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Allied Losses and Incidents Including All USAAF Claims
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L'Abee-Lund (Labee-Lund) K Spitfire NH586
L'Argent (Largent) J G Halifax EB137
L'Green (Lgreen) N A Lancaster HK645
L'Green (Lgreen) Neville Alfred
L'Hirondelle (Lhirondelle) B P Blenheim R3620
L’Abbé Joseph Willie Halifax LW591
La Bossiere J J Wellington BJ650
la Chappelle K E Wellington HE553
La Flamme J G E Halifax LK973
La Franchise R A Halifax W7660
La Franchise R A
La Frentz Sylvester Stuart Lyndhurst
La Gouge M J G Mosquito DZ300
La Gouge M J S Mosquito DZ267
La Gruta Anthony Dominica Cyril
La Lou J Spitfire NH685
La Palme Joseph Armand Roger Lucien Halifax HR686
La Pierre J J B G Lancaster DS726
La Plante Kenneth D. B-17 43-38445
La Porte Edmund Elie Halifax LK810
La Salle J D L Lancaster R5867
La Salle J D L Lancaster R5498
La Turner R Lancaster KB795
Labach Peter Lancaster DS794
Laban E W Blenheim L9386
Laban E W Blenheim L9402
Labarge B H Halifax W7803
Labarzewski R Spitfire AB823
Labelle J N E R Lancaster DV222
Labelle D M J Halifax EB276
Labelle J W C Lancaster NE171
Labelle J G G A Halifax NP719
Laberge J A R Lancaster ND493
Laberge J C A Wellington HZ312
Laberge D J Lancaster ED619
Labern S F Lancaster ND993
Labotske A N Lancaster RF230
Labow J I Lancaster LL633
Labow J I Halifax JD174
Labrecque J R J C Halifax MZ538
Labrie R E Lancaster ED663
Labrum G Mosquito
Lacasse F M Lancaster ED436
Lacaze G A Halifax MZ830
Lacchia A M Halifax RG350
Lace Halifax W1238
lace G P Lancaster W4102
Lace John Mitchell
Lacelle Joseph Harvey Milton Halifax W1110
Lacerte R J Halifax LK627
Lacey J W Lancaster HK618
Lacey James 'Ginger'
Lacey William Haylett Wellington R1597
Lacey W M Lancaster KB731
Lacey G R Lancaster LL966
Lacey J P Stirling BF474
Lacey A N Lancaster NG204
Lacey H G Hampden P4371
Lacey J H Hurricane P2793
Lacey J H Hurricane V7357
Lacey R J Lancaster LL959
Lacey R C Halifax DT780
Lacey James Harry ("Ginger")
Lacey Brian Joseph
Lacey Raymond George
Lacey Henry E Jr F-6C Mustangs
Lacey Henry E Jr F-6C Mustangs
Lacey Henry E Jr F-6C Mustangs
Lacey William D Jr P-51 Mustang
Lacey-Johnson Nigel Arthur Lancaster LM467
Lach Tadeusz Handley Page Halifax JP288
Lachance J L R R Lancaster DS846
Lacharite A R Whitley Z6505
Lachlan Jessie Adeline
Lachman W Wellington HE322
Lachman W Wellington MS481
Lachowicki - Czechoslovakiaowicz Lech Mariusz
Lacina Emanual George Halifax BB250
Lack M M Lancaster LM574
Lack L M Spitfire EP228
Lack Maxwell MacDonald
Lackenby A Blenheim L9339
Lackenby Andrew Stirling EF436
Lackey H J P Lancaster ED629
Lackie G Lancaster DV360
Lacroix J Lysander V9822
Lacroix Lucius G P-47 Thunderbolt
Lacy Peter James Gerald
Lacy C Lancaster PB231
Lacy Roy P Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Lacy Roy P Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Ladbrook H H Mosquito DZ757
Lade D S Lancaster PB535
Lade Donald Stephen
Ladkin A H Lancaster NE128
Ladkin Whitley Z9147
Ladley John Kevin
Ladner A Halifax MZ453
Ladner A Halifax LV965
Ladro Edmund Andrzej Wellington W5720
Lady Edward W P-47 Thunderbolt
Ladyman Brian Carter
Lafferty T Lancaster JB145
Laffey Thomas Victor Mosquito MM179
Laffin M A Halifax LK801
Laffoley J G L Halifax HX332
Lafford Cecil M Halifax JB782
Laflamme H M Typhoon JP495
Laflamme Joseph Yves Camille Charles Auguste Wellington BJ894
Lafont F J Halifax NA557
Lafontaine T Wellington HE244
Lafortune H J Wellington X3203
Laframboise J E C R Halifax LV840
Lagace J M C Wellington HZ518
Lagdon S A Halifax HR910
Lagdon S A Halifax JB860
Lager E H Whitley Z6794
Lagerquist R H Halifax LW559
Lagesse M J M Mosquito PF403
Lagna N Stirling EF361
Lago J Halifax DT723
Łagodziński Marian Wojciech Vickers Wellington Z1265
Łagoński Jerzy Vickers Wellington Z1250
Łagowski Julian De Havilland Mosquito NS873
Lagrange Jack Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Laguna P Hurricane Z3435
Laguna P Spitfire P8331
Laguna Piotr Supermarine Spitfire P8331
Laherrere J Halifax NA546
Lahey Lawrence Edward Nicklin Halifax HR865
Lahey James Vernon Stothard
Lahke William K P-51 Mustang
Laiche Louis R P-47 Thunderbolt
Laiche Louis R P-47 Thunderbolt
Laidlaw G L Lancaster W4116
Laidlaw J S Ventura AE852
Laidlaw D D Halifax HR910
Laidlaw D D Halifax JD381
Laidlaw A F Lancaster PA996
Laidlaw R G N Whitley ED195
Laidlaw D D Wellington Z1620
Laidlaw F A J Wellington BJ688
Laidlaw A G S Lancaster LM289
Laidlaw W J ? Stirling N3712
Laidlaw W J Stirling N6072
Laidlaw W Hampden AE383
Laidlaw A Lancaster PD319
Laidlaw D S Lancaster LL839
Laidlaw Thomas Trevor
Laidlaw Graeme Lonarch
Laidler G J K Wellington HE444
Laidler Patrick William Lancaster W4103
Laidler N Halifax MZ321
Laidler Gordon James Keith
Laidler Patrick William
Laidlow J D Halifax LW549
Lailey P C Mosquito MM512
Lain G Halifax NR179
Laine S R W Lancaster DS849
Laing E V Lancaster W4335
Laing A Halifax MZ581
Laing Richard John Wellington HX399
Laing Norman Leslie Halifax W1186
Laing L N Lancaster NE119
Laing R A Wellington Z1146
Laing John Arthur Halifax LK810
Laing J C Halifax NP682
Laing D H Lancaster LM133
Laing R C Halifax MZ340
Laing Francis Mackay Spitfire W3216
Laing M B Stirling EF156
Laing M B Stirling EF499
Laing A E Wellington T2621
Laing D A Wellington W5611
Laing D M Wellington Z1205
Laing D Hampden AD720
Laing J K B Hampden AE359
Laing D Hampden P4407
Laing D Wellington X3313
Laing J W Lancaster LL902
Laing J N Typhoon MN807
Laing G J Hampden AE260
Laing A T Hampden AE290
Laing T D Lancaster NF977
Laing J M Lancaster ED784
Laing J R Lancaster LL625
Laing T C Lancaster ME593
Laing K Spitfire AD507
Laing B McM Lancaster JA873
Laing G Lancaster LM691
Laing J R Stirling BK779
Laing A R Lancaster ED928
Laing Edward Vivian
Laing Ainsworth
Laing William
Laing Ronald Stanley
Laing Charles Walter
Laing Richard John
Laing James L P-47 Thunderbolt
Laing Silas M P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Laing Ainsworth Halifax MZ337
Laird F Halifax LL604
Laird J S Halifax LV780
Laird George Johnstone Halifax LV923
Laird D A Halifax LW584
Laird C McK Wellington R3164
Laird A S Lancaster W4338
Laird K M Blenheim V6332
Laird R Lancaster HK645
Laird J S Wellington DV806
Laird Thomas Paterson
Laird Leonard Ernest Wellington JA456
Laishley Charles Edwin Lancaster PB129
Laishley R F Lancaster LL679
Lait F R Lancaster NG464
Laity S H Lancaster LM187
Lake D C Lancaster ED985
Lake J G Wellington Z1254
Lake J B Lancaster PD208
Lake P D Lancaster NN750
Lake Peter Halifax JP286
Lake J W Lancaster ED976
Lake K N Halifax HX245
Lake J R Lancaster JB564
Lake W J Lancaster JB406
Lake G Wellington DV935
Lake George R Lancaster PB802
Lake A C Stirling BF571
Lake N J Wellington Z8794
Lake W T Lancaster LL911
Lake D S W Whitley Z6492
Lake W Blenheim T2031
Lake Herbert Edmond
Lake Donald Carmichael
Lake James Byrne
Lake Ronald Charles Lancaster
Lake Gordon P. B-17 43-38078
Lakeman Graham Wellington X3757
Laker William James Halifax W1098
Lakes T J Lancaster ME745
Lakin A Whitley P5014
Lakin R M A Hampden X2986
Laking H Halifax NA107
Lakomy E Spitfire MK943
Lallemant Raymond A 'Cheval' Typhoon PD505
Lally J M Halifax HR751
Laloge M R Halifax JB972
Lalonde J A W R Halifax LW331
Lalonde J A J Halifax MZ683
Lalonde L J Lancaster ED766
Lalor J O Whitley Z6863
Laloux M H J Mosquito MM733
Lamacraft H C Ventura AE716
Laman S M Typhoon JR435
Laman Stanley Maxwell
Laman James Edward
Lamarre J Y J C Halifax MZ860
Lamason P J Lancaster LM575
Lamason P J Stirling N3713
Lamb C N Halifax HX274
Lamb George Wellington HE276
Lamb Lennox Stanley Wellington L4288
Lamb Ralph John Wellington P2520
Lamb Douglas Ferguson Wellington T2620
Lamb George Brown Stirling EF232
Lamb W A Lancaster JB487
Lamb T F Wellington R1162
Lamb R A Halifax LW206
Lamb C B Halifax LW114
Lamb William Alexander Lancaster KB751
Lamb W A Lancaster LM638
Lamb John Edward Lockheed Hudson Not known - are you able to assist?
Lamb J L Lancaster ED989
Lamb R D Lancaster ND814
Lamb Donald Trevor Stirling W7569
Lamb J A Halifax LK926
Lamb J E Lancaster JB554
Lamb T D Halifax MZ800
Lamb J Halifax W1219
Lamb R K Lancaster W5012
Lamb F V Lancaster R5697
Lamb D C Blenheim L1213
Lamb J R G Blenheim R3753
Lamb C J J W Wellington BJ756
Lamb J G Stirling EF347
Lamb Frederick Alexander Stirling N6047
Lamb L Halifax MZ366
Lamb T L Lancaster ND871
Lamb R L Halifax HX325
Lamb R L Halifax HX328
Lamb J A Wellington Z8862
Lamb N P J Lancaster L7533
Lamb J T Hampden AD730
Lamb M G Lancaster PB378
Lamb Spitfire W3364
Lamb Spitfire
Lamb E J Spitfire W3567
Lamb W D Lancaster NF915
Lamb D P Mustang FB129
Lamb L E Lancaster ND353
Lamb J Lancaster JB538
Lamb L E Lancaster ND350
Lamb E H R Stirling BF340
Lamb L Halifax DT647
Lamb D Halifax JD248
Lamb G Lancaster PD341
Lamb F M Lancaster ED917
Lamb Deryck Percy
Lamb Peter Gilbert
Lamb John Bruce
Lamb Colin Neilson
Lamb George
Lamb Harold Victor
Lamb George M P-51 Mustang
Lamb George M P-51 Mustang
Lamb George M P-51 Mustang
Lamb George M P-51 Mustang
Lamb George M P-51 Mustang
Lamb George M P-51 Mustang
Lamb Huie H Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Lamb Huie H Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Lamb Huie H Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Lamb John T Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Lamb Norman C P-47 Thunderbolt`
Lamb Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Lamb Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Lamb Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Lamb Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Lamb Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Lamb Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Lamb William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Lambaert R Spitfire TB385
Lambdin I H Lancaster ED781
Lambe R R Lancaster ND675
Lambert J Halifax NA558
Lambert J Lancaster JA964
Lambert Alfred Leonard Lancaster ME625
Lambert Hugh Michael Stanford Beaufighter R2067
Lambert Edward 'Ted' Frank Wellington R1471
Lambert Edward 'Ted' Frank Wellington R1280
Lambert Frederick George Stirling EF359
Lambert M A Lancaster DS604
Lambert E R Lancaster PD224
Lambert A Halifax HR854
Lambert James Fielden Spitfire MH903
Lambert J A J Halifax LW131
Lambert C A Typhoon PD478
Lambert M Lancaster LM173
Lambert D N Halifax JD315
Lambert G S Lancaster LM321
Lambert G S Lancaster LL771
Lambert W B Halifax JD296
Lambert M M Blenheim Z7486
Lambert W L Lancaster R5844
Lambert P H Lancaster ND441
Lambert P H Lancaster JB465
Lambert A Wellington W5721
Lambert J J Wellington LN716
Lambert R Wellington HE519
Lambert S R Lancaster DV243
Lambert F W Stirling EH942
Lambert G W A Mosquito HX834
Lambert J Spitfire AR363
Lambert G F Halifax DT806
Lambert G F Lancaster ND731
Lambert D M Lancaster ND702
Lambert C S Halifax LL169
Lambert D P Halifax JD164
Lambert L E Lancaster ED547
Lambert H Lancaster LM210
Lambert C A Halifax HR783
Lambert W Halifax MZ643
Lambert Leonard Halifax LK797
Lambert G Whitley Z6931
Lambert V M Lancaster NG286
Lambert A D Stirling EF457
Lambert K J Halifax LK865
Lambert R W Halifax JB804
Lambert J W Whitley K8947
Lambert O C Y Lancaster ED311
Lambert S R Lancaster PB140
Lambert O Lancaster JA916
Lambert Robert
Lambert Alfred Leonard
Lambert Rex Clifton
Lambert Jack
Lamberton J A Lysander V9749
Lamberton W M Spitfire R7219
Lambertus William W. B-17 43-37909
Lambeth W T Mosquito ML998
Lambeth H J Halifax L9570
Lambeth H J Halifax R9484
Lambie W C Stirling BK782
Lamble F S Lancaster LM547
Lamble P J Battle K9264
Lamble F J Lancaster JB418
Lamble Francis Stephen
Lambourn H E Stirling EE947
Lambourn J E Lancaster PB463
Lambourn L T Halifax LW503
Lambourne H E Stirling EF271
Lambourne R G L Hampden X3129
Lambourne Henry Edward
Lambright Clarence M P-51 Mustang
Lambright James F P-51 Mustang
Lambright James F P-51 Mustang
Lambton Donald Bell Lancaster ND797
Lamer Charles W P-51 Mustang
Lamer Charles W P-51 Mustang
Lamerton R C Ventura AE707
Lamerton William John
LAmie Frederick Theulis Mosquito PZ344
Lamin F R Hampden X3021
Laming Gordon Stanley
Lammas M Stirling EF137
Lammas R C E Lancaster JB297
Lammie Daniel Stirling N3703
Lammie Stirling N6067
Lamming D Stirling BF357
Lamonby Joseph Lancaster ND845
Lamond J C Stirling EH887
Lamond W H Lancaster LL691
Lamond Frank Raymond
Lamond Alexander Campbell
Lamond Henry James
Lamont Robert Ritchie Battle L4977
Lamont Ian Craigie Wellington Z1214
Lamont A D L Halifax BB211
Lamont C D Wellington BK336
Lamont J Lancaster ND554
Lamont J W Wellington R1778
Lamont F Stirling EH885
Lamont Whitley BD228
Lamont R W Spitfire AD560
Lamont J B Stirling EE906
Lamont James B-24 Liberator 3701
Lamontagne H Halifax NA166
Lamontagne Leo P Halifax PN173
Lamontagne J A Y Halifax LK698
Lamontagne J G C Wellington BK340
Lamour Warren S P-47 Thunderbolt
Lamour-Zevaco A E Spitfire MK738
Lamoure L R Halifax JB793
Lampard N Stirling EF155
Lampen Lesley Charles Mosquito DZ536
Lamphear N R Halifax NP953
Lampin F E Lancaster LM344
Lampkin W A Lancaster JB540
Lampkin E A Mosquito PZ234
Lamprey P H Lancaster LM367
Lamus G H Halifax HR656
Lanagan Alfred Henry
Lanaghan J Halifax LV774
Lanaghan T Halifax LV899
Lancake E Lancaster ED737
Lancashire T Lancaster JA716
Lancaster E E Wellington BK299
Lancaster E L Halifax DT670
Lancaster Roland Wilfred Whitley Z9148
Lancaster H B Halifax JD216
Lancaster John D Halifax LW674
Lancaster G J Halifax LV915
Lancaster E B Hampden P4361
Lancaster J Wellington X9939
Lancaster W Lancaster PB666
Lancaster W N Lancaster W4932
Lancaster T Lancaster ED616
Lancaster F M Lancaster NG386
Lancaster Manchester R5789
Lancaster E Lancaster ND693
Lancaster T Wellington N2745
Lancaster H Stirling BF413
Lancaster Eric Edward
Lancaster John Goulburn
Lancaster Percy John
Lancaster Ernest Lee
Lancaster Jack Kelvin
Lancaster Raymond B P-47 Thunderbolt
Lancaster Raymond B P-47 Thunderbolt
Lancaster Robert T P-51 Mustang
Lance K Halifax JD146
Lanceley C H Wellington BJ724
Lanceley S E Lancaster R5625
Lancelott R G Stirling EF394
Lancey George W Lancaster R5553
Lancik J Wellington R1516
Lanctin J W M E Wellington BK334
Lanctot J J R Halifax NR172
Land Lawrence Hudson P5152
Land James Edward Stirling N3759
Land R J Spitfire MH761
Land James Edward Stirling BF335
Land J Lancaster JA863
Land C A Wellington HZ314
Land V R T Blenheim L9472
Land C R Lancaster ED496
Landa B Wellington L7844
Landa Wellington N2773
Landa Joseph Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Landale P W F Whitley T4232
Landale P W F Whitley Z6624
Landau Hyme Halifax W1096
Landau H Lancaster LM390
Landels L N Hurricane V7652
Landen A Halifax HX187
Lander Peter Lockhart Blenheim T1807
Lander A E Lancaster LM463
Lander Ronald Frank Wellington Z8646
Lander R O Stirling BK774
Lander D E A Halifax LW326
Lander H F Wellington T2912
Lander C G Lancaster ND518
Lander V J Lancaster R5700
Landers R W Halifax MZ471
Landers R D Lancaster W4932
Landers John D P-51 Mustang
Landers John D P-51 Mustang
Landers John D P-51 Mustang
Landers John D P-51 Mustang
Landers John D P-47 Thunderbolt
Landers John D P-47 Thunderbolt
Landers John D P-47 Thunderbolt
Landers Robert C F-6C Mustangs
Landing Harold Lancaster DS718
Landis Keehn P-51 Mustang
Landis William H P-51 Mustang
Landles J Lancaster LL651
Landon C G Wellington W5391
Landon J C Lancaster ME588
Landreth C Wellington W5721
Landridge L K Lancaster DV396
Landridge Leslie Keith
Landry R S Lancaster ED549
Landry M Halifax LW424
Landry Robert B P-47 Thunderbolt
Landsberg James William
Landsman Emil Alfred Spitfire BM424
Landy A R Lancaster JB470
Lane A W Halifax LV824
Lane J G Lancaster ED938
Lane Albert Short Sunderland EJ134
Lane Alfred William Walter Wellington N2888
Lane Eric Arthur Lancaster ND423
Lane Sydney David Wellington X9642
Lane L A Mosquito MM172
Lane William Lancaster LM185
Lane Arthur John Stirling MZ262
Lane T H Halifax HR685
Lane William Thomson Spitfire BR986
Lane T C Wellington Z1670
Lane F S Wellington HE382
Lane C T Whitley Z6972
Lane R F Halifax LW654
Lane J E W Lancaster W4311
Lane E R V Wellington R1703
Lane P A Lancaster PB617
Lane H J L M Lancaster ND790
Lane L Wellington X3936
Lane D Hampden AD720
Lane A R Wellington BJ651
Lane W E Lancaster PB635
Lane B J E Spitfire AR612
Lane J L Stirling EH960
Lane F V F Blenheim L4880
Lane L Lancaster DS712
Lane R Hurricane P3220
Lane A F Wellington HZ257
Lane A W Lancaster ED440
Lane Lancaster JB235
Lane John F Lancaster LL840
Lane P H Lancaster DV377
Lane G W Lancaster LM676
Lane E G Halifax HR727
Lane R Lancaster LM206
Lane E A Lancaster DS824
Lane W Lancaster RA560
Lane T H N Hampden X2922
Lane C J Lancaster LL961
Lane L G Lancaster JB665
Lane J W Halifax LK866
Lane A W Stirling EE886
Lane T Lancaster LM728
Lane Frederick John Halifax JD324
Lane A Halifax BB238
Lane N L Whitley P4996
Lane K A Lancaster ND963
Lane P Lancaster R5575
Lane Robert Mayall Lancaster ND390
Lane Brian John Edward ("Sandy")
Lane David Gethen
Lane Thomas Henry Teston
Lane Eric Hall
Lane Albert
Lane Jeffrey Gordon
Lane Albert Sunderland DV968
Lane Herman Q P-38 Lightning
Lane Herman Q P-38 Lightning
Lane Howard A P-47 Thunderbolt
Lane James C P-51 Mustang
Lane James M P-51 Mustang
Lane Raymond J Bristol Beaufighter
Laney R H Lancaster NG287
Laney Paul
Lanfear L R Wellington Z8328
Lanfranchi J L Spitfire MJ988
Lang Albert H. B-24 Ginger 41-29177
Lang Tadeusz Vickers Wellington W5579
Lang W A Lancaster JB119
Lang Stanley Battle K7696
Lang William Laurie Oxford N6293
Lang H R Halifax W1116
Lang A M Halifax LV920
Lang Andrew Alexander Halifax W7082
Lang J M R Halifax JB972
Lang F H Halifax LV995
Lang R J Halifax LW436
Lang J Mosquito DK341
Lang G E Blenheim L9391
Lang A G Lancaster ED877
Lang G T Mosquito TA446
Lang S B Typhoon SW476
Lang H I Hurricane Z2634
Lang K Wellington L7786
Lang R T Wellington HE737
Lang H G Lancaster EE116
Lang R S Lancaster HK569
Lang Coran Wilson
Lang Ernest S P-47 Thunderbolt
Lang Ernest S P-47 Thunderbolt
Lang Joseph L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Lang Joseph L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Lang Joseph L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Lang Joseph L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Lang Joseph L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Lang Joseph L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Lang Joseph L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Langan R Lancaster LM533
Langcake W Lancaster RF196
Langdale-Hunt Maurice Richard Wellington Z1747
Langdo G P F Beaufighter R2398
Langdon F C Lancaster ND332
Langdon G Lancaster ME742
Langdon Francis Charles
Langdon Lloyd M P-47 Thunderbolt
Lange A A Stirling EF511
Langebear R Blenheim V6379
Langeland A B Halifax W7859
Langeland A B Halifax DT696
Langenfeld Willard Albert B-24 41-29363
Langevin G L J Halifax PN173
Langfield R E Whitley T4171
Langford F Mosquito KB624
Langford Denis Lancaster JB230
Langford George Arthur Harry Lancaster JB116
Langford A E Lancaster JB143
Langford Guy Halifax W7748
Langford P W Wellington R1450
Langford Frederick George Halifax LV778
Langford R E Lancaster JA969
Langford D C Halifax W7911
Langford A B Blenheim R3823
Langford A E Blenheim R3685
Langford R D Lancaster DS781
Langford G A Lancaster LM120
Langford J G Hampden P4396
Langford V A R Lancaster ND505
Langford Frank
Langham M Halifax MZ827
Langham K O Lancaster ME316
Langham L J Halifax HR669
Langham D F Lancaster ND445
Langham Keith Oswald
Langham-Hobart N C Hurricane L2036
Langhorne W Wellington W5561
Langille George Eugene Typhoon MN912
Langille Alton Harding Lancaster W4827
Langlands H W Halifax NP992
Langlands Norman Mathew Spitfire BM247
Langlands H Wellington HZ478
Langlands J O Lancaster ME664
Langley Cecil Raymond Halifax JD252
Langley L G Stirling LJ536
Langley J C D Wellington Z8420
Langley P A Typhoon EK128
Langley R R Blenheim T1832
Langley A R Wellington R1511
Langley G A Spitfire X4325
Langley G A Spitfire P9324
Langley J B Halifax DT617
Langley J F Wellington HE319
Langley C C Lancaster LM374
Langley W C Lancaster W4785
Langley N I Lancaster PB432
Langley D P Lancaster W4375
Langley F Lancaster DV400
Langley J W Lancaster PB880
Langley L W Lancaster LL901
Langley L Stirling EF426
Langley Ray Thomas
Langley Francis Thomas
Langley Keith Albert
Langley Jack William
Langley Jr. George Blew B-17 43-38701
Langley-Ellis S A Lancaster ED394
Langlois Eric le Page Lancaster PB806
Langlois Eric le Page Lancaster LL844
Langlois L M Wellington X3484
Langlois H Halifax DK147
Langlois R B Wellington W5421
Langlois Eric Le Page
Langmaid Harry Bertram A. Blenheim Z9614
Langmead G Lancaster PB743
Langmead P Halifax L9502
Langmead M Lancaster LM527
Langohr Billy E P-51 Mustang
Langoulant Thomas Bruce Hudson FH378
Langoulant Thomas Bruce
Langrell James Lancaster W4826
Langridge G J Lancaster LL904
Langridge A F Lancaster LL867
Langridge J H Wellington P9266
Langridge A A M Lancaster ME650
Langrill W A Lancaster HK560
Langrish Victor Horace Blenheim Z7962
Langrish H K Lancaster JB567
Langrish Blenheim N3570
Langsford P Halifax W1063
Langsford P Halifax DT773
Langstaff William Halifax NR189
Langstaff Kenneth William Lancaster R5740
Langston P Typhoon JP688
Langston A R Wellington X3694
Langston F S Halifax MZ452
Langston L V Lancaster DS686
Langston J Lancaster PB415
Langston S C Halifax JB851
Langstone C E Lancaster LL846
Langstone A F Lancaster LL968
Langthorne K R Lancaster ED695
Langton E K L Lancaster PD276
Langton Alan George Halifax W7870
Langton Fred Seddon Lancaster LL741
Langton James Halifax NP709
Langton R T Whitley K8943
Langton R T Whitley N1502
Langton L M Battle L5578
Langton G J Blenheim Z7451
Langton R T Halifax MZ599
Langton S A Wellington X3469
Langton Edwin Kay Lovell
Langtree W Halifax LW223
Langusch Leslie Douglas
Langworthy Walter Dinnathorne
Lanham Ronald
Lanham Wayne J P-51 Mustang
Lankester R Wellington BK299
Lankin W W Halifax MZ829
Lannigan William Lancaster DS823
Lanoue Roland J P-51 Mustang
Lanowski Witold P-47 Thunderbolt
Lanowski Witold P-47 Thunderbolt
Lanowski Witold P-47 Thunderbolt
Lanowski Witold P-47 Thunderbolt
Lanowski Witold P-47 Thunderbolt
Lansdell J Hurricane
Lansdowne E A Halifax LV971
Lanteigne J G Halifax DT634
Lanthur M G Lancaster LL696
Lantz G M Hampden AT120
Lanxon Frank H. Lancaster ED713
Lanzetter H Halifax MZ734
Lao H Y Typhoon RB319
Lapes J J Lancaster JB563
Lapham W G W Whitley Z9441
Lapham E F Wellington HZ520
Lapham Richard L P-51 Mustang
Lapierre J M R Halifax NR178
Łapiński Tadeusz Henryk Lancaster PD361
Lapka S H Mustang FZ156
Lapkawski W Spitfire P7567
Lapkowski W Hurricane P2985
Lapkowski W Spitfire P8596
Lapkowski Waclaw Supermarine Spitfire P8596
Lapointe John Orville Halifax MZ596
Lapointe J O A Halifax LK959
Lapointe H D Halifax HX352
Lapointe J P C Halifax DK260
Lapond L Halifax JP199
Laporte J E R Wellington BJ764
Laporte J R Halifax PN172
Lappin J S Wellington R1332
Lappin R G Lancaster ME681
Lapping Wellington BJ591
Lapping J B Lancaster ED590
Lapsley W H Hampden AD914
Lapsley John Hugh
Lapsley Ronald Erwood
Lapthorne Leonard Norman Lancaster JB640
Lapwood G E Blenheim L1427
Laraman D H Halifax JD470
Larby A J Lancaster JB747
Larby Harold Joseph Lancaster ND522
Larcey G F Mosquito MN681
Larcey F W Beaufighter V8251
Larche J A Wellington BJ864
Larcombe S Lancaster RF143
Larcombe K A Lancaster ME472
Larcombe R Lancaster ME700
Larcombe William Joseph
Larczycki Jozef
Larden A W Stirling EF452
Large George Russell Halifax JB790
Large W S Spitfire BL809
Large W S Spitfire BM376
Large C Halifax HR952
Large R D Lancaster ED819
Large R Lancaster DV235
Large Whitley P5098
Large R G Spitfire BS108
Laricheliere J E P Hurricane R
Larin J L B Lancaster ED526
Lariviere J R Halifax MZ538
Lark Charles Roland Wellington Z1470
Larkan Max Alexander
Larkin C F Lancaster PB299
Larkin Joseph Anthony Hampden AE291
Larkin M R Lancaster KB731
Larkin K R Halifax JN884
Larkin C W Stirling BF561
Larkin Kenneth Thomas
Larkin Michael
Larkins J B Wellington X3758
Larkins H W Wellington BJ898
Larkins A R P Lancaster ND577
Larkins R H Wellington HE737
Larkins David Brian
Larkman Frank Ernest Beaufighter KV976
Larkman D E Wellington P9286
Larlee D E Halifax JD331
Larman K T Lancaster EE148
Larmour G Y Blenheim T1828
Larmouth W O D Lancaster HK571
Larnach Conrad Lancaster W5002
Larnach Francis Magnus Beaufighter NE745
Larner R J Whitley LA787
Laroche Robert Bernard Halifax MZ565
Larochelle A W Halifax LW688
Larocque J A Typhoon JP911
Laronde G G J Hampden AD869
Laronze H Halifax NA512
Laroque Richard W P-47 Thunderbolt
Larrabee Dale L P-51 Mustang
Larrimore JL Lancaster ME315
Larritt R D Lancaster PB244
Larsen John Larsenius Lancaster LM436
Larsen A W Lancaster KB775
Larsen G M Halifax LW596
Larsen F A Lancaster DV333
Larsen Conrad
Larsen Albert L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Larsen Harry E P-38 Lightning
Larsen Harry E P-38 Lightning
Larson R B Lancaster DS660
Larson R H Lancaster JB226
Larson A P Wellington BK348
Larson J A H Halifax NP799
Larson I Stirling EF137
Larson T T S Wellington BJ666
Larson Halifax V9978
Larson Donald A P-51 Mustang
Larson Donald A P-51 Mustang
Larson Donald A P-51 Mustang
Larson Donald A P-51 Mustang
Larson Donald A P-51 Mustang
Larson Gordon P P-47 Thunderbolt
Larson Leland A F-6C Mustangs
Larson Leland A F-6C Mustangs
Larson Leland A F-6C Mustangs
Larson Leland A F-6C Mustangs
Larson Leland A F-6C Mustangs
Larson Leland A F-6C Mustangs
Larson Leland A F-6C Mustangs
Larson Leland A F-6C Mustangs
Larson Norman L P-51 Mustang
Larson Philip L P-47 Thunderbolt
Larson Philip L P-47 Thunderbolt
Larson Philip L P-51 Mustang
Larssen S N Spitfire ES291
Larter R Lancaster R5544
Larvin W P Lancaster JB680
Lascelles F A G Battle K9342
Lascelles J H Lancaster PB505
Lascelles F A G Blenheim T2165
Laselle K Halifax BB323
Lashbrook W I Halifax HR663
Lashbrook W Halifax L9493
Lashbrook Kenneth A P-51 Mustang
Lashbrook Kenneth A P-51 Mustang
Lashbrook Kenneth A P-51 Mustang
Lashford F W Lancaster JA907
Lashly Peter Alec Lancaster W4111
Laska J Spitfire AR500
Laskey D Wellington X3699
Laskey D Wellington HE905
Laskie William Halifax LK681
Lasko Zbigniew Vickers Wellington HE993
Lasko S Halifax NP718
Lasko Charles W P-51 Mustang
Lasko Charles W P-51 Mustang
Lasko Charles W P-51 Mustang
Lasko Charles W P-51 Mustang
Lasko Charles W P-51 Mustang
Lasko Charles W P-51 Mustang
Lasko Charles W P-51 Mustang
Lasko Charles W P-51 Mustang
Laskos Zbigniew Vickers Wellington X9807
Laskowski Jan Vickers Wellington Z1272
Laslett D F Wellington P9297
Lasocki Ludomir Lucjan Marian Wellington Z1252
Lassam L J Lancaster HK570
Lassey G Halifax HX347
Last Charles Frank Wellington LN453
Last J P E Wellington HZ582
Last R R Halifax HX345
Lastuk W Halifax LM198
Laszkiewicz L Mustang FB139
Latawiec Michal De Havilland Mosquito NT145
Latchford E P Mosquito HK322
Latchford P Halifax LW522
Latchford P Stirling LJ460
Latek Jozef
Latham F G Wellington HE530
Latham Robert Lancaster DV364
Latham J Lancaster JB314
Latham T C Lancaster DV221
Latham A Lancaster ND568
Latham W H Lancaster DV312
Latham M Lancaster ME589
Latham Richard Thomas Edwin
Latham Francis Graham
Latham Philips Stonham
Lathlean R T Halifax MZ298
Lathlean Rex Tidswell
Latimer G B Halifax NP716
Latimer J Lancaster ED752
Latimer W McC Stirling LJ531
Latimer George Edward Reid Blenheim T1807
Latimer Joe L P-47 Thunderbolt
Latimer-Jefferies Jerrard
Latkiewicz L W Lancaster LM141
Latondresse N Lancaster HK680
Latornell M C Halifax LW428
Latremouille Joe Richard Wellington BJ783
Latremouille Joe Richard Lancaster KB834
Latta Selwyn Hampden AT258
Latta J B Hurricane V7203
Latten Maynard A. B-24 42-50511
Latter T E W Lancaster ED650
Laturnus A Halifax MZ629
Laube John Alexander
Laubman D C Spitfire RM932
Laubman D C Spitfire MJ230
Lauchlan William James Little Hudson NZ2055
Lauchlen D Mosquito NT365
Lauckner Irvin Leroy Lancaster PB129
Laucou P Halifax NA680
Laud W J Spitfire BM385
Laud R H Stirling BK817
Laudan Józef Eugeniusz Wellington DV765
Lauder G R Lancaster KB706
Lauder J M Lancaster ED755
Lauder W R Lancaster ME724
Lauder F J Halifax DT729
Lauder J A Halifax NA545
Lauder Keith John
Lauderdale Hampden AD747
Lauderdale Hampden AD874
Laudon A C R Stirling BF358
Lauener Geoffrey Charles Henri Wellington LN690
Laugham M O Halifax I LW158
Laughland Alan MacNeiley Lancaster ED735
Laughlin I E Halifax HX295
Laughlin W A B Halifax W1109
Laughlin S Lancaster ED329
Laughlin Joseph L P-47 Thunderbolt
Laughton H W Halifax W7938
Laughton R Halifax R9449
Laughton R Halifax R9408
Laughton B C Halifax MZ817
Laughton R Lancaster JA900
Laughton Ivan Alfred Harold
Laumans Robert J L Spitfire AB173
Launder J C Wellington HZ269
Launders O H Hampden L4066
Laundon Stirling W7536
Laurant P L Spitfire PV177
Laurence D H Halifax MZ469
Laurence Alan Robert Lancaster ND327
Laurence J F R Halifax JB837
Laurens John Lancaster DV267
Laurent M Halifax PN366
Laurent A Y Lysander T1771
Laurenti David Sunderland T9090
Laurenti David
Laurie E H Lancaster ND419
Laurie Thomas Murdoch Halifax MZ432
Laurie Robert McGregor
Laurie Lionel George
Laurie-Dickson John Forbes Whitley Z6478
Laurin J P Lancaster W4798
Lauriston A Stirling N3752
Lauritz Louis Stephenson
Laut G W Lancaster NG346
Laut R K Halifax LV836
Laut William George Wellington BJ894
Lauther J D Lancaster PB181
Lauzon L C Halifax LW616
Lavadie M Halifax LL555
Lavallee L M Halifax DK119
Lave S G J Typhoon MN119
Lavelle M V Stirling W7614
Lavelley D H Halifax NR143
Lavender William Edwin Frederick Wellington HE467
Lavender “Tony” John Charles Anthony David Lancaster ND641
Lavender A F Mustang FD477
Lavender S Lancaster NN699
Laver L A Halifax LV781
Laver E A Halifax HR719
Laver L N J Lancaster ND421
Laver L N Lancaster JB176
Laver Thomas Roy
Laver Leslie Alexander
Laver Leonard Courtney
Laverack K G Lancaster ME521
Laverack E T Hampden AD899
Lavergne P Spitfire TA809
Laverick W Halifax DT785
Laverick H Lancaster DV158
Laverick W Halifax HR986
Laverick R Lancaster DV306
Lavers W W H Wellington BJ968
Lavers A J C Stirling BF403
Lavers N A Mosquito DD712
Laverty R E Lancaster PD312
Lavery C A Halifax LV871
Lavery T W Lancaster LM394
Lavigne J E R Halifax W7751
Lavin N H Lancaster ED987
Laviolette J A Halifax LW428
Lavis Leslie Harold Halifax W7812
Lavoie N J P Halifax MZ683
Lavoie M J P Halifax NR194
Lavoie M Lancaster DS677
Lavoie Y Halifax LK739
Law E A Lancaster HK548
Law N C Lancaster JB535
Law Henry Hampden AE185
Law Robert George Lancaster ND460
Law Derek Cunningham Lancaster PB193
Law Francis Reginald Hampden AE394
Law James Halifax MZ675 (some publications list it incorrectly as LW673)
Law James Wellington X3396
Law John Downing Stirling MZ262
Law I Lancaster PB115
Law R H Lancaster JB668
Law H N Hampden AE267
Law G W Halifax LW209
Law R R Mustang KH455
Law R R Stirling EE887
Law J D Lancaster ED760
Law A A Lancaster JB603
Law John Halifax W7916
Law F Lancaster ND408
Law Robert Charles Ewan Mosquito ML991
Law A E Wellington L7810
Law N Lancaster DS609
Law A H Stirling BK658
Law K J Stirling W7636
Law A Boston Z2264
Law Hurricane Z4992
Law A C Halifax
Law L Lancaster R5506
Law A C Lancaster ND674
Law A A Whitley Z6869
Law A A Whitley Z6835
Law A A Whitley T4266
Law J H Halifax NP931
Law J Halifax LW519
Law Jack Thomas
Law Colin William
Law Norman Charles
Law Donald Newsham Spitfire X4544
Law Richard D P-47 Thunderbolt
Lawer Ernest Joseph Halifax W1056
Lawer Ernest Joseph
Lawes A D Halifax LV881
Lawes W C Halifax HX317
Lawler L J Lancaster JB739
Lawler D J Lancaster LM173
Lawler L J Stirling BF315
Lawler Bryan Francis
Lawless Frank Brewster 'Bruce'
Lawless J F Mosquito MM707
Lawless F B Tempest JN772
Lawless F B Tempest JN8595
Lawless A E Lancaster PD212
Lawless Wanda Elizabeth May
Lawley Edward James Whitley T4179
Lawley Edward Douglas Wellington X3796
Lawley Thomas Daniel Lancaster KB879
Lawley N J Stirling EH890
Lawley G E T Typhoon SW513
Lawley R Lancaster JB356
Lawley Leslie Frank
Lawlor J J Halifax LW199
Lawlor M D Halifax W1213
Lawman T Halifax JB794
Lawman G F Boston Z2231
Lawn Ronald Herbert Lancaster JB606
Lawn P R Lancaster LM464
Lawn G S Lancaster JB467
Lawn W J Lancaster ND989
Lawn Ronald Herbert
Lawrance C H Lancaster ND357
Lawrence R G Lancaster W4306
Lawrence Keith Ashley
Lawrence Walter Henry Wellington BJ621
Lawrence Leonard Jack Avro Anson EG113
Lawrence V J Lancaster ME451
Lawrence Cyril John Lancaster LM341
Lawrence Thomas Defiant N1705
Lawrence F Typhoon EJ970
Lawrence J B Wellington BJ769
Lawrence A H Hampden AD791
Lawrence S T Halifax LV921
Lawrence M V Halifax HX320
Lawrence G J Wellington HE810
Lawrence R M Wellington Z1148
Lawrence W C Spitfire AD462
Lawrence W J Lancaster JA939
Lawrence A K Lancaster ND341
Lawrence T S Lancaster NG457
Lawrence E C Lancaster W4819
Lawrence William (Bill) Joseph Stirling R9245
Lawrence F N Halifax JD368
Lawrence K D Halifax NA237
Lawrence D P Lancaster JB291
Lawrence R F Wellington X3656
Lawrence R W Blenheim R3810
Lawrence E A Wellington Z8863
Lawrence E B Wellington X3341
Lawrence P C Wellington W5365
Lawrence Lancaster JB478
Lawrence E F Lancaster EE195
Lawrence C J Stirling EF412
Lawrence V G Stirling R9153
Lawrence Stirling W7504
Lawrence H Y Blenheim L8853
Lawrence N Lancaster JB297
Lawrence J W E Halifax HR779
Lawrence Lancaster LM307
Lawrence W A Stirling N6071
Lawrence B G Lancaster ME759
Lawrence C R Mosquito DD721
Lawrence Keith A Spitfire P7499
Lawrence Vincent Lancaster ED318
Lawrence K G Lancaster LL744
Lawrence G Lancaster LM222
Lawrence N A Spitfire N3097
Lawrence E Lancaster RA530
Lawrence H R Lancaster LM470
Lawrence G C Halifax LW675
Lawrence L S Hampden P4336
Lawrence P A D Lancaster LM102
Lawrence R V Lancaster JB672
Lawrence L Lancaster ND531
Lawrence A G Lancaster JB653
Lawrence R H Lancaster LM733
Lawrence Blenheim T1813
Lawrence J Hampden AD912
Lawrence R A Lancaster JB176
Lawrence James Goudie
Lawrence John Campbell
Lawrence Edward Henry
Lawrence Raymond George
Lawrence Dennis Louis James
Lawrence William
Lawrence Morton
Lawrence Gregory Carlisle
Lawrence Frank
Lawrence Ronald Frank Wellington R1622
Lawrence Richard Scott Liberator AL548
Lawrence Thomas Raymond Halifax DG413
Lawrence Beam P-51 Mustang
Lawrence Beam P-51 Mustang
Lawrence Edwin B P-51 Mustang
Ławreńczuk Bogdan Seweryn Handley Page Halifax DT725
Lawrenson F Halifax JN921
Lawrenson G A Stirling BF472
Lawrenson J H Wellington P9219
Lawrenson J H Wellington L7803
Lawrie Andrew Defiant N1705
Lawrie John Lancaster LM180
Lawrie J B Lancaster PD202
Lawrie Alexander William Lancaster W4892
Lawrie W G Lancaster ME620
Lawrie G L Lancaster PD283
Lawrie H J Wellington X3358
Lawrie Edward Hurtle
Lawry A H Lancaster LM569
Lawry G W Halifax DT617
Lawry K Halifax MZ452
Lawry Alan Henry
Lawry Ronald Owen Hudson N7286
Laws W R Halifax HR663
Laws W R Halifax W7915
Laws F S Battle L5578
Laws T C Halifax DT748
Laws D G Blenheim N3629
Laws R W Lancaster ED393
Laws H Halifax MZ643
Laws A F Spitfire P9564
Laws S Lancaster NF985
Laws H Lancaster W5006
Laws Adrian Francis
Laws William
Laws Jack
Lawson E McM Lancaster ME473
Lawson Stanley Wallace Lancaster W4897
Lawson J W Wellington HE386
Lawson Cyril Webster Fitzmaurice Durham Eisenhuth Whitley T4231
Lawson Christopher Daniel Halifax HR832
Lawson Hugh Gavin Lydford Wellington R1288
Lawson Donald Allen Halifax LW246
Lawson E Wellington P2515
Lawson Ralph Lancaster JA854
Lawson Alexander Scott Wellington R1471
Lawson Ronald R Stirling W7514
Lawson Harry John Wellington N2784
Lawson Ronald Neil Halifax JD176
Lawson Ronald Neil Halifax PN425
Lawson Victor Mitchell Lancaster LL688
Lawson A Halifax NP690
Lawson W C Halifax LK885
Lawson L T Wellington W5434
Lawson K W Halifax DK170
Lawson G W Halifax RG553
Lawson J S Halifax R9364
Lawson John Henry Wellington X9792
Lawson G H Halifax HR696
Lawson Whitley Z6584
Lawson E V Wellington X9794
Lawson A Wellington T2737
Lawson Wellington T2740
Lawson R Stirling BK774
Lawson W J Spitfire N3286
Lawson W J Spitfire R6889
Lawson W J Spitfire P7995
Lawson J Lancaster PD374
Lawson J J Tempest SN205
Lawson G S Lancaster PB683
Lawson K J Lancaster PB477
Lawson G J Boston
Lawson H T A Wellington HE280
Lawson W Lancaster LL721
Lawson Neil Rolf Hampden AE367
Lawson R C Hurricane V6630
Lawson H R Lancaster LL894
Lawson F E Stirling W7533
Lawson T Halifax MZ691
Lawson W K Lancaster ED495
Lawson G W Stirling BK665
Lawson Walter John
Lawson Victor Edward
Lawson Edward McMaster
Lawson Gordon Thomas
Lawson Jack Wallace
Lawson Harry Horwood
Lawson Stanley Wallace
Lawson John William
Lawson Leonard Stanley
Lawson Lyle Anzac
Lawson Gordon Herbert Wellington HP631
Lawson-Brown J Spitfire P7751
Lawson-Tancread A T Lancaster JB295
Lawston W T Typhoon RB264
Lawton R V Wellington R1695
Lawton D C Halifax NP689
Lawton Harry Lancaster R5495
Lawton D Hampden AE292
Lawton E Stirling EH952
Lawton R Stirling EE973
Lawton William Robson Oxford T1334
Lawton T A Lancaster PA196
Lawton J A Stirling R9282
Lawton T H Wellington X3360
Lawton Wellington R1518
Lawton W E Halifax LK790
Lawton E E Lancaster LM323
Lawton Clarence William
Lawton Charles Patrick
Lawton John
Lax E Lancaster W4374
Lax F T Stirling R9274
Lax A L Wellington R1759
Lax D G Lancaster ED750
Laxdal H L Wellington Z8499
Laxen E A Halifax JD166
Laxton Keith Blenheim L8779
Laxton Kenneth Edgar Lancaster HK559
Laxton C S Lancaster LM374
Lay Kenneth Laurence William Lancaster ED935
Lay W R Halifax NP804
Lay D J H Stirling N3666
Lay D J H Stirling N3701
Lay Donald William
Lay Walter John
Lay Maurice Frederick
Lay Kenneth Laurence William
Lay Jr Harry T P-47
Lay Jr Harry T P-47
Lay Jr Harry T. P-47 42-26652
Lay-Flurrie F G Halifax JD117
Laybourn G W Lancaster W4276
Laybourne R W Lancaster ND873
Laybourne H Whitley N1364
Laycock Derrick Lancaster LM140
Laycock Arthur Lonsdale Wellington Z1747
Laycock M P Typhoon MN870
Laycock R L Lancaster ED494
Layfield R Wellington T2610
Layfield R Stirling N6071
Layh Eric John
Layland George Athelston Muir
Layley Geoffrey Charles Stirling N6077
Layley Ronald George Lancaster JA935
Layman T L Halifax LW209
Layne W H Lancaster JA708
Layng W G Lancaster KB745
Layshon A C Halifax HR687
Layton F W Halifax LW582
Layton James Archer
Layton Caleb J P-47 Thunderbolt
Layton-Smith M S Lancaster PB148
Lazar J M Halifax RG541
Lazarecki Henryk
Lazarus Saul David Spitfire RR205
Lazarus Percy Russell
Lazear Earl R Jr P-51 Mustang
Lazear Earl R Jr P-51 Mustang
Lazear Earl R Jr P-51 Mustang
Lazear Earl R Jr P-51 Mustang
Lazenby A L Lancaster DV269
Lazenby A C Lancaster DV283
Lazenby L Halifax W7915
Lazenby C H Spitfire MK892
Lazier V J Halifax MZ829
Łazowski Feliks Wellington Z1326
Łazowski Feliks Vickers Wellington BK511
Le Baron Warren F. B-17 Return Ticket 42-97065
Le Bivic Boston AL285
Le Blanc Victor Guillaume Spitfire BR636
Le Blanc E J Stirling R9161
Le Blanc Joseph Renee Alexis Halifax DT749
Le Blanc A T Lancaster KB798
Le Blanc R G Stirling N6088
Le Blanc Smith G M Hampden AD966
Le Bland R P M Spitfire BL341
Le Boeuf R S Halifax MZ495
Le Brock J W O R G Lancaster JB147
Le Brocq Peter Beaufighter LZ134
le Brueilly Arthur Eugene Hurricane P2713
Le Brun S B Lancaster NG305
Le Cheminant Jerrold Le ("Chem")
Le Drew D A P Lancaster DS797
Le Flecher Spitfire TB372
Le Furgey O B Wellington W5589
Le Gay Brereton Robert
Le Gear F S Typhoon JP933
Le Grand A M Halifax HX236
Le Grand Anthony Murray
Le Griffon Bernard Albert
Le Heup K L G Halifax LV792
Le Huray E Halifax JN904
Le Jambe G N J Halifax MZ482
Le Liever D E Lancaster PB595
Le Maire John Sylvester
Le Maistre Ivor Russell
Le Marie J S Lancaster ND346
Le Marquand J F Lancaster PB568
Le Marquand G H Lancaster PB432
Le Masson P Halifax NA680
Le Mee-Power C A C Halifax LK784
Le Mercier George Henry
Le Mescam Alexander Bonaparte
Le Noury H F Halifax MZ829
Le Page Joseph Louis Philippe Halifax W7780
Le Page H F V Spitfire
Le Page H F V Spitfire NH573
Le Page R L Lancaster ED783
Le Poidevin Alfred John Wellington R1397
Le Quex P L E Hampden AE359
le Rougetel Stanley P Blenheim L8679
Le Roux J J Spitfire PL155
Le Roy du Vivier D Hurricane BN230
Le Vack F H Halifax W7674
Le Vasseur L C Lancaster KB800
Le Veque Richard Charles B-17 Hard to Get 42-97946
Le Voi E E B Blenheim L9255
Lea William Joseph Stirling LJ524
Lea Laurence John Lancaster R5847
Lea J B Halifax MZ871
Lea W R Wellington W5371
Lea R P Wellington MS468
Lea R W Lancaster W4257
Lea H Lancaster ND988
Lea J V Lancaster HK553
Lea T S Halifax JB804
Lea W A Halifax LV816
Lea Wellington R1333
Lea G Wellington T2803
Lea Reginald John Howard
Lea William Joseph
Leach Wilfred Stirling LJ882
Leach H H Lancaster LM746
Leach Alan Halifax LV952
Leach Stephen John Hurricane Z4649
Leach Patrick George Lancaster NX583
Leach J E Mosquito DZ743
Leach C F Wellington BJ886
Leach J A Halifax LK917
Leach G B Lancaster ED778
Leach L C R Lancaster W4233
Leach J C Stirling BF392
Leach C W E Stirling EF343
Leach B Lancaster JB417
Leach B Lancaster PB538
Leach Colin Hedley
Leach George Hilton
Leach Philip Allen
Leach Jerry D P-51 Mustang
Leacock J T Wellington X9634
Leadbeater Gordon Bruce Stirling BK706
Leadbeater Blenheim R3832
Leadbetter Joseph Lancaster R5677
Leadbetter R Stirling EH895
Leadbetter J Lancaster LM184
Leadbitter L A Lancaster W4918
Leader James Lionel Lancaster JA709
Leader R A Lancaster JB470
Leader Williams D G Lancaster W4370
Leadley T J Stirling BK764
Leadley W Wellington HE553
Leah Edmund Lancaster NN700
Leahy F G Lancaster LL633
Leahy J M Lancaster R5867
Leahy J M Lancaster R5498
Leahy F D Lancaster ND572
Leahy A F G Lancaster ND523
Leahy M J Fortress AN523
Leahy William Joseph
Leahy William Charles
Leahy Patrick Joseph Whitley Z9388
Leahy James E P-38 Lightning
Leak L C Lancaster LL957
Leak Victor George Stirling BF383
Leake E J Lancaster NF917
Leake Roslyn Downs Lancaster HE644
Leake David George Walpole Baltimore AG854
Leake Wellington R1217
Leake L Stirling R9242
Leake David George Walpole
Leake Edward John
Leake Roslyn Downs
Leake Alan Bruce
Leake Harold Blenheim T1807
Leakey Kenneth William Halifax W7862
Leakey J Hampden L4053
Leaman N H Halifax R9451
Leaman Joseph Edmund Lancaster PB648
Leaman J R Lancaster LL720
Leaman Henry David
Leame Albert Henry Halifax LW588
Leamon Francis Noel Spitfire RK884
Leamy E D Hampden P4366
Lean Leonard Wentworth
Leaney W H Lancaster LL951
Leaney L H Lancaster ED390
Leaney F M Lancaster LL812
Leaper R J Hampden AD864
Lear Kenneth Frank Stirling EH883
Lear K S Halifax HX164
Lear A F Lancaster W4886
Lear D H Ventura AE774
Lear O C Lancaster NG240
Lear E Stirling R9349
Lear Warren S P-47 Thunderbolt
Lear Warren S P-47 Thunderbolt
Learmond P A G Spitfire P9370
Learmont John Patrick Bruce
Learmonth A O Wellington W5527
Learmonth A Wellington W5457
Learmonth Charles Cuthbertson
Learn R B Halifax LW173
Learoyd Roderick Alastair Brook Hampden
Leary J Lancaster ND364
Leary H Halifax HR740
Leary D C Hurricane
Leary W Lancaster ME796
Leary David Cooper
Leary Joseph
Leary Richard E P-51 Mustang
Leary Richard E P-47 Thunderbolt
Leask L Lancaster JB608
Leask D G Lancaster ND847
Leason J W Manchester L7312
Leason T H Lancaster LM205
Leatham Leonard Granville Halifax MZ519
Leatham Robert Edward Lancaster ME726
Leathart James Anthony Leathart ("The Prof")
Leather G T Wellington Z1274
Leather J S Wellington DV935
Leather E Lancaster JB661
Leather P J Lancaster HK604
Leather William Johnson
Leatherbarrow D Lancaster JB357
Leatherbarrow D Lancaster KB464
Leatherdale Charles Grant Lancaster ND476
Leatherland D Lancaster ND748
Leatherman R Q Wellington BJ962
Leathers Wayne E P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Leathey W T Stirling BF508
Leave Paul A P-47 Thunderbolt
Leave Paul A P-47 Thunderbolt
Leave Paul A P-47 Thunderbolt
Leave Paul A P-47 Thunderbolt
Leave Paul A P-47 Thunderbolt
Leave Paul A P-47 Thunderbolt
Leave Paul A P-47 Thunderbolt
Leave Paul A P-47 Thunderbolt
Leaver J A Halifax LV946
Leaver F H Halifax LK894
Leaver E Boston AL704
Leaver James Alfred
Leavers R L Lancaster NF913
Leavers E A R Blenheim V6034
Leavesley William Desmond Lancaster PB527
Leavey Thomas Kevin Francis Xavier
Leavey Francis Joseph
Lebano F G Lancaster LL810
Lebano Vincent Joseph Louis Lancaster W4237
LeBar Bernard Clement B-24 Perils of Pauline 42-95162
Lebatt W H G Lancaster LL969
LeBeau Halifax W1062
Lebihan G E J Halifax HR807
Leblanc C E Wellington X3359
Leblanc J M Wellington HE475
Leblanc J E G Halifax NP719
Leblanc J T L Halifax LV905
Leboldns Martin Benedict Halifax JD114
Leboldus Peter John Boston AL766
Leboldus John Anthony Wellington LN566
Lebon Eugene J P-51 Mustang
Lech Eugeniusz Marian Vickers Wellington Z1215
Lech Tadeusz Zbigniew De Havilland Mosquito Z374
Lech-Pierożyński Juliusz Brunon Herbert Vickers Wellington T2717
Lechnicki Klemens Felicjan Avro Lancaster ED814
Leckenby T Stirling EF130
Leckie Robert Clarke Lancaster HK550
Leckie J L Lancaster PB633
Leckie Thomas William McClure Spitfire XP7671
Leckie Thomas William McClure Spitfire XP7671
Leckie Thomas William McClure Spitfire P7671
Lecky C R Lancaster KB853
Lecky J G Spitfire P9447
Lecky J W Hurricane
Leclaire Joseph Jacques H. Guy Halifax LV898
Leclearcq J P Halifax I MZ984
Lecomber J E Lancaster W4981
Ledamun L G Lancaster ED840
Ledbury W J Stirling EH887
Leddiman W E Lancaster ED561
Leddra Wellington T2618
Leddy Gerald Bernard Wellington HF732
Lederer Henry B P-47 Thunderbolt
Lederer Henry B P-47 Thunderbolt
Ledford W H Wellington DF665
Ledford W H Halifax EB255
Ledger R V Halifax BB209
Ledger R V Halifax W7877
Ledger Halifax W1049
Ledger A Lancaster LM223
Ledger H Wellington X3606
Ledgerwood John B.25 Mitchell FL193
Ledgerwood R Wellington Z8328
Ledgerwood John
Ledgett M R Halifax DK258
Ledingham William Ferguson Lancaster ND386
Ledington Dorian P-47 Thunderbolt
Ledington Dorian P-47 Thunderbolt
Ledogar Ralph Eugene B-17 Pistol Packin’ Mama 42-31213
Ledoux J H P R Lancaster NG345
Ledoux G P H Wellington X3763
Ledsam D H Lancaster LM552
Ledsam Douglas George
Ledsham R Lancaster DV329
Ledsham J L Wellington Z8985
Ledson J H Battle L5200
Ledson Battle
Leduc G Halifax NP921
Leduc Joseph Jean Baptiste Laurier Halifax LK649
Ledwith T P Halifax MZ370
Ledwith T P Halifax MZ402
Lee D T Lancaster NF916
Lee J G Lancaster W4310
Lee Beverley Gordon Lancaster PB178
Lee Eric Douglas Hampden X3026
Lee Cyril Hampden P1171
Lee Jack Lancaster LL880
Lee Thomas Henry Lancaster DV220
Lee H E Lancaster PB620 (some publications have this loss as PD259)
Lee Jack Stirling BK690
Lee J Y Lancaster DS834
Lee John Samuel Wellington Z1625
Lee Vallantine Jack Lancaster W4180
Lee Augustus Ernest Lancaster ND629
Lee Whitley LA838
Lee K.N.T. Hurricane L1910
Lee Arthur Archer Halifax JP286
Lee Jim Gen Lancaster DV245
Lee J L Halifax DT779
Lee R J Lancaster ED877
Lee Everett Victor Lancaster JA709
Lee J L Halifax HR833
Lee A G Halifax W7854
Lee R E Mosquito MM547
Lee Jack Griffin Halifax MZ901
Lee J R Halifax NP945
Lee T E Halifax LL594
Lee T E Halifax LL152
Lee H O Wellington HE353
Lee J P Halifax LW129
Lee C T E Halifax LK916
Lee H H Halifax LK666
Lee Charles Campbell Halifax V9992
Lee J L Halifax DT746
Lee P E Lancaster DV266
Lee R M Wellington Z1751
Lee W T Halifax JB964
Lee G H Halifax W7653
Lee A Halifax HR811
Lee E Halifax W7910
Lee T E Whitley P5073
Lee Harold Gibson Battle
Lee C J Halifax W1225
Lee K E Lancaster LM314
Lee C N Lancaster ED725
Lee J Lancaster LM303
Lee J H S Lancaster JB567
Lee B J Lancaster LM533
Lee A W Lancaster ED522
Lee J P Lancaster EE142
Lee K C Spitfire NH409
Lee R L Halifax LL387
Lee W J Whitley Z9223
Lee A W Blenheim P4826
Lee S Lancaster LL805
Lee S T Lancaster HK627
Lee G W Mosquito NT194
Lee F Halifax JD117
Lee C C Wellington HE658
Lee E A Blenheim T2038
Lee John Kennerleigh Barnett Lancaster R5694
Lee E A C Manchester L7379
Lee E C Wellington T2476
Lee E M Stirling BK653
Lee F Stirling EE959
Lee J R Fortress HB763
Lee T W Lancaster NF994
Lee S K Lancaster PD374
Lee B H Lancaster PB690
Lee R G F Typhoon MN459
Lee J H Wellington T2912
Lee E R Halifax LW426
Lee W G Wellington HE280
Lee M A Spitfire P7444
Lee N W Halifax LK931
Lee H T Halifax MZ521
Lee T R Halifax LK699
Lee R F Halifax DK250
Lee T Wellington Z1311
Lee F W Halifax NO969
Lee J R Lancaster ED998
Lee C L Hampden AE240
Lee E Lancaster ND672
Lee K W Lancaster PB519
Lee ? Hampden X2993
Lee K N T Hurricane P3059
Lee A Spitfire EN963
Lee D W Halifax LW537
Lee P A Lancaster LM301
Lee R H A Hurricane P3311
Lee F E Lancaster W4944
Lee R Lancaster ME792
Lee H C Whitley Z9155
Lee J Spitfire
Lee D Spitfire BR243
Lee G A Lancaster NG324
Lee A J P Lancaster ME577
Lee J C Lancaster LM380
Lee A J P Lancaster LM380
Lee W Lancaster ND508
Lee C G Halifax LW499
Lee R G A Wellington X3389
Lee A Lancaster ME321
Lee D N Whitley Z6570
Lee A Halifax BB373
Lee B A Halifax DT768
Lee J Halifax JB855
Lee A Halifax LW518
Lee Whitley Z9276
Lee G G Blenheim R3803
Lee A Blenheim Z5818
Lee R H A Hurricane N2388
Lee R H A Hurricane P2923
Lee J W Wellington R12179
Lee Kenneth Norman Thomas ("Hawkeye")
Lee Richard Hugh Antony ("Dickie")
Lee Eric Douglas
Lee Douglas Henry
Lee Sidney Francis
Lee Edward George
Lee David Thomas
Lee Desmond Maurice
Lee William George
Lee Sidney George
Lee Bernard Francis
Lee Jack Stuart
Lee Edmund Henry
Lee Mervyn Thomas
Lee John Gordon
Lee Beverley Gordon
Lee Bertram
Lee Cyril Francis
Lee William Norman
Lee Lydia Mary
Lee Dwight D P-38 Lightning
Lee George Sh P-51 Mustang
Lee Louis W P-51 Mustang
Lee Louis W P-51 Mustang
Lee William M P-47 Thunderbolt`
Lee Steere C A Hurricane P3486
Lee-Archer Harold Henry
Lee-Brown E C Lancaster W4828
Lee-Brown E C Lancaster W4857
Lee-Knight Roland Anthony
Lee-Warner H P Lancaster ME802
Leech L M Wellington Z8951
Leech J P Halifax MZ525
Leech J S Halifax LV835
Leech C H Lancaster JB279
Leech Hampden X2994
Leech J G Spitfire EP342
Leech Sydney Charles Edwin
Leeder Vernon Victor Russell Lancaster ND811
Leeder Vernon Victor Russell
Leedham S P Lancaster R5914
Leedham G E Lancaster ED775
Leedham J Halifax JB964
Leedham William John Stirling EH883
Leedham W H Wellington Z1576
Leedham G Halifax JD405
Leeds P Lancaster PB692
Leeds J L Wellington R3175
Leehy Reginald Peter
Leek W D Lancaster W4369
Leek William Douglas
Leeke Wellington R1611
Leeke G C Lancaster ME454
Leeman P I Wellington X9878
Leeming J Lancaster PA223
Leeming J Lancaster JB153
Leeming T Lancaster PB196
Leeming C D Spitfire PT911
Leeming C Lancaster LM645
Leeming C C Stirling EF457
Leeming Leslie Allen
Leeper R E Halifax HR838
Lees W H Halifax LV827
Lees N J Halifax HX231
Lees David John Blenheim P4904
Lees W A Lancaster W4858
Lees Norman James Lancaster NF908
Lees Harold Frederick Archdale Wellington L7795
Lees Archibald Macpherson Stirling EF498
Lees A G Wellington BK436
Lees A G Wellington HE159
Lees John Clive Halifax MZ908
Lees George Douglas Lancaster ME730
Lees K E Halifax D730
Lees Reginald Sidney Wellington Z1596
Lees G Halifax JD128
Lees K R Lancaster LM303
Lees J R Lancaster ND803
Lees P Lancaster W4954
Lees I A Blenheim Z5744
Lees H E Halifax MZ452
Lees P M Lancaster LM373
Lees H Hampden AE387
Lees J S Lancaster DV223
Lees W G Lancaster LL635
Lees C G Lancaster NG145
Lees H Lancaster JB486
Lees A Wellington Z1565
Lees N J Mosquito NT195
Lees W C Hurricane BE425
Lees R Halifax NR120
Lees J Stirling R9261
Lees R B Spitfire K9840
Lees E Wellington BJ828
Lees A T Halifax EB249
Lees D M Lancaster ND395
Lees F E Mosquito MV555
Lees F J Lancaster ED871
Lees Frederick John
Lees John Hugh
Lees Samuel Edward
Lees Lawton
Lees Noel John
Lees William Herbert
Leese Eric Lancaster PB894
Leese William Hewison Halifax LV818
Leese Henry John
Leeson J P Wellington DV806
Leeson P G Hurricane L2121
Leeson K Lancaster NN695
Leesue Clarence Melville
Leet F R Lancaster KB845
Leethem J B Hampden AE319
Leeves E K Stirling BK723
Leewarden J Wellington X3367
Lefebre Frederick H P-47 Thunderbolt
Lefebre Frederick H P-47 Thunderbolt
Lefebre Frederick H P-51 Mustang
Lefebvre G R Wellington Z8525
Lefebvre J W R Halifax LK798
Lefevie P T Blenheim T1990
Lefevre P W Typhoon JP846
Lefevre P W Hurricane V6554
Lefevre P W Spitfire BS114
LeFevre Peter William ("Pip")
Lefevre Ferdinand E P-38 Lightning
Lefevre Ferdinand E P-38 Lightning
Lefforge Jesse D P-47 Thunderbolt
Lefort A E Lancaster ED701
Leforte R L Halifax MZ924
Lefroy John Mervyn Boston Z2225
Lefroy H K Lancaster JA939
Lefroy John Mervyn
Left E Lancaster NN710
Leftly E M Whitley Z6796
Leftly N Wellington Z8358
Leftly D A W Lancaster LL913
Leftwich Daniel L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Leftwich Daniel L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Leftwich Daniel L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Legaarden C K Lancaster KB911
Legace L F Lancaster LL724
Legace Harvey Lancaster R5553
Legard P E Lancaster ME686
Legard W E Spitfire N3107
Legarde F Spitfire PL142
Legarde F Spitfire PL427
Legarde F Spitfire TB138
Legarski Franciszek Boulton Paul Defiant T4042
Legary H A Halifax MZ757
Legate D F Stirling N3661
Legault E G Lancaster KB735
Legault J H C Halifax LW633
Legault J B L Lancaster DS733
Legault A E Halifax JB967
Legere Joseph Reginald Evariste Lancaster ED730
Legere F M Whitley Z6818
Legg Kenneth George Lancaster W4861
Legg Alan Thoms Wellington N2897
Legg William J.A. Wellington R1379
Legg Brian Halifax JB915
Legg Noel Halifax LW291
Legg D D Lancaster NG189
Legg W R Ventura AE687
Legg H R Wellington X9822
Legg J E Lancaster LM134
Legge P St C Halifax ME293
Legge R C Stirling BK617
Legge K C S Mosquito MM115
Legge J S Stirling N3653
Legge Brian Pauncefoote
Legget T G Lancaster ND638
Leggett T G Lancaster ND925
Leggett E R F Lancaster ME630
Leggett T E Lancaster LM166
Leggett Leonard Dalton Hampden AE196
Leggett A E Lancaster ND738
Leggett E F Stirling EH886
Leggett Arthur Frederick
Leggitt R F Lancaster ND951
Leggo Charles Harry Stringer
Leggott G Lancaster ED920
Legh-Smith H L Stirling N6074
Legowski Tomasz Jerzy Jan Spitfire AB525
Legrand Charles E P-47 Thunderbolt
Lehew B L Halifax DT682
Lehman R N Halifax LL176
Lehman F E Lancaster KB809
Lehman E C Lancaster ED308
Lehman Josiah Edward B-24 42-95047
Leibermann W Lancaster PB358
Leibhardt W L Lancaster PD262
Leibhardt Winston Leslie
Leicester John Jack Halifax JD413
Leidy Robert M P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Leifseth H Spitfire BL919C
Leigh J S Lancaster LM622
Leigh Samuel Lancaster R5573
Leigh K Lancaster NG143
Leigh R E Mosquito DZ558
Leigh J B Manchester L7494
Leigh Henry Walsh Halifax R9383
Leigh R E Mosquito DZ492
Leigh S W F Whitley Z9158
Leigh Wellington T2960
Leigh J A Mosquito TA404
Leigh J Mosquito MM639
Leigh J A Mosquito TA404
Leigh J C L Lancaster ME639
Leigh R Lancaster LM722
Leigh J L Mitchell FL678
Leigh C C Typhoon MN913
Leigh E Lancaster NF977
Leigh A C Typhoon JP595
Leigh T B Halifax L9516
Leigh J R Lancaster R5629
Leigh James Standish
Leigh Kenneth Edward Wright
Leigh Rupert Henry Archibald Spitfire R6800
Leigh-Ross Thomas Halifax JB790
Leighton J A Halifax DK230
Leighton G E Mosquito DZ522
Leighton P J Lancaster HK560
Leighton I D Wellington N2961
Leighton J W E Wellington Z1462
Leighton B Lancaster HK568
Leighton Thomas Leo
Leighton John William Edward
Leigo D P Stirling R9328
Leigo Douglas Percy
Leinweber Gerald F P-47 Thunderbolt
Leiper W J Halifax LW557
Leishman L W Halifax LK863
Leishman D Whitley N1461
Leishman J J Lancaster JB239
Leisk Henry Liberator AL566
Leisk C M Lancaster NG204
Leisk Henry
Leitch Norman Colin Campbell Halifax LV825
Leitch Norman Colin Campbell Halifax LW371
Leitch A H Fortress HB787
Leitch John William Halifax LV989
Leitch G A Wellington HE593
Leitch J T Hampden AD871
Leitch T D Hampden AD720
Leitch Battle L5591
Leitch C D Typhoon MN481
Leitch I H Wellington X9670
Leitch D D P Halifax HR656
Leitch J T Halifax MZ915
Leitch W R Spitfire BP855
Leitch A C Lancaster JA847
Leitch T G Halifax LW585
Leitch C G Lancaster R5558
Leitch Thomas George
Leitch Norman Colin Campbell
Leitch James Westwood
Leith J M Halifax JD164
Leith Colin Russell Spitfire PL313
Leith-Hay-Clark R L Halifax W7657
Leithead F T Halifax NR209
Leithead J C Mosquito DZ647
Leithead T Halifax LW331
Leithhead Vivian Charles
Leiych J W Lancaster JA907
Leja Stanisław Lancaster PA161
Leland Patrick Henry Francis William Wellington X3466
LeLarge L M Spitfire EE723
Leleu A O Halifax HX329
Lelliott Jack Cyril Halifax MZ584
Lelong H Halifax NA121
Lelong Roy Emile
Lelu J F Lancaster ED662
Lemaire J Halifax PN179
Lemaire Spitfire PL153
Lemaire Spitfire PL153
Lemaire A Spitfire
Leman R A Halifax MZ589
Leman S C Lancaster JB564
Lembrych Marian Wellington Z8427
Lemech Stanislaw
Lemeracky Oxford AB665
Lemieux J H T J Halifax JD124
Lemin W J Lancaster DV396
Lemin William John
Lemithouard M J Halifax NA197
Lemke J J Wellington Z1680
Lemky R G Lancaster LM465
Lemley William H P-38 Lightning
Lemmens Andrew T P-51 Mustang
Lemmens Andrew T P-47 Thunderbolt
Lemmens Andrew T P-47 Thunderbolt
Lemmerick G E Halifax JP119
Lemmon R H Halifax LW141
Lemmon R A M Halifax MZ530
Lemmon R A M Halifax DK193
Lemoal L J Lancaster JB565
Lemoine L J Wellington Z1084
Lemon Floyd R. B-26 42-107747
Lemon J H Lancaster ED766
Lemon James Edward Beaufort DE121
Lemon P C Wellington Z8502
Lemon F E Halifax W7931
Lemon D F J Halifax W1115
Lemon John Gray
Lemoureux J M Halifax LK918
Lenahan D Stirling BK759
Lenahan J D Hurricane P3117
Lenartowicz Kazimierz Handley Page Halifax HR657
Lenc Wellington Z8966
Lenczewski Zygmunt Stanisław Wellington Z1277
Lenczowski Kazimierz Vickers Wellington L7874
Leney Samuel Robert Halifax W1043
Lenfest Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Lenfest Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Lenfest Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Lenfest Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Lenfest Charles W P-51 Mustang
Lenfest Charles W P-51 Mustang
Lenfest Charles W P-51 Mustang
Leng I F Wellington R1346
Leng V H Wellington X3220
Leng I F Lancaster W4199
Leng I F Lancaster W4137
Lenichek V R Wellington Z1654
Lenihan Denis Aloysius
Lennard Frank Lancaster DV185
Lennard D W Wellington BK313
Lennard J A Wellington R1341
Lennard James William Brighton
Lenne Hubert Albert
Lennie D A Halifax LL183
Lennie Battle L5185
Lennie D S Lancaster ND961
Lennie Thomas John
Lennock R Stirling N6070
Lennon James Miller Halifax LW142
Lennon E G Wellington R1539
Lennox Andrew Wellington Z1321
Lennox J W Halifax JB904
Lennox G L Stirling BK807
Lenover C S Wellington X3798
Lenox L A Lancaster NE121
Lens A Typhoon MN941
Lens A Stirling BF564
Lenson B Typhoon RB482
Lenton Thomas Leslie Lancaster NG147
Lenton K F Lancaster LM637
Lenton Willard B P-47 Thunderbolt
Lents G R Spitfire JL347
Lenz K E Lancaster PB184
Lenz Lambert William Halifax ll DT642 DT642
Leo A J O Halifax W1226
Leo Carl H P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Leon Jack D P-51 Mustang
Leon Jack D P-51 Mustang
Leonard Raymond Haines Lancaster ND534
Leonard R A Lancaster NG193
Leonard N C K Lancaster LM746
Leonard John Blenheim V5645
Leonard Thomas Marshall Lancaster DS630
Leonard R O Stirling BF482
Leonard Raymond Gale Halifax LW692
Leonard A M Lancaster LL938
Leonard J Lancaster ND854
Leonard D L Battle P2269
Leonard L H Lancaster PB114
Leonard K A Halifax HX342
Leonard G H Halifax HX331
Leonard F R Lancaster W4772
Leonard A B Lancaster LM581
Leonard J Lancaster HK658
Leonard Wellington W5581
Leonard N A Wellington HE164
Leonard C W Hampden L4062
Leonard J Lancaster PD255
Leonard A Lancaster NG251
Leonard L W Lancaster PB405
Leonard A M Lancaster JB538
Leonard A F R Stirling EH907
Leonard M Stirling BF508
Leonard Raymond Haines
Leonard Rita May
Leonard Henry Vincent
Leonard John W P-47 Thunderbolt
Leonard William J P-51 Mustang
Leone N Lancaster JA974
Leonhardt Frederick John Blenheim R3880
Leosyko Jozef
Lepel-Cointet M Spitfire AD456
Lepetit Ronald George Halifax W7909
Lepine J H C A Lancaster DV394
Lepine W N Hurricane N2425
LePlang Pierre Victor Alexander Spitfire NH266
Leppard A C Halifax JB903
Leppert Władysław Bronisław Avro Lancaster DV286
Leppington G W Lancaster KB817
Lepsoe R Spitfire PL492
Lercel H W Wellington HE295
Lercel Henryk Wladyslaw Vickers Wellington HE295
Lerigo N H Lancaster LM315
Lerl F W Halifax LW495
Leroux A S Halifax LV996
Leroy J Halifax MZ738
Leroy J Halifax MZ489
Leroy J L J G Spitfire
Leroy J L J G Spitfire
Lerwill G F Hampden P4378
Lerwill Hampden X3048
Lerwill G F Hampden X2963
Lerwill N C Wellington X3305
Lesage J A Halifax LW231
Leseberg Daniel Ernest
Lesesne Charles Halifax MZ418
Leseur Lysander V9490
Lesh Wilbur Laverne B-17 43-38701
Lesisz Edward Vickers Wellington Z1392
Leskauer J Wellington T2519
Lesko George B-24 Ginger 41-29177
Lesley A R Wellington W5496
Leslie A J D Lancaster ME563
Leslie Donald Eugene Halifax LW143
Leslie P C Blenheim V6264
Leslie J G Halifax JP121
Leslie S M Halifax LW415
Leslie A Wellington DV452
Leslie W J Boston AL754
Leslie J B Lancaster PB743
Leslie W A Stirling BF528
Leslie D J Lancaster JB737
Leslie G Mosquito MM586
Leslie J G Hampden AD729
Leslie D B Halifax JN902
Leslie A R Lancaster ED970
Leslie T D L Typhoon JP678
Leslie Alan James
Leslie Kenneth James
Leslie Alan James Durham
Leslie Ernest Thorburn
Leslie Kenneth McKenzie
Leslie Gus D P-51 Mustang
Lesniak Albin
Leśniewicz Jan Halifax BB340
Lesniewski Mieczyslaw
Lesperance J J P Halifax MZ860
Lesselylong Richard H P-38 Lightning
Lesser R Lancaster ED541
Lester D J Lancaster PB140
Lester Stanley John Hudson P5162
Lester Arthur Lancaster ND582
Lester Gordon Lancaster NG119
Lester P S Lancaster JB128
Lester R T G Lancaster W4242
Lester S C Wellington Z1563
Lester H G Wellington X3960
Lester A E Fortress SR381
Lester J F Lancaster ED723
Lester R J T Wellington MS473
Lester A T Halifax LW468
Lester G T Halifax DT508
Lester A E Halifax BB373
Lester Geoffrey Hugh
Lester Phillip Joseph
Lester Donald Joseph
Lester Robert C P-51 Mustang
Leszkiewicz (Dale) Kazimierz Mosquito MV544
Leszkowicz Antoni Avro Lancaster LL857
Letbe T J Stirling BF475
Letcher Albert Clayton Lancaster DS734
Letcher Robert John
Letchford T L Lancaster ND957
Letchford F A Blenheim L9379
Letchford Blenheim L9379
Lethaby A H Typhoon SW418
Lethbridge Francis Ernest Lancaster R5735
Lethbridge J W Lancaster JB614
Lethbridge D R Lancaster ME521
Lethbridge R Halifax MZ649
Lethbridge Harry Lincoln
Letherbarrow E J Stirling BF456
Lett R W Lancaster PB459
Lett C M Spitfire TB918
Lett J Lancaster ED655
Lett Richard Wilson
Lett Sim L Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Lett Sim L Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Letten L Lancaster NE112
Letters R W J Stirling EF349
Lettington D S Halifax NA511
Letts Sydney Albert Lancaster LM616
Letts George Albert Stirling LK149
Letts John
Letts J Lancaster LM172
Letts L Halifax JD460
Leuty B S Lancaster LM225
Leuty B S Lancaster LL917
Leuw P A Whitley Z6487
Levack S J L Wellington Z9914
Levasseur Norman William Wellington T2723
Levasseur Benoit Albert Halifax DT639
Levasseur Joseph Jean Marie Halifax LK810
Levasseur J J Wellington HE864
Leven W Wellington HE321
Levene D Lancaster ND868
Levens E D Lancaster HK683
Levenson S A Stirling R9350
Levente R Halifax W7824
Levente R Halifax W7712
Levente R Halifax W7706
Leventhal Allan A P-47 Thunderbolt`
Lever N A Lancaster ED354
Lever D Halifax LW509
Lever Ernest James
Leverett Charles F. Halifax DT777
Leverett C Lancaster ME619
Leverington D W Halifax MZ567
Leverington G W Halifax HR950
Leveritt T Lancaster HK624
Levers H L Halifax HR852
Levers C G Lancaster JB565
Levesley B V Lancaster NG308
Levesque Fernand Joseph Stirling W7525
Levesque Edmond Joseph Vital Spitfire EE666
Levesque Edmond Joseph Vital Spitfire AA746
Levesque S J Halifax MZ363
Levesque J P O V Halifax HX282
Levesque J T Lancaster ED496
Levesque Joseph Auguste Omer Spitfire W3131
Levesque Stirling W7588
Levey Philip Hedley Malcolm Halifax MZ400
Levey J Lancaster ND735
Levey James Maxwell
Levey Philip Hedley Malcolm
Levi F Halifax W7854
Levi J A Mustang
Levi F H Wellington HF569
Levick G T Lancaster ND950
Levick N S Lancaster NN724
Levin Martin Henry Ove Mosquito KB202
Levine H Stirling BK813
Leving G Wellington HE652
Levings Colin Dakota KG366
Levings Grahame Arthur Lancaster NG238
Levings Colin
Levington Ronald L. Halifax LW143
Levins M G Lancaster ED778
Levinson H B Spitfire EN926
Levis S E Halifax NP811
Levitt Isador Samuel Wellington HZ471
Levitus S Wellington Z1249
Levitus Sydney Whitley EB346
Levitus Solomon
Levy Arthur John Douglas Stirling LJ448
Levy A N Lancaster ME441
Levy Harry Wellington BJ876
Levy R V Stirling LK207
Levy P A Lancaster W5008
Levy F Lancaster PB416
Levy S Lancaster LM446
Levy G A Lancaster ND752
Levy B J Halifax LW637
Levy Edward Russell
Levy Allan Neil
Lewald-Jezierski (Lewalth) Norbert Andrzej Waldeman Vickers Wellington Z1183
Lewandowski Marian Antoni (Elson) Wellington R1215
Lewandowski Zbigniew Mosquito MV544
Lewandowski Piotr Spitfire BS554
Lewandowski Edward Westland Lysander P1731
Lewandowski Jan Handley Page Halifax JP238
Lewarne H A Lancaster ND751
Lewczuk Michal
Lewczynski Ryszard Supermarine Spitfire ML128
Lewek Stanisław Wellington R1696
Lewendon A R Lancaster ME854
Lewery N J Wellington X9978
Lewicki Napoleon Stanislaw Wellington Z1278
Lewicki Leon Stanisław Wellington HF472
Lewicki Cezary Wellington Z1406
Lewicki Henryk Vickers Wellington HZ374
Lewicki Marian Vickers Wellington Z1696
Lewicki Napoleon Stanisław Handley Page Halifax JD155
Lewicki Stanisław Vickers Wellington BK448
Lewin R M Wellington T2552
Lewin F Stirling W7536
Lewin D W Stirling BK596
Lewin A E Halifax L9529
Lewin A E Halifax L9514
Lewin E Wellington R1341
Lewin Edward C P-51 Mustang
Lewin-Epstein Noah P-47 Thunderbolt`
Lewington Clarence Ralph Benjamin Halifax LV825
Lewington C J Halifax JD249
Lewington D Lancaster PB242
Lewington Leslie Owen Stirling EF436
Lewis V K Lancaster L7527
Lewis Eric Russell Spitfire MH827
Lewis R A Lancaster PA196
Lewis D E Spitfire AB992
Lewis W J Lancaster LL881
Lewis D Lancaster NN721
Lewis N E Halifax WR129
Lewis Arthur Lancaster PB958
Lewis A E Stirling R9290
Lewis Gwyn Blenheim L9746
Lewis George Frederick Battle L5446
Lewis Truscott Victor Blenheim L8779
Lewis David Winston Stirling W7523
Lewis Oliver John Trevor Wellington N2889
Lewis Kenneth Everitt Hudson P5162
Lewis Emrys Ivor Spitfire N3294
Lewis Arthur Sydney Lancaster LM598
Lewis Eric Stirling BK714
Lewis Denys William Lancaster LL741
Lewis Thomas Vardare Halifax JN920
Lewis Raymond Frederick Spitfire W3181
Lewis William Henry Wellington X9643
Lewis Stanley Alfred Lancaster ND329
Lewis N S Manchester L7463
Lewis Victor Alfred Blenheim V6367
Lewis Richard Granville Spitfire BM450
Lewis John Roger Halifax RG373
Lewis Lyndon Warwick Clive Lancaster DS822
Lewis Clifford Stirling W7520
Lewis B V G Stirling N6073
Lewis Ronald Ernest Halifax EB250
Lewis William Charles Lancaster NG235
Lewis Harold George Wellington X9761
Lewis William John Dakota FZ597
Lewis Noel Neil Sunderland W6031
Lewis Jack Wellington DV697
Lewis Roy Sunderland ML858
Lewis E J Halifax JD109
Lewis C W Wellington W5552
Lewis A D Halifax W7766
Lewis G E Halifax W7854
Lewis A B Halifax JD209
Lewis D H Mustang AP224
Lewis Thomas Stewart Halifax MZ922
Lewis R H Wellington BK268
Lewis Harvey Daniel Halifax NP702
Lewis Owen Donald Lancaster DS831
Lewis A L Hurricane BE548
Lewis J M Lancaster ED661
Lewis Herbert Dalton Lancaster ED359
Lewis W E Lancaster PA998
Lewis Borden Gerald Lancaster JB186
Lewis G A Halifax MZ562
Lewis Frank Edward Lancaster JA854
Lewis T W Lancaster R5484
Lewis H C Lancaster ED494
Lewis Gerwyn Winton Wellington X3225
Lewis Glen Edwin Wellington HE630
Lewis Donald Alfred Stirling N6038
Lewis A L Stirling BF460
Lewis Keith Typhoon MN204
Lewis Jeffrey Stirling N3710
Lewis R G Hurricane P3920
Lewis R Hurricane L1688
Lewis H Halifax HR920
Lewis E P Whitley P5016
Lewis Whitley T4232
Lewis G B Whitley Z6627
Lewis G R Lancaster ED375
Lewis W Lancaster W4321
Lewis W T Lancaster W4888
Lewis W F W Wellington X9828
Lewis Wellington R1088
Lewis Wellington X3663
Lewis J E Halifax JB834
Lewis I G I Halifax W7654
Lewis J M Whitley N1523
Lewis K G Whitley Z6842
Lewis G F Battle N2253
Lewis P A Lancaster ME649
Lewis T B Wellington R1395
Lewis H F Lancaster ED612
Lewis N J Lancaster ND632
Lewis R F Mosquito ML986
Lewis R H Lancaster JB534
Lewis J Blenheim V5458
Lewis Wellington R1468
Lewis Wellington T2560
Lewis I Lancaster DS835
Lewis J I G Lancaster ND803
Lewis J G Lancaster W4374
Lewis D Lancaster NN800
Lewis P J Wellington W5577
Lewis W K Mustang FZ159
Lewis Ronald W. Halifax LW275
Lewis G W Mosquito DZ371
Lewis G W Mosquito KB161
Lewis W J Wellington Z1292
Lewis Stirling W7452
Lewis A T Stirling N3752
Lewis Wellington T2740
Lewis D Stirling BK805
Lewis R S Lancaster PB780
Lewis M D Wellington Z8849
Lewis E G W Wellington X3418
Lewis H Lancaster ED734
Lewis C K Beaufighter 790
Lewis R Halifax DT701
Lewis T W Halifax EB239
Lewis L G Lancaster PD226
Lewis H Lancaster PD227
Lewis M H V Wellington BK299
Lewis L A Lancaster LM388
Lewis L A Lancaster EE200
Lewis I R Wellington HF483
Lewis A V Lancaster PB573
Lewis A R Lancaster ED554
Lewis L J Lancaster W4959
Lewis W J Manchester L7380
Lewis R Stirling R9319
Lewis W G Wellington R1614
Lewis T G Stirling EF407
Lewis D V Fortress KJ103
Lewis K F Wellington R1008
Lewis G I Blenheim V5859
Lewis A G Hurricane C6617
Lewis C S Defiant N3520
Lewis L M Wellington HE500
Lewis V E Mustang FD552
Lewis Frederick William Wellington L7815
Lewis L A Lancaster ME620
Lewis J F B Blenheim L9207
Lewis Blenheim R3693
Lewis J A Lancaster PB530
Lewis R A Halifax DK230
Lewis D Wellington BK163
Lewis A G Wellington HE636
Lewis D M Lancaster ED307
Lewis J Lancaster ND751
Lewis R E Lancaster ND517
Lewis George Edward Lancaster W4327
Lewis R L Lancaster W4960
Lewis W J Lancaster JB121
Lewis Ronald George Lancaster R5763
Lewis T G H Lancaster ED813
Lewis I W Lancaster LM210
Lewis C H Lancaster ED423
Lewis A O Halifax HR729
Lewis R E Halifax JB792
Lewis R N Whitley P5007
Lewis G F Lancaster DS818
Lewis F R Lancaster DS736
Lewis L W C Lancaster LL683
Lewis H Lancaster PD319
Lewis R A Lancaster JB529
Lewis S Lancaster JB681
Lewis H Lancaster JB420
Lewis T R Wellington BJ593
Lewis H C Lancaster ED947
Lewis R C L Lancaster ND810
Lewis J W Lancaster ND849
Lewis H D Lancaster W4168
Lewis R I Lancaster LL859
Lewis D G Lancaster HK769
Lewis W E Lancaster NG447
Lewis T V Stirling EF155
Lewis C F Lancaster R5702
Lewis E G Lancaster LM102
Lewis R L Lancaster PA216
Lewis R F Lancaster LM637
Lewis S J R Lancaster JB470
Lewis F Spitfire TB836
Lewis F E Stirling R9262
Lewis E F Halifax LW644
Lewis J H Halifax MZ578
Lewis J Halifax DK202
Lewis R Halifax JB837
Lewis W C Halifax DT700
Lewis F T Halifax LW233
Lewis L R Halifax LW267
Lewis R J Whitley Z6975
Lewis L R Halifax LK729
Lewis Whitley Z6877
Lewis P J Whitley T4147
Lewis P H Blenheim R3701
Lewis V C Lancaster ED984
Lewis Lionel H Lancaster ND354
Lewis A J Lancaster LL970
Lewis B E Lancaster LM323
Lewis H J Lancaster JB174
Lewis N L Wellington N2870
Lewis J D H Wellington W5454
Lewis Albert Gerald
Lewis Andrew Creswell
Lewis John Walsh
Lewis Victor Kingsbury
Lewis Cyril Richard Neil
Lewis Vivian
Lewis Raymond Allan
Lewis Edward Louis
Lewis Harold Victor
Lewis Maxwell Vernon
Lewis Wallace George
Lewis John Hedgley
Lewis Robert Driscoll
Lewis Alan Edward
Lewis Oliver John Trevor
Lewis Frank Herbert
Lewis Donald Edwin
Lewis William John
Lewis Neville Ernest
Lewis John Owen
Lewis Cyril Markham
Lewis Arthur
Lewis Alfred Edward
Lewis Francis Kenneth
Lewis Charles Sunderland W4026
Lewis Frank E. B-17 43-38853
Lewis David L P-38 Lightning
Lewis Gordon H P-47 Thunderbolt
Lewis Ralph E P-51 Mustang
Lewis Willard H Jr P-38 Lightning
Lewis William H P-51 Mustang
Lewis William H P-51 Mustang
Lewis William H P-51 Mustang
Lewis William H P-51 Mustang
Lewis-Staniford R S V Halifax HR654
Lewis-Watts D L Halifax JP202
Lewkowicz Bronislaw Franciszek
Lewkowicz Sykstus Marian Vickers Wellington Z1467
Lewoniec Zbigniew Stanisław Vickers Wellington W5723
Lewry A E Wellington X3356
Lewsley A J Halifax MZ460
Lewthwaite Donald Clifford Halifax JD114
Lewthwaite N T Halifax BB204
Ley A T Lancaster ND332
Ley John George
Ley Trevor Arthur
Ley Andrew Thomas
Leyche Jerzy Sławomir Vickers Wellington W5557
Leyden J N Battle L5514
Leydin Allan Timothy
Leyland Robert Halifax LL552
Leyland R Halifax JB960
Leyland A H Wellington DV737
Leyland M Lancaster PB635
Leyland J Spitfire MJ820
Leyland Joseph Vincent Lancaster DV328
Leyland G D Halifax W7698
Leyland G D Halifax W1103
Leyland Whitley Z9127
Leyne J L Halifax MZ522
Leyser Harry C Iii P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Leyshon Kenneth Manchester L7470
Leyshon Claude Henry Rufus Lancaster W4188
Leysley Leonard Darrol
Leyva A S Lancaster ND657
Lezemore N J Hurricane
Lezie Ross P P-38 Lightning
Leżuch Jan Tadeusz Feliks Vickers Wellington HE327
Lhomond G Halifax NA585
Lhomond G Halifax LK955
Libbert Albert
Libbey E G Whitley T4334
Libbey D E Spitfire MK661
Libert P A L G Spitfire MH491
Liblikmaa Jan Antoni De Havilland Mosquito HJ650
Liby S K Spitfire EP126
Lichmira Hipolit
Lichota Wojciech Wellington R1014
Lichter George P-47 Thunderbolt
Lichter George P-47 Thunderbolt
Lickley A Y Mosquito ML987
Lickley G Wellington X9633
Lidbetter C J Lancaster LL651
Lidbury R L Halifax MZ736
Liddell Eric Beck Squibs Hampden X3117
Liddell D L C Hampden AT155
Liddell H Mitchell FL212
Liddell E B Hampden X2994
Liddell Jack Robert George Lancaster ED927
Liddell J B M Lancaster PA978
Liddiard W H Lancaster JA941
Liddington Oxford ED154
Liddle Thomas Burgess Lancaster ND443
Liddle S M Lancaster JA718
Liddle J Mosquito ML990
Liddle P H Stirling MZ261
Liddle D Blenheim R3692
Liddle G Wellington HF572
Liddle P A F Lancaster ED664
Liddle A F Lancaster NG244
Liddy T A Halifax LW512
Liderith R Lancaster ME558
Lidgerwood Geoffrey Frank
Lidster E Lancaster ED997
Liebeck K W Whitley T4234
Liebeck Edward Walter
Liebenberg Hendrik Christoffel Weideman Hurricane Z4065
Liebenrood Harold R P-47 Thunderbolt
Lieberman Alvin H P-47 Thunderbolt
Liebke Clarence Roy
Liebscher J M B Lancaster LL753
Liefooghe R J Lancaster NG336
Liels George William
Liersch R V Lancaster JA965
Liersch C C Lancaster JB702
Liersch Rex Vinitius
Liersch Claude Charles
Lietke J Lancaster ED523
Lifczicz R Wellington R1599
Life J D Blenheim V5580
Lifford R G Wellington X3222
Lifman T B Halifax EB211
Lifszyc Rubin De Havilland Mosquito NS999
Ligertwood J A Halifax LW159
Liggett H Hampden L4134
Liggett S Halifax JD157
Liggett Gerald Campbell Oxford LX745
Light K W Wellington Z1243
Light K W Lancaster LM361
Light Cyril Blenheim L9325
Light L E Lancaster HK624
Lightbody A Mustang AM230
Lightbody H A Mosquito PZ293
Lightbody W M Spitfire RM677
Lightbody Robert Thomas
Lightbourne W R Spitfire AB402
Lightfoot ‘Taffy’ J.O. Lancaster JB488
Lightfoot W W Lancaster KB870
Lightfoot Blenheim R3757
Lightfoot L H Blenheim P6890
Lightfoot J H Lancaster W4277
Lightfoot T J Lancaster JB565
Lighthall D W Lancaster NG346
Lightley E S Halifax W7784
Lightley G Whitley Z6799
Lightoller H B Blenheim N6189
Lightowler F W Halifax LW141
Lignon E Mosquito PZ436
Lignon E Mosquito PZ436Z
Ligtenstein C A Tempest NV720
Likeness E C Spitfire MH617
Lilburn Ewen Campbell Anson K6249
Liles Brooks J P-51 Mustang
Lille George Edward
Lillecrapp Frank Gordon
Lilley Walter Wellington N2983
Lilley George Henry Halifax MZ899
Lilley James Charles Lancaster ED733
Lilley K S Halifax MZ854
Lilley R Mosquito DZ656
Lilley J N Stirling BF477
Lilley G W Lancaster HK612
Lilley A F Lancaster LM534
Lilley G A Wellington LN284
Lilley G Wellington HF543
Lilley L E Lancaster LM536
Lilley W R Halifax NA492
Lilley D Wellington P9276
Lillico W D Lancaster KB706
Lillico G N Halifax JN973
Lillico C W Halifax LV868
Lillicrap H E Lancaster PA997
Lillie Ian Forbes
Lillies M L C Lancaster NG171
Lillington D Halifax LW140
Lillis J C Lancaster ND635
Lillis R Lancaster LM187
Lilly W J Lancaster LM264
Lillyman Alice Lancaster PA278
Lillywhite F C Lancaster ME634
Lillywhite R F Halifax W7882
Lim Peter James Mosquito MM567
Limacher R Halifax NA558
Limacher A R Halifax MZ831
Limage R F Wellington BK361
Limbert J S Mosquito HK300
Limbert R F Lancaster LM684
Limbrick F W G Lancaster W4156
Limbrick A M Stirling R9276
Limbrick Frederick William George
Limet H J R Spitfire MH610
Limmer J G Lancaster DS716
Linacre J Wellington HZ270
Linacre G S Hampden AE188
Linacre G S Hampden AD837
Linacre George Denis Whitley, later Lancaster
Linbridge L J Halifax LW557
Lincoln E J Stirling EF188
Lincoln Bernard Alan Wellington LN385
Lincoln Stanley Holmes Lancaster R5613
Lincoln Lloyd John Holmes Manchester L7470
Lincoln G D Halifax MZ732
Lincoln D J Lancaster PB154
Lincoln J A Halifax LW518
Lincoln Edward James
Lincoln Harold Gravell
Lind Gordon Richard Whitley BD379
Lind G O H Lancaster LM653
Lind Gordon Seymour Halifax MZ584
Lind H A T Blenheim R3816
Lind H A T Blenheim R3816
Lind N E Lancaster LM313
Lind R Wellington Z1219
Lind R L Lancaster ED503
Lind Gordon Richard
Lind Gilbert Owen Hugh
Lindaas K Halifax LK903
Lindberg Charles Arthur B-24 Maggie’s Drawers 42-50760
Linde J A Halifax LK680
Lindebert A Halifax LL587
Lindeman Ross Wellesley
Linden Michael Cunningham Andrews Wellington P9242
Linden Frederick John
Lindenberg K R Stirling EF443
Lindenberg Keith Rolard
Lindenboom Kevin Patrick Halifax LW168
Lindenfield Alvin Edward Stirling LK594
Linderer Howard A P-51 Mustang
Lindersmith G L Halifax LV950
Lindesay F H Hampden P1333
Lindguist F J Lancaster LM309
Lindhard S Stirling LK382
Lindheimer W L Lancaster RF230
Lindley G H “Harry” Wellington BJ670
Lindley A A H Boston AL725
Lindley K R H Lancaster PB243
Lindley L Lancaster ND492
Lindley J Stirling BK800
Lindley George Grey
Lindley Everett Sandborn P-38 Lightning 44-24132
Lindley Charles E P-47 Thunderbolt
Lindley-Lloyd W D Lancaster ND505
Lindo Harold Lester Lancaster ND363
Lindo W A Halifax DK167
Lindrea John Desmond Stirling BF463
Lindridge C R Wellington X3412
Lindrup J B Lancaster W4374
Lindsay R N Lancaster R5749
Lindsay D J Lancaster ED316
Lindsay F C Ventura AJ213
Lindsay J W Manchester L7289
Lindsay J D Lancaster ED938
LIndsay B B Lancaster PB358
Lindsay Alec Ian Spitfire EP685
Lindsay John David Halifax W7870
Lindsay F D Stirling R9321
Lindsay J Lancaster NG190
Lindsay P R Halifax HX189
Lindsay S B Lancaster KB767
Lindsay M S Halifax LV910
Lindsay M J Halifax JN966
Lindsay E Lancaster PD320
Lindsay A Lancaster ND527
Lindsay Basil Edward Lancaster JA854
Lindsay Donald Mcleod Wellington HZ719
Lindsay Royal George Wellington W5417
Lindsay R A Lancaster JB344
Lindsay C Lancaster DV269
Lindsay C Lancaster DV283
Lindsay B K Halifax W7918
Lindsay B K Halifax W7919
Lindsay L E D Whitley Z6829
Lindsay L E D Whitley T4289
Lindsay A B Wellington R3213
Lindsay W A Mosquito NT130
Lindsay A G Lancaster PB114
Lindsay H Halifax LV771
Lindsay J G Wellington BK514
Lindsay D W Wellington R3236
Lindsay H Halifax LK917
Lindsay J Hampden AE377
Lindsay J F Hampden P4377
Lindsay D S Mosquito NS847
Lindsay G Blenheim L9181
Lindsay G R Spitfire EN570
Lindsay J Lancaster LL950
Lindsay H Lancaster JB556
Lindsay W Lancaster ND711
Lindsay G Lancaster NN745
Lindsay William Roy Mackintosh
Lindsay Thomas Leonard Keith
Lindsay David John
Lindsay James William
Lindsay Logan Kenyon
Lindsay Edmund Mailer
Lindsay William Clyde
Lindsaye H J N Blenheim V6389
Lindsell W E Blenheim V6382
Lindsey L E Lancaster W4140
Lindsey Angus MacDonald
Lindsey Robert Collyer
Line M A Halifax EB129
Line A R Lancaster DS722
Line E J Lancaster ND913
Line A R Halifax LW515
Line Murray Alfred
Linegar G J Hampden AT149
Lineham W A Lancaster EE118
Lineham H I Lancaster DV377
Lineham C C Halifax LW264
Linehan James Edward Wellington X3757
Lineker I W Lancaster W4134
Lineker Elbert W P-38 Lightning
Lines Eric Francis Wellington N2940
Lines Richard Leslie Halifax W7933
Lines Charles Henry Halifax LW476
Lines Herbert George Wellington Z8469
Lines W E J Whitley Z9158
Lines N G Hampden P2083
Lines P Lancaster PB304
Lines F N Wellington N2962
Lines A P Hurricane P2822
Lines Ted E P-51 Mustang
Lines Ted E P-51 Mustang
Lines Ted E P-51 Mustang
Lines Ted E P-51 Mustang
Lines Ted E P-51 Mustang
Lines Roberts R B Hurricane L1923
Lines Roberts R B Hurricane N2653
Liney G J Lancaster KB770
Liney J G Lancaster R5497
Linfoot J W Lancaster W4815
Linford J V Lancaster JB136
Linford K Lancaster DV274
Linford Albert John
Ling F J Lancaster NG177
Ling D F Halifax JN891
Ling D R Lancaster ED557
Ling J Stirling BF386
Ling R S Mosquito NS931
Ling S W Lancaster PB245
Ling J G R Lancaster W5006
Lingard Derek Whitley BD281
Lingard N A Lancaster R5501
Lingley N F Halifax JN972
Lingo Arthur M P-51 Mustang
Lingo Arthur M P-51 Mustang
Lings G O Blenheim V6063
Lings G O Blenheim N6207
Lingwood Leslie David Halifax W7930
Lingwood David Hudson P5135
Lingwood J Wellington L4345
Liniewski Michał Vickers Wellingron T2625
Linington Donald Erwin Lancaster LM213
Link W Spitfire MJ399
Link R C Lancaster ED435
Linka S Wellington Z8966
Linklater F N Halifax W1211
Linklater J A Lancaster PB400
Linklater R E Lancaster ND994
Linklater I A H Lancaster ED604
Linklater Llewellyn William
Linklater Kenneth Avenell
Linley S Hampden AD986
Linley H F Blenheim R3636
Linley T N Spitfire P9455
Linn H J Lancaster LM479
Linnard Sidney ("Sid")
Linnell Lloyd Martin Halifax LK740
Linnerburgh A Wellington R1030
Linney A S Hurricane
Linnitt R Halifax HR852
Linsay A M Halifax HX190
Linsdell A P Hampden P1183
Linsell E W Halifax LW277
Linstead John Blair Halifax PN228
Linstead J B Halifax MZ453
Linstead J B Halifax LV965
Lintern H R Lancaster DV299
Linton L T Lancaster EE126
Linton O A Halifax LW558
Linton F M Lancaster LL744
Linton N W L Lancaster NE170
Linton A Lancaster ND755
Linton D Spitfire BL542
Linton Norman Royce
Linton Hugh Archibald
Linton Jeffrey Arden
Lintott J R Stirling EF400
Lintzel Stefan Karol Wellington Z1471
Linwood W Wellington BJ796
Lipecki Antoni Vickers Wellingron R1227
Lipfriand Lancaster LL849
Lipiec K Spitfire AA912
Lipiec Kazimierz Supermarine Spitfire AA912
Lipinski M J Spitfire EN131
Lipinski Maciej Jerzy Supermarine Spitfire EN131
Lipowczan Wiktor Vickers Wellingron Z1405
Lipp P Lancaster PB374
Lippert J W Typhoon MN7932
Lippett A Defiant L6975
Lippett Albert
Lipscomb William McIver Maunsell
Lipscombe A J Beaufighter T4641
Lipsett Gordon Maxwell Halifax R9388
Lipski B Wellington W5627
Liptak Jozef
Lipton J Lancaster NG241
Lipton J S Halifax L9492
Liptrott H J Halifax JN902
Lis Stanisław Wellington Z1183
Lis Marian Spitfire P7608
Lis Stanisław Franciszek Vickers Wellingron T2903
Lisak Rudolf Stefan Avro Lancaster PA161
Lisgo Joseph Raymond Blenheim L1155
Lishman J A Hurricane P2834
Lishman Archibald Rowan Halifax RG564
Lishman W G Lancaster W4172
Lishman N Halifax MZ651
Lisik Stanisław Handley Page Halifax UL187
Lisinski Antoni Zenon Vickers Wellington W5726
Liśkiewicz Gustaw Franciszek Handley Page Halifax HR657
Liskutin J Spitfire EP559
Lisle R Halifax L9500
Lissener P R Halifax BB368
Lissett L H Lancaster ND556
Lissmer P R Halifax HR673
Lisson D C Halifax BB281
Lisson J H N Wellington BK538
Lissowski Zbyszko Maciej Bristol Beaufighter X8131
List Ivor Hardy Miles Magister R1891
List S McC Lancaster JB305
List Stephen McCarthy
List James E P-47 Thunderbolt
List James E P-47 Thunderbolt
Lister F K Stirling W7436
Lister R D Lancaster HK599
Lister Edwin Roland Halifax BB325
Lister Granville Fallows Wellington W5485
Lister Peter Norman Wellington X3170
Lister Raylton Barclay Whitley T4170
Lister Eric Leslie Halifax LK898
Lister H S Halifax JD271
Lister Hilton Arthur Lancaster W4943
Lister G P Mosquito DZ467
Lister A H Blenheim V6318
Lister G P Mosquito DZ474
Lister F W Spitfire PV961
Lister T G Wellington W5384
Lister D E Wellington LP284
Lister J Manchester L7318
Lister S Lancaster ND871
Lister H J Stirling BF578
Lister Joseph Nowill Wellington W5456
Lister R C F Spitfire R6605
Lister F W Hurricane BN234
Lister R Lancaster NN721
Lister C Lancaster DV365
Lister Frank Halifax W7822
Lister Frank Halifax W1252
Lister Blenheim T2032
Lister R C F Spitfire X4427
Lister Herbert Sutton
Lister Donald Sydney
Lister Colin John Hill Wellington LN690
Liston Ward Joseph
Liszka Stanisław Wellington Z1397
Litak Stanislaw Jan North American P-51d Mustang FX925
Litchfield George Andrew Lancaster LM372
Litchfield Frederick Lome Wellington R1471
Litchfield R F Lancaster LL861
Litchfield Maurice Jacques Lancaster ND510
Litchfield E G Wellington HE382
Litchfield P Spitfire P9452
Litchfield Gordon Hubert
Litchfield Eric Mileham
Litchfield Richard William
Litherland Thomas Eric Wellington N3010
Litherland Henry Allen Lancaster DV376
Lithgow K B Stirling BF524
Litle D H W Lancaster JB221
Litoloff B L Lancaster ED604
Littell L G Boston Z2295
Litterick R Lancaster PB347
Littge Raymond H P-51 Mustang
Littge Raymond H P-51 Mustang
Littge Raymond H P-51 Mustang
Littge Raymond H P-51 Mustang
Littge Raymond H P-51 Mustang
Littge Raymond H P-51 Mustang
Littge Raymond H P-51 Mustang
Littge Raymond H P-51 Mustang
Little Kenneth Treloar Beaufort N1160
Little Samuel McCammont Dakota KN584
Little A T Wellington DV611
Little L T Lancaster W4332
Little J P Lancaster RF196
Little George Elliott Hampden P1171
Little John Halifax HR752
Little John Osmond Whitley Z6581
Little M S Halifax JD317
Little T B Halifax NP746
Little George B Lancaster KB715
Little K C Hampden AD786
Little A J Halifax NR205
Little G H Halifax LK627
Little W R Lancaster PB346
Little S W Lancaster ND816
Little G J Lancaster JA963
Little Ralph Robert Lancaster DV245
Little Thomas Burgess Hurricane P3534
Little Thomas Burgess Hurricane Z5001
Little Eoin Graham Halifax EB250
Little J F Mosquito DZ374
Little H S Hampden P5321
Little T W Hampden AD720
Little H W Wellington R1294
Little N D Lancaster ND678
Little H A Lancaster PB742
Little S W G Lancaster PB294
Little A J Lancaster ND513
Little Raymond Edmund Stirling N3754
Little Herbert Thomas Lancaster PB134
Little Alan Trevor Typhoon R8946
Little H F Battle K9343
Little D Blenheim X
Little R Hurricane P3805
Little R Hurricane N2400
Little F Blenheim L9326
Little A J Halifax LK880
Little G D Halifax MZ658
Little J Lancaster W4829
Little D A Lancaster PB187
Little G O Lancaster PB845
Little G H Lancaster NE125
Little D Mosquito PF381
Little K W A Whitley T4174
Little B S Lancaster DV304
Little T D Spitfire N3055
Little R H Lancaster DV330
Little E J Stirling EE949
Little A Lancaster ND736
Little T G Lancaster HK569
Little R R A Halifax JD301
Little J McG Hurricane P2562
Little J Lancaster W4825
Little J A Manchester L7424
Little Archie Thomas
Little William John
Little Leslie Thomas
Little Kenneth Treloar
Little Kenneth Huntley
Little Keith George
Little Robert G P-51 Mustang
Little Thomas P P-47 Thunderbolt`
Littleboy G W Lancaster HK767
Littlefair R W Lancaster R5611
Littlefield E E Wellington Z8410
Littlefield J R Wellington R1024
Littlefield Warren C P-47 Thunderbolt
Littlefield Warren C P-51 Mustang
Littlehales R Lancaster ED321
Littlehales Halifax L9567
Littlejohn G B Wellington BJ691
Littlejohn G Boston AL715
Littlejohn J Wellington R3150
Littlejohn D J H Lancaster PD212
Littlejohn William Edward
Littlejohn Gordon Brefny
Littlejohn Joseph William
Littlejohn Thomas Orsmond
Littlejohns Alan Llewellyn
Littlemore G Lancaster ED698
Littler C E Wellington R1043
Littler S Halifax JD118
Littler S Halifax LV813
Littlewood M Whitley Z6815
Littlewood M Whitley Z6721
Littlewood D Stirling BK659
Littlewood L J Ventura AE731
Littlewood L Lancaster W4244
Littlewood A Stirling EF150
Littlewood W A Halifax LV899
Littlewood William C P-51 Mustang
Littlewood William C P-51 Mustang
Litzow A F Wellington R1450
Litzow Colin Dent
Lively F Lancaster ND766
Livermore T R Halifax JB841
Livermore C H Halifax RG591
Livermore R M Blenheim N6140
Livermore R E Halifax HR940
Liversidge H Halifax W7715
Liversidge John Philip
Liversuch R J Wellington AD605
Livesay W Whitley P5077
Livesay W Whitley T4136
Livesay A Lancaster LM345
Livesey M Halifax LW717
Livesey J Halifax R9488
Livesey J Wellington HZ412
Livesey A Wellington R1462
Livesey F Lancaster LM676
Livesey W Lancaster JB412
Livesley W A Typhoon MN354
Livett G A Lancaster EE121
Livick J E Lancaster NG184
Living C H Lancaster ME735
Livingston R A Halifax JD124
Livingston G A Lancaster KB866
Livingston M Halifax DG272
Livingston W M Stirling W7442
Livingston D Lancaster ED527
Livingston Frank Gibney
Livingstone David Lancaster JA914
Livingstone David Franklin
Livingstone S J Lancaster R5684
Livingstone R D Halifax HX335
Livingstone S G Lancaster KB710
Livingstone A F Halifax NP739
Livingstone John George Stanley Joseph Typhoon JR294
Livingstone A Battle K9176
Livingstone D Wellington HE531
Livingstone James Keith Lancaster NG197
Livingstone G F Lancaster ND874
Livingstone I F Manchester L7426
Livingstone David
Livingstone Richard Bruce
Livis M Hampden AE153
Livyns (Livijns) Georges Joseph G Spitfire BL822
Lizotte R L J Whitley Z6507
Llewellin George Tucker 'Lew' Lancaster KB793
Llewellin George Tucker Lancaster KB846
Llewellyn A B Lancaster PD331
Llewellyn I W L Lancaster ED736
Llewellyn S Halifax W7751
Llewellyn W G Lancaster ND621
Llewellyn I Stirling EH961
Llewellyn R T Hurricane P3113
Llewellyn J G Blenheim P4909
Llewellyn J Halifax RG501
Llewellyn T Halifax LV901
Llewellyn Reginald Thomas
Llewellyn Arthur Bevan
Llewelyn Ronald Ernest Lancaster DV240
Llewelyn Ronald Ernest
Lloyd D K Wellington W5531
Lloyd N D L Lancaster ME728
Lloyd A D K Lancaster DV359
Lloyd John Richard Hurricane P2764
Lloyd D A Stirling N6020
Lloyd Thomas Williams Lancaster DV382
Lloyd Gyn Weatherley Lancaster W4275
Lloyd Edward Frederick Halifax W7651
Lloyd Cyril Lancaster ND861
Lloyd Howard Norman Halifax LV833
Lloyd John Archibald Halifax W7662
Lloyd Victor Lawrence Wellington Z8958
Lloyd Leslie Harold Lancaster ND975
Lloyd William Michael Robinson Avro Anson N5379
Lloyd A Mitchell FW127
Lloyd J F Mosquito NS733
Lloyd G H Halifax NA612
Lloyd C F Hampden AE244
Lloyd R T Lancaster DS712
Lloyd John Llewellyn Wellington DV717
Lloyd E Wellington X9976
Lloyd John Raymond Sunderland ML858
Lloyd E O S Halifax L9619
Lloyd W E Lancaster JB564
Lloyd R M Lancaster LM371
Lloyd D G Halifax LW331
Lloyd J W Lancaster PB347
Lloyd A Blenheim T2138
Lloyd M F Wellington L7810
Lloyd K A Wellington X3644
Lloyd D Lancaster PA986
Lloyd M Lancaster JB287
Lloyd H Lancaster LM514
Lloyd R O Spitfire RK861
Lloyd L S Stirling BF310
Lloyd R S W Wellington R1294
Lloyd H Stirling BF507
Lloyd R A Halifax HR738
Lloyd D A Halifax HX334
Lloyd C W Lancaster ND705
Lloyd R W Lancaster ME827
Lloyd J T Lancaster ED569
Lloyd R Blenheim V6031
Lloyd R F Fortress SR384
Lloyd Victor Marshall Raymond Wellington L7798
Lloyd T E Stirling BF501
Lloyd I A Typhoon MN973
Lloyd P D Spitfire X4178
Lloyd Griffith Arthur Halifax DT639
Lloyd D A Halifax JD163
Lloyd Griffith Arthur Wellington BK335
Lloyd S Halifax DK255
Lloyd A M Halifax DK258
Lloyd H Lancaster W4310
Lloyd F L R Lancaster JA856
Lloyd F Lancaster LM315
Lloyd G Lancaster LL740
Lloyd H S R Wellington HE212
Lloyd Hampden L4044
Lloyd R Hampden L4080
Lloyd E C P Lancaster DV227
Lloyd G E Halifax HR936
Lloyd G Halifax HR747
Lloyd E Wellington Z8704
Lloyd R L Wellington Z1654
Lloyd G H Wellington X3748
Lloyd J I Halifax LW348
Lloyd G Y G Spitfire SM538
Lloyd K Lancaster W4830
Lloyd N M Hampden AD725
Lloyd D R Lancaster PB699
Lloyd R Lancaster DV295
Lloyd F J Stirling W7467
Lloyd J P Spitfire P9368
Lloyd R L Whitley Z6801
Lloyd Whitley T4212
Lloyd A E Hampden AE358
Lloyd A E Stirling EH937
Lloyd S Lancaster W4139
Lloyd Gordon Clyde
Lloyd Stanley Trevor
Lloyd Stuart Lindsay
Lloyd Richard Owen
Lloyd Hugh Herbert
Lloyd Sydney James
Lloyd David Kilgour
Lloyd Frank Leathley Robinson
Lloyd Norman David Livingstone
Lloyd-Jones K F Halifax R9487
Lloyd-Jones Keith Francis
Loach K Lancaster W4770
Loach K Lancaster R5900
Loades S R Lancaster JB666
Loadsman H C Hampden X2971
Loakes P G Lancaster LL973
Loane Bruce Halifax HX273
Loane Owen Lawrence
Loar V Lancaster W4835
Loasby Laurence David Spitfire P9307
Loates Henry George Hampden X3147
Lobb Herbert Cecil Lancaster ND950
Lobb Benjamin Jack Lancaster LL650
Lobb L Hampden N9062
Lobb Robert Lancaster EE178
Lobb William Richard George
Lobban J A Halifax DK170
Lobban John Gordon
Lobo J O M Wellington Z8975
Lobwein Grahame Patrick
Lochhead R L Halifax MZ514
Lochhead J L Lancaster ND399
Lochhead J C Halifax JD361
Lochnan Peter William Hurricane V6670
Lochnan Peter William Lysander V9361
Lock R H Halifax NP953
Lock Eric Stanley Spitfire W3257
Lock G J V Stirling R9320
Lock G J V Stirling N3719
Lock D Halifax HR734
Lock T Halifax LW202
Lock W E Lancaster ME693
Lock A J Wellington BJ974
Lock D Halifax DT782
Lock O R
Lock W Wellington X3226
Lock L G K Lancaster JB232
Lock Erick Stanley ("Sawn Off Lockie")
Lock Allan Frederick
Lock Derek John
Lock Robert Henry
Lock Benjamin Charles Wellington HF906
Locke R K Lancaster LL948
Locke H B Lancaster ED538
Locke Graham Edward Lancaster NG307
Locke J B Stirling BF312
Locke R P Wellington Z8358
Locke H L Halifax MZ289
Locke R F Stirling MZ263
Locke John Richard Lancaster W4177
Locke G F Spitfire EN953
Locke R E Lancaster ND622
Locke R J Lancaster ND688
Locke J B Halifax DT751
Locke Reginald Kingsley
Locke Henry Thomas John
Locke John L P-47 Thunderbolt`
Locke John L P-47 Thunderbolt`
Locke William D P-47 Thunderbolt
Lockett James Ernest Halifax MZ628
Lockett D A Stirling EH909
Lockett C E S Battle P2267
Lockett A Lancaster ME474
Lockett D S Lancaster LL839
Lockett H Halifax LL588
Lockey T A S Halifax NP949
Lockey G Stirling EF399
Lockhart Henry James Ian Stirling W7524
Lockhart William Guy Lysander V9597
Lockhart William Guy Lancaster JB676
Lockhart William Guy Spitfire W3317
Lockhart I A L Halifax DK259
Lockhart I A L Halifax DT522
Lockhart John Halifax LL190
Lockhart Joseph
Lockhead Hampden L4044
Lockie George Lancaster ED726
Lockley Albert James Verdon
Lockley William Edward
Locklier N E Halifax LV826
Locklier Norman Edward
Lockrey R J Lancaster EE166
Lockrey John Galway
Lockrey Ronald John
Locksmith G W Halifax HR786
Lockton G Stirling EF299
Lockton E E Blenheim L1300
Lockton P A Lancaster LM392
Lockwood L Lancaster LL832
Lockwood W E Lancaster ME613
Lockwood C T Halifax JD276
Lockwood A E Boston AL264
Lockwood R Stirling BF476
Lockwood F J Lancaster PA984
Lockwood E Wellington R1297
Lockwood M R Boston Z2165
Lockwood J N Lancaster ED504
Lockwood J C Spitfire P7300
Lockwood G.
Lockwood John McAllaster Hardman
Lockwood Edgar Bernard Richard
Lockyar A C Lancaster NG132
Lockyer Hampden AD970
Lockyer D H Halifax LK963
Lockyer C H Mosquito KB426
Lockyer Clement Charles Lancaster JA967
Lockyer James Burdett
Lockyer Arnold Alexander
Locock J S E Lancaster PD346
Lodder A M Halifax MZ467
Loder G B Lancaster JA674
Loder G H Wellington Z1391
Loder K H Lancaster LM206
Loder George Bruce
Lodge W E Lancaster R5570
Lodge T Stirling EE897
Lodge M A Lancaster JA866
Lodge O F Lancaster R5861
Lodge V Lancaster ND803
Lodge H J Lancaster NG488
Lodge R E Stirling EF184
Lodge A Wellington X9974
Lodge W K Hampden L4090
Lodge A G Lancaster NE127
Lodge E A Lancaster LM469
Lodge R C T Lancaster ED975
Lodge R C T Lancaster ED700
Lodge Wallace Eugene
Lodington G S Hampden AE263
Lodington Hampden P2144
Loe C J Halifax NA557
Loehnert Richard O P-51 Mustang
Loehrl Frederick A. Boston AL677
Loesch Charles M P-47 Thunderbolt`
Loew A B Hampden L4186
Loew G Hampden L4043
Loewen D H Halifax MZ536
Loewenson L J Lancaster JB549
Lofsgaard J E Spitfire BL985
Lofsgaard J E Spitfire W3502
Loft C R Lancaster KB866
Loft Clarence James Harold
Lofthouse W A Whitley T4152
Lofthouse M W Halifax W7921
Lofthouse M W Halifax R9449
Lofthouse C Stirling W7456
Lofthouse F Stirling LJ531
Lofthouse C J Lancaster JA678
Lofthouse J D Lancaster W4133
Lofts K T Hurricane V6566
Lofts K T Hurricane V6878
Lofts K T Spitfire MJ182
Lofts Keith Temple
Loftson S A Lancaster LM433
Loftus W T Lancaster ND818
Loftus Hampden P4413
Loftus A Halifax LK787
Loftus J A Lancaster PB804
Loftus Lloyd Morrish
Loftus Watson Temple
Logan C C P Stirling BF459
Logan D V Whitley Z6881
Logan John James Lancaster LL836
Logan Fred W J H Lancaster RA542
Logan John Faucet Lancaster NG169
Logan A S Mosquito KB444
Logan Emerson Lloyd Halifax BB250
Logan L E Lancaster LM345
Logan P N J Lancaster DS757
Logan P N J Halifax NP683
Logan F W Lancaster LM284
Logan J A Lancaster ND395
Logan J A Boston A1284
Logan C R Stirling EF362
Logan D S H Lancaster ND983
Logan R F Mosquito DZ432
Logan John Innes Montgomery Wellington Z8529
Logan F Wellington Z8523
Logan K V Lancaster NF952
Logan F R Typhoon MN652
Logan H Hampden P2123
Logan H Hampden P4290
Logan H Hampden X2997
Logan A F Wellington X3425
Logan R Lancaster LM640
Logan C Stirling BK664
Logan H Hampden AE315
Logan Benjamin
Logan William Edwin
Logan John
Logan Whitmore Alexander Bailey
Logan Clifford Charles Pownall
Logan David Victor
Logan Wayne Lentz B-17 Easy Does it 43-38623
Logan George H Jr P-51 Mustang
Logie G Mosquito KB460
Logie G Mosquito KB397
Logie F Lancaster W4378
Logie A Manchester L7287
Loginoff Neville Arthur
Logothetis Mingo V P-51 Mustang
Logue Daniel Halifax JN899
Logue S E Lancaster ED316
Logue Lloyd
Logue Stanley Ernest
Lohbeck Arthur H P-38 Lightning
Lohrey Aubrey W. L. Lancaster RA502
Loichinger Frank William B-24 Ginger 41-29177
Loiselot A Halifax NA197
Lojas Mieczyslaw Handley Page Halifax DP180
Lojek Kazimierz Supermarine Spitfire P8744
Loke R D Halifax HX151
Loke R D Halifax HR716
Loke T H Stirling EH946
Loken J E Hurricane Z3670
Łóksza Aleksander Handley Page Halifax HR657
Łokuciewski Witold 'Tolo' Hurricane P2903
Lomas C H Wellington Z1145
Lomas K Halifax JB974
Lomas J H Lancaster LL704
Lomas E H Mosquito MM643
Lomas E H Mosquito MM643
Lomas H Halifax MZ366
Lomas G A Typhoon MN988
Lomas J Mosquito MV558
Lomas Rowley
Lomas-Smith R H Stirling N6034
Lomax William McLafter Wellington R1597
Lomax R A Wellington W5386
Lomax H C Lancaster NG177
Lombard M F Lancaster ME689
London A E Lancaster NK972
London J E Wellington X3646
London R Lancaster PB646
London D Halifax DT634
London R P Whitley Z6462
London Whitley P5089
London Alexander Edmund
London Charles P P-47 Thunderbolt
London Charles P P-47 Thunderbolt
London Charles P P-47 Thunderbolt
Loneon B F Lancaster PB436
Lonergan Robert Neville Wellington Z8428
Lonergan T P Lancaster NF977
Lonergan Robert Neville
Lonergan Hilton Arthur
Loney Wellington James Whitley Z6731
Loney Glen Benson Lancaster JA867
Long G D Lancaster NG332
Long Arthur Stephen Lancaster LM121
Long B T Lancaster PA259
Long H J Lancaster ND674
Long A Lancaster EE135
Long W H Tempest SN139
Long Herbert Battle K7696
Long Frank Hugh Whitley T4326
Long Brian Conway Battle L5538
Long Mervyn Cyril Steward Lancaster PD383
Long Mervyn Cyril Steward
Long Brian Conway Battle L5568
Long Charles Richard Stirling BF391
Long William Charles Arthur Lancaster ED865
Long Charles Alexander Stirling EE873
Long Henry William Lancaster W4179
Long W A Stirling EE894
Long James Leslie Robert 'Cookie' Wellington R1335
Long J F Halifax BB211
Long A J Stirling EF307
Long Clarence Roy Stirling BF378
Long William James Halifax HX268
Long M La V Lancaster HK756
Long A M Wellington HE469
Long Charles Robert Gaudet Wellington X3932
Long Ronald Walter Lancaster PB527
Long S R Lancaster JB120
Long Richard Hartley Mosquito HK382
Long R C D Lancaster KB711
Long Henry Maynard Halifax LW427
Long Wendell Lyall Halifax MZ879
Long A M Wellington HF601
Long W J Lancaster DV312
Long W Halifax LV799
Long Arthur Bebbington Wellington HE524
Long A J E Halifax JD200
Long G V Halifax R9528
Long R P Halifax DT512
Long A M Halifax W1271
Long F H Whitley
Long E Lancaster ND870
Long G Lancaster JB405
Long D J Mosquito HX262
Long H J Halifax W1012
Long J S Stirling EH990
Long S R Stirling EF427
Long Norman Alfred Wellington DV736
Long B C Lancaster NG391
Long K L Blenheim L6636
Long Halifax W1051
Long not known Wellington Z8735
Long J D C Wellington R1461
Long F A Halifax EB137
Long L C Wellington HE184
Long R W Lancaster JB241
Long D A Halifax HR951
Long H E Lancaster ME858
Long D G Lancaster W4189
Long Lancaster W4267
Long N Lancaster ED390
Long D A Halifax LW508
Long J A Spitfire W3117
Long M E Hurricane P3758
Long M E Hurricane P8812
Long W L Halifax R9456
Long K L Halifax LW519
Long V R Lancaster R5673
Long Norman John
Long Gordon David
Long Brian Ernest
Long Arthur Stephen
Long Harry William
Long Sheila Mary
Long Arthur
Long William Henry
Long John Hudson N7217
Long Lowell G P-47 Thunderbolt
Long Marion V P-47 Thunderbolt
Long Maurice G P-51 Mustang
Long Maurice G P-51 Mustang
Long Maurice G P-51 Mustang
Long Maurice G P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Long Maurice G P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Long Paul G P-47 Thunderbolt
Long Thurman C P-51 Mustang
Long William M P-51 Mustang
Long-Hartley P Lancaster ND502
Long-Innes George Selwyn Wellington W5440
Long-Innes George Selwyn
Longbottom F Halifax MZ343
Longbottom Eric Harvey
Longcluse Norman Battle L5584
Longden J Wellington DV612
Longden Wellington Z8900
Longden W Halifax LL130
Longeran R N Wellington W5560
Longfield G P Mosquito DZ365
Longford J A Halifax L9582
Longhorn R H Mitchell FL212
Longhorn W Halifax LK790
Longhurst Bernard Ewar Lancaster NG179
Longhurst John William Wellington Z1613
Longhurst B S Lancaster EE143
Longhurst J C Lancaster PB436
Longland C A Lancaster LL941
Longland G A Lancaster PB453
Longland George Edwin
Longley J A Halifax W7854
Longley E T Halifax LW206
Longley R T W Halifax LW123
Longley G E Stirling EH943
Longley G F Lancaster LM623
Longley R P Lancaster LM187
Longley C H Halifax HR733
Longley Robert P P-47 Thunderbolt
Longman F D P Lancaster ME681
Longman L W Stirling EE901
Longmate George Stanley Lancaster LM526
Longmore K W Stirling EH937
Longmore J L Hampden AE121
Longmore Wellington W5727HA-V
Longmore W Lancaster KB755
Longmore Kenneth William
Longoni Albert Ernest
Longson Frank Richard Blackburn Botha L6509
Longson F Lancaster LL620
Longson Charles Douglas Les
Longson Charles Douglas Leslie (Les) Sunderland DV968
Longstaff Arnold Hudson AM773
Longstaff E J Stirling BF514
Longstaff F A Halifax LW572
Longstaff A Lancaster DV265
Longstaff C A Lancaster PB741
Longster R E Lancaster ED786
Longtown H Lancaster ME686
Longuet Russell Stronach Wellington BK339
Longwell A G Wellington X3420
Longworth H E L Lancaster W4308
Longworth Herbert Lancaster LM490
Longworth Alfred Wellington HE276
Longworth Bob Halifax MZ856
Longworthy A L Halifax BB192
Lonie J M Lancaster PB130
Lonsdale R T Lancaster W4274
Lonsdale R Stirling N3755
Lonsdale R W Blenheim R3916
Lonsdale R V H Hurricane P2831
Lonsdale G Lancaster PB702
Lonsdale G H Lancaster PB181
Lonsdale Blenheim Z7298
Lonsdale Douglas Herbert Scott Lancaster W4840
Lonsdale Ronald Thomas
Look J E Lancaster NG381
Looke E Lancaster PD420
Looker P H Blenheim T2254
Looker E W Battle K9472
Looker D J Hurricane P2554
Looker D J Hurricane L1592
Loombe R C Wellington BK313
Loomer R E Lancaster DS731
Looms D Y Lancaster PA197
Loonam Edward James
Looney Patrick Lawrence Wellington DV723
Looney F N Lancaster JA902
Looney Patrick Lawrence
Looney Francis Noel
Loop D H Lancaster JB147
Loos E A Halifax LL248
Loose Reginald Victor Halifax HR754
Loose W A Lancaster ND986
Loosemore W C Halifax HX185
Loosley B A Lancaster PB212
Loosli M Lancaster LM378
Lopert Robert Clarence B-17 Dinah Might 42-97318
Lopez J A Stirling N6087
Lopez R H Lancaster PA974
Lopez Robin Henry
Lopez James Albert
Loranger N A Lancaster ND730
Lorant M H Spitfire PT847
Lord P R Halifax LW372
Lord C G Whitley Z9155
Lord Roderick Alan Wellington HE862
Lord A L Whitley Z9212
Lord C A Lancaster PB639
Lord David Frank Wellington X9875
Lord F C Halifax LK648
Lord M Stirling BF317
Lord K F Lancaster NF909
Lord K Blenheim T1896
Lord R S Wellington W5394
Lord R B Typhoon MN183
Lord W W Lancaster ME473
Lord J Wellington Z8344
Lord R A Lancaster PB192
Lord D Lancaster LM525
Lord K J Hampden AE226
Lord J Lancaster ED562
Lord W C J Lancaster JB123
Lord R T Lancaster ND820
Lord A Halifax DT625
Lord J R Lancaster ED349
Lord Geoffrey
Lord John James
Lord Henry Neville
Lord Douglas Mervyn
Lord Allan Charles
Lord Allan
Lord Peter Redgrave
Lord Clive Gordon
Lord Frank Haighton
Loree James William Lancaster W4126
Lorentzen H H Spitfire PV213
Lorenz D L Halifax NA185
Lorenz D B H Halifax MZ687
Lorenz Anthony
Loretan R A F Lancaster JB292
Lorilleaux R Lysander V9605
Lorimer Robert Laurie Hurricane L1676
Lorimer G A Lancaster ND347
Lorimer R L Hurricane L1689
Lorimer R L Hurricane L1681
Lorimer P D A Lancaster PD237
Lorimer David Lancaster R5627
Loring Phillip N P-47 Thunderbolt
Lorne G F Stirling BK650
Lornie Ronald William Typhoon EK224
Lorrain A D Lancaster PD373
Lorraine Daniel
Lorrimar F R Blenheim P6905
Lorrimer Manchester R5789
Lortie J A M Wellington HE803
Łoś Stanisław Kazimierz De Havilland Mosquito DD781
Losa R Lancaster JB545
Löschl Franz Halifax V9976
Losh George Albert Halifax V9987
Losse Earl A. B-17 Towering Titan 43-38085
Lossing Howard Walter Halifax LV841
Loth Joseph Halifax RG375
Lother D W Lancaster W4788
Lotling A D Mosquito HK499
Loton H N Lancaster ED991
Loton Leslie Tate
Loton Eric Rex
Lott John Ernest Lancaster LL783
Lott William R. Lancaster LM546
Lott W W Wellington BJ775
Lott C R Halifax EB216
Lott G C Hurricane P3464
Lott Charles George
Lottee F Lancaster LM390
Louch B G Lancaster R5574
Louch W B Stirling N6016
Louden Owen Ernest Hurricane AG175
Louden M J Defiant L7001
Louden J E Halifax JN884
Louden H Mosquito PZ163
Louden M J Spitfire W3624
Louden Clarence E P-51 Mustang
Loudon A Stirling BF475
Loudon J F Wellington HE153
Loudon J B T Whitley P4950
Lougee John H P-47 Thunderbolt
Lough W H Halifax HR655
Lough Spencer William Halifax NA514
Lough R W Lancaster PA992
Loughborough A J Lancaster LM570
Loughead R J Lancaster NN766
Loughlin C Stirling W7638
Loughlin G Blenheim R3846
Loughlin Blenheim
Loughlin Blenheim
Loughlin D Lancaster W4254
Loughlin T Lancaster JB318
Loughnan Justin Francis Lancaster HK599
Loughnan W K Lancaster HK689
Loughnan Justin Francis
Loughnan Walter Keith
Loughran Hugh Joseph Halifax MZ901
Loughran J Halifax BB317
Loughren Jack H. Lancaster LL956
Loughrin Robert Thomas Garth Halifax JD386
Louis E A Lancaster ND580
Louis V H Whitley T4328
Lourdeaux L Halifax NA166
Lousada Gerald Gilbert Ormonde Lancaster PD367
Louth W J Halifax LK680
Louth W R Halifax JB803
Louthean D Lancaster W4162
Louthean Donald
Louthhood W P Whitley Z9221
Lovasz J A Lancaster PB113
Lovatt L S Ventura AE717
Lovatt E Fortress SR384
Lovatt F Halifax LK749
Love David Edd B-24 Perils of Pauline 42-95162
Love Winston David Wellington X3725
Love W J H Halifax LW586
Love S K Wellington L4232
Love Cecil Frank None - SS Suez Maru Not applicable
Love George Francis Stirling N6069
Love Arthur Jack Boston W8351
Love James Hawthorne Lancaster W4334
Love C L Wellington Z1487
Love L W Spitfire MJ384
Love F H Lancaster KB711
Love William Kilworthy Murray Lancaster DS794
Love A R D Halifax LW615
Love C H Halifax NP949
Love E A Halifax LK838
Love Robert Porter Wellington Z1695
Love Mortimer Crane Spitfire MH334
Love R V Stirling EF156
Love R V Stirling EF499
Love D Wellington R1702
Love J P Wellington X3472
Love D S Lancaster PB675
Love H Lancaster EE122
Love W R Typhoon MN680
Love H E Hurricane HL655
Love G S Lancaster
Love T L Spitfire SM361
Love J Stirling N6042
Love A I Lancaster JA964
Love J W Halifax LK762
Love C Hampden P5393
Love Wellington T2964
Love Robert John
Love Winston David
Love James
Love Frederick Raymond
Love William John Hamilton
Loveday Herbert Leon Wellington Z8953
Loveday David Arthur Lancaster LM526
Loveday Gerald Stanley Wellington Z1109
Loveday H J Halifax W7767
Loveday S A Whitley Z6586
Loveday R J Halifax LK867
Loveday Noel
Loveday Selwyn Keith
Lovegrove Charles Henry Lancaster W4169
Lovegrove Peter Anthony Manchester L7427
Lovegrove Frederick Thomas Stirling EF362
Lovegrove Frederick Thomas Wellington HE898
LOvegrove G L Halifax NR193
Lovegrove R G Lancaster JA968
Lovejoy C R A Wellington P9219
Lovejoy C R A Wellington L7803
Lovejoy Douglas John
Lovelace Wellington BJ591
Lovelace P S C Typhoon R8880
Lovelady Lawrence Wellington X3464
Loveland Donald Stephen Halifax HR752
Loveland A W Stirling LJ518
Loveland J T Lancaster JB469
Loveland A Halifax HR687
Loveless J H Halifax W7820
Loveless J H Halifax JD111
Loveless A T Lancaster PD290
Loveless F R Spitfire NH813
Loveless David W P-47 Thunderbolt
Loveless Gene F P-38 Lightning
Loveless Philip M Jr P-51 Mustang
Lovell C J Lancaster PD398
Lovell John Henry Lancaster L7546
Lovell Derek Graham Lancaster W4928
Lovell Anthony Desmond Joseph Spitfire P9429
Lovell Anthony D J Spitfire R6885
Lovell Gordon William John Stirling N3655
Lovell George Thomas Alfred Halifax LV903
Lovell V C Mosquito DZ656
Lovell Robert William Stirling R9312
Lovell Stuart James Typhoon MM970
Lovell E J Stirling EF180
Lovell B D S Lancaster JA717
Lovell B D Lancaster JA931
Lovell R J T Wellington X3411
Lovell Anthony Desmond Joseph
Lovell Victor Charles
Lovell John Henry
Lovell Eric James
Lovell Lyle M P-47 Thunderbolt
Lovell-Gregg Terence Gunion Hurricane P3215
Lovell-Smith W H Fortress HB802
Lovelle-Draper Adrian Mervyn
Lovelock J B Stirling EF501
Lovelock J H Lancaster JB348
Loveluck J G Hampden X2990
Loveluck J G Hampden L4104
Loveridge Gilbert Dalton Stirling EF409
Loveridge R D Halifax NA204
Loveridge I J Lancaster PD339
Loveridge F R Lancaster LL779
Loveridge A Lancaster PA989
Lovering M L G Lancaster LM210
Loverock Edward John Lancaster W4270
Loverock W H Halifax LW270
Loverseed R B Lancaster ED329
Lovesay A G Lancaster DV268
Lovesay J H Stirling N3764
Lovett A T J Lancaster PB537
Lovett James Joseph Halifax LW640
Lovett John William Lancaster PB258
Lovett M J Lancaster LL968
Lovett S J Lancaster PB562
Lovett R E Hurricane P2804
Lovett R E Hurricane P3204
Lovett R E Hurricane P3234
Lovett Henry George
Lovett Angus Thomas
Lovewell J E Stirling EE891
Lovick Frank Wallace Halifax MZ932
Loving L R B Halifax MZ896
Lovis J A C Lancaster JB304
Lovis J A Wellington X3222
Low John Charles Mustang AM128
Low P M Lancaster PB175
Low Ronald Albert Lancaster W4138
Low G H Halifax DT615
Low A A J Halifax NP945
Low John Halifax LW210
Low G S Halifax EB243
Low Robert Bruce Halifax LK802
Low J Lancaster JB233
Low M G Stirling R9150
Low Douglas Dunbar Lancaster W4265
Low W D Lancaster ND680
Low D S S Wellington X3653
Low W Lancaster ND879
Low G J Halifax MZ508
Low A J Stirling W7467
Low John Charles
Low Keith Mervyn
Low Peter Morris
Low Gordon
Low Jr. John Lewis B-24 42-52506
Lowater Ernest John Whitley Z6731
Lowater Ernest John
Lowbridge Harold Oxspring
Lowbridge H O Lancaster LM172
Lowdell J S Halifax JB836
Lowden N A Wellington Z1208
Lowden G Lancaster ED939
Lowder Reginald Lindsay
Lowe J T Lancaster HK626
Lowe R A E Halifax MZ581
Lowe R C Lancaster JB548
Lowe Keith McKenzie Spitfire RM815
Lowe George Robert Colquhourn Halifax LL380
Lowe Brian Everard Wellington BK235
Lowe Ernest Wellington N2904
Lowe Stanley William Halifax MZ907
Lowe Wilfred Jim Halifax LW620
Lowe George Frederick Lancaster JB129
Lowe Harold Stirling R9250
Lowe Bertram Harrington Wellington LB237
Lowe F J Wellington W5371
Lowe T B Halifax HR912
Lowe E R Lancaster KB731
Lowe Arthur Robert Halifax MZ454
Lowe R H Wellington Z1680
Lowe K R Halifax LW175
Lowe J M Lancaster R5746
Lowe J W Lancaster LM379
Lowe I M Halifax LK902
Lowe Walter Basil Wellington Z8845
Lowe L A R Stirling LJ483
Lowe G T Stirling MZ260
Lowe J W Lancaster EE192
Lowe J E Hampden P1256
Lowe R Blenheim L9217
Lowe F A G Wellington R3152
Lowe F Wellington R1450
Lowe R Wellington HE699
Lowe T Typhoon MN265
Lowe Blenheim V6175
Lowe E R Stirling BF522
Lowe Halifax L9526
Lowe W E Halifax JD411
Lowe P Lancaster ED764
Lowe J W Ventura AE798
Lowe J W Ventura AE877
Lowe Hampden L4077
Lowe H Lancaster JB235
Lowe W J Lancaster JA892
Lowe A G Whitley Z6566
Lowe E S Lancaster LL680
Lowe Lancaster JB315
Lowe P C Lancaster ED602
Lowe J Lancaster EE110
Lowe W Stirling EE949
Lowe S L Lancaster PD375
Lowe R W Lancaster ND895
Lowe W Lancaster HK575
Lowe H Stirling BK608
Lowe D C Stirling BK664
Lowe W Whitley Z6953
Lowe J G Stirling EF952
Lowe E Lancaster ND367
Lowe Ivan Lawrence Firth
Lowe Vernon Frederick
Lowe George Robert Colquhoun
Lowe James Thomas
Lowe Alan Craig
Lowe John Cameron
Lowe Leslie Ernest
Lowe Basil Oliver
Lowe Robert Arthur Edward
Lowell John H P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Lowell John H P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Lowell John H P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Lowell John H P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Lowell John H P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Lowell John H P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Lower R W Stirling EE879
Lower A W N Lancaster ED555
Lower Kenneth Eugene B-25 Ooh Brother 43-27489
Lowery J Lancaster LL776
Lowery W Stirling BF447
Lowery K A Lancaster LL627
Lowery James Harold Halifax JD248
Lowes W J L S Typhoon RB276
Lowes G F Blenheim V6035
Lowes W J L S Typhoon JR524
Lowes Richard Thomas
Lowey Walter Harvey Wellington Z1747
Lowey A Typhoon R8930
Lowick M A Halifax LW208
Lowing J H Lancaster RA516
Lowing William Alan
Lowings J L S Halifax JD149
Lowings J L S Halifax W7915
Lowis C R D Wellington Z1422
Lowis C Halifax JB903
Lowis Colin Roderick Donald
Lowle G P Lancaster LL618
Lowlett N B Halifax MZ512
Lowman H P Halifax L9605
Lowman H R Lancaster ND708
Lowman Samuel J P-47 Thunderbolt
Lown Earnest Arthur Wellington R1474
Lown J L F Wellington HE981
Lown W Hampden AT127
Lowndes Leslie John Mosquito HJ658
Lowndes G E Lancaster HK688
Lowne C H Battle K9270
Lowrey Ralph William Lancaster LL643
Lowrey A Halifax MZ312
Lowrey F Wellington T2986
Lowrie Robert Frederick Stirling N3759
Lowrie J Lancaster L7567
Lowrie J W Lancaster JB423
Lowrie J Stirling BK799
Lowrie C Halifax MZ604
Lowry Russel William Halifax JD113
Lowry L M Battle L5503
Lowry T Halifax JB913
Lowry P S Halifax LK640
Lowry Samuel Keith
Lowson George Stanley Lancaster LM140
Lowson D V Whitley T4135
Lowson V Spitfire AR388
Lowson W H Hampden AD722
Lowther George Wilson Catalina FP239
Lowther Philip Henry Blenheim Z7304
Lowther Ernest James Lancaster NF996
Lowther Cyril James Wellington MP813
Lowther R W Stirling LJ504
Lowther J C Lancaster JB120
Lowther J C Lancaster JA920
Lowther P D Wellington X3720
Lowther I D Wellington Z1461
Lowther R C Mosquito DZ308
Lowther R W Stirling BF456
Lowther George Wilson
Lowther Ronald Charles
Lowther Thomas Ronald
Lowther-Clarke David Blenheim T1858
Lowthwaite A E Halifax LW139
Loxkwood J L Hampden AD984
Loxton A F Lancaster EE194
Loxton Alan Frederick
Loyd Daniel T P-47 Thunderbolt
Loyst M P Stirling LK380
Łoziński Marian Józef Vickers Wellington Z1204
Lozo L J Halifax LW577
Łozowicki (Lawson) Alojzy Wellington DV437
Luard J N Lancaster PB668
Lubicz-Lisowski Tadeusz Kazimierz Mustang HB885
Lubojanski K Wellington Z1213
Lubojanski Konrad Vickers Wellington Z1213
Lubojemski Stanislaw Vickers Wellington Z1496
Lubold A L Halifax LW597
Lucan R D Lancaster LM482
Lucas S J Halifax DT554
Lucas Kenneth Richard Hurricane N2598
Lucas James William Blenheim Z9588
Lucas Charles Francis Lysander L6885 (L4813)
Lucas J J Wellington BJ716
Lucas L T Halifax LW327
Lucas G W Halifax JD473
Lucas T K D Halifax HX347
Lucas G Halifax PN447
Lucas O R Whitley Z6816
Lucas Whitley P4961
Lucas R O S Lancaster W4782
Lucas R W Halifax MZ646
Lucas L T Lancaster ME789
Lucas G E G Lancaster JB592
Lucas S E Stirling LK386
Lucas E R Stirling N3654
Lucas L E Stirling N3668
Lucas L R J Mosquito TA404
Lucas L Mosquito MM639
Lucas L R J Mosquito TA404
Lucas W E Mosquito KB459
Lucas G M Wellington LN716
Lucas A Wellington HE385
Lucas F J Stirling EE903
Lucas N J Typhoon EJ901
Lucas R Halifax L9489
Lucas J A H Wellington Z1145
Lucas D Halifax BB376
Lucas S Halifax HX311
Lucas A Lancaster DS676
Lucas A J W Halifax DK270
Lucas C D Lancaster ME700
Lucas S D Lancaster LM286
Lucas H A Lancaster DS784
Lucas L Lancaster JA900
Lucas R H Lancaster ED630
Lucas G H Lancaster LM643
Lucas H L Lancaster PA216
Lucas Mustang
Lucas D G J Lancaster JB408
Lucas B Stirling BF400
Lucas H Stirling EE886
Lucas G W T Stirling EH880
Lucas R P Halifax MZ679
Lucas Whitley N1372
Lucas Whitley
Lucas P B Spitfire
Lucas Norman John
Lucas F.J. 'Popeye'
Lucas George Byron McLean
Lucas Gordon Albert
Lucas Kenneth Tudor Rodwell
Lucas Stephen John
Lucas Clifford James
Lucas Albert Marcus B-24 The Iron Duke 44-10491
Luce R L Whitley Z6799
Lucey D Lancaster NG132
Luchinskas Charles B-24 Lassie Come Home 42-51356
Luck G M V Halifax MZ368
Luck R W Wellington DV674
Luck J Lancaster JB745
Luck C V Lancaster DS777
Luck J A A Hurricane N2475
Luck H J Ventura AE784
Luck W E S Halifax W1237
Luck William Bertram
Luckey William J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Luckey William J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Luckhurst J Wellington W5490
Łucki Jan Michał Vickers Wellington W5579
Luckie A Wellington X9874
Lucking J H Wellington Z1292
Lucking D G Stirling EE951
Luckman R A M Whitley K8996
Luckman B E B Wellington Z1461
Luckman Franklin P Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Luckyk S W Halifax LK948
Luctkowski O Wellington HE345
Lucus W V Halifax L9618
Lucy H K Lancaster JA859
Lucy Thomas James Stirling EE894
Lucy A H Lancaster LM738
Lucy William Paulet
Lucy Harry Kenloch
Lucyna Tadeusz J
Luczyszyn E Spitfire ML257
Ludbrook W G Lancaster R5731
Ludeke Edward P P-51 Mustang
Luder E Halifax DK201
Ludgate J O Stirling R9153
Ludka Jr. Richard Julius B-24 Osage Express 42-52497
Ludkin Wellington N2776
Ludkin J R Wellington X3606
Ludlam L W Wellington P9297
Ludlow Robert Lanoel Lancaster ED867
Ludlow Cyril John Lancaster ME864
Ludlow M T R Halifax JD257
Ludlow A R Lancaster ED331
Ludlow Robert Laneel
Ludor E Halifax EB240
Ludwig J A Halifax MZ601
Ludwig C Hampden P5328
Ludwig Vance P P-47 Thunderbolt
Luedeke Clifford Douglas Wellington DV552
Luedeke Clifford Douglas
Luff E Lancaster LM304
Luff R N P Stirling EF494
Luff G Halifax HR788
Luff F W J Halifax LK835
Luff Robert Thomas
Luffman Ryland Leonard Lancaster DV264
Luffman William John Mustang FZ182
Luffman W H Lancaster LM321
Luffman A R Lancaster ME618
Lugar W R Whitley X9922
Lugaro P Halifax MZ909
Luger D E A Lancaster NN715
Lugg H W Lancaster LM278
Lugg S J P Stirling EH896
Lugosi Jr. Alex Paul B-24 Tell Me More 41-28754
Ługowski Kazimierz Vickers Wellington HF208
Ługowski Stanisław Vickers Wellington Z1204
Lugton Reginald Gordon
Luin C W Wellington X3656
Lukasiewicz Tadeusz Airspeed Oxford ?
Łukasik Fidelis Józef Vickers Wellington Z1467
Lukaszewicz M Spitfire W3573
Lukaszewicz S A Spitfire EN124
Lukaszewicz S Spitfire AD308
Lukaszewicz Kazimierz Hawker Hurricane P3803
Lukaszewicz Marian Supermarine Spitfire W3573?
Lukaszewicz Stanislaw Antoni Supermarine Spitfire EN124
Lukaszewicz Kasimir 'Bonkin' Hurricane P3803
Luke George Hampden AE193
Luke E Lancaster PD385
Luke S C Wellington HE212
Luke A G Lancaster JA864
Luke A Halifax HR714
Luke Robert Gillespie
Luke Cyril Spencer
Lukeman A E Lancaster NG192
Luker H W Lancaster OL-N
Luker David Lancaster ME557
Luker Henry Whitfield
Lukey E M Stirling BK715
Lukey Francis Henry Clark Lancaster ND908
Lukinski Aleksander De Havilland Mosquito LR300
Lukomski Eugeniusz Tadeusz Supermarine Spitfire K4859
Luksic Carl J P-47 Thunderbolt
Luksic Carl J P-47 Thunderbolt
Luksic Carl J P-47 Thunderbolt
Luksic Carl J P-47 Thunderbolt
Luksic Carl J P-47 Thunderbolt
Luksic Carl J P-47 Thunderbolt
Lulham R B S Lancaster EE130
Luma J F Mosquito
Lumb H J Mosquito
Lumb R F Whitley P4948
Lumb T A Manchester R5781
Lumby J G Lancaster ED863
Lumgair N A Lancaster LL637
Lumgair R O Halifax JB959
Lumley M H Lancaster R5680
Lummis James Cornwallis Halifax MZ297
Lumsdaine Ernest Roy Mosquito LR259
Lumsdaine D S Stirling EH909
Lumsdaine Ernest Roy
Lumsdaine Ernest Roy Hampden L4110
Lumsden B C Lancaster HK663
Lumsden O J Lancaster EE135
Lumsden G M Mosquito PZ390
Lumsden J F Stirling R9170
Lumsden G Blenheim L8753
Lumsden A Blenheim N6160
Lumsden W Lancaster JB476
Lumsden W Wellington X3348
Lumsden G Halifax HX281
Lumsden J P Spitfire PL280
Lumsden G Lancaster JB371
Lumsden E A G Hampden AT151
Lumsden Oswald John
Lumsden Grahan Murray
Lunan William Everett Halifax W1061
Lund Mervyn Sydney Wellington R1397
Lund C P Stirling W7533
Lund E T Lancaster W4233
Lund E T Lancaster ND736
Lund J W Spitfire R6642
Lund J W Spitfire W3459
Lundberg T T Lancaster W4340
Lundberg S T Spitfire MJ832
Lundie D C R Lancaster W4316
Lundie A R L Lancaster LM684
Lundie David Crawford Paterson
Lundon F P Stirling BF564
Lundquist Gustav E P-51 Mustang
Lundsten L Spitfire MK966
Lundy James Halifax EB213
Lundy E E Wellington HE656
Lundy H W Wellington X3748
Lundy R Lancaster ND732
Lundy W O Lancaster W4250
Lunn Kenneth Whitley N1527
Lunn G A Wellington BK162
Lunn J D Typhoon PD464
Lunn B Wellington Z8491
Lunn B P Wellington Z1728
Lunn S J Stirling BK798
Lunn G D Halifax MZ759
Lunn B J Fortress KJ103
Lunn T R Stirling BK712
Lunn J W Halifax EB212
Lunn D Mosquito MM118
Lunn D Mosquito PF414
Lunn Raymond George
Lunney D M Lancaster JB668
Lunney V N Halifax HR912
Lunney R H Stirling R9278
Lunnin T H Lancaster DV312
Lunniss R H H Halifax HX236
Lunniss E Lancaster DV344
Lunny C Halifax EB216
Lunøe Eric Lysander L4778
Lunstrum Richard M P-51 Mustang
Lunt P Lancaster NG126
Lunt A Lancaster ND351
Lupinka Ryszard Jan
Lupinsky Jack Lancaster KB782
Lupton J S Lancaster LL731
Lupton Harry Lancaster ED327
Lupton Selwyn Jaque Wellington HE862
Lupton S R Halifax R9495
Lupton C P Wellington R3213
Lupton J T Lancaster PB295
Lupton F Wellington N2782
Lupton J Lancaster LL697
Lupton S Lancaster W4269
Lupton William George
Lupton James Samuel
Lupton Leonard Arthur
Luscombe P H Wellington Z1620
Luscombe T H Wellington HE631
Luscombe Frederick Tom Wellington R1461
Luscombe-Armstrong P Lancaster ND593
Lush Arthur Sylwood Stirling N3710
Lush A L Blenheim V5515
Lush D J Typhoon MN355
Lush A L Ventura AJ169
Lusher N Hampden AE301
Lussier K E Lancaster DS845
Lusted R B Halifax MZ368
Lusty W E Blenheim P6934
Lusty D W Halifax JB928
Luszczewski Jerzy Armstrong Whitworth Whitley P5009
Luten Leo Owe Wellington X3796
Luter V G L Blenheim P4905
Lutes A R Halifax JD175
Luther C P Lancaster JB656
Luther W C Halifax HR717
Luther T W C Halifax JD213
Luther Clive Prosdocimi
Luton V D Lancaster LL971
Luton H C Lancaster ND913
Luton L R S Stirling W7617
Luton John Campbell
Luton Vincent Donovan
Lutton J C Lancaster R5755
Lutton R L Wellington HE530
Lutwyche Charles Eade Wellington DV476
Lutwyche Percy Stirling EF359
Lutwyche Leslie Richard Lancaster ME833
Lutz A M Lancaster ED990
Lutz A E Lancaster LM748
Lutz Robin Proudfoot
Lutz Alan Montgomery
Lutz Alfred Edward
Lutz John R P-51 Mustang
Lutz Robert P Bristol Beaufighter
Lutz Willis H P-51 Mustang
Lux J P Spitfire BL853
Lux Frank O P-47 Thunderbolt
Lux Frank O P-47 Thunderbolt
Lux Frank O P-47 Thunderbolt
Luxford F E Halifax DT808
Luxford J Spitfire AD554
Luxford A H Lancaster JA896
Luxford D F Lancaster HK610
Luxmore A N Hampden P1326
Luxmore A S Hampden L4078
Luxton E L Lancaster HK555
Luxton W S Halifax DK250
Luxton D N Lancaster ND581
Luxton J R Halifax DK240
Luzmoor D A Stirling BF477
Lyall R T Fortress SR384
Lyall Roderick Spitfire NH274
Lyall W B Halifax LV956
Lyall J M Stirling R9145
Lyall G G Halifax HR811
Lyall R Lancaster W4338
Lyall A Halifax LL289
Lyall G Lancaster JA933
Lyall A Spitfire
Lyall Archibald ("Pat")
Lyall William Brian
Lydall J W Hurricane L1816
Lydeamore Herbert Berry
Lydekker A Gladiator
Lydka Mieczyslaw Vickers Wellington X9807
Lye W H A Typhoon PD612
Lye M O Lancaster JB148
Lyford N J Lancaster ND514
Lyford Percy Robert Lancaster JA925
Lyford F P Lancaster ME568
Lyford Cyril George Alfred
Lyford Norman Joseph
Lyford-Pike D Halifax LK685
Lygo H J Lancaster ED537
Lyle H K Typhoon MN888
Lyle K K Halifax MZ302
Lyle A Wellington BJ590
Lyle C Stirling R9155
Lyle B F E Lancaster JB347
Lymath John Frederick
Lymbery B E Wellington W5448
Lymburner J A L Mosquito NS731
Lymburner L McC Wellington X3390
Lynam Francis John Lancaster ME616
Lynam W Lancaster JB700
Lynas James Neville
Lynass J C Ventura AE798
Lynass J C Ventura AE877
Lynch G A Lancaster LM334
Lynch J Stirling EE903
Lynch K J Stirling EF259
Lynch James Holburn Spitfire MK618
Lynch James Holburn Spitfire NH555
Lynch D D Lancaster NX585
Lynch A J Lancaster JB739
Lynch T J Lancaster LM523
Lynch C J Lancaster NF990
Lynch Arthur Edward Walter Whitley Z6667
Lynch Denis C. Lancaster EE174
Lynch T Halifax NA192
Lynch James Laurids Halifax MZ454
Lynch N H Halifax MZ514
Lynch John Joseph Whitley Z6841
Lynch J D Lancaster ED809
Lynch G Whitley Z6557
Lynch W H Lancaster LL887
Lynch J Lancaster EE169
Lynch P J Lancaster ME721
Lynch J P Lancaster ME692
Lynch D H Wellington N2987
Lynch Phillip Lancaster DS777
Lynch P Lancaster EE142
Lynch J Halifax LW280
Lynch Hampden AE238
Lynch M S Halifax LV772
Lynch J Lancaster LM390
Lynch P J Hampden AD983
Lynch J G Halifax MZ448
Lynch E C Lancaster ED719
Lynch R C Spitfire EP871
Lynch H P Wellington R1369
Lynch C D Wellington R1369
Lynch M J Lancaster DV381
Lynch W E Lancaster ME733
Lynch B Halifax LW650
Lynch J J Spitfire W3708
Lynch A Lancaster ED313
Lynch T Lancaster JA690
Lynch Dallas William
Lynch Alfred Harry
Lynch Walter Hugh
Lynch William Douglas
Lynch Joseph Richard
Lynch Geoffrey Augustine
Lynch John
Lynch Allan Spencer
Lynch Arnold John
Lynch Edward Thomas
Lynch Kevin
Lynch John Joseph
Lynch James L P-51 Mustang
Lynch-Blosse E H Wellington R1013
Lynch-Blosse P W Lancaster R5555
Lynd W L Halifax NR233
Lynde C A Mosquito KB421
Lyndon Whitley Z9276
Lyndon Whitley Z9213
Lynds A G Hurricane BN229
Lyne Donald Edward Lancaster ND528
Lyne F H Halifax LL416
Lyne D H Stirling BK799
Lyne M D Spitfire L1031
Lyne M D Spitfire
Lyne A W G Whitley K9048
Lyne Lewis John
Lyneham Alan Robert
Lynes Gavin John Vickers Wellington R1473
Lynes G J Wellington R1473
Lynes James William Lancaster ED347
Lynes Peter John Lancaster ND467
Lynes H M Mosquito HK424
Lynett T P Halifax LV965
Lyng John J. Halifax MZ529
Lyng David Thomas Lancaster DS740
Lynn G V Hampden AD756
Lynn Edward Robson Halifax HX268
Lynn I L Lancaster RF122
Lynn R J Stirling BF406
Lynn B E Lancaster DS686
Lynn William George Boston AL741
Lynn T Mosquito LR508
Lynn J C Wellington X9704
Lynn J E Halifax JD249
Lynn R W Wellington HE162
Lynn W S Lancaster W5008
Lynn Blenheim V6032
Lynn Blenheim V6032
Lynn Blenheim
Lynn William Archibald
Lyon James Henry Scott Wellington LN660
Lyon Andrew Wallace Halifax LL380
Lyon Eric Robert Holmes Hampden AE193
Lyon A J L Lancaster W4888
Lyon E W Blenheim N6189
Lyon H J Blenheim L9310
Lyon P G Halifax DT748
Lyon A T Lancaster PD252
Lyon E R Spitfire AR343
Lyon C J Hampden X3054
Lyon J D Halifax LW542
Lyon J K Whitley P4991
Lyon R Lancaster W5000
Lyon C A Lancaster JB356
Lyon A K L Halifax JD471
Lyon James Henry ScoTt
Lyon Andrew Wallace
Lyon John
Lyon Ashley David
Lyon Kenneth William
Lyons Leon George Hampden AT228
Lyons R J Lancaster ME298
Lyons K M D Lancaster LL790
Lyons Patrick Stirling EF495
Lyons F E E Wellington BJ769
Lyons H N Stirling BF482
Lyons C S Stirling BF476
Lyons H A M Lancaster ND593
Lyons J M Lancaster LM755
Lyons J E Halifax JD951
Lyons T L Wellington R1791
Lyons J Lancaster PB675
Lyons T J J Wellington X3485
Lyons B S Typhoon MN358
Lyons J Lancaster PB251
Lyons A R Lancaster LL692
Lyons J R Lancaster NG324
Lyons R Lancaster ND703
Lyons R Spitfire AB517
Lyons J E R Halifax W7698
Lyons G Lancaster W4843
Lyons W Lancaster ED721
Lyons W Lancaster ED700
Lyons John O'Malley
Lyons Sydney Ernest
Lyons Leon George
Lyons Kenneth Marcus Denbigh
Lyons Robert John
Lyons William S P-51 Mustang
Lyons William S P-51 Mustang
Lysek A Spitfire AD257
Lysek Antoni Supermarine Spitfire AD257
Lyssington William Henry Lancaster DV364
Lyster R F Halifax DT628
Lyth T Lancaster DV301
Lythgoe C G Halifax L9582
Lythgoe L G Wellington HE906
Lythgoe G E Lancaster PB123
Lytle O Halifax LK917
Lytle Samuel John Hampden AD840
Lyttle W A Ventura AE692
Lyttle Alexander Lawrence Halifax HR686
Lyttle J Hampden L4089
M Adam Handley Page Halifax JD171
M Wiktor Handley Page Halifax UL187
M'Ilveen J Wellington DV703
Maas W J Halifax DG227
Mabbett William Ernest Hampden AE352
Mabbett Sydney William Robert Spitfire P8690
Mabbott G W C Halifax LW428
Mabbutt J W C Lancaster PB405
Mabee K W Lancaster RF188
Mabee George Floyd Lancaster ED469
Maben W S Lancaster ED708
Mabey L F Wellington P9272
Mabey G B Lancaster DS766
Mabey W J Lancaster DS757
Mabey Albert Horace Wellington MF399
Mabille L Halifax LW443
Mabon Adam Lancaster DS688
Mabon W Halifax LW506
Macadam John Swanson Halifax DT732
MacAdam Lawrence Edward Wellington HZ375
MacAfee R L Stirling N6070
MacAleavey K Lancaster PA991
MacAlister D W Blenheim T1824
Macalister G W Halifax W1245
Macallister G D Wellington W5516
MacAllister H D F Halifax MZ372
MacAninch H C Lancaster W4935
MacArthur H F Wellington R1588
MacArthur G R Lancaster ED908
MacArthur K A R Wellington R3170
MacArthur James Henry Gordon
MacArthur-Onslow Andrew William
Macartney Frederick Ernest
Macaskie J C Wellington T2476
MacAskill T L Halifax BB324
Macaskill A Wellington N2843
MacAskill Allan Wellington R1331
Macassey Michael Ernest Brian Spitfire L1060
Macaulay D A Wellington X3712
MacAulay N A Halifax LV944
Macaulay John Walter Halifax W1186
Macaulay C H Halifax HR738
Macaulay H Lancaster PB463
MacAuley N T Halifax BB361
Macauley W J Wellington X3360
Macauley M Halifax DK233
Macauley F N Lancaster JB376
Macauley R Stirling R9265
Macauley W C Stirling EF348
Macauley J Whirlwind P7010
Macauley T J Defiant AA658
Macauley Wellington Z8891
MacBean J Lancaster PB360
Macbeth Robert Halifax BB374
MacBeth A Spitfire P8314
MacCague J A Spitfire BL784
MacCallum G L Halifax DT741
MacCallum C L Wellington X3840
MacCallum D Manchester R5840
MacCallum D Hampden X3132
MacCanlay A Halifax LV863
MacCarthy D R Halifax NP719
MacCausland V S Lancaster ED887
MacCaw D C Hurricane P3617
MacClancy M R Boston W8334
MacCugan I C Lancaster KB809
MacCullum W K Lancaster NG182
MacDermott B J Halifax LV791
Macdermott James B P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
MacDiarmid Colin Shaw
MacDonald K Lancaster LM714
MacDonald N Lancaster JB472
MacDonald R H Lancaster JB223
Macdonald E J N Wellington Z1182
Macdonald D I Lancaster ED521
Macdonald Alexander Gordon Lancaster R5639
MacDonald D Wellington X9756
Macdonald K M Lancaster JB123
MacDonald I S H Mosquito DZ608
MacDonald Don Blenheim L9746
MacDonald William Mary Lawrence Battle K9283
Macdonald Joseph 'Joe' Widger Murphy Lancaster R5698
Macdonald Alan Scotland Wellington Z8845
MacDonald William John Charles Lancaster JB542
MacDonald Ian Roy Lancaster JB552
MacDonald Norman Wellington T2463
MacDonald William Archibald Lancaster PB172
MacDonald D F Lancaster W4782
MacDonald A D Lancaster W4786
MacDonald W J C Lancaster JB354
MacDonald C L Spitfire
MacDonald Lorne Albert Lancaster NN803
MacDonald E E Wellington BJ775
Macdonald F McL Whitley Z6940
Macdonald G S Manchester L7487
MacDonald W M Wellington W5727HA-V
MacDonald H B Halifax W7761
MacDonald H B Halifax W1159
MacDonald H D Spitfire MJ115
MacDonald H D Spitfire W3619
MacDonald W A Halifax DT745
MacDonald Robert Gray Halifax BB250
MacDonald W A Halifax W1096
MacDonald J C Halifax DT772
MacDonald I Halifax BB343
MacDonald C M Lancaster DS774
Macdonald I R Halifax BB311
MacDonald J E Halifax MZ686
MacDonald D J Halifax LW239
Macdonald Harry Alexander Wellington X3723
MacDonald D A Wellington BK330
MacDonald A W Halifax NA580
Macdonald W H K Halifax LW388
MacDonald A J Halifax NA629
MacDonald J K Wellington HE280
MacDonald K W Wellington MS479
MacDonald A H Wellington HE422
MacDonald M N Lancaster LL721
MacDonald H F Lancaster LL647
MacDonald J M Halifax RG350
MacDonald A Halifax LV973
MacDonald J I Halifax HX352
MacDonald J A S Halifax LW690
Macdonald C B Lancaster KB858
MacDonald D C Halifax LW592
MacDonald V C Halifax LK754
MacDonald J K Halifax NP678
MacDonald C D Halifax NP815
MacDonald D H Halifax LK647
MacDonald M H D Lancaster R5557
MacDonald Donald Alistair Lancaster ED588
MacDonald C G E Lancaster LL698
MacDonald S M Lancaster PB725
MacDonald J L Lancaster ME314
MacDonald J R G Stirling EE906
MacDonald Archibald Stewart Lancaster DV388
MacDonald Douglas Allister Lancaster JB532
MacDonald R L Halifax BB242
MacDonald R E Halifax JB863
MacDonald A F Halifax W7938
MacDonald E W Lancaster R5670
MacDonald I A Blenheim L9020
MacDonald Joseph Camillu Lancaster W4184
Macdonald D M Lancaster NF985
MacDonald W R Lancaster ED589
Macdonald Grant Lancaster
Macdonald A G Lancaster JB730
MacDonald W H Lancaster ND736
MacDonald Hugh McLennan Wellington T2879
MacDonald Neil Evan McLeod Tempest EJ881
MacDonald J J Halifax JD144
MacDonald S Lancaster W4364
MacDonald R J Lancaster ME721
MacDonald W H Lancaster JB152
MacDonald J C Mosquito DK298
MacDonald W L Wellington P2524
Macdonald D W Lancaster DS722
MacDonald D A Battle L5580
MacDonald Wellington P9247
MacDonald A H Lancaster ME829
MacDonald K W Halifax MZ638
MacDonald J A Typhoon JR242
MacDonald W L Blenheim V5825
MacDonald R F Halifax HR685
MacDonald Halifax W1154
Macdonald F Halifax DT797
MacDonald H T Halifax DT617
MacDonald J W Lancaster JA843
Macdonald A J Lancaster PB816
Macdonald A Lancaster ED304
MacDonald I A Hampden AE318
MacDonald D K Spitfire L1046
MacDonald H K Spitfire L1076
MacDonald A Lancaster ME491
MacDonald G W Stirling BK801
MacDonald J A Stirling BK724
MacDonald S Halifax LW502
MacDonald Charles Stirling N6011
MacDonald I Stirling BF379
MacDonald M A Wellington T2805
MacDonald A B B Whitley N1358
Macdonald J S Halifax LW266
Macdonald M Lancaster ND930
MacDonald D Lancaster DV284
MacDonald M Stirling EF294
MacDonald D Lancaster R5513
Macdonald Wellington Z8958
MacDonald Harold Kennedy
MacDonald Colin Gardner
MacDonald Robert Haynes
MacDonald William Campbell
MacDonald Keith William
Macdonald Leonard Howell
MacDonald Newton
MacDonald Roderick Daniel
MacDonald John Charles
MacDonald Edward John Norman
MacDonald Donald Ian
MacDonald Alexander Gordon
MacDonald John Campbell
MacDonald Donald
MacDonald Peter
Macdonald Keith Mitchell
MacDonald John William
Macdonald Philip Alan
MacDonald Keith Ian
Macdonald Donald Ewen Wellington LP197
MacDonald Frank Cadell 'Mac' Stirling, Lancaster
MacDonald Allan Avro Anson TX175
MacDonald Robert William B-24 Liberator 3701
MacDonald J A S Halifax LK734
MacDonald-Hall Robert ("Sam")
MacDonell E N Spitfire W3436
Macdonell C B Lancaster KB806
MacDonell Archibald Bernard Wellington X3423
MacDonnell J H D Lancaster ND457
MacDonnell A R D Spitfire P9554
MacDonnell A Spitfire P7555
MacDonnell Aeneas Ranald Donald
MacDonnell John Hugh Douglas
MacDougal R C Halifax NA584
MacDougall A D Lancaster LM110
MacDougall M Wellington X3669
MacDougall D A Lancaster PB650
MacDougall John Hillhouse Halifax MZ596
MacDougall John Neil Halifax LW210
MacDougall D A Halifax LV945
MacDougall D C Halifax LV990
MacDougall Dalton Ross Alexander Wellington Z1695
MacDougall C J R Halifax MZ844
MacDougall I N Defiant L6983
MacDougall A Lancaster PB652
MacDougall Allan Douglas
Macdowell Kenneth B P-47 Thunderbolt
MacDuff H E Lancaster LL851
Mace Jack Lancaster PB397
Mace Harold Arthur Halifax LV903
Mace A W Stirling BF312
Mace C R Battle P2250
Mace Stirling W458
Mace Stirling N3726
Mace J R Halifax DT696
Mace J R Halifax DT558
Mace J R Spitfire BR597
Mace A G Lancaster NG244
Mace D R C Spitfire AD260
Mace L R Halifax LL122
Mace Cecil Raymond
Mace Harvey F P-51 Mustang
Mace Harvey F P-51 Mustang
MacEachern H A Wellington HZ278
MacEachon William Henry B-25 Ooh Brother 43-27489
MacEwen N S Stirling EE973
Macey Kenneth Joseph Lancaster LL797
Macey J E Wellington Z8409
Macey M E F Spitfire NH600
MacFadden D F Wellington HE744
MacFadden R D B Wellington Z1081
MacFadyen Duncan
MacFarland W Lancaster R5859
MacFarlane M A Lancaster DV295
MacFarlane Ruthven Arnold Beaufort L4508
Macfarlane James Lancaster W4928
MacFarlane William Lancaster W4317
MacFarlane John William Halifax W7679
MacFarlane Ronald Ernest Lancaster DV300
Macfarlane D J Lancaster PB525
MacFarlane D W Mosquito NT142
MacFarlane J D Wellington BK296
MacFarlane M E R Halifax MZ589
MacFarlane J A Lancaster ME385
Macfarlane R E Lancaster LL753
MacFarlane D W Halifax JB837
MacFarlane J Stirling LJ621
MacFarlane T Stirling W7506
MacFarlane S Lancaster LL947
MacFarlane D M Wellington W5427
MacFarlane H Lancaster ME700
MacFarlane R Lancaster DV398
MacFarlane J Lancaster NF964
MacFarlane W T Halifax NA163
MacFarlane Murdo Donald Davidson
MacFarlane John Greig
Macfarlane Murray Armstrong
Macfarlane Walter E P-47 Thunderbolt`
Macfarlane Walter E P-47 Thunderbolt
MacFayden D Lancaster ND533
MacFayden R D Halifax HX320
MacFayden C Lancaster ND976
Macfie J Lancaster LM518
MacFie C H Spitfire P8651
MacGibbon P A Lancaster LM595
MacGillivray Aubrey Lawrence Halifax W1066
MacGillivray A C Halifax MZ501
MacGillivray D K Halifax LK956
MacGillivray J C Lancaster JB419
MacGillivray A H Lancaster ND353
MacGillivray A H Lancaster ND350
MacGillivray Alexander Donald Halifax LK705
MacGillivray J D R Wellington X3389
MacGowan R Lancaster PA223
MacGowan Thorburn Harcourt
MacGregor J J Wellington P9227
MacGregor Robert Butler 'Bobbie' Whitley P5044
MacGregor D A Halifax LV787
MacGregor John Alfred Stewart Lancaster KB738
MacGregor P G H Halifax MZ514
MacGregor R R Halifax LK953
MacGregor G F Lancaster ND695
MacGregor D S Halifax MZ310
MacGregor A J Hampden AE237
MacGregor J Lancaster ME775
MacGregor G Halifax HR854
Macgregor J R Lancaster PB189
MacGregor H M Hampden P1260
MacGregor John Charles Hampden, Manchester L7522
MacGregor Roderick Alister
MacGregor-King T F Wellington Z8495
MacGregor-King Thomas Freer
Macgugan I F Lancaster LM291
MacGugan Ian Fairlie
Mach Bronisław
Machacek V Hurricane BE573
Machacek J Hurricane V7337
Machacek J Spitfire R7218
Machan Raymond John Kellitt Halifax LK664
Machan S H Spitfire AD463
Machan R J K Halifax DK175
Machell H G Halifax DT752
Machen Evan J P-38 Lightning
Machesney G R Halifax LV871
Machin Harry Lancaster DV185
Machin L W Lancaster JA866
Machin G D L Mustang ED545
Machin W H Defiant L6965
Machin Wellington Z8971
Machin Wellington T2805
Machonachie J R A Mosquito PF451
Machowiak Marcin Auster MZ254
Machulak Bolesław Handley Page Halifax HR657
Maciej Ludwik Wellington W5666
Maciejewski S Spitfire P8519
Maciejewski Ludwik Avro Lancaster DV282
Maciejowski Michał M 'Micky' Spitfire BL927
Maciejowski (Manson) Michał Karol 'Micky' Spitfire BS302
Macierzynski Karol Handley Page Halifax UL187
MacIlwraith J M Hampden AE120
MacIlwraith J G Blenheim N3569
MacInnes P J Lancaster JB539
MacInnes J T Whitley N1460
MacInnes D A Stirling BK626
MacInnis F R Lancaster PB573
MacInnis D A Halifax LM198
Macinski Bernard
Macinski Janusz Hawker Hurricane Z2309
MacIntosh E W Lancaster ND678
MacIntosh C D Typhoon JP545
MacIntosh D McK Lancaster ND994
Macintosh J Lancaster W4954
Macintosh K J Blenheim Z7448
Macintosh W U A Lancaster ME434
MacIntosh J C Manchester
MacIntyre Alexander John Halifax BB364
MacIntyre Don P Halifax W1048
MacIntyre Thomas George Matheson Hampden AE223
Macintyre Peter McDonald Wellington HF307
Macintyre J S Wellington HZ312
MacIntyre J F B Lancaster DV168
MacIntyre A S Typhoon JP492
MacIsaac James
Maciula Zdzislaw Miles Master DM424
MacIver A McL Halifax LW595
MacIver N C Wellington X3162
MacIver Murdoch Ian Lochghair
Mack F W Halifax HX233
Mack J H Halifax NP739
Mack A W Whitley K8985
Mack R E X Mosquito HK371
Mack M C X Halifax HR928
Mack J B Halifax HR727
Mack P H Lancaster JB176
Mack Frank Wharton
MacKachern J H Halifax RG347
Mackan Dennis John Blenheim Z7447
Mackan D Heyford K4874
MacKarness D F M Whitley N1523
Mackay Huntley David Shaw Mann Jack Lancaster LM263
Mackay J D Spitfire MH442
Mackay S W Halifax NA545
Mackay David John Lancaster JA715
Mackay Duncan Hampden P4368
MacKay Neil Stirling LJ982
Mackay William Henry Vesey Halifax RG375
Mackay Alexander Lancaster ED979
MacKay D A Halifax LL466
Mackay D K Lancaster ND345
MacKay J G Lancaster NG290
Mackay T O Whitley BD368
MacKay Gerald Peabody Spitfire BS122
Mackay W Wellington W5551
MacKay F E Halifax HR797
MacKay William James Hampden L4084
Mackay J H Lancaster KB707
MacKay J Lancaster DS837
MacKay P W Halifax NP681
Mackay G I Halifax LW577
Mackay G L Halifax LK953
Mackay A H Halifax LK970
Mackay J G Lancaster ED907
Mackay Andrew Donald Wellington Z1566
Mackay K McL Lancaster ND800
Mackay R Lancaster JB560
Mackay A O Lancaster ED614
Mackay J D Blenheim V6522
Mackay N Lancaster DS680
Mackay V J Wellington Z1396
Mackay W I Hampden P4378
MacKay M MacP Stirling EE954
MacKay R Spitfire X4182
Mackay A Halifax MZ363
MacKay D G Lancaster R5555
Mackay T Lancaster LM650
Mackay P G Halifax MZ368
MacKay G F Whitley Z9481
MacKay A W Whitley Z6487
Mackay J Lancaster JB485
Mackay D Halifax MZ518
Mackay W Lancaster PD199
Mackay R M Lancaster ME742
MacKay D Stirling N6010
Mackay G Lancaster LM302
Mackay P S Lancaster R5636
Mackay E Lancaster R5673
Mackay W J Hampden X3118
Mackay K O T Lancaster R5701
Mackay Norman Neil
Mackay John Duncan
Mackay Charles Bede
Mackay Graham Gordon
Mackay Donald John Brebner
Mackay William Alexander
Mackay Alton Ronald
Mackay Stuart Walter
Mackay Neil Stuart
Mackay-Baldry Kenneth Aldred
MacKeand I C Wellington Z1209
MacKeigan D C Halifax NP999
MacKeigan Eion Lloyd Halifax LL176
Mackelden F Wellington HE150
MacKelvie J A Mustang AM220
Mackender H L J Wellington BK301
MacKenna W F Halifax HR920
Mackenzie Ronald Charles Wellington Z8807
MacKenzie E S Lancaster ED837
Mackenzie R M Mustang FD439
MacKenzie I C Halifax JB909
Mackenzie P M Lancaster W4956
MacKenzie A R Lancaster NE133
Mackenzie D J Lancaster ME689
Mackenzie Kenneth Ian Blenheim N3528
Mackenzie Leonard Leopold James Wellington N3017
MacKenzie Donald Carr Lancaster W4983
Mackenzie Russell Merriman
Mackenzie John Noble
Mackenzie Ian Fraser Stirling BF383
Mackenzie A R Lancaster LM479
Mackenzie A R Lancaster ME848
Mackenzie M D Wellington Z1048
Mackenzie W C Stirling N6021
Mackenzie W C Stirling W7435
Mackenzie J Halifax JD317
Mackenzie H H Typhoon JR523
Mackenzie J I Stirling R9197
MacKenzie Norman Angus Halifax BB216
Mackenzie W E Halifax DT731
MacKenzie J D Halifax DT630
MacKenzie A G Halifax JD331
Mackenzie H E Halifax NP959
MacKenzie M M Halifax LM680
MacKenzie D A Wellington HZ261
MacKenzie A E Halifax LK954
MacKenzie John Lancaster KB777
Mackenzie D V Halifax LW614
Mackenzie N A F Lancaster LL908
Mackenzie Hugh Fraser Lancaster LL787
Mackenzie Kenneth Alexander Lancaster R5916
Mackenzie N J Wellington X3675
MacKenzie K J Lancaster PD278
Mackenzie A C Halifax W7699
Mackenzie Stanley Henry Stirling EF148
Mackenzie D Halifax JD146
Mackenzie Whitley Z6867
MacKenzie N W Wellington T2565
MacKenzie R A Halifax JD180
Mackenzie C Wellington Z1651
Mackenzie A Lancaster W4895
Mackenzie Duncan Benjamin Grant Lancaster JB553
MacKenzie D Mosquito MM649
Mackenzie A J Lancaster LM687
MacKenzie R D W Typhoon MN640
Mackenzie K W Hurricane BD832
Mackenzie G Hurricane L1667
Mackenzie M W Halifax W7803
MacKenzie J N Spitfire R6887
Mackenzie H D Hampden AD840
MacKenzie A W Lancaster JB637
MacKenzie R I L Hampden L1319
Mackenzie A J S Lancaster ND516
MacKenzie K W Hurricane V6806
Mackenzie J N Halifax JD250
MacKenzie D H Halifax HR838
MacKenzie A L Halifax LV775
Mackenzie C D F Lancaster LL696
Mackenzie E Lancaster LM273
Mackenzie D B Lancaster LM647
Mackenzie G Lancaster PB123
Mackenzie C D Lancaster PB228
Mackenzie J P Mosquito MM141
Mackenzie D Lancaster ED493
Mackenzie F E Lancaster R5675
MacKenzie D F Lancaster JB119
Mackenzie A Wellington X9739
Mackenzie Evan Seaforth
Mackenzie Lionel Grant
MacKenzie Ian William
Mackenzie Ian Cumming
Mackenzie Peter Murchison
Mackenzie Allan Richard
Mackenzie Douglas John
Mackenzie Andrew Robert 'Andy' Spitfire
Mackenzie Graham R R Wellington R1281
Mackerras Donald John
Mackerson J B Whitley Z6729
Mackey Hugh Lister Blenheim V5899
Mackey W K Wellington W5521
Mackey D O Halifax NA183
Mackey J G Lancaster NN711
Mackey D J Wellington T2552
Mackey S H Lancaster PD267
MackGregor W F Wellington W5522
Mackid John Goodsir Lancaster L7572
Mackie Evan Dall 'Rosie'
Mackie John William Stirling BF372
Mackie J C Halifax W7763
Mackie A M Halifax MZ805
Mackie A Halifax RG347
Mackie J W A Lancaster LM452
Mackie J D D Halifax HR773
Mackie J D D Halifax DT558
Mackie E D Tempest NV657
Mackie F Lancaster DV162
Mackie J D Lancaster NF982
Mackie G Y Lancaster DS825
Mackie S J Stirling N3723
Mackie G Stirling W7429LS-X
Mackie S C R Halifax HX270
Mackie J W Stirling R9158
Mackie Peter Hendry Jones Halifax LL143
Mackie N A J Lancaster ED313
Mackie Clarence Herbert
Mackie John Stewart
Mackiewicz A Spitfire TB246
Mackiewicz Wladyslaw Avro Anson M5053
Mackilligin J P Lancaster ND585
MacKillop W Lancaster W5008
MacKinley W B Lancaster JB242
MacKinnon James Elmer Hudson P5162
MacKinnon J R Lancaster LM106
MacKinnon F Hampden AD842
MacKinnon R G Lancaster KB719
Mackinnon M D Lancaster ND781
MacKinnon D W Halifax MZ768
MacKinnon Douglas Malcolm Wellington R3171
Mackinnon A Mosquito MM629
MacKinnon A Mosquito MM629
MacKinnon A Mosquito MM674
Mackinnon K E Lancaster ND555
Mackinnon D D Blenheim L6639
Mackinnon J G Wellington Z8527
MacKinnon J Hampden AD967
MacKinnon R Hampden P1253
MacKinnon G S A Lancaster ED974
Mackinnon Alexander Alwyn
Mackintosh H C L Lancaster ND338
Mackintosh D J Wellington W5384
Mackintosh J C Lancaster ED840
Mackintosh E D C Halifax HR734
Mackintosh A D Fortress HB802
MacKintosh J L Halifax LW435
Mackintosh D T Lancaster ME572
Mackintosh J E Lancaster LL969
Mackintosh J R Lancaster NN698
Mackintosh Harold Charles Leeton
Mackirdy Ian Mactaggat Wellington W5482
MacKirdy D H Halifax LK850
Macklaier C W Lancaster LM716
Macklin William Henry Stirling BF378
Mackney John Reginald Halifax JP239
MacKnight B C Lancaster NN722
MacKnight J Lancaster JA716
Macknight Bruce Cowper
Mackowiak Kazimierz
Mackrell S V Lancaster ND569
Mackrell John Frederick Walter Battle P2162
Mackrell S Stirling EF119
Mackrell Trevor
Mackrell Stanley Vincent
Mackrill Albert Elvin Lancaster W4165
Macks J S Lancaster R5497
Macksimchuk J T Wellington HE923
Mackworth C C D Hurricane ?
Mackworth C C D Hurricane L1834
Maclachlan Clayton Dougal Lancaster DS704
MacLachlan A J Wellington HF542
MacLachlan J L Halifax BB214
MacLachlan A R A Lancaster JB177
MacLachlan J R Hurricane P3611
MacLachlan Wellington X9669
Maclachlan Spitfire
MacLachlan G B Spitfire BS245
MacLachlan J A F Mustang FD442
MacLachlan James Archibald Findlay
MacLachland A C Blenheim N6231
MacLagan G Lancaster R5568
MacLagen D R C Blenheim L9023
MacLaine Grantham Stanhope
MacLaren A S Halifax JD257
Maclaren C C Lancaster KB866
MacLaren R E Lancaster HK605
Maclaren W F Halifax HR715
MacLaren P F Wellington P9207
MacLaren W R Tempest EJ708
MacLaren William Ross
Maclaughlin J Blenheim P4853
Maclean D W Lancaster PD331
Maclean M H M Mosquito KB197
MacLean J E B Lancaster NN722
Maclean J A Halifax W7708
MacLean John Angus Lancaster DS709
MacLean G B Mosquito HJ825
MacLean J W Lancaster LL647
MacLean R Halifax LL181
MacLean D L Halifax HX353
MacLean S J Manchester L7472
Maclean I H Lancaster PA974
Maclean Don Lancaster
Maclean G Wellington R1494
MacLean H Manchester L7399
Maclean I Halifax JD269
MacLean D Wellington R3219
MacLean C Lancaster ED530
MacLean A G Lancaster LM222
MacLean D Halifax LW287
Maclean C H Spitfire X4187
Maclean A Lancaster ME693
Maclean Douglas Wallace
Maclean Allan
Maclean Roderick Orr
Maclean Malcolm Hamilton Murray
Maclean Byron Veitch
MacLean John Erskine Brown
Maclean Edward F P-47 Thunderbolt
MacLeay F Lancaster LM318
MacLeay K G Wellington R1063
MacLellan M Lancaster R5762
MacLellan James Henry
MacLenan S C Halifax DK207
Maclennan Donald John Wellington HF279
MacLennan C G Wellington X3960
MacLennan J A Lancaster LL827
MacLennan H Lancaster DS767
Maclennan B Lancaster KB869
MacLennan J Lancaster PB120
Maclennan H Lancaster DS717
Maclennan I R Spitfire MH850
MacLennan John Halifax DT631
Maclennan Hugh Alexander
MacLennan William Alexander
MacLennon C Halifax W1214
MacLennon Typhoon JR3060
MacLeod E R F Halifax LW724
Macleod A D Wellington Z1422
MacLeod Angus Peter Mosquito HJ935
Macleod William Ross Douglas Halifax NR246
MacLeod William Holland Wellington R1045
Macleod Calum Murdo Halifax LV903
MacLeod John Donald Lancaster W4179
MacLeod Joseph Murdoch Lancaster DS734
Macleod N K Wellington X3305
MacLeod Arthur James Lancaster PB701
MacLeod A H Halifax HR802
MacLeod R B Manchester L7380
MacLeod G A Wellington W5553
Macleod Douglas Kenneth Halifax JD114
Macleod M H Halifax LW428
MacLeod J J W Halifax LV968
MacLeod A J Halifax MZ509
MacLeod M A Lancaster KB806
MacLeod Melvin Joshua Lancaster NG302
Macleod N A Stirling BF398
Macleod W R D Halifax NA627
MacLeod J B Blenheim V6429
MacLeod N Stirling R9327
MacLeod N A Stirling R9202
MacLeod R Halifax MZ760
Macleod R G Typhoon EJ902
MacLeod A Defiant L7007
MacLeod A C Halifax W7878
MacLeod J A Spitfire BM233
MacLeod D S Wellington W5488
MacLeod Kenneth Robert Lancaster W4126
MacLeod A Lancaster LL841
MacLeod R Lancaster NF962
Macleod T N Lancaster W4250
Macleod A G Lancaster JA907
Macleod A Whitley Z9214
Macleod W Lancaster W4239
MacLeod Eric Ronald Fergus
Macleod Norman
MacLeod Athole Douglas
MacLeod John Ralph
MacLeod John Edward
Macleod David Julius Irwin
Macleod-Selkirk I Lancaster DV298
Macley W D Blenheim N3619
Macliver Thomas Scott
Maclure Alan Campbell
Macmahon J M Lancaster L7537
MacMaster I E Lancaster ND596
MacMeikan H S Lancaster PB290
MacMeikan Henry Stanley
Macmichael Walter John
MacMillan J F Lancaster JB311
Macmillan John Lancaster W4367
MacMillan H J Lancaster NF925
MacMillan D K G Wellington X3840
MacMillan H Wellington HE319
Macmillan Joseph Kenneth Norman Lockheed Hudson Not known - are you able to assist?
MacMillan J M Lancaster NE163
MacMillan H C Stirling EF129
MacMillan Russell Hamilton Hudson AM715
MacMillan A Blenheim P4912
MacMillan W J Lancaster LL667
MacMillan D G Halifax NA584
MacMillan John Ferguson
MacMillen D J Wellington HE183
MacMorland W G Whitley P5091
MacMullin J D Halifax LK685
MacMurchy Edward Douglas Halifax JB968
MacMurray A W Whitley Z6839
MacNab Donald Norman Wellington Z1076
MacNab A Wellington R1176
MacNab A Wellington R3167
MacNabb D S Halifax LW139
MacNair E J A Lancaster LM191
MacNamara S J Manchester L7471
MacNamara G H Blenheim V6179
Macnamara J R Lancaster NN743
MacNaught Alan Rae Richard Lancaster KB743
MacNaught A Lancaster KB740
MacNaughton R P Battle L5439
Macnaughton D H Wellington X3988
MacNaughton William Gordon B-24 Liberator 3701
MacNaughton-Smith Michael John Lancaster ME782
Macneall Joseph Wellington Z1747
MacNeil D B Mustang FB131
MacNeil D S Halifax LW614
MacNeil H C Lancaster ED778
MacNeill J D Stirling BF477
MacNeill B T Lancaster KB797
MacNeill J B Lancaster NE144
MacNeill R W Halifax DT563
MacNicol J W Lancaster LM641
MacNicoll R C Lancaster PB295
MacNish Porter J A Lancaster EE175
MacNutt P S Wellington W5521
Maconchie Wellington Z8958
Macoun George
MacPhail John Franklin Hampden L4110
MacPhee W Lancaster W4173
MacPhee J G Halifax MZ925
MacPhee I M Mosquito PF392
Macphee William
MacPherdran J C Halifax HR853
MacPherson D M Halifax JD158
MacPherson John Stuart Lancaster LM375
Macpherson Bruce Edwin Cornwall Lancaster JB181
Macpherson Alexander Niven Wellington T2472
MacPherson C H Halifax W7852
MacPherson Donald James Wellington X3310
MacPherson H S Wellington X3390
MacPherson W B Halifax LK807
Macpherson John Anderson Stirling W7618
Macpherson C J Halifax HR811
MacPherson A C Blenheim N3568
MacPherson R R Spitfire
Macpherson A A Halifax LL192
MacPherson G J Stirling EF307
MacPherson R Halifax LV771
MacPherson J Lancaster ME688
Macpherson B E Spitfire PL186
MacPherson J D Halifax MZ629
MacPherson W S Halifax LL604
Macpherson R C Tempest EJ523
MacPherson W R Lancaster LM452
Macpherson J Lancaster NG503
MacPherson F A Halifax LK687
MacPherson K D Blenheim R3619
MacPherson A N Lancaster ED984
MacPherson E D Lancaster JB461
MacPherson John Keith
MacPherson David Leslie
MacPherson Alexander Roy
Macpherson Donald Malcolm
MacPherson Gordon Douglas
MacPherson John Stuart
MacPherson Donald James
MacPherson Allan John
MacPhillamy Owen Scott Halifax LW383
MacPhillamy Owen Scott
Macquarrie T A Halifax W7883
MacQueen Alexander Fraser Lancaster W4928
MacQueen John Wellington DV773
MacQueen I A J Lancaster R5603
MacQueen D G Hurricane P2767
MacQueen N R Spitfire W3312
MacQueen Norman Carter
MacQuoid R C Mustang AG525
Macrae Ian Francis Lancaster NG302
Macrae William John Wellington N3017
Macrae Ian Halifax JB962
Macrae M E T Lancaster ME799
MacRae D J Mosquito HR243
MacRae G J Halifax HR928
Macrae F Lancaster JA843
MacRae D H C Lancaster JA895
Macrae H Stirling N3666
Macrae Stanley Calvert
Macrae Duncan George Fletcher
Macrae Ian Francis
Macready J Halifax DK258
MacRitchie M J Lancaster R5700
MacRory H I Blenheim
Macrossan H M Hampden AD753
Macrossan Hugh Murtagh
MacSherry P M A Spitfire P7785
MacStocker W J Halifax MZ521
Macswayne L T Stirling EF497
MacTaggart D Lancaster ND613
Mactaggart A Wellington X3702
MacTaggart John
MacTaggart Robert Alexander
Mactavish C G H Stirling BF415
Mactier D H Lancaster ED806
Macurdy Harold H P-47 Thunderbolt
MacVicar D I Lancaster LL905
MacVicar J D Wellington N2849
Macwatt I F Halifax JD249
MacWilliam W R Wellington X3467
MacWilliam R B Lancaster R5637
Maczyński Józef Paweł Wellington X3164
Mączyński Józef Paweł Wellington DV423
Madaule J M Halifax NA606
Maddaford L T C Lancaster JA844
Maddalena Harold James
Maddams G C Wellington X9917
Madden P J Lancaster LM677
Madden P J Lancaster ND473
Madden Brian Mind Spitfire RM736
Madden W G Mosquito HK357
Madden H J Blenheim V6236
Madden C Lancaster RA544
Madden J E Wellington BJ589
Madden M Halifax LV954
Madden L B Spitfire BS246
Madden J Lancaster LM163
Madden F Halifax JD455
Madden Peter
Madden Douglas William
Madden Patrick Joseph
Madden John Francis
Madden Francis Joseph
Maddern John Royston
Maddex J D Lancaster ED422
Maddin C Halifax MZ573
Maddin C A Lancaster ME578
Maddison A R Wellington BK165
Maddison Hamilton Lewis
Maddison Robert T. B-17 42-31906
Maddock F D Lancaster ND955
Maddock J T Halifax HR915
Maddock J E Lancaster JA696
Maddock C V Wellington X3415
Maddock-Lyon R Halifax MZ793
Maddocks R Halifax W1188
Maddocks G S Lancaster ED616
Maddocks J Mosquito ML976
Maddocks Kenneth Cyrus Hudson N7286
Maddon W Lancaster HK574
Maddox J L Wellington Z1670
Maddox P J E Lancaster LL867
Maddox S A Blenheim P4287
Maddrell George Webb
Madej Stanisław Roman De Havilland Mosquito HK194
Madejczyk Stefan Bolesław Wellington Z8339
Madejowski Andrzej Avro Lancaster EE124
Madejski Tadeusz Halifax W7776
Madejski Tadeusz Halifax W7773
Madelaine A Lancaster PD273
Madeley Leonard Lancaster JB219
Maden J Halifax JD180
Maden R Halifax NA687
Maden John Lord
Maderson A A Battle L5190
Madge Raymond Corlett Wellington X9682
Madge Roy Gibson Wellington HZ476
Madge E A Lancaster LM270
Madge A J Battle P2251
Madge J G Lancaster PB450
Madge Raymond Corlett
Madger H M Lancaster ED440
Madgett G E Whitley T4140
Madgett H R Lancaster ED661
Madgwick B K Blenheim V6038
Madgwick N V Fortress HB788
Madgwick Wellington T2885
Madgwick B K Stirling N6033
Madigan Christopher Vincent
Madill R M Halifax NP992
Madkins Battle K9374
Madle S J Hurricane R4116
Madole William H P-47 Thunderbolt
Madole William H P-47 Thunderbolt
Madore P J B Lancaster JB562
Madore G A Hurricane P2730
Madore Francis E P-47 Thunderbolt
Madore Francis E P-47 Thunderbolt
Madore Francis E P-47 Thunderbolt
Madracki Czesław Halifax V9976
Mądracki Jan Avro Lancaster PA163
Madsen Edgar Albert
Madson P J Halifax JD174
Maffett Gerard Hamilton Hurricane P3175
Maffre G F Halifax LL243
Maflin P C G Halifax V9979
Magan D W Lancaster ME581
Magdalinski W F Halifax LK752
Magdziak Stanislaw North American P-51d Mustang KM201
Magdziarek Stefan Consolidated Liberator BZ949
Magee G M Lancaster LL961
Magee D Whitley N1421
Magee Ronald Stanley Hurricane N2606
Magee Hugh Larmour Wellington X3599
Magee John Gillespie Spitfire AD291
Magee J T J Lancaster PD403
Magee “Spanky” Frank Berry Lancaster ND641
Magee S J Blenheim V6193
Magee E A Typhoon MN471
Magee Arthur Wallace
Magee Thomas John Paul Wellington NB831
Magel Robert W P-47 Thunderbolt
Magelstadt Williard G P-47 Thunderbolt
Magenis Leslie Stewart Wellington BJ831
Maggs E J Lancaster JB721
Maggs H J Lancaster ED452
Maggs Arthur Wallace Spencer
Magierowski Ferdynand Avro Lancaster NG266
Magill T E Lancaster KB759
Magill A B Lancaster ED976
Magill S N Halifax LW195
Magill S M Halifax MZ659
Magill G R Boston Z2295
Maginley G A Lancaster NF932
Maginn Henry Howard Stirling BF347
Maginnis R Lancaster W4366
Magladry H E Stirling N3718
Magnes Julius Harold Wellington X3932
Magness William Kenneth L Halifax PN425
Magness William Kenneth L Halifax JD176
Magness C G Lancaster DS827
Magness K Wellington BK194
Magnus Alden Lyle Stirling BK620
Magnus K B Lancaster ND815
Magnusson Clarence Norris Wellington HE899
Magoffin J I Lancaster ME683
Magoffin D Morton 'Mogin' P-47 Thunderbolt
Magoffin D Morton 'Mogin' P-47 Thunderbolt
Magoffin D Morton 'Mogin' P-47 Thunderbolt
Magoffin D Morton 'Mogin' P-47 Thunderbolt
Magoffin D Morton 'Mogin' P-47D Thunderbolt 'CAROL ANN II' SN: 42-26628, E4*M
Magor Eric Albert
Magrath D A Lancaster KB741
Magrath E R B Wellington X9822
Magrath W J Q Blenheim R2772
Magrath Richard
Magrath William Armour
Magrot P Spitfire
Magson Frank Raymond Airspeed Oxford V4140
Magson Frank Richard Ventura AJ454
Magson P J A Halifax HR918
Magson L T Halifax NA528
Magson Edmund Stirling EH883
Maguire J J Halifax DT745
Maguire John Lancaster PB807
Maguire H P Whitley N1463
Maguire G G Halifax LK754
Maguire E S Halifax RG451
Maguire J G Halifax RG451
Maguire D R Mosquito KB613
Maguire D R Mosquito KB450
Maguire Blenheim V6369
Maguire S A Wellington N2844
Maguire J G A Boston Z2266
Maguire A G Lancaster ED482
Maguire J F Halifax NA618
Maguire William Hudson
Maguire John
Maguire William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Maguire William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Maguire William J P-51 Mustang
Maguire William J P-51 Mustang
Maguire William J P-51 Mustang
Maguire William J P-51 Mustang
Magwood J P Whitley Z6874
Mahaffy W H Wellington W5525
Mahaffy G G Typhoon PD460
Mahagan W J Typhoon MN307
Mahar M J Lancaster LM267
Mahar Maurice John
Maher J B Wellington X3341
Maher T F Lancaster HK536
Maher J M Lancaster ED531
Maher Eric Francis Wellington Z1412
Maher Michael Lancaster LL676
Maher J J Halifax LK963
Maher P J Lancaster R5483
Maher J Halifax DT572
Maher J Lancaster LM538
Maher Wellington Z8848
Maher W P Halifax JD457
Maher M J J Halifax HR842
Maher G Wellington X9756
Maher G Wellington R1706
Maher J J Lancaster NG113
Maher James Brian
Maher Thomas Francis
Maher John Martin
Mahler L H Lancaster ND912
Mahler Blenheim R3603
Mahler J N Stirling W7467
Mahon J B Spitfire BM405
Mahon P Lancaster NG170
Mahon T H C Wellington W5454
Mahoney E A Lancaster W4330
Mahoney Kevin Eugene Lancaster ED543
Mahoney John Joseph Lancaster ND878
Mahoney J M Halifax DT798
Mahoney J P Halifax LW209
Mahoney J P Lancaster EE192
Mahoney J Blenheim N6192
Mahoney J J E Stirling BK765
Mahoney F Stirling LK312
Mahoney J Lancaster ME388
Mahoney Alan Stirling R9241
Mahoney M O Lancaster JB235
Mahoney R C Lancaster PB630
Mahoney H Wellington R1537
Mahoney Edward Alan
Mahoney Kevin Eugene
Mahoney John Joseph
Mahoney John Kevin
Mahoney Joseph W P-47 Thunderbolt
Mahony M O A Lancaster JB231
Mahony John Desmond Halifax DT632
Mahony J B Lancaster LL724
Mahony Vincent Daniel
Mahony Martin Butler
Mahood T S Wellington X3667
Mahr R W Lancaster PD268
Mahurin Walker M P-47 Thunderbolt
Mahurin Walker M P-47 Thunderbolt
Mahurin Walker M P-47 Thunderbolt
Mahurin Walker M P-47 Thunderbolt
Mahurin Walker M P-47 Thunderbolt
Mahurin Walker M P-47 Thunderbolt
Mahurin Walker M P-47 Thunderbolt
Mahurin Walker M P-47 Thunderbolt
Mahurin Walker M P-47 Thunderbolt
Mahurin Walker M P-47 Thunderbolt
Mahurin Walker M P-47 Thunderbolt
Mahurin Walker M P-47 Thunderbolt
Mahurin Walker M P-47 Thunderbolt
Maiden L Lancaster LM439
Maiden Francis Keith
Maidment George Edward Lancaster PA195
Maidment J R Mosquito MM505
Maidment L E Halifax JD148
Maidstone Raymond Joseph Alfred Lancaster LM372
Maier J A Spitfire RM678
Maier George H P-47 Thunderbolt
Maile R Lancaster ND449
Mailey R Stirling EE882
Main A R Lancaster NG468
Main George Whitley N1500
Main Richard Kenneth Hampden P4310
Main F C Wellington R1078
Main L C Halifax LK925
Main L C Wellington HE476
Main G Whitley
Main Wellington N2853
Main F M Lancaster PA995
Maincuerix B Halifax NR226
Mainerd Albert Ronald
Mainey H Hampden AD806
Mainland Ian Lerwick
Mainorize G W Halifax HR871
Mainprice R F Stirling EF439
Mainprize H K Lancaster PB692
Mains R Lancaster RA526
Mains G Spitfire BS167
Mainwaring A J Lancaster PD215
Mainwaring J Stirling N3718
Mair John Olaf Blenheim T1892
Mair A C Lancaster DS723
Mair A P Wellington Z1143
Mair M C Hampden P1320
Mair R E Lancaster W4959
Mair A Lancaster JA896
Mair W G Lancaster LM128
Mair G D Stirling EE871
Mairet Archibald Sylvian
Mairs Thomas Halifax DT620
Mairs Hamilton Wellington LP286
Maisch Joseph J Jr P-51 Mustang
Maisenbacher William Malcolm Halifax HR699
Maisner Stanley Lancaster ED556
Maitland William John Lancaster LL676
Maitland Peter Ronald Boston BZ549
Maitland W R Wellington X3706
Maitland A P Lancaster NF974
Maitland C E Spitfire RM812
Maitland I Hampden AE197
Maitland H Stirling BK713
Maitland-Thompson Spitfire
Majcherczyk A Wellington Z1472
Majcherczyk Antoni Robert Gloster Meteor EE312
Majchizyk W Spitfire
Majchrowicz F R Halifax LW429
Majchrzyk Władysław
Majer Teodor Tadeusz Handley Page Halifax UL187
Majestic Arthur Benjamin B-24 42-95186
Majewski E Wellington W5463
Majewski Edward Vickers Wellington W5463
Majewski Rudolf Handley Page Halifax JN895
Majewski Stefan Jerzy Vickers Wellington BJ645
Majewski Wlodzimierz Supermarine Spitfire R7298
Major Gordon Cecil Lancaster ED992
Major F Lancaster HK663
Major J J Halifax HX288
Major D W Lancaster LL776
Major W R Stirling BF410
Major Follett Keith
Major Follett Keith Wellington HX771
Major Gerald L P-47 Thunderbolt
Major Ross O P-47 Thunderbolt
Makarewicz Wladyslaw Fairey Battle L5071
Makarewicz J J Whitley Z6730
Makarski Leopold B Vickers Wellington HE347
Makay A G Wellington BK360
Makay A G Wellington BJ829
Make Edward L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Makeham Alick James
Makewell Charles Leslie Lancaster NG270
Maki L R Halifax LV951
Makin F E A Halifax W7765
Makin W S Wellington W5372
Makin D Wellington HF488
Makin R H Halifax JB785
Making L J Lancaster ND819
Makins L Halifax LW655
Makiw J Lancaster RA532
Makofski M H Lancaster PB568
Makomaski Ignacy Hawker Hurricane N2494
Makosz Konstanty Spitfire EP516
Makowski Brunon Tiger Moth T7458
Makowski Zbigniew Supermarine Spitfire EE717
Maksymowicz Jozef
Maksymowicz-Raczyński Stefan Bristol Beaufighter R2445
Malaband S J Lancaster LM570
Malaidack Aleck Lancaster KB813
Malak Wacław Józef Wellington R1214
Malarz Chester P-51 Mustang
Malcolm J D Lancaster DV341
Malcolm T A Lancaster LM571
Malcolm K B Halifax LK697
Malcolm J Lancaster HK620
Malcolm T Stirling EF345
Malcolm R Battle K9448
Malcolm J B Stirling BK700
Malcolm J S Halifax LK663
Malcolm G Lancaster PA165
Malcolm P Spitfire NH553
Malcolm Hugh Gordon
Malcolm Robert Haydon
Malcolm John Douglas
Malcolm William W P-47 Thunderbolt
Malcolmson George Keith Spitfire RM805
Malcomnson A Halifax LL225
Malczewski R Spitfire AA859
Malczyk Stanisław Consolidated Liberator KG890
Malczynski Marian Airspeed Oxford V3866
Male John Frederick Halifax JB858
Male D T Wellington X3593
Male G A H Lancaster ED692
Male D S Halifax JP121
Male H Lancaster R5689
Malec Franciszek Tadeusz Vickers Wellington R1725
Małecki Aleksander Wellington Z1276
Małecki Ignacy Avro Lancaster ED814
Maleika Wellington W5519
Malejka Brunon Consolidated Liberator EW275
Malengreau R Spitfire W3179
Males E E Spitfire R6971
Males E E Spitfire K9841
Males E E Spitfire X4340
Males Rupert Percival
Malet-Warden J H Whitley Z6752
Maley Ronald L P-51 Mustang
Malfroy Camille Enright
Malick S Lancaster NE151
Malicki T J Wellington BK303
Malicki Eugeniusz Vickers Wellington HE747
Malicki Tadeusz Juliusz Vickers Wellington BK303
Malin Frederick George Hampden AE311
Malin F G Whitley T4140
Malin F G Whitley T4216
Malin P G A Wellington DV715
Malin A E G Lancaster LL897
Maling G Halifax MZ574
Maling J R Lancaster ND935
Maling D H Wellington LP130
Malinowski Mieczysław Wellington Z1291
Malinowski Bronislaw Spitfire AA928
Malinowski E Spitfire NH191
Malinowski J Spitfire BL439
Malinowski Mieczysław Liberator BZ858
Malinowski Antoni Corsair KD262
Malinowski Edmund Jerzy Vickers Wellington Z1415
Malinowski Mieczysław Wellington Z1291
Malinowsky E Spitfire ML130
Malins R O Halifax LK913
Malinski Zygmunt
Malires Peter B-17 43-38078
Maliszewski Robert Bronisław Wellington Z1406
Malkemus W R Wellington X9705
Malkiewicz Witold Eugeniusz Supermarine Spitfire X4905
Malkin C H Lancaster ED833
Malkin P H Lancaster NN739
Malkin J E Wellington HZ273
Małkowski Jan Tadeusz Handley Page Halifax LL126
Mallaber J Lancaster ED868
Mallabone J Lancaster KB776
Mallaby George Liberator AL566
Mallaby George Gilmour
Mallalue R E B Halifax LW206
Mallard J W Battle L5433
Mallen N D Lancaster KB722
Mallen W B Halifax NR121
Mallen H Stirling EH88
Mallen N P Halifax JD332
Mallen S Hampden AD917
Mallen Hampden AD874
Mallen H J Lancaster W4824
Mallett Thomas Henry Lancaster JB645
Mallett B L Halifax HX313
Mallett J B Lancaster R5894
Mallett C L Lancaster ED125
Mallett M B Wellington BJ650
Mallett R S Mosquito DD787
Mallett D R Wellington R1411
Mallett John Whitley Z9134
Mallette Joseph Raoul Henry Bernard Clovis Halifax LK810
Malley William Edward Lancaster PD383
Malley D G Stirling EH985
Mallia J Halifax NR229
Mallick Thomas Henry Anthony
Mallin E Lancaster ED995
Mallinson R Lancaster PB568
Mallinson James Robin
Mallison W H Wellington MS491
Mallock D G Lancaster DS791
Mallon John Charles Blenheim T2036
Mallon L W Wellington Z1208
Mallon P Lancaster ND394
Mallon Thomas Alexander Mosquito MT484
Mallory G E Lancaster DS726
Mallory L A Halifax MZ807
Mallory H D Halifax DK258
Mallory L A Halifax JD310
Mallory L A Halifax JD203
Mallott H G Stirling W7564
Malloy J A Tempest EJ642
Malloy John Alfred Tempest EJ639
Malm O R Spitfire BS389
Malm E R Spitfire W3833
Malmstedt Roland M P-38 Lightning
Malmsten Donald M P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Malmsten Donald M P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Malmstrom Einar A P-47 Thunderbolt
Malofie D Stirling BF313
Malon G V Lancaster ED698
Malone Edward Dedil Halifax DT509
Malone W J Spitfire NH496
Malone A Manchester L7314
Malone Alan Joseph
Malone Arthur Bernard
Maloney J B Lancaster LL968
Maloney J E Hampden P5325
Maloney R L Halifax NA603
Maloney William Edmund 'Spike' Tempest EJ662
Maloney S J Halifax LW282
Maloney T J Lancaster KB765
Maloney W P Lancaster NG267
Maloney M J Lancaster EE183
Maloney T J W Blenheim L9024
Maloney Patrick Lancaster R5752
Maloney Francis
Maloney Frederick James
Maloney John Benedict
Maloney John Edward
Maloney Robert Lenard
Maloney William Edmund
Maloney Robert F P-47 Thunderbolt
Maloney Robert F P-47 Thunderbolt
Maloney Robert F P-51 Mustang
Malor Ronald Lewis
Malpass John Lancaster EE127
Malpass David Vincent Blenheim R3597
Malpass Norman Martin Halifax MZ633
Maltais F G Lancaster DV312
Maltas F S Halifax HR799
Maltbie Archie F P-47 Thunderbolt
Maltby Charles Halifax DT732
Maltby David John Hatfeild Lancaster JA981
Maltby David John Hatfeild Lancaster R5553
Maltby W T Halifax NA584
Maltby W T Lancaster ND404
Maltby C J Spitfire RK860
Maltby D C Beaufighter V8829
Maltby C W Wellington X9814
Maltby J Lancaster NG385
Maltby J H Lancaster JB134
Maltby E W Battle P2202
Malterre Robert Paul Halifax LL590
Malthouse R H F Lancaster ND820
Maltingly R S Mosquito MM807
Maltman W H Lancaster ND856
Malton G S Spitfire EE739
Maluish G D Blenheim V5851
Małuszek Konrad Antoni De Havilland Mosquito HJ655
Malvaney J J Halifax HX269
Małynicz Lech Kazimierz Vickers Wellington HF188 (A188?)
Malyon William John Lancaster PD275
Malyon Douglas Francis Lancaster ND715
Mamak Stanisław Józef Avro Lancaster PB171
Mamoutoff G Mosquito HJ708
Manahan J R Lancaster ED786
Manak J Typhoon JP613
Manasiak Marian Vickers Wellington R1365
Manaton A C Anson N9824
Manaton A C Hampden L4159
Mance William Wellington X9905
Manchester V C Lancaster LL789
Manchip L Whitley P5048
Manchul D P Lancaster HK570
Manchur C A Wellington W5424
Manchur C A Wellington W5437
Mancini V S Whitley Z9315
Mandale Hampden P2123
Mandall J B Lancaster ED654
Mander Geoffrey Wilson Mosquito DZ312
Mander William Eric Halifax W1153
Mander J O Halifax JD160
Mander M D'A Wellington X3755
Mander F A Lancaster LL916
Manders C D Lancaster LL629
Manders R E Hampden P1226
Manderson J Lancaster JA701
Manderson John James
Mandes C R R Spitfire MK208
Mandeville William M. B-17 42-97480
Mandin Emile Francois Bruno Wellington X3725
Mandy V Stirling BK798
Manek Stefan Handley Page Halifax JN967
Manfred N J M Typhoon MN191
Manfred Noel John Marsden
Manfroy J Halifax NA549
Mangan D P Lancaster ND874
Manger K Hurricane
Manger K Hurricane P3760
Manger W J Wellington N2744
Manger Kenneth
Manger Graham Vass
Manghan (Maughan?) Norman Hepple Lancaster ME773
Mangione J Halifax LW128
Manglesen F Stirling EF329
Mangnall C R Lancaster PB617
Mangnall Charles Richard
Mangos Kenneth Lancaster ME299
Mani Harris W P-47 Thunderbolt
Manick N Halifax NA555
Manifold N Lancaster ED822
Manifould William Kenneth Spitfire P9396
Manison E E Whitley Z6672
Manjak Thomas P-47 Thunderbolt
Manjak Thomas P-47 Thunderbolt
Mank J Stirling BK709
Manka Emil Fairey Battle R7407
Mankelow W J Stirling W7467
Mańkowski Ryszard Kazimierz Lancaster PB846
Manks G Lancaster ME724
Manktelow A C Lancaster RA501
Manley Walter John Lancaster PB398
Manley Douglas Russell Spitfire BS391
Manley Jack Spitfire P7831
Manley J D Lancaster JB307
Manley F J Lancaster JB711
Manley K J A Halifax L9605
Manley J Spitfire MA255
Manley F Hampden AT158
Manley L F Halifax JD301
Manlow G J Lancaster LM735
Manly R E Spitfire P8710
Manly Richard Joseph
Mann May Eleanor Lancaster PA278
Mann W J Halifax MZ448
Mann R W Ventura AJ478
Mann Peter Douglas Lancaster PD264
Mann A E Lancaster LL964
Mann Lloyd Robertson Wellington BK386
Mann D Halifax W7751
Mann R P Wellington W5476
Mann G F Halifax NP942
Mann W E Wellington HE656
Mann W G Halifax MZ434
Mann E J Lancaster LL905
Mann N W Halifax LK946
Mann H Hampden AE229
Mann W G Lancaster ND336
Mann G Boston
Mann A O Lancaster ND754
Mann D C MacM Stirling EE954
Mann A P Typhoon JR438
Mann A Lancaster ED601
Mann D Halifax DK191
Mann J Lancaster KB806
Mann Whitley Z6563
Mann P Lancaster JA875
Mann D G Lancaster ME585
Mann H Halifax RG353
Mann J Spitfire P7693
Mann J Spitfire P7783
Mann Jack
Mann Herbert Reuben
Mann Percy Garfield
Mann Stanley Dennis
Mann John Rouffignac Lancaster
Mann Charles F P-47 Thunderbolt
Mannell L G M Halifax MZ469
Mannell Leslie Gordon Martin
Manners Seth Tilstone Hampden AE291
Manners Frank Thorburn Halifax JB968
Manners F W Manchester L7466
Manners Seth Tilstone
Manners Alexander Edward
Manners Jack James
Mannick Milton N P-47 Thunderbolt
Manning Charles Frederick Richard Spitfire W3600
Manning W F J Lancaster DV341
Manning M F Halifax HX239
Manning Gordon Edward Wellington BK552
Manning T M Halifax W7809
Manning James Edward Albert Power Lancaster DV156
Manning F J Mosquito PF466
Manning C W A Lancaster DV168
Manning D Hampden AT110
Manning Leslie Percy Halifax DG285
Manning A J Halifax L9501
Manning P W Halifax HR856
Manning A J Halifax DK139
Manning L G Hampden AE430
Manning L J Lancaster ME701
Manning B C Lancaster RA531
Manning C F Halifax HR931
Manning L E S Lancaster JB318
Manning W A Halifax JD152
Manning T M Halifax W7089
Manning A E Lancaster LM430
Manning J Lancaster HE664
Manning Albert Fletcher
Manning Charles Benjamin
Manning Colin Montague
Manning Keith James Horsman
Manning Charles Frederick Richard
Manning Walter Frederick James
Manning Cecil E P-47 Thunderbolt
Mannion F P Halifax MZ574
Mannion J L T Tempest JN749
Mannion J Lancaster JB460
Mannion K Lancaster PB461
Mannion Dennis Hudson P5133
Mannix J B Halifax JD385
Manns J Stirling EF491
Manns Henley Anzac Hedwell
Mansbridge Donald William Lancaster ND826
Mansbridge Donald William Anson K6277
Mansbridge R Lancaster JA968
Mansbridge M E Lancaster LL808
Mansbridge Alexander Arthur
Mansel G D Battle L5241
Mansel G D Wellington W5419
Mansell V W J Stirling N6084
Mansell Philip John Halifax NR246
Mansell P J Halifax NA627
Mansell J G H Halifax BB249
Mansell R A Wellington Z1287
Mansell E J Stirling EE890
Mansell Vincent William James
Mansell Jack Peter
Manser Leslie Thomas Manchester L7301
Manser Dennis Rodney Lancaster R5761
Manser William Mason Maxwell Halifax HX155
Manser R E Mitchell FL696
Manser R E Mitchell FL676
Manser D R Lancaster R5860
Manser N C Blenheim N3564
Manser J P Lancaster PD235
Manser M A Halifax DK195
Mansfield R Lancaster ME727
Mansfield R Lancaster ND366
Mansfield Sidney Pharies Stirling BF347
Mansfield Herbert Henry Stirling W7433
Mansfield Dennis John Wellington T2620
Mansfield R G Lancaster KB785
Mansfield S Lancaster JB289
Mansfield N R Lancaster ND357
Mansfield A A Lancaster R5862
Mansfield R Lancaster DV173
Mansfield P L Lancaster ED478
Mansfield J G Tempest EJ559
Mansfield D F Halifax LW468
Mansfield J A A Lancaster ND910
Mansfield J J Lancaster ED928
Mansfield Ronald
Mansfield Keith Warren
Mansford A R Halifax JB840
Manship F W Halifax MZ314
Mansker Joseph L P-51 Mustang
Mansker Joseph L P-51 Mustang
Mansley J K Lancaster ED706
Manson K W Lancaster LM376
Manson L S Halifax LL119
Manson J G Halifax JN973
Manson W M Wellington HE728
Manson D H Lancaster NE169
Manson A W Spitfire MK350
Manson K Wellington R1380
Manson T I Lancaster W4359
Manson A Halifax BB334
Manson J Lancaster NE127
Manson George James
Manstoff A Halifax MZ748
Mant G S Lancaster ED523
Mant Kenneth Victor Lancaster ND403
Mant James Alexander
Mant Graeme Smyth
Mantell J M Whitley Z9461
Mantell E C Lancaster W4800
Mantell John Martin
Mantha R R Halifax HR775
Manthorpe A J Stirling EE969
Mantle Alan Lancaster ND802
Mantle Herbert William Wellington Z1110
Mantle F J Blenheim L4887
Mantle E H Lancaster ED596
Mantle R P Halifax LW281
Mantle A J Wellington N2946
Mantle F J Blenheim L9249
Mantle Frank Gordon
Manton P B Halifax NP931
Manton G A L Hurricane Z2576
Manton E Spitfire
Manton R J Lancaster JB154
Manton Paul Blake
Manttan Reginald Keith
Mantton B L Halifax RG432
Manuel Joseph Lancaster DV220
Manuel C L Lancaster JB320
Manuel John Harvison
Manuel William Victor
Manvell Robert Edward Lancaster JB230
Manwaring R P Wellington T2959
Manwaring Richard B P-47 Thunderbolt
Manwell R G Lancaster KB800
Mapes Leonard F Mosquito/Havoc
Mapes Leonard F Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Mapes Leonard F Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Mapes Leonard F Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Maple James Fraser Lancaster PB620 (some publications have this loss as PD259)
Maple Frederick George Wellington Z1078
Maple J E Halifax W1147
Maple James Fraser
Maples Halifax L9619
Maples F A Lancaster LM166
Mapleson D Lancaster NE126
Mapletoft M V Hurricane N2355
Mapletoft Claude
Mapp Ivor Philip Hampden AE394
Mapp I P Hampden P4314
Mapp I P Hampden L4120
Mapp I P Hampden AE229
Mappin Sir C T H Wellington Z8942
Mappin H Lancaster EE121
Mapplethorpe C P Whitley T4152
Maquire T C Halifax MZ401
Maquire J Lancaster ND651
Maquire D J Lancaster PD222
Maquire M M Halifax LV869
Mara S Halifax MZ434
Mara Neil Duncan Lancaster PA219
Mara J F Lancaster LM640
Maracle C Halifax HR807
Marais S F Wellington N2849
Marall Fred C P-47 Thunderbolt`
Maranda J C R Spitfire MJ929
Marangello William A P-47 Thunderbolt
Maras J K Spitfire P8461
Maras Jan Kazimierz Supermarine Spitfire P8461
Maravan-Williams T R Lancaster ME667
Marc-Aurele R Halifax MZ495
Marceau H B Wellington BJ918
Marceau Joseph Alfred Henri Bernard Lancaster KB834
Marcellus D L Lancaster KB779
Marcellus F S Halifax MZ768
Marcer H Wellington Z8577
March J J Lancaster ND341
March G H Halifax NP701
March R D Spitfire SM383
March Claude Alfred
Marchal H E Spitfire BM176
Marchal H E Spitfire AR380
Marchand Chester Joseph Francis Lancaster NE123
Marchand E R Wellington HE322
Marchand E R Wellington MS481
Marchand R A Hurricane P3865
Marchant Geoffrey Norman Lancaster ME668
Marchant H W Lancaster PB407
Marchant Jack Lancaster ED353
Marchant Edward George Lancaster DS785
Marchant Robert Cresswell Wellington T2723
Marchant J P Halifax NP804
Marchant J E Lancaster JB232
Marchant Edward Arthur Halifax W7871
Marchant W B Lancaster ED883
Marchant C E Lancaster HK555
Marchant W S Lancaster JB729
Marchant George Lawrence Roland Beaufighter JL813
Marchant Francis Albert
Marchant Jack
Marchbank S J Halifax JD127
Marchelidon J Spitfire TB375
Marchildon Philippe E Halifax MZ808
Marchington George Frederick Wellington Z1592
Marchland R A Hurricane L1673
Marchwicki Józef Consolidated Liberator BZ949
Marcille J L Halifax NP759
Marciniak Janusz North Americam P-51d Mustang EX970
Marciniak Ludwik
Marciniszyn Paweł Bolesław Vickers Wellington BK511
Marcinkowski Mieczyslaw Hawker Hurricane V7405
Marcinkus R Hurricane BD949J
Marcola M Wellington R1762
Marcotte Joseph Clarence Albert Wellington X3477
Marcou H F Lancaster PB530
Marczuk Władysław Vickers Wellington HE148
Marden A T A Lancaster NG381
Marden F A Lancaster ND856
Marden John Barrymore
Marder Moie Lancaster DV303
Mardling D C Lancaster PB127
Mardon H Lancaster JB744
Mardon C H Wellington DV593
Mardon-Mowbray K D Halifax LW721
Marean F A Halifax DT774
Marecki Jan Consolidated Liberator EW275
Marek Jaroslav B-25 Mitchell FV953
Marek F Spitfire R6625
Mares F Spitfire BL512
Mares J Wellington R1718
Mares F Hurricane V7236
Mares F Hurricane Z2803
Marett Robert Alfred Lancaster NF999
Marett W G Wellington L7858
Marfell Archibald John Lancaster W4855
Marfell Archibald John
Marfil L Lancaster HK596
Margach D S Lancaster ND810
Margerison Russ' Lancaster LM513
Margerison W W McK K Wellington X3560
Margerum C A Lancaster ED728
Margetson G S Lancaster W4172
Margetts Leonard Charles Lancaster LL787
Margetts Edward William Stirling BF327
Margetts J E S Stirling LJ453
Margetts K H Lancaster LM393
Margiasso Carmine B-24 Osage Express 42-52497
Marglewski Jozef
Margrett Alan Arthur Boston AL284
Margrie J D Whitley Z6561
Margula Stefan Lancaster PB730
Margules M E Lancaster PD231
Margules Maxwell Ernest
Maria H C Halifax NR131
Maridor J P Spitfire
Maridor J P Spitfire BL261
Maridor J P Spitfire RM656
Marin X Halifax MZ986
Marini A H Halifax LW682 - MZ504?
Marinoff Arnold B-24 42-51187
Marinovich Ivan Liberator BZ832
Marion Gerald Edward Halifax MZ432
Marion B H Wellington BK361
Marion A J J B Halifax JD333
Marjerrison S G Stirling EF238
Marjoram C Stirling LJ477
Mark W W Halifax LW394
Mark C R I Lancaster KB831
Mark A R Lancaster LM315
Markall Douglas Victor Hampden AE438
Markel Alfred H P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Marketo Miro Peter
Markey V J Typhoon EK143
Markey John Reginald
Markey Thomas
Markey Marvin B Jr P-51 Mustang
Markham V M Halifax L9572
Markham V M Halifax L9497
Markham F Stirling EF155
Markham Y J Whitley AD698
Markham Gene E P-51 Mustang
Markham Gene E P-51 Mustang
Markham Gene E P-51 Mustang
Markides P Manchester L7465
Markiewicz Andrezej Avro Anson 6729
Markillie K Halifax W1036
Markland Geoffrey Sherwood Stirling N3710
Markland E R Lancaster R5750
Markland J R Lancaster ND678
Markle J W Hampden AE297
Markley Kenneth J P-38 Lightning
Marko Rudolph L P-47 Thunderbolt
Markovitch A A Lancaster HK612
Markowski Tadeusz Marian Vickers Wellington MP541
Marks R S Halifax HX343
Marks R S Halifax MZ847
Marks G H H Halifax R9491
Marks E M Stirling N3761
Marks Edward Michael Stirling R9317
Marks W D E Wellington DF615
Marks E R Halifax EB211
Marks M Lancaster JB294
Marks W J Lancaster LL958
Marks G H Whitley Z9281
Marks M J C Blenheim Z5902
Marks R G Lancaster LL743
Marks R D Boston AL680
Marks J H Halifax W7657
Marks R P Lancaster DS837
Marks K G Halifax W7818
Marks C L Lancaster DV279
Marks B J Lancaster ED913
Marks S J Stirling MZ264
Marks J Lancaster NE163
Marks V H Whitley Z6560
Marks Douglas James Lancaster ED862
Marks John Henry
Marks William Elliott
Marks Charles R P-47 Thunderbolt
Marks Charles R P-47 Thunderbolt
Marks Robert L P-47 Thunderbolt
Markson E Halifax LL358
Markwell Ian Allison
Marland Fred Battle L5227
Marland Alfred Hampden AT191
Marland J C Lancaster ND879
Marland Rainford Gent
Marland Gordon Edward
Marlatt S P Mosquito HJ829
Marlborough J Lancaster HK617
Marler D T Halifax DT539
Marler N G Lancaster NG239
Marler J H Halifax LW123
Marley N Halifax LW436
Marley G P Lancaster ND393
Marley G R G Halifax MZ340
Marley Sidney
Marlin Thomas Leo Wellington N2872
Marlow K P Whitley Z6877
Marlow A Lancaster PB203
Marlow E H Lancaster PB517
Marlow A Wellington BK268
Marlow G E Halifax LV775
Marlow W Lancaster JA696
Marlow J L Stirling W7469
Marlow G Halifax JB865
Marlowe T H Whitley Z6506
Marment M Hampden AT186
Marnoch J M Lancaster LM320
Marona C Lancaster NF959
Marona Czeslaw Marian Avro Lancaster NF959
Maroney R W Wellington HE150
Maroney William Henry
Maroney Robert William
Marper Arnold Lancaster JB186
Marples R Spitfire MK360
Marples R Spitfire R6758
Marples Roy
Marpole John Stirling, Lancaster LM575
Marquand E R Halifax DT630
Marquard G B Wellington LP198
Marquest M Halifax LM680
Marquet Raymond Thomas Wellington AD632
Marquiss T H Hampden AD924
Marr G F Wellington Z8419
Marr J S Wellington P9268
Marr H Lancaster ND763
Marr R W Wellington DV593
Marr S A Wellington DV812
Marr D J T Halifax LV771
Marr C Wellington HZ303
Marr J Stirling R9305
Marr R Lancaster LM715
Marr David Madlis
Marr Ronald Douglas B-24 Liberator 3701
Marra T B
Marrable Allan John Lancaster PB588
Marre Rex Joseph
Marrett W G Wellington P9268
Marriage S J Lancaster DV160
Marriage Stanley Joseph
Marrian Norman Lancaster DV264
Marrinan J Lancaster PD365
Marriner Francis Charles
Marrion R O Halifax JD318
Marriot J H E Wellington Z1380
Marriott Frederick James Lancaster ND649
Marriott Dennis Halifax MZ675 (some publications list it incorrectly as LW673)
Marriott L D E Halifax DT777
Marriott R A Halifax EB242
Marriott J R Halifax JB920
Marriott C R Lancaster JB409
Marriott G C Halifax HX338
Marriott J R Lancaster LM208
Marriott M E Typhoon MN405
Marriott J T Spitfire MK326
Marriott R Lancaster NG234
Marriott J W Halifax HR729
Marriott K R Lancaster ND622
Marriott J Lancaster ED937
Marriott K Lancaster JB468
Marris W J Halifax LL604
Marris K G Halifax MZ598
Marris K C Halifax EB210
Marritt E M Stirling BK759
Marritt R H Halifax JB965
Marron E Lancaster PB533
Marrow A A Lancaster LM552
Marrows George Arthur Halifax MZ636
Marrows E Battle P6598
Marrows B Ventura AE945
Marrows D Lancaster DV363
Marrs E S Spitfire P7881
Marrs H Lancaster ND514
Marrs Eric Simcox ("Boy")
Mars D M F Lancaster ME724
Marsalek Jan Fairey Battle N2060
Marsch Lawrence P P-47 Thunderbolt
Marsden S Wellington BJ691
Marsden Herbert James Noel Anson K8746
Marsden A F Lancaster LL725
Marsden J A Halifax JB834
Marsden J Lancaster ME749
Marsden J Blenheim Z7502
Marsden D Liberator TS526
Marsden A Blenheim L8757
Marsden D Hampden AD782
Marsden L S Halifax HR656
Marsden J Lancaster DV329
Marsden William Allan Lancaster ED723
Marsden D G Lancaster DV363
Marsden W Lancaster NN775
Marsden R Lancaster ED910
Marsden G Stirling EF236
Marsden L Halifax JD418
Marsden C A Halifax MZ750
Marsden E Hampden AD835
Marsden R G G M Wellington R1176
Marsden Stuart Edward
Marsden Stanley
Marsden Colin
Marsh J Lancaster ED421
Marsh W E Lancaster ME571
Marsh N E Lancaster LM477
Marsh Peter Andrew Lancaster JB299
Marsh Henry Anthony Hurricane P3177
Marsh Alan Claude Halifax JB782
Marsh D N Lancaster JB366
Marsh R E Lancaster PB518
Marsh Wilfred Charles Halifax DT747
Marsh Francis Joseph Lancaster NE119
Marsh J R Halifax LV879
Marsh F P Lancaster DS681
Marsh L E Lancaster ME314
Marsh Reginald Thomas White Wellington LN857
Marsh G B Lancaster R5637
Marsh E G J Halifax HX159
Marsh F R Lancaster ED991
Marsh E J Lancaster W4768
Marsh C K Lancaster JA871
Marsh D C Wellington BJ730
Marsh J H Lancaster NN712
Marsh F C Lancaster ED388
Marsh G C Hampden AD866
Marsh R F Lancaster HK627
Marsh T G Lancaster L7527
Marsh C H Lancaster LM456
Marsh J L Battle L5225
Marsh W G Wellington X3700
Marsh A B Lancaster ED615
Marsh N A S Halifax MZ350
Marsh A W Lancaster ED442
Marsh M M Wellington R1447
Marsh Joseph Halifax HR819
Marsh F P Wellington HE867
Marsh N Spitfire SM188
Marsh E I Halifax LV862
Marsh B Halifax NA492
Marsh L Stirling R9149
Marsh W G Stirling N6013
Marsh H H Lancaster ME702
Marsh B E Halifax RG501
Marsh A Hampden L4055
Marsh S Lancaster NE165
Marsh Thomas
Marsh Norman Albert
Marsh Peter Lionel Barrett
Marsh Maxwell Wellman
Marsh John
Marsh Walter Ernest
Marsh Edward Neville
Marsh Norman Edward
Marsh Peter Andrew
Marsh Maxwell Wellman Wellington LN759
Marsh Lester C P-51 Mustang
Marsh Lester C P-51 Mustang
Marsh Lester C P-51 Mustang
Marshall J A Lancaster ME618
Marshall S D Stirling N6030
Marshall R M Lancaster LM126
Marshall Mervyn Lancaster PB567
Marshall W D Lancaster ED546
Marshall R Wellington X3410
Marshall J A B Halifax W7809
Marshall J A B Halifax W7089
Marshall James E 'Nigger' Hurricane
Marshall Robert Keith Halifax MZ684
Marshall L Halifax BB261
Marshall Reginald Lancaster LL641
Marshall H W Halifax JD330
Marshall Norman Lancaster W4826
Marshall Geoffrey Lawrence Mosquito DZ598
Marshall John Edwin Halifax W1215
Marshall R T A Halifax EB242
Marshall C W J Lancaster ED658
Marshall William Henry McDonald Lancaster PB894
Marshall Arthur Forster Lancaster LM185
Marshall William Keay Falconer Lancaster L7572
Marshall D C Wellington W5416
Marshall D C Lancaster W4371
Marshall N Spitfire MK902
Marshall H E Hampden AE437
Marshall J M Halifax NR249
Marshall J G A Wellington HE319
Marshall W F Halifax LK686
Marshall Vivian Lloyd Lancaster LM115
Marshall J S Stirling R9261
Marshall L Halifax LK790
Marshall R K Lancaster W4195
Marshall F W Lancaster DS625
Marshall J R Stirling BF476
Marshall E W E Lancaster ND768
Marshall J Halifax HR805
Marshall A J Halifax NA237
Marshall Whitley P4961
Marshall Whitley P4965
Marshall N S Lancaster LM464
Marshall Kenneth Halifax W7752
Marshall Kenneth Halifax W7752
Marshall B W Mosquito DK328
Marshall J F V Lancaster PB359
Marshall T O Lancaster PB144
Marshall J Wellington T2509
Marshall E Lancaster D658
Marshall J F Lancaster LL910
Marshall H Wellington W5375
Marshall G L Wellington BJ691
Marshall W Lancaster ND627
Marshall W H Halifax BB313
Marshall R Halifax LW280
Marshall W H Halifax LL284
Marshall D W Blenheim Z7300
Marshall B Lancaster ED598
Marshall B H Halifax LW259
Marshall C F Halifax HX338
Marshall H B Halifax LV835
Marshall S Lancaster PD397
Marshall J S Typhoon MN682
Marshall J S Typhoon MN924
Marshall K Lancaster ND872
Marshall H K Blenheim T1814
Marshall W W Stirling N3725
Marshall R Stirling W7614
Marshall W Stirling BF401
Marshall T R Wellington T2806
Marshall L Lancaster PA259
Marshall L Halifax HR795
Marshall K P Spitfire BS474
Marshall H A Lancaster PB402
Marshall C D Boston
Marshall W E Halifax HX314
Marshall T B Wellington HE183
Marshall A J Wellington HE200
Marshall R Lancaster LM171
Marshall G P Lancaster R5603
Marshall H W H Lancaster ED772 (some publications have this aircraft code as ED722 which is a 61 Squadron Lancaster)
Marshall W F Lancaster R5485
Marshall E Hampden L4072
Marshall W J Hampden AT196
Marshall C Hampden AT190
Marshall A Lancaster JB360
Marshall J D Hampden P4417
Marshall J B Halifax LV822
Marshall A F Lancaster NN806
Marshall J G Halifax LL559
Marshall C F Whitley P5008
Marshall G H Manchester L7472
Marshall E C Lancaster R5488
Marshall A R Lancaster PB434
Marshall H W Halifax LW505
Marshall J Halifax MZ409
Marshall Beaufighter
Marshall J A Stirling N6085
Marshall E Lancaster JB224
Marshall A M Lancaster JB347
Marshall F C Lancaster ND523
Marshall T R Halifax W1065
Marshall D J Halifax DK134
Marshall C C Halifax DT700
Marshall O P Halifax DT768
Marshall A H Halifax JD329
Marshall J Halifax JD377
Marshall J E Hurricane V6624
Marshall S E W Lancaster LL785
Marshall D W Lancaster LM433
Marshall J Lancaster DV395
Marshall N Stirling BF346
Marshall N Stirling BF346
Marshall J W Lancaster R5569
Marshall R F Lancaster JB119
Marshall Wellington T2803
Marshall Alfred Ernest
Marshall William Cyril
Marshall Sydney Douglas
Marshall Laurence William
Marshall Roland Maxwell
Marshall Bayard Antony
Marshall Noel Clifford
Marshall George Edward
Marshall Mervyn Wilfred
Marshall Richard Sampson Orlebar
Marshall Mervyn
Marshall Corbie Frank
Marshall Ronald
Marshall James Wilfred
Marshall John Alexander Brock
Marshall Murray Gordon
Marshall Ralph Beaufort
Marshall George Charles Ventura 2193
Marshall Alfred L P-51 Mustang
Marshall Bert W Jr P-51 Mustang
Marshall Bert W Jr P-51 Mustang
Marshall Bert W Jr P-51 Mustang
Marshall Bert W Jr P-51 Mustang
Marshall Bert W Jr P-51 Mustang
Marshall Bert W Jr P-51 Mustang
Marshall Clyde L P-47 Thunderbolt
Marshall Clyde L P-47 Thunderbolt
Marshall Clyde L P-47 Thunderbolt
Marshall Frank R P-47 Thunderbolt
Marshall John A P-47 Thunderbolt`
Marshall Leonard P P-51 Mustang
Marshall Jr. James Hamilton B-24 Stinky 42-110138
Marshank Norman James B-24 Slightly Dangerous 42-50681
Marshman John Kenneth Lancaster R5576
Marshman J Wellington R3154
Marshman John Kenneth
Marsland A E Lancaster JB545
Marson J A Lancaster ED885
Marson W H Lancaster JB305
Marstella Raymond Thomas
Marsters S C Lancaster ND744
Marstin Brian Edward
Marston Leonard Frederick Arthur Lancaster NE138
Marston J S Lancaster ND708
Marston R A Lancaster R5493
Marston K J Hurricane P2866
Marston K R Lancaster PD403
Marston N A Halifax LW300
Marston N A Halifax LV905
Marszalek Zbigniew Jozef Supermarine Spitfire EE625
Martel P A G Wellington Z1729
Martel Joseph Alphonse Leon Lancaster ND386
Martel Maurice Joseph
Martell Peter Benson Martin Marauder FK366
Marten Alfred Wellington L7815
Martens Arthur Tempest Lancaster DS775
Martens Conrad William Lancaster PB172
Martens Edwin Charles
Martin Donald William B-24 Gawgia Peach 42-52709
Martin Lloyd A. B--17 Lucky Lady 42-39941
Martin H Halifax NA546
Martin C Halifax NR229
Martin R Halifax LW438
Martin L Halifax NA572
Martin A H Wellington BK160
Martin John Edward Freese Wellington BJ606
Martin W Ventura AE940
Martin P A Lancaster W4308
Martin D H Lancaster JB734
Martin R C Lancaster JB742
Martin J R Lancaster ND463
Martin W J Lancaster ND394
Martin F R Wellington Z1383
Martin J F Lancaster LM571
Martin C J Lancaster LM444
Martin C H Lancaster LM444
Martin W R Wellington HE153
Martin D C Halifax MZ305
Martin G K E Typhoon MN697
Martin V A Lancaster DV339
Martin R Lancaster ND949
Martin K A Lancaster ME838
Martin Dennis Bristol 164 Brigand VS839
Martin Thomas Lancaster ED780
Martin John Claverly Spitfire W3723
Martin Edwin Horace John Lancaster PB565
Martin Leslie Cyril Stirling BF479
Martin Nicolas J. Wellington HF153
Martin William Bristol Blenheim L9259
Martin Leonard Arthur Lancaster ND911
Martin J P Halifax W7809
Martin Alan Lancaster LM588
Martin Francis Lancaster JB299
Martin Francis Edward Manchester R5792
Martin J G Wellington X3464
Martin Alexander Lancaster ME647
Martin William Frederick Lancaster ND649
Martin George Albert Lancaster PB413
Martin John Lionel Lancaster JB676
Martin Henry Wellington Z8869
Martin Stanley Edward Stirling EF232
Martin Albert William
Martin Alan Edward Whitley EB346
Martin W B Wellington BJ962
Martin T J Mosquito KB227
Martin J R Stirling BK798
Martin T J Halifax W1214
Martin J A Halifax NR180
Martin S S Wellington X9975
Martin W Stirling BF522
Martin J Halifax JB896
Martin M J Lancaster ND912
Martin L F Halifax LW240
Martin Bernhard William Lancaster KB750
Martin T E Lancaster DS677
Martin Ivan William Lancaster DS771
Martin H Wellington BJ762
Martin R S Halifax NP795
Martin B L Halifax LV986
Martin Arthur Norman Halifax LL139
Martin N Halifax LL169
Martin J Halifax JN953
Martin L R Halifax LK662
Martin R M Halifax MZ858
Martin M A Halifax LK761
Martin T R Halifax LW583
Martin J H Halifax LK801
Martin W H Halifax LK916
Martin W D Lancaster KB850
Martin J G Typhoon PD607
Martin W B Lancaster JB741
Martin J L Lancaster LL685
Martin Thomas McPhaile Stirling EH994
Martin William Mckenzie Stirling W7620
Martin R C Lancaster ND744
Martin H McN Lancaster ND395
Martin Alistair Bruce Wellington BJ876
Martin R B Wellington T2554
Martin George Wilfred Wellington BK271
Martin L H Wellington X3540
Martin B Stirling R9264
Martin D E Stirling EF399
Martin R H Stirling EF515
Martin A E Lancaster LL938
Martin Joseph John Francis Halifax W1056
Martin Robert Tom Charles Halifax W1056
Martin R Halifax HR952
Martin O H Halifax LW716
Martin F H Lancaster ED786
Martin H P Lancaster ND995
Martin J Lancaster ED824
Martin R Lancaster RA595
Martin A Halifax HR663
Martin H R Whitley Z6468
Martin R F Whitley T4261
Martin K M Lancaster JB733
Martin K M Lancaster ND402
Martin P R Hampden AE144
Martin D Hampden AE151
Martin R A Lancaster ED649
Martin M J Lancaster JB638
Martin C I Blenheim V6063
Martin Blenheim N6207
Martin F S Wellington LN293
Martin R Lancaster W4925
Martin J Lancaster W4836
Martin E O Lancaster ME788
Martin G W Whirlwind P7106
Martin L Halifax BB313
Martin E K Mosquito ML909
Martin D McT Mosquito KB392
Martin A D J Battle
Martin Battle
Martin Battle K9333
Martin Hampden AE440
Martin A Stirling BF392
Martin S Stirling N6083
Martin W L Stirling R9314
Martin D Wellington R1506
Martin A C Wellington R3175
Martin W A Stirling EF347
Martin Stirling N3667
Martin J P Stirling BK815
Martin R T Stirling EH890
Martin S Battle P2182
Martin E D Battle K9369
Martin Gwyn Wellington BK309
Martin A Lancaster NN785
Martin G L Lancaster JB113
Martin Henry “Harry” Lancaster ND380
Martin R L Lancaster PB468
Martin V L Halifax HR740
Martin O H Halifax HX338
Martin P Wellington T2606
Martin V A Halifax V9993
Martin W P Lancaster ME641
Martin E J Lancaster DV406
Martin B Wellington BK515
Martin S Lancaster ND621
Martin W S Blenheim
Martin J A Halifax MZ817
Martin V M Lancaster HK686
Martin S Lancaster ED601
Martin R G Stirling BF453
Martin L Stirling MZ261
Martin H S Lancaster PB646
Martin R T Spitfire P8395
Martin R C Halifax NA174
Martin Halifax L9506
Martin R Halifax W7885
Martin R Halifax W7923
Martin A C Wellington X9749
Martin J L B Wellington W5537
Martin R T Wellington W5522
Martin W S Mosquito MM622
Martin H J Wellington Z1742
Martin W G Lancaster LL629
Martin G A Wellington X3348
Martin J S Halifax LW690
Martin G B Halifax NP688
Martin C G L Lancaster W4199
Martin E Hampden X3049
Martin R G Lancaster ED433
Martin Thomas Henry Ventura AE737
Martin F Lancaster W4382
Martin B Lancaster NG385
Martin J E Hampden AD834
Martin Hampden P4411
Martin D B Halifax DT628
Martin W L Halifax HR726
Martin M A Halifax LW466
Martin D C Halifax MZ916
Martin S F Lancaster LL732
Martin George E Lancaster LL678
Martin G R Lancaster W5005
Martin J G L Lancaster NG126
Martin W F Lancaster ND471
Martin F G J Lancaster NF975
Martin T Lancaster R5565
Martin G I Lancaster LL808
Martin J Lancaster W4163
Martin D C Lancaster ME697
Martin Kenneth Lancaster NG238
Martin R H Lancaster LM317
Martin H Lancaster LM691
Martin Basil George Lancaster ME576
Martin C F Lancaster DV295
Martin E Halifax LW555
Martin J R Halifax MZ677
Martin J L Stirling N6041
Martin H E Lancaster JB719
Martin R F Hurricane L1959
Martin D C Halifax R9453
Martin A J J Halifax LW681
Martin H S Halifax DK240
Martin Whitley N1372
Martin Whitley
Martin R G Whitley Z9461
Martin Denys Philip Halifax JD248
Martin J P Halifax W7089
Martin R F Halifax LW319
Martin R F Halifax DT522
Martin C McK Whitley Z6555
Martin Whitley Z9308
Martin E G Blenheim V6513
Martin Blenheim T2280
Martin J Lancaster R5630
Martin J J Lancaster JB412
Martin G F O Lancaster ND966
Martin T A Lancaster JA701
Martin J W Lancaster W4379
Martin C H Lancaster LM361
Martin Ronald Claude Lancaster R5537
Martin G E F Wellington N2956
Martin H Wellington X9703
Martin Richard Frewen
Martin Leslie Charles Miles Martinet HP425
Martin Roswell Howard Tourle Hurricane V6794
Martin Eric Bruce
Martin Alfred Henry
Martin John Edward Freese
Martin Phillip Daniel
Martin Lewis William
Martin Lynnton Ainsley
Martin Robert Henry
Martin Allan Stanley Roy
Martin James Francis
Martin Dennis Lodge
Martin Wallace
Martin Colin Cameron
Martin Noel Patrick
Martin Lionel Jeans
Martin Douglas Thorne
Martin Donald Henry
Martin Frederick Roy
Martin John Randall
Martin Ronald Cecil
Martin Charles James
Martin Colin Hillier
Martin John Francis
Martin Douglas Charles
Martin Alfred Herman
Martin Ian Errington
Martin Virgil Austin
Martin Robert
Martin Selwyn William Bruce
Martin Alan Bryant
Martin Kenneth Andrew
Martin Philip Carrick
Martin J S Halifax LK734
Martin Edward L P-38 Lightning
Martin Eugene Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Martin Kenneth R P-51 Mustang
Martin Kenneth R P-51 Mustang
Martin Kenneth R P-47 Thunderbolt
Martin Kenneth R P-47 Thunderbolt
Martin Kenneth R P-47 Thunderbolt
Martin Laurence H P-51 Mustang
Martin Leonard F P-47 Thunderbolt
Martin Maurice L P-47 Thunderbolt
Martin Maurice L P-47 Thunderbolt
Martin Richard B P-47 Thunderbolt
Martin Russell M P-47 Thunderbolt
Martin William D P-47 Thunderbolt
Martin William D P-51 Mustang
Martin William D P-51 Mustang
Martin Howard Allan Wellington DV873
Martindale P D Lancaster DS706
Martindale W R Halifax LW265
Martineau W A Halifax MZ816
Martinek Thomas W P-51 Mustang
Martinek Thomas W P-51 Mustang
Martinek Thomas W P-51 Mustang
Martinez Mariano Lancaster NG296
Martinez Manuel S P-47 Thunderbolt
Martinez Manuel S P-47 Thunderbolt
Martinez Manuel S P-47 Thunderbolt
Martinez Manuel S P-47 Thunderbolt
Martinez Manuel S P-47 Thunderbolt
Martins G Stirling BF320
Martins Hedley Geoffrey Halifax DG285
Martins R A Stirling EH984
Martland J Halifax W7934
Martlew P Wellington R3288
Martner Lewis P. B-17 Mohawk 42-31128
Marton Bronisław Vickers Wellington HF121
Martowicz Piotr
Martrou L Halifax NA547
Marts Jay F P-51 Mustang
Martyn H Blenheim L9419
Martyn J R Halifax W7873
Martyn John Basil Wellington HE175
Martyn L A Lancaster NN745
Martyn Donald M P-47 Thunderbolt
Martyn Donald M P-47 Thunderbolt
Martyniec Józef Kazimierz Vickers Wellington HE768
Martyniuk Julian Bogdan Handley Page Halifax JP222
Martyr B A Blenheim N6145
Marugg S J Halifax HR840
Marvel J E Halifax DT646
Marvel Forrest J P-47 Thunderbolt
Marvell A Wellington X9975
Marvin Douglas William J Lancaster ND908
Marvin J Halifax I NR186
Marvin C P Whitley N1406
Marvin E P L Halifax EB240
Marwick G E Lancaster W4189
Marwick G E C Wellington X3746
Marwood G W Blenheim N6160
Marwood J Lancaster LM129
Marwood G K Lancaster W4134
Marwood D Lancaster PB649
Marwood A W Lancaster ND948
Marwood Tucker Neville Lancaster LM598
Marwood-Elton N W D Halifax LW540
Marx P M D Mitchell FL672
Mary M P Lancaster LM103
Marynowski Mieczyslaw Handley Page Halifax JN889
Marynowski Zbigniew Antoni Wellington BK471
Marynowski M E Lancaster DS737
Mascall R R Halifax HR844
Maschit Mordhai Lancaster RF230
Masdin Tom Halifax NA514
Masek Rudolf Wellington T2971
Masereel G Halifax LL307
Masfen Lancelot Charles Stirling W7524
Masham S E Whitley N1499
Masheder J A Halifax MZ812
Mashman Keith Austin
Masiorski M Tadeusz Lancaster ME744
Maskall Arthur George Hudson V9155
Maskell Eric Cyril Hampden AE185
Maskell D J Wellington Z1563
Maskell C A Lancaster LM312
Maskell H T Lancaster ND762
Maskell H Stirling EF349
Maskell William Wellington DV562
Maskery Spitfire P8591
Maślanka Ludwik Zdzisław Vickers Wellington HX384
Maslarczyk Zbigniew Miles Master N7553
Maslen Thomas Arthur Miles Magister T9831
Maslen T A Blenheim N3540
Maslen John Gordon
Maslin T W Blenheim P6894
Maslin E J Halifax MZ447
Maslin John Ainslie George
Mason N R Lancaster ED837
Mason S W Lancaster NG256
Mason D W Typhoon MN132
Mason N T Lancaster W4837
Mason J W Halifax NA623
Mason Frank Michael Wellington N2939
Mason William Henry Halifax BB325
Mason Alan Ernest Stirling BF314
Mason Albert Halifax MZ684
Mason Albert Vickers Warwick BV290
Mason H J Halifax DT745
Mason John Richard Fairchild Cornell FJ654
Mason Richard Coombe Lancaster EE177
Mason William Charles Lancaster ME635
Mason Richard William Halifax JB854
Mason J R Stirling N3754
Mason Edward Donald Liberator KL654
Mason Leonard George Liberator JT985
Mason C Halifax LV863
Mason Jack Maclean Lancaster ND571
Mason N C Halifax JP199
Mason E B Halifax LK913
Mason H R Halifax LW437
Mason L E Lancaster ND879
Mason K M Halifax MZ740
Mason E A Oxford B211
Mason Edgar Bohun Halifax BB216
Mason James Hubert Stirling EF232
Mason L M Wellington Z1624
Mason A Stirling BF528
Mason P E Lancaster LL679
Mason W R A Stirling EH935
Mason James Rooker Lancaster ND908
Mason Henry Maurice 'Morrie'
Mason Charles Halifax JN899
Mason H V Halifax HX190
Mason W Lancaster JB291
Mason G A Lancaster ED973
Mason R E Lancaster JB560
Mason J Lancaster JB602
Mason A Lancaster LL758
Mason G M Wellington X3655
Mason J Halifax HX173
Mason A J C Lancaster ED380
Mason W S Halifax W1213
Mason J F Lancaster PD276
Mason E T Lancaster HK544
Mason E E Wellington R1772
Mason J R Wellington W5380
Mason G A Spitfire MH472
Mason G Blenheim T1795
Mason W H Stirling EH987
Mason F R Oxford V4140
Mason J C Wellington DV812
Mason G E Lancaster JA674
Mason F Manchester L7321
Mason E Wellington Z1148
Mason J C Wellington Z8858
Mason F A Liberator TT336
Mason V S Wellington DV560
Mason D W Whirlwind P7001
Mason Halifax L9579
Mason W F Spitfire MK835
Mason K G Lancaster NE116
Mason S T Lancaster JB608
Mason J E Wellington HE164
Mason J S Lancaster JB305
Mason J H Lancaster NN694
Mason R L Lancaster DV384
Mason C S Lancaster PD363
Mason E A Lancaster LM120
Mason J Halifax NA618
Mason A R Whitley T4145
Mason G A Spitfire W3523
Mason G A Spitfire BR980
Mason Thomas Donald Lawson Lancaster PB357
Mason W Lancaster LL921
Mason F D Stirling EE891
Mason D W Halifax MZ428
Mason N R Halifax MZ750
Mason M A Halifax LK710
Mason H Halifax W7929
Mason B V Hampden X3121
Mason H Lancaster ND499
Mason S Stirling EE951
Mason F
Mason Ernest Mitchelson ("Imshi")
Mason Frank
Mason Leslie Norman
Mason Henry Oscar
Mason Neville Ray
Mason Donald William
Mason Walter Edward
Mason John Frederick
Mason Cecil John Trewelyan
Mason Alan Firth
Mason Norman Talbot
Mason Lewis Harry
Mason Trevor Whitley Z9134
Mason James E P-38 Lightning
Mason Joe L P-47 Thunderbolt
Mason Joe L P-47 Thunderbolt
Mason Joe L P-47 Thunderbolt
Mason Joe L P-47 Thunderbolt
Mason Stephen F Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Mason Williard To Jr P-38 Lightning
Massa Vincent J P-47 Thunderbolt
Massart O Spitfire BS548
Massart O Spitfire TB360
Massart O Spitfire TB297
Masse G J Wellington Z8329
Massey Herbert Martin Stirling N3750
Massey William Chippendale Wellington BJ600
Massey Clarence Ames Halifax W7925
Massey J R Halifax LK787
Massey W J Lancaster PA969
Massey R Lancaster ND675
Massey J E Lancaster ND842
Massey T C Lancaster R5501
Massey W Wellington X9977
Massey Kevin Kenneth
Massey William Carrington B-17 43-38107
Massey Paul R P-47 Thunderbolt`
Massey-Sharpe Gerald Spitfire P9339
Massey-Shaw R A Lancaster PD322
Massheder A Lancaster ND983
Massicotte G O Halifax MZ520
Massie W W Whitley BD368
Massie R Mosquito DZ467
Massie R J Stirling EH927
Massie J Lancaster JA717
Massie J Lancaster JA931
Massie C J Stirling EF130
Massie A Halifax JD379
Massie J W Whitley P5026
Massie J D Lancaster JA957
Massingham Charles Carson
Massip de Turville G O M Halifax HR786
Masson Eugene Shadrack Halifax DT620
Masson Joseph Lloyd Clinton Lancaster LL641
Masson Edward Savage Wellington Z8376
Masson Allan Thomas
Massy M I Lancaster PA983
Mast Jerry G P-47 Thunderbolt
Mast Jerry G P-47 Thunderbolt
Masterman W A L Wellington BJ714
Masterman L Lancaster PB463
Masterman Cedric Audley
Masters Robert Lockyer Lancaster PB853
Masters Royffe Digby Hudson P5135
Masters Albert Edward Whitley Z6951
Masters R H Halifax JD244
Masters Clive Hugh Wellington MF144
Masters W S Stirling BK778
Masters A H Lancaster JB350
Masters H E Battle L5113
Masters H Hampden P4359
Masters J G Blenheim L9403
Masters P W Wellington X3991
Masters J Whitley N1351
Masters H A Lancaster LM433
Masters E A Wellington T2880
Masters Robert Lockyer
Masters John Ross
Masters James Walter
Masters Derrick Gordon Beaufighter X8623
Masters Frank R P-51 Mustang
Masters Raphael Beaufort N1044
Masterson K H Wellington HE281
Masterton L G Halifax DT525
Masterton L Halifax BB239
Mastin J H Halifax HR789
Masur Dennis Stanley Stirling BF327
Masur G J Halifax LW396
Masur A M Halifax LW396
Matches A J Beaufighter
Matches R D Halifax JB924
Matchett W M J Lancaster W4817
Matchett William Mervyn James
Mate Thomas Henry Hampden P4400
Mate V H Lancaster JA934
Matelowski Józef Karol Vickers Wellington BK511
Matetich J A Wellington X9916
Matetich J A Wellington R1518
Mateuszuk Czesław Armstrong Whitworth Whitley K7229
Mather Kenneth Richard Lancaster HK547
Mather A Whitley P5108
Mather G S Lancaster ME789
Mather R A Wellington W5476
Mather R A M Halifax DT779
Mather H J Stirling LJ621
Mather S Fortress SR381
Mather R A MacI Halifax HR907
Mather R A MacI Halifax HR803
Mather Wellington W5560
Mather R Halifax DK265
Mather W Lancaster ME808
Mather J J Lancaster PA983
Mather J R Spitfire R6925
Mather William Lawrence
Mather William A P-47 Thunderbolt
Matherly Jones Monroe Halifax LV828
Mathers J B Wellington R1162
Mathers F E Halifax JB839
Mathers Whitley K9032
Mathers A Lancaster LL801
Mathers B M Lancaster ND969
Mathers James Bruce
Mathers Michael James
Mathers Francis Edwin
Matheson Alister William Stewart Wellington BK235
Matheson Oliver Rayner Lancaster R5610
Matheson W E Lancaster EE167
Matheson Everett Morley Lancaster ND684
Matheson A A Mosquito PF380
Matheson Kenneth Duncan Lancaster JB722
Matheson F D Halifax JB838
Matheson H M Lancaster ED688
Matheson W Wellington X3312
Matheson G C Spitfire P9443
Matheson D R Spitfire MJ236
Matheson G C Mosquito HJ773
Matheson C Hampden P4355
Matheson A Mosquito DZ521
Matheson C V Whitley Z6881
Matheson Charles James
Matheson Gordon James
Matheson Ross Henley
Matheson John Vincent Colin
Matheson Duncan
Matheson Alister William Stewart
Matheson Sidney Edward Canso 9754
Matheson Charles F P-38 Lightning
Mathew W H H Halifax MZ343
Mathewman Whitley T4217
Mathews John Vincent Fortress KJ106
Mathews G Stirling BF450
Mathews F W Halifax W7667
Mathews J O Mosquito TA398
Mathews D W Blenheim
Mathews K Mosquito DZ689
Mathews J Lancaster LL747
Mathews G Lancaster ED616
Mathews J B F Wellington X3331
Mathews A A Blenheim R3767
Mathews John Owen ("Jimmy")
Mathews Francis Herbert
Mathews Kenneth Robert Charles
Mathews Harold E P-51 Mustang
Mathewson Donald Meldrum Stirling LJ982
Mathey H Spitfire PL193
Mathias John Edward Mosquito LR329
Mathias G A Stirling BF405
Mathias V M Halifax NR193
Mathias Halifax L9619
Mathias R Wellington LN349
Mathias G D Lancaster LM258
Mathias G Stirling R9189
Mathias W R Blenheim Z7287
Mathias W R Blenheim V6365
Mathias J L Lancaster LM157
Mathieson Milton Alexander Lancaster NF999
Mathieson Robert Muir Lancaster R5576
Mathieson Alexander James Lancaster JB368
Mathieson D Wellington X3671
Mathieson Ian Edgecombe Spitfire AD329
Mathieson W T Wellington R3219
Mathieson D W Stirling R9154
Mathieson J J Lancaster R5623
Mathieson A Fortress AN533
Mathieson Milton Alexander
Mathieu J C Lancaster PA977
Mathillon P Spitfire BL478
Mathis Donald Frank
Mathison William Thomas Lancaster ED416
Mathison E D Lancaster NG332
Mathison N A Manchester L7318
Mathison J A Lancaster PB199
Mathison Edwin John
Matich N J Halifax HR907
Matich N J Halifax HR803
Matin G E Stirling R9170
Matkin Sidney George Lancaster JA850
Matkin F J Hampden AE229
Matkin M L Lancaster PB906
Matkin S G Stirling W7434
Matlak Franciszek Vickers Wellington HF188 (A188?)
Matlock E K Stirling BK697
Matney Francis M P-51 Mustang
Matney Francis M P-51 Mustang
Matney Francis M P-51 Mustang
Maton Charles Aubrey Halifax HR686
Maton J A T Lancaster NE128
Maton R J Halifax LW478
Maton S J J Lancaster NG286
Matousek J Wellington N2771
Matsham R A W Lancaster PA970
Matson George Enos Whitley P4964
Matson M K Wellington Z1725
Matsumoto G Lancaster PA196
Matte L E Lancaster ND990
Matte Joseph Z P-47 Thunderbolt
Matte Joseph Z P-47 Thunderbolt
Mattey J C Halifax LW317
Mattey G L Whitley T4237
Matthams Ronald George
Matthams Ronald George Lancaster W4239
Matthes A G Lancaster JB651
Mattheson A McG Lancaster ME589
Matthew Harry L P-51 Mustang
Matthewman C T R Wellington X2313
Matthewman L Halifax LK834
Matthewman E C Hampden X3118
Matthews Thomas William Mosquito DZ388
Matthews W R Stirling R9279
Matthews Frederick George Stirling EF390
Matthews S J Lancaster W4837
Matthews A W Lancaster DV229
Matthews Albert William Battle L5190
Matthews Ernest Frederick Whitley P5108
Matthews Aubrey Glyndwr Wellington LP760
Matthews Phillip Marcus Lancaster ME732
Matthews P. Victor Lancaster W5002
Matthews Edgar Leslie Lancaster ED834
Matthews Kenneth Forshaw Halifax LV818
Matthews G Halifax LV858
Matthews R H Halifax MZ798
Matthews Harold Lancaster DS690
Matthews Keith Las Wellington BJ831
Matthews Sidney Clayden Fortress HB779
Matthews Cyril James Wellington R1235
Matthews Frank Lancaster DV388
Matthews Douglas Garnet Lancaster ND906
Matthews Thomas Kirkham Boston AL690
Matthews J J Spitfire BM349
Matthews S W Spitfire MH361
Matthews Philip Malcolm Halifax DG238
Matthews Donald Willis Halifax JB968
Matthews Walter Henry Halifax MZ506
Matthews J H G Spitfire AD568
Matthews Lionel Wollaston Wellington DF566
Matthews George Norman Mosquito HX916
Matthews Francis Charles Spitfire NH514
Matthews George Thomas Wellington LP609
Matthews G D Lancaster LL771
Matthews A F Lancaster PD268
Matthews L A W Blenheim L9258
Matthews R Halifax W7858
Matthews J D H Halifax JB867
Matthews C H Halifax NA503
Matthews R C Whitley Z6796
Matthews R Halifax R9419
Matthews A S Lancaster ND397
Matthews C A W Lancaster ND585
Matthews Blenheim V6397
Matthews O A Wellington R1063
Matthews E F A Wellington W5514
Matthews L A Lancaster LM328
Matthews C F Blenheim T1795
Matthews C G Wellington R1294
Matthews M F Lancaster HK773
Matthews W V Lancaster LL890
Matthews G E Stirling EH88
Matthews H Halifax LK877
Matthews Halifax LL120
Matthews C A Wellington HE346
Matthews C A Lancaster NN739
Matthews B F W Blenheim V6437
Matthews E W Mitchell FL175
Matthews K C Typhoon MN576
Matthews A Wellington Z1600
Matthews J Lancaster LM125
Matthews E J Lancaster ME472
Matthews A Wellington L4345
Matthews C J Wellington R1008
Matthews E W Lancaster PB672
Matthews A J Mosquito DD727
Matthews G W L Spitfire P8566
Matthews V R Halifax DT806
Matthews J E S Halifax HR850
Matthews H Halifax HX270
Matthews C E Wellington Not known
Matthews L H Lancaster DS723
Matthews E V Halifax LK990
Matthews J R G Halifax HX236
Matthews Albert E A Lancaster LL900
Matthews J H Hampden AD753
Matthews C J Halifax JD251
Matthews E D Halifax HR750
Matthews S Lancaster NG132
Matthews L R B Lancaster JB550
Matthews L G Halifax MZ563
Matthews H K F Spitfire N3109
Matthews D S Manchester R5789
Matthews R M S Lancaster ME560
Matthews F K Stirling LJ454
Matthews A J Lancaster JB135
Matthews G J Mustang HB850
Matthews M K Stirling BK817
Matthews R J Halifax W1236
Matthews P E Halifax JB871
Matthews C W Halifax LK926
Matthews N Halifax DT625
Matthews E F C Halifax JD310
Matthews E F C Halifax JD203
Matthews M T Hampden X3139
Matthews A C Lancaster PB188
Matthews T K Boston AL263
Matthews R F Lancaster W4761
Matthews R A Lancaster ED520
Matthews H W Lancaster LM520
Matthews K E W Lancaster ED490
Matthews T G Stirling BK661
Matthews C P Lancaster JB232
Matthews Peter Gerald Hugh
Matthews William Ernest George
Matthews William Roy
Matthews Ronald Keith
Matthews Frederick George
Matthews Mervyn Stephen
Matthews Philip William
Matthews Frederick James
Matthews Stanley James
Matthews Eric John
Matthews Patrick Fleming
Matthews Ronald Henry
Matthews Daniel Kerr
Matthews Hugh P P-47 Thunderbolt
Matthews Joseph A Spitfire Vb
Matthews Joseph A P-47 Thunderbolt
Matthews William H Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Matthias Llewelyn Clifford Halifax W7696
Matthissen A R V Wellington Z1048
Mattick Stanley Richard Lancaster JB645
Mattick A Wellington N3004
Mattick A R Wellington P9243
Mattie John D P-51 Mustang
Mattin L W Lancaster R5862
Mattingley A F Lancaster ME580
Mattingley Albert Frank
Mattock G R Lancaster W4355
Mattocks Bernard Charles Lancaster ND522
Mattoon S F Lancaster ED333
Mattox Robert E. B-17 You Never Know 42-32086
Mattress Charles Alfred
Matuschka Vyron
Matusiak Czeslaw Kittyhawk AK584
Matusiewicz Daniel P-47 Thunderbolt
Matuszewski Aleksander
Matuszewski Bolesław Robert Vickers Wellington HZ576
Matuszewski G Lancaster KB761
Matuszkiewicz F Lancaster PD257
Matuszkiewicz Franciszek Avro Lancaster PD257
Matuszkiewicz Józef Mateusz Vickers Wellington MP541
Matylis N Halifax DT727
Matylis Nikodem Handley Page Halifax PP232
Matynia G T Halifax DK190
Matysiak Feliks Wellington W5529
Matysiak Karol Short Scion AV981
Mau Jerome R P-47 Thunderbolt
Mau Jerome R P-47 Thunderbolt
Maucini Joseph J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Maud John Manning
Maude G M Stirling LJ999
Maude Ronald Peter Lancaster LL864
Maudling P H Halifax LK959
Maudslay H E Lancaster ED937
Maughan P C Lancaster LM226
Maughan H F Halifax HR869
Maughan D Lancaster R5546
Maughan Francis James Egan
Maughan Peter Coakes
Maul E C Lancaster PB354
Maul Arthur C P-47 Thunderbolt
Maule J Lancaster PA971
Maule G F Lancaster LL883
Mauley W J Lancaster ME574
Maund R Halifax HX154
Maund R A C Halifax JD259
Maunder John Henry Halifax LV875
Maunder C L Stirling BF442
Maunder W R Lancaster W4789
Maunder F G Lancaster NN772
Maunder John Henry
Maunders G P S Lancaster LM365
Maunders T V Wellington Z1341
Maunders G R Spitfire BL581
Maunsell John Raymond Lancaster LM115
Maunsell L C Lancaster W4998
Maunsell B K Lancaster JB283
Maunsell Wellington T2803
Maunsell Bernard Kingston
Maupetit R Halifax NA174
Maurel Spitfire PT913
Maurer Aubrey
Maurice J E Spitfire RM843
Maurice Anthony P-47 Thunderbolt
Maurice Anthony P-47 Thunderbolt
Maurice Anthony P-47 Thunderbolt
Maurin-Bonnemain Jean
Mauritius A Postle P-51 Mustang
Mauritius A Postle P-51 Mustang
Mavaut P R M Lancaster PB203
Maville J A Manchester L7314
Mavor G J Wellington N2745
Mavromatis A Lancaster JB527
Maw C C Stirling ED911
Maw Arthur Douglas Halifax LW647
Maw C A Boston AL737
Maw D M Stirling EF430
Maw M T Halifax MZ345
Mawby Cecil George Walter Wellington NC594
Mawdesley William James
Mawdsley W J Wellington R1266
Mawdsley Jack Hudson A16-46
Mawdsley A E Blenheim N6165
Mawdsley Jack
Mawer Granville Allen
Mawhinney J R Lancaster ME556
Mawle Roger Hanson Lancaster DV345
Mawood D V G Hurricane VY-
Mawson William Ernest Halifax LV818
Mawson Harry Lancaster PB554
Mawson G N Lancaster NE117
Mawson E Lancaster DV183
Mawson L D A Halifax MZ456
Mawson W K Typhoon EJ956
Max R D Battle
Max Joseph H P-51 Mustang
Maxerat L Halifax NA546
Maxfield F Wellington X3552
Maxfield F Wellington Z1671
Maxim W L Wellington X3416
Maxon James Matthew Wellington W5492
Maxson Wallace John B-24 Slightly Dangerous 42-50681
Maxted S J Stirling BK611
Maxted C H Lancaster ME633
Maxted Reginald Henry Desmond
Maxwell Jack A. B-24 Ginger 41-29177
Maxwell G E Lancaster ME796
Maxwell Peter John Lancaster W4166
Maxwell A V Halifax MZ652
Maxwell W Wellington W5443
Maxwell Arnold Grant Hampden AD826
Maxwell J A Wellington X9747
Maxwell B Liberator TS520
Maxwell D C Wellington HE157
Maxwell W K Halifax LK916
Maxwell A W Lancaster LL962
Maxwell N R Typhoon R8833
Maxwell A Lancaster R5678
Maxwell D C H Lancaster NE134
Maxwell P G Lancaster LM514
Maxwell D C H Lancaster JB465
Maxwell J F Halifax HR738
Maxwell W L Halifax HR944
Maxwell J D W Lancaster LM259
Maxwell W Defiant L7025
Maxwell W C Lancaster JB741
Maxwell J F Halifax LW177
Maxwell M H C Hurricane P3478
Maxwell M H C Hurricane R4117
Maxwell M H C Hurricane L1764
Maxwell T J Lancaster LL828
Maxwell D A Spitfire P7541
Maxwell T Stirling BK646
Maxwell F C Stirling BK814
Maxwell Maxwell Bruce
Maxwell William Joseph Carlyon
Maxwell William James
Maxwell Lewis Keith
Maxwell Gordon Edward
Maxwell John Given
Maxwell John Campbell Lancaster
Maxwell Chester K P-51 Mustang
Maxwell Chester K P-51 Mustang
Maxwell Dewayne J P-51 Mustang
Maxwell Dewayne J P-51 Mustang
Maxwell Julius P P-47 Thunderbolt
Maxwell Julius P P-51 Mustang
Maxwell Robert A P-51 Mustang
Maxwell Wallace G P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Maxwell Wallace G P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Maxwell Wallace G P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Maxwell George Wellington HX580
May Edward Joseph Lancaster R5682
May Faulkner Michael Vine Liberator AL511
May Allan Lindsay
May Henry Verdun
May John Alexander Henry
May John Leonard
May Donald Bernard
May Philip Stroud
May John Drummond
May S H Spitfire MB800
May J L Mosquito DD739
May P S Halifax LW656
May Donald Bernard Lancaster PB807
May Tom K Wellington N2936
May Fred Wellington R1045
May Arthur Ernest Stirling EE894
May Kenneth Coverdale Halifax W1044
May F S Halifax W7884
May R E Lancaster JA866
May J Lancaster JB609
May B H Ventura AE715
May G A Halifax LW231
May H E Halifax HX318
May A E Halifax LW169
May Alexander Humphrey Halifax RG455
May G Lancaster W4989
May T H Halifax W7759
May P Whitley Z9283
May T H Halifax W7677
May W Mosquito W4070
May J S Wellington X3755
May S F Lancaster LM344
May A C Wellington W5575
May D W E Halifax LV948
May A D Spitfire MK751
May P Wellington LN349
May Reginald Hubert Wellington R1717
May A F Mustang AM172
May S N Mosquito PZ220
May J A Halifax LK754
May W W Tempest NV651
May H C Lancaster ED387
May R Lancaster W5008
May W E Lancaster RF120
May B L Lancaster EE116
May R G Lancaster DV295
May W B Lancaster ND924
May I D J Halifax LV422
May F J Lancaster ND766
May P T F Halifax NA171
May R S Stirling BF346
May R S Stirling BF346
May J T Spitfire EN227
May Wellington X9740
May Harry C Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
May John F P-51 Mustang
May William E P-47 Thunderbolt
May William E P-47 Thunderbolt
Mayahay R B Lancaster RA500
Mayall J R Wellington X3408
Mayall John Milburn
Maybee N N Spitfire MH845
Mayberry Clement Cambell
Maybury Victor Charles Ormond Royd Hampden AE223
Maybury D C Wellington P9269
Maybury J G W Hampden X2996
Maycock John Robert Lancaster JB352
Maycock Ronald Stirling W7531
Maycock Dennis Walter Lancaster NG330
Maycock J E Halifax LL612
Mayden L Lancaster ED552
Mayden James D P-51 Mustang
Mayden James D P-51 Mustang
Maydon G E Blenheim L8866
Mayer H L C Halifax ML422 other sources quote it as MZ422
Mayer S Lancaster DV285
Mayer G E Wellington R1617
Mayer W C Lancaster LM109
Mayer R C Lancaster W4938
Mayer L A Stirling N6070
Mayer F E Halifax NA618
Mayer Raymond D P-51 Mustang
Mayer Raymond D P-51 Mustang
Mayers Arthur Leslie Wellington MF845
Mayers A H Halifax LK633
Mayers D H Stirling LK236
Mayers R P Blenheim V6372
Mayers Howard Clive Hurricane P2690
Mayers Howard Clive Hurricane R4218
Mayers Howard Clive Hurricane Z3087
Mayers Howard Clive
Mayes Warren Bretall Halifax JD215
Mayes Albert Halifax JD273
Mayes D L Halifax DT702
Mayes D L Halifax JB867
Mayes J Whitley Z9301
Mayes D K W Lancaster LL966
Mayes S C Halifax L9562
Mayes F Lancaster R5569
Mayes Colin Walter
Mayger J D Lancaster DV177
Maygothling G J Wellington Z9913
Mayhead J M Lancaster LM491
Mayhead Jack Maxwell
Mayhew Denis John Lancaster ND906
Mayhew R Wellington X3657
Mayhew P F Hurricane P5178
Mayhew L C G Lancaster NE124
Mayland C Manchester L7459
Mayland Manchester L7306
Mayland Manchester R5783
Mayley Derek Graham Wellington LP198
Maylin H Whitley K9039
Maylin H Whitley P4973
Maylin B Halifax NA164
Maynard Sidney James Samuel Lancaster PB134
Maynard H C A Lancaster JB406
Maynard L D Halifax HR978
Maynard P Lancaster W4363
Maynard A S Blenheim T1922
Maynard A Blenheim T1922
Maynard K E Halifax MZ567
Maynard J M Mustang FB227
Maynard D C Stirling EH887
Maynard R Spitfire TB358
Maynard T W Lancaster DV398
Mayne E O T Lancaster PB557
Mayne R J Wellington Z1404
Mayne A F Lancaster ME580
Mayne Thomas Dunwoody Lancaster DS778
Mayne T H Lancaster NN696
Mayne C E Lancaster ND651
Mayne C E Lancaster LM335
Mayne A T Lancaster ME759
Mayne Ernest
Mayne Elwyn Oswald Thomas
Mayne Reginald James
Mayne Albert Francis
Mayne Edward F Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Mayne Edward F Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Maynes E A Halifax NP935
Mayo T A Wellington W5578
Mayo W J Lancaster DS847
Mayo W Wellington LN554
Mayo J R Halifax LK702
Mayo John Russell Stirling BK614
Mayo N G Lancaster JA857
Mayo W H Stirling LJ621
Mayo D A W Lancaster LL851
Mayo G W Halifax JB970
Mayo Ben I Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Mayo Ben I Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Mayo Ben I Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Mayoh W D Lancaster W4330
Mayor George William Halifax HX318
Mayor J R Blenheim L8733
Mayor G H Stirling N6030
Mayor S R Wellington T2984
Mayou F D Halifax JB897
Mays Ben Freeman Spitfire AB810
Mays G H Wellington Z1205
Mays H G B Halifax W1105
Mays J C Lancaster PB678
Mays W T Halifax MZ623
Mays Henry Jackson B-17 Moonlight Serenade 43-37599
Mayse Norman B P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Mayse Norman B P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Mayson W T Stirling R9255
Mayston S R Whitley Z6568
Mayville Joseph Fernard Halifax LW395
Maywhort Spitfire MH446
Mazal Paul W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Mazelewski Bronislaw
Mazengarb Harris Lewington
Mazengard Harris Lewington Lancaster W4104
Mazgaj Piotr Vickers Wellington HZ438
Maziarz Stanisław Vickers Wellington MP541
Mazin F Halifax W7878
Mazo C F X Spitfire MH482
Mazor Theodore J. B-17 Skunkface 42-29656
Mazur Stanislaw
Mazur Mieczysław PZL-23B Karas D1
Mazur Henry J P-47 Thunderbolt
Mazur Henry J P-47 Thunderbolt
Mazur Henry J P-47 Thunderbolt
Mazurek Wellington W5682
Mazurkiewicz J Spitfire NH186
Mazurkiewicz Michal Wladlslaw Vickers Wellington Z1072
Mazurkiewicz Stanislaw
Mc'Inerney Leonard Joseph Lancaster ND329
McAdam W D Halifax LW418
McAdam W D Halifax NA580
McAdam D W Halifax LK850
McAdam A G Typhoon JR383
McAdam W D Havoc AW404
McAdam J Spitfire P9340
McAdam J Spitfire N3118
McAdam J Spitfire P7302
McAdam R D Lancaster PA967
McAdam H J Halifax JD418
McAdam J P Lancaster JB424
McAdam Ian Alexander
Mcadam Kenmir Loudon Whitley Z9388
McAdie W Stirling BK798
Mcadougall G D Stirling BF415
McAfee John Lancaster KB750
McAfee James William B-17 43-38853
McAinsh J Lancaster ND332
McAleavey J M Wellington Z1209
McAleese D P Stirling R9253
McAleese P Halifax DT567
McAlhome A R Lancaster DV333
McAlinden O J Halifax MZ750
McAlister Gilbert Norman
McAllen Ronald Frederick Vickers Warwick HG342
McAllen W A Wellington L7873
McAllen William Albert
McAllister N A Stirling EJ124
McAllister H G Lancaster ND364
McAllister R M Lancaster ND840
McAllister William Lancaster PD383
McAllister Edward Airspeed Oxford R6017
McAllister John Hampden AT258
McAllister L D Wellington HE385
McAllister D R Stirling BK806
McAllister J C Spitfire RM758
McAllister V P Halifax MZ815
McAllister S E Halifax NP819
McAllister D F Halifax LK792
McAllister D Halifax LK683
McAllister R B Lancaster LL625
McAllister A J Lancaster ND511
McAllister C C Wellington W5611
McAllister J E Wellington R1463
McAllister A W Lancaster LM650
McAllister W G Whitley P5021
McAllister H M Halifax LL229
McAllister R J Blenheim P6895
McAllister J Lancaster R5743
McAllister J Lancaster ND748
McAllister Robert Andrew
McAllister Norman Archibald
McAllister Charles
McAllister Henry Gillen
McAllister Ronald
McAllister Thomas C P-47 Thunderbolt
McAlonan John Marshall Whitley T4179
McAlpine K G Halifax LV864
McAlpine J G Lancaster DV339
McAlpine W J Halifax W7766
McAlpine W J Halifax DT808
McAlpine Earl James Typhoon RB217
McAlpine Douglas Haig Lancaster R5510
McAlpine W D Stirling BF400
McAlpine T G Halifax JD412
McAlpine W Stirling R9308
McAlpine W Halifax LV997
McAlpine D G Lancaster DV375
McAlpine Keith George
McAlpine John Gilbert
McAluister J E Halifax NP935
McAlwane W H Wellington BJ777
McAlwane Hampden X3125
McAnally John Wellington T2992
McAneeley E F Halifax LV816
McAnnally James Anthony Wellington T2807
McAnulty J D Halifax HX269
McAra R S Lancaster DV342
McAran T J Halifax NP815
McArdle P D Stirling BK712
McArdle J Halifax MZ311
McArdle D Lancaster PD213
McAroy M Wellington X3703
McArter G Wellington X3794
McArthur Duncan Harold Liberator AL511
McArthur A F Halifax W7852
McArthur W M Halifax JB794
McArthur W J Lancaster NN766
McArthur E M Halifax HR915
McArthur K A B Halifax EB214
McArthur L N Lancaster R5526
McArthur R Halifax LW324
McArthur W C Whitley Z6572
McArthur I C Stirling EF238
McArthur A Stirling EF412
McArthur J Lancaster R5509
McArthur R C Lancaster LM578
McArthur G A Stirling BF522
McArthur R C Lancaster JA874
McAsh William Grant Stewart Halifax DT571
McAskill Colin Douglas
McAteer Hilton Henry
McAulay M Lancaster PD222
McAuley John Anthony Halifax BB195
McAuley D J Lancaster NN766
McAuley V C Stirling BF379
McAuley G Stirling W7615
McAuley G Stirling W7521
McAuley G Stirling N3753
McAuley R J Halifax DK150
McAuley Lindsay Edward
McAuley Henry Bruce Wellington NB831
McAuley Donald H P-51 Mustang
McAuley Donald H P-51 Mustang
McAulife L Tempest NV710
McAuliffe F Halifax LK760
McAuliffe K W Halifax W1223
McAuliffe Leo
McAuliffe William Russell
McAuliffe John Claver
McAuliffe Richard G P-51 Mustang
McAully Douglas
McAusland K Stirling BF329
McAusland H T Wellington HE184
McAvoy J K Lancaster JA916
McAvoy A J Lancaster JB314
McBain Andrew Harold Adelbert Halifax NA609
McBain A G G Boston W8262
McBath Charles T P-47 Thunderbolt
McBath Charles T P-47 Thunderbolt
McBay A C Lancaster ED387
McBean Ronald Charles Lancaster ED534
McBean W C Wellington X3799
McBean B Typhoon MN373
McBean Ronald Charles
McBeath D Beaufighter X7893
McBeath R A Halifax LW574
McBeath H L Stirling R9262
McBeth J Lancaster NX567
McBeth W Hampden AE152
McBoyle Gilbert Ingram Blenheim R3912
McBraide Whitley Z6867
McBratney W T B Wellington R1616
McBriar William Robert Halifax HR784
McBride James McAllister Lysander V9367
McBride T Wellington X3654
McBride John Dugald Halifax JB866
McBride L B Lancaster DS677
McBride N Halifax EB257
McBride C W Lancaster NG503
McBride D J P Halifax DT515
McBride J M Lysander V9723
McBride Stirling N3712
McBride W G Typhoon MN379
McBride G Halifax W1252
McBride Keith Martin
McBride John S P-47 Thunderbolt
McBrien C H Halifax LK845
McBrinn P J Halifax MZ516
McBryde G T Lancaster PB155
McBryde George Thomas
McBurney William Henry Halifax R9489
McBurney W R Halifax LL252
McBurney S L Lancaster ED333
McBurney C Lancaster ND631
McCabe R M Halifax JD115
McCabe Dennis Albert Lancaster DS718
McCabe J Lancaster DS683
McCabe T M Lancaster PB517
McCabe T M Stirling EF452
McCabe J Lancaster ND988
McCabe A Lancaster ED436
McCabie V W Boston W8350
McCabrey W Lancaster PB650
McCaffery E Stirling R9308
McCaffery J T E Lancaster ND559
McCaffery Thomas K Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
McCaffray T Lancaster ME323
McCaffrey Edward William Harold Halifax LL141
McCaffrey J H A Lancaster LL725
McCaghey W D Halifax DT731
McCahon F J Lancaster NF974
McCaig L N Lancaster LL628
McCaig D Wellington Z8704
McCairns James Atterby Spitfire P8500
McCairns James Atterby Mosquito NT423
McCall C Lancaster LM223
McCall William Stirling BK726
McCall Vallance Wellington MF845
McCall T Lancaster W4336
McCall D M Lancaster DV325
McCall A P Lancaster JB474
McCall T Halifax LW503
McCall I Mosquito HR355
McCall T McK Lancaster ED493
McCall Cyril
McCall Elmer N P-51 Mustang
McCall Frederick C P-51 Mustang
McCall Frederick C P-51 Mustang
McCallum George L.K. Lancaster ED733
McCallum Arthur Arnold Lancaster ND411
McCallum L B Stirling BF531
McCallum J M Lancaster ND625
McCallum J F Lancaster W4121
McCallum K F Lancaster KB707
McCallum G L Halifax NP795
McCallum P T Halifax JD325
McCallum R J Halifax MZ865
McCallum L B Stirling EE880
McCallum Eric Donald Lancaster LM490
McCallum J Halifax JD368
McCallum Thomas Halifax W7913
McCallum D Stirling N3673
McCallum J D W Stirling N6030
McCallum Simon Lancaster ND825
McCallum D I Stirling EE884
McCallum R G Halifax DK230
McCallum J A W Lancaster PB535
McCallum R C Lancaster LM162
McCallum R C Lancaster LM360
McCallum G W Mosquito MM113
McCallum M W Lancaster PB453
McCallum J L Halifax NR204
McCallum Ian Stewart
McCallum Kenneth George Campbell
McCallum Robert Bruce
McCallum Norman Francis Dougald
McCallum Gregory Alexander
McCalman Ian Russell Wellington X9763
McCalman Ian Russell
McCalum R J Halifax MZ864
McCandlish J Stirling BK724
McCanley D N Halifax LK807
McCanley W A Lancaster JB702
McCann L M Lancaster DS678
McCann J M A Lancaster PB639
McCann C C M Stirling W7614
McCann John Warren Halifax W7082
McCann G E Halifax LW415
McCann T D Wellington LN292
McCann E J Wellington Z1593
McCann R E Lancaster PD397
McCann W Halifax MZ638
McCann F T Lancaster LL905
McCann B S Halifax DK240
McCann P Halifax W1245
McCann William Charles
McCannon J Halifax MZ810
McCardle Frederick Grant Halifax DT561
McCarley J Stirling W7467
McCarley J Stirling N6042
McCarney L F Lancaster ME638
McCarroll William John Halifax LV825
McCarron W Lancaster W4375
McCarron J H Lancaster ND852
McCart R O P J Halifax JD332
McCarten John Lancaster R5619
McCarthy W J Lancaster LM326
McCarthy John Herbert Lancaster ED484
McCarthy C A Lancaster ND590
McCarthy Leonard James Halifax LK921
McCarthy William Ronald Berryman Stirling R9160
McCarthy Kevin
McCarthy Joe Lancaster
McCarthy Raymond William Stirling BK769
McCarthy George Francis Peter Halifax BB261
McCarthy Thomas Joseph Lancaster ME666
McCarthy Christopher Cecil Spitfire BM145
McCarthy M L Halifax BB211
McCarthy A G Lancaster PB174
McCarthy W F E Hampden AT219
McCarthy Benedict Joseph Halifax NP793
McCarthy L B Stirling N6016
McCarthy J J N Lancaster R5867
McCarthy J J N Lancaster R5498
McCarthy A Stirling BF337
McCarthy Morris Donald Darwin Whitley Z9148
McCarthy W E Whitley P5004
McCarthy J M Lancaster LM569
McCarthy T H Halifax JN908
McCarthy R W Battle K9188
McCarthy R W Boston AH740
McCarthy F R E Wellington X3639
McCarthy J D Spitfire
McCarthy W J Blenheim L9411
McCarthy P A Halifax LW391
McCarthy N R Halifax LV973
McCarthy D J Halifax LK639
McCarthy J E Lancaster ND419
McCarthy K Tempest JN773
McCarthy K Tempest JN773
McCarthy E J F Lancaster NG327
McCarthy M C Halifax HX350
McCarthy L J T Lancaster PB562
McCarthy W J Lancaster LM527
McCarthy R L Stirling N3653
McCarthy P G Lancaster PB148
McCarthy Whitley Z6877
McCarthy A Halifax MZ310
McCarthy I Whitley Z9126
McCarthy C G Hampden P1183
McCarthy Lloyd Henry Roper Hurricane Z3261
McCarthy Vincent Ambrose
McCarthy Eric Harvey
McCarthy Ronald Desmond Holmes
McCarthy John Thomas
McCarthy John Herbert
McCarthy Vincent Alwyn
McCarthy Leonard James
McCarthy Charles Adrian
McCarthy Lawrence E P-47 Thunderbolt
McCarthy Lawrence E P-47 Thunderbolt
McCarthyr J W Wellington W5598
McCartin Patrick Leo Lancaster ND911
McCartin James Vivian Raymond
McCartin Patrick Leo
McCartney Peter William Streeter Halifax DK251
McCartney Daniel Blake Whitley EB346
McCartney J Halifax W7911
McCartney H S Halifax DK234
McCartney K L Halifax LW583
McCartney G W Halifax MZ311
McCartney J Typhoon MN8870
McCartney H S Halifax W7700
McCartney W C Lancaster DV237
McCartney J Halifax LV958
McCartney T J Blenheim N3578
McCartney J Lancaster R5913
McCartney Thomas Stephens
McCartney Alan James
McCarty D J Halifax DT798
McCash James Blenheim L9315
McCash T K Lancaster JB412
McCaskell Donald Gordon Stirling BF513
McCasker E A Halifax NR132
McCasker Evered Austin Wellington HE332
McCasker Evered Austin
McCaskill K W Manchester R5787
McCaskill Donald John
McCasky E S J Wellington X9932
McCasland Darwin D P-47 Thunderbolt
McCasland Darwin D P-47 Thunderbolt
McCaughey P F Lancaster JB540
McCaughey P S Stirling BF475
McCaughey Peter Francis
McCauley John Francis Wellington L7792
McCauley Denis Alphonsus Lancaster LL741
McCauley G T Halifax RG353
McCauley A J Lancaster JB732
McCauley R G Wellington Z8644
McCauley Ronald Gerard
McCauley John Charles
McCauley Frank E P-47 Thunderbolt
McCauley Frank E P-47 Thunderbolt
McCauley Frank E P-47 Thunderbolt
McCauley Frank E P-47 Thunderbolt
McCausland William Alfred Delmore Stirling N3756
McCausland J W Wellington W5705
McCausland J M Blenheim R3730
McCausland George Russell
McCaw C F Wellington X3486
McCaw James Hugh 'Black Mac'
McCaw John Francis James Stirling BK716
McCelland G Halifax LL235
McChesney Robert Ian Beaufighter V8162
McChesnie L W Lancaster PD227
McChrystal G Lancaster NF988
McChrystal G Lancaster ND902
McChrystal Richard G P-51 Mustang
McChrystal Richard G P-51 Mustang
McChrystal Richard G P-51 Mustang
McClafferty J A H Boston W8284
McClafferty J Halifax NA501
McClaren John Donald Wellington DV503
McClarty S M Spitfire NH263
McClarty E J Halifax RG451
McClay M L Halifax JN909
McClay T F Halifax LK811
McClean C Lancaster ND399
McClean N Hurricane BE222
McClean J A Lancaster ED619
McClean Tom Joseph
McCleary G F Stirling BK686
McCleary J Lancaster R5662
McCleary George C P-51 Mustang
McCleary George C P-51 Mustang
McCleave G R Lancaster W4922
McCleery R J Lancaster ND361
McCleery J Lancaster ND674
McCleery Raymond Norman Lancaster W4126
McClellan D Halifax NR144
McClellan R B Halifax HX289
McClellan S S Lancaster ED783
McClellan Bruce Johnston
McClellan Walter Adell B-17 Towering Titan 43-38085
McClelland J R Halifax JN948
McClelland W G Lancaster PA173
McClelland D S Halifax LK926
McClelland E G Lancaster W4238
McClelland W S Lancaster LM234
McClelland D Halifax JB857
McClelland Rupert Watkin
Mcclelland James Whitley Z9388
McClelland Clyde Wayne B-17 Black Magic 42-31721
McClelland John W P-47 Thunderbolt
McClements Harry Lancaster PB667
McClenaghan Hugh Fleming Lancaster DV276
McClenaghan J R Lancaster LL716
McClenahan J S Lancaster PB353
McClenn A P Mustang AP170
McClennan Bruce Wallace Wellington Z8852
McClintic George V P-47 Thunderbolt
McClintock A Hampden AT141
McClintock G A Wellington HE729
McClintock J A P Hurricane R4121
McClintock Leopold Guy
McClish Donald E P-51 Mustang
McCloskey E J Lancaster LM532
McCloskey S Lancaster ND440
McCloskey Eugene J P-47 Thunderbolt`
McClosky C D Mosquito DD674
McCloud T J Blenheim BA818
McCloud Andrew
McCloughry Wilfred Ashton
McCloy G B Lancaster R5746
McCloy Geoffrey Browning
McClune W J Lancaster PB745
McClung J H C Halifax JD216
McClung Thomas Sl P-51 Mustang
McClure R D Lancaster EE181
McClure David Alston Johnstone Lancaster W4928
McClure J Lancaster DV269
McClure J E Lancaster ND621
McClure H B Halifax LW391
McClure C G Halifax LK970
McClure R M Lancaster LM395
McClure J Lancaster DV283
McClure C S Lancaster R5555
McClure A Halifax DT492
McClure John Denis
McClure Wendell A P-47 Thunderbolt
McClure Wendell A P-47 Thunderbolt
McCluskey T Halifax LL276
McCluskey F A Halifax W7763
McCluskie A Halifax LW643
McClymont Hugh McClure Fortress KJ106
McClymont Archibald Murray
McColl Kenneth Septimus Halifax HR713
McColl Ian Fowler Stewart Halifax DG238
McColl Frederick Donald Halifax W7886
McColl D Lancaster EE123
McColl H D Whitley Z9214
McColl Frederick Ramsay
McColl Charles Archibald
McColl Ian Fowler Stewart
McColl Kenneth Septimus
McColl Lindsay James Sutherland
McCollom Loren G P-47 Thunderbolt
McCollum Jack Ross Halifax MZ907
McCollum W J Lancaster ND994
McColm H W Whitley Z9150
McColm M L C Blenheim T2223
McComb Roy Ernest Lancaster DS778
McComb J G Lancaster DV284
McCombe A Y M Hurricane BE420
McCombe G M Whitley Z6948
McCombie Patrick
McCombie Thomas Alfred
McConachie D Manchester L7465
McConachie Donald
McConbrey J H C Lancaster PB465
McConchie E W Wellington R1016
McConechy Donald Hyatt Wellington MP629
McConkey J C Lancaster PB531
McConkey George M P-47 Thunderbolt
McConnell Stanley Lancaster ND476
McConnell Eric Hampden X3117
McConnell John Lancaster ED730
McConnell J R Halifax LK798
McConnell J D Halifax LK970
McConnell N E H Lancaster PB356
McConnell A D Lancaster LM134
McConnell J A Wellington BJ725
McConnell David Whiteside Lancaster DV236
McConnell W Halifax BB428
McConnell J Hurricane P8816
McConnell E R Halifax HR724
McConnell W W Typhoon MM962
McConnell R J Blenheim T2282
McConnell W W Hurricane P3579
McConnell J B Wellington L7809
McConnell A L Lancaster ED949
McConnell E Hampden X2994
McConnell D L Havoc BJ489
McConnell B Stirling EH931
McConnell R J Blenheim L8830
McConnell V Lancaster ND389
McConnell Bryan Alphonsus
McConnell Thelma Edith
McConnell-Taylor E H Spitfire EP443
McConville D W Lancaster ME757
McConville Douglas Willey
McConville Douglas William
McCoo A Stirling EH905
McCook N J Typhoon JP684
McCool J Lancaster ME586
McCoombe Oxford B9197 ??
McCoombes W J Lancaster JA679
McCoppin William E P-47 Thunderbolt
McCord Edward Alexander Wellington DV717
McCord R R Lancaster ED830
McCord A J Halifax LW503
McCord Donald Arthur
McCorkell Edwin Albert Wellington HP631
McCorkindale W Halifax MZ401
McCorkle D F Halifax LV635
McCorkle Truman W P-47 Thunderbolt
McCormack A O Halifax HX294
McCormack R B Lancaster ME852
McCormack R J Lancaster PB639
McCormack T F Fortress HB787
McCormack John Bernard Halifax W7752
McCormack John Bernard Halifax W7752
McCormack R Hampden AD861
McCormack J M Lancaster JB406
McCormack B R Spitfire BL244
McCormack J Wellington R1791
McCormack R W Lancaster NG325
McCormack D P Halifax LW579
McCormack D W Hurricane Z3348
McCormack Edward
McCormack William Thomas
McCormack Leo Malachi
McCormack David William
McCormack James Ronald Kenneth
McCormack Robert Browning
McCormack Joan Mary
McCormack John Magister L8162
McCormick George William Mosquito DZ472
McCormick Joseph Edward Wellington T2463
McCormick John Payne Lancaster DS785
McCormick Robert William Halifax JP239
McCormick J B Lancaster ME848
McCormick J F Halifax NR205
McCormick D R Halifax LW121
McCormick L H Wellington HE745
McCormick J R Ventura AE680
McCormick K C Lancaster LM290
McCormick T E Wellington Z1266
McCormick W H Halifax LV793
McCormick A T Wellington HE995
McCormick L H A Wellington HZ481
McCormick T Halifax NA569
McCormick A E Lancaster ND657
McCormick J Halifax JB845
McCormick George William
McCormick Felix Andrew
McCormick Andrew
McCormick Arthur B Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
McCormick James F Jr F-6C Mustangs
McCormick James F Jr F-6C Mustangs
McCormick William A Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
McCosh H Wellington T2703
McCosham L J Wellington X3393
McCosker Hector Gordon Roch
McCoskey Jack E P-47 Thunderbolt
McCouat John Battison
McCoubrey J H C Lancaster LL964
McCoughlin T Halifax JB867
McCourt T C Halifax MZ939
McCourt J R Lancaster ND382
McCoy L J P Lancaster LM592
McCoy Anthony Richard Wellington L4348
McCoy K L D Lancaster LM750
McCoy A E Wellington X3703
McCoy D A Halifax LW592
McCoy K L D Lancaster ND964
McCoy A F Halifax HR695
McCoy W C Stirling LK385
McCoy L J Lancaster ND698
McCoy J Lancaster W4824
McCoy L G Halifax DT648
McCoy L G Halifax DT506
McCoy L G Halifax W1185
McCoy D J Halifax DT516
McCoy A J Lancaster ED662
McCoy Louis Joseph Patrick
McCoy Gordon A P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
McCrabb Robert Maxwell
McCrackan Keith Richard Theodore Hudson A16-12
McCrackan Keith Richard Theodore
McCracken William George Blenheim N6234
McCracken A P Halifax HR864
McCracken Roderick Urquhart Blenheim V6366
McCracken R C Spitfire MJ463
McCracken L C Wellington HE995
McCracken R G Lancaster ED467
McCracken E R Lancaster ED435
McCracken L Lancaster PB207
McCracken William George
McCracken Greig
McCrae Allan Edwin Wellington Z1470
McCrae A M W Wellington BK338
McCrae D Lancaster LL810
McCrae R Wellington X3339
McCrae Frederick Charles
McCrae Allan Edwin
McCraig L N Lancaster DS714
McCrane J Stirling EF333
McCray D M Lancaster LM676
McCray David William
McCrea L A Lancaster JB481
McCrea L A Lancaster ND507
McCrea J E R Spitfire MK117
McCrea J E Halifax DT690
McCrea Robert Athol John
McCrea F C Halifax L9618
McCreadie J Lancaster PD394
McCreadie J Lancaster JB668
McCreadle D Lancaster ED420
McCready George Donald Lancaster W4259
McCready W E Mosquito NS951
McCready D Wellington Z1099
McCready Colin Lionel
McCreanor H Halifax JN922
McCreanor M Halifax LW478
McCreary G W Halifax NP681
McCreary J D Lancaster LL698
McCreavy F Wellington BJ588
McCredie J D Lancaster LM293
McCredie Bruce Sidney
McCreedy C Boston Z2269
McCreight V W Halifax LV910
McCrevey J Lancaster DV397
McCron William Grainger Halifax W7710
McCrorie K J Lancaster LL956
McCrorie T F Stirling EH889
McCrorie W Whitley N1487
McCrory P J Stirling BK784
McCrory R G Wellington Z1605
McCrory G H Hampden P4357
McCrossan John Michael Lancaster ED429
McCrossan J P Wellington X3638
McCrucheon F T Halifax HR950
McCrudden D J Lancaster NN696
McCrum J Lancaster W4853
McCuaig D S Halifax NP770
McCuaig Kenneth J. S. Halifax MZ454
McCuaig E N Spitfire BR604
McCubbin R C Halifax LW121
McCubbin Francis Cole Halifax HR876
McCubbin James L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
McCubbin James L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
McCubbin James L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
McCubbrey I B Halifax LV883
McCudden R T Lancaster DV201
McCudden Robert Wellington LN281
McCudden Wellington W5612
McCudden Reginald Thomas
McCue Thomas J. B-24 Tell Me More 41-28754
McCullagh Stephen Falcon Scott Lancaster W4327
McCullagh R D Lancaster R5754
McCullagh J I Halifax DK182
McCullagh H F Whitley Z6567
McCullagh Stephen Falcon Scott
McCulloch John Ryan Hudson AM617
McCulloch D W Typhoon MN853
McCulloch H J Lancaster LM334
McCulloch Ian Maywood Wellington N2897
McCulloch R L Halifax JD115
McCulloch E E S Halifax DK184
McCulloch W D Lancaster R5517
McCulloch W Lancaster ND624
McCulloch J Mosquito MM237
McCulloch A J Lancaster PA170
McCulloch D McM Lancaster W4962
McCulloch Wellington T2470
McCulloch H T Tempest EJ757
McCulloch A G S Halifax LV864
McCulloch W Halifax HX317
McCulloch W A Halifax JB959
McCulloch T O S Lancaster EE132
McCulloch Hampden AE259
McCulloch K Lancaster ED980
McCulloch Douglas William
McCulloch Hugh John
McCulloch Robert William
McCullough J Stirling BK604
McCullough W J Halifax NR180
McCullough W J Halifax MZ817
McCullough D L C Halifax NP945
McCullough J H Typhoon SW525
McCullough H Lancaster ED703
McCullough J Stirling BK609
McCullough Joseph Michael
McCullough Philip E P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
McCullum G R Lancaster PB281
McCullum George Roger
McCully E Lancaster ME721
McCurdy T N Lancaster ND807
McCurdy M A Lancaster DS758
McCurdy R E G Typhoon MN720
McCurdy J J Whitley T4334
McCurdy Thomas Neil
McCurry J Halifax LK922
McCutchan J E Fortress SR384
McCutchan J G Spitfire W3406
McCutchen Jack E P-47 Thunderbolt
McCutchen Jack E P-47 Thunderbolt
McCutcheon E B Halifax NA183
McCutcheon W R Lancaster ND815
McCutcheon J Whitley N1376
McDade Patrick Vincent Spitfire MK379
McDade P V Spitfire ML146
McDaniel Irom Granger Stirling W7618
McDaniel Daniel
McDermid W K Hampden AE399
McDermott Eric Lancaster L7572
McDermott E T Halifax LK959
McDermott Edward Stirling R9250
McDermott Hampden AE143
McDermott Leonard F Lancaster DV202
McDermott W J Lancaster NG121
McDermott E Stirling BK608
McDermott E Wellington BJ837
McDermott Robert James
McDermott Leonard Brian
McDermott William M P-47 Thunderbolt
McDermott William M P-47 Thunderbolt
McDermott William M P-47 Thunderbolt
McDermott William M P-47 Thunderbolt
McDevette T F Spitfire P7736
McDevine R Wellington X3393
McDevitt Donald Raymond Halifax JD420
McDiarmed Douglas Graham
McDiarmid I A F Halifax NA186
McDiarmid I A Wellington L4390
McDill Thomas K P-51 Mustang
McDill Thomas K P-51 Mustang
McDirmid Alistair Fortress HB815
McDivitt K O Lancaster KB798
McDonagh J N Halifax LW721
McDonagh W Halifax MZ847
McDonagh T Stirling DJ977
McDonagh B M Lancaster ME745
McDonagh K Lancaster ED666
McDonagh John Henry William
McDonald D I Lancaster NG420
McDonald A L Lancaster R5749
McDonald J N Lancaster PB209
McDonald A H Halifax LW261
McDonald J W Lysander V9822
McDonald J K Lancaster NG256
McDonald G V Lancaster NG303
McDonald D J Lancaster LL892
McDonald N N Lancaster ME571
McDonald M A Wellington X3282
McDonald Heil Cain Wellington P9218
McDonald Peter Gordon Halifax DK192
McDonald Albert Frederick Lancaster ED780
McDonald William Wellington DV476
McDonald James Edward Whitley Z6581
McDonald D P Wellington Z1410
McDonald Donald Francis Stirling BK726
McDonald Bertram Alexander Wellington Z1078
McDonald M A Ventura AE715
McDonald J S Stirling EF365
McDonald J S Stirling BK722
McDonald C E Spitfire R7279
McDonald S C Lancaster ND881
McDonald Martin John Lancaster DS688
McDonald Howard William Halifax DT749
McDonald John Alexander Francis Lancaster KB750
McDonald L H Lancaster KB724
McDonald J D Wellington Z1679
McDonald R A Halifax NP946
McDonald Adam Raeburn Halifax NR197
McDonald W E Halifax LK845
McDonald D R C Wellington HE906
McDonald James Halifax DK251
McDonald Gordon Cameron Lancaster W4105
McDonald A J Spitfire ML213
McDonald A J Spitfire MK602
McDonald A R Spitfire EN958
McDonald G E Halifax DT686
McDonald J G Halifax HR843
McDonald R A Halifax MZ349
McDonald W E Lancaster PD320
McDonald D S Whitley Z9154
McDonald C P Lancaster ED312
McDonald C P Lancaster JB187
McDonald John Gordon Lancaster W4104
McDonald Arthur Joseph Lancaster W4265
McDonald Jack Thompson Wellington BK517
McDonald Hugh Eugene Anson AX177
McDonald E C Wellington N2770
McDonald N R Halifax JD277
McDonald A J Wellington HZ357
McDonald Mosquito DD636
McDonald A M Halifax W7915
McDonald G W Whitley Z9212
McDonald W G Manchester L7390
McDonald Blenheim R3773
McDonald W T Wellington R1222
McDonald R W Blenheim V6258
McDonald F G R Wellington P9273
McDonald W H Wellington BK310
McDonald C Halifax LK787
McDonald R Halifax HX348
McDonald P F Lancaster HK683
McDonald G B W Stirling BF326
McDonald William Harold Wellington BJ967
McDonald L J Halifax L9487
McDonald I J Wellington Z8782
McDonald Spitfire AB963
McDonald Spitfire BL337K
McDonald J M Halifax JD216
McDonald J W Spitfire MK990
McDonald A B Lancaster DS770
McDonald R Halifax EB214
McDonald D A Lancaster LL724
McDonald A A Halifax RG451
McDonald R J Lancaster LM631
McDonald G A Spitfire SM314
McDonald C J Tempest EJ716
McDonald Hampden P4351
McDonald H S Manchester L7516
McDonald E A Lancaster NF984
McDonald A M B Lancaster ED602
McDonald D H Halifax W7663
McDonald James Halifax JD108
McDonald A C Lancaster ND465
McDonald A Lancaster ME423
McDonald Daniel Lancaster ED862
McDonald Irwin Hector
McDonald Roderick Neil
McDonald Alexander Frederick
McDonald Donald Sylvester
McDonald Donald Ian
McDonald John Arnold
McDonald Arthur Lennox
McDonald Ernest John
McDonald Joshua Roger Gray
McDonald Enoch George
McDonald William Cameron
McDonald James Neil
McDonald Alan Harvey
McDonald John Walter
McDonald Donald Leo
McDonald Malcolm Dalton
McDonald Kenneth Roy
McDonald Frank Graeme
McDonald Kenneth Duire
McDonald Sidney Leonard
McDonald Ernest Henry
McDonald Douglas Ross
McDonald Ian Ross
McDonald William Harold
McDonald Keith
McDonald Donald James
McDonald Norman Neil
McDonald Donald Neill
McDonald Kenneth Stewart
McDonald Murray Alexander
McDonald Ronald William
McDonald Donald
McDonald Archie Harold Duncan
McDonald Hector Murdoch
Mcdonald Donald Leo Wellington HX771
McDonald John Arnold Wellington LP499
McDonald Jerry R P-51 Mustang
McDonald Richard P-51 Mustang
McDonell Brian Duncan Michael
McDonell John Paterson
McDonell Jack James Lewis
McDonell Russell
McDonnell J J L Lancaster PB636
McDonnell D K Lancaster DV360
McDonnell L M Lancaster W5007
McDonnell H J M Spitfire
McDonnell P J Blenheim P6914
McDonnell D Lancaster JB302
McDonnell T Stirling EH960
McDonnell I Lancaster ED537
McDonnell W A Hampden AE389
McDonnell Kenneth Lewis
McDonnell David Kenneth
McDonnell Patrick Randal
McDonnell Leslie Maxwell
McDonnell Richard Kiernan B-24 The Moose 44-40205
McDonogh A I Wellington BJ774
McDonough F N Lancaster LL894
McDonough Bryan Martin Blenheim R2274
McDonough J F Halifax HX281
McDonough J J Lancaster DS664
McDonough William Wellington HE220
McDonough B M Blenheim R2774
McDonough J A Wellington R3222
McDonough Bryan Martin
McDonough Frederick Noel
McDouagh W Halifax HX343
McDougal George Horne Halifax DT749
McDougall R A J Lancaster ND927
McDougall Robert Bruce Lancaster ND586
McDougall Ronald Victor Lancaster ND806
McDougall G Lancaster ND511
McDougall J B Halifax HR854
McDougall T R Lancaster LL723
McDougall C F Halifax NP716
McDougall V E Wellington X3717
McDougall W R Halifax LW390
McDougall C A Wellington HE392
McDougall S Halifax HX281
McDougall R E Lancaster LL951
McDougall A A Lancaster DV325
McDougall L Lancaster ND395
McDougall Hugh Currie Halifax R9383
McDougall D Wellington W5375
McDougall W A Stirling EF140
McDougall J Halifax LW634
McDougall W J J Manchester L7307
McDougall J C Halifax EX167
MCDougall A Lancaster DV296
McDougall J A Lancaster NN806
McDougall P Lancaster LM471
McDougall Raymond Albert James
McDougall Robert Bruce
McDougall Gordon Andrew
McDougle G C Halifax BB192
McDowall A Lancaster ED617
McDowall Andrew
McDowall Robert Graham
McDowell H R Lancaster JB715
McDowell G K Halifax HX247
McDowell K L Wellington Z1562
McDowell T A Lancaster ED770
McDowell James Lancaster ED934
McDowell J Lancaster NG449
McDowell M W Lancaster JA686
McDowell I H Lancaster ME619
McDowell J R Lancaster LM472
McDowell A L Lancaster EE175
McDowell W H Lancaster ED630
McDowell A Meteor EE222
McDowell Harold Russell
McDowell Frederic Richard John
McDowell Don P-51 Mustang
McDowell Don P-51 Mustang
McDowell Don P-51 Mustang
McDowell Don P-51 Mustang
McDowell Don P-51 Mustang
McDowell Don P-51 Mustang
McDowell Reginald C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
McDuff D M Spitfire ML152
McDuffie Duncan M P-47 Thunderbolt
McEacheren L W Halifax LW596
McEachern H J Lancaster ND678
McEachern J W H Spitfire MJ912
McEachern R N Halifax MZ377
McEachern K Halifax HR852
McEachron Gordon T P-51 Mustang
McEachron Gordon T P-51 Mustang
McEachron Gordon T P-51 Mustang
McEgan Eugene Francis Lancaster JB238
McEldon A R Wellington R1394
McElhare William W P-47 Thunderbolt
McElhare William W P-47 Thunderbolt
McElheran J A Halifax MZ601
McElhone J J Lancaster KB741
McEllenborough S J Lancaster EE180
McElligott James Joseph Battle L5538
McElrath James Adams B-17 Flying Fortress 42-8514 Lassie Come Home
McElroy L W Halifax LW595
McElroy G J H Wellington BJ729
McElroy L R Halifax NA516
McElroy “Gib” K.J. Lancaster LM513
McElroy E W Halifax LV799
McElroy R Typhoon MN751
McElroy J F Spitfire MK472
McElroy W Halifax JD126
McElroy James N P-51 Mustang
McElroy James N P-51 Mustang
McElroy James N P-51 Mustang
McElroy James N P-51 Mustang
McElwee Francis E P-51 Mustang
McEneaney T C Lancaster ND474
McEnery T J L Hurricane Z3503
McEniff Patrick James
McEnnally Alan Robert
McEntire David W P-47 Thunderbolt
McEvoy Donald Ralph Halifax LW715
McEvoy S T Halifax HX277
McEvoy W R Halifax NP950
McEvoy J P Lancaster ND679
McEvoy D R Halifax LW413
McEvoy T N Hurricane Z2492
McEvoy Claude Edward
McEvoy Arthur Sampson
McEwan Arthur Murray
McEwan R A Wellington HE374
McEwan R Halifax MZ591
McEwan J H T Halifax JB794
McEwan G Halifax LV954
McEwan J Halifax JD204
McEwan J Hampden X3049
McEwan G A Lancaster ND964
McEwan W Blenheim L4875
McEwant D L
McEwen W T Wellington W5570
McEwen A J Halifax DG224
McEwen Lawrence David Halifax DT672
McEwen J A Halifax LK950
McEwen T D Wellington Z1478
McEwen D Lancaster ED334
McEwin A J Stirling EF399
McFadden O P Lancaster LL916
McFadden S H Halifax MZ476
McFadden R J J Halifax MZ748
McFadden W A Blenheim N6216
McFadden T J A Halifax LV985
McFadden C H Lancaster LM442
McFadden T C Halifax LW555
McFadden Albert Stanley Lancaster ND390
McFadden Oscar Patrick
McFadden Kenneth Hugh
McFadden Jack D P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
McFadden Jack D P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
McFadyen J J A Spitfire MK481
McFadyen James Joseph Alexander
McFadzean G Blenheim V6336
McFalls J Lancaster ED827
McFarland R L A Wellington BK306
McFarland J E L Stirling EH955
McFarland D Whitley T4279
McFarlane T H Halifax MZ370
McFarlane T H Halifax MZ402
McFarlane Alexander Duncan Halifax JD261
McFarlane Stirling LJ451
McFarlane Clifford Wallace Lancaster JA714
McFarlane M Halifax LV872
McFarlane John Duncan King Lancaster NG176
McFarlane J H Lancaster JB152
McFarlane J K Spitfire R7309
McFarlane D A Wellington R3136
McFarlane J Fortress KJ112
McFarlane J Lancaster KB709
McFarlane L H Whitley N1461
McFarlane J F Halifax DT621
McFarlane G B Lancaster R5754
McFarlane J Stirling EE196
McFarlane J Stirling BF504
McFarlane N Lancaster ED880
McFarlane Percival Arnold Roy
McFarlane Reginald Alexander
McFarlane Stanley Livingstone
McFarlane Allen Roderick
McFarlane Alfred Hector
McFarlane John D P-51 Mustang
McFarlin F S Lancaster LM429
McFayden D N Wellington BJ844
McFayden Donald Alexander Lancaster LL741
McFayden A Lancaster ND351
McFee A G Halifax W7715
McFee J C Lancaster PD292
McFee D I Typhoon MN634
McFeetors A S Lancaster KB780
McGahey J Lancaster DS863
McGale J J P Mosquito HJ719
McGann John Claude Stirling W7562
McGarrigan W H Lancaster LL629
McGarrigle S L Stirling EF450
McGarrity B Halifax MZ896
McGarrow H B Wellington Z8426
McGarry William Michael Wellington R1783
McGarry T P Halifax HX324
McGarva J G Lancaster ND400
McGarvey Alexander Alistair Robertson Stirling EF409
McGarvey R R Lancaster ED658
McGarvey J F Halifax MZ531
McGarvey G A Hampden AE243
McGarvie R Halifax MZ467
McGarvie L Hampden L4034
McGauchie J Halifax DT550
McGavin George McCulloch Wellington X9816
McGavin I M J Stirling
McGaw Neil McArthur Lancaster LM515
McGaw F J Wellington X9826
McGeach H Halifax DK229
McGeach J C Wellington R1271
McGee J Lancaster PB678
McGee W E Lancaster ME752
McGee E A Typhoon MN356
McGee S P Mosquito ML968
McGee Reginald William
McGee Alexander Edward
McGee Maurice Patrick
McGee Donald C P-51 Mustang
McGee Robert B P-51 Mustang
McGeehan Peter John Dickson Mosquito DZ497
McGeer M G Lancaster ME618
McGeever Thomas J P-51 Mustang
McGeever Thomas J P-51 Mustang
McGehee Fred S P-51 Mustang
McGeorge J R Lancaster PA967
McGeragle Thomas Edward Wellington R1513
McGerty T P Spitfire W3509
McGever F P J Beaufighter R2333
McGhee G B Lancaster ND614
McGhee D W Lancaster DS720
McGhee Stirling N3684
McGhee J Lancaster ND425
McGhie J A J M Lancaster ME778
McGhie H Lancaster JA704
McGhie I J Lancaster EE117
McGhie J Stirling R9349
McGibben D Typhoon PD513
McGibbon J E Halifax LK738
McGibbon Reginald Stewart Lancaster LL799
McGibbon R Wellington X3282
McGilchrist John Wade
McGilfen H Lancaster ED808
McGill B D Lancaster LM675
McGill J A D Lancaster ND764
McGill ‘Mac’ Jack Lawrie Lancaster ND401
McGill E T Halifax DG224
McGill T Whitley Z6970
McGill D E Lancaster W4901
McGill T D Halifax MZ806
McGill W Lancaster JA848
McGill A H Lancaster JB288
McGill John Alexander Douglas
McGill Hilton Spencer
McGill-Nutt Gordon James Wellington T2556
McGilligan M A Spitfire PA929
McGillivray G H Lancaster JA977
McGillivray A R Halifax LW721
McGillivray Earl Lewis Halifax DT576
McGillivray T A Halifax LK640
McGillivray T C Blenheim L8868
McGillivray T C Wellington X3671
McGillivray W Lancaster PD199
McGillivray Harold
McGilvery Edwin Ernest
McGilvray J W E D Lancaster LL784
McGilvray George Alphonsus
McGilvray Edward Joseph
McGilvray James William
McGinley W A Whitley Z6576
McGinley J Lancaster JB651
McGinley A P Stirling EH907
McGinn K C Lancaster NF913
McGinn James Martin Manning Lancaster PB256
McGinn B J Wellington X3700
McGinn J Lancaster NF986
McGinn W B Wellington HF483
McGinn W B Wellington HE922
McGinn B J Wellington T2893
McGinn J P Lancaster JA933
McGinn Keith Charles
McGinn John L P-51 Mustang
McGinn John L P-51 Mustang
McGinness Noel Frederick
McGinnis William R. B-17 Big Barn Smell 42-32093
McGinnis Keith R P-51 Mustang
McGinnis Keith R P-51 Mustang
McGinty William J P-51 Mustang
McGiveron J N Halifax MZ574
McGladdary S Halifax MZ791
McGlade J H Halifax NA505
McGlade Thomas Hugh
McGladrey G G Halifax HR905
McGladrigan Neil Francis Dallaway Lancaster PD264
McGladrigan Neil Francis Dallaway
McGlasham J R C Wellington Z1069
McGlashan Alexander Neill Lancaster JB553
McGlashan J R C Wellington Z8910
McGlashan K B Hurricane N2702
McGlashen R H Wellington W5580
McGlen R Halifax R9364
McGlinchy H Lancaster W4325
McGlinchy Francis
McGloin Thomas Stirling EF148
McGloin E Stirling W7621
McGlone Frank Lancaster LM189
McGlone A Lancaster PB906
McGlory S Halifax JB896
McGlynn J Halifax LW479
McGlynn A B Mosquito MM181
McGoldrick James Stewart
McGonagle Bernard Pierce Halifax LL280
McGonigal E W Stirling BK810
McGonigal F V Lancaster ED496
McGonigle F D Lancaster LM472
McGonigle Curtis L P-47 Thunderbolt
McGough C Lancaster R5554
McGoun K B Whitley Z6818
McGourlick D F Lancaster DV196
McGovern H T Halifax NP746
McGovern J Stirling R9352
McGovern J Stirling BF472
McGovern T H Typhoon RB480
McGowan Patrick Wellington LP286
McGowan N E Hampden P1185
McGowan R Halifax LK810
McGowan John Douglas Lancaster LM651
McGowan T C Mosquito DZ649
McGowan S Ventura AE780
McGowan G Halifax W7824
McGowan W McI Lancaster DS663
McGowan R H Lancaster PB289
McGowan J Halifax LL191
McGowan J Halifax DK181
McGowan L Halifax MZ758
McGowan J H Blenheim V6457
McGowan H W Spitfire R6624
McGowan Hunter Rutledge
McGowan Alexander Fairwether
McGowan Rex John
McGowan Ian E. Halifax NA629
McGowan Owen Joseph Wellington HF732
McGowen L W Lancaster R5485
McGown William Lachlan Lancaster DS822
McGown W L Lancaster LL683
McGrain R W Halifax MZ599
McGraine J Stirling BF356
McGrath Angus Albert Lancaster NF909
McGrath T J Halifax LV771
McGrath J R Lancaster EE191
McGrath T W N Lancaster JA707
McGrath L R Lancaster LM330
McGrath D B Wellington X3593
McGrath R K Wellington Z1408
McGrath B A Halifax DT487
McGrath Joseph Earl Mosquito LR268
McGrath G Halifax BB283
McGrath F G Lancaster ED478
McGrath A W Halifax LK912
McGrath P M Lancaster W4886
McGrath W J Halifax JB848
McGrath E W Lancaster LL964
McGrath E W Lancaster PB465
McGrath D Lancaster JB658
McGrath T A Wellington X3724
McGrath E K Lancaster KB752
McGrath M K Halifax LK880
McGrath M E Lancaster ED530
McGrath B C Halifax JD152
McGrath John Keswick Ulick Blake
McGrath Joseph Ernest
McGrath Angus Albert
McGrath Terence James
McGrath Graham Edward
McGrath Basil William
McGrath James Roch
McGrath Francis James Victor
McGrath Thomas William Newport
McGrattan Bernard L P-47 Thunderbolt
McGrattan Bernard L P-47 Thunderbolt
McGrattan Bernard L P-47 Thunderbolt
McGrattan Bernard L P-47 Thunderbolt
McGrattan Bernard L P-51 Mustang
McGrattan Bernard L P-51 Mustang
McGrattan Bernard L P-51 Mustang
McGrattan Bernard L P-51 Mustang
McGrattan Bernard L P-51 Mustang
McGraw H E Spitfire BS450
McGraw A E Halifax LW129
McGraw R W Stirling BF379
McGraw Charles L P-51 Mustang
McGray V W Halifax JD325
McGreal J T Mosquito LR508
McGreary C A Blenheim P4908
McGreery H K Halifax DT797
McGreevy Hugh M Wellington L4320
McGregor L J Lancaster LL975
McGregor Hector Douglas
McGregor J B Lancaster PB634
McGregor C G T Boston W8331
McGregor Norval Roy Halifax JP113
McGregor J A Lancaster KB758
McGregor E W Halifax LW127
McGregor George Halifax MZ288
McGregor A Lancaster DS832
McGregor A M Halifax LW643
McGregor R E Halifax LL255
McGregor W K Mosquito ML965
McGregor Walter Roy Halifax LW291
McGregor R Stirling LK283
McGregor John Dunlop Stirling N6069
McGregor Ronald Gregor Typhoon MN399
McGregor M G Wellington X3539
McGregor S A Stirling EF501
McGregor F E Stirling BF461
McGregor Donald Stuart Oxford BG555
McGregor C W Lancaster ND961
McGregor K M Wellington BJ590
McGregor D R Halifax JB869
McGregor N Halifax ME752
McGregor F M Lancaster R5899
McGregor D Stirling LK382
McGregor J A Lancaster ND962
McGregor A N Spitfire P7379
McGregor W M Manchester L7379
McGregor H D Hurricane L
McGregor W J S Wellington R3208
McGregor P R Hurricane P3094
McGregor A A Halifax HR869
McGregor S M Typhoon JP915
McGregor G Stirling EF451
McGregor R Wellington BJ708
McGregor Leslie James
McGregor Douglas Leslie
McGregor Donald Edward Christopher
McGregor Ronald Angus
McGregor-Cheers J Halifax L9572
McGregor-Cheers J Halifax L9497
McGregor-MacDonald Battle P2327
McGregorr D S Lancaster LM750
McGrenery T J Hampden AE421
McGrevy Dennis Lancaster ND460
McGrevy F G Stirling R9357
McGrew William W P-47 Thunderbolt
McGrill Frederick Reginald
McGruer Allan Frederick Hampden AE220
McGuffin W C Lancaster KB776
McGugan F R Halifax JP199
McGugan Ian
McGuigan J H Lancaster PB374
McGuigan H Lancaster W4967
McGuigan William Roderick
McGuigan John Harrie
McGuigan Raymond Patrick
McGuiness Reginald Brandon
McGuinness Ronald Joseph
McGuire Laurence Felix Lancaster ND707
McGuire P G Lancaster LL644
McGuire J S Halifax NP938
McGuire E Lancaster ND388
McGuire J Lancaster LM335
McGuire P J Typhoon JR370
McGuire G M Lancaster PB416
McGuire Maurice
McGuire Laurie Arthur
McGuire John William
McGuire Ivan L P-51 Mustang
McGuire Ivan L P-51 Mustang
McGuire Ivan L P-51 Mustang
McGuire Ivan L P-51 Mustang
McGuire Ivan L P-51 Mustang
McGuire James P P-47 Thunderbolt
McGuire Maxey W P-47 Thunderbolt
McGuirk J Lancaster DV235
McGurk F L Anson N5096
McHaffie D M Lancaster ND523
McHale Thomas Patrick Stirling LK151
McHale T P Halifax L9572
McHale J Halifax L9562
McHale P Lancaster ME423
McHardy S A F Halifax MZ826
McHardy G L S Mosquito ML923
McHardy A J Manchester L7418
McHardy A J Wellington T2542
McHardy D B H Hurricane V6704
McHardy J C D Hampden AT128
McHarg V F Wellington BJ714
McHendry J B Lancaster ED810
McHenry C W Wellington X3540
McHugh Robert Wellington HE202
McHugh G F Stirling BF328
McHugh G Whitley Z6939
McHugh Martin Kean Spitfire R7293 (Sans Tache)
McHugh H Halifax HX343
McHugh H Halifax MZ576
McHugh H Halifax MZ847
McHugh S Wellington Z1477
McHugh E T Lancaster W4850
McHugh J F Lancaster ND859
McHugh Maurice
McHugh Philip Mn P-51 Mustang
McHutchinson H T Wellington Z1274
McHutchion J A Lancaster JB743
McIIveney James Gerald Lancaster NF979
McIlhagga W Halifax MZ802
McIllroy D Wellington Z8858
McIllveen J D Mustang AL995
McIlquham O T Whitley Z6761
McIlraith W S Lancaster LM181
Mcilraith George Howard Oxford BG197
McIlrath K W Hampden P1203
McIlrath Stanley James Wellington MS496
McIlrath A W Lancaster PB558
McIlrath Kenneth William
McIlroy P Stirling EF437
McIlroy W A Halifax DT673
McIlroy Alfred Halifax LV874
McIlroy Robert Henry
McIlroy Ronald Bruce
McIlveen T H Wellington Z1290
McIlveen A E Wellington BJ878
McIlveen Trevor Hopetoun
McIlwain C H Lancaster DS829
McIlwaine W E Lancaster LL744
McInerney O P J Halifax JN972
McInerney Bernard Victor
McInerney James
McInerney Thomas Taylor
McInerney Francis Ignatius
McInerny G L Wellington W5393
McInnes Alan Fithie Lancaster JB488
McInnes Jack Ernest Lancaster ND562
McInnes J G Stirling EJ106
McInnes Colin Harvey Halifax NP759
McInnes R J Halifax L9562
McInnes R G Halifax JN903
McInnes A G Lancaster W4107
McInnes T I Whitley T4174
McInnes Malcolm Musgrave
McInnes John Stewart
McInnes Archie Hurricane, Spitfire
McInnes Robert L P-47 Thunderbolt
McInnis H L Halifax MZ291
McInnis Irvin Neil Halifax HX287
McInroy John Joseph Lancaster LL749
McInroy R A R Lancaster NN777
McInroy William James
McIntire Francis P Jr P-51 Mustang
McIntire Francis P Jr P-51 Mustang
McIntosh D R Lancaster PB122
McIntosh D H Wellington X9812
McIntosh D H Wellington Z9812
McIntosh Donald Cameron Lancaster PD367
McIntosh Robert Lancaster LM490
McIntosh J W Halifax DT794
McIntosh Joseph William Burke Halifax RG455
McIntosh J A Halifax LW593
McIntosh A V Halifax EB254
McIntosh J D Lancaster JA934
McIntosh J A Lancaster NF980
McIntosh J R Halifax HR922
McIntosh Whitley P4967
McIntosh W Wellington T2621
McIntosh R M Blenheim V6337
McIntosh I A Battle L5439
McIntosh A R Stirling BF386
McIntosh D B Lancaster ME686
McIntosh K Wellington HE235
McIntosh P C Lancaster PB294
McIntosh W P M Halifax HR928
McIntosh J A Spitfire NH176
McIntosh W J Lancaster LM265
McIntosh A L Lancaster JA875
McIntosh P J Lancaster ME703
McIntosh P R C Hurricane P3022
McIntosh J K Lancaster NG237
McIntosh Wallace
McIntosh Donald Robert
McIntosh Douglas Howie
McIntosh John
McIntosh James Andrew
McIntosh Alexander Charles Ernest
McIntosh William Smith Wellington MF138
McIntosh Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
McIntosh Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
McIntrye J R Lancaster NN711
McIntyre R K Lancaster JB298
McIntyre F G Lancaster JB124
McIntyre F L Stirling W7565
McIntyre N G Lancaster JA963
McIntyre Allan David Wellington BK135
McIntyre Charles Stewart Wellington Z8652
McIntyre Andrew Halifax MZ730
McIntyre Reginald Colin Lancaster ND582
McIntyre John McDougal Lancaster DV194
McIntyre D V N Lancaster ME618
McIntyre J J Hampden AE232
McIntyre R F Stirling R9167
McIntyre J D Wellington HE169
McIntyre L A Lancaster LM208
McIntyre R M Wellington Z8782
McIntyre H S Halifax HR817
McIntyre J A Lancaster ND881
McIntyre H B Lancaster ND912
McIntyre J E Halifax LW682
McIntyre N A Halifax NP700
McIntyre Orville Malcolm Halifax DK243
McIntyre G W Halifax LV914
McIntyre P A Halifax LK974
McIntyre D A Halifax LW175
McIntyre S S Lancaster W4319
McIntyre R V Lancaster ED710
McIntyre D Wellington W5715
McIntyre George Andrew Halifax W1066
McIntyre George Andrew Halifax W1248
McIntyre W M Lancaster LL953
McIntyre A G Hurricane P3595
McIntyre J Blenheim V5458
McIntyre C S Battle P2269
McIntyre Lancaster W4966
McIntyre A A Tempest NV680
McIntyre W Lancaster ND366
McIntyre W F H Lancaster DV173
McIntyre J Lancaster ND332
McIntyre J C Whitley K9043
McIntyre S Blenheim L1325
McIntyre A Lancaster ED613
McIntyre J Stirling N6012
McIntyre J Stirling N6009
McIntyre F C Lancaster ND920
McIntyre J Wellington L7807
McIntyre D C Lancaster ED520
McIntyre Allan David
McIntyre James Sinclair
McIntyre Ronald Keith
McIntyre Frederick Goodwin
McIntyre James Robert
McIntyre Norman Gregor
McIntyre Frank Lethbridge
McIntyre Robert D. B-24 The Moose 44-40205
McIntyre Bryce W P-51 Mustang
McIntyre Winfield E P-47 Thunderbolt
McIsaac A Stirling BF339
McIsaac Alexander Stirling BF399
McIver K A Lancaster ED530
McIver B G Hampden AD932
McIver H C Lancaster DS772
McIver Malcolm Oxford DF517
McIver D Wellington BJ796
McIver P L Lancaster LM319
McIver Kenneth Archibald
McIvor Alexander Lancaster ME648
McIvor K B Lancaster KB993
McIvor J Halifax LL239
McIvor Roderick Austin Halifax JN954
McIvor J H Lancaster ED370
McJannett A S Lancaster ND873
McK Sturrock(?) J A Mosquito MM150
McKaig Samuel Halifax MZ494
McKaskill Raymond Kevin Lancaster PB569
McKaskill Raymond Kevin
McKay Douglas Hays Stirling LJ882
McKay W D Lancaster ND955
McKay Malcolm John Halifax LW718
McKay K A Lancaster LM239
McKay Walter Sunderland W6031
McKay H R Wellington BK127
McKay J A Lancaster W4306
McKay H W Halifax HR802
McKay James Patrick Wellington R1717
McKay G C Halifax HR856
McKay F E Halifax JB957
McKay D G Lancaster PB402
McKay R A Lancaster DS849
McKay D G Halifax DT769
McKay D J Boston W8325
McKay H L Lancaster KB775
McKay A G Lancaster KB769
McKay D H Lancaster DS677
McKay H Halifax MZ355
McKay Robert James Halifax HX230
McKay M R Lancaster PB374
McKay Warren (Bill) G Halifax LW498
McKay D G Whitley Z7575
McKay A C Lancaster ED983
McKay Hugh Robert Lancaster ND470
McKay Daniel Archibald Wellington DF673
McKay F G Lancaster W4992
McKay R V M Stirling W7519
McKay L Wellington Z8521
McKay E Stirling EF515
McKay W J Halifax JD109
McKay D Halifax LV878
McKay W F Hampden AD873
McKay Wellington R1468
McKay D Wellington X3351
McKay A T Lancaster ND873
McKay D Hampden AD845
McKay W Stirling R9151
McKay Andrew John Lancaster RA517
McKay Wellington Z8957
McKay A R W Spitfire MK888
McKay D G Spitfire MJ302
McKay P Hampden X3134
McKay D A S Hurricane N2617
McKay J M Lancaster LM134
McKay D Halifax LK756
McKay C F Whitley N1460
McKay N Lancaster PA165
McKay R A Lancaster NN695
McKay A G D Wellington R1096
McKay Donald Alistair Stewart
McKay Alan Murray
McKay William Dennett
McKay Malcolm John
McKay John William
McKay Harold Alexander
McKay Lindsay
McKay Ronald Francis
McKay William Ronald
McKay Robert Wallace
McKeag T H R Halifax JD146
McKeag R Lancaster ED755
McKean Harold Gregory Wellington X9830
McKean J Lancaster PB407
McKean F J Lancaster W4338
McKean R P Halifax LV783
McKean J Lancaster EE140
McKean G Lancaster PB298
McKean George Norman
McKean Harold Gregory
McKeand R A Lancaster LM166
McKechan A Lancaster JA672
McKechnie W N Lancaster JB593
McKechnie J P Hurricane Z3743
McKechnie D Lancaster ME575
McKechnie F Halifax MZ539
McKechnie Douglas Alexander
McKechnie James Ian
McKecknie D N Lancaster PB346
McKee Charles Henry Robert Wellington DV552
McKee J I Lancaster DV296
McKee T V Fortress KJ103
McKee William Ellis Halifax JB968
McKee W S J Lancaster ND781
McKee J Blenheim P6955
McKee J Lancaster ED529
McKee L M Spitfire W3514
McKee J H Halifax LW648
McKee R Lancaster ED666
McKee Joseph Lancaster LM519
McKee Charles Henry Robert
McKee John Irvine
McKee Daniel D P-47 Thunderbolt
McKee John E P-51 Mustang
McKeen C J Lancaster R5907
McKeenan A Lancaster DV289
McKeever Wendall E P-38 Lightning
McKeith T E C K Lancaster ED550
McKell David Alcorn
McKellar Alexander Farley Lancaster NF992
McKellar M A Halifax LW231
McKellar J H Lancaster KB707
McKellar J C Wellington X3721
McKellar A A Hurricane V6879
McKellar A F Lancaster EE131
McKellar Archibald Ashmore Hurricane
McKelvie William Lancaster HK542
McKelvie Alastair Macnab Lancaster R5613
McKelvie K J Spitfire W3121
McKelvie W Spitfire W3123
McKelvie C D Stirling BF508
McKena J H Lancaster R5913
McKendrick Fletcher
McKendry J W Wellington HE353
McKendry J A Lancaster PA174
McKendry J S Spitfire AD557
McKendry D C J Lancaster JB453
McKenna Gordon Charles Lancaster ME366
McKenna T F B Manchester L7387
McKenna L W J Halifax MZ652
McKenna J H Lancaster ME392
McKenna C D Mosquito DZ430
McKenna D J Spitfire W3438
McKenna John Andrew Halifax LL179
McKenna J L Lancaster ME843
McKenna G L Lancaster W4139
McKenna Conal Francis Wellington Z8643
McKenna L E Wellington DV892
McKenna Joseph Niall Lancaster LL946
McKenna C D Mosquito DZ430
McKenna A F Lancaster ED832
McKenna C C Lancaster ME572
McKenna T Lancaster ED475
McKenna J F P J Halifax L9517
McKenna Gordon Charles
McKenna Joseph Bryant
McKenna Terence Francis Breen
McKenna John Francis Xavier 'Sam' Mustang
McKenna Donald F P-47 Thunderbolt
Mckennan Ian Samuel
McKenney R R Halifax MZ867
McKennie G B Ventura AE852
McKennon Pierce W P-47 Thunderbolt
McKennon Pierce W P-47 Thunderbolt
McKennon Pierce W P-47 Thunderbolt
McKennon Pierce W P-47 Thunderbolt
McKennon Pierce W P-47 Thunderbolt
McKennon Pierce W P-47 Thunderbolt
McKennon Pierce W P-47 Thunderbolt
McKennon Pierce W P-47 Thunderbolt
McKennon Pierce W P-47 Thunderbolt
McKennon Pierce W P-47 Thunderbolt
McKennon Pierce W P-51 Mustang
McKennon Pierce W P-51 Mustang
McKennon Pierce W P-51 Mustang
McKenny L L Lancaster ED998
McKenny P Blenheim V5458
McKenny J Lancaster DS625
McKenny Lancelot Loxton
McKenny Clifford Richard
McKenzie D J Wellington X9673
McKenzie B C Tempest EJ610
McKenzie W D Lancaster ME727
McKenzie L G Lancaster LL881
McKenzie R Lancaster W5005
McKenzie R M Lancaster ME443
McKenzie Frederick Charles Stirling EH900
McKenzie Leslie John Andrew Lancaster JA893
McKenzie John Douglas Bruorton Spitfire N3187
McKenzie G C Stirling EH908
McKenzie G C Stirling EF179
McKenzie J D Wellington X9874
McKenzie D B E Halifax V9993
McKenzie J A W Halifax LW343
McKenzie O W Hampden AT154
McKenzie L W Halifax JB909
McKenzie M A Lancaster DS776
McKenzie J P Halifax LV829
McKenzie D N Halifax HX352
McKenzie A C Halifax LK697
McKenzie L G Wellington HF568
McKenzie Robert Melne Typhoon MN707
McKenzie J A Halifax JN924
McKenzie J M Wellington T2959
McKenzie J W Spitfire NH466
McKenzie J W Spitfire MK744
McKenzie K G Stirling BF348
McKenzie Donald Maxwell Lang Wellington HE368
McKenzie C B Manchester R5782
McKenzie J M T Lancaster ME702
McKenzie F M Stirling BK810
McKenzie F E Wellington X3557
McKenzie Cecil Keith Manchester L7374
McKenzie K Hampden AT123
McKenzie A Lancaster ND850
McKenzie J W Hurricane P3922
McKenzie E Stirling EF450
McKenzie T I Wellington X9975
McKenzie A H Lancaster R5509
McKenzie John Irven Stirling R9165
McKenzie Wellington L7859
McKenzie N W Halifax W1049
McKenzie H B Wellington W5527
McKenzie D Halifax DT623
McKenzie V Lancaster LL938
McKenzie J Lancaster JB657
McKenzie J G Lancaster PB353
McKenzie W R Halifax DT666
McKenzie Whitley P5095
McKenzie John Lancaster DV305
McKenzie A P A Whitley Z6504
McKenzie Whitley Z9211
McKenzie Whitley Z9204
McKenzie Richard George James Spitfire BL971
McKenzie G W Lancaster W5000
McKenzie A Lancaster LL972
McKenzie R G Whitley Z9477
McKenzie A Halifax JD370
McKenzie R C D Blenheim P4861
McKenzie R C D Blenheim R3618
McKenzie K Hampden P4392
McKenzie M Lancaster W4159
McKenzie John Albert
McKenzie Malcolm Keith
McKenzie Duncan John
McKenzie Donald Charles
McKenzie Gordon Stewart
McKenzie William Douglas
McKenzie Lloyd George
McKenzie Raymond Murdoch
McKenzie Hector Cairns
McKenzie Frederick Charles
McKenzie Kenneth George
McKenzie Bruce Calder
Mckenzie Donald John Blenheim L8755
McKenzie Andrew Wellington MF399
McKeon B Defiant AA417
McKeon Joseph T P-38 Lightning
McKeown John Joseph Lancaster DS785
McKeown V H Halifax LK916
McKeown J L Lancaster DV306
McKeown K C Halifax NP967
McKeown J D Lancaster R5517
McKeown R D Halifax JB961
McKeown D P Hurricane KZ406
McKeown W T Mustang AG533
McKeown Hampden AE259
McKerlay Robert Lancaster JA967
McKernan F T A Lancaster DS770
McKernan M G A Wellington W5490
McKernin H F Lancaster W4822
McKerns C Stirling BF442
McKerracher Walter James
McKerrell Robert Stirling BF317
McKerrow Terence Lancaster R5902
McKerrow John Andrew Lancaster LL920
McKerry D A G Halifax LK905
McKessock R G Mustang AM196
McKibben A Spitfire ML123
McKibben Donald W P-47 Thunderbolt
McKibben Robert M P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
McKibben Robert M P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
McKibbon Mervin George Lancaster DS630
McKie K M Lancaster LM110
McKie T Lancaster PB463
McKie A M Lancaster NF920
McKie W G V Wellington X3358
McKiel G Lancaster DS731
McKiernan S C Halifax HR863
McKiggan A A Mustang AM158
McKiggan Malcolm Eric
McKillop R P A Typhoon JP593
McKillop Robert Shaw Lancaster PD264
McKillop Duncan Traylen Lancaster LM474
McKillop N C Halifax NP710
McKillop A Halifax HX346
McKillop Robert Hugh Stirling R9168
McKillop W A Blenheim Z7426
McKillop A Wellington Z8985
McKillop R Spitfire BS117
McKillop A W Halifax JB892
McKillop J A Halifax LL588
McKillop Ronald Patrick Arthur
McKim D W Halifax W7884
McKim Joseph Arthur Lancaster LM189
McKim F W Spitfire BR626
Mckinlay Leslie White Blenheim L9394
McKinlay Wallace Francis Hampden P4286
McKinlay A Lancaster W4360
McKinlay George Mercer Spitfire RB142
McKinlay A McA Halifax LK904
McKinley B J Wellington X3840
McKinley N R Wellington LN439
McKinley C Halifax JD370
McKinley A S Lancaster ED349
McKinley G. M.
McKinna R A Lancaster JA708
McKinnell R S Wellington W5457
McKinney R F Lancaster LM453
McKinney Tom M P-51 Mustang
McKinney Tom M P-51 Mustang
McKinney Tom M P-51 Mustang
McKinney Tom M P-51 Mustang
McKinney Tom M P-51 Mustang
McKinnon Campbell Archibald Wellington BJ919
McKinnon A F Lancaster ME640
McKinnon J A W Lancaster ND346
McKinnon Andrew Williamson Halifax MZ584
McKinnon J A Lancaster ED568
McKinnon W G Halifax R9495
McKinnon Ian Lancaster PD293
McKinnon Donald Ross Blenheim Z7344
McKinnon W L Stirling EH884
McKinnon J B Lancaster LL632
McKinnon V L Halifax NP959
McKinnon T S Wellington HE690
McKinnon C A Wellington BJ1919
McKinnon A A Halifax DK180
McKinnon D J Halifax NP701
McKinnon G F Halifax JD321
McKinnon Athol Charles Beaufighter V8162
McKinnon H N Wellington HE550
McKinnon L J Lancaster ED859
McKinnon Allan Francis
McKinnon John Alexander Woodrow
McKinnon John Benson
McKinstry J Halifax W7701
McKinstry T Lancaster JB734
McKinzie W L
McKirdy A J Stirling BK765
McKitrick R A Stirling LK200
McKitterick D H Stirling BK723
McKittrick Jack Curtis
McKittrick Robert W P-38 Lightning
McKnight K H Lancaster DV274
McKnight J Wellington W5585
McKnight Wellington L7811
McKnight W L Hurricane P2961
McKnight W J Halifax NA569
McKnight T Lancaster ME443
McKnight Kevin Harold
McKoy Godfrey Alan Spitfire BS278
McL J A Lancaster JB709
McL Wilson (?) R Lancaster PB911
McLachlan W R Lancaster JA860
McLachlan J B Wellington HZ531
Mclachlan Dugald Whitley LA841
McLachlan R J Blenheim V6448
McLachlan W J A Hurricane BE486
McLachlan Donald Parker Wellington X3284
McLachlan F T Halifax RG451
McLachlan R D Halifax NP949
McLachlan P A Spitfire MJ473
McLachlan A McR Lancaster LL936
McLachlan Euan Wilfred Lancaster ND796
McLachlan J M Lancaster JB641
McLachlan J Lancaster D658
McLachlan Ian Wellington X3310
McLachlan A L Wellington HE231
McLachlan D C Wellington HE444
McLachlan J T D Lancaster JB224
McLachlan A D Tempest EJ774
McLachlan William Robertson
McLachlan James Barber
McLachlan Joseph J P-47 Thunderbolt
McLachlin William McIntyre Halifax W1179
McLachlin R S Halifax JD214
McLaggan A L Blenheim L9469
McLane Malcolm P-47 Thunderbolt`
McLaran D G Lancaster R5555
McLaran I Hampden AT217
McLardy W. A.
McLaren C R Lancaster ED777
McLaren Ian Ledoux Whitley N1361
McLaren Alexander Stewart Lancaster ED469
McLaren Archibald McCulloch Halifax R9496
McLaren D N Halifax LW204
McLaren R P Wellington X3371
McLaren Francis Earl Wellington W5564
McLaren Peter Victor Manchester L7374
McLaren D T Spitfire P9516
McLaren R D Mosquito NS731
McLaren D Hampden AD921
McLaren J McI Stirling R9352
McLaren R H E Halifax HX348
McLaren J Lancaster JB644
McLaren I N Stirling EE917
McLaren W A Fortress HB787
McLaren A S Lancaster ND762
McLaren A J Spitfire TB754
McLaren Hampden L4154
McLaren Robert Allan Halifax DT561
McLaren E L Halifax LW538
McLaren T Lancaster HK770
McLaren Robert Charles Lancaster ME576
McLaren William Graham Kerr Lancaster JB414
McLaren R McG Halifax LL578
McLaren J Stirling BF449
McLaren J W Lancaster NE124
McLaren Lyle Manhire
McLaren James
McLaren Gavin Athole Laurie
McLaren Clarence Ray
McLaren Archibald McCulloch Halifax R9440
McLarnon J W Wellington W5421
McLarty G A Lancaster KB741
McLary Maurice R P-51 Mustang
McLary Maurice R P-51 Mustang
McLatchie George Thomas Lancaster DV287
McLauchlan R C Lancaster LM273
McLauchlan I V Halifax DG223
McLauchlan J Stirling EE906
McLauchlan Eric Lyle
McLauchlin B Lancaster ME650
McLaughlan J G Halifax HX272
McLaughlan Peter Blair
McLaughlin C J Halifax MZ914
McLaughlin J G Typhoon JR375
McLaughlin Benjamin Edward Halifax DG414
McLaughlin K A Lancaster ND868
McLaughlin G L Halifax LW239
McLaughlin M W Lancaster KB870
McLaughlin A J Lancaster W4250
McLaughlin G Lancaster DV304
McLaughlin A Fortress HB787
McLaughlin Halifax W1045
McLaughlin M Whitley T4234
McLaughlin E C Lancaster JB549
McLaughlin T Halifax HR940
McLaughlin C J Lancaster LL680
McLaughlin J A Lancaster LL939
McLaughlin P B Halifax LW503
McLaughlin Wellington R3158
McLaughlin A Stirling EE901
McLaughlin Percy Ernest
McLaughlin George W P-47 Thunderbolt`
McLaughlin George W P-47 Thunderbolt`
McLaughlin Grover H P-51 Mustang
McLaurin G F Lancaster DV363
McLaw A Lancaster ED987
McLay J S Halifax NR132
McLay R M Spitfire BS510
McLay John Milton Halifax MZ588
McLay Wilbur Charles
McLay John Stirling
McLay Alan James
McLay Robert Maxwell
McLea John Alexander Halifax NP709
McLean Robert H 'Bob' Lancaster ND331
McLean R B Lancaster JB358
McLean D H Halifax RG432
McLean J G Lancaster ED545
McLean L W Lancaster LM181
McLean S Lancaster LM735
McLean Donald Tennant Lancaster W4166
McLean John Macarthur Lancaster EE112
McLean F E Lancaster ND854
McLean F F Lancaster JB344
McLean George Gordon Hudson FK791
McLean John Wellington P9288
McLean Harold George 'Harry' Halifax EB247
McLean Harold George Halifax LK628
McLean Charles Beaufort AW236
McLean Robert Paterson Wellington BB503
McLean G W Lancaster DV192
McLean E C Lancaster W4782
McLean G A Wellington Z8833
McLean Kenneth Hector Wally Lancaster R5573
McLean D G Hampden P1185
McLean J K Lancaster NG290
McLean J A Lancaster R5616
McLean D S Wellington DV701
McLean H C Halifax HR871
McLean G P Hampden L4140
McLean G M Halifax BB375
Mclean R H Spitfire AR521
McLean G G Spitfire MJ744
McLean A C Halifax LW394
McLean John James Halifax EB251
McLean O D Halifax LV914
McLean G D Lancaster KB808
McLean L Lancaster NE174
McLean A S Lancaster NF919
McLean W E Lancaster NN772
McLean C K Stirling BK711
McLean James Johnston Spitfire MK567
McLean N J Halifax L9602
McLean Albert William Stirling BF314
McLean J Halifax LV908
McLean W J Halifax W1219
McLean J C Lancaster ED881
McLean D Lancaster JB642
McLean W T Lancaster ED752
McLean T F Lancaster DS833
McLean A R Stirling EE947
McLean J Lancaster LM271
McLean J S Lancaster W4276
McLean Wellington X9677
McLean W J Lancaster DS679
McLean D R Halifax NA670
McLean J Mosquito KB364
McLean W Lancaster LL961
McLean S Halifax LW502
McLean W Stirling R9259
McLean H J Whitley Z6740
McLean P J Whitley Z6743
Mclean W Halifax JP117
McLean O W Whitley Z6555
McLean J A Wellington R12179
McLean J M Wellington
McLean S F Lancaster ED477
McLean A G Lancaster PD269
McLean J A D Blenheim L4875
McLean J F Lancaster ND478
McLean J McK Wellington N2894
McLean Andrew Clark
McLean John Valentine
McLean Gordon William
McLean Robert Hudson
McLean Neil Douglas
McLean Alan Maxwell
McLean George Gordon
McLean John Gold
McLean Stanley
McLean Hugh James Alexander
McLean Donald Tennant
McLean John McArthur
McLean Oliver Wiley
McLean Donald
McLean Francis Eric
McLean Duncan McKenzie
McLear M Halifax MZ577
McLear Robert M P-51 Mustang
McLearnon J E Halifax JD369
McLeish Douglas Leslie Defiant L6960
McLeish A W Halifax LV945
McLeish J A MacT Halifax EB216
McLeish J C Lancaster JB361
McLellan John Peter Wallace Lancaster LM375
McLellan A M Mosquito ML906
McLellan A Mosquito NS536
McLellan Donald Campbell Lancaster PD431
Mclellan Albert Benjamin Lancaster W4111
McLellan W W Lancaster ED389
McLellan S C Wellington DV892
McLellan N M Lancaster R5622
McLellan Donald Campbell
McLelland A B Lancaster ED530
McLelland W J Halifax DT774
McLeman Daniel Dakota KN584
McLenaghan W A Lancaster RA523
McLenaghan E C Lancaster NG335
McLennan H A Lancaster ED485
McLennan A N Wellington W5535
McLennan B A Lancaster JB369
McLennan D Halifax NP692
McLennan D H Lancaster NF920
McLennan G C Wellington X3657
McLennan K Wellington Z1316
McLennan H A Wellington X3811
McLennan K H C Halifax JD277
McLennan W Halifax NR190
McLennan Wellington X3206
McLennan G A Lancaster PB374
McLennan W T Lancaster W4159
McLennan Hugh Alexander
McLennan Hughbert Ingham
McLennan Clarence Colville
McLennon H A Halifax NP949
McLennon R W Mosquito MM120
McLennon A W Halifax LW478
McLeod D B Halifax BB211
McLeod F D Wellington W5372
McLeod Gordon Wesley Stirling LJ503
McLeod I C Mosquito KB455
McLeod G A G Halifax HR979
McLeod C W Lancaster JB296
McLeod M J Lancaster ME614
McLeod J Lancaster LL746
McLeod J W Lancaster ND783
McLeod B M E Halifax MZ460
McLeod L A J Lancaster ND451
McLeod Alexander Defiant L6965
McLeod Stanley Ronald Hampden P4323
McLeod A Stirling N3757
McLeod C J Lancaster ME857
McLeod Roy Lancaster ND700
McLeod Ellis George Lancaster ED303
McLeod Donald Hugh Lancaster R5573
McLeod J W Lancaster NG332
McLeod A C Lancaster ME688
McLeod D J Halifax HX169
McLeod T G Halifax NP761
McLeod D C Mustang AG548
McLeod L H Mosquito HR342
McLeod R M Halifax BB283
McLeod W P Halifax JD214
McLeod W R Lancaster KB765
McLeod I G Wellington Z1680
McLeod N S Lancaster DS713
McLeod C A Halifax NA510
McLeod Harold Dick Halifax PN228
McLeod Allister Currie Halifax NP771
McLeod J A Halifax NP696
McLeod A J Halifax NR288
McLeod H D Halifax MZ453
McLeod H D Halifax LV965
McLeod J N Spitfire RM818
McLeod J P S Halifax LK680
McLeod H N Halifax NP719
McLeod William Gordon Lancaster PB903
McLeod J M Lancaster PD222
McLeod H W Spitfire NH245
McLeod W M Stirling BK658
McLeod Ian Douglas Spitfire SM211
McLeod N A Stirling EH881
McLeod T J Lancaster EE140
McLeod L Hampden P1256
McLeod W A Wellington Z1614
McLeod A G Lancaster LM326
McLeod D N Spitfire AA722
McLeod H Spitfire NH322
McLeod J R Spitfire BM245
McLeod W Lancaster PB804
McLeod B Lancaster JB241
McLeod E T Lancaster DV223
McLeod K G Stirling EH991
McLeod W C Halifax LW430
McLeod D I Stirling N6085
McLeod N W Halifax L9529
McLeod J R Halifax W7813
McLeod F Halifax RG541
McLeod F Whitley ED195
McLeod Norman James
McLeod Finlay Donald
McLeod Gordon Wesley
McLeod Graham Albert George
McLeod Eric William
McLeod Murdo
McLeod Roderick Scott
McLeod Malcolm John
McLeod James
McLeod John Wilbert
McLeod Dudley Ronald
McLeod William Malcolm
McLeod Albert Gordon
McLeod Bruce Maxwell Edward
McLeod Lewis Arthur John
McLeod Donald W P-47 Thunderbolt
McLeod Hugh S Jr P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
McLeron R A Halifax DK261
McLinden J F Wellington X3667
McLoughlin James Archibald Lancaster LL648
McLoughlin G P Battle P6598
McLoughlin G Lancaster ED525
McLoughlin T A Stirling EF394
McLoughlin John Bernard Stirling EF436
McLoughlin P H Hampden L4057
McLoughlin James Archibald
McLoughlin Cormack Terence
McLuskey James Fraser Lancaster W4983
McLuskie P Halifax HX284
McMackie J R Whitley Z6949
McMahan Bruce D P-51 Mustang
McMahan Darrel E P-47 Thunderbolt
McMahan Darrel E P-47 Thunderbolt
McMahan Ernest B P-47 Thunderbolt
McMahan Ernest B P-47 Thunderbolt
McMahon M Lancaster JB730
McMahon Michael Joseph Lancaster ED534
McMahon W D Lancaster NG197
McMahon W Halifax LK800
McMahon W T Halifax NP817
McMahon D O Lancaster ED766
McMahon H T O Wellington X3667
McMahon J H Lancaster W4318
McMahon Stirling N3656
McMahon D Halifax NR251
McMahon Mustang AM153
McMahon J K Halifax MZ626
McMahon D B Hampden AD967
McMahon J R Lancaster ED440
McMahon T Whitley Z9515
McMahon Wellington L7777
McMahon C F Lancaster W4278
McMahon Lawrence Vincent
McMahon Michael
McMahon John Francis
McMahon Thomas
McMahon Allan John
McMahon Michael Joseph
McMahon Edward Dale
McMahon Peter J P-51 Mustang
McMahon Peter J P-51 Mustang
McMakin F E Halifax DK187
McManaman R W Lancaster JA847
McManemy Anthony Francis Boston (Havoc DB-7) W8257
McMann Victor Ernest Typhoon MN455
McManus I F Wellington X3179
McManus T B Lancaster NG234
McManus T A Halifax LW372
McManus K A Blenheim Z7280
McManus R G Halifax NP718
McManus John Francis Lancaster DS709
McManus R H Halifax NA509
McManus R L Lancaster ME585
McManus S Halifax LW315
McManus Patrick Joseph Halifax HR686
McManus C P Lancaster W4923
McManus C P Lancaster LM370
McManus H Boston Z2164
McManus Philip Joseph Lancaster KB728
McManus A G Wellington HE200
McManus G W Lancaster ME450
McManus J Halifax MZ849
McManus Ian Frank
McManus Terence Cathal Boyd
McManus Terence Bellew
McManus Trevor Alwyn
McManus John Maurice
McMarth W Lancaster ME474
McMaster G Lancaster R5739
McMaster R F Lancaster NE141
McMaster H S Lancaster JA964
McMaster M S Lancaster PA189
McMaster J G Lancaster KB701
McMaster J P Halifax LK969
McMaster N T Halifax W1216
McMaster W F Halifax LK899
McMaster J Wellington BK162
McMaster W W Wellington X3162
McMaster B R Lancaster PB949
McMaster Hugh
McMaster Gordon
McMaster Ross Faulkner
McMaster Fabian Crothers
McMaster Allan
McMechan A G J Lancaster R5571
McMeekan W J Lancaster ND657
McMehen R J Halifax HX283
McMenemy G S Halifax HR809
McMenemy J S Halifax HR806
McMenomy S Wellington BJ769
McMichael L K Wellington Z1404
McMichael J H Blenheim T1813
McMichael Eric Oliver
McMichael Lewis Kershaw
McMillan R R Lancaster JB543
McMillan W H Lancaster JA862
McMillan J Lancaster R5735
McMillan Douglas William Halifax LW517
McMillan Campbell McIntosh Lancaster HK788
McMillan Ronald Walker Wellington LP981
McMillan William Wellington BK517
McMillan K W R Stirling N6076
McMillan R Lancaster LL858
McMillan R Lancaster LM465
McMillan L Spitfire PM142
McMillan Alexander Teryl Hampden P1212
McMillan G A Halifax JB791
McMillan A Wellington X3484
McMillan G Wellington HE157
McMillan C W Halifax RG451
McMillan Donald James Lancaster NG460
McMillan H R A Halifax LK786
McMillan Osman Spitfire NH151
McMillan R G Lancaster LM452
McMillan C O Lancaster JB743
McMillan D B Lancaster ED480
McMillan J P Lancaster LM327
McMillan P D Wellington W5358
McMillan J Halifax JD146
McMillan G G Halifax W7915
McMillan E C Lancaster R5551
McMillan Stirling N6097
McMillan A C Mustang AG422
McMillan J C Halifax JB792
McMillan F J O Halifax LK911
McMillan D W Halifax LW300
McMillan James Lancaster W4799
McMillan G H Lancaster W4761
McMillan Andrew Kenneth
McMillan Herbert Russell
McMillan William Thomas
McMillan Ronald Robert
McMillan James Charles
McMilland A J Whitley P4950
McMinn J Lancaster LM173
McMinn R J Lancaster RA526
McMinn Evan D P-47 Thunderbolt
McMinn Evan D P-47 Thunderbolt
McMinn Evan D P-47 Thunderbolt
McMinn Evan D P-47 Thunderbolt
McMinn Evan D P-47 Thunderbolt
McMonagle L R Lancaster PB429
McMonagle Lance Raymond
McMorran A E Lancaster SW254
McMorran George Melvin Stark Lancaster NG286
McMorris A W Stirling BK618
McMullan H H Halifax LL192
McMullan J F Halifax LM116
McMullan William Austin Halifax W1248
McMullan William Austin Halifax W7886
McMullan C B Whitley Z6944
McMullan Whitley T4158
McMullan Harcourt Hunter
McMullan John Francis
McMullen D J Lancaster KB714
McMullen A E Halifax LW131
McMullen William Stuart Lancaster KB793
McMullen F Whitley Z6487
McMullen A P Spitfire BM365
McMullen Desmond Anthony Peter
McMullen Edwin Raymond
McMullen James P P-51 Mustang
McMullin Cecil Robert Stirling W7566
McMullin Charles Alexander Brian Hampden P5322
McMullin H Lancaster JB136
McMullin Gordon Alan
McMurachy W D Lancaster ED987
McMurchy BF Wellington BK250
McMurchy Kenneth Cameron Lancaster PB899
McMurchy D M Halifax LW139
McMurchy L S Lancaster ME704
McMurchy William Archibald Lancaster R5487
McMurdie Kenneth Stanley Whitley T4264
McMurdon A D Typhoon MN483
McMurdy G A Halifax JD382
McMurphy J C Wellington BJ599
McMurray F W Blenheim T2225
McMurray George Vallance
McMurrich John Vernon
McMurrugh Alfred Lancaster RF230
McMurtrie Alexander Douglas Blenheim L8729
McNab D Lancaster PB379/G
McNab D G Halifax DG423
McNab J Lancaster W4370
McNab J Lancaster ND703
McNab Alexander Charles
McNabb R H Lancaster LM278
McNabb Ray
McNabney J Halifax LV868
McNabrey Samuel Lancaster ND460
McNair Alexander Lancaster JA703
McNair Brian Robert Lancaster ED780
McNair W A Lancaster ED418
McNair N W Lancaster ED370
McNair C A Boston W8302
McNair Robert Wendell 'Buck' Spitfire P7679
McNair Robert Wendell 'Buck' Spitfire MA586
McNair R J Hurricane BE566
McNair F C Stirling BK665
McNally J J Lancaster ME320
McNally A F Lancaster PB416
McNally D J Spitfire NH596
McNally F H T Lancaster PA971
McNally R W S Halifax JD457
McNally John Joseph
McNamara M F J Halifax MZ651
McNamara M J Lancaster NN722
McNamara P E Stirling LK131
McNamara J E Spitfire BS319
McNamara R Halifax DK227
McNamara T O Lancaster PD378
McNamara P J Stirling R9356
McNamara A J Fortress HB763
McNamara S R Gladiator N5907
McNamara Lawrence Gerard Lyons Lancaster W4126
McNamara W Lancaster NE130
McNamara S J Stirling W7444
McNamara B P Wellington T2550
McNamara Michael Frederick John
McNamara Kevin Leonard
McNamara John Charles
McNamara James William
McNamara Lance Alexander
McNamara John Henry Stirling LJ970
McNamara Maurice James
McNamee William Andrew Lancaster JB286
McNamee Stirling N6081
McNamee William Andrew
McNarey David Ian Stirling BK698
McNary J C Lancaster KB711
McNaught Donald Hubert Lancaster DV275
McNaught L C G Lancaster PB254
McNaught W J B Lancaster JB320
McNaught Donald Hubert
McNaughton O J Lancaster ME832
McNaughton I G A Lancaster R5517
McNaughton I N J Stirling R9265
McNaughton W R Lancaster PD210
McNaughton J Halifax LW441
McNaughton George Erikson
McNaughton Ronald William
McNaughton George Edward Scott Liberator EV822
McNay I R Lancaster DV290
McNay A L Hurricane P3224
McNeal H R Halifax NA173
McNee J Lancaster LM110
McNee J Spitfire NH480
McNee J Spitfire PT854
McNee Duncan Liberator EW631
McNeel Kenneth D P-51 Mustang
McNees Richard A P-38 Lightning
McNees Richard A P-38 Lightning
McNeff Edward P P-47 Thunderbolt
McNeff Edward P P-51 Mustang
McNeight H G Halifax HX322
McNeil Thomas S Boston AL766
McNeil J J Halifax NR121
McNeil R W Halifax LW589
McNeil Mervyn George Wellington DV552
McNeil A G Spitfire W3579
McNeil Arnold George Miles Magister T9947
McNeil J Halifax HX191
McNeil F Lancaster W4770
McNeil F L Lancaster R5900
McNeil D S Wellington X3802
McNeil D Stirling R9151
McNeil R Halifax DT583
McNeil R Halifax W7859
McNeil M Lancaster DV243
McNeil H S Wellington W5535
McNeil A Lancaster R5741
McNeil John Alexander Wilson
McNeilage D G Lancaster PD222
McNeill T H Lancaster ED391
McNeill A Lancaster PD224
McNeill R Stirling EH882
McNeill John Gordon Halifax NA609
McNeill J D Halifax DK230
McNeill A K Halifax LK779
McNeill Stephen Thomas Wellington Z8780
McNeill L Typhoon MN968
McNeill H S Wellington W5581
McNeill D Lancaster ED352
McNeill F Wellington W5434
McNeill J F Lancaster W4795
McNeill R F Lancaster W4833
McNeill W A Lancaster PB702
McNeill M Lancaster PB140
McNeill Thomas Hector
McNeill John
McNeilly W St C Wellington Z1247
McNess John Henry Halifax JB858
McNess J H Halifax DT673
McNicol Andrew Hampden L4054
McNicol Neil Lancaster PD275
McNicol W J Halifax DT615
McNicol B W Halifax RG350
McNicol G A Lancaster R5484
McNicol J F Lancaster NG362
McNicol A.P. Typhoon R8825
McNie D C Lancaster PB210
McNiel Whitley T4266
McNiffe F A Halifax LW127
McNight James Bernard Stirling EF232
McNish A Lancaster ME850
McNiven P Lancaster RA533
McNulty N M Mosquito PF451
McNulty Patrick Joseph Liberator KN736
McNulty P M Stirling BK658
McNulty Neville Milne
McNulty Patrick Joseph
McNutt Maurice Harold B-24 Lassie Come Home 42-51356
McOrmond C R Lancaster KB714
McPake H Lancaster HK624
McPetrie David Duncan Hudson FK791
McPhail D B Whirlwind P6987
McPhail W H Mosquito HK481
McPhail H D Lancaster ME742
McPhail A C A Stirling BF561
McPhail Halifax JD467
McPhail W S Lancaster LL975
McPhail D H Manchester L7377
McPhail Angus Murdock
McPhan R B Lancaster EE132
McPhan Robert Barr
McPharlin M G Spitfire W3761
McPharlin Michael Gh P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
McPharlin Michael Gh P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
McPhee A N D Halifax LV781
McPhee Francis Sunderland DW106
McPhee John Sim Mosquito LR366
McPhee John Allen Halifax W7933
McPhee I A Lancaster ED323
McPhee A J Stirling EH942
McPhee J A Halifax NP810
McPhee V A Halifax LW197
McPhee W N Halifax LW618
McPhee D W Lancaster JB360
McPhee Joseph Noel Lancaster RF153
McPhee W D Lancaster LL684
McPhee E C Lancaster W4359
McPhee J A Lancaster ED332
McPhee A J Lancaster R5558
McPhee C D Blenheim R3841
McPhee B B Spitfire PV352
McPhee A Lancaster DS863
McPhee Athol Neil Douglas
McPherson R D Lancaster R5638
McPherson William Roderick Halifax MZ470
McPherson Alan Storey
McPherson C C Halifax JD322
McPherson R E Lancaster ED991
McPherson W N Mosquito MM728
McPherson D C Halifax MZ520
McPherson J M Halifax MZ520
McPherson W H Halifax LK971
McPherson G McK Halifax LW539
McPherson M L Lancaster DV177
McPherson George Everett Liberator JT985
McPherson A M Spitfire BM130
McPherson A M Spitfire BM242
McPherson C V Wellington X3714
McPherson W A Halifax NA175
McPherson V Blenheim N6158
McPherson H F Lancaster ND439
McPherson A Blenheim N6215
McPherson G I H Mustang AM182
McPherson A J Lancaster ND866
McPherson J G A Halifax EB276
McPherson W J Halifax HR981
McPherson J F Lancaster W4250
McPherson B D Hampden L4112
McPherson R B Spitfire EE634
McPherson J J Halifax W1157
McPherson A Hampden X3139
McPherson M Lancaster ED666
McPherson Robert Reid
McPherson Ray Douglas
McPherson Cameron Charles
McPherson Cecil Alexander
McPherson Keith Robert
McPherson John Francis Cameron
McPherson Dallas E P-38 Lightning
McPhie K C Lancaster JB311
McPhie J F Battle L5531
McPhie R A Tempest SN190
McPhie Keith Cumming
McPhillips Francis Lancaster ED326
McQuade A R Lancaster JB668
McQuade J J Halifax DK267
McQuade W J Hampden Z2917
McQuade H Lancaster ED410
McQuade J E Stirling EJ106
McQuade W Lancaster PD322
McQuade Victor Carl
McQuader H S Stirling BK817
McQuaid W V Lancaster R5737
McQuaker G A Lancaster PB644
McQualter Max Stanley
McQuarrie E A Wellington HZ273
McQuater J Halifax LW479
McQuater A Stirling BK602
McQueen W S Wellington Z1383
McQueen Alistair Norman Leigh Auster
McQueen H Halifax DT808
McQueen J F Lancaster KB754
McQueen F E Halifax LK879
McQueen W M Halifax LK792
McQueen W Halifax LK683
McQueen James Wellington BJ767
McQueen V S Halifax JN891
McQueen R R Hurricane
McQueen William
McQueen Finlay
McQueen William Stalker
McQueen Lawrence Frank Augustine
McQueeney P Lancaster LL672
McQueeney P Stirling EF149
McQuestion L A Lancaster DS758
McQuie V Halifax HX163
McQuigg H T Halifax L9500
McQuilkin A Halifax NP973
McQuillan John Thomas Lancaster PB287
McQuillan Murray Robert Lancaster PB588
McQuillan F D Stirling BK815
McQuillin G A Wellington BK165
McQuire W Stirling EH907
McQuiston Carl Halifax LW498
McQuitty R J Stirling EF188
McQuitty T Lancaster KB821
McQuitty W M Whitley T4209
McQuitty Robert John
McQuitty William Morrison
McRae L F Halifax W7746
McRae E McG Halifax W7652
McRae C Lancaster DS629
McRae D W Lancaster LM576
Mcrae R C Halifax JB896
McRae Hector Earl Halifax LK635
McRae D S Wellington HE729
McRae G S Lancaster ND935
McRae C F Stirling EH936
McRae J K Lancaster HK575
McRae D Halifax R9408
McRae J R Wellington X3417
McRae E R Lancaster PD339
McRae W Lancaster NF939
McRae D Lancaster PA964
McRae K D Halifax LK867
McRae Blenheim V6373
McRae Blenheim V6028
McRae Blenheim V6399
McRae Blenheim Z7361
McRae Malcolm Arthur
McRann P R Lancaster ME798
McReynolds R Halifax BB239
McRiner Wellington R1096
McRitchie G B Halifax JD302
McRobb J K Halifax MZ757
McRobbie W Halifax DT623
McRobbie T A Halifax LW638
McRobert R G Blenheim V6439
McRoberts Clarence (Clare) Arthur Halifax DG222
McRoberts S H Lancaster ME848
McRoberts Floyd Mangum Halifax MZ463
McRoberts F M Halifax MZ900
McRoberts R C Spitfire MJ880
McRoberts Bruce Oliver Kingsley
McRobie I M Halifax NA510
McRorie J K Lancaster PB815
McRoris E R Halifax JD468
McRostie Herbert
McRuer David Winchester Lancaster W4103
McShane John Thomas Lancaster NG460
McShane J J Halifax JD276
McShane T H Stirling BK663
McShane J V Lancaster PD278
McShane D F Lancaster LM654
McSkimming A Lancaster NN739
McSorley R Lancaster ED809
McSpadyen J Lancaster W4268
McSpadyen J Stirling EF123
McSporran D H Manchester R5785
McSporran N G Lancaster LM116
McSporran E W Stirling W7515
McSporran A Halifax RG436
McStay R J L Lancaster LL799
McStay Thomas Smith Halifax JB847
McSween P O Halifax JD158
McSweeney K H Lancaster LL776
McSweeney C B T Lancaster JB242
McSweeney Gerald Beaumont
McSweyn Allan Frank Wellington R1509
McTaggart Lachlan Wellington HX399
McTaggart W J Lancaster KB750
McTaggart G E Lancaster EE188
McTaggart Elmer E P-47 Thunderbolt
McTavish D A Wellington X3308
Mcteer Anthony Patrick Wellington LN858
Mcteer Anthony Patrick Wellington LN858
McTeonan R E Halifax LK880
McTernaghan Kenneth Wilson Halifax JD414
McTier Ronald
McTrach J Halifax LL116
McTurk W Halifax LV793
McVay J D Hurricane
McVay James C P-51 Mustang
McVean Alexander Basil Halifax W1251
McVeigh Charles Norman Wellington W5444
McVerry P J Lancaster NE130
McVety M W S Wellington R1038
McVey Malcolm Harry Lancaster ME367
McVey J Lancaster NF963
McVey J Lancaster PD312
McVey J H Lancaster ED424
McVey F C Halifax LW236
McVicar Angus Stirling BF513
McVicar N Halifax LW328
McVicar R A Lancaster KB765
McVicar W M Lancaster R5509
McVicar Kenneth James
McVicker Donald Trew B-24 41-29363
McVie D H Halifax LK922
McVie W A Hampden AD841
McVie W A Hampden AD737
McVitie E L Halifax DT698
McVitie E L Halifax DK224
McVitty G Lancaster ED786
McWade J R Stirling LJ501
McWade Allan
McWalter T R Wellington T2703
McWaters John
McWatt Francis Lancaster LM122
McWatt F Spitfire
McWha R D Lancaster JA853
McWha Reginald
McWherter Robert C P-51 Mustang
McWherter Robert C P-51 Mustang
McWhinney J Lancaster LM583
McWhinney A R Lancaster LM685
McWhinney Joseph
McWhinnie R R Halifax HR867
McWhirter G R Lancaster PD227
McWhirter F S Lancaster R5899
McWhirter A C Typhoon MN647
McWhirter A W Lancaster LM319
McWhorter James L P-47 Thunderbolt
McWilks C D Halifax JD264
McWilliam James Robert Mitchell Lancaster PB620 (some publications have this loss as PD259)
McWilliam K A Lancaster PB687
McWilliam W A Lancaster PB241
McWilliam R J Stirling BF339
McWilliam A Stirling BF561
McWilliam G Halifax DG245
McWilliam A E Lancaster ED997
McWilliam Robert James Stirling BF399
McWilliams F C Spitfire LZ899
McWilliams J H Lancaster ED886
Meachen R S Lancaster ED470
Meacock A K Wellington X3555
Mead R F Halifax LK884
Mead D T Lancaster JB148
Mead J Lancaster W4788
Mead M A Halifax W1216
Mead G Lancaster LL801
Mead W R Halifax JD255
Mead I A Blenheim L9192
Mead S J Lancaster ND393
Mead L G Lancaster NF964
Mead F H Halifax MZ406
Mead Charles M P-51 Mustang
Meade E T Halifax W1015
Meade F Lancaster ND459
Meade V F D Lancaster RF124
Meade Donald Frank Stirling R9169
Meade John W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Meadow L Stirling EH991
Meadow Arthur Drohen
Meadows A K Lancaster ED521
Meadows Walter Blenheim R3843
Meadows S A Lancaster PB692
Meadows W Lancaster ME741
Meadows J R Spitfire EE685
Meadows H E Wellington W5386
Meadows L F Stirling R9146
Meadows T S F Mosquito HK517
Meadows J A Lancaster NF984
Meadows F C N Halifax NA560
Meadows Allan Keith
Meads A V Lancaster ED613
Meager Leslie Ronald Wellington Z8578
Meager W H Lancaster LM242
Meager Patrick Edward
Meagher D K Halifax W7824
Meagher B D Wellington Z1099
Meagher Vincent James
Meaker James Reginald Brian Hurricane P3834
Meaker E T Lancaster LM455
Meaker E P Lancaster PB434
Meaker James Reginald Bryan
Meaker Arthur Reginald
Meaki G S Lancaster ED348
Meakin Leonard Lancaster ED733
Meakin H Blenheim R3620
Meakin M Stirling EE942
Meakin M Stirling BF466
Meakin Allan Roger
Meakins G Wellington HE543
Mean G M Blenheim L1113
Meaney John McBean Lancaster LM136
Meanley R Lancaster NE148
Means Billy C P-51 Mustang
Meanwell N H Blenheim R3741
Meara A S Lancaster W4771
Mearis E Lancaster ED983
Mearns J R Lancaster NG114
Mears Ashleigh Thomas Lancaster R5639
Mears Henry Robert Catalina FP232
Mears I A Stirling EE880
Mears I A Stirling BF531
Mears R A Stirling BK702
Mears J M Tempest EJ655
Mears J R Lancaster PA978
Mears L E Halifax LK763
Mears Edmund Geoffrey
Mears Ashleigh Thomas
Mears Arthur Frank
Mears Leonard William Wellington HX580
Measor R L Lancaster EE115
Measures D K Halifax HR949
Measures William Edward G. ("Tink")
Meaton Russell William
Meau P Halifax LL557
Meau P Halifax NA519
Mechan J A D Typhoon
Mechin Ralph Franklin Halifax W1251
Medcalf A R J Spitfire L1016
Medd N Halifax HR804
Medd G A Hampden AE139
Medden A E Hampden AE234
Medeiros John L P-51 Mustang
Medeiros John L P-51 Mustang
Medhurst Peter Thurston
Medhurst M G Lancaster ED725
Medhurst Gordon Francis Stirling R9160
Medhurst Stirling R9313
Medhurst J E Wellington Z8897
Medhurst Malcolm Graeme
Medland H D Halifax LL183
Medland C J Lancaster LL695
Medland C J Lancaster LL669
Medlock H E Lancaster ND703
Medrington H N T Lancaster LM626
Medus R W Stirling N6078
Medus A E Halifax LK867
Medway W T Spitfire N3284
Medway L F Lancaster ME697
Medwecki Mieczysław PZL.P.11c
Medwin Ian George Mosquito SZ990
Medynski L Lancaster KB741
Mee L G Halifax DT517
Mee J M Lancaster ND581
Mee A C Wellington T2736
Mee F J Spitfire BL584
Mee A C Wellington R3169
Meech W I Hampden AT120
Meech M F Halifax LK662
Meech A D Blenheim V6071
Meech R Wellington R1167
Meech J M Wellington HZ521
Meech A W G Lancaster ED759
Meechan W B Lancaster PB872
Meeghan F A Halifax NA545
Meehan Kenneth Gladwin Halifax MZ730
Meehan T J Lancaster ND579
Meehan M J Lancaster PB425
Meehan N S J Lancaster DV399
Meek R A Halifax LL243
Meek J Lancaster ME596
Meek Wellington R1722
Meek R D Wellington X3542
Meek W A Lancaster JB303
Meeking D W Hampden AT177
Meekings A E Halifax NA687
Meekison F Halifax NZ360
Meen Neville James Wellington HE266
Meer G M G Lancaster ND449
Meering E Halifax MZ343
Mees B J Wellington R1339
Meese D Lancaster LM138
Meeson W G Halifax HX350
Megainey R H Halifax HX289
Megaw Geoffrey Stace
Meggeson O J Lancaster ND455
Megginson L M Hampden AD843
Meggitt J M Lancaster ME296
Meggitt Ivor Henry
Meggs A M Lancaster LM239
Megit R K Lancaster DV341
Megran W J Wellington R1343
Megura Nicholas P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Megura Nicholas P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Megura Nicholas P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Megura Nicholas P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Megura Nicholas P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Megura Nicholas P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Megura Nicholas P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Megura Nicholas P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Megura Nicholas P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Megura Nicholas P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Megura Nicholas P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Megura Nicholas P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Meharry H J Spitfire MJ454
Meharry John Scott
Mehden Leonard Eugene Lancaster HK547
Mehden Leonard Eugene
Meholic James J P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Meholic James J P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Mehre H O Spitfire EN126
Meier A Spitfire MK1160
Meier Daniel Lewis Walter Lancaster LL862
Meier Paul R P-38 Lightning
Meieran S Halifax DK203
Meiers Donald J Bristol Beaufighter
Meiers Donald J Bristol Beaufighter
Meigh A C Whitley N1522
Meignard S Wellington BJ649
Meijers L M Spitfire HK345
Meikle R Blenheim T1886
Meikle E A Lancaster LL730
Meikle E Lancaster DS629
Meikle W Halifax LL182
Meikle J Lancaster LL632
Meikle D J Manchester R5785
Meikle T A Lancaster EE144
Meikle D W Stirling EF426
Meikle T A Halifax L9618
Meiklejohn R B Stirling EF366
Meiklejohn William Miller Stirling BK592
Meiklejohn Robert Bruce
Meiklejohn Thomas Archibald
Mein C Blenheim R3755
Mein J G Halifax JD475
Meir T M Lancaster ME828
Mejer Wieslaw Spitfire AB803
Melancon Alexander J P-51 Mustang
Melbourne Wilfred Laurier Lancaster PA219
Melbourne L R Lancaster ME558
Melbourne L E Lancaster JB220
Melcombe D E Lancaster ND344
Meldrum V T Halifax LV871
Meldrum G S Halifax HR712
Meldrum Kenneth Morwick
Meldrum Alexander John
Melhado L S Lancaster R5516
Melhuish A H Lancaster NG256
Melhuish D L Halifax LK903
Melhuish J W Lancaster R5636
Melia J Spitfire PT608
Melia T B Lancaster DV238
Melin C E Halifax LW509
Mell J F Wellington HE154
Mell W Mustang FD533
Mell E Lancaster JB420
Mell John Francis
Mellander Ernest William Terence Lancaster JB129
Mellard R H Lancaster ND966
Mellard T Lancaster ED558
Mellen Joseph E P-51 Mustang
Mellen Joseph E P-51 Mustang
Meller Józef Alojzy Vickers Wellington Z1345
Meller H L Stirling W7518
Meller Halifax W7669
Mellers J Liberator TT336
Mellersh Francis Richard Lee ("Togs")
Mellersh John Hubert
Mellership K Blenheim L8733
Melles R A Tempest EJ584
Melling F R Mosquito DD607
Melling J J Lancaster ED539
Mellings R C Wellington Z1330
Mellis F Wellington X3797
Mellish R L Lancaster R5617
Mellish T R Halifax JB922
Mellish A D Lancaster LL922
Mellish P E Halifax JB903
Mellody Eric Kendrick Anson K8813
Mellon R J Lancaster KB831
Mellon T H Hampden X3024
Mellon W N K Wellington R1648
Mellon John
Mellor Archibald Albert Mosquito DZ519
Mellor J G Halifax W7809
Mellor Albert Leslie Stirling BK809
Mellor John Wellington LN453
Mellor H B Halifax JB961
Mellor Wellington W5612
Mellor G H Halifax W1216
Mellor W Lancaster PB476
Mellor R E Wellington DV593
Mellor A L Halifax MZ601
Mellor P G Halifax LW583
Mellor J Lancaster LL788
Mellor W F Halifax JB865
Mellor J G Halifax W7089
Mellor K Lancaster DV284
Mellor Frank
Mellors Trevor Harold Lancaster R5914
Mellors S Lancaster LM179
Mellowes K R Wellington Z1391
Mellows H S Wellington X3394
Mellows S Lancaster PB463
Mellowship R J Lancaster PD230
Mellowship Rodney James
Mellroy W A Halifax JB909
Mellstrom Melborn Leslie Lancaster ME315
Melneczuk Pete Halifax MZ908
Melnick N Lancaster LL899
Melrose J D F Stirling BK599
Melrose Eric De Havilland Devon NZ1810
Melrose A A W Mosquito HJ941
Melrose Lloyd Charles
Melton R Lancaster LL729
Melton G B Stirling R9350
Melver J Halifax LL181
Melville Robert Lorraine Stirling W7524
Melville P G Halifax LW626
Melville R B Lancaster NE170
Melville R J I Stirling EF215
Melville J Lancaster LL915
Melville Stirling N6067
Melville D A Stirling N3762
Melville D H Stirling R9333
Melville H D Halifax LW468
Melville A McD Hampden X3124
Melville A Wellington R1372
Melville W W Wellington R1372
Melville Robert Lorraine
Melville Peter Gordon
Melville-Jackson George Holmes
Melvin J T Blenheim V6085
Melvin E H Halifax NR120
Membrey Aubrey Vernon
Membrey Harold Osmond
Memin Robert Halifax LL590
Menage T N Wellington R1512
Menard Joseph Donat Romeo Stirling W7613
Menard J D Halifax NA584
Menard J J M Spitfire SM227
Menary Basil Hughes Halifax LV857
Menary J H Halifax NR144
Menaul S W B Stirling BF356
Mencel Jerzy Stanisław Spitfire AD350
Mendela Dominik Karol Wellington Z1291
Mendelski V R 'Vic' Lancaster ND571
Mendenhall Wells Gibb Halifax RG455
Mendenhall Lee G P-47 Thunderbolt
Mendes G Spitfire AR377
Mendoza M I Wellington X9704
Mendoza E P Halifax LV901
Menegay Donald T P-51 Mustang
Menegay Donald T P-51 Mustang
Menell D V Lancaster ND337
Menere D Stirling HF453
Menere Douglas
Mengel C E Lancaster NG116
Mengel Colin Eric
Menish G R Blenheim V6266
Menlove W J H Mosquito HK161
Mennell H Halifax V9978
Mennetre M Halifax NP921
Mennie D J Halifax L9507
Mennie Halifax L9506
Mensforth Maurice Lancaster W4905
Menshek F J Wellington Z8409
Mensik Hurricane Z5060
Mente C R Boston Z2200
Mentlak Antoni
Menu X L A Spitfire W3214
Menzie M J Lancaster NN777
Menzies C K Lancaster ED379
Menzies N M Lancaster PB281
Menzies A R Spitfire AD298
Menzies John Watherston Hudson FK780 (Also listed as FK790)
Menzies A Halifax HR918
Menzies W Wellington W5483
Menzies G D Halifax DT794
Menzies H J Halifax LK811
Menzies L T Spitfire PL264
Menzies Ian Robert Stirling BK809
Menzies Spitfire P8096
Menzies G J Blenheim T2435
Menzies Wellington BJ593
Menzies C S Halifax MZ524
Menzies D Halifax LW511
Menzies William Ernest
Menzies Colin Kerr
Menzies Neil MacDonald
Menzies Stewart Keith
Menzies Guy Lambton
Menzies Ian Lambton
Menzies Alan Roy
Mepham D N Lancaster NN710
Mepsted Ronald William Lancaster ED988
Mercer R W Lancaster PD222
Mercer J D M Halifax W7748
Mercer Colwyn Trevor Cottell Hampden P4310
Mercer Robert Denhohlm Lancaster JB723
Mercer Gordon Henry Lancaster R5495
Mercer James Halifax JP206
Mercer J D Halifax DK270
Mercer A C G Halifax LW643
Mercer K P E Lancaster R5569
Mercer P G F Spitfire EP710
Mercer N A Halifax W1188
Mercer R H Blenheim L8752
Mercer D G Spitfire EN472
Mercer G E Stirling LK279
Mercer L H Stirling LK383
Mercer E Halifax LK738
Mercer R V Lancaster ME627
Mercer J Manchester L7309
Mercer C H R Wellington R1380
Mercer G Fortress HB803
Mercer P T R Whirlwind P6979
Mercer W N Lancaster PB684
Mercer G F Spitfire PV209
Mercer J L Halifax JB965
Mercer R G Wellington HE690
Mercer R E Wellington HE394
Mercer E Lancaster ME574
Mercer E Lancaster RF203
Mercer W H Whitley P4983
Mercer R T D Spitfire P7305
Mercer R A Lancaster ME734
Mercer L J Lancaster KB859
Mercer D W Whitley Z6668
Mercer D W Whitley Z6648
Mercer K W Halifax HR687
Mercer J Whitley Z9152
Mercer L H Wellington W5400
Mercer Richard Walter
Mercer Roy Blenheim L9468
Mercer Donald N P-47 Thunderbolt`
Mercer Durward B P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Merces Ainsley Charles George Lancaster JA921
Merchant Henry James Merchant Hurricane V7375
Merchant J F Lancaster JA679
Merchant H J Hurricane P2980
Merchant Leslie Arthur Hudson EW921
Mercier R Halifax NP921
Mercier J J C Wellington HZ518
Mercier Donald L P-51 Mustang
Mercier Donald L P-51 Mustang
Mercovich John Leo
Mercy W T Lancaster PD267
Meredith O F Lancaster PB115
Meredith H R H Halifax MZ403
Meredith A R Lancaster LL922
Meredith Frederick Leonard Lancaster LM751
Meredith R L Wellington X3540
Meredith J L Stirling W7634
Meredith J L Stirling W7525
Meredith P Lancaster JA965
Meredith C Blenheim Z5744
Meredith D E Stirling EH987
Meredith J Stirling W7588
Meredith E Stirling BF337
Meredith D Stirling EE944
Meredith R H Halifax R9438
Meredith Halifax L9498
Meredith E G Lancaster PB3777
Meredith A Spitfire W3623
Meredith K Halifax EB253
Meredith E L Lancaster ND455
Meredith J A T Lancaster ND494
Meredith Owen Frederick
Meredith Albert Charles
Merefield V J Lancaster W4848
Merefield Edward George
Meres F Lancaster W4133
Meres Frank
Merewether A G W Wellington L4339
Merifield J W Wellington BJ663
Merkle Jr. Christian W.J. B-24 Polyana 42-50374
Merkley A L Halifax JD318
Merlin W D G Lancaster ED835
Merlin H E R Typhoon JP577
Merlin H E R Typhoon JP918
Meroney Virgil K P-47 Thunderbolt
Meroney Virgil K P-47 Thunderbolt
Meroney Virgil K P-47 Thunderbolt
Meroney Virgil K P-47 Thunderbolt
Meroney Virgil K P-47 Thunderbolt
Meroney Virgil K P-47 Thunderbolt
Meroney Virgil K P-47 Thunderbolt
Meroney Virgil K P-47 Thunderbolt
Meroney Virgil K P-47 Thunderbolt
Merrall W R Lancaster LL894
Merralls P E Lancaster R5604
Merralls E Lancaster ED422
Merralls Lancaster L7570
Merre W K Typhoon PD511
Merrells D S Stirling N3663
Merrett N L Typhoon MN237
Merrett N L Typhoon JR507
Merrett John Graham Spitfire P8560
Merrett J E Blenheim N6191
Merrett S R Blenheim T2280
Merrett R L Lancaster R5743
Merrett J E Blenheim L4884
Merrett Norman Leslie
Merrett Malcolm Frederick
Merrett Malcolm Oswald
Merrett John Graham
Merrick Francis Xavier Lancaster ME743
Merrick P W Lancaster KB755
Merrick P A Hampden X2902
Merrick C Spitfire L1037
Merrick W F Halifax NR204
Merrick Douglas Clifford B-24 Betsy II 42-50842
Merricks Arthur John Howard Lancaster ED815
Merricks Truman Joseph Halifax BB325
Merricks C L Lancaster L7536
Merricks L F Halifax HR869
Merrie J W Stirling EH893
Merrifield S Lancaster ME850
Merrifield K F Lancaster DV304
Merrigan William John Halifax DT645
Merrill E J D Halifax MZ644
Merrill H Fortress AN525
Merrill George Halifax HR876
Merrill Wiley H P-47 Thunderbolt
Merriman C C Lancaster LL959
Merriman Edgar E Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Merrin S W Lancaster LM440
Merrin Sidney William
Merrion H N Lancaster LM417
Merritt Leonard John Blenheim P4914
Merritt C G Halifax LW202
Merritt John Percival Lancaster ND767
Merritt F H Lancaster DS665
Merritt K Lancaster NG164
Merritt D E G Stirling W7464
Merritt J J Halifax DT666
Merritt G J Halifax DT581
Merritt A E Blenheim L8829
Merritt A E Blenheim P6915
Merritt George L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Merritt George L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Merritt George L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Merritt George L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Merritt George L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Merrony H A Wellington Z1738
Merrow V D Lancaster NF912
Merry P E K D Wellington HE277
Merry A R Blenheim T1871
Merryfield W L Whitley P4931
Merryfull Charles Joseph Mosquito PZ178
Merryshaw J A Typhoon EK236
Merryweather G E Wellington T2559
Merryweather S W Hurricane V6745
Mersh K Lancaster ND992
Mertens J A F Blenheim T1871
Mertens P E M Wellington X3167
Mertens G F
Merton John Paul Wellington HE862
Meserve Robert L P-51 Mustang
Meserve Robert L P-51 Mustang
Meserve Robert L P-51 Mustang
Meserve Robert L P-47 Thunderbolt
Meserve Robert L P-47 Thunderbolt
Mesner Bertram William Bristol Blenheim L9451
Messenger G L Lancaster ED772 (some publications have this aircraft code as ED722 which is a 61 Squadron Lancaster)
Messenger Maurice Herbert Lancaster JB604
Messenger D K Halifax LW521
Messenger J G Halifax JD327
Messenger F V Halifax DK261
Messenger D K Halifax LV875
Messenger R A Halifax LW553
Messenger H A Halifax LK865
Messenger George Laurie
Messenger Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Messer R J Halifax LW159
Messer A E Halifax W1018
Messer R G Halifax LV816
Messer Allan Kenneth Burt
Messervy Norman Henry Edward Mosquito DK326
Messervy Norman Henry Edward
Messham S Halifax DG228
Messum S E Spitfire SM670
Messum Spitfire BL590
Metaxa A M Stirling N6015
Metcalf B T Lancaster ND595
Metcalf H Whitley Z6629
Metcalf R S Halifax JB805
Metcalf Edward Roseby Halifax LK705
Metcalf A D Lancaster LM279
Metcalf K A Lancaster JB133
Metcalf Anthony Halifax JB842
Metcalfe George Arthur Hampden AD783
Metcalfe M R E Halifax HR658
Metcalfe H M Halifax DT794
Metcalfe D H Halifax NA528
Metcalfe J E Halifax MZ509
Metcalfe T Lancaster PD336
Metcalfe Murray Spitfire EN529
Metcalfe T O Wellington BJ974
Metcalfe J L Lancaster ED375
Metcalfe T Halifax W7824
Metcalfe D V Halifax JD461
Metcalfe T Halifax W7712
Metcalfe E A Lancaster ME673
Metcalfe C Stirling EF195
Metcalfe D R Halifax LV948
Metcalfe A E B Lancaster ME805
Metcalfe R A Stirling R9258
Metcalfe A H Hampden P5329
Metcalfe H S Lancaster PB469
Metcalfe R W Lancaster LM229
Metcalfe L W Hampden AD825
Metcalfe Hampden AE259
Metcalfe F G Lancaster EE115
Metcalfe H Stirling EH886
Metcalfe C R Halifax R9457
Metcalfe Blenheim T2280
Metcalfe J Hampden AD898
Metcalfe R Lancaster ED997
Metcalfe Horace Albert
Metclafe N Lancaster LM330
Metclafe D W Lancaster W4987
Meteyer Thomas O P-47 Thunderbolt
Metham J Hurricane P2946
Metherall R K Halifax JB965
Metherall William Jeffrey
Methven S C Lancaster W4308
Methven William John Tiger Moth N6853
Methven D H Wellington X3654
Methven W R Wellington X9951
Methven Stuartson Charles
Metivier H A Lancaster KB761
Metka J Halifax LW331
Metler Edward Miles Martinet KP414
Metz D J Halifax JD325
Metzger Allen M P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Metzler H W Halifax LV944
Metzler D G Mustang FX896
Meunier R Halifax MZ986
Mevans R Lancaster HK680
Mew R G Wellington W5448
Mewa Alick Mitchell HD329
Mewburn H Lancaster ME577
Mewburn H H Lancaster LM380
Mewes Wellington Z8865
Mewis Francis Leslie Charles Halifax MZ351
Mewis F L C Halifax LW617
Meyer H Halifax LW443
Meyer J Halifax NA529
Meyer M M Halifax DK139
Meyer L M Halifax LW722
Meyer J E Halifax W7747
Meyer C J P Lancaster DV164
Meyer B W Spitfire W3830
Meyer J H Typhoon JR303
Meyer N R Lancaster R5662
Meyer R C M Lancaster LM511
Meyer W A Lancaster JB361
Meyer Francis Norman
Meyer Donnelly Coombe
Meyer Bruce Sydney
Meyer Charles B P-47 Thunderbolt
Meyer Dyke F P-47 Thunderbolt
Meyer John C P-51 Mustang
Meyer John C P-47 Thunderbolt
Meyer John C P-47 Thunderbolt
Meyer John C P-47 Thunderbolt
Meyer John C P-47 Thunderbolt
Meyer John C P-47 Thunderbolt
Meyer John C P-47 Thunderbolt
Meyer John C P-51 Mustang
Meyer John C P-51 Mustang
Meyer John C P-51 Mustang
Meyer John C P-51 Mustang
Meyer John C P-51 Mustang
Meyer John C P-51 Mustang
Meyer John C P-51 Mustang
Meyer Robert J P-38 Lightning
Meyer Robert J P-38 Lightning
Meyer Victor W P-51 Mustang
Meyer Victor W P-51 Mustang
Meyers J W Whitley Z6794
Meyers N C Wellington BK331
Meyers A A J Halifax LV864
Meyers William Ivan
Meyler John Kingsley Halifax DK192
Meyler Walter P P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Meynell P R Wellington R1439
Meynell A D Halifax LW330
Meyrick D Battle L5540
Meznik A W Wellington R1802
Mezzetti Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Miarczynski Roman Czeslaw Avro Anson R9708
Mich Ryszard ? ?
Michael E S J Lancaster JB548
Michael V I Lancaster HK603
Michaels A E Lancaster LM311
Michaels A Lancaster LM260
Michaely William D P-51 Mustang
Michalak Ignacy ? ?
Michalak Stanisław Handley Page Halifax PP232
Michalek V Spitfire AD197
Michalik Wacław Stanisław Vickers Wellington Z1345
Michalkiewicz Karol Mustang FB196
Michalowski Marian Stanisław Kostka Vickers Wellington R1725
Michałowski Jan De Havilland Mosquito DZ261
Michalski Julian Handley Page Halifax BB309
Michalski Ludwik Vickers Wellington Z1215
Michand Joseph Alfred Edgar Halifax LW591
Michaux Rene Philemon Halifax LK743
Michelena Ralph L P-51 Mustang
Michelin R W Wellington Z1108
Michell Frederick Charles Walter Halifax W7909
Michell J L Halifax HX352
Michell J A Halifax W1115
Michell W E T Lancaster DS814
Michelmore D Lancaster DV171
Michelmore E J C Spitfire P7741
Michelon R Halifax NR235
Michels Kenneth M P-51 Mustang
Michelson David Anthony B-24 42-51187
Michie Kenneth William Hampden X3028
Michie Kenneth William Hampden L4077
Michie Ernest Wilberforce Halifax MZ596
Michie N H Halifax LK956
Michie T Whitley P4936
Michie J B Lancaster ED525
Michon Wadyslaw Karol Tiger Moth ?
Mickey Melvin S P-38 Lightning
Mickiewicz B Spitfire P7606
Mickleborough-Saunders E W Halifax MZ524
Micklefield G C Lancaster NE174
Micklethwaite Ronald Blenheim L9315
Micklethwaite Halifax LK867
Micklewaite C W C Wellington Z1247
Mićko Edward Lancaster PA160
Mickus Anthony Lancaster LL650
Middiman D W Lancaster ND580
Middlebrook R F Lancaster ED497
Middleditch H J Halifax LL549
Middlehurst Lancaster LL849
Middlemas Neville Craig Blenheim L8847
Middlemas James Graham Lancaster L7578
Middlemas R J Halifax MZ512
Middlemass J C Halifax DT488
Middlemast K Lancaster PB737
Middlemiss Kenneth Robert Lancaster JB542
Middlemiss K R Lancaster JB354
Middleton R H Stirling N3726
Middleton Rawdon Hume Stirling BF372
Middleton J H Lancaster ME667
Middleton C G Lancaster PB152
Middleton R H Stirling R9158
Middleton Angus Sutherland Stirling LJ864
Middleton Douglas Davidson Wellington L7795
Middleton William James Blenheim P4860
Middleton Ronald Lancaster HK653
Middleton R J Lancaster ED322
Middleton F Stirling EE903
Middleton A J Halifax HR872
Middleton William Arthur Spitfire W3527
Middleton C P F Stirling BK647
Middleton C P F Stirling BK776
Middleton G Lancaster RF235
Middleton A W Lancaster ND913
Middleton J W Wellington BJ710
Middleton G N Spitfire BS301
Middleton A G Battle L5503
Middleton K P Stirling EF428
Middleton W J G Halifax HR977
Middleton H Halifax DT579
Middleton J W Halifax PN437
Middleton S A Halifax V9979
Middleton A C Halifax LK759
Middleton W M Mustang AM210
Middleton H H W Lancaster ND520
Middleton P C Ventura AE781
Middleton F D Hampden L4083
Middleton T J Lancaster PB185
Middleton F W Halifax LK846
Middleton W L Halifax MZ513
Middleton E Lancaster LM454
Middleton R Lancaster ND789
Middleton H J Stirling EF130
Middleton W L Halifax DT492
Middleton Whitley T4205
Middleton J W Whitley Z6582
Middleton Whitley T4172
Middleton H Halifax LW507
Middleton S N Blenheim P4842
Middleton G L Hampden X2990
Middleton R Lancaster ND740
Middleton H I Lancaster NF985
Middleton M H Lancaster W4278
Middleton Rawdon Hume
Middleton John Hartley
Middleton Alan Stewart
Middleton Leonard Stewart
Middleton Bertram John
Middleton Charles Gordon
Middleton Hector McKenzie
Middleton Maurice St George
Middleton Ellis S P-51 Mustang
Middleton Ellis S P-51 Mustang
Midgley T Lancaster DV178
Midgley E R Halifax DT568
Midlane A L Halifax MZ507
Mieczkowski Jan Roman Vickers Wellington R1642
Miecznik Tadeusz Halifax BB309
Miegel Karl Morris Wellington T2834
Miegel Karl Morris
Miejnecky F Spitfire MJ893
Mielcarek Jozef Hawker Hurricane Z4176
Mielcarek Stanisław Vickers Wellington Z1256
Mielcarek Zygmunt Stanislaw
Mielecki Leopold Consolidated Liberator KH126
Miell H E Lancaster NG363
Mielnicki Jerzy Andrzej Wojciech North American P-51d Mustang FZ145
Mielnik Michał Vickers Wellington Z1475
Mienert V Lancaster JB481
Mienert Victor
Miernicki Zbigniew Marcel Bloch MB-200 ?
Mierniczek Stanislaw Airspeed Oxford PG994
Miers V G Lancaster R5903
Mierzwa J Wellington BK303
Mierzwa Boguslaw Supermarine Spitfire P7819
Mierzwa Jakub Vickers Wellington BK303
Mieyette L Lancaster JA898
Mifflin Frederick Manuel Lancaster ME669
Mifflin F M Lancaster R5614
Miflin Hampden P5326
Migas Eugeniusz Marian
Migaszewski Zbigniew (Zbyszko) Avro Lancaster DV278
Migner Alexander
Mignon J Halifax LL587
Mignot R Halifax NR181
Migos Feliks Marcin North American P-51d Mustang FB206
Mijakowski Bogdan Supermarine Spitfire W3510
Mikalauskas Kenneth E P-51 Mustang
Mikalchuk P Halifax NR249
Miklajcyk Henry J P-47 Thunderbolt
Miklajcyk Henry J P-47 Thunderbolt
Miklajcyk Henry J P-51 Mustang
Miklajcyk Henry J P-51 Mustang
Miklajcyk Henry J P-51 Mustang
Miklajcyk Henry J P-51 Mustang
Miklinski Jan Stanislaw
Miklosek J Wellington R1015
Mikolajczyk Ignacy Kittyhawk ET242
Mikołajczyk Antoni Jan Vickers Warwick HG226
Mikos Wlodzimierz Jerzy Wellington T2612
Miksza Edward Vickers Wellington HF492
Mikszo J Wellington R1762
Mikula Feliks Avro Lancaster PA269
Mikusek Hipolit Spitfire AA854
Milan C A Halifax BB282
Milan Halifax DT516
Milbank Ronald Leslie Halifax W1066
Milbourne R L Hampden P2137
Milburn William R. Lancaster ED751
Milburn Francis Lloyd Halifax JB790
Milburn Philip Giles Lancaster ME581
Milburn J W Lancaster PB638
Milburn D J Halifax NP710
Milburn C Lancaster ED913
Milburn C Halifax W7938
Milcot A V B Halifax W7854
Mildon A H Halifax HX279
Mildon T R Wellington X3722
Mildren P R Spitfire P7520
Mileham D E Spitfire AD987
Milej Jozef North American P-51d Mustang FX888
Miles N W Lancaster LL958
Miles Edward (Ted) Charles Ernest Short Sunderland EJ134
Miles John Lancaster ND911
Miles Terence Alfred Stirling N3756
Miles Charles William Stirling N6069
Miles Ronald George Halifax DT632
Miles Allan Arthur Blenheim V5537
Miles Vernon Lindsay Halifax JD273
Miles F D Spitfire LZ816
Miles G R Halifax MZ859
Miles H S Lancaster NN710
Miles L R Halifax HX191
Miles Cyril Frederick Thomas Halifax LL364
Miles H T Stirling R9308
Miles H E Lancaster LM385
Miles N F Typhoon JR150
Miles B W Stirling EF153
Miles C Wellington Z8858
Miles R Halifax NA174
Miles L J Halifax HR795
Miles G R Lancaster ND741
Miles L E Halifax LL598
Miles Ventura AE685
Miles G J A Manchester R5794
Miles A J Lancaster ME548
Miles J T M Lancaster W4251
Miles G A Blenheim R3750
Miles L Halifax MZ556
Miles G S Lancaster JA874
Miles G R J Lancaster PD425
Miles R Halifax RG552
Miles C Halifax JD475
Miles R E Halifax MZ631
Miles S V Lancaster W4186
Miles J Lancaster ED479
Miles F J Stirling BF410
Miles Maurice John
Miles Norman Walter
Miles Charles John
Miles Robert E P-51 Mustang
Miles Stanley G P-47 Thunderbolt
Milewski Henryk Handley Page Halifax JP222
Milewski Leszek Handley Page Halifax JN967
Milewski Wojcieck
Miley Miles John Beaufighter R2067
Miley Carl H P-47 Thunderbolt
Milford H J Boston AL743
Milford Ernest Osman
Milfull J Lancaster ND671
Milich Mate Alexander Typhoon JR248
Mill J B Lancaster DS790
Mill B B Halifax LL287
Millar Arthur David Curtis Halifax DT542
Millar L E J Lancaster PB688
Millar K V Lancaster LM239
Millar J O Lancaster LM636
Millar Alexander Lancaster ND534
Millar John Guy Lancaster ED726
Millar R W Lancaster KB786
Millar G Halifax LK807
Millar J W Lancaster ED309
Millar G G Spitfire PL490
Millar George Ronald Whitley Z9231
Millar A M Lancaster PB430
Millar Jeffrey Alexander Wellington LP651
Millar R S Lancaster ND594
Millar T F Lancaster ED587
Millar H W Lancaster DV181
Millar A J Wellington W5574
Millar J K Wellington W5393
Millar J C Lancaster PB115
Millar K C Lancaster ND387
Millar R Lancaster ME806
Millar K L Hampden X2995
Millar W S Lancaster LL892
Millar W S Lancaster ED500
Millar G Lancaster LM541
Millar D Lancaster ME858
Millar L G Lancaster R5737
Millar W A Hampden X3132
Millar D L Lancaster PB138
Millar Thomas Roberts
Millar Robert Harvey Wellington HF906
Millar Alexander Smart Wellington LP120
Millard Harry Hal Lancaster LM341
Millard R S Lancaster W4355
Millard D A Wellington X9980
Millard P W W Typhoon PD168
Millard A E Blenheim N6217
Millard Charles William Roy Halifax LK844
Millard D P Halifax MZ987
Millard Alfred Edwin Lancaster ED974
Millard H G Lancaster ND818
Millard Graham George Lancaster W4104
Millard-Tucker A J R Whitley Z6752
Millatt Wellington T2885
Millband L Halifax W1275
Millbank S E Boston BZ260
Milledge Ronald William
Milledy T P G Lancaster W4864
Millen F S Stirling BF384
Millen Frank Severne Stirling R9168
Millen Harry Charles Wellington LN181
Millen Samuel James Spitfire X4350
Millen Beresford Bruce Lancaster JA941
Miller J Halifax MZ909
Miller G E Halifax W1037
Miller W A Halifax JD276
Miller W Lancaster ED528
Miller C McD Lancaster W4789
Miller Alister Donald Spitfire RN196
Miller Alister Donald Spitfire NH691
Miller B E Mosquito MM650
Miller B Mosquito MM671
Miller B E Mosquito MM650
Miller R A G Lancaster PB812
Miller I G Lancaster W4331
Miller R J Lancaster PB263
Miller A S Tempest EJ718
Miller Keith John Wellington X9978
Miller Phillip Charles Spitfire BL754
Miller K R Halifax LW301
Miller Harold Arthur Short Sunderland EJ134
Miller George Wellington L4268
Miller Charles William Lancaster R5696
Miller Stuart Alexander Stirling BK599
Miller Michael Benedict Fairy Battle L5438
Miller Reginald Talbot Hampden L4087
Miller William Stevenson Liberator AL566
Miller Thomas Lancaster PB397
Miller Leonard Whitley N1417
Miller Frederick Charles Lancaster PB586
Miller Reginald Sydney Typhoon EJ916
Miller Thomas Richard Stirling EF179
Miller E Lancaster DS764
Miller Kenneth Archibald Willison Lancaster HK653
Miller Robert George Wellington BJ876
Miller Frank Jules George Boston W8318
Miller Robert Sydney George Lancaster W4861
Miller A L Wellington R1701
Miller Gordon Ernest Hampden P1344
Miller G W Stirling EF330
Miller J E Stirling EE912
Miller H J Lancaster ME636
Miller R W Lancaster ME829
Miller E S Manchester L7380
Miller J M Lancaster NE175
Miller Victor Howard Spitfire BS136
Miller M S Halifax HR856
Miller J A Halifax HR918
Miller B L Halifax HR797
Miller B L Halifax JB957
Miller A B Lancaster PB402
Miller F J Lancaster PB516
Miller C P Lancaster DS774
Miller D M Halifax NP776
Miller W D Halifax BB376
Miller A S Halifax HR910
Miller A S Halifax JD381
Miller J A F Lancaster KB722
Miller H H Hampden AT134
Miller Kenneth Alexander Lancaster PB899
Miller William Gordon Halifax PN228
Miller W C Halifax HX279
Miller Edward George Halifax LK635
Miller E V Lancaster KB784
Miller Willard Jim Halifax LK802
Miller K R Halifax LK845
Miller D J Halifax LK833
Miller R J Halifax LK845
Miller J B Halifax MZ522
Miller H L Halifax HX245
Miller T A J Halifax LV840
Miller R W Halifax LK663
Miller D H Lancaster W4841
Miller R N Lancaster LM336
Miller B A Wellington Z1578
Miller C W Typhoon JP694
Miller J F Halifax BB195
Miller T H Halifax W7809
Miller T H Halifax W7089
Miller T B Halifax R9364
Miller Christian Godfrey Lancaster R5686
Miller K R G Lancaster JA913
Miller T J
Miller D Wellington X9920
Miller K C M Spitfire P7977
Miller W L Tempest JN811
Miller J S Lancaster ME702
Miller William Lister 'Dusty'
Miller W B M Hurricane P3081
Miller N W C Halifax HX347
Miller F Halifax LV908
Miller Whitley K9032
Miller A G W Whitley N1496
Miller L A Lancaster LM585
Miller D J Wellington BJ590
Miller W Halifax HX150
Miller J A Halifax NA502
Miller A Halifax LL555
Miller W Whitley Z6796
Miller C Whitley Z6871
Miller C Whitley Z6761
Miller B F H Lancaster LM314
Miller G Lancaster ND993
Miller D W Lancaster JB147
Miller J Lancaster ND417
Miller J A Blenheim P4925
Miller D Wellington Z1113
Miller I G C Lancaster LM127
Miller A M Lancaster LL668
Miller S J Wellington Z8585
Miller B J Wellington Z8531
Miller R Spitfire BL813
Miller A Mosquito HK284
Miller I A Whitley Z9158
MIller R F Battle L5578
Miller J G Wellington P9244
Miller L A Lancaster LL801
Miller S I Lancaster JB721
Miller R B Lancaster EE122
Miller G H Halifax DT694
Miller B A Halifax DG223
Miller C E Lancaster PA179
Miller S F Lancaster LM385
Miller W H Mosquito NT173
Miller F Blenheim R3590
Miller F Blenheim R3598
Miller R Lancaster RF132
Miller K S M Lancaster PB289
Miller I S Mustang AM146
Miller A H Lancaster ED586
Miller H V Lancaster NG204
Miller J Lancaster ND866
Miller F Ventura AJ444
Miller S Wellington X9752
Miller D F Fortress HB785
Miller C K Stirling EE883
Miller J Stirling EF299
Miller J D Typhoon JP941
Miller R G Typhoon SW465
Miller D M Halifax JB786
Miller L G R Lancaster JB280
Miller H E Mosquito RS569
Miller G Wellington HE905
Miller J H Lancaster R5557
Miller J R Hampden AE129
Miller K V Lancaster ND565
Miller W L Lancaster W4881
Miller J M H Lancaster NG469
Miller G R S Lancaster ME856
Miller W L Typhoon JR152
Miller W L Tempest EJ750
Miller G B C Lancaster ED450
Miller W E Hampden P4383
Miller W J K Lancaster ED308
Miller T T Halifax MZ643
Miller J I Lancaster LM461
Miller F C E Lancaster R5894
Miller D Lancaster JB320
Miller F H Wellington Z1565
Miller F G Blenheim R3847
Miller J Mosquito ML975
Miller R A Mosquito HK429
Miller R F G Spitfire X4107
Miller T Lancaster ED332
Miller S E Lancaster NF988
Miller J G Lancaster ED470
Miller J H Lancaster ED722 (some publications have this aircraft code to a 463 Squadron Lancaster - which is ED772
Miller S E Lancaster ND902
Miller K R Lancaster R5915
Miller H J Lancaster JB717
Miller J Halifax D730
Miller A Halifax DT807
Miller J E Whitley N1357
Miller H H J Whitley T4138
Miller H H J Whitley T4151
Miller C E Halifax LV796
Miller T B Whitley Z6864
Miller F S Blenheim P4838
Miller F H Blenheim V5997
Miller Blenheim T2442
Miller T H Manchester L7465
Miller William Thomas Lancaster W4182
Miller J A Lancaster LM128
Miller Wilfred Handel ("Andy")
Miller Reginald Arthur ("Dusty")
Miller Gordon Christian Noesgaard Beaufighter X7616
Miller William Anderson
Miller Raymond
Miller Joseph Bass
Miller Colin McDowell
Miller Alister Donald
Miller John Garland
Miller Bruce English
Miller William George Allen
Miller Donald Andrew
Miller Reginald James
Miller George Thomas
Miller Frederick William
Miller Clive Everard
Miller Ian Gordon
Miller Richard Albert George
Miller Harold Arthur
Miller Leonard Edric James
Miller Russell Johnstone
Miller Graeme Morrison
Miller Frederick Charles
Miller Jack
Miller Alexander Stuart
Miller Keith John
Miller Sydney Frederick
Miller James Clark
Miller Rogers Freeman Garland
Miller Stanley James
Miller Harold Arthur Sunderland DV968
Miller Paul K. B-17 Flying Fortress 42-8514 Lassie Come Home
Miller Gustavus H. B-17 Mohawk 42-31128
Miller Albert Edward B-24 The Iron Duke 44-10491
Miller Arthur Jr P-51 Mustang
Miller Austin S P-47 Thunderbolt
Miller Charles H P-47 Thunderbolt
Miller Delmar A P-38 Lightning
Miller Earl H P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Miller Earl H P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Miller Edwin H P-47 Thunderbolt
Miller Fremont W P-47 Thunderbolt
Miller Fremont W P-47 Thunderbolt
Miller Fremont W P-47 Thunderbolt
Miller Harold O P-47 Thunderbolt
Miller Harold O P-47 Thunderbolt
Miller Harry L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Miller John S P-47 Thunderbolt
Miller Joseph A P-47 Thunderbolt
Miller Joseph E Jr P-38 Lightning
Miller Leonard E P-47 Thunderbolt`
Miller Marvin W P-47 Thunderbolt
Miller Melvin W P-47 Thunderbolt
Miller Robert J * P-51 Mustang
Miller Robert J ** P-47 Thunderbolt
Miller Roy D P-51 Mustang
Miller Roy D P-51 Mustang
Miller Thomas F P-51 Mustang
Miller Thomas F P-51 Mustang
Miller Thomas F P-51 Mustang
Miller Thomas F P-51 Mustang
Miller Thomas F P-51 Mustang
Miller William C Jr P-51 Mustang
Miller William M P-47 Thunderbolt
Millerd W F Hampden AD803
Milles C W Wellington X3388
Millet L Halifax NA529
Millet P J L Halifax NA616
Millet A Spitfire BM143
Millett G H Lancaster ED523
Millett B Halifax HX348
Millett T F Lancaster LM388
Millett T F Lancaster EE200
Millett L I A Wellington R1648
Millett Murray Scott
Millett Graham Henry
Millgate Keith
Millhouse J R Halifax DK247
Millhouse P Halifax MZ461
Milliard G L Halifax LL594
Millichamp H R Stirling W7506
Millichamp D H Lancaster PD339
Millichip J Stirling R9295
Millidge Noel Wellington Z1613
Millidge E G Lancaster JA970
Milligan D A Lancaster W4782
Milligan Robert Murray Whitley Z6573
Milligan W Wellington BJ883
Milligan G E Stirling BF351
Milligan Bruce Ryerson Halifax JB858
Milligan K I R Lancaster PB241
Milligan L H Lancaster LM395
Milligan Thomas Plumpton Halifax W1219
Milligan R A Lancaster ND760
Milligan J McP Wellington Z1399
Milligan E A Lancaster LM572
Milligan H W Halifax JB872
Milligan A A Stirling EE974
Milligan A A Stirling EH947
Milligan Douglas Arthur
Milligan William Charles
Milligan Herbert 'Bud' Spitfire
Milligan John Rosebery Halifax W1002
Millikan K T Lancaster ME790
Millikan Kenneth Thomas
Millikan Willard W P-47 Thunderbolt
Millikan Willard W P-47 Thunderbolt
Millikan Willard W P-47 Thunderbolt
Millikan Willard W P-51 Mustang
Millikan Willard W P-51 Mustang
Millikan Willard W P-51 Mustang
Millikan Willard W P-51 Mustang
Millikan Willard W P-51 Mustang
Millikan Willard W P-51 Mustang
Milliken E D Wellington HE154
Milliken R C Ventura AE715
Milliken Ralph Elliott Halifax DT576
Milliken D W Halifax HR732
Milliken Peter Scott Halifax LW620
Milliken R E Lancaster ED564
Milliken Roy Alistair
Milliken Edward David
Milliken Robert C P-38 Lightning
Milliken Robert C P-38 Lightning
Milliken Robert C P-38 Lightning
Milliken Robert C P-38 Lightning
Milliken Robert C P-38 Lightning
Millin A J H Stirling EE949
Milliner J T Lancaster HK568
Milliner E A Lancaster JB598
Milliner Jack Thomas
Milling E Lancaster JA704
Millingen Ian Leslie
Millington A Whitley N1497
Millington P E Lancaster ND760
Millington W H Hurricane V7536
Millington W H Hurricane P3050
Millington Wellington R1096
Millington William Henry
Millington William Henry
Millins R Lancaster JB680
Millis A S Wellington Z8517
Millis L N Lancaster DS824
Millis Allan Squires
Millman T R B Halifax HX314
Millman R B Lancaster NG177
Millner W Hurricane K
Millns T D Lancaster LM318
Millns R F Mosquito DZ365
Millns J H Boston Z2260
Millns Blenheim V6455
Millns Blenheim V6028
Millns Blenheim Z7361
Millns Blenheim Z7361
Mills John Franklin Halifax DT732
Mills D B Wellington Z1399
Mills S Lancaster ND915
Mills K C Halifax MZ692
Mills R N Halifax MZ692
Mills T G D Stirling LJ480
Mills John Lake Hudson A16-67
Mills William George Luigi Liberator KH183
Mills Allan McFadyen Manchester L7301
Mills James Lancaster PD383
Mills Peter Banister Stirling BK698
Mills David Wellington T2520
Mills James W Lancaster LL919
Mills Lionel Abel John Stirling N6022
Mills Lionel Abel John Manchester L7462
Mills Eric Robert Mitchell FW122
Mills Martin John Blenheim Z7802
Mills John Wellington DV873
Mills R W L Wellington Z8595
Mills Clement Robert Lancaster NN803
Mills A F H Blenheim V6497
Mills Murray A Lancaster PB343
Mills J A Halifax DT616
Mills F H Halifax LV789
Mills A M Halifax MZ597
Mills Mervyn Jack Spitfire BL781
Mills G W A Wellington BJ765
Mills K A Halifax HR692
Mills H L Halifax MZ793
Mills D G Lancaster ND413
Mills P F Blenheim L9250
Mills A W Wellington X9794
Mills Wellington R1217
Mills D Hampden L4187
Mills R E Blenheim N6150
Mills A A F Lancaster NG332
Mills F Lancaster W4374
Mills A Wellington X3802
Mills Blenheim L9402
Mills G E Lancaster NN743
Mills A I Defiant AA429
Mills D A Lancaster JB703
Mills L Halifax LK826
Mills M Halifax MZ367
Mills Blenheim V6425
Mills W H Spitfire AD551
Mills Douglas Henry Stirling EF187
Mills P Lancaster ED692
Mills S H Lancaster ME688
Mills N E Wellington X9750
Mills F Stirling BK767
Mills W D Stirling BF405
Mills A R P Halifax L9508
Mills S A Spitfire AD263
Mills S A Spitfire MJ831
Mills S T Halifax JD457
Mills K P Halifax JD332
Mills R Lancaster ND654
Mills Hampden AT173
Mills A J Lancaster ED828
Mills D R Lancaster JB419
Mills J R M Halifax NR191
Mills R C Lancaster R5734
Mills L D Lancaster NG386
Mills Hampden X2911
Mills G L Lancaster ND742
Mills C B Lancaster JB599
Mills W J Halifax W7747
Mills M W Halifax JD385
Mills Whitley Z6559
Mills S G Halifax LW225
Mills J G Halifax DT525
Mills F R Halifax R9391
Mills A K Whitley Z6470
Mills A J G Hampden X3121
Mills A J G Hampden P4380
Mills F W Lancaster PD205
Mills C A Lancaster JB731
Mills Jack Percival
Mills Howard Herbert Delaine
Mills John Franklin
Mills George Arthur
Mills Everard Harvie
Mills John Lake
Mills Thomas George David
Mills Keith Rosslyn
Mills Maurice James
Mills David Bruce
Mills Samuel
Mills Gordon Stanley
Mills Henry L Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Mills Henry L Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Mills Henry L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Mills Henry L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Mills Henry L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Mills Newell F Jr P-51 Mustang
Millson H R Wellington X3390
Millson Whitley P5021
Millward Eddie Stirling EH928
Millward M B Lancaster ME827
Millward N R Lancaster LM540
Millward J Stirling BF343
Millward C R Lancaster NF921
Milman H B Spitfire P7924
Milmine D Halifax JB787
Milmine John Melvin Master N7833
Miln M J Lancaster ND988
Milne James Gordon Wellington L7815
Milne J Lancaster PB695
Milne Angus Whitley Z6811
Milne John George Lancaster PD367
Milne William Andrew Gardner Lancaster PB193
Milne Robert Alexander Lancaster ME666
Milne Alexander Meek Lancaster ED833
Milne J J Lancaster LM261
Milne R H Typhoon DN599
Milne William Stanley Halifax DT576
Milne F A Lancaster KB701
Milne W H Lancaster KB869
Milne G Wellington BK165
Milne D S Wellington HZ520
Milne B Lancaster ND920
Milne A McD Halifax W7767
Milne A G Wellington X9665
Milne A J M Halifax JD269
Milne G K T Wellington Z1247
Milne J A J Wellington X3418
Milne C R E Mosquito MM691
Milne E Halifax HR757
Milne R F Wellington HE169
Milne J Typhoon JP655
Milne W Fortress SR382
Milne D H Halifax HR673
Milne D H Halifax BB368
Milne J R Wellington BK162
Milne R H Typhoon MN154
Milne I A L Spitfire
Milne G D Halifax HR948
Milne T K Whitley K9048
Milne A Lancaster PB253
Milne O S Lancaster PB371
Milne J A Hurricane V6783
Milne D K Spitfire P9507
Milne W G Halifax LW513
Milne W A Stirling BF358
Milne R M Spitfire BS240
Milne Richard Maxwell
Milne Robert Ambrose
Milne Keith Walkom
Milne Harold Gregor
Milne Malcolm Graeme
Milne James Gordon
Milne Maxwell William
Milne Jack
Milne Angus
Milne Donald Harold
Milne Francis Debenham
Milner Leon Lancaster PB542
Milner Guy Benedict Lancaster ED916
Milner E Halifax JP119
Milner William Arthur Lancaster KB708
Milner A R Halifax NR173
Milner A J Halifax HX185
Milner J Wellington BJ660
Milner Charles Luther Lancaster ME447
Milner M N Lancaster ND866
Milner J C Hurricane N2462
Milner G S Halifax LK973
Milner W Lancaster LL906
Milner Thomas H F-6C Mustangs
Milnes N S Halifax W7915
Milnes P Wellington Z1461
Milnes Hampden AE124
Milnes A H Hurricane BD787
Milnthorp L S Stirling LJ454
Milroy D D Blenheim V6319
Milsom Edward John Wellington T2505
Milstead Edward John
Milton J E Halifax LW559
Milton S Halifax MZ773
Milton F Lancaster DV298
Milton William Edward Lancaster ND363
Milton E J Wellington R1221
Milton G E Lancaster EE178
Milton A T Ventura AE940
Milton P G Wellington X9890
Milton P H Stirling EH895
Milton P A Wellington X9822
Milton A H Halifax DT630
Milton J R G Halifax LK759
Milton K B Lancaster EE185
Milton R A E Mustang FB102
Milton Leonard D P-47 Thunderbolt`
Milward L V Halifax HX272
Milward A H Lancaster LM445
Minary C A Halifax LW388
Minassian K L Whitley T4270
Mincham Ernest Arthur
Minchen C Spitfire AR425
Minchew Leslie D P-47 Thunderbolt
Minchew Leslie D P-51 Mustang
Minchew Leslie D P-51 Mustang
Minchew Leslie D P-51 Mustang
Minchin G H Halifax LK803
Minchin V H Lancaster PD326
Minchin John William Lancaster ED925
Minchin R A Wellington Z8867
Minchin J W Hampden AT112
Minchin R M Wellington X9767
Minchin George Henry
Minchin Vernon Harold
Mindel S D Lancaster LM330
Mineeff A C Lancaster LM574
Mineeff Alexis Charles
Miner D A Halifax W1065
Miners C A Manchester L7516
Miners Lloyd Muir
Minett S J Halifax LL598
Minett M Halifax JP200
Minett Stanley James
Mingay R M Halifax JB793
Minge Jan Josef Airspeed Oxford P1867
Mingle S L Halifax LK662
Minguet Albert Emile Halifax PN173
Miniakowski Stefan Wellington Z1276
Miniakowski Stefan Liberator BZ858
Minifie K C Halifax LK885
Minikin F T Wellington X9634
Minion D H Halifax NA522
Minkiewicz Andrzej Vickers Wellington R1298
Minkler Zygmunt Lancaster PA161
Minnis Alexander Fielding Stirling BF517
Minnis R J Whitley Z6668
Minnis H B Lancaster DS609
Minnis S Lancaster NF965
Minnitt A C P Halifax JB873
Minns Henry Lancaster NG229
Minns T J Lancaster NF982
Minns W L Wellington Z8342
Minns H Lancaster ED438
Minns T Halifax LK835
Minns D F Lancaster LL754
Mino J Halifax LK850
Mino H Lancaster NG503
Minogue James Steel Lancaster JB293
Minogue John Joseph
Minor O Lancaster R5687
Minor Whitley P4957
Minor D Lancaster JB277
Minshall Eric Ditchfield Wellington W5596
Minshaw L C Halifax HR659
Minshull Leonard Lancaster DV328
Minson T J Stirling EH984
Minta M Wellington R1762
Minter W R Lancaster JB237
Minter S A Halifax DK234
Minter William Raymond
Mintjens William J Lancaster PB308
Minton A R Stirling R9242
Minton J D Halifax HR835
Minty K B Blenheim V6321
Mintz James G. B-24 Polyana 42-50374
Minvielle J Halifax MZ986
Miondlikowski Alfons B Vickers Wellington W5463
Mirams D C Lancaster DV263
Mirams R A D Lancaster DS706
Mirams S Halifax LW271
Mireau A O Halifax W1143
Mirfin R W Lancaster ED314
Mirfin James Ronald Whitley N1361
Mirfin E Lancaster JA928
Miriams Jack Leonard Halifax LK921
Miron A E Typhoon MP137
Mironczuk Ludwik Botha ?
Mironow Jan Kazimierz Handley Page Halifax DT725
Mirow R J Mosquito RV357
Mirow Alan John
Mirow Ronald Joseph
Mirowski Wladyslaw Handley Page Halifax JP222
Mish Eric John
Mishaga Frank B-24 Stinky 42-110138
Misiag Walerian Wiktor Hudson FK618
Misiak Ludwik Henryk Handley Page Halifax JD154
Misiejuk Jozef
Miskin T G Hampden AE424
Miśniakiewicz Walery Marian Wellington X9687
Misofori F Lancaster PA972
Mison C D Halifax NA687
Misselbrook Sidney Trevor Hampden AE196
Misseldine J Stirling EF330
Misseldine J E Spitfire BM303
Mistecki Edmund Stan Vickers Wellington DV802
Miszturak Stanisław Avro Lancaster DV286
Mitcham W A Lancaster PD295
Mitchel George Lyon Stirling LJ970
Mitchell H A S Lancaster ME449
Mitchell P R Wellington BJ776
Mitchell W H F Halifax NA241
Mitchell D L Lancaster LM648
Mitchell A S Lancaster JA856
Mitchell Alan Roy Lancaster LM316
Mitchell R R Halifax MZ401
Mitchell G J Halifax MZ313
Mitchell J Lancaster ED803
MItchell J Lancaster ED532
Mitchell G D Lancaster ED531
Mitchell K S M Lancaster ME798
Mitchell D B Halifax MZ592
Mitchell C J Lancaster PB512
Mitchell Stanley Michael Lancaster JB116
Mitchell Victor Stirling BF396
Mitchell Stanley Robert Blenheim N6234
Mitchell Arthur John Stirling N6038
Mitchell Morris Randolph Oxford BG270
Mitchell John Stewart Hurricane L1971
Mitchell Stewart Robertson Lancaster R5639
Mitchell Leslie Bathy Wellington R1267
Mitchell Sidney James Lancaster ED627
Mitchell James A Lancaster NG296
Mitchell H D Lancaster ME367
Mitchell Frederick Henry Wellington DV713
Mitchell Thomas Stirling EF498
Mitchell Eric Whitley LA841
Mitchell C H Wellington X3815
Mitchell W Wellington Z1141
Mitchell C J Lancaster NE117
Mitchell D S Lancaster R5611
Mitchell G D Wellington BK501
Mitchell R McD Stirling N3762
Mitchell W H Wellington HF628
Mitchell C G Lancaster ME361
Mitchell K E M Halifax DT487
Mitchell J M Lancaster ND617
Mitchell R H Lancaster LL725
Mitchell Walter Leonard 'Wally' Mosquito MM573
Mitchell J L Spitfire AD195
Mitchell W R Halifax NA204
Mitchell W W Lancaster KB717
Mitchell R L Lancaster KB797
Mitchell B C Lancaster KB799
Mitchell P H Wellington BK468
Mitchell P L Halifax LW429
Mitchell R Halifax LW199
Mitchell A Halifax DK234
Mitchell P J F Halifax MZ906
Mitchell S S Halifax MZ377
Mitchell James Walton Halifax NA609
Mitchell J E Halifax HX281
Mitchell N R Lancaster L7567
Mitchell R G Hampden AD844
Mitchell G E Stirling N6041
Mitchell L A Wellington X2313
Mitchell L J Lancaster ME730
Mitchell O J Tempest SN141
Mitchell N Wellington Z1616
Mitchell Stuart Stewart Kittyhawk AK999
MItchell William W.L. Lancaster DV180
Mitchell J H Lancaster ED786
Mitchell J Lancaster PB117
Mitchell Peter Lancaster DV287
Mitchell F H Halifax JB843
Mitchell J T A Halifax HX149
Mitchell K W Lancaster LL963
Mitchell D T Lancaster ME741
Mitchell G C Lancaster NE136
Mitchell G C Lancaster JB278
Mitchell A Hampden AE302
Mitchell J L Blenheim V6337
Mitchell W A Lancaster DS793
Mitchell W T Lancaster DS691
Mitchell W Lancaster DS616
Mitchell A Lancaster W4372
Mitchell G D Lancaster R5688
Mitchell George William Arthur Wellington BJ964
Mitchell L D Lancaster LM328
Mitchell A J Wellington
Mitchell F E Stirling R9308
Mitchell N A Lancaster ED323
Mitchell F A Wellington Z3288
Mitchell J Lancaster NG201
Mitchell E R Lancaster JB223
Mitchell E R Lancaster ED926
Mitchell K A L Lancaster PB468
Mitchell F W Lancaster NG114
Mitchell H Lancaster ED422
Mitchell K G Lancaster ND620
Mitchell A G Typhoon RB287
Mitchell L C Blenheim V6497
Mitchell W C Stirling ED911
Mitchell G Stirling LJ578
Mitchell R C Lancaster DV183
Mitchell I Lancaster LM366
Mitchell H Wellington Z1052
Mitchell A P Wellington R1008
Mitchell V Lancaster PB649
Mitchell J W Hurricane P3272
Mitchell L J C Mosquito MV526
Mitchell Lancelot Robert George Hurricane V7254
Mitchell P K Typhoon MN264
Mitchell R J F Mustang AP200
Mitchell R J F Mustang FD441
Mitchell K A L Halifax HX169
Mitchell Halifax R9445
Mitchell A G L Wellington W5537
Mitchell G E Halifax BB212
Mitchell F H Wellington W5497
Mitchell Halifax W1145
Mitchell E Hampden AE432
Mitchell Halifax DT750
Mitchell T Halifax DK225
Mitchell N R Halifax EB211
Mitchell A L Halifax EB216
Mitchell F E Halifax MZ628
Mitchell Colin P Lancaster ED318
Mitchell J Lancaster PD373
Mitchell R R Lancaster R5666
Mitchell N Lancaster PB189
Mitchell R F G Lancaster ND869
Mitchell E W Beaufighter T3014
Mitchell B A Hampden P4305
Mitchell J B Lancaster PB385
Mitchell R J Lancaster JB679
Mitchell P A D Hampden AE230
Mitchell F Lancaster NF919
Mitchell J H Lancaster W4266
Mitchell Hampden AD854
Mitchell V J Lancaster ED488
Mitchell K F Halifax LW362
Mitchell Whitley BD190
Mitchell L R H Lancaster ME593
Mitchell T A Lancaster ME811
Mitchell H S Lancaster ED913
Mitchell E Lancaster ND859
Mitchell Whitley K8969
Mitchell J L Whitley N1427
Mitchell R A Mosquito PZ343
Mitchell G T M Spitfire L1095
Mitchell G Lancaster W4903
Mitchell E W Lancaster W4279
Mitchell Jeffrey Guy Hampden P4346
Mitchell J Manchester L7454
Mitchell P W Lancaster JA900
Mitchell W A Lancaster EE117
Mitchell P D Lancaster EE168
Mitchell N S Stirling EE942
Mitchell N S Stirling BF466
Mitchell T D Lancaster NF915
Mitchell N H Lancaster JB665
Mitchell D S Halifax NR204
Mitchell R Halifax LW654
Mitchell Spitfire
Mitchell J Stirling W7430
Mitchell C Stirling N3764
Mitchell G F Stirling R9248
Mitchell H D Lancaster HK553
Mitchell L B Halifax DK165
Mitchell R A Halifax JB838
Mitchell J Whitley Z6470
Mitchell Edward W 'Tubby' Hurricane P3461
Mitchell G Hampden AD911
Mitchell C Lancaster W4159
Mitchell J A Lancaster ED495
Mitchell J I Lancaster ED494
Mitchell L E Lancaster ED656
Mitchell C Stirling LK380
Mitchell W Spitfire MB835
Mitchell H G Lancaster ED868
Mitchell J S Lancaster NE121
Mitchell Wellington N2767
Mitchell Anthony William Victor XA929
Mitchell Richard Angelo ("Mitch")
Mitchell Albert Ernest
Mitchell James Allardyce
Mitchell Phillip Rossiter
Mitchell Geoffrey Gordon
Mitchell William Hewitt Power
Mitchell Maurice Meredith
Mitchell Cyril
Mitchell Reginald Ernest
Mitchell Ronald Walter
Mitchell Frank Howard
Mitchell Donald Lamont
Mitchell William Douglas
Mitchell Alan Roy
Mitchell Alan Seabrook
Mitchell Robert Richard
Mitchell Graham Douglas
Mitchell Jack
Mitchell Jack
Mitchell Frederick Arthur
Mitchell Kenneth Stanley Malcolm
Mitchell David Sneddon
Mitchell Colin James
Mitchell John
Mitchell William (Sir)
Mitchell John George Roald
Mitchell R.J. Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Mitchell J A Wellington MF241
Mitchell Peter Edmond Liberator EV822
Mitchell Harold D P-47 Thunderbolt
Mitchell Harold D P-47 Thunderbolt
Mitchell Harold D P-47 Thunderbolt
Mitchell Homer R P-51 Mustang
Mitchell Homer R P-51 Mustang
Mitchell James S P-47 Thunderbolt
Mitchell Lloyd W P-51 Mustang
Mitchell Raymond R P-51 Mustang
Mitchell James Lewis Halifax MZ337
Mitchelll G E Wellington X3489
Mitchem M M Stirling EF452
Mitchener G J Wellington HE699
Mitchener C Halifax W1184
Mitchenson William Lancaster ME635
Mitcheson R D Halifax MZ342
Mitchinson J M Lancaster PA999
Miterski Edmund Lancaster PB730
Mitkowski Stanislaw Aleksander Vickers Wellington W5726
Mitt F C Lancaster R5622
Mitton Harold Bertram Halifax LW395
Mitton John Noble Wellington HX779
Mitton A W Lancaster ME589
Mitton C H Halifax DT744
Mix R D Lancaster W4898
Mizener J L Mustang FB390
Mizgojan ?
Mizon W F Lancaster W4306
Młodzik Antoni Wellington Z1217
Mlynarski Wladyslaw Vickers Wellington R1413
Młynarski Edward Jerzy Vickers Wellington X9687
Moad C R Lancaster JB143
Moad H A Lancaster JB529
Moakler E F Ventura AE910
Moats Sanford K P-51 Mustang
Moats Sanford K P-51 Mustang
Moats Sanford K P-51 Mustang
Moats Sanford K P-51 Mustang
Moats Sanford K P-51 Mustang
Moats Sanford K P-51 Mustang
Moats Sanford K P-51 Mustang
Mobberley D V Blenheim R3820
Mobberley E D Lancaster NG385
Mobbs R Lancaster LL858
Mobbs R S Lancaster LM465
Moberley G E Spitfire N3275
Moberley George Edward
Mobley A Wellington HE440
Mobsby Edward Tompson
Mochnacki Zygmunt Jan De Havilland Mosquito PZ238
Mock H R Halifax W7820
Mock H R Halifax JD111
Mock H R Halifax MZ516
Mockford P A K Lancaster W4945
Mocock R C Stirling R9247
Modeland S T Whitley Z6946
Modeland Clarence E Lancaster RF182
Modeland (Madeland?) Clarence E Lancaster ND324
Modera John Raymond Stewart
Modrany Stanisław Avro Lancaster PB722
Modro Zygmunt Avro Lancaster ME744
Modrzewski Marian Jerzy Vickers Wellington HX384
Moe T D C Mosquito DZ481
Moebius Howard E P-51 Mustang
Moebius Howard E P-51 Mustang
Moebus Earl Leon Charles
Moffat P.W. Lancaster ED377
Moffat J A Lancaster ND850
Moffat W H Halifax LL416
Moffat James Halifax LV923
Moffat John Winning Halifax MZ808
Moffat Frank Reagh Halifax LW291
Moffat W I Stirling EF333
Moffat R Blenheim R3746
Moffat J Lancaster ND345
Moffat T Lancaster PA998
Moffat H Stirling BF461
Moffat J A W Lancaster W4185
Moffat Joseph Raymon Spitfire JF954
Moffat Raymond William
Moffat-Wilson Donald Spitfire MK471
Moffatt M D Lancaster ME733
Moffatt R C Blenheim P4927
Moffatt M Q Halifax JB799
Moffatt C MacK Wellington BJ756
Moffatt W H Halifax HR721
Moffatt B A Stirling BK770
Moffatt A E Hampden X3065
Moffatt J Wellington X3797
Moffatt J Lancaster ND956
Moffatt G G Blenheim R2796
Moffatt A R Lancaster W4778
Moffatt Hurricane L2058
Moffatt D D Lancaster PB286
Moffatt A Halifax R9365
Moffatt Malcolm Douglas
Moffatt Albert John
Moffett T Lancaster ME775
Moffett D W Stirling N6072
Moffit F W Halifax MZ687
Moffitt R Lancaster ND654
Moffitt Frederic Delmege
Mofflin Herbert Elgar
Mofflin William
Mogalki R E Halifax LW696
Mogan James W Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Mogan James W Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Moger W H Lancaster W4134
Mogford William Lionel Wellington X3604
Mogg R P Wellington T2549
Mogg D G Halifax W1164
Mogg D B Lancaster W4277
Mogg Gregory Carlisle
Moggridge George Harry Lancaster ME846
Mogridge P R Halifax NR253
Moher D L Halifax DT540
Mohin H Wellington Z1729
Mohler O J Halifax MZ502
Mohr J Wellington T2553
Mohr W Spitfire EP177
Mohr W Spitfire EN901
Mohr M J S Halifax MZ343
Mohr Reginald Daly
Mohr Leonard F B-17 43-38445
Mohr-Bell Harold Stirling N6047
Mohring William James Wellington LN181
Mohring William James Wellington LN181
Mohum J S Lancaster ND735
Moir C S Halifax RG451
Moir W A Halifax DT539
Moir Wellington R3154
Moir W C Stirling N6045
Moir A Lancaster ED602
Mokanyk Alexander Elliot Spitfire P8098
Mol Rudolf Jan Halifax L9612
Molan Desmond Ronald
Mołata Ludwik Wellington W5563
Mołata Ludwik Wellington Z8372
Mold E G N Mosquito W4084
Mole Nigel Brook Hudson P5132
Mole Derek Charles Lovelace Whitley T4202
Mole Douglas John Halifax LV818
Mole William Frederick Edward Lancaster NN744
Mole W F E Lancaster LM293
Mole J A Lancaster ND978
Mole D Whitley Z6504
Mole Whitley T4336
Mole Herbert Jeffrey
Mole Raymond Ernest
Molenda Jozef Vickers Wellington Z1378
Molesworth J R N Blenheim T2430
Molesworth J Halifax W1223
Molesworth J Whitley T4165
Molesworth J W Halifax LK953
Molewicz Karol Wellington R1585
Molik Benendykt Władysław Wellington Z1489
Molinas F F Lancaster LM378
Molinas Frank Francis
Molinski Zygmunt Handley Page Halifax JP222
Moll H Halifax NA197
Mollard W J Wellington BK312
Moller W R W Lancaster JB283
Moller A R Lancaster LM135
Moller Frederick George Blenheim L1138
Moller H L F Lancaster ND790
Moller J H Halifax W7852
Moller P H Blenheim N3553
Moller Augustus Ronald
Mollestad P G Spitfire BS252
Mollet C K Lancaster NE174
Mollet Clarence Keith
Mollett M V Typhoon JR387
Mollison A Lancaster DV223
Mollison A McK Stirling R9271
Molloy B P Lancaster LL846
Molloy A Halifax LW330
Molloy Joseph Anthony Wellington Z1109
Molloy J P Wellington W5496
Molloy R Lancaster KB776
Molloy J F Lancaster LM569
Molloy Laurence Clifford Halifax W7916
Molloy P Blenheim V6427
Molloy Andrew
Molnar G Lancaster DS769
Molnar E J Lancaster JA712
Molnar John E P-51 Mustang
Moloney J E Lancaster LL671
Moloney P M Halifax LV962
Moloney P M Halifax LW347
Moloney P J Stirling LK238
Moloney Thomas George
Moloney Patrick Murray
Molony John Bernard Anson R3408
Molony Colin Shortland
Molony Henry Richardson
Molson Hartland de Montarville Hurricane P3873
Molteni F L Wellington T2957
Molton F R Wellington Z1725
Molyneaux L Stirling EE885
Molyneux Harry Law Lancaster LL882
Molyneux Alfred James Lancaster PB422
Molyneux Geoffrey Wellington L7798
Molyneux K Lancaster ME575
Molyneux K W Lancaster LM599
Molzan O Lancaster DV281
Monaghan A S Lancaster ME831
Monaghan A S Lancaster LM549
Monaghan Richard John Joseph Halifax MZ596
Monaghan F P Lancaster ME392
Monaghan Michael Lancaster ED366
Monaghan T Lancaster EE110
Monaghan A Lancaster LM323
Monaghan E S Lancaster JB712
Monahan J E Halifax BB375
Monahan Harold L P-51 Mustang
Monahan Harold L P-51 Mustang
Monahan John D P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Monahan William P Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Monchier N Spitfire AR334
Monck P Lancaster LL899
Monckton Francis Edward Wellington Z8529
Monckton J P Wellington Z1599
Monckton Francis Edward
Moncrief E F S Wellington X3539
Moncrieff Edwin Douglas Lancaster DS777
Moncrieff H R Lancaster NE114
Moncrieff S R Halifax JD411
Moncrieff A Hampden X3006
Moncrieff Edwin Douglas
Moncrieff Rex E P-38 Lightning
Mondel S J Lancaster W4246
Mondschein Jerzy Tomasz Vickers Wellington R1215
Monette J A E Blenheim L1444
Money M L Lancaster NG219
Money John Edward Halifax BB364
Money K P C Halifax DT745
Money E T Lancaster PB130
Money K G Stirling BK705
Money Halifax W1145
Money J E Lancaster ED331
Moneypenny R F Lancaster RF132
Monfries James Baker
Mongan L J Halifax RG432
Monk Peter Vivian Lancaster ED563
Monk W J C Wellington Z1385
Monk Edmund Joseph Paul Halifax LV857
Monk Anthony Halifax LW647
Monk E J Lancaster ED840
Monk E W Halifax MZ713
Monk W G Stirling BF346
Monk W G Stirling BF346
Monk W J Wellington X3539
Monk R E Lancaster LL915
Monk G Lancaster JB740
Monk T A Lancaster DS793
Monk A J B Hampden AE353
Monk D A Wellington W5719
Monk K P Wellington R1714
Monk Typhoon
Monk C G Typhoon MP120
Monk B J Whitley Z9205
Monk K N Lancaster ND852
Monk Wellington Z8945
Monk A Halifax DK174
Monk E G S Halifax W1115
Monk D J Lancaster R5636
Monk Peter Vivian
Monk William John Carr
Monk Cleve Western
Monkhouse J C Hampden AE433
Monkhouse V C Whitley N1487
Monkhouse S Hampden AE154
Monkiewicz Aleksander Ryszard North American Mitchell FW138
Monks J Lancaster ED379
Monks J T Wellington W5513
Monks M A Lancaster LM581
Monks H Lancaster PB646
Monks H Halifax HX241
Monksfield W K Lancaster ME671
Monnett R Halifax NA512
Monnier H C Halifax MZ286
Monoghan A D Lancaster W4944
Monro James Brian Whitley BD379
Monroe E F Wellington X3488
Monroe J S Blenheim T1866
Monroe Shelton W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Monroe Shelton W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Monroe Shelton W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Monroe Shelton W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Monroe Jr. Archibald B. B-24 The Iron Duke 44-10491
Monsell Charles F Jr P-51 Mustang
Monsen-Elvik H A Halifax LL306
Monson Thomas Henry Mosquito KB475
Monson A E Typhoon MN352
Monsulick John B-24 Hula Wahine II 42-52467
Montador R L Lancaster PB203
Montag Thomas N P-47 Thunderbolt
Montag Thomas N P-47 Thunderbolt
Montagano K M Halifax NP811
Montagu C J D Whitley N1473
Montagu C J D Whitley N1372
Montagu C D Whitley N1476
Montagu C J D Whitley
Montague J W Lancaster LL952
Montague V Lancaster ND614
Montague J L Wellington X3162
Montague J Lancaster ND554
Monteith G I W Lancaster EE186
Monteith J C Stirling BF411
Monterola Vincent Charles
Montgomerie Leighton John
Montgomerie Laurence John
Montgomery V G Lancaster LM242
Montgomery John William Arthur Halifax MZ541
Montgomery G R Halifax W1111
Montgomery R J Lancaster ND617
Montgomery Donald Hampden L4084
Montgomery G F Halifax NP946
Montgomery F C Lancaster LL859
Montgomery W C McK Halifax MZ286
Montgomery G H Lancaster LM208
Montgomery Hurricane BE152
Montgomery H F Hurricane L1739
Montgomery R Lancaster JB679
Montgomery C G Hampden AE234
Montgomery R Lancaster DS735
Montgomery P R Lancaster RF120
Montgomery C R Hurricane P3160
Montgomery A W C Stirling R9154
Montgomery D Halifax W7932
Montgomery Robert
Montgomery Alan Martin
Montgomery Howard Bryant
Montgomery John William Arthur
Montgomery Richard Glover B-17 Fortress FK209
Montgomery Emery H P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Montgomery George S P-51 Mustang
Montgomery George S P-51 Mustang
Montgomery Gerald E Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Montgomery Gerald E P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Montgomery Gerald E P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Montgomery James A Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Montgomery James A Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Montgomery Robert P P-38 Lightning
Montgomery Robert P P-38 Lightning
Montgomery William E P-51 Mustang
Montgomery-Mortimer John Walter
Montieth J H T Halifax LK917
Montigue R J B Lancaster ED568
Montwill J Lancaster LM141
Monty A Halifax LV948
Monument H Halifax LW421
Monypenny John Blackwell Sinclair Wellington L7795
Mood W Lancaster PB629
Moodey R P Ventura AE717
Moodey R P Ventura AE794
Moodie John Ernest Dominie X7354
Moodie D M Wellington Z8598
Moodie Kenneth William Byron Stirling N6124
Moodie K W B Stirling R9307
Moodie D McN Lancaster JB220
Moodie R Wellington X9670
Moodie A M E Halifax W7763
Moodie A T Lancaster DV238
Moodie T K Whitley Z6483
Moody Vernon Lee B--17 Lucky Lady 42-39941
Moody William Edgar Laurence Halifax LL459
Moody W J Halifax HX267
Moody “Frank” Harold Rowlands Lancaster LM513
Moody V K Spitfire MD123
Moody R W Halifax LV836
Moody F A Halifax LV859
Moody P Blenheim T2138
Moody A V Lancaster DS728
Moody A Lancaster DS629
Moody James Revill Halifax LL364
Moody P M B Halifax HR941
Moody C H Wellington DV829
Moody B Halifax JB904
Moody A H Wellington X3963
Moody G T Halifax LL181
Moody E T G Halifax LK919
Moody J R Hampden AT181
Moody G D Lancaster ND738
Moody F B Lancaster R5890
Moody R F Lancaster DV325
Moody E Lancaster PD208
Moody H W Spitfire P9423
Moody H W Spitfire X4256
Moody E Q Lancaster DV392
Moody C H Lancaster JB538
Moody M F Halifax DT647
Moody V C G Halifax JB903
Moody William Edgar Laurence
Moody Albert James
Moody William Joseph
Moody Paul P-47 Thunderbolt`
Mooers Harold B P-51 Mustang
Mooers Roger B P-51 Mustang
Moon J J Halifax EB252
Moon Donald Reading Wellington HE467
Moon S H Wellington X3657
Moon D C Halifax JD169
Moon D F Halifax JB799
Moon A Halifax DG406
Moon R O Typhoon MN310
Moon Hampden X3008
Moon J W Lancaster ED482
Moon D L D Lancaster HK594
Moon K E Halifax DK150
Moon Maxwell Walter
Moon James Joseph
Moon Louis Willis
Mooney L P Spitfire AD209
Mooney J M Lancaster LM394
Mooney H D Wellington X3560
Mooney J J Spitfire W3841
Mooney R E Fortress HB787
Mooney H R Halifax MZ573
Mooney J F Lancaster PD204
Mooney J B Lancaster W4848
Mooney L Lancaster ED776
Mooney L Lancaster PB505
Mooney R E Tempest EJ764
Mooney H H Lancaster ED363
Mooney J F A Lancaster ME735
Mooney R L Lancaster JA960
Mooney R L Lancaster JB482
Mooney Cosmo Louis
Mooney Landon Pleasents
Mooney Walter Lander
Mooney James Martin
Mooney John Francis
Moonier Richard T P-38 Lightning
Moor M G Ventura AE702
Moor P Lancaster PB463
Moor V E Lancaster LL886
Moorby Frank Preston Wellington DV697
Moorby Arthur Robert Halifax MZ297
Moorby R V Stirling BF516
Moorcraft William James Lancaster DS690
Moorcroft E Halifax JD209
Moorcroft A Stirling N3728
Moore William (Bill) Frantz B-24 42-52506
Moore E R Halifax LW724
Moore John Francis Lancaster R5552
Moore Stanley James Halifax NA674
Moore D F Stirling HF453
Moore W H Typhoon EK167
Moore C T Halifax NA603
Moore R J W Lancaster LL812
Moore W G Stirling EF155
Moore J F Lancaster LM674
Moore Cyril James Stirling EF436
Moore A N Halifax HR874
Moore I L Lancaster PD368
Moore Kenneth Redfern Lancaster ME863
Moore Maurice William Lancaster R5677
Moore A Lancaster ME451
Moore W H G I Lancaster W4943
Moore Victor Blenheim T2443
Moore Arthur John Hampden P1228
Moore James Alexander Lancaster ND878
Moore Kenneth Robert Harrow K7015
Moore Eric Percival Blenheim T2433
Moore W N Lancaster PB692
Moore H E Whitley Z6870
Moore M H Halifax DG405
Moore E N Wellington HE923
Moore D C Stirling R9258
Moore L A Spitfire MV258
Moore George Edwin Lancaster PA980
Moore T B Halifax DT682
Moore T B Halifax JB972
Moore N McH Wellington X3712
Moore J L Lancaster KB710
Moore W I Halifax MZ594
Moore R Wellington HE745
Moore F Halifax LK969
Moore L J Halifax MZ906
Moore Richard Burton Mustang AP235
Moore R F Wellington HZ481
Moore Norman Erick Halifax MZ297
Moore Roger Halifax DK262
Moore K Lancaster W4310
Moore A B Lancaster ND630
Moore J A Lancaster ED471
Moore Walter Raymond Lancaster JB723
Moore J R Lancaster W4774
Moore F G Lancaster W4898
Moore Lloyd Webster Stirling EH994
Moore D J Mosquito KB625
Moore H B Halifax DT556
Moore J L Whitley Z6975
Moore Robert Richmond Lancaster W4840
Moore C C Lancaster ED975
Moore George Wallace Stirling MZ262
Moore Francis Perrie George Wellington DV736
Moore V S Lancaster ED911
Moore R G Lancaster PB526
Moore H S Halifax DT520
Moore A R Halifax W1042
Moore W J Lancaster ND642
Moore A T W Lancaster W4998
Moore G E Lancaster W4322
Moore J T V Lancaster LM462
Moore Reginald Halifax W7752
Moore H F Halifax JB921
Moore Reginald Halifax W7752
Moore James Ernest Lancaster ND411
Moore T W Lancaster JB658
Moore R A Lancaster JA866
Moore Wellington W5517
Moore B C Lancaster R5574
Moore R W G Lancaster ED358
Moore E A Hampden P1341
Moore R J Wellington N2949
Moore K W C Lancaster ND761
Moore W E Lancaster PB247
Moore V C Lancaster DV421
Moore G B C Halifax LL306
Moore P G Whitley Z9275
Moore W E Wellington BK298
Moore W E Wellington Z1478
Moore E L Stirling R9167
Moore H A Stirling EE879
Moore D C Lancaster LM110
Moore B J Wellington T2703
Moore J D L Stirling BK805
Moore J M Mosquito MM677
Moore I A S Typhoon MN794
Moore R E Lancaster PD365
Moore J M Lancaster ND634
Moore William Sidney John Lancaster ME418
Moore W J Typhoon MN983
Moore L Lancaster NG321
Moore K Wellington HZ412
Moore J C Lancaster HK658
Moore D F Stirling EH952
Moore Arthur Lancaster ED758
Moore T G Lancaster W4120
Moore J G Lancaster ND513
Moore A Blenheim R3914
Moore A D Wellington Z8373
Moore S Stirling BF405
Moore D Lancaster RA532
Moore Ernest Raymond Halifax HR819
Moore L J Wellington R1464
Moore W E Wellington R1167
Moore J Blenheim R3763
Moore R Halifax W7803
Moore S H Halifax NP999
Moore P J Halifax DK182
Moore V Halifax LK914
Moore R G Wellington DF624
Moore T D Lancaster R5568
Moore P A Lancaster JA688
Moore J B Wellington Z1311
Moore Arthur Duncan Lancaster W4983
Moore Thomas Lancaster JB701
Moore R T Lancaster ED453
Moore J W Lancaster PB335
Moore T B Lancaster ME308
Moore E D Lancaster W4119
Moore F S Halifax HR981
Moore J S Halifax HR843
Moore S W Lancaster NN772
Moore E L B Lancaster W4189
Moore Peter William Lewis Lancaster LM232
Moore A J Lancaster ND560
Moore Albert Lancaster JA914
Moore Wellington Z1618
Moore D H A Whitley N1459
Moore L Mosquito KB350
Moore P J Spitfire BR191
Moore P Lancaster EE130
Moore P Lancaster ED765
Moore H J Lancaster EE116
Moore R S Lancaster ME693
Moore A D Lancaster PD295
Moore R V Lancaster PB949
Moore K J Halifax RG552
Moore W Stirling BK760
Moore S J Stirling BK760
Moore B A R Stirling BK721
Moore H W Halifax W7813
Moore H L Halifax NA508
Moore A E J Halifax JD247
Moore F L Whitley T4160
Moore Charles William Halifax JD248
Moore J S Halifax JD310
Moore F Halifax JB903
Moore J S Halifax JD203
Moore G P Blenheim R3829
Moore S R Lancaster R5640
Moore R E Lancaster ED603
Moore A Lancaster HK610
Moore D M Lancaster JB232
Moore J L Lancaster LM327
Moore H J Lancaster PB450
Moore E H F Lancaster NE121
Moore W R Wellington R1440
Moore W D Wellington X9739
Moore Arthur Robert
Moore Joseph Stanley Miles Martinet HP425
Moore Michael John
Moore Reginald Stanley
Moore Norman Notley
Moore Gordon Gwynne
Moore Ernest Roy
Moore John Francis
Moore Stanley James
Moore Donald Francis
Moore George Henry
Moore John Eames
Moore John Dudley
Moore Alan Albert
Moore Eric Mervyn
Moore Keith Anthony Vaughton
Moore Kay
Moore Jack Henry
Moore Walter William
Moore Neville Stanley
Moore John Ross
Moore Richard John William
Moore William Gordon
Moore Jack Finlay
Moore Cyril James
Moore Arthur Nelson
Moore William Henry
Moore Warren C. B-24 The Moose 44-40205
Moore Clifford J Jr P-38 Lightning
Moore Harry F P-47 Thunderbolt
Moore Harry F P-47 Thunderbolt
Moore Patrick L P-51 Mustang
Moore Patrick L P-51 Mustang
Moore Robert N P-51 Mustang
Moore Robert N P-51 Mustang
Moore Robert N P-51 Mustang
Moore Thomas J P-47 Thunderbolt
Moore Wayne L P-47 Thunderbolt
Moorehouse H B Halifax R9456
Moorehouse John Edward
Moores Eric Stirling R9299
Moores Douglas Keith Typhoon MN321
Moores N Whitley Z6815
Moores E G Lancaster JB744
Moores L E Blenheim L9265
Moores L G Wellington P9298
Moores F J W Blenheim N6226
Moores S A Halifax DT801
Moores J Wellington Z1383
Moores W Lancaster DV386
Moores Oxford AB665
Moores James E P-51 Mustang
Moorhead G J Spitfire BM378
Moorhead P Lancaster ND731
Moorhead B Lancaster ME615
Moorhead Harold Raymond
Moorhouse Blenheim L8856
Moorhouse Hugh J P-51 Mustang
Moorshead H B Halifax DT681
Moorwood I C Hurricane L1720
Moosman Milton Cecil Lancaster DS840
Moothart James A P-47 Thunderbolt
Mora C M M Stirling BK657
Moraes Allen Francis Warner Wellington Z8335
Morai J E J J Mustang FR907
Moran W J Lancaster NF952
Moran H M Wellington Z1182
Moran J F Halifax LV781
Moran W F Lancaster ME865
Moran W L C Lancaster ED773
Moran E S Lancaster ME722
Moran T J Lancaster ME633
Moran J E Halifax RG472
Moran Thomas Matheson Halifax DT632
Moran H Lancaster EE181
Moran E S Lancaster JB744
Moran L V Halifax HX342
Moran J Dee R Halifax HX342
Moran P S G Typhoon MN138
Moran L Fortress HB803
Moran C C Mosquito HX818
Moran J Lancaster LM317
Moran L Halifax DT522
Moran J Stirling EF426
Moran William John
Moran Laurence Dominic
Moran Michael Francis
Moran Reginald Leslie Read
Moran James Francisco
Moran Glennon T P-47 Thunderbolt
Moran Glennon T P-47 Thunderbolt
Moran Glennon T P-47 Thunderbolt
Moran Glennon T P-47 Thunderbolt
Moran Glennon T P-47 Thunderbolt
Moran Glennon T P-47 Thunderbolt
Moran Glennon T P-47 Thunderbolt
Moran Glennon T P-47 Thunderbolt
Moran Glennon T P-47 Thunderbolt
Moran Glennon T P-51 Mustang
Moran Glennon T P-51 Mustang
Moran Patrick E P-51 Mustang
Moran Patrick E P-51 Mustang
Moran Jr. William Henry B-24 Slossie 44-40294
Morant A R Halifax DT481
Morant R.A.L Spitfire P9377
Morant N A Whitley Z6557
Morant Allan Ralph
Moranz N Hurricane Z3461
Morassi A Lancaster ND384
Morawa E Battle L5499
Morawa Edward Fairey Battle L5499
Morawiec Alojzy Stanislaw Airspeed Oxford DF252
Morawski Wellington W5627
Morawski Wellington R1761
Morawski Julian Handley Page Halifax JD155
Morawski Stanisław Vickers Wellington HF490
Morchen G J P Wellington R1229
Morcom George Desmond Spitfire W3629
Morcom S B Lancaster LL969
Morcombe Frank Keith
Morcombe William James
Mordaunt R C Whitley T4156
Mordecai Kenneth David Selwyn Lancaster ED377
Mordecai D G Lancaster W4785
Morden (Some publications have his name spelt Morder) Allister B. Lancaster HK550
Mordue H Lancaster DV375
More Robert Mcleod Stirling EF148
More D Halifax LV970
More E G Lancaster ED665
More I Lancaster NN705
More T Lancaster LL833
More James Winter C. ("Hank")
Moreac J Spitfire BS406
Moreau P Halifax NA616
Moreau J H Wellington BJ918
Moreau B E Lancaster PD263
Moreau J Spitfire MJ962
Morecock Wellington P9249
Morecombe W J Stirling EF128
Morehouse Dean R P-47 Thunderbolt
Morel A Halifax I MZ984
Morel R H Lancaster W4276
Morel Jean Jacques Louis Hudson FK803
Moreland T Lancaster ND761
Moreland Harry H P-47 Thunderbolt`
Morelly M L Stirling R9318
Morely W F Typhoon MN153
Morement W G Stirling EF139
Moresby ‘Tiger’ Fairfax Lancaster PD421
Moreton K Lancaster JB311
Moreton Michael Patrick Halifax NA513
Moreton James Lancaster LL914
Moreton Reginald Halifax LV861
Moreton A P Lancaster ME385
Moreton Kenneth
Moretz Hazel P-51 Mustang
Morey S A Lancaster DV221
Morey Paul Herrick Liberator AL577
Morey J K Lancaster ND468
Morey Wesley Stirling BF523
Morey J T Lancaster EE126
Morey Stanley Allan
Morey Monte Ralph
Morey Mervyn Langdon
Morfey A H Lancaster LM435
Morffew G C Wellington X3312
Morfill Percy Frederick ("Peter")
Morfoot L A Lancaster LM174
Morgan K Lancaster LL887
Morgan F W Lancaster W4366
Morgan Owen Wellington DV552
Morgan T E V Lancaster PB557
Morgan A Halifax HX233
Morgan D Lancaster ME795
Morgan D Lancaster ME717
Morgan L A Lancaster ED477
Morgan Wesley Leonard Hudson A16-12
Morgan Harry James Lancaster PB178
Morgan Harry Wright Whitley P4964
Morgan Alan Albert Manchester L7374
Morgan Ernest William Wellington MF137
Morgan Gerald John Halifax W7933
Morgan Ronald David Halifax MZ730
Morgan Leslie Gilbert Halifax NR195
Morgan James Halifax BB374
Morgan Joseph Keenan Lancaster ED429
Morgan Geoffrey Arthur Whitley Z9525
Morgan A B Wellington R1379
Morgan R Lancaster PB701
Morgan Leonard Halifax HX287
Morgan Charles John Wellington Z1611
Morgan Kenneth Llewllyn Lancaster ED359
Morgan John Hubert Lancaster ND694
Morgan William Norman Lancaster LM185
Morgan J H Whitley Z6942
Morgan C E Lancaster JA919
Morgan O M Hudson T9405
Morgan W J Lancaster ND635
Morgan L E Lancaster LL723
Morgan W G E Lancaster KB765
Morgan D S Halifax DK257
Morgan A R Lancaster LL618
Morgan John Archibald Wynn Halifax MZ808
Morgan John Robert Halifax LL135
Morgan A J Halifax ME293
Morgan B Lancaster R5663
Morgan R H Lancaster R5741
Morgan K F Halifax LL248
Morgan William Wynne Stirling W7475
Morgan James Auld Stirling W7562
Morgan A H J Stirling EJ105
Morgan J G Wellington HE506
Morgan J P Mosquito MM150
Morgan C R Lancaster NF980
Morgan R G Wellington R1648
Morgan D W E Halifax W7767
Morgan J Lancaster ED587
Morgan J I Lancaster ND388
Morgan D H W Lancaster ED560
Morgan S E Lancaster LL751
Morgan A J Blenheim T1825
Morgan R H Halifax W7883
Morgan S E H Halifax R9446
Morgan R Halifax W7746
Morgan I V Halifax JD467
Morgan P Halifax NA602
Morgan S E H Whitley Z6821
Morgan I B Lancaster ED417
Morgan J D Wellington W5461
Morgan A C Battle L5238
Morgan J E Lancaster LM127
Morgan F Lancaster HK552
Morgan A W Wellington Z8835
Morgan D E Wellington BJ710
Morgan J R Mosquito KB481
Morgan G E Hampden AD905
Morgan G Hampden X3047
Morgan Hampden AD901
Morgan C Wellington W5439
Morgan T P Wellington DV737
Morgan S J Wellington X3279
Morgan Wellington X3451
Morgan F H Lancaster JB711
Morgan N A Wellington Z8536
Morgan B E Lancaster W4772
Morgan J S Lancaster PB118
Morgan T W Lancaster ME639
Morgan W G Lancaster ND382
Morgan D H W Wellington HE658
Morgan D R Wellington HF489
Morgan G R Mosquito DD616
Morgan G A C Halifax MZ449
Morgan A M Wellington HE387
Morgan Frank Lancaster W4892
Morgan H T Manchester L7302
Morgan J L Stirling EF393
Morgan T F Lancaster LM281
Morgan G F Spitfire
Morgan R Blenheim Z7272
Morgan J L B Typhoon JR290
Morgan D E Typhoon RB215
Morgan J D Mosquito MM519
Morgan J H Halifax HR929
Morgan William James Wellington T2515
Morgan R G M Wellington W5534
Morgan T G Halifax W7709
Morgan L A Lancaster DS737
Morgan H P D Spitfire R7223
Morgan B R Lancaster KB706
Morgan W G Halifax BB376
Morgan B D Halifax NA509
Morgan R H D Hampden AE298
Morgan H Halifax LV938
Morgan William Thomas Halifax LL176
Morgan B Lancaster LM531
Morgan J F Halifax HX312
Morgan J S Wellington HE393
Morgan W H Lancaster ED531
Morgan J C H Lancaster R5752
Morgan Hampden AD854
Morgan A R Lancaster LM394
Morgan R G Spitfire MH480
Morgan J Halifax MZ916
Morgan H D Halifax LV819
Morgan Whitley Z6938
Morgan V C Lancaster PD255
Morgan E J Lancaster LL747
Morgan Wellington X9923
Morgan John Willoughby Wellington X3584
Morgan E H J Lancaster ME810
Morgan J L Lancaster ME800
Morgan L R Halifax MZ512
Morgan I Halifax LK794
Morgan P C Whitley T4213
Morgan A H Spitfire MH492
Morgan J C Lancaster W4192
Morgan D R Lancaster ED722 (some publications have this aircraft code to a 463 Squadron Lancaster - which is ED772
Morgan L Lancaster LM378
Morgan C W Lancaster NG240
Morgan J Lancaster LM637
Morgan W F Stirling W7500
Morgan W B Spitfire AB199
Morgan M F Lancaster ND920
Morgan K Stirling LJ473
Morgan T Lancaster LM728
Morgan Halifax W7665
Morgan R G Halifax DT545
Morgan W J Halifax LK687
Morgan J H Halifax LK630
Morgan J I P Halifax JB892
Morgan Whitley Z6582
Morgan Whitley T4212
Morgan R W Halifax BB200
Morgan W A Stirling EH944
Morgan O D Mosquito MM448
Morgan W C Lancaster R5497
Morgan S B Lancaster PB461
Morgan E B Wellington N2911
Morgan Wellington Z8891
Morgan Thomas Fredrick Dalton
Morgan Frederick William
Morgan Mervyn Henry
Morgan Richard Holt
Morgan Henry Blanchard
Morgan Victor Allen
Morgan Wesley Leonard
Morgan Vernon William
Morgan Owen
Morgan Lyle Carter
Morgan David Hugh
Morgan Thomas Ernest Victor
Morgan Allen
Morgan William David
Morgan Laurence Alfred
Morgan David R P-47 Thunderbolt
Morgan David R P-47 Thunderbolt
Morgan Frank A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Morgan Johnson T P-47 Thunderbolt`
Morgan Philander D Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Morgan William R P-47 Thunderbolt`
Morgan-Dean G B Battle L5512
Morgan-Gray H Hurricane
Morgan-Owen Maurice Linden Lancaster DS682
Morgan-Weld-Smith Reginald Gilbert Squarey Blenheim L8792
Morgans E A Halifax EB255
Morgans E M Lancaster DS722
Morgans W G Typhoon SW445
Morgans P W B Lancaster PB417
Morganstein I M Lancaster NF974
Morhen Wellington P9268
Moriarty James Glover Whitley BD201
Moriarty Daniel Lancaster LM515
Moriaty Louis Edmund Lancaster W4334
Morice W F Stirling BF461
Morin J R Halifax MZ815
Morin Joseph Lucien Viateur Lancaster KB815
Morin T G Halifax NA567
Morin E Halifax MZ310
Morin Joseph R Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Morison Ronald Rutherford Wellington T2897
Morison Sydney Arthur Stirling N3706
Morison J B Halifax MZ522
Morison W McD Wellington DV699
Morison Robert D P-47 Thunderbolt
Morissette P E Halifax NR205
Morissey Patrick Halifax DG414
Moritz William Kevin
Mork Boston AL264
Morley A Halifax DT784
Morley D C Lancaster DS782
Morley Roy Lancaster NG330
Morley F K Lancaster LM652
Morley C R Hampden AE239
Morley C R Hampden AD755
Morley R S Lancaster W4798
Morley George Allen Wellington X3423
Morley J Lancaster LL756
Morley E H Lancaster ED612
Morley R G L Blenheim T1921
Morley K Lancaster LL701
Morley D A R Lancaster PD378
Morley J Lancaster LM645
Morley C S H Lancaster W4378
Morley R C Lancaster JB121
Morley R W Lancaster JB362
Morley E J Lancaster R5689
Morley R E Lancaster ED415
Morley H Mosquito PZ440
Morley S B Hampden L4112
Morley S B Hampden L4116
Morley E A Lancaster ND728
Morley R D Stirling N6034
Morley T Stirling R9278
Morley A Halifax JB856
Morley Arthur
Morley Daniel Charles
Morley William Robert
Morlidge A B Wellington BK269
Morlock G C Lancaster LL631
Morneau W L Lancaster JB746
Moroney Denis Lancaster PB588
Moroney B H Stirling BK607
Moroney W J Lancaster PB370
Moroney W P Lancaster JB731
Moroney Edward J P-51 Mustang
Moroney Edward J P-51 Mustang
Moroni H F Lancaster R5739
Moroz H Lancaster LL717
Morpeth W L Halifax EB217
Morphett Henry Leslie Benjamin Whitley Z6574
Morphett D C Lancaster W4789
Morphett Jack Heathcote Manchester L7427
Morphett Henry Leslie Benjamin
Morphett Philip Harold
Morphett Douglas Clarke
Morphy E E Lancaster KB761
Morrad Neville Halifax MZ579
Morral H Lancaster W4272
Morrall G Stirling BK627
Morrell Kenneth Lancaster LM165
Morrell F Lancaster R5574
Morrell F W Stirling EE882
Morrell A T T Lancaster JB460
Morrell F Spitfire BM236
Morrell J Mosquito MM138
Morrell Alban Keith
Morren T W G Lancaster LM381
Morrey C E Wellington W5356
Morrice J Wellington N2946
Morrice G J Lancaster ED537
Morrice C Halifax LV422
Morrice Peter James Halifax DT571
Morrill W A Lancaster ND343
Morrill D E Halifax LV862
Morrill Stanley B P-47 Thunderbolt
Morrill Stanley B P-47 Thunderbolt
Morrill Stanley B P-47 Thunderbolt
Morrill Stanley B P-47 Thunderbolt
Morrill Stanley B P-47 Thunderbolt
Morrill Stanley B P-47 Thunderbolt
Morrill Stanley B P-47 Thunderbolt
Morrill Stanley B P-47 Thunderbolt
Morrill Stanley B P-47 Thunderbolt
Morrill Stanley B P-47 Thunderbolt
Morrin I A Mustang FZ102
Morris J K Halifax R9488
Morris Philip Henry Lancaster PB853
Morris J N Lancaster JB610
Morris J N Lancaster JB704
Morris A E Halifax MZ479
Morris R L Lancaster NF989
Morris G Stirling BK802
Morris Frederick Thoma Stirling EH875
Morris David Lorraine (Laurie) Lloyd Anson K6277
Morris Isaac Lancaster LM616
Morris Norman Henry Lancaster R5740
Morris Robert Tudor Blenheim Z5908
Morris D A H Lancaster ED713
Morris Ernest Lancaster NG179
Morris Robert Halifax MZ541
Morris Thomas Halifax JD330
Morris Reginald Charles Mosquito DZ497
Morris Derek Lancaster NF926
Morris Robert Thomas Halifax W1100
Morris T Stirling N3754
Morris John Lewis Wellington Z1573
Morris Cecil Andrew Halifax JB907
Morris Peter Haselden Whitley Z6667
Morris Neville Francis Nugent Wellington JA563
Morris G T Wellington BJ583
Morris G Wellington T2716
Morris D G Halifax W1111
Morris S E Halifax MZ882
Morris J H Halifax BB327
Morris H U Halifax JD163
Morris Claude Reginald Frederick Wellington BJ602
Morris Howard Paul Lancaster DS779
Morris F K Halifax JD275
Morris Lawrence Edward Halifax LV989
Morris J E Wellington JA119
Morris W P Lancaster EE107
Morris J M Lancaster PD419
Morris L F Stirling EE902
Morris J M Lancaster NE148
Morris A Halifax W7767
Morris D G Halifax JD474
Morris W C Lancaster ED446
Morris D A Whitley T4289
Morris R H Lancaster ED384
Morris D Lancaster ME449
Morris F Hampden AE144
Morris T B Manchester R5840
Morris M L Blenheim L8752
Morris D W W Wellington R3152
Morris J A Lancaster LL730
Morris A C N Lancaster LL682
Morris J Lancaster DS629
Morris R D Wellington BK206
Morris J I Wellington X3750
Morris A Wellington X3597
Morris P Wellington R1410
Morris A R Battle L5580
Morris S Wellington Z8579
Morris C L Lancaster PB247
Morris J E Spitfire MD166
Morris M S Spitfire BL996
Morris J E Mosquito DZ381
Morris F Mosquito DZ420
Morris L G Whitley T4165
Morris H Battle L5231
Morris C M Hampden AD965
Morris D Stirling W5780
Morris W E Stirling N3723
Morris S Wellington R1524
Morris T B Stirling BF507
Morris G W Lancaster HK612
Morris F A Stirling W7515
Morris H J Stirling BF534
Morris E J S Lancaster PB872
Morris W R Wellington BJ603
Morris Charles “Charlie” Thomas Richard Lancaster ND380
Morris S P Halifax HX351
Morris N P Spitfire MK723
Morris Halifax LL120
Morris R A Lancaster DV406
Morris P Lancaster LM716
Morris E S Wellington HE290
Morris E Lancaster HK650
Morris C J Lancaster HK767
Morris F W Halifax LW622
Morris E K Lancaster NG219
Morris R H Lancaster HK683
Morris G Lancaster NG230
Morris I J Lancaster ND872
Morris E Lancaster DV183
Morris F A Ventura AJ444
Morris K Wellington R1604
Morris A Lancaster PD296
Morris F A Lancaster NF955
Morris D A Stirling W7612
Morris J Boston Z2265
Morris E J Halifax W1101
Morris L A Wellington N2953
Morris T Wellington R1406
Morris B G Spitfire P8740
Morris R Spitfire SM300
Morris R Lancaster NE119
Morris W D Hampden AD842
Morris D E Halifax NP773
Morris J Halifax JD457
Morris J Wellington HE690
Morris A F H Halifax EB207
Morris P H Lancaster KB763
Morris T N Halifax LV990
Morris N Lancaster W4106
Morris K Hampden AE243
Morris Charles Richard Stanley Lancaster ED804
Morris R R C Lancaster PB176
Morris J E Lancaster LM587
Morris W V Lancaster ED695
Morris F W Lancaster R5762
Morris T H Lancaster ND687
Morris W Lancaster LM264
Morris L G Halifax LV865
Morris H Lancaster DS817
Morris J P Lancaster NG251
Morris K Lancaster W4254
Morris S Lancaster NE127
Morris G M Lancaster LL830
Morris J W Lancaster NF914
Morris T V Lancaster LL777
Morris H Lancaster PD204
Morris J D Lancaster JB294
Morris J G Lancaster ND508
Morris J W Halifax MZ939
Morris J W C Stirling N6091
Morris P C Halifax W1017
Morris J B H Halifax DT545
Morris H D G Halifax LL116
Morris H A Halifax DK187
Morris A Whitley Z6578
Morris T A G Halifax W1143
Morris E J Hurricane P3877
Morris R Blenheim P4854
Morris Blenheim Z7488
Morris Blenheim V6455
Morris Blenheim V6028
Morris Blenheim Z7361
Morris Blenheim Z7361
Morris R C Lancaster W4761
Morris James Ivor Lancaster W4840
Morris R M Lancaster ED589
Morris J Wellington Z8975
Morris E W Stirling N6088
Morris Douglas Griffith ("Zulu")
Morris Thomas Charles ("Tom")
Morris John Kirkpatrick
Morris Francis Paul
Morris Dudley John
Morris Philip Henry
Morris Victor James
Morris Neville George William
Morris Frank
Morris Ronald Malcolm
Morris Leonard George
Morris Lloyd Ashwin
Morris John Nathan
Morris Rae Latham
Morris William Patrick
Morris Alan Arthur
Morris James William Cooper
Morris Godfrey Eustace
Morris John Arthur
Morris Claude Reginald Frederick Wellington AD625
Morris Vernon Lewis Wellington R1773
Morris Eric Liberator EW631
Morris William A. B-24 Slossie 44-40294
Morris Arthur B Jr P-51 Mustang
Morris Clifford W P-38 Lightning
Morris George W P-51 Mustang
Morris Grady P-51 Mustang
Morris Harold J P-47 Thunderbolt
Morris James E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Morris James M P-38 Lightning
Morris James M P-38 Lightning
Morris James M P-38 Lightning
Morris James M P-38 Lightning
Morris James M P-38 Lightning
Morris James M P-38 Lightning
Morris John U Jr Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Morris John U Jr Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Morris John U Jr Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Morris Ray S P-47 Thunderbolt
Morris Ray S P-47 Thunderbolt
Morris Ray S P-51 Mustang
Morris Raymond W P-47 Thunderbolt
Morris-Edwards D V Lancaster R5863
Morris-Hadwell Edward Burford
Morrisey F P Halifax LV780
Morrisey D P Blenheim L9265
Morrisey J J Spitfire MJ172
Morrish Harold Frederick Lancaster PB177
Morrish R Halifax JN921
Morrish J A Lancaster LM383
Morrison William Hugh Stirling EE947
Morrison Les C. Lancaster DS704
Morrison D'a E Lancaster DV174
Morrison J R Lancaster DV160
Morrison J E Lancaster LM597
Morrison A D Lancaster ND524
Morrison K W Halifax JD126
Morrison R de B Halifax LK729
Morrison Thomas Frederick Halifax MZ813
Morrison John Halifax LV923
Morrison Leavis Wilson Lancaster R5679
Morrison William Donald Wellington T2503
Morrison Duncan Halifax NR276
Morrison Lincoln RF365
Morrison V M M Halifax BB214
Morrison A J Lancaster ND993
Morrison S A Hampden AT146
Morrison J H Hampden P5322
Morrison K E Wellington X3798
Morrison B R Lancaster JB188
Morrison H A Lancaster PA970
Morrison John David 'Jack' Spitfire BL471
Morrison Richard Cecil Halifax NA609
Morrison D Halifax LW595
Morrison A S Halifax W7817
Morrison Frederick William Halifax LW476
Morrison J H Halifax LW169
Morrison N B Lancaster DS846
Morrison Ward E Halifax NP771
Morrison A L Halifax ML422 other sources quote it as MZ422
Morrison J M Halifax LK915
Morrison O L Halifax LK662
Morrison H A Halifax MZ602
Morrison H P Halifax LK698
Morrison William Harold Typhoon MN426
Morrison A H Lancaster LM685
Morrison M L Lancaster ED859
Morrison E L Lancaster LM640
Morrison Norman Robert Stirling EF392
Morrison C R M Halifax RG553
Morrison G E Halifax W1036
Morrison Donald Robert Spitfire BS119
Morrison Donald Robert Spitfire BS202
Morrison Kenneth Forbes Halifax JB962
Morrison R E Halifax LV986
Morrison D Whitley Z6793
Morrison Godfrey Arnold Lancaster LL946
Morrison J H Lancaster ME778
Morrison W J Wellington AD605
Morrison Wellington Z8800
Morrison F Whitley Z9159
Morrison Stirling R9307
Morrison George Lancaster NN700
Morrison A F Lancaster PD380
Morrison G A J Lancaster PB517
Morrison H P Lancaster PB573
Morrison J Lancaster ME473
Morrison S G Stirling EH882
Morrison Wellington HE914
Morrison J S Halifax W1053
Morrison R G Halifax JB785
Morrison J D Wellington P9213
Morrison R G Halifax HR905
Morrison G D Mosquito HR342
Morrison Donald Lancaster KB728
Morrison J Halifax EB148
Morrison J P Hurricane R4074
Morrison J Lancaster ED452
Morrison A H Lancaster DS816
Morrison Godfrey Arnold Lancaster DV305
Morrison R McM Hampden P4379
Morrison N Stirling BF576
Morrison D Lancaster NG237
Morrison R G Lancaster LL962
Morrison J D Lancaster ND788
Morrison W S Spitfire MK775
Morrison N Spitfire P7618
Morrison G Halifax LK948
Morrison D M Halifax ED244
Morrison R D Halifax LW267
Morrison A F Blenheim R3913
Morrison T Blenheim L8858
Morrison N B Hampden AE319
Morrison A M Lancaster LL884
Morrison M L B Stirling EH907
Morrison W S Stirling EF254
Morrison Ronald Lindsay
Morrison William Hugh
Morrison Oliver Hugh
Morrison Nancy Jean
Morrison Maurice James
Morrison Ernest Clive
Morrison D'Arcy Edward
Morrison Campbell Alexander
Morrison Robert Bruce
Morrison Alexander Donald
Morrison Alan Wallace Campbell
Morrison John McAulay
Morrison Kenneth William
Morrison Roderick De Burgh
Morrison Hugh Blenheim L9206
Morrison Keith William Bostin BZ267
Morrison Creel H Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Morrison Creel H Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Morrison Louis D P-51 Mustang
Morrison Maurice P-47 Thunderbolt
Morriss J H Lancaster PD205
Morriss J E Mosquito MM450
Morrissette Wallace A Bristol Beaufighter
Morrissey F I Halifax NP815
Morrissey David Hagan
Morrisson William Robinson Halifax MZ730
Morrissy Harry Halifax W7913
Morrissy Leo Martin
Morritt J B Lancaster NE118
Morro F P Halifax JD374
Morrow William James Lancaster NG404
Morrow George Donald Hector Wellington BJ621
Morrow D L Wellington X3552
Morrow W C Lancaster JB707
Morrow J R Wellington DF665
Morrow H F Halifax NA516
Morrow C K Lancaster ED782
Morrow Stirling DJ972
Morrow R Stirling W7509
Morrow Patrick William John Wellington HE220
Morrow H E Spitfire BS110
Morrow A S Lancaster L7533
Morrow J P Halifax HX278
Morrow R M Wellington T2997
Morrow Bruce Wellesley
Morrow William Kendal
Morrow John W P-51 Mustang
Morschell J R G Lancaster ND685
Morse Colin Rutherford Lancaster DS780
Morse Noel Percy Wellington X3757
Morse Olive Mary "Daphne" Halifax LW246
Morse R A W Halifax JB961
Morse W Halifax BB249
Morse S C Hampden AD986
Morse Walter Edwin Lawrence Stirling BK710
Morse A L Halifax HR859
Morshead O H Lancaster PB531
Morshead Leslie Ernest
Morski Bogusław F Lancaster DV286
Morson H J Wellington T2509
Mort C R Hurricane BE421
Mortal C W Lancaster NE115
Mortal Clive Watson Peter
Mortenson E G Halifax HR659
Morter E L Lancaster LM178
Mortham R S Lancaster JB218
Mortimer R J Lancaster LL740
Mortimer L L Halifax LW622
Mortimer G A Lancaster NG219
Mortimer A Lancaster R5512
Mortimer J E Spitfire MH490
Mortimer Charles George Battle L5482
Mortimer D Lancaster PA237
Mortimer C H Lancaster LM363
Mortimer G T Lancaster PB465
Mortimer A A Lancaster JB407
Mortimer A W Lancaster LM344
Mortimer A F J Wellington BJ789
Mortimer A Wellington HE346
Mortimer S H Wellington MS468
Mortimer D Wellington X3348
Mortimer G E Lancaster ND515
Mortimer E Lancaster JB739
Mortimer N E Lancaster ED444
Mortimer G C Halifax HR731
Mortimer K Lancaster DS735
Mortimer S H Lancaster JA873
Mortimer D Lancaster ND897
Mortimer G F Lancaster EE129
Mortimer W E Whitley Z6801
Mortimer F Lancaster R5857
Mortimer Arthur Thomas Lort
Mortimer Ronald James
Mortimer-Rose Edward Brian
Mortimore G Lancaster W4172
Mortis E J Lancaster PB210
Mortley J C Halifax NP743
Mortley J C Halifax NP745
Mortlock K G Lancaster EE110
Mortlock V V Lancaster ND581
Morton O P Wellington HZ257
Morton L H Lancaster R5673
Morton Frank Lancaster W4858
Morton Frank Ronald Lancaster ND454
Morton Albert Edward Lancaster LL943
Morton Frederick Charles Wellington T2466
Morton Hubert William Howe Lancaster W4176
Morton F E Lancaster HK560
Morton S W Wellington T2563
Morton M R Halifax NA583
Morton W E Halifax LW690
Morton J F Lancaster KB803
Morton C L Halifax DT522
Morton J D Lancaster PB198
Morton R W Blenheim Z7372
Morton Edgar Elliot Battle P2193
Morton J Lancaster LM371
Morton A J E Halifax RG502
Morton J F L Blenheim Z7430
Morton Wellington W5684
Morton W G Wellington W5379
Morton N Wellington R1294
Morton W B Halifax NR251
Morton E L Lancaster ME637
Morton J Blenheim R3876
Morton G D Stirling R9326
Morton J A Fortress HB803
Morton Beaufighter V8609
Morton R Boston AL278
Morton A S Lancaster NE175
Morton J L Blenheim R3778
Morton J Halifax LK973
Morton C G Lancaster ND695
Morton A D Blenheim L1145
Morton J R Lancaster ED970
Morton C A Halifax MZ617
Morton J S Spitfire K9807
Morton J W Lancaster R5488
Morton R A Spitfire P8336
Morton C K Lancaster NN723
Morton J G Lancaster JB595
Morton J K Lancaster JB651
Morton W W Stirling R9247
Morton J E S Wellington L7857
Morton J E H Halifax DK269
Morton R S Lancaster W4186
Morton W A Lancaster ED666
Morton E Wellington L7803
Morton James Storrs ("Black")
Morton Oswald Percy
Morton Ronald Henry Robert
Morton James William
Morton Lindsay Herbert
Morton Thomas Hudson N7279
Morton W E Halifax LK734
Morum A D V Spitfire AB455
Moryń Tadeusz Wellington Z1277
Mos A D Halifax LL550
Moscrop R Lancaster PB359
Mosedale T Stirling EF348
Moseley C H D Wellington Z8644
Moseley Oswald Robert Compton Whitley Z6573
Moseley George Winthrop Sargent
Moseley John Kenneth Wellington R1181
Moseley William Bertram Beaufighter X8192
Moseley G W Halifax MZ509
Moseley S Lancaster W4828
Moseley C Wellington W5664
Moseley V H Battle K9343
Moseley W E Lancaster LM453
Moseley R W Lancaster ED975
Moseley Charles Henry Doyle
Moseley Mark L P-47 Thunderbolt
Moseley Mark L P-47 Thunderbolt
Moseley Mark L P-47 Thunderbolt
Moseley Mark L P-47 Thunderbolt
Moseley Mark L P-47 Thunderbolt
Moseley Mark L P-47 Thunderbolt
Moseley Mark L P-47 Thunderbolt
Moseley-Williams Walter Read Halifax MZ756
Mosely Thomas Sunderland W4026
Mosen R J Lancaster DS715
Mosen F H Lancaster DV406
Moses K J Lancaster ME777
Moses G Lancaster PD231
Moses Marks Liberator JT985
Moses G Wellington BK367
Moses R H Wellington DV806
Moses R H Wellington X3653
Moses Keith James
Moses George
Mosey Ernest Lancaster JA703
Mosey W D Halifax NA204
Mosher K M Halifax LK928
Mosiewicz Wacław Vickers Wellington Z1265
Moskwa Antoni Julian Vickers Wellington HF490
Mosley H M Halifax NP800
Mosley S E Lancaster ND904
Mosley R R Lancaster ND339
Mosley H E Stirling EJ104
Mosley R Lancaster ME585
Mosley F Lancaster R5483
Mosley-Leigh P J Halifax LV912
Mosman J K Lancaster ME585
Mosnier R Halifax NR235
Moss A E Lancaster PB155
Moss S C Ventura AJ213
Moss John Kenneth Wellington R1627
Moss Colin Halifax NP723
Moss Brian Elwyn Battle L5568
Moss Alfred Gifford Tiger Moth T6641
Moss F H Halifax MZ822
Moss C A Halifax LW166
Moss K L Halifax NP688
Moss W V Lancaster LM392
Moss L E Stirling W7624
Moss D H Stirling BF564
Moss F D Halifax MZ948
Moss F Halifax JD461
Moss J W Wellington DV831
Moss J B Lancaster PB147
Moss W J Hampden AE317
Moss J Wellington N2949
Moss M H Mosquito MM201
Moss D W Wellington Z1287
Moss T R Anson N5084
Moss G A Stirling EF347
Moss R W Wellington BJ603
Moss V G A Halifax HR734
Moss R L Lancaster W4108
Moss G W Stirling EE964
Moss H W Lancaster ND564
Moss J E Blenheim R3755
Moss W J Hurricane N2336
Moss A G Wellington R1726
Moss E J B Lancaster JB182
Moss A E Halifax LK954
Moss J D Halifax JD164
Moss B D Lancaster L7548
Moss G D Hampden AD933
Moss E Lancaster NG275
Moss J M Lancaster LL976
Moss J H Lancaster ED625
Moss S E Halifax MZ619
Moss E H Lancaster DV311
Moss H E Stirling BF455
Moss A Halifax LL588
Moss S V Lancaster DV332
Moss D E Lancaster LM361
Moss L Lancaster W5006
Moss Alan Worsley
Moss Frank Willis
Moss John Henry
Moss Albert Edward
Moss Frank Stanley
Moss Frank
Moss Alexander Edward
Moss Victor
Moss Anthony Herbert
Mosse Charles E P-51 Mustang
Mossenson N Lancaster LM440
Mossip H T Typhoon JP936
Mossley H Wellington X9794
Mossman E B Stirling R9274
Mossman E Stirling BF380
Mossop W Wellington HE173
Mossop J Hampden AD744
Mossop H R Lancaster ND451
Mossop John Norton
Moston S P Spitfire AR398
Moszczynski Waclaw Jan Wellington Z1278
Moszyński Tadeusz Kazimierz Wellington R1230
Moth A Boston AL736
Moth A Manchester R5833
Motherwell Victor George Halifax NA629
Motriuk S A Lancaster PA996
Mott James Leonard B-24 Perils of Pauline 42-95162
Mott M B Wellington P9286
Mott G L Lancaster DS659
Mott A J Lysander V9595
Mott G E Spitfire MJ419
Mott L O Lancaster DV219
Mott G S H Whitley Z6507
Mott H Halifax HR874
Mott A J Whitley P4950
Mott G C Lancaster R5484
Mott K G Lancaster ED831
Mott Malcolm James
Motteram H L Lancaster PB370
Motteram Charles Lawrence
Motteram Harry Lawrence
Mottershead H Wellington BJ979
Mottershead C H Spitfire RN123
Mottershead Valentine Raymond
Mottishaw H E Lancaster JB726
Mottison Halifax LL120
Mottram S C Blenheim N6165
Mottram R J Lancaster EE191
Mottram R Spitfire
Mottram P G Lancaster ND563
Mottram L A Halifax MZ732
Mottram R Spitfire N3193
Mottram Roy
Mottrick D M Halifax NP959
Motts G E Halifax LK795
Motyka T Lancaster NN718
Mouat Archibald James Halifax MZ400
Mouat J H Stirling W7508
Mouat W J Typhoon EJ966
Mouatt James Leslie
Mouatt Peter Albert
Mouchet Maurice Rene Nicolas Lancaster ND562
Mouchotte René G O J Spitfire MH417
Moul J Spitfire BL575
Mouland H J Lancaster LL631
Mould Edward Anthony Spitfire
Mould Edward Anthony Spitfire P9336
Mould Edward Anthony Mosquito
Mould Edward Anthony Spitfire
Mould Norman Stanley Lancaster ED373
Mould Henry Harold B Hurricane BN233
Mould Gordon Charles Halifax LL179
Mould G A D Lancaster ND819
Mould C C Stirling BK768
Mould Peter William Olbert ("Boy")
Moulden W R H Lancaster ND754
Moulden A R Spitfire ML187
Moulden E H Lancaster ND513
Moulden William Robert Harold
Moulding E Manchester L7321
Moulding K E Stirling BK713
Moulding E R R Lancaster ND711
Moulds S I Whitley Z6944
Moule John Herbert Lancaster JB561
Moule John Herbert
Moule W A Halifax R9487
Moule D H Lancaster ND971
Moules J Wellington W5656
Moulin Francis Charles
Moulsdale J R Lancaster LL639
Moulsdale John Russell
Moult A Halifax LW644
Moulton R B Wellington HE727
Moulton R D W Lancaster ED362
Moulton F A Stirling R9290
Moulton Desmond
Moulton Howard N P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Moulton Howard N P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Moulton Howard N P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Moulton-Barrett G E Lancaster DV188
Mounsden Maurice Hewlett Hurricane R4197
Mounser W H Blenheim WV-W
Mounsey William Norman Lancaster W4861
Mounsey Whitley N1483
Mounsey H G P Stirling EE959
Mounsey E C Whitley Z6818
Mount A G E Lancaster HK552
Mount R Wellington T2703
Mount Jesse Presley Robert Lancaster ND380
Mount W E C Halifax NO969
Mount S E Halifax MZ794
Mount A W Wellington X3716
Mount Wellington X3388
Mount Robert Nelson B-17 Easy Does it 43-38623
Mountain F Lancaster ME813
Mountain C D Lancaster ND653
Mountain C D Lancaster PB173
Mountain H H Whitley Z6555
Mounteney A Stirling W7528
Mountford Oswald 'Billy' or 'Ossie' Mosquito PZ452
Mountford Robert Henry James Dakota KG366
Mountford R J Halifax NP992
Mountford W G Halifax LW478
Mountford Oswald
Mountier R J Wellington W5477
Mountier R J Wellington W5362
Mountney John Philip Wellington R1243
Mountney G F Lancaster L7571
Mounts Dalton Charles Wellington BJ877
Mountstephens V H Wellington Z1096
Mourant H leQ Whitley Z6672
Mourton D R Whitley P5074
Mourton D R Whitley T4273
Mousley Kenneth Charles Lancaster HK788
Mousley C K Wellington W5461
Mousseau J E Halifax RG472
Moutoux James W P-38 Lightning
Moutray J H Lancaster ED490
Mouzon C L Typhoon EJ967
Movold R L Halifax LW115
Mowan Terence Patrick Blenheim V5537
Mowat D D Halifax LV862
Mowat J T H Manchester R5779
Mowat Norman Ware
Mowat Noel Joseph Avro Anson TX175
Mowatt W Halifax LV867
Mowatt W Halifax HR921
Mowatt E S Lancaster ME619
Mowatt J Hampden AD934
Mowbray ‘Jim’ Joseph Lancaster ND401
Mowbray A McK Halifax BB207
Mowbray F Halifax JD951
Mowbray R E Halifax LV938
Mowbray G B Halifax JD264
Mowfroth E C Ventura AE902
Mowl K L Lancaster NG182
Mowlam A N Hampden AT149
Mowles F J Halifax DG245
Mowry James B P-51 Mustang
Moxen E Halifax LW300
Moxey W G Lancaster ND585
Moxey Wilfred George
Moxey Percival Joseph Edwin Boston BZ365
Moxham B Lancaster ND847
Moxham Peter Clement Lancaster EE112
Moxham Bernard
Moxley W L Lancaster LM261
Moxon F H Lancaster JB462
Moxon H Whitley Z6629
Moxon Whitley BD228
Moyes P J Lancaster ND577
Moyes J I Hampden P2082
Moylan Patrick Lancaster JB122
Moylan W Wellington X3745
Moylan Hilary Patrick
Moylan Patrick
Moyle A L Wellington Z1328
Moyle R A Lancaster W4835
Moyle J F E Lancaster ME314
Moyle J F M Whitley P4936
Moyle R H Wellington LP155
Moyle H R Hampden L4089
Moyle J F Lancaster PD221
Moyle Alan Lipson
Moyle Joseph James
Moyle Ronald Albert
Moyler Leslie Ernest 'Les' Halifax EB247
Moyler Leslie Ernest Halifax LK628
Moynagh R A Lancaster JB657
Moynagh Reginald Albert
Moynes Charles Stirling N6068
Moynihan Thomas Charnley Wellington MP510
Moynihan F H Halifax LW286
Moyse Norman Alfred Halifax LW719
Moyse G W R Lancaster JA688
Mr Stockton Norman Lancaster W4881
Mracek W L Halifax NA186
Mraz Lorenz Halifax V9976
Mroczek Euzebiusz Miles Master W8450
Mroczko Tadeusz Handley Page Halifax JP295
Mroczkowski Władysław Lancaster LL857
Mroczyk Czesław Jan Spitfire EP560
Mroczyk Czesław Jan Spitfire MK963
Mrowcygnski Bronislaw
Mrowka Zdzislaw Marian Supermarine Spitfire AD572
Mróz Mieczysław De Havilland Mosquito NT303
Mrożek Józef Avro Lancaster NG266
Mroziński Józef Avro Lancaster PB854
Mrozowski W Mustang FZ144
Mrtvy A Spitfire MJ558
Mruk K Wellington R1017
Mruk Kazimierz Vickers Wellington R1017
Muat A E Lancaster LL757
Much J Wellington LN547
Mucha Edward Wellington Z1491
Mucha Henryk
Mucha Stanisław Józef Handley Page Halifax JP288
Mucha Stefan Wellington Z1333
Muckhart G Lancaster ND748
Mucklow R Wellington HE693
Mudd Hampden X2919
Muddiman Arthur Alfred Halifax LW461
Mudford A J W Lancaster LL796
Mudford V Halifax MZ598
Mudford V Halifax EB210
Mudford Alan James Wesley
Mudge W H Halifax JN910
Mudge Leith Chandler
Mudge Dick H P-47 Thunderbolt
Mudge William F Jr P-51 Mustang
Mudge William F Jr P-51 Mustang
Mudge William F Jr P-51 Mustang
Mudie James Lancaster LM372
Mudie M R Hurricane L1584
Mudie James
Mudie James William
Mudie Reginald Edward
Mudry F T Halifax NA204
Mudry F T Lancaster DS762
Muecke Robert Carl
Muego William Scott Lancaster ND597
Mueller R H Halifax NP803
Mueller Phillip John Otto
Mueller Arthur Llewellyn B-24 42-95047
Muffett R E Lancaster LM319
Muffett G A Halifax JB839
Mugford G J Stirling DJ973
Muggeridge A Lancaster JA912
Muggeridge C H Wellington L7813
Muggeridge D W Halifax I MZ335
Muggeridge D W Halifax MZ689
Muggleston D W Halifax W7910
Muggleton Kenneth Edward Steel Wellington X3473
Mugridge H G Stirling BK782
Muir B M Lancaster W4330
Muir Kenneth William Angus Lancaster LM467
Muir Reginald William Lingfield Lancaster R5573
Muir John Neville Macmillan Stirling BF448
Muir William Cook Lancaster PB518
Muir James Findlay Lancaster LM526
Muir Thomas James Stirling EH994
Muir A D Halifax DT487
Muir N C Halifax MZ906
Muir A J Lancaster JB409
Muir H J Mustang FZ125
Muir John Henry Wellington MS496
Muir Stewart Donald Lancaster JB455
Muir Anthony Vincent Wellington T2503
Muir Stewart Donald NZ/416967 Stirling BK809
Muir A E Halifax JB868
Muir G D G Stirling W7576
Muir A Lancaster ND345
Muir C J W Halifax PN437
Muir D W Lancaster PD202
Muir Halifax L9493
Muir M Halifax HX313
Muir J H Halifax JN966
Muir Hampden L4154
Muir R K B Lancaster ED453
Muir D V Lancaster LM435
Muir M Lancaster LL796
Muir Lancaster JB315
Muir D T Lancaster LM729
Muir R Lancaster NG113
Muir C M Halifax R9485
Muir A I T Halifax BB196
Muir J Halifax W7932
Muir I M Hampden L4053
Muir R C A Fortress AN534
Muir Clarence Henry
Muir John Brian
Muir Bruce Montague
Muirhead M J Lancaster LM267
Muirhead Ian James Hurricane N2546
Muirhead John Patrick Wellington W5414
Muirhead W D Whitley Z9424
Muirhead A A Halifax W1039
Muirhead Harvey Donald Spitfire BN346
Muirhead Blenheim T2253
Muirhead M McK Lancaster W4854
Muirhead G H Wellington R3210
Muirhead I J Hurricane N2346
Muirhead I J Hurricane V7305
Muirhead Ian James
Mularczyk Ignacy PZL P.23 Karas
Mulcahy Bernard Griffiths Spitfire EN617
Mulcahy John Francis
Mulcahy Arthur Cornelius
Mulcair K J Mosquito HJ784
Mulchay C D Lancaster HK564
Mulcuck I M Lancaster ED654
Muldoon R A Halifax BB361
Muldoon S J Halifax HR874
Mules R M Halifax R9450
Mulford W E Wellington HE392
Mulford J W Hampden X2999
Mulhall J Mosquito HK317
Mulhall V A Stirling W7450
Mulhall W P Fortress KJ106
Mulhall J E Lancaster PB520
Mulhall John Leonard
Mulhauser R S Halifax W1104
Mulholland A E Lancaster W4234
Mulholland H S Stirling BK817
Mulholland Lister Charles Hudson NZ2055
Mulholland Norman George
Mullally J A Lancaster DS741
Mullally W M Blenheim P4906
Mullally R G Halifax L9508
Mullan G P Mosquito PF411
Mullane H V Halifax EB249
Mullane Martin J. B-24 Slightly Dangerous 42-50681
Mullaney W J Wellington HZ355
Mullaney W J Wellington HE414
Mullaney J A Lancaster ND740
Mullany J T Halifax JD720
Mullard John Ernest
Mullarkey R P M Stirling EF451
Mullen Daniel Joseph Stirling EF448
Mullen B H Manchester L7472
Mullen T Lancaster LM640
Mullen William
Mullenger S G Hampden P1206
Mullens V W Spitfire SM386
Mullens Philip Courtney
Muller J E Spitfire AR298
Muller H F Lancaster ED316
Muller M A Spitfire MK684
Muller Melville Max Victor Lewis Lancaster NG440
Muller M M Halifax HE777
Muller H G Wellington P9276
Muller C F Wellington T2461
Muller Rodney Elmore
Muller Harold Frederick
Muller Frank Esbert
Muller Charles Bernard
Muller James B P-51 Mustang
Mullett Peter Derek Lancaster HK595
Mulligan George Harold Stirling EF187
Mulligan J Stirling EH955
Mulligan M G Halifax LW300
Mulligan W B Halifax W1064
Mulligan M Lancaster JB147
Mulligan J L A Lancaster ED714
Mulligan E M Wellington R1461
Mulligan S Halifax LK907
Mulligan R T Hampden L4062
Mulligan R T Hampden X3004
Mulligan A R Hampden P4340
Mulligan Fortress AN523
Mulligan Justin Reginald
Mullin Gordon Joseph Halifax NP709
Mullin W D Halifax MZ602
Mullin D S Lancaster R5729
Mullin J Lancaster ED882
Mullin B Whitley K9001
Mullineaux J J Wellington X3391
Mulliner Reginald W. L.
Mullineux A Anson N9824
Mullinger R B Lancaster W4372
Mullinger E G P Hurricane L1734/L2066
Mullinger Robert Bruce
Mullins Norman Edward Halifax LW498
Mullins N D Lancaster R5682
Mullins J D Wellington X3475
Mullins E R Blenheim L9217
Mullins W E Wellington X9759
Mullins John Russell
Mullins William Murray
Mullins Raymond James
Mullins Arnold P-47 Thunderbolt`
Mullins Arnold P-47 Thunderbolt`
Mullins Walter P-51 Mustang
Mulloy W A C Hampden P1321
Mulloy W A Hampden P4288
Mulrooney J J Lancaster NE115
Mulroy T Stirling W7530
Mulroy F Mosquito MV551
Mulroy Stirling R9313
Muls R L Spitfire MJ338
Mulvaney J O J Halifax NA502
Mulvany Gerold M P-51 Mustang
Mulvey F W Stirling BK779
Mulvey M F Wellington W5358
Mulvey M F Wellington Z8441
Mulvey V G Lancaster ME676
Mumford David George Lancaster ME833
Mumford W L Lancaster NG362
Mumford R J Stirling BF353
Mumford R B Spitfire NH840
Mumford M S G Halifax NP932
Mumm R M Halifax DT670
Mummery G D Lancaster NF988
Mummery G D Lancaster ND902
Mummery Geoffrey Douglas
Munby J L Mosquito DZ612
Muncaster John William George Mosquito HK304
Muncaster T F Halifax LW551
Muncer Kevin Patrick Lancaster PA234
Munchison John Halifax DT571
Munckton H I Wellington Z1212
Munday H F Stirling LJ621
Munday William Alfred Lancaster ND329
Munday R B Wellington Z1659
Munday A E C Lancaster JB217
Munday R D C Halifax MZ366
Munday A H Halifax DT805
Munday J H F Wellington Z1077
Munday D R Lancaster ED759
Munday A Lancaster JB420
Munday J A Hampden P4402
Munday Adrian William
Munday Harvey Francis
Munday Neville Richardson
Mundell Wellington P9270
Mundell Earl L Jr P-51 Mustang
Mundell Earl L Jr P-51 Mustang
Mundell Earl L Jr P-51 Mustang
Mundy R Halifax HR867
Mundy Ian Meynel Mustang FB201
Mundy J D Hampden AD733
Mundy H MacD Lancaster NE171
Mundy J A Hampden P4380
Mundy D A F Lancaster NE177
Mundy Clifford Eric Whitley BD276
Mungo-Park J C Spitfire X4668
Mungo-Park John Colin
Mungovan A W Battle P2202
Munn Ralph John B--17 Lucky Lady 42-39941
Munn W F Spitfire AR368
Munn A McK Lancaster W4828
Munn S W Stirling BK648
Munn H Stirling EH877
Munn D I T Lancaster DV334
Munnery N G P Halifax HX322
Munnery H Stirling BF508
Munns D P Halifax W1213
Munns Stirling N3656
Munns H C Lancaster ME731
Munns R W F Halifax DT793
Munro K Halifax BB192
Munro D J Stirling EJ124
Munro K G Lancaster ME361
Munro J C Lancaster ED421
Munro R J Wellington Z1259
Munro John Blenheim L1535
Munro William Campbell Defiant L7010
Munro Henry Duncan Wellington BK364
Munro Murray Swanson Lancaster RF122
Munro L E Lancaster PB517
Munro L H Halifax LV772
Munro G E Halifax LW429
Munro T R Halifax LW391
Munro Alexander Milton George Halifax LK705
Munro E G Halifax NP992
Munro John Lancaster ME684
Munro G A Lancaster R5744
Munro James Francis Lancaster JB227
Munro Thomas Fraser Wellington DV930
Munro John Leslie Wellington R1459
Munro John Leslie Lancaster EE145
Munro L W Lancaster JB114
Munro Lindsay Will Wellington R1618
Munro J C Lancaster NG131
Munro C L Halifax MZ699
Munro J S Wellington X3561
Munro J Wellington X3555
Munro G J Lancaster JB358
Munro D H Stirling N6126
Munro J Wellington X3485
Munro T W Halifax MZ570
Munro G A Wellington X9753
Munro N Mosquito DZ247
Munro G T Spitfire MJ514
Munro D McA Lancaster ED606
Munro T Lancaster ED538
Munro A L Lancaster ED590
Munro A W Wellington X3640
Munro A A Lancaster LL784
Munro C Stirling EE938
Munro A J Liberator EV941
Munro John Leslie Lancaster
Munro Robert Ronald
Munro David Logan
Munro Duncan John
Munro Alfred John
Munro Donald Alexander Ronald
Munro Allan Gordon
Munro Kelvin Gordon
Munro Hector Charles
Munro Robert James
Munro Donald Whiteside
Munro Stuart
Munro Kenneth
Munroe A H Halifax MZ299
Munroe A H Halifax MZ371
Munroe Albert Henry
Munrowd D N Typhoon JP368
Muns A Halifax LK956
Munsey Roy Hensman Lancaster NE123
Munslow E Lancaster DV288
Munslow S E Halifax MZ539
Munson D O Stirling LM394
Munson C R Halifax DK180
Munson R C Wellington X3744
Munson D W Halifax DK245
Munson Robert L P-51 Mustang
Munster C A Lancaster ND815
Munt V F Stirling W7528
Munton G C Lancaster ND500
Munts K W Lancaster W4162
Muntz Joseph William
Munyard Peto
Murawski Bolesław Roland Vickers Wellington T2518
Murcar Alexander Battle K9283
Murch Donald Halifax W7867
Murch L C Hurricane P3610
Murch L C Hurricane V6570
Murch C Stirling N3677
Murchie I Wellington X9665
Murchison George Ross Blenheim R3688
Murchison Duncan John
Murdie J MacK Wellington Z1261
Murdo H M Wellington W5442
Murdoch R D Lancaster ND478
Murdoch W McK Stirling R9197
Murdoch T G Lancaster KB759
Murdoch A H Halifax DK237
Murdoch B N Wellington Z8426
Murdoch Graham Edward Wellington Z1573
Murdoch D B Halifax W1213
Murdoch Wellington W5477
Murdoch A O'S Lancaster JB601
Murdoch J K Wellington X9826
Murdoch J C Wellington N2984
Murdoch William McKenzie Stirling R9165
Murdoch J R Wellington HE393
Murdoch A F Lancaster ND957
Murdoch I L Lancaster LM691
Murdoch T T Lancaster HK596
Murdoch I Blenheim P4855
Murdoch James
Murdoch Paul
Murdoch Robert Daniel
Murdock Albert Edward Hampden P4324
Murdock B T Halifax LW584
Murdock R E Halifax JD250
Murdock J MacL Stirling W7466
Murdock A F Lancaster R5493
Murdy Edward B P-47 Thunderbolt
Mureph A W Halifax BB329
Mures R A Lancaster NG453
Murfin J W Wellington W5483
Murfitt Cyril Marshall Halifax LK664
Murfitt T G Whitley P5073
Murfitt C M Halifax DK175
Murgatroyd J Lancaster ND691
Murie J M Halifax LW115
Murkin Ralph K. B-17 Under Ground Farmer 44-6020
Murkowski Antoni Stefan
Murlis T C R Hampden AE227
Murn Donald John
Murnane Denis Paddy Halifax MZ451
Murphine Oscar Douglas
Murphy Melvin E. B-26 42-107747
Murphy J Wellington DV562
Murphy V Spitfire RN203
Murphy William Lancaster ND628
Murphy J H Lancaster LM385
Murphy J C Lancaster R5863
Murphy D E Lancaster PD373
Murphy E F Lancaster W4864
Murphy R H Wellington Z1254
Murphy W M Wellington Z1388
Murphy J H Wellington R1695
Murphy Kevin Stanislaus Wellington MS473
Murphy J A Halifax LW506
Murphy Francis William Lancaster W4902
Murphy K H P Whitley N1421
Murphy Patrick Joseph Wellington W5532
Murphy William Joseph Blenheim N6188
Murphy Cornelius Thomas Wellington N3017
Murphy Terence Peter Lancaster ED979
Murphy Leslie Desmond Prundy Hudson T9277
Murphy Francis 'Spud'
Murphy Paul Cameron Lancaster W4169
Murphy Thomas Halifax NR246
Murphy B R Spitfire AB498
Murphy John “Jack” Joseph Halifax HX230
Murphy Myles Alphonsus Stirling LK133
Murphy John Benedict Dakota FL650
Murphy John Charles Wellington ME990
Murphy J W Halifax W1058
Murphy K W Lancaster ED360
Murphy W M Wellington Z1738
Murphy J H M Mosquito MM195
Murphy K J Halifax LL192
Murphy J A Lancaster ND406
Murphy V J Lancaster ND734
Murphy E M Halifax DG228
Murphy W L Halifax DT808
Murphy H F Lancaster DS726
Murphy William Gorman Halifax W7857
Murphy L J C Halifax JB923
Murphy P J Halifax HX189
Murphy P L Wellington Z1597
Murphy J J Lancaster KB785
Murphy G W Lancaster KB754
Murphy D G Lancaster KB723
Murphy W Halifax MZ503
Murphy L F J Halifax NP946
Murphy Lawrence Wellington X3284
Murphy J A Halifax LW165
Murphy J M Halifax NP942
Murphy A H Halifax JP113
Murphy M B Halifax EB211
Murphy H A Lancaster KB758
Murphy Arthur John Halifax LW137
Murphy R W D Halifax NR114
Murphy J F Halifax LW437
Murphy William Joseph Bernard Lancaster ME851
Murphy T F Wellington BJ607
Murphy D M Lancaster LM643
Murphy W A Whitley Z9312
Murphy C W Whitley Z6956
Murphy J W Halifax W1222
Murphy T A Stirling BK604
Murphy J W N Lancaster LL921
Murphy T R Wellington Z8909
Murphy M J Lancaster JA686
Murphy Peter James DH86B AX844
Murphy G M Whitley P4944
Murphy P T Halifax JD364
Murphy K J Halifax JD166
Murphy A G Halifax LV878
Murphy T Halifax NA627
Murphy J P Halifax MZ871
Murphy R F Blenheim Z5903
Murphy J D Blenheim L8750
Murphy M Blenheim Z7317
Murphy P Lancaster HK548
Murphy W L Lancaster LL867
Murphy M F Wellington N2949
Murphy D Lancaster DS660
Murphy P Y Lancaster ED325
Murphy D R Lancaster JB650
Murphy B Spitfire PL218
Murphy R Mosquito DZ310
Murphy D Lancaster W4355
Murphy J E Lancaster ME434
Murphy P A Halifax NP973
Murphy T V Halifax LK760
Murphy J Lancaster NG353
Murphy F Lancaster LM743
Murphy J Wellington Z1052
Murphy Wellington N2776
Murphy A M Mosquito PZ456
Murphy G Typhoon JR499
Murphy Hurricane BD857
Murphy N P Spitfire BL969
Murphy P J P Halifax DK184
Murphy P S J Wellington LN294
Murphy J C Lancaster LL965
Murphy F A Lancaster PB189
Murphy L Halifax MZ566
Murphy G R Lancaster DS813
Murphy N Lancaster ME687
Murphy W Lancaster ME703
Murphy F A Stirling W7533
Murphy F G Halifax DT516
Murphy P Halifax LV901
Murphy D N Stirling LJ509
Murphy P Blenheim R3764
Murphy Edwin George Baltimore FW740
Murphy Henry Laurence
Murphy Kenneth Laurence
Murphy Jack Donald
Murphy Edward Scott
Murphy John Armstrong
Murphy John Henry
Murphy William
Murphy Neville Douglas
Murphy John Charles
Murphy Eric Reginald Harry
Murphy Roger Bede
Murphy Francis Edward
Murphy Kevin Pierre
Murphy Desmond Eric
Murphy Edwin George
Murphy Kevin James
Murphy Edward Francis
Murphy John Howard
Murphy Reginald Henry
Murphy William Martin
Murphy Denis Michael
Murphy John Anthony
Murphy Ronald Patrick
Murphy Ronald Wilson
Murphy George Ed
Murphy John 'Spud' Lancaster
Murphy Robert Edward B-17 44-8437
Murphy Alva C P-51 Mustang
Murphy Alva C P-51 Mustang
Murphy Alva C P-51 Mustang
Murphy Eugene P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Murphy Eugene P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Murphy John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Murphy John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Murphy John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Murphy John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Murphy John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Murphy John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Murphy John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Murphy John F Jr P-38 Lightning
Murphy John R P-47 Thunderbolt
Murphy John R P-47 Thunderbolt
Murphy John R P-47 Thunderbolt
Murphy Joseph R P-47 Thunderbolt
Murphy Randel L P-47 Thunderbolt
Murphy Vernon V P-47 Thunderbolt
Murr John N P-51 Mustang
Murr John N P-51 Mustang
Murray J Mc Wellington MS487
Murray R McA Lancaster HK627
Murray Geoffrey Hillam Gurr Halifax R9496
Murray I R Lancaster ME694
Murray L V Lancaster W4927
Murray J W Lancaster PB429
Murray L E Lancaster PB158
Murray W H Halifax LV422
Murray A G Lancaster PA973
Murray Geoffrey Hillam Gurr Halifax R9440
Murray Sydney Stuart Whitley K8950
Murray Paddy Blenheim R3594
Murray William Brown Stirling BF523
Murray Danny Wellington W5444
Murray Patrick Hatton Stirling BF391
Murray Aubrey Robert Wellington R1142
Murray Alistair Gordon Blenheim L9746
Murray Thomas McKay Arnand Lancaster LM122
Murray James Noel Wellington R1288
Murray Thomas Craik Halifax R9489
Murray James Francis Joseph Lancaster PB211
Murray T Y Halifax MZ579
Murray John Thomson Halifax DT632
Murray Leslie Blenheim T1878
Murray J D Halifax W1041
Murray J B Lancaster LM714
Murray A M Halifax MZ403
Murray George Douglas Stirling BK599
Murray D Wellington HD991
Murray George Douglas Wellington X9701
Murray G W Wellington R1266
Murray W F Halifax W7770
Murray J S Hampden AE366
Murray J S Halifax JB909
Murray M C Mosquito HJ927
Murray W W Spitfire BM449
Murray J G Wellington X3717
Murray W J Hampden AT219
Murray R W Spitfire MK235
Murray W A Halifax MZ641
Murray D Halifax NA510
Murray G W Halifax NP778
Murray R J Halifax PN226
Murray J F G Halifax LV821
Murray G K Halifax LV960
Murray D Halifax LW132
Murray Clifford Battison Halifax LK993
Murray K J Halifax LK833
Murray Ross Marshall Wellington HE294
Murray C L Halifax LL255
Murray R O Lancaster ND976
Murray Lancaster W4117
Murray K D Halifax HR931
Murray J K Lancaster LM134
Murray T R Lancaster LL959
Murray M C Halifax LW638
Murray J H Halifax LW270
Murray C Lancaster ED907
Murray H J Stirling EH955
Murray Thomas Donald Gordon Hampden AD795
Murray E Halifax HR805
Murray A A Halifax MZ630
Murray A Whitley N1376
Murray D C F Battle K9193
Murray D C F Battle L5250
Murray P B Blenheim V6319
Murray D Blenheim T1890
Murray K E Blenheim L9467
Murray E A Lancaster DV218
Murray H F G Halifax LL276
Murray G P Wellington Z1274
Murray H Stirling EF328
Murray H R Stirling EF140
Murray L B Stirling N6067
Murray J Lancaster JB476
Murray D E Wellington BJ603
Murray G M Lancaster ED863
Murray Cecil John Halifax W7863
Murray James Reid Halifax JN905
Murray C M Lancaster PD261
Murray P Lancaster W4780
Murray K E Blenheim L9185
Murray D J Mitchell FL678
Murray A E Stirling EH909
Murray H McW Lancaster ME678
Murray J D W Blenheim L8872
Murray J W Wellington HF856
Murray R Wellington Z1081
Murray T E Stirling W7535
Murray E G Lancaster LM258
Murray H M Battle P2249
Murray Wellington Z8957
Murray J W Halifax L9506
Murray J B Wellington R1330
Murray G B Spitfire MJ246
Murray Frederick T Spitfire MJ851
Murray J F Lancaster DS716
Murray G H Wellington MS487
Murray R E Wellington LN438
Murray J P Lancaster ME696
Murray W V Lancaster JA860
Murray A E Lancaster EE194
Murray R A Lancaster NG385
Murray W J Halifax HR940
Murray K D Halifax DT637
Murray A Halifax LW364
Murray H D Lancaster ME792
Murray A G Lancaster PB467
Murray G Lancaster ND849
Murray B Lancaster ND935
Murray J Lancaster LM163
Murray E J Lancaster ND563
Murray J W Stirling N3640
Murray John Taylor Halifax W1228
Murray William John Halifax LV874
Murray A M Lancaster R5630
Murray A M Hampden AD748
Murray S Wellington W5703
Murray H Stirling BK718
Murray Aubrey Robert Wellington HZ544
Murray John Ambrose McCormack
Murray Robert McAuly
Murray Terence Desmond
Murray Hugh George
Murray Kenric Newton Lathrop
Murray John David
Murray Geoffrey Hillam Gurr
Murray John William
Murray John William
Murray John Gannon
Murray Stanley William
Murray Lawrie Edmund
Murray William Henry
Murray Aubrey George
Murray Thomas Beeby Ventura NZ4520
Murray William B. B-17 42-97480
Murray John P. B-24 The Moose 44-40205
Murray Robert 'Boss' I. B-17 Henn’s Revenge 44-8427
Murray Billy J P-51 Mustang
Murray Wallace C P-47 Thunderbolt
Murray-Shirreff J E Lancaster NF932
Murrell S L Halifax JD124
Murrell W H Lancaster KB707
Murrell W J Halifax LW200
Murrell Mons Edwin Halifax MZ470
Murrell L V Lancaster LM364
Murrell J E Halifax L9566
Murrell S G Halifax HX317
Murrell Robert E P-38 Lightning
Murrie Glen Inglis
Murrin George Burnaford
Murtagh A J Halifax DK247
Murtagh J Lancaster ED477
Murtagh George Wilson
Murtha John L F-6C Mustangs
Murtha John L F-6C Mustangs
Murtha Louis A P-51 Mustang
Murton C Wellington P9232
Murton H S Lancaster ND397
Murton M E Lancaster LL950
Murton M Lancaster JB556
Murton W G Lancaster ED481
Murton Thomas Dudley
Murton-Neale P N Hurricane L2035
Murty I P Halifax JD301
Murzynowski Feliks Supermarine Spitfire EE795
Muschamp J E G Lancaster NG450
Muschialli Louis James
Musgrave E L Whirlwind P7063
Musgrave John Hampden L4203
Musgrave P A Lancaster PA988
Musgrave Stirling W7588
Musgrave C E Hampden AD930
Musgrave A E Lancaster R5701
Musgrave John Gothorp
Musgrave Alan Francis
Musgrave Edward Lancelot
Musgrove G A Lancaster LM575
Musgrove D W Wellington DV579
Musgrove J D Stirling EF402
Musgrove S Halifax LK807
Musgrove T Halifax DK172
Musial Jan HG Vickers Wellington X9620
Musial Jan Wladyslaw Supermarine Spitfire W3513
Musial Joseph J. B-17 Susan Ruth 42-31499
Music F W Lancaster R5894
Musitano Grahame Leveson Lancaster R5847
Musk Percy John Lancaster W4928
Muska Albert P. B-25 41-13126
Muskett Ralph Lancaster W4135
Muskett George Lindley Halifax JD386
Muskett W Lancaster DS736
Mussells Campbell Haliburton Lancaster ME315
Musselwhite Wellington R3158
Musselwhite V G Halifax W7669
Musselwhite L J Lancaster W4186
Mussen W E Halifax EB215
Musser J V Halifax MZ591
Mussett D R Lancaster ND924
Mussey Claude E P-47 Thunderbolt
Mussey Claude E P-47 Thunderbolt
Musso P A Lancaster JA848
Musson C R Lancaster ED625
Must R S Halifax LW167
Mustchen J F Lancaster DS652
Musto C W Lancaster R5499
Musto Clifford William Wellington W2783
Musto C E Wellington HE988
Musto S A Lancaster KB707
Musto Clifford William
Mustoe F C Lancaster ND362
Mustoe G L Wellington X3448
Mustoe H Halifax NR210
Mustoe George Lawson
Muston Charles John
Mustow Keith Allan
Muszel Jan Eugeniosz Supermarine Spitfire P8606
Mutch Ernest Lancaster ED588
Mutch R D Lancaster JB226
Mutch Roderick Charles Martin Baltimore AG941
Mutch R Wellington X9762
Mutch G C Halifax HR880
Mutimer Stanley Charles
Mutimer Donald Ernest
Muttart E B Halifax L9561
Mutter James Gordon Halifax W1155
Mutter Leonard Harry Lancaster W4188
Mutter N E S Mustang FB119
Muttock A Lancaster PD201
Muttock A G T Typhoon MN773
Mutton L Lancaster LL905
Mutton G T Lancaster DS713
Mutton Elmer John Wellington Z8335
Mutton W G Wellington Z8901
Mutton F W Wellington DV778
Mutton T E F Wellington R1772
Mutton R R Lancaster JB233
Mutton C H Stirling EE906
Mutton C Stirling EH886
Mutton Malcolm James
Mutton Leslie
Mutton George
Mutton James Harold
Mutton Hessel
Muttrie G Lancaster ED752
Mutz Joseph E B-17 42-5893 Sad Sax
Muxlow Denis Roy Halifax MZ400
Muxworthy James Pedler
Muzika J Spitfire BM452
Myall J A Wellington Z1608
Myatt T Lancaster NE130
Mycock G B Halifax HR735
Mycock J K Mosquito DZ688
Mycock W G Lancaster EE115
Mycock J Halifax L9602
Mycock T J Lancaster R5513
Myczkowski Zenon North American P-51d Mustang KH524
Mydaski S Halifax LW558
Myer Edward Michael Lancaster DS843
Myers B F Lancaster ED709
Myers John Jacob Whitley P4954
Myers M T P Halifax BB281
Myers R A Halifax W1230
Myers C D Spitfire AB973
Myers Frank MacGregor Halifax NP793
Myers Theodore Wesley Lancaster W4831
Myers H L Wellington R1757
Myers J W A Lancaster LL921
Myers D Lancaster LL774
Myers Wellington Z8860
Myers P R V Lancaster R5750
Myers L Lancaster DV168
Myers J Wellington X3728
Myers R L Wellington X3672
Myers W M E Lancaster ME643
Myers J H Lancaster LM540
Myers J B Wellington R1759
Myers D V Lancaster PD278
Myers J W A Halifax LK800
Myers G Wellington HE506
Myers W H I Lancaster W4306
Myers R W Lancaster PA994
Myers S G Halifax HX350
Myers P Whitley P5106
Myers P Whitley T4201
Myers C J Lancaster JA682
Myers E C E Whitley Z6824
Myers F Lancaster ME852
Myers Edward George
Myers Bernard Francis
Myers Nelson Lorin
Myers William Henry Ingham
Myers Joseph Gray
Myers John Norley Wellington HX653
Myers Jerry Milford B-17 Zamro 42-97365
Myers William J. B-17 43-37909
Myers Bill E P-47 Thunderbolt`
Myers Bill E P-47 Thunderbolt`
Myers Edward M P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Joseph P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Joseph P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Joseph P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Joseph P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Joseph P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Joseph P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Leon D P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Raymond B P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Raymond B P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Raymond B P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Raymond B P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Raymond B P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Raymond B P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Robert W P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers Thomas E P-51 Mustang
Myers Thomas E P-51 Mustang
Myers William H P-47 Thunderbolt
Myers William H P-47 Thunderbolt
Myerscough W Wellington HE658
Myerscough T Lancaster DV329
Myerson P Halifax NP746
Myerson Philip
Myhill W R Stirling EF142
Mykietyn Marian Avro Lancaster PA185
Myland D E C Blenheim R3769
Myland Blenheim
Mylchreest W E Halifax LV997
Myles William Reginald Wellington X3170
Myles J Lancaster ME617
Myles G Halifax LV944
Myles A P Lancaster ND565
Myles William Reginald
Myles William R Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Mylod J J Lancaster W4246
Mynarski Andrew Charles 'Andy' Lancaster KB726
Mynott L R Blenheim V6240
Myres A Lancaster LL969
Myrick John Frederick Halifax W1233
Myring N E Wellington X3709
Myron I T Halifax LW200
Myszkowski Zygmunt Botha W5155
Myszor Marian Avro Lancaster DV282
Mytruk W Lancaster KB778
Nabarro J.D. Whitley Z6561
Nabarro C Lancaster W4355
Nabozniak P Halifax MZ864
Nachand Charles D Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Nadan G Spitfire AB859
Nadeau L J O Halifax W7718
Nadeau J A M Halifax LK666
Nadeau J R E Halifax LK902
Naden J W Wellington Z8591
Nadin C H Lancaster W4155
Naedele Scott L P-47 Thunderbolt
Naess B H Halifax DT647
Naffin R C Lancaster ED328
Naffin Robert Clarence
Nafziger J A Lancaster KB712
Nagel Walter John
Nagel Jerome K P-51 Mustang
Nagengast (Nagen) Walerian Stanislaw
Nagle C W Halifax MZ914
Nagley L W Lancaster LL939
Nahu Norman Gilbert Halifax LW365
Naiff Ronald Arthur Mosquito MM184
Naile Leslie Jack Lancaster ED988
Naile R S Wellington HE980
Naile Leslie Jack
Naiman H Lancaster ED781
Nainby T Halifax HX169
Nainby T Lancaster ND734
Nains G R Lancaster W4894
Nairn Clifford Morton Stirling EH934
Nairn Alex Frederick Lancaster ND354
Nairn R B Halifax LL191
Nairn G H Lancaster LM538
Nairn R B Halifax DK181
Nairn J Lancaster JB296
Nairn A S Halifax MZ925
Nairn G D T Mosquito MM118
Nairn G D T Mosquito PF414
Nairn Clifford Morton
Nairn Alex Frederick
Nairne Colin George Stirling EJ108
Nairne C G Lancaster HK558
Naisbitt J Lancaster PB766
Naisbitt J E Lancaster ND788
Naish T J Halifax W7663
Naismith D A Halifax JD326
Naismith W F M Lancaster PB520
Naismith W F M Lancaster PB430
Naismith F F Lancaster ND630
Najda Roman Vickers Wellington Z1278
Naldrett H J Lancaster PB533
Nale Cletus B P-47 Thunderbolt 42-74752
Nalepa Józef Lancaster LL857
Nalepa Józef Handley Page Halifax BB389
Nall L C Hampden AE260
Nall Ronald Loris
Nallen C P Lancaster ND841
Nallen Charles Patrick
name first name aircraft serial
name second names aircraft serial
name firstname
Name FirstNames Aircraft Serial
Namias M H R Blenheim Z7310
Namieczkowski (Namiec) Mieczyslaw
Namur Howard M P-47 Thunderbolt`
Nancarrow J W Lancaster ED500
Nancarrow Edward Horatio Wellington W5444
Nancarrow Roderick John
Nancarrow Fred George Sunderland W4032
Nangle P C Blenheim L9020
Nangle Patrick Claude
Nanieczkowski G Wellington HE345
Nankivell P J Typhoon R8838
Nanscawen J B Lancaster NG455
Nanscawen John Barrie
Nanson James Nanson Wellington R3220
Nanson R W Lancaster ND903
Napier W C Lancaster LL860
Napier S G Spitfire BL643
Napier M S Lancaster ED527
Napier D M Hampden AD866
Napier A E Typhoon MN885
Napier John Kenneth Wellington DV843
Napier J N Halifax LW323
Napier A Wellington DF624
Napier R A Wellington MS494
Napier H Stirling MZ264
Napier J McD Lancaster JB719
Napier W A Lancaster ND400
Napier William Conrad
Napier Keith Mellis
Napier Charles Roland
Napier Robert Dakota KN584
Napiorkowski D Spitfire MK370
Napiorkowski Daniel Supermarine Spitfire MK370
Napora S Wellington BK516
Napora Stanislaw Vickers Wellington BK516
Naris H A Halifax LL559
Narloch Zygfryd Jan North American P-51D Mustang FB384
Narron Hardy Donnell B-25 43-27537
Narucki Aleksander Ryszard Hawker Hurricane Z3435
Narum C R Halifax LW682 - MZ504
Narvis Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Nash Arthur Frederick Richard Wellington DV552
Nash G E Lancaster R5856
Nash G E Lancaster JB351
Nash Richard Rupert Wellington Z8735
Nash Stanley Walter Boston Z2179
Nash Donald Percy Lancaster ND753
Nash W N Halifax LV986
Nash Charles Arthur Lancaster R5686
Nash L J Lancaster R5898
Nash H C W Halifax JD109
Nash H W Halifax HX159
Nash R R Whitley K8949
Nash D P Lancaster DS796
Nash H Wellington HE464
Nash J Wellington Z8979
Nash Wellington R1712
Nash C A Lancaster LL788
Nash J M Lancaster LM162
Nash H D Halifax HX350
Nash F D Lancaster DS669
Nash L Stirling BF317
Nash Ronald Harry Lancaster JA937
Nash C G Lancaster LL866
Nash K N Blenheim V6440
Nash R B Stirling EF254
Nash Peter Alfred
Nash Raymond Stanley
Nash Arthur Frederick Richard
Nash Joseph Herbert Graham
Nash James Alexander
Nash George Edward
Nash Donald
Nason R J Stirling R9320
Nason R J Stirling N3719
Nason R A Halifax DT806
Nassvetter A Hurricane Z3460
Nastorowicz T Hurricane Z2814
Nastorowicz Tadeusz Hawker Hurricane Z2814
Nathan Wellington R3276
Nathan H Blenheim V5853
Nathanson Nathan Edwin Stirling EH883
Nathanson C Lancaster HK539
Nathanson S Lancaster ND744
Nation T A Lancaster PB688
Nation R E Hampden AT110
Nation J R Wellington W5621
Nation T Stirling EF491
Nation Huon Tasman
Natkański Zygmunt Vickers Wellington X9764
Natta Basil Matthew Cameron Mustang KH674
Nattrass O J Halifax MZ789
Nattrass James William
Naughton Francis Joseph
Naughton Regina Mary Magdalon
Naugler Gerald Melbourne Lancaster JB546
Nault J B Stirling W7614
Nault J P Halifax MZ683
Nault G S Halifax DK239
Nault J P Halifax LV996
Nault D C R Halifax HR658
Naunton J D Lancaster LL837
Naunton J D Lancaster LL838
Nauze L A Wellington Z8860
Naveak G G Halifax NA174
Navin Donald Joseph Halifax W1016
Navin J M Lancaster RF132
Nawalany Tadeusz Consolidated Liberator EW278
Nawratil Kazimierz Avro Lancaster LM487
Nawrocki Tadeusz T Supermarine Spitfire W3628
Nawrot Jan Handley Page Halifax JD155
Nayda Errol Claude
Nayler Edward Allan
Naylor Charles Wellington N2897
Naylor Benjamin William Manchester L7301
Naylor Kenneth Stirling LK151
Naylor Norman Joseph Wellington X3757
Naylor James Fraser Lancaster PB416
Naylor Lawrence Lancaster LM546
Naylor Jack Hempshall Halifax EB250
Naylor Reginald Percy Lancaster LM185
Naylor J H Halifax W7907
Naylor R S Halifax JD119
Naylor K Wellington R1778
Naylor D Lancaster LM371
Naylor H J Halifax W7882
Naylor D Lancaster ND336
Naylor G A Halifax HX348
Naylor J W Stirling LJ518
Naylor F J Wellington HE553
Naylor K Lancaster ND566
Naylor P A Halifax MZ467
Naylor J W Lancaster JB474
Naylor D R Lancaster PB629
Naylor J S Lancaster ME559
Naylor A Lancaster JB134
Naylor G A Lancaster NN699
Naylor A E Lancaster LM421
Naylor J C Lancaster JB538
Naylor J H Halifax JD460
Naylor F J Lancaster ME423
Naylor B Lancaster ED436
Naylor A Wellington X3415
Naysmith 'Archie' D. Lancaster LM115
Nazar P Halifax HX352
Nazarkiewicz Leon
Neade R H Wellington BK385
Neal R L Lancaster LM523
Neal R Halifax LL140
Neal Harold James Halifax LW510
Neal Frederick Stefhen Halifax DT672
Neal H A Lancaster NG183
Neal H A Wellington HF856
Neal J A Halifax HX189
Neal F J Lancaster DS689
Neal John Mason Lancaster LL842
Neal Eugene Lawrence Spitfire P8750
Neal Bruce Wellington Z1747
Neal T A Whitley T4328
Neal P R M Lancaster JB602
Neal H Boston W8387
Neal R Lancaster RA544
Neal D A Lancaster LM344
Neal J W Wellington HE348
Neal H R Lancaster JB178
Neal D W Lancaster ED663
Neal D R Lancaster ME578
Neal R Halifax HR859
Neal D Lancaster PA991
Neal C Spitfire MH723
Neal N J Halifax LW638
Neal R Halifax LL189
Neal B L Stirling BF442
Neal John
Neal David Stanley
Neal Ronald Leslie
Neal Gladys Hilda
Neal Leo A P-38 Lightning
Neal Leo A P-38 Lightning
Neal Thomas F Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Neal Thomas F Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Neal Thomas F Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Neale A F Lancaster W4372
Neale Peter Gordon Halifax LV952
Neale Donald John Lancaster LM230
Neale Percival Eric James Blenheim L8789
Neale G V Halifax JD214
Neale W P Lancaster DS733
Neale Douglas Stirling BK592
Neale W G Lancaster JB400
Neale C D Lancaster LL953
Neale R J Hampden P4362
Neale J Lancaster W4896
Neale G L A Stirling W7615
Neale G L A Stirling W7521
Neale G L A Stirling N3753
Neale R Lancaster ME334
Neale R F Lancaster LM130
Neale R St C Hampden P1152
Neale Alan Frank
Neale Richard Morley Wellington R1243
Nealey J A Lancaster LM378
Neary L E Stirling R9265
Neary L G Halifax LV773
Neary C H Halifax LM684
Neary C H Whitley N1442
Neary J Manchester R5837
Neas Ralph G P-47 Thunderbolt
Neate F G Stirling R9161
Neate George Ian Hamilton
Neathway W S Lancaster ED819
Neathway R E Boston AL286
Neave W R R Lancaster LL777
Neave D A Lancaster R5640
Neaverson K W Blenheim T1933
Neaves L B Lancaster PB845
Neaylon Francis
Necklen Eric Kingsley Typhoon MN752
Nedard H H Wellington R1537
Nedham John Joseph Stirling BF530
Nedved Wellington T2577
Neece Richard D Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Need Walter Edward Blenheim P6953
Needham Graham Halifax NP819
Needham H. Conway ‘Ned’ Whitley Z9424
Needham J W Halifax MZ698
Needham T Frank Hampden L4109
Needham R Blenheim V6370
Needham A S Wellington Z8595
Needham A Stirling N6021
Needham F J Stirling N3658
Needham A Stirling W7435
Needham F Wellington HF594
Needham W B Spitfire MK622
Needham J F A Stirling BK800
Needham W J C Halifax JB865
needle R D Lancaster PB724
Needle H Fortress AN523
Needler J Wellington Z1730
Needler G S Blenheim Z7493
Needleson K A Stirling N3729
Needs L K Lancaster ED774
Needs Lancelot Kenneth
Needs Frank
Neelands Neil William
Neeld Robert Hamper
Neely Elroy E P-47 Thunderbolt
Neely Tom D P-51 Mustang
Neeson Robert John Halifax BB261
Neeson A J Lancaster ME587
Neeson E Wellington R1714
Neeson Andrew John
Neeve J W Lancaster ED994
Negrich John Tony Halifax LV782
Negus B L Lancaster W4276
Negus M Mosquito NS875
Negus J Lancaster PB200
Negus Ernest Richard
Negus Bruce Lindsay
Neighbour Stanley William George Lancaster ND454
Neighbour Cyril John Blenheim K7090
Neighbour Robert Sutton
Neijer A J Stirling EF333
Neil Thomas Francis 'Ginger' Hurricane V7676
Neil Gilbert John Bingham Lancaster JB155
Neil E S Lancaster NN785
Neil D L Halifax NR126
Neil E S Halifax LW598
Neil L Halifax W1167
Neil R F Lancaster ED874
Neil R F Lancaster ED873
Neil P Lancaster LL668
Neil J N Spitfire MK115
Neil W A S Lancaster NG199
Neil Spitfire
Neil D Y Stirling W7441
Neil T G Halifax LW637
Neil William Halifax LL184
Neil A J Lancaster R5620
Neil H. M.
Neil Thomas Francis ("Ginger")
Neild R A Halifax LW283
Neill William Arthur Lancaster RF181
Neill Laurence Henry Ventura AE916
Neill W R Ventura AE848
Neill L Halifax HR663
Neill D Blenheim R3671
Neill M Mosquito
Neill W F Lancaster W4822
Neill V S Spitfire EN567
Neill William Arthur
Neill Robert Nason
Neill Garth Angus
Neill Kenneth John Wellington MP629
Neill Jack Carson Grayson
Neills R A Lancaster ND744
Neilson D M Halifax NP946
Neilson D F Lancaster LM134
Neilson James Andrew Halifax MZ922
Neilson K A Stirling BK767
Neilson K M Stirling EF336
Neilson K McG Lancaster W4268
Neilson E N Halifax W7884
Neilson W T Lancaster PA259
Neilson C Lancaster W4360
Neilson James F Halifax LW464
Neish A D Mustang FZ118
Neison T Lancaster ME843
Nekludow F P Beaufighter R2157
Nel N.H. Martin Marauder HD477
Nelan N Wellington BK269
Nelder F E Halifax LL599
Nelder Frank Edward
Nell Frederick John Gordon
Nelligan A N Lancaster KB712
Nelmes Leslie John Halifax R9496
Nelmes Leslie John Halifax R9440
Nelmes J M Halifax LK913
Nelson Maurice E. B-24 Osage Express 42-52497
Nelson H M Lancaster ED608
Nelson S J Lancaster DV274
Nelson S H Lancaster PA169
Nelson Raymond Stuart Lancaster JB126
Nelson W C Lancaster ED415
Nelson R S Lancaster JB459
Nelson William Henry Spitfire P7312
Nelson Horatio Robert Halifax LW510
Nelson John Frederick Halifax DK192
Nelson Peter Smith Lancaster DV245
Nelson Harold Stirling EF232
Nelson Orvin Kenneth Halifax JN952
Nelson Lloyd William Stirling LK198
Nelson J D Lancaster ND614
Nelson T J Lancaster NG325
Nelson O M Hampden AE244
Nelson V E Halifax NA583
Nelson R K Halifax MZ757
Nelson D R Halifax LK995
Nelson D R Wellington Z1670
Nelson R E Halifax MZ377
Nelson G A Wellington HE593
Nelson J N Halifax LK659
Nelson J L Lancaster PA968
Nelson R J H Halifax LW539
Nelson P A T Lancaster LL671
Nelson D Lancaster LL834
Nelson M F Lancaster ME854
Nelson D S Lancaster LL959
Nelson F G Lancaster ED481
Nelson M K Whitley Z9166
Nelson J E Lancaster LM343
Nelson George Wellington BK271
Nelson R H Stirling EF393
Nelson Carl Conrad Wellington X3556
Nelson J Halifax HX187
Nelson D A Lancaster PB247
Nelson D H Mustang FX949
Nelson E Halifax LL307
Nelson R M Wellington P9267
Nelson Arthur William Eaton Wellington Z1076
Nelson T Halifax LW501
Nelson W B Halifax MZ703
Nelson D C Wellington DF614
Nelson R F Halifax LK967
Nelson R Halifax HX345
Nelson C S Halifax LW287
Nelson R Halifax JD263
Nelson T Halifax HR931
Nelson J Blenheim L1141
Nelson R A Spitfire P8434
Nelson K Lancaster PB286
Nelson D H Halifax R9457
Nelson H Halifax DK187
Nelson G A Halifax LW301
Nelson R G Lancaster R5744
Nelson J W Lancaster DV198
Nelson J E Lancaster JA708
Nelson Francis Leon
Nelson John Arthur
Nelson Colin Alexander
Nelson Rowland Clifton
Nelson Donald Henry
Nelson Stanley James
Nelson Wallace Cyril
Nelson Douglas Raymond
Nelson Arthur Douglas
Nelson Raymond Stuart
Nelson John De Medici
Nelson Viola Emma
Nelson Charles E P-38 Lightning
Nelson James F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Nelson Robert F P-51 Mustang
Nelson-Edwards G H Hurricane N2345
Nelson-Edwards G H Hurricane ?
Nelson-Edwards George Hassall ("Hal")
Nemecek L Wellington DV515
Nenko Józef Vickers Wellington BJ656
Neri J Halifax NR229
Nerland P M Halifax W7765
Nerney Kenneth Roy Halifax NR195
Nerney Kenneth Roy
Nesbit Robert Lancaster RA546
Nesbit-Bell F A C Lancaster PB812
Nesbitt Eric Hugh Montgomery Lancaster JB155
Nesbitt E D Lancaster DV180
Nesbitt G B Wellington JA119
Nesbitt Murray Hudley Halifax DT645
Nesbitt H E Stirling R9275
Nesbitt Arthur Deane Hurricane P3080
Nesbitt J F Wellington X3694
Nesbitt R W Typhoon MN741
Nesbitt B L Lancaster R5568
Nesbitt John Douglas Halifax JD108
Nesbitt James Hepworth Liberator KH214
Nesbitt-Dufort J Lysander T1508
Nesden John Lancaster EE177
Nesom J Halifax LW577
Ness William Stirling EH883
Ness W B Lancaster W4934
Ness D Stirling R9278
Ness Patrick J P-47 Thunderbolt
Nest Dennis Sidney
Nestor E A Stirling EH985
Nesvold M L Stirling EJ113
Netherclift L Whitley Z6576
Nethercott E G Blenheim Z7426
Nethercott K J Halifax LV869
Nethersole W F Lancaster DS691
Nethersole William Frederick
Nethery L A Lancaster ND347
Netik V Wellington R1371
Netocil B Spitfire AD307
Nette Herbert Charles
Netting Conrad J P-51 Mustang
Nettle W H Wellington Z1399
Nettle William Harrie
Nettleton John Dering Lancaster ED331
Nettleton E Stirling W7615
Nettleton E Stirling W7521
Nettleton E Stirling N3753
Nettleton K W Lancaster NG133
Nettleton F Typhoon R7714
Netzke J S Halifax MZ805
Neubeck William Francis
Neubert C J Halifax DG228
Neufeld E Lancaster KB776
Neulinger Stefan Jan Vickers Wellington Z1215
Neuman W V Halifax DT674
Neumann W V Halifax DT678
Neumann G F D Halifax HR844
Neve J W Lancaster RF143
Neve J A Halifax JN900
Neve D R Halifax R9456
Nevens J J Lancaster NG488
Neveu C S Wellington W5562
Neveu S C Whitley Z6862
Nevill William Eric Wellington R3235
Nevill John Oliver Wellington X3607
Nevill R Halifax LK873
Neville Kevin Fenton Lancaster W4764
Neville Gerald Anthony Halifax W7864
Neville C G Lancaster ND651
Neville G C Lancaster LM335
Neville R T Lancaster KB776
Neville B W Whitley P4935
Neville L P Whitley T4143
Neville G P Lancaster LL774
Neville W R Lancaster ED380
Neville J P Lancaster ED881
Neville G P Spitfire BS140
Neville M R Halifax JD164
Neville E Lancaster PD294
Neville W J Spitfire R6630
Neville J Lancaster NE131
Neville Henry George
Neville Frederick Gordon
Neville William Thomas Francis
Neville Maxwell James
Nevin Arthur Francis Lancaster ME596
Nevines P Halifax DT751
Nevins C W Halifax BB384
Nevinson W S Hampden L4064
New N C Lancaster ND513
New W G Hurricane
New K E
Newall Harold Wellington L7852
Newall Albert Victor Lancaster EE127
Newall J G Stirling EF357
Newall Hampden X3151
Newall F Hampden AE154
Newall Leslie Vyvyen
Newan J M Halifax LW559
Newark Wellington W5684
Newbatt R E Blenheim P4853
Newberg Warren R P-47 Thunderbolt
Newberry Kent Lancaster R5897
Newberry R J Whitley N1380
Newberry J H Blenheim N6223
Newberry R F Halifax NP800
Newberry Thomas Alfred Lancaster ME846
Newbery Charles Hugh Le Blanc Wellington R3282
Newbery H D Halifax JD112
Newbery H D Halifax W7935
Newbery A K Blenheim V6379
Newbery H G Lancaster HK658
Newbery P Halifax LW327
Newbery Richard Alfred
Newbery Kent
Newbey Norman Lindsay Wellington HZ375
Newbey Norman Lindsay
Newbigging J P Lancaster NG342
Newbigging Robert John
Newbold L E Lancaster ED308
Newbold L Wellington Z1652
Newbold G A Hampden AD935
Newbold Claude Henry
Newbolt G H Lancaster JA855
Newbon J J Halifax JD158
Newbon Blenheim T2442
Newboult R Lancaster PD318
Newbound F Wellington BJ615
Newburg E L Wellington HE693
Newbury R D Wellington X3394
Newbury Spitfire SM384
Newbury D W Lancaster LL681
Newby H W Wellington HZ280
Newby N J Hampden AD768
Newby J Lancaster NG327
Newby A R Lancaster ND554
Newby T E Wellington BJ674
Newcomb R C Lancaster DS721
Newcomb R W Lancaster JB418
Newcombe Jack Halifax MZ575
Newcombe J D Lancaster DS846
Newcombe W Halifax EB148
Newcombe R Lancaster EE169
Newcombe H J Lancaster PA969
Newcombe S S Stirling R9350
Newcombe J R Hampden X2921
Newcombe F P Lancaster PD255
Newcombe S J Blenheim R3847
Newcombe J Halifax DT516
Newcombe John William
Newdick R Halifax HR758
Newell E S Halifax LV827
Newell R J Halifax HX293
Newell N L Halifax LW341
Newell Leonard Alfred Lancaster ND628
Newell E G Halifax R9529
Newell A R Lancaster L7527
Newell V L J Lancaster LL916
Newell I C Stirling BF338
Newell W F Lancaster EE179
Newell H Lancaster LM551
Newell A J Lancaster LM174
Newell A J Lancaster JB312
Newell Edward Sargent
Newell Rex John
Newell John William
Newell Norman Lindsay
Newell Frank C P-47 Thunderbolt
Newens R J Lancaster LM459
Newerry J Blenheim R3701
Newey G R Halifax HX329
Newey H D Halifax EB254
Newey Harold James Lancaster ME591
Newey L Halifax LK902
Newey H Lancaster R5640
Newhart Dewey E P-47 Thunderbolt
Newhart Dewey E P-47 Thunderbolt
Newhart Talbert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Newhouse Richard Van Sant B-24 Hell’s-Bells 42-52358
Newhouse Douglas E. Wellington LN751
Newhouse E Blenheim R2784
Newhouse H F P Hampden L4045
Newhouse Peter Saxton
Newick John Dudley
Newland Ben Totham Jervois Blenheim R3904
Newland E R Lancaster LM729
Newland Kenneth Mitchell Wellington Z1747
Newland H C A Halifax DT799
Newland D G Lancaster KB785
Newland P Lancaster DS689
Newland J A E Lancaster JA675
Newlands J C Whitley T4233
Newlands J Lancaster ME778
Newling H J Halifax I LV785
Newling J Halifax MZ309
Newling M A Hurricane N2600
Newling M A Spitfire W3366
Newling W J Lancaster ME423
Newling Michael Alan
Newlove H Halifax LK666
Newlove Cyril Charles Wellington DF666
Newlove Dudley Whitley Z9388
Newlyn M C Whitley P4946
Newlyn R V Lancaster ED610
Newman J B Lancaster LL861
Newman G H Lancaster PB152
Newman S W Lancaster LL652
Newman Arthur John Martin Baltimore AG941
Newman Matthew James Hall Catalina FP239
Newman Hubert Ernest Lancaster LM588
Newman Jack Godfrey Stirling R9351
Newman Harry Arthur Spitfire AD326
Newman George Henry Charles Wellington L4239
Newman Thomas Charles Lancaster PB255
Newman Frank B Halifax LW383
Newman Maurice John Lancaster PB373
Newman J W Wellington X3989
Newman R J Halifax LW231
Newman D W Halifax NP946
Newman F E Lancaster KB809
Newman W Halifax MZ420
Newman Robert James Airspeed Oxford DF516
Newman R W Lancaster NF980
Newman Richard Alfred William Wellington X3396
Newman D W DH86B AX844
Newman Douglas Hampden AD795
Newman C P N Blenheim L4887
Newman F R Halifax JB794
Newman Jack A Lancaster DS664
Newman R E Stirling BF534
Newman P F E Halifax W7751
Newman P J Lancaster R5843
Newman J A C Wellington HE901
Newman R A Stirling EE964
Newman Walter Stirling EF505
Newman G E Wellington DV768
Newman G E Wellington Z8842
Newman A E Stirling EF407
Newman P Fortress KJ112
Newman H A Spitfire P8659
Newman C Halifax HR835
Newman C A Spitfire R7272
Newman D C Lancaster LM518
Newman C W Lancaster LM359
Newman P Lancaster ED619
Newman R G Stirling R9264
Newman J L Lancaster JB184
Newman H D Wellington R3211
Newman S Stirling EF163
Newman Charles Hugh Halifax JB842
Newman C A Halifax R9447
Newman Halifax W1059
Newman T Halifax MZ568
Newman Whitley Z9276
Newman G A Lancaster R5630
Newman L G Lancaster W4155
Newman E Lancaster LM715
Newman John Ignatius
Newman John Bede
Newman John Robert
Newman George Henry
Newman Stanley William
Newman Benjamin Bernard
Newman Arthur Keva Wellington LN853
Newman James G P-47 Thunderbolt
Newman Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Newman Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Newman Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Newman Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Newman Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Newman Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Newman Stanley F P-51 Mustang
Newnam L E Lancaster HK560
Newnes H J W Whitley Z6863
Newnes L Lancaster DS769
Newnham A Stirling LJ462
Newnham Jack Stace
Newnham Henry Arthur
Newport J W Stirling EF348
Newport-Tinley G F B Halifax W7775
Newport-Tinley G F B Whitley P5029
Newsbigle Robert Bruce B-17 Hard to Get 42-97946
Newsham G Halifax HR878
Newsom Young B.C. B-17 Zamro 42-97365
Newsome Albert Barclay Typhoon MP135
Newson F H Blenheim T1927
Newson A Lancaster ND338
Newstead T Lancaster JB647
Newstead E V Lancaster ED608
Newstead C H Halifax L9527
Newstead F L Halifax LV777
Newstead Trevor
Newth John Kendall
Newton F J Lancaster HK773
Newton C R Halifax EB210
Newton N E Lancaster PB254
Newton J V Lancaster JA905
Newton William George Whitley N1405
Newton George Edward Blenheim T1929
Newton Terence Blenheim R3597
Newton Leslie Wellington X3598
Newton Thomas Raine Lancaster W4270
Newton John Manchester R5792
Newton Roy Barrett Lancaster PB807
Newton Robert Eastwood Manchester L7470
Newton Eric Charles Percy Lancaster W4764
Newton Raymond William Lancaster KB846
Newton J A Lancaster W4839
Newton O F Halifax MZ740
Newton C S Lancaster NG252
Newton N T Lancaster DS835
Newton R J Lancaster ME321
Newton Guy Percival Haig
Newton I O Halifax W7922
Newton A W Hampden L4194
Newton T Blenheim R3748
Newton H S Hurricane P3548
Newton H S Hurricane P3943
Newton N Lancaster HK548
Newton J A T Lancaster DS660
Newton R Wellington X3936
Newton J L Wellington W5421
Newton K E Hurricane P3303
Newton Kenneth Edward Hurricane P3322
Newton A T Stirling ED911
Newton K Blenheim P4908
Newton T Lancaster JA924
Newton H Halifax LW693
Newton E W Halifax MZ825
Newton S J Ventura AJ188
Newton J W Wellington HE376
Newton F G Lancaster W4240
Newton W R Halifax JD251
Newton C Halifax LW675
Newton K McI Whitley Z6947
Newton R A Lancaster PB123
Newton W A E Lancaster ND744
Newton K R Halifax DK166
Newton A J Lancaster ND706
Newton Lyndsay Thomas
Newton Frederick John
Newton Terence
Newton William Ellis
Newton John Verdun
Newton Percival Guy Haig Tiger Moth NZ724
Newton William M Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Newton-Clare J E Hampden P1172
Newton-Clare J E Hampden L4160
Neyder Marceli De Havilland Mosquito DD793
Neyland Praeger P-47 Thunderbolt
Neyland Praeger P-47 Thunderbolt
Neylon Maxwell Verdun
Niall A W Stirling BF569
Nias M A Lancaster ED355
Nibblet J L Wellington Z1730
Niblett George W. Hampden AE382
Niblett F W Lancaster PD331
Niblett C J Halifax LV921
Niblett J Typhoon MN192
Niblett John
Niblo Wellington Z8853
Niccolls Henry Leslie Hurricane L2002
Nice F M Lancaster PA972
Nice R F Lancaster LL644
Nice P E Lancaster LM447
Nichol William Catalina FP239
Nichol T R Stirling LJ559
Nichol J H Halifax MZ903
Nichol W B Lancaster ED693
Nichol E Lancaster ME472
Nichol C W Lancaster DS815
Nichol J Lancaster PB741
Nichol Charles Neville
Nicholaiff John E. Lancaster LM751
Nicholas Albert Thomas Halifax LW246
Nicholas David Stanley Wellington X3643
Nicholas W Lancaster W4784
Nicholas A Whitley Z6877
Nicholas A Wellington T2561
Nicholas T F Blenheim L1453
Nicholas S H Lancaster JA875
Nicholas F J L Blenheim N3583
Nicholas R E Halifax MZ803
Nicholas J T Lancaster JA686
Nicholas D S Wellington X3352
Nicholas B H Lancaster JB671
Nicholas William James
Nicholas Francis Leslie
Nicholl W J Wellington Z1670
Nicholl G D Lancaster JB174
Nicholl Stirling R9319
Nicholl J Halifax LV822
Nicholl F S Lancaster PD286
Nicholl B H Lancaster RA564
Nicholl Laurence Keith
Nicholls P W Halifax LV826
Nicholls J H Lancaster JB706
Nicholls Charles William Kelvin
Nicholls Gwilym 'Nick' Lancaster W4820
Nicholls P.N WEllington IA N2912
Nicholls John Thomas Lancaster RF181
Nicholls James Ernest Stirling BF448
Nicholls Robinson Stirling W7524
Nicholls Thomas George Frank Blenheim L8616
Nicholls Thomas Musgrove Lancaster W5009
Nicholls James Robert Halifax JB798
Nicholls Derek Lancaster L7578
Nicholls R J Halifax NA582
Nicholls W F Lancaster DS829
Nicholls John Austin Perress Wellington LP651
Nicholls E C Lancaster ND397
Nicholls M S Wellington W5438
Nicholls J Lancaster PD201
Nicholls G E Lancaster ND873
Nicholls H T Typhoon MN169
Nicholls G A Mosquito KB185
Nicholls K S Wellington BK281
Nicholls J Stirling EH943
Nicholls R A Stirling MZ260
Nicholls J P V Wellington DV447
Nicholls D B F Hurricane P5182
Nicholls Raymond George Wellington X9660
Nicholls J W Halifax LL358
Nicholls F T J Lancaster PB848
Nicholls Wellington N2802
Nicholls P M Lancaster NF955
Nicholls T J Stirling BF367
Nicholls G A Boston AL743
Nicholls R A Mosquito HK256
Nicholls H Halifax LW688
Nicholls D H Lancaster W4932
Nicholls D H Hurricane P3154
Nicholls W A Lancaster PD212
Nicholls L Wellington DV816
Nicholls W A Spitfire NH719
Nicholls E E Lancaster JB133
Nicholls W Stirling BF387
Nicholls B K Stirling N6013
Nicholls W H Spitfire AB909
Nicholls F R Halifax LW515
Nicholls Henry Treweeke
Nicholls John Hamilton
Nicholls Reginald George
Nicholls Angus Milton
Nicholls William John
Nicholls Thomas Graham
Nicholls Peter William
Nicholls Gordon Oscar
Nicholls Robert William
Nicholls Thomas Hugh Hudson N7217
Nicholls Albert Ernest Mitchell HD329
Nichols L J Halifax NP973
Nichols L J Halifax LV826
Nichols Leslie William Wellington L7799
Nichols George Frederick Stirling LK143
Nichols Ralph Edward Blenheim R3884
Nichols T R Stirling LJ617
Nichols Frederick Arthur Wellington DF566
Nichols J A Wellington W5715
Nichols A L Lancaster ND847
Nichols G E T Boston AL754
Nichols D W G Blenheim L8747
Nichols F R Wellington W5459
Nichols A W Halifax JD124
Nichols H W Lancaster PB206
Nichols G Hampden L4078
Nichols A H Lancaster ED482
Nichols T A Whitley Z6729
Nichols L W Lancaster ED887
Nichols J F Stirling EE942
Nichols J F Stirling BF466
Nichols William David Lancaster JB414
Nichols J D H Wellington X3482
Nichols L W Halifax LW225
Nichols M I Wellington T2472
Nichols Graham Charles
Nichols Albert Mervyn
Nichols Leslie John
Nichols Oliver James
Nichols Laurence John
Nichols Mervyn John
Nichols Charles A. B-17 Rationed Passion 42-30782
Nichols Darwin R. B-17 Dinah Might 42-97318
Nichols Merle B P-38 Lightning
Nichols Merle B P-38 Lightning
Nichols Merle B P-38 Lightning
Nicholson A Wellington W5574
Nicholson J A Halifax LW724
Nicholson R L Lancaster ME696
Nicholson W Halifax LV936
Nicholson J R Whitley N1417
Nicholson John Stanley Alexander Wellington BK552
Nicholson Esmond Halifax LV818
Nicholson Arthur Dennis Lancaster ED733
Nicholson Robert Stirling W7531
Nicholson Denis Franklin Lancaster W4105
Nicholson Vivian Lancaster JA981
Nicholson Cyril Lancaster JB455
Nicholson Leslie Hamilton Wellington BK517
Nicholson A N Halifax LW197
Nicholson W Halifax NP801
Nicholson I H Lancaster ND557
Nicholson Uila Wellington BJ596
Nicholson Whitley P4963
Nicholson R E Whitley T4130
Nicholson R E Whitley P5094
Nicholson J Halifax W7914
Nicholson D J Halifax HR919
Nicholson C E Lancaster W4362
Nicholson R A Wellington X9744
Nicholson L H Stirling R9329
Nicholson T Stirling EH885
Nicholson G W Stirling N3673
Nicholson E R Wellington W5722
Nicholson Wellington X3708
Nicholson J H Lancaster LL896
Nicholson A Lancaster LM289
Nicholson W Halifax MZ570
Nicholson J F Wellington N2993
Nicholson D S Mosquito MM576
Nicholson F J Halifax LV964
Nicholson E C Wellington HZ355
Nicholson E C Wellington HE414
Nicholson D F Lancaster L7542
Nicholson W J A Halifax HR936
Nicholson W J Halifax HR747
Nicholson A Lancaster DS706
Nicholson G T Halifax LK794
Nicholson K Halifax MZ696
Nicholson J E Manchester L7388
Nicholson J D Lancaster L7571
Nicholson T Stirling EE875
Nicholson A C Stirling N3640
Nicholson J E Stirling BF564
Nicholson John Eric Halifax W1228
Nicholson J Halifax RG591
Nicholson S H A Halifax JD205
Nicholson G W N Wellington L7807
Nicholson Donald William
Nicholson Allan
Nicholson James Arthur
Nicholson Ronald Laing
Nicholson William
Nicholson John Gordon
Nicholson Charles R P-51 Mustang
Nicholson Kenneth F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Nicholson Kenneth F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Nichterlein William Everard
Nickalls William
Nickel Bruce Herbert Spitfire BS317
Nickels Edward George Halifax JD252
Nickels A F H Halifax RG426
Nickerson Roland Otis Halifax LL139
Nickerson W J M Halifax LK632
Nickerson F J Lancaster KB821
Nickerson Alden Ernest Lancaster R5696
Nickerson R W Spitfire MJ786
Nickerson John Richard William Liberator EV941
Nickle Russell Karl Lancaster KB738
Nicklebur John M P-51 Mustang
Nickleson John Murray Blenheim R3843
Nickless H S Lancaster PA158
Nickless H S Lancaster NG323
Nickless Harry Samuel
Nicklin A E Lancaster ND471
Nicklin A B Lancaster LL923
Nicklin R Halifax MZ479
Nicklin W F Lancaster ED483
Nickson T L C Wellington X3591
Nickson Whitley P5111
Nicol A H Lancaster LM234
Nicol R A Halifax NR144
Nicol Albert William Halifax LK758
Nicol G J Lancaster NF998
Nicol G J Lancaster ME428
Nicol W F Lancaster PB785
Nicol T McR Wellington X3487
Nicol Jack Napier Stirling R9299
Nicol John Potter Lancaster ND331
Nicol J L Blenheim V6236
Nicol W F Wellington N2949
Nicol A I J Hampden P4361
Nicol D A Stirling EF328
Nicol A Lancaster LM218
Nicol A Mosquito RS531
Nicol N Hampden P2134
Nicol J Stirling MZ264
Nicol A C Halifax NR120
Nicol H Stirling EE890
Nicol J Halifax W1065
Nicol I B Halifax DK177
Nicol A C G Stirling EF162
Nicol J C Lancaster JB726
Nicol Alexander Hunter
Nicolay Arthur Renfred
Nicolaysen W Spitfire PL217
Nicoll Ivan Kenealy Whitley BD280
Nicoll W Halifax R9528
Nicoll A P Whitley T4269
Nicoll J Hampden AE119
Nicoll T Halifax DK244
Nicoll D A Lancaster R5570
Nicoll N Lancaster R5675
Nicolle N D Lancaster PB417
Nicolls J F Lancaster R5638
Nicolls R J Halifax LW164
Nicolls Douglas William Wellington LN759
Nicoloux Robert-NoÎl Spitfire AR455
Nicolson George Stirling N6020
Nicolson Eric James Brindley Hurricane P3576
Nicolson Arthur Halifax MZ451
Nicolson G P Lancaster ND525
Nicolson Donald Tofft
Niczewski Stefan Vickers Wellington Z1282
Nidelman B D Hampden AT185
Niedzwiecki Kazimierz Hawker Hurricane L324
Nield R A Halifax LW259
Nield Eric Wellington T2464
Nield Robert Alexander
Nielsen R Spitfire AB507
Nielsen M B Halifax RG475
Nielsen M W Halifax NA503
Nielsen Murray Wilton
Nielsen Walter Kenrick
Nielsen Niels R. B-17 43-38445
Nielson S W Lancaster ME503
Nielson C M Halifax HX272
Nielson Searn Wrist
Nielsor H L Lancaster DV196
Niemczyk Maksymilian Wellington T2612
Niemeczek Teofil Vickers Wellington Z1269
Niemi Albert V P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Niemiec Tadeusz Lancaster PA160
Niemiec P Spitfire AD321
Nieruchalski (Johnstone) Kazimierz (Kenneth) Lancaster LL857
Nieszkodny Adam Bolesław Avro Lancaster PB854
Niewiadomski Stanislaw Vickers Wellington Z1379
Niewiara A Spitfire P8696
Niewiara Andrzej Supermarine Spitfire P8696
Niewolski Marian Ludwik Wellington X9687
Niezręcki Wacław Tadeusz Wellington Z1397
Nightingale R R Lancaster ND948
Nightingale Hampden AE311
Nightingale R Halifax MZ408
Nightingale W E Lancaster RA500
Nightingale J Whitley P5109
Nightingale J H Halifax W7922
Nightingale E I Hampden AE141
Nightingale A Wellington Z1610
Nightingale E W Boston W8374
Nightingale H A Lancaster DS759
Nightingale H Lancaster DS712
Nightingale L H Lancaster ND672
Nightingale L H Lancaster JB229
Nightingale N W Lancaster NN772
Nightingale F K Stirling BF379
Nightingarl J W Wellington T2900
Nikonow Witalis Miles Magister N7955
Nilen T A Lancaster NF917
Niles R E Halifax LK879
Niles R F Lancaster NN739
Nilon Arthur James
Nilski Wellington R1392
Nilson F R Halifax LK762
Niman Whitley P4966
Niman Whitley P4952
Nimmo J A H Lancaster ND420
Nimmo R F Halifax LW136
Nimmo R A Lancaster DS721
Nimmo N D Lancaster DV288
Nimmo H D Mosquito KB430
Nimmo D McL Halifax MZ750
Nimmo James Andrew Harold
Nimmon R F Halifax MZ314
Nind C B P Whitley BD275
Nind J A W Stirling LJ621
Nineham R E Lancaster LL976
Nineham D L Blenheim L8829
Niner A K C Boston Z2231
Ninness Gordon Norman
Nipper Arthur Walter William Stirling LK133
Nipper G R Lancaster ED418
Nippert Clifton Walter B-17 43-38046
Nireault J F Lancaster ME683
Nisbet William Wellington BJ830
Nisbet G D Halifax W1217
Nisbet Robert Albert Lancaster KB750
Nisbet W N Stirling BK628
Nisbett W G Lancaster ME857
Nisbett Wellington X3701
Nisbett K Wellington X3651
Nissen V R E Spitfire AB514
Nitelet A Spitfire W3254
Nitschke Richard Hasting
Nitschke Clemence Friedrich
Niven C M Lancaster ED541
Niven J B Spitfire BM451
Niven A T Halifax L9530
Niven John Brown
Niven Carswell Harold
Nixey P Stirling N3762
Nixon J J Manchester R5833
Nixon J E Halifax LW287
Nixon Thomas Reginald Halifax L9506
Nixon Thomas Reginald Lancaster ND470
Nixon Percy Dryden Hampden L4087
Nixon John Lancaster DV378
Nixon Jack Elwin McIntosh Lancaster LL862
Nixon J Whitley Z6946
Nixon Frederick William Stirling N3756
Nixon J E Halifax NR180
Nixon R W Halifax HR928
Nixon John Leonard Halifax LW366
Nixon G F Lancaster JB681
Nixon “Al” Harry William Lancaster ND641
Nixon J W Lancaster ND820
Nixon W M Whitley P495?
Nixon W Lancaster LM243
Nixon W Lancaster LM116
Nixon P F Lancaster DS647
Nixon B S Halifax W7775
Nixon H F Lancaster ME526
Nixon J R Typhoon MN863
Nixon G Stirling N3728
Nixon T L Lancaster LL889
Nixon C A Lancaster NG297
Nixon J E Halifax MZ817
Nixon A E Stirling EH927
Nixon Ernest Charles Halifax JP123
Nixon H J Spitfire MJ857
Nixon H J Spitfire NH344
Nixon Allan Finley Typhoon RB226
Nixon P Hampden L4153
Nixon N Lancaster ED453
Nixon G Lancaster NG199
Nixon R K Lancaster LM522
Nixon J T Lancaster JB486
Nixon G W Lancaster PB378
Nixon F J Lancaster DV294
Nixon G Lancaster PB356
Nixon R Lancaster ND590
Nixon D J Stirling EF191
Nixon John Frederic
Nixon Noel Louis
Nixon John Joseph
Nixon James Edwin
Nixon Frank Battle P2335
Niziński Bolesław Avro Lancaster PA185
Niżnik Adam Vickers Wellington HF492
Nizynski Jerzy Hawker Hurricane N2337
Noad C A S Lancaster ME587
Noakes G H Lancaster LL848
Noakes K T Blenheim V6195
Noakes S L Stirling BF512
Noakes E G Typhoon MN121
Noakes F W Wellington Not known
Noakes Leon Francis George Lancaster ND592
Noakes Gordon Hughie
Noar J Wellington LN292
Noar H Stirling BF462
Nobbs W J Wellington X9920
Noble F Halifax MZ914
Noble William Gershon Manchester L7462
Noble Dennis Hurricane P3179
Noble A Lancaster JB143
Noble Eric William Manchester L7470
Noble G A Lancaster W4967
Noble James Albert Lancaster PB177
Noble C D Stirling N3762
Noble G A Halifax MZ471
Noble S Wellington HE348
Noble D Halifax MZ420
Noble N A Lancaster R5700
Noble Archibald Thomas Lancaster L7578
Noble J Lancaster LM333
Noble D Lancaster LL774
Noble B B Lancaster LL750
Noble M P Lancaster EE195
Noble T Halifax BB328
Noble M P Wellington Z1342
Noble C A P Lancaster NN743
Noble W F Lancaster PD226
Noble G A Stirling EF450
Noble M E Lancaster ED604
Noble Carmen Douglas Wellington R1331
Noble W Lancaster ED450
Noble J I Halifax HR786
Noble G T Halifax MZ987
Noble L Lancaster W4767
Noble J T Hampden P1253
Noble A Halifax LK866
Noble F E Lancaster JA907
Noble J W Lancaster R5744
Noble James Ian Brisbane
Noble Keith Eric William
Noble Ian Richard Steele
Noble Richard Francis B--17 Lucky Lady 42-39941
Noble Daniel J P-38 Lightning
Nock P W W Hampden AE387
Nock H A Halifax JD262
Nockels Leslie Stirling R9241
Nocoń Piotr Vickers Wellington Z1285
Noddle-Wrigley R A Lancaster LL703
Nodes P A Ventura AJ188
Nodrum Eric Charles
Noel P C Wellington X3201
Noel J H Halifax LK885
Noel J C Stirling W7519
Noessen R I Lancaster PD393
Noga Herbert North American P-51d Mustang R411
Nogacki Stanisław Vickers Wellington HE327
Nogaj Zygmunt Vickers Wellington Z1467
Nogal Józef Wellington R1214
Noirot M Halifax NR226
Noiseux J R Halifax MZ683
Nokes-Cooper B Blenheim N3601
Nola D L Wellington R3169
Nolan W G Halifax JD364
Nolan A W Lancaster EE185
Nolan M J Lancaster PB266
Nolan D K Stirling R9278
Nolan Thomas Harold Lancaster ND330
Nolan Richard Lancaster RA515
Nolan J G Lancaster W4362
Nolan D J Wellington Z8835
Nolan S A Mosquito KB472
Nolan S A Mosquito KB449
Nolan W J Battle L4946
Nolan J L Lancaster NG321
Nolan M Wellington P2526
Nolan M Wellington P9269
Nolan C D Manchester R5794
Nolan G C K Hampden P4382
Nolan F T Lancaster ND636
Nolan P J Lancaster ND693
Nolan A Lancaster PD368
Nolan J H Stirling BK626
Nolan Colin John
Nolan Alan William
Nolan Mervyn Francis
Nolan William George
Nolan Colm Liberator EW631
Nolan Francis A P-47 Thunderbolt
Noll L O Lancaster JA849
Nolthenius Henri Paul Jules Tutein Hurricane Z4922
Nonnenmacher Nicholas T P-47 Thunderbolt`
Nono Vincent Anthony Lancaster ED451
Noodle K Whitley Z6555
Noon H C Lancaster ND754
Noon F Wellington DF615
Noon-Ward R G Stirling LJ559
Noon-Ward R G Stirling LJ617
Noonan V O Wellington BK270
Noonan J W R Halifax MZ712
Noonan G B Halifax NR178
Noonan Francis Arthur
Noonan Vincent Ormerod
Norboys N Lancaster ND337
Norbury P W Lancaster ND761
Norbury Ralph Vardon
Norcross S Whitley Z6672
Norcross H P Wellington X3540
Norcross H Stirling EF181
Norcutt J E Lancaster NF988
Norcutt J E Lancaster ND902
Nordbye G L Lancaster DV367
Nordheimer K A Lancaster PB239
Nordin G M Halifax LW713
Nordon A A Wellington Z8397
Norejko Stephen Lawrence Halifax MZ463
Norejko S L Halifax MZ900
Norem M R Lancaster PB563
Noren P O K Lancaster PA996
Norfolk Norman Robert Spitfire K9938
Norfolk W J Halifax W1064
Norfolk H Halifax W1114
Norgaard J Halifax LK667
Norgate Kenneth Lancaster R5742
Norgate M J Wellington BK507
Norgate J K Lancaster PA991
Norgrove J Lancaster ME721
Norie K R Halifax JN910
Norley Louis H P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Norley Louis H P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Norley Louis H P-51 Mustang
Norley Louis H P-51 Mustang
Norley Louis H P-47 Thunderbolt
Norley Louis H P-47 Thunderbolt
Norley Louis H P-51 Mustang
Norley Louis H P-51 Mustang
Norley Louis H P-51 Mustang
Norley Louis H P-51 Mustang
Norman A Wellington Z8403
Norman R A Lancaster EE202
Norman William David Spitfire AB496
Norman Eric George Hampden AD796
Norman William Ronald Wellington R1495
Norman Edward Vincent Lancaster R5610
Norman E A Ventura AE726
Norman John T Spitfire AR440
Norman R F Stirling BK776
Norman A W Blenheim N6238
Norman F Hampden AE391
Norman Hampden AD919
Norman W E Stirling R9327
Norman R J Lancaster ND570
Norman K Spitfire TB627
Norman H J Lancaster ND643
Norman Wellington P9249
Norman K A Mosquito NT433
Norman A Hampden AE366
Norman J Lancaster KB719
Norman Hampden AD981
Norman G H Lancaster ND515
Norman V E Lancaster PB469
Norman R H Lancaster HK536
Norman A J Lancaster PB804
Norman R H Lancaster JB413
Norman F Lancaster ED472
Norman A A Wellington W5445
Norman C T Blenheim L1147
Norman J Lancaster W4898
Norman E W Lancaster LM756
Norman W C Lancaster PB412
Norman G L Whitley N1351
Norman J Halifax LW230
Norman Lawrence Dudley Whitley T4203
Norman A J Blenheim N3553
Norman A B Lancaster R5620
Norman N Wellington BK463
Norman Wellington Z8947
Norman Alexander
Norman Ernest Edward
Norman Allan Leslie
Norman John Henry
Norman William David
Norman Jack
Norman Harold C P-51 Mustang
Norman J Fortier P-47 Thunderbolt
Norman J Fortier P-47 Thunderbolt
Norman J Fortier P-47 Thunderbolt
Norman J Fortier P-51 Mustang
Norman J Fortier P-51 Mustang
Norman J Fortier P-51 Mustang
Norman Robert L P-47 Thunderbolt
Norman-Arterton H W C Blenheim L8758
Normandale J R Lancaster KB711
Normandin Alexander James Lancaster JB122
Normanton P H Wellington BK501
Normanville P E Stirling N6095
Normington Derek Harry Wellington X3598
Normington J E Mosquito NS929
Normoyle Francis Robert Mustang FD546
Normoyle Francis Robert
Normyle John Hillary
Norquay C J C Halifax LW269
Norr Francis M P-47 Thunderbolt`
Norr Francis M P-47 Thunderbolt`
Norr Francis M P-47 Thunderbolt`
Norregaard A Halifax W7667
Norreys P J Halifax EB243
Norrie T L J Wellington R1266
Norrington D Battle
Norrington H S Stirling EE890
Norrington D Lancaster W4846
Norris Alister Raymond Wellington N2904
Norris Basil Halifax W7933
Norris Samuel Halifax JD414
Norris James Lancaster NN750
Norris Alick Clem Lancaster LM742
Norris W W Halifax LV881
Norris K Lancaster JB746
Norris J R Wellington X3484
Norris J Lancaster KB718
Norris A W Halifax HX291
Norris D M Lancaster LM491
Norris Francis William Spitfire BM232
Norris J A Whitley T4260
Norris H T Wellington Z8502
Norris S Lancaster DV224
Norris P B Halifax BB329
Norris W Stirling LK388
Norris Raymond Geoffrey Lancaster LM121
Norris Wellington X3451
Norris A M H Halifax NR251
Norris F Stirling EE964
Norris Blenheim L9269
Norris P P Hurricane P3348
Norris J E Wellington R1324
Norris N B Hampden L4153
Norris E Lancaster LM592
Norris E Lancaster ND698
Norris S G Lancaster JA676
Norris A H Whitley Z6482
Norris R W Lancaster DS669
Norris W T N Lancaster ND879
Norris A B Halifax MZ508
Norris J T W G Lancaster PB378
Norris Samuel Lancaster LL782
Norris Louis Robert Martin Stirling W7501
Norris R Stirling R9260
Norris R Lancaster JB184
Norris F Halifax DK171
Norris J W Halifax HX241
Norris R Hampden L4093
Norris S G Lancaster ND922
Norris I H Stirling BK718
Norris Stanley Charles
Norris Reginald George
Norris Roy Edgar
Norris Sidney Robert
Norris Eric Maxwell Sherwin
Norris Thomas E P-51 Mustang
Norris Thomas E P-51 Mustang
Norrish G H Halifax MZ916
Norse R O Lancaster PB530
Norstrom John Julius B-17 43-37713
Norsworthy R K Lancaster PB678
Norsworthy Robert Keith
North C P Halifax DT554
North Harold Leslie 'Knockers'
North W Lancaster EE186
North Geoffrey John Lancaster ME367
North E Lancaster LM364
North A C Blenheim T2118
North F J Stirling MZ261
North G Hurricane N2583
North L J Halifax HX148
North W R E Lancaster DS723
North H L Hurricane V7529
North H Lancaster ED524
North R Lancaster ED546
North R A Ventura AE684
North T L Lancaster ED445
North H A A Wellington Z8868
North L Lancaster JB420
North J Spitfire EN571
North S A J Halifax JB838
North J Wellington X3226
North R Wellington Z8975
North Charles Peter
North Hunter Arthur Aubrey
North Albert B P-51 Mustang
North Albert B P-51 Mustang
North-Lewis J P Blenheim R3916
North-Lewis C D Typhoon RB208
North-Lewis W E Halifax JB806
Northard Edward Stirling EH996
Northcliffe L Halifax JD464
Northcoat D H Halifax DK225
Northcote Douglas Roland Lancaster LL799
Northcott Cyril James Wellington R1627
Northcott H A J Wellington X3701
Northcott D G Lancaster LM225
Northcott D G Lancaster LL917
Northcott Hurricane
Northend J E Lancaster W4192
Northern Edward Halifax LW476
Northey D Wellington X3762
Northfield D D Wellington BJ841
Northmore Darius Bede
Northover G W H Lancaster W4951
Northover D L Stirling EF502
Northover D L Stirling EF494
Northridge Robert Edward Hamilton Wellington MP615
Northrop K E Hampden AT129
Northrop Leo W P-47 Thunderbolt
Northway H G Halifax JD405
Northway William Thomas
Northwood H R Hampden AD800
Norton Charles Russell Lancaster JA858
Norton W W R Wellington Z1143
Norton Franklin Thomas Typhoon JR139
Norton H G Lancaster ED433
Norton Douglas Frederick William Hampden AE438
Norton George Charles William Lancaster ED556
Norton Frank Blenheim V6493
Norton R F Stirling N3718
Norton J S Hampden AE288
Norton D B Halifax NA505
Norton W C Stirling R9306
Norton W G Lancaster LL866
Norton K R Halifax HX164
Norton H N Lancaster JB359
Norton A Wellington X3988
Norton F Lancaster
Norton H Wellington HE349
Norton F J Lancaster PD296
Norton L V Halifax HX169
Norton C B Halifax JB898
Norton Harry Arthur Lancaster W4831
Norton J R Wellington HE149
Norton G H Lancaster ND468
Norton F D Lancaster ED661
Norton A G Stirling LK387
Norton H K Lancaster PD286
Norton L V Lancaster ND711
Norton A Halifax MZ562
Norton E A Stirling EF397
Norton P H Lancaster W4175
Norton A J Lancaster ND961
Norton William Wynes Robey
Norton Hartley Graham
Norton James William
Norton Robert Lindsay
Norton Charles Harry Whitley EB328
Norvell L Stirling W7444
Norvell E C Halifax MZ923
Norvell Robert A B-17 43-38078
Norwell John King ("Jock")
Norwood Brian Peter Spitfire EP251
Norwood G T Lancaster ND366
Norwood G T Halifax LL128
Noseda A R Mosquito DZ315
Noseda Arthur Raymond
Noseworthy G Liberator TT336
Noske J A Lancaster LL861
Noske John Alfred
Noske Jr. John B-24 42-51912
Nosowski J Spitfire MA791
Nosowski Stefan Kazimierz Airspeed Oxford HN207
Nossiter B T Spitfire AB792
Nossiter Bennett Thomas
Nosworthy L C Halifax LK659
Nosworthy A E Wellington Z8975
Notelle P Halifax NR229
Notley N F Halifax DK191
Notley J Lancaster NE114
Notley A Lancaster LL793
Notman Ashley William Frederick Stirling EH994
Noton L W Halifax HX174
Nott R L Halifax DT726
Nott Jack Stewart Halifax MZ698
Nott E C Halifax LV814
Nott Reginald Lance
Nott Jack Stewart
Nott Colin Archibald
Nottage Kenneth Ernest Lancaster PB172
Nottidge J J Manchester L7377
Nottingham T G Lancaster LL972
Nottle Murray Caunter Lancaster NG404
Nottle Harold Morris
Notton L P Halifax LL276
Nourse Arthur George Myers
Novak J Spitfire EP539
Novak H E Lancaster PB402
Novak A Lancaster LL905
Novak N Halifax MZ645
Novell J E Lancaster ME593
November John Blenheim L8610
Novick A Lancaster JB237
Novotny E Wellington L7844
Nowacki Czech Jerzy Wellington Z1317
Nowacki Stanisław Vickers Wellington HF198
Nowacki Czech Jerzy Liberator BZ858
Nowak Marian Lancaster LL857
Nowak Kazimierz Wellington Z8528
Nowak W Spitfire P8247
Nowak T Spitfire AB927
Nowak Bernard Lancaster PD383
Nowak Alfons Antoni Szymon Vickers Wellington W5374
Nowak Bernard Avro Lancaster PD383
Nowak Czeslaw Jan Supermarine Spitfire JF540
Nowak Feliks De Havilland Mosquito DT244
Nowak Julian De Havilland Mosquito DD637
Nowak Jan Michal Wellington Z1472
Nowak Leon
Nowak Marian Leszek Vickers Wellington HZ575
Nowak Tadeusz Supermarine Spitfire AB927
Nowakiewicz Eugeniusz Jan Adam Spitfire BL549
Nowakowski P Wellington R1640
Nowakowski Piotr Mieczysław Wellington Z1271
Nowakowski Eugeniusz
Nowakowski Henryk Vickers Wellington Z1482
Nowell Bernard Felix Supermarine Walrus L2312
Nowell G L Hurricane P3550
Nowell D C Halifax LW696
Nowell G L Hurricane L1614
Nowell Gareth Leofric
Nowicki Adolf Jan Consolidated Liberator EW148
Nowicki Bogusław Vickers Wellington Z1183
Nowierski Tadeusz Spitfire N3223
Nowinski Zdzislaw Antoni Halifax W7776
Nowlan S R Lancaster W4320
Nowlan John Walter Wellington W5532
Nowlan J H Y Halifax LM684
Nowlan Wellington W5517
Nowland Francis Edward Lancaster DV387
Nowland Francis Edward
Nowlin Hollis R P-51 Mustang
Nowlin Hollis R P-51 Mustang
Nowosielski B Mustang FB174
Nowotarski Mieczysław Vickers Wellington Z8406
Noyes Donald William Martin Baltimore FW553
Noyes L Lancaster JB596
Noyes P R Halifax LK791
Noyes F J Lancaster ME838
Noyes S.A. Wellington DV840 (some publications list it as DV480)
Noyes Crosby S P-47 Thunderbolt
Noyes Glen P-47 Thunderbolt
Nozzolillo L J Lancaster KB804
Nubley John Greener Wellington T2556
Nuckols Ernest B Jr P-38 Lightning
Nugent Walter Crone Wellington HF915
Nugent Kingsley Osbern George
Nugent J A Wellington DV434
Nugent C S Lancaster W4187
Nugent Royden Leslie Beaufighter RD463
Nugent R H Battle P2333
Nugent R H Battle L5238
Nugent J Lancaster PB428
Nugent J P Lancaster ED702
Nugent W C Lancaster ED706
Nugent L Halifax HX241
Nugent John Lovell Parer
Nundy B Lancaster PB371
Nunez G A Lancaster ED838
Nunn H K Lancaster LM205
Nunn Robert Arthur Stirling BK692
Nunn J H Lancaster ED653
Nunn D A Wellington HX263
Nunn C W Lancaster DV329
Nunn G S Wellington X9977
Nunn V W J Lancaster ED312
Nunn V W J Lancaster JB459
Nunn V W J Lancaster JB187
Nunn J L Manchester L7384
Nunn Leslie Edrich
Nunn Kenneth Stanley
Nunn G A Halifax L9618
Nunn-Pattrick Kenneth Brennan
Nunns N Lancaster LL837
Nunns N Lancaster LL838
Nunziato H Halifax LV960
Nurse J R Lancaster HK548
Nurse Reginald Sydney Halifax HR754
Nurse Reginald Sydney Lancaster DS844
Nurse P Halifax DT741
Nursey Ian Arthur
Nussey Albert de Wet Wellington LN385
Nutbrown R L Halifax MZ763
Nute R R J Blenheim YP-X
Nutik L Stirling R9263
Nutley B Lancaster R5734
Nutman J R Halifax LW425
Nutt James Arthur Wellington HP891
Nutt Joseph Henry Lancaster JB542
Nutt J H Lancaster JB354
Nutt B H Lancaster W4931
Nutt Halifax W1145
Nutt F A M Lancaster ED435
Nutt J A Whitley Z6567
Nutt P N Manchester L7324
Nuttal A C Hampden X3127
Nuttall Raymond Robin Henry Whitley P4954
Nuttall F T Halifax BB324
Nuttall Wellington R1468
Nuttall N H Stirling N3654
Nuttall C W Halifax LV790
Nuttall F Lancaster R5843
Nuttall R H Stirling EH892
Nuttall H Halifax JD410
Nuttall R G Lancaster LL847
Nuttall R E G Lancaster ND671
Nuttall J Lancaster W4798
Nuttall N T Lancaster PB737
Nuttall F Halifax MZ930
Nuttall S Lancaster JB671
Nuttall Squire Halifax, Lancaster
Nutter G E Halifax W7884
Nutter D E Lancaster LL852
Nutter Marion J P-47 Thunderbolt
Nutter Marion J P-51 Mustang
Nutter Marion J P-51 Mustang
Nutting S H Lancaster JB369
Nuttman D J Lancaster DV332
Nyc Jaroslav Wellington R1718
Nye A E Lancaster LL677
Nye R G Lancaster PD221
Nye D E Lancaster ED989
Nygaard S Spitfire BL386
Nykerk H Wellington W5386
Nyland J P Lancaster ED875
Nystrom Stanley Arthur Lancaster LM121
Nystrom Stanley Arthur
O'Barr William C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
O'Boyle T D Halifax JD201
O'Brart David Frederick Robert Stirling BK690
O'Bree H G J Lancaster LM545
O'Brien G V Lancaster ME749
O'Brien G J P Lancaster RA503
O'Brien A J Lancaster W4988
O'Brien J H Halifax MZ307
O'Brien C Lancaster ED539
O'Brien J O Manchester L7387
O'Brien J L Lancaster DS735
O'Brien Desmond Henry Patrick Lancaster DV387
O'Brien Michael Wellington X3607
O'Brien R C Wellington W5392
O'Brien Donald Kempton Hampden AD826
O'Brien J A Halifax NP743
O'Brien H J S Spitfire MK731
O'Brien C O Boston W8326
O'Brien L T Halifax LV970
O'Brien W W Wellington HE656
O'Brien D J Halifax LW584
O'Brien H E Lancaster JB144
O'Brien C E Halifax LW555
O'Brien S Halifax L9602
O'Brien Harry Lancaster
O'Brien B Lancaster LL936
O'Brien L P Halifax NA167
O'Brien W Lancaster ED374
O'Brien W D C Lancaster ED618
O'Brien J J Lancaster W4828
O'Brien D G Battle P2200
O'Brien D W Lancaster LL910
O'Brien M T Wellington Z1207
O'Brien J Stirling EF202
O'Brien J B Lancaster JB113
O'Brien C Wellington DV763
O'Brien J T Halifax DG406
O'Brien P L Wellington LN716
O'Brien W Lancaster DV183
O'Brien J S Blenheim X
O'Brien Michael William Mosquito RS577
O'Brien J S Spitfire P9466
O'Brien F P Beaufighter R2184
O'Brien P A Lancaster ND701
O'Brien J A Spitfire NH835
O'Brien W S Wellington W5490
O'Brien J F Halifax W1109
O'Brien P G St G Spitfire
O'Brien W F Hampden AD962
O'Brien G J Lancaster LM373
O'Brien P P G Wellington HF569
O'Brien J Lancaster RF138
O'Brien J B Whitley P4982
O'Brien J F Stirling N6087
O'Brien Stirling BF518
O'Brien Whitley N1352
O'Brien R Lancaster LM302
O'Brien Joseph Somerton
O'Brien S.G. Lancaster PB591
O'Brien Claude R P-47 Thunderbolt`
O'Brien Gilbert M P-51 Mustang
O'Brien Gilbert M P-51 Mustang
O'Brien Gilbert M P-51 Mustang
O'Brien Gilbert M P-51 Mustang
O'Brien Gilbert M P-51 Mustang
O'Brien Gilbert M P-51 Mustang
O'Brien Gilbert M P-51 Mustang
O'Brien William R P-51 Mustang
O'Brien William R P-51 Mustang
O'Brien William R P-51 Mustang
O'Brien William R P-51 Mustang
O'Brien William R P-51 Mustang
O'Brien William R P-51 Mustang
O'Brien (Obrien) Bernard Michael
O'Brien (Obrien) Allan William
O'Brien (Obrien) George John Patrick
O'Brien (Obrien) John Francis
O'Brien (Obrien) William James Martin
O'Brien (Obrien) Albert John
O'Brien (Obrien) Cecil Terence
O'Brien (Obrien) Vernon Keith
O'Brien (Obrien) Cecil
O'Brien (Obrien) John Ormond
O'Brien (Obrien) John Leo
O'Brien (Obrien) John George
O'Bryan W E H Mosquito PF387
O'Bryan William C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
O'Bryne Justin Hilary Spitfire P7682
O'Bryne J S Hudson T9439
O'Bryne William Kevin Charles Wellington BJ596
O'Bryne Peter Hurricane V7595
O'Byrne Thomas Patrick Beaufort L9866
O'Callaghan F Halifax LV883
O'Callaghan Poraumati Lancaster LM232
O'Callaghan M A Lancaster PD394
O'Callaghan E Typhoon JP550
O'Callaghan C Stirling N3763
O'Callaghan P J A Lancaster ED657
O'Callaghan J Halifax MZ939
O'Callaghan (Ocallaghan) Edward
O'Carroll Francis Lancaster DV156
O'Connell Lawrence James Oxford EB506
O'Connell F Lancaster ND731
O'Connell C Halifax JB909
O'Connell C Halifax DT673
O'Connell B G Lancaster NF977
O'Connell P F Lancaster ND729
O'Connell Cornelius Frederick Stirling EH876
O'Connell G F L Lancaster LL955
O'Connell R J Blenheim Z7299
O'Connell Thomas Harold Halifax JB925
O'Connell J C Lancaster KB710
O'Connell C F Wellington W5611
O'Connell T E Halifax W7746
O'Connell B Lancaster DV218
O'Connell W R Lancaster HK767
O'Connell P Stirling BK808
O'Connell P J A Halifax V NP757
O'Connell R J Lancaster DV263
O'Connell P Stirling EH896
O'Connell P Stirling BK720
O'Connell J M Halifax RG507
O'Connell Francis J P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Connell Russell A P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Connell William P P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
O'Connell (Oconnell) Patrick John
O'Connell (Oconnell) Peter
O'Connell (Oconnell) Edward
O'Connell (Oconnell) Edward John
O'Connell (Oconnell) Francis Emanuel
O'Connell (Oconnell) John Bonaventure
O'Connell (Oconnell) Paul Francis
O'Connell (Oconnell) Brian
O'Connelley Kenneth Halifax R9488
O'Connelly (Oconnelly) W Lancaster ED612
O'Connoll K B Stirling EE957
O'Connor J W Lancaster JA902
O'Connor Henry John Lancaster NG119
O'Connor J C Lancaster LL773
O'Connor J M B Halifax JB923
O'Connor J M B Halifax DT623
O'Connor Harold Morris Halifax NA184
O'Connor W M J Halifax HX277
O'Connor S T Ventura AE957
O'Connor C J Lancaster DV227
O'Connor Brian John
O'Connor Arthur Sidney Halifax JD273
O'Connor G E P Lancaster W4261
O'Connor C Lancaster W4959
O'Connor M Lancaster ND564
O'Connor Blenheim P6887
O'Connor J B Tempest JN869
O'Connor Hampden AT173
O'Connor E A Lancaster LL859
O'Connor A B Lancaster LM512
O'Connor Edward
O'Connor Harold Widdrington Halifax DG413
O'Connor Frank Q P-51 Mustang
O'Connor Frank Q P-51 Mustang
O'Connor Frank Q P-51 Mustang
O'Connor Frank Q P-51 Mustang
O'Connor Frank Q P-51 Mustang
O'Connor Frank Q P-51 Mustang
O'Connor Frank Q P-51 Mustang
O'Connor Frank Q P-51 Mustang
O'Connor Frank Q P-51 Mustang
O'Connor Wayne J P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Connor Wayne J P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Connor (Oconnor) Edmond Vincent
O'Connor (Oconnor) Ian
O'Connor (Oconnor) Arthur James
O'Connor (Oconnor) Eric Matthew Montagu
O'Connor (Oconnor) Ronald Kevin Critchley
O'Connor (Oconnor) Raymond
O'Day D N Lancaster R5636
O'Dea Walter David Barry Lancaster DS817
O'Dea T J Lancaster EE140
O'Dea Ronald Patrick
O'Dea Donald John
O'Dell Elmer W P-51 Mustang
O'Dell A R Halifax DT570
O'Dell C P Whitley Z6564
O'Donnell B J Halifax LK827
O'Donnell William John Lancaster DS843
O'Donnell Terence Brendon Lancaster HE644
O'Donnell C F Halifax MZ372
O'Donnell B J Ventura AE680
O'Donnell D K Stirling W7637
O'Donnell P J Lancaster ED725
O'Donnell J Wellington R1794
O'Donnell D C Lancaster JB595
O'Donnell R J Lancaster RF124
O'Donnell Gerald M P-38 Lightning
O'Donnell William J P-51 Mustang
O'Donnell James Lancaster ME863
O'Donnell (Odonnell) Frederick Mervyn
O'Donnell (Odonnell) Colin
O'Donnell (Odonnell) Eric John
O'Donnell (Odonnell) John Patrick
O'Donnell (Odonnell) John Donald
O'Donnell (Odonnell) William John
O'Donnell (Odonnell) Hector Squire
O'Donnell (Odonnell) Brian John
O'Donoghue Eugene Thomas John Wellington BK250
O'Donoghue E Lancaster LL951
O'Donoghue D Lancaster EE202
O'Donoghue (Odonoghue) C Lancaster ED626
O'Donoghue (Odonoghue) Desmond Pius
O'Donohue P F Lancaster ME365
O'Donohue (Odonohue) Thomas John
O'Donohue (Odonohue) Patrick Francis
O'Donovan M J Halifax LK900
O'Donovan G W Lancaster ND737
O'Dowd Albert William Wellington Z1573
O'Dowd K P Mosquito DD643
O'Dowd (Odowd) Vincent Brendan
O'Dowola J F Halifax LW497
O'Driscoll Michael Francis Wellington X3943
O'Driscoll J D Lancaster LM219
O'Driscoll D J Halifax W1045
O'Dwyer Edmond William Wellington HZ262
O'Dwyer F A Stirling W7632
O'dwyer John Ignatius Ventura NZ4520
O'Dwyer F Halifax LW229
O'Dwyer J V Lancaster DV201
O'Dwyer (Odwyer) Arthur Francis
O'Dwyer (Odwyer) Edmond William
O'Dwyer (Odwyer) Frank
O'Farrell P T Lancaster DS675
O'Farrell J E E Lancaster PB400
O'Farrell J H Stirling BF458
O'Farrell Edward E Mustang AG463
O'Farrell (Ofarrell) Patrick Thomas
O'Farrell (Ofarrell) Raymond Herbert
O'Gara Rupert Clark Beaufighter X8623
O'Gorman T Lancaster NG185
O'Gorman Oxford V4022
O'Gorman (Ogorman) Shane Anthony Vernon
O'Gorman (Ogorman) Hamilton James
O'Grady A Mosquito KB271
O'Grady J L Wellington BJ729
O'Grady L M Halifax LW582
O'Grady John Edward Halifax W1251
O'Grady J M Blenheim L8751
O'Grady F J Halifax JD152
O'Grady J E Mosquito DZ371
O'Grady John Brian De Courcy Lancaster ED735
O'Grady Wellington Z1144
O'Grady (Ogrady) John Daniel
O'Grady (Ogrady) Francis John
O'Hagan W G Spitfire AD489
O'Hagan J J Wellington HZ357
O'Hagan J Lancaster PB751
O'Hair Huston H P-51 Mustang
O'Hair Huston H P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Hair O S Lancaster W4338
O'Halloran D M L Lancaster PD397
O'Halloran John Daniel Wellington DV552
O'Halloran W E Lancaster W4305
O'Halloran T A Lancaster HK555
O'Halloran (Ohalloran) Desmond Michael Leonid
O'Halloran (Ohalloran) John Daniel
O'Hanley G J Halifax W7918
O'Hanlon F F Lancaster ED878
O'Hara David B P-51 Mustang
O'Hara D G Lancaster ND970
O'Hara Bernard William Wellington Z8788
O'Hara J B Halifax HX320
O'Hara L F Lancaster KB754
O'Hara H M Halifax LK648
O'Hara James Warren Lancaster JA850
O'Hara H F Lancaster LM514
O'Hara L W Stirling BF353
O'Hara A R Stirling N3751
O'Hara G C P Wellington HZ485
O'Hara L Lancaster R5640
O'Hara A
O'Hara (Ohara) Bernard Aloysius
O'Hara (Ohara) Douglas Glen
O'Hara-Murray R Typhoon JP536
O'Hare Manchester L7317
O'Hare F E F Halifax JB920
O'Hare J F Hampden AD834
O'Hare Terence Patrick Halifax HR867
O'Hare (Ohare) Terence Patrick
O'Hea (Ohea) Geoffrey Albert
O'Heare R E Halifax HX279
O'Heney W P Blenheim L9414
O'Kane T L Halifax NR126
O'Kane E Lancaster ED526
O'Keefe Claude Edward John Halifax W7822
O'Keefe Claude Edward John Halifax W1252
O'Keefe Ralph Hampden AD848
O'Keefe E F Halifax MZ903
O'Keefe John Harris Baltimore FW740
O'Keefe J W Lancaster PA170
O'Keefe (Okeefe) Geoffrey Aldysius
O'Keefe (Okeefe) John Harris
O'Keefe (Okeefe) Andrew Frederick
O'Keeffe (Okeeffe) Bernard Maurice
O'Keeffe (Okeeffe) Daniel Joseph
O'Keeffe (Okeeffe) Claude Edward John
O'Kelly M B Spitfire NH265
O'Kill P G Halifax DT791
O'Leary M J Lancaster LL846
O'Leary J R Whitley Z9159
O'Leary P T Spitfire BS172
O'Leary J P Halifax DK257
O'Leary L S Halifax LW128
O'Leary L F Wellington HZ521
O'Leary M B Halifax LW594
O'Leary P W Lancaster LM237
O'Leary O A Lancaster EE147
O'Leary G Halifax LV882
O'Leary P J Lancaster PB144
O'Leary W K Hampden P4404
O'Leary T T Lancaster ED426
O'Leary J Lancaster JB234
O'Leary A A Beaufighter R2091
O'Leary J Lancaster PB702
O'Leary (Oleary) Patrick Joseph
O'Loghlen (Ologhlen) Patrick Francis
O'Loghlen (Ologhlen) Ross Bryan
O'Loghlin (Ologhlin) V J Lancaster HK596
O'Loughlin M Lancaster LM653
O'Loughlin (Oloughlin) Dennis Michael
O'Loughlin (Oloughlin) Justin Vincent
O'Loughlin (Oloughlin) Patrick John Martin
O'Mahony J C Lancaster DV370
O'Malley Derek Keppel Coleridge Defiant N1628
O'Malley P.J. Beaufighter KV976
O'Malley M A Lancaster W4319
O'Malley W A Wellington DV890
O'Malley W Lancaster DV247
O'Malley (Omalley) Michael
O'Mara S T Stirling N6015
O'Marah T L Lancaster ME372
O'Meara J P Halifax NA508
O'Meara Patrick Peter Lancaster DV345
O'Meara P E Wellington Z1578
O'Meara James Joseph 'Orange' Spitfire
O'Meara James Joseph ("Orange")
O'Meara E N Halifax NP681
O'Meara (Omeara) John Patrick
O'Nan Robert G P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Nan Robert G P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Neil John Anthony
O'Neil John F P-51 Mustang
O'Neil F H Stirling LJ448
O'Neil T F Lancaster LM285
O'Neil D Stirling R9197
O'Neil Alton James Wellington X3932
O'Neil Grant Murray Lancaster ND493
O'Neil J Halifax JD473
O'Neil Whirlwind P7094
O'Neil Daniel Stirling R9165
O'Neil J A Whitley K8969
O'Neil (Oneil) Alfred Daniel
O'Neill H Halifax BB204
O'Neill Howard Charles Halifax LW246
O'Neill J C Lancaster W4382
O'Neill B F Halifax NP965
O'Neill R G Halifax LK763
O'Neill Francis Roy None - lost at sea after U'Boat attack on the transit ship Yngaren
O'Neill Wiliam Patrick Hermon Lancaster ND476
O'Neill Joseph Herbert Patrick Halifax MZ565
O'Neill Charles Lancaster R5659
O'Neill L W Halifax LW274
O'Neill P J Lancaster DS659
O'Neill W H Stirling N3665
O'Neill G C Wellington T2967
O'Neill B P Hurricane BE483
O'Neill F R Halifax DT741
O'Neill E L Lancaster NN697
O'Neill C J E Lancaster ND910
O'Neill T J Lancaster LM105
O'Neill W G Blenheim T2254
O'Neill Ronald Lancaster W4247
O'Neill R Wellington Z1618
O'Neill C Lancaster JB658
O'Neill J J Stirling EF343
O'Neill J P H Halifax W7784
O'Neill W Wellington HE398
O'Neill G C Lancaster DV361
O'Neill F R Halifax W7703
O'Neill J H Lancaster ND507
O'Neill D H Spitfire X4052
O'Neill B D Lancaster W4939
O'Neill W F Lancaster LL951
O'Neill G E Lancaster JB741
O'Neill J A Hurricane Z3090
O'Neill G J Halifax JD151
O'Neill J M T Lancaster W4155
O'Neill Eugene W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Neill Eugene W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Neill Eugene W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Neill Eugene W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Neill Eugene W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Neill Francis P-51 Mustang
O'Neill Robert E P-47 Thunderbolt`
O'Neill (Oneill) Francis Roy
O'Neill (Oneill) Francis James
O'Neill (Oneill) Howard Charles
O'Neill (Oneill) Thomas Edward
O'Neill (Oneill) Richard Benjamin
O'Neill (Oneill) James Cornelius
O'Neill (Oneill) Richard Glassen
O'Neill (Oneill) Robert Castle
O'Neill (Oneill) Benjamin Francis
O'Quinn A Wellington X3179
O'Reagan F P Wellington P9287
O'Reagon Michael R P-47 Thunderbolt`
O'Regan Daniel J Hampden L4203
O'Regan J P Lancaster ED775
O'Regan B J Lancaster NN739
O'Regan William T Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Reilly F.W. Lancaster NG412
O'Reilly R J Lancaster PB117
O'Reilly John M P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Reilly John Francis Halifax DT777
O'Reilly J P Wellington HZ519
O'Reilly E N Lancaster NE128
O'Reilly F W Lancaster PB403
O'Reilly J Lancaster ED993
O'Reilly L B Stirling N6017
O'Reilly J J Halifax R9456
O'Reilly (Oreilly) Francis Michael
O'Reilly (Oreilly) Roy Thomas
O'Reilly (Oreilly) Terence Blachford
O'Reilly (Oreilly) Edwin Nott
O'Reilly-Blackwood John Noel Blenheim L1280
O'Riordan Clifford Timothy Lancaster ED535
O'Riordan D P Stirling BF534
O'Riordan Daniel E P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Riordan (Oriordan) Clifford Timothy
O'Rorke (Ororke) Hugh
O'Rourke A F Wellington MS481
O'Rourke E J Lancaster PA190
O'Rourke J Halifax W7669
O'Rourke (Orourke) John Stephen
O'Shaughnessy E Halifax EB249
O'Shaughnessy T G Halifax HR678
O'Shaughnessy Thomas Vincent Lancaster ED918
O'Shea James H P-47 Thunderbolt
O'Shea R P Lancaster JB362
O'Shea P E Lancaster EE186
O'Shea Patrick Francis Stirling N6102
O'Shea W C Wellington BJ599
O'Shea H N Wellington Z8863
O'Shea F C J Lancaster PB814
O'Shea J O Lancaster ME800
O'Sullivan Kevin Thomas Anthony
O'Sullivan Walter R Jr P-51 Mustang
O'Sullivan Robert John Lancaster HK595
O'Sullivan J G Wellington X9812
O'Sullivan J G Wellington Z9812
O'Sullivan J W Halifax RG432
O'Sullivan Thomas Charles Lancaster JA706
O'Sullivan John Dennis Whitley Z6581
O'Sullivan Roy Leonard Wellington JA563
O'Sullivan Michael Joseph Lancaster W4179
O'Sullivan Francis William Stirling W7526
O'Sullivan D F Lancaster LM127
O'Sullivan D Stirling EH898
O'Sullivan J Halifax LV774
O'Sullivan D Lancaster RF120
O'Sullivan M J Wellington P9276
O'Sullivan (Osullivan) Robert John
O'Sullivan (Osullivan) John Gregory
O'Sullivan (Osullivan) John Kevin
O'Sullivan (Osullivan) George Joseph
O'Sullivan (Osullivan) Kenneth John
O'Sullivan (Osullivan) Thomas Charles
O'Toole L Halifax NA504
O'Toole T Halifax HR923
O’Carroll Patrick Samuel Stirling N6008
O’Connell Joseph Gregory B-17 Rationed Passion 42-30782
O’Donnell Richard W. B-17 Mohawk 42-31128
O’Donoghue Michael Sunderland
O’Hara John H. B-24 Perils of Pauline 42-95162
O’Keefe Harry Sunderland
O’Keefe (OKeefe) Michael Patrick Stirling EF498
Oak A A Lancaster PB814
Oak-Rhind D K Hurricane Z2511
Oak-Rhind David Knaggs
Oakeby H E Halifax NP706
Oakes R M Lancaster DS720
Oakes R M Stirling BK663
Oakes William Bernard Wellington Z8780
Oakes Percy Pugh Stirling BF469
Oakes Edward Whitley Z6493
Oakes F G Lancaster R5904
Oakes F G Lancaster LL781
Oakes William Hugh Halifax NA184
Oakes J Halifax NR189
Oakes A S Boston W8354
Oakes C T Mustang AG472
Oakes Albert Joseph Wellington BJ967
Oakes T L Halifax MZ345
Oakes Ronald Mansfield
Oakes Leslie William
Oakes Walter Harold
Oakes Robert Wellington R1005
Oakeshott A R Mosquito DK294
Oakey A L A Lancaster RA564
Oakford Halifax W1045
Oakley Richard Arthur Beaufort L9835
Oakley G G Beaufighter R2304
Oakley E J Lancaster LL679
Oakley H L Battle
Oakley H L Battle K9333
Oakley E R C Stirling W7448
Oakley E R Stirling N6094
Oakley A E Blenheim P6911
Oakley J W Halifax LW653
Oakley L A Stirling BK666
Oakley J F Wellington BJ969
Oakley C E Halifax LK959
Oakley C Lancaster ND566
Oakley M A Lancaster LM587
Oakley F Halifax JD175
Oakley Albert Edward
Oakley Richard Arthur
Oakley Frederick John
Oakley Max Reginald
Oakley Robert G P-47 Thunderbolt
Oastler W A Hampden AE301
Oaten P Wellington X3389
Oates Norman Lancaster ME833
Oates Robert John Halifax MZ537
Oates H D Lancaster ED649
Oates H A Wellington Z1316
Oates H W Lancaster PD394
Oates W Hampden AT133
Oates V Lancaster PD314
Oates J E Blenheim T1889
Oates Herbert George Anzac
Oatridge K Halifax JB918
Oats Victor Rundle Mosquito SZ963
Oats R H Halifax W7825
Obard S Lancaster R5760
Obbard Joseph Lancaster W4180
Oberdak Czesław North American P-51D Mustang FX979
Oberg A E Lancaster ND475
Oberg Albert Edward
Oberhansly Jack J P-47 Thunderbolt
Oberhansly Jack J P-47 Thunderbolt
Oberhansly Jack J P-47 Thunderbolt
Oberhansly Jack J P-47 Thunderbolt
Oberhardt E Lancaster JB734
Oberhardt Edgar
Oberneck J C Lancaster NG417
Obiorek Stanislaw Vickers Wellington Z1082
Obiorek Stanislaw PZL P.23 Karas
Obminski C Lancaster LM141
Obright Vernon Patrick Halifax LK837
Obrycki Karol Jan Vickers Wellington HF606
Obrzut Franciszek
Obst Ronald Edwin
Obuchowski Jan
Ocelka A Spitfire MK682
Ochędzan Jan Andrzej Vickers Wellington HF598
Ochsner R D Lancaster DS726
Ockendon F C Wellington R1512
Ockerby H J Lancaster NF937
Ockwell C G Lancaster ME742
Oclee K E Halifax LW580
Odbert Reginald Vere Massey Wellington BK235
Oddan H E Lancaster KB713
Odden Ronald George Lancaster LM573
Oddie R Mosquito MM691
Oddie M H Halifax JB928
Oddie Neville Hargreaves
Oddy Frank Morton Wellington W2783
Oddy K W Halifax MZ516
Odegaard W J Halifax LK786
Odell D C Lancaster HK579
Odell J G Lancaster JA939
Odell E N Battle L4949
Odell G R Halifax NR172
Oden O H Typhoon JR245
Odendaal Johannes E.C. Lancaster DS690
Odendaal J E Stirling BK606
Odgers Thomas Rex Stirling EE913
Odgers Lindsay Joseph Fortress HB815
Odgers R J Lancaster PD294
Odgers G L Stirling EF129
Odgers David Archibald
Odgers Thomas Rex
Odgers Lindsay Joseph
Odgers Allan Howard
Odgers Harry Campbell
Odle A C Lancaster LM442
Odman H Spitfire MA409
Odobas Keith Earl Halifax NP723
Odom William W P-47 Thunderbolt
Odonnell Edmund Michael Wellington HF311
Ody H J Wellington Z8495
Oegg C R Lancaster PD309
Oele Jan Piet
Oelofse J R S Hurricane P3468
Oelrich Ronald Reginald
Oemcke Arthur E P-51 Mustang
Oertel S J Wellington Z1376
Oettle O J Whitley Z9223
Oettle Whitley T4165
Offen Edwin Marley Stirling BF463
Offenberg Jean Henri Marie 'Pyker' Spitfire AB188
Offer L Lancaster DS760
Offer K J Lancaster JB279
Offer A W Halifax MZ736
Offer Edward John
Offord W Lancaster DV301
Offord P A J Lancaster NG297
Offord C S Lancaster PD227
Offord E
Ofield D G M Lancaster ED973
Ofsthun Carroll W P-51 Mustang
Ogborne R H F Lancaster LM394
Ogden Colin Hampden AE223
Ogden J A Halifax W1042
Ogden C H Lancaster NE136
Ogden C H Lancaster JB278
Ogden S Lancaster W4938
Ogden J H F Halifax L9512
Ogden G Stirling
Ogden Frank M P-47 Thunderbolt
Ogden Harold A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Oger R M Halifax NA606
Ogg J B Lancaster KB817
Ogg Halifax W1051
Ogg J S Lancaster JB656
Ogg Lindsay Thomas
Ogger Harold R P-38 Lightning
Ogier M O Whitley Z9293
Ogilvie C C Wellington DV703
Ogilvie J H Lancaster LL847
Ogilvie R W Manchester R5833
Ogilvie J McV Lancaster JB549
Ogilvie W J Halifax LK923
Ogilvie S McC Halifax MZ314
Ogilvie S M Halifax LW136
Ogilvie P B B Stirling N3660
Ogilvie J F T Blenheim V6372
Ogilvie C G M Fortress HB787
Ogilvie P B B Spitfire ML206
Ogilvie M Halifax MZ461
Ogilvie A K Spitfire X4664
Ogilvie W D Lancaster JB706
Ogilvie A M Lancaster ED313
Ogilvie S C Wellington P9219
Ogilvie G S Wellington R1333
Ogilvie S C Wellington L7803
Ogilvie Charles
Ogilvie Creighton Carlyle
Ogilvie James Henderson
Ogilvie Robert William
Ogilvy A S Blenheim R3671
Ogilvy O M Lancaster JA710
Ogilvy James Sutherland Whitley BD276
Ogle T G Stirling BK759
Ogle T Halifax JD213
Oglesby E G Lancaster ED448
Ogley H Halifax LV957
Ogorzał Mieczysław Franciszek Avro Lancaster PA185
Ogrodnik T Wellington BK303
Ogrodnik Tadeusz Handley Page Halifax JD362
Ogrodnik Teodor Vickers Wellington BK303
Ogrodnik Zdzisław Vickers Wellington MP541
Ogston R W Lancaster DS732
Ogston Whitley Z6740
Ohlmeyer Robert John
Ohlson J O Lancaster LM119
Ohlson Jack Olof
Oien H S Lancaster DS774
Oiler Frank E P-51 Mustang
Oke Ernest Cameron Stirling LJ864
Oke H D Stirling BK709
Okill P C Halifax JD166
Okonski B P Wellington R1762
Okonski Brunon Pawel Vickers Wellington R1762
Okroj J Spitfire BL412
Oksiak J Spitfire SM398
Olafsen Gordon William Halifax NR118
Olander Richard B P-51 Mustang
Olander Richard B P-51 Mustang
Olander Richard B P-51 Mustang
Olander Philip Alfred B-17 Pistol Packin’ Mama 42-31213
Old O Lancaster LL959
Old G F Halifax EB253
Oldacre W J Lancaster JA690
Olde W J Mosquito DZ427
Olden William C P-47 Thunderbolt
Older George Wellington HZ863
Olderbolz Blenheim V6381
Oldershaw E M Halifax NP713
Oldershaw J L Lancaster W4364
Oldfield Trevor Guest Spitfire R6622
Oldfield William R. Wellington R1213
Oldfield J Lancaster LM516
Oldfield J Lancaster ME641
Oldfield R Lancaster W4864
Oldfield H S Lancaster DV339
Oldfield J H R Hampden P2082
Oldfield J A Halifax W1064
Oldfield L A Lancaster PB450
Oldfield S Lancaster PB669
Oldham E M Spitfire BL249
Oldham Gordon Williams Lancaster LL920
Oldham W G Mosquito PZ349
Oldham L P Lancaster W5012
Oldham J Lancaster DS661
Oldham E B Lancaster DV164
Oldham E B Lancaster EE199
Oldham P T C Stirling W7638
Oldham E A Lancaster W4780
Oldham H Halifax LV872
Oldham J W Lancaster NE121
Oldham R.
Oldham Edward Murray
Olding E A Wellington HE213
Olding J G McD Lancaster W4305
Olding J D Halifax JB846
Oldland Blenheim N6176
Oldman H S Halifax L9508
Oldman J K Halifax JB860
Oldmeadow Fenton Charles Lancaster ED353
Oldmeadow Fenton Charles
Oldmixon Jr. Leon Eugene Lancaster ND404
Oldridge D S Wellington BK306
Oldridge John Pomeroy
Oldrieve Francis Reginald Baltimore AG796
Oldroyd E Halifax LW653
Oldroyd T H Halifax MZ434
Oldroyd W Halifax W7929
Olds F R Fortress HB796
Olds Robin P-38 Lightning
Olds Robin P-38 Lightning
Olds Robin P-51 Mustang
Olds Robin P-51 Mustang
Olds Robin P-51 Mustang
Olds Robin P-51 Mustang
Olds Robin P-51 Mustang
Olds Robin P-51 Mustang
Oleinikoff Peter Matthew
Olender Jozef
Olenoski W Lancaster KB752
Ołenyn Eugeniusz Wellington R1696
Oles Kazimierz Vickers Wellington R3280
Oles Tadeusz Vickers Wellington R1413
Oleswski I Spitfire TB250
Olewinski Boleslaw Hawker Hurricane V6560
Olewinski Kazimierz Hawker Hurricane L1714
Oleynik P P Halifax NA584
Oliphant M L Lancaster NE170
Oliphint John H. P-51 Mustang
Oliphint John H. P-51 Mustang
Olive Q M Halifax NA558
Olive J E Lancaster LL746
Olive J Wellington T2550
Olive R E Halifax JD383
Olive J P Lancaster ND415
Olive Melville Arthur Chaloner
Oliver Claudius William Samuel Stirling R9162
Oliver H B Lancaster W4837
Oliver D J Lancaster PB175
Oliver E R W Halifax PN429
Oliver R K Lancaster ME298
Oliver A C H Halifax HX366
Oliver Charles Wilfred Wellington T2505
Oliver Richard George Stirling W7635
Oliver Douglas Dakota FL650
Oliver Thomas Edward Halifax W7862
Oliver William Robert Lancaster JB684
Oliver N F Halifax DK238
Oliver John Halifax HX230
Oliver M R Lancaster LL826
Oliver Roy Tufts Whitley P5103
Oliver James Henry Blenheim V5433
Oliver W E Halifax DT789
Oliver A E V Whitley N1497
Oliver A A Lancaster DV230
Oliver F E Lancaster DV270
Oliver P R Halifax HR712
Oliver T W Wellington R1502
Oliver G E Lancaster DS665
Oliver M W Stirling LJ993
Oliver G J L Mosquito MM219
Oliver J McK D Wellington DV935
Oliver F Halifax HR724
Oliver D T Hudson T9405
Oliver G D Havoc
Oliver R V C Wellington L7802
Oliver A G Wellington N2843
Oliver W Halifax LL257
Oliver R D Lancaster R5568
Oliver R Hampden AD874
Oliver D R Lancaster ME797
Oliver R D Mosquito ML963
Oliver F Lancaster LM138
Oliver J R Stirling BF317
Oliver I D Lancaster ND736
Oliver M A Whitley N1522
Oliver D C Halifax JD122
Oliver Whitley Z9129
Oliver R G Blenheim R3821
Oliver J O W Hurricane P2821
Oliver G A O'N Lancaster PB461
Oliver John Oliver William
Oliver Sidney Ignatius
Oliver James Percival
Oliver Claudius William Samuel
Oliver Norman Leslie
Oliver David James
Oliver Harold Bruce
Oliver Ernest Ronald William
Oliver Richard Kay
Oliver Martin
Oliver Henry Alan Blenheim
Oliver Leon P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Oliver Leon P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Oliver Joseph George DH.98 Mosquito FB NS987
Olivier W G M Stirling BK704
Olivier J E Halifax LW616
Olkiewicz Franciszek Consolidated Liberator BZ949
Ollar A J S Wellington BJ615
Ollerenshaw Alan Christie Lysander L6885 (L4813)
Ollerton Raymond Lancaster PB565
Ollerton J Halifax DT792
Ollerton W Halifax NA175
Ollett R W Halifax MZ562
Olley M G Mosquito DZ691
Olley Whitley Z6872
Ollier L Lancaster ND362
Olliffe Jack Charles William Halifax LK649
Ollinger J J Halifax MZ821
Ollinger J J Halifax HX321
Olliver E A Wellington W5575
Olliver H V Mosquito DZ650
Olliver R B Hampden AE315
Olmsread Leonard Thomas Halifax DK262
Olmstead W J Halifax JN973
Olmstead W A Spitfire
Olmsted W A Spitfire MJ397
Olmsted Charles A P-47 Thunderbolt
Olney A B Wellington T2622
Olney Leslie John Keith Katherine
Olrod W H Wellington Z8834
Olsen G G Lancaster ND971
Olsen A Lancaster NN775
Olsen R P Halifax LK865
Olsen G O Lancaster ME674
Olsen Edward Carl Halifax W7710
Olsen H Halifax W7708
Olsen A G Wellington BJ966
Olsen G L Whitley Z6577
Olsen O C Halifax ED244
Olsen George Glenn
Olsen Allan
Olson Donald Brant Lancaster PB183
Olson A R Halifax RG477
Olson Andrew Goodwin B.25 Mitchell FL193
Olson Olaf Patrick Mosquito NS791
Olson E P P Lancaster ND631
Olson C S Lancaster ED584
Olson V W Hurricane Z3494
Olson William Duncan B-17 Easy Does it 43-38623
Olson Henry L P-47 Thunderbolt
Olson Norman E P-47 Thunderbolt
Olson Norman E P-47 Thunderbolt
Olson Norman E P-47 Thunderbolt
Olson Norman E P-47 Thunderbolt
Olson Norman E P-47 Thunderbolt
Olson Norman E P-47 Thunderbolt
Olson Paul E P-51 Mustang
Olson Thomas C P-38 Lightning
Olsson John Oxley Waugh Spitfire MK566
Olsson A L Lancaster DS789
Olsson C L Wellington Z1319
Olsson J Lancaster JA961
Olsvik D O Halifax LV829
Olszewski Jerzy (St Clare) Wellington Z1270
Olszewski Boleslaw
Olszewski Edward Supermarine Spitfire AR329
Olszyna Marian Wellington T2517
Olszyna Marian Vickers Wellington T2518
Olufsen E B Spitfire MJ218
Olver P Spitfire P7309
Olver Peter
Olyott W T Lancaster ND841
Oman S W Halifax MZ345
Ombler E Whitley N1362
Omdahl Thomas Otto Spitfire W3175
Omieljaszko Michał Vickers Wellington HX384
Omilanowski (Millan) Tadeusz Wellington Z1288
Omilianouski P C Whitley BD266
Omiotek Wiktor Avro Lancaster PB823
Ommaney R J Hurricane BE476
Omnet W H P Lancaster LL682
Omoe F M Lancaster ND621
Omsby Leonard Arthur
Omylak Franciszek Kazimierz Handley Page Halifax JP295
ONeill Harold Douglas Halifax MZ463
Oneson P P A Halifax W1113
Onion W G Halifax JD201
Onions C W Wellington X9794
Onions W Wellington DV452
Onions D Hampden AE230
Onions E Halifax MZ513
Ontiveros Jr. Abdon T. B-25 41-13126
Opas Athol Louis
Opde J Halifax RG444
Openshaw Edward Basil Hamilton Halifax W7696
Openshaw Whitley Z6802
Openshaw F Mosquito DZ602
Openshaw R Lancaster ND525
Openshaw J D Hampden L1319
Ophel Leonard Herbert
Opie J J Lancaster LL903
Opie E S Spitfire BL544
Opie John Murray
Opitz William R P-51 Mustang
Oppy Lawrence Neild
Oppy Robert Alexander
Opray Francis Russell
Opuchuk Jan Wilhelm Miles Master W8995
Opulski Tadeusz Michał Vickers Wellington BK353
Oram J C Lancaster LM112
Oram William “Billy” Wellington X3873
Oram A W Lancaster ND816
Orange W Stirling R9167
Orange George W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Orange George W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Orbell R W Lancaster LM643
Orbin J Lancaster LM531
Orbuck L D Wellington X3702
Orbuck Laurence David
Orchard N H Lancaster LM130
Orchard A B Halifax MZ603
Orchard G A Lancaster JB673
Orchard G A Lancaster JB605
Orchard J Blenheim N6211
Orchard L D Stirling N6018
Orchard T C L Stirling BF534
Orchard D H Lancaster ED863
Orchard A S W Lancaster EE118
Orchard A G Lancaster ND962
Orchard E L Lancaster W4305
Orchard M L Lancaster JB231
Orchard Whitley Z9304
Orchard R E Whitley Z6936
Orchard H C Spitfire P7733
Orchard E H Halifax LK667
Orchard Kenneth Arthur
Orchard Norman Henry
Orchiston K W Lancaster ND686
Ord Edward Halifax LL552
Ord A Wellington HE578
Ord Thomas Edward Stirling EF505
Ord J Halifax LK762
Ord R C Lancaster JA852
Ordell Robin Lancaster PB569
Ordell Robin
Ordford S A Wellington Z1563
Ordin C J Lancaster KB792
Ordish Charles Brian Stirling W7585
Ordish C B Stirling N3667
Ordway W J Blenheim T2165
Orford B H Halifax LV870
Orford J Lancaster HK658
Orford Norman Henry
Organ A J Lancaster JA896
Organ J L Lancaster W4847
Organ D B Hampden AD912
Organ George Geoffrey Halifax W1002
Orgar Frederick Douglas Hudson VAM697
Orgias Eric Blenheim L8369
Orgill John Victor
Oriss D C Typhoon DN588
Orland E R Wellington L7791
Orlewski Jan Vickers Wellington Z1267
Orlikowski Stanislaw Percival Proctor R7530
Orlinski C F Wellington HZ519
Orlowski Edward
Orman W H Whitley Z9307
Orman Arthur William
Ormandy George Thomas Mitchell FR396
Orme Frank Kerr Blenheim V6436
Orme Selwyn Charles Lancaster R5566
Orme David Cooke Lancaster PB648
Orme A C Stirling EE888
Orme D D Lancaster ND576
Orme G C Lancaster DV343
Orme A B Halifax JD122
Ormerod H Lancaster NN708
Ormerod T L Lancaster ED931
Ormerod F E Halifax W1104
Ormesher Joseph Donald Wellington NC713
Ormiston J T Lancaster NG308
Ormiston I C Spitfire BM627
Ormiston Faulkner Adrian Andrew
Ormond C.R. Wellington LN453
Ormond M C W Spitfire P7596
Ormondroyd Lancaster ME854
Ormrod J H Lancaster JB748
Ormrod H K Halifax LW503
Ormsby A J Halifax MZ307
Ormsby Cletus T Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Ormsby Cletus T Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Ormsby Cletus T Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Ormshaw W J Lancaster HK769
Ormston Charles Kay Hampden AE291
Orndorff Willaim R Wellington X3712
Orndorff Roy W P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Orndorff Roy W P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Orndorff Roy W P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Ornstein Morley Lancaster LL755
Orpen Ronald Charles
Orphin Walter
Orr W M Lancaster LM525
Orr J G Halifax MZ767
Orr James Whitley P5087
Orr John Samuel Catalina FP239
Orr M O Lancaster LL964
Orr M O Lancaster PB465
Orr J S Wellington BJ893
Orr Harry Edward Stirling R9166
Orr R J Lancaster LL628
Orr Hubert Francis Lancaster DS840
Orr D H Halifax DK230
Orr R S Halifax DK231
Orr Richard Herbert Halifax JD406
Orr Albert Gladstone Wellington X3652
Orr T C F Stirling BF353
Orr S W Lancaster ME521
Orr J Wellington HF589
Orr W Lancaster ME680
Orr G Fortress SR382
Orr R W Spitfire MJ229
Orr R J Lancaster DS714
Orr T Lancaster NG233
Orr G D Lancaster PB906
Orr J A Lancaster LM596
Orr A Lancaster ND952
Orr A C Wellington X3954
Orr J R Halifax DT744
Orr John Halifax DT631
Orr A N Halifax W1063
Orr A N Halifax DT773
Orr W B Spitfire AA845K
Orr W B Spitfire BL816
Orr Stanley Gordon
Orr Alan Frederick
Orr Thomas Allan
Orr Neville Sinclair
Orr Murray Donald
Orrell S C Stirling N3705
Orrell S C Lancaster ME798
Orrell George Stanley
Orrey G P Lancaster PA171
Orrick B Halifax MZ855
Orrick B Halifax LK757
Orrock Wellington R3168
Orry G F Lancaster PA214
Orry G F Lancaster PB610
Orser G M Halifax RG475
Orsza-Matysek Jan Vickers Wellington Z1267
Ortach M A Halifax NA582
Orth Denison "Reg" Lancaster LM180
Ortmans V M Spitfire W3241
Ortmans V M Spitfire W3625
Ortmans V M Spitfire W3850
Orton J A Halifax V9979
Orton N Spitfire W3772
Orton E Lancaster LM283
Orton N Hurricane P2579
Orton Newell ("Fanny")
Orton Clifford Kither
Orwin Peter Francis Barclay Hampden AE185
Orwin C W Tempest EJ540
Orynek Jan Piotr Vickers Wellington R1298
Orzechowski Jan Wellington W5563
Orzechowski M M Spitfire P8590
Orzechowski Jan Vickers Wellington W5423
Orzechowski Miroslaw Maciej Supermarine Spitfire P8590
Orzechowski Tadeusz Supermarine Spitfire BL246
Orzel Bernard Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Orzelek Frank J P-51 Mustang
Osadchy W Lancaster LL779
Osadziński Alfred Vickers Wellington X9764
Osbaldeston James Ducket Lancaster R5897
Osbon Laurence Alan Edward Wellington X3473
Osborn A G Lancaster JB296
Osborn J B Halifax LV880
Osborn James Albert Lancaster W4373
Osborn Arthur William Lancaster JB552
Osborn Lincoln RF365
Osborn A Lancaster LM585
Osborn E R Whitley P5077
Osborn E R Whitley T4136
Osborn R W Beaufighter V8803
Osborn G A Halifax DG283
Osborn S L Lancaster ME521
Osborn R B Lancaster W4308
Osborn W J Halifax HR842
Osborn H A Lancaster DS816
Osborn A J Lancaster JB526
Osborn A F A Wellington BJ708
Osborn Wellington T2477
Osborn Stanley Albert
Osborn John Bruce
Osborn William C. B-17 Woman’s Home Companion 42-39795
Osborn Roy W P-47 Thunderbolt
Osborn Roy W P-51 Mustang
Osborn Roy W P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Osborne Ian Ronald Lancaster PB569
Osborne E T L Typhoon JP591
Osborne R H Stirling EF504
Osborne J E Lancaster ND915
Osborne James Leslie Lancaster ED357
Osborne Derek Oscar Wellington X3309
Osborne George Halifax LL115
Osborne Ernest Halifax LV841
Osborne J M Blenheim Z7280
Osborne Cecil Charles Sunderland ML858
Osborne J Lancaster LM325
Osborne R R H Halifax MZ647
Osborne C B Lancaster PB147
Osborne F G F Lancaster JB745
Osborne F G F Lancaster JB530
Osborne W F Hampden X3153
Osborne L H R Boston AL754
Osborne J M Spitfire P8589
Osborne T C Blenheim Z5744
Osborne R Lancaster DV367
Osborne D G Blenheim R3914
Osborne D N Stirling BF337
Osborne J B Lancaster PB690
Osborne E W Mosquito PZ226
Osborne A Halifax L9566
Osborne R G Lancaster ND687
Osborne C J Halifax DT483
Osborne G D Wellington R1624
Osborne G T Lancaster JB486
Osborne A G Lancaster EE114
Osborne J C Lancaster JB682
Osborne D L Halifax R9485
Osborne R K Hampden AT127
Osborne Anthony Frederick
Osborne William Henry
Osborne Ian Ronald
Osborne Edgar Thomas Leslie
Osborne Ronald Henderson
Osborne William Ward
Osborne Oliver Willis
Osborne Henry Lawrence
Osborne John Edward
Osborne James Campbell
Osborne Wellington W5613
Osborne William F P-38 Lightning
Osborne William F P-38 Lightning
Osborne William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Osbourn Bazalgette Halifax LW640
Osbourn W Stirling R9253
Osbourn H Halifax LL579
Osbourne Ian Edward Halifax HR686
Osbourne R E Wellington X3387
Osbowy L J Halifax LK950
Oscar F Lajeunesse P-51 Mustang
Osciak M Wellington Z1421
Osciak Mieczyslaw Vickers Wellington Z1421
Oselkowski Wiselaw Marcin Miles Master ?
Osgood-Finney Macleod Hamish
Oshlack J Halifax HX242
Oshlack Charles Bernard
Oshlack Joe
Osieleniec Kazimierz North American P-51D Mustang FB100
Osika Witold Avro Lancaster DV282
Osler T Halifax NR257
Osmala Stanislaw Fairey Battle L5671
Osman Eric Ahmed Halifax LW588
Osman A W Lancaster W4173
Osman S W Lancaster R5545
Osman P G Stirling W7428
Osman P G Stirling N6043
Osman A S Blenheim Z7483
Osman R C Lancaster NG145
Osmanville A Spitfire TB285
Osment David Ernest Thomas Battle P5235
Osment M
Osmer G W Lancaster ED550
Ośmiałowski Leon Bolesław Vickers Wellington JA116
Osmond J K Lancaster ME335
Osmond Sydney Frederick Halifax JB925
Osmond N H A Lancaster PB363
Osmond C J Lancaster W4768
Osmond S F Halifax DT790
Osmond A Halifax HR731
Osmond W Halifax MZ487
Osmond Wallace Edgar
Osnes A G O Halifax EB253
Osoba Jan Stanislaw Supermarine Spitfire W3774
Ossehdorf R Spitfire MJ907
Osselton W Boston AL736
Ossleton J N Halifax MZ630
Osslington E F Lancaster KB770
Ossowski Bronislaw Vickers Wellington Z1279
Ostaficiuk W Wellington HE547
Ostaszewski Leon Wellington Z1476
Ostaszewski Stanisław Avro Lancaster PB171
Ostaszewski Stanisław Marian Vickers Wellington Z8438
Ostenfeld Christian Conrad
Oster Raymond Kingsley
Osterfield William Edward Stirling N6011
Osterloh V G Lancaster JB724
Osterveld F N Spitfire PV210
Ostler R V Lancaster PA170
Ostlund W H E Halifax LK974
Ostowicz Antoni Hawker Hurricane V7294
Ostrander Paul S P-51 Mustang
Ostrander Jr. Elijah ‘Joe’ B-24 42-51912
Ostre G Halifax NR287
Ostrow Nathan P-51 Mustang
Ostrowski Józef Sergiusz Wellington R1002
Ostrowski H Mosquito MV542
Ostrowski T Spitfire BS335
Ostrowski Antoni Avro Lancaster LM488
Ostrowski Antoni Wellington Z1476
Ostrowski Edmund De Havilland Mosquito LR289
Ostrowski Jan Vickers Wellington W5726
Ostrowski Mieczysław Avro Lancaster LM488
Ostrowski Tadeusz Supermarine Spitfire BS335
Ostrowski Władysław Vickers Wellington HZ251
Ostrowski Wladyslaw
Ostrowski Adam Mieczysław
Ostuw Irving P-47 Thunderbolt
Osuchowski Z Lancaster NF959
Osuchowski Zbigniew Avro Lancaster NF959
Oswald Roy Lancaster ME628
Oswald E A Mosquito NT418
Oswald H C Halifax LW420
Oswald K A Lancaster ND643
Oswald R Lancaster ME794
Oswald K C Halifax LK789
Oswiecimski Leon Percival Proctor P6314
Oswin A G Stirling R9153
Oswin Stirling W7504
Oswin David McPherson
Oszeczowski Jerzy Hurricane
Ott Henry George Stirling EF390
Ott John Halifax W1274
Ott Richard L P-38 Lightning
Ott Richard L P-38 Lightning
Ottaway W G Lancaster PB469
Ottaway Whitley P4957
Ottaway J L F Hampden X3023
Ottaway C L Lancaster ND812
Ottaway Winton Greer
Otter G L Wellington X3815
Otter Gordon Leonard Wellington X3649
Otter V C Heyford K6900
Otter John Clifford Lancaster JB363
Otter B Lancaster DV293
Otterholm William George Halifax JD215
Otterway F J Blenheim R3824
Ottewell R T Lancaster DV231
Ottewell K A W Lancaster NE168
Ottewill P G Hurricane L1608
Ottewill Peter Guy
Ottey J A Lancaster ED885
Ottley W Lancaster ED910
Ottolangui A Lancaster W4951
Ottoway Albert James Stirling BF334
Ottter E Stirling BF472
Otty S Lancaster JD346
Otty S G McK Blenheim N6199
Oualline Royce E P-47 Thunderbolt`
Oudinot Albert James Halifax HX181
Ouellette Louis Alexander Stirling LK198
Ough A A Stirling EF128
Oughton Leonard Percival Lancaster ND825
Ouimet J A B Halifax LK884
Oulman J Spitfire PV143
Oulster N M Whitley AD689
Oulton T Lancaster ND630
Oultram Blenheim L1427
Ousley J W Lancaster W4332
Outen E J Wellington DV612
Outen V G L Lancaster LL677
Outerson J L Halifax RG591
Outhouse C L Lancaster ED835
Outhwaite J J Blenheim R3674
Outhwaite J J Blenheim L8738
Outhwaite William Grenbry
Outram Harold A Whitley Z9232
Outram E J Lancaster LM359
Ovenden C Halifax LK908
Ovenden G A Halifax LW713
Ovender R A Lancaster HK579
Ovens J R Wellington X3957
Over H F Blenheim N6215
Over D H Spitfire NH481
Overall A Wellington R3276
Overall F C Anson N5084
Overee John Walter William Lancaster LM230
Overend G J Lancaster LL916
Overend George Joseph Sydney Avro Anson 12478
Overend N R Lancaster NF958
Overend W E Stirling W7611
Overend L W Lancaster LL852
Overett A C Halifax NZ360
Overfield Loyd J P-47 Thunderbolt
Overfield Loyd J P-47 Thunderbolt
Overfield Loyd J P-47 Thunderbolt
Overfield Loyd J P-47 Thunderbolt
Overfield Loyd J P-47 Thunderbolt
Overfield Loyd J P-47 Thunderbolt
Overgaauw Geert Adrainus Cornelis Lancaster LM263
Overholt J H Lancaster ND530
Overholt David P P-47 Thunderbolt
Overholt David P P-47 Thunderbolt
Overington O J Lancaster ED551
Overmyer Robert Harry
Overson R A Spitfire W3109
Overson J Whitley Z6498
Overstreet William B P-51 Mustang
Overstreet William B P-51 Mustang
Overstreet William B P-51 Mustang
Overton Douglas Leonard Lancaster R5495
Overton E B Spitfire MH481
overton J Stirling W7627
Overton J Stirling BF409
Overton Charles Nevill
Overy Keith Lancaster DV240
Ovis R D Lancaster KB779
Owen G P L Spitfire BS143
Owen Robert Rupert Bisgrove Lancaster W4166
Owen A J Whitley T4202
Owen Arthur Edward Wellington R1397
Owen Norman Stanley Wellington LN281
Owen Frederick Gordon Lancaster LM588
Owen Walter Ronald Lancaster ND386
Owen Arthur J Halifax MZ715
Owen D W Spitfire P7737
Owen L K Stirling LM394
Owen P H Lancaster KB804
Owen B L Wellington HE745
Owen B V Wellington HZ481
Owen T B Halifax MZ816
Owen “Jack” John David Lancaster ND641
Owen W Wellington N2854
Owen L B Lancaster DV334
Owen J L Wellington R3165
Owen H G Halifax DT746
Owen C M Halifax LV878
Owen Whitley Z6802
Owen W Lancaster LM479
Owen D W H Whitley N1380
Owen R G C Lancaster R5749
Owen E Wellington X3589
Owen R D Wellington X3718
Owen E Lancaster NE134
Owen H Lancaster JB650
Owen D H Halifax BB334
Owen J Whitley Z9282
Owen C J Lancaster PD419
Owen N T Wellington Z1619
Owen R Halifax W7751
Owen P O Lancaster ND620
Owen R M Blenheim Z7436
Owen Arthur Guy Lancaster ND510
Owen G T Wellington DV768
Owen H Stirling BK686
Owen E P Stirling W7612
Owen A E Whitley Z9441
Owen W R Halifax W7873
Owen G F Lancaster KB798
Owen J R Halifax EB257
Owen E Hampden AD975
Owen Patrick Richard Hampden AD939
Owen G Lancaster ND514
Owen J J Wellington HF601
Owen Hampden AE262
Owen R J Lancaster LL922
Owen R W Hampden AD844
Owen W G Lancaster PA994
Owen E Lancaster ED856
Owen J S Hurricane L1912
Owen N F Halifax DT729
Owen T Y Lancaster LL653
Owen O V Wellington Z1656
Owen N T Lancaster JB370
Owen I G Halifax NA603
Owen G Lancaster PB120
Owen R J R Mosquito PZ416
Owen R E Spitfire P7752
Owen D E Lancaster ED765
Owen G W Lancaster NF965
Owen S Stirling EJ113
Owen R Lancaster PD393
Owen H E F Lancaster ND580
Owen F C Lancaster ND693
Owen T I R Halifax DT496
Owen H W Halifax W7665
Owen H W Halifax DT515
Owen T R Halifax LK840
Owen T Halifax LW519
Owen D Blenheim V6430
Owen J T Hampden AD800
Owen D W Mosquito HK118
Owen J E Lancaster ED689
Owen J C Lancaster ED589
Owen Wellington X3388
Owen D E Stirling EF439
Owen S Stirling BK661
Owen T R G Lancaster ND807
Owen Edmund Lloyd Wellington LP204
Owen Alan Joseph ("Red")
Owen Norman James
Owen Jervis John
Owen Robert Rupert Bisgrove
Owen Arthur W Jr P-51 Mustang
Owen-Jones V.G. Lancaster PB591
Owens Hugh Ellis Halifax R9451
Owens Donald Stirling N6046
Owens J C Halifax HR978
Owens Thomas Reid Halifax W7769
Owens G C Lancaster JB716
Owens K W Lancaster LM458
Owens H M Hampden AD844
Owens G Hampden AD937
Owens T Stirling EF158
Owens W A Stirling EH881
Owens Orian George B-17 Rationed Passion 42-30782
Owens Floyd Frank B-17 Zamro 42-97365
Owens Marion P P-38 Lightning
Owens Marion P P-38 Lightning
Owens Wayne E P-47 Thunderbolt
Owers Tom Jobson
Owles A E Blenheim L9378
Owsiński Jan
Owst K Lancaster LM542
Oxborrow C W Mosquito NT438
Oxborrow J E P Lancaster PB189
Oxborrow R Lancaster LM636
Oxby Douglas Alfred Mosquito MM729
Oxenbridge E W Stirling BF411
Oxenburgh J D Halifax MZ593
Oxenham D G Wellington T2606
Oxenham C B Lancaster LM258
Oxenham A R Lancaster ME677
Oxlade Arthur Geoffrey Mosquito NS897
Oxlade Arthur Geoffrey
Oxley H J Spitfire BM208
Oxley J M Whitley T4273
Oxley L E C Boston AL746
Oxley R J Hampden P1327
Oxley P R Lancaster JB539
Oxley T H Halifax JD321
Oxley R Lancaster R5496
Oxley Moreland James
Oxley Richard W P-47 Thunderbolt
Oxlin H Spitfire P7547
Oxspring R W Spitfire X4170
Oxspring Robert Wardlow
Oyler Potter George Halifax BB336
Oyrzanowski Wacław De Havilland Mosquito DD644
Oysten L Lancaster LM637
Ozdzenski Tomasz
Ozeroff W W Lancaster LL958
Ozga Jan Franciszek Handley Page Halifax JP295
Oziemblowski Jerzy Wladyslaw
Ozment E D Whitley Z9306
Ozyra Piotr Supermarine Spitfire AR332
Paape J M Stirling R9146
Paape A M Blenheim L1341
Paape A M Lancaster ED524
Paaske Raymond Marcus B-17 Moonlight Serenade 43-37599
Pabiot Spitfire
Pablo D L Wellington X9932
Pacahan Tadeusz Miles Master N7428 / N8014
Pace R McM Mosquito DZ373
Pace T G Hurricane L1694
Pace Harrold Graham
Pacey Peter Frederick Whitley K8950
Pacey I Whitley N1387
Pacey-Crowther L P Lancaster ME798
Pacholczyk Jan Stanisław
Pack E A Lancaster ED875
Pack J T Halifax W7701
Pack E H Lancaster ND895
Pack D G Stirling N3677
Packard S E Manchester L7516
Packard F Boston W8297
Packer J T Wellington P9298
Packer L C Halifax MZ945
Packer N Wellington N2953
Packer P J Halifax JB967
Packer R J Lancaster ED496
Packer Thomas Edwin
Packham C P Halifax HR926
Packham R E S Lancaster PD258
Packham G H Lancaster LL747
Packham Keith
Pacuła Albin Avro Lancaster LL807
Pacut Kazimierz Handley Page Halifax JD154
Paczka Jan Adam
Paczuski Jerzy Stefan
Padden Gerald Thomas Stirling BF396
Paddick S R Mosquito MM633
Paddison R E Halifax JD463
Paddison H D Halifax LL197
Paddock J T Lancaster EE126
Paddock G H E Spitfire EE738
Paddon F D Lancaster JB149
Paddon P H Lancaster LL704
Paddon B Blenheim L8827
Paddon B Blenheim L8833
Paddon G F Lancaster ED504
Paddon Albert John
Paderewski S Spitfire P8672
Paderewski Stefan Supermarine Spitfire P8672
Padgett Cadman V P-47 Thunderbolt
Padgett Cadman V P-47 Thunderbolt
Padgham A V Halifax MZ910
Padgham J G Lancaster NN721
Padkin G C Wellington DV829
Padley E A Halifax LW621
Padley J P Lancaster W5000
Padman Douglas Henry
Padman John Stuart
Padmore F A Lancaster LL952
Pae P R Lancaster ED445
Paech Bruce Vaughton
Paerse L A Lancaster ED860
Paetz Stanisław Wellington LN508
Paetz Stanislaw Handley Page Halifax DP180
Pagan W D Spitfire BL820
Pagan Leslie Norman
Pagan Arthur Robert Wellington HP631
Page N E Lancaster ND517
Page E N Lancaster LL848
Page K C Halifax HX267
Page T W Lancaster ED712
Page Frank Albert Lancaster ME690
Page Robert Humphrey Heyford K4034
Page John Henry Halifax JD316
Page Lawrence Higgin Whitley EB346
Page Aubrey James Halifax LL552
Page Peter John Lancaster W4367
Page Robert Gerald Lancaster W4105
Page Henry Frederick Lancaster ND767
Page Frank Ronald Lancaster JB480
Page Leslie Trevor John
Page D N Lancaster NN706
Page W D Wellington Z1052
Page R O J Wellington Z8527
Page C R Halifax DK180
Page E W Lancaster KB798
Page R B Lancaster KB817
Page T G Lancaster LM620
Page W T Hurricane P3318
Page A J Wellington X9828
Page Arthur William Horace Lancaster ED645
Page A G Spitfire
Page A G Spitfire RM763
Page D A Halifax LL289
Page N H Hampden AE121
Page Hampden P4407
Page V Stirling EF330
Page A N Wellington R1784
Page E J Wellington X9750
Page S H Lancaster ME759
Page W W Lancaster PA171
Page A D Hurricane V6870
Page F J Wellington X3966
Page L T J Lancaster LM178
Page A G Lancaster ND697
Page L C Wellington R1406
Page S P Halifax EB252
Page W K D Lancaster W4304
Page H P Lancaster ND519
Page T J Lancaster ED452
Page D A Lancaster R5687
Page H C Hampden AD728
Page C M Halifax DT705
Page L G Halifax MZ972
Page Spitfire W3437
Page A G Hurricane P2970
Page A S Halifax LK834
Page H C S Manchester L7369
Page C J Lancaster ME734
Page L A A Lancaster ND688
Page R W Stirling R9305
Page C F Wellington R3169
Page W C Halifax MZ935
Page N F Halifax LW315
Page R E Lancaster PB292
Page D A Battle K9245
Page A H Lancaster ED662
Page L A Lancaster PD336
Page C A Lancaster NE177
Page R S Lancaster L7573
Page H R Lancaster JA708
Page Alan Geoffrey
Page Kenneth George
Page Eric Wilton
Page Keith Charles
Page Frederick St John
Page Thomas William
Page Frank Albert
Page Allan Reginald
Page Charles F P-38 Lightning
Page Garnet D P-51 Mustang
Page Robert L P-47 Thunderbolt
Pagels Roger E P-51 Mustang
Paget Alfred Henry Wellington Z1338
Paget R E Halifax LW341
Paget A I Spitfire AB903
Paget J W G Mosquito W4069
Paget A T Lancaster LM134
Pagett William George Simpson Stirling EF148
Pagett T R Lancaster DV157
Pagett H S Stirling EH898
Pagett F H Lancaster LM450
Pagett R G C Lancaster JA961
Pagieła Albrecht Avro Lancaster PB252
Pagorski Wladyslaw
Paguin F F F Halifax LV944
Pahlow R M J Mosquito HK321
Pahlow Robert Maxwell Joseph
Paice P R Lancaster ED809
Paiement J A Halifax NR172
Paige M J Lancaster W4277
Paige D R Lancaster PB815
Paige D R Lancaster LL956
Paige John Osborne Halifax LK783
Paige R J Halifax LW339
Paige E Lancaster PP673
Paige J W Lancaster ND415
Pain R C Lancaster PD272
Pain A R Wellington Z1048
Pain C W Stirling EF238
Pain J F Hurricane P3147
Pain R G Lancaster PA971
Pain A D Lancaster W4377
Pain H W J Lancaster DV294
Pain Derek Sydney
Pain Malcolm Turner Wellesley
Paine W T Lancaster LM100
Paine K Lancaster ME681
Paine S L T Blenheim Z7494
Paine P J Wellington X3665
Paine E W Blenheim V6146
Paine J W Lancaster HK608
Paine William Thomas
Painter Kenneth
Painter Charles Frederick Halifax JB835
Painter F G Halifax DK184
Painter J H Whitley Z6668
Painter A J Halifax HX151
Painter A J Halifax HR716
Painter W H Spitfire BL720
Painter F A Stirling R9263
Painter E H J Wellington Z1099
Painter W J Halifax JB871
Painter R W F Halifax W1114
Painter R W F Halifax BB199
Painter K Lancaster JB275
Painter Ernest George
Painting G A Spitfire W3849
Painting Herbert Philip Ventura AE737
Painting Allen John
Paish W C H Blenheim N6192
Paisley R Stirling BK659
Paisley Melvyn R P-47 Thunderbolt
Paisley Melvyn R P-47 Thunderbolt
Paisley Melvyn R P-47 Thunderbolt
Paisley Melvyn R P-47 Thunderbolt
Paisley Melvyn R P-47 Thunderbolt
Paisley Melvyn R P-47 Thunderbolt
Pajer P Wellington Z1213
Pajer Piotr Vickers Wellington Z1213
Pakeman J O Halifax LK732
Pakenham-Walsh H G Le B Halifax W7760
Pakiet Jan Wellington Z1291
Pakow A Wellington BK516
Palak Jan Hurricane
Palamountain George Lancaster LL678
Palamountain Archibald
Palamountain Max Temby
Palandri R S Lancaster LL922
Palanek A J Lancaster KB786
Palanek A J Lancaster KB767
Paleniczek Władysław Wellington W5665
Paleolog Adam
Paley B Spitfire ML310
Paley G H Lancaster PD363
Paley C M Lancaster ED312
Palfrey J Lancaster ME581
Palfreyman Austin Hardcastle Lancaster ND586
Palfreyman Richard Colin
Palfreyman Austin Hardcastle
Palgrave T G Halifax HX173
Palin G S Lancaster JB747
Paling T Halifax HX186
Paliwoda Karol Fairey Battle L5351
Palk S G Lancaster ED661
Palka Julian Stefan Wellington R1492
Pallanca J Lancaster DS793
Pallant R V Halifax HR724
Pallender R H Lancaster ED651
Pallett W H Lancaster LM424
Pallett C G Halifax LW121
Pallett F C Stirling LJ501
Pallett D I Hampden X2971
Palling A R Lancaster LM653
Palling Aubrey Robert
Palliser W R Halifax HR908
Palliser George Charles Calder
Pallister F Lancaster NG321
Palm Cecil Rupert Halifax W7777
Palmason Stefan Douglas Wellington X3556
Palmatier D E Wellington HZ517
Palme Bruce Anthony
Palmer Norman Nelson Hudson AM617
Palmer D C Lancaster ME388
Palmer G R Liberator TT336
Palmer C B Halifax LL604
Palmer J F Lancaster ME573
Palmer N N S W Lancaster LM675
Palmer J M Lancaster DV397
Palmer Albert (Titch) Stanley Lancaster ND826
Palmer John Eden None - SS Suez Maru Not applicable
Palmer Gerald Tudor Blenheim V6311
Palmer Cyril Willie Lancaster PB588
Palmer Tristam Edward Leonard Stirling BF313
Palmer Tristam Edward Leonard Stirling N3768
Palmer Samuel Halifax R9496
Palmer Robert Halifax LV833
Palmer George Arthur Halifax W1016
Palmer Frederick Ellis Wellington LP204
Palmer E McG Stirling W7611
Palmer W McL Halifax W7803
Palmer Charles William Lancaster PB129
Palmer J Halifax JB861
Palmer F H Halifax JP119
Palmer S A Wellington Z1623
Palmer D O Halifax MZ471
Palmer E Halifax NP692
Palmer W F Lancaster LM596
Palmer Herbert James Wellington DV713
Palmer R Lancaster LM743
Palmer J Spitfire
Palmer C D Hurricane L1925
Palmer C D Hurricane N2326
Palmer C D Hurricane P2820
Palmer G J Halifax HX190
Palmer K H V Halifax HX332
Palmer R Halifax NR189
Palmer F A W Lancaster JB291
Palmer E J Blenheim P6955
Palmer A G Lancaster JB277
Palmer C H Lancaster PB637
Palmer E B Blenheim T1894
Palmer G J P Hampden AE123
Palmer A C Lancaster ED542
Palmer J Lancaster JB641
Palmer W E Blenheim P4905
Palmer R A M Mosquito ML997
Palmer R Wellington R1222
Palmer Wellington T2560
Palmer P F Lancaster DS827
Palmer K Spitfire P8254
Palmer J Stirling R9327
Palmer W E Lancaster LL945
Palmer G Lancaster JB483
Palmer G W Lancaster LM694
Palmer H P Blenheim V6382
Palmer A S Typhoon JR184
Palmer E W Lancaster ND866
Palmer R A Liberator TS520
Palmer D Blenheim V5854
Palmer Blenheim Z7282
Palmer C D Spitfire BM527
Palmer G A Lancaster ND984
Palmer W T Halifax W1047
Palmer N S F Halifax LW326
Palmer P H Halifax HR862
Palmer S H Wellington R1013
Palmer W R Lancaster JA924
Palmer William Dudley Hampden AT224
Palmer L J Halifax DT682
Palmer I J Halifax DT673
Palmer W Spitfire
Palmer W Spitfire W3852
Palmer S J J Lancaster DS716
Palmer C W E Halifax LK914
Palmer John Frederick Ventura AE737
Palmer E R Hampden AE126
Palmer C J E Lancaster JB727
Palmer D W Lancaster ND695
Palmer J H Lancaster ED943
Palmer J S Wellington X3425
Palmer D R Blenheim R3882
Palmer F R Halifax NR150
Palmer Robert Anthony Maurice Lancaster PB371
Palmer A G Spitfire AD136
Palmer C M Lancaster PD425
Palmer J E Lancaster LL895
Palmer W A Lancaster JB409
Palmer J Lancaster ND686
Palmer J Halifax RG552
Palmer P J Lancaster JB303
Palmer S W Halifax DT782
Palmer F J Halifax MZ539
Palmer W Halifax JD371
Palmer W Halifax JB970
Palmer J H T Blenheim R3690
Palmer J R Wellington R12179
Palmer Wellington T2964
Palmer G Lancaster JA852
Palmer C D Lancaster PA254
Palmer J H T Blenheim L1350
Palmer R J Stirling BF462
Palmer E H Lancaster ND640
Palmer R E D Lancaster ED923
Palmer J F Wellington R3199
Palmer Arthur G.
Palmer D J Liberator EV941
Palmer George Arthur Wellington HE597
Palmer Kenneth Arthur Malcolm
Palmer David Charles
Palmer John Frederick
Palmer Geoffrey Robert
Palmer Ernest Gordon
Palmer Ivan Sidney Henry
Palmer Rex Ian
Palmer David Harry
Palmer Stanley John Fielding
Palmer John Herbert
Palmer Frederick Robinson
Palmer John Michael
Palmer George Arthur
Palmer Stanley Leonard
Palmer Denis Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Palmer Clarence J P-47 Thunderbolt
Palmer Clarence J P-51 Mustang
Palmer Gerald W P-51 Mustang
Palmer Samuel Halifax R9440
Palmer-Tomkinson A Spitfire W3894
Palmerley J Mitchell FL211
Palmerley J Mitchell FL705
Paluch Wlodzimierz Marian Avro Anson EG170
Palusiński Jerzy Hipolit
Paluszkiewicz Władysław Wellington HF472
Paluszkiewicz Władysław Vickers Wellington HZ467
Pamburn J R A Wellington BJ764
Pamenter G A Stirling R9184
Pamment K J Mosquito HK530
Pamula Leopold
Panarese Alessandro Dominic B-24 The Iron Duke 44-10491
Panasik Waclaw Avro Anson DJ222
Panasuk P Halifax MZ495
Panek Przemysław Wojciech Spitfire EN185
Panek Przemyslaw Wojciech Supermarine Spitfire EN185
Panek Vaclav Halifax W1002
Panes C D Lancaster ME566
Panes E T Wellington W5459
Panitz Gordon
Pankhurst Alfred Joseph Lancaster R5735
Pankhurst C A Lancaster R5617
Pankhurst Alfred Joseph
Pankiewicz Adam Vickers Wellington Z1415
Pankiewicz Stanisław Handley Page Halifax DT542
Pankratz W Spitfire R4176
Pankratz Wilhelm Hawker Hurricane R4176
Pankratz H Halifax NP945
Pannel Geoffroy Charles Russell
Panneton C J Halifax NR172
Pannett J Lancaster PD346
Panniers Vernon Archie Lancaster ND325
Panniers E D Lancaster JB483
Panos P Halifax HX159
Panos Peter
Panter Eric Bathurst Wellington DV514
Panter W B Wellington T2459
Panter N D Lancaster ED438
Panter J W Spitfire R7264
Panter Keith Vernon
Panther A J P Lancaster JB297
Panting T W Lancaster PB880
Panting T L Hampden X3021
Pantkowski Franciszek Halifax W7773
Pantkowski Franciszek Halifax W7776
Panton C L Wellington LN716
Panton S E Manchester L7379
Panton C W Halifax HX272
Pantry T Mosquito DZ726
Panwick Keith
Panzer L Halifax LW583
Paod T Whitley N1366
Papayanni J C Lancaster LL773
Pape H Halifax DT783
Pape R B Stirling N6045
Pape F J Lancaster PB488
Papineau J P Halifax LK752
Papkow Atanazy Vickers Wellington BK516
Paples N W Blenheim R3816
Paples N W Blenheim R3816
Paplowski John Wellington HE863
Papousek K Spitfire BM477
Pappajohn A P Lancaster ME643
Pappas J Halifax LW328
Papple F Lancaster NG331
Papple P J Halifax LW502
Paprocki Zbigniew Miles Martinet HP422
Paproth Leonard Charles
Papworth L A E Halifax NP973
Papworth J N Lancaster NE166
Paquet F E Halifax LK920
Paquette R A Halifax MZ699
Paquette E M Halifax LK787
Paquin J H Wellington HE495
Para V Wellington Z1098
Paradis J M Halifax MZ538
Paradise John Edwin Halifax MZ348
Paradise E G Lancaster LM743
Paradise L E Lancaster LM599
Paradise Reginald William
Paradise John Edwin
Paradysz Jan Kazimierz
Parafinski Mieczyslaw Jan Hawker Hurricane V7073
Parama W J Lancaster ME738
Paramore R E R Manchester L7287
Paramore A F Lancaster ED806
Parbery D G Lancaster ME308
Parbery Marshall Edmund
Parbutt Percy Francis
Pardey Alan Robert
Pardoe Albert Alfred Lancaster HK538
Pardoe Anthony Arthur Wellington LN453
Pardon Noel Albert Halifax LW143
Pardon Noel Albert
Pardue Frank E P-47 Thunderbolt
Pare J A N Lancaster LL717
Pare J L M Halifax MZ674
Pare G L Halifax MZ314
Pare G L Halifax LW136
Parent Frederick Emile Lancaster RA542
Parent L Typhoon MN515
Parent L J Halifax MZ815
Parent Joe A Halifax PN173
Parent P Spitfire NH522
Parfitt Reginald Halifax MZ519
Parfitt L W Wellington R1536
Parfitt W R C Lancaster ND969
Parfitt D A J Blenheim T1933
Pargeter A H Lancaster ED881
Pargeter T A Halifax HR817
Pargeter Reginald Clive
Parham William Phillips Halifax RG443
Parham R N Stirling W7472
Parham D A R Halifax MZ696
Parham R D Lancaster ND740
Paris W McW Lancaster ND535
Parise Joseph Paul David Lancaster DS709
Pariseau A A Halifax DK191
Parish C W Lancaster KB814
Parish R J Wellington DV778
Parish F Lancaster LL960
Parish J L Halifax W1220
Parish C W Wellington P9245
Parish E F Hampden X3050
Parish R Wellington Z8704
Parish C W Stirling R9261
Parish C R Stirling BF564
Parissien W R Lancaster ND349
Park Robert William Lancaster ED534
Park George William Wellington L4268
Park James Reid Hampden P4310
Park Robert Aird Sunderland W6031
Park T H Whitley Z6564
Park James Gibson Wellington R1500
Park W A Lancaster LL721
Park E E F Halifax MZ598
Park A M Halifax MZ434
Park Lewis E. Typhoon MN746
Park Nigel Manfred Spitfire BR311
Park J Lancaster W4919
Park D J Lancaster ED728
Park A M Lancaster W4901
Park V W R Lancaster ND798
Park Geoffrey Roger Mosquito
Park John Edward Halifax W7703
Park D Lancaster JB529
Park Blenheim L9249
Park H C B Stirling BF336
Park L N Halifax W1244
Park A J Blenheim V5634
Park George Laurie
Park Robert Bruce
Park Robert William
Park Howard M P-47 Thunderbolt`
Park Howard M P-47 Thunderbolt`
Park-Taylor M D Halifax LV797
Parke W K Lancaster PB634
Parke Edwin Roy
Parken T Lancaster JB679
Parker R H G Lancaster JB566
Parker H M Spitfire EP252
Parker A K Lancaster W4879
Parker A K Lancaster ED711
Parker R Lancaster PD258
Parker M B Halifax LM116
Parker E E Lancaster JB413
Parker L M Lancaster JB138
Parker N E Lancaster LM317
Parker N N Stirling LJ442
Parker Vincent Spitfire R6985
Parker F L Stirling BK714
Parker Eric Stirling BF469
Parker Edward Halifax JN920
Parker Albert Charles William Stirling BF396
Parker Robert Coates Wellington R3220
Parker Geoffrey Cuming Lancaster W4275
Parker Alfred Raymond Lancaster ED359
Parker Donald Lancaster PB474
Parker T. Whitley Z9300
Parker Geoffrey Goodhand Wellington MF137
Parker W G Lancaster JD346
Parker T E Wellington Z1210
Parker L H Typhoon SW475
Parker A S Lancaster ND341
Parker G Lancaster LL637
Parker J C Halifax DT750
Parker Elbert Frank Halifax DT749
Parker G F Halifax JD163
Parker J A Halifax JD456
Parker W C Wellington X3467
Parker L A Wellington BK348
Parker D R Halifax LW598
Parker R C Halifax LW598
Parker R C Halifax LW598
Parker Kenneth George Halifax PN228
Parker Gordon Hewlett Halifax MZ588
Parker Gordon Howard Lancaster LL842
Parker B A Lancaster PB453
Parker B O Spitfire AB150
Parker C H Halifax LV799
Parker J A T Mosquito HK122
Parker Barton Thomas Eric Stirling EE913
Parker H R Spitfire BL769
Parker Anthony Joseph William Hampden P1228
Parker G E M Halifax HR922
Parker Halifax JD119
Parker R M Lancaster JB673
Parker R M Lancaster JB605
Parker R R W Lancaster EE183
Parker T H Halifax W7858
Parker P J N Halifax MZ301
Parker Anthony Keith Lancaster RA515
Parker G N Halifax W1213
Parker Edward G L Lancaster ND331
Parker A L Lancaster ED873
Parker E C Blenheim R3738
Parker E C Blenheim L9241
Parker G A Lancaster DS655
Parker J A Wellington Z1663
Parker T L Spitfire BS346
Parker V C Spitfire NH350
Parker W Blenheim N6230
Parker E B Hampden X3030
Parker L A Hampden AE316
Parker D Stirling R9330
Parker W C Wellington P9246
Parker R Stirling LJ621
Parker W S Stirling EH987
Parker G Lancaster LM576
Parker E D J Blenheim R3614
Parker E R Battle L5539
Parker E J Lancaster NG488
Parker R Wellington Z1576
Parker G O Halifax LK738
Parker D V A Lancaster LL954
Parker L Lancaster JB151
Parker L Typhoon MN718
Parker J L Stirling EF494
Parker H C Lancaster ME633
Parker L C Manchester L7316
Parker D Fortress HB785
Parker R P M Stirling DJ977
Parker Wellington P2526
Parker G Blenheim R3609
Parker A K Halifax NA192
Parker E N Halifax JD318
Parker E A Halifax MZ858
Parker S C B Halifax LL150
Parker J Wellington HE443
Parker E Halifax LK916
Parker G R Lancaster JA843
Parker T G J Lancaster PD258
Parker B Lancaster PB263
Parker B H Lancaster NG455
Parker J Lancaster LM475
Parker E D J Hampden L4044
Parker R C Hampden P2143
Parker Sydney Harold Lancaster R5902
Parker C W I Hampden X2908
Parker J W G Halifax HR842
Parker H H Halifax DT742
Parker E T Halifax LW537
Parker E W Lancaster EE193
Parker F E S Lancaster JB234
Parker G A N Lancaster ED616
Parker E Lancaster NE115
Parker H W Halifax NR150
Parker J L Lancaster W4315
Parker E D J Lancaster ED332
Parker C M Lancaster R5517
Parker J L Lancaster JA695
Parker J Lancaster PB208
Parker J Lancaster LM418
Parker E Lancaster PA285
Parker J H Lancaster ND453
Parker F A G Lancaster JA970
Parker A M Spitfire NH515
Parker P R S Lancaster HK564
Parker S F Halifax R9484
Parker A T Halifax LW269
Parker N W Halifax DT736
Parker J M Whitley Z9293
Parker A M Halifax DT780
Parker T C Hurricane L2065
Parker T C Hurricane P2634
Parker Hon W R C B Hampden P5393
Parker L E Lancaster LM433
Parker J W L Lancaster LM528
Parker K B Spitfire R6838
Parker David William Wellington HF352
Parker Gartrell Richard Ian ("Sailor")
Parker Bernard James ("Jimmy")
Parker Dennis Coates
Parker Thomas Campbell ("John")
Parker John Frederick Mosquito LR331
Parker Geoffrey Goodhand
Parker Ronald Henry George
Parker William Murdoch
Parker Frederick Vincent
Parker William Walker
Parker Robert Glenie
Parker Herbert Gordon
Parker Jeffrey Felgate
Parker Thomas Dudley
Parker Ronald Charles
Parker Gladys Mary Lola
Parker Harold Mason
Parker Anthony Russell
Parker Maxwell George
Parker Alfred Kenneth
Parker Ralf
Parker Meredith Burford
Parker Laurence Maurice
Parker Edwin Earle
Parker Norman Lewis
Parker Neal Earl
Parker Graham Burford
Parker Geoffrey Walter
Parker Richard Owen Whitley Z9134
Parker Charles Clark B-25 Ooh Brother 43-27489
Parker Newton R. B-17 43-38078
Parker Bill P-47 Thunderbolt
Parker Douglas A P-51 Mustang
Parker Francis E P-47 Thunderbolt`
Parker Hunter D P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Parker James E ** P-47 Thunderbolt
Parker Richard H P-47 Thunderbolt`
Parker Robert F P-38 Lightning
Parker Thomas A P-51 Mustang
Parker-Rees A Mosquito MM511
Parker-Rees Alastair
Parkes J E Wellington BK160
Parkes W G Typhoon JR447
Parkes Thomas Arthur Halifax L9521
Parkes Stuart Martin Parkeshouse Lancaster PB398
Parkes W R Wellington X3867
Parkes G E Lancaster JB287
Parkes H F Halifax MZ927
Parkes H Stirling LJ578
Parkes G Halifax NA501
Parkes W J Lancaster EE198
Parkes H F Spitfire R7278
Parkes Whitley N1388
Parkes H Whitley P5042
Parkes S M P Wellington R1244
Parkes William George
Parkes Lionel Ernest James
Parkes Jack Elliott
Parkhill Donald Barnes Yale 3370
Parkhill A C Lancaster W4967
Parkhouse R C L Battle L5580
Parkhouse E E Lancaster LL923
Parkhouse R C Wellington L7793
Parkhurst K E Lancaster PB516
Parkhurst R C Wellington R3288
Parkin Owen Lancaster RF230
Parkin John Edmund Lancaster PD293
Parkin Philip Lancaster ED707
Parkin W Lancaster PA964
Parkin V T Stirling EH938
Parkin Graham George Beaufighter RD463
Parkin J Halifax LK753
Parkin J Wellington W5378
Parkin D Hampden AE225
Parkin G J Spitfire
Parkin D Halifax LW622
Parkin D Lancaster JA892
Parkin K Lancaster RF138
Parkin C E Halifax HR934
Parkin R Lancaster HK553
Parkin J A Halifax BB242
Parkin L H W Whitley Z9280
Parkin Gordon George
Parkins Dennis Arthur Stirling N6102
Parkins K M Lancaster ED309
Parkins R 'Parky' Wellington R1335
Parkins F Halifax NA241
Parkins A T H Stirling EF387
Parkinson G E Lancaster ND393
Parkinson H A Lancaster LM440
Parkinson Robert Lancaster ED751
Parkinson Jack Lancaster ND403
Parkinson Jeffrey Cyril Bert Stirling EH934
Parkinson G M Halifax BB311
Parkinson W G Wellington HZ519
Parkinson W H Halifax LW594
Parkinson C R Lancaster LM463
Parkinson G A Stirling BF343
Parkinson Alan Irwin Stirling W7613
Parkinson R C Lancaster PB192
Parkinson L H Wellington X3954
Parkinson J Wellington R1219
Parkinson J Blenheim N6174
Parkinson J E Lancaster HK548
Parkinson F J Mosquito HR237
Parkinson J R Lancaster LM218
Parkinson T Blenheim Z7483
Parkinson C Hurricane P3766
Parkinson J Wellington HE591
Parkinson A Halifax LK931
Parkinson R A Wellington HE543
Parkinson E Lancaster RA524
Parkinson G J W Lancaster LM541
Parkinson J D Wellington X3331
Parkinson W R Lancaster JB526
Parkinson R Lancaster LM421
Parkinson John Richard
Parkinson George Edward
Parkinson Herbert Alexander Watson
Parkinson Peter
Parkman John Alfred Lancaster LM428
Parks W R Halifax MZ826
Parks Rowland Ira Lancaster NG492
Parks Whitley Z9129
Parks R S Stirling EE974
Parks Jack
Parks Walter
Parkyn Ronald Lancaster HK545
Parkyn Alfred Joseph Lancaster R5695
Parkyn Ronald Lancaster ND800
Parlato S F Hurricane PZ740
Parlour A Halifax LW319
Parmelee Charles E P-47 Thunderbolt
Parmelee Charles E P-47 Thunderbolt
Parmenter R S Lancaster ED750
Parnall A. Lloyd Wellington X3556
Parnall D G Hurricane V6685
Parnall J B Hurricane L1639
Parnall S B Hurricane P3574
Parnall Denis Geach
Parnell R A Lancaster ED608
Parnell L R Mosquito DD739
Parnell G Stirling EF393
Parnell G Stirling BF516
Parnell B Stirling N3680
Parnell Leslie Rupert
Parney E C Lancaster JA712
Parnham J F M Wellington X3282
Paroissien Jim Cunningham
Parol Józef Avro Lancaster LM632
Parolek J Wellington Z8966
Parr Frederick Lancaster ME366
Parr William Wifred Hudson AM535
Parr George Liberator JT985
Parr A E Wellington X3799
Parr W R Halifax W1053
Parr Frederick Henry DH86B AX844
Parr H W Halifax JD412
Parr D Whitley K8943
Parr S Blenheim R3707
Parr R H Lancaster ED649
Parr C G Wellington X3946
Parr J F Spitfire W3324
Parr S Lancaster ND502
Parr E Lancaster EE129
Parr J Halifax DK169
Parr C G Stirling R9276
Parrack R E Spitfire BL647
Parratt H E Lancaster PB141
Parrington T J Lancaster ED312
Parrington T J Lancaster JB187
Parris J Stirling R9321
Parris E A S Hurricane Z2806
Parris C B Wellington T2473
Parrish L A F Blenheim V6423
Parrish S A E Halifax DT522
Parrish E L Stirling EF198
Parrish Charles W. B-17 Big Barn Smell 42-32093
Parrish David C P-47 Thunderbolt
Parrish David C P-47 Thunderbolt
Parritt G C Halifax DK137
Parrott James Murray Halifax NR118
Parrott Victor Halifax LK921
Parrott A G Halifax W1107
Parrott P L Hurricane N2589
Parrott P H C Wellington W5719
Parrott J G J Wellington X3710
Parrott R J Hurricane P3866
Parrott J H Halifax JP119
Parrott P L Hurricane Z2323
Parrott H Lancaster ND935
Parrott E C Lancaster JA847
Parrott T H Whitley N1366
Parrott E H Lancaster ED950
Parrott S G Lancaster JB117
Parrott Peter Lawrence
Parry M J Lancaster PB816
Parry E A Lancaster PB459
Parry Kenneth Blenheim L8861
Parry William Charles Halifax W7925
Parry O G 'Jock' Lancaster ND571
Parry Gerald Lancaster JA926
Parry Harold W. Lancaster ND342
Parry T C Stirling DJ974
Parry J V L A Halifax NR172
Parry R A Halifax LK752
Parry R C Lancaster DV330
Parry Joseph Stewart Wellington T2879
Parry D I Whitley AD689
Parry E Halifax JB960
Parry E F Lancaster JB614
Parry C Wellington X3656
Parry G C Halifax W7820
Parry L C Halifax JD111
Parry E Lancaster R5750
Parry F Lancaster DS663
Parry W G Lancaster ND923
Parry R O Lancaster PB476
Parry R K Spitfire AR371
Parry E Halifax LL307
Parry V W Wellington Z1671
Parry N R Wellington HE346
Parry E W D Stirling BK700
Parry H L Spitfire MB802
Parry R R Hampden AT144
Parry R R Wellington BK429
Parry M H Lancaster LM342
Parry O A Halifax NR193
Parry M Hampden AE189
Parry E Lancaster JA695
Parry J F Lancaster LM209
Parry J L Stirling EH945
Parry M Lancaster HK770
Parry K R Halifax DK176
Parry V H Halifax W1275
Parry Percy Vinton Lancaster R5537
Parry H W Lancaster ED917
Parry Harold Leslie
Parry Ernest Arthur
Parry Morgan James
Parry Ronald Wilfred
Parry Leonard Wellington R1728
Parry-Okeden Charles David
Parsell L Halifax W1242
Parselle T A B Lancaster W5001
Parsley William Alfred Lancaster JB299
Parsley Adrian D P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Parsloe C V Stirling BK666
Parslow George Charles William Wellington HF518
Parslow W V Wellington R1030
Parslow C F J Blenheim V6253
Parslow K A Wellington Z1207
Parslow G C W Wellington HE198
Parsons A C K Wellington W5491
Parsons T E Wellington W5371
Parsons V F W Lancaster NG303
Parsons Keith Raymond John Lancaster ME326
Parsons F E Wellington Z1259
Parsons Ralph Spencer Halifax HX273
Parsons J M Lancaster ED768
Parsons A S Lancaster NF962
Parsons Sidney John Rex Wellington X9682
Parsons Norman Rennison Whitley BD201
Parsons William Alfred Lancaster NG447
Parsons Stanley Wellington HF352
Parsons Arthur Richard John Halifax JD272
Parsons Henry Edward Halifax LW262
Parsons Lewis Patrick Stirling EE878
Parsons Stanley James Anson R9640
Parsons E A Wellington W5611
Parsons W E Lancaster ND881
Parsons E M Lancaster KB701
Parsons G Halifax LW135
Parsons R Lancaster KB759
Parsons Owen Halifax MZ920
Parsons A E Halifax JB803
Parsons A W M Halifax HX329
Parsons R L Halifax NR189
Parsons E I Whitley P4965
Parsons R Lancaster ND391
Parsons J Lancaster LM365
Parsons R J S Wellington Z1663
Parsons T L Mosquito KB148
Parsons W F Wellington R1606
Parsons P J Lancaster PB642
Parsons W J Halifax HR722
Parsons A Blenheim R3636
Parsons H M Stirling W7621
Parsons N A Stirling EF401
Parsons R Boston Z2264
Parsons P R Halifax W1047
Parsons G N Lancaster DS731
Parsons C M Wellington BJ668
Parsons E G Lancaster NG197
Parsons G R J Hampden P1318
Parsons J Lancaster ED482
Parsons J B Halifax JD263
Parsons A E Wellington X3640
Parsons P A Halifax LW553
Parsons K C Halifax MZ511
Parsons J R B Manchester R5787
Parsons R A Lancaster R5737
Parsons E Lancaster ME855
Parsons H S Lancaster LL839
Parsons C A Spitfire P7522
Parsons C A Spitfire P8435
Parsons E G Lancaster PB741
Parsons A Wellington BK341
Parsons D J Halifax NZ360
Parsons T V Halifax MZ347
Parsons J W H Blenheim R3619
Parsons A L Hampden AE191
Parsons W L Battle P2261
Parsons W J Lancaster PB510
Parsons Claude Arthur
Parsons Alfred Charles Kingsley
Parsons Thomas Edward
Parsons Albert William Milne
Parsons Charles James Silas
Parsons Henry Wreford
Parsons Sidney John Rex
Parsons Jack Edward
Parsons Frank Edward
Parsons John Maxwell
Parsons Arthur Stuart
Parsons Donald Frederick
Parsons Eric Norman
Parsons James J P-51 Mustang
Parsons James R * P-51 Mustang
Parsons James R ** P-47 Thunderbolt
Parsons James W P-51 Mustang
Parsons James W P-51 Mustang
Parsonson E R Halifax JD198
Parthoens R J Typhoon MN150
Partington John Claude Wellington T2620
Partington R L Wellington BK281
Partington J Halifax HR739
Partington I Lancaster LM277
Partington W Whitley Z6950
Partlow I R W Blenheim L1246
Parton E C Wellington R1695
Parton A B Stirling BF483
Parton W J Wellington X3588
Parton F A Whitley T4160
Parton W Halifax LV868
Parton F A Stirling BF415
Parton L W Wellington N2957
Parton Eric Cliffe
Parton Frank Lawrence
Parton Horace Arnold
Partos Denis Gilbert Lancaster ND981
Partos J E Wellington BK268
Partridge Thomas Noel Blenheim V6267
Partridge William Norman Halifax MZ646
Partridge W N Wellington HZ280
Partridge W J D Halifax NA192
Partridge H A Lancaster W4847
Partridge F A Lancaster ED760
Partridge A G Lancaster LL936
Partridge F S Manchester L7433
Partridge W S C Wellington X9794
Partridge M C Mosquito
Partridge A B Halifax LW479
Partridge L J Lancaster R5544
Partridge C A Halifax MZ677
Partridge R J Halifax JD405
Partridge R D Wellington W5454
Partridge Jonathan Charles
Partridge Mervin Charles
Partridge Dennis De Montfort
Partridge Victor Winston
Partridge Jean
Partyk J Wellington R1371
Parvin J H K Whitley P4990
Parvin F F Blenheim L9472
Parzych Zenon J De Havilland Mosquito PZ333
Pasaka Donald J P-51 Mustang
Pascal S Lancaster NG114
Pascal Erwin M P-47 Thunderbolt
Paschalski Henryk
Pascoe Tom Stirling R9245
Pascoe P J Lancaster ED362
Pascoe G E Lancaster ED653
Pascoe W A Wellington Z1251
Pascoe A G Hampden P4341
Pascoe A Lancaster ND932
Pascoe D Lancaster ED951
Pascoe Blenheim V6445
Pascoe Gordon Keith
Pascoe Vyvyan Roessler
Pascoe Arthur Daniel
Pascoe Vyvyan Roessler Wellington AD625
Pascoe Herschel T P-51 Mustang
Pascoe James J P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Pascoe James J P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Pascoe James J P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Pascoe James J P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Pascoe James J P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Pasfield Leonard John (Leo) Lancaster ME576
Pasich Kazimierz Vickers Wellington Z8586
Pasieka Bronisław
Pasierski Józef Vickers Wellington R1535
Pasik Mieczysław Wellington W5590
Pasiley F N Halifax JP121
Pask R J E Stirling EF509
Paske C A Lancaster NG305
Paskell F A Halifax LW339
Paskelll L A Manchester L7373
Paskins Howard George Lancaster W4905
Pasqual William Anthony Halifax DT632
Pasquier R Halifax NA551
Pasquins R L Lancaster DS685
Pass Joseph Lancaster W4367
Pass Walter Patrick Lancaster NF996
Pass E V Halifax W7813
Passage T E Lancaster ME806
Passant R H Lancaster R5856
Passant R H Lancaster JB351
Passant B N Halifax LK967
Passant F V Halifax DT625
Passant Reginald Herbert
Passey C W Halifax LW281
Passey S J Halifax HR849
Passingham C Stirling N3729
Passingham K Lancaster ND924
Passmore G L Typhoon PD493
Passmore R R Wellington R1341
Passmore Lorne Allan John
Passy I H D Manchester L7312
Passy C W Hurricane P3827
Passy C W Hurricane P3737
Passy C W Hurricane
Passy Cyril Wolrich
Pasterfield W E Boston Z2265
Pasternak Tadeusz Vickers Wellington BK353
Paston-Williams Harold “Bill” Lancaster LM658
Pastories D A Halifax LL258
Pastwa Witold Franciszek Vickers Wellington HZ638
Pasvoll Harold B-17 Zamro 42-97365
Paszkiewicz Konrad Józef Wellington R1002
Paszkiewicz Jan Handley Page Halifax JD171
Paszkiewicz Ludwik Witold Hawker Hurricane L1696
Paszkiewicz Witold Wojciech Consolidated Liberator BZ949
Paszkot Kazimierz Vickers Wellington R3280
Paszkowski Aleksander Jan Vickers Wellington R1641
Paszkowski Aleksander Jan Vickers Wellington R1725
Paszkowski Romuald Andrzej Avro Lancaster PB846
Patalan Stanisław Douglas DC-3 Dakota FL515
Patch J Halifax BB204
Patch B J Lancaster LM130
Patchell Ralph E P-47 Thunderbolt
Patchett Edward Ernest Lancaster R5613
Patchett H D Halifax LW589
Patchett A H Blenheim R3913
Patching J R Lancaster W4763
Patching Charles Vincent
Pate G F Lancaster LM475
Pate A J R Wellington T2613
Pate James Thomas Wellington DV723
Pate Gilbert Firth
Patek Boleslaw Kazimierz Vickers Wellington Z1082
Pateman Edward Blenheim N6188
Pateman H Whitley Z6940
Pateman W H C Lancaster DV330
Paten A M Mosquito DD257
Patenaude R A Wellington X3960
Paterak Boleslaw
Paterek Edward Hurricane V7187
Paterek Edward Hawker Hurricane V7187
Paterson F H Lancaster W4313
Paterson A J Lancaster ED698
Paterson A W Lancaster ND733
Paterson David Alastair Lancaster ME851
Paterson Alan Lancaster JB132
Paterson Nathaniel Wellington X3466
Paterson James Lancaster PA234
Paterson William George Wellington LP397
Paterson James Burges Lancaster JA850
Paterson Arthur Hampden P1162
Paterson Reginald Philip Lancaster LL755
Paterson Frank Gordon Lancaster ME668
Paterson D M Wellington LN293
Paterson F H Lancaster PB573
Paterson N F Wellington BK401
Paterson D J Lancaster LL638
Paterson A G Ventura AE701
Paterson W Lancaster NF915
Paterson G W Halifax LL308
Paterson Francis Alexander Anson EG110
Paterson R D Lancaster W4888
Paterson C Whitley K8996
Paterson R McL Lancaster R5697
Paterson J S Lancaster LM109
Paterson S G Lancaster JA865
Paterson D J Halifax MZ449
Paterson A P Lancaster R5617
Paterson J K Stirling BK717
Paterson J L Stirling EH884
Paterson J E Halifax HR797
Paterson J Wellington MS494
Paterson R C Lancaster ED702
Paterson R McK Lancaster LM286
Paterson D C Mosquito NS962
Paterson J Lancaster PB120
Paterson H A Lancaster ME385
Paterson J Lancaster LM536
Paterson George Alexander Lancaster LM384
Paterson W J Halifax NA167
Paterson T Whitley Z9151
Paterson G I Lancaster ND448
Paterson J A Spitfire K6613
Paterson Frederick Harley
Paterson Alistair Semple Burns
Paterson James Everest
Paterson Archibald
Paterson William Keith Hamilton
Paterson Ronald McGregor
Paterson Dallas Joseph
Paterson Paul Pryde
Paterson David Hamilton
Paterson Angus
Paterson David Alastair
Paterson David Skene
Paterson Walter L
Pates Edward Frank Lancaster ND401
Pates Walter Henry Wellington BK364
Pates Wellington L7811
Patey J D Lancaster R5561
Patey J D Manchester R5834
Patey E A Manchester R5794
Patey F B Lancaster R5546
Patey W G Halifax MZ758
Patey Halifax L9581
Patience Kenneth Lorne Halifax LV831
Patience W R Lancaster ND840
Patience Thomas Raymond
Patison L E Lancaster PA169
Patkin Leo Braham Lancaster LM372
Patkin Leo Braham
Patlewicz Władysław Stanisław Handley Page Halifax BB309
Patmore Allen William Wellington X3556
Patmore R M Lancaster LL860
Patmore A F Lancaster ND579
Patmore E E J Lancaster LM445
Paton J H Lancaster LL729
Paton James Keith Halifax W1179
Paton F J L Lancaster NE115
Paton J C Lancaster PA254
Paton James Eric Frederick Lancaster ED713
Paton David Bruce Lancaster W4237
Paton Alexander Robert Stirling LK209
Paton J H Manchester L7463
Paton A M Wellington BJ653
Paton J S Wellington W5551
Paton C A Halifax W7770
Paton A T Halifax JD468
Paton J P Wellington X3467
Paton W E Wellington HE379
Paton J G Lancaster W4788
Paton E H Stirling EE969
Paton D F Lancaster JB644
Paton J Mustang SR433
Paton C Wellington R1226
Paton N J A Boston Z2266
Paton T G Halifax DK231
Paton Blenheim Z7298
Paton Blenheim L9379
Paton Donald Pearson
Paton Kenneth Owen
Paton John Howie
Paton Archibald McMeekin
Paton James Keith
Paton Alan Franklin
Paton Frederick James Lincoln
Paton John Charles
Patriarca Romes Halifax JP228
Patrick M M Lancaster JB223
Patrick Alexander Granton Hampden X3058
Patrick J W Stirling LK382
Patrick J W Stirling EH987
Patrick Michael Wellington X3873
Patrick K Halifax LV995
Patrick L C Halifax LK894
Patrick J V Lancaster LL785
Patrick K W Typhoon JR517
Patrick G E Stirling BK717
Patrick W I S Blenheim R3612
Patrick R J Lancaster LM587
Patrick E H Lancaster JB529
Patrick E H Lancaster ED943
Patrick H Lancaster LM377
Patrick Thomas Wylie
Patrick Maxwell Morley
Patrick John Charles Weir
Patrick Jack Steiner B-17 Under Ground Farmer 44-6020
Patrick Wayne S F-6C Mustangs
Patrick Edmond Rupert Wellington DV873
Patris G M Halifax MZ741
Patry R G Halifax NA260
Patry J G A Halifax JD209
Patry Joseph Adelard Frederic Wellington BJ894
Patston Vincent John
Patten George Kenneth B-24 The Moose 44-40205
Patten Evan Charles Lancaster PB806
Patten Evan Charles Lancaster LL844
Patten H W Wellington R1439
Patten J C Halifax LW417
Patten F H Lancaster HK575
Patten Keith Lawrence
Patten Evan Charles
Patter W C Lancaster JB668
Patterson Robert Andrew Beaufighter EL394
Patterson A R Lancaster ND364
Patterson D R Lancaster ND524
Patterson James Whitley N1382
Patterson William Milne Mosquito MM451
Patterson George Barnes Penny Lancaster EE112
Patterson Blake Latimer Lancaster PB258
Patterson D B Halifax W1107
Patterson D B Halifax R9532
Patterson John Richard Lancaster ND342
Patterson R F Spitfire W3711
Patterson J Wellington Z1411
Patterson E C Stirling R9153
Patterson J R Halifax W1211
Patterson G W H Halifax HX356
Patterson B C Halifax NP718
Patterson V F Spitfire AD392
Patterson R S Boston W8326
Patterson C E G Lancaster KB717
Patterson E D Halifax LW420
Patterson J B Halifax NA509
Patterson J B Halifax LV961
Patterson J M Wellington BJ658
Patterson R E Halifax MZ712
Patterson Leo Harkness Lancaster LL688
Patterson J W L Halifax MZ304
Patterson G W Halifax DK267
Patterson J T Lancaster KB817
Patterson H McC Halifax LW437
Patterson L E Lancaster LM171
Patterson J.A. Beaufighter KV976
Patterson J I S Lancaster ME745
Patterson J G Stirling BF511
Patterson W N Lancaster LM726
Patterson P J Hurricane P2976
Patterson W J Wellington Z1565
Patterson G V B Lancaster LM262
Patterson T G B Wellington L7873
Patterson S Blenheim L1317
Patterson V R Wellington X3815
Patterson Maxwell Chambers Lancaster DV287
Patterson J Whitley N1385
Patterson T Blenheim L9175
Patterson Blenheim N6200
Patterson Blenheim R3743
Patterson G N Battle L5241
Patterson G Spitfire MH488
Patterson E C Stirling W7504
Patterson G B Wellington R1435
Patterson William Joseph Halifax JN905
Patterson D G Halifax DK119
Patterson D G Halifax DK232
Patterson L F Mitchell FL211
Patterson J A Typhoon MN262
Patterson S E Manchester L7300
Patterson G E Lancaster NE168
Patterson Blenheim R3687
Patterson R L Blenheim N3541
Patterson A S Wellington R1526
Patterson J E Halifax JB957
Patterson G R Spitfire ML318
Patterson G J Halifax LV789
Patterson K R Wellington HE514
Patterson W A C Halifax LW172
Patterson L J Hurricane P5189
Patterson J A Whitley P4934
Patterson J W Lancaster W4168
Patterson R Lancaster PB356
Patterson H D Halifax MZ930
Patterson G H Halifax L9561
Patterson S Halifax MZ622
Patterson J H Blenheim L9210
Patterson J B Blenheim V6086
Patterson J W Lancaster ND856
Patterson W M Mosquito HK414
Patterson Richard Stuart
Patterson Charles Forbes
Patterson Arthur Robert
Patterson Donald Richard
Patterson Gordon
Patterson Archibald Sloan
Patterson John MacGregor Maughan
Patterson Duncan Locklin B-24 42-51187
Patterson Guy Ridgewood B-24 Liberator 3701
Patterson Chet A P-38 Lightning
Patterson Chet A P-38 Lightning
Patterson Chet A P-38 Lightning
Patterson Roy L P-47 Thunderbolt
Patterson Warren S Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Patteson D G Halifax LL248
Patteson J A Typhoon MN798
Patti Samuel Roger Lancaster LL891
Pattie J H Halifax JP125
Pattillo Charles C P-51 Mustang
Pattinson William Shearer Lancaster R5742
Pattinson J J Stirling BF449
Pattinson A J S Spitfire P9371
Pattinson A J S Spitfire X4591
Pattinson Norman David
Pattison T E Liberator AL577
Pattison John Jackson Lancaster PA236
Pattison Eric Hudson FK443
Pattison Allen Bruce Lancaster LL645
Pattison J Halifax EB249
Pattison W E Halifax W1181
Pattison W E Halifax W1238
Pattison E S Lancaster NG276
Pattison Richard Holtby Mosquito ML957
Pattison J M Wellington W5378
Pattison C V Lancaster R5755
Pattison C Halifax W7907
Pattison R Wellington X9951
Pattison C Halifax R9447
Pattison M H Halifax MZ460
Pattison E Lancaster ND922
Pattisson L H Stirling EF345
Pattle Basil William Lancaster DS794
Patton Neville James Manchester L7470
Patton C R Wellington BK360
Patton A A Lancaster LL633
Patton John Randolph Spitfire AD134
Patton C R Wellington BJ829
Patton G W Halifax JD327
Patton C A Lancaster W4278
Patton John Crockett
Pattrick Lancaster DV232
Pattrick C S Halifax HX188
Pattullo William Blair
Pattulo H M S Typhoon DN473
Paturle P Halifax NA606
Patus J G M Spitfire SM228
Patzer Edwin Frederick Halifax RG455
Paudash R E Wellington BJ962
Paul Keith Walter Mosquito DD777
Paul William Lancaster ME851
Paul Robert Andrew Halifax MZ907
Paul K H Wellington X3477
Paul V R Halifax LW377
Paul C R Lancaster KB742
Paul J S Halifax PN235
Paul T K Lancaster R5617
Paul H A Halifax HX165
PauL R J Halifax HR692
Paul E G Wellington R1539
Paul R J Lancaster PD214
Paul D J Wellington R1791
Paul F H J Lancaster LL945
Paul J K W Stirling W7473
Paul A W Typhoon MN866
Paul D E Wellington R1324
Paul J H Lancaster JB188
Paul B C Halifax LK632
Paul J W Wellington Z8868
Paul F D Spitfire L1035
Paul H Stirling W7444
Paul G C Halifax LW230
Paul J W Blenheim L9210
Paul E H Hampden P1348
Paul Frank Dawson
Paul Harold George ("Ginger")
Paul Eric
Paul James Arthur
Paul Keith Walter
Paul Maxwell William Elliot
Paul William
Paul Frederick Anthony
Paul Edward Ernest Wellington HX653
Paules F S Halifax DT731
Pauley R H Spitfire X4108
Pauley F O W Lancaster JB534
Paulin R W Halifax DK119
Pauline Claude Desmond Lancaster NG398
Pauline Claude Desmond
Paull R J Halifax HX174
Paull R W Wellington HE376
Paull Ronald Joseph
Paulsen Eugene A P-51 Mustang
Paulton Edwin Amos Wellington DV819
Paveley Derek Arthur Frank Stirling BK706
Paveley Blenheim R3603
Pavelich Frank J P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Pavely R F Stirling BK699
Pavey K A Lancaster ND995
Pavey Alan Francis Mustang FZ167
Pavey A F Hurricane N2525
Pavey W A Mosquito HK424
Pavey Kevin Ambrose
Pavitt J W R Boston
Pavlock Quentin S P-38 Lightning
Pavlock Quentin S P-51 Mustang
Pavlovic M Spitfire P7859
Pavlovic Matej Supermarine Spitfire P7859
Pavlu O Spitfire EE635
Pawhuk A Halifax LK711
Pawlak Czesław Rudolf Wellington HE807
Pawlak Jan Vickers Wellington Z1405
Pawley N J Stirling BK805
Pawlik Józef Vickers Wellington LP381
Pawlikowski M Halifax JD312
Pawlikowski Jan
Pawlikowski Stefan Supermarine Spitfire LZ990
Pawlitza E J Halifax LW165
Pawlokowski S Spitfire LZ990
Pawłowicz Stanisław Aleksander
Pawlowski Nikolas
Pawlowski Wladysław Leon Supermarine Spitfire ML192
Pawlowski Zbigniew Bristol Blenheim K7084
Pawłowski Piotr Vickers Wellington LP381
Pawluk Kazimierz Vickers Wellington W5567
Pawsey T Halifax MZ448
Pawsey O J Lancaster PD263
Pawsey J J Halifax DK170
Pawson George Stanley Lancaster JB126
Paxman L G Halifax LW724
Paxman Leonard Gower
Paxton Robert Henry Lancaster LM425
Paxton Wilson Wellington W5436
Paxton J G Halifax RG472
Paxton W F Halifax NA237
Paxton P Halifax HX286
Paxton J J Lancaster LM723
Paxton T R Blenheim Z7320
Paxton A H G Halifax DT744
Paxton Ronald Robert
Paxton Max W. B-17 43-38853
Pay John Sydney Wellington R3160
Pay W C A Wellington LN395
Payie Everett Garfield Wellington BJ842
Payling E Halifax HR662
Payne S W Lancaster ME630
Payne Thomas Harold Whitley LA856
Payne H G Lancaster NX585
Payne R J Lancaster PB541
Payne Malcolm Henry Lancaster LM221
Payne Frank Stubbington Wellington Z8788
Payne Alan Wakefield Hampden AD936
Payne Ronald David Stirling LK276
Payne Norman Frank Stirling W7523
Payne Herbert Lancaster ME442
Payne Harry Arthur Wellington Z1611
Payne Thomas Samuel Halifax JB962
Payne Reginald Irving Blenheim L8369
Payne Donald Frederick Lancaster PB373
Payne Raymond Stanley Halifax JD414
Payne T A Halifax HR666
Payne H L Lancaster PB402
Payne D M Lancaster KB784
Payne H Lancaster KB832
Payne D B Lancaster ND768
Payne A L Lancaster W4989
Payne W R Wellington X3669
Payne F J Halifax HX150
Payne R Lancaster R5899
Payne A M Mosquito PF447
Payne F S Wellington R1508
Payne D W Lancaster ED325
Payne A B Wellington W5361
Payne C F Wellington Z8410
Payne S W Lancaster LM516
Payne C B Hampden AE353
Payne R C Wellington R1439
Payne D M Wellington P9245
Payne K S A Stirling BF500
Payne G V Stirling R9153
Payne Stirling W7504
Payne Peter Henry Halifax JN905
Payne H W Halifax HR791
Payne E V Halifax MZ350
Payne W F Wellington HE924
Payne R Typhoon JP370
Payne G A Lancaster ME667
Payne L F Lancaster NG143
Payne J R Wellington Z1143
Payne Wellington R1368
Payne Wellington T2885
Payne R H Lancaster PA171
Payne R F Wellington R1464
Payne J G P Lancaster ME791
Payne G G Wellington LN292
Payne W A Lancaster ED438
Payne R Lancaster W4119
Payne C Lancaster ED800
Payne R T Halifax HR981
Payne C C Lancaster DS863
Payne G B Lancaster LL635
Payne V D Mosquito NS949
Payne R H Typhoon R7708
Payne T H Lancaster JA898
Payne C G Lancaster LM423
Payne G O Stirling EF156
Payne G O Stirling EF499
Payne J W Lancaster JA717
Payne J Lancaster JA678
Payne Wellington DV564
Payne E J Halifax MZ829
Payne Herbert Frederick Halifax LL143
Payne R P Whitley N1388
Payne C W Halifax JD145
Payne J F Hampden AE315
Payne A J Wellington N2957
Payne A. D. ("Jammy")
Payne William John
Payne George William Wellington HZ544
Payne Kenrick
Payne Reginald Charles
Payne Joseph Henry
Payne Thomas Harold
Payne Richard James
Payne James Geoffrey
Payne Graham Stanley
Payne Malcolm Henry
Payne Carl G P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Payne Carl G P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Paynter James Hope
Paynter Charles J P-38 Lightning
Payton Alfred William Halifax LK844
Payton Arthur Lancaster L7576
Payton Ronald Stirling MZ262
Payton S Lancaster ED692
Payton J J Tempest SN131
Payton James Joseph ("Joe")
Paździor Witold Handley Page Halifax JP288
Pchałek Stanisław Wellington R1348
Peabody Harold Sherman Lancaster L7576
Peace Eric Henry Lancaster ME625
Peace J M Lancaster PD272
Peace L Lancaster ME778
Peace W T Lancaster DV158
Peace G Lancaster DV363
Peace D S Hampden AT142
Peace R N Halifax DT570
Peace Wellington N3015
Peace Eric Ralph
Peacey D W Wellington X3411
Peach D F A Lancaster ND955
Peach T A Blenheim L8860
Peach J E Lancaster NG175
Peach G H W Wellington HE412
Peach A J Halifax R9438
Peach A C Whitley N1408
Peach H Lancaster ME735
Peachey Donald Alfred William Stirling N3706
Peachey N A Stirling R9263
Peacock A F Spitfire BN251
Peacock George Ernest Wellington P9232
Peacock Henry Frank Lancaster ME565
Peacock Edward Lancaster JB129
Peacock Ronald William Ernston Lancaster ED833
Peacock Wilfred George Lancaster PB129
Peacock J W Mosquito MM587
Peacock Thomas William Halifax W7812
Peacock James John Lancaster ND363
Peacock W O Mosquito DZ380
Peacock A R Wellington R3136
Peacock Wellington BK180
Peacock E J Wellington BK464
Peacock W O Hurricane BE486
Peacock W O Typhoon JP597
Peacock R Blenheim R3763
Peacock F Halifax HR915
Peacock W A Hurricane V7232
Peacock C Lancaster ND536
Peacock J W Halifax HR733
Peacock L G Beaufighter X8006
Peacock A D Stirling LK387
Peacock K Lancaster ND657
Peacock F J Lancaster JB654
Peacock M F Hurricane P2561
Peacock M F Hurricane L2141
Peacock Reginald John
Peacock Eric Clyde
Peacock Andrew Francis
Peacocke Raleigh John Brandon Beaufighter T3385
Peacore T J Lancaster LM453
Pead G Lancaster DV292
Pead R Lancaster ME573
Pead Gordon
Peadon A H Halifax JD409
Peak C A Lancaster DV198
Peak J F Halifax MZ355
Peak J Halifax W7919
Peak Colin Albert
Peake Ronald Moseley Lancaster ED544
Peake Stanley William Halifax MZ532
Peake Hilton Edwin Wellington BK278
Peake J Lancaster LL641
Peake F T Lancaster ED818
Peake N Stirling N6084
Peake J H Lancaster PD261
Peake K E Lancaster LL653
Peake G Lancaster LL828
Peake C E Lancaster ND711
Peake Ronald Moseley
Peake William Shannon
Peaker George Ernest Lancaster PB451
Peakman K L Halifax LV870
Peal Charles M P-47 Thunderbolt
Peal Charles M P-47 Thunderbolt
Peall H A P Lancaster R5506
Peall L W A Halifax LW696
Peall Spitfire P7531
Pearce S D Lancaster LM177
Pearce K G Wellington BJ768
Pearce William G Lancaster PB701
Pearce W N R Lancaster PB644
Pearce R E Halifax W7718
Pearce P J Lancaster LM551
Pearce W R Halifax MZ283
Pearce A H Lancaster PB306
Pearce James Hudson N7219
Pearce Maurice George Arthur Blenheim L9329
Pearce Ronald Francis Halifax LV825
Pearce John Manchester L7489
Pearce Noel Livingstone Halifax HR867
Pearce Harold Hampden AT227
Pearce V S Lancaster NG223
Pearce Clement Fred Robert Lancaster PB258
Pearce W D Wellington X3351
Pearce R C Wellington Z1487
Pearce S W Spitfire BL765
Pearce B V Wellington X3416
Pearce Samuel Henry James Halifax NR118
Pearce A G Halifax LL255
Pearce F J S Manchester R5782
Pearce R E Lancaster PB120
Pearce J G Lancaster LM484
Pearce Clarence Walter Wellington DF566
Pearce M Halifax JD368
Pearce A R Halifax JN909
Pearce N Halifax HX151
Pearce N Halifax HR716
Pearce Whitley P5102
Pearce K S Lancaster LM293
Pearce C M Lancaster R5665
Pearce A S Wellington P9284
Pearce K D Lancaster DS773
Pearce H B Wellington X3635
Pearce G H Lancaster NN800
Pearce R H Lancaster ND325
Pearce E A Battle L5582
Pearce T J Hampden AD921
Pearce T Hampden AD922
Pearce Wellington BJ649
Pearce P H Lancaster W4772
Pearce T R A D Blenheim L8742
Pearce D I Stirling N3725
Pearce I E Spitfire P8137
Pearce L H B Hurricane R4106
Pearce N A J Halifax JB787
Pearce C R Halifax W1271
Pearce R E Wellington HE514
Pearce E R Halifax HX282
Pearce D M Lancaster EE184
Pearce J E Lancaster JA676
Pearce W Lancaster ND672
Pearce W Lancaster JB229
Pearce A J Lancaster NF963
Pearce D M Lancaster LM626
Pearce R E Lancaster NN711
Pearce P G Beaufighter R2312
Pearce A G E Manchester L7433
Pearce S P Lancaster NG182
Pearce D Hampden AD825
Pearce D W J Manchester L7495
Pearce D H Lancaster W4830
Pearce D W J Hampden X3005
Pearce A J Lancaster ED982
Pearce W C Lancaster ME693
Pearce W G Lancaster NG267
Pearce M Halifax MZ912
Pearce Spitfire P7670
Pearce S A Stirling BF335
Pearce R A C Halifax RG529
Pearce M E Lancaster ND740
Pearce B Stirling BK784
Pearce Maxwell John
Pearce James Andrew
Pearce Stanley David
Pearce Bowyer Frederick
Pearce Kenneth Gard
Pearce Walter Douglas
Pearce Arthur
Pearce William Norman Roy
Pearce William Ernest
Pearce William Frederick
Pearce Leonard Ancliff
Pearce Philip John
Pearce William Robinson
Pearce Allan Harry
Pearce Allan Edgar
Pearce Keith Ronald
Pearce Edgar Hudson N7279
Pearce Earle F O J Halifax L9618
Pearcey James Halifax LL115
Pearcey J Halifax LL276
Pearcey R G Lancaster ED498
Pearcey W G Halifax LK792
Pearcey W Halifax LK683
Pearch R S Stirling R9355
Peardon L G Lancaster PB456
Pearl Philip Wellington HF279
Pearl Jack Verner Lancaster LM384
Pearl J A Wellington BJ603
Pearl J R Lancaster ME472
Pearmain Henry John
Pearman H J Halifax LW141
Pearman L Wellington T2846
Pearman L L Mosquito W4068
Pearman R H Hampden P2079
Pearman R H Hampden P4359
Pearman M C Lancaster W4234
Pearman F C Lancaster R5620
Pearman T F Lancaster JB118
Pearn P F C Mosquito DZ405
Pears V H Lancaster ED732
Pears E R M Wellington T2471
Pears G A Stirling R9357
Pearsall A L Spitfire PA863
Pearsall P F G Lancaster LM156
Pearsall Alan Louden
Pearsall Vivian Harold
Pearse L W Lancaster ED803
Pearse Frank Sainthill Halifax
Pearse Jesse 'Shorty' Typhoon R8814
Pearse G F Lancaster ME677
Pearse Halifax DK232
Pearse Wellington R1368
Pearse D C Lancaster ND686
Pearse Eric Francis Kennedy
Pearse Lawrence Wilfred
Pearson Not known Wellington N2780
Pearson L R Lancaster NE116
Pearson A V Lancaster PB254
Pearson J C Wellington R1695
Pearson J H Lancaster R5763
Pearson P A Lancaster LL808
Pearson Harold Halifax JP286
Pearson Maxwell John Lancaster HK556
Pearson John Edward Blenheim R3843
Pearson Fred Wellington X9824
Pearson Reginald Wiliam Stirling BF396
Pearson Denis Wellington X3670
Pearson A S Manchester L7385
Pearson A F Halifax W1218
Pearson G T Halifax HR915
Pearson Robert Wakefield Wellington X3556
Pearson B W Lancaster NN777
Pearson R C Halifax LW135
Pearson W Lancaster ED712
Pearson John Joseph Halifax NA604
Pearson Arthur Barton Lancaster ND354
Pearson W E Lancaster PB249
Pearson H H Halifax DT783
Pearson H H Whitley Z6586
Pearson G Lancaster ND642
Pearson J L Lancaster LM723
Pearson D M Halifax JD366
Pearson F Lancaster DS667
Pearson J V Spitfire ML234
Pearson F A Stirling EF330
Pearson K Lancaster ED990
Pearson H B Halifax HR753
Pearson J E Halifax JD260
Pearson G H Lancaster ND635
Pearson G S M Typhoon JP533
Pearson S T Lancaster EE126
Pearson W E Stirling N3762
Pearson F J Typhoon MN633
Pearson C J Halifax L9501
Pearson D E P Lancaster DS770
Pearson L Lancaster LL647
Pearson F J Lancaster LM444
Pearson C Lancaster LM237
Pearson E H Lancaster ED584
Pearson J H Hampden AE429
Pearson G W Hurricane P3516
Pearson L C Halifax W7861
Pearson L C Halifax W7855
Pearson M C Spitfire N3030
Pearson R Lancaster PD309
Pearson A Stirling EF451
Pearson M S Lancaster W4268
Pearson Charles Ernest Lancaster LM384
Pearson R E Lancaster ND561
Pearson W Lancaster JB288
Pearson G C S Mustang KH686
Pearson G L S Mustang KH695
Pearson I M Stirling R9267
Pearson I M Lancaster JB677
Pearson J A Stirling ED595
Pearson P B Stirling W7469
Pearson G Halifax DK269
Pearson W F Halifax DK193
Pearson T Halifax HR714
Pearson L E Whitley Z6585
Pearson Whitley T4205
Pearson Whitley T4172
Pearson Whitley T4293
Pearson Bertie Clifford James
Pearson James Christopher
Pearson Laurence Randolph
Pearson Arthur Barton
Pearson Ernest H P-51 Mustang
Peart B G Wellington HE202
Peart J Lancaster LM137
Peart E B Wellington HZ521
Peart Alan McGregor
Peart P R Wellington T2956
Peart J Halifax W1115
Peart Leonard Henry
Pearton K Lancaster ND785
Pearton C Lancaster PB637
Pease R M J Lancaster JB642
Pease G E C Mustang FD551
Pease Arthur Peter Spitfire X4324
Pease John H P-47 Thunderbolt
Peasgood G K Lancaster EE107
Peasland C W Halifax JD318
Peat Thomas Dunlop Lancaster ED771
Peat W J Wellington Z8328
Peat T D Lancaster ED745
Peat H Stirling EF511
Peate R E L Lancaster DS680
Peate S Halifax DT783
Peate Raymond Ernest Lee
Peatfield T A Lancaster EE168
Peatfield T A Lancaster EE150
Peatfield Gordon Arthur
Peathyjohns Billy' Bernard William John Supermarine Spitfire P9555
Peattie R J Stirling BF483
Peavers T A Lancaster ME689
Pebworth D A Stirling N6083
Pechet S W Lancaster KB768
Peck J N Stirling W7637
Peck G J Wellington R1759
Peck O S Mustang AG547
Peck J L Halifax W7817
Peck G R H Halifax JD468
Peck L E Halifax NP818
Peck Charles Woodrow Wilson Lancaster L7546
Peck G F Halifax W1039
Peck J Halifax BB428
Peck W F Halifax HR945
Peck A C Wellington L7843
Peck G J W Halifax LV880
Peck E E S Lancaster PB416
Peck F L Lancaster ND964
Peck R S Wellington R1372
Peck Maxwell
Peck Reginald John
Peckett L Lancaster PB768
Peckett H M Lancaster ND468
Peckham B Halifax NA175
Peckham H E Lancaster W4306
Peckham W T G Halifax LW688
Peckham N Lancaster ME474
Pęczek Leopold Marcin
Pęczkowski Wojciech Vickers Wellington Z1250
Pedder R E Halifax DK234
Peddie Andrew Liggat Blenheim R3880
Peden D M Fortress SR381
Peden Gordon James Halifax MZ922
Pedersen Varley Allen Hudson FH378
Pedersen W Wellington HE116
Pedersen L M Lancaster LL912
Pedersen K Lancaster ND815
Pedersen N P W Lancaster NN739
Pedersen Lawrence Roy
Pederson Lawrence Roy Lancaster LM548
Pederson J M K Lancaster JB226
Pedlar R C Halifax LK917
Pedler William Theodore
Pedler Rex Angus A
Pedley John Desmond Lancaster DV328
Pedley A H K Whitley Z9150
Pedley Michael George Foxter
Pedlow W Halifax NA504
Pedrazzini Richard Lancaster ND694
Pedrazzini R Halifax LK630
Pedrina William Allan
Pedrotta George Louis
Peebles Francis Garfield Halifax W7651
Peebles H T Lancaster ND850
Peebles J C B Wellington DV593
Peedom Charles Manning
Peek K C Blenheim V6177
Peek E C Lancaster LM671
Peek S J Lancaster JB117
Peek Alan Harry Blenheim V5525
Peel L F Halifax LW544
Peel John Ralph Alexander Hurricane Z3069
Peel John Ralph Alexander Hurricane P3400
Peel Jack Wellington P9248
Peel M G Lancaster NG296
Peel Henry Gerald Wellington Z8780
Peel R W Halifax MZ652
Peel G H Lancaster ED125
Peel R C Wellington P2524
Peel R Wellington DV715
Peel E Lancaster ND872
Peel J D Stirling W7567
Peel Stanley Halifax W7780
Peel H S Lancaster ED387
Peel H A Whitley N1465
Peel C D Spitfire K9916
Peel H O Lancaster W4136
Peel R N Wellington R3159
Peel J A Lancaster W4175
Peel W G Lancaster JA958
Peel John Ralph Alexander
Peel Lloyd Francis
Peel Eugene L P-47 Thunderbolt
Peeler Trevor Anthony Blenheim L4876
Peeroux W W Wellington Z1290
Peers Douglas Waldo Lancaster LM598
Peers W E Whitley P4957
Peers T H Lancaster PA981
Peers W E Whitley N1521
Peers G A Halifax LW681
Peers W A Halifax JD379
Peers J Lancaster ND497
Peet W W Spitfire TB353
Peet George B P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Peet George B P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Peets T W Halifax JB805
Peever F Wellington Z8975
Pegg R S Lancaster R5551
Pegg L F Mosquito KB239
Pegg E H Halifax JD167
Pegg R G Lancaster R5526
Pegge Constantine OJ 'Joe' Spitfire
Pegge Constantine Oliver Joseph
Peggs Robert James Halifax LL138
Peggs G C Lancaster W4946
Peggs Robert James
Peglar S W Lancaster ED724
Peglar Warren B P-51 Mustang
Peglar Warren B P-51 Mustang
Pegler L Lancaster LM746
Pegler Guy Lancaster ED865
Pegler M S Lancaster JB289
Pegram T H Whitley P5082
Pegram R D Boston W8374
Pegram S J A Halifax MZ447
Pegrum D F Lancaster LL963
Peill J H Lancaster PD292
Peirce W D Lancaster L7567
Peirce William Dudley
Peircey Arthur Charles Campbell Wellington DV713
Peirson R L Stirling BF451
Peisker Robert Zygmunt Lancaster PA161
Pekin Stanley Thomas Halifax JD458
Pekin Stanley Thomas
Pelc Edward Wellington Z1471
Pelechaty I T Halifax LW197
Peletz D Lancaster PB595
Pelger V W Blenheim R3612
Pelham Wilfred John Halifax DG408
Pelham M Lancaster LL858
Pelham M B Lancaster LM465
Pelham S Lancaster PA995
Pelham R Hampden X2987
Pelham H Stirling BK693
Pelissier M Halifax MZ742
Pell C H Lancaster JB236
Pell N B Whitley Z6578
Pelland L J R A Halifax DK239
Pellant J W Fortress HB785
Pellatt Oscar William
Pelletier Joseph Alphonse Jean Gerard Defiant N3364
Pelletier J R Halifax MZ686
Pelletier Joseph Louis Gaston Halifax MZ845
Pellett Keith Thomas Hampden AT228
Pellew Robert Everard Lancaster LL943
Pellew Robert Everard
Pelling M Wellington N2993
Pelliot B L H Halifax NA197
Pellow E T Stirling N3725
Pellowe John Henry Lancaster R5566
Pelly Andrew Desmond Lancaster PB701
Pelly A E Lancaster DV394
Pelmear L Halifax LK914
Pelmore G K K Wellington Z1115
Pelon Paul To Jr P-51 Mustang
Pelter G A Halifax LW693
Peltier Joseph Ovila Lancaster ME557
Pemberton L L Lancaster ME778
Pemberton G H Blenheim N6203
Pemberton G H Blenheim N6201
Pemberton A P Halifax MZ321
Pemberton Wellington T2803
Pemberton Lloyd Lewis
Pemberton George Gordon Wellington LN858
Pemberton Jack A P-38 Lightning
Pemble D H Halifax MZ395
Penalagan R H Halifax HX311
Penaluna Frank Arthur
Penand J A L L Halifax LW425
Penberthy Charles Paull Manchester L7374
Pencer C G Lancaster DS717
Pendelpho Charles Ronald Halifax W7924
Pender R B A Lancaster ED608
Pender J Lancaster LM532
Pender Joseph James
Pendergast J Lancaster NG197
Pendergast R W Halifax LL125
Pendergrass Walter K P-51 Mustang
Pendlebury N Lancaster EE180
Pendleton J E Wellington JA118
Pendleton L Lancaster NG491
Pendleton W E Wellington X3352
Pendrill G E A Manchester L7490
Penfold H T Halifax DT726
Penfold Colin Frederick Halifax LW640
Penfold A Halifax HR676
Penfold D J Lancaster JB243
Penfold Page Herbert
Pengelly A Z T Whitley P4936
Pengelly J C Wellington X9878
Pengelly Douglas Bruce
Penglase I J Lancaster PB880
Penhaligon W J Stirling EF254
Penkuri K T Lancaster LL653
Penlington E F Hampden AE200
Penlington E F Hampden AT116
Penman John Ernest Lancaster PB740
Penman ???Dickie?۪ Ernest Richard Lancaster LL891
Penman A McL Wellington LN284
Penman A M Lancaster HK596
Penman D G Stirling N3665
Penman W G Mosquito MM475
Penman W M Lancaster W4279
Penman Alan Stirling N3727
Penn F W Whitley Z6829
Penn William Harvey Lancaster ED349
Penn T A Ventura AJ478
Penn C G Blenheim V6398
Penn C P Lancaster LM574
Penn A Stirling W7438
Penn L A Stirling W7434
Penn E W Whitley Z9151
Penn Theodore William
Penn Donald E P-51 Mustang
Penn Donald E P-51 Mustang
Penna Cyril Stirling R9194
Pennant J A H G Typhoon RB454
Pennant J A H G Typhoon MP154
Pennell H Halifax JN904
Pennell Halifax L9579
Pennells R H Lancaster JA913
Penner I A Halifax JB920
Penner A H Lancaster R5754
Penner S W Lancaster JB540
Penney W A Wellington Z1319
Penney D W Lancaster R5750
Pennicott F J Wellington E3174
Pennie J Halifax LK841
Penning Richard E P-47 Thunderbolt
Pennings A E Spitfire P7774
Pennington S Wellington HE590
Pennington J Halifax NR121
Pennington J R Lancaster R5680
Pennington A Mosquito DD628
Pennington A Lancaster ND400
Pennock D H Wellington HE905
Penny J R Lancaster JB347
Penny Alan Dakota KJ970
Penny L J Halifax NA188
Penny C W Wellington HF856
Penny H A Halifax HR878
Penny R W Typhoon R8800
Penny G R Lancaster ED941
Penny R T Whitley N1473
Penny J A Lancaster JB218
Penny Donald E P-51 Mustang
Penny Donald E P-51 Mustang
Pennycock C Stirling EF130
Pennycock D C Wellington BK507
Pennycord A D Wellington HE155
Pennykid R Halifax LL130
Pennymore Arthur Frederick Wellington N3014
Penonzek John Mervyn Avro Anson AX538
Penrose W H Halifax HR753
Penrose R C Halifax BB305
Penrose J K Lancaster ME788
Penrose G W Lancaster ND357
Penrose Mosquito TA398
Penrose Ian Lott
Penrose Richard C P-51 Mustang
Penry D T Lancaster ED441
Penstone Norman Arthur Halifax W1153
Penswick J Lancaster W4830
Pent R H C Lancaster LM583
Pentelow P J Lancaster ME333
Penteny L J Hampden L4096
Pentland W H Typhoon MN641
Pentlin R Halifax JD473
Penton Kenneth Lancaster LL864
Penton D Lancaster PB189
Penton J R Lancaster LL837
Penton J R Lancaster LL838
Pentony G Halifax JD327
Pentz R Spitfire BL7333
Pentz J Spitfire MJ934
Pepall D R R J Stirling BK663
Pepall D J Lancaster EE141
Pepall D R R J Stirling LJ448
Peplar S G Blenheim V6063
Peploe Frank George Halifax JN905
Pepper M G Halifax LV781
Pepper Douglas Bertram Wellington R1775
Pepper William George Luigi Wellington HZ476
Pepper Douglas Reid Lancaster LM477
Pepper Terence Barnes Hurricane BN227
Pepper Halifax W1158
Pepper J D Lancaster LL974
Pepper G D Wellington Z8591
Pepper N E W Blenheim L9416
Pepper A Wellington R1587
Pepper Stirling N6093
Pepper F R Blenheim N6151
Pepper C W V Stirling EF329
Pepper E G R Lancaster JA918
Pepper Maurice Sidney Stirling W7630
Pepper J H Lancaster JA932
Pepper J Lancaster ND768
Pepper A P W Lancaster JB367
Pepper Francis Laurence
Pepper Merton George
Pepperrell A J Lancaster JB149
Pepperrell Archibald James
Peppiatt F W Lancaster ND441
Peppiatt F W Lancaster JB465
Peppler D G Blenheim L9382
Peprnicek J Wellington Z8838
Pepworth Stanley Arthur Stirling LK272
Perceval William De Burgh
Perch D W Lancaster W4788
Perchard Robert Charles Lancaster W4265
Percifield Bruce H P-47 Thunderbolt
Percival Walter Reginald Lancaster ND796
Percival Edward Arthur Fortress HB779
Percival Dennis Wellington Z1564
Percival J E Boston AL765
Percival R Lancaster ED386
Percival Charles John Stirling BK710
Percival G A Mustang FR936
Percival F J Battle P2267
Percival William R Halifax HX324
Percival S Lancaster ND795
Percival Blenheim R3754
Percival Reginald Edmund
Percival Roy Edward
Percival Lewis Thacker
Percy F McL Lancaster ME733
Percy Robert Stirling LJ982
Percy G Lancaster W4856
Percy A C J Hurricane
Percy H H Spitfire RB162
Percy D C Lancaster PB121
Percy R A Blenheim R3731
Percy Francis McLeod
Percy Rodney W P-47 Thunderbolt
Perdue E A Halifax NP942
Perdue R N Lancaster NF915
Perdue J A Lancaster PA989
Perdue Vincent Thomas Lancaster JA936
Perdue D J Wellington W5395
Pereira W Wellington DV812
Pereira V E Wellington R1044
Pereira R N Lancaster PB438
Perera T H Lancaster ND339
Perez M L Lancaster NE168
Perez Miguel Louis
Perez William R Jr P-51 Mustang
Perez-Gomez L Spitfire MK607
Perfect Jack Perfect Whitley P5090
Perfect Jack Lancaster JB155
Perfect R Beaufighter V8260
Perfect James G. Wellington BK559
Perganter H P Halifax HX353
Perides C G Halifax LW292
Perini Elido Edoardo 'Tito' Lancaster PB413
Perkiewicz T Mustang SR419
Perkin R Wellington W5521
Perkin F S Hurricane V7445
Perkins A J Lancaster LM239
Perkins Edward Leslie John Lancaster ND981
Perkins Alfred Charles Halifax MZ684
Perkins Bernard Frederick Avro Anson EG113
Perkins Harry Halifax LV782
Perkins Arthur Horton Catalina FP239
Perkins Ivan Roy James Liberator AL511
Perkins G G Halifax LW436
Perkins J A Halifax JB834
Perkins K W B Hampden X3154
Perkins D J Stirling LK283
Perkins K W B Blenheim L8854
Perkins J W Halifax MZ703
Perkins W Fortress HB785
Perkins A J Halifax HR862
Perkins Richard Dowding Lancaster ED318
Perkins R D Hampden X2996
Perkins H Lancaster EE191
Perkins R G Lancaster RA531
Perkins E N Lancaster ED352
Perkins R Lancaster JA844
Perkins J W Spitfire W3256
Perkins G Halifax JB970
Perkins K Halifax LW271
Perkins A S Lancaster PB292
Perkins R P Lancaster ND505
Perkins Wellington R3170
Perkins Alan John
Perkins William Wellington W5613
Perkins Donald D P-51 Mustang
Perkins Leroy R P-38 Lightning
Perkins Robert E Bristol Beaufighter
Perkins William R P-51 Mustang
Perkins William R P-51 Mustang
Perkowski Prot Jacek Vickers Wellington Z1257
Perkowski Zbigniew Jan Vickers Wellington R1298
Perks S.G. Wellington R1618
Perks E Wellington X3389
Perks H A Whitley Z6836
Perłak Michał Lancaster PA160
Perlman E H Halifax HR750
Perman Bertram Donald Mosquito MM232
Perman A Wellington HF543
Peroutka S Spitfire EE768
Perram R J F Wellington X9749
Perrault Ernest Francis Lancaster PB451
Perrers F L Lancaster JB236
Perrett R G Halifax HR906
Perrett F C Halifax HX165
Perrett J D Lancaster ED386
Perrett Norman George Edmund Halifax W7862
Perrett G C Halifax BB323
Perrett R G Halifax DT770
Perrett A L Lancaster ME838
Perrett John
Perrett Keith Jobson
Perrett Rex Gordon
Perriam R C Halifax R9530
Perriam R C Halifax W1099
Perriam R C Whitley Z6746
Perriam Howard Alan
Perrie J W Lancaster LM583
Perrie William Griffin Lancaster ME672
Perrie James William
Perriment W D Halifax JD454
Perrin John Lawrence Battle L5227
Perrin Arthur Nasmith Halifax LW246
Perrin Arthur John Lancaster L7546
Perrin J L Halifax LK920
Perrin D P Hurricane Z3899
Perrin E R Blenheim P6914
Perrin R J Wellington HE464
Perrin G Hurricane V7313
Perrin Dennis Roy Halifax HX160
Perrin W E Hampden P1156
Perrin J L Whitley Z9145
Perrin Grant M P-51 Mustang
Perrin Grant M P-51 Mustang
Perrin John P P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Perrin John P P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Perring James F. Stirling R9168
Perring J F Stirling BF384
Perring C B Stirling BF474
Perring C B Stirling BK667
Perring A Lancaster LM309
Perring C T W Lancaster SW254
Perrins J V Halifax DG286
Perritt D Hampden P4291
Perron Joseph Marcel Gaston Wellington X3361
Perron A J E Lancaster W4987
Perron Davis T P-51 Mustang
Perrot H F Stirling R9259
Perrott W R Stirling BK768
Perrott A F J Lancaster JA672
Perrottet Noel Alfred
Perroux William Walter
Perry G A Lancaster ME335
Perry R J Wellington Z1328
Perry R W Halifax LV943
Perry J C Lancaster W5008
Perry A J Lancaster ND788
Perry Esmond Hamilton Edward Hampden P1344
Perry T F P Halifax JB782
Perry E T Blenheim Z5794
Perry Leslie Dennis Lancaster JB639
Perry Kenneth William Beaufort AW197
Perry B N Lancaster ED416
Perry Edward William Halifax W1098
Perry Victor Leonard Lancaster LL749
Perry Dave L Halifax W1048
Perry Geoffrey John Lancaster ND684
Perry N R Lancaster LM755
Perry S W N Lancaster LM387
Perry H Stirling BK774
Perry N K Wellington BK501
Perry K O Halifax DT723
Perry D H Halifax LW114
Perry John Francis Lloyd Halifax LK842
Perry W J H Halifax DT777
Perry Lyndon Clifford Stirling EJ108
Perry L C Lancaster HK558
Perry J Lancaster W4796
Perry H R Blenheim T2439
Perry Blenheim N6176
Perry S E Lancaster W4340
Perry R L Lancaster ED878
Perry L W Lancaster PB303
Perry J P Lancaster ME692
Perry G Lancaster LM106
Perry J J Wellington BK301
Perry L F Wellington X3797
Perry J Lancaster ND635
Perry T J Lancaster NG321
Perry T W Stirling BK663
Perry A E K Ventura AE848
Perry S Wellington Z1052
Perry W Lancaster PB766
Perry W H Stirling EE884
Perry B E Spitfire SM248
Perry B W A Wellington HE491
Perry P Lancaster ED391
Perry C R C Hampden AT158
Perry H E J Halifax NR191
Perry G V Hurricane P3423
Perry J A Mosquito ML969
Perry K Lancaster PB212
Perry R M Hurricane N2385
Perry J G Hurricane ?
Perry R L Halifax BB199
Perry H V Halifax MZ905
Perry J F Halifax DK201
Perry J F Halifax EB240
Perry Blenheim V5375
Perry J L Hampden P1178
Perry G C Hampden L4152
Perry George Gordon
Perry Clifford Gordon Parker
Perry Leonard Charles
Perry Lloyd Arthur
Perry Ronald John
Perry John Charles
Perry George Frederick
Perry Peter Neville Vulcan
Perry Willard F. B-24 Slightly Dangerous 42-50681
Perry Alfred O P-47 Thunderbolt
Perry Alfred O P-47 Thunderbolt
Perry Alfred W P-47 Thunderbolt
Perry Alfred W P-47 Thunderbolt
Perry Emil F P-47 Thunderbolt
Perry Emil F P-51 Mustang
Perry Gordon F P-51 Mustang
Perry Joseph H P-47 Thunderbolt
Perry Lendell S P-47 Thunderbolt
Perry Robert A P-51 Mustang
Perry Robert A P-51 Mustang
Perry Walter N Jr P-51 Mustang
Perry Walter N Jr P-51 Mustang
Perry Walter N Jr P-51 Mustang
Perry-Keine A P Wellington R1394
Perryman Allen A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Persian A T Boston W8331
Perske Ronald Leslie
Person J Halifax NR153
Person R A Lancaster LL860
Persse Charles William Parry
Persse-Joynt D Spitfire N3202
Pertwee J R Whitley Z6663
Perun Józef Avro Lancaster NF959
Perverelle B J Lancaster NF921
Pervin T I Typhoon JP800
Pery Knox Gore E A Halifax DK255
Peryer S M G Stirling BF449
Peryman S B Ventura AE713
Peryman S B Ventura AE899
Peryman B W Battle L5200
Pesanka John P-51 Mustang
Pęski Włodzimierz Airspeed Oxford LW965
Pęski Włodzimierz Wellington Z1072
Pestell A Lancaster ND478
Pester L E G Lancaster ME793
Pesticcio G Halifax LV869
Pestridge L J Halifax JD408
Pestridge L J Whitley Z6865
Peszke Alfred
Peszkowski Bolesław Eugeniusz Wellington Z1406
Peszynski Michal Miles Magister V1081
Petch Reginald Herbert Lancaster NF923
Petch K A Halifax LW323
Petch D H Stirling EF155
Petch J W Lancaster PB463
Petch B H Lancaster PB154
Petch Halifax L9581
Petch W Whitley Z6642
Petch Whitley T1458
Petch David William
Petch Robert Geoffrey
Pete E J Wellington Z1652
Peter R G Lancaster ND759
Peter Lewis S Jr P-51 Mustang
Peterkin J D Mosquito DZ310
Peterkin 'Jock' William Alexander Lancaster LM546
Peterkin P W Halifax JD382
Peters W T Lancaster HK535
Peters J S Manchester L7289
Peters Neville Edward Lancaster PB958
Peters H N Stirling EE887
Peters D E Blenheim P4927
Peters Maurice Dawbry Lancaster ED733
Peters R J Halifax W7858
Peters Nicholas Fortress KJ106
Peters P Lancaster LM172
Peters Herbert Peter Mustang AM111
Peters D H Wellington X3486
Peters E C Lancaster KB762
Peters S L Halifax LV959
Peters F G Halifax MZ427
Peters L G Lancaster JA899
Peters R D Wellington BJ673
Peters K A Halifax DT496
Peters Paul
Peters Errol James Wellington N3014
Peters Raymond Albert Typhoon JP532
Peters T A Blenheim V5726
Peters F E Wellington Z8502
Peters R W Halifax JD180
Peters J Stirling N3665
Peters T K P Stirling BF569
Peters K G Lancaster ED533
Peters D S Typhoon R8861
Peters C Tempest SN173
Peters W A Spitfire AR330
Peters S D Halifax LK925
Peters R G Spitfire MK510
Peters S A Hampden AE381
Peters G C Halifax HR787
Peters Wellington T2736
Peters G C B Hurricane P5177
Peters C E T Lancaster PB200
Peters V C Lancaster JA707
Peters Albert Alfred Charles
Peters Walter Thomas
Peters Jasper Stormond
Peters Albert Otto
Peters Neville Edward
Peters Norman George
Peters Herbert Norman
Peters Kenneth Charles
Peters Harold
Peters John Henry B-17 Flying Fortress 42-8514 Lassie Come Home
Peters Bruno P-51 Mustang
Peters Charles K P-51 Mustang
Peters Charles K P-51 Mustang
Peters Charles K P-51 Mustang
Peters Charles K P-51 Mustang
Peters Charles K P-51 Mustang
Peters Donald V P-47 Thunderbolt
Peters Donald V P-47 Thunderbolt
Peters Donald V P-47 Thunderbolt
Peters Earl R P-38 Lightning
Peters Everett E P-47 Thunderbolt
Peters Everett E P-47 Thunderbolt
Peters Everett E P-47 Thunderbolt
Peters Robert O P-51 Mustang
Peters-Smith M V Wellington X3653
Petersen H H Lancaster JB657
Petersen E A Lancaster PD311
Petersen H E Lancaster JB537
Petersen R B Hampden AT144
Petersen L Stirling BK813
Petersen K J Halifax HX188
Petersen Wellington R3154
Petersen Laurence Theodore
Petersen Andreas Stanley
Petersen Harry Harcourt
Petersen Ernest Arthur
Peterson B B Lancaster ND822
Peterson James Alfred Spitfire X4422
Peterson O J Hurricane P3647
Peterson G F Spitfire RM904
Peterson Raymond Floyd Lancaster ND423
Peterson Lloyd Harvey Lancaster ED484
Peterson L E Wellington X3205
Peterson G E Halifax NA219
Peterson S C Halifax LV905
Peterson B L Stirling W7632
Peterson I S Typhoon JP737
Peterson W A Lancaster LL724
Peterson C G Spitfire BM361
Peterson Kermit Joseph
Peterson George Robert
Peterson Robert Finlay
Peterson Eric Anton
Peterson Bernard Bruce
Peterson John Alexander
Peterson Reginald Malcolm
Peterson Arman P-47 Thunderbolt
Peterson Carrol A P-47 Thunderbolt
Peterson Carrol A P-47 Thunderbolt
Peterson Chesley G Spitfire
Peterson Kenneth D P-51 Mustang
Peterson Kenneth D P-51 Mustang
Peterson Noble E P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterson Richard A P-51 Mustang
Peterswald J S Lancaster LM654
Pethard W T Lancaster ND653
Pethard W T Lancaster PB173
Pethebridge C Lancaster W4792
Pether D H Halifax JD457
Petherick A W Wellington X9673
Petheridge R A Halifax W7753
Petheridge R A Halifax DG225
Pethick T M Mustang AM200
Pethybridge W J Halifax DG224
Petiot E Halifax NA551
Petit A Halifax LW443
Petitjean R Halifax NR181
Petitt Donald Walker
Petitt Philip E P-51 Mustang
Petitt Philip E P-51 Mustang
Petley L V E Blenheim V6020
Petley L V E Blenheim L9269
Petley D Halifax W7656
Petley C R McL Whitley Z6799
Petlit D D Halifax LL599
Peto William E P-47 Thunderbolt`
Petr Frantisek Wellington R1046
Petr M Spitfire EP464
Petrachenko W Lancaster NG240
Petrażycki Jan
Petre J Halifax MZ793
Petre G W Spitfire L1029
Petre G W L1032
Petre A C Stirling BF440
Petre A C Stirling EE937
Petrides B O Lancaster ND345
Petrie John Russell Lancaster JB552
Petrie D L Wellington R1396
Petrie P J Blenheim R3769
Petrie P J Blenheim
Petrie James Harvie Mosquito HK169
Petrie Alexander Mackay
Petrie G S Halifax L9618
Petrie Murray Charles Hudson N7286
Petrina M J Halifax JP202
Petrisse A J G Mosquito MM733
Petrucha J Wellington R1516
Petruszka Aleksander De Havilland Mosquito HJ933
Petry Tadeusz
Petry Austin G Bristol Beaufighter
Petsche J Halifax LW713
Petschel V E Lancaster PA973
Petschel Victor Edward
Pett J T Lancaster KB727
Pett M E Halifax NA580
Pett F G Wellington W5552
Pett S D Halifax LW643
Pettefar George Lancaster ED992
Petter R A Wellington R1587
Petterson P C Hampden AE431
Petterson Lewis P P-51 Mustang
Pettet W B Lancaster DS684
Pettican R S Halifax W7667
Pettie H Lancaster W4962
Pettifer H Halifax LW578
Pettifer J G Lancaster ME689
Pettifor A C Lancaster KB853
Pettiford Keith
Pettiford Frederick John
Pettiford Stanislaus Henry
Pettigew J B Wellington HE243
Pettigrew R W Lancaster ED602
Pettigrew J K Halifax LK711
Pettigrew G M Lancaster ED614
Pettigrew J F Hurricane
Pettigrew B E O Lancaster PB688
Pettigrew L Lancaster R5699
Pettigrew William
Pettigrew John Frederick
Pettigrew William Wellington HX771
Pettinger G Stirling BF410
Pettis W G S Lancaster ME624
Pettisford F J Lancaster NE141
Pettit Edward Ronald Dakota FZ597
Pettit Noel Carroll Hurricane Z4485
Pettit H E Battle L4980
Pettit N G V Lancaster ND683
Pettit N C Lancaster ND676
Pettit C C Lancaster LL747
Pettit H W Hurricane Z2308
Pettit James Frank
Pettit John Frederick
Pettitt Roland Lancaster LL676
Pettitt E J Wellington Z1203
Pettitt Eric Noel
Pettman Albert Harry Lancaster LM682
Pettman W H T Lancaster PD262
Petts Leslie William Lancaster LL920
Petts J R Whitley Z9385
Petts A Lancaster NG271
Petts H N Lancaster LM320
Petts H N Lancaster ED710
Petts L A H Lancaster DS685
Petts H T Lancaster LL892
Petty A H Halifax JN947
Petty B K Lancaster LM370
Petty N F Lancaster ED601
Petty R W Lancaster JB371
Petty F Halifax MZ643
Petty H C Lancaster LL852
Petus C M Halifax LL587
Petyt B K Lancaster W4923
Peuleve David Hilary Blenheim R3747
Peut Robert Henry Christopher
Peverill R G Wellington X3448
Peverill Roy George
Peverley E J Lancaster PB785
Pewing J Lancaster ND627
Pewsey D Hampden X2995
Pexman K R Wellington X3469
Pexton H C Halifax HR851
Pexton H C Hampden X2984
Pexton R D Hurricane N2331
Peyton A C Lancaster ME613
Peyton Basil Lawrence Halifax LW464
Peyton-Lander J E Lancaster LM493
Pezaro L Stirling EJ113
Pezaro J B G Lancaster ND469
Pezda Edwin F P-51 Mustang
Pfeiffer Jan Piotr De Havilland Mosquito HJ928
Pfeiffer Paul Gotthelf
Pfeiffer John Francis
Pflaum John Elliott
Pfleger Włodzimierz Stefan Bristol Beaufighter R2442
Phair M A Lancaster W4261
Phair Robert Leslie Dunlop
Phalempin Gerard Francis Joseph Stirling BK599
Phalempin Gerard Francis Joseph Wellington X9701
Phalempin H Hampden AE139
Phare Denis Edgar Wellington W5486
Pharis George William Halifax MZ879
Pharoah K W Lancaster W4250
Phebus William R P-47 Thunderbolt`
Phelan Ian Rupert Lancaster LM316
Phelan T B Lancaster PB814
Phelan F Lancaster JA694
Phelan Kenneth C Fortress KJ106
Phelan D J Lancaster JB461
Phelan Ian Rupert
Pheloung C E Halifax DT666
Pheloung T H V Typhoon DN374
Pheloung Thomas Henry Vincent Typhoon EK174
Phelps Colin Gregory Lancaster DV180
Phelps Eric John Spitfire EN496
Phelps George Richard Lancaster ME447
Phelps E K Lancaster LM129
Phelps J W H Blenheim V6034
Phelps Kenneth Ross
Phelps Harold F P-47 Thunderbolt
Phelps Harold F P-47 Thunderbolt
Phelps John F P-47 Thunderbolt`
Phelps-Hopkins R V Stirling EH892
Pherson Robert L P-51 Mustang
Pherson Robert L P-51 Mustang
Philbin G B Halifax LL594
Philbin G B Halifax LL152
Philcox I H S Lancaster ME451
Philiips N V Typhoon RB267
Philip J Lancaster PD331
Philip John Stirling W7639
Philip E J Lancaster NN777
Philip R T Whitley Z6829
Philip D M Whitley Z6572
Philip D W A Lancaster ED646
Philip John Stirling BF334
Philip W Lancaster W4935
Philip W S Lancaster NX584
Philip C Lancaster PA997
Philip J A Halifax W1104
Philip John
Philippart Jacques Arthur Hurricane V7226
Philippe H Wellington N2992
Philips E S Hampden X3119
Philipsen A P Stirling BK801
Philipson W J F Halifax NA694
Philipson E J Lancaster ND583
Philipson A B Lancaster LM743
Philipson William
Philipson Keith Rutherford
Philipson Walter Ralph Thompson
Philipson Ernest John
Philiskirk G W Halifax LV987
Phillimore Wellington P9219
Phillip R D Spitfire SM331
Phillip Harrison John Halifax JP179
Phillipe W H Halifax NA555
Phillippi William R P-51 Mustang
Phillipps Roy Cecil
Phillips Norman H. B-24 Ginger 41-29177
Phillips E J Lancaster ED328
Phillips P H Lancaster DV168
Phillips D F Spitfire MB935
Phillips Clive Henry Halifax W1215
Phillips K B Wellington HE901
Phillips J D Fortress SR381
Phillips E C Wellington W5516
Phillips F G Lancaster W4332
Phillips V W Halifax HX271
Phillips C A Lancaster ME856
Phillips R S Lancaster NE128
Phillips H A Lancaster R5909
Phillips Glyndwr Lancaster R5639
Phillips Ronald Ernest Hudson N7301
Phillips Donald Leslie Battle L5524
Phillips John Ernest Hampden AD726
Phillips Marcel Adrian Beaufort L4501
Phillips William Roderick Walter Harvard P5791
Phillips G J Lancaster ED771
Phillips DJ Wellington BK250
Phillips John Stirling BK706
Phillips Richard Arthur Whitley T4137
Phillips Gilbert Victor Stirling N6068
Phillips Victor Thomas Lancaster NG330
Phillips Bernard John Lancaster PB894
Phillips Norman Taylor Spitfire K9905
Phillips Cyril Benjamin Whitley BD385
Phillips N S H Boston Z2157
Phillips J L H Stirling N3673
Phillips L G Stirling LJ559
Phillips G J Lancaster NG204
Phillips Gordon McLean Halifax W1110
Phillips R J Lancaster ND352
Phillips J M Lancaster PB525
Phillips C S Halifax LW682
Phillips O H Halifax NP818
Phillips L W Wellington BK389
Phillips D S Halifax EB243
Phillips W S M Halifax LW132
Phillips J R Halifax MZ427
Phillips A H Halifax MZ657
Phillips A H Halifax MZ658
Phillips C Halifax LV797
Phillips Chester Frank Halifax DK251
Phillips Samuel Alexander Lancaster LL678
Phillips W J Halifax NR121
Phillips W E Stirling BK725
Phillips S Lancaster LM156
Phillips E J Halifax JB930
Phillips A S Whitley T4152
Phillips A S Whitley P4963
Phillips W Lancaster JB594
Phillips B Lancaster JB596
Phillips J H Lancaster ED328
Phillips F Lancaster LL861
Phillips E E Lancaster EE192
Phillips W J Lancaster JA965
Phillips R G Lancaster DV265
Phillips C W Halifax JD303
Phillips J R Halifax W7677
Phillips H R Halifax HR811
Phillips C R Lancaster ME674
Phillips R M Wellington Z8714
Phillips Wellington W5491
Phillips J D Mosquito DZ354
Phillips V E G Blenheim V6316
Phillips T J Wellington X3596
Phillips D H Lancaster NF925
Phillips P H Lancaster R5688
Phillips D F J Blenheim V5725
Phillips Wellington W5373
Phillips E L Wellington Z1210
Phillips L L Wellington Z1247
Phillips E A Stirling N6084
Phillips E H C Stirling BF328
Phillips S Stirling R9279
Phillips D Stirling N3667
Phillips H L Stirling BK657
Phillips J M Halifax HR977
Phillips H W Halifax HX342
Phillips R E A Lancaster ME720
Phillips L S Typhoon JP752
Phillips R G Typhoon JP402
Phillips W J Stirling LJ617
Phillips C D Blenheim V6321
Phillips G M Stirling EH882
Phillips W Boston Z2249
Phillips F K Blenheim Z7306
Phillips G J Halifax W7700
Phillips F D T Lancaster ND755
Phillips F H E Wellington R3210
Phillips J A Halifax HR871
Phillips Gabriel Wellington W5492
Phillips J A Halifax JB914
Phillips Wellington W5531
Phillips J Mosquito
Phillips H J Halifax LW685
Phillips M V Halifax LK968
Phillips A Lancaster DS832
Phillips A C Halifax LW592
Phillips C Halifax LK907
Phillips S Halifax LK656
Phillips C J Lancaster LL938
Phillips G E Lancaster ED999
Phillips F H Lancaster LM306
Phillips D K J Lancaster LL846
Phillips T J Lancaster ED998
Phillips G J Lancaster ED745
Phillips V Ventura AJ209
Phillips E W Hampden AE396
Phillips F Hampden X3052
Phillips L J Lancaster ND536
Phillips E Lancaster ED428
Phillips L Lancaster ND989
Phillips D Hurricane L1951
Phillips J W B Spitfire P9388
Phillips J Mosquito ML976
Phillips D H Lancaster ND931
Phillips G Mosquito PZ406
Phillips J P Lancaster W4357
Phillips J M Lancaster ED782
Phillips K Lancaster NG286
Phillips J Stirling LK387
Phillips N S Lancaster RF159
Phillips A A Lancaster JB595
Phillips W M Halifax LW441
Phillips Ralph Lancaster PB357
Phillips A J Stirling BK773
Phillips C H Lancaster JA685
Phillips H G Hurricane ?
Phillips C G Stirling BK617
Phillips G Stirling BF467
Phillips B Halifax L9529
Phillips F Halifax LK873
Phillips B H Halifax MZ732
Phillips D S Halifax DK200
Phillips J Halifax JB852
Phillips Halifax W7669
Phillips A N Blenheim P4898
Phillips E S Hampden X2977
Phillips A F Hampden X2899
Phillips M H C Mosquito MM624
Phillips E J Lancaster W4379
Phillips W D Lancaster LM453
Phillips L Lancaster LM715
Phillips R C G Lancaster ME838
Phillips C Stirling EF439
Phillips E W H Spitfire W3576
Phillips J J Lancaster ND415
Phillips James William Bristowe
Phillips Everard John
Phillips Phillip Henry
Phillips Douglas Frederick
Phillips Clive Henry
Phillips Keith Balfour
Phillips Thomas David
Phillips Brian
Phillips Garnet Arthur
Phillips Norman Charles
Phillips William Joseph
Phillips Ernest Edward Leo
Phillips Harold Wendall
Phillips Frank Gale
Phillips Victor Wilfred
Phillips Clement Arthur
Phillips Harold Arthur
Phillips Gordon Alexander
Phillips Hugh Godfrey
Phillips Philip McLean
Phillips John Anderson
Phillips William Ronald
Phillips Theodore John
Phillips Robert Albert B-17 Fortress FK209
Phillips John Cecil B-17 Big Barn Smell 42-32093
Phillips Richard B. B-17 43-38701
Phillips Raymond G P-47 Thunderbolt
Phillips Raymond G P-47 Thunderbolt
Phillipson GE Halifax LW464
Phillipson F Blenheim P4828
Phillis Bruce Arthur Halifax EB250
Phillis J A Lancaster KB719
Philo S J V Lancaster LM337
Philo Herbert A P-47 Thunderbolt`
Philp Donald Robert Wellington BJ720
Philp R F Stirling LK238
Philp Anthony Valentine Sunderland ML760
Philp Gibson Typhoon JR329
Philp R F Halifax LL120
Philp C P Halifax W7714
Philp Ross Ferrier
Philpot D J Lancaster ME424
Philpot J B Blenheim R3730
Philpot J A Lancaster ND984
Philpot W G Lancaster LL723
Philpot Richard James
Philpot James Temple
Philpot Harold W P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Philpott J T Lancaster R5691
Philpott Eric Alwyn Seafire NM929
Philpott H G Lancaster ME831
Philpott H G Lancaster LM549
Philpott J F Wellington R1408
Philpott J A M Wellington HE729
Philpott C L: Lancaster NF937
Philpotts W M Halifax LV920
Philpotts Spitfire
Philps J A Lancaster ED598
Philson J A S Hampden AE300
Phin C K Stirling BF453
Phinn W Lancaster PB741
Phinney C G Lancaster DS789
Phipp J R Stirling LJ560
Phipp Jack Lancaster ED353
Phippard Robert William
Phippen W J Wellington Z1618
Phipps Francis Constantine Blenheim V5537
Phipps W Halifax HR985
Phipps W W Halifax DT723
Phipps L J Spitfire PL457
Phipps L H T Lancaster DS634
Phipps R Lancaster JB295
Phipps G F Wellington X3478
Phipps Henry James
Phoenix O H Halifax JD256
Phoenix G D Halifax MZ452
Phoenix J I Defiant
Phyall C M A Halifax LV962
Phyall C M A Halifax LW347
Piałucha Józef Handley Page Halifax BB389
Piasecki Józef Tadeusz Wellington Z1252
Piasecki Józef Tradeusz Vickers Wellington MF174
Piasecki Jozef Wiktor
Piaskowski Andrzej Józef
Piątek Stanisław Vickers Wellington Z1475
Piatkiewicz Henry J P-51 Mustang
Piatkowski Edward Handley Page Halifax DT627
Piatkowski S
Piatkowski Stanislaw Hawker Hurricane N2708
Piątkowski Henryk Vickers Wellington HZ374
Piątkowski Stanisław
Piatt Jacob I Jr P-51 Mustang
Pibus H H Blenheim V6146
Picard Henri Albert Spitfire EN796
Picard Henri Albert Spitfire BM297
Picard A A Lancaster NG190
Picard F G Spitfire SM308
Picarelli Francis D. B-24 44-10493
Picciano R D Fortress HB788
Piccot G Halifax LL573
Piccot G Halifax NA681
Picewicz Leon
Piche K M Stirling BF474
Piche J A F Halifax MZ860
Piche A H Halifax MZ683
Picher W C Wellington Z1274
Picho Tadeusz R Lancaster PB722
Pick Clarence Frank Wellington HF628
Pick B M Halifax W7775
Pick S Lancaster PD255
Pick Douglas J P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Pick Douglas J P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Pick Douglas J P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Pickard David Laing Albemarle P1400
Pickard C E Halifax W7852
Pickard D L Lancaster JB485
Pickard R S Stirling BF578
Pickard Wellington W5489
Pickard Wellington Z8530
Pickard J F Mosquito PF496
Pickard J G Hampden L4069
Pickard P C Wellington R3200
Pickard Percy Charles Mosquito HX922
Pickavance George Lancaster ND396
Pickell O F Spitfire AD270
Picken J A Halifax LW141
Picken J Halifax LV878
Picken W J Lancaster W4918
Picken J Lancaster W4118
Picken V Stirling N3725
Picken J Halifax LK949
Picken Jacques Andre
Pickens W G Lancaster ED693
Picker G W Lancaster PB250
Pickering Francis Rex Boston Z2179
Pickering Walter Lancaster ME690
Pickering W V Stirling BF320
Pickering C W Halifax HR872
Pickering Walter Henry Wellington X3796
Pickering D Halifax MZ525
Pickering R G Lancaster PA994
Pickering M A Halifax BB207
Pickering J M Wellington W5391
Pickering H A Whitley Z9385
Pickering J S Halifax JB922
Pickering S Lancaster ED856
Pickering T P Hurricane P5200
Pickering R C Mosquito HX968
Pickering Alan Leslie Lancaster JB546
Pickering J H T Spitfire R6715
Pickering J H T Spitfire X4562
Pickering W E Lancaster PA978
Pickering J M Halifax NZ360
Pickering C W Blenheim P4843
Pickering G H J Manchester L7466
Pickering Thomas Frederick
Pickering Malcolm C P-47 Thunderbolt
Pickering Malcolm C P-47 Thunderbolt
Pickering Malcolm C P-51 Mustang
Pickering Malcolm C P-51 Mustang
Pickering Malcolm C P-51 Mustang
Pickering William H P-51 Mustang
Pickers R A Stirling N6010
Pickers R A Stirling N6014
Pickersgill Paul Bernard Blenheim L4926
Pickersgill David Michael Hampden AE308
Pickersgill Maurice Desmond Lancaster ND861
Pickersgill H Lancaster LM215
Pickersgill D Halifax LK904
Pickess Bertie Joseph Wellington N2872
Pickett J Lancaster ED861
Pickett K C Mosquito DK322
Pickett A C Wellington Z1330
Pickford James Thomas Blenheim L1517
Pickford P B Lancaster W4234
Pickford V J Lancaster ME558
Pickford J C Mosquito KB437
Pickford H Lancaster ME749
Pickford L Wellington HE387
Pickford R H Halifax LK750
Pickin Eric Lancaster ND767
Pickles J H Halifax DT787
Pickles M Lancaster ME722
Pickles W T Wellington DV892
Pickles R Lancaster NE131
Pickles E Halifax MZ526
Pickstone Alan Lancaster LL919
Pickstone J Lancaster ND853
Pickstone H W Spitfire P7904
Pickthorne E B Halifax NP817
Pickthorne Wellington Z8900
Pickup James Dwight Stirling W7582
Pickup J A Halifax DK196
Pickup H Halifax HR863
Pickup J Lancaster NG396
Pickup R L Lancaster W4257
Pickup W E Stirling BF336
Pickup Clive Alexander
Pickup James Dwight
Pickup Laurenge Francis
Pickworth Colin Reginald Lancaster JB738
Pickworth G Stirling BF330
Pickworth Colin Reginald
Picot P M Lancaster ME649
Picton Richard William Lancaster LL836
Picton Roy Geoffrey Lancaster LL678
Picton W F Halifax MZ593
Picton J O S Lancaster ME452
Picton S A Lancaster DS813
Picton H S Lancaster PA991
Picton Jack Stirling BK804
Pidd L Hurricane P2836
Piddington R R Halifax BB313
Piddington J A Wellington JA114
Piddington Whitley N1387
Piddock T L Lancaster W4195
Pidgen J A Stirling R9189
Pidgeon G W Halifax LW115
Pidgeon E B Lancaster DS616
Pidgeon A H Lancaster ME361
Pidock C T Halifax LW391
Piech Jan
Piechocki (Cunningham) Jan Antoni
Piechowiak Zygmunt Stanislaw Vickers Wellington R1413
Pieck George D P-47 Thunderbolt
Pieczewski Marian Hawker Hurricane R4088
Pieczyński Zdzisław Stanisław Vickers Wellington Z1088
Piedot V W Halifax LK912
Piekarski Leon Leonard De Havilland Mosquito NT226
Piekarski (King) Marian
Pieniążek Julian
Pieper William O P-38 Lightning
Pierard A W Wellington Z1654
Pierce W A Lancaster PD286
Pierce Eric Walter Miles Magister N5417
Pierce George Trevor Stirling N6008
Pierce C P Stirling EH961
Pierce J Wellington X3201
Pierce R B J Wellington JA118
Pierce E G Stirling BF367
Pierce E G Stirling EE909
Pierce E R Blenheim L9386
Pierce J W Mosquito DD673
Pierce J W Mosquito MM640
Pierce J D H Lancaster DV360
Pierce E W V Halifax DT513
Pierce J R Lancaster ND812
Pierce Leonard William Aldridge Halifax LV874
Pierce Jack W P-47 Thunderbolt
Pierce Jack W P-47 Thunderbolt
Pierce Joseph F P-51 Mustang
Pierce Joseph F P-51 Mustang
Pierce Joseph F P-51 Mustang
Pierce Joseph F P-51 Mustang
Pierce Joseph F P-51 Mustang
Pierce Joseph F P-51 Mustang
Pierce Leonard R P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Pierce Leonard R P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Piercy W R Lancaster W4195
Piercy R F Halifax MZ452
Piercy N Lancaster ND978
Piercy Ernest Arthur
Pieri D M Spitfire MK827
Pierini Donald J P-51 Mustang
Pierpoint Harry Lancaster W4861
Pierpoint M L Wellington N2782
Pierpoint R Lancaster R5911
Pierre M A J Halifax DT694
Piers W S Wellington W5516
Piers A W J Mosquito DD661
Pierson Cedric Howie Martin Baltimore AG843
Pierson Roy Lancaster NG460
Pierson T C Lancaster NG233
Pierson F G E Wellington X3802
Pierson F Halifax MZ524
Pierson T W Lancaster NN698
Pierson Cedric Howie
Pieślak Romuald Robert
Piestley John Sinclair Blenheim L9262
Pietizak A Mustang FB378
Pietniunas Stanislaw Henley 3332
Pietrasiak Adolf Spitfire P8318
Pietrasiak Adolf Supermarine Spitfire MA854
Pietrasiewicz Stanislaw Bristol Blenheim Z7632
Pietrasik Władysław Antoni Wellington Z1318
Pietraszkiewicz Stanisław Spitfire AB990
Pietrow Jerzy Vickers Wellington R1590
Pietruszewski Wiesław Leszek Vickers Wellington R1212
Pietruszewski Jan Ludwick
Pietruszka Stanisław Vickers Wellington R1026
Pietrzak Zdzislaw Lancaster PD383
Pietrzak Henryk Józef
Pietrzak Wincenty Vickers Wellington HF208
Pietrzak Zdzislaw Avro Lancaster PD383
Aleksander North American P-51D Mustang FX876
Pietrzyk Jan Stanisław
Pietsch Leonard Lancaster W4983
Pietsch Leonard
Piff B S J Blenheim L9024
Pigeau J D Lancaster DV186
Pigeon Percy Edgar Wellington R1459
Pigeon J J Halifax NA581
Pigeon R J H Halifax MZ418
Pigeon L E Halifax LW682 - MZ504?
Pigeon P E Lancaster EE145
Pigeon Percy Lancaster
Pigg Charles Harrison Mosquito LR364
Pigg O St J Spitfire N9924
Pigg O St J Spitfire P9458
Piggin A E Lancaster HK622
Piggin A E Lancaster LM618
Piggin T J Lancaster ED757
Piggin P J Lancaster ND561
Piggott Joseph Wellington HE423
Piggott A C Lancaster ME720
Piggott W D Lancaster LM738
Piggott Frank Donald
Piggott Peter Morphett
Piggs A H Halifax DT569
Pighills J A Stirling BK779
Pigott John Michael Daniel
Pike Patrick Jonathan Kenyon Avro Anson K8836
Pike Victor Fernley Baker Stirling N6011
Pike H L Lancaster DS834
Pike G C Lancaster DS850
Pike R E B Halifax MZ829
Pike Trevor Charles Beckett Stirling W7526
Pike H W Wellington BJ701
Pike Donald Edward Halifax W7913
Pike E P Whitley Z9281
Pike E P Whitley Z6935
Pike G R Wellington R3279
Pike J Wellington BJ588
Pike C J F M Mitchell FL709
Pike D G H Lancaster ND513
Pike R C L Battle K9356
Pike D E Spitfire AA727
Pike H G Halifax W1021
Pike E Lancaster ED363
Pike R Blenheim L9180
Pike R J Halifax W7929
Pike N R Lancaster LM519
Pike R C Lancaster JB361
Pike Thomas Geoffrey
Pike John Walter
Pike Frederick George
Pikula F Wellington Z1562
Pilarski Wacław Józef Vickers Wellington Z1279
Pilat Stefan Vickers Wellington HZ575
Piłat Antoni Wellington HF605
Pilbeam Arthur Iden Lancaster EE196
Pilbeam E G Lancaster JB147
Pilbeam A B Stirling MZ260
Pilbeam A S Lancaster JB681
Pilbeam J M Halifax L9517
Pilborough W E Halifax W7701
Pilch Edward Roman Hawker Hurricane R2687
Pilche J L Lancaster ED364
Pilcher A D Hampden L4064
Pilcher Nigel Minter
Pilcher Joseph M P-47 Thunderbolt
Pildrem Robert Alexander Lancaster DS718
Pile K L Lancaster PB669
Pile Donald Zalva
Pilgrim G B Wellington Z1624
Pilgrim R C J Wellington P9229
Pilgrim N C H Stirling EF502
Pilgrim A W E Lancaster ND382
Pilgrim R Lancaster JB412
Pilkey J D Halifax LK686
Pilkington L S Spitfire AB962
Pilkington A Wellington Z8397
Pilkington C L Stirling R9295
Pilkington J G Halifax EB129
Pilkington F E Stirling EE882
Pilkington H Ventura AE876
Pilkington W C F Lancaster LW740
Pilkington Alan George
Pilkington Francis Philip Beaufort N1160
Pill R F Halifax NA623
Pillans Francis Soltau Tiger Moth NZ552
Pillans A M Blenheim R3892
Piller F J Halifax BB237
Pilling Frank Lancaster ND707
Pilling Hector Garrick Stirling W7520
Pilling H Blenheim R3870
Pillinger Leonard Charles Lancaster ND454
Pilniak Bogusław
Pilon F R Halifax BB343
Pilsbury Herman F P-47 Thunderbolt
Piltingsrud G Typhoon MN955
Pimm S A Lancaster PB911
Pimm J E W Lancaster ED876
Pinchbeck D E Manchester L7379
Pinches M H Mustang FX951
Pinches Maurice Henry
Pinchin K A Wellington HE495
Pinckney D J C Spitfire R6753
Pinckney David John Colin
Pincott K M Lancaster ND763
Pincus J D Spitfire MJ286
Pincus John David
Pinder Arthur Halifax JP237
Pinder P F Stirling W7637
Pinder C A Halifax JD471
Pindon Whitley Z6655
Pindroch John B-17 Susan Ruth 42-31499
Pine P R Spitfire R7263
Pine-Coffin Geoffrey Tristran Halifax JD297
Pinfold F C Wellington Z1259
Pinfold Frederick Charles
Pingel D H J Whitley T4279
Piniewski (Perry) Czesław Wellington DV437
Pinion J L J Wellington Z5171
Pinion L J Wellington X3708
Pink Philip Claude Halifax MZ572
Pink W F V Wellington X3561
Pink F N Lancaster W4791
Pink M V Lancaster EE111
Pink R E S Wellington BJ878
Pinkard D E Halifax LK912
Pinkerton Frank Wortley Lancaster W4858
Pinkerton R M Halifax BB324
Pinkerton K J Mosquito PF386
Pinkerton R Wellington R3222
Pinkerton Harrie Irwin
Pinkerton Edward E P-47 Thunderbolt
Pinkerton James S P-38 Lightning
Pinkett R Lancaster JB614
Pinkham Philip (Tommy) Campbell Spitfire P9422
Pinkham James (Jock) Murray Wellington R1758
Pinkney John Thomas Halifax W7924
Pinkney Tom Halifax HR720
Pinkney J Lancaster JA928
Pinks A E Halifax MZ508
Pinkstone R W Lancaster PB118
Pinn G P Halifax LV919
Pinn Geoffrey Philip
Pinney D G Whitley Z6874
Pinney G E Whitley Z6808
Pinning J C Lancaster LM448
Pinnion Arthur Stanley Avro Anson TX175
Pinnock J E Lancaster NE117
Pinny J A H Spitfire NH148
Pinsent John Henry Lancaster PB397
Pinto J H D I Halifax LK680
Piórek Stanisław Łukasz Vickers Wellington BJ645
Piorun Maksymilian
Piotrofsky P Wellington HE692
Piotrowski M Lancaster PD257
Piotrowski J P Spitfire MH927
Piotrowski Jozef Piotr Supermarine Spitfire P1412
Piotrowski Mikolaj Avro Lancaster PD257
Piotrowski Waclaw Airspeed Oxford NM420
Piotrowski Jan Marian
Piotrowski Witold Jacek
Pipe K A S Lancaster DS675
Piper S H Halifax JB787
Piper John ralph Halifax JD114
Piper F J Halifax EB285
Piper Wellington L7811
Piper T W Stirling N6018
Piper Ernest Raymond Donald (Roy) Lancaster R5694
Piper H R Lancaster PB666
Piper H C G Lancaster R5901
Piper M K Halifax LW557
Piper A H Stirling W7434
Piper J Lancaster JA692
Piper P M Lancaster PB200
Pipes Glenn H P-51 Mustang
Pipher William Melville Wellington Z1321
Pipkin Leonard Charles Halifax W1219
Pipock Michael B-17 You Never Know 42-32086
Pippet J G Spitfire P7852
Piprell Gordon Leslie Lancaster ME592
Pirie A L Lancaster PB413
Pirie J A Stirling BK647
Pirie J A Stirling BK776
Pirie D L Lancaster DS773
Pirie G R Blenheim L9184
Pirks Blenheim
Pirt S J Lancaster PB649
Pirves J J Stirling EF142
Pisarek Marian Hurricane R4173
Pisarek Zdzisław Wellington W5557
Pisarek Marian Supermarine Spitfire MB307
Pisarek Zdzisław Wellington W5590
Pisarek Marian Spitfire MB307
Pisarski Stanisław Vickers Wellington R1322
Piskorski Władysław
Pissanos Spiros N Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Pissanos Spiros N Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Pissanos Spiros N P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Pissanos Spiros N P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Pissanos Spiros N P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Pistl Zygmunt
Pitcairn Hill J A Hampden P1183
Pitcairn-Hill J A Hampden X2897
Pitcher A R Stirling EF400
Pitcher D E E Lancaster JB145
PItcher P J V Lancaster LM447
Pitcher William E P-51 Mustang
Pitcher William E P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Pitchford C N Lancaster DS668
Pitchford P J Lancaster W4768
Pitchford J E M Fortress HB763
Pitchford Ronald Keith
Pitchforth H L Halifax W7850
Pitcon Robert Charles Lancaster ND950
Pitfield Alan Leonard Battle L5334
Pitfield A S Lancaster ED750
Pitfield Alan Leonard
Pither Vernon James
Pithers Gaudray A Charles Halifax W1100
Pithers R E Stirling N3718
Pithie H C Halifax LK629
Pithouse K H Lancaster LM243
Pitka Ferdynand Vickers Wellington JA117
Pitkin Roy Livingstone Hudson VAM697
Pitkin E F Halifax NA581
Pitman Kenneth Douglas Wellington HF153
Pitman Reginald Henry Lancaster W5009
Pitman L C Lancaster DV271
Pitman R C Lancaster DV298
Pitman C Lancaster JB146
Pitman D T Lancaster W4772
Pitman C D Hampden P2143
Pitman E J Lancaster LL680
Pitman D A Halifax HR659
Pitman B J Lancaster ED656
Pitman Hugh
Pitt Bernard George Wellington T2973
Pitt L H Wellington X3394
Pitt P S Whitley T4289
Pitt C A Wellington X3544
Pitt A S Lancaster HK650
Pitt J A Stirling EH986
Pitt S T Halifax HR849
Pitt J H Halifax L9516
Pitt W C Halifax W7805
Pitt C G Halifax BB282
Pitt John McPherson
Pitt Allan Frank
Pitt Douglas Henry Frederick
Pitt Edwin John
Pitt Frank Fenn Mitchell HD329
Pitt-Brown W Typhoon MN753
Pittar W D P Battle L5112
Pittard R W Stirling BK611
Pittard Frederick Stanley Tristram Lancaster ED428
Pittendrigh Wilfred Ernest Stirling BF347
Pittendrigh James Leslie
Pittendrigh Robert Nisbet
Pittman J B Halifax MZ807
Pittman D C Stirling BF414
Pittman John Roland
Pittock I R Spitfire BM373
Pitts W H Lancaster PA259
Pitts Thomas Frederick Halifax MZ519
Pitts Derek Cecil Wellington HE202
Pitts Warren Henry
Pitts Alan James
Pitts William Alvin B-17 44-8437
Pitts Walter H P-47 Thunderbolt
Pittwood J Lancaster ND556
PItzak A C Halifax MZ509
Pivott Victor William Arthur
Pivott Allan Hoadley
Piwko Mieczyzlaw Airspeed Oxford DF253
Piwoda Franciszek Handley Page Halifax JN967
Piwowarek Bolesław Wellington R1230
Piwowarski Zdzisław Jerzy
Pixley A N Halifax JB922
Pizel R Halifax LL573
Pizel R Halifax NA681
Pizey G C Beaufighter R2254
Piziura Tadeusz
Pizzey H R Lancaster ND475
Pizzey John Marshall
Pizzie S Wellington Z8792
Place I A Lancaster LM118
Płachciński Stanisław Józef
Płachta Jan Vickers Wellington W5463
Płachta Andrzej
Płaczek Józef Avro Lancaster PA185
Plagis Ioannis Agorastos 'Johnny'
Plaistowe Manchester L7300
Plaistowe R C Hampden AE187
Plamondon M G Typhoon MN767
Plampton C W Lancaster JB670
Planchak Eugene Jr P-51 Mustang
Plane Leonard Lancaster NX583
Plank L K Wellington HE682
Plant H E M Halifax HX174
Plant B A Lancaster DV174
Plant J Hampden AE229
Plant J T Wellington X3724
Plant R Lancaster ND439
Plant H J Lancaster PA986
Plant R T Blenheim Z6084
Plant R F Typhoon MN6395
Plant J P Lancaster ME320
Plant H Mosquito HJ825
Plant F Lancaster ED805
Plant J R Lancaster LL728
Plant J Whitley N1442
Plant R E Spitfire P7387
Plant C Lancaster ME385
Plant C L Lancaster LM168
Plant H Lancaster W4955
Plant C V Lancaster PB240
Plant Bruce Albert
Plant Henry Edward Morgan
Plantana D D Lancaster PA984
Plante A V Lancaster NG233
Plante J J W L Halifax LV840
Plante Robert Erskine
Plas E J Spitfire EE766
Plaskett Stanley Lancaster ED451
Plastow Henry Jacob Lancaster PD287
Plastow A H J Lancaster ME828
Plastow James Percival
Płatacz Józef
Platt Kenneth Ernest Wellington P9248
Platt O I Wellington X9360
Platt W L Halifax W1111
Platt J W Halifax BB214
Platt K E Wellington R1159
Platt T Lancaster JB699
Platt R A Wellington Z1052
Platt Wellington L7859
Platt V S Halifax HR833
Platt F P Halifax MZ824
Platt F P Halifax MZ900
Platt F J Halifax DT563
Platt E Halifax BB373
Platt R C Stirling BK718
Platt William Kenneth
Platten Denis John Lancaster R5495
Platten R W Wellington X9888
Platten J A Halifax MZ352
Platts E H Whitley P4983
Platts J G de B Mosquito DZ482
Platz M J Wellington T2880
Plaunt D C Lancaster R5607
Pławski Daniel Wellington R1348
Pławski Daniel Vickers Wellington Z1331
Player John Howard
Player James Kelleher Halifax W7864
Player Samuel Thomas Lancaster DV307
Player G C Hampden AD869
Playfair A Halifax JB909
Playfair A R Hampden L4161
Playfoot K G Lancaster PD235
Playford J Mosquito MM438
Playford Neville Herbert
Playforth Herbert Hampden P1294
Playter R A Lancaster KB725
Pleasance W N Wellington BK435
Pleasance H P Blenheim R3686
Pleasance N L St G Halifax LL387
Pleasance N L St G Halifax DG286
Pleasance N C Lancaster LM430
Pleasance R V C Lancaster ED501
Pleasance Harold Percival ("Flash")
Pleasant Edward W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Please H N Stirling R9187
Pleasence D Lancaster NE112
Pleasnace J B Hampden AT139
Plecan F G Halifax MZ757
Plecity M Wellington DV515
Pledge Frank Stanley
Pledger T O Lancaster DS772
Plenderleith J Halifax DK261
Plenderleith N P Halifax HR696
Plenderleith R Hurricane V6676
Plenkiewicz Antoni Stefan Supermarine Spitfire EP108
Plenty Geoffrey William
Plesman Jan Leendert Spitfire MJ343 (some publications list its as MK905)
Plested J G Halifax MZ972
Plewman W H Halifax JB922
Pleydell H J Lancaster JB353
Plimmer Albert Leslie Lancaster PB554
Plimmer G G Lancaster R5569
Plinston George Hugo Formby
Plis Henryk Vickers Wellington N2852
Plisch Cyril Frans
Plishka L Lancaster ED735
Plisnier A Spitfire AR515
Pliszka T Spitfire TB3701
Pliszke Stefan Tiger Moth T7185
Plocek A Wellington R1516
Płodowski Andrzej
Płończyński Witold Vickers Wellington JA117
Ploskin Ralph Isaac Marauder FK367
Plotek Nikodem Bristol Blenheim Z5870
Plouffe E J C Halifax LK663
Plowman A L Lancaster PB428
Plowman Frederick George Lancaster ED588
Plowman F L Halifax L9487
Plowman G E Lancaster ND530
Plowman Arthur Leslie
Plowman Kenneth William
Plowright P Lancaster ED760
Plowright R S C Wellington HE116
Plowright J Halifax MZ705
Plum F Wellington X3936
Plumb W Lancaster PD311
Plumb Ivor Collins Lancaster HK547
Plumb S P Stirling N3654
Plumb A G Wellington R1442
Plumb E W Wellington P9249
Plumb I C Stirling BK802
Plumb D I Lancaster LM260
Plumb F N Mosquito MM129
Plumb Cyril Fred Lancaster ED974
Plumb William
Plume Stanley James Wellington T2701
Plumer B. E.
Plumley Douglas William Halifax LL577
Plummer J C Lancaster W5007
Plummer John Frederick Lancaster HK542
Plummer J Lancaster NG449
Plummer W R Halifax W1271
Plummer C J Lancaster ME665
Plummer C J Lancaster ED724
Plummer R C Wellington R1380
Plummer K G Halifax LK702
Plummer L A Spitfire MJ668
Plummer R F Hurricane P3052
Plummer Reuben Maurice
Plummer John Clement
Plummer William E P-47 Thunderbolt
Plummer-Davies David
Plummery Charles Frederick Wellington T2807
Plumridge John Bithel Lancaster PB740
Plumridge C E J Lancaster JB291
Plumridge E J Lancaster ED358
Plumridge E J Halifax HR719
Plumridge R Lancaster PA171
Plumridge John Bithel
Plumtree A Stirling LJ559
Plumtree A Stirling LJ617
Plumtree F Lancaster PB463
Plunk Henry P P-38 Lightning
Plunkett Reginald Patrick Blennerhassett Vickers Wellesley K7743
Plunkett D L Stirling W7530
Plunkett W Lancaster LL632
Plunkett L S Lancaster KB709
Plunkett Blenheim N3570
Plunkett C K Lancaster ND730
Plunkett W S J Halifax JD379
Plusa Andrzej Jozef Vickers Wellington Z1272
Pluta Zygmunt Consolidated Liberator EW275
Pluta J Halifax LW327
Plyley D G Lancaster PB477
Plyley D G Halifax BB384
Plzak Stanislaw Spitfire P7771
Plzak Wellington R1378
Pniak Karol 'Cognac' Spitfire R8465
Pniak Karol 'Cognac' Hurricane V6572
Pniewski Wiktor
Poad G B Halifax LL134
Poadiuk J Halifax LW204
Poch Louis Lancaster W4111
Pochailo P Lancaster ND579
Pochont C Halifax NA680
Pockley Harold Graham
Pocknall S G Lancaster DV191
Pocknee Frank Ronald
Pocknell E C Lancaster JB175
Pockney E D Wellington N2844
Pocock Ronald James Halifax JP239
Pocock James Jerome Halifax W7082
Pocock Douglas Layne Lancaster DS843
Pocock W P Lancaster ME774
Pocock F A Lancaster LL757
Pocock Henry Arthur Douglas Stirling BF322
Pocock F C Wellington N2843
Pocock R L Lancaster PB630
Pocock M H Spitfire L1056
Pocock E I Whitley T4338
Podborochinski E Lancaster JB407
Poddany Czesław Wellington HE768
Podgajny Edward Bristol Beaufighter T3035
Podgórski Kazimierz Andrzej Vickers Wellington Z1331
Podgórzak Józef Vickers Wellington R1390
Podivinsky A Wellington Z1167
Podmore C Wellington X3802
Podmore N Stirling BF338
Podmore Charles Robert
Podobinski Stanislaw Supermarine Spitfire EN856
Podolsky A Lancaster R5622
Podosky G G Lancaster LM219
Podosky Gilbert Graham
Podsiadły Bolesław Handley Page Halifax JP288
Podziemski Jan Vickers Wellington N2840
Poe Robert David Stirling LJ455
Pogodziński Edmund Avro Lancaster LL855
Pogonowski Jeffrey Eugene Halifax LV861
Pogonowski Jeffrey Eugene
Pogson C H Lancaster PB515
Pogson W H Lancaster PB687
Pohe P P Halifax JN901
Pohoski Jerzy Adam
Poilbout R Halifax NA572
Poindexter James N P-47 Thunderbolt
Poindexter James N P-47 Thunderbolt
Poindexter James N P-47 Thunderbolt
Poindexter James N P-47 Thunderbolt
Poindexter James N P-47 Thunderbolt
Pointer L A Lancaster LL895
Pointer R C Stirling W7563
Pointer E G Stirling ED595
Pointing William Leech Wellington N2780
Pointon C E Lancaster DV371
Pointon Albert Ross
Points C G Typhoon PD467
Poiquier Spitfire
Poirier J W Wellington Z1146
Poirier J A A Wellington Z1742
Poirier Joseph Alfred Raymond B-24 Liberator 3701
Pokorniewski Fabian Jozef Vickers Wellington HF591
Pokorny F Spitfire BL480
Pokrant Longin Vickers Wellington Z1204
Pokryfka Paul Halifax NP936
Pokrzywa Rajmund Antoni Wellington DV423
Pokrzywa Rajmund Antoni Wellington X3164
Polack Russell Bradburn
Polaczek Ernest Handley Page Halifax DP180
Polak Edmund Vickers Wellington R1725
Polakowski Antoni
Poland R G Halifax DT751
Polanin Karol Jan De Havilland Mosquito DZ291
Polanin Karol Jan HF150
Polanski Norbert H P-47 Thunderbolt
Polczyk Jerzy Vickers Wellington N2848
Polden G E Lancaster JB709
Polden A F W Lancaster NG308
Pole R N Lancaster KB714
Pole D C Halifax MZ906
Pole Leslie Ernest Stirling R9299
Pole C Typhoon JP651L
Pole C Typhoon MM961
Pole H Lancaster JB598
Polednik Jaroslav Wellington T2624
Polesinski Edward Wellington W5627
Polevka Walter P. B-24 Betsy II 42-50842
Poley E Halifax MZ433
Polglase David Mosquito DZ536
Polglase P J Hampden AD738
Polgrean W H Halifax LL558
Polgreen Sven Robert
Polhill Edward Malcolm George Wellington N2940
Poling William John
Polishford C W Wellington BJ688
Politzer M Whitley Z9125
Politzer J Wellington Z8838
Polkey C G Typhoon MN233
Polkinghorn J P Lancaster NG401
Polkinghorne Eric Downing Whitley T4220
Polkinghorne H C Lancaster R5625
Polkowski Jerzy Henryk Handley Page Halifax DT627
Pollard Clifford Thomas Lancaster NF999
Pollard Maurice William James Whitley N1382
Pollard Joseph Norman Halifax BB364
Pollard Thomas William James Fortress HB805
Pollard C E Wellington X9932
Pollard J E Halifax LK907
Pollard M W J Whitley N1385
Pollard M A Wellington BK127
Pollard J Lancaster W4370
Pollard A V Lancaster ME642
Pollard O H Lancaster JB462
Pollard F Halifax JD180
Pollard G W Wellington HE412
Pollard H C Fortress HB788
Pollard C H Halifax JB965
Pollard J Halifax LV998
Pollard J Lancaster PB207
Pollard B Anson N5193
Pollard E W Spitfire W3651
Pollard K Lancaster W4163
Pollard C L Lancaster PD341
Pollard W J Stirling EF426
Pollard Clifford Thomas
Pollard Stanley Thomas Wellington HX653
Pollett Peter Walter Robert Lancaster ED411
Polley G F Lancaster ME680
Polley D Wellington R1648
Polley William F.
Pollie Geofrrey Charles Oscar
Pollitt K W Stirling EF497
Pollitt D B Lancaster W4789
Pollitt H Wellington X3957
Pollitt D C Hampden AE132
Pollitt W Halifax NP933
Pollitt J F Halifax MZ319
Pollitt A J Lancaster W4123
Pollock Philip Rowland Hudson AM663
Pollock N J C Manchester L7463
Pollock Albert Lyle Lancaster ND528
Pollock E H Halifax NA580
Pollock E H Halifax LW418
Pollock J A Wellington BK165
Pollock J R Halifax MZ304
Pollock J Stirling N6121
Pollock Battle L5242
Pollock E A Lancaster PD385
Pollock E H Typhoon MN461
Pollock J H Manchester L7287
Pollock Norman Donald
Pollock Philip Rowland
Pollock Thomas Eric
Pollon Ernest Sinclair Stirling EH876
Polman D J Halifax LW263
Polnik Jan Handley Page Halifax DT627
Polom F Wellington BK516
Polom Franciszek Vickers Wellington BK516
Polowy Vincent Ronald Halifax LK758
Polson David Bannerman Halifax LW262
Polson R D Lancaster LL628
Polson R D Lancaster DS714
Polson E W Lancaster PD212
Polson Brian Wallace
Poltock T V Blenheim N6185
Poltock R Halifax DG283
Polton Wellington N2767
Poluton M A Battle N2028
Pomeranz Paul B-17 Dinah Might 42-97318
Pomeroy Frederick Bertram Stirling N6124
Pomeroy E C Lancaster JB707
Pomeroy Mosquito DK303
Pomeroy F B Stirling R9307
Pomeroy F B Stirling W458
Pomeroy F B Stirling N3726
Pomeroy J S Lancaster ME587
Pomes A J Hampden AE118
Pomfret J Lancaster W4325
Pomfret W C Lancaster PB198
Pomietlarz Jan
Pompetti Peter E P-47 Thunderbolt
Pompetti Peter E P-47 Thunderbolt
Pompetti Peter E P-47 Thunderbolt
Pompetti Peter E P-47 Thunderbolt
Pompetti Peter E P-47 Thunderbolt
Pompetti Peter E P-47 Thunderbolt
Pomroy Hampden AE238
Pomroy G Halifax W7656
Pomroy R W Lancaster PB143
Poncet G Halifax NA166
Pond Hubert William Halifax LK842
Pond H A Lancaster JA707
Pond G Halifax LV920
Pond Albert Leonard William Halifax HR778
Pond E R W Lancaster LL698
Pond Keith
Ponder C A Lancaster R5565
Ponds Whitley Z9129
Poniatowski Wellington W5519
Poniatowski Czesław Vickers Wellington Z1281
Poniatowski Jerzy
Pons L Halifax NA555
Ponsford A E Lancaster ED773
Ponsford Ian Reginald
Pont Alfred Leslie Frank None - SS Suez Maru Not applicable
Pont D S Halifax JD146
Pont H C Lancaster W4125
Pontey Edward Francis
Pontifex Russell Bruce
Pontin William Humphrey Wellington R3220
Ponting R G Stirling BF386
Ponting F L J Lancaster PB403
Ponting W A Defiant L6966
Ponting Charles Kevin
Ponton R A Wellington Z1463
Ponton W H Lancaster LM162
Ponton Robert Allan
Pontt Kenneth Arthur
Ponulak Władysław Vickers Wellington Z1337
Pookay W M Halifax LV938
Pool Douglas Leonard Arthur Stirling EF364
Pool G R Lancaster KB821
Pool W H Lancaster LM595
Pool P R A Lancaster ME799
Pool Reginald Henry Alfred Halifax RG375
Pool R Stirling N3717
Pool T Lancaster JB418
Pool R H Lancaster JB139
Pool F L Stirling N6120
Pool P D Spitfire K9870
Pool Basil L P-47 Thunderbolt`
Poole Raymond Stirling LJ970
Poole J Lancaster JB298
Poole Frank Twain Wellington R3235
Poole Jack Sealy Lancaster DS843
Poole Francis John Lancaster PB134
Poole Albert Ivan Wellington ME990
Poole W C Lancaster ED969
Poole N R Lancaster KB845
Poole N R Lancaster KB722
Poole F W Halifax NA188
Poole V D Mosquito RV358
Poole G R Halifax BB195
Poole F McD Halifax LW266
Poole C J S Battle K9270
Poole G A Lancaster JB566
Poole T F P Boston W8319
Poole T F P Boston W8319
Poole R F Lancaster ED388
Poole R Mosquito MM199
Poole R W Stirling BF512
Poole F P G Stirling BF460
Poole S Lancaster W4895
Poole S Halifax BB384
Poole W H Lancaster DS832
Poole D J Lancaster ED445
Poole P D Spitfire EP235
Poole D H G Stirling N3664
Poole C F Halifax MZ679
Poole H R Halifax MZ578
Poole L Stirling EF294
Poole G A H Wellington P9276
Poole Bruce Lionel
Poole Thomas Henry
Poole James
Poole Louis E. B-17 Black Magic 42-31721
Poole Harry Douglas Blenheim Z6164
Poole Richard F Jr P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Pooles Michael Reginald Mark Halifax W1020
Pooley C W L Wellington W5371
Pooley J Lancaster NG258
Pooley Clifford Harry Wellington Z8469
Pooley Wellington X9672
Pooley F H E Stirling BK659
Pooley R V Lancaster ED468
Pooley J T Stirling BK814
Pooley Charles William Lawrence
Poon-Tip Allan Percy Lancaster ND707
Poore Donald Frank Lancaster ME424
Pooskunik W Halifax NP686
Pope R L Lancaster PB812
Pope F C Halifax HX239
Pope Charles Frederick Wellington MF144
Pope Cyril G R Lancaster ND571
Pope William Roy Wellington R3160
Pope George Alfred Halifax LW472
Pope H M Lancaster HK624
Pope C.S. Spitfire AD232
Pope K W Halifax MZ312
Pope C J Halifax W7884
Pope E E Halifax LW179
Pope F N Wellington W5441
Pope W C Lancaster DS766
Pope A Stirling W7512
Pope A C Lancaster PB517
Pope R G Halifax JD117
Pope Whitley BD228
Pope S J Lancaster JB145
Pope George A Lancaster PB343
Pope C S Spitfire BM355
Pope E B Halifax JD147
Pope E Lancaster W4107
Pope A W Lancaster ME866
Pope R Halifax LW650
Pope L D Halifax DT574
Pope A C Halifax LK912
Pope Henry James
Pope Vivian Lewis
Pope Ralph Henry
Pope Rhodric Leslie
Popejoy Keith Lawrence Wellington HF352
Popek Mieczyslaw Edmund Miles Master DL941
Popiel Wojciech Stanisław
Popiel-Sulima Władysław Marian
Popko Mieczysław Zygmunt Vickers Wellington HE747
Poplaeski Z Wellington HE345
Poplawski Aleksander Hawker Hurricane P3425
Popławski Jerzy
Popławski Zygmunt Wellington R1026
Pople L A Halifax NP933
Pople J W Halifax JB873
Popley T H Halifax HR839
Popowicz Tadeusz Avro Lancaster EE124
Poppa V Halifax HX313
Popperwell L G Lancaster W4935
Popple D J Wellington BJ673
Popple Wellington X3746
Popplestone W M Blenheim Z7307
Popplestone H Lancaster ED487
Popplewell Ernest Malcolm Halifax LW461
Popplewell C H Halifax LK634
Popplewell Joel I P-47 Thunderbolt
Popy Stephen M P-47 Thunderbolt
Porada Franciszek Stanisław Vickers Wellington R1590
Porch Rhys Morgan
Porchon Spitfire PL427
Pordage Harry
Porebski Bolesław Władysław Vickers Wellington HZ576
Porowski Edward Avro Lancaster JA683
Porowski Isadore T P-47 Thunderbolt
Porrelli J Lancaster DS816
Porrett G M Whitley Z6874
Porritt L H Lancaster LM338
Porritt W H Halifax NP805
Porritt R A Typhoon MN401
Porritt Lawrence George Lancaster ED988
Porritt A Lancaster ND497
Porritt Leonard Haig
Porritt William Jeremiah Halifax W7679
Port Gordon Archibald Beaufighter ND180
Port E T Wellington X3946
Port K G Spitfire W3762
Port Norman Harry
Portanova Vito B-26 Miss Furie 42-96182
Portch A L S Lancaster ED615
Porteous James Kerrow
Porteous Henry Mitchell Lancaster JA914
Porteous R D Wellington W5421
Porteous Terry L.M. Lancaster LL787
Porteous J W Wellington DV818
Porteous Kenneth Alexander Lancaster W4852
Porteous W Stirling BF380
Porteous F W Lancaster DV370
Porteous P S Lancaster JB234
Porteous J H Lancaster PB531
Porteous W F W Lancaster JB653
Porteous Norman John Salem
Porteous Stanley John
Porteous Samuel Hart Martin Marauder FK366
Porter H J Lancaster ME449
Porter William Robert Rex Halifax LL459
Porter J H Lancaster ND518
Porter W A Halifax WR129
Porter Eric Frederick Lancaster JB479
Porter Kenneth George Halifax MZ730
Porter Herbert Walter Lancaster NG119
Porter Arthur Bernard Wellington MP813
Porter J E Lancaster ME857
Porter A W Lancaster ED358
Porter G B Halifax W7708
Porter A L Halifax JD256
Porter C J Wellington X3840
Porter R E Lancaster KB734
Porter R S Halifax LW693
Porter R L Halifax LV966
Porter K R Lancaster JB139
Porter Aulden Claire Halifax W1016
Porter A D Halifax NA511
Porter G M Spitfire P7788
Porter R H Halifax MZ826
Porter S Lancaster LM292
Porter K W Blenheim V6318
Porter Hampden AE425
Porter W C Lancaster LM107
Porter E F Wellington W5419
Porter M F Hampden L4173
Porter A R Stirling EE880
Porter A R Stirling BF531
Porter G H Halifax W1211
Porter K S Lancaster PB848
Porter R K Lancaster
Porter R Stirling W7626
Porter E Lancaster NG450
Porter H Stirling EE944
Porter L J Mosquito HJ915
Porter A H Halifax HR795
Porter C E Halifax DT634
Porter W Halifax HX346
Porter Jack Halifax NA629
Porter J H Halifax DK182
Porter Edward Joseph Charles Halifax LL179
Porter J D Lancaster ED483
Porter E D Halifax N885
Porter A G Halifax LV784
Porter D Lancaster LM229
Porter R E Lancaster LM319
Porter G A Lancaster ME593
Porter J H Lancaster PD375
Porter Frederick Allan Lancaster JA714
Porter J Lancaster PB344
Porter J A Lancaster ND819
Porter H R Halifax LV796
Porter Whitley Z6655
Porter D G Manchester R5837
Porter R M Boston Z2244
Porter T G Lancaster ED689
Porter A Lancaster DV395
Porter K L Lancaster LM432
Porter J S Stirling BK665
Porter E L Lancaster NE167
Porter D. A.
Porter Harvey James
Porter John Robert Byron
Porter William Robert Rex
Porter Sydney Larner
Porter Leonard John
Porter Forbes
Porter John Henry
Porter William Alfred
Porter Raymond Robert George
Porter James Halifax W1189
Porterfield George N P-47 Thunderbolt
Porterfield George N P-51 Mustang
Portesseau L Halifax NA681
Portesseau L Halifax LL573
Porteus T Hampden AD871
Porth W A Stirling EF511
Porthouse J Wellington Z8835
Portrey Thomas Lloyd Stirling BK688
Portsmouth R J Stirling BF460
Portway J C Mosquito PF502
Portwood J B Halifax NA163
Porucznik Jerzy Jan
Pose Robert L P-38 Lightning
Posener F H Spitfire K9880
Posey Eldon E P-47 Thunderbolt
Posluzny O Hurricane Z3088
Posner Isser Lejb De Havilland Mosquito DD781
Posner S Wellington BK341
Possee W F Lancaster RA546
Posselt Arthur Francis Battle K9483
Post R A Manchester L7418
Post Antonius Franciscus Hudson AM863
Post Jr. Dean N. P-51 Mustang 42-106632
Postans R G Wellington Z8868
Postek Tadeusz
Postins G H Lancaster LM452
Postlethwaite Frederick Edgar Spitfire W3562
Poston W Halifax MZ487
Poszeluzny Wincenty Wiktor
Potelle J E A Spitfire AB381
Pothecary J W Halifax DK202
Pothier Bourneuf Freeman Lancaster ND617
Pothuau A Halifax NA121
Potochnik John F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Potocki Władysław Jan
Potocki Władysław Jan Mustang FB168
Potsklan John Anthony B-24 Miss Judy 42-52507
Pott Arthur Edmund
Pott John Henry
Pottage Bryan Lockwood Wellington LB195
Pottage C A M Halifax NP800
Pottage J Beaufighter X7571
Potten C E Stirling EF509
Potter L C Halifax LW159
Potter Thomas Donovan Wellington BK552
Potter Robert Lincoln Lancaster W4327
Potter K G Lancaster PB254
Potter Graham Ernest Lancaster ED621
Potter James Raymond Liberator KN736
Potter John F. Lancaster DV369
Potter Eric Bradley Stirling EE873
Potter N G Stirling N3757
Potter Wilfred George Lancaster PB807
Potter J V Halifax W1230
Potter J M Lancaster DS719
Potter H A Boston
Potter M A Halifax HX162
Potter John Foster Lancaster LL836
Potter Edward Vivian Lancaster DV185
Potter S H Lancaster PB880
Potter J Battle L5523
Potter R D Lancaster JB641
Potter F S Wellington BK127
Potter F Wellington Z1574
Potter A L Mosquito DD717
Potter J H Wellington R3213
Potter T F Halifax JD117
Potter R G Lancaster ME636
Potter J A H Blenheim L1444
Potter J A Spitfire K9836
Potter J A Spitfire K9836
Potter J A Spitfire X4070
Potter A R Wellington HE395
Potter D E F Typhoon MN423
Potter D K Lancaster W4121
Potter W Halifax DT488
Potter C L Halifax LW323
Potter A F Wellington R1323
Potter J Hampden P5330
Potter R Hampden L4195
Potter R Lancaster PD363
Potter J Lancaster LL894
Potter P H Halifax JD321
Potter T M Lancaster HK608
Potter Leslie Clifford
Potter Frederick George
Potter Thomas Donovan
Potter Keith George
Potter Robert Lincoln
Potter James Raymond
Potter Graham Ernest
Potter Alan Gilbert
Potter Francis Edward
Potter Wilfred Glen
Potter Dennis Hilton
Potter Eugene M P-47 Thunderbolt
Potter Eugene M P-47 Thunderbolt
Potter Roland C P-47 Thunderbolt
Potter William C P-47 Thunderbolt
Pottie John Campbell Liberator AL566
Pottie John Campbell
Pottier E L R Halifax LV858
Pottier R Spitfire TD139
Pottinger F J Lancaster ME856
Pottinger R Tempest EJ719
Pottinger J Halifax HR950
Pottinger R. W.
Pottinger Francis Joseph
Potton M Halifax PN447
Potts W H Halifax MZ453
Potts W H Halifax LV965
Potts J R Lancaster LM191
Potts T C Lancaster HK575
Potts D N Wellington X3557
Potts F Whitley Z6863
Potts P J Lancaster PB363
Potts G A Hampden L4181
Potts J W Lancaster W4925
Potts A F Stirling R9170
Potts F W Wellington Z3288
Potts Kenneth Lancaster PB343
Potts E T Halifax DK253
Potts J W Halifax LK632
Potts A R Lancaster ED657
Potts S H Hampden L4072
Potts G A C Hampden P2124
Potts K O Halifax MZ758
Potts D A Hurricane Z3464
Potts J Halifax RG552
Potts I G G Hurricane E
Potts J Halifax W1017
Potts S G Halifax RG622
Potts A Halifax W1144
Potts R J Hampden AD907
Potts D E Lancaster JB118
Potts J Mosquito MM628
Potts E J Lancaster PD377
Potts Alexander Peter
Potts John Nigel Elmhirst
Potts Ralph Marley
Potts Lindsay Gordon
Potts Charles Dudley
Potts James Murray Liberator KH214
Poturalski Wincenty
Potwahka Hudson FK791
Potwin Roger M. B-17 Mohawk 42-31128
Poudrier J R R Halifax DK142
Pougnet J M Halifax MZ361
Pouie Q J Halifax NA192
Poules P Halifax MZ641
Poulin W J Halifax JN903
Poulsen A H Blenheim T2163
Poulsom Ronald Lancaster PB518
Poulson Leslie William Stirling LK143
Poulson Peter Ernest Lancaster W4334
Poulson Leslie William
Poulston D Blenheim Z7493
Poulter Cecil Wardman Anson K6277
Poulter James Leeman Stirling EH876
Poulter W C A Halifax JB794
Poulter R G Whitley Z6759
Poulter G A Lancaster ME831
Poulter G A Lancaster LM549
Poulter C W Stirling EH942
Poulter R J Lancaster JB607
Poulter E Lancaster ME855
Poulter Henry Alfred
Poulton G F Hampden AT119
Poulton Warwick Brian Spitfire BM241
Poulton John Lancaster ME743
Poulton Walter James Wellington Z1097
Poulton C J Lancaster LM365
Poulton N T R Lancaster JR216
Poulton A J Halifax LV773
Poulton N F Wellington X3179
Poulton A A Stirling EF401
Poulton W A Halifax JD244
Poulton Wellington R1589
Poulton H R R Spitfire EP549
Poulton Norman Thomas Riggall
Poulton John Henry
Pound George Albert Alexander Halifax HX318
Pound George Edward
Pound H W Lancaster ND625
Pound L J Fortress HB802
Pound Robert Tasman
Pounder G Mosquito DZ470
Pounder T J Lancaster JA896
Pounds E H J Halifax W1182
Pountain W H Wellington N2886
Pountney R S Lancaster ND364
Poupard Aubrey Whitley Z6478
Poupard A Whitley Z6721
Poure E L Lancaster ND526
Pout P E Lancaster JB310
Pouting W A ? L6966
Povey Albert Edward Charles Hampden L4134
Povey Derek John Halifax BB254
Povey E Mosquito ML902
Povey E A Lancaster W5000
Povey R H Wellington LP198
Pow George Fortress HB779
Pow L G D Spitfire PV203
Pow W R Lancaster PD380
Pow L Stirling EF130
Powdrell W H Lancaster W4362
Powdrell Hampden X3126
Powdrill R Lancaster DV367
Powe Trevor Sutherland Halifax NA674
Powe Trevor Sutherland
Powell Edgar Joseph B-24 42-52506
Powell V D Lancaster PB617
Powell L J Lancaster JR216
Powell J W Lancaster PD224
Powell Mervyn Lancaster LL882
Powell Eric Nash Lancaster ME723
Powell Neville Joseph 'pip'
Powell Richard Lancaster NG307
Powell Richard Lancaster ME300
Powell Thomas Trevor Lancaster JB645
Powell William Henry Blenheim T1883
Powell Walter Whitley Z9231
Powell N.R. Blenheim Z5906
Powell C O Lancaster ME857
Powell N N Wellington W5355
Powell W O Stirling R9197
Powell P G Lancaster JA920
Powell L W Spitfire AR522
Powell L C Wellington Z1145
Powell T E Wellington BJ729
Powell E A Halifax LW390
Powell Albert Richard Wellington Z8335
Powell Carly Arthur Stirling W7618
Powell J R Typhoon JR365
Powell F W A Lancaster ED697
Powell J Halifax W1107
Powell F W Halifax DT702
Powell G F Halifax JB867
Powell J Halifax R9532
Powell G K Whitley Z6829
Powell J R Wellington W5438
Powell G R Lancaster W4118
Powell G C Lancaster W4918
Powell N Hampden L4189
Powell N T Hampden AE301
Powell C E Blenheim Z7498
Powell G A Wellington N2950
Powell E T Lancaster ED967
Powell R Hampden AD824
Powell W L Hampden P1172
Powell E C Stirling EF202
Powell R H Wellington X9814
Powell P D Wellington DV786
Powell L J Halifax LW296
Powell E S Halifax HX356
Powell P J Halifax LV948
Powell K G Lancaster ME388
Powell Walter Ronald Lancaster RA517
Powell R C Lancaster NG416
Powell R Halifax NA241
Powell K Wellington BK507
Powell C S F Manchester L7380
Powell J T Blenheim R3820
Powell L Stirling BF331
Powell J H Stirling R9145
Powell William Obediah Stirling R9165
Powell G A Stirling BF309
Powell A Stirling EE884
Powell A G Hurricane BE513
Powell W Blenheim L1512
Powell R Spitfire P7994
Powell Wellington HE914
Powell G N E Halifax R9438
Powell S A Halifax RG477
Powell L G Lancaster ED355
Powell N E Ventura AJ188
Powell J Halifax NO969
Powell D H E Lancaster ED367
Powell William L Lancaster JB701
Powell M Lancaster PB519
Powell D E F Hampden AD828
Powell D E F Hampden P4411
Powell W Halifax LK750
Powell C J Whitley Z6505
Powell J L Lancaster ME582
Powell J R Lancaster LM392
Powell A R Lancaster SW245
Powell G O Halifax LL558
Powell R A Lancaster JB417
Powell R S Hampden P4355
Powell W Lancaster PD199
Powell J L Lancaster NG228
Powell D J D Lancaster EE144
Powell F A Lancaster LM174
Powell J Lancaster PD314
Powell G E Lancaster JB141
Powell R J Lancaster ND897
Powell R F B Lancaster JB468
Powell D G J Halifax DK207
Powell Douglas Norman Lancaster ED353
Powell W Hampden AE358
Powell Hampden P2125
Powell T Lancaster ND389
Powell D H Stirling R9276
Powell J H Stirling EH947
Powell J Lancaster JB176
Powell S Lancaster JA716
Powell R W Wellington R1176
Powell R W Wellington R3167
Powell R P R Spitfire
Powell Robin Peter Reginald
Powell Arthur John
Powell Gordon John
Powell Vernon Douglas
Powell William Stephen
Powell Ross Allan
Powell Leslie John
Powell Joseph William
Powell William Noble
Powell Reginald Charles Joffre
Powell Lance Sydney
Powell Robert David
Powell Mervyn
Powell Douglas Anzac
Powell Norman William
Powell Frederick William
Powell Harold Llewellyn Mosquito HP967
Powell Reginald Arnold Wellington HX771
Powell Edward C P-47 Thunderbolt`
Powell Everett W P-47 Thunderbolt
Powell Homer G P-47 Thunderbolt
Powell Homer G P-47 Thunderbolt
Powell Lawrence J Jr P-51 Mustang
Powell Lawrence J Jr P-51 Mustang
Powell Robert H Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Powell Robert H Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Powell-Shedden George Ffolliott
Powell-Sheddon G ff Hurricane P2884
Powell-Wiffen Arthur William Mosquito ML928
Power R J Lancaster JB637
Power L J Halifax MZ296
Power J R Lancaster PB688
Power J G Wellington W5381
Power W M Stirling BK798
Power J R Halifax LV997
Power L H Lancaster LL721
Power P J Lancaster LL686
Power D A Lancaster ED488
Power C R Lancaster JB308
Power K J Lancaster LM459
Power T H Manchester L7485
Power J O'B Blenheim N6230
Power L H Wellington HE867
Power A P Lancaster JA675
Power W A Halifax LW270
Power S Lancaster PA254
Power B A Wellington P9275
Power Ronald Thomas
Power John
Power James Renton
Power Richard John
Power John Renton
Power Linsay Joseph
Power Thomas Phillip
Power John Desmond
Power (Pierov) Anatol
Powers D K Lancaster PD261
Powers R C Lancaster HK680
Powers William Charles Spitfire MK881
Powers H F Halifax DT739
Powers T Lancaster LM382
Powers David Kingsley
Powers Joe H P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Joe H P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Joe H P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Joe H P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Joe H P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Joe H P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Joe H P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Joe H P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Joe H P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Joe H P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Joe H P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Joe H P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Joe H P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Joe H P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Lewis W P-51 Mustang
Powers Lewis W P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Powers Lewis W P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Powick L Halifax MZ350
Powierza Andrzej
Powierza Stanisław Vickers Wellington R1390
Powierza Tadeusz Supermarine Spitfire MK190
Powis G G Lancaster ED759
Powis L W Halifax LW695
Powis William Henry
Powles F C Blenheim V5580
Powley D A Lancaster ED721
Powley F S Lancaster RA544
Powling R Spitfire P7756
Powloka Edward Miles Master N7428 / N8014
Pownall John Harold Mosquito LR253
Pownall W Wellington X3355
Powner J H Lancaster NN706
Powrie C D Wellington T2476
Powrie R A Wellington L7840
Powys-Jones H A Blenheim R3769
Poynter D J Stirling W7508
Poynter D J Stirling DJ972
Poynter G P Stirling EH961
Poynter H F Lancaster ED487
Poynting K H Wellington R1162
Poynting Kenneth Hastings
Poynton A F Halifax LV793
Poynton T R Spitfire EN601
Poyser F Stirling EF119
Poyzer Arthur Wallace Lancaster ND467
Poyzer Arthur Wallace
Pozdzal Hilary
Pozer S M N Wellington HE737
Poziomek Stanisław Vickers Wellington HF188 (A188?)
Pozorski Alojzy Wellington DV765
Pożyczka Teofil Wellington R1348
Pożyczka Teofil Wellington R1348
Praagst G C Wellington W5361
Praagst Geoffrey Clement
Prado I Lancaster W5006
Pragłowski Jan Antoni
Pragnell Thomas Walter Lancaster DS831
Pragnell A W Lancaster LM382
Prahl R S Blenheim T2232
Prange Bruce Willard Halifax JP225
Prangley P J M Lancaster LM379
Pranham P Halifax DT526
Prankett Royce Lancaster JA921
Praschill Stefan Leopold Alojzy Vickers Wellington R1615
Prasniewski J Wellington Z1479
Pratlett O J L Lancaster NE136
Pratlett O J Lancaster JB278
Pratley A J Whitley Z9312
Pratley Frederick William
Pratt G Lancaster ND566
Pratt R W Lancaster LL911
Pratt L G Halifax NA508
Pratt John David Anson AX177
Pratt Cyril Herbert Lancaster ED627
Pratt C Lancaster LL645
Pratt James Charles Wellington HE266
Pratt James Charles Wellington HE266
Pratt Donald Leslie Liberator JT985
Pratt A G Lancaster PB633
Pratt D Ventura AJ444
Pratt R W Halifax MZ536
Pratt R H M Lancaster LM442
Pratt O D Halifax MZ296
Pratt G C Halifax W7759
Pratt A Whitley T4269
Pratt J R C Wellington T2621
Pratt H G Lancaster JB292
Pratt E V Wellington W5570
Pratt F E Hampden AD784
Pratt R M Typhoon MN259
Pratt O L Typhoon RB346
Pratt F T Wellington HE168
Pratt D W Stirling EE947
Pratt K Lancaster PB644
Pratt H Halifax LV986
Pratt J F Halifax LL169
Pratt W N Hampden AE249
Pratt B N Lancaster JA906
Pratt T Hampden AD971
Pratt A Lancaster DS824
Pratt E W R Lancaster ED908
Pratt Ian Frank Lancaster R5627
Pratt R W Stirling N3672
Pratt H J Halifax JB872
Pratt J T Lancaster JB119
Pratt Garnet
Pratt William Henry
Pratt Lancelot George
Pratt John David
Pratt Douglas Leslie Liberator EV822
Pratt-Robinson R Lancaster LL686
Pratten M E Lancaster ME571
Pratten Murray Edmund
Prause W J Whitley BD368
Prawisik C J Halifax NP935
Prażmowski Jan
Preator L S Lancaster ND705
Prebble Ian Douglas Wellington MP510
Prebble S Halifax DT791
Prebble F J D Spitfire MJ215
Precieux L O Lancaster NG363
Precious Betty Evelyn Lancaster PA278
Precious S W Stirling W7500
Precious H Lancaster ED479
Preddy George E P-51 Mustang
Preddy George E P-51 Mustang
Preddy George E P-51 Mustang
Preddy George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Preddy George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Preddy George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Preddy George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Preddy George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Preddy George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Preddy George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Preddy George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Preddy George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Preddy George E P-51 Mustang
Preddy George E P-51 Mustang
Preddy George E P-51 Mustang
Preddy George E P-51 Mustang
Preddy George E P-51 Mustang
Preddy George E P-51 Mustang
Preddy William R P-51 Mustang
Predegast J B Mustang AM191
Preece William Henry Lancaster ME366
Preece Robert John Lancaster W4270
Preece G L Lancaster LL832
Preece T J Lancaster LL628
Preece L G Halifax JD118
Preece M S Wellington Z8844
Preece C R Wellington W5380
Preece E L Lancaster NG416
Preece F L Halifax MZ570
Preece W J Mosquito
Preece T J Lancaster DS714
Preece M J Hampden X3004
Preece W J Halifax N885
Preece Spitfire W3653
Preece R R Lancaster NG244
Preece L G Halifax LV813
Preece Malcolm James
Preland J R Lancaster LM446
Prendergast Leslie Lancaster DV202
Prendergast J N Hampden P4358
Prendergast J N Hampden L4116
Prendergast J Lancaster JB424
Prenter A Halifax LK949
Prentice R B Halifax W1230
Prentice W R Halifax JB922
Prentice James Millar Halifax MZ463
Prentice J M Halifax MZ900
Prentice C Mosquito DZ318
Prentice J S Spitfire MJ403
Prentice D F Spitfire BL532
Prentice John T Stirling N6022
Prescott Thomas Clare Blenheim L8754
Prescott Maurice Wellington Z1564
Prescott G W Lancaster JB527
Prescott Noel G Lancaster PB851
Prescott J A Wellington BK514
Prescott A I Lancaster LM684
Prescott Whitley N1388
Prescott Walter A P-51 Mustang
Prescott-Decie T Manchester L7463
Presland Gordon Richard Lancaster LM428
Presland D S Lancaster PB745
Presland Ernest James Lancaster ME726
Presrage R T Lancaster JB285
Press O Lancaster JA966
Pressland J A Typhoon JR211
Prest William Lancaster DV240
Prest E G Lancaster EE117
Prest Spitfire
Prest F T Hampden AE140
Prest F B Hampden AD939
Presto Battle K9333
Preston F A Lancaster LM333
Preston J R R Halifax MZ319
Preston Frank Hampden P4286
Preston T F Lancaster HK538
Preston Stephen Lancaster ED627
Preston A W Lancaster NG488
Preston James Michael Lancaster EE137
Preston J A Whitley Z9441
Preston Norman Edward Typhoon JP485
Preston W Halifax R9383
Preston C E Lancaster PD268
Preston H E Hampden X2986
Preston C Blenheim T1852
Preston G Lancaster PB686
Preston K S Wellington X3279
Preston S C Wellington Z8439
Preston C W Halifax HR734
Preston W Halifax DG272
Preston J M Lancaster W4966
Preston J Lancaster R5633
Preston E A R Lancaster W4120
Preston R J Stirling BF309
Preston L W Halifax LW551
Preston S M Halifax MZ629
Preston H E Hampden L4153
Preston F Lancaster LM434
Preston T F Lancaster ED500
Preston Wellington
Preston R E Stirling BK618
Preston R C Lancaster PB520
Preston G W Halifax JD476
Preston Francis Albert
Preston Raymond Copley
Preston James Robert Richard
Preston William A P-47 Thunderbolt
Pretkiewicz Franciszek Hawker Hurricane R4079
Prętkiewicz Marian Wacław Avro Lancaster PA163
Pretkowski Jozef Supermarine Spitfire ML421
Pretsell John Halifax JD121
Pretswell I A Lancaster NE118
Pretty Edward George
Prettyman E G Wellington L7858
Prettyman E G Wellington P9268
Prevot L O Spitfire BM266
Prewer David Lancaster ND573
Priamo J L Halifax MZ514
Price J Halifax LW292
Price H W Manchester L7387
Price Herbert Laurence Wellington BJ840
Price Albert Lancaster ND845
Price Reginald Beasington Miles Master DL981
Price Ronald Harry Anson K6277
Price Charles David Weaver Hudson P5152
Price Wellington Z8646
Price Edgar Leslie Wellington LP196
Price John Eric Lancaster JB230
Price F T Lancaster JA862
Price John Lewis Stanley Whitley Z6943
Price Charles Cleveland 'Cleve' Halifax LW118
Price Ronald Edward Lancaster NN744
Price Henry Halifax JD458
Price Eric Raymond Halifax JD121
Price James Thomas Lancaster JA690
Price D A Lancaster LL644
Price D M Lancaster ND805
Price Earl George Halifax W1215
Price K E Ventura AE726
Price Charles William Patterson Halifax HR816
Price H D Wellington BK269
Price W W Lancaster KB710
Price J J Hampden AE267
Price Thomas Willard Percy Lancaster DV403
Price J H Lancaster JB118
Price Charles Melville Lancaster JB659
Price Lyall Basil Burman Hampden AT113
Price G A Lancaster ND339
Price Peter March Typhoon JP843
Price H J Wellington X3585
Price H W Halifax JB960
Price A W Lancaster ND675
Price W H Wellington R1702
Price G Lancaster ED914
Price H E Lancaster LM293
Price R J Lancaster ND903
Price A P Hampden AE120
Price T O Blenheim T1850
Price J F S P Blenheim R3773
Price L F Lancaster DS663
Price S R J Lancaster LL640
Price A S Lancaster NF928
Price Wellington W5536
Price K H Wellington W5379
Price D W Lancaster JB283
Price G Lancaster ND699
Price J C L Lancaster W4991
Price N J Blenheim P4926
Price K G Mosquito DZ458
Price Battle L5391
Price H L Wellington Z1283
Price F W Wellington T2737
Price W J Stirling BK774
Price N Lancaster HK663
Price A E G Stirling EE964
Price D J A W Typhoon MN341
Price J T Ventura AE774
Price Leslie Whitehouse Wellington R1717
Price S V Stirling R9184
Price G Stirling BF403
Price H L Wellington W5449
Price R R Hurricane Z2411
Price T Halifax JB787
Price G P Halifax W7656
Price G.T. Wellington Z8735
Price D A Wellington X3220
Price H Hampden AE244
Price C P D Hampden P4374
Price L R Lancaster JB611
Price H G Halifax LV827
Price L A Lancaster DV237
Price N A Ventura AE716
Price J C Hampden AD744
Price G E Hampden P4322
Price T Lancaster PB432
Price J Halifax HR870
Price J A Halifax LV774
Price A Lancaster PB360
Price V G Lancaster PD235
Price B N J Lancaster ME585
Price E F Lancaster ME783
Price R W Lancaster ND957
Price A P Lancaster EE113
Price S J Halifax NP953
Price D M Halifax LW513
Price Peter Bertram Penton Stirling W7630
Price A D Lancaster NE126
Price F J E Wellington X9634
Price W E Halifax DK247
Price C J Halifax DT775
Price G Halifax LV799
Price D L Tempest NV646
Price W G Hampden AD969
Price E M Manchester R5831
Price E M Hampden AT127
Price J T Lancaster PD377
Price C P D Manchester L7466
Price J H Lancaster ND451
Price Wellington Z8891
Price Keith Alexander
Price Julius
Price Leslie Gaunt
Price Harrington Warren
Price Owen
Price Charles D P-51 Mustang
Price Charles D P-51 Mustang
Price Harold S P-47 Thunderbolt
Price Howard I P-47 Thunderbolt`
Price Jack B P-51 Mustang
Price Jack C P-47 Thunderbolt
Price Jack C P-47 Thunderbolt
Price Jack C P-47 Thunderbolt
Price Jack C P-47 Thunderbolt
Price James T P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Price Keith C P-38 Lightning
Price Ralph E P-47 Thunderbolt
Price Sterling J P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Price William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Price William J P-51 Mustang
Price William J P-51 Mustang
Price-Owen Waldo B.
Prichard G A R Lancaster LM677
Prichard R D Lancaster ED907
Prichard Gordon Francis
Prichard Joseph W P-51 Mustang
Prickett L A Spitfire
Prickett L A Spitfire EN236
Prickett T H Lancaster JB599
Priddin W E E B Halifax HR773
Pridding J B Halifax NP931
Priddle T J Lancaster NF916
Priddle T A Spitfire PL796
Priddle David Allan
Pride T R Lancaster PD420
Pridgeon W F Lancaster W4956
Pridgeon Walter Frank
Pridgett H J F Lancaster LM205
Pridham E S Halifax LK686
Pridham R K Wellington W5457
Pridmore W N Lancaster ME323
Pridmore W H Lancaster PB761
Pridmore Walter Noel
Priest C Halifax HX164
Priest T F Hampden AE286
Priest C W Lancaster PB254
Priest R E Halifax LW508
Priest M J L Halifax LL549
Priest A F Lancaster R5741
Priest Donald Kenneth
Priest Royce W P-51 Mustang
Priest Royce W P-51 Mustang
Priest Royce W P-51 Mustang
Priest Royce W P-51 Mustang
Priest Royce W P-51 Mustang
Priestley Geoffrey Douglas Lancaster W4762
Priestley Arthur Halifax W7676
Priestley J S Lancaster W4322
Priestley W Blenheim N6214
Priestley R B Stirling EJ124
Priestley J P Wellington HE346
Priestley J Wellington X9742
Priestley H Halifax LK639
Priestley L Lancaster PB206
Priestley R A Whitley Z9202
Priestley Samuel Albert Gaston
Prieur J L Halifax JB904
Prieur J F J P Halifax JB862
Prigent G Halifax DT767
Prigg George Arthur J. Lancaster JB122
Prihoda J Spitfire BP862
Prill M M Lancaster DS837
Prill B C Halifax EB246
Prime Norman Allan Stirling BF347
Prime Hamilton Earle Boston W8264
Prime Peter Duncan Wellington T2909
Prime C K Halifax LL555
Primmett John F. Bostin BZ267
Primrose Harry C Iii P-47 Thunderbolt
Prince J F Lancaster PB695
Prince Arthur Boston AL284
Prince George C. Lancaster EE174
Prince H N Halifax LV996
Prince H Lancaster LM634
Prince E V Lancaster PB298
Prince A S Blenheim N6240
Prince A L Lancaster LL649
Prince R J H Halifax HR738
Prince W Lancaster NG308
Prince R G Lancaster ED351
Prince G D Lancaster W4332
Prince S Halifax MZ307
Prince J Lancaster LM283
Prince E R Halifax LW267
Prince E R Halifax LK729
Prince T J Lancaster ND930
Prince John Francis
Pring Albert George Wellington HZ262
Pring K L Mosquito DZ425
Pring B R J Lancaster LL846
Pring G S Lancaster ED590
Pring A S Halifax DK266
Pring Arthur Maurice Owers
Pringle G H Lancaster ME790
Pringle L E Lancaster HK535
Pringle Lawrence James Halifax LK664
Pringle William Thomas Lancaster ED357
Pringle B H Lancaster JA979
Pringle J E C Boston Z2210
Pringle G Whitley Z6624
Pringle A Lancaster DV298
Pringle A E Wellington P9229
Pringle H B D Lancaster LL668
Pringle I R St C Hampden AE265
Pringle Hampden AD926
Pringle N Halifax DT681
Pringle J Lancaster PB118
Pringle H B D Wellington HE171
Pringle J W G Lancaster ND994
Pringle J W J Halifax MZ583
Pringle H J Lancaster EE144
Pringle Lawrence James
Pringle-Wood John Blenheim Z5906
Prinn R Lancaster JB466
Prins H G Lancaster ED883
Prinsloo J J Halifax W7820
Prinsloo J J Halifax JD111
Prior Edward Thomas Whitley Z9525
Prior John Henry Lancaster ED431
Prior Donald Frederick
Prior Eric Thomas Wellington LP732
Prior A O Halifax HR854
Prior R C Halifax BB207
Prior G W Whitley K9032
Prior J E Lancaster ND441
Prior E H Wellington N2984
Prior J A Stirling LK383
Prior A E Halifax DG245
Prior G W Stirling EF180
Prior D C Lancaster ND702
Prior H E Halifax MZ867
Prior R G Wellington HE410
Prior A E Whitley T4218
Prior L Lancaster ND982
Prior R J Halifax LL116
Prior R F Stirling LJ460
Priskie K W Halifax HX347
Pristnpa G Spitfire ML240
Pritchard J Lancaster DV301
Pritchard John Charles Lancaster JA858
Pritchard J S Lancaster ND652
Pritchard Jack Ivan Lancaster NF908
Pritchard Stanley Graham Wellington L7852
Pritchard Edward James Hudson P5135
Pritchard John Wellington MP813
Pritchard William Leslie Lancaster DS775
Pritchard J C Hampden AD869
Pritchard G F Halifax MZ687
Pritchard Lorne T Lancaster DV403
Pritchard R Lancaster KB832
Pritchard Howard Edward Lancaster LM167
Pritchard A P Wellington R1333
Pritchard D R Whitley Z6820
Pritchard E W Lancaster JB478
Pritchard W H Stirling EF347
Pritchard D C Wellington X3418
Pritchard T J Lancaster ED857
Pritchard R G Halifax DT488
Pritchard T H Halifax DK257
Pritchard A H Lancaster KB756
Pritchard H N Lancaster ED998
Pritchard A R Halifax MZ918
Pritchard A R Halifax LV819
Pritchard C A Beaufighter X7544
Pritchard J Lancaster R5663
Pritchard P H H Hampden AD727
Pritchard P H H Hampden X3005
Pritchard J L Lancaster LL784
Pritchard H Lancaster ND841
Pritchard G S Halifax LW434
Pritchard W K Halifax MZ935
Pritchard E Halifax JB924
Pritchard M S F Lancaster NN726
Pritchard Hampden L4059
Pritchard A Lancaster ND764
Pritchard John
Pritchard Percy James
Pritchard Fred Leonard Walter
Pritchard Jack Stephen
Pritchard Jack Ivan
Pritchard Bernard Michael
Pritchard John R P-47 Thunderbolt
Probert Arthur Harold Lancaster ND586
Probert William Halifax RG564
Probert William Douglas Stirling N3759
Probert J S Halifax W7803
Probert G E Wellington Z1247
Probert Stirling R9151
Probert A C Lancaster PB745
Probert E Manchester L7290
Probert G T Lancaster LM393
Probert Arthur Harold
Probett L I Lancaster ED323
Prochazka Vaclav F E Wellington R1046
Prochazka Z Wellington L7788
Prochnicki Andrzej Feliks Michal Supermarine Spitfire EN179
Prockter J R Halifax DK249
Procotor L E Whitley Z6947
Procter Robert Dudley Wellington X3725
Procter N W Lancaster DS652
Procter G A Lancaster ME686
Procter D W Lancaster ME701
Proctor Henry Halifax
Proctor Percy Clifford Halifax NA107
Proctor John Alston Lancaster ED771
Proctor G K Wellington R1539
Proctor L D Lancaster LL717
Proctor G M Lancaster ND792
Proctor George Mansell Mosquito KB194
Proctor R W Halifax JD302
Proctor H M Typhoon MP153
Proctor E W Lancaster DV263
Proctor J A Lancaster ED745
Proctor J G Hampden AD839
Proctor A J Wellington X3478
Proctor J R Blenheim L9465
Proctor O V Halifax HR687
Proctor John Ernest
Proctor Alan James
Proctor Farquharson
Procyk Edward Harrow K7015
Procyk Edward Handley Page Harrow K7015
Prodan Adam
Proddow Basil Francis Typhoon JP548
Proddow Basil Francis Typhoon RB362
Prodham G I Halifax BB375
Proffitt W J Lancaster ND705
Proffitt Lawrence Edwin B-25 Ooh Brother 43-27489
Profit T J Lancaster ED348
Proileau A S W Stirling BF508
Prokop Joseph Eugene B-17 44-8437
Pronaszko Mieczysław
Pronger G B Halifax LV774
Pronger N R G Lancaster LM469
Pronger Harold William
Pronton H J Whitley LA787
Properjohn Kevin Pemerton
Prophet C B Lancaster ND966
Proskurniak H J Lancaster R5702
Prosnyck J Wellington HE864
Prosofsky A W Halifax LW595
Prosperine F Lancaster W4322
Prosser Albert Frederick Whitley BD351
Prosser Douglas Vary Wellington X3310
Prosser G A Hurricane Z3563
Prosser Leslie Thomas Lancaster DS794
Prosser I Blenheim T2229
Prosser G A Blenheim T1795
Prosser R W Typhoon MN240
Prosser T N C Stirling N3751
Prosser P Wellington X9753
Prosser R L Halifax W1101
Prosser J E Halifax LK833
Prosser P C Hampden L4045
Prosser Albert Frederick
Prosser Brynmor Thomas Wellington HF840
Prostak (Polański) Stefan Jakub Wellington Z1288
Prothero R P Lancaster ED874
Prothero R P Lancaster ED873
Prothero I P Wellington MS468
Prothero F J Halifax HR789
Protheroe D G B Wellington R3211
Protheroe W M Wellington W5525
Protheroe V C Halifax NR210
Proud R J Lancaster JB734
Proud Elmer Reginald Lancaster DS709
Proud E A J Halifax MZ687
Proud Robert John
Proudfoot W W Halifax LW165
Proudfoot D H Halifax MZ434
Proudfoot R L Lancaster JB596
Proudfoot G A Wellington BJ589
Proudfoot G A Wellington X3822
Proudfoot A T McB Lancaster JA906
Proudfoot Samuel George
Proudley R E Lancaster LL966
Proudlock T H Lancaster DS789
Proudlock Ralph
Proudlove D E Spitfire EN615
Proudman G Spitfire N3128
Proudman G V Spitfire R6615
Proulen K Lancaster DV399
Proulx Richard Godfrey Lancaster L7576
Prouse J W Lancaster PB816
Prouse V E Halifax NR143
Prouse James William
Prout Reginald Wilfred Whitley P4943
Prout R C V Halifax R9444
Prout Wallace Gard
Prouting G E Spitfire MD108
Provan William Wright
Proven J F Lancaster DS692
Proven Maurice Bert
Province Gerald F P-51 Mustang
Prowd Stanley Norman
Prowles C F Lancaster DS816
Prowse A A Lancaster ED967
Prowse H S Lancaster LL750
Prowse D C Lancaster ND400
Prowse H Spitfire R7339
Prowse Alexander Alwyn
Pruce C P D Hampden AD790
Pruce A W Halifax DK169
Pruchniewicz Aleksander Vickers Wellington Z1476
Prudden Harry M Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Prude-Williams W Stirling EJ105
Pruden Whitley Z9213
Prudham J E Lancaster KB727
Prudhoe J K Lancaster JA972
Pruette G A Wellington W5483
Pruitt Sherman P-47 Thunderbolt
Prunkle R Lancaster ND932
Prusak Klemens Spitfire MA814
Prusak Klemens Supermarine Spitfire MA814
Prusek Mieczyslaw Marian Kajetan Botha L6213
Prusher D F Lancaster JB727
Prusia Alvin D P-47 Thunderbolt
Pruss Władysław Avro Lancaster LM486
Prust H Lancaster RA531
Pruszyński Mieczysław Edward
Pryce R W Lancaster LL960
Pryce H H Wellington Z8505
Pryde W Lancaster W4948
Pryde Peter Blenheim L8792
Pryde W Lancaster DS691
Pryde G A M Blenheim P6887
Pryde F G Stirling EE903
Pryde D D Whitley N1384
Pryde D D Whitley ED195
Pryde J Wellington W5729
Pryde Alan James
Pryde William
Pryde-Watson R D Halifax DG405
Pryke G A Stirling BK694
Prykiel Edward Douglas DC-3 Dakota KN298
Pryor Stanley J. Wellington Z8807
Pryor G C Blenheim V6425
Pryor P F Mosquito MM649
Pryor G V Lancaster ED596
Pryor R W Wellington R3202
Pryor J R Halifax MZ367
Pryor C A Mosquito HK480
Pryor W R Lancaster ME634
Pryor Henry John Lancaster PD233
Pryor Whitley Z6583
Pryor John Cottrell
Pryor Robert George
Pryor Arthur William
Pryor Arthur William Halifax JP287
Przecławski Stanisław Vickers Wellington W5463
Przesmycki Aleksander Supermarine Spitfire ?
Przybyła Józef Jan Wellington Z8601
Przybylowicz Stanislaw Yozef Alexander North American P-51d Mustang AM183
Przybylski M Wellington Z1479
Przybylski Roman Felicjan De Havilland Mosquito HJ775
Przybylski (Paynter) Marian Wellington R1642
Przybytowski Jan
Przygodzki Zdzislaw Henryk North American P-51d Mustang FB345
Przykorski Kazimierz Franciszek Wellington Z1333
Przyluski Kazimierz De Havilland Mosquito LR300
Przysiecki Eugeniusz Vickers Wellington HE291
Psuja Alfred Vickers Wellington Z1496
Psuja Mieczyglaw Walenty Avro Anson N9736
Pszonka Stanisław Zbigniew Wellington LN508
Ptacek R Spitfire P8244
Ptacek R Spitfire BM148
Ptaszkowski Antoni
Pterie-Andrews J R Halifax HR929
Pubentz Robert L P-38 Lightning
Pucek Spitfire AD372
Pucek Wladyslaw Supermarine Spitfire AD230
Puchała Roman Halifax BB309
Puchała-Cywiński Marian Stanisław Wellington Z1318
Puchalski Lucjan
Pucillo Gerald Louis B-24 Miss Judy 42-52507
Puckett Ralph Lionel Lancaster NE150
Puda R Hurricane V6619
Puda R Hurricane
Puddephatt D P Halifax JB892
Puddle R Lancaster JB287
Puddock H G Lancaster W4119
Pudelko Jozef Antoni Lysander V9721
Pudelko Jozef Antoni Westland Lysander V9721
Puder H F Oxford BG208
Pudney Brian Harwood DH86B AX844
Pudney C L Halifax HR832
Pudney Douglas Stanley
Pudney Brian Harwood
Pudrycki Otton Supermarine Spitfire B7749
Pudsey K Wellington Z1574
Pudsey K Mosquito KB481
Pudsey E E Mosquito DZ286
Puffer A W Wellington X3563
Pugh John Halstead Typhoon MN456
Pugh Harold Kenneth Halifax RG564
Pugh Ronald Lancaster ED373
Pugh Ifor Wyn Halifax DK243
Pugh Ronald William Lancaster LM724
Pugh T M Wellington Z1145
Pugh L J Halifax LL229
Pugh D M S Halifax JD165
Pugh R E W Lancaster JB527
Pugh H E G Lancaster LL867
Pugh T C Wellington R1512
Pugh T P Typhoon EK395
Pugh K H Lancaster W4134
Pugh J D Wellington X9677
Pugh E L Lancaster W4949
Pugh L S Lancaster JA895
Pugh A C Halifax MZ696
Pugh D R O Lancaster PB531
Pugh P S Fortress AN534
Pugh F R Stirling BF471
Pugh F R Stirling BK780
Pugh T G G Lancaster ED868
Pugh Peter Kimber
Pugh James David
Pugh John Halstead
Pugh Harold Kenneth
Pugh Walter MacPherson
Pugh Nigel Russel
Pugh John F P-51 Mustang
Pugh John F P-51 Mustang
Pugh John F P-51 Mustang
Pugh John F P-51 Mustang
Pugh John F P-51 Mustang
Pugh John F P-51 Mustang
Pugh John F P-51 Mustang
Pugsley C G Halifax W7698
Puiu A G Lancaster LM545
Pukas Ryszard Wellington R1590
Puklo Josef Fairey Battle V1211
Pułaski Jan Wellington LN707
Pulbrook L J Halifax HX271
Pułczyński Antoni Józef Consolidated Liberator BZ589
Pulford John Lancaster DV382
Pulford O J Lancaster PD388
Pulford J H M Stirling N3680
Pulfrey L Lancaster ME840
Pulham John Daniel Wellington LP760
Pulham D W Halifax LW417
Pulham R J Hampden AD921
Pulham R J Hampden AD922
Pulkaski J Wellington HF590
Pullan A A H Halifax DK177
Pullan W J Lancaster ND387
Pullan A W Lancaster W4798
Pullar H W Stirling R9247
Pullar John Sutherland
Pullee L W Lancaster NE129
Pullen Edward Lancaster DV234
Pullen C G Stirling R9154
Pullen H T Halifax JD127
Pullen A L Whitley T4233
Pullen J S Blenheim T1922
Pullen W E Lancaster LM225
Pullen W E Lancaster LL917
Pullen E J Hurricane AG665
Pullen Wellington HE914
Pullen G H S Wellington W5522
Pullen G P T Lancaster LM207
Pullen W A Halifax LW506
Pullen Dick Irvin Halifax JB908
Pullen J Blenheim T1922
Pulley H C Lancaster W4880
Pullin W H Lancaster ME595
Pullin R B Spitfire MJ170
Pullin R A Mustang AG524
Pullin Hampden X2919
Pullin B A Lancaster ND969
Pullin Raymond Frank
Pulling R K Halifax DT726
Pulling L R Stirling W7533
Pullinger D Lancaster R5489
Pullis George L P-47 Thunderbolt
Pullman A Lancaster EE173
Pullman J H Lancaster LM476
Pullman T J Lancaster ME589
Pullom Frank Lancaster ED621
Pullom Frank
Pulman H J Wellington X3388
Pulnarowicz Zbigniew Miles Master DL890
Pulsipher Lewis E. B-24 Hula Wahine II 42-52467
Pulton James Ansford Halifax V9976
Pumphrey R E W Hurricane P3448
Punchard C A Wellington X3331
Punnett E L Fortress KJ112
Punter R H Lancaster NE118
Punter J Lancaster DV228
Purce N J Spitfire MH826
Purcell D Halifax HX337
Purcell R W Lancaster LM475
Purcell Douglas John Halifax JD414
Purcell George Albert Lancaster DV185
Purcell James Desmond Lockheed Hudson Not known - are you able to assist?
Purcell Wellington X9810
Purcell Wellington Z1103
Purcell R G Halifax MZ930
Purcell J W Stirling EH944
Purcell C J Stirling EH937
Purcell Royston William
Purcell Charles H P-47 Thunderbolt`
Purchase F H Wellington HE382
Purchase L Halifax W1253
Purcivall John William Halifax W1272
Purdie Thomas Wellington L4320
Purdie Thomas Stirling EH928
Purdie W Halifax HX275
Purdie W S Lancaster ND516
Purdon John Kirkwood Whitley Z6556
Purdon R M H Typhoon EJ961
Purdue Donald Maurice Russell
Purdy Thomas Wellington Z1097
Purdy R F Halifax LK663
Purdy H P Lancaster W4922
Purdy J W T Typhoon MM974
Purdy J W Lancaster NX567
Purdy R Wellington X9670
Purdy P H ?
Purdy Edward W P-47 Thunderbolt
Purdy Edward W P-47 Thunderbolt
Purkey Harvey J. B-17 Hard to Get 42-97946
Purkis P L Lancaster ME857
Purkis J B Typhoon MN878
Purkis C S Lancaster JB239
Purkiss R F Halifax JD165
Purkiss Vincent Martin
Purmal Vincent Robert Lancaster JB553
Purnell W A Lancaster LM633
Purnell E V J Halifax DT721
Purnell-Edwards William Paston Liddon Lancaster LM165
Purrington A Lancaster ED805
Purry R L Lancaster LL889
Purry Ronald Leonard
Purse D W G Lancaster PD235
Pursell E Wellington HE500
Pursell Franklin R P-47 Thunderbolt
Pursell Franklin R P-47 Thunderbolt
Pursell Franklin R P-47 Thunderbolt
Purser J H Wellington W5459
Purser L D Lancaster LM229
Pursey G J Lancaster ND856
Pursey Gordon James
Pursglove Henry Robert Lancaster ME804
Pursglove S E Halifax DK167
Purslow George William Mclntosh Wellington W5444
Purton William Bloxham
Purves J Lancaster LL895
Purves G C M Halifax LW265
Purves Leonard Lucas
Purvey Harold Arthur Wellington LN403
Purvis G Lancaster HK624
Purvis T A Lancaster PB363
Purvis H F Halifax LV968
Purvis R P Whitley P5109
Purvis Vic D Lancaster ME859
Purvis V D Lancaster ME574
Purvis B L Halifax LW271
Purvis Graham
Pusey Frederick Ronald Charles Lancaster DS630
Pusey Norman Victor Beaufort L9784
Pusey Gordon William Wellington LP499
Pushor Dale Ernest Stirling EF364
Puskas S Halifax LW685
Pussey N V Blenheim L9185
Puthier J Halifax NR235
Putman S G Lancaster JB305
Putnam M E Wellington BJ714
Putnam John B Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Putnam John B Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Putnam Melvin D P-47 Thunderbolt
Putt R L Halifax LW192
Putt A R Hurricane P3040
Putt M E Lancaster ND640
Putt Glenn R P-47 Thunderbolt
Putt Glenn R P-47 Thunderbolt
Puttick Wilfred Whitley T4231
Puttick A C Lancaster DV233
Puttick J A Lancaster PB815
Puttock A L Lancaster PA997
Puusepp Harold
Puver J Lancaster ND711
Puzey A B Wellington T2559
Puzyna Stanisław Bristol Beaufighter R2449
Pwer L F Halifax JD163
Pwoney J Lancaster DV291
Pyall J E Halifax DT648
Pyall J E Halifax W1185
Pyatt R S Lancaster LM105
Pyatt R G Manchester L7324
Pye John Downing Halifax DT796
Pye James Marsden Stirling W7578
Pye Franklyn Richard Samuel Wellington Z1338
Pye H D Lancaster DS655
Pye E A Lancaster ED408
Pye J M Stirling BF352
Pye T J Lancaster ND444
Pye N G Typhoon MN813
Pye O Lancaster PB519
Pye Ronald Harry
Pye John Downing
Pyeatt Alvin F Iii P-51 Mustang
Pyeatt Alvin F Iii P-51 Mustang
Pyett R Lancaster NG240
Pyka Kazimierz Miles Martinet JP270
Pyke S T Halifax PN226
Pyke N Lancaster JB188
Pyke C M Lancaster LM647
Pyke H J Lancaster NF912
Pyke Laurence Cuthbert
Pyke George Arthur
Pyle William Frank Halifax JD211
Pyle Rodney Henry Lancaster ED556
Pyle T Lancaster DV421
Pyle G F Mustang FB108
Pyle J E A Lancaster LM595
Pym W H Wellington HF595
Pym F R Wellington HE634
Pym P D Halifax LK918
Pym Herbert Edgar
Pyman Lawrence Lee Spitfire K9915
Pyman D J Wellington Z1168
Pyne J C Halifax HX174
Pyne J S Lancaster ME727
Pyne W E Halifax HR726
Pyne Thomas Basil George 'Titch' Hurricane P2576
Pyne Thomas Basil George 'Titch' Hurricane P2812
Pynisky Peter Lancaster DV202
Pyott G F Stirling EF114
Pyper J R Lancaster W4375
Pyrah Arthur Parvin Stirling EF364
Pyre D J O Wellington R1271
Pytlak Tadeusz Wlodzimierz Hurricane Z3676
Pytlak Jan Vickers Wellington Z1245
Pytlak Tadeusz Wlodzimierz Hawker Hurricane E3676
Pyzik T Spitfire TB283
Pyzik Tadeusz Supermarine Spitfire TB283
Quadling A D Stirling BK715
Quadry Marcel Louis Wellington JA456
Quaife A E Wellington HE183
Quail Wellington HE914
Quail Arthur Edward
Quaile A N Halifax LW240
Quaille R E Halifax LV986
Quaite Lorraine John
Qualey T C Halifax LK969
Quan W P Halifax LW538
Quan William Patrick
Quance P R Halifax JD107
Quance P R Halifax DT750
Quance William H Lancaster DV202
Quance Peter Reginald
Quanstrom W Lancaster JB709
Quar Alfred John Stirling EF118
Quarrington K F Blenheim L8761
Quarrington Blenheim N6203
Quartermaine Ford Robinson
Quayle D B Lancaster ME622
Quayle J Halifax JD116
Quayle P G Stirling EH931
Queal Ralph W Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Queale L W Lancaster PA970
Queen H A Lancaster W4120
Queen S J Halifax LW169
Quelch Robert N. Stirling EE878
Quelch C S Halifax LV869
Quelch L S Stirling EF162
Quenet P L J Halifax LK920
Quested G Wellington X9816
Quevillon R Halifax JB868
Quick J A Whitley Z6740
Quick D Typhoon MN359
Quick E W Lancaster NF936
Quick F M Lancaster ED830
Quick E G Wellington HE170
Quick L A Lancaster W4841
Quick F G Hampden P4353
Quick K Wellington X3280
Quick Arthur William Frederick
Quicke J R Halifax LW657
Quickfall C E Stirling EF191
Quickfall J F Stirling BK779
Quiggins Richard S P-38 Lightning
Quigley F T Lancaster PA189
Quigley E Stirling EH892
Quigley R J Halifax HR848
Quigley M P B Lancaster PB842
Quigley F Stirling R9264
Quilan D J Lancaster R5616
Quill W K Halifax NA602
Quill William Keeran
Quilliam H Hurricane Z4001
Quilter Robert Terrington Blenheim Z5908
Quilter Wellington X3708
Quilter H D Wellington HE394
Quilter John Hudson K6183
Quilty Paul J P-47 Thunderbolt
Quin J G Wellington Z1616
Quincey G L Hampden AT216
Quincey J W Whitley N1525
Quincey J W Whitley N1490
Quine Charles Halifax W7867
Quine T F Lancaster ED942
Quine C Halifax LL121
Quine Robert
Quiney R A Lancaster PB122
Quiney G H Lancaster ED495
Quinlan J M Ventura AJ224
Quinlan V B Wellington X9633
Quinlan R C Halifax LW417
Quinlan T C Wellington R1800
Quinlan Sydney George
Quinlan John Harold
Quinlan Edward Ernest
Quinlivan D R Halifax JD156
Quinlivan John Henry Lancaster NG258
Quinn Kevin Bernard Lancaster NG404
Quinn Mel Joseph Dakota KJ970
Quinn Brian Lancaster R5502
Quinn F P D Lancaster W4782
Quinn F P M Lancaster ND847
Quinn J E Lancaster W4261
Quinn Walter Lewis Wellington Z1424
Quinn I B Wellington W5488
Quinn R A Lancaster PB229
Quinn T P Halifax NP746
Quinn J D Halifax JP202
Quinn Gerald Edgar Lancaster KB728
Quinn H Halifax NP695
Quinn H E Lancaster JB725
Quinn B M Lancaster JA910
Quinn D S Lancaster PB785
Quinn S S Lancaster PD393
Quinn E J Lancaster ND800
Quinn G D P Blenheim T1826
Quinn B F Boston A1280
Quinn J Lancaster JB650
Quinn W Lancaster PP673
Quinn G H Stirling W7611
Quinn J Spitfire MH437
Quinn J Halifax EB191
Quinn T A Wellington X9752
Quinn E S Hampden P4382
Quinn R C Lancaster PD283
Quinn C E Lancaster ND445
Quinn A Wellington BJ725
Quinn W Halifax LW315
Quinn H S H Halifax JD328
Quinn George Frederick
Quinn Edward
Quinn Roderick Philip
Quinn Kevin Bernard
Quinn Eldred
Quinn Vincent John
Quinn Quentin L P-47 Thunderbolt
Quinn Quentin L P-47 Thunderbolt
Quinn Quentin L P-47 Thunderbolt
Quinn William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Quinn William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Quinney R A Lancaster LL623
Quint Peter Brian Tyers
Quinton Lloyd Frederick Lancaster JA703
Quinton C H Lancaster ND760
Quinton A R Lancaster PB642
Quinton J A W Spitfire EE619
Quinton Lloyd Frederick
Quintrell Harold Denzil Lancaster R5610
Quirk Elston John
Quirk Albert Victor
Quirk Colin George
Quirk Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Quirk Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Quirk Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Quirk Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Quirk Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Quirk Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Quirk Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Quirk Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Quirk Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Quirk Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Quirk Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Quirke J P Blenheim L9467
Quirke L C G Whitley Z9131
Quirt J H Lancaster ME865
Qunilan S G Lancaster W4313
Qunilivan W P Halifax JB836
Qusaly K J Lancaster PD398
R-A-H Tomoana T T Stirling BF483
Raaul-Duval C E Spitfire BS548
Rabagliati A C Typhoon EX273
Rabagliati Alexander Coultate ("Sandy")
Raban William Edward Lancaster DS718
Rabbage K R Halifax LW271
Rabbetts G L Lancaster RF124
Rabbish William Herbert
Rabbitt K E Wellington HE737
Raber Harry W. B-17 43-38445
Rabett R P Lancaster ED993
Rabier R Halifax NA572
Rabin A J Lancaster NG185
Rabiner J Mosquito RV341
Rabinivitch M Halifax LK995
Rabkin H Halifax NA583
Rabone G O Lancaster LM641
Rabone P W Mosquito HR236
Rabone R W Hurricane V7251
Rabone Paul Wattling
Rabovsky Moses Halifax MZ295
Rabson K L Halifax LW281
Rabson W C W Halifax LW657
Raby George Henry Wellington LN281
Raby W K Halifax LV873
Race George Albert Lancaster JA702
Race Blenheim Z7277
Rachel Theodore E. B-24 42-50511
Rachinger Mustang FD476
Rachwalik Andrzej
Racine Gerald Geoffrey Typhoon MN170
Racine C Lancaster R5633
Raciot C B Halifax MZ495
Rackham John Leonard
Rackley L N Lancaster ME795
Rackley L N Lancaster ME717
Rackley G N Lancaster ND986
Rackstraw G F G Manchester L7433
Racy R F Spitfire TB593
Raczkowski Rudolf M Wellington HE347
Raczyński Zenon Lancaster PB722
Rad J Mosquito KB392
Radbourn B G Lancaster ED389
Radbourne R P J Hampden L4198
Radcliff K E Wellington HE728
Radcliff Owen E P-47 Thunderbolt`
Radcliffe Alfred Bryden Halifax JD375
Radcliffe R J Mosquito MM735
Radcliffe Kenneth LLoyd Lancaster ME672
Radcliffe E E Lancaster ND931
Radcliffe G Lancaster LM468
Radcliffe H A Wellington Z8577
Radcliffe Harry Martyn
Raddall P S Stirling BK700
Radecki Jan Mikolaj Avro Anson N5130
Radecki Roman Vickers Wellington Z1331
Radecki Zygmunt Kazimierz Vickers Wellington Z1291
Rader Benjamin N P-38 Lightning
Rader Benjamin N P-38 Lightning
Rader Valentine S P-51 Mustang
Rader Valentine S P-51 Mustang
Rader Valentine S P-51 Mustang
Rader Valentine S P-51 Mustang
Radford E C Mosquito HK312
Radford Ronald Halifax JP286
Radford J A Lancaster JB241
Radford Battle K9338
Radford V Blenheim L9339
Radford K W Halifax LL114
Radford H S P Wellington HE682
Radford R W Wellington BK343
Radford Whitley P4981
Radford D R Lancaster W4357
Radford C E Stirling EE890
Radford E A W Battle K9245
Radford Edward Charles
Radke Pawel Marcin
Radke David August Wellington Z1381
Radkowski Tadeusz Miles Magister N3980
Radley K McD Halifax LW544
Radley Thomas James Battle L5568
Radley H Whitley P4936
Radley A Halifax LV773
Radley P Lancaster NG244
Radley Kenneth McDonald
Radley Francis X P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Radnidge John Knox Stewart
Radojits Tony T P-51 Mustang
Radomski Z Spitfire P8324V
Radomski P A Stirling N3755
Radoński Jan Sylweriusz Handley Page Halifax LL126
Radwan-Kużelewski Jan Handley Page Halifax JD362
Radwanski W Wellington R1510
Radwanski Gustaw Spitfire AB825
Radwański Władysław Wellington Z1271
Rady Blenheim P4287
Radzimski Franciszek
Radzinski Hieronim
Radzyminski Ignacy Percival Proctor P6263
Rae D J Stirling BF453
Rae Reginald William Stanley Avro Anson K8836
Rae John Donald
Rae William Petrie Smart Wellington BK278
Rae J D Wellington BK513
Rae James David Edward Halifax MZ432
Rae J MacC Lancaster PB650
Rae J G Halifax NP778
Rae Donald Arthur Lancaster DS740
Rae G A Lancaster LM541
Rae H O Lancaster LL970
Rae John Donald Spitfire JL223
Rae S A Halifax MZ631
Rae D D Halifax BB365
Rae E W Blenheim R3905
Rae L E Lancaster RF188
Rae Wellington L7811
Rae G P Lancaster JB667
Rae J W Lancaster ND506
Rae D A Wellington HF494
Rae W Lancaster HK621
Rae J Lancaster PB286
Rae A M Halifax MZ623
Rae R C Whitley Z6492
Rae Donald James
Raeder J K B Spitfire PT704
Raeder B Spitfire LZ948
Raes Maurice Herman Marceun Spitfire W3446
Raetzen A I Halifax LW594
Rafalovich Alexander Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Rafalovich Alexander Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Rafalovich Alexander P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Rafer C W A H Wellington L7840
Raffaelli Wellington X9746
Raffen George Frederick
Raffen John Percy
Rafferty Charles Quinn Lancaster NG398
Rafferty Joseph Lancaster HK547
Rafferty Vernon G P-51 Mustang
Rafferty Vernon G P-51 Mustang
Raffill E S Lancaster LM580
Raffin P Halifax NA549
Rafter R H Lancaster PA988
Rafter W P H Spitfire X4264
Raftery B F Lancaster ME755
Raftery F S Lancaster KB737
Raftery Bernard Patrick
Raftery Brian Augustus
Ragan A W Wellington X3644
Ragg P A G Hampden P1218
Raggett Albert William Wellington BJ967
Raggett P R Halifax HR862
Raginis Witold Wellington Z1471
Ragle Austin B P-47 Thunderbolt
Ragless John Scott Lancaster ED628
Rahkola W J Lancaster JB661
Raike John Lancaster PB527
Rail W D Lancaster W4110
Railton A J Wellington HE235
Railton J Q Halifax MZ573
Rainbird H A Lancaster DV162
Rainbow V H Stirling N3757
Rainbow L J C Lancaster JB714
Rainbow James Manning
Raine Norman Sunderland T9075
Raine William Lancaster NG176
Raine Woodrow 'Billy' Spitfire P8721
Raine H T Halifax JD456
Raine Almer Clement Halifax JD215
Raine A D Halifax HR811
Raine A T Halifax W7910
Raine A Hampden AE376
Raine J M Lancaster R5663
Raine A T Lancaster JB713
Raine Norman
Raine Leslie
Raine Donald M Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Rainford K W Halifax MZ865
Rainford R G Stirling EE918
Rainford J R Manchester L7522
Rainier P H O'C Hurricane
Rains Wellington Z1144
Rains H A C Wellington X3358
Rainsford J E Lancaster JA707
Rainsford A Lancaster PB358
Rainsford A Lancaster PB521
Rainville J L R Halifax JB971
Rainville G H Lancaster DS850
Rainville G Lancaster DS851
Rainville J Spitfire BM128
Rair T G Wellington BK166
Raises Braham
Raiskup F Wellington R1802
Raiskup F Wellington W5682
Raison Charles Eric
Raiston J W Halifax W7653
Raiswell K J Wellington X3596
Raitblat N Wellington BK557
Raize Bruce Q P-38 Lightning
Rajewski Eugeniusz Leon Mustang P51D AP240
Rajewski Eugeniusz Leon North American P-51d Mustang NA83
Rajpold Czesław Wellington DV765
Rajpold Czeslaw Vickers Wellington DU765
Rake R Halifax HR933
Rakoczy P L Halifax DT783
Ralls Harry Leonard Wellington T2466
Ralph F W Lancaster W4984
Ralph William Edward Charles Halifax MZ494
Ralph Basil William Lancaster ED628
Ralph J C Lancaster JB310
Ralph F Halifax LV863
Ralph F G Lancaster LM641
Ralph J W Lancaster LL689
Ralph A J Halifax MZ395
Ralph J Typhoon EK268
Ralph R E Liberator TT336
Ralph Frederick Sydney Lancaster ED535
Ralph W Hampden AD931
Ralph G J P Lancaster PB475
Ralph Nancy Margaret
Ralston R Lancaster PB540
Ralston J K C Wellington T2621
Ralston D B Halifax DT738
Ralston J R G Blenheim Z7454
Ralston Herbert James Oxford BF948
Ralston Bryce A P-47 Thunderbolt
Ralston Gilbert R Jr P-51 Mustang
Ramage K L Lancaster JB733
Ramage I L H Mosquito MM140
Ramert Jerzy Marian Miles Master N7889
Ramert Jerzy Marian Miles Master N7889
Rames Stanley D P-47 Thunderbolt
Ramey L P Halifax NP949
Ramey G H Lancaster W4250
Ramey W T Wellington X3759
Ramey W J Wellington X3287
Ramm Ernest Charles Halifax JD458
Ramm E J Halifax W1012
Ramm Albert J P-51 Mustang
Rammage A J Lancaster JB473
Ramos Rene J P-47 Thunderbolt
Rampant Charles Alphonsus
Rampley H F Blenheim N3570
Rampley A J Lancaster LM579
Rampling K J Lancaster ND523
Rampton A J Stirling N3673
Rampton R H Hampden AE234
Ramsay T I Lancaster PD230
Ramsay R C Wellington BJ1919
Ramsay J McA Halifax LL197
Ramsay J A Stirling BF467
Ramsay J Halifax RG591
Ramsay I G Stirling EF428
Ramsay H A Lancaster ED736
Ramsay W D Lancaster ED614
Ramsay W H C Lancaster ME832
Ramsay W H C Lancaster JB534
Ramsay S V Lancaster W4371
Ramsay T E P Hampden P2116
Ramsay J B Hurricane R4181
Ramsay G R Hampden AD975
Ramsay G L Lancaster NE166
Ramsay J R A Lancaster PB210
Ramsay J Lancaster ND636
Ramsay E Lancaster PB741
Ramsay W R Wellington X3587
Ramsay W Stirling EF142
Ramsay William Barry
Ramsay Douglas Robert
Ramsay Ralph Carlton Wellington BJ919
Ramsbottom B A Wellington X3466
Ramsbottom N Wellington Z1156
Ramsbottom C Halifax LL550
Ramsbottom A Lancaster RA530
Ramsbottom E Lancaster PD341
Ramsbottom-Isherwood Henry Neville Gynes 'Ish'
Ramsbottom-Isherwood Henry Neville Gynes 'Ish' Gloster Meteor VT185
Ramsdell C H Halifax LV966
Ramsdell Fred L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Ramsden S S Lancaster JA716
Ramsden Benjamin Lancaster LM658
Ramsden J Halifax EB239
Ramsden L Halifax HR915
Ramsden H T Lancaster R5907
Ramsden O Lancaster JA707
Ramsey William Alfred Sunderland T9090
Ramsey James Munro Whitley T4137
Ramsey John McFadyen Lancaster R5703
Ramsey William Halkett Stirling EH989
Ramsey C J P Halifax LV920
Ramsey K G Halifax LW655
Ramsey L M Wellington X3347
Ramsey J Wellington X3754
Ramsey C D Blenheim Z7312
Ramsey C M Mosquito HK501
Ramsey D Lancaster JA976
Ramsey J C Manchester L7429
Ramsey R J Lancaster LL739
Ramsey Charles Maurice
Ramsey William Alfred
Ramsey John Edward
Ramsey Billie L. B-17 Skunkface 42-29656
Ramsey Robert L P-38 Lightning
Ramshaw John Christopher Hudson A16-19
Ramshaw John Richardson (Jack) Wellington N2983
Ramshaw J W Spitfire K9962
Ramshaw J G Halifax DT567
Ramshaw John Christopher
Ramwell W G Wellington LN716
Ranalow Patrick Baring Oats Lancaster NG440
Ranalow Patrick Baring Oates Halifax LV861
Rance D E Wellington Z1115
Ranclaud W B Lancaster W4310
Ranclaud Walter Boscawen
Rancourt J A J C Lancaster NG345
Rand K P Lancaster JB191
Randal John Stirling BK809
Randall Percy Hurricane Z7010
Randall F A Lancaster JB657
Randall F H Lancaster W4988
Randall D E Manchester L7290
Randall Basil Lyne Wellington X3607
Randall R W Lancaster LL909
Randall D W G Halifax JD276
Randall C B Hampden AD760
Randall Frank Kinder Stirling W7628
Randall C D Wellington X3697
Randall A G Typhoon RB274
Randall W L F Tempest EJ611
Randall H J Hampden AD980
Randall W J Halifax W1271
Randall A B Halifax LL258
Randall R W Lancaster LL965
Randall W B Spitfire MJ466
Randall H J Lancaster JA691
Randall L Lancaster ME353
Randall J V Manchester QR-
Randall J W Lancaster W4127
Randall F R Lancaster ND926
Randall Halifax L9518
Randall P D Halifax L9615
Randall H Lancaster HK604
Randall John Maxwell
Randall Francis Archibald
Randall Norman Peter
Randell N J Lancaster ND569
Randell D F Spitfire AB905
Randell W B Spitfire MK141
Randell Michael Patrick Alfred
Randell Allan Mitchell
Randell Norman James
Randerson Luther W P-51 Mustang
Randle F J Halifax LL600
Randle William Samuel Oliver Wellington BJ877
Randle J R Stirling EF142
Randle D H Wellington X3539
Randle D Lancaster DV177
Randle Colin James
Randolph William Catalina FP232
Randolph John P P-38 Lightning
Randolph William E P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Randolph William E P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Randon J C Lancaster PD117
Rands C Halifax HR844
Rands H Wellington Z1599
Rands I A Lancaster JB725
Rands E A G Hampden X2973
Rands D F Halifax LK973
Rands Ian Albert
Ranford John Colin
Range L F Lancaster R5688
Ranger J A Halifax LW379
Ranger R Halifax LK920
Ranger J P Beaufighter R2154
Ranger J W Lancaster JB741
Ranger Geoffrey Harold
Rank J H Halifax LW138
Ranken G A A Wellington BE161
Rankin Warren Clarence B-24 Osage Express 42-52497
Rankin G W Lancaster RA524
Rankin N J Tempest NV766
Rankin Herbert Lancaster LL775
Rankin J R Lancaster ND905
Rankin John Maxwell Halifax W1274
Rankin J Halifax HR813
Rankin D A Wellington P9284
Rankin W B Lancaster ND579
Rankin T Boston W8374
Rankin John Maxwell Halifax BB212
Rankin C Lancaster DS790
Rankin A Stirling
Rankin James E. ("Jamie")
Rankin George Worland
Rankin John McDonald
Rankin Donald Edward
Rankin Neil James
Rankin Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Rankin Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Rankin Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Rankin Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Rankin Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Rankin Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Rann Richard A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Ransford David
Ransom B S Lancaster ED552
Ransom C E C Stirling W7637
Ransom Glen Irvin Lancaster ED974
Ransome H D R Lancaster W4955
Ransome G H Stirling R9326
Ransome L H Halifax DT617
Ransome R E Lancaster PB432
Ranson James V Lancaster KB715
Ranson N E Halifax NA580
Ranson W E Halifax LW418
Ranson W V Lancaster ND781
Ranson N J Whitley Z6759
Ranson E W Halifax EB214
Ranson B S Halifax JD318
Ranson R M Lancaster R5516
Ranson C F Whitley Z6663
Ransson J L Whitley Z6630
Raper W Lancaster JB476
Raper E J J Whitley Z6572
Raper J V Lancaster W4860
Raper L A Battle N2088
Raper B Wellington N2993
Raper P Halifax MZ683
Raper J A Whitley P4992
Raper G Whitley P4980
Raper William
Rapere Nelson J Halifax HX324
Raphael V E R Lancaster JA866
Raphael R L Stirling DJ972
Raphael A S Lancaster LM342
Raphael A S Wellington T2805
Raphael G L Whitley K8961
Raphael G L Whitley N1388
Rapheal R L Stirling N6083
Rapley E J Stirling N6010
Rapp Albert Nicholas
Rapp Jr. Charles Urban B-17 Hard to Get 42-97946
Rarajczak I Wellington HF590
Rarity Donald Edgar Halifax W1020
Rasbary W C Hampden AE131
Rasey W G Lancaster LL757
Rash Harold Wilfred
Rashbrook Robert William Lancaster R5698
Rashbrook J Halifax W7929
Rashbrook Robert William
Rashley Colin Edward Stirling BK690
Rashley Ronald Frederick Lancaster DS666
Rasmussen Lauritz Andrew Woodney Defiant N1628
Rasmussen E C C Lancaster W4369
Rasmussen Richard Easthope
Rasmussen Ernest Reginald
Raston Thomas Noel Ryder
Raston Piers Oscar George
Ratajczak Aloyzy Vickers Warwick HG226
Ratajczak Ignacy Avro Lancaster PB171
Ratajczyk Czesław Vickers Wellington HZ374
Ratajski Feliks Bolesław Wellington Z1471
Ratchford C E Lancaster LL969
Ratcliff Reginald Edward Lancaster ED935
Ratcliff A F C Wellington Z1577
Ratcliff L Lancaster LM126
Ratcliff P W Manchester L7384
Ratcliffe Robert James Lancaster ED992
Ratcliffe P J Stirling EF123
Ratcliffe George Albert Marshall Dakota KN649
Ratcliffe Michael Wellington N2888
Ratcliffe Jacky Lancaster LM573
Ratcliffe Walter Milton Lancaster RF176
Ratcliffe Terence Halifax LV903
Ratcliffe William Gordon Lancaster PD431
Ratcliffe J T Lancaster W4170
Ratcliffe Carson Stewart Stirling N6069
Ratcliffe P A Lancaster ED835
Ratcliffe R G Blenheim L9272
Ratcliffe H J Blenheim P4919
Ratcliffe J Lancaster LL689
Ratcliffe E L G Stirling BF457
Ratcliffe G A Stirling R9333
Ratcliffe J R F Halifax HR917
Ratcliffe V P Mosquito DZ308
Ratcliffe G L Lancaster JB545
Ratcliffe J Hampden AD789
Ratcliffe J Hampden P4409
Ratcliffe E G Wellington X3748
Ratcliffe P C Halifax DT751
Ratcliffe J Blenheim N3578
Ratcliffe Lancaster L7570
Ratcliffe Vincent Peter
Ratcliffe Robert James
Ratcliffe Peter John
Ratcliffe Charles Harry
Rate A J Halifax MZ447
Rate B S Stirling EH893
Rate Allan John
Ratelle R E L Halifax JB861
Raterman Urban Leonard B-17 Pistol Packin’ Mama 42-31213
Ratford F W Hurricane L1660
Rath F Wellington HZ273
Rath Henry Eric Wellington T2834
Rathbone H S Lancaster JB454
Rathbone K G Lancaster DV181
Rathbone J Halifax LV966
Rathbone J D Stirling EH924
Rathbone J R Blenheim T2225
Rathburn A L Halifax DT572
Rathe D S Wellington Z1738
Rathinell C W Halifax LW628
Rathjen Frederick Herbert
Rathke Ronald Oswald
Rathwell W R Halifax LW682 - MZ504?
Rathwell D G Lancaster KB911
Ratliński (Kay) Stanisław Tadeusz Consolidated Liberator EW278
Ratliński (Kay) Stanisław Tadeusz Wellington Z1318
Ratsoy J Steve Lancaster KB793
Ratsoy S Wellington BJ790
Ratten John Richard Spitfire BL516
Rattigan C B Stirling EF494
Rattigan J W Halifax NP811
Rattigan Wilfred James Halifax LK898
Rattigan Francis Peter
Rattle W F H Lancaster LL812
Rattle William Frederick Harvey
Rattray N McI Halifax W7760
Rattray S H Lancaster LM383
Rattray P W Halifax MZ559
Rattue M J Halifax RG444
Rau O J Lancaster KB806
Rau Harold J P-38 Lightning
Raub Waldo C P-47 Thunderbolt
Rauk Lloyd A P-51 Mustang
Rault A C Stirling R9164
Rausch W S Halifax W1018
Rausiński Zygmunt Ludwik Vickers Wellington Z1343
Rautenbush William A P-47 Thunderbolt
Ravell Maxwell David
Raven Arthur L B Spitfire R6806
Raven H R Lancaster ED705
Raven R D Halifax JN884
Raven F B Lancaster JA910
Raven W E Stirling N3764
Raven A J E Halifax LK958
Raven R M Lancaster ED596
Raven R Stirling EF349
Raven Charles Matthew
Ravenhill Edward W F Lancaster ME732
Ravenhill M Hurricane P3038
Ravenhill M Hurricane P2815
Ravenhill Wellington X3387
Ravenhill H S Lancaster ME800
Ravenscroft J T Lancaster W4996
Ravenscroft I Lancaster LM478
Raw Anthony William Lancaster ND534
Raw Peter Edward Typhoon MN247
Raw John Frederick Miles Master T8678
Raw J Halifax JB894
Raw L C Lancaster PD425
Rawathan Whitley X9922
Rawbone Walter Mansell Wellington HF732
Rawcliffe P W Wellington Z1622
Rawcliffe J Lancaster DV178
Rawcliffe J Halifax DT738
Rawcliffe J Lancaster ND969
Rawles Whitley K8969
Rawley E G Lancaster LM626
Rawling Stockton Gowland Halifax DG413
Rawlings Douglas Ray Wellington T2973
Rawlings K C H Wellington T2897
Rawlings R R Lancaster NG189
Rawlings Leslie McDonald Mosquito HK182
Rawlings Raymond Charles Wellington HE283
Rawlings G W Lancaster LL668
Rawlings R Wellington Z1738
Rawlings G Lancaster DS796
Rawlings V C Battle N2178
Rawlings E F Wellington R1463
Rawlings D P J Stirling EH884
Rawlings T Halifax JD382
Rawlings F D Lancaster DS679
Rawlings D R Hampden AE243
Rawlings Peter Lancaster JB122
Rawlings H S Stirling BF524
Rawlings Brian Edwin
Rawlings Orrin D P-47 Thunderbolt
Rawlings Orrin D P-47 Thunderbolt
Rawlins K W Mosquito DZ607
Rawlins C G C Hampden AD900
Rawlins A G Wellington HE150
Rawlins Michael Howard Lancaster R5902
Rawlins W G Whitley Z6583
Rawlinson Edward Wellington LP760
Rawlinson Anthony Leonard Powell Hampden AE220
Rawlinson Thomas Halifax LW137
Rawlinson B W Stirling BK646
Rawlinson G Halifax JB958
Rawlinson B A Lancaster W4931
Rawlinson J Stirling BF309
Rawlinson D J Halifax LK964
Rawlinson N A Lancaster ND816
Rawlinson M H G Hurricane P2535
Rawnsley William Barrymore Lancaster ED707
Rawski Jan Vickers Wellington Z1489
Rawson George Dudley Lancaster PB740
Rawson Jack Lancaster ND327
Rawson J L Wellington HZ261
Rawson Gerald Edmond Typhoon JP542
Rawson D W Lancaster ND570
Rawson W L Blenheim N3619
Rawson J Hampden AE313
Rawson F S Lancaster ND751
Rawson P D Lancaster ND419
Rawson George Edward Halifax DT571
Rawson George Dudley
Rawson Hayden Selby
Ray William H. B-24 Lassie Come Home 42-51356
Ray John Lancaster PB588
Ray H S Manchester L7487
Ray Edmond Rothwell Halifax HR713
Ray J F Halifax W1271
Ray J Lancaster ND362
Ray G A W Lancaster DS835
Ray F H Lancaster EE118
Ray J F Wellington HE469
Ray J F Wellington HF601
Ray C L Hampden AD788
Ray J D Halifax JB806
Ray R W Hurricane P3655
Ray L J Lancaster W4377
Ray K H Mosquito NS945
Ray M E M Lancaster HK769
Ray C R Halifax DT570
Ray W Halifax LK873
Ray R A Halifax LK791
Ray H R Manchester L7426
Ray D K Stirling EF159
Ray Edgar
Ray Frederick Charles Henry
Ray David Arnold
Ray John Francis B-17 43-37888
Ray Charles E P-47 Thunderbolt
Ray Donald W P-51 Mustang
Raybould Charles Francis Lancaster NF960
Raybould A W Lancaster NE166
Raymen F J Lancaster HK658
Rayment Thomas Watkins (Tommy) Stirling R9324
Rayment Leonard Silvester Hampden AE223
Rayment Albert Frederick Halifax JB790
Rayment W Lancaster ND675
Rayment Wellington W5384
Rayment R C Lancaster ME496
Rayment W B Hampden X2920
Rayment R D Lancaster DV381
Rayment Kenneth Gordon
Raymer Kenneth Ronald
Raymond R Halifax NR287
Raymond Anthony Frank Lancaster ND403
Raymond L K Stirling EH941
Raymond J P A Wellington Z1729
Raymond J P Halifax LL150
Raymond W G N Halifax LK945
Raymond D E Wellington BJ590
Raymond G T Stirling EF307
Raymond C Stirling R9187
Raymond V G Halifax LL130
Raymond R F Lancaster ND963
Raymond E F Lancaster JA686
Raymond Charles J P-47 Thunderbolt
Raymont T J A Lancaster ND453
Raynard R R Halifax EB214
Rayne R N Hampden AE202
Rayne R N Hampden AT127
Rayne J P Wellington L7807
Raynel W G Lancaster NE148
Rayner Peter Herbert Hurricane L2054
Rayner Sturgess Herbert Lancaster DV156
Rayner N P Wellington HE752
Rayner A K Lancaster NG458
Rayner C G Lancaster NN806
Rayner P Lancaster ND880
Rayner S E Halifax MZ510
Rayner S W Lancaster JB677
Rayner J Lancaster PB358
Rayner Roderick Malachi Seaborne
Rayner Dudley Royce
Rayner Neil Keith
Rayner Leslie William
Rayner Ivan St John Liberator EW631
Raynes D J Halifax W1057
Raynes G N Lancaster ND614
Raynes Hampden AE305
Raynham Harry Frederick Lancaster DV280
Rays J R Lancaster W4863
Rays R J Lancaster JA977
Rays Ronald James
Rayson J Whitley Z9131
Rayworth J T Halifax LW722
Rdułtowski (Raymond) Jan Serwacy Vickers Wellington HE747
Rea M D Halifax W1145
Rea H D Halifax DT745
Rea J Lancaster KB869
Rea Robert William Lancaster W4135
Rea A J Mosquito DZ483
Rea J Wellington L7843
Rea Kenneth Noel Battle P2335
Read G S Lancaster JB120
Read William Neil Lancaster LL882
Read J K Lancaster JB234
Read T Lancaster PB949
Read K J Whitley N1377
Read Charles Edward Wellington L7792
Read Crosby Frank Halifax JD297
Read Peter Verrall Wellington R1374
Read Jack Montague Lancaster R5895
Read George Irving Lancaster LM165
Read M Lancaster DS780
Read Harry George John Heaps Lancaster ED726
Read F W Halifax DT539
Read H A Halifax DK267
Read K N Lancaster W4125
Read R G D Wellington Z1249
Read R G Lancaster JB678
Read C H R Wellington Z1612
Read A W Lancaster JB592
Read D H Lancaster DS673
Read K N Lancaster JB405
Read J J Lancaster JB748
Read R W Stirling LJ932
Read G P Stirling EF328
Read K W Stirling EH885
Read G P Stirling BK764
Read S D Wellington BJ608
Read J C L Lancaster ND345
Read C R Halifax R9372
Read F A Lancaster W4772
Read G Lancaster LM312
Read G C Lancaster ND620
Read H W Typhoon MP196
Read H J Wellington BK367
Read J T Lancaster ME685
Read J Lancaster R5616
Read G Lancaster EE173
Read Montagu Francis Baldwin Stirling W7613
Read L R Wellington L7802
Read Joseph Halifax EB247
Read G A Lancaster W4126
Read J J Lancaster JB700
Read W R Lancaster JB298
Read K Lancaster ME357
Read K W Stirling EE875
Read L E Lancaster ED619
Read George Green Stirling EH878
Read E R Lancaster ND964
Read Wellington T2820
Read A G C Halifax JB800
Read R W Lancaster R5630
Read J S Lancaster ND494
Read J A Lancaster PD213
Read Wellington L7777
Read K B Wellington W5703
Read R A Lancaster JB300
Read James Alfred Avory ("Jasper")
Read Isaac Wood
Read Lindley Russell
Read Graham Sydney
Read Malcolm Neville
Read William Neil
Read John Knox
Read Peter Todd
Read Alfred Thomas Liberator KH214
Read Andrew Patrick Lysander Not known
Read Robert Thomas B-17 43-37888
Read Edwin William B-24 Liberator 3701
Read Derrick Blackburn Skua L2951
Read Leighton M P-51 Mustang
Readdy Arthur Philip Lancaster LL688
Reade John Joseph Wellington X3696
Reade F S Wellington HF488
Reade G Stirling EF491
Reader G G Halifax MZ289
Reader C Spitfire MK619
Reader E H Stirling EF408
Reader Gordon Sydney
Reader Douglas Robert Beaufort N1160
Readett Leslie Miller
Readhead W R Halifax DT784
Readhead Harry Sanford Halifax DG285
Readhead William Folger Halifax
Reading Roy Halifax MZ575
Reading K W Lancaster DS681
Reading S K Lancaster ND874
Reading A G Stirling N3664
Reading W Halifax DT516
Reading Edgar George
Readman D F Halifax BB205
Readman James Leo Halifax HR778
Readman N A Lancaster NG350
Ready C P Lancaster JB400
Ready D W Lancaster NG143
Ready Arthur William Halifax JD324
Ready Charles Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Ready Charles Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Reahil F J Mustang AP195
Reahill F J Mustang FD567
Reain F F E Halifax LK739
Reaks Peter William Lancaster NG223
Reaney Elias Eldon Lancaster PB899
Reardon A H Lancaster ED998
Reardon Glyndwr Wellington T2702
Reardon Jack Anthony Lancaster PA278
Reardon J D Whitley Z6870
Reardon G K Stirling BF334
Reardon Wellington T2885
Reardon H R Lancaster R5702
Reardon Sydney Clarence
Reardon Alfred Henry
Reardon F J Halifax L9618
Reason William Dennis Wellington Z8703
Reason W A Wellington W5392
Reason G C Halifax LW595
Reaume C W Wellington BJ769
Reaume Louis Joseph Halifax NP744
Reaume B A Lancaster KB723
Reaveley W T Lancaster ME702
Reavell-Carter L Hampden P4305
Reavey James Lancaster LM122
Reavill Ralph Halifax LV918
Reavill Ralph Halifax LW581
Reavill J H Halifax MZ578
Reavis Perry P-51 Mustang
Reavis Perry P-51 Mustang
Reay Reginald Herbert Halifax JD260
Reay W G Wellington X3661
Reay R G Lancaster ED774
Reay J B Lancaster W4836
Reay W E Lancaster JB302
Reay D E Lancaster W4959
Reay T A Halifax JD204
Reay G N Halifax LW177
Reay P H Wellington R1589
Reay Eric Lascelles
Reay Gordon J Hampden P4416
Rebbeck P H Hampden P4365
Rebbetoy J R Whirlwind P7058
Rębiński Longin Wellington R1610
Rębiński Longin Avro Lancaster DV278
Rebuszyński Włodzimierz Vickers Wellington T2576
Recagno George L P-51 Mustang
Recchia E A Stirling BF386
Rech Maksymilian Wellington HE768
Rech E W Lancaster LM714
Rechak Kazmer B-17 43-37909
Recile W E Spitfire MH846
Rector V F Wellington JA119
Reda Wacław Vickers Wellington Z1285
Redall R Halifax LL235
Redbourn P R Halifax HX191
Redbourn D R Boston Z2252
Redbourne Allen Bruce Halifax LK906
Redbourne A H Wellington HE631
Reddell C Stirling EH907
Redden J B Wellington R1703
Redden C G Lancaster ND805
Reddick Marvin J. B-24 'Lone Ranger' 44-40098
Reddicliffe F H Stirling BK770
Reddie W J Mosquito DZ694
Reddig Charles R P-51 Mustang
Redding W F Wellington HE475
Redding R E Stirling BK617
Redding C H A Stirling EE973
Redding A E Halifax W7660
Redding H J Lancaster PB362
Redding D M Lancaster ND465
Redding A E
Reddington L A E Spitfire L1072
Reddington J V Halifax MZ810
Reddish K H Wellington Z1477
Reddish J Lancaster ED589
Reddy H Wellington BK296
Reddy Douglas Edward Lanyon
Redekopp J Lancaster ND989
Reder Roman Avro Lancaster ME744
Redfearn A R Stirling LJ526
Redfearn Ivor Charles Halifax JP123
Redfearn E C Lancaster NG257
Redfearn-Smith M V Blenheim V6195
Redfern J G Lancaster JB179
Redfern J Spitfire AD816
Redfern E A Hurricane Z3454
Redfern L F Hampden AE369
Redfern R Lancaster LM379
Redfern A T Lancaster ND895
Redfern T W Mosquito MV546
Redfern Albert G P-51 Mustang
Redfern Albert G P-51 Mustang
Redford F H Lancaster DV229
Redford Wellington X3663
Redford A E Liberator TS526
Redford G H Lancaster PB197
Redford L H E Lancaster NF984
Redford K G Halifax LW495
Redford Norman Louis
Redford Norman Louis Mosquito HP967
Redgate T H Mustang FZ188
Redgrave Charles Derek Lancaster W4897
Redgrave M E Wellington R1323
Redgrave J A Lancaster ED667
Redgrave Charles Martin
Redgrove B E Hampden X2978
Redhead N E Lancaster ND754
Redhead Blenheim L9030
Redhead George Wellington DV736
Redhead James Lancaster JB737
Redhead J B Wellington BJ837
Redhead E.
Redler Douglas Arthur Halifax W1162
Redman Ernest George Stirling BF530
Redman N G Halifax LW390
Redman H C Halifax DT785
Redman A G Lancaster ND681
Redman I A Lancaster JB678
Redman D G Blenheim Z6186
Redman J Halifax HR734
Redman J G Lancaster PB690
Redman F C Halifax HR986
Redman A H Halifax LW643
Redman W G Lancaster ED668
Redman J Halifax JD122
Redman Joseph Howarth
Redman Robert Ambrose
Redman John Robert Walter
Redman Ernest Frederick
Redmayne Douglas Hampden P1171
Redmayne A Lancaster LL771
Redmile G E W Lancaster NG421
Redmond James Patrick Wellington R1045
Redmond S S Halifax LK833
Redmond J E Lancaster W4123
Redmond B J Blenheim N6236
Redmond Blenheim
Redmond J Halifax LW141
Redmond R Lancaster NN712
Redmond B J Lancaster LL838
Redmond G C Mosquito NT254
Redmond G C Mosquito NT254
Redmonds A S Halifax MZ503
Redpath Harry Cadwallader Wellington LN858
Redpath J N R Lancaster JB348
Redpath John Powell Wellington LP609
Redpath S Stirling BK602
Redshaw James Victor Lancaster W4237
Redshaw D A H Lancaster ME704
Redshaw E Lancaster ED320
Redshaw A C Halifax HR839
Redshaw R H Lancaster NN695
Redstone G P L Wellington R1507
Redstone P G F Lancaster JB241
Redway Thomas Edward Nagle
Redway Thomas Edward Nagle Whitley BD276
Redwood Arthur Francis George Manchester L7462
Redwood G H Lancaster PA967
Redwood G W Halifax LK969
Redwood Hampden X2991
Redwood C H G Stirling EF366
Ree G D Lancaster ME456
Reeb J C Lancaster ME718
Reece B Lancaster ME615
Reece L H M Blenheim N3541
Reece K A Lancaster JB474
Reece William David
Reece Bernard
Reed C W Lancaster JB702
Reed William Gerald Wellington Z1381
Reed N O Halifax LL598
Reed N O Halifax MZ296
Reed K A G Lancaster PD338
Reed Kenneth Gordon Blenheim P4904
Reed Frederick William Halifax LL459
Reed Norman George Lancaster PB411
Reed Clarence Darlington Wellington X3696
Reed W E Halifax BB311
Reed R A Halifax LL594
Reed N L Halifax DK271
Reed V R Halifax LK974
Reed W R Halifax HX289
Reed C N Lancaster ED332
Reed C L Halifax LK791
Reed D H Halifax W1101
Reed Oliver George Sunderland ML858
Reed S G Halifax DT789
Reed P N Lancaster W4770
Reed P N Lancaster R5900
Reed D Lancaster LM510
Reed A P Wellington DV951
Reed E J W Lancaster JB716
Reed James S. Halifax LW275
Reed P M Hampden AE253
Reed Wellington X9746
Reed W C Halifax LV790
Reed L G A Whitley Z9131
Reed L Lancaster PD365
Reed A Blenheim L1376
Reed J M Wellington W5527
Reed W L Halifax JD365
Reed J J Lancaster ND533
Reed H L Hampden AD897
Reed R J Hampden L4097
Reed W G Lancaster ED810
Reed D M Halifax BE244
Reed W E Lancaster DV279
Reed F C Lancaster W4189
Reed R R Lancaster ME687
Reed R R Lancaster ME703
Reed E Lancaster PB265
Reed J R Lancaster ME671
Reed C J Lancaster ND932
Reed F R Stirling EH945
Reed A G Lancaster LM163
Reed D L Halifax DT515
Reed S G Halifax DT775
Reed V J Spitfire BL811
Reed D R Oxford V3948
Reed George Lindsay
Reed Alan Percival
Reed Charles William
Reed Keith Arthur George
Reed John Verney
Reed Robert James
Reed Raymond George
Reed Charles Joseph William
Reed Willard Dale B-17 Rationed Passion 42-30782
Reed Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Reed Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Reed Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Reed Joe E P-47 Thunderbolt
Reed Richard I P-47 Thunderbolt
Reeder Harold Downs Halifax MZ575
Reeder Arthur J Lancaster PB343
Reeder K J Halifax W1182
Reeder Whitley Z9274
Reeder S W Mosquito KB348
Reeder Caleb L P-47 Thunderbolt
Reedie Jack Norman
Reedman A W Lancaster JB294
Reedman William Patrick
Reedy Irving P-47 Thunderbolt
Reels Edward Henry Wellington W5486
Reeman E A Manchester L7381
Reems Julian S P-47 Thunderbolt
Reen Geoffrey David Wellington MF375
Reen Patrick Stanislaus
Reenberg John Reginald Wellington R1027
Rees A F Wellington BJ969
Rees Maurice Owen Lancaster ND398
Rees Leonard Halifax JB835
Rees Ventura AE839
Rees W. Noel Lancaster LM122
Rees David Robert Wellington HZ719
Rees Roland Ernest James Stirling EE913
Rees Jack Valentine Lancaster W4317
Rees J Halifax DT789
Rees K V Halifax NR131
Rees R P Halifax JN972
Rees W L Whitley Z6576
Rees O W Whitley Z6746
Rees P E Wellington Z1141
Rees W L Lancaster R5861
Rees J H Lancaster JB601
Rees R F Lancaster R5688
Rees A E Wellington Z1266
Rees D Stirling N6016
Rees T B Lancaster LM468
Rees H Kenneth Wellington BK309
Rees T E Lancaster JB711
Rees G Wellington Z8521
Rees M Halifax BB209
Rees J D Mosquito KB425
Rees David Gareth Lancaster ED366
Rees V Blenheim L9185
Rees K R Lancaster W4945
Rees E R Stirling N3729
Rees A E Wellington R1789
Rees M Halifax HX328
Rees J I Lancaster ND526
Rees T H Mosquito N5855
Rees C Lancaster W4838
Rees W J Lancaster W4844
Rees W T Lancaster JB545
Rees F B Lancaster PB335
Rees T Lancaster PB353
Rees John Charles Eynon Lancaster DV366
Rees W Halifax HR783
Rees N Lancaster ED778
Rees W Lancaster ND503
Rees Whitley T4285
Rees J W Lancaster R5859
Rees S G Stirling EF336
Rees S G Lancaster W4268
Rees H Lancaster PB520
Rees L W Halifax W7813
Rees W D Halifax JD385
Rees P E Whitley T4169
Rees D R H Halifax LW300
Rees F G Halifax LW512
Rees G Boston AL263
Rees A Lancaster W4843
Rees E Lancaster NE124
Rees Gordon Wellington
Rees Frank Foster
Rees Alun Griffiths
Rees Glyn Davidson Halifax JP287
Rees David John Halifax DG413
Reese Luther C P-51 Mustang 43-7013
Reese Vincent J. B-17 Woman’s Home Companion 42-39795
Reese Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Reese Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt`
Reese William C P-51 Mustang
Reese William C P-51 Mustang
Reese William C P-51 Mustang
Reese William C P-51 Mustang
Reese William C P-51 Mustang
Reese William H P-51 Mustang
Reese William H P-51 Mustang
Reeson F G Wellington LN554
Reesor R D Spitfire BS177
Reeve George Edward Lancaster W4324
Reeve P A Halifax HX353
Reeve S R Lancaster JB562
Reeve E F Hampden AD903
Reeve Clifford G Stirling N3703
Reeve C G Stirling N6067
Reeve C H Lancaster JB282
Reeve C G Lancaster LM586
Reeve R H Mustang
Reeve F C Wellington R1135
Reeve M Spitfire MK213
Reeve W Lancaster ED941
Reeve E Hampden X3128
Reeve A E Halifax LV814
Reeve B H Stirling BF346
Reeve B H Stirling BF346
Reeve Geoffrey Norman
Reeve Lowell Ernest
Reeves Bernard Charles Wellington BK559
Reeves Kenneth Basil Lancaster JB542
Reeves Charles William Lancaster ND534
Reeves “Dick" E. Lancaster LM513
Reeves R J Lancaster JA706
Reeves M Spitfire SM302
Reeves J B Lancaster ED689
Reeves I H Wellington R1078
Reeves Sydney Cecil Oliver Stirling BF577
Reeves Kenneth Arthur Dakota KJ970
Reeves Derek James Lancaster RA515
Reeves K B Lancaster JB354
Reeves J H Spitfire NH259
Reeves R L Lancaster ND358
Reeves F Stirling EF464
Reeves S V Stirling N3717
Reeves R E L Spitfire MK574
Reeves A Lancaster LM374
Reeves F S G Lancaster JB311
Reeves J F Spitfire W3327
Reeves A A Halifax JD409
Reeves Nevil Everard
Reffin J Lancaster ED362
Reffin W A Lancaster PB358
Reffin Lancaster EE105
Reffles Albert William Halifax HR785
Refshange J G H Spitfire MB794
Regan W T A Halifax LV881
Regan Wellington W5493
Regan P J Halifax LW313
Regan George Frederick
Regan Walter James
Regan Lynden John Ambrose
Regester P T Halifax W7824
Regimbal W H Halifax NA583
Regimbal P E Halifax MZ316
Regis E E J Spitfire BS285
Regis Edward R P-51 Mustang
Regis Edward R P-51 Mustang
Regnier Ralph R P-47 Thunderbolt
Rehde John H P-47 Thunderbolt
Rehkopf W Lancaster DS759
Rehor F Spitfire EN127
Reiber D E Spitfire ML351
Reich D G Mustang FD565
Reichard James N P-38 Lightning
Reichert C C Halifax BB375
Reichman David M P-51 Mustang
Reichman David M P-51 Mustang
Reid G St C B Spitfire MK453
Reid Joseph Halifax LK628
Reid Frank Bruce Lancaster LM121
Reid D A Lancaster PD322
Reid Brian Clapham Lancaster PB542
Reid Edward Forbes Lancaster PB567
Reid Douglas Angus Lancaster ED534
Reid Alan Frank Lancaster PB806
Reid Alan Frank Lancaster LL844
Reid Donald Thomas Ewen Spitfire AD332
Reid M R Halifax MZ644
Reid J J Halifax BB205
Reid Arthur George Stirling LK276
Reid William Lancaster ME557
Reid D B Wellington R1281
Reid Ian Henry Milne Lancaster LL862
Reid Francis McGuire 'Frank' Tempest JN812
Reid Donald Harold Halifax HR784
Reid William Halifax HR749
Reid J D Lancaster LL716
Reid John Fraser Dakota KJ817
Reid Joseph Whitley P5103
Reid James Catalina FP232
Reid Hewitt Harold Robinson Lancaster PB172
Reid H Lancaster PB304
Reid Kenneth Maxime Lancaster R5665
Reid A E Halifax LL114
Reid Hurricane AG239
Reid A M Stirling BK697
Reid D C Lancaster PB515
Reid A J Lancaster ME318
Reid S J Lancaster NG325
Reid M D Typhoon MP198
Reid J T Wellington R1658
Reid S L Halifax W7713
Reid P T Mosquito MM707
Reid W I F Lancaster LL718
Reid M A Wellington Z1091
Reid William Matheson Halifax JD113
Reid D L Lancaster KB724
Reid I M Hampden AT136
Reid R G Halifax MZ910
Reid K D Halifax NR205
Reid D C S Halifax LW693
Reid Norman Duncan Halifax DK191
Reid J Lancaster KB768
Reid W J Wellington LN439
Reid S A Lancaster KB858
Reid E K Halifax LK754
Reid S Halifax NP805
Reid J W Halifax NP803
Reid K N Halifax DK258
Reid H S Lancaster LM431
Reid D Lancaster LM572
Reid W J Lancaster W4269
Reid Harold William Lancaster PB411
Reid M J Lancaster ND448
Reid J F Lancaster LL884
Reid W J Lancaster ED566
Reid D Lancaster LM111
Reid George Ernest Stirling N3714
Reid Hampden L4125
Reid W F Lancaster ND804
Reid A M Stirling BK775
Reid J M Lancaster NN705
Reid J M Lancaster LL833
Reid G Lancaster LM459
Reid W Lancaster DV270
Reid W A C Halifax LW192
Reid J Whitley Z6746
Reid T A Lancaster R5678
Reid R A Hampden AD873
Reid D Hampden AD768
Reid A J Boston Z2252
Reid B D G H Blenheim R3810
Reid W J Wellington R1502
Reid R R Lancaster DS655
Reid W Lancaster DS616
Reid M Wellington X3393
Reid A Lancaster NF967
Reid J G Wellington W5397
Reid A McL Stirling EJ124
Reid G BlenheimIV R3896
Reid A J Wellington Z8439
Reid J Halifax HR928
Reid H J A Wellington BK460
Reid H J A Wellington HZ314
Reid W M E Lancaster ED550
Reid E F Stirling W7612
Reid D Beaufighter V8560
Reid G T Wellington DV434
Reid G V V Halifax JD216
Reid G M Lancaster DS790
Reid D J Spitfire MV264
Reid C A Halifax MZ594
Reid J A M Hampden L4090
Reid J D McG Lancaster JA897
Reid E C Lancaster LM237
Reid G Lancaster LL744
Reid G Lancaster NG171
Reid D F Lancaster PD320
Reid D H Lancaster ED943
Reid J B Halifax LW675
Reid D M Lancaster ND880
Reid R C Lancaster ND730
Reid R W Lancaster PA285
Reid R Lancaster DV392
Reid J M Lancaster LM599
Reid J A Mosquito DZ642
Reid A Lancaster HK596
Reid J W Wellington X9834
Reid J H Wellington Z8942
Reid I L Wellington W5621
Reid Wellington T2547
Reid D H Halifax JB851
Reid N S M Halifax DT768
Reid J A Lancaster JA927
Reid C C Lancaster JB344
Reid R Lancaster ED493
Reid W Lancaster ND451
Reid J A S Wellington P9281
Reid William Lancaster
Reid Leslie James
Reid Nelson Prior
Reid Frank Bruce
Reid Neil Wedgwood
Reid Donald Alan
Reid Frank Blunden
Reid James Warwick Davison
Reid Harold Bevan
Reid Gordon Keith
Reid Wallace David
Reid Brian Clapham
Reid Edward Forbes
Reid Alan Frank
Reid Douglas Angus
Reid Thomas
Reid Ronald Arthur Lloyd
Reid John Ruskin
Reid Langhorne Jr P-51 Mustang
Reid Langhorne Jr P-51 Mustang
Reid Langhorne Jr P-51 Mustang
Reid Arnold John Wellington Z8703
Reidmuller C C Wellington R1343
Reidy William Patrick Mosquito NS998
Reif A F Lancaster W4361
Reif A W Lancaster PB120
Reiger Ralph E P-47 Thunderbolt
Reiger Ralph E P-47 Thunderbolt
Reignier Paul Arthur B-24 Lassie Come Home 42-51356
Reilander Alois Valentine Halifax HX311
Reilhace E Spitfire EM175
Reilley H W Spitfire R6800
Reillly J Lancaster W4382
Reilly James William Beattie Stirling LJ882
Reilly K W Lancaster NE133
Reilly Terence Desmond Whitley BD385
Reilly R M Halifax DT741
Reilly C T Halifax LV998
Reilly R J Typhoon MN475
Reilly J J Lancaster PA964
Reilly JA Whitley Z9361
Reilly M N Halifax W7879
Reilly J B Lancaster JB528
Reilly J W Lancaster ND579
Reilly P Y Hurricane BD767
Reilly R N Halifax W7703
Reilly F P Halifax JP119
Reilly Spitfire
Reilly A Lancaster ME365
Reilly N P Lancaster ME586
Reilly R P G Spitfire BM125
Reilly Halifax L9518
Reilly A Halifax MZ310
Reilly A Lancaster ED880
Reilly Beresford Stanley
Reilly Kevin William
Reilly Charles Christopher Liberator AL548
Reilly William J P-51 Mustang
Reilly William J P-51 Mustang
Reily R L Mosquito DZ416
Reily R L Mosquito DK340
Reimer A W Whitley Z9385
Reimer Whitley T4237
Reineck L Wellington JA114
Reinecke Norman R P-47 Thunderbolt
Reinhart G Blenheim R3895
Reinhart Albert J P-47 Thunderbolt`
Reinhart Albert J P-47 Thunderbolt`
Reis I L T Hampden AD914
Reis Edward Loughry
Reitlo C L: Lancaster KB845
Rek Józef Halifax BB379
Rekdale John Sigvald
Rekszczyc Wacław Wellington R1215
Relf P T Wellington W5386
Relph Gordon Turnbull Boston AL715
Relph Mosquito PF402
Relph H C Stirling BF571
Relph Blenheim V6384
Relton A Lancaster PD202
Relton K Halifax NR150
Relton E H M Lancaster ME757
Relyea W R B Hampden AD983
Rembecki Franciszek Avro Lancaster DV286
Rember R A Lancaster ND931
Rembridge L G Lancaster ED917
Remfry M B Wellington X9635
Remfry Maurice Ben
Remillard J L R Lancaster PB675
Remington John B Lancaster ME684
Remlinger Jacques Spitfire
Remole D W Lancaster ND563
Rempel W E Halifax HR910
Rempel W E Halifax JD381
Remsbery G C Lancaster NE135
Remy Hurricane Z2832
Renard M Spitfire EN475
Renard M Spitfire NH199
Renard M C B Spitfire PK802
Renaud J G M Lancaster ND507
Renaud G Halifax LW595
Renaud J D Halifax NP938
Renaud Isidore Ronald Roland Halifax EB285
Renaud J H Lancaster ED613
Renaut M Stirling R9271
Rendall Marcus Harry Gallion Typhoon MN434
Rendall Francis Wellington X9643
Rendall W S Lancaster W4170
Rendall Marcus Harry Gallion
Rendell R F Wellington Z9913
Rendell A V Hampden P1183
Render E Halifax JD951
Rendle G E Typhoon JR244
Rendle Patrick William James Halifax JB907
Rendle R C Wellington T2473
Rendle George Ernest
Rendle Patrick William James
Rendtorff D E A Stirling N3709
Reneau S O Lancaster JB462
Renelt Kenneth Bert Lancaster R5552
Renfree E H Lancaster R5623
Renfree Eric Hurlstone
Renfrew R Stirling EE955
Renfrew Jack
Reng Czesław Wellington W5563
Renick J S Lancaster ED968
Renison R J Hurricane L1944
Renkiewicz F Wellington BK278
Renneberg R J Lancaster DS829
Renner W L Halifax JD463
Renner Daniel S P-47 Thunderbolt
Rennick W H Lancaster LM226
Rennie Robert P. B-17 Henn’s Revenge 44-8427
Rennie John Robinson Halifax W1179
Rennie William Wilson Lancaster ME699
Rennie R E Lancaster LM628
Rennie John D. Lancaster JB366
Rennie R B Lancaster ME854
Rennie B J A Hampden AD924
Rennie C Lancaster NF952
Rennie R S Lancaster LM521
Rennie S C Stirling LJ536
Rennie J Blenheim P6954
Rennie S Lancaster LL906
Rennie J L Halifax MZ336
Renning J J Halifax LV780
Rennison Ian
Renno J D W Lancaster ED705
Renno J D W Lancaster ED710
Renno James Darcy William
Renolds L B Whitley Z6949
Rensbury J J Halifax DK141
Rensen L A F L Beaufighter V8515
Renshaw R C S Stirling N6015
Renshaw G L Typhoon JR190
Renshaw G A Halifax JB320 (to be confirmed)
Renshaw A S Lancaster W4981
Rentell Harry McAlister
Renton Rupert Ernest Wellington X3396
Renton J A Halifax LK995
Renton P Wellington JA114
Renton W Halifax LW675
Renton D Halifax JD471
Renton R J Stirling EF129
Renton Rupert Gordon
Renton Albert Wellington HP631
Rentschler Victor Rt P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Rentschler Victor Rt P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Renvoize D J Manchester R5837
Renwich P Wellington BJ618
Renwick Andrew Scott Wellington DV930
Renwick J W McL Lancaster W4364 W4364
Renwick G Halifax LW373
Renwick C W Halifax EB207
Renwick J Lancaster ED396
Renwick R A Halifax LW512
Renwick Donald D P-47 Thunderbolt
Repas Paul Raymond B-17 Big Barn Smell 42-32093
Repsys Peter Paul Lancaster KB815
Reseigh K. John Lancaster ME730
Reside M S Lancaster LM207
Restarick A P H Halifax LL121
Restell W L A Lancaster ND851
Restivo A Whitley P4931
Reszko Ryszard Botha W5156
Retallack George
Rethe N F Mustang AG653
Retter D C Halifax W1039
Retter S C Wellington W5729
Retur Zdzisław Vickers Wellington Z1262
Reu R G Lancaster W4946
Reu Robert Garth
Reuss Lester E. B-17 Bad penny 42-31183
Reveley G H Lancaster JB478
Revell P C Lancaster KB749
Revell K S Wellington Z8420
Revill H Defiant L6953
Rew A E Wellington HE397
Rewers Edmund Jan Miles Master W8530
Rewkowski Stanislaw Vickers Wellington R1227
Rex A H Wellington R1539
Rex D C H Tempest NV980
Rex E A Lancaster PB210
Rex F D Halifax JD418
Rex G W Manchester R5779
Rex G Hampden AD934
Rey A E Stirling BK618
Rey F L Lancaster LL970
Reyburn G T Wellington DF642
Reyburn Gerald Thomas Wellington X3455
Reyman Stanisław Antoni Wellington Z1379
Reynal J Halifax NA546
Reynaud R Halifax MZ741
Reynaud E Typhoon JR133
Reynell Richard Carew Hurricane V7257
Reynell Richard Carew
Reynolds Keith Kevin Lancaster PB569
Reynolds C I Lancaster ED994
Reynolds C I Lancaster JB140
Reynolds M J N Halifax MZ916
Reynolds C N Halifax R9484
Reynolds John Douglas Wellington LB195
Reynolds C B Lancaster W4827
Reynolds Albert Henry Mosquito PF406
Reynolds Tom R. Lancaster DS704
Reynolds George Edward James Lancaster PB398
Reynolds Thomas Halifax PN243
Reynolds W D Halifax W1055
Reynolds V S Lancaster NN785
Reynolds William Cyril Jeffrey Lancaster PA234
Reynolds W B Mustang AG417
Reynolds W C Lancaster W5001
Reynolds H G Halifax W7803
Reynolds G W Lancaster DS788
Reynolds W B Lancaster KB718
Reynolds H E Halifax NP778
Reynolds Fred Albert Wellington LN296
Reynolds R P Halifax LK909
Reynolds C C Halifax LK663
Reynolds V E Hurricane BE422
Reynolds J A Lancaster LM317
Reynolds G S S Stirling W7638
Reynolds L N Whitley P4944
Reynolds L S Lancaster JA969
Reynolds Charles Pharaoh Lancaster ED988
Reynolds G W F Lancaster W4888
Reynolds Wellington Z8860
Reynolds Wellington R1088
Reynolds J Halifax W7712
Reynolds R J Wellington W5513
Reynolds B F Mosquito DZ354
Reynolds R W Mosquito DZ378
Reynolds M Lancaster R5574
Reynolds P Blenheim Z7433
Reynolds W F Wellington X3593
Reynolds J G Wellington X3602
Reynolds L R Battle P2204
Reynolds A H Mosquito PF440
Reynolds S W Halifax HR665
Reynolds G S Stirling N3755
Reynolds M P Wellington P9273
Reynolds T G L Lancaster LM142
Reynolds Benjamin Samuel Lancaster JA941
Reynolds L E Lancaster JB217
Reynolds K Halifax DT544
Reynolds A Halifax LK841
Reynolds G T W Lancaster ME686
Reynolds J W Hurricane BP746
Reynolds D R N Mitchell FL211
Reynolds D W Typhoon JR518
Reynolds L T Lancaster LM334
Reynolds D J Ventura AJ220
Reynolds Roy Frederick Stirling R9166
Reynolds H C Stirling BF319
Reynolds F T Lancaster LM281
Reynolds W E Typhoon MN552
Reynolds W E Typhoon MN748
Reynolds W J Halifax W1242
Reynolds W G Lancaster PB3777
Reynolds R R Wellington X9749
Reynolds A J A Halifax DK229
Reynolds J A G Lancaster W4961
Reynolds T W Wellington HE164
Reynolds R W Lancaster LM219
Reynolds Robert George Lancaster R5763
Reynolds D L Lancaster ND876
Reynolds W G Halifax MZ624
Reynolds J A Whitley Z6937
Reynolds R P Stirling BK800
Reynolds G C Lancaster ME676
Reynolds T G Lancaster LM596
Reynolds F Lancaster PB344
Reynolds E C Whitley Z9312
Reynolds G L Halifax LL130
Reynolds G F Halifax LK763
Reynolds E W Hampden AD800
Reynolds J C Lancaster JB712
Reynolds Richard Henry
Reynolds Robert Edward
Reynolds Keith Kevin
Reynolds Barnard William
Reynolds Colin Irwin
Reynolds Robert George
Reynolds Charles Noel
Reynolds William Bowd
Reynolds Thomas Patrick
Reynolds Burl L. B-17 Return Ticket 42-97065
Reynolds Garth L P-38 Lightning
Reynolds Garth L P-51 Mustang
Reynolds James S P-51 Mustang
Reynolds John R P-51 Mustang
Reynolds Robert P-51 Mustang
Reynolds Robert P-47 Thunderbolt
Reynolds Robert P-47 Thunderbolt
Reynolds Robert P-47 Thunderbolt
Reynolds Robert P-47 Thunderbolt
Reynolds Robert P-47 Thunderbolt
Reynoldson J Halifax LK925
Reynoldson J Wellington HE476
Rhaney F V Halifax HX322
Rhead G E Halifax LL358
Rheaume E S Wellington HE392
Rheuben Colyn Arthur
Rheubottom J Lancaster LM178
Rheubottom A E Halifax MZ409
Rheubottom James
Rheume J A D Wellington W5595
Rhind E Halifax MZ476
Rhind J C Lancaster KB753
Rhind G A C Battle K9472
Rhoades E A Lancaster ND353
Rhoades E A Lancaster ND350
Rhoades D C Lancaster ME620
Rhoads John K P-51 Mustang
Rhoden K Mosquito MM637
Rhoden H Halifax W1018
Rhodes R C Lancaster RF145
Rhodes Harry Anson EG269
Rhodes Thomas Ernest Wellington BK135
Rhodes J G Halifax NP935
Rhodes E J Lancaster ME456
Rhodes A S Wellington HE981
Rhodes K E Lancaster HK571
Rhodes A G Halifax LW717
Rhodes J Lancaster ME674
Rhodes J T C Lancaster JB376
Rhodes L M Wellington W5432
Rhodes C Hampden AE120
Rhodes J Lancaster NG184
Rhodes G Lancaster NE170
Rhodes Richard Arthur Blenheim L1330
Rhodes R Lancaster ND702
Rhodes S Lancaster PB477
Rhodes H Halifax LW204
Rhodes H F Wellington BK564
Rhodes G T Lancaster L7536
Rhodes H R Lancaster ED432
Rhodes E H Halifax MZ583
Rhodes R I Whitley Z9210
Rhodes L Lancaster LM446
Rhodes J Lancaster PB344
Rhodes G Stirling N6120
Rhodes George William Wellington DF639
Rhodes A J Stirling BK693
Rhodes Cecil
Rhodes Leslie Colin
Rhodes Robert Craven
Rhodes Howard W P-51 Mustang
Rhodes-Moorhouse W H Hurricane P8818
Rhodes-Moorhouse William Henry
Rhude E A Halifax NR233
Rhynd D D Lancaster ED617
Rhys D W Mosquito PF409
Rhys D W Mosquito KN354
Rhys R O Lysanders
Riach A C Wellington BJ714
Riach D A Halifax LW367
Riach G Halifax DT780
Ricalton A L Spitfire P7360
Ricci A J Halifax MZ567
Ricci Albert J P-51 Mustang
Ricci Carlo A P-51 Mustang
Ricci Ronald R P-51 Mustang
Ricci Ronald R P-51 Mustang
Rice Enid Dacia Lancaster PA278
Rice D A Lancaster PB379/G
Rice Joseph Archibald Donald Blenheim P4927
Rice A N Lancaster DV290
Rice J O Halifax HR917
Rice W R Wellington X3486
Rice H W Halifax LW373
Rice J Halifax W7767
Rice W J P Whitley P5018
Rice W A Halifax JD296
Rice M Wellington LN349
Rice F N Lancaster ME580
Rice J A Lancaster R5737
Rice G Lancaster DV398
Rice S D G Lancaster LM536
Rice K F Lancaster ED859
Rice N M Lancaster PB208
Rice N M Lancaster LM418
Rice L T Halifax L9517
Rice J S Halifax MZ799
Rice J H Halifax MZ810
Rice E M P Lancaster LM715
Rice John William
Rice Clive William Pryer
Rice Julian Patrick
Rice Don R P-51 Mustang
Rice George J P-51 Mustang
Rice George J P-51 Mustang
Rice Robert H P-47 Thunderbolt
Rice Robert H P-47 Thunderbolt
Rich A C Wellington BJ776
Rich D R Stirling EF365
Rich D R Stirling BK722
Rich J G Whitley Z9155
Rich A A Halifax NR144
Rich G H Halifax LK973
Rich T Halifax LV912
Rich W D Lancaster NF909
Rich Leslie John Lancaster ME447
Rich R S Wellington HF595
Rich T Stirling BF447
Rich R D Stirling BF319
Rich P C W Halifax DT685
Rich I J F Lancaster LL684
Rich Alwyn Charles
Rich Warwick William
Rich Donald Robert
Rich Geoffrey Albert
Rich John Frederick
Rich Joseph Geoffrey
Rich George T P-51 Mustang
Rich George T P-51 Mustang
Richard George Wellington Z1564
Richard J P F Halifax LV829
Richard J J P R Halifax DK238
Richard C E Lancaster LL899
Richard Russell Bernard Lancaster JB368
Richard L J Halifax JD151
Richard H T Ventura AE707
Richard I Barrett P-51 Mustang
Richards D B Halifax BB211
Richards A T Lancaster ED421
Richards J E Halifax HX231
Richards B R Halifax LV956
Richards J A Lancaster LM267
Richards R E D Lancaster W4337
Richards Austin Oliver George Whitley P4989
Richards Alfred 'Alf' Halifax EB247
Richards Alfred Halifax LK628
Richards Thomas Bryan Lancaster ME804
Richards Ronald Geoffrey Wellington X3757
Richards Owen Percival John Wellington R1267
Richards Kenneth Christopher Lancaster LM588
Richards Reginald George Arthur Halifax W1044
Richards John Alan Stirling W7578
Richards Kenneth Lancaster ED858
Richards George David Alfred Halifax NA107
Richards Eric John Whitley Z9424
Richards John Edward Lancaster R5742
Richards Brian Alfred Carter Stirling N3706
Richards Leighton Dawkin Wellington MP813
Richards Maurice David Wellington DV674
Richards William Mortimer Wellington W5618
Richards Gordon Hubert Halifax W1096
Richards F H Spitfire ML277
Richards R C Wellington BK165
Richards R A Halifax LW597
Richards Edward Gordon Coke Lancaster RF153
Richards Herbert William Lancaster ME868
Richards H N Halifax W7805
Richards J L Halifax LW636
Richards F W Mosquito
Richards H L R Stirling EF128
Richards J L Stirling EH889
Richards J L Stirling BF455
Richards G Lancaster ME566
Richards Wellington X3642
Richards James Arthur Lancaster ME773
Richards Arthur Gwyn Halifax W1189
Richards H J Halifax W1216
Richards R A Blenheim T2118
Richards F J Lancaster DS715
Richards J V Lancaster W4369
Richards F W Lancaster ND844
Richards J C Lancaster ED818
Richards L R Stirling EF188
Richards L C Stirling EF427
Richards R C Lancaster PB515
Richards K Lancaster ED715
Richards S J Lancaster ND444
Richards A J G Halifax LW297
Richards J V Halifax LK850
Richards Halifax DG409
Richards W S Lancaster ME839
Richards J W Lancaster PB153
Richards R Lancaster ND506
Richards G K Blenheim WV-W
Richards W F Blenheim L9192
Richards G Halifax LW621
Richards J L Typhoon JP6651
Richards M C Typhoon MN495
Richards D R Lancaster PD267
Richards L J Blenheim V6381
Richards A G Wellington Z8805
Richards K L Stirling R9190
Richards Stirling W7521
Richards L T Stirling BK606
Richards W P Gladiator N5697
Richards D J Halifax DT801
Richards P W Lancaster ND347
Richards R F Lancaster DS762
Richards R Halifax LK923
Richards D J Halifax LK931
Richards E C Halifax LK697
Richards F M Lancaster W4949
Richards William V Lancaster R5905
Richards H Lancaster PB251
Richards L H Lancaster W4927
Richards S J Lancaster JB371
Richards L T Hampden X2984
Richards J Halifax DT738
Richards J Halifax DT648
Richards Terence William Halifax MZ811
Richards T W Halifax MZ593
Richards D A Whitley Z9311
Richards S J Lancaster EE107
Richards A T Lancaster ND960
Richards J S Lancaster ND475
Richards J H Lancaster ED913
Richards F Lancaster W4903
Richards W H Lancaster ED722 (some publications have this aircraft code to a 463 Squadron Lancaster - which is ED772
Richards J T Lancaster DV381
Richards N C Lancaster ED980
Richards R H Stirling EF394
Richards G A Lancaster ED951
Richards J L Lancaster JB665
Richards G A Mustang KH542
Richards J R Spitfire AR391
Richards W J Stirling N3653
Richards K J C Stirling W7539
Richards J N Lancaster JA905
Richards T C Whitley Z6661
Richards A G Blenheim P4851
Richards I L Lancaster JA701
Richards C D Lancaster LM715
Richards S Wellington Z1615
Richards J H Lancaster ED939
Richards O G Mosquito R5514
Richards William V Lancaster R5664
Richards Austin Oliver George
Richards Sedric Sutton
Richards Philip Howard
Richards James Jarman
Richards Theodore George
Richards Kenwyn Howard
Richards Bruce William
Richards Ronald Eldred
Richards Robert William
Richards Jack
Richards John Edward
Richards Jack Kenneth
Richards Robert Edward Duncan
Richards Douglas John
Richards Keith Albert
Richards John David
Richards Stephen Eddy
Richards Ronald
Richards Moyston Malcolm McKenzie
Richards Robert H P-47 Thunderbolt
Richards Robert H P-51 Mustang
Richards Vernon R P-47 Thunderbolt
Richardson Gerald Shann Cooper Wellington R1389
Richardson F Wellington W5362
Richardson P L A Lancaster PD273
Richardson N W Wellington Z8495
Richardson A G Spitfire RR236
Richardson E H Halifax LL599
Richardson C R Lancaster LM242
Richardson S D Lancaster ME478
Richardson R V Lancaster LM677
Richardson R V Lancaster ND473
Richardson R J Lancaster JB235
Richardson C R M Lancaster ND949
Richardson William Henry Martin Marauder HD477
Richardson John Henry Blenheim L1155
Richardson Thomas Lancaster LM616
Richardson Sidney James Wellington HE467
Richardson Eddy E.L. Lancaster DV369
Richardson John Wilson Stirling EH996
Richardson Frank Joseph Halifax JD211
Richardson Arthur Edward Stirling W7562
Richardson Arthur John Lancaster ME628
Richardson J A Lancaster ED658
Richardson John Edward Lancaster LL733
Richardson Alexander Lancaster PB474
Richardson Peter Harry Lancaster LM185
Richardson John George Lancaster R5487
Richardson David Wellington Z8869
Richardson Basil Lancaster ND975
Richardson Leonard Tempest MW778
Richardson Stanley
Richardson Royston Thomas Wellington N2945
Richardson M L Lancaster DS680
Richardson Edmund St. Aubin Wellington BJ606
Richardson E J Lancaster ND679
Richardson T E Wellington BK459
Richardson J G Wellington HE519
Richardson J W Halifax JD216
Richardson William Gordon James Halifax DT749
Richardson David Ballantine Halifax LW427
Richardson D G Wellington HZ261
Richardson D R Wellington Z1096
Richardson Henry Holmes Lancaster W4103
Richardson Frederick Burns Wellington R1027
Richardson R Whitley P5048
Richardson F J Lancaster JB289
Richardson J G Wellington W5715
Richardson P Halifax DT539
Richardson E A Halifax JD951
Richardson R E Lancaster LM243
Richardson F R Wellington W5477
Richardson Battle K9188
Richardson P R Blenheim T1897
Richardson K Hampden AE232
Richardson Hampden P1304
Richardson H W Lancaster ND585
Richardson S G Boston AL286
Richardson E R Lancaster DS663
Richardson E F Lancaster ND760
Richardson L H Lancaster W4372
Richardson J P Wellington Z1341
Richardson V H G Wellington N2961
Richardson B A J Wellington R1524
Richardson H R J Stirling EE877
Richardson K C Stirling EF202
Richardson J L Stirling BF411
Richardson S Halifax RG436
Richardson E R Halifax LL182
Richardson I Lancaster W4959
Richardson A W Lancaster ED569
Richardson R Lancaster ME473
Richardson T F Stirling BK612
Richardson V W L Battle K9356
Richardson W V Stirling N3717
Richardson Stirling N3713
Richardson R A Typhoon JR362
Richardson Desmond Albert Halifax HR876
Richardson W J Halifax NP750
Richardson S Lancaster ED351
Richardson A J Lancaster ME794
Richardson R W Wellington LN442
Richardson A H Wellington HE326
Richardson D B Lancaster DV237
Richardson C Hampden X2908
Richardson W Lancaster LM437
Richardson W G Halifax DT738
Richardson C A Halifax HR853
Richardson E T Halifax LV779
Richardson E Lancaster LM265
Richardson H Lancaster ED761
Richardson G W Wellington Z8794
Richardson H R Hampden X3128
Richardson Richard Lancaster LM720
Richardson A W Lancaster ED825
Richardson L J Lancaster NN695
Richardson J C Lancaster PB356
Richardson L Stirling BK801
Richardson J F Lancaster ED619
Richardson R N Lancaster NE118
Richardson C H Lancaster LL950
Richardson C Lancaster JB556
Richardson H Halifax NR204
Richardson L D Halifax R9482
Richardson L D Halifax BB199
Richardson W C Halifax BB237
Richardson S A Halifax JB865
Richardson J W Halifax JB837
Richardson D Halifax LL549
Richardson T H O Halifax JB845
Richardson E Blenheim V5397
Richardson H W Blenheim R3701
Richardson J Lancaster R5670
Richardson Robert Lancaster JB365
Richardson E J C Lancaster PB249
Richardson A Lancaster DV293
Richardson D D Lancaster R5738
Richardson Frank
Richardson Raymond John
Richardson Frank Howard
Richardson Norman Worsley
Richardson Raymond Rawlings
Richardson Jack McPherson
Richardson Paul Walter Wallace
Richardson Harold James
Richardson Eric Raymond
Richardson Eric Anthony
Richardson Ernest Hartley
Richardson Russell Vernon
Richardson Roy Joseph
Richardson James Brignall
Richardson Colin Robert Moore
Richardson Keith
Richardson Hugh Sydney George
Richardson John Francis
Richardson R A Halifax MZ465
Richardson Stanley P P-51 Mustang
Richbell L E Ventura AE956
Richelet A C A Lancaster LL954
Richens C F Halifax LW509
Richer J G P E Halifax W7878
Riches John Paul Lancaster DV382
Riches Frederick Henry Halifax MZ856
Riches C Wellington BK513
Riches D R Halifax DG224
Riches W C Lancaster ND895
Richey P H M Hurricane L1679
Richey P H M Hurricane L1685
Richey P H M Hurricane L1943
Richey P H M Hurricane P2805
Richey P H M Spitfire W3313
Richey P H M Spitfire W3240
Richey Paul Henry Mills
Richie F Lancaster ME828
Richie Arthur B P-47 Thunderbolt
Richings D S Halifax HR669
Richings T M Ventura AJ196
Richins D R G Lancaster PB351
Richins Denis Richard Garth
Richins Stuart William Legge
Richman Rowland Edward Stirling BK692
Richman Herbert Leslie Lancaster HK653
Richman R E Hampden X3029
Richmond Bruce Stanley Halifax MZ506
Richmond Ian Gordon Stirling N3757
Richmond Phillip Hall Whitley P4964
Richmond John Roderick Wellington Z8866 (some publications state Z8806)
Richmond Jack Blenheim V5899
Richmond Ronald Stuart Lancaster ED996
Richmond John Daniel Halifax NR197
Richmond J R Lancaster W4366
Richmond Henry Halifax JB925
Richmond H Halifax DT790
Richmond Bruce Andrew Wellington HZ471
Richmond R Lancaster PA993
Richmond S R O Blenheim V6522
Richmond Sylvester Roger Oliffe Beaufighter R2129
Richmond G Halifax DT512
Richmond J Stirling BK764
Richmond L Lancaster JB667
Richmond J Lancaster JB179
Richmond A Stirling HF453
Richmond A W Ventura AE743
Richmond J Stirling EF452
Richmond J Mosquito HR212
Richmond Halifax W1049
Richmond N P Lancaster W4331
Richmond H Hampden AE247
Richmond Norman Cobban Lancaster LM427
Richmond W B Wellington X3226
Richmond G
Richmond Bruce Stanley
Richmond Robert Andrew
Richmond Luther H P-47 Thunderbolt
Richmond William R Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Richomme Eric Philip Lancaster JB664
Richter G W McK Lancaster LL719
Richter V Lancaster JB670
Richter Wellington N2773
Richter (Rychter) Adolf North American P-51d Mustang HB882
Rickard Joseph Matthews Lancaster W4105
Rickard Ronald Arthur Wellington NC594
Rickard L Wellington R1757
Rickard Frederick Gerald Stirling EJ108
Rickard C D Lancaster PB686
Rickard S Hampden AT218
Rickard S Hampden AT226
Rickard Battle L5591
Rickard G E Stirling N3764
Rickards C W A Lancaster DV334
Rickart A E Lancaster LL717
Rickcord A G Whitley P5055
Rickeard Arthur John Lancaster NE138
Rickeard Robert Lancaster PB851
Rickersey Sydney George
Rickets H W Lancaster R5894
Rickett D Halifax JD385
Rickett Ronald Charles Granville
Ricketts James Halifax PN425
Ricketts Percy Frank Wellington P2520
Ricketts R M Halifax JB793
Ricketts E H Halifax JD412
Ricketts J L Blenheim M6184
Ricketts F J Lancaster JB151
Ricketts B C Lancaster LM749
Ricketts A V Ventura AE687
Ricketts H W Blenheim N3540
Ricketts R F Lancaster JB416
Ricketts Stanley William Lancaster DS823
Ricketts F J Lancaster PD425
Ricketts Stanley John
Ricketts Cecil Roy Morgan
Ricketts Robert Joseph Prior
Rickinson L A Lancaster W4955
Ricthie A H Wellington T2474
Ricthie M R Wellington T2550
Ridd T J Lancaster ED542
Ridd H G Lancaster LM480
Ridd J H Lancaster LM302
Riddel M A D Stirling LJ932
Riddell Michael Hardwick Wellington HX566
Riddell James Crawford Duncan Halifax JD260
Riddell William Lancaster PD264
Riddell Robert Wellington BJ830
Riddell Hampden P4364
Riddell J S Halifax DG406
Riddell W Halifax LK976
Riddell T P A Hampden AE254
Riddell T R Manchester L7522
Riddell T R Hampden AD934
Riddell N C S Battle
Ridder W H Wellington BJ602
Riddiford V E T Wellington W5432
Riddle Bertram Challis Lancaster LM436
Riddle C H Stirling EF398
Riddle Milton Victor Halifax W7864
Riddle H R Halifax NA503
Riddle R O Wellington X9744
Riddle R A K Lancaster JB307
Riddle H J Hurricane L2081
Riddle H J Hurricane L2088
Riddle H A Lancaster LL753
Riddle H P Lancaster ND557
Riddle L W Lancaster PB212
Riddle Kyle L P-38 Lightning
Riddle Kyle L P-38 Lightning
Riddoch P A Mosquito HJ916
Riddoch R A Lancaster ND751
Rideout H A Lancaster ED446
Rideout H A Lancaster ED374
Rider Arthur Henry Stirling BF396
Rider J W Stirling EF329
Rider J J Lancaster ED523
Ridge R F Lancaster ED938
Ridge Charles Bernard Catalina FP239
Ridge S H Boston W8319
Ridge W E Halifax JD255
Ridge A Stirling BF502
Ridge Gordon William George
Ridgers C F Lancaster DS791
Ridgeway W S Lancaster LM345
Ridgewell F H Halifax MZ448
Ridgley R W Lancaster W4311
Ridgman-Parsons R Blenheim V5493
Ridgway J T Halifax HX242
Ridgway Arthur John Lancaster DV275
Ridgway R C Lancaster ED945
Ridgway D Mosquito HJ827
Ridgway Raymond Alexander
Ridgway Keith Halcot
Ridgway John Thomas
Riding Harry Lancaster ED559
Riding E H Wellington Z1728
Riding J F Manchester L7318
Riding H Wellington X9876
Riding W H Halifax NA500
Riding Harry
Riding Edward Havelock
Riding Douglas Carson
Ridings Alan Lever Spitfire W3644
Ridings D G Lancaster ED877
Ridings D G Wellington BK203
Ridings Kenneth Lovett
Ridkosil Vaclav Jan Petr Spitfire EP572
Ridler F E Wellington X9926
Ridley J K Lancaster R5743
Ridley R B Lancaster ME720
Ridley G E Lancaster LL883
Ridley A Halifax JB921
Ridley F H Battle K9189
Ridley N Halifax DT583
Ridley A E Halifax NA204
Ridley J Halifax LW208
Ridley Frank Lancaster ED428
Ridley A J Halifax NA568
Ridley M Spitfire R6633
Ridley R N Lancaster ND368
Ridley G Lancaster JB535
Ridley John Kenneth
Ridley Oscar T P-51 Mustang
Ridley-Martin M G Mustang FR924
Ridsdale John Reuben Halifax MZ856
Ridsdale R W Lancaster ND503
Ridyard G G Lancaster DV384
Riedel Arnold (Arno) Christian B-24 44-10493
Riedel William D P-51 Mustang
Riedl Jan Kazimierz Witold Wellington Z1217
Rieger Herbert William Lancaster ND739
Rieger Herbert William Lancaster JB300
Riehold G H Halifax NA563
Rieland J Spitfire MK812
Rielly Hector Gordon
Ries William Edward
Riess Stanislaw Franciszek Handley Page Halifax W7917
Rieter W J G P Stirling W7473
Riewe Milton L P-47 Thunderbolt
Riewe Milton L P-47 Thunderbolt
Riewe Milton L P-47 Thunderbolt
Riffle Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Riffle Elmer H P-51 Mustang
Rigade R Halifax LL590
Rigby C Halifax HX366
Rigby Richard Mosquito HR134
Rigby J J Stirling W7511
Rigby H Lancaster W4886
Rigby W E Mustang FB149
Rigby Stirling W7431
Rigby R H Blenheim L6639
Rigby K C Halifax HR917
Rigby T K Halifax LW574
Rigby J E Halifax HR836
Rigby T V W Lancaster W4163
Rigby J Lancaster ND848
Rigby J Halifax LW320
Rigby Alden P P-51 Mustang
Rigby Alden P P-51 Mustang
Rigden Stanley James Halifax JN954
Rigden J S Halifax BB281
Rigden R J Lancaster LL731
Rigg Alan George Beaufort L4501
Rigg R C Lancaster DS765
Riggs L E Lancaster PB635
Riggs W R Halifax BB378
Riggs A V Lancaster R5907
Riggs Emory A P-47 Thunderbolt
Righetti Alan Kittyhawk
Righetti Elwyn G P-51 Mustang
Righetti Elwyn G P-51 Mustang
Righetti Elwyn G P-51 Mustang
Righetti Elwyn G P-51 Mustang
Righetti Elwyn G P-51 Mustang
Rigler T C Spitfire AB859
Rigler Thomas Charles
Rigley J J Manchester R5785
Rigling A W Whitley Z6666
Riguad Spitfire TB917
Riha L Wellington Z1167
Riles H Wellington Z1680
Riley J R Lancaster ED608
Riley W E Wellington HF544
Riley Alexander Douglas Lancaster DV378
Riley Edward Bonsor Lancaster JB230
Riley William Wellington L7799
Riley William Frederick Stanley Liberator JT985
Riley E L Halifax JD204
Riley Virgil Lee Halifax MZ901
Riley G C Lancaster KB784
Riley Richard Dewhurst Spitfire BM239
Riley M Lancaster ED609
Riley Fred Spitfire RM711
Riley J Hampden X3129
Riley G H Stirling BF512
Riley D R Wellington BK194
Riley R G Lancaster W4856
Riley Wellington W5449
Riley J A Stirling EH984
Riley J C Halifax HR676
Riley C P Blenheim T1927
Riley T Halifax JB796
Riley H Halifax DT670
Riley E A H Blenheim P6928
Riley J L Manchester QR-
Riley W E Lancaster ME588
Riley T R Lancaster PD283
Riley T H Halifax LK865
Riley F C Lancaster ND919
Riley G H Whitley P5046
Riley Albert Thomas Lancaster W4840
Riley F C Lancaster LM164
Riley William
Riley John Richmond
Riley Eric George Turton
Riley Donald Arnold
Riley Charles Guy
Riley William Eric
Riley Alexander Douglas
Riley Alan Walter
Riley Harry
Riley Harold S Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Riley Paul S P-47 Thunderbolt
Riley Paul S P-47 Thunderbolt
Riley Paul S P-47 Thunderbolt
Riley Paul S P-47 Thunderbolt
Riley Paul S P-47 Thunderbolt
Riley Paul S P-51 Mustang
Riley Paul S P-51 Mustang
Riley Paul S P-51 Mustang
Riley-Hawkins C J Wellington X3722
Rimassa Joseph F. B-24 The Moose 44-40205
Rimerman Ben P-51 Mustang
Rimerman Ben
Rimerman Ben P-47 Thunderbolt
Rimerman Ben P-47 Thunderbolt
Rimerman Ben P-47 Thunderbolt
Rimes E S Hampden X3063
Rimington Keith Edward
Rimlinger Kenneth R P-47 Thunderbolt
Rimmer Herbert Halifax BB374
Rimmer C F Lancaster ED760
Rimmer J Wellington X3457
Rimmer R Blenheim R3804
Rimmer R F Hurricane V6782
Rimmer V A Lancaster ED717
Rimmer D Lancaster ND804
Rimmer J Halifax LW273
Rimmer D F Lancaster ND748
Rimmington Dugald Geoffrey Lancaster LM682
Rimmington K E Halifax HX278
Rimmington Dugald Geoffrey
Rimmington Colin Arthur
Rimscha Walter Maurice Lancaster W4764
Rinde J P Spitfire MJ235
Rinder J A Halifax MZ476
Rinebolt Richard J P-51 Mustang
Ringe W A Lancaster W4846
Ringer J J Halifax MZ363
Ringham F L Halifax W7652
Ringham F L Halifax W7677
Ringland Allen Hastings
Ringo Benjamin H. B-24 Slightly Dangerous 42-50681
Ringrose D J Halifax RG475
Ringwood E A Blenheim
Ringwood J Lancaster ND461
Rink W Lancaster KB853
Rinkovsky Charles ‘Chuck’ B-17 43-37713
Rinn L R Lancaster ED777
Rinn Frank B P-38 Lightning
Rinquette L G Halifax JD468
Rintoul R O Whitley Z6671
Riordan L M Lancaster LM109
Riordan J M P Stirling BK602
Riordan J Halifax LW506
Riordan Alan Douglas
Riordan Lex Maitland
Riordan Eric Joseph Milton
Riordan Kenneth Douglas
Riorden Lex M Lancaster PB802
Rioron R Halifax MZ742
Rioux Raoul Joseph Wellington BJ695
Rioux J A T Wellington X3361
Rioux D J Halifax LK945
Ripley Sidney Anson R3408
Ripley J G Stirling BK697
Ripper Donald Edwin
Rippingale G Halifax JD298
Rippingale T W Lancaster PB242
Rippingale E G Lancaster LL727
Rippon Dan Carrigan Lancaster ME616
Rippon Anthony John
Risbey Geoffrey Thomas
Risdale Bernard Lancaster JB143
Riseley Boston
Rishton W Lancaster ED375
Rishworth Sidney Richard Wellington N2784
Risingham Charles Wellington BK432
Risk Edward J P-51 Mustang
Rislbeck T Lancaster JR216
Rispin R G Wellington MS479
Ritch A F G Lancaster ED352
Ritch J D Mosquito PZ220
Ritchey Andrew J P-47 Thunderbolt
Ritchey Andrew J P-47 Thunderbolt
Ritchie N J Lancaster ED618
Ritchie E W Lancaster JA674
Ritchie George A.D. Beaufort W6494
Ritchie John Halifax HR749
Ritchie C A Halifax LW426
Ritchie D W Halifax NA183
Ritchie D S Wellington BK162
Ritchie G J Halifax LW128
Ritchie R W Halifax LK685
Ritchie W M Halifax LW129
Ritchie J L Lancaster JA968
Ritchie H P Lancaster LM537
Ritchie J S Halifax LV915
Ritchie J R Wellington R1219
Ritchie D J J Blenheim Z7441
Ritchie R L S Wellington Z8538
Ritchie R L S Wellington Z8526
Ritchie A V Wellington X3744
Ritchie J M L Spitfire MA833
Ritchie R H Stirling BF313
Ritchie G A Halifax HX279
Ritchie J B Whitley K9048
Ritchie G W S Wellington T2804
Ritchie T G F Spitfire P8478
Ritchie I S Spitfire R6989
Ritchie R D Hurricane L2103
Ritchie K V Lancaster ND693
Ritchie J Stirling BK620
Ritchie J Halifax MZ924
Ritchie W McL Wellington W5680
Ritchie Blyth
Ritchie Norman James
Ritchie Douglas John
Ritchie Eric Whitby
Ritchie George
Ritchie Lloyd Francis
Ritchie Elton Roy
Ritchie Geoffrey Francis
Ritchie Malcolm Jack
Ritchie William D P-47 Thunderbolt
Ritchie William D P-47 Thunderbolt
Ritson R Wellington W5576
Ritson G F Stirling EF119
Ritter P E Blenheim V5463
Riung N M Spitfire MJ174
Rivas R C Halifax V9978
Rivaz R C Whitley P5005
Rivers Norman Evan Lancaster ED979
Rivers Eric Thomas Lancaster PB357
Rivers R H Halifax W7652
Rivers R H Halifax W7677
Rivers R G Lancaster LL640
Rivers W M Halifax LW720
Rivers A A Halifax LL358
Rivers R W Lancaster W4936
Rivers James C. B-17 43-38046
Rivest A Wellington HE281
Rivett Francis Edgar Arthur Lancaster ED713
Rivett D J F Mustang SR438
Rivett Peter Ernest
Riviere F Halifax LL587
Riwai T R Mosquito HK367
Rix R H Lancaster LM634
Rix D A Whitley P5074
Rix D A Whitley T4273
Rix H Fortress HB802
Rix P Lancaster L7537
Rix J A Lancaster PB385
Rix J A Halifax NA568
Rix F T Lancaster NN699
Rix Albert Ronald
Rix Clifford Eric
Rixon A Lancaster W4850
Rixon W P Whitley BD266
Roach A E Mosquito DZ491
Roach Frank Alexander Hudson T9277
Roach R J Halifax HR978
Roach J T Halifax JD249
Roach S L Lancaster LL719
Roach F Halifax LW682
Roach J C Lancaster JB241
Roach M Stirling N3666
Roach A J Halifax LK838
Roach R J Halifax R9374
Roach R J B Spitfire P7313
Roach G W Mosquito LR327
Roach Basil John Halifax LV831
Roach J W Stirling R9255
Roach M Stirling N6033
Roach William Alexander
Roadhouse J B Lancaster PD420
Roadley George Stephen Halifax JD407
Roake R J Hampden AE304
Roake Herbert Charles Wellington HE110
Roan J G Spitfire BS429
Roan P H Whitley Z9229
Roantree Maurice
Roark Frank H Jr P-38 Lightning
Roark Frank H Jr P-38 Lightning
Robarday G Spitfire NH598
Robaszewski Władysław Avro Lancaster NG269
Robb Robert Ian Lancaster W4820
Robb Laurence William Lancaster ME663
Robb L W Lancaster JA680
Robb David Arthur Lancaster ED707
Robb G S Halifax DG227
Robb R F Wellington Z8536
Robb P F Halifax LW139
Robb F A Halifax JB800
Robb I A Stirling BK650
Robb J Lancaster PB644
Robb J C Halifax HX239
Robb D G Whitley Z6801
Robb Robert L. T. ("Jackson")
Robb Robert Ian
Robb Laurence William
Robbens B W Wellington W5477
Robbens B W Wellington W5362
Robbins Kenneth Harrow K7015
Robbins Dennis Lancaster ND586
Robbins Kenneth Thomas Lancaster LM573
Robbins Norman Reginald Lancaster PA278
Robbins M F Halifax W7700
Robbins T M Lancaster JB403
Robbins E A Lancaster W4842
Robbins D G Halifax LW723
Robbins F S G Stirling LJ560
Robbins G A Blenheim L4880
Robbins Halifax L9493
Robbins Blenheim L8796
Robbins S Wellington HZ271
Robbins F D Lancaster ME585
Robbins A R Whitley Z9154
Robbins V S Lancaster PA285
Robbins S A Lancaster ED321
Robbins R H Spitfire X4327
Robbins J E Stirling R9255
Robbins A E Halifax LL235
Robenson G Defiant L7013
Roberson Arval J P-51 Mustang
Roberson Arval J P-51 Mustang
Roberson Arval J P-51 Mustang
Roberson Arval J P-51 Mustang
Roberson Arval J P-51 Mustang
Roberson Arval J P-51 Mustang
Roberson Robert E P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Robert Allan Dease Wellington X3674
Robert M A Lancaster DS712
Robert P Hampden L4135
Robert P F Halifax MZ763
Robert John Thomas
Robert Richard David Halifax HR773
Roberton A J Blenheim P6901
Roberts Kenneth Sutherland Seafire NF444
Roberts A Halifax LL556
Roberts Arthur Reece Lancaster ED544
Roberts A A Halifax BB214
Roberts B T Lancaster PB617
Roberts A E Typhoon MN454
Roberts R E Lancaster PB674
Roberts Graham H Lancaster R5905
Roberts Robert Charles Hampden AT221
Roberts T E Hampden P1203
Roberts J Lancaster ME573
Roberts P R Ventura AE781
Roberts T L Lancaster LM101
Roberts A D Hurricane Z3258
Roberts Kimberley Lancaster LL783
Roberts J Wellington Z9914
Roberts Graham H Lancaster R5664
Roberts Joseph Harold Campbell Wellington R3171
Roberts Rhys Baltimore AG854
Roberts Edwin George Blenheim P6912
Roberts Ronald Halifax NP820
Roberts Wilfred Hampden L4054
Roberts Robert Russell Lancaster DV276
Roberts Ronald Frank Halifax JD407
Roberts John Andrew Lancaster LL891
Roberts Edward Mansell Wellington LN281
Roberts Walter James Lancaster PB177
Roberts Robert Elwyn Lancaster ED319
Roberts Frank James Lancaster JB299
Roberts Herbert Arthur Wellington BJ693
Roberts Owen Stanley Lancaster ND401
Roberts Jack Halifax JD261
Roberts William Arthur Lancaster JB723
Roberts Douglas Dean Halifax MZ698
Roberts George Hampden AE311
Roberts Edward James Wellington HZ437
Roberts William Stanley Lancaster PD383
Roberts C J Halifax NR131
Roberts H E Wellington BJ698
Roberts D P Wellington X3312
Roberts F J Lancaster JB401
Roberts C W Lancaster W4368
Roberts G A Halifax LL279
Roberts W G Halifax PN380
Roberts B E Lancaster PD224
Roberts L J Lancaster EE175
Roberts D E Stirling BF514
Roberts G W Halifax DT487
Roberts F D Halifax DT699
Roberts Warren Ainsley Lancaster ND462
Roberts C E Lancaster ND343
Roberts N W Halifax HR654
Roberts J M Mosquito MM510
Roberts L J D Wellington X3717
Roberts J V Halifax LK752
Roberts David William Lancaster PB903
Roberts G M Halifax NA186
Roberts E W D Halifax DT483
Roberts M H Halifax L9604
Roberts Melvin Harry Halifax W7661
Roberts M H Halifax W1035
Roberts T L Halifax JB928
Roberts M L Lancaster R5673
Roberts C A Lancaster PB240
Roberts Robert Carlson Blenheim V6171
Roberts P G Lancaster W4361
Roberts J L Stirling BF398
Roberts E J Stirling EE918
Roberts J L Stirling EH881
Roberts Philip Andrew Wellington HE468
Roberts D S Halifax HR852
Roberts E G Lancaster ED836
Roberts P J J Halifax W1037
Roberts Whitley P4960
Roberts G F Lancaster W4796
Roberts E C Lancaster PB671
Roberts I H Wellington X3709
Roberts E C Lancaster PB237
Roberts E Halifax MZ871
Roberts Whitley P5005
Roberts Wellington W5612
Roberts G C Wellington R1234
Roberts R W Lancaster JB454
Roberts J M Lancaster ND420
Roberts P Lancaster W4922
Roberts J R Lancaster R5681
Roberts S A Lancaster R5861
Roberts C Lancaster ND535
Roberts J B Blenheim L8747
Roberts M Blenheim Z7498
Roberts R A Blenheim N6214
Roberts Blenheim N6203
Roberts D W Lancaster LL944
Roberts R D Lancaster LL944
Roberts A L Wellington X9673
Roberts H Lancaster LL649
Roberts C Wellington W5458
Roberts J Lysander T1771
Roberts G W Mosquito LR509
Roberts F Stirling R9170
Roberts D S Wellington R1294
Roberts D S P Stirling EF348
Roberts A C Battle L5540
Roberts E E E Lancaster ND559
Roberts A E Wellington X3422
Roberts Reginald Lancaster JB363
Roberts W J Lancaster ND962
Roberts T A Halifax JN904
Roberts R D Halifax HR773
Roberts J Halifax HR781
Roberts K J Halifax HX329
Roberts J M Halifax LW720
Roberts L Halifax DG406
Roberts K J Halifax DG272
Roberts J E Lancaster ME829
Roberts T Lancaster ED993
Roberts D M Lancaster PB488
Roberts W E Lancaster PB488
Roberts E D Halifax LV955
Roberts D C Lancaster HK686
Roberts J M Typhoon JR528
Roberts P O Stirling LJ518
Roberts S D G Lancaster W4121
Roberts G H Manchester L7373
Roberts Albert Lancaster R5694
Roberts K Lancaster ND872
Roberts L Lancaster DV188
Roberts D J Blenheim Z7451
Roberts A S Wellington T2956
Roberts B W Stirling W7615
Roberts B W Stirling W7521
Roberts B W Stirling N3753
Roberts W Blenheim Z7280
Roberts H Lancaster PB666
Roberts P A Havoc
Roberts J H Mosquito DZ256
Roberts F Spitfire TB750
Roberts Halifax L9502
Roberts O L Halifax JP121
Roberts F Halifax HR862
Roberts T W Halifax HR798
Roberts L Lancaster PB612
Roberts F V Halifax JB904
Roberts G W G Lancaster LL719
Roberts T J Mosquito HX812
Roberts E J H Lancaster KB704
Roberts I P Halifax DK237
Roberts A W Halifax JD411
Roberts T G Halifax LK632
Roberts T R W Halifax ME293
Roberts A C Spitfire P7562
Roberts L W Lancaster DV274
Roberts C Halifax LV827
Roberts M S Wellington HE393
Roberts R F Hampden P2135
Roberts G P Lancaster NG352
Roberts O Lancaster JB371
Roberts D H Hampden AE369
Roberts W A Lancaster ED693
Roberts A E Lancaster ED482
Roberts G E Halifax HR729
Roberts H A Halifax HR786
Roberts A Halifax DT568
Roberts L G Halifax NR248
Roberts F G W Whitley Z9202
Roberts C D Whitley Z6566
Roberts E J Lancaster DS817
Roberts B L Lancaster LL739
Roberts B L Lancaster LM735
Roberts W Lancaster NG251
Roberts R H P Lancaster R5894
Roberts R H Lancaster ED766
Roberts R C Wellington Z1565
Roberts R Lancaster JA910
Roberts R A W Lancaster LL905
Roberts D H Whitley P4991
Roberts W J H Lancaster PB630
Roberts E R A Typhoon SW447
Roberts W A Manchester L7497
Roberts E Lancaster W4192
Roberts T Lancaster ED470
Roberts C W Lancaster ED887
Roberts S R Stirling EF126
Roberts P G Stirling EF156
Roberts P G Stirling EF499
Roberts K Lancaster ED655
Roberts B G Lancaster PB949
Roberts R Spitfire K9664
Roberts E L Stirling N3640
Roberts A J Stirling N3643
Roberts A J Stirling R9328
Roberts G V Lancaster JB682
Roberts R S Lancaster PB212
Roberts D J Lancaster LM104
Roberts Wellington Z8945
Roberts L A Halifax L9561
Roberts Halifax R9452
Roberts A E Halifax DT545
Roberts H Halifax ED244
Roberts D P Halifax LK949
Roberts A M Halifax LK730
Roberts G B Whitley Z6630
Roberts H E Whitley Z6950
Roberts Whitley Z6559
Roberts F Halifax JB874
Roberts J E Halifax JD148
Roberts E W Halifax LK749
Roberts J M Blenheim V6454
Roberts M C Manchester R5831
Roberts L G Lancaster NG257
Roberts E C Lancaster LM179
Roberts E B Stirling EF198
Roberts J Lancaster JB191
Roberts A E Lancaster JB361
Roberts F D Lancaster NE124
Roberts Louis Samuel Henry
Roberts Robert Spencer
Roberts Vincent Clifford Hastings
Roberts Allan Edwin
Roberts Francis Owen
Roberts Arthur Reece
Roberts Bruce Thomas
Roberts Alfred Ernest
Roberts Edwin Ronald Brooke
Roberts Robert Edward
Roberts Rambler David
Roberts William Claude
Roberts Alexander James
Roberts Guy Parker
Roberts Herbert Cunningham
Roberts Basil Trevor
Roberts Maxwell Mason
Roberts Robert Charles
Roberts Trevor Emlyn
Roberts John
Roberts Thomas Leo
Roberts Alfred Ernest
Roberts Stanley Russell
Roberts Harold James
Roberts John Henry
Roberts Alfred Thomas
Roberts Arthur Donald
Roberts Kimberley
Roberts Hugh Eric
Roberts James
Roberts Charles Rainsby
Roberts Maxwell
Roberts Albert Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Roberts R A Lancaster
Roberts Ronald Wellington, Lancaster
Roberts Eugene P P-47 Thunderbolt
Roberts Eugene P P-47 Thunderbolt
Roberts Eugene P P-47 Thunderbolt
Roberts Eugene P P-47 Thunderbolt
Roberts Eugene P P-47 Thunderbolt
Roberts Eugene P P-47 Thunderbolt
Roberts Robill W P-47 Thunderbolt
Roberts Warner P P-51 Mustang
Roberts Thomas William Halifax MZ337
Roberts Leslie Roberts Wellington DV674
Robertshaw Arthur Edgar Wellington X3225
Robertshaw R W Lancaster ED364
Robertshaw J Halifax MZ307
Robertshaw H B Whitley Z6569
Robertshaw C B Lancaster LM265
Robertshaw T Lancaster ND653
Robertshaw T Lancaster PB173
Robertshaw D G Stirling EF952
Robertson D L Lancaster W4894
Robertson W A Lancaster JB476
Robertson D J Halifax LL600
Robertson Ross Lange Halifax LV900
Robertson R L Wellington HE386
Robertson A J Lancaster DS735
Robertson I Lancaster W4898
Robertson Frank Lorne Lancaster LM136
Robertson I J Lancaster JB408
Robertson John Stewart Blenheim V6396
Robertson Ian James Wellington T2879
Robertson Clarence Edward Dakota KG366
Robertson Alastair Charles Wellington Z8652
Robertson James Morton Hampden P1344
Robertson Maurice John Lancaster JB561
Robertson John James Lancaster LL676
Robertson John Daly Lancaster HE644
Robertson Andrew Harkes Whitley LA765
Robertson John Devine Wellington R3282
Robertson Frank Lancaster ED303
Robertson F.B. Lancaster ME864
Robertson James Charles Richmond Wellington HF482
Robertson Alexander Wellington LN231
Robertson Maurice John
Robertson J M Lancaster ND328
Robertson G D Lancaster ME618
Robertson J R Wellington W5432
Robertson D B Lancaster LL944
Robertson G M Hampden AD959
Robertson James Ross Halifax JP237
Robertson C C Lancaster PB639
Robertson W A Halifax HX334
Robertson Arthur Gold Halifax MZ432
Robertson E G Wellington HF852
Robertson W A Wellington W5589
Robertson J A Spitfire MJ331
Robertson W D Halifax LW595
Robertson T MacD Halifax MZ882
Robertson J W Boston
Robertson A C S Wellington BJ602
Robertson J Halifax LK629
Robertson E D Halifax DK228
Robertson J A Halifax MZ816
Robertson D W Halifax LW713
Robertson G E Lancaster KB741
Robertson D J Lancaster ED444
Robertson J D Whitley Z6936
Robertson W Halifax JD455
Robertson W J Halifax MZ810
Robertson O B Lancaster JA958
Robertson H M Wellington T2984
Robertson J P Fortress HB796
Robertson Evan Bertram Te Makahi Hampden AE438
Robertson T B Wellington W5663
Robertson Norman Bruce Wellington Z1596
Robertson S MacI Wellington X3661
Robertson C Lancaster PB430
Robertson Francis Matthew Sunderland ML858
Robertson B A Whitley Z6805
Robertson Ian Lancaster DV307
Robertson H M Lancaster JB128
Robertson D B Halifax JN948
Robertson G C Halifax JD467
Robertson R Manchester L7485
Robertson F H Lancaster R5748
Robertson T J Lancaster ED874
Robertson G S Lancaster JB566
Robertson A A Lancaster DV182
Robertson T J Lancaster ED873
Robertson J St G Blenheim T1797
Robertson A W Wellington BK206
Robertson N W Wellington Z8531
Robertson D Lancaster JB357
Robertson G B Lancaster JB285
Robertson D Lancaster KB464
Robertson J Lancaster LM714
Robertson B L Whirlwind P7107
Robertson D W Halifax LK736
Robertson M M Beaufighter V8460
Robertson G E Stirling R9329
Robertson G E Stirling N3719
Robertson J C Wellington R1408
Robertson Lancaster NG263
Robertson W A Mosquito HJ656
Robertson H Halifax HR715
Robertson J W Halifax LL182
Robertson R Lancaster W4108
Robertson Hurricane BE419
Robertson M G Wellington R3208
Robertson D Lancaster NF906
Robertson W M Stirling BK702
Robertson W J Boston Z2209
Robertson Blenheim Z7299
Robertson A W S Mosquito HJ709
Robertson W D Halifax BB361
Robertson J H Halifax DT489
Robertson J Lancaster ND701
Robertson T Wellington R1030
Robertson E G Wellington T2912
Robertson F W C Lancaster DS788
Robertson D W Halifax JB967
Robertson A W MacF Wellington X3484
Robertson C E Halifax LW413
Robertson James Donald Halifax LK758
Robertson L A Hampden AE254
Robertson J A Lancaster ED665
Robertson D C Wellington HE386
Robertson W E Hampden AD909
Robertson R F Hampden X3027
Robertson T C Lancaster ED441
Robertson J Lancaster ED435
Robertson J Lancaster NF919
Robertson J M Halifax LV784
Robertson W B Lancaster LM392
Robertson J D Lancaster W4944
Robertson D Whitley N1465
Robertson W J Mosquito
Robertson J Lancaster W4198
Robertson E N E Hampden AE263
Robertson A Hampden P2082
Robertson J G Lancaster NG241
Robertson J W Lancaster LM731
Robertson F N Spitfire N3033
Robertson S A F Stirling N3643
Robertson G A Lancaster PA978
Robertson R J H Spitfire AD183
Robertson H O Halifax BB242
Robertson Halifax W7665
Robertson J Halifax LW290
Robertson A L E Halifax HR949
Robertson F H Halifax MZ750
Robertson C W Halifax JD148
Robertson W Halifax MZ791
Robertson G P Blenheim R3709
Robertson Blenheim P6915
Robertson S Lancaster W4133
Robertson W A Lancaster JA896
Robertson H Lancaster ED502
Robertson F N Beaufighter V8715
Robertson B S Lancaster W4170
Robertson B S Manchester L7383
Robertson M C I Lancaster ED816
Robertson D Battle K9238
Robertson J Lancaster PB669
Robertson Frederick Neal
Robertson John
Robertson Ronald James H. ("Robbie")
Robertson Lawrence Geoffrey Wellington HE597
Robertson Robert Thomas
Robertson David Maxwell Lefroy
Robertson John Maxwell
Robertson William Robert Cochrane
Robertson William Alfred
Robertson Graham Brindley John
Robertson Kenneth Trewin
Robertson Colin Graham
Robertson Stanley Thomas
Robertson James Henry
Robertson Ross Lange
Robertson Russell Leslie
Robertson Neil Farquhar
Robertson Ian Ronald
Robertson Frank Lorne
Robertson Gwendoline Hope
Robertson Lawrence Geoffrey
Robertson Ronald Douglas
Robertson Charles Duncan
Robertson Ian James
Robertson William Alexander
Robertson John Whyte Crighton Hudson N7284
Robertson Peter Bayne Oxford X7126
Robertson John P-51 Mustang
Robertson Lawrence J P-38 Lightning
Robertson Raynor E P-47 Thunderbolt
Robertson Raynor E P-47 Thunderbolt
Robey L J Lancaster LM126
Robey Archie H P-47 Thunderbolt
Robey Archie H P-47 Thunderbolt
Robey Archie H P-47 Thunderbolt
Robichaud Oliver V. B-17 42-5893 Sad Sax
Robillard Joseph Guillaume Laurent Spitfire P8536
Robilliard Peter Thomas
Robilliard Francis Henry Wann
Robin P R A Halifax MZ592
Robin L Halifax MZ628
Robin Philip Rollo Aloysius
Robineau Gilbert Euclide Rheal Halifax LW597
Robins John Edward Miles Master T8678
Robins J D Mosquito MM146
Robins P C Lancaster LM586
Robins Hurricane BE424
Robins Wellington X9669
Robins P C Lancaster ND366
Robins V A Halifax JD310
Robins Alfred Arthur
Robinson A B Halifax JD179
Robinson H G M Lancaster PA984
Robinson K A Stirling EF271
Robinson I W Lancaster DV188
Robinson T K Spitfire AB805
Robinson A G Lancaster PB812
Robinson Aubrey Lancaster JB606
Robinson N W Lancaster DV229
Robinson N F Halifax LW372
Robinson A N G Lancaster LM100
Robinson Cavan Beadon Lancaster RA516
Robinson C L Lancaster JA853
Robinson D M Lancaster PB362
Robinson D M Lancaster ND465
Robinson Nicholas Auber Benjamin Lancaster DS690
Robinson Leslie Sunderland DW106
Robinson Roy Longden Beaufort L9939
Robinson Peter Bettley Halifax W7745
Robinson Michael Lister Spitfire W3770
Robinson Wilson Wellington N2935
Robinson Thomas Collis Halifax HR784
Robinson Raymond John Lancaster ED841
Robinson Charles Albert Lancaster PB397
Robinson Jack Machin Lancaster R5703
Robinson Clifford Lancaster LM424
Robinson Andrew Lancaster W4135
Robinson Keith Halifax MZ646
Robinson J P Halifax MZ798
Robinson Anthony Lancaster JB664
Robinson William Lancaster ME699
Robinson Frank Lancaster LM167
Robinson Benjamin Reynold Halifax LW463
Robinson Leslie Lancaster NG235
Robinson Allan William Albert Lancaster W4764
Robinson John Vernon Wellington T2701
Robinson Thomas Wellington LP197
Robinson Douglas Hugh Halifax JP206
Robinson Robinson Blenheim L4899
Robinson B Lancaster LM292
Robinson D R Lancaster LL644
Robinson G Lancaster JB709
Robinson N O Lancaster W4849
Robinson C R Whitley Z9441
Robinson W W Lancaster LM178
Robinson R L Halifax JD124
Robinson C J Lancaster PA981
Robinson G S H Lancaster ND526
Robinson R C Halifax NP761
Robinson William Albert Halifax DT639
Robinson G W Wellington X3840
Robinson J F Halifax MZ502
Robinson Stewart James Olson Lancaster RF150
Robinson D W B Lancaster NG457
Robinson Leroy Edward Lancaster DS840
Robinson G C Lancaster DS674
Robinson H G Halifax MZ520
Robinson J T Halifax NP704
Robinson Donald Alfred Halifax LV841
Robinson R W Halifax MZ816
Robinson Graeme Alastair Lancaster RF153
Robinson Joseph Allan Wellington X9981
Robinson C Lancaster ED984
Robinson Boston BZ282
Robinson M U Lancaster LM394
Robinson A J Stirling EE890
Robinson J C E Hurricane Z2764
Robinson J R Halifax W7667
Robinson Halifax BB192
Robinson J Lancaster EE140
Robinson J Lancaster ED549
Robinson J K Lancaster DV285
Robinson T K Halifax W7653
Robinson Frederick James Halifax W1066
Robinson P J N Halifax R9446
Robinson J B Halifax R9449
Robinson J G Whitley Z9281
Robinson P B Halifax V9982
Robinson J B Halifax W7677
Robinson E Wellington R1234
Robinson H P Lancaster JB376
Robinson O H Blenheim Z7439
Robinson T W Mosquito LR476
Robinson T M Hampden AE134
Robinson James Hurricane L1973
Robinson A Wellington R3152
Robinson A E Wellington X9873
Robinson J G Lancaster PD201
Robinson T H G Wellington Z8656
Robinson J G Lancaster JB716
Robinson C W Lancaster ED968
Robinson R W Lancaster JB285
Robinson D Halifax W1012
Robinson C G S R Halifax BB313
Robinson R Halifax LL276
Robinson Blenheim V6332
Robinson Hampden AE440
Robinson S E Stirling W7572
Robinson S E Stirling W7589
Robinson Stirling W7452
Robinson A Stirling EJ106
Robinson J W Stirling LK383
Robinson J V Stirling W7624
Robinson H A Stirling W7576
Robinson J W Lancaster LM468
Robinson C H Blenheim L9469
Robinson Blenheim L9030
Robinson D N Spitfire R6811
Robinson W E Lancaster JA697
Robinson C H Halifax HR735
Robinson W A Halifax DT635
Robinson R W Halifax HR740
Robinson H M Halifax JD298
Robinson A P Halifax HR944
Robinson J H Halifax MZ395
Robinson L Halifax LW634
Robinson D A Halifax HX333
Robinson R J Wellington DV763
Robinson J Lancaster ME775
Robinson J Lancaster ND806
Robinson A K Lancaster NG186
Robinson W Wellington BE161
Robinson K A Stirling EE947
Robinson S Q Wellington HF597
Robinson R C Lancaster ND564
Robinson Hurricane G
Robinson G M Wellington X9890
Robinson W Battle L5232
Robinson N Lancaster RA532
Robinson Wellington R1210
Robinson C Stirling LJ448
Robinson Frank Norman Stirling BF505
Robinson F C Stirling BK596
Robinson A I Spitfire X4280
Robinson G C Typhoon MN812
Robinson J J Whirlwind P6970
Robinson Thomas Broadley Lancaster NG440
Robinson T D I Halifax L9499
Robinson B V Halifax V9978
Robinson B V Halifax HR928
Robinson Bernard Leo Halifax JP123
Robinson B V Halifax DT488
Robinson Joseph W Lancaster PB308
Robinson K B Spitfire MB881
Robinson N K Halifax LW206
Robinson P B Halifax DK191
Robinson H J Halifax LK804
Robinson R Lancaster R5901
Robinson H Lancaster EE123
Robinson D Lancaster NG466
Robinson G A Lancaster ND652
Robinson G Halifax MZ461
Robinson D Lancaster ED545
Robinson D J Lancaster ED524
Robinson D C Ventura AE956
Robinson Hampden L4044
Robinson Hampden AD744
Robinson T Hampden P2135
Robinson C Lancaster JA892
Robinson G Lancaster ED527
Robinson L Y Halifax HR931
Robinson G F Lancaster LM206
Robinson G Lancaster LL691
Robinson K S Lancaster LL728
Robinson H P Lancaster JA918
Robinson E R Lancaster ME428
Robinson P E M Hurricane Z2812
Robinson G A Lancaster W4377
Robinson H E Wellington R1624
Robinson J Lancaster LM471
Robinson T J Halifax LW348
Robinson P B Hurricane P3490
Robinson H Lancaster ED661
Robinson B Lancaster W5000
Robinson A E Spitfire EE767
Robinson B Lancaster ED825
Robinson W A Lancaster EE113
Robinson Donald Walon Stirling EH878
Robinson S E Lancaster PB911
Robinson P Lancaster JB713
Robinson C Spitfire W3802
Robinson K Halifax NP965
Robinson O H Mustang
Robinson G Stirling BF316
Robinson W H Stirling N3666
Robinson W H Stirling N6033
Robinson G W Stirling N6095
Robinson Edward Lancaster JA713
Robinson M W S Hurricane L1939
Robinson B G Halifax DT496
Robinson H G M Halifax DT545
Robinson R E D Halifax MZ622
Robinson E A Halifax NA623
Robinson S H Halifax W1144
Robinson R W Halifax JB908
Robinson J W Halifax LW267
Robinson B Halifax MZ803
Robinson A Halifax NP967
Robinson R C A Halifax MZ336
Robinson J W I Halifax LK729
Robinson B V Whitley T4335
Robinson W Halifax JD175
Robinson A R Halifax JD377
Robinson F V Halifax NA167
Robinson J J Hurricane P3661
Robinson J H Blenheim V5634
Robinson S Lancaster NN726
Robinson S Lancaster W4846
Robinson Hampden P2125
Robinson Arthur William Lancaster ND330
Robinson T N Lancaster JA692
Robinson N J Lancaster ED656
Robinson D H Stirling BK661
Robinson L Lancaster R5558
Robinson L Manchester L7424
Robinson C N Whitley K7260
Robinson Wellington T2888
Robinson D Stirling N6088
Robinson Michael Lister ("Mike")
Robinson William Charles Thomas
Robinson David Allenby
Robinson Geoffrey David
Robinson Nicholas Auber Benjamin
Robinson Allan Blakiston
Robinson Harry George Mason
Robinson Kevin Alphonsus
Robinson Thomas Kenneth
Robinson Ronald Walpole Buist
Robinson Jack Stanley
Robinson John Allan
Robinson Francis Joseph
Robinson Frank
Robinson Arthur Willmott
Robinson Francis Kirby
Robinson James Robert
Robinson Ronald John
Robinson Leonard George
Robinson Norman Frederick
Robinson Anthony Gatward
Robinson Aubrey
Robinson Nicholas Francis
Robinson Alton Neil Goulburn
Robinson Cavan Beadon
Robinson Anthony Edward
Robinson George Lyle Richmond
Robinson Clifford Douglas
Robinson Charles Lloyd
Robinson George Hubert Wellington JA471
Robinson Allan T P-47 Thunderbolt
Robinson Jack W Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Robinson Jack W Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Robinson James G P-51 Mustang
Robison C L Lancaster DS787
Robison Frank B P-51 Mustang
Robison Frank B P-51 Mustang
Robison George W P-51 Mustang
Robitaille A H Wellington BJ774
Roblin H P Hampden AT151
Robotham K J Stirling EF154
Robottom A J Whitley Z6839
Robshaw J J Lancaster DV247
Robson Dorothy Halifax LK681
Robson L K Lancaster LL758
Robson P A Halifax MZ651
Robson Wallace Alan Hampden AD848
Robson D K Lancaster PD215
Robson S Lancaster DV232
Robson Peter Carlyle Stirling N6102
Robson Douglas Stirling LK133
Robson L Halifax MZ932
Robson Thomas Wilson Wellington X9763
Robson S B Wellington N2778
Robson M P F Wellington W5516
Robson D M Lancaster KB706
Robson G E Wellington Z1623
Robson A E Halifax MZ284
Robson T A Halifax HX270
Robson E L Halifax W1271
Robson Anthony Ridley Spitfire EP107
Robson A E Lancaster LM733
Robson B Halifax NR131
Robson George Allen Halifax W7913
Robson G Whitley P4933
Robson S Lancaster ED884
Robson T Blenheim T1890
Robson G Lancaster R5844
Robson G Blenheim R3670
Robson Wellington R1084
Robson Wellington R1721
Robson C H Wellington W5360
Robson H Blenheim T2328
Robson J H Mosquito MM132
Robson A Hampden L4143
Robson A Hampden P4360
Robson R Lancaster R5616
Robson P C Manchester L7307
Robson Blenheim V6384
Robson S Stirling W7626
Robson J Stirling EE884
Robson K Stirling BF522
Robson J J Blenheim Z7310
Robson C Wellington X9974
Robson J A Wellington W5516
Robson H W Hampden P1173
Robson H Ventura AJ224
Robson Frederick Ernest Lancaster HK537
Robson J J Wellington HE153
Robson E Lancaster DV237
Robson W A Halifax LK750
Robson J W Mosquito PZ249
Robson J G Lancaster JB725
Robson E C Lancaster JB318
Robson A Lancaster PB378
Robson R W Lancaster ND849
Robson J Lancaster ED314
Robson J Lancaster W4830
Robson E S Stirling EE893
Robson T W E Halifax DT621
Robson Arnold Halifax W1228
Robson C S Whitley N1478
Robson William Bowman Lancaster JA967
Robson F Battle P2202
Robson D A H Fortress AN522
Robson J A Stirling BF454
Robson James Allan Stirling BK804
Robson S Lancaster ND440
Robson C A Lancaster PB669
Robson Lionel Kenneth
Robson Phillip Allan
Robson Wallace Alan
Robson Angus
Robson Derek James Aspinall Wellington W5564
Robson-Scott T Hampden AE391
Roby T A Lancaster JB460
Roca G Halifax NA546
Rocco Patsy B-17 Bad penny 42-31183
Roch J W Stirling R9266
Roche A F Lancaster ME785
Roche F J Lancaster ND685
Roche William Joseph Lancaster JB532
Roche Leonard Lancaster PA236
Roche T J Lancaster ED708
Roche J J Wellington Z1091
Roche C M Lancaster KB792
Roche P M Lancaster LM455
Roche G B Lancaster ME752
Roche F A S Blenheim R3870
Roche Wellington Z8848
Roche G P Lancaster ND345
Roche S J Boston Z2261
Roche J I Halifax LL152
Roche Halifax L9581
Roche John Worrall
Roche Austin Frederick
Roche William Joseph
Rochecouste J M H Halifax HX186
Rochester J L Lancaster PD272
Rochester A E P Halifax HR836
Rochford Patrick George Halifax W7696
Rochford Joseph Lancaster RF150
Rochford H F Whitley Z9223
Rochford F G Whitley Z6802
Rochon C G Halifax MZ683
Rochowski Leonid Fairey Battle L4997
Rock W G Whitley Z9282
Rock J Halifax DT540
Rock D H Lancaster R5629
Rockdean H Lancaster W4901
Rockel David Master T8411
Rockel David Blenheim L8682
Rockett T Halifax HR721
Rockingham P Wellington R1323
Rocks J G S Halifax R9530
Rocks J G S Halifax W1099
Rockwood G W Halifax JD109
Rocovski M Spitfire W3840
Rodbourn K Lancaster ND583
Rodd A Lancaster NE149
Rodd J A Mosquito DZ374
Rodda D E Lancaster PB289
Rodda Stephen Hunter
Roddam A Lancaster R5509
Roddy F D Wellington W5574
Roddy W G Wellington X3345
Roddy T A Halifax LL128
Rodebaugh Charles R
Roden J H Wellington X3762
Roden A E Halifax LK640
Roden H A C Spitfire R6627
Roden H A C Spitfire P9431
Roden H A C Spitfire P7420
Roden E H Lancaster ED625
Roden G A Lancaster JA864
Roden Jacob Henry
Roder W
Roderick K Stirling R9314
Roderick A Lancaster LL652
Roderick Beresford Clayton
Rodger Archibald Macrae Hudson N7247
Rodger John David James Wellington BJ657
Rodger T W Halifax LW140
Rodger R Wellington P9286
Rodger J M Lancaster LL693
Rodger J K Blenheim N3588
Rodger J K Spitfire
Rodger J A Lancaster JA898
Rodger R Lancaster LM536
Rodger D Lancaster LM105
Rodger E J Stirling W7441
Rodger Wellington L4371
Rodger J A Stirling R9306
Rodger R Y Stirling LK380
Rodger D Lancaster W4239
Rodgers L L Wellington BK163
Rodgers A G Halifax LK873
Rodgers Stanley Lancaster NG191
Rodgers J E Wellington X3457
Rodgers W K Wellington BK501
Rodgers D J Lancaster PD227
Rodgers J H Lancaster ED883
Rodgers C Halifax BB365
Rodgers T Whitley Z6935
Rodgers R M Blenheim R2793
Rodgers T A Lancaster NG297
Rodgers J H Blenheim V6339
Rodgers E Blenheim R3893
Rodgers A Lancaster ND526
Rodgers E Halifax LV959
Rodgers R C Lancaster NF990
Rodgers S Lancaster LM683
Rodgers William Augustus Halifax DT561
Rodgers S A Spitfire MK640
Rodgers R Halifax JD371
Rodgers K Halifax RG507
Rodgers J Lancaster R5622
Rodgers William Anthony Jordan
Rodgers Warren Russell
Rodgers Leslie Lindsay
Rodgers Alexander Gordon
Rodgerson Ian Cedric Mosquito ER363
Rodhouse Raymond Arthur Lancaster LL673
Rodin N W Wellington DF635
Rodin I Lancaster W4881
Rodley E E Lancaster L7570
Rodman Sidney Walter Charles Stirling LJ970
Rodock Nicholas B-17 Henn’s Revenge 44-8427
Rodrique J J P A Stirling EF198
Rodway S J Lancaster LM417
Rodway G A Stirling BK782
Rodwell Deryck Grenville Lancaster PD316
Rodwell P H Lancaster NG421
Rodwell R L Stirling R9154
Rodwell B B H Hampden AE303
Rodziewicz Lech Jan Vickers Wellington HE576
Rodzynkiewicz Ryszard Waclaw Vickers Wellington Z1476
Roe James Arthur Lancaster RF230
Roe M J Lancaster LL790
Roe George Lancaster ED319
Roe G R B Stirling EF140
Roe A E Lancaster KB723
Roe Thomas Edward Lancaster ND410
Roe V A Lancaster ME333
Roe E J Lancaster ND519
Roe L J Wellington Z1096
Roe F Lancaster R5615
Roe V D M Hurricane P2813
Roe K V D Wellington R1038
Roe Richard Henry
Roe Alan Lyle
Roe Morris James
Roebuck Amos Halifax R9489
Roede E A Halifax HR793
Roehling Arthur J P-47 Thunderbolt`
Roehr Stanisław Józef Halifax BB379
Roelandt R J H Typhoon MN142
Roeper-Bosch J W Y Spitfire
Roetzel P B
Rofe R J Lancaster JA860
Rofe C Wellington R1323
Roff L A Stirling BF400
Roff E H Spitfire W3319
Roff Harry C Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Roff Harry C Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Roff Harry C Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Roffey D A T Lancaster HK575
Rofford J D Wellington HF493
Rogacki Franciszek
Rogal J M Wellington HE503
Rogala-Sobieszczański Jan Wellington W5566
Rogala-Sobieszczański Jan Wellington Z8537
Rogalski Kazimierz
Rogan William Henry Lancaster ME442
Rogan Donrick Daniel
Roger F E
Rogers George Mosquito HX916
Rogers D A Halifax MZ298
Rogers Roy John Lancaster NG404
Rogers F R Lancaster PB234
Rogers O R Lancaster ND536
Rogers Mark Hubbard Whitley N1382
Rogers Samuel Phillip Halifax JD367
Rogers Walter James Halifax LV918
Rogers John Arthur Stirling BK690
Rogers Brian Arthur Stirling BF517
Rogers Anthony Arthur Wellington R3220
Rogers William Henry Halifax W1162
Rogers Denis Alan Blenheim R3900
Rogers Douglas Boston AL690
Rogers John Andrew Wellington X3643
Rogers Sidney Clifford Stirling N6008
Rogers Allen Charles Elliot Wellington X9905
Rogers Desmond Lawrence Mosquito HR464
Rogers D C Halifax RG438
Rogers S J Halifax LW331
Rogers J G Wellington W5416
Rogers J G Hampden AE252
Rogers B A Wellington R1346
Rogers W Wellington LP345
Rogers E Stirling BK687
Rogers R G Lancaster KB753
Rogers T A Halifax LM198
Rogers Frederick Lennox Halifax EB274
Rogers H H Halifax LK811
Rogers H T Lancaster JA899
Rogers R E Lancaster PB400
Rogers Bartlett Leadbetter Lancaster ED317
Rogers B T Halifax LV799
Rogers A O Lancaster ND621
Rogers Charles Stanley Whitley T4230
Rogers C S Whitley P4966
Rogers C S Whitley P4952
Rogers K R Lancaster LM622
Rogers J H Lancaster ED583
Rogers F D Whitley X9922
Rogers H Halifax LW159
Rogers T Whitley Z9212
Rogers M H Whitley N1385
Rogers H H Wellington R1084
Rogers A M Lancaster LL651
Rogers W E Lancaster DS683
Rogers W G Wellington X3561
Rogers W G Wellington X3555
Rogers L W Wellington W5393
Rogers H G Lancaster DV218
Rogers K R Battle L5517
Rogers Wellington W5373
Rogers S W Stirling EF400
Rogers C B Wellington L7858
Rogers P Stirling R9279
Rogers R Stirling EF195
Rogers Wellington BK180
Rogers J A Lancaster ED715
Rogers C Lancaster JA912
Rogers C A Halifax PN437
Rogers R L Lancaster ME307
Rogers A J Halifax LW626
Rogers S P Lancaster EE126
Rogers J Wellington BJ970
Rogers Blenheim L8743
Rogers K G Stirling W7503
Rogers K G Stirling W7503
Rogers F W Lancaster NF911
Rogers W Stirling R9184
Rogers F W Stirling EF249
Rogers G G Mosquito PZ177
Rogers G W Spitfire X4428
Rogers B A Hurricane Z2888
Rogers J A Mosquito HK504
Rogers J J Halifax L9500
Rogers F J Halifax HR685
Rogers H J Halifax HX325
Rogers G V Mosquito HX818
Rogers T J Halifax LV879
Rogers J Lancaster R5555
Rogers D J Hampden P4371
Rogers Lancaster W4817
Rogers N J Manchester L7387
Rogers J W Lancaster PB463
Rogers W J H Lancaster LM437
Rogers E B Hurricane V7497
Rogers A T Lancaster NG126
Rogers E G Spitfire L1052
Rogers Spitfire BR592
Rogers E H Stirling N6017
Rogers C T Stirling BF339
Rogers G H Stirling BF340
Rogers Stirling
Rogers H H Halifax W1236
Rogers K Halifax MZ516
Rogers J R Halifax LK687
Rogers D Halifax MZ705
Rogers J G Whitley Z6463
Rogers D R Halifax LW293
Rogers W G Whitley Z6466
Rogers Whitley Z9320
Rogers J A Blenheim P4843
Rogers K Hampden AD978
Rogers B J Wellington R1537
Rogers William John
Rogers John Frederick
Rogers David Anderson
Rogers Ronald Llewellyn
Rogers Kenneth Russell
Rogers Douglas
Rogers Norman Hollis
Rogers Herbert
Rogers Leslie
Rogers Colin Lindsay
Rogers Albert Ernest Edward
Rogers Thomas Richard
Rogers Roy John
Rogers Frank Raymond
Rogers Ormond Roy
Rogers Charles Thomas Stirling BF399
Rogers Kenneth Stanley Wellington R1340
Rogers Charles E P-51 Mustang
Rogers Ellis A P-51 Mustang
Rogers Ellis A P-51 Mustang
Rogers Felix M P-51 Mustang
Rogers Felix M P-51 Mustang
Rogers Felix M P-51 Mustang
Rogers Felix M P-51 Mustang
Rogers Felix M P-47 Thunderbolt
Rogers Felix M P-47 Thunderbolt
Rogers Felix M P-47 Thunderbolt
Rogers James F P-47 Thunderbolt
Rogers John H P-47 Thunderbolt
Rogers John J P-47 Thunderbolt`
Rogers John R P-51 Mustang
Rogers Jr. Norman J. B-24 Wham Bam! Thank You, Ma'm 42-110107
Rogerson S D Lancaster LM508
Rogerson M B Wellington DV452
Rogerson W V Manchester L7485
Rogerson J Lancaster ND923
Rogerson A Halifax LW501
Rogerson H Lancaster ED753
Rogerson J I Lancaster NE167
Rogerson Claude David Joseph
Rogerson Joseph Henry
Rogerson James Gibson Mosquito
Roget R G M Wellington Z1383
Roget Raymond George Marafu
Roggenkamp Spitfire MH385
Roggenkamp E Mustang FX959
Rogla-Sobieszczanski Jan Vickers Wellington R1716
Rognan E R Lancaster DS719
Rognant C P M Halifax NA260
Rogowski Adam Vickers Wellington Z1082
Rogowski Andrzej Vickers Wellington Z1279
Rogowski Henryk Vickers Wellington R1696
Rogowski Jan Aleksander Supermarine Spitfire BR624
Rogowski J Spitfire P7559
Rohde H W Spitfire PT723
Rohr John Brian
Rohrer Francis Richard Halifax LV778
Rohrlach M W Halifax MZ469
Rohrlach Hermann Heinrich Julius
Rohrlach Mervin Walter
Rohrs James W P-51 Mustang
Rohulich Michael B-17 42-31906
Roit Arthur John B-17 43-38853
Rojahn Ivan Rodway
Rojek Józef North American Mitchell HD352
Rojek Mieczyslaw
Rokus Albert August Vickers Wellington Z1285
Roland Blenheim V5823
Rolecki Jan
Rolenc Jaroslav Wellington T2624
Roleston F L Stirling N3763
Rolfe Leslie Percy Charles Blenheim V6375
Rolfe Henry Edmund Wellington HE467
Rolfe Donald Leslie James Halifax NA604
Rolfe F E Hampden AT115
Rolfe R J Lancaster LL889
Rolfe R R S Halifax DG244
Rolfe A Lancaster EE138
Rolfe D Lancaster ND537
Rolfe D Lancaster ND498
Rolfe P N Lancaster W4948
Rolfe J W Halifax LW586
Rolfe L A Lancaster LM290
Rolfe C I Stirling N3663
Rolfe J J Halifax LW294
Rolfe John Alexander
Rolfe Maxwell Leonard
Rolin Yves Ernest Edward Wellington HE597
Roliński Stanisław Vickers Wellington HZ640
Roll Paul Cecil
Rollack A Halifax LK657
Rolland Graham Cooper Blenheim T2437
Rollason Richard William
Roller R C Lancaster PA189
Rollet R Halifax NA197
Rollett N C Stirling BF521
Rollin D A Lancaster DV238
Rollings William Arnold Lancaster ED783
Rollings V J Lancaster LL696
Rollings C R G Halifax JD379
Rollings Frederick Leslie
Rollingson L H Halifax LK732
Rollins J L Lancaster ED590
Rollins P E Halifax JD269
Rollins H Lancaster LM130
Rollins James Leslie
Rollinson I J Wellington X3633
Rollinson A Lancaster LM722
Rollinson J D Lancaster JB666
Rollinson J Blenheim V6421
Rollo A M Tempest NV719
Rolls P M Lancaster RF145
Rolls H Blenheim R3770
Rolls G E Halifax MZ448
Rolls William Thomas Edward
Rolls Patrick Morley
Rolph Raymond Albert Halifax MZ519
Rolph Robert Harold Rolph Lancaster LL643
Rolph C G Halifax JB971
Rolph H T Lancaster DS828
Rolston Archibald George
Rolton Leslie George Lancaster ME557
Roman Marian Lancaster PB730
Roman R A Halifax NP773
Romaniszyn Kazimierz Jan Wellington BK150
Romanoff Whitley Z9125
Romans D A A Hampden P2123
Romans D A A Hampden P4290
Romans D A A Fortress AN525
Romas James Arthur Easterbrooks Hampden AE426
Rome E Lancaster ED476
Romens Raymond L Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Romig Richard Leslie Lancaster ED353
Romilly E M D Whitley Z6506
Romine Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Ronahan J M Stirling LJ526
Ronaldson S B Wellington X3313
Ronat A Halifax NA572
Ronayne Charles Stanford Mosquito HJ916
Rondeau J A O Wellington Z1624
Rondelet Reve Achille Nicolas Halifax LL139
Roney G W Wellington X3750
Roney G J Spitfire MH777
Ronnie J R Hampden X3119
Ronowicz Ryszard Sylwester Tiger Moth DE956
Ronson E G Hampden AT154
Roobroeck M F V Lancaster JB369
Rood W E Halifax LK971
Rook Richard Blenheim R3594
Rook R Halifax MZ501
Rook Michael ("Mickey")
Rooke William James Lancaster JA851
Rooke J W Halifax JD150
Rooke R V S Stirling R9349
Rooke Alan Sidney
Rooke William James
Rooker Norman Charles Vezey Lancaster NE150
Rooks C O Halifax MZ522
Rookwood F T H Lancaster HK689
Room Cecil A. Beaufighter JL943
Room Ralph L P-47 Thunderbolt
Roome H F Lancaster LM265
Roome Henry Frederick
Rooms Verlin E P-51 Mustang
Rooms Verlin E P-51 Mustang
Rooms Verlin E P-51 Mustang
Rooms Verlin E P-51 Mustang
Rooms Verlin E P-51 Mustang
Rooney Thomas Wellington Z1424
Rooney Albert Stirling N6069
Rooney John Wellington X9875
Rooney J J Lancaster W4920
Rooney Halifax DT791
Rooney J Blenheim P4923
Rooney A J Stirling EF202
Rooney R J Lancaster ED427
Rooney H Stirling EF394
Rooney Halifax R9452
Rooney J Manchester R5781
Rooney L J Hampden P2097
Rooney J Hampden AE374
Roos R E Halifax JD314
Root C E Lancaster KB808
Root Rolland W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Root-Reed M Lancaster W4279
Roots Reginald William Hampden P1340
Roots L C Lancaster LM620
Roots K G Stirling EF357
Roots W A Lancaster PA259
Roots F W Lancaster PB842
Roots H Halifax W7813
Roovers H C A J Spitfire RB141
Rope T Wellington X3425
Roper Leslie Walter Lancaster ED385
Roper Geoffrey Charles Whitley BD213
Roper Frank Manchester L7300
Roper P D L Typhoon MN125
Roper A D Lancaster LM125
Roper E A Lancaster JA676
Roper W C G Whitley Z6663
Roper R J Lancaster LM471
Roper V R Lancaster EE148
Roper Leslie Walter
Roper John
Roper James Gregson Liberator EW631
Roper Richard C P-51 Mustang
Roper Richard C P-51 Mustang
Roque G Halifax PN366
Rorison J Halifax HR731
Rorke A L Halifax LK761
Rosalky Marcus
Rosam E W F Lancaster W4189
Rosbotton J H Mosquito MM126
Roscoe Arthur Whitley P4964
Roscoe M Halifax LW348
Roscoe Arthur Ford 'Art' Spitfire AA857
Roscoe Arthur Ford 'Art' Spitfire BM515
Rose John Colin McIntosh Lancaster W4787
Rose C A Lancaster ND466
Rose Walter H Lancaster JB223
Rose Max Lancaster ME868
Rose G H Halifax LW499
Rose Alan Lancaster DV220
Rose Reginald Alfred Halifax LL138
Rose William James Lancaster L7546
Rose Wallace Lancaster ND649
Rose Robert Frederick Hampden L4129
Rose William James Lancaster L7584
Rose H K Lancaster JB612
Rose Thomas Herbert Wellington T2515
Rose R H M Halifax NA583
Rose Donald Irwin Halifax LK649
Rose C E Lancaster LL695
Rose C W Halifax LW722
Rose J T Lancaster NF937
Rose Alistair Frederick Stirling EF390
Rose F R Lancaster ND814
Rose G H Wellington X3867
Rose G Halifax HR667
Rose M Whitley P5082
Rose S J Lancaster W4860
Rose S G Blenheim N6210
Rose G T Wellington N2987
Rose D J Wellington BK166
Rose C Hampden P4366
Rose A W Wellington X3167
Rose J A Wellington L7805
Rose D Stirling R9352
Rose H E A Battle N2028
Rose C T Lancaster LM388
Rose C T Lancaster EE200
Rose J S Blenheim L1453
Rose J Hurricane N2535
Rose M J A Tempest NV656
Rose J Hurricane V6547
Rose A W Halifax L9501
Rose H P Halifax NP741
Rose T L Halifax EB212
Rose C D Hampden AE159
Rose P J Lancaster ED592
Rose F C Hurricane L1980
Rose F C Hurricane N2439
Rose H P Wellington X9787
Rose D J Lancaster JA896
Rose Whitley T4266
Rose D E Lancaster PB434
Rose W Lancaster ND765
Rose J E Stirling N6087
Rose R S Lancaster ND736
Rose J Halifax LK733
Rose E Manchester L7423
Rose G F Lancaster ME838
Rose Maurice James Alexander
Rose John Colin Mcintosh
Rose Warwick Neville
Rose Cyril Ashley
Rose Walter Henry
Rose Cyril John
Rose Max
Rose George Henry
Rose Leonard George
Rose Ronald Norman
Rose Ronald Stanley
Rose Geoffrey Wyndham
Rose Stuart Nigel
Rose Franklin Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Rose Franklin Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Rose Franklin Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Rose-Price A T Hurricane L1578
Roseblade F H Lancaster JB237
Rosekilly L Wellington BJ893
Roseland A W Spitfire MK772
Roselt A R Lancaster NG145
Rosely L G Lancaster ND654
Rosemond J Blenheim N6202
Rosen Raymond Arnold Halifax MZ584
Rosen W B T Halifax LK839
Rosen A E Lancaster W4923
Rosen A F Lancaster LM370
Rosen George J P-51 Mustang
Rosenberg Stanley Lancaster R5684
Rosenberg Lewis Conway
Rosenberg Leman L P-47 Thunderbolt
Rosenberg Leman L P-47 Thunderbolt
Rosenberry W K Stirling R9306
Rosenblatt N Wellington LN349
Rosenblatt Charles J P-47 Thunderbolt
Rosenblum Allen A P-47 Thunderbolt
Rosenblum Allen A P-47 Thunderbolt
Rosenblum Allen A P-47 Thunderbolt
Rosenblum Jerome P-51 Mustang
Rosenbury E D Lancaster JB470
Rosenfeldt Julius J P-47 Thunderbolt
Rosenthal David Halifax HX333
Rosenthal S A R Lancaster DV195
Rosenthal S Mosquito HB151
Rosetta W H E Mosquito DZ286
Rosevear K W Wellington HE432
Rosher Stirling DJ972
Rosher F G Lancaster LL685
Rosher H S Lancaster NF914
Rosher J Lancaster JB139
Rosier F E Hurricane L2142
Rosiewicz Kazimierz Stefan Botha LG417
Rosiniuk Wladyslaw Handley Page Halifax DK124
Roskell Robert Holden Wellington Z1109
Roski A G Halifax MZ687
Rosner E L Lancaster ED720
Rosofsky Harold Wellington L4320
Rosolek Aleksander
Ross H R H Lancaster JB715
Ross F J Mosquito DZ348
Ross David Lancaster W4943
Ross H J Halifax HR833
Ross Edwin John Lancaster JB738
Ross E H Lancaster ME580
Ross W C H Lancaster W4116
Ross Ian Stewart Lancaster NF992
Ross I S Lancaster EE131
Ross Hector Scott Keable Mosquito NS886
Ross Henry Mosquito MM124
Ross Alexander Strachan Battle P2193
Ross Roderick Menzie Wellington N2889
Ross John Henry Charles Lancaster ND694
Ross Allan Henry Lancaster DV276
Ross Alexander Richard Spitfire P7684
Ross WIlliam Lancaster NE123
Ross Leslie Dakota KJ817
Ross William Liberator KL654
Ross W Lancaster NN705
Ross A G Lancaster ND339
Ross H J Lancaster DS625
Ross L J W Wellington BJ893
Ross Donald Robb Halifax DT620
Ross Horace Robert Lancaster JA915
Ross D W Lancaster R5628
Ross Douglas Alexander Stirling EF448
Ross D M Halifax W1147
Ross Norman Wilbur Halifax DT576
Ross J T Lancaster PB530
Ross G H S Wellington Z1146
Ross W E Halifax JD256
Ross D F Halifax NP946
Ross D A Lancaster NG458
Ross A D Halifax LM680
Ross John Douglas Carlise Halifax NP820
Ross S Halifax NP811
Ross W D F Halifax ED209
Ross J W Lancaster KB763
Ross Carman Vincent Halifax MZ295
Ross N Halifax LL196
Ross Alfred Edgar Lancaster L7548
Ross W M Lancaster LM429
Ross J Wellington Z1654
Ross F O Halifax DT575
Ross A R Halifax DK165
Ross D S Halifax DK147
Ross S Halifax W7809
Ross S Halifax W7089
Ross P R Wellington Z8370
Ross William Desmond Typhoon MN749
Ross S D Wellington X3714
Ross D R Stirling BK807
Ross A N Halifax DT572
Ross R McS Lancaster ND642
Ross W O Lancaster LM389
Ross H N Halifax R9488
Ross T D W Blenheim T1852
Ross J F Blenheim M6184
Ross J W E Wellington W5424
Ross J W E Wellington W5437
Ross Spitfire
Ross J K Spitfire P8393
Ross F Halifax HR665
Ross R A Stirling N3658
Ross Alan George St. John Wellington R1644
Ross A J Lancaster NG189
Ross R W Lancaster ND678
Ross I M Lancaster LM581
Ross J K Hurricane P3536
Ross H Lancaster PD206
Ross T S Blenheim Z7372
Ross J Lancaster HK688
Ross D C Mustang FZ158
Ross D G Typhoon MN761
Ross A S Typhoon MN700
Ross A Manchester L7311
Ross J H Stirling BF343
Ross Wellington X9810
Ross Wellington Z1103
Ross D C Hurricane W9260
Ross D G Whirlwind R6974
Ross F Spitfire BS247
Ross A C Halifax JB931
Ross R N Halifax JD456
Ross D E M Wellington Z1676
Ross J W Typhoon MN417
Ross Hampden AD933
Ross J B Lancaster ME785
Ross A D M Wellington HZ257
Ross C P Lancaster ED438
Ross A R Lancaster ND695
Ross D F Hampden AD834
Ross Whitley BD190
Ross J D Tempest NV659
Ross M R Wellington R1794
Ross V Wellington DV816
Ross Hamish Wellington X3584
Ross J W Lancaster LM322
Ross T A Hampden L4146
Ross A Lancaster LM377
Ross C H Lancaster LM512
Ross J A D Lancaster LM731
Ross Q W A Lancaster HK539
Ross G E Lancaster LL895
Ross A M Lancaster ND848
Ross John Hamilton Halifax MZ675 (some publications list it incorrectly as LW673)
Ross W Stirling N6034
Ross James Hector Stirling R9272
Ross P G E Stirling R9262
Ross I H Halifax LW656
Ross R C Halifax DK187
Ross J H C Halifax LK630
Ross R D Whitley T4226
Ross H F Tempest EJ670
Ross E H Hampden
Ross W G Lancaster JB461
Ross W G Lancaster JB187
Ross W G Battle L5581
Ross D G Stirling BK725
Ross Jack Kenneth
Ross Hector William
Ross Alexander Robert
Ross Claude Murray
Ross Alan Barton
Ross Hector Scott Keable
Ross Hugh Robert Hector
Ross Frederick James
Ross David
Ross Arthur Ronald
Ross Keith
Ross Neil Colin
Ross Herbert John
Ross Stanley Eric
Ross John Robertson
Ross Edwin John
Ross Edward Hugh
Ross Angus Donald Mackay
Ross William Charles Henry
Ross Theo Gilson
Ross Maxwell Robert
Ross Ian Stewart
Ross Russell Neil
Ross Allan Stanley Reginald
Ross Ellis Henry
Ross Alan Wellington MF399
Ross Donal K P-38 Lightning
Ross Donald H P-51 Mustang
Ross Donald H P-47 Thunderbolt
Ross Frank M P-47 Thunderbolt
Ross John C P-47 Thunderbolt`
Ross John C P-47 Thunderbolt`
Ross Robert I P-47 Thunderbolt
Ross Robert I P-47 Thunderbolt
Ross Russell H P-51 Mustang
Ross Sanford A P-47 Thunderbolt
Ross Thomson H A Halifax W7882
Ross-Hoff S J Lancaster R5564
Ross-Ross P D Lancaster NG170
Rossbotham J A Lancaster ED691
Rosser E W Lancaster JB468
Rosser R D Spitfire MH440
Rosser Hurricane BE502
Rosser R V Wellington HE166
Rosser John R Lancaster PB308
Rosser T Lancaster EE179
Rosser R V Wellington HE531
Rosser W J Lancaster JB666
Rosser W Spitfire PV186
Rosser Spitfire AA920
Rosser D Stirling BF471
Rosser D Stirling BK780
Rosser Kevin MacAllister
Rosser Edward Walters
Rossewarne Vivian Allen William Wellington R3162
Rossi A Lancaster JA865
Rossie A A Lancaster JA692
Rossier T F Typhoon R8843
Rossignol J L Lancaster W4795
Rossington P J Lancaster LM183
Rossiter A C Blenheim Z7352
Rossiter H Wellington
Rossiter Frank Henry
Rossiter James Louis
Rossochacki Antoni
Rost W F Halifax HX272
Rost R J B Blenheim Z7496
Rost Ronald James Brownee
Rostron Alfred Halifax JD272
Rostron J Halifax HR662
Rosu S Lancaster NG457
Rosvold Marvin J P-47 Thunderbolt
Roth Robert Tait Lancaster PB112
Roth J A Wellington BJ790
Roth M H Battle L5231
Roth Burton H. B-17 43-38853
Roth George L. B-17 Return Ticket 42-97065
Rothe Christian James Waldemar
Rother S G Halifax MZ370
Rother S G Halifax MZ402
Rothera Peter Geoffrey Wellington DF624
Rothera Peter Geoffrey Wellington HZ260
Rothera J P Lancaster LM366
Rothera Peter Geoffrey Wellington LN296
Rotheram R C Blenheim L8748
Rothery P V E Hampden AT134
Rothery T F Mitchell FL207
Rothery T F Mitchell FL165
Rothorn Wellington T2841
Rothschild Wilfred George Michael Halifax W7670
Rothscild C Stirling BF455
Rothstein Irvine Sydney Stirling BK614
Rothwell L Lancaster LM484
Rothwell A D Halifax EB251
Rothwell G M Stirling LK200
Rothwell H Lancaster LM581
Rothwell R Halifax LW479
Rothwell J H Hurricane Z2347
Rothwell H B Lancaster PD213
Rothwell Len
Rotter Wieslaw Miles Magister P2470
Rotzler Charles M P-47 Thunderbolt
Roubo Józef Vickers Wellington HE768
Rougham J P Stirling EH887
Roughley J Lancaster OL-N
Roughton George F. Wellington T2992
Roughton Harry Gervase Whitley P5103
Roughton B W Halifax DK270
Rougier F Halifax PN366
Rouillay N R Halifax NA616
Roulson A D Lancaster JB550
Roulston David John Chubbin Sunderland ML858
Roulston Alexander Somerville
Round T
Round Arthur Kavhan Fairy Battle P2330
Round J H Blenheim L9457
Round F D Lancaster ND731
Round S A R Spitfire SM232
Round R G Lancaster PD368
Rounding John Raymond Lancaster DV345
Roupe R Halifax NA164
Rourke G A Halifax JD329
Rourke L Lancaster DS634
Rourke Gerald Alan
Rous S Wellington DV515
Rouse C J Lancaster PD403
Rouse J W Lancaster ME670
Rouse B A Lancaster PB298
Rouse R J Lancaster LL668
Rouse C G Lancaster PB118
Rouse R J Stirling BK663
Rouse S R Lancaster PA214
Rouse H J Lancaster ED308
Rouse D H Halifax LV862
Rouse A G H Typhoon R8865
Rouse R W Halifax JB801
Rouse Whitley Z6864
Rouse Harold Lancaster R5553
Rouse Oxford BG196
Rouse Charles Robert
Rouse Robert Kendal B-24 Slossie 44-40294
Rouse Wellington R1459
Rousseau C O R Hampden P1341
Rousseau J H F Halifax LK919
Rousseau F C Halifax LW688
Rousseau H E Stirling R9247
Roussy John Edward
Routen D A Lancaster JA849
Routh E Stirling BK658
Routledge Joseph Newton Blenheim R3597
Routledge Eric Wellington R1288
Routledge J D Lancaster PB701
Routledge Frank Lancaster L7543
Routledge Leonard Wingate Wellington L7787
Routledge T A Lancaster ED995
Routledge J Lancaster LM648
Routledge F W T Lancaster ED334
Routley W A Fortress HB785
Routley A E Blenheim V6193
Routley Anthony John
Routt Bill C P-51 Mustang
Routt Bill C P-51 Mustang
Routt Bill C P-51 Mustang
Rouvel J Halifax MZ738
Roux T C Halifax HR662
Row James Malcolm Halifax LW472
Row J R Halifax W1053
Row F D N Wellington W5570
Row Jacqueline Ruth
Rowan D J Halifax LW292
Rowan F T Lancaster ME307
Rowan J W Halifax HX346
Rowan J Q Halifax LL550
Rowan T E Wellington X3724
Rowan J P Lancaster NG417
Rowan Archibald Sinclair Wellington W5456
Rowan P J H Blenheim L8828
Rowan W S Halifax LK811
Rowan A W Hampden X3144
Rowan Douglas John
Rowan Percival John Hamilton
Rowan Edward James
Rowan Chauncey P-47 Thunderbolt
Rowan Parry J A Lancaster L7538
Rowan-Robinson D P W Hampden L4092
Rowand W Lancaster DV268
Rowberry G W Stirling LJ462
Rowbotham W E Halifax LK693
Rowbotham D Halifax HR849
Rowbottom E T S Halifax JN909
Rowbottom M Lancaster W4124
Rowcliffe D Lancaster JB314
Rowcliffe W S Hampden P4355
Rowcroft O G Lancaster ED526
Rowcroft Oscar Gladwin
Rowden John Hampton Spitfire P7784
Rowe S L Lancaster ME673
Rowe A F Mustang FB394
Rowe Charles William Halifax LL380
Rowe Donald Frederick Martin Baltimore AG966
Rowe John Laurence Lancaster R5659
Rowe Sydney Inman Miles Master DL981
Rowe Thomas Lancaster ND645
Rowe Rowland Richard Henry Whitley Z6581
Rowe E F A Lancaster DV230
Rowe L C Spitfire MA573
Rowe E D Halifax JD124
Rowe C J Lancaster PB113
Rowe C K Halifax NA582
Rowe Bruce Sherwin Halifax LK963
Rowe F L Halifax LK907
Rowe Alfred George Lancaster KB834
Rowe Alfred George Wellington BJ783
Rowe N J Wellington DV890
Rowe N R Wellington BJ588
Rowe P F Lancaster LL860
Rowe E J Wellington X3815
Rowe G H Halifax W1271
Rowe R H J Lancaster JB152
Rowe C J Wellington X3555
Rowe N Lancaster NF967
Rowe D W Wellington Z8538
Rowe D W Wellington Z8526
Rowe B J Battle
Rowe Wellington W5373
Rowe G W Wellington R1435
Rowe H D Lancaster W4854
Rowe B G Ventura AJ220
Rowe E J Halifax LV836
Rowe H N F Halifax DK229
Rowe K W Halifax EB276
Rowe H R Lancaster W4187
Rowe A E J Lancaster ME793
Rowe A Halifax LK866
Rowe F J Halifax MZ578
Rowe P Whitley T4226
Rowe W L Hampden AE362
Rowe Sydney Lawrence
Rowe Thomas Nicoll
Rowe Alfred Frank
Rowe William Alan
Rowe Donald Frederick
Rowe Herbert John
Rowe John Heywood
Rowe John
Rowe John Lewis
Rowe Alfred Wellington LP198
Rowe Frank Harry Barracuda P9728
Rowed S E Whitley Z6508
Rowell E B Lancaster NF989
Rowell L G Halifax LK964
Rowell N W Spitfire BL250
Rowell Stanley Norman
Rowell Edward Berkley
Rowen F R Halifax JD305
Rowicki Kazimierz Wellington Z8599
Rowland J A Lancaster PB228
Rowland Eric Wellington R1775
Rowland W E Halifax DT790
Rowland C Halifax JD377
Rowland T W Lancaster LM367
Rowland P W T Mosquito DK340
Rowland J J Typhoon JP656
Rowland A Lancaster R5867
Rowland D C Wellington T2542
Rowland Sidney Bertram Halifax W1110
Rowland T Hurricane L2116
Rowland D L Ventura AJ200
Rowland C A Typhoon MN339
Rowland B L Lancaster PA162
Rowland James Inman
Rowland George Ridgway
Rowland Henry Barrymore
Rowland Charles R F-6C Mustangs
Rowlands R G Lancaster R5755
Rowlands Alexander Francis Wellington MF144
Rowlands R W Lancaster KB869
Rowlands Blenheim L9241
Rowlands E Lancaster W4984
Rowlands James Whitley T4159
Rowlands T P Stirling EF158
Rowlands E J Lancaster ND819
Rowlands R R McH Hampden X2978
Rowlands W C Lancaster ED831
Rowlands Desmond Harold Lancaster ND390
Rowlands A R Lancaster JB708
Rowlands Thomas Henry
Rowlands Richard Gerald
Rowlands George Ivan
Rowlands John Douglas Bias
Rowlands Harold Rowland
Rowlatt H F Halifax HX173
Rowles D Wellington BJ698
Rowlett John Eustace Whitley T4220
Rowlett Loyd E P-38 Lightning
Rowlett Loyd E P-38 Lightning
Rowley K H Lancaster PD331
Rowley H E Hampden P5325
Rowley Reginald William Lancaster JB606
Rowley John Edward Stirling EF498
Rowley Kenneth George Beaufort L9835
Rowley A B Halifax NP810
Rowley Donald Kenneth Robin Wellington MP510
Rowley J P Lancaster NN705
Rowley D W Lancaster W4784
Rowley J P Lancaster LL833
Rowley D Whitley P5077
Rowley K L Stirling N3658
Rowley L G Halifax MZ533
Rowley A Typhoon JR446
Rowley Kenneth Lancaster ND825
Rowley W Stirling BK663
Rowley C W Halifax DT801
Rowley Kenneth Harold
Rowley Horace Edward
Rowley Reginald William
Rowley-Blake Halifax L9526
Rowley-Blake D Whitley Z6972
Rowling P W Lancaster W4382
Rowling J W Wellington DV867
Rowling G A Hampden L4063
Rowling Percy William
Rowlinson C R Halifax R9529
Rowney J H Wellington BJ701
Rowney F Hampden AD854
Rowntree John Peter Blenheim V6493
Rowntree M Halifax MZ304
Rowse H J D Lancaster W4848
Rowse W G Wellington W5513
Rowsell A R Wellington BK336
Rowsell H Wellington Z1146
Rowson H Blenheim L8734
Rowson G H Lancaster R5575
Rowthorn William Ell