
McDonell J.L.
McDonell J.M.E.
Mcdonell John Donald
McDonnell B.C.
McDonnell C.E.
McDonnell E.N. Spitfire
McDonnell W.S.
Mcdonogh Athol Ian
McDonough B.E.
McDonough J.F. Halifax H281

McDorman R.G.
McDormand G.B.
McDougal B.A.
McDougal C.F.
McDougald J.C.
McDougall D.A.
McDougall D.A.
McDougall D.F.E.
McDougall D.P.L.
McDougall G.
McDougall G.E.
McDougall G.S.
McDougall J.B. Halifax HR854
McDougall J.B.

McDougall J.B
McDougall J.C.
McDougall J.C.G.
McDougall J.W.
McDougall K.
McDougall L. Lancaster ND395

McDougall M.P.
McDougall R.E.
McDougall R.V. Lancaster
Lancaster ND806
McDougall S. Halifax H281
McDougall S.
McDougall S.D.C.
McDougall T.K.
McDougall T.K.
McDougall T.R.
McDougall V.S.
McDougall W.R. Halifax LW390 McDougall W.R.
McDougall Royal Gordon
Mcdougall Vernon Estey
Mcdougall Cornelius Cameron
Mcdougall Lawrence John
Mcdougall Colin Angus
Mcdougall Gerard Daniel
Mcdougall Ronald Victor
Mcdougall George
Mcdougall Thom Ross
Mcdougall Clarence Francis
Mcdougall Reginald Eugene
McDowall J.
McDowall R.
McDowall W.O.
McDowell A.
McDowell A.C.
McDowell A.F. McDowell C.A.P.
McDowell C.J.
McDowell D.H.
McDowell J.C.
McDowell J.J.
McDowell J.N.
McDowell J.S.
McDowell R.T.
McDowell W.L. Hudson
Hudson FK 468
Mcdowell Kenneth Lendon
Mcdowell William Lloyd
Mcdowell James
Mcdowell Thomas Alexander
Mcdowell John Nelson
McDuffe David Malcolm Kittyhawk AL109 Kittyhawk Spitfire ML152
McDuffe W.A.
Mcdunnough William Ralph
McEachern A.B.
McEachern C.G.
McEachern D.A.
McEachern H.J.
McEachern J.W.H.
McEachern K. Halifax HR852
McEachern P.S.
McEachern R.N. McEachern T.W. McEachern T.W.
Mceachern Gerald Joseph
Mceachern Reginald Milton
Mceachern Hector Joseph
Mceachern Robert Neil
Mceachern Lachlan Neil
Mceachern John William Hugh
McElhanney R.G.
McElhanney T.P.
McElheran John Archibald Moth Anson Oxford Wellington Halifax Halifax LK764 Halifax MZ601
Mcelheran John Archibald
McElhinney N.G.
McElhone J.J.
Mcelhone John Joseph
McElligott G.A.
McEllistrum D.M.
McElman G.W.
McElrea W.G.
McElroy A.B.S.
McElroy E.W. Halifax LV799
McElroy ?
McElroy Gibb F.J. Lancaster LM513
McElroy G.W.E.
McElroy J.F. Spitfire BR254 Spitfire MK472 Spitfire ML250 Spitfire 2012 CF-86 Sabre
McElroy L.R. Halifax NA516
McElroy L.R.
McElroy W.
Mcelroy Guy James Herman
Mcelroy Lloyd William
Mcelroy Arthur Bowker Smith
McElwee W.
McEnery G.C.
McEniry D.R.
McEntee D.J.
Mcevoy Oliver James
Mcevoy Donald Ralph
McEwan B.D.
McEwan I.G.
McEwan R.
McEwan R.A. Wellington HE374
McEwan R.R.
McEwan T.
McEwan T.A.
Mcewan Ronald
McEwen A.H.
McEwen A.R.
McEwen B.B.
McEwen C.M.
McEwen C.M.
McEwen D.J.
McEwen E.R.
McEwen H.
McEwen J.A. Halifax LK950
McEwen M.A.
McEwen M.M.
McEwen N.F.
McEwen R.
McEwen R.W.S.
McEwen W.M.
Mcewen Alan James
Mcewen William Tripp
Mcewen Lawrence David
Mcewen John Alexander
Mcewen John Finlay
Mcewen Stewart Almer
McFadden A.D.
McFadden A.F.

McFadden A.R.
McFadden C.
McFadden F.E.
McFadden J.A.
McFadden J.D.
McFadden J.J.
McFadden J.S.
McFadden R.J.
McFadden S.H. Halifax MZ 476

McFadden Stanley Harold Halifax NA583 Halifax MZ476
McFadden W.R.
Mcfadden Donald Franklin
Mcfadden Ross John James
Mcfadden Hugh Charles
McFadyen H.J.
McFadyen M.D.
Mcfadyen Gilbert Campbell
Mcfadyen Donald Archibald
McFadyn D.N. Wellington BJ844
McFadzean B. McFadzean W.B.
McFall S.E.
Mcfall Elwood Wallace
McFarland G.F.
McFarland G.J.
McFarland W.A.L.
Mcfarland John Richard Graham
McFarlane A.I.
McFarlane C.I.
McFarlane F.N.
McFarlane G.
McFarlane H.
McFarlane H.H.
McFarlane J.C. Hudson
Hudson BW 700
McFarlane J.D.
McFarlane J.D.F. Spitfire
McFarlane J.F.
McFarlane J.N.
McFarlane M. Halifax LV872
McFarlane P.A.
McFarlane S.N.
McFarlane W.J.
Mcfarlane Jack Campbell
Mcfarlane John
Mcfarlane Alexander Ian
McFarlane Clifford Wallace Lancaster JA714
McFaull W.
McFayden D.A. Mosquito
Mcfayden Donald Alexander
McFee A.
McFee W.J.
Mcfee Allan Garfield
Mcfee Alfred Allan
Mcfee John Curwood
Mcfeetors Albert Sydney
McFetridge S.R.
McFetridge W.R.
McFie D.A. McGale T.J.
McGale T.T.P. Mosquito HJ719
McGarrigle W.
McGarry J.J.
McGarvey J.F. Halifax MZ531

Mcgarvey Peter John
McGaughey L.A.
McGaughran J.P.
McGavin D.C.
McGavin K.R.
McGavin W.J.
McGavock J.
Mcgavock John Joseph
McGaw K.H.
McGaw R.
McGeach H. Halifax
McGeach N. Halifax DK229
McGeachie B.

McGechie M.
McGee A.R.
McGee F.G.
McGee G.H.
McGee H.
McGee J.
McGee J.A.
McGee J.C.
McGee R.S.
McGee S.P.
Mcgee Thomas B.
Mcgee Lawrence Edward
Mcgee Robert Cecil Stuart
Mcgee James
McGeer M.G. Lancaster ME618
McGeer M.G.
McGeough J.H.
Mcgeragle Thomas Edward
McGerrigle G.A.
McGhee G.B. Lancaster ND614
McGhie H.
Mcghie Robert
McGibbon D.S. Typhoon
McGibbon J.C.
McGibbon J.H.
McGibbon R.S.
McGibbon James Edmund
McGibbon Reginald Stewart
McGibney F.
McGiffin A.D.
McGiffin C.V.
McGill A.S.
McGill D.R.
McGill E.R.
McGill E.W. McGill F.R.
McGill F.R.
McGill H.A.
McGill H.E. Halifax NP722
McGill H.L.
McGill H.W.
McGill J.J.
McGill L.S.
McGill M.D. Lancaster
McGill M.R.
McGill R.J.
McGill R.S,
McGill T.C.
McGill W.J.
McGill W.T.
Mcgill Edmund Thomas
Mcgill John Leroy
Mcgill Jack Lawrie
Mcgill Robert Smith
Mcgill George Edward
McGill Frank Scholes Curtiss H12 Curtiss H12 Curtiss H12 8656 Moth
McGillicuddy C.J.
McGillicuddy P.C. Boston
Mcgillicuddy Paul Clark
McGillis A.W.
McGillis N.D.
McGillis N.R.
McGillivray A.R. Halifax LW721
McGillivray A.R.
McGillivray A.W.
McGillivray D.A.
McGillivray D.R.
McGillivray D.R.
McGillivray E.H.
McGillivray E.R.
McGillivray G.A.
McGillivray G.B.
McGillivray J.
McGillivray J.B.
McGillivray J.F.
McGillivray J.J.
McGillivray R.L.
McGillivray R.I.
McGillivray W.N.
Mcgillivray Earl Lewis
Mcgillivray Craig Edward (Sonny)
Mcgillivray Delmer Ronald
McGillveray J.C.
McGilton J.C.
McGilvray J.M.
Mcgimsie Bruce Reginald
McGinley J.J.
McGinn A.L.
Mcginn Wilfred Lawrence
Mcginn John Henry
McGinnis A.D.
McGlade J.

McGlade J.M.
McGlade T.H.
McGladrey G.G.
Mcgladrey George Glover
McGlashan L.E. Halifax LL593 Halifax MZ946
McGlone G.F.
McGolrick G.G.
McGolrick George Gordon
McGonigal D.M.
McGonigal M.B.
McGorman J.W.
McGouey J.T.
McGoun D.C.
Mcgoun Kenneth Beverly
McGouran B.
McGourlick D.F.
McGourmack D.F. Lancaster DV196
McGovern H.T. Halifax NP746
McGovern H.T.
McGovern J.R.E.
McGovern L.W.
Mcgovern Patrick Joseph
Mcgovern Joseph Theodore
Mcgovern John Bruce
McGowan D.W.
McGowan E.A.
McGowan E.H.
McGowan J.E. Halifax DG284
McGowan J.E.
McGowan J.G.
McGowan N.E. Hampden P1185
McGowan O.M.
McGowan R. Halifax LK810
McGowan R.
McGowan T.C.
McGowan John Douglas Lancaster
Mcgowan Thomas Campbell
Mcgowan John Douglas
McGowan Ian E. Halifax NA629
McGrail J.
McGrandle W.J.
McGrath A.J.
McGrath B.J.
McGrath D.A.
McGrath Douglas Frederick Moth Anson Halifax ----- Lancaster & Neptune Neptune
McGrath E.K. Lancaster KB752
McGrath Joseph Earl Moth Harvard Anson Oxford Oxford Mosquito Mosquito Mosquito LR268
McGrath J.S.
McGrath S.J.
McGrath W.K.
Mcgrath Bernard Arthur
Mcgrath Harold Thomas
Mcgrath Dennis Brien
Mcgrath Robert Kenneth
Mcgrath James Patrick
Mcgrath John Feli
Mcgrath Gerald
Mcgrath Francis Gerard
Mcgrath Anthony William
Mcgrath Samuel James
Mcgrath Joseph Earl
Mcgrath Robert Kenneth
Mcgraw Hugh Edward
Mcgraw Anthony Emsley
McGray F.B.
McGreel J.A.
McGreggor N.M. Spitfire
McGregor A.E.
McGregor A.M.
McGregor C.D.
McGregor D.
McGregor Duncan Pearson Halifax LK878
McGregor D.Q.
McGregor D.W.G.
McGregor E.W. Halifax LW127
McGregor F.R.
McGregor G. Halifax MZ288
McGregor G.A.
McGregor G.D.
McGregor G.M.
McGregor Gordon Roy Hurricane Spitfire
McGregor H.
McGregor H.B.
McGregor H.E.L.
McGregor J.
McGregor J.
McGregor J.
McGregor J.
McGregor J.A.
McGregor J.A.
McGregor J.A. Lancaster KB758
McGregor J.B. Lancaster
Lancaster PB64?

McGregor J.R.
McGregor J.W.
McGregor L.A.
McGregor N.R. Halifax JP113
McGregor N.R.
McGregor P.
McGregor R.J.
McGregor R.W. Stirling BF379
McGregor S. McGregor W.J.
McGregor W.K. Mosquito ML695
McGregor W.K.
Mcgregor Jack Alpine
Mcgregor David Burnett
McGregor Charles Gordon Tassie
Mcgregor Robert Malcolm
Mcgregor Malcolm William
Mcgregor Bruce Walter
Mcgregor Alexander Morvan
Mcgregor James Bruce
Mcgregor Robert Edward
Mcgregor Walter Roy
Mcgregor George
Mcgregor Reginald Rothwell
Mcgregor Duncan Pearson
McGrogan J.L.

Mcgrogan John Edward
McGruther A.M.R.
McGuckin J.S.
McGuffin J.G.
McGuffin M.C.
Mcguffin William Chester
McGugan N.O.
McGugan R.G.
McGugan R.G.
Mcgugan Francis (Frank) Richard
McGuigan S.K.
Mcguigan Samuel Kellington
Mcguigan William Henry
McGuinness E.S.
McGuinty K.M.C.
McGuinty M.J.
McGuinty P.J.
McGuinty W.L.
McGuire A.
McGuire C.J.
McGuire F.H.
McGuire H.
McGuire J.B.
McGuire J.C.
McGuire J.L.
McGuire J.S.
McGuire L.M.
McGuire P.C.
McGuire P.E.
McGuire P.G.
McGuire V.S.
McGuire H.F. Cessna Crane
Cessna Crane 7884
McGuire J.S. Halifax NP938
McGuire P.E. McGuire George Glenn Halifax Halifax LW687
Mcguire Henry Francis
Mcguire Edward Voliantine
Mcguire Michael James Doran
Mcguire Patrick Gregory
Mcguire Michael Kidston
McGunigal D.J.
Mcgurty Albert
McHaie J.B.

McHale J.S.
McHale T.P.
Mchale Thomas Patrick
McHardy P.G.
McHardy Blenheim -
McHardy D. McHardy Alexander Gordon
Mchardy Stanley Swanston
Mchardy Malcolm
Mchardy Sidney Alexander Farquharson
McHarg R.R.
Mcharg Vernon Frederick
Mcheffey Winfield Murray
McHenry J.E.
Mchenry James Justin
McHolm N.A.
McHolm N.A. Halifax DT 803
McHugh H.E.
McHugh P.A.A.
McHugh J.J. Mchugh Gerald Finnbarr
McHutchion J.A.
Mchutchion John Alexander
McIIrath S.J. Wellington
Wellington MS496
McIlhagga W.
McIlhagga W. Halifax MZ802
McIlhone J.T.
McIlhone N.J.
McIlhone R.F.
McIllivray C.E. Halifax
Halifax LK640
McIllivray C.E. Halifax
Halifax LK640
McIlquhan T.O.
Mcilrath Stanley James
Mcilrath James
McIlroy S.S.
McIlveen J.D. P-51 Mustang AL995
McIlveen J.D.
McIlveen W.A.
McIlveen W.D.
Mcilveen Archibald Edward
Mcilveen Roy Mcvicar
McIlwain C.H. Lancaster DS829
McIndoe R.G.
McIndoo W.J.
McInerney J.E.
McInerney O.P.J. Halifax JN 972
McInerny T.O.
McInnes D.A.
McInnes G.A.
McInnes H.L.
McInnes W.G.
McInnes Colin Harvey Halifax NP759
Mcinnes Reginald James
Mcinnes John George
Mcinnes Jack Ernest
Mcinnes Colin Harvey
McInnis D.E.
McInnis F.G. Hudson
Hudson FH 317
McInnis F.P.
McInnis G.
McInnis H.B.
McInnis H.L. Halifax MZ291
McInnis K.W.Y.
McInnis T.G.
McInnis V.B.
McInnis W.F.
McInnis W.N.
McInnis W.R.
Mcinnis Francis Gabriel
Mcinnis Daniel William
McInnis Irvin Neil Halifax H287
McInroy A.E.
McInroy R.A.R. Lancaster NN777
Mcintaggart Russell George
McIntoch J.
McIntosh B.
McIntosh C.A.
McIntosh D. Mosquito
McIntosh D.A.
McIntosh D.C.
McIntosh D.N.
McIntosh D.W.H.
McIntosh E.R.
McIntosh F.R.
McIntosh G.B.
McIntosh G.G.
McIntosh G.L.
McIntosh G.T.
McIntosh H.D.
McIntosh H.F.
McIntosh I.F.

McIntosh J.
McIntosh J.A. Anson
Anson EF953

McIntosh J.A. P-51 Mustang
Spitfire NH176
McIntosh J.A. Halifax LW593
McIntosh J.A.
McIntosh J.A.
McIntosh J.B.
McIntosh J.D.
McIntosh J.D.
McIntosh J.F.
McIntosh J.G.
McIntosh J.R.
McIntosh J.W.
McIntosh Joseph William Burke Halifax RG455 QO-
McIntosh K.E.
McIntosh K.R.
McIntosh L.Y.
McIntosh R.A.
McIntosh R.G.
McIntosh R.J.
McIntosh S.A.
McIntosh W.C.
McIntosh W.D.
McIntosh W.G.
McIntosh W.H.

Dakota & Lodestar
B-24 Liberator
McIntosh W.P.M.
Mcintosh James White
Mcintosh John
Mcintosh George
Mcintosh Douglas Young
McIntosh John Daryl
Mcintosh William Albert
Mcintosh William Philip Macdonald
Mcintosh John William
Mcintosh John Alexander
Mcintosh John David
Mcintosh Garnet
McIntyre C.M.
McIntyre D.
McIntyre D.A. Halifax LW175
McIntyre D.A.
McIntyre D.A.
McIntyre D.C.
McIntyre D.F.
McIntyre D.J.
McIntyre D.J.
McIntyre D.N.C.
McIntyre D.P. McIntyre D.S.
McIntyre F.G.
McIntyre F.J.
McIntyre F.J.
McIntyre G.A.
McIntyre G.W.
Halifax LV914
McIntyre G.W.
McIntyre H.B.
McIntyre H.L.
McIntyre H.R.
McIntyre H.S.
McIntyre H.V.
McIntyre J.A.
McIntyre J.A.
McIntyre J.H.
McIntyre J.J.
McIntyre J.T.
McIntyre J.W.
McIntyre L.A.
McIntyre N.A. Halifax NP700
McIntyre N.J.G.
McIntyre N.K.
McIntyre P.A.
McIntyre R.A. Halifax LL576
McIntyre R.E.
McIntyre R.J.
McIntyre W.E.
McIntyre W.H.
McIntyre W.J.
McIntyre R.E. Halifax NA611
Mcintyre John Jacob
Mcintyre Ronald Maitland
Mcintyre Beverley Leslie
Mcintyre James Ivan
Mcintyre Peter Douglas
Mcintyre Robert Francis
Mcintyre Robert Bruce
Mcintyre Harry Starkey
Mcintyre Orville Malcolm
Mcintyre Ian
Mcintyre John Duncan
Mcintyre Alexander Russell
Mcintyre Jack Edwin
Mcintyre Alexander Donald
Mcintyre Archibald Blair
Mcintyre Edward Charles
Mcintyre Lynden Arnold
Mcintyre John Alexander
Mcintyre Donald Van Norman
Mcintyre Paul Alvin
Mcintyre John Joseph Lawrence
Mcintyre Hubert Bates
McIntyre Gordon Angus
McIsaac E.R.
McIver G.H.
McIver H.C.
McIver J.C.
McIver Bruce Gordon
McIver Albert Emerson
McIver Henry Carbee
McIver Joseph Charles
McIver Malcolm
McIver Jack Samuel
McIvor C.C.
McIvor C.D. Halifax DG351
McIvor D.E.
McIvor D.W.
McIvor J.
McIvor R.A.
McIvor S.
McIvor James
McIvor Roderick Austin Halifax II JN954 VR-R
McIvor Clifford Douglas
McIvor Kenneth Bruce
McJannet G.E.
McJannet J.K.
McJannet R.J.
McKacharn R.N.
McKague H.G.
McKaskie M.L.
McKay A.
McKay A.G.
McKay A.H.
McKay A.I.
McKay A.R.W.
McKay A.S.
McKay C.L.
McKay D.
McKay D.B.
McKay D.G. Spitfire MJ302
McKay D.G.
McKay D.G.
McKay D.H.
McKay D.J. Boston
McKay D.J.
McKay D.J.
McKay D.K.
McKay E. Typhoon
McKay E.B.
McKay E.J.D. Typhoon
McKay E.W.
McKay F.G.
McKay G.
McKay G.A.
McKay G.C.
McKay G.C.
McKay G.D.B.
McKay G.E.
McKay G.E.
McKay Gordon Ormonde Spitfire ER807 Spitfire ER807
McKay H. Halifax MZ355
McKay H.
McKay H.A.
McKay H.J.
McKay H.W.
McKay I.E.
McKay J.B.
McKay J.G.
McKay J.H. McKay J.I.
McKay J.P. Wellington
McKay J.R.
McKay K.C.
McKay K.E.
McKay L.B. Hurricane
McKay M.R.
McKay M.R.
McKay N.
McKay R.A.
McKay R.J.
McKay R.K. Blenheim Z 6178
McKay R.M.
McKay W.
McKay W.A. Halifax Lancaster DS842
McKay W.A.
McKay W.A.
McKay W.B.F.
McKay W.C.
McKay W.D.
McKay W.G. Halifax LW498
McKay W.G.
McKay W.G.T.
McKay W.H.
McKay W.J.
McKay Duncan Gordon
McKay James Patrick Wellington R1717
McKay Martin Neil
McKay Daniel Archibald
McKay Archie
McKay James Arthur
McKay Ross
McKay Donald James
McKay Douglas George
McKay Harry Robertson
McKay Gordon Campbell
McKay Donald Hugh
McKay Allan Charles
McKay Grant Burns
McKay Harold Lloyd
McKay Robert James
McKay Hugh Robert
McKay Douglas William
McKay Harry Whittaker
McKay Donald Gordon
McKay Alexander Grant
McKay Murray Roy
McKeachie J.G.
McKeague S.V.
McKeague W.J.
McKean A.
McKean A.K.
McKean Graeme Thomas Finch Harvard Halifax MZ660
McKean R.P. Halifax LV783
McKean R.P.
McKechney J.L.
McKechnie D.S.
McKechnie F.D.
McKechnie J.K.
McKechnie John Kenneth
McKee D.C.
McKee D.F.
McKee D.J.
McKee E.D.
McKee G.H.
McKee G.J.
McKee H.G.
McKee J.G.
McKee K.R.
McKee L.G.
McKee N.E. P-40 Kittyhawk
McKee P.M.
McKee R.
McKee R.
McKee R.B.
McKee R.H.
McKee R.P.
McKee T.D.
McKee T.Y.
McKee W. McKee W.D.
McKee W.J.
McKee W.N.
McKee W.S.J. Lancaster ND781
McKee William Ellis Halifax JB968
McKee Hugh Percival
McKee Kenneth Gilbert
McKee William Ellis
McKee Terrance Velleau
McKeen F.S.
McKeever I.D.
McKegney E.L.
McKeith Allan Barnby
McKell Hiram Archibald Mccormick
McKellar F.A.
McKellar J.H. Lancaster KB707
McKellar J.M.
McKellar L.D. Spitfire
McKellar M.
McKellar M.R.
McKellar S.V.
Mckellar George Alexander
Mckellar Malcolm Archie
McKelvey R.P.
McKelvie D.
McKelvie D.J.
McKelvie J.F.S.
McKelvie L.R.
McKelvie S.
McKendrick J.A.
McKendry John Wilbur
McKendry John Allan
McKendy J.S. Spitfire
McKendy J.S.
McKendy T.J.
McKenna A.E.
McKenna A.G.
McKenna E.H. Mosquito
McKenna F.M.
McKenna G.P.
McKenna J.B.
McKenna J.H. Lancaster ME392
McKenna R.D.
McKenna R.J.
McKenna Donald Joseph
McKenna Gerald Lewis
McKenna Charles Daniel
McKenna John Leo
McKenna Leslie William Joseph
McKenna Gerald Patrick
McKenna John Andrew
McKennie L.I.
Mckennie Gerald Baird
McKenny R.R. Halifax MZ867
McKenty J.H.
McKenty J.S.
McKenzie A.A.
McKenzie A.C.
McKenzie A.D.H.
McKenzie A.H.
McKenzie A.P.
McKenzie C.A.
McKenzie C.A.
McKenzie C.J.
McKenzie C.W.
McKenzie D.A.
McKenzie D.B.
McKenzie D.B.E. Halifax V9993
McKenzie D.G. Stirling EF385
McKenzie D.J.
McKenzie D.J.
McKenzie D.M. Mosquito
McKenzie D.N.
McKenzie D.R. McKenzie D.S.
McKenzie F.K.
McKenzie G.J.
McKenzie G.P.R.
McKenzie H.
McKenzie H.L.
McKenzie I.K.
McKenzie J.A. Halifax JN924
McKenzie J.A.
McKenzie J.J.R.
McKenzie J.K.
McKenzie J.P. McKenzie J.P.
McKenzie J.S.
McKenzie K.A.
McKenzie K.E.
McKenzie L.J.
McKenzie M.A.
McKenzie M.B.
McKenzie M.F.
McKenzie P.L.
McKenzie R.J.O.
McKenzie R.M.
McKenzie R.M.
McKenzie T.A.
McKenzie W. Meteor
McKenzie W.G.
McKenzie W.G.
McKenzie W.H.
McKenzie W.J.
McKenzie Robert Melne Moth Harvard Anson Hurricane Kittyhawk Typhoon MN707
McKenzie Melvin Muir Anson Halifax MZ683 Halifax MZ683
McKenzie John Mortimer
McKenzie Orville Wilbert
McKenzie John Draper
McKenzie Robert Douglas
McKenzie Cecil Malcolm
McKenzie Daniel Murray
McKenzie John Andrew Whitmore
McKenzie Lloyd George
McKenzie Alexander Gracey
McKenzie Douglas Charles
McKenzie George Charles
McKenzie Daniel Neilson
McKenzie James Patrick
McKenzie Alexander Caird
McKenzie Morris Allan
McKenzie Gordon James
McKeough B.A.
McKeown C.F.
McKeown E.H.
McKeown G.A.
McKeown H.K.
McKeown J.
McKeown J.L. Lancaster ME 585
McKeown J.L.
McKeown J.S.
McKeown V.H.
McKeown W.
McKeown Francis James
McKeown Victor Herbert
McKeown Kenneth Creighton
McKerchar D.R.
Mckercher William Dunne
McKergow L.B.
McKernan G.A.
McKernan Frank Thomas Andrew
McKerns Charles
McKerr J.
McKerroll D.M.
McKerroll J.M.
Mckerroll John Malcolm
McKerrow D.R.
McKerry D.A.G.
Mckerry David Anthony Gregory
McKessock R.G.
McKessock Ross George
McKessock William Donald Nelson
McKhool George Joseph
McKibben A.
McKibbin A.G.D.
McKibbin S.M.
McKibbon H.B.
McKibbon J.N.
McKibbon R.E.
Mckibbon Mervin George Lancaster DS630
McKie S.S.
McKie W.M.
Mckie Allison Boyce
Mckie Donald Galloway Watt
McKiechan S.S.
McKiel A.B.
McKiel G. Lancaster DS731
McKiel G.
Mckiel Donald Ivan
McKiggan A.A. P-51 Mustang AM158
McKiggan Angus Alexander
McKilligan A.W.
McKilligan L.G.
McKillop A. Halifax H346
McKillop A.F.
McKillop A.P.
McKillop D.J.
McKillop D.T. Lancaster LM474
McKillop D.T.
McKillop K.A.
McKillop M.
McKillop Norman Colin Halifax NP710
McKillop R.H. P-40 Kittyhawk
McKillop Stanley Bruce Anson Halifax Halifax NP720
McKillop S.W.
McKillop Robert Henry
McKillop Norman Colin
McKim D.W. Halifax W7884
McKim D.W.
McKim R.S.
McKim Arnold Doyle
McKim Charles Williston
McKim Joseph Arthur Lancaster LM189 WP-O
McKimm Charles Harwood
McKinlay D.J.
McKinlay J.A.
McKinley E.A.
McKinley E.Y.
McKinley H.J.L.
McKinley J.A.
McKinley J.A.
McKinley M.E.
McKinley N.R. Wellington LN439
McKinley V.I.
McKinley W.A.
McKinley Curtis David
McKinnell W.K.
McKinney A.S.
McKinney M.E.
McKinney W.E.
Mckinney Robert Francis
McKinnon A.A. Halifax DK135
McKinnon A.H.
McKinnon A.K.
McKinnon A.W.
McKinnon C.C.
McKinnon C.M.
McKinnon D. Blenheim Z 7294
McKinnon D.
McKinnon D.B.O.
McKinnon D.J. Halifax NP701
McKinnon D.L.
McKinnon F.C.
McKinnon H.H.
McKinnon I.N.
McKinnon J.B. Lancaster LL632
McKinnon J.B.
McKinnon J.C.
McKinnon J.C.
McKinnon L.M.
McKinnon R.D. Typhoon
McKinnon R.P.
McKinnon T.S. Wellington HE690
McKinnon V.L. Halifax NP959
McKinnon W.
McKinnon W.F.
McKinnon W.L. Stirling EH884
McKinnon W.R.
McKinnon John
McKinnon Donald Ross
McKinnon William Gordon
McKinnon John Arnott
McKinnon Gerald Frederick
McKinnon Campbell Archibald
McKinnon Ian
McKinnon Lloyd George
McKinnon John Lockwood
McKinnon Reginald Wolfe
McKinosey A.A.
McKinstry C.I.
McKinstry Kenneth
McKinty J.W.
McKitrick D.J.
McKitterick Donald Harvey
McKnight A.C.
McKnight F.H.
McKnight J.D.
McKnight J.D.
McKnight J.E.
McKnight J.W.
McKnight J.W.D.
McKnight R.C.
McKnight R.C.
McKnight R.E.C.
McKnight R.J.
McKnight W.
McKnight W.J.
McKnight W.L. Hurricane
McKone B.
McKone G.R.
McLachlan C.W.
McLachlan D.A.
McLachlan D.A. Lysander
McLachlan D.W.
McLachlan H. Hurricane BN473 Spitfire MH698
McLachlan I.W.
McLachlan J.
McLachlan J.N.
McLachlan M.R.
McLachlan P.A.
McLachlan R.O. Halifax NP949
McLachlan R.S. Halifax JD214
Mclachlan Roderick James
Mclachlan William John Andrew
Mclachlan Donald Parker
Mclachlan Russell William
Mclachlan Percy Alan
McLachlin D.R. Defiant Beaufighter T3358
McLachlin H.A.
McLachlin William Mcintyre
McLagan J.W.
McLagan R.M.
McLaggan A.J.
McLaggan H.I.
McLaine P.E.
McLaren A.
McLaren A.D.
McLaren A.H.
McLaren A.J.
McLaren A.L.
McLaren C.A.
McLaren C.K.
McLaren D.H.
McLaren D.S.
McLaren D.W. Halifax LW204
McLaren E.A.
McLaren F.E.
McLaren G.H.
McLaren J.A.
McLaren J.B.
McLaren J.J.D.
McLaren J.M.
McLaren M.C.
McLaren M.I.
McLaren M.S.
McLaren P.G.
McLaren R.W.
McLaren R.W.
McLaren W.
McLaren Alexander John
McLaren Robert Perrin
McLaren Jack
McLaren Arthur Alexander
McLaren William Perry
McLaren Robert William
McLaren Gordon Howard
Mclaren Charles Peter
McLarty A.F.
McLarty D.W. Hurricane Spitfire
McLarty G.A. Lancaster KB741
McLarty S.M. P-40 Kittyhawk Spitfire PL423 Spitfire RR201 Spitfire NH263
McLauchlan J.G.
McLauchlan R.C. Lancaster LM273
McLauchlan T.A.
McLauchlin A.M.
McLauchlin E.
Mclauchlin Burton
McLaughlan J.M.
McLaughlan R. Lancaster W4777
McLaughlin B.J.
McLaughlin C.E.
McLaughlin D.
McLaughlin D.B.
McLaughlin D.S.
McLaughlin G.
McLaughlin G.A.
McLaughlin H.D.P.
McLaughlin H.R.
McLaughlin I.M.
McLaughlin J.B.
McLaughlin J.C.
McLaughlin J.D.
McLaughlin J.F.
McLaughlin J.G. Halifax H272
McLaughlin J.H. McLaughlin J.H.E.
McLaughlin J.I.
McLaughlin J.J.
McLaughlin J.R.
McLaughlin J.R.
McLaughlin J.T.
McLaughlin M.J.

McLaughlin M.W. Lancaster KB870
McLaughlin M.W.
McLaughlin N.J.
McLaughlin R.A.
McLaughlin R.B.
McLaughlin R.V.
McLaughlin W.J.
McLaughlin W.J.
McLaughlin Kenneth Keith
McLaughlin Andrew Joseph
McLaughlin George Lloyd
McLaughlin Howard Mark
McLaughlin Patrick Ignatius
McLaughlin William George
McLaughlin George
McLaughlin Kenneth Alexander
McLaughlin Bliss James
McLaughlin Arthur John
McLaurin C.A.
McLaurin George Fraser
McLaws W.R.
McLay G.O.
McLay J.E.
McLay J.?
McLay John Milton
McLay Donald Francis
McLea John Alexander
McLean A.C. Halifax LW394
McLean A.C.
McLean A.P. Blenheim D 7738
McLean A.W.
McLean A.Y.
McLean B.
McLean B.
McLean B.E.
McLean C.
McLean C.
McLean C.D.
McLean C.D.
McLean C.D.
McLean C.V.
McLean D.
McLean D.A. Lancaster
McLean D.B.F.
McLean D.G.
McLean D.H.
McLean D.J.
McLean D.O.
McLean D.S.
McLean D.W. McLean E.H. Hudson
McLean F.
McLean G.A.N.
McLean G.D.
McLean G.D.
McLean G.G.
McLean G.T.
McLean H.C. Halifax HR871
McLean H.J.
McLean H.J.
McLean H.R.
McLean H.V.
McLean I.L.
McLean J.G. Halifax NA612
McLean J.A.
McLean J.H.
McLean J.K.
McLean J.M.
McLean L.F.
McLean M.D.
McLean M.N. McLean M.N.
McLean M.S.
McLean N. Lancaster KB895
McLean O.D. Halifax LV914
McLean O.D.
McLean O.G.
McLean P.M.
McLean P.R. Tiger Moth # 5944
McLean R.C.
McLean R.H.
McLean R.P.
McLean R.P.
McLean R.R.
McLean W.A.R.
McLean W.D.
McLean W.E.
McLean W.E.
McLean W.E.
McLean W.E.
McLean W.F.
McLean W.G.
McLean W.O.
McLean J.C. Halifax NA583
McLean Albert Perry
McLean Donald
McLean Thomas Begley
McLean David Gerald
McLean James Kerr
McLean Ernest Caldwell
McLean John Andrew
McLean George Arthur
McLean George Percy
McLean Kenneth Hector Wally
McLean James Robert
McLean John Charles
McLean Paul Roger
McLean John James
McLean Roy Victor
McLean Ronald Neil
McLean Gordon Mitchell
McLean Robert Harvey
McLean Donald Rae
McLean Laurence Munro
McLean Gordon Gillean
McLean Leslie
McLean Archibald Stewart
McLean Hubert John
McLean Douglas
McLean John Kenneth
McLean George Daryll
McLean William Eugene
McLean Robert James
McLear M.
McLear Maurice
McLearn H.A.
McLeay R.W.
McLeish A.W. Halifax LV945
McLeish C.A.
McLeish I.S.
McLeish W.A.G.
McLeish W.M.
McLeish John Alexander Mactavish
McLeister C.S.
McLellan A.
McLellan A.E.
McLellan D.
McLellan D.A.J.
McLellan E.A.
McLellan F.M.
McLellan G.E.
McLellan J.E.
McLellan J.W.W.
McLellan K.F.
McLellan L.E.
McLellan N.S.
McLellan P.A.
McLellan R.A.K.
McLellan R.F.
McLellan W.G.
McLellan W.G.
McLellan Albert Benjamin Lancaster I W4111
McLellan Clement Percival
McLellan Albert Benjamin
McLellan Norman Milton
McLellan Rodd Campbell
McLellan William Robert
McLellan Cyril Cobb
McLellan Vaughan Albert
McLellan Gordon Keith
McLellan Bruce Hilary
McLenaghan M.J.
McLenaghan R.C.
McLenaghan W.A. Lancaster RA523
McLenahan Arthur Cedric
McLennan A.B.
McLennan C.A.
McLennan D. Halifax NP692
McLennan D.H. Lancaster NF920
McLennan D.M.
McLennan G.D.
McLennan H.A. Halifax NP949
McLennan H.A.
McLennan J.A.
McLennan J.D.
McLennan P.G.
McLennan R.
McLennan R.A.
McLennan R.C.
McLennan R.G.
McLennan W.A.
Mclennan Hilbert Alexander
McLennan Donald Morrison
McLennan Burns Alexander
McLennan John Alexander
McLeod A.A. Hurricane Hurricane
McLeod A.C. Halifax NP771
McLeod A.C.
McLeod A.G.
McLeod A.J.
McLeod A.N.
McLeod A.S.
McLeod C.A. Halifax NA510
McLeod C.A.
McLeod C.J. Lancaster ME857
McLeod C.J.
McLeod C.S.D.
McLeod C.W.
McLeod C.W.
McLeod D.A.
McLeod D.A.
McLeod D.A.
McLeod D.A.G.
McLeod D.C.
McLeod D.E.
McLeod D.E.
McLeod D.F.
McLeod D.H.
McLeod D.J.
McLeod D.J. Halifax HE169
McLeod D.M.
McLeod D.M.
McLeod D.N.
McLeod D.P. Halifax JD214
McLeod D.R.
McLeod E.J.
McLeod E.R.
McLeod E.T.
McLeod F.A.
McLeod G.C.
McLeod G.K.
McLeod H.B.
McLeod Harold Dick Halifax LV965 Halifax PN228
McLeod H.F.
McLeod H.F.W.
McLeod H.P.
McLeod H.W. Spitfire AD196 Spitfire EP209 Hurricane Spitfire MK321
McLeod H.W. Spitfire NH322
McLeod I.
McLeod J. Baltimore AG 886
McLeod J.
McLeod J.A. Halifax NP696
McLeod J.A.
McLeod J.C.
McLeod J.C.
McLeod J.C.
McLeod J.D. Hampden ?E395
McLeod J.D.P.
McLeod J.G.
McLeod J.N.
McLeod J.N.
McLeod J.N.
McLeod K.G.
McLeod L.G.
McLeod L.H.
McLeod L.J.
McLeod M.B.
McLeod M.C.
McLeod N.E.
McLeod N.E.
McLeod N.G. Halifax DJ988
McLeod N.H.
McLeod N.J.
McLeod P.C.
McLeod R.
McLeod R.
McLeod R.A.
McLeod R.A.
McLeod R.D.
McLeod R.H.
McLeod S.A.
McLeod S.C.
McLeod S.F.
McLeod S.J.
McLeod S.J.K. Spitfire JL384
McLeod S.R.
McLeod T.G. Halifax NP761
McLeod W.
McLeod W.D.
McLeod W.J.R.
McLeod W.P.
McLeod W.R. Lancaster KB765
McLeod William Gordon Halifax LL131 Lancaster PB903
McLeod Donald Graham
McLeod Gerald Francis
McLeod Graham Alexander
McLeod Ralph Ervin
McLeod Norman Richard
Mcleod Donald Hugh
McLeod Ivan Gordon
McLeod Roderic Murray
McLeod Norman Stanley
McLeod Allison Frederick Weeks
McLeod Ellis George
McLeod Daniel Melvin
McLeod Roy
McLeod John William
McLeod Donald Kerr
McLeod George
McLeod Hugh Norman
McLeod Donald Cameron
McLeod John Malcolm
McLeod John Pickles Shaw
McLeod Henry Wallace
McLeod Allister Currie
McLeod James Norman
McLeod Alexander Corbett
McLeod Donald George
McLeod Robert Donald
McLeod John William
McLeod Roderick M.
McLeod Lawrence Herbert
McLeod Alan John
McLeod William Gordon
McLeod Roydon Hubert
McLeod William Peter
McLeod Harold Dick
McLeod John Clair
McLernon A.R.
McLeron R.A. Halifax DK261
McLinden J.K.
McLintock W.S.
Mclintock William Stewart
McLoughlin F.J.
McLoughlin G.F.
McLuckie A.J.A.
McLurg J.E.
McLurg R.E.
McMackin J.R.
McMahan N.B.
McMahon A.J.E.
McMahon B.B.
McMahon D.B.L. Hurricane
McMahon F.H.
McMahon F.H.D.
McMahon G.H.
McMahon G.H.
McMahon J.
McMahon J.F.
McMahon J.L.M.
McMahon J.M.
McMahon J.P.E.
McMahon L.J.
McMahon L.P.
McMahon R.K.
McMahon R.K.
McMahon R.L.
McMahon W. Halifax LK800
McMahon W.
McMahon W.F.
McMahon W.T. Halifax NP817
McMahon P-51 Mustang AM153
McMahon John Franklin
McMahon John Arthur
McMahon Daryl Owen
McMahon Bernard Lawrence
McManaman Edward Carroll
McManaman Reginald Willis
McManamy A.J.
McMane S.A.
McManes F.H. Typhoon
McMann H.
McMann Victor Ernest Hurricane IV Typhoon IbTyphoon MN555
McManus A.
McManus C.L.
McManus C.N.
McManus F.R.
McManus G.J.
McManus J.
McManus J.A.
McManus J.A.
McManus J.E.B.
McManus J.G.
McManus P.J.
McManus P.J.H.
McManus R.H. Halifax NA509
McManus R.H.
McManus Kenneth Allen
McManus Walter Bartholomew
McManus Samuel
McManus Patrick Joseph Howard
McManus Rodney Lewis
McManus John Francis
McManus Rupert George
McMartin D.J.R.
McMartin D.W.
McMartin John Saunders
McMaster D.A.
McMaster G.W.
McMaster J.D.
McMaster J.P.
McMaster J.W.
McMaster P.A.
McMaster W.D.
McMaster James Gordon Moth Anson Oxford Wellington Lancaster KB701
McMaster Donald Alexander
McMaster James Herbert
McMaster Robert Andrew
McMaster James Gordon
McMaster Malcolm Stalker
McMaster Philip Alexander
McMath M.
Mcmeekan William James
McMeekin R.G. NA
McMehen Robert John
McMenomy Sydney
McMichael Edward Kitchener
McMillan D.B. Lancaster ED480
McMillan D.K.
McMillan E.L. Beaufighter
McMillan H.R.A. Halifax LK786
McMillan R. Lancaster LL858
McMillan R.A. Spitfire
McMillan R.G. Lancaster LM452
McMillan S.R. Fairchild 633
McMillan W.R.
McMillan D.
McMillan Donald James Lancaster NG460
McMillan Alexander Teryl Hampden I P1212 EQ-T
McMillan George
McMillan Alexander
McMillan Harold Roy
McMillan Glen Allen
McMillan George
McMillan John Alexander
McMillan Clarence Orville
McMillan Roderick
McMillan Osman Spitfire NH151 9G-S
McMillan Gordon
McMillan Archibald Kenzie
McMillan Colin William
McMillan Richard Lyle
McMillan Lawrence
McMillan Donald James
McMillin James Parker
McMinn D.
McMinniman Charles Howard
McMorran Albert Elmore
McMorran George Melvin Stark
McMorris Joseph Kenneth
McMullen A.E. Halifax LW131
McMullen H.
McMullen Douglas James
McMullen William Stuart
McMullin R.G.
McMullin Cecil Robert
McMullin Francis Hugh
McMurachy William Douglas
McMurchy D.M. Halifax LW139
McMurchy William Archibald
McMurchy Lorne Sinclair
McMurchy Kenneth Cameron
McMurdo Melvin Ernest
McMurdo John William
McMurdy Gordon Archibald
McMurray Gerald Henry
McMurray Richard Edward
McMurtrie James Crawford
McMurtry Allan Fairbairn
McNab Ernest Archibald Siskin Gauntlet Hurricane P3069 Kittyhawk
McNab V.S.
McNabb D.S.
McNabb Arthur Clarke
McNabb Robert Hudson
McNabney J. Halifax LV 868
McNair Robert Wendell Finch Harvard Spitfire P7679 Sabre
McNair Nathaniel Wesley
McNair William Archibald
McNair Philip John
McNall Burchester
McNally F.E. Blenheim
McNally W.C.

McNally John Henry
McNally William Carlisle
McNally Allan Frank
McNally Jack Angus Hall
McNamara Matthew Howard Hurricane Spitfire
McNamara Reginald Stinson Bolinbroke Wellington Halifax DK227 Halifax LL593
McNamara James Emmett Finch Harvard Spitfire BS319
McNamara Paul Edwin
McNamse G.A.
McNary John Crawford
McNaught A.R.R. Lancaster KB743
McNaughton D.A.
McNaughton O.J. Lancaster ME832
McNaughton W.N. Mosquito
McNaughton Ian George Armour
McNaughton Andrew Albert
McNay Irvin Robert
McNeal H.R. Halifax NA173
McNee J.W. Vancouver
Mcneely Ainslie Morrison
McNeil D.A.
McNeil D.D. Halifax DK235
McNeil John Gordon Moth Anson Wellington Lancaster DS635 Halifax NA609
Mcneil Roderick
Mcneil Robert Willard
Mcneil William Yule
Mcneil Cameron Livingston
Mcneil James Joseph
McNeil J C
McNeilage D.G. Lancaster PD222
McNeill A.K. Halifax LK779 McNeill D. Stirling
McNeill Stephen Thomas
McNeill George Gordon
McNeill Donald John
McNeill John Clair
McNeill Andrew
McNeill John Joseph
McNeillie T.W.
McNelly G.J.
McNenley P. Typhoon
McNenly J.W.
McNichol R. Wellington T2749
McNichol Glen Alexander
McNichol David Louis
McNicholl B.
McNicholl William Eugene
McNicol B.W. Halifax RG350
McNicol W.J. Halifax DT615
McNie Donald Cameron
McNiffe F.A. Halifax LW127
McNulty H.
McNulty J.
McNulty Thomas Norman
McNutt Frank Arthur
McOrmond Charles Robert
McPhadden G.S. McPhadden S.S.
McPhaden J.H. Halifax
McPhail H.D. Lancaster ME742
McPhail H.M.
McPhail J.E.B.
McPhail W.D.
McPhail W.H. Mosquito
Mcphail Donald Burton
Mcphail William Hector
McPhee John Ronald
McPhee A.J. Stirling EH942
McPhee B.B. Spitfire PV352
McPhee D.W. Lancaster JB366
McPhee I.A. Lancaster ED323
McPhee J. Wellington AD602
McPhee J.A.
McPhee J.A. Halifax NP810
McPhee L.W.
McPhee W.D. Lancaster LL684
McPhee J.
McPhee W.D. Halifax NA612
McPhee John Allen
McPhee Ewen Cameron
McPhee Allan Jeremiah
McPhee Stephen David
McPhee John Aird
McPhee Verne Alexander
McPhee Walter Norval
McPhee Joseph Noel
McPherson G. Mck Halifax LW539
McPherson R.E. Lancaster ED991
McPherson W.B. Halifax LK807
McPherson William John Moth Harvard
McPherson Neil David
McPherson John Roderick
McPherson Joseph Campbell
McPherson Bernard
McPherson James Dion Moth Moth 4381
McPherson Neil David
Mcpherson Coran Lyman
McPherson Donald Clifford
McPherson Joseph Mawell
Mcpherson William Hugh
McPherson Murray Langtry
Mcpherson George Everett Liberator RY-3 JT985
McQuade James Joseph Wellington Halifax Halifax DK267
McQuade William Joseph
McQuaid T.J. Stirling EE958
McQuaid William Vincent
McQuarrie E.A. Hampden Wellington HZ273
McQuarrie John Parker
McQueen J.F. Lancaster KB754
McQueen J.D.
McQueen A.P. Halifax NA582 Halifax LK765
McQueen Donald Gordon
McQueen Howard
McQueen Francis Edmund
McQueen William Melvin
McQuestion Leslie Arthur
McQuillan Murray Robert
McQuillin George Andrew
McQuitty Thomas
McRae C. Lancaster DS 629
McRae F.
McRae G.S. Lancaster ND935
McRae R.H. Wellington
McRae W.R. Spitfire MK560
McRae Lynds Farquhar
McRae Harry Nathaniel
McRae Roderick Head
McRae Hector Earl
McRae John Gordon
McRae Christopher Frederick (Bud)
McRae Ronald Cameron
McRae Daniel Sinclair
McRae Donald Wayne
McRae William Gordon
McRee Robertus
McRitchie R.E. Whitley BD267
McRitchie Ronald Edwin
McRobb James Keith
McRoberts R.C. Spitfire MJ880
McRoberts S.H. Lancaster ME848
McRoberts Clarence (Clare) Arthur Halifax DG222
Mcrobie Ian Mackenzie
McRorie E.R. Halifax JD468
McRorie J.K. Lancaster PB815
McShane John Thomas Lancaster NG460
Mcshane John Thomas
McSorley R.P.
McSorley Rob
McSorley Bernard Francis
McSporran D.H. Manchester R5785
McSween W.W.
McSween Peter Oswald
McSweyn W.C.
McTaggart W.J. Lancaster KB750
McTaggart D. McTaggart David Ostrom Moth Anson Halifax Halifax NA611
McTaggart George Ernest
McTavish A.
McTavish I.E. Mosquito
McTavish Alastair Fraser
McTavish Archibald Stewart
McTrach J. Halifax LL116
McVean William Halifax MZ690
McVean Alexander Basil Halifax W1251
McVicar N. Halifax LW328
McVicar Reginald Archibald
McVicar Glenn Duncan
McVie J.D. Dakota KG 653
McVie John Dunlop
McWade John Robert
McWhinney Albert Richard
McWhirter Gordon Russell
McWilliam Margaret Frances
McWilliam Robert James
McWilliam James Bethune
McWilliams F. Spitfire LZ899
McWilliams J.B. Cessna Crane 8031
McWilliams K.A. Lancaster PB687
Mcwilliams John Ashton
Mcwilliams Frank Cooper
Mcwilliams John Stewart
Mcwilliams Clare Pymer
Mead Robert Frazer
Meade Edward Griffin
Meagher James Marcellus Moth & Stinson Battle & Bolinbroke Wellington Wellington & Halifax Anson
Meagher J.A. Halifax LL576
Meakin W.H. Mosquito
Meakins J.F.
Meanwell Victor
Measor Ronald George
Measor John Stanley
Mechefske Thomas Wilfred
Mechin Ralph Franklin Halifax W1251
Meddick William Ralph
Medforth Robert Charles
Medforth Robert Charles
Medhurst Reginald Chester Pelham
Medhurst Charles Frederick
Medland H.D. Halifax LL183
Medynski Lorne
Mee R.S.
Meech M.F.
Halifax LK662
Meech William Ian
Meech Lloyd Remington Joseph
Meehan Robert Paul
Meek J. Lancaster ME596
Meek Robert Alexander
Meeks S.A.
Meere Leonard Raymond
Meers Frank Edward
Megit Reginald Keith
Meier D.L. Lancaster LL862
Meier Wesley Earl
Meilleur Joseph Gonzague Andre Gilles
Mein Howard Leighton
Meisner David Lawrence
Melanson R.
Melbourne Wilfred Laurier
Melcombe D.E. Lancaster ND344
Meldrum V.T. Halifax LV871
Meldrum T.

Mellander Ernest William Terence Lancaster III JB129 QR-G
Mellin A.A.
Mellish Richard Lewis
Mellish Thomas Roland
Mellon Ralph Jackson
Mellor Richard Hopwood Ogden
Mellow R.C.
Mellstrom Melborn Leslie
Melneczuk P. Halifax MZ908
Melnick J.R. Halifax
Melnick D.
Melnick Nicholas
Melrose James Adam Weatherbee
Melville A.D. Harvard Hurricane
Melville Alexander Duncan
Melville John Edward
Melville Robert Bruce
Melville Robert Learmonth
Melymick N.
Menard C.
Menard J. Wellington Z8722
Menard J.D. Halifax NA584
Menard L.
Menard Joseph Donat Romeo
Menary J.H. Halifax NR144
Mendenhall Wells Gibb Halifax RG455 QO-
Mendizabal Rodolfo
Meneilly James Alexander
Menish George Raymond
Mennell L.

Mennie William Halifax LL536 Halifax
Mennie Oliver Hanton
Menshek Francis Joseph
Menzie M.J. Lancaster NN777
Menzies A. Halifax
Halifax HR918
Menzies P.E.

Menzies Allan
Menzies George Douglas
Menzies Howard John
Menzies James Robert
Menzies James Archibald
Mercer G.F. Spitfire Ib Spitfire PV209 Mercer Keith Paterson
Mercer Charles Eldred
Mercer John Duncan
Mercer Fraser Frederick
Mercer Angus Cameron Graeme
Mercer Robert Lyall
Merchant John Frank Stinson Bolinbroke Lancaster Lancaster JA679 Harvard
Merchant W.W.
Mercier Joseph Jacques Charles
Meredith A.R. Lancaster LL922
Meredith H.R.H. Halifax MZ403
Meredith Charles Phillip
Meredith Frederick Leonard
Merinuk Neil
Merkley A.L.

Merkley H.D. Marauder
Marauder FK 130
Merkley Edwin Alexander
Merkley Harry Dwain
Merle George Peter Frank
Merlin W.G.D. Lancaster ED835
Merrall William Robert
Merriam Karl Mccormick
Merrick Peter William
Merrifield William Ernest
Merrill Henry
Merriman Cyril Clinton
Merrithew Wilbert James
Merritt H.J.L. Spitfire
Merritt Alexander Robert
Merritt Edward Miles
Merritt John Percival Lancaster III ND767 GI-D
Merritt Cecil Glen
Merton J.P. Wellington HE862
Merton John Paul
Mesheau George Lawson Macintosh
Messenger Robert Francis
Messier Horace Daniel Eugene
Messum Stanley Ernest
Metayer C.A. Roman Catholic
Metayer C.A. Roman Catholic
Metcalfe D.H. Halifax NA528
Metcalfe J.E. Halifax MZ509
Metcalfe W.P.
Metcalfe Hugh Morland
Metcalfe Malcolm Roy Edgar
Metcalfe Thomas
Metherall R.K. Halifax JB965
Metivier Joseph Roger Rolland
Metivier Harry Alfred
Metka Joseph
Metz D.J.

Metz Donald James
Metzler W. StG.
Metzler Harry Warren
Meyer E.G.
Meyer L. Wellington W5569
Meyer R.E. Meyer W.M. Meyer John Emerson
Meyer Melvin Maier
Meyer Lawrence Marius
Meyers A.H. Halifax LK633
Meyers Norman Clifford
Michael G.A.

Michael James Percival
Michalec John
Michaud A.J.
Michaud G.
Michaud J.A.E. Halifax LW591
Michaud J.L.S.
Michaud J.P.
Michau A.E.
Michell J.L.

Michell James Lloyd
Michie Ernest Wilberforce
Middlebro William George
Middlemas Robert James
Middlemiss R.G. Spitfire BL405 Spitfire BR184 Spitfire CF-86 Sabre
Middlemiss B.
Middlemiss Kenneth Robert
Middleton B.E. Spitfire
Middleton R.B. Dakota
Middleton W.M. P-51 Mustang AM210
Middleton A.
Middleton Robert John
Middleton Allan John
Middleton Franklin
Middleton Omer Kenneth
Middleton Charles Govan
Miell Harold Edward
Miettinen Veikko Victor
Mieyette Lloyd
Mighton H.S.
Mihell Ron V. Halifax NA612
Mikalchuk P. Halifax NR249
Milan Clifford Arthur
Milburn Francis Lloyd Halifax II JB790 EQ-V
Milburn Philip Giles
Milbury Francis Arthur Robert
Mildon Albert Harry
Miles A.J.
Miles R.I.
Miles Herbert Ernest
Miles Vernon Lindsay
Miles Gordon Ralph
Miles Fred Dunbar
Milks Erle Mayne
Mill J.B. Lancaster DS790
Millar G. Halifax LK807
Millar J.B. Halifax MZ522
Millar J.H. Canso 9807
Millar W.B.M. Hurricane
Millar B.
Millar George Ronald
Millar Samuel Ray
Millar James Herbert
Millar Raymond Norman
Millar Robert Victor
Millar John Whitla
Millar Kenneth Robert Grant
Millar George Glenn
Millar Mervin Edwin
Millar James Brian
Millar Albert Allan
Millar Robert William
Millard R.S. Lancaster W4355
Millard Donald Albert
Millard Thomas
Millbank E.R. Halifax LL168
Millen F.S. Stirling BF384
Millen Harry Charles Wellington
Millen Frank Severne
Millen Harry Charles
Miller A.S. Halifax JD381
Miller B.
Miller B.G. Beaufighter
Miller B.L. Halifax JB957 Halifax HR797
Miller D.R. Hurricane
Miller D.R. Blenheim Hurricane
Miller E.V. Lancaster KB784
Miller F.
Miller F.D.
Miller F.R.
Miller G. Wellington HE905
Miller G. NA
Miller H.E. Mosquito
Miller J.
Miller J.
Miller J.
Miller J.A. Halifax HR918
Miller J.A.F. Lancaster KB722
Miller J.D.
Miller J.E.
Miller J.F. Halifax BB195
Miller J.N.
Miller K.H.
Miller K.N. Anson 6739
Miller O. Wellington HF485
Miller R.F.
Miller R.W. Lancaster JA908
Miller R.W. Lancaster ME829
Miller S.
Miller T.A. Halifax LV840
Miller W.B.M. Hurricane P3081
Miller W.C. Halifax H279
Miller W.C.
Miller W.H. Miller Willard Jim Halifax LK802 AL-F
Miller W.J. Miller William Gordon Moth & Stinson Anson & Bolinbroke Wellington Halifax PN228
Miller J.H. Halifax NA517
Miller Thomas Breech Anson Battle Whitley Z6864 Halifax R9364
Miller Arthur Leonard
Miller Robert Harvey
Miller Terris Haggie
Miller Philip
Miller David Douglas
Miller Victor Howard
Miller James Reginald
Miller Ivan Anderson
Miller Gordon Ernest
Miller Hubert Harvey
Miller Bruce Armstrong
Miller Albert Andrew
Miller Gordon Stewart
Miller Hugh John
Miller William Adam
Miller Charles Percy
Miller Charles Mcnaughton
Miller Kenneth Norman
Miller Vernon Russell
Miller Charles Wesley
Miller Kenneth Marshall
Miller James Arthur
Miller Ronald William
Miller David (Dave) Henry
Miller Vernon Leslie
Miller John Newton
Miller George William
Miller James Clayton
Miller Malcolm Stephen
Miller William Douglas
Miller Edward George
Miller Harry Lewis
Miller Christian Godfrey
Miller Harvey Craig
Miller William John
Miller Arthur Mclaughlin
Miller Kenneth Roland
Miller Harry James
Miller Joseph Mactavish
Miller Douglas John
Miller Alfred Stephen
Miller Robert Joseph
Miller Owen
Miller William Cosgrave
Miller Allan Bernard
Miller Francis John
Miller Donald Mitchell
Miller Kenneth Alexander
Miller William Gordon
Miller John Alfred
Millerd William Francis
Millette J.J.F.
Milliard L.
Millichamp Harold Reuben
Millidge Edwin Gilpin
Milligan J. Wellington Z1175 Wellington Z8986 Wellington DV513 Halifax W1002
Milligan K.I.R. Lancaster PB241
Milligan W. Wellington BJ883
Milligan John Rosebery
Milligan Geoffrey Eaton
Milligan Bruce Ryerson
Milligan John Robert
Milliken B.
Milliken Peter Scott Halifax LW620
Milliken Ralph Elliott
Milliken Robert Clifton
Milliken Douglas Wilson
Milliken Peter Scott
Millman Thomas Ralph Bernard
Millman Robert Bruce
Mills D.
Mills E.F.

Mills J.A. Halifax PT616
Mills S.A. Spitfire MJ831
Mills W.C.B.
Mills G.

Mills Jack Moore Moth Anson Halifax Halifax NP695 Halifax NP736
Mills Ma Mayfield
Mills Russel Wilbert Lewis
Mills Eric John
Mills Garth Gibson
Mills Edward Mathis
Mills William Frederick
Mills Frederick Henry
Mills Aubrey Melville
Mills Clement Robert
Mills Murray Allison
Millson H.D. Halifax
Millson Harold Roy
Millward H.M.B. Halifax
Milmine John Melvin Moth Harvard & Yale Harvard Master Master N7833
Miln Robert Lyon
Milne D.H.
Milne J. Liberator EV945
Milne O.S.
Milne R.H. Typhoon DN599 Typhoon MN154
Milne W.
Milne W.A.

Milne W.H. Lancaster KB869
Milne T.C. Milne Frank Alexander Battle & Anson Wellington Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster KB701
Milne Dick Bruce
Milne William George
Milne William Stanley
Milne Colin Stuart
Milne Harry David
Milne Douglas Stewart
Milne George
Milne John Joseph
Milne John Riley
Milne Frank Alexander
Milne James Arden
Milner A.R.
Halifax NR173
Milner Joseph Emmett
Milner Guy Benedict
Milner Joseph Carlyle
Milner Evan
Milner William Arthur
Milner Joe
Milot Albert Victor Bolduc
Milot Joseph Noel Gerard
Milroy J.H. Halifax EB150
Miltemore E.
Milton J.E. Halifax LW559
Milton Gerald Mctavish
Milton Carl William
Milward L.V. Halifax
Halifax H272
Milward Leo Victor
Minard James Robert
Minard Allan Murray
Minary C.A. Halifax Halifax BB217 Halifax Halifax LW388
Mineault M.
Miners Harold Milton
Minett Mike
Mingay R.M. Halifax JB793
Mingle S.L. Halifax LK662

Minguet Albert Emile
Minifie K.C. Halifax LK885
Minnes H.E.
Minnes J.F.
Minnick Robert F.
Minnis Harvey
Mino J. Halifax LK850
Mino Harold
Minor Norman George
Minor Orton
Minshall J.W. Stirling LK450
Minshull Raymond George
Minson Bernard Richard
Minter Sydney Aubrey
Minton Harold Douglas
Minty A.
Miracle Gillous S. (Jnr.)
Mireau Albert Ovide
Mireault Joseph Francis
Miron Arthur Eugene
Miscampbell George Vernon
Misener Everett Paul
Misfori F. Lancaster PA972
Mison Frederick Charles
Mison Charles Donald
Mitchell A.R. Wellington
Wellington HZ814
Mitchell B.C. Lancaster KB799
Mitchell C.H. Wellington 3815
MItchell E.M.

Mitchell F.E. Halifax
Halifax MZ628
Mitchell H.D.
Mitchell H.E.
Beaufighter 7748
Mitchell H.T. Hurricane
Mitchell H.W. Mitchell J. Wellington Z8735
Mitchell J.

Mitchell J.M. Lancaster
Lancaster ND617
Mitchell J.W. Mitchell J.D. Spitfire
Mitchell J.E. Halifax H281
Mitchell K.
Mitchell L.L. Mitchell O.A.
Mitchell P.J.F.

Mitchell R.
Mitchell R.H. Halifax EB191
Mitchell R.K.

Mitchell R.M. Halifax LW199
Mitchell S.S.
Halifax MZ377

Mitchell T.E.

Mitchell T.P.
Mitchell W.B.
Mitchell W.H. Wellington HF628
Mitchell W.R. Halifax NA204
Mitchell James Walton Battle Anson Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax MZ633
Mitchell Charles William
Mitchell Robert George
Mitchell Russell Tremaine
Mitchell Herbert Elgin
Mitchell Dow Lester
Mitchell James Lee
Mitchell Donald Ale
Mitchell Wallace
Mitchell George Eric
Mitchell John Arnold
Mitchell Norman Rae
Mitchell John Lewis
Mitchell William Ernest
Mitchell William Alexander
Mitchell Philip Hubert
Mitchell Alexander
Mitchell Douglas Seldon
Mitchell Banks Earle
Mitchell Albert Ardagh
Mitchell Henry Osmond
Mitchell William George
Mitchell Alexander James
Mitchell John Webber
Mitchell Thomas Ridley
Mitchell William Alexander
Mitchell William David
Mitchell George Donald
Mitchell Charles Joseph
Mitchell William Wilkins
Mitchell Percy Lawrence
Mitchell Re Harris
Mitchell Walter Leonard 'Wally' Mosquito MM573
Mitchell Peter John Feli
Mitchell John Mafield
Mitchell George Willston
Mitchell Kenneth Osborne
Mitchell Charles G.
Mitchell Henry Andrew (Hank)
Mitchell Reginald Leroy
Mitchell Ewing Francis Willys
Mitchner John Davidson Moth Harvard Master Whirlwind Hurricane Hurricane Moth Spitfire Spitfire Mustang Spitfire Spitfire ----- Expeditor Meteor & Spitfire Silver Star & Sabre Sabre
Mittay William Ernest
Mittell Ernest Edward
Mitton John Noble
Mi Reginald Donovan
Mizzen C.
Mjolsness Joseph Halifax NP707
Moad C.R. Lancaster JB143
Moad Harold Alexander
Modeland C.E. Lancaster ND324

Modeland N.R.
Stirling EF385
Modeland S.T. Halifax
Halifax Z6946
Modeland Seward Terry
Modeland Clarence Edward
Moderwell Kenneth Joseph Andrew
Moe D. Moen Ronald Olaf Moth Harvard Hurricane Typhoon Typhoon MN310
Moffat D.J.
Moffat L.G. Beaufighter

Moffat James Halifax III LV923 ZL-M
Moffat G.E. Halifax Halifax MZ660
Moffat Archibald Douglas Halifax JD372
Moffat John Winning
Moffat James Agnew (Donald)
Moffat William Howard
Moffat Frank Reagh
Moffat Archibald Douglas
Moffatt J. Halifax LV923
Moffatt J.B.P.
Moffatt L.C.

Moffatt W. Moffatt Bernard Joy
Moffatt Donald Edgar
Moffatt Murray Quinn
Moffatt Curtis Mackinnon
Moffatt William Henry
Moffatt Bertram Augustus
Moffett H.B. Spitfire
Moffit Francis Wilfred
Moffitt B.H. Canso
Moffitt Stuart Bruce
Mogalki Roy Edwards
Mogridge Parker Reginald
Moher L.H. Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane
Moher Lawrence Henry
Mohler Otis Judson
Mohring William James Wellington
Mohring William James
Moir Corson Stewart
Moir Gordon Charles
Mokanyk Alexander Elliott
Molden William Bolinbroke Halifax Halifax LL576
Molesworth James
Mollard William John
Mollard Lloyd Bemister
Moller Roy Wesley
Moller Halvar Leo Fred
Mollet Leslie Clarence
Molline G.W.


Molloy John Patrick
Molloy Robert
Molnar E.J. Lancaster JA712
Molnar Joseph
Molnar Gregory
Moloney P.M. Halifax LW347
Molozzi George Andrew
Molson Hartland De Montarville Harvard Hurricane P3873 Hurricane Kittyhawk
Molyneau H.A.S.

Link Trainer Instructor
Molyneu William Hugh
Molzan Otto
Monaghan Richard John Joseph
Monahan Joseph Earl
Monchier Norman
Monck Russell Mcintyre
Monckton John Philip
Moncrieff C.W.

Moncrieff Ernest Hutchison Glen Gypsy Moth Harvard Harvard Crane Anson Tomahawk Mustang
Moncrieff Stanley Richard
Moncrieff Harry Reginald
Mondor F.
Monette J.G.J.
Monette Y.
Monette Louis Amy Walter
Monfette Joseph William Henri Louis
Mongrain Joseph Armand Jean Marie
Monk Arthur John Benning
Monk Eric Joseph
Monk William Greenhalgh
Monk Ernest Wellington
Monkhouse William Geoffrey
Monks Glen William
Monnier Henry Charles
Monoghan Allan Davis
Monorieff S.

Monroe Edward Francis
Monroe Sterling Thomas
Monserez Arthur Joseph
Monson Alonzo Edgar Moth Harvard Hurricane Typhoon MN352
Montador R.L. Lancaster PB203
Montagand K.M. Halifax NP811
Montagne J.
Monteith John Herbert Tweedale
Monteith John Charles
Montgomery G.R. Halifax W1111
Montgomery N.W.
Montgomery R.C.P.
Montgomery L.

Montgomery R.J. Lancaster ND617
Montgomery Alexander Rentoul
Montgomery George Raymond
Montgomery John Alan
Montgomery Ernest
Montgomery Donald
Montgomery Richard Glover B-17 Fortress FK209
Montgomery Frank Charles
Montgomery Thomas Keith
Montgomery Ralph Joseph
Montgomery George Franklin
Montgonerie J.D. Montigny R.
Montpetit J.E.
Montpetit J.F.
Montreuil L.F.P.M.
Monty A. Halifax LV948
Monty C.E. Monty C.E.N. Halifax

Monty G.R.
Monypenny Eric Burke
Mood W. Lancaster PB629
Moodie K. Lancaster KB895
Moodie K.W.B. Stirling R 9307 Stirling N6124
Moodie Kenneth William Byron
Moodie Donald Malcolm
Moodie Duncan McNaught
Moody D.B. Lancaster
Moody E.R.
Moody J.R. Harvard
Harvard 2648
Moody Vincent Kenneth Finch Harvard Spitfire AD581 Spitfire EP135 Spitfire MD123
Moody James Rowland
Moody Vincent Kenneth
Moody Roy William
Moon E.J. Moon V.W. Spitfire
Moon Kris Herbert
Moon Edwin Stanley
Moon John Earl
Mooney Frank William Halifax LK878
Mooney H.R. Halifax MZ573
Mooney J.F. Lancaster PD204
Mooney J.J. Hurricane Z5058 Spitfire W3841
Mooney John Joseph
Mooney Richard Edmond
Mooney Clarence Raymond
Mooney Frank William
Moony H.R.
Moor Maurice Gordon
Moorby Robert Graham
Moorby Arthur Robert
Moorcroft E. Halifax JD209
Moorcroft Robert Harold
Moore A.H.
Moore A.J. Digby
Moore B.I.
Moore C.
Moore C.C. Lancaster ED975
Moore D.C. Stirling R9358
Moore D.J. Mosquito KB625
Moore D.W. Bolingbroke
Bolingbroke 9114
Moore F.
Moore H.

Moore J.E.
Moore K.H.
Moore K.O.
Moore L.A. Spitfire
Moore L.A. Spitfire
Moore L.J.

Moore L.W. Stirling EH994
Moore N.M. Wellington
Moore R.F.
Wellington HE745
Wellington HZ481
Moore R.G.

Moore T.B. Halifax DT682
Halifax JB972
Moore W.I. Halifax MZ594
Moore .W. Moore Robert Kirk Halifax H147
Moore Claude Russell
Moore Harold Edwin
Moore Noel Mchenry
Moore David Wayne
Moore Edward A.
Moore Stanley Frederick
Moore James Roland
Moore Theodore Benjamin Thomas
Moore John Lyndon
Moore George Nelson
Moore James Russel
Moore Roy Frederick
Moore Harold Barbour
Moore James Edward
Moore Sidney Murray
Moore Roger
Moore John Alwin
Moore Charles Robert
Moore Maynard Hazlett
Moore Ernest Nion
Moore Robert Richmond Lancaster W4840
Moore Franklin Guy
Moore George Wallace
Moore John Irwin
Moore James Lambert
Moore James
Moore William Irwin
Moore Richard Burton Mustang I AP235 G9-A
Moore Arthur Bryson
Moore Walter Raymond
Moore Walter Norman
Moore Norman Erick
Moore George Edwin
Moore Lorne Joseph
Moore Arthur Frankland
Moore Gregor Stephen
Moore Robert Kirk
Moore David Stewart
Moore Leslie Albert
Moores G.W. Mosquito
Moores Douglas Keith Finch Anson Anson & Hudson Wellington Hudson & Wellington Oxford Master Hurricane & Spitfire Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon MN321
Moorhouse C.
Moorhouse Kenneth George
Moors Arthur Anthony
Moran A. Wellington BB475
Moran Charles C. Moth Harvard Lysander Anson Kittyhawk Hurricane Hurricane Oxford Mosquito Mosquito Mosquito Mosquito
Moran E.S. Lancaster ME722

Moran G.
Moran J.E. Halifax RG472
Moran T.M. Halifax L9616
Moran W.
Moran William Linkous Cameron
Moran Thomas Matheson
Moran Walter Franklin
Moran Ted James
Morand Raymond Florent
Morash D.
Morder A.G. Lancaster HK550

More E.G.
More G.W. Lancaster PA980
More Eric Gordon
More Donald
Moreau A.
Moreau J.A.T.
Moreau J.H. Wellington BJ918
Moreau L.H.
Dakota KG 653
Moreau Bruce Edward
Moreau Lorne Hamilton
Moreau Joseph Laurent
Morehouse Ira Bertram
Morelly Ma Louis
Morey G.R.
Morey Wesley Stirling BF523
Morey James Kenneth
Morfoot Lorne Albert
Morgan D.S. Halifax DK257

Morgan E.E.
Morgan F.

Morgan J.C. Morgan O.M. Hudson T 9405

Morgan M.R. Hurricane
Morgan R.D. Halifax JN953
Morgan W.J. Lancaster
Lancaster ND635
Morgan Charles Harold
Morgan Alexander Mcdonald
Morgan Rhys Hallam
Morgan Franklin Benedict
Morgan Bruce
Morgan Arthur Theodore
Morgan James William
Morgan John Elcock
Morgan Joseph Evan
Morgan Ormond Kno
Morgan Charles Earle
Morgan Albert Raymond (Bert)
Morgan John Archibald Wynn
Morgan Albert John
Morgan William George Eaton
Morgan John Robert
Morgan James Douglas
Morgan Lancelot Eric
Morgan James Cuthbert
Morgan Gwynfryn
Morgan William Joseph
Morgan Henry Colin
Morgans Edward Allen
Morham K.L. P-51 Mustang
Moriarty Daniel
Moriarty Louis Edmund
Moriarty Daniel
Morin A.
Morin A.D.B.
Morin E. Halifax MZ310
Morin J.
Morin R.
Morin Gerald Gerard Joseph
Morin Ralph William
Morin Thomas George
Morin Joseph Roger
Morin Joseph Lucien Viateur
Morin Joseph Robert
Morison J.B. Halifax MZ522
Morison D.W.

Morissette Joseph Arthur Lucien
Moritz F.J. Hampden
Moritz F.J.

Morley Charles Richard
Morley George Allen
Morley Robert Stinson
Morley Frank Kenneth
Morlidge Arthur Bryan
Morlock G.C. Lamcaster LL 631
Morneau W.L. Lancaster JB746
Morneau Joseph Charles Edouard Georges
Moroney B.H. Stirling BK607
Moroz Hryhory
Morphy W.B.
Morphy Earl Edward
Morrice A.F. Canso
Canso 9807
Morrice J.M. Halifax
Morrice Alexander Frederick
Morrill Warren Arthur
Morris A.

Morris Alan Hubert Andrew Anson Anson & Battle Anson Beaufort Beaufort Beaufort
Morris Allan Wilson Finch Harvard Anson Anson Anson Manchester & Lancaster Halifax
Morris B.D. Spitfire P8740
Morris B.G. Spitfire
Morris D.G. Halifax
Halifax W1111
Morris D.G. Beaufighter
Morris F.K.

Morris G.
Morris H.L.
Morris J.
Morris J.
Morris J. Lancaster KB718

Morris J.A. Morris J.F. Halifax LL283
Morris R. Spitfire
Morris S.E. Halifax MZ882
Morris Arthur John Moth Harvard Harvard Harvard Anson Hurricane Hurricane W7074 Hurricane Spitfire Spitfire AA880
Morris Lawrence Edward Battle Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax LV989
Morris Gerald
Morris George Thomas
Morris Alan Hubert Andrew
Morris Douglas Granville
Morris David Gordon
Morris Claude Reginald Frederick
Morris John
Morris Vernon Lewis Wellington R1773
Morris John Hubert
Morris Francis Kempton
Morris Harold Urbin
Morris Howard Paul
Morris James Elmer
Morris Herbert Junior
Morris Frederick William
Morris Lionel Joseph
Morris Thomas Harrison
Morris William Penri
Morris Arthur John
Morris Lawrence Edward
Morris Gladstone Clifford
Morris Shirley William
Morris Julius Jacob
Morrisey F.P. Halifax LV780
Morrison A.F. Lancaster PD380
Morrison A.L. Halifax ML422 Morrison A.S. Halifax W7817
Morrison Donald Robert Spitfire
Morrison D.R. Wellington
Morrison G.D. P-51 Mustang
Morrison Howard Allan Moth Anson Ventura Lancaster PA970 North Star Dakota & Bocar
Morrison J.H. Hampden P 5322
Morrison John Murray Battle & Bolinbroke Halifax Halifax Halifax LK915
Morrison K.

Morrison K.E. Wellington W3798
Morrison L.H.

Morrison N.W.
Morrison P.
Morrison R.G.
Morrison R.W.
Morrison T.

Morrison W.E. Halifax NP711
Morrison W.J. Hurricane LF393
Morrison William Harold Finch Harvard Kittyhawk Typhoon Typhoon MN426
Morrison F Halifax LK765
Morrison John Duncan Halifax DG226
Morrison Richard Cecil Battle Anson Weillington Halifax Halifax Halifax NA609
Morrison Stewart Mackenzie
Morrison William Melvin
Morrison John David 'Jack' Spitfire VB
Morrison Vincent Merrill Macdonald
Morrison Stewart Alexander
Morrison John Graham
Morrison Lloyd George
Morrison William Earl
Morrison James Earl
Morrison Gillmar Innis
Morrison Norman Byng
Morrison John Murray
Morrison Roy Gordon
Morrison Alexander Macdonald
Morrison Gordon Douglas Grant
Morrison Norman Robert
Morrison Alexander John
Morrison William Robinson
Morrison Fredrick William
Morrison John Houseal
Morrison Hugh Allan
Morrison Ewart Laverne
Morrison Archibald Frew
Morrison Bruce Ralph
Morrison Dugald
Morrison Oscar Langdon
Morrison Martin
Morrison Donald
Morrison Hugh Patrick
Morrison John Duncan
Morrison Grant Reid
Morrison Alfred Hector
Morrison Colin Ross Milne
Morrison JH Hampden I P5322 GL-U3
Morriss William Stevens
Morriss John Howard
Morrissette P.E. Halifax NR205
Morrissey F.I. Halifax NP815
Morrissy Harry
Morritt John Beswick
Morro Frank Peter
Morrow A.E.G.
Morrow B.M.
Morrow D.W.
Morrow J.W.

Morrow W.C. Morrow Austin Wellington
Morrow Jon (John) Robert
Morrow Donald Lloyd
Morrow Edgar James
Morrow Claire Keith
Morrow Frederick John
Morrow George Donald Hector
Morrow Harold Elwood
Morrow Hugh Francis
Morrow William Clifford
Morrow (E.E.E.?) R.E.E. Hurricane Spitfire
Morse K.
Morse M. Halifax LW480
Mortimer Arthur
Mortimer Leslie Lloyd
Mortimer George Alexander
Mortley J.C. Halifax NP745
Mortley Jack Clarence
Morton C.L. Halifax DT522
Morton E. Boston
Morton J.E.C.
Morton W.E.
Halifax LW690

Morton W.F.
Morton Arthur Harry
Morton Hugh Weir
Morton Stuart Wilfred
Morton William Cuthbert
Morton John Donald
Morton Frank Ernest
Morton Arthur David
Morton Milton Robert
Morton Earl Frederick
Moseley-Williams Walter Read
Mosely G.W. Halifax MZ509
Mosey W.D. Halifax NA204
Mosey John William
Mosher John Edgar
Mosher Paul Darby
Mosher Keith Mawell
Mosley H.M. Halifax NP800

Mosley William Bertram Beaufighter 8192
Moss C.A.

Moss E.
Moss F. Sunderland
Sunderland W6013
Moss F.H. Halifax MZ822
Moss R.

Moss R.W.

Moss Donald
Moss Claude Alexander (Bud)
Moss Kenneth Lionel
Moss William Victor
Mosser A.J.
Mosser R.W.
Mosser Andrew James
Mosser Robert William
Mossing B. P-51 Mustang
Mossing F.W.

Tempest EJ784
Tempest EJ685
Mossing Frederick Wallace
Mossip H.T. Typhoon
Mossip Harrison Taylor
Mossman J. Mostowy Michael
Motherwell Victor George Moth Anson & Crane Harvard Anson & Crane Halifax Halifax NA629
Motriuk Stanley Arcadie
Mott G.E. Hurricane Spitfire MJ419
Mott James Gordon Victor
Mottrick D.M. Halifax NP959
Motz Ronald Bartle
Mouat W.I. Typhoon EJ966
Mouchet Maurice Rene Nicolas
Moul J. Spitfire
Mouland Hubert James
Mould D.K. Tiger Moth Wellington Stirling Lancaster
Mould George Baker
Mould Gordon Charles
Moulden A.R. Spitfire Hurricane
Moulden J.D. Halifax LK765 Halifax LW686 Halifax NA608
Moulds Stewart Ireland Collister
Moulds Donald Lawrence
Moule Wallace Alfred Richard
Moulson Grace Audrey
Moulton Robert Douglas Webster
Moulton Robert Benjamin
Mount L.B. Hurricane Spitfire Spitfire
Mount Louis Bavincourt
Mount Kenneth Herbert
Mountford E.E.

Mountford R.J. Halifax NP992
Mousseau V.D.J. Halifax RG472
Mousseau W.J.
Movold Ronald Loughton
Mowbray J.R. Spitfire
Mowbray Alexander Mckenzie
Mowbray John Roy
Moley Wilbur Lee
Moley James (Jim) Wallace
Moon Frederick (Fred) Henry
Moye Edwin Dewitt
Moyer S.L.
Moyer William Thompson Billy
Moyer John Ernest
Moyes R.T. Moyes Lorne Thomas
Moyle Joseph Francis Edward
Moyles J.
Moyles J.
Moyles J.

Moynagh Ambrose
Moynes Elgin Alonzo Anson Anson Halifax NR156 Halifax NP935
Moysey Noel Harvey
Mracek W.L. Halifax NA186
Muckle Stewart James
Mucklow Roy
Mudford V. Halifax EB210
Mudford Vernon
Mudry F.T. Halifax NA204
Mueller R.H. Halifax NP803
Muff J. Typhoon
Muffitt Edward Earle
Mugan James Edward Aloysious
Muir F.

Muir J.H. Wellington
Wellington MS496
Muir N.C.

Muir Alexander Douglas
Muir Thomas James
Muir Henry James
Muir William Graham
Muir Norman Charles
Muir Alexander Jamieson
Muir John Francis
Muirhead J.H.A.
Muirhead Archie Allen
Muirhead Harvey Donald Spitfire Vb BN346
Muisiner Homer Leroy
Mulcair Thomas Cornelius
Mulcair Kevin Joseph
Muldowney William George Anson Halifax Halifax NP695 Halifax NP736 ----------
Mulhall George Lafricain
Mulhauser Robert Samuel
Mullaney W.J.
Wellington HE414
Wellington HZ355
Mullen V.W. Spitfire
Mullen Daniel Joseph
Mullen Adam William
Mullen Albert Lorne
Mulleni V.F. Finch
Mulligan Thomas Cecil
Mulligan John
Mulligan George Harold
Mulligan Maurice Gregory
Mullin William Dakin
Mullin Gordon Joseph
Mullin David Sinclair
Mullins N.D. lancaster R5682
Mullins James Doran
Mullins Patrick Charles Henry
Mullis Earl Austin
Mullock D.G. Lancaster DS791

Mulroy V.F.

---- Mulvaney J.J. Halifax H269
Mulvey F.W. Stirling BK779
Mumberson Robert Bertram
Mumford Arthur Robert
Mumo R.H.

Munch George Wesley
Mundell Gordon
Munn B.
Munn William Forsythe
Munn Jacques David
Munn James Roy
Munnery Norman George Peter
Munnoch J.G.

Munro A.R.
Munro E.G. Halifax NP992

Munro F.R.
Munro G.
Munro G.T. Spitfire MJ514

Munro J.

Munro J Lancaster ME684
Munro L.H. Halifax LV772

Munro R.H.
Munro R.H.

Munro T.

Munro T.R. Halifax LW391

Munro W.M. Munro John Wellesley
Munro James Francis
Munro George Alexander
Munro Hector Williams
Munro Roy
Munro John
Munro John Oswald
Munro Alexander Milton George
Munro Kenneth Robert
Munro James Cameron
Munro George Edmund
Munro Gordon Chapman
Munro Thomas Gordon
Munro Lorne Earle
Munroe D.S.
Munroe John Angus Earl
Munroe James Henry
Munson C.R. Halifax DK135

Munson Lloyd Allison
Munson David Olaf
Munsterman Ernest
Murchie R. McG. Beaufighter
Murchie John Hunter
Murchie Robert Mcconnell
Murchie Allan Campbell
Murchie Burton Durrell Finch Harvard & Yale Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane Spitfire Harvard Harvard ---- Sabre
Murchison B. Spitfire
Murden J.A. Halifax JN886
Murdie Ross Thomas
Murdie Willis Don
Murdoch A. Blenheim BA 755
Murdoch A.H. Halifax DK237
Murdoch William Mckenzie
Murdoch Reginald English
Murdoch Joseph Edward Terence
Murdoch Thomas Graham
Murdock A.L.
Murdock T.M. Halifax BB 326
Murdock John Maclean
Murdock Raymond Henry
Murdock Billie Herman
Murie L.M. Murie James Malcolm
Murphey P.F. Spitfire Typhoon Hurricane
Murphy A.B.
Murphy A.H. Halifax JP113
Murphy A.J.

Murphy C.M.J. Wellington BJ836
Murphy D.G. Lamcaster KB 723

Murphy E.W.
Murphy H.J. Spitfire
Murphy J.
Murphy J.M. Halifax NP942
Murphy J.W. Halifax W1058
Murphy L.E.J. Halifax
Murphy P.J. Halifax H189

Murphy P.S. Spitfire
Murphy P.W.
Murphy V.J. Lancaster ND734
Murphy W.J.
Murphy W.L. Halifax DT808
Murphy F. Murphy E.L.
Murphy Gerald Gabriel
Murphy Joseph Carroll
Murphy Leo George
Murphy Edward Warren
Murphy Thomas Francis
Murphy William Morgan
Murphy Patrick Louis
Murphy William Arthur
Murphy James
Murphy John Kenneth
Murphy Merton Barnabas
Murphy Patrick Scott James
Murphy Kenneth William
Murphy Lloyd Joseph Charles
Murphy William Gorman
Murphy Lawrence
Murphy Rene Harold
Murphy Vincent Arthur
Murphy Harry Frederick
Murphy Joseph Arthur
Murphy William Joseph Bernard
Murphy Gordon Reginald
Murphy David Matthew
Murphy Gerald William
Murphy Henry Arthur
Murphy Robert Wakely David
Murphy William
Murphy Arthur John
Murphy Joseph Harold Michael
Murphy Kevin James
Murphy John Joseph
Murphy John Francis
Murphy Gerald Francis
Murphy Daniel
Murphy Robert Gordon
Murphy Thomas Edward
Murphy Leroy Francis Joseph
Murray A.M. Halifax MZ403
Murray D. Halifax NA510

Murray D.

Murray E.A. Mosquito
Murray F.H. Halifax
Murray Francis Neville Finch Anson Anson Halifax
Murray F.T. Spitfire
Murray Frederick T. Spitfire MJ851
Murray G.B. Spitfire BL628
Murray G.K. Halifax LV960
Murray Glen William Halifax NP778
Murray J.B. Whitley Z6502 Whitley Z6967 Lancaster LM714
Murray J.D. Halifax W1041
Murray J.H. Halifax LW270
Murray J.K. Halifax DG309
Murray J.S. Hampden AE366 Halifax JB909
Murray J.W.
Murray R. Typhoon
Murray R. Hurricane
Murray R.E.
Murray R.E.
Murray R.J. Halifax PN226
Murray R.O. Lancaster ND979
Murray T.M.
Murray Robert Matheson
Murray William Strongren
Murray Stuart Clugston
Murray William Frederick
Murray George Douglas
Murray Joseph George
Murray Gordon
Murray Donald
Murray Gerald Weyman
Murray Alexander Ian
Murray William Wallace
Murray William James
Murray Newberry Guy Thomason
Murray Ralph William
Murray Kenneth Duncan
Murray Charles
Murray Lewis Beverly
Murray Elbert Alonzo
Murray Murdoch Campbell
Murray Ross Marshall
Murray Leo James
Murray Jack
Murray Robert Wallace
Murray Morris Campbell
Murray Clifford Battison
Murray Kenneth James
Murray Charles Leonard
Murray Gordon Hugh
Murray Robert Wilton
Murray William Arnold
Murray John Frank Gordon
Murray Donald
Murray John Richard
Murray John Kay
Murray Frederic Graham
Murray James Lowther
Murray Thomas Robertson
Murray Robert Wallace
Murrell W.H. Lancaster KB707
Murrell W.J. Halifax
Halifax LW200
Murrell Sidney Leon
Murrell William James
Murtha Arthur Travers
Murton Wilfred
Muschett W.G. Beaufighter KV981
Musgrave G.A. Lancaster LM575
Musgrave J. Sunderland W6008
Musgrave Philip Arthur
Music Frederick Warren
Muskett George Lindley Halifax JD386 'T'
Mussells C.A.
Musser John Vernon
Musso Paul Antoine
Mutch G.S.
Mutch Roderick Charles
Mutch Charles Edward
Mutch Robert Douglas
Muttart Elmer Bagnell
Mutton Elmer John
Mutton Gerald Thompson
MDougall J.B.
MDougall J.H.
Mydaski Stanley
Myers C.D. Spitfire
Myers F.
Myers H.L. Wellington Wellington R1757
Myers R.A. Halifax W1230
Myers W.J. Spitfire BS129 Spitfire ML205
Myers Frank MacGregor Halifax NP793
Myers Ernest Charles Edward
Myers Hilyard Lowell
Myers Cameron Dickson
Myers Maurice Tallier Peter
Myers Theodore Wesley
Myers Frank Macgregor
Mylchreest W.E. Halifax LV997
Myles J.R. Spitfire P-51 Mustang Mosquito / Barracuda
Myles R.
Myles Edwin Robert
Mylrea John Edward
Mynarski Andrew Charles Harvard & Fort Bolinbroke Wellington Halifax Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster KB726
Myrick John Frederick
Myrick Philip Re
Myron I.T. Halifax
Halifax LW200
Myron Ian Thomas
Mytruk P.

Mytruk W. Lancaster KB778
Nabors James Calvin
Nabpzniak P.
Halifax MZ864
Nadeau A.M. Halifax W1240
Nadeau J.
Nadeau L.J.O. Halifax W7718

Nadeau O.
Nadeau Francis Gabriel
Nadeau Laurent Joseph Onesime
Nadeau Joseph Antoine Maurice
Nadeau Joseph Roger Emil
Nadeau Joseph Albert
Nadeau Joseph Irenee Wilbrod Alarie
Nadom J.F.E.
Nadon R.A.G. Spitfire EN404 Spitfire MJ988
Nadon Joseph Edmond Gilles
Nadon Joseph Yves Julien
Naftel L. R.
Nafziger John Alden
Nagley Arthur Harold
Nahu N.G.
Nahu Norman Gilbert
Nairn R.B. Halifax LL191
Nairn Cuthbert William
Nairn Lloyd Stephen
Nairn Ross Bell
Naismith D.A.

Naismith Ross William
Naismith Douglas Arthur
Najemnik Otto Frank
Naleneym H.P.

Naoum Harry
Napier Stanley Gilbert
Napier Mathew Simpson
Napper Richard Sidney
Narcotte H.J.
Narshall J.L.
Narum Chester Russell
Nasedkin N.
Nash J.A.
Nash L.T.W.
Nash W.N. Halifax LV986
Nash Philip Llewellyn
Nash Albert Edward
Nash Charles Francis
Nash Charles Arthur
Nash Robert Leslie
Nason D.I.A.
Nason R.E. Nathan Gerald
Nathanson Nathan Edwin Stirling III EH883 OJ-A
Naugler Gerald Melbourne
Nault J.P. Halifax MZ683 Halifax NR194
Nault J.P.

Nault J.U.J. B-24 Liberator 593
Nault L.L. Spitfire
Nault Joseph B.
Nault George Conrad
Nault Donat Cyprien Romain
Nault Joseph Paul
Navey Gordon
Navin S.J.
Navin Donald Joseph
Nay P.B.
Naylor Ralph Edward
Nazar P.

Nazar Peter
Nazarko Walter
NcNally F.E.

Neal Eugene Lawrence Spitfire Vb P8750
Neal G. Anson

Neal J.A. Halifax H189

Neal Donald Alexander
Neal Harry Alyn
Neal Francis John
Neal John Mason
Neal Harold Allan
Neal Ronald Charles
Neale G.V. Halifax JD214
Neale Kenneth Francis Anson Anson Anson Hampden Liberator
Neale William Percival
Neale Douglas
Neate George Harry
Nedden N. NA
Needham John Joseph Stirling BF530
Needham T.F. Hampden L4109
Needham W.B. Spitfire MK622
Needham Raymond Guy
Needler John
Neelin D.H. Wellington BJ836
Neelin J. Wellington NB839
Neff James W. Typhoon
Neff Lawrence Beverley
Negrich Tony Halifax III LV782 MH-T
Neil Eric Stewart Anson Bolinbroke Halifax Halifax LW598 Halifax Bolinbroke
Neil J.W. Spitfire MK115
Neil Ross Mcauslan
Neil Edric Stephen
Neil David Llewellyn
Neill Robert Walter
Neill Rowland Frank
Neilly Louis Graham Finch Harvard Harvard Moth Anson Halifax Lancaster
Neilly R.
Neilly Albert Scott
Neilson D. Lancaster LL834
Neilson W.

Neilson Eric Haakon
Neilson John Alexander
Neilson Donald Fullerton
Neilson James Andrew
Neilson Donald Maurice
Neitz R.C. Spitfire
Neleas R.E.

Nelen N. Wellington BK269
Nelligan D.
Nelligan Allan Neil
Nello Frank Richmond Vincent
Nelmes J.M. Halifax LK913
Nelms Edward James
Nelson A.C. Nelson C.G. Halifax

Nelson D.G.M.
Nelson D.R.
Wellington Z1670

Nelson D.S. Lancaster LL959
Nelson E.C.

Nelson H.P.
Expeditor 1410
Nelson J.D. Lancaster ND614
Nelson J.L.

Nelson O.M. Hampden AE244
Nelson R.E. Halifax MZ377

Nelson R.E.

Nelson R.J.H. Halifax LW539
Nelson W.A.A. Hurricane
Nelson W.H.
Nelson Evan Ellis
Nelson Dana Anthony
Nelson John Archibald
Nelson Jack Norrin
Nelson Per Arne Theodore
Nelson Gordon Arthur
Nelson Frank Goheen
Nelson Allan Laurence
Nelson Joseph Lyle
Nelson Richard Keary
Nelson Morley Francis
Nelson Donald Keith
Nelson Orvin Kenneth
Nelson Lloyd William Stirling LK198
Nelson Vincent Emerald
Nelson Gordon Howard
Nelson Harold Perry
Nelson Thomas Joseph
Nelson Bjorn Ramsey
Nerland P.M. Halifax W7765
Nesbitt A.D. Hurricane Spitfire Typhoon
Nesbitt E.D. Lancaster DV180
Nesbitt H.
Nesbitt J.C.
Nesbitt R. Sunderland DD 111
Nesbitt W.A.
Nesbitt Allan Henry
Nesbitt James Edward
Nesbitt Harold Earle
Nesbitt Murray Hudley
Nesbitt Gordon Brydon
Nespor J.
Nespor J.
Ness D.E. Typhoon/Tempest
Ness Olav Alfred
Ness William Stirling III EH883 OJ-A
Ness William Bonar
Ness Alvin James
Nestor John Henry
Nesvold Millard Leon
Nethery L.A. Lancaster ND347

Nettle D.J. Wellington
Wellington HE624
Nettleton Thomas Gordon
Netzke James Samuel
Neubert Charles Joseph
Neufeld Edmund
Neufeld Edward Henry
Neuls Philip Carl
Neuman G.F.D. Halifax HR844
Neuman W.V. Halifax DT678
Halifax DT674
Neumann Elmer John Halifax LL240
Neumann Elmer John
Neveu R.

Neveu Charles Stacey
Nevill John Oliver Hugh
Neville G.C. Lancaster LM335
Neville W.P.
Neville W.R.
Neville Gerald Anthony
Neville Clifford Gerald
Neville Robert Thomas
Neville Kenneth Arnold
Neville Andrew Christopher
Nevin Arthur Francis Lancaster ME596
Nevins John Edmund
Newall Ronald Robertson
Newan J.M. Halifax LW559
Newburg Earl Lloyd
Newby H.W. Wellington HZ280
Newcombe Jack Dunbar
Newcombe Donald Frank
Newel Walter David
Newell A. Hurricane / Spitfire
Newell J.N. Spitfire
Newell William Andrew
Newell Claude Ralston
Newell Everett Elroy
Newell Eric Robertson
Newitt J.L.

Newland Edward Roy
Newlove Dudley Whitley V Z9388 GE-W
Newlove Henry
Newman D. Wellington T2749
Newman W.E. Halifax MZ420
Newman James William
Newman Joseph Gerard
Newman Daniel
Newman George Stanley Burt
Newman Richard John
Newman Robert James
Newman Arthur
Newman John William
Newman Francis Edwin
Newman Davey William
Newnham G.

Newsome Albert Barclay Finch Harvard Kittyhawk Hurricane & Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon MP135
Newsome W.F.M. ----
Newsome Chester Douglas
Newstone J.M.
Newton G.F. P-40 Kittyhawk
Newton Robert Buckley Spitfire Spitfire
Newton T.
Newton Jack Mcarthur
Newton Robert Allan
Newton Oscar Frederick
Newton Clifford Sinclair
Newton Raymond William
Newton Clifford Sinclair
Nezan P.
Nibblet Joseph Linwood
Niblock Zina Manford
Nice F.M. Lancaster PA972
Nichol J.H. Halifax MZ903
Nichol T.R. Stirling LJ559
Nichol Walter Wilson
Nichol William Bruce
Nicholas A.D.
Nicholl G.D. Lancaster JB174
Nicholl W.J. Wellington Z1670
Nicholl Henry Oswald
Nicholls J.V.V.
Nicholls W.F. Lancaster DS829
Nicholls William Frederick
Nichols G.
Nichols P.E. Wellington
Wellington HF534
Nichols S.
Nichols S.
Nichols T.R. Stirling LJ617
Nichols Arthur Willard Anson Boston Halifax Halifax JD124
Nichols Paul Eaton
Nichols Frederick Arthur Wellington DF566
Nicholson A.N. Halifax LW197
Nicholson D.S. Mosquito MM576
Nicholson G.

Nicholson H.A.
Nicholson H.C. Spitfire
Nicholson W. Halifax NP801
Nicholson D.J. Halifax NP703
Nicholson Alexander John Hudson Anson Hudson Hudson
Nicholson Alan Luther
Nicholson Kenneth Elgin
Nicholson Ronald Kenneth
Nickel Bruce Herbert Spitfire BS317
Nickel Bruce Herbert
Nickerson R.O. Halifax
Halifax LL139
Nickerson R.W. Spitfire MJ786
Nickerson Robert Emerson
Nickerson Osborne Victor
Nickerson Otis Keith
Nickerson Alden Ernest Lancaster I R5696 OF-H
Nickerson William James
Nickerson Roland Otis
Nickerson Frederick John
Nickle Russell Karl
Nickleson John Murray
Nicol G.J. Lancaster NF998
Lancaster ME428
Nicol R.A. Halifax NR144
Nicol W.G,

Nicol James Charles
Nicol Albert William
Nicol William Frederick (Bill)
Nicoll Douglas Grant
Nicolle John Frederick
Nicolls Robert James Halifax NA582 Halifax LW164
Nicolls Robert James
Nicolson Ian Hay
Nidelman Bernard Davis
Nielsen W.
Nielsen Marius Bendt
Nielson C.M. Halifax H272

Nielson L.V.
Nielson V. Niemi Harold John
Nies Robert Edgar
Nightengale E.F.
Nightingale A.D. Nightingale Alan Daley
Nightingale William Edwin
Niles Robert Eugene
Nimmo R.F.

Nimmo Robert Floyd
Nind J.A.W. Stirling LJ621
Nisbet George David
Nisbet Robert Albert
Nisbet Patrick Picton
Nisholaiff J.F. Lancaster LW751
Nitz Arthur Ferrand Moth Harvard & Yale Hurricane Kittyhawk
Niven Charles Morrison
Nion Allan Finley Hurricane Spitfire Typhoon Typhoon RB226
Nion H.J. Spitfire MJ857
Spitfire NH344
Nion J. Typhoon
Nion J.C. Halifax
Halifax Z6946
Nion J.E. Halifax NR180
Nion Jackson Corwin
Nion William Manley
Nion Frederick William
Nion Thomas Westcott
Nion Robert William
Nion Jack Elwin Mcintosh
Nion George Franklyn
Nion Harry William
Nion John Leonard
Nion John William
Nobert A.

Noble C.D. ---
Noble C.W.
Noble D. Halifax MZ420
Noble E.C.
Noble G.A. Halifax MZ471

Noble G.A. Lancaster W 4967
Noble G.W.
Noble Nelson Albert
Noble Raymond Edward
Noble Steven
Noble James Albert Lancaster III PB177 GT-L
Noble Archibald Thomas
Noble George
Noble Gordon Harvey
Noble George Adrian
Nodwell G.R.
Noel J.H. Halifax LK885

Noel Patrick Cluney
Noel Wilfrid Richard
Noele J.R.

Noiseau J.R. Halifax MZ683
Noiseu J.R. Halifax MZ683 Halifax NR194
Nolan D.K. Stirling R9278
Nolan Walter Francis James
Nolan Thomas Harold
Nolet Cyrille Henry
Noon-Ward R.G. Stirling LJ617
Noon-Ward R.G. Stirling LJ559
Noonan D.E. Spitfire
Noonan Joseph Wilfrid Raymond
Norbury W.
Norbury Edward Blake
Nordbye Gordon Leo
Nordheimer Kenneth Albert
Nordin G.M. Halifax LW713
Norejko S.L. Halifax MZ900
Norejko Stephen Lawrence
Noren Peter Oliver Kenneth
Norfolk Kenney Weeks
Norgaard John
Norgrove S.R. Wellington
Wellington HE624
Norman G.H.I.
Norman G.H.L. NA
Norman H.F. Hurricane
Norman Richard Robert Mustang Halifax Halifax LW279
Norman John T.
Norman Ernest Albert
Norman Frederick Gerald
Norman Richard Robert
Normand L.
Normandeau J.J.L.
Normandeau Alphonse Jean Paul
Normandeau Paul Emery
Normandin R.
Normandin Joseph Roch Victor Pierre
Normandin Alexander James
Norquay Charles John Cameron
Norridge A.A. Stranraer 932
Norrie Thomas Lloyd Joseph
Norris A.W. Halifax H291

Norris B.G. Spitfire Hurricane
Norris C.K.
Norris J.

Norris R.W. Hurricane
Spitfire ER824
Norris W.S. Halifax LV881
Norris James Royden
Norris Peter Vincent
Norris Kenneth Allan
Norris Donald Mitchell
Norsworthy Hugh Hoyles Finch Anson Oxford, Beaufighter, Blenheim Havoc, Mosquito Hurricane, Typhoon Typhoon
North H.W.C.
North Muriel Almyra
North Everard Barrington
North William James
North Muriel Almyra Harvard 4791
Northcliffe L. Halifax JD464
Northcott Geoffrey Wilson Moth Harvard Master & Spitfire Hurricane & Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire Master & Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire ----- Mustang & Vampire
Northcott T.
Northcott Harry
Northern Edward
Northgrave John Milne
Northmore Martin Palmer
Northway Henry George
Norton James Shield
Norton Donald Blair
Norwick Amery John
Noseworthy H. Typhoon
Notley Norman Frederick
Noton Reginald Frederick
Nova Andrew
Novack Nicholas
Novak A. Lancaster LL905
Novak Henry Eugene
Novick Alexander
Novis A.R. Lancaster ME526
Nowell George Richard
Nowlan J.
Nowlan Joseph Henry Yvon
Nowosad August
Nozzolillo L.J. Lancaster KB804
Nudds D.A.
Nugent William Arnold
Nugent Charles Gerard
Numainville O.D.

Nunziato H. Halifax LV960
Nurse K.P. Halifax DT741
Nurse R.C.

Nurse C.

Nussbaum Lambert Richard
Nussey Douglas Richard Kyrke
Nutbrown Creighton Ivan Harvard & Yale ? Spitfire Hurricane ?
Nutik Louis
Nuttall H. Halifax
Halifax JD410
Nutter John Vincent
Nutter Richard Eric (Dick)
O'Bierne (Obeirne) William Frederick Howard
O'Brien P.Q. CatalinaCatalina
O'Brien (Obrien) Henry James Stuart
O'Brien (Obrien) John Joseph Kenneth
O'Brien (Obrien) Lawrence Francis
O'Brien (Obrien) Charles Edward
O'Brien (Obrien) Daniel John
O'Brien (Obrien) J E
O'Brien (Obrien) John Anthony
O'Bryan (Obryan) William Ernest Hugh
O'Connell (Oconnell) William John Joseph Moth Anson Blenheim Boston Mitchell & Mosquito Mitchell
O'Connell (Oconnell) John Carlos
O'Connell (Oconnell) Lawrence James
O'Connell (Oconnell) George Francis Leo
O'Connell (Oconnell) Robert Emmett
O'Connell (oconnell) Thomas Harold Halifax JB925
O'Connor (Oconnor) Charles Joseph
O'Connor (Oconnor) Ronald Charles
O'Connor (Oconnor) Bertram Moncrieff
O'Connor (Oconnor) Gordon William Alexander
O'Connor (Oconnor) George Dalton
O'Donnell (Odonnell) Cecil Frederick
O'Donnell (Odonnell) Ernest William
O'Donnell (Odonnell) Edmund Michael
O'Donnell (Odonnell) Joseph Norman
O'Dowda (Odowda) John Frederick
O'Grady John Brian De Courcy Lancaster ED735
O'Grady (Ogrady) Clarence Joseph
O'Hagan (Ohagan) Walter Gerard
O'Hara (Ohara) Leo Francis
O'Heare (Oheare) Robert Ernest
O'Kane (Okane) Thomas Leslie
O'Kelly (Okelly) Miall Bourchier
O'Leary (Oleary) Patrick William
O'Leary (Oleary) Joseph Martin
O'Neil (Oneil) Grant Murray
O'Neil (Oneil) Harold Douglas
O'Neill H.B. Halifax HR723
O'Neill B.P. Hurricane
O'Neill F.R. Halifax DT741
O'Neill H.D.
O'Neill J.C. NA
O'Neill J.C.
O'Neill P.H. Halifax LL389
O'Neill P.J. Lancaster DS659
O'Neill (Oneill) Maurice Francis
O'Neill (Oneill) Edward Lawrence
O'Neill (Oneill) Charles James Erskine
O'Neill (Oneill) Lawrence William
O'Neill (Oneill) Joseph Patrick
O'Neill (Oneill) Thomas Joseph
O'Reilly (Oreilly) Richard Joseph
O'Reilly (Oreilly) Harold Matthew
O'Rourke (Orourke) Edward John
O'Sullivan (Osullivan) Denis Joseph
O'Sullivan (Osullivan) Robert J.
O’Brian G.S. --------------
O’Brian R.A. --------------
O’Brian J.A. Spitfire NH 835
O’Brien C.E. HalifaxHalifax LW555
O’Brien H.E. Lancaster JB144
O’Brien H.K. KittyhawkHurricane / Harvard
O’Brien G.M.
O’Brien H.
O’Brien T.D. Spitfire
O’Callaghan F.O. Halifax LV883
O’Connell H.F.
O’Connell J.J.
O’Connor (Oconnor) Harold Morris Halifax MZ603 Halifax NA184
O’Connor (Oconnor) J.C. Lancaster LL773
O’Connor (Oconnor) J.M.B. Halifax DT623
O’Connor (Oconnor) H.L. Halifax MZ632
O’Donnell E. Wellington HF115
O’Donnell J.N. Halifax Halifax DT735
O’Driscoll D.J. Halifax W1045
Halifax W7695
Halifax 7672
O’Farrell J.E.E. Lancaster PB400
O’Gorman H.W. HalifaxHalifax
O’Grady L Michael Halifax LW686 Halifax LW582
O’Hara J.B. Halifax H320
O’Keefe E.F. Halifax MZ903
O’Leary E.L.
O’Leary J.P. Halifax DK257
O’Leary L.S. Halifax LW128
O’Leary M.B. Halifax LW594

O’Leary P.T. Spitfire
O’Mara H. Tiger Moth 3936
O’Mara R.J. Beaufighter
O’Meara E.N. Halifax NP681
O’Reilly E.N. Lancaster NE128
Oakenfold Harold Frederick
Oakes F.

Oakes F.G. Lancaster LL781
Oakes S.M. Stirling R9273
Oakes William Hugh Halifax NA184
Oakes Fred Glen
Oakes George Walsh
Oakes William Hugh
Oakford Edward Parker
Oakley E. Oakley William Herbert
Oakley Ernest James
Oakley William Henry
Oates Robert John Anson Bolinbroke Lancaster Halifax Halifax MZ537
Oatway John Evered
Obee T.R.
OBlenes Harold Albert
Oborne H.G.
O'Brien Charles Stuart
O'Brien Martin Joseph Patrick
O'Brien Ralph Connors
O'Brien Clarence Oswald
O'Brien Patrick Gerard
O'Brien Donald Kempton
O'Brien John William
O'Brien Alexander Alan
O'Brien Wallace Wesley
O'Brien Patrick Vernon
O'Brien Robert Henry
Obright Vernon Patrick
Ochsner Robert Duncan
Ockenden Gordon Frederick Finch Harvard Hurricane Spitfire Norseman Dakota
O'Connell Howard Ferguson
O'Connell Eusebins William
O'Connell Thomas Harold
O'Connell Walter Francis
O'Connor Francis Charles
O'Connor John Henry
O'Connor Patrick Joseph
O'Connor Leroy Joseph
O'Connor James Michael Barry
O'Connor Wilfrid Martin Joseph
O'Connor Stafford Thomas
Oddan Harold Engman
Odegaard W.J. Halifax LK786
Odell G.
ODell Austin Roy
Odell James Gilmour
Odell Cameron Warren
Odell Donald Carr
Oderkirk D.
Odobas Keith Earl
Odonnell John James
ODonnell Frederick Potter
ODonnell Bernard James
ODonoghue Maurice Edmund
ODonohoe Frank James
ODriscoll Michael Francis
Off Charles
Offen J. Wellington AD596
Offer Lloyd
Offler William Henry
Offler Robert Wilgar
Ogg J.B. Lancaster KB817
Ogilvie F.
Ogilvie A.K. Spitfire
Ogilvie N.J. Spitfire BR486 Hurricane
Ogilvie S.M. Halifax LW136
Ogilvie W.J. Halifax LK923
Ogilvie W.R.
Ogilvie James Manson
Ogilvie Scott Mccrury
Ogilvie Bruce Adam
Ogilvie James Mcvie
Ogilvy Stuart Tresilian
Ogilvy James Sutherland
OGorman John Gregory
OGrady Joseph Leonard
OGrady John Earl
OGrady John Brian De Courcy
OGrady John Edward Halifax W1251
Ogren Carl Eric
Ogryzlo M.A.
Ogston R.W. Lancaster DS732
Ogston Robert Wilson
OHair Orville Stotts
OHalloran William Edward
Ohanley Charles Beeching
OHanley Gerald James
OHara Charles Leslie
OHara Basil Morgan
OHara James Warren Lancaster III JA850 MG-M
OHara Gerald Churchill Patrick
Ohly V.G.
Oiring Morris Nathan
Oke Harold Donald
Oke Ernest Cameron Stirling IV LJ864 QS-A
Olafsen Gordon William
Oldershaw Donald McKie Anson Halifax NP713
Oldfin R.E. Typhoon
Oldford Leslie
Oldham J.W.
Oldham R. Anson Battle
Oldham Frederic Fernley Saunders
Oldham Harold Wilson
Oldham William Gerald
Oldham-Haidson H.W.
OLeary Jack Robert
OLeary Robert Joseph
OLeary Leo Frederick
OLeary Owen Arthur
OLeary Patrick Terrence
Olenoski W. Lancaster KB752
Oleynik P.P. Halifax NA584
Oliphant M.L. Lancaster NE170
Oliphant George Scott
Oliver B.K. Spitfire
Oliver E. Stirling BK601
Oliver J.E. Halifax LW616

Oliver J.H. Spitfire Oliver L.J. Hurricane
Oliver M.E.
Oliver W.G.M. Stirling BK704

Oliver Roy Tufts Whitley V P5103
Oliver Roy Tufts
Oliver Thomas Edward
Oliver James Henry Blenheim Blenheim V5433 EE-F
Oliver Robert Reginald
Oliver John Henry
Oliver William John
Oliver Michael Richard Frewin
Oliver William Robert
Oliver Melvin Robert
Oliver John
Oliver John Lisle
Oliver N.F. Halifax DK238
Olivier L.
Ollen-Bittle Erle Walter
Ollett R.W. Halifax
Halifax MZ562
Ollett Ralph William
Ollett James Frederick
Ollin-Bittle E.W. Hurricane Hurricane
Ollinger J.J. Halifax H321
Ollinger John Joseph
Ollis R.K.
Ollis Reginald Keith
Olmstead W.A. Spitfire MJ397
Olmstead Leonard Thomas
Olmstead Leslie John
Olmsted W.A. Spitfire EN356 Spitfire JK274 Spitfire MJ397
Olmsted Charles Robertson
Olmsted Wilfred Jamieson
Olsen C.S.
Olsen I.A.
Olsen L.
Olsen Gordon Leonard
Olsen Edward Carl
Olsen Frank Levi
Olsen Philip Eric
Olsen Alvin Gustaf
Olshansky Mawell
Olso A.P. NA
Olson A.R. Halifax RG477
Olson B. B-24 Liberator 594
Olson I.A. Halifax

Olson S.O.
Olson Omar Eldred
Olson Herbert Oswald
Olson Andrew Goodwin B.25 Mitchell FL193
Olson George Orlando
Olson Ivor Donald
Olson Paul Alfred
Olson Stanley Martin
Olson Donald Brant
Olson Walter Edwin
Olsson Alan Ludvig
Olstead George James
Olsvik D.D. Olsvik David Osborne
Olynik J.

Omand J.A. Spitfire
Omerod A.
Omilianouski Peter Christopher
Omoe Francis Melvin
ONeil Hugh Harold
ONeil Edward Thomas
ONeil Thomas Harold
ONeil David
ONeil Alton James
Oneil Charles Lenno
Oneill Gordon Campbell
Oneill William Henry
ONeill Arthur Henry
ONeill Bernard Peter
ONeill Daniel
ONeill James Vincent
Oneson Paul Patrick Augustus
Oneson Martin Joseph
Onuski Maurice Daniel
Onysko Peter
Opie Edward Alan
Opie Glenn Edward
Opperman L.R.

Opruk P. Boston
Boston AL492
Opruk Peter
Oquendo William Caesar
Orbach Morley A. Halifax NA582
Orchard K.
Orchard Anthony Brian Halifax MZ603
Orchard Anthony Brian
Ordin Carl Joseph
OReilly James Patrick Gallery
Orien S.
Orlinski Casimir Frank
Orme Frank Kerr
Ormerod A. Ormerod John Harold
Ormsby H.L.
Ormston I.C. Harvard / Hurricane Spitfire AA926
Ornstein Morley
O'Rourke Arthur Francis
Orr A.A.W. Kittyhawk FR287 Spitfire
Orr D.J. Yale Spitfire
Orr H.E. Stirling R9166
Orr J.D. Spitfire
Orr M.O. Lancaster LL964
Orr R.W. Spitfire MJ229
Orr W.
Orr W.A.
Orr W.L.
Orr W.M. Lancaster LM525

Orr James Samuel
Orr Harry Edward
Orr Alexander Gray
Orr Richard Herbert
Orr Donald Hugh
Orr Ruben Seymour
Orr Melvin Osborne
Orr Hubert Francis
Orr Robert James
Orrock Robert Clifford
Orser Clayton Earl
Orser Gilbert Melbourne
Orton Nelson Richard
Orvis C.O.
Osadchy William
Osborn William Ward Moth Harvard Anson Halifax HR855 Lancaster Harvard
Osborn Roy Harris
Osborn James Edward
Osborne C.
Osborne C.E.
Osborne J.E. Halifax
Halifax DT735
Osborne W.C.

Osborne Clyde Roswell Halifax DG226
Osborne John Mawell
Osborne John Frederick
Osborne Clyde Roswell
Oshowy L.J. Halifax LK950
Osler E.E.

Osmond F.N.
Ossington E.F. Lancaster KB770
Ostafikiuk W. Wellington HE547
Osten Ma Martin
Ostlund W.H.E.
Halifax LK974
Ostlund W.H. Ostram G. Wellington BB484
OSullivan Michael Joseph
Oswald Ronald Earl
Oswald Henry Christian
Oswald Elmer Adrian
Otis Joseph Edward
Ott John
Otten J. Wellington 9685
Otterholm William George
Otto Allan Walter
Otto Thomas Marshall
Ouelette D. Ouellet J.
Ouellet J.W.M.
Ouellet Joseph Francois Rene Aurele
Ouellet Joseph Lorenzo Francois
Ouellette A.L.
Ouellette D.
Ouellette P.E.
Ouellette Alphonse Peter
Ouellette Joseph Edmond
Ouellette Stanley Joseph
Ouellette Louis Alexander Stirling LK198
Ouimet Joseph Albert Bastien
Oulster Norman Mawell
Ourom Richard Knut
Outerson Joseph Lawrie
Outhet George Edmund
Outhouse C.L. Lancaster ED835
Ovended G.A. Halifax LW713
Ovenden C. Halifax LK908
Ovender R.A. Lancaster HK579
Ovens John Allen
Overend Gerald Joseph
Overend George Joseph Sydney Anson V12748
Overholt James Henry
Overland John Sven
Owen B.L. Wellington HE745 Wellington HZ481
Owen P.H. Lancaster KB804
Owen Dallas William
Owen James Ernest
Owen John Keir
Owen Roger Pierson
Owen William
Owen Edward Albert
Owen Brock Laverne
Owen Ludey Keshishian
Owen Thomas Bruce
Owen John David
Owens K. Wellington Z8377
Owens T.R. B-24 Liberator
Owens Thomas Reid
Owens Dalton Harvey
Owens John Sumner
Owens John Charles
Owne R.
Oendale W. Wellington BB465
Ozard B.
Ozaro W.H.
Ozeroff William Wayne
Ozment Donald Eric
Pablo Daniel Lawrence
Packwood Joseph Hilaire Pamphile
Padden Edwin Joseph
Paddison H.D.

Paddison Robert Edward
Paddison Harold Douglas
Padget Richard Elwood
Padgham A.V. Halifax MZ910
Padveen Issie
Pafford Clifford Wilbert
Pafford Frederick George
Pagan William Donald
Pagan Arthur Robert Moth & Stinson Battle Wellington HP631
Page C.R. Halifax DK135
Page J.
Page R.B. Lancaster KB817

Page J.

Page J.M. Halifax LL576
Page Walter David
Page Raoul Omer Joseph
Page Donald Frederick
Page Donald Nelson
Page Ernest William
Paget William Richard
Paiement J.A. Halifax NR172
Paiement J.P.
Paige Bertram Courtney Anson Anson Anson Lysander & Blenheim Blenheim & Hudson Hudson Hudson Finch Anson Oxford
Paige D.R. Lancaster LL959 Lancaster PB815
Paige Milton James
Paige Ernest Franklyn
Paige John Osborne
Paige James Willard
Painchaud E.
Painter John Harry
Painter Frederick George
Paisely H.J.

Paisley F.N. Halifax JP121

Paisley H.S.
Paisley Herbert James Halifax HR855 Lancaster
Paisley John Robert
Palanek A.J. Lancaster KB767
Palanek Anthony Joseph
Palava Edward Henry
Palethorpe Donald Moir
Palin Peter James Arnold Huke
Palin George Stapleford
Palleck John Patrick Francis
Pallen Richard Haviland
Pallett C.G. Halifax LW121

Palmason Stefan Douglas
Palmatier D.E.

Palmatier David Edwin
Palmer B.M. B-24 Liberator 594
Palmer D.O. Halifax MZ471
Palmer E. Halifax NP692
Palmer J.E.
Palmer J.G.
Palmer J.L.
Palmer W.H. Spitfire MJ828 Palmer D.
Palmer Gerald Searing
Palmer Donald Carl
Palmer Edward Mcgee
Palmer Sidney Alexander
Palmer Herbert James
Palmer Wendell Mclean
Palmer John
Palmer Brinsley George Henry
Palmer Charles William Finch Anson Wellington Halifax Lancaster PB129
Palmer William Frederick
Palmer William Frederick
Palmer Richard Blake
Palmer Freeman Henry
Palsen George Joseph Herman
Pambrun J.R.A. Wellington BJ764
Panasuk Paul
Panchuk G.
Pankow P.
Pankratz H.
Panneton C.J. Halifax NP945
Panting T.W.
Panting Reginald
Panton C.W. Halifax
Halifax H272
Panton Charles Lawrence
Panzer L. Lancaster PB880
Pape J.C. Wellington Halifax LL550 Halifax MZ654 Halifax LL593 Halifax MZ947 Halifax MZ586
Papineau M. Halifax LW583
Papineau Joseph Paul
Paplowski John
Pappajohn Anthony Peter
Pappas G.
Pappas J.
Paquet A. Halifax LW328
Paquet John Elmer
Paquette A.A.R.
Paquette C.
Paquette C.G.
Paquette J.
Paquette J.E. Paquette J.W.

Paquette L.
Paquette L.V. Halifax MZ699

Paquette R.A.
Paquette Elmer Joseph Frederick
Paquin H.G.
Paquin J.J.F.
Paquin Joseph Alphonse Camille A.
Paquin Joseph Hector
Paquin Feli Frederic Florent
Paradis Joseph Maurice Halifax MZ538
Paradis Joseph Hubert Roger
Paradis Joseph Maurice
Parama W.J. Lancaster ME738
Paranich E.L. Parant Joseph Jean Eugene Guy
Pare B.
Pare G.L. Halifax LW136
Pare J.L.
Pare J.L.M. Halifax MZ674
Pare L.
Pare Gerrard Leo
Pare Joseph Alphonse Normand
Parent D.
Parent F.
Parent J.A. Halifax PN173
Parent Leon Typhoon MN515
Parent Leon
Parent Leonard John
Parenteau J.P.J.
Parenteau Joseph Marcel-Antonio
Pargeter R.B.
Parham Robert Nelson
Parhuto P.
Parisani A.

Parise Joseph Paul David
Pariseau N.J.
Pariseau Armand Alphonse
Parish Emerson
Park D.A.F.
Park F.M.
Park P.T. Beaufighter 8130
Park R.J.G.
Park Lewis E. Moth Anson Hurricane Kittyhawk Typhoon MN746
Park James Gibson
Park Thomas Hill
Park John Edward
Park Gilbert Earl
Park Harold Maurice
Park Ellis Hamilton
Park William Arnold
Park Edwin Earle Fairgrieve
Park Arthur Morton
Park R.M.
Park-Taylor M.D. Halifax LV 797
Parke W.K. Lancaster PB64?
Parke Charles Arthur
Parke William Kelvin
Parker B.
Parker B.O. Spitfire AB150
Parker C.H. Halifax LV799
Parker D.
Parker E.O. Halifax MZ858
Parker G.D.
Parker M.G.
Parker V.J. Tiger Moth 4345
Parker W.C. Wellington 3467
Parker W.C.
Parker Louis Holmes Typhoon SW465
Parker Kenneth George Halifax PN228
Parker Douglas Rendall Halifax Halifax LW598
Parker Robert Carlton Halifax Halifax LW598
Parker Emerson Addison
Parker Frederick James
Parker George Frederick
Parker John Albert
Parker Thomas Edwards
Parker Vernice John
Parker George William
Parker Robert Laird
Parker John Austin
Parker Brady Oscar
Parker Richard Henry
Parker Elbert Frank
Parker Leslie Alfred
Parker William Glen
Parker Benjamin Frederick John
Parker Douglas Roger
Parker James Courtland
Parker Gordon Francis
Parker Samuel Rutherford
Parker Gordon Hewlett
Parker George
Parker John Frederick Mosquito FB.VI LR331 EG-W
Parker Gordon Howard
Parker Andrew Smith
Parker Bruce Alexander
Parker John Allen
Parker Douglas Rendall
Parker Robert Carlton
Parker Donald George Frederick
Parker Maynard Annand
Parker Louis Holmes
Parker Harry
Parker Kenneth George
Parkes Charles
Parkhill Donald Barnes
Parkhurst Keith Edwin
Parkin C.A.
Parkin Annie
Parkin Annie
Parkinson E. Stirling LJ444
Parkinson G.A.
Parkinson G.M. Halifax BB311
Parkinson G.T.

Parkinson W.D. Parkinson Arthur Roland
Parkinson Jack Askew
Parkinson William George
Parkinson William Henry
Parkinson J M
Parks T. Spitfire
Parks T. Spitfire BR246
Parks W.R. Halifax MZ826
Parks Walter Franklin Moth Anson Hampden & Halifax Lancaster Dakota Sabre 19163
Parks Douglas Emanuel
Parks William Roland
Parks Rowland Ira Lancaster I NG492 PM-D
Parkyn Alfred Joseph
Parlee W.H. P-40 Kittyhawk
Parlee William Herbert
Parliament Harry Bertram
Parliament George Wesley
Parnall A.L. Wellington / Halifax

Parnell C.E.
Parnell J.L.
Parr A.E. Wellington 3799
Parr J.M. Battle Blenheim Beaufighter Sunderland Harvard
Parr J.M. Wellington HE624
Parr W.R. Halifax W1053
Parr E.J. Halifax LW552
Parrish Earle Douglas
Parrish Charles William
Parrott James Murray
Parrott Victor
Parry B.E. Spitfire
Parry G. Typhoon Typhoon
Parry G.D.
Parry R.A. Halifax LK752
Parry R. Parry
Parry Thomas Campbell
Parry Richard Charles
Parsley William Alfred
Parslow W.V. Wellington B-24 Liberator
Parslow Harry William Herbert
Parsons Ernest Moir Anson Oxford Wellington Lancaster KB701
Parsons L.M. Spitfire ER824
Parsons John
Parsons Edwin Scarritt
Parsons Ernest Godfrey
Parsons Ernest Albert
Parsons Frederick John
Parsons Arthur Edward
Parsons William Earnest
Parsons Gordon
Parsons Ernest Moir
Parsons Reginald
Parsons Owen
Partridge D.J. Halifax EB136
Partridge E.R.S.
Partridge S.D. Spitfire
Partridge Gordon John
Partridge William Norman
Partridge Henry Albert
Partridge Frederick Herbert
Partridge William John Desmond
Pascal Stephen
Pascoe Philip Jocelyn
Pashby T.J.
Passey B.C.
Passey Thomas Charles
Passmore Gerald Leroy Finch Harvard Hurricane & Kittyhawk Master & Spitfire Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon
Passmore Gerald Leroy
Pastorius Donald Arthur
Paszat F.
Pate Roy Nelson
Patenall D.H. Cessna Crane
Cessna Crane 7884
Patenall Donald Heric
Patenaude Raymond Armand
Patenaude Joseph Roger Marcel
Paterno P.J.
Paterson A.
Paterson E.
Paterson J.N.
Spitfire MJ820

Paterson K.E.
Paterson R.P. Lancaster DV245
Paterson John Alfred
Paterson Ronald
Paterson Paul Leslie
Paterson Joseph Fisher
Paterson James
Paterson Alexander Gordon
Paterson Stewart Thomas
Paterson John Alfred
Paterson Norman Fraser
Paterson William
Paterson Gordon
Paterson Frank Gordon
Paterson Donald John
Paterson William
Paterson Donald Montague
Paterson John William
Paterson Franklyn Hayward
Paterson Edward Anderson
Patey J. Manchester R5834
Patey John Douglas
Patience Kenneth Lorne
Patman George Keith
Patmore Allen William
Paton A.M. Wellington BJ653
Paton A.T. Halifax JD468
Paton H.L.
Paton J.D.

Paton J.H. Manchester L7463
Paton J.P. Wellington 3467
Paton J.S. Wellington
Paton W.E. Wellington HE379
Paton John
Paton Charles Andrew
Paton William Stocks
Patriarch V.
Patrick E. Wellington DV873
Patrick E.

Patrick K. Halifax LV995
Patrick K.R.
Patrick K.R.
Patrick W.B.
Patrick Alexander Granton
Patrick Leslie Cayless
Patrick Michael
Patrick John Walker
Patry Joseph Adelard Frederic
Patry Jose Jean Gustave Renee
Patry Joseph Gaudias Albert
Patry Joseph Victor Leopold Andre
Patryluk A.
Pattee C.J.
Patten G.W. Patten J.G. P-40 Kittyhawk
Patten Lloyd Wilson Moth Crane Halifax Halifax NA583 Anson
Patterson A.E.
Patterson B.C Halifax NP718
Patterson B.L. Lancaster PB258

Patterson F.P.
Patterson G.
Patterson G.R. Spitfire ML318
Patterson G.W. Halifax DK267
Patterson H.T. Halifax
Patterson J.B. Halifax NA509
Patterson J.R.
Patterson J.T. Lancaster KB817
Patterson R.F. Yale Spitfire
Patterson R.S. Boston
Patterson T. Patterson T. Hurricane
Patterson T.C. Hurricane Z4268
Patterson W.C.
Patterson Gerald William Henry Halifax H356
Patterson Reginald Keith Anson & Bolinbroke Halifax
Patterson Richard Fuller
Patterson Thomas Clayton
Patterson Stanley Victor
Patterson Eric Courtenay
Patterson Robert Samuel
Patterson John Howard
Patterson William Smith
Patterson Vernon Foster
Patterson Robert Andrew
Patterson Guy Ridgewood
Patterson George William Ale
Patterson Joseph Moses
Patterson George Fredrick
Patterson John Burton
Patterson Johnston Irwin Stewart (Jack)
Patterson John Richard Lancaster III ND343 PH-U
Patterson Charles Edmund George
Patterson Edward Douglas
Patterson Lorne
Patterson Gerald William Henry
Patterson Leo Harkness
Patterson Ray Edwin
Patterson John William Lyle
Patterson Harold Mccosh
Patterson Roy Holden Marshall
Patterson Wilfred Nicholson
Patteson John Grant
Pattinson Harry A. Kittyhawk I
Pattinson William Shearer
Pattison H. Hurricane Spitfire
Pattison J.
Pattison J.D.
Pattison Harry Manning
Pattison Allen Bruce
Pattison Richard Holtby Mosquito I ML957 HS-R
Pattle Basil William
Patton D.
Patton John Randolph Spitfire Vb
Patton Charles Reginald
Patton John Randolph
Patton Cecil George
Patton Alvin Alston
Patton Henry Rupert Dvnstan
Patton John David McCosh Finch Anson Anson Canson & Sunderland Canso
Pattyson Leonard William
Patus J.G.M. Spitfire SM228
Patzer Edwin Frederick Halifax RG455 QO-
Paudash Robert Elmer
Paul A.B.
Paul J.S. Halifax PN235
Paul K. Wellington 3477
Paul R.B. Paul V.R. Halifax LW377
Paul Douglas Ernest
Paul George William
Paul Robert Andrew
Pauley Reginald Herman
Paulton E. Wellington DV819
Pavely William George
Pawlak E.
Pawlitza Elvyn Joseph
Pawlitzki G.
Pawliuk A. Halifax LK711
Pawliuk John
Pawlowski Michael
Pawlyk Andrew
Pawson Hugh Douglas
Paton James Gordon
Payette F.B.
Payette H.
Payette J.M.H.
Payeur Antonio Joseph Aristide
Payie Everett Garfield
Payn Robert Leslie
Payne D.M. Lancaster KB784
Payne H. Lancaster KB 832
Payne T.A. Halifax HR666
Payne Norman Austin
Payne Robert Campbell
Payne Howard Victor
Payne Francis Joseph
Payne Humphrey Owen Blake
Payne Harold Leslie
Payne William Andrew Boyd
Payton Reginald Percy
Payton Douglas Allan
Peabody Harold Sherman
Peachell J.
Peacock H.A.
Peacock J.W. Mosquito
Peacock William Dempsay Finch Harvard Lysander & Battle Kittyhawk Hurricane Typhoon MN431
Peacock Clayton Robert
Peacock Wilfred George F.
Peacock John Williamson
Peacock William Dempsay
Peacore Thomas James
Peak John Frederick
Peaker George Ernest
Peale Truman De Witt
Pearce C.
Pearce F.J.S. Manchester R5782
Pearce G.A.
Pearce G.R.
Pearce H.F. Mosquito MM504
Pearce N.J. Spitfire MJ349
Pearce S.H.J.
Pearce Robert Charles
Pearce Douglas
Pearce Stewart William
Pearce Gordon Alvery
Pearce Basel Vincent
Pearce William Henry Newton
Pearce Samuel Henry James
Pearce J G
Pearce Archibald Gordon
Pearce Clarence Walter Wellington DF566
Pearce R.E. Lancaster PB120
Pearcey James Halifax LL115 Halifax LL276
Peardon Lloyd George
Pearl Jack Verner
Pearson A.H.
Pearson B.W. Lancaster NN777
Pearson G.T. Halifax HR915
Pearson P. Typhoon
Pearson W.E. Lancaster PB249
Pearson Alexander Francis
Pearson Gordon John
Pearson Robert Wakefield
Pearson Arthur Henry
Pearson William James
Pearson William
Pearson Donald Henry
Pearson Arthur Keith
Pearson Robert Charles
Pearson John Joseph
Pearson Thomas William
Pearson Robert Allen
Pearson Vernon Lawrence
Pearson James Charles
Peart J.A.
Peart Edward Burgess
Pease Malvern James
Peasland C.W.

Peasland Charles Willco
Peat Norman Wallace
Pechet Samuel William
Peck Charles Woodrow Wilson Bolinbroke Wellington Wellington Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster L7580 Lancaster L7546
Peck G.R.H. Halifax JD468
Peck J.L. Halifax W7817
Peck L.E. Halifax NP818
Peck Charles Woodrow Wilson
Peck George James
Peck Orville Stuart
Peck John Nelson
Peck James Leonard
Peckham W.T.G. Halifax
Halifax LV914
Peckhan G.
Peden D.M. Fortress SR 381

Peden William Nelson Munro
Peden Gordon James
Pedersen Walter
Pederson L.M. Lancaster W4797
Pederson L.M. Lancaster LL912
Pedlar Robert Clinton
Pedlar William Henry
Pedley L.A. A Kittyhawk I Typhoon Ib
Peebles Vincent Ford
Peebles Francis Garfield Halifax W7651
Peebles William
Peebles Henry Thomas
Peel B.
Peel Henry Gerald
Peers Leslie Arthur
Peers Douglas Waldo
Peets Thomas William
Peever Frederick
Peever Rolland Nelson
Pegg H.C.
Pegg R.S. Lancaster R5551
Pegg L. Halifax MZ632
Pegg Robert Campbell
Peggie William Johnston
Peglar W.B. P-51D Mustang Tempest
Peircey Arthur Charles Campbell
Peladeau R.
Pelechaty Ignatius Thomas
Peletz D. Lancaster PB579
Pelkey Charles Earl
Pelland Louis Joseph Roger Andre
Pellant James Walter
Pellen R.F. Halifax H292
Pellerin Joseph Alcide Rolland
Pelletier E.
Pelletier F.K.J.
Pelletier Joseph Louis Gaston Halifax MZ845
Pelletier G.R.
Pelletier J.E.M.
Pelletier J.P.L.
Pelletier J.R. Halifax MZ686 Halifax NA600
Pelletier L.
Pelletier M.
Pelletier R.
Pelletier Joseph Louis Jean Paul
Pelletier Romeo Arthur
Pelletier Joseph Louis Gaston
Pellett K. Hampden
Hampden AT228
Pellett Keith Thomas
Pellettier Jean Gerard
Peloquin A.M.
Peloquin G.
Peloquin G.E.C.
Pelrine R.F.
Pelrine Raymond Francis
Pelter A.
Peltier Joseph Ovila
Peltier Joseph Mary Edmond
Pelton R.H.
Penalagan Ronald Henry
Pendleton G.L.
Penfold Harold Thomas
Penhale Martin Harvey
Penhale Allan Frayne
Penketh John Heywood
Penkuri Kaiho Thomas
Penn H.A.
Penn William Harvey
Penn Lloyd William Thomas
Pennell H.A. Wellington
Wellington HF534
Pennell Harry Allen
Penner Isaac Abraham
Penner Alvin Harold
Penneton C.J. Halifax NR172
Penney G.R.
Penney William Alfred
Penney William Francis
Pennington Stuart
Pennington Ernest
Pennington John
Pennock Clifford George Moth Harvard Gobblin Gobblin 346 Kittyhawk Hurricane Spitfire MJ355
Pennock Clifford George
Penny Douglas Richard Harvard Bolinbroke Halifax NP723 Halifax NP721 Bolinbroke
Penny D.H.
Penny Leo Joseph
Pennycook Charles
Penonzek John Mervin Anson I A538
Penrose R.C. Halifax BB365
Penrose R.C. Halifax BB305
Penrose William Henry
Pensa Anthony
Pentland W.H. Hurricane
Pentland William Harry
Pepin R.
Pepper G.
Pepper W.V.
Pepper William Marcus
Pepper Arthur Henry
Pepper William George
Pepper Harold Douglas
Peppiatt F.W. Lancaster
Peppiatt Franklin Walter
Percival Loriman Samuel
Percy R.
Perdue E.A. Halifax NP942
Perdue Vincent Thomas
Perdue Robert Nelson
Perdue James Alfred
Pere G.L.
Pereira William
Perera Kenneth Frederick
Perez Gomez Luis
Perganter H.P. Halifax H353
Perini Elido Edoardo Lancaster PB413
Perkin Lesley Louise
Perkins G.G. Halifax LW436
Perkins Handley R.
Perkins M.A. Hurricane Spitfire
Perkins Jack Loree
Perkins Kenneth Mitchell
Perkins George Gordon
Perkins Denis Clement Farmer
Perley D.A.
Perley-Martin Thomas Henry
Perras R.A. Anson 6531
Perras Roland Joseph Fidele
Perrault Ernest Francis
Perreault J.L.
Perrier A.
Perrier J.G.R.
Perrin J.
Perrin J.L. Perrin John Lyle
Perritt L.G.
Perron F.
Perron J.L.L.
Perron J.M.G. Wellington
Wellington 3361
Perron P.E.J.
Perron R.
Perron F. Perron Antoine Joseph Elphege
Perron Joseph Marcel Gaston
Perron Joseph Jean Paul
Perron Louis Marie Joseph Alphonse
Perrot Herbert Frederick
Perry B.
Perry B.W.A. Wellington
Wellington HE419
Perry J.F.L. Halifax LK842

Perry J.K.
Perry J.P. Liberator 594
Perry K.O. Halifax DT723

Perry R.B. Wellington
Wellington HE261
Perry W.J.A. Halifax DT777

Perry W.R. B-24 Liberator
Perry Harry
Perry Joseph
Perry Woodrow John
Perry Keith Oliver
Perry Davis Hamilton
Perry Nap King
Perry Nelson Robert
Perry Sheldon William Wesley
Perry Robert Riley
Perry George Sidney
Persche J. Halifax LW713
Persian Arthur Thomas
Pertus Timothy Alphonse
Perusse J.M.
Perverseff J.J.
Pervin Tim Issie
Pesant J.F.C.

Pesme Cecil Percy
Pess Frank
Petch K.A. Halifax W7809
Petch Douglas Hartley
Peterkin Francis W.
Peters E.C. Lancaster KB762
Peters E.W.
Peters F.G. Halifax MZ427
Peters H.P. Mustang
Peters L.G. Lancaster JA899
Peters W.A. Spitfire AR330
Peters Kenneth Frank
Peters Keith Arthur
Peters Harry Edward
Peters Roy James
Peters Donald Howard
Peters Roy Donald
Peters Arthur Harold
Peters Herbert Peter
Peters Samuel Leonard
Peters Paul
Peters Frederick John
Peters Nicholas
Petersen N.B. Defiant
Petersen Norman Bredsgaard
Petersen Reginald Bruce
Petersen Howard Dennis
Petersen Homer Ejner
Peterson E.R. Halifax BB367
Peterson H.
Peterson H.V.
Peterson L.H. Hurricane
Peterson O.J. Hurricane Hurricane
Peterson R.
Peterson Otto John
Peterson John Arthur
Peterson Laurence Herbert
Peterson James Sherman
Peterson Lloyd Harvey
Peterson Raymond Floyd Lancaster III ND423
Peterson William Alexander
Peterson Sidney Glen
Peterson George Frederick
Pethick Thomas Melville
Pethybridge William John
Petley Ralph Edgar
Petlie B. P-40 Kittyhawk
Petrashenko W. Lancaster NG240
Petrie D.
Petrie W.
Petrie David Renfrew
Petrina Michael Joseph
Petrow S.G. Halifax PN235
Petry Leslie Lee
Pett E.
Pett J.T.

Lancaster KB727 Pett M.E. Halifax NA580
Pettes G.D. Wellington
Wellington MP643
Pettes George Delson
Pettet Douglas George
Pettifor Arthur Clifford
Pettigrew J.K. Halifax LK711
Pettigrew Joseph Rolland Victorin
Pettigrew Harold Mathew
Pettigrew James Bruce
Pettigrew Thomas Johnston
Pettigrew Raymond Wilbur
Pettingale Stanley Linwood
Pettit Maurice William Finch Anson Wellington Stirling Wellington Halifax NP723 Liberator
Pettit Wilmot Reginald
Pettitor A.C. Lancaster KB853
Pettitt C.A. Canso
Pettitt Roland
Petts A. Lancaster NG271
Petts John Russell
Petts Henry Neville
Petz Mathew George
Peverley Edward James
Pfeffer Francis Arthur
Phair Maurice Andrew
Phalempin Gerard Francis Joseph
Phalempin Henri
Phaneuf Joseph Aldege
Pharis Hampton Blaine
Pharis George William
Phelan W.
Phelan Donegan Frederick
Phelan Jerome David
Phelan Terence Benedict
Phelps D.

Phelps J.S. P-40 Kittyhawk
Phelps M.
Phelps John Swinbank
Phelps Cephas Joseph
Phelps Charles Albert
Philbin B.G.
Philbin G.B. Halifax LL594
Philbin G.B. Halifax LL152
Phillip E.J. Lancaster NN777
Phillip R.D. Spitfire SM331 Spitfire MA477
Phillipe J.R.
Phillips A.H. Halifax MZ657 Halifax MZ658
Phillips A.H. Halifax MZ658
Phillips Gerald Irwin Anson Wellington LN438 Lancaster DS830
Phillips H.E. Shark
Shark 524
Phillips H.J.
Phillips H.J. Hurricane
Phillips H.L.
Phillips J. Mosquito
Phillips J.F. Halifax MZ427
Phillips J.L. Stirling
Stirling N3673
Phillips L.G. Stirling LJ559
Phillips O.H. Halifax NP818
Phillips S. Blenheim Z 9806
Phillips W.E. Stirling BK725
Phillips W.S.

Phillips Neil Seymour Hunter
Phillips Harold Edwin
Phillips Jack William
Phillips John Leonard Hartley
Phillips Gordon Mclean
Phillips Edmund Cecil
Phillips Thomas Bowman
Phillips William Herbert Edward
Phillips Derrick Stephen
Phillips Chester Frank
Phillips Floyd J.
Phillips Lloyd Watson
Phillips Clifford Stanley
Phillips Cecil
Phillips Samuel Alexander Lancaster LL678
Phillips James Murray
Phillips Ross Joseph
Phillips Winston Spencer Moyses
Phillips Walter
Phillips Albert Thomas
Phillips Edwin
Phillips Gorden James
Phillips Wilfred James
Phillips Arthur Ross
Phillis J.A. Lancaster KB719

Philp Donald Robert
Philpott Gordon Meudall
Philpott James Albert Mason
Phimester I.

Phinney C. Wellington H680
Phinney Charles Garnet
Phipps L.H.T. Lancaster DG634
Phipps R.T. Beaufighter
Phipps W.W. Halifax DT723
Phipps George Robert
Phoeni Owen Harvey
Phripp F. Anson Wellington Halifax Lancaster ED767
Physick Francis Gerald
Pibus Henry Hodsmyth
Picard Joseph Fernand Guy Henri Harvard Spitfire Spitfire SM308
Picard Raymond Adolphus Finch Anson Anson Anson Anson ?
Picard Marie Jean Paul
Picard Alfred Alexander
Picard Joseph Pierre Honore Roger
Picciano Raymond Daniel
Piche A.H. Halifax MZ683 Halifax NR194
Piche J.G.M.D.
Piche Jean Adolphe Fernand Anson Anson Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax MZ860
Piche Kenneth Mark
Piche Louis Paul Emile
Piche Joseph Laurence
Piche Henri Paul
Piche Jean Adolphe Fernand
Picher Wilfred Clarence
Pichette R.

Pick Clarence Frank Wellington Wellington HF628
Pick William Rogers
Pickard Clarence Eugene
Pickard David Leslie
Pickard Roy Eugene
Pickavance G. Lancaster ND396
Pickel Gordon Edgar
Pickell Owen Fraser
Pickens W.G. Lancaster ED693
Pickering William Vincent
Pickering Walter Henry
Pickering Wesley Alexander
Pickering Charles William
Pickering Thomas William
Pickering Roy Herbert
Pickering David
Pickering Robert Gardhum
Pickering Frank Edward
Pickett Warren Bryan
Pickthorne E.B. Halifax NP817
Pickup J.A. Halifax DK196
Picton W.F. Halifax MZ593

Pidcock C.T. Halifax
Halifax LW391

Pidcock T.H.
Pidcock John Easton
Pidcock Charles Trevor Leighton
Pidduck G.W.
Pidduck George William
Pidgeon George Wallace
Pidgeon George Walker
Pierce J. Wellington 3201
Pierce R.B.J. Pierce Wilbur Clark Moth Anson Halifax
Pierce Eric Manford Anson Battle Anson Wellington Ventura Anson Fortress & Liberator
Pierce Charles Benjamin
Pierce Jack Randolph
Pierce Bland Joseph
Pierce Charles Phillips
Pierce Francis Marion
Pierce Allan Arthur
Piercy W.R. Lancaster W4195
Piercy Howard Shurvin
Piercy James Wallace
Piercy Reginald Frank
Pieri D.M. Spitfire
Pieri Donald Mathew
Pieroy R.F.

Pierre J.R.
Piers William Stapleton
Piers Roy Spencer
Pierson Roy Lancaster NG460
Pierson Joseph Anthony James Jewell
Pierson Roy
Pierson Thomas Clyde
Pigeau Joseph David
Pigeon L.
Pigeon L.E. Halifax LW682
Pigeon P.E. Lancaster EE145
Pigeon R.J.H. Halifax MZ418
Pigeon John Jerome
Pigeon Leo
Piggott A.C. Lancaster ME720

Piggott Jack Edward
Pike G.C. Lancaster DS850
Pike R.P.

Pike Lawrence Ellwin Halifax W7875
Pike Robert Eric Bowman
Pike Lawrence Ellwin
Piket Jacob
Pikula Frank
Pilborough William Edgar
Pilcher Alan Swaine
Pildrem Robert Alexander Lancaster II DS718 EQ-R
Pilkey John David
Pilon J.
Pilon R.
Pilon Francois Rolland
Pilotte B.

Pinchess Leslie Austin
Pinckard D.
Pincock Hugh
Pinder Peter Francis
Pine P.R. Spitfire
Pingle W.T. Lancaster ED357
Pingle W.

Pink Edward John
Pink Walter Steele
Pinkey J. Pinnegar A.

Pinnell J.
Pinner Roy Irving
Pinsent (Argentina) H.R.
Pinsonneault G.
Pinsonneault R.

Piotrofsky Paul
Piper S.H. Halifax JB787
Piper Kenneth ODell
Piper Frederick James Halifax V EB258
Piper John Ralph
Pipher William Melville
Piprell Gordon Leslie
Piquette R.
Pires S.R. Pirie A.L. Lancaster PB413
Pirie J.A. Stirling BK647
Pirie James Allan
Pitcher Paul Brooke Moth Hurricane Hurricane Spitfire Spitfire
Pitcher George Ewart
Pithie Harold Cruse
Pitkethly Alexander
Pitkin Edmund Francis
Pitman E.G. Hurricane
Pitman Leslie Charles
Pitre G.
Pitt Leonard Herbert
Pitt Harold Ernest
Pitt Ernest William
Pittaway Harold Edward
Pittman John Benjamin
Pitts Robert Michael
Pitzak A.C. Halifax MZ509
Piley A.N. Halifax JB922
Piley Asa Nelson
Plachner Edward Christopher
Plamondon J.M.G.
Typhoon MN767

Planche John Paul
Plank Lester Kenneth
Plant J.L.
Plant Walter H.
Plante J.J.W.L. Halifax LV840
Plante L. Halifax LV840
Plante P.
Plante Jean Marie Charles Halifax JD106
Plante Jean Marie Charles
Plante Arthur Vincent
Platana Daniel Dominique
Plate Francis Herman
Plate Leroy Edgar
Platsko A.
Platson Paul
Platt W.L. Halifax
Halifax W1111
Platt Orville Insell
Platt William Lloyd
Plaunt Donald Cameron
Platon N.

Player James Kelleher
Playter Ross Alexander
Pleasance W.P.
Pleasance Walter Norman
Pleasence John Beverley
Plecan Frank George
Pledger Thomas Oswald
Plenderleith J. Halifax DK261
Plewman W.H. Halifax JB922
Plishka Leonard Lancaster ED735
Plomteau Marion Arthur
Plouffe Ernest John Cecil
Plowman F.

Plumer B.E. Mosquito MM560
Plummer K.G. Halifax
Halifax LK702
Plummer L.A. Spitfire MJ668
Plunkett William
Plunkett Leonard Stanley
Pluta J. Halifax LW327
Plyley D.G. Lancaster PB477

Plyley G.E.
Poag W.F.
Poch Louis
Pochailo P. Lancaster ND579

Pocock James Jerome
Pocock Douglas Lzyne
Pocock William Francis
Podborochinski Edmund
Podolsky Ale
Poe Walter Roydon
Poe Robert David
Poegal Donald Leighton
Pogson W.H. Lancaster
Lancaster PB687
Pogson William Henry
Pogson Charles Herman
Poirier A.

Poirier A.R. Liberator 593
Poirier G.  
Poirier J.
Poirier J.B.A.
Poirier P.
Poirier Paul Nazaire Finch Anson Halifax HR834 Halifax
Poirier R.
Poirier Joseph William
Poirier Joseph Alfred Raymond
Poirier John Augustin Albert
Pokryfka Paul
Pole D.C.

Pole Ross Norman
Pole Douglas Campbell
Polec Tadeusz Ludwig
Poling J.A. Halifax W7865
Poliquin E.
Pollard J.E. Halifax LK907
Pollard L.T.
Pollard Charles Edward
Pollard Edward Walter
Polley Arthur Beverley
Pollitt Kenneth William
Pollock E.H. Halifax LW416
Halifax NA580
Pollock F.H. Typhoon
Pollock G.N. Halifax LW235
Pollock Norval Edward Finch Harvard Typhoon Hurricane
Pollock W.E. P-40 Kittyhawk
Pollock W.R. Moth Hurricane Spitfire
Pollock Harry Keith
Pollock Robert Joseph
Pollock Bruce Leroy Parkinson
Pollock John Albert
Pollock James Andrew
Pollock Albert Lyle
Pollock John Robert
Pollon Ernest Sinclair
Pollon Joseph Raymond
Polomark John Marshall
Polowich Michael Louis
Polowy Vincent Ronald
Polson Ronald Duncan
Pomeroy E.C. Pomeroy George Delos
Pomeroy Elwood Cameron
Pompillio Michael
Pond H.
Pond Hubert William
Pond Gerald Randolph
Poohkay William M. Halifax
Pookay W.M. Halifax LV938

Pool William Harry
Pool George Robert
Poole F.W. Halifax NA188
Poole G.R. Halifax BB195
Poole N.R. Lancaster KB722
Poole V.D. Mosquito RV358
Poole Mawell Boyer
Poole Joseph Basil
Poole Norman Roland
Pooskunik W. Halifax NP686
Popadiuk J. Halifax LW204
Pope C.S. Spitfire
Pope C.S.

Pope F.A. Halifax BB208
Pope William James
Pope Henry Milton
Pope William Alexander
Popovich Nicholas M.
Poppa V. Halifax H313
Poppa V.
Popplestone William Maurice
Popplewell C.H. Halifax LK634
Popplewell Chetwin Hamre
Porret James Edward
Porritt Robert Arthur Finch Harvard Hurricane Typhoon MN401
Porritt William Howard Halifax NP805
Porritt William Jeremiah
Porritt William Howard
Porteous D.
Porteous Henry Mitchell
Porter A.D. Halifax NA511
Porter E.
Porter H.L.
Porter J.J.
Porter K.R. Lancaster JB139
Porter R.E. Lancaster KB 734

Porter R.L. Halifax
Halifax LV966
Porter S. Lancaster LM292
Porter D.M. Halifax LL576
Porter Albert Edward
Porter Cornelius James
Porter Aulden Claire
Porter Donald Gordon
Porter Allister Wilson
Porter Charles Edward
Porter Allan Lloyd
Porter Reginald Frank Charles
Porter Frank Ferrier
Porter John Edward
Porter Russel Lyle
Porter Charles Rae
Porter Roy Stanley
Porter Carroll Rufus
Porterfield Wilbert Andrew
Porteus D.
Portman Herbert Gordon
Portz J.M. Spitfire BL922 Spitfire ML300
Posner E.W.
Post Ralph Ainsworth
Post Willard Irving
Post Eric James
Postans Ronald George
Poste K.E.
Postlethwaite George Edgar
Pothier B.F. Lancaster
Lancaster ND617
Pothier Bourneuf Freeman
Pottage C.A.M. Halifax NP800

Potter C.V.

Potter M.A. Halifax H162

Potter Aurele Louis Finch Anson Halifax Halifax NP721 Halifax NP707
Potter Harry Archibald
Potter John Victor
Potter James Kemp
Potter Charles Edmund
Potter William Duncan
Potter John Foster
Potter John Milton
Potter William Arthur
Pottier J.J.
Pottle Aston James Walter
Potts W.H. Halifax EB200
Potts W. Hugh Halifax EB200 Halifax LV965
Potts H.J.
Potts Raymond William
Potts David
Potts Joseph Reginald
Potts James Murray Liberator KH214
Potvin E.E.F. Spitfire
Potvin Joseph Adrian Leo
Poudrette Joseph Gillies Alfred
Poudrier J.R.R. Halifax DK142
Pougnet James Maurice
Poulet E.
Poulin A.
Poulin G.V.
Poulin R.
Poulin V.A. Tiger Moth
Tiger Moth 8971

Poulin W.
Poulin Verne Arthur Joseph
Poulin William John
Pouliot J.
Poulos Paul
Poulton J.T. Poulton Fred Raymond
Pound John Russell
Poupore G.
Poupore William Marshall
Pourbai Albert Eugene
Poure E.L. Lancaster ND526

Povah John William Bruce
Povey Edwin Pearce
Pow Norman Clunie
Pow Leslie Gordon Drummond
Powdrill Ross
Powell C.
Powell E.A.
Powell E.A. Halifax LW390

Powell J.
Powell K.O.

Powell L.W.
Spitfire AR522

Powell M.J.
Powell M.R. Halifax JD972
Powell P.G. Lancaster JA920

Powell H.
Powell T.C. Halifax JN969 Halifax
Powell James Lee Halifax LL240
Powell Albert Richard
Powell Thomas Edward
Powell Norman Nelson
Powell John Henry Robert
Powell Lloyd Charles
Powell Richard Clement
Powell William Obediah
Powell Lloyd Woodrow
Powell David Haynes Barcham
Powell Laurence Alvin
Powell Chester Owen
Powell James Lee
Powell Joseph Marcel Jacques
Power C.E. Lancaster JB308
Power L.
Power L.H. Lancaster LL721
Power George William Edward
Power John Gerald
Power David Allan
Power Warren Michael
Power Lawrence Fabien
Power Arthur Thelfall
Power John Manley
Power James Roderique
Power Paul Joseph
Powers Hugh Allan
Powers William Charles Spitfire I MK881
Powis Ralph Edwin
Powles Cameron Albert
Powley David Alexander
Poynter W.M. Wellington B-24 Liberator -
Pozer S.M.N. Wellington HE737
Pozer S.M.N.
Prassas George Thomas
Pratlett O.J. Lancaster JB278
Pratlett Oliver John Lancaster
Pratt A.G. Lancaster PB675
Pratt A.G.
Pratt G.F.
Pratt R.H.M. Lancaster LM442
Pratt Allan Gower
Pratt Henry Vernon
Pratt Albert Gordon
Pratt Charles Halbert
Pratt David
Pratt Richard William
Pratt Gordon Ernest
Pratt Ralph Winston
Prause W.J. Whitley BD368
Prawdzik Charles John Moth Anson Halifax NR156 Halifax NP935
Preece C.J. Mosquito MM547 Mosquito
Preece L.G. Halifax JD118
Preece Gordon Lewis
Preece Thomas James
Preece Charles James
Preece James Harold
Prefontaine C.M.
Prendergast H.B. Hurricane Spitfire
Prendergast J.B. Mustang AM191 Spitfire NH896
Prendergast Albert Edward
Prentice J.M. Halifax MZ900
Prentice J.M.

Prentice S.A.

Prentice John Harry
Prentice Robert Bruce
Prentice Robert
Prentice William Ronald
Prentice James Millar
Presland Gordon Richard
Presse Joseph Bertrand Raymond
Presseault E.
Prest William Henry
Prest Elmont Gasper
Prest Robert Hardwick
Prest Richard Bruce
Prest W.H. Anson
Anson # 1675
Preston C. Spitfire
Preston F.C.
Preston George Keith
Preston John Allan
Preston Ian Fraser
Preston Charles William
Preston Stuart Marvin
Preston William George
Preston James Michael
Preston Arthur Wallace
Prete Louis Joseph
Preziosi R.
Priamo Joseph Lidio
Price H.N.

Price S.R. Price W.F. Mosquito HK466
Price George Edward
Price Hubert Douglas
Price Lyall Basil Burman
Price John James
Price Kenneth Ether
Price Charles William
Price John Hugh
Price Walter William
Price Llewellyn Evan
Price Thomas Willard Percy Lancaster DV403 KC-G
Price Donald Alexander
Price Charles Melville
Price David Mayson
Price Percival Stuart
Price Alister Keith
Pridday R.G. Priddin William Edward Ernest
Prideau John Geoffrey James
Pridham G.I. Halifax BB375

Pridham K.M. Lancaster
Lancaster ME750

Pridham Edward Stanley
Pridham Ernest James
Pridham Kenneth Mark
Priest L.
Prieur J.L. Halifax JB904

Prieur O.G. Halifax JB904
Prieur Joseph Fernard Jacques Paul
Prill Maurice Milton
Prill Berle Clinton
Prime Hamilton Earle
Prime Peter
Prime Arthur Esmond
Prime Gordon Oswald
Primeau R.
Primeau Joseph Louis Osias
Primok John
Prince A.
Prince J.J.
Prince Roy Campbell
Prince Gilbert James
Prince Sidney James
Prince Henry Nion
Pring Clifford Russell
Pringle F.E. Mosquito
Pringle J.

Pringle J.E.C. Boston Z2210
Pringle Bertram Hamilton
Pringle George Robert
Prior A.O. Halifax HR854
Priske Kenneth Wheatley
Pritchard LorneT. Lancaster DV403
Pritchard W.L. Lancaster
Lancaster DS775
Pritchard Joseph Corbin
Pritchard Beverley Wayne
Pritchard Francis Charles
Pritchard Gordon Featherstone
Prizer E.L. Spitfire
Probert J.R.
----- Probert J.S. Halifax BB212
Probert Re Howard Moth Harvard Spitifire Hurricane Spitifire Kittyhawk Hurricane Kittyhawk Liberator
Probert William Douglas
Probert K F
Probyn D.W. Wellington
Wellington LN400
Probyn Dighton Walter
Procter R.C. Delta
Delta # 670
Procter Richard Campbell
Procter William Norman
Proctor George Kenneth
Proctor John Andrew
Proctor Leonard Douglas
Profit Benjamin James
Pronger Gordon Bentley
Propas B. Typhoon PD564
Proskurniak H.J. Lancaster R5702

Prosnyck John
Prosofsky Alfred Wilfred
Prosperine Frank
Prosser George Alexander
Prosser Douglas Vary
Prosser Leslie Thomas
Prosser Robert Harold
Proteau Medrie Peter
Proud E.A.J. Halifax MZ687
Proud Elmer Reginald
Proudfoot William Wallace
Proudfoot David Herbert
Proudlock Thomas Harold
Proudlove A.O. Halifax
Proul L.
Proul Thomas Omer
Proul Richard Godfrey
Prouse M.
Prouse Victor Eugene
Provias Peter Halifax NA583
Prowse D.C. Lancaster ND400
Prowse H.S. Lancaster LL750
Prowse Lemuel Ernest
Prud'Home J.F.A.
Prud'Home R.
Prudham J.E. Lancaster KB727
Pruneau R.
Prunkle Robert
Pryce Irwin Coleston
Pryde W. Lancaster DS691
Pryor Gerald Cowes
Pryor James
Prysziak M. Psaila Dominic Stephen
Puder Henry Fred
Pudifin Arnold James
Pudney Clinton Landis Finch Battle & Bolinbroke Halifax Halifax W1146 Halifax Halifax HR832
Pue P.R. Puffer A.

Puffer A.W. Wellington 3563 Puffer Norman Ralph
Pugh Lawrence John
Pulham D.F. Whitley
Pulham Donald Walter
Pullan C. Whitley
Whitley T4323
Pullan Cyril
Pullar William Stewart Moth Anson Wellington Wellington Wellington Wellington Lancaster Lancaster Fortress Dakota Fortress 9203
Pullen W.R. Wellington
Pulley Harry Clinton
Punshon John Norman
Punter R.H. Lancaster NE118
Purcell James Desmond
Purcell John Gerald
Purchase F.H.
Purchase G.T.

Purchase Frederick Hugh
Purdon Richard Michael Hastings
Purdy K.O.

Purdy P.H.

Purdy R.F. Halifax LK666
Purdy Wilmot Thomas
Purmal Vincent Robert
Purnell G.G.
Purney Elvin Curtis
Purser John Henry
Purth W.A. Halifax EF511
Purvis H.F. Halifax LV968

Purvis Thomas Andrew
Pushor Dale Ernest
Puskas S. Halifax LW685
Puskas S. Putham S.G. Lancaster JB305

Putnam Hiram Aldine
Putnam Ma Ernest
Pyatt Frank Allan
Pyatt Robert Stanley
Pyche Harvey Ellsworth
Pye K.
Pye K.J.A.
Pye Franklyn Richard Samuel
Pyke L.W. Halifax
Pyke S.T. Halifax PN226
Pym William Harold
Pyne R.
Pyne D.R. Pyne Donald Morrison
Pynisky Peter
Pyper Robert
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