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Aircrew Deaths and Resting Places Worldwide 1939 - 1947 Database
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This database attempts to include all aircrew gravesites for losses from British, Commonwealth and foreign forces fighting under RAF operational command. Additionally it lists German gravesites for Luftwaffe crew members who lost lives over Britain. We have made exhaustive studies to find pictures of all the gravesites because it's one thing to read the name of a cemetery but it evokes quite another emotional response to see a picture of the location.
Each grave is a life given up too early and perhaps the first emotion that strikes one on seeing pictures of the gravesites is how many there are.
For family and friends each loss was mourned for a lifetime. For the rest of us, the least we can do is honour their loss by remembering.

Commonwealth War Graves in the USA

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#Name*First NamesRankServiceNumberHonoursServiceUnitAgeDateOfDeathBuriedCommemoratedLinksPhoto (Click To Expand)Notes
1 PhillipsAlbert Cyril LauinFlight Sergeant1543711RAFVR143Sqn1943-12-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 138.
2 AdamsCyril Thomas WalterLeading Aircraftman932550 RAFVR261946-08-24United KingdomReading Crematorium, Panel 1.Son Of Albert John And Emmeline Mary Adams, Of Reading, Berkshire.
3 BalcerCyril RenePilot OfficerJ/17747RCAF428Sqn1943-04-29GermanySage War Cemetery, 11. C. 4.Son Of Albert G. And Jeanne A. Balcer, Of Granby, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
4 BevanHerbert Cyril ClaudeSergeant563098RAF12Sqn261940-06-07FranceSt. Valery-En-Caux Franco-British Cemetery, Coll. Grave A, 24-26.Son Of Albert Eustace And Charlotte Bevan.
5 BirchCyril Stephen JohnLeading Aircraftman1155252RAFVR311947-07-20United KingdomHawkinge Cemetery, Plot N. Sec. A. Grave 228.Son Of Albert Edward And Louisa Birch, Of Folkestone; Husband Of Phyllis Eileen Birch, Of Folkestone.
6 BurtonAlbert CyrilPilot Officer89634RAFVR612Sqn291941-03-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 31.Son of Albert and Ellen Burton, of Widnes, Lancashire.
7 WilliamsCyril FrederickFlying Officer123048RAFVR61Sqn221943-04-16BelgiumChievres Communal Cemetery, Joint Grave 9-10.Son Of Albert And Mary Williams; Husband Of Margaret Williams, Of East Boldon, Co. Durham.
8 WebbHarry CyrilSergeant1578041RAFVR427Sqn (RCAF)211944-03-25GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 31. F. 6.Son Of Howard Albert And Mary Adalaide Webb, Of Vauxhall, Warwickshire.
9 WalterCyril David GeorgeSergeant930978RAFVR207Sqn311941-10-14BelgiumSchaffen Communal Cemetery, Grave 9.Son Of Albert Edward And Jessie Sophia Walter, Of West Wickham, Kent.
10 WallaceCyrilPilot II1626022RAFVR231947-11-10United KingdomDoncaster (Rose Hill) Cemetery, Sec. G. Grave 167.

Son Of Albert Arthur And Ethel Maud Wallace; Husband Of Margaret Anne Wallace, Of New Hexthorpe.
11 VenablesCyril AlbertAircraftman 1st Class122157RAAF181943-08-27AustraliaPort Pirie General Cemetery, Plot C. Row D. Grave 7.Son Of Uriah Alfred And Bessie Lavina Venables, Of Laura.
12 TownshendCyril EdwardSergeant1579593RAFVR547Sqn211944-10-17United KingdomSurbiton Cemetery, Sec. 17. Grave 5960.
Son Of Albert Edward And Winifred Daisy Townshend, Of Surbiton.
13 ToddCyril JamesPilot Officer173008RAFVR90Sqn
251944-06-28United KingdomIpswich Old Cemetery, Sec. C. Div. 31. Grave 73.Son Of Amos Albert And Esther Todd, Of Ipswich; Husband Of Joan Lilian Todd, Of Ipswich.
14 ThrippCyril AlbertCorporal544526RAF231942-12-29United KingdomSheffield (Abbey Lane) Cemetery, Sec. G. Grave 6571.Son Of Charles Henry And Edith Florence Thripp; Husband Of Mary Thripp, Of Eccles, Lancashire.
15 ThomsAlbert CyrilSergeantR/189567RCAF221945-03-01United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 50. D. 3.
Son Of Alexander And Lavinia B. Thoms, Of Verdun, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
16 ThompsonAlbert CyrilSergeant1377396RAFVR38Sqn1941-12-23EgyptSuez War Memorial Cemetery, 1. E. 3.
17 StoutCyril AlbertSergeant1321728RAFVR221943-11-28United KingdomChingford Mount Cemetery, Sec. D.7. Grave 42212.

18 SilvesterCyril Albert HenryPilot Officer148478RAFVR51Sqn211943-08-10United KingdomClacton Cemetery, Plot R. Grave 320.
19 RoskrowRichardSergeant536061RAF254Sqn211940-06-01United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 19.Son Of Albert Cyril And Kathleen Roskrow, Of Chiswick, Middlesex.
20 RoseCyril AshleyPilot Officer14464RAAF271944-03-31GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 4. J. 4.Son Of Albert Victor And Lily Tighe Rose, Of Penrith, New South Wales, Australia.
21 RabbittCyril AlfredCorporal927533RAFVR231945-01-01Netherlands (Holland)Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, Plot KK. Grave 261.Son Of Albert William And Daisy Louisa Rabbitt, Of Sidcup, Kent.
22 RabbittCyril AlfredCorporal927533RAFVR231945-01-01Netherlands (Holland)Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, Plot Kk. Grave 261.Son Of Albert William And Daisy Louisa Rabbitt, Of Sidcup, Kent.
23 PhillipsAlbert LeonardFlight Sergeant1376114RAFVR301945-02-03United KingdomEnfield Crematorium, Panel 2.

Son Of George And Frances Phillips Husband Of Marian Phillips, Of Tottenham.
24 PhillipsOwen RaymondLeading Aircraftman3006790RAFVR201945-06-14DenmarkCopenhagen (Bispebjerg) Cemetery, X. 7. 124.Son Of Cyril Maynard Phillips, And Of Annie Ethel Phillips, Of Botley, Buckinghamshire.
25 PhillipsAlbert ThomasFlying OfficerJ/42806RCAF281945-03-09CanadaWinnipeg (Old Kildonan) Presbyterian Cemetery, Plot 10. Sec. B.Son Of Albert George And Florence M. Phillips, Of Winnipeg; Husband Of Isabel J. Phillips, Of Winnipeg.
26 PhillipsCyril BenjaminPilot Officer154247RAFVR321944-05-04United KingdomKinloss Abbey Burial Ground, Coll. Grave 62-66. Row C.Son Of Percy Benjamin And Alice Ruth Phillips; Husband Of Phyllis Amy Phillips, Of Probus, Cornwall.
27 PhillipsAlbert VictorAircraftman 2nd Class1151993RAFVR84Sqn251944-06-24SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 442.Son Of Fred And Sarah Jane Phillips, Of King''S Bromley, Staffordshire.
28 PhillipsAlfred WilliamWarrant Officer911101RAFVR178Sqn271944-05-11SerbiaBelgrade War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 4. C. 2-7.Son Of Albert F. Phillips And Hilda M. Phillips, Of Rochford, Essex.
29 PhillipsLeonardSergeant1836349RAFVR9Sqn191944-10-19GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 4. D. 12.Son Of Albert Edward And Gladys Phillips, Of Skewen, Glamorgan.
30 PhillipsRalphFlight Sergeant1593422RAFVR7Sqn351944-10-15GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 25. B. 2-6.Son Of Albert And Annie Phillips, Of South Shields, Co. Durham; Husband Of Zena Frances Phillips, Of South Shields.
31 PhillipsCyril GeorgeSergeant1201720RAFVR75Sqn RNZAF
291943-02-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 161.
32 PhillipsRobert AlbertFlying Officer128609RAFVR59Sqn311943-03-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 128.
33 PhillipsGeorge CyrilSergeant1214033RAFVR246Sqn321943-01-24United KingdomClowne (St. John The Baptist) Churchyard, Grave 1858.
34 PhillipsAlbert FrancisLeading Aircraftman1300278RAFVR211943-03-23LibyaTripoli War Cemetery, 6. D. 7.
35 PhillipsCyril WilliamSergeant1319969RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

221943-12-04GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 8. Z. 8.Son Of William Thomas Phillips And Lilian Phillips, Of Cornwood, Devon.
36 PhillipsCyril ArthurSergeant1383330RAFVR201942-11-10United KingdomChingford Mount Cemetery, Sec. G.13. Grave 40662.

Son Of Clarence And Minnie Phillips, Of Walthamstow.
37 PhillipsEdgar Herbert HarrisonLeading Aircraftman1061702RAFVR361942-12-02JapanYokohama Cremation Memorial, Panel 6.Son Of Albert And Caroline Emily Phillips; Husband Of Hylda Mary Phillips.
38 PayneCyril AlbertFlight Sergeant1804753 RAFVR159Sqn231946-03-28Myanmar (ex Burma)Rangoon War Cemetery, Coll. grave 1. D. 4-19.

Son Of Frank Albert And Clara May Payne, Of Stoke Newington, London.
39 OxborrowCyril WalterFlight Lieutenant136919RAFVR29Sqn311945-04-29FranceSt. Pol-Sur Mer Communal Cemetery, Row 1. Grave 1.Son Of William Albert Stanley And Violet Alice Oxborrow, Of Watford, Hertfordshire; Husband Of Emily Margaret Oxborrow, Of Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire.
40 OrrAlbert CyrilSergeant1145143RAFVR75Sqn RNZAF
211942-10-13GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 3. F. 2.Son Of Stanley And Annie Orr, Of Kilkeel, Co. Down. Northern Ireland.
41 NorthcottCyrilSergeant1194655RAFVR149Sqn211941-11-15United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 49.Son Of Edwin Albert And Mabel Alice Northcott, Of Liskeard, Cornwall.
42 MayneCyril EdwardSergeant1601056RAFVR166Sqn281944-06-03FranceMarquise Communal Cemetery, Plot 1. Row A. Grave 10.Son Of Albert Edward And Amelia Mayne; Husband Of Irene Beryl Mayne, Of Newbury, Berkshire.
43 MathewsAlbert CyrilPilot Officer183423DFC
RAFVR83Sqn1944-11-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 212.
44 LloydAlbert CyrilSergeant1230786RAFVR40Sqn221945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. D. 34.Son Of Peter And Llottie Lloyd, Of Netherton, Dudley, Worcestershire.
45 LambourneBryan WalterLeading Aircraftman413860RNZAF181941-09-11New ZealandHillsborough Cemetery, Area 4, Block I, Grave 17.Son Of Cyril Walter And Meta Lambourne, Of Mount Albert, Auckland City.
46 KempCyril RaymondSergeant1417183RAFVR149Sqn221944-04-10United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 232.Son Of Charles Albert Kemp, And Of Ellen C. Kemp, Of Eastleigh, Hampshire.
47 JonesRoy Cyril MorganPilot Officer179429RAFVR44Sqn211944-08-27United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 211.Son Of Albert Lewis Howe Jones And Florence Agnes Jones.
48 JonesLeonard CyrilFlight Lieutenant138589DFC
RAFVR97Sqn351944-05-10FranceLesquin Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1-3.
Son Of Albert Edward And Gertrude Lily Jones; Husband Of Jessie Margaret Jones, Of Leytonstone, Essex.
49 InwoodHarold Gordon CyrilLeading Aircraftman40398RNZAF241942-04-21FijiSuva Military Cemetery, 9. 130.

Son Of Albert Harold Inwood And Of Alice Emma Inwood (Nee Morrison), Of Wakefield, Nelson, New Zealand.
50 HortonRoy CyrilSergeant1294067RAFVR101Sqn191943-04-03GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 21. E. 16-17.Son Of Albert William And Nellie Horton, Of Stamford, Lincolnshire; Husband Of A. Horton.
51 GroveHarry CyrilSergeant580202RAF501Sqn291940-11-08United KingdomWhyteleafe (St. Luke) Churchyard, Row G. Grave 31.Son Of Albert George And Alice Maud Grove, Of Herne Hill, London.
52 GatesCyril HowardLeading AircraftmanR/120622RCAF401945-11-20CanadaNelson Memorial Park, Grave E.109.Son Of Albert And Mary Gates, Of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; Husband Of Laura Gates, Of Nelson.
53 FawcettAlbert JohnPilot OfficerJ/15541RCAF221942-09-16United KingdomEvesham Cemetery, Grave 1371.Son Of Cyril J. Fawcett And Marjorie B. Fawcett, Of St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.
54 FalkensteinAlbert Cyril JohnPilot Officer195472RAFVR356Sqn221945-03-29Myanmar (ex Burma)Taukkyan War Cemetery, 11. A. 18.Son Of Albert Oscar Walter And Evelyn Gertrude Falkenstein, Of Broomhall, Fife.
55 ClarkeCyril JamesLeading Aircraftman2207098RAFVR201944-12-29BelgiumTurnhout Communal Cemetery, Row 1, Grave 7. Son Of Albert Edward And Sarah Jane Clarke, Of Skellow, Yorkshire.
56 EllisLeslie AlbertFlying Officer422151RAAF211945-03-21GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Joint grave 21. A. 6-7.Son Of Norman Cyril And Evelyn Margaret Ellis, Of Arncliffe, New South Wales, Australia.
57 DummerCyril Albert ReginaldSergeant1866298RAFVR10Sqn191944-06-17United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. B. Row G. Grave 4.Son Of Arthur Reginald And Ethel Mary Dummer, Of Kenton, Middlesex.
58 DixonTerence AlbertPilot Officer404678RNZAF37Sqn (RAF)201942-09-14MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 5, Column 1.Son Of Cyril Albert Dixon And Of Roma Elizabeth Dixon, Of Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand.
59 CrossmanCyril DennisLeading Aircraftman744805RAFVR241944-09-17FranceBiguglia War Cemetery, 1. A. 3.Son Of Albert Edward And Ellen Emileen Crossman, Of Kidderminster, Worcestershire.
60 CookCyril AlbertLeading Aircraftman1525723RAFVR48Sqn RAF
211942-06-29United KingdomSheffield (Crookes) Cemetery, Sec. J.J. Grave 5938.Son Of Charles Albert And Mary Ellen Cook, Of Crookesmoor, Sheffield.
61 AaronCyril EdgarSergeant1332230RAFVR201943-01-11United KingdomCity Of London Cemetery And Crematorium, Manor Park, Square 201. Grave 110661.
62 AbbottArthur ErnestAircraftman 2nd Class1098792RAFVR191941-05-28United KingdomWellingborough (Doddington Road) Cemetery, Block Q. Grave 464.Son of Albert Chambers Abbott and Florence Eliza Abbott, of Wellingborough.
63 AbbottCyril HowardFlight Lieutenant129038RAFVR78Sqn341943-10-22GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 16. B. 2.
64 AbbottJames AlexanderFlying Officer109590RAFVR351944-05-20United KingdomSampford Brett (St. George) Churchyard, Son Of Albert Abbott, C.B.E., M.A., And Of Nancy Abbott (Nee Hargreaves), Of Sampford Brett; Husband Of Eleanor Dorothy Abott, Of Ickleton, Cambridgeshire. B.A. (Oxon.).
65 AbbottCyril CharlesLeading Aircraftman930487RAFVR371945-10-05United KingdomMansfield (Nottingham Road) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 21877.
Son Of Charles And Ellen Elizabeth Abbott; Husband Of Amelia Florence Abbott, Of Mansfield.
66 AbbottsAlbert HenryLeading Aircraftman1178853RAFVR201942-06-29CanadaVictoria (Royal Oak) Burial Park, Sec. D. Plot 20. Grave 13.Son Of William And Ellen E. Abbotts, Of Birmingham, England.
67 AbelJack SydneyFlying Officer120353RAFVR115Sqn261942-12-06GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 8. A. 21.Son Of Albert Arthur And Florence Edith May Abel; Husband Of Victoria Mary Abel, Of West Ewell, Surrey.
68 AbelCyrilAircraftman 1st Class1675425RAFVR117Sqn1945-07-13SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 454.
69 AbreyCyril WilliamPilot Officer69490RAFVR214Sqn261941-09-21United KingdomEast Finchley Cemetery and St. Marylebone Crematorium, Sec. T5. Joint grave 97.
Son of William John and Flora Abrey, of Muswell Hill. His Brother Gerald John Abrey Also Fell.
70 AckcralAlfred EdwinSergeant1595296RAFVR211944-11-15United KingdomRedcar Cemetery, Plot M. Row 8. Grave 32.Son Of Albert Edwin And Lydia Ackcral, Of Redcar.
71 AcklandAlbertSergeant1801770RAFVR428 (RCAF)Sqn211943-11-22GermanyHanover War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 10. D. 13-17.Son Of Alfred Ackland, And Of Charlotte Ackland, Of Bethnal Green, London.
72 Acombe-HillCyril ArthurSergeant1586706RAFVR61Sqn1944-01-28United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 223.
73 ActonEric PhillipsSergeant638744RAF21Sqn1941-04-26GermanySage War Cemetery, 5. B. 2.
74 AdamsEdward CyrilSergeant745769RAFVR241940-08-08United KingdomAylesford Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 147.Son Of Edward James Adams And Margaret Adams; Husband Of Doris Winnie Adams, Of Snodland.
75 AdamsKenneth Cyril ChristopherSergeant1222832RAFVR156Sqn301943-06-25GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 4. F. 12.Son Of Thomas Henry And Elizabeth Adams, Of Shirley, Warwickshire.
76 AdamsDonald AlbertSergeant1339868RAFVR431Sqn RCAF

201943-10-09GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 3. D. 16.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. W. J. Adams, Of Stoke Gabriel, Devon. School Champion, King Edward Vis School, Totnes, 1940.
77 AdamsAlbert ErnestCadetAir Transport Auxiliary271943-09-06United KingdomOldbury Cemetery, Warley, Sec. E. Uncons. Grave 2046.
78 AdamsFrederick William JohnLeading Aircraftman1284680RAFVR321944-03-14EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery, 4. F. 7.Son Of Albert And Rebecca Adams; Husband Of Ivy Violet Adams, Of Potters Bar, Middlesex.
79 AdamsCyril Gilbert RoyFlight Sergeant1314989DFM

RAFVR231944-08-25Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)Khayat Beach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave. E. A. 7-14.Son Of Gilbert George And Lilian Norah Adams, Of Henleaze, Gloucestershire.
80 AdamsRichard JosephSergeant1803858RAFVR601Sqn211944-09-02MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 14, Column 2.Son Of Cyril Charles And Constance Irene Adams, Of Westgate-On-Sea, Kent.
81 AdamsThomasAircraftman 1st Class1244269RAFVRBSRU231944-11-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 243.Son Of Albert And Mabel Adams; Husband Of Hilda M. Adams, Of Smethwick, Staffordshire.
82 AdamsAlbert EdwardFlying Officer149989RAFVR115Sqn1945-04-04GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 14. A. 11.
83 AdderlyAlbertFlight Sergeant544454DFM

RAF211942-05-24United KingdomWellington General Cemetery, Shropshire, Grave 1668.Son Of Harry And Edith Adderly, Of Mill Bank, Wellington.
84 AddicottAlfred TudorAircraftman 1st Class1835722RAFVR421944-03-16United KingdomCardiff (Cathays) Cemetery, Sec. E.I. Grave 228.Son Of Albert And Mary Ann Addicott, Of Cardiff; Husband Of Elizabeth Addicott, Of Roath Park, Cardiff. May have died on 1944-03-17
85 AdlamFrank PercivalFlight Lieutenant424403RNZAF541Sqn (RAF)291945-03-21United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 2. AA. 4.
Son Of Ernest Albert And Jessie Adlam, Of Stratford, Taranaki, New Zealand; Husband Of Phyllis Mary Adlam, Of Midhirst, Taranaki.
86 AdnamsCyril GeorgeSergeant922704RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

281942-12-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 77.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. George Adnams; Husband Of Beatrice Rose Elizabeth Adnams, Of Oxford.
87 AdolphArthur AlbertSergeant413719RAAF251942-11-17AustraliaRookwood Necropolis, Sydney, R.C. Sec. 15. Grave 2909.Son Of Albert Arthur And Mary Elizabeth Adolph, Of Granville.
88 AhernJohn ArthurSergeant400909RAAF201942-04-23KenyaGilgil War Cemetery, E. 7.Son Of James Albert George And Olive Hilda Ford Ahern, Of Thornbury, Victoria, Australia.
89 AingeJohn AlbertFlying Officer415279RNZAF485Sqn RNZAF
231943-09-24FranceDieppe Canadian War Cemetery, Hautot-Sur-Mer, H. 64.Son Of John Albert Ainge And Of Alice May Ainge (Nee Farra), Of Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.
90 AinleyAlbertSergeant636563RAF178Sqn241945-07-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. E. 6.Son Of Fred And Annie Ainley, Of Heckmondwike, Yorkshire.
91 AirdJohn Smith SeatonFlying OfficerJ/85035RCAF301944-09-18United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 55. C. 5.
Son Of James Albert And Margaret Nicholson Aird, Of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
92 AitkenPhilip RaymondFlight Lieutenant123092RAFVR221944-04-24CanadaOttawa Memorial, Panel 3. Column 2.Son Of Albert Edward Aitken, And Of Florence Aitken, Of Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, Manchester, England.
93 AlberryAlbert EdwardWarrant Officer565846RAF281944-03-06United KingdomAdwick-Le-Street (St. Lawrence) Churchyard, North Side Of Church.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. William Alberry; Husband Of Irene Mary Alberry, Of Woodlands, Doncaster.
94 AlbertEdward John MayerFlying Officer88339RAFVR341942-12-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 66.Son Of Alfred Samuel Albert And Of Amy Hannah Albert (Nee Lowe); Husband Of Josephine Ann Albert (Nee Clegg), Of South Kensington, London.
95 AlbertJohn AmosFlight SergeantR/134836RCAF427Sqn221943-08-31GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 26. D. 10.Son Of Thomas And Olivine Albert, Of Sandy Lake, Manitoba, Canada; Husband Of Norma T. Albert.
96 AlbertDavid JohnFlight Sergeant37077RAAF321944-12-14Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan Memorial, Panel 32.Son Of Andrew William And Ada Elizabeth Albert; Husband Of Jessie Albert, Of Auburn, New South Wales.
97 AlbertJoseph Henry YvonPilot OfficerJ/88332RCAF425Sqn231944-02-11United KingdomPershore Cemetery, Plot R. Grave 109.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. A. Albert, Of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
98 Albert YawsonLeading AirmanWA/4636West African Air Corps1945-10-14GhanaChristiansborg Memorial, Column 8.
99 AlberyAlbert RichardSergeant533661RAF12Sqn261944-07-01FranceVernou-En-Sologne Communal Cemetery, Row 1. Grave 5.Son Of Albert Edward And Florence Albery; Husband Of Beatrice Albery, Of Barnstaple, Devon.
100 AlbonEricFlying Officer152969RAFVR78Sqn211944-06-13United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 204.Son Of Albert And Lily Albon, Of Halifax; Husband Of Audrey Albon, Of Halifax.
101 AlcazarWilliam EtheringtonWarrant Officer Class IIR/56251RCAF405Sqn RCAF

1942-06-30GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 15. B. 9-18. Son Of Sir Henry Albert Alcazar, K.C., And Of Lady Alcazar (Nee Stone), Of Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad.
102 AldisJames RobinFlight Lieutenant33362RAF208Sqn221941-06-08SyriaDamascus Commonwealth War Cemetery, Q. 100.Son of Arthur Cyril Webb Aldis and Grace Aldis, of Knowle, Warwickshire.
103 AldredNorman FrederickFlying Officer183600RAFVR61Sqn231944-09-23Netherlands (Holland)Almelo General Cemetery, Grave 7.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Albert Samuel Aldred; Husband Of Maud Matilda Aldred, Of Penarth, Glamorgan.
104 AldredBernard GeorgeSergeant1492353RAFVR100Sqn211945-01-05Netherlands (Holland)Gorssel General Cemetery, Row A. Grave 27.Son Of Albert George And Hilda Annie Aldred, Of Selby, Yorkshire.
105 AldridgeGeoffreySergeant1462926RAFVR98Sqn221944-04-20United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 20. C. 5.
Son Of Albert Frederick Aldridge, And Of Ivy Adelaide Aldridge, Of Grays, Essex.
106 AldworthRichard GeorgeFlight Sergeant1800918RAFVR605Sqn201944-01-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 215.Son Of Albert Arthur And Amy Martha Louise Aldworth, Of Chingford, Essex.
107 AlexanderKenneth AlbertFlight Sergeant657919RAF612Sqn1943-10-25United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 134.
108 AlexanderCyrilFlight Sergeant1800497RAFVR298Sqn1945-03-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 270.Son Of Charles Robert And Mabel Florence Alexander; Husband Of Joan Maureen Alexander, Of Bexley Heath, Kent.
109 AlexanderAlbert EdwardLeading Aircraftman1215985RAFVR5003 Airfield ConstructionSqn381945-04-22United KingdomReading Cemetery, Div. 54. Grave 11726.Son Of William And Florence Alexander, Of Reading; Husband Of Kathleen Annie Alexander, Of Reading.
110 AllanAlbert JamesSergeant1459143RAFVR231943-08-19United KingdomLiverpool (Anfield) Cemetery, Sec. 12. Nonconformist. Grave 1241.
111 AllanAlbert EdwardAircraftman 2nd Class1649835RAFVR221944-05-28United KingdomHull Eastern Cemetery, Compt. 217. Grave 12.

Son Of William Alfred And Annie Elizabeth Allan, Of Hull.
112 AllattWalter JohnFlying Officer401718RNZAF241941-11-25EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, Coll. grave XXIV. C. 9.Son of Albert Victor and Agnes Allatt, of Morrinsville, Auckland, New Zealand.
113 AllenAnthony WalterAircraftman 2nd Class922600RAFVR191940-10-29United KingdomWindsor Cemetery, Berkshire, Sec. G.N. Grave 412.Son Of Albert And Vera Allen, Of Windsor.
114 AllenCyril KennethAircraftman 2nd Class1389805RAFVR191942-08-19BelgiumOostende New Communal Cemetery, Plot 9. Row 4. Grave 37.Son Of John Edward And Florence Allen, Of Bognor Regis, Sussex.
115 AllenHaroldSergeant1058478RAFVR61Sqn221942-08-20SpainBilbao British Cemetery, Plot 2. Row A. Coll. Grave 6-11.Son Of Albert And Florrence Allen, Of Ashton-In-Makerfield, Lancashire; Husband Of Phyllis Allen.
116 AllenAlbert VictorCorporal1207356RAFVR331943-07-16MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 9, Column 2.
117 AllenAlbert GeorgeSergeant1376825RAFVR429Sqn1943-01-27United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 140.
118 AllenGeorge AlbertFlight Sergeant1399180RAFVR211944-11-10CyprusNicosia War Cemetery, 3. A. 3.Son Of Thomas Richard And Annie Lillian Allen, Of Finsbury Park, Middlesex.
119 AllenAlbert GeorgeLeading Aircraftman1630279RAFVR371945-05-21United KingdomBrighton (Downs) Crematorium, Panel 1.Son Of Albert And Florence Allen; Husband Of Doreen Mary Allen, Of Brighton.
120 AllisonJohn Robert ReginaldSergeant1148679RAFVR141Sqn1942-11-05United KingdomBishop Auckland (St. Andrews) Cemetery, Sec. D. Grave 144.Son Of Albert And Elizebeth Allison; Husband Of Gladys Allison, Of South Church.
121 AllsonAlan ErnestFlight Lieutenant146712RAFVR199Sqn211944-02-10United KingdomLyminge (Ss. Mary And Ethelburga) Churchyard, Son Of Albert Sidney And Emily Allson; Nephew Of Catherine Finn-Kelcey, Of Lyminge.
122 AllwrightAlan GordonSergeant1324019RAFVR40Sqn181943-04-19EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 270.Son Of Cyril And Hilda Allwright, Of Caversham, Reading, Berkshire.
123 AllwrightErnest FrankPilot Officer157072RAFVR57Sqn221943-07-30GermanyHamburg Cemetery, 10A. M. 13.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Albert James Allwright, Of Manor Park, Essex.
124 AlmEdwin RichardFlight SergeantR/221836RCAF429Sqn281945-02-25United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 281.Son Of Edwin Albert And Alice Alm; Husband Of Barbara Alm, Of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
125 AlmerothAlbert Arthur SturryAircraftman 1st Class917329RAFVR100Sqn241942-12-30JapanYokohama War Cemetery, Brit. Sec. A. A. 4.Son Of Albert And Rene Almeroth; Husband Of Phyllis May Almeroth, Of Forest Gate. Essex.
126 AlsopSamuel HaywoodSergeant1006349RAFVR191941-10-12United KingdomSkegness (St. Clement) Churchyard, Plot 35. Grave 16.Son of Albert Henry and Frances Marie Alsop, of Skegness.
127 AmblerAlbert JamesAircraftman 1st Class1160593RAFVR1940-12-06United KingdomTrowbridge Cemetery, Sec. S. Grave 3034.
128 AmblerLeslie GeorgeSergeant1059304RAFVR231944-05-19IcelandReykjavik (Fossvogur) Cemetery, C48. 13.Son Of Albert James Smith And Clare Daphne Smith, Of Withington, Manchester.
129 AmbroseSidneyFlight Sergeant646435RAF90Sqn
211941-08-16United KingdomWillesden New Cemetery, Sec. B. Grave 8.
Son of Albert Edward and Eveline May Ambrose. Of Harlesden.
130 AmodeAlbertGerman Air Force
1941-05-03United KingdomCannock Chase German Military Cemetery, Plot 6 Row 11 Grave 236
131 AmorHenry Desmond FitzmauriceFlying Officer122331RAFVR609Sqn211942-12-15United KingdomMargate Cemetery, Kent, Sec. 50. Grave 16198.
Son Of Capt. Albert Henry Amor And Violet Alice Amor, Of Ibrox, Glasgow.
132 AmosCyril RowlandFlying Officer138881RAFVR281943-12-31United KingdomTywyn Cemetery, Class 2. Row 6. Grave 282.
133 AndersonAlbert John GordonSquadron Leader70012MiDRAF (RAFO)541941-04-12South AfricaDurban (Stellawood) Cemetery, Block F. Grave 18.Son of the Revd. James Forrester Anderson and Sarah Anderson (Nee Wilson). M.A. (Oxon); Solicitor; Company Director.
134 AndersonJohn AlbertSergeant751818RAFVR226Sqn211941-08-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 38.Son of Arthur B. Anderson, and of Annie Anderson, of Reading, Berkshire.
135 AndersonLancelot MurrayLeading Aircraftman408960RAAF281942-01-23AustraliaDeniliquin General Cemetery, Presbyterian Plot. Grave 9.Son Of Laurence And Hannah Belle Anderson, Of Albert Park, Victoria.
136 AndersonJohn AlbertFlight SergeantR/99890RCAF419Sqn1943-07-04BelgiumSchoonselhof Cemetery, Iva. A. 5.
137 AndersonAlbert George StaffordFlight Lieutenant60091RAFVR74Sqn1943-09-28EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 267.Son Of George Stafford Anderson And Lois Beatrice Anderson, Of Nottingham.
138 AndersonStanley HaroldCorporal1255037RAFVR74Sqn291943-10-03EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 272.Son Of Albert Edward And Beatrice Alice Anderson, Of North Finchley, Middlesex.
139 AndersonCyril ThorpePilot Officer52024RAF49Sqn281943-09-23GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 18. A. 18.Husband Of Rose Anderson, Of Bulwell, Nottingham.
140 AndersonBillie AlbertFlight SergeantR/112706RCAF90Sqn
231943-08-28GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 11. J. 26.
141 AndersonDonald AlbertWarrant Officer401756RAAF251944-04-08ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. A. 25.Son Of James Gordon Anderson And Doris Rae Anderson, Of Jeparit, Victoria, Australia. Pharmaceutical Chemist.
142 AndersonAlbert AlexanderLeading Aircraftman1025567RAFVR301944-12-27Netherlands (Holland)Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, Plot Kk. Grave 246.Son Of James Watt Anderson And Elizabeth Anderson; Husband Of Lily Anderson, Of Salford, Lancashire.
143 AndersonJohn Colin WilliamFlight Sergeant424011RAAF271945-05-21Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan War Cemetery, C. B. 5.Son Of Albert Henry And Hebe Hannah Anderson; Husband Of Winifred Marjorie Anderson, Of Berry, New South Wales, Australia.
144 Anderson-ParfettAlbert William MiddletonFlying Officer47272RAF281942-12-15United KingdomLlandrillo-Yn-Rhos (St. Trillo) Churchyard, Sec. A. Row 5. Grave 12.Son Of Hilda Anderson-Parfett And Stepson Of William Middleton Parfett; Husband Of Beatrice Violet Anderson Parfett, Of Southchurch, Southend-On-Sea, Essex.
145 AndrewClifton LlewellynFlying OfficerJ/12848RCAF341944-09-06CanadaBlairmore Union Cemetery, Son Of Albert And Ida Andrew, Of Pontiex, Saskatchewan; Husband Of Bessie A. Andrew, Of Hillcrest.
146 AndrewsCyril GeorgeFlight Sergeant745533RAFVR261941-08-19United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot J/1. Grave 193.Son of George and Nellie Andrews, of Oxford.
147 AndrewsCyril MauriceLeading Aircraftman1262941RAFVR251941-01-07United KingdomThames Ditton (St. Nicholas) Churchyard, Plot D. Grave L. C. 1.Son of Arthur Ernest and Emma Andrews; Husband of Constance Andrews, of Thames Ditton.
148 AndrewsFrank GeorgeFlying Officer134073RAFVR115Sqn201943-10-20GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 9. E. 4.Son Of Albert George And Louisa Marion Andrews, Of Moordown, Bournemouth, Hampshire.
149 AndrewsAlbert StanleySergeant1332841RAFVR90Sqn
221943-06-22Netherlands (Holland)Bergen General Cemetery, Plot 2. Row D. Grave 14.
150 AndrewsAlbert VictorSergeant1562044RAF211943-09-26United KingdomStewarton Cemetery, Sec. B. Grave. 853.
151 AndrewsGeoffrey AlbertSergeant1818852RAFVR191944-09-21EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery, 6. M. 6.Son Of Albert Harvey Andrews And Elsie May Andrews, Of Evesham, Worcestershire.
152 AndrewsRonald AlbertSergeant1336644RAFVR15Sqn211944-01-13United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 224.Son Of Albert And Kitty Andrews, Of Chadwell Heath, Essex.
153 AndrewsGeorge AlbertWarrant Officer Class IIR/153899RCAF166Sqn (RAF)211944-02-24United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. F. Row B. Grave 6.Son Of Albert E. F. Andrews And Ethel M. Andrews, Of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
154 AndrewsAlbert LouisFlying Officer139480RAFVR42 OTU231944-06-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 204.Son Of Edward Joseph And Ellen Andrews; Husband Of Hilda Margaret Andrews, Of Northampton.
155 AndrewsAlbert HowardFlight Sergeant1804199RAFVR518Sqn1945-01-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 270.
156 AneksteinCyrilSquadron Leader87066DFC

RAFVR7Sqn271943-08-31GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Sp. Mem. 3. G. 9.Son Of The Rev. Simon Anekstein And Mrs Dora Anekstein.
157 AngellFrederick HaroldFlying Officer412784RNZAF241942-12-19United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 114.Son Of Albert Edward Angell And Of Selina Jane Angell (Nee Lee), Of Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand.
158 AngusColwyn ParkerFlight Sergeant429691RAAF231944-12-06United KingdomNewton Stewart Cemetery, Sec. M. Grave 3.Son Of Edmond Albert And Florence Pearce Angus; Nephew Of Mrs. G. P. Cochrane, Of Albury, New South Wales, Australia.
159 AnkersGeorge CyrilSergeant581136RAF82Sqn241940-08-13DenmarkVadum Cemetery, Coll. Grave C.Son Of George And Ann Ankers, Of Wombwell, Yorkshire.
160 AnkersAlfred MichaelFlying Officer163929RAFVR231945-03-24Netherlands (Holland)Venray War Cemetery, V. F. 6.Son Of Albert Ernest And Lizzie Ankers, Of Chirk, Denbighshire.
161 Annesley-cookeEdwardSergeant905394RAFVR10Sqn301941-06-12United KingdomWoking (St. Johns) Crematorium, Panel 1.Son of Cyril and Georgina Charlotte Annesley-cooke; Husband of Marion Helen Annesley-cooke, of Farnham.
162 AnningKenneth EdwardAircraftman 2nd Class1511890RAFVR201942-06-29United KingdomLeeds (Lawnswood) Crematorium, Screen Wall. Panel 1.Son Of Albert And Mabel Mary Anning, Of Ilkley.
163 AnscombJames Albert GeorgePilot Officer134011RAFVR104Sqn211942-09-07EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 248.Son Of Albert Edward And Daisy Lilian Anscomb, Of Reigate, Surrey. (Death might have been 1942-09-08)
164 AnsellRonald FrankSergeant1213401RAFVR405 (R.C.A.F.)Sqn211942-06-27United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 77.Son Of Albert George And Ethel Hannah Ansell. Of Coulsdon, Surrey.
165 AnsellAlbert VictorSergeant1390280RAFVR57Sqn221943-05-01United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 140.
166 AnsellDennis JohnSergeant1416947RAFVR101Sqn341944-09-23United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 22. E. 10.
Son Of Albert And Elizabeth Ansell; Husband Of Gertrude Ansell, Of Worthing, Sussex.
167 AnsettFrank GilbertAircraftman 1st Class3078804RAFVR191947-12-25Sri Lanka (ex Ceylon)Colombo (Liveramentu) Cemetery, 8. F. 2.Son Of Albert And Evelyn Sarah Ansett, Of Staplecross, Sussex.
168 AnsonGeorge AlbertSergeant1017913RAFVR77Sqn291942-02-16United KingdomSelby Cemetery, Grave 2735.Son Of John Charles And Rose Anson, Of Selby.
169 AnthonyHenry RoyPilot Officer176446RAFVR103Sqn211944-07-15FranceMagny-Fouchard Churchyard, Grave 1.
Son Of Albert Edwin And Irene Marguerite Anthony, Of Helston, Cornwall.
170 ApplebyEric ErnestSergeant1583410RAFVR15Sqn201944-01-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 224.Son Of Cyril And Irene Appleby, Of Featherstone, Yorkshire.
171 AppletonDouglas VictorFlight Lieutenant134068DFC

RAFVR281945-11-14LibyaKnightsbridge War Cemetery, Acroma, 9. D. 6.Son Of Albert Victor And Winifred Appleton; Husband Of Eileen Constance Appleton, Of Isleworth, Middlesex.
172 AppleyardWilliam DavidFlying Officer415716RAAF221944-07-19FranceGranges-Sur-Aube Churchyard, Coll. Grave 3.Son Of Albert John And Jessie Margaret Appleyard, Of Claremont, Western Australia.
173 AppleyardEricAircraftman 1st Class2202943RAFVR311947-12-07United KingdomCannock Cemetery, Div. A. Sec. 1. Grave 1305.Son Of Albert And Enid Appleyard; Husband Of Gladys Appleyard, Of Cannock.
174 ArcherRonald AlbertSergeant917021RAFVR7Sqn241942-06-02Netherlands (Holland)Amsterdam New Eastern Cemetery, Plot 69. Row E. Grave 4.Son Of Frederick Albert And Maud Archer, Of Harrow, Middlesex; Husband Of Dorothy C. Archer, Of Harrow.
175 ArcherMena Constance AgnesAircraftwoman 1st Class2027218WAAF241942-07-12United KingdomSlough (Stoke Road) Cemetery, C. Of E. Plot. Grave 1521.Daughter Of Isidore And Constance Newmark; Wife Of Albert Trevor Archer, Of Ealing, Middlesex.
176 ArcherAlbert John OwenSergeant1211168RAFVR207Sqn231944-01-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 224.Son Of John Owen Archer And Ethel Archer; Husband Of Joan Kathleen Archer, Of East Dereham, Norfolk.
177 ArcherCyrilAircraftman 1st Class1673827RAFVR221944-09-19United KingdomAshby-De-La-Zouch Cemetery, Sec. 4. Grave 359.Son Of Augustus William And Esther Archer, Of Ashby-De-La-Zouch.
178 ArendsWilliam AlbertPilot Officer112280RAFVR133Sqn (Eagle)241942-06-20FrancePihen-Les-Guines Communal Cemetery, Row C. Grave 11.Son Of Harm A. Arends And Pearl F. Arends, Of Tulare, California, U.S.A.
179 ArgentTrevor JohnAircraftman 1st Class1177764RAFVR993Sqn Balloon381942-06-29United KingdomHalesowen Cemetery, Sec. B. Grave 32.Son Of Albert And Edith Argent; Husband Of Frances Hilda Argent, Of Hasbury, Halesowen.
180 ArmourAlbert StewartFlying OfficerC/4010RCAF231942-03-22CanadaPicton (Glenwood) Cemetery, Block 1. Row 6. Grave 20.

Son Of Sara F. Armour, Of Santa Monica California, U.S.A.; Husband Of Mary Gwendolyn Armour, Of Port Perry.
181 ArmstrongBasil KempPilot Officer401094RAAF281942-07-09EgyptTel El Kebir War Memorial Cemetery, 1. O. 9.Son Of Cyril Amos Armstrong And Lilian Constance Armstrong; Husband Of Marjorie Armstrong, Of Elwood, Victoria, Australia.
182 ArmstrongFrederickSergeant571552RAF218Sqn211942-05-30FranceDreux Communal Cemetery, Row 2. Coll. Grave 14-17.Son Of Albert Victor And Ellen Armstrong, Of Norton, Co. Durham.
183 ArmstrongAlbert WinstonFlight SergeantR/62668RCAF61Sqn (RAF)231942-06-03GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 9. E. 17.Son Of Albert Francis And Florence Armstrong; Husband Of Dorothy K. Armstrong, Of St. Johns, Newfoundland.
184 ArmstrongAlbertPilot Officer143130RAFVR235Sqn1943-05-27United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 130.
185 ArnJohn AlbertSergeantR/83133RCAF52 O.T.U.231942-02-10USAFort Jennings Mount Calvary Cemetery, Section C. Lot 154
186 ArnoldAlbert GeorgeSergeant922743RAFVR211941-11-15United KingdomUpton-cum-chalvey (St. Mary) Churchyard, Slough, Son of Edwin and Sarah Arnold, of Slough.
187 ArnoldAlbert EdgarSergeant404586RNZAF78Sqn (RAF)231942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 11. D. 4-6.Son Of Edgar And Jessie May Arnold, Of Tapanui, Otago, New Zealand.
188 ArnoldAlbert EricFlight Lieutenant116563RAFVR613Sqn1945-02-22GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 1. A. 10.
189 ArnottAlbert JamesSergeant639142RAF206Sqn251941-02-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 38.Son of John Murray Arnott and Helen Mck. Arnott, of Auldearn, Nairnshire.
190 ArterAlbert ErnestFlight Sergeant1256391RAFVR35Sqn201943-08-24GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Joint Grave 4. B. 22-23.Son Of Albert John And Florence Daisy Arter, Of Catford, London.
191 ArtisHarry AlbertWarrant Officer343043RAF421942-11-23SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 413.Son Of Arthur John And Hannah Elizabeth Artis J Husband Of Ivy Daisy Artis, Of Sandwich, Kent.
192 ArundaleAlbertAircraftman 1st Class1090401RAFVR211942-06-30United KingdomLeeds (Hunslet New) Cemetery, Sec. 4A. Grave 428.
Son Of Clifford And Edith Arundale, Of Leeds.
193 AsburyReginald ArthurSergeant1241805RAFVR44Sqn221943-04-08GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 2. E. 9-19.Son Of Albert Thomas Asbury And Harriot Madeline Asbury, Of Birmingham.
194 AshAlbert CharlesSergeantR/118066RCAF427Sqn211943-04-06United KingdomDarlington West Cemetery, Sec. W.7H. Grave 357.

195 AshbyCyril FrancisLeading Aircraftman1673246RAFVR1943-12-02MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 9, Column 2.
196 AshbyGordon AlbertLeading Aircraftman1638805RAFVR221944-12-16BelgiumSchoonselhof Cemetery, V. D. 39.Son Of Frank Albert Edward Ashby, And Of Amy Ashby, Of Chelmsford, Essex.
197 AshcroftCyril Clifford GordonSergeant916414RAFVR18Sqn291941-06-02United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 38.Son of Henry Parkinson Ashcroft and Alice Ashcroft; Husband of Edith Grace Ellen Ashcroft, of Barnet, Hertfordshire.
198 AshcroftAlbert HenrySergeant1817180RAFVR49Sqn191944-10-27United KingdomWolverley (St. John The Baptist) Churchyard, Centre Of New Churchyard, Extreme West Of Church.Son Of Arthur Bird Ashcroft And Minnie Ashcroft, Of Broadwaters Heath, Kidderminster.
199 AshfordClive AlbertSergeant3210RAAF261942-01-20Papua New GuineaRabaul Memorial, Panel 36.Son Of Albert And Emily Ada Valerie Ashford, Of Enfield, New South Wales.
200 AshfordAlbert HenryFlying Officer151215RAFVR405Sqn RCAF

1944-01-30GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 7. D. 22.
201 AshleyCecil HenryFlight Sergeant561992RAF271940-09-24United KingdomKinloss Abbey Burial Ground, Grave 2. Row A.Son Of Ellen Ashley, And Stepson Of Gomer George Phillips, Of Bath, Somerset.
202 AshmanAlbert HenryAircraftman 1st Class840851RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)902 BalloonSqn371943-02-05United KingdomEltham Cemetery, Woolwich, Sec. A. Grave 185.
203 AshtonStanley RansSergeant1121869RAFVR86Sqn191942-05-27United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 77.Son Of Albert Edward And Gertrude Helen Ashton, Of Boston, Lincolnshire.
204 AshtonCyril JamesSergeant1399659RAFVR10Sqn1943-11-22GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 26. A. 12-14.
205 AshwoodAlbert HenrySergeant925021RAFVR251941-09-27United KingdomMargate Cemetery, Kent, Sec. 41. Grave 12000.
Son of Henry William and Elsie Lilian Ashwood, of Margate.
206 AshworthCyril EugeneFlight Sergeant1383162RAFVR88Sqn1943-09-04FranceLonguenesse (St. Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, Plot 4. Row Aa. Grave 16.
207 AshworthDenysSergeant1697462RAFVR7Sqn191943-11-26GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 5. G. 3.Son Of Albert And Mary Ashworth, Of Burnley, Lancashire.
208 AskerAlbert JohnAircraftman 1st Class1447285RAFVR402 (R.C.A.F.)Sqn281942-09-20United KingdomChingford Mount Cemetery, Sec. G.13. Grave 40491.

Son Of George Asker And Isabella Emily Asker, Of Walthamstow, Husband Of Edith Asker, Of Finsbury Park, Middlesex.
209 AthertonCyrilSergeant1358514RAFVR199Sqn311944-01-28DenmarkEsbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery, A. 8. 22.Son Of Thomas And Clara E. Atherton, Of Birmingham; Husband Of Beatrice K. Atherton, Of Hay Mills, Birmingham.
210 AtkinAlwyneFlight Sergeant1663367RAFVR99Sqn301944-06-17IndiaImphal War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 6. H. 14-18.Son Of Cyril John And Ada Atkin; Husband Of Eveline Maud Atkin, Of Long Eaton, Derbyshire.
211 AtkinsRobert PeterPilot Officer113858RAFVR92Sqn201942-08-01EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, Iv. F. 27.Son Of Albert Atkins, And Of Florence Bell Atkins, Of Horley, Surrey.
212 AtkinsHenry LendrumFlying Officer419377RAAF201944-09-20IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, Joint Grave 3. A. 12-13.Son Of Albert And Violet Frances Atkins, Of Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia.
213 AtkinsonCyril TaylorSergeant984792RAFVR1941-03-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 38.
214 AtkinsonRoger HallPilot Officer102048RAFVR71 (Eagle)Sqn201941-10-15United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 21. A. 10.
Son of Lt.-col. Albert King Atkinson and Florence Hall Atkinson, of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
215 AtkinsonAlbert EdwardAircraftman 1st Class973303RAFVR231942-09-09United KingdomColwyn Bay (Bronynant) Cemetery, Sec. I. Grave 141.Son Of Harry And Ada Ellen Atkinson; Husband Of Rebecca Winifred Atkinson, Of Groeslon, Carnarvonshire. Awarded The Bronze Medal Of The Royal National Lifeboat Institution.
216 AtkinsonAlbert EarlSergeantR/134035RCAF429Sqn191943-05-14GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 2. G. 1-12.Son Of John And Hazel Helena Atkinson, Of Wellington, British Columbia, Canada.
217 AtkinsonCyrilPilot Officer169678RAFVR101Sqn271944-05-04FranceSt. Remy-Sous-Barbuise Churchyard, Coll. Grave 2-4.(Served As Reed). Husband Of Margaret Atkinson, Of Netherton, Maryport, Cumberland.
218 AtkinsonRalph IanSergeant1893014RAFVR433Sqn191944-08-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 224.Son Of Albert William Atkinson And Of Marguerite Atkinson, Of Hendon, Middlesex.
219 AtkinsonGordon HowardPilot OfficerJ/41958RCAF201944-07-19United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 52. G. 1.
Son Of Albert Frederick Atkinson, And Of Lily Atkinson, Of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
220 AtkinsonBruce AlbertFlight Sergeant439556RAAF241945-01-17United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot H/1. Grave 251.Son Of Alfred George And Louisa Jane Atkinson; Husband Of Thelma Marjorie Atkinson, Of Hurstville, New South Wales, Australia.
221 AtterCyril ErnestSergeant1817884RAFVR514Sqn211944-12-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 31. B. 13.Son Of William H. And May Atter, Of Grantham, Lincolnshire; Husband Of Joyce E. Atter, Of Grantham.
222 AttewGerald AlbertLeading Aircraftman1175121RAFVR1945-11-28ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. N. 17.Son Of Thomas And Ethel Attew; Husband Of Lena C. Attew, Of Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire.
223 AttfieldReginald AlbertSergeant745008RAFVR61Sqn221940-12-08GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 1. H. 1.Son Of Albert Dilks Attfield And Francis Attfield, Of Thornton, Leicestershire.
224 AttwoodBrian Arthur BlakeFlying Officer84985DFC

RAFVR208Sqn241942-02-14EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 247.Son Of Albert Alfred Sanson Attwood And Amy Muriel Attwood, Of Putney, London.
225 AttwoolDennis Edgar BartonAircraftman 2nd Class1257623RAFVR31Sqn RAF

221942-07-24IndiaMadras War Cemetery, Chennai, 1. G. 3.Son Of Albert Edgar And Ellen Florence Attwool, Of Forest Hill, London.
226 AubreyAlfred William HenryWarrant Officer1178104RAFVR31Sqn RAF

311945-05-22SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 448.Son Of Albert Alfred And Mary Aubrey; Husband Of Bertha Aubrey, Of Chilworth, Hampshire.
227 AudsleyTrevorLeading Aircraftman1290114RAFVR191941-09-15United KingdomAlverthorpe (St. Paul) Churchyard, Sec. U. Grave 201.Son of Albert and Irene Audsley, of St. Johns, Wakefield.
228 AugoodWilliam AlbertAircraftman 1st Class653108RAF1940-04-08United KingdomNorwich Cemetery, Norfolk, Sec. 62. Grave 819.Son Of Albert And Maude Augood, Of Norwich.
229 AustinAlbert LawrenceLeading Aircraftman917258RAFVR1940-08-26United KingdomNorthwood Cemetery, Sec. H. Grave 180.
230 AustinAlbert SydneySergeant1159702RAFVR458 (R.A.A.F.)Sqn1942-01-08FranceCherbourg Old Communal Cemetery, Plot 6. Row C. Joint Grave 1-2.
231 AustinJohn AlbertSergeant414575RNZAF466Sqn241943-01-14United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 199.
232 AustinAlbert EdwardLeading Aircraftman1601636RAFVR191943-02-14United KingdomSilloth (Causewayhead) Cemetery, Holme Low, Sec. R. Grave 25.
233 AveryCyrilSergeant1030271RAFVR51Sqn1943-03-01Netherlands (Holland)Voorst General Cemetery, Grave 2.
234 AveryWilliam AlbertLeading Aircraftman1353817RAFVR591944-01-13United KingdomHove New Cemetery, Block 1. Grave 82.Son Of George And Mary Ann Avery, Of Brighton; Husband Of Elsie Maud Avery, Of Hove.
235 AveryCyrilAircraftman 1st Class1580384 RAFVR231946-09-04United KingdomBirmingham (Witton) Cemetery, Sec. 65. Grave 8993.
Son Of George Valentine And Sarah Jane Avery, Of Erdington, Birmingham.
236 AveryHerbert SidneyAircraftman 2nd Class1467697 RAFVR421946-01-27United KingdomSparsholt (St. Stephen) Churchyard, Son Of Robert And Olive Avery; Husband Of Elizabeth Cecilia Avery (Nee Phillips), Of Lee, London. West Of Church.
237 AvietPhilip BodeinSergeant1808102RAFVR460 (RCAF)Sqn201944-08-30SwedenFalkenberg Forest Cemetery, Sec. Iii. 104.
Son Of Cyril Frederick And Louisa Dorothy Aviet, Of Worthing, Sussex.
238 AylesRussel JamesFlying OfficerJ/7775RCAF425Sqn331942-10-01GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 2. E. 1.Son Of Charles G. And Ada M. Ayles, Of Gunningsville, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada.
239 AylingCharles Albert HenrySergeant561445RAF66Sqn1940-10-11United KingdomPembroke (Monkton St. Nicholas) Cemetery, Grave 107.

Battle of Britain. Son Of Amelia Ayling, Of Cowplain, Hampshire. His Brother Albert Edgar Ayling Also Fell.
240 AylingAlbert EdgarLeading Aircraftman1388831RAFVR191942-08-10USAMontgomery (Oakwood) Cemetery Annexe, Sec. N. Lot 117. Grave 6.
Montgomery (Oakwood) Cemetery Annexe contains 78 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, all airmen who died while training in Alabama under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. There are also 20 French war graves in the cemetery and two non-war burials.
Son Of Albert A. And A. Ayling, Of Cowplain, Hampshire, England. His Brother Charles Albert Henry Ayling Also Fell.
241 AylottAlbert VictorFlying Officer124115RAFVR605Sqn1943-08-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 123.
242 AyresLeonardSergeant1505092RAFVR61Sqn221944-12-06GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 4. J. 7.Son Of Albert And Ethel May Ayres, Of Rotherham, Yorkshire.
243 AyresCyril GeorgeSergeant1817751RAFVR191944-10-05United KingdomMansfield (Nottingham Road) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 13868.
Son Of Fredrick William And Mary Annie Ayres, Of Mansfield.
244 AyresKenneth AlbertFlying Officer161085DFC

RAFVR153Sqn251945-03-13DenmarkTranebjerg Churchyard, Son Of Albert Salter Ayres And Evelyn Maud Ayres, Of South Molton, Devon; Husband Of Joan Elizabeth Ellen Ayres, Of South Molton.
245 AytonAlbert RobertFlying Officer156013RAFVR410 (RCAF)Sqn271944-12-21United KingdomStreatham Park Cemetery, Square 26. Grave 37568.Son Of Albert Alfred And Elizabeth Eleanor Ayton, Of Walworth, London.
246 BachelorAlbert ErnestSergeant1800174RAFVR576Sqn211944-05-25GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 14. B. 24.Son Of Ernest Godfrey And Alice Mary Bachelor, Of Tonbridge, Kent.
247 BacklogCyril PeterPilot Officer141331RAFVR207Sqn1943-08-23Netherlands (Holland)Emmen (Nieuw Dordrecht) General Cemetery, Plot 9. Row B. Grave 3.

248 BackstromMelvin ArnoldAircraftman 1st ClassR/272043RCAF191944-05-16CanadaEdmonton (Beechmount) Cemetery, Block 135. Grave 5.Son Of Albert And Milda Backstrom, Of Edmonton.
249 BaconAlbert EdwardAircraftman 2nd Class1018703RAFVR311941-06-12United KingdomGrantham Cemetery, Sec. 17. Row F. Grave 13.Son of Herbert and Edith Annie Bacon, of Grantham.
250 BaconLeslieSergeant657185RAFVR211942-09-22United KingdomWandsworth (Earlsfield) Cemetery, Block 36. Grave 405.Son Of Albert Edward And Alice Mary Ann Bacon, Of Wandsworth.
251 BaconBasil AlbertSergeant1320220RAFVR90Sqn
201943-05-13Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 23. J. 2.
252 BaconArthur AlbertFlight Lieutenant115404RAFVR281944-09-17United KingdomMortlake Crematorium, Panel 1.
Son Of Arthur And Maud Bacon; Husband Of Eileen Bacon, Of Isleworth, Middlesex.
253 BaconArthur JohnFlight Lieutenant116676RAFVR518Sqn251945-01-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 265.Son Of Albert John Henry And Sarah Ellen Bacon, Of Bristol; Husband Of Theresa Bacon, Of Westbury-On-Trym, Bristol.
254 BadcottBertSergeant906058RAFVR221941-03-14EgyptIsmailia War Memorial Cemetery, 1. A. 9.Son of Albert, and Beatrice Badcott, of Babbacombe, Torquay, Devon.
255 BadlandLewis ErnestSergeant1001641RAFVR86Sqn191941-07-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 39.Son of Albert Ernest and Olive Badland, of Bradford, Yorkshire.
256 BagnallAlbertLeading Aircraftman1442857RAFVR221944-03-07United KingdomCowley (Ss. Mary And John) Churchyard, Grave 753.Son Of Harry And Clara Bagnall; Husband Of Betty Bagnall, Of Oxford.
257 BagshawGeorge EdwardSergeant955016RAFVR51Sqn211941-08-15United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 39.Son of Albert Edward and Gertrude Bagshaw, of York.
258 BaileyCyril FrankAircraftman 2nd Class1010202RAFVR261941-07-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 58.Son of Frank Richard Bailey, and of Ellen Bailey, of Oakham, Rutland.
259 BaileyAlbertAircraftman 1st Class552069RAF218Sqn1940-04-20GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 7. D. 24.
260 BaileyJohn Cyril Lindsay DysonPilot Officer74660RAFVR46Sqn201940-09-02United KingdomMaidstone Cemetery, Kent, Plot C.C.1. Grave 90.Son Of Air Commodore G. C. Bailey, C.B.,D.S.O.,B.Sc.,A.M.I.C.E.,Rafand Mrs. Bailey, Of Stockland, Devon.
261 BaileyPercy FallowsSergeant552072RAF144Sqn191940-07-04GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 3. A. 19.Son Of William Albert And Rachel Bailey, Of Longsight, Manchester.
262 BaileyEdgar AlbertSergeant1252567RAFVR115Sqn241942-03-27GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 1. G. 3.Son Of Edgar Albert And Rose Bailey; Husband Of Winifred Cherisy Bailey, Of Palmers Green, Middlesex.
263 BaileyAlbert JohnSergeant409976RAAF221943-04-14AustraliaNowra War Cemetery, Plot B. Row A. Grave 2.

Son Of Thomas Frederick And Mary Bailey, Of Coleraine, Victoria.
264 BaileyChristopher AlbertSergeant1385068RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

1943-07-28GermanyHamburg Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5A. K. 14-15.
265 BaileySydney Arthur JamesSergeant1332267RAFVR12Sqn211943-05-26GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 5. D. 11.Son Of Albert Harry And Frances Jane Bailey, Of Plaxtol, Kent. His Sister Dorothy Frances Joan Also Died On Service.
266 BaileyAlbert GeorgeWarrant Officer Class IIR/101346RCAF432Sqn211943-05-28United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 179.
267 BaileyAlbert RonaldSergeant1603676RAFVR166Sqn261944-02-20GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Joint Grave 4. Z. 19-20.Husband Of Helen Mary Bailey, Of Maidenhead, Berkshire.
268 BaileyDorothy Frances JoanLeading Aircraftwoman445195WAAF692Sqn211944-05-13United KingdomPlaxtol Churchyard, Daughter Of Albert Harry And Frances Jane Bailey, Of Plaxtol. Her Brother Sydney Arthur James Bailey Also Died On Service.
269 BaileyRoyal CharlieAircraftman 2nd Class1873125RAFVR221944-10-20United KingdomBurgh St. Peter (St. Mary) Churchyard, Son Of Charles Albert And Lily Maud Bailey, Of Aldeby.
270 BaileyRoy CharlesSergeant1877588RAFVR191945-01-29United KingdomBradwell (St. Nicholas) Churchyard, Plot B.Son Of Albert And Ada Bailey, Of Bradwell.
271 BaileyFrederick GeorgeFlight Sergeant509679 RAFVR351946-01-25United KingdomEast London Cemetery, Plaistow, Grave 16795. (Screen Wall, Panel 1).Son Of Claud Albert And Alice Bailey, Husband Of Louisa E. Bailey, Of Millwall, London.
272 BailieJohnPilot Officer88443RAFVR7Sqn211941-07-08FranceLonguenesse (St. Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, Plot 9. Row B. Grave 13.Son of Albert and Elsie Bailie; Husband of Jean Bailie, of Stretford, Manchester.
273 BailieCyril PhilipPilot Officer155786RAFVR75Sqn RNZAF
211943-08-03DenmarkLemvig Cemetery, Grave 715.Son Of Matthias Godard Anthony And Matilda Blanche Bailie, Of Allestree, Derby.
274 BainVictor AlbertFlying Officer196750 RAFVR525Sqn271946-01-30FranceLe Grand-Luce War Cemetery, Row C. Grave 11.

Son Of George William And Elenora Emily Bain; Husband Of Bessie Bain, Of Brighton, Sussex.
275 BakerAlbert JosephLeading Aircraftman1313480RAFVR181941-10-26United KingdomPenzance Cemetery, Sec. F. Row B. Grave 5.Son of Henry George and Mary Ann Baker, of Penzance.
276 BakerCyrilAircraftman 1st Class575603RAF128Sqn191941-11-23Sierra LeoneFreetown (King Tom) Cemetery, 3. A. 9.Son of Reginald Carr and Annie Rosina Baker, of Cleethorpes, Humberside.
277 BakerFrederick CyrilSergeant1073431RAFVR201941-12-28United KingdomHull Northern Cemetery, Screen Wall.Son of Frances Baker, and Stepson of John Morrison, of Hull. Alternative Commemoration - Buried in Hull General Cemetery.
278 BakerJames HowardFlying Officer84946RAFVR272Sqn231941-12-23EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 240.Son of Cyril Howard Baker and Emily Baker; Husband of Evelyn Baker, of Smethwick, Staffordshire.
279 BakerAlbert WallaceSergeant1182487RAFVR61Sqn211942-03-25Netherlands (Holland)Bergen General Cemetery, Plot 1. Row D. Grave 11.
Son Of Albert William And Ellen Elizabeth Baker, Of Bexley, Kent.
280 BakerEdward DonaldFlight LieutenantJ/5060DFC

RCAF214 (F.M.S.)Sqn231942-04-01United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 99.Son Of Albert E. And Irene Baker, Of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
281 BakerRonald LavenderFlying Officer391337RNZAF485Sqn RNZAF
231943-10-20Belgium Eernegem Communal Cemetery, Eastern Side.
Son Of Albert Victor Baker And Of Sarah Christina Baker (Nee Tod), Of Wellington City, New Zealand; Husband Of Margaret Gwenda Baker (Nee Hughes), Of Khandallah, Wellington.
282 BakerAlbert RonaldSergeant1585825RAFVR156Sqn181943-04-04GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 1. H. 10.Son Of Alfred Charles And Elizabeth May Alice Baker, Of Redlynch, Wiltshire.
283 BakerCyrilFlying Officer175921RAFVR49Sqn211944-07-08FranceMarissel French National Cemetery, Grave 292.Son Of Ralph And Minnie Baker, Of Stoke-On-Trent.
284 BakerAlfred DouglasSergeant1724295RAFVR550Sqn211944-07-13FranceVignory Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave.Son Of Albert Edward And Maggie Elizabeth Baker, Of Canterbury.
285 BakerLouis Michael GabrielFlight Sergeant426507DFM

RAAF281944-06-08FranceClichy Northern Cemetery, Plot 16. Row 14. Grave 3.Son Of Patrick Albert And Catherine Therese Baker, Husband Of Ruth Marie Baker, Of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
286 BakerCyril GeorgeCorporal918152RAFVR251944-09-05ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. G. 10.Son Of George H. And Annie E. Baker, Of Reigate, Surrey.
287 BakerWilliam AlbertFlight Sergeant1334782RAFVR354Sqn221944-05-07SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 434.Son Of William Henry And Ethel Maud Baker, Of Acton, Middlesex.
288 BakerAlan JamesFlight Lieutenant120075RAFVR613Sqn261944-07-28United KingdomRichmond Cemetery, Surrey, Block 9. Grave 8124.Son Of James Albert And Florence Adeline Baker, Of Kew Gardens.
289 BakerJohn AlbertFlying Officer420808RAAF271944-11-11United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 15151.Son Of Albert Edward And May Baker, Of Ashford, New South Wales, Australia.
290 BakerCyril ClaudeLeading Aircraftman1219314RAFVR59Sqn241945-12-03FranceRochefort-Sur-Mer Naval Cemetery, N.E. Plot. Row 1. Grave 3.Son Of Sidney Allen Baker And Violet Baker, Of Hackbridge, Surrey.
291 BakerAlbert RichardSergeant2210627RAFVR186Sqn1945-04-04GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 14. A. 19.
292 BakesWilfredSergeant1381154RAFVR311942-09-18United KingdomShipley (Nab Wood) Cemetery, Sec. C. Grave 350.
Son Of Albert And May Bakes; Husband Of Constance Margaret Bakes, Of Middleton, Ilkley.
293 BaldockAlbert ArthurCorporal911856RAFVR271943-02-04Sri Lanka (ex Ceylon)Nuwara Eliya (Holy Trinity) Churchyard, Grave 706.
294 BaldockHarold Ivo MckenseyFlying Officer412095RAAF261944-07-13Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, Kk. D. 12.

Son Of Albert Hugh And Aleathea Mary Baldock, Of Epping, New South Wales.
295 BaldwinCyril HaroldFlight Sergeant922345RAFVR46Sqn231943-08-31CyprusNicosia War Cemetery, 1. C. 11.Son Of William And Florence Ellen Baldwin, Of Coleford, Gloucestershire.
296 BaldwinStanley AlfredFlying Officer124761RAFVR35Sqn271943-08-18GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Joint Grave 2. J. 16-17.Son Of Albert Gordon And Emily Baldwin; Husband Of Sheila Marguerite Baldwin, Of Shepherds Bush, London.
297 BaldwinWilliam Albert JohnSergeant1296659RAFVR218Sqn211943-11-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 141.
298 BaldwinAlbert HankinsonSergeant1579824RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)241944-08-13BelgiumHotton War Cemetery, Vii. E. 5.Son Of Albert Edward And Alice Baldwin, Of Arrow, Warwickshire; Husband Of Elizabeth Mary Baldwin.
299 BalesPeter RichardFlying Officer150127RAFVR35Sqn241944-01-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 204.Son Of Walter Albert And Emmeline Bales, Of Coventry.
300 BallAlbert RansomeFlying Officer40069RAF3Sqn251940-06-04GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 28. E. 13.Son Of Sidney Hastell Ball And Isabel Gilman Ball, Of Montreal, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
301 BallDouglas AlbertSergeant1385837RAFVR138Sqn211943-05-14FrancePont-Audemer Communal Cemetery, Row A. Coll. Grave 2-7.Son Of Montague And Dorothy Ball.
302 BallLeonard WilliamFlight Sergeant916429RAFVR51Sqn281943-12-20GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 1. A. 8.Son Of Albert Walter And Bertha Ball; Husband Of Yvonne Marie Ball, Of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
303 BallGeorge EdwardFlight Lieutenant170964DFC

RAFVR49Sqn241944-07-08FranceLe Chesne Communal Cemetery, Grave 3.Son Of George Albert And Margaret Jane Dryhurst Ball, Of Leicester.
304 BallAlbert G.Air Corporal97273VSAAF331944-07-06ZambiaNdola (Kansenshi) Cemetery, Plot 1. Row A. Grave 15.Son Of James And Janie Ball; Husband Of Gwendoline M. Ball, Of Cape Town, South Africa.
305 BallAlbertAircraftman 1st Class1692624RAFVR231945-12-27United KingdomNorth Meols (St. Stephen-In-The-Banks) Churchyard, Row C. Grave 40.Son Of Thomas And Margaret Ball; Husband Of Mona Ball, Of Barnoldswick.
306 BallCyril DennisFlying Officer172757RAFVR241945-03-25United KingdomAdbaston (St. Michael) Churchyard, South of church. Row 10. Grave 10.Son Of Cyril Hewitt Ball And Emily Maude Ball, Of Adbaston.
307 BallardGeorge Edward JohnSergeant1697871RAFVR166Sqn201943-11-26GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 3. G. 16.Son Of Albert Edward And Mary Elizabeth Ballard, Of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
308 BallardAlbert William HenryFlight Sergeant366033RAF341943-09-24Thailand (ex Siam)Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, 2. E. 67.
309 BallardEdwin GeorgeCorporal1214588RAFVR401944-05-27IndiaDelhi War Cemetery, 7. J. 8.Son Of Albert And Alice Ballard, Of Shoeburyness, Essex; Husband Of Kathleen Mary Ballard, Of Shoeburyness.
310 BallardCyril JamesFlying Officer149960RAFVR231944-02-14United KingdomKirkheaton Cemetery, Grave 2569.Son Of James And Leah Kate Ballard; Husband Of Alice Ballard, Of Dalton, Huddersfield.
311 BalleyJulien William NoelFlight Lieutenant122321RAFVR77Sqn231943-04-09FranceCreil Communal Cemetery, Plot 2. Grave 351.Son Of Albert Champen Balley And Julia Alice Balley, Of Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.
312 BallochAlbertSergeant710349RAFVR44Sqn231945-02-03GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Joint grave 1. D. 22-23.Son Of Robert Howie Balloch And May Balloch, Of Broken Hill, Northern Rhodesia.
313 BallsDonald Albert OliverSergeant1853283RAFVR150Sqn1944-12-31GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 22. E. 1-4.
314 BalsomAlbert JohnFlight Lieutenant153832RAFVR59Sqn231945-12-03FranceRochefort-Sur-Mer Naval Cemetery, N.E. Plot. Row 6. Grave 1.Son Of Albert E. Balsom And Alice Balsom; Husband Of Dorothy Jane Balsom, Of Brockley, London.
315 BamfordBernardSergeant929138RAFVR251942-11-13United KingdomGrantham Cemetery, Sec. 19. Row B. Grave 16.Son Of Albert And Harriet Rebecca Bamford; Husband Of Mary Bamford, Of Buckhurst Hill, Essex.
316 BanksCyril EdwardAircraftman 2nd Class956983MiDRAFVR33Sqn231941-05-31EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 244.Son of Edward and Florence Annie Banks, of Rye Park, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.
317 BanksDouglas NormanSergeant909983RAFVR82Sqn231941-05-28United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 39.Son of Albert Alfred and Mary Emily Banks, of Treharris, Glamorgan.
318 BanksEdwin ThomasFlying Officer40978RAF112Sqn211941-03-13GreecePhaleron War Cemetery, 5. D. 18.Son of Albert and Margaret Cameron Banks, of Nottingham.
319 BanksCyril AlfredFlight Lieutenant149056RAFVR227Sqn321944-12-18PolandMalbork Commonwealth War Cemetery, Joint Grave 3. B. 4.Son Of Francis Gordon And Frances Amy Bertha Banks, Of Enfield, Middlesex; Husband Of Peggy Irene Banks, Of Enfield.
320 BanksNorman George WeddCorporal920154 RAFVR48Sqn RAF
271946-04-03SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 460.Son Of Henry Albert And Alice Agnes Banks; Husband Of Josephine Reid Banks, Of St. John'S Wood, London.
321 BanningAlbert Edward FrederickPilot Officer170654RAFVR431Sqn RCAF

191943-12-29GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 8. F. 16.Son Of Albert Edward And Alice Maud Banning, Of Thornton Heath, Surrey.
322 BantingJohn Albert StokesPilot Officer107988RAFVR218Sqn1942-04-26GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 18. D. 11-15.
323 BanyardAlbertCorporal645541RAF40Sqn211942-04-28IndiaDelhi War Cemetery, 5. E. 3.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Arnold Banyard; Husband Of Audrey Banyard, Of Bradford, Yorkshire.
324 BarberFrederick AlbertFlying Officer133831RAFVR311943-06-08United KingdomBristol (Canford) Cemetery, Sec. D. Grave 86.
325 BarberCharles Albert MarkFlight Sergeant409883RAAF281943-12-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
326 BarberAlbert RoyFlight Sergeant1458414RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)211944-05-11BelgiumLeopoldsburg War Cemetery, Ii. E. 8.Son Of Albert Edward And Edith Kate Barber, Of West Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire.
327 BarberDennis AlbertSergeant1339953RAFVR1944-04-25United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 224.
328 BarhamDouglas ReginaldFlying Officer147510RAFVR207Sqn231944-03-22GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 9. D. 5.Son Of George Albert And Lily Gertrude Barham, Of Maidstone, Kent; Husband Of Pauline Barham.
329 BarkelAlbert ValentineFlight Sergeant1379066RAFVR301942-10-07United KingdomSunderland (Ryhope Road) Cemetery, Ward 15. Sec. B.B. Grave 15084.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Deaton Barkel, And Stepson Of Frances Barkel; Husband Of Beatrice Barkel, Of Sunderland.
330 BarkerGeorgeAircraftman 2nd Class842252RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)461942-07-28United KingdomCroydon (Mitcham Road) Cemetery, Plot P.P. Grave 40020.Son Of Albert And Florence Barker; Husband Of Margaret Barker, Of West Croydon.
331 BarkerNormanFlight Sergeant403708RAAF251943-03-24EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, A Iv. F. 21.Son Of Albert And Daisy Barker, Of Bellevue Hill, New South Wales, Australia.
332 BarkerAlfred Cyril SeymourSergeantR/222817RCAF626Sqn1944-07-01United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 255.
333 BarkerAlbertFlight Sergeant1589347DFM

RAFVR98Sqn201945-02-02BelgiumBrussels Town Cemetery, X. 27. 55.
334 BarkerKenneth HenryNavigator II1623531RAFVR231947-03-31United KingdomBradford (Bowling) Cemetery, Sec. 4. Grave 76.
Son Of Albert Edward And Rose Barker, Of West Bowling, Bradford.
335 BarkshireAlbert LeslieSergeant1893996RAFVR15Sqn371944-08-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 224.Son Of George And Clara Barkshire; Husband Of Annie Elizabeth Barkshire, Of Morden, Surrey.
336 BarlowAlbert EdwardWarrant Officer21837RAF471943-12-31United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. C. Row H. Grave 10.
337 BarlowLeonardFlight Sergeant1603320RAFVR97Sqn191944-08-06FranceClichy Northern Cemetery, Plot 16. Row 9. Coll. Grave 14-17.Son Of Albert Rolph Barlow And Elizabeth May Barlow, Of Merton Park, Surrey.
338 BarlowCyril EdgarFlight Lieutenant20922Twice MiDRAF291944-06-20ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xiv. C. 21.Son Of Robert Frederick And Lydia Florence Barlow, Of Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.
339 BarlowCyril OscareFlying OfficerJ/26409RCAF211Sqn221944-12-11Myanmar (ex Burma)Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery, B2. A. 5.Son Of Laurence C. Barlow And Ysabel M. Barlow, Of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, U.S.A.
340 BarlowAlbert KennethSergeant1579353RAFVR166Sqn211944-02-20United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 224.Son Of Albert And Annie Florence Barlow, Of Shirley, Warwickshire.
341 BarnardAlbert LeonardSergeant1622640RAFVR104Sqn211944-12-02ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. C. 28.Son Of Harry Clabburn Barnard And Lilian Barnard, Of Flixton, Lancashire.
342 BarnesEdwin Charles AlbertSergeant1586006RAFVR218Sqn201943-07-31Netherlands (Holland)Numansdorp Protestant Cemetery, Row E. Joint Grave 2.
343 BarnesNorman EdwardFlight Sergeant424554RAAF201944-09-01FranceArc-Et-Senans Communal Cemetery, Grave 5.Son Of Albert Leslie And Winifred Graham Barnes, Of Belmont, New South Wales, Australia.
344 BarnesAlbert EdwardPilot Officer54095RAF166Sqn1944-01-14GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 14. A. 2.Husband Of Peggy Barnes, Of Coxford, Southampton.
345 BarnesThomas CyrilLeading Aircraftman1451480RAFVR231945-05-13United KingdomWisbech (St. Mary) Cemetery, Grave A.36.
Son Of John Frederick And Lilian Barnes, Of Wisbech St. Mary.
346 BarnettMilton HowittSergeant411240RAAF301943-01-27AlgeriaDely Ibrahim War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 3. K. 8.Son Of Albert Edward And Emily Louisa Barnett; Husband Of Judith May Barnett, Of Wauchope, New South Wales, Australia.
347 BarnettGeorgeLeading Aircraftman1462793RAFVR1943-10-17United KingdomOttershaw (Christ Church) Churchyard, Grave 936.Son of Albert and Annie Barnett and husband of Emily Joan Barnett, of Ottershaw.
348 BarneyCyril DenisFlying Officer105660RAFVR46Sqn351943-12-10EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery, 5. Q. 12.Son Of Robert Cyril And Edith Mary Barney; Husband Of Mayons Nora Agnes Barney, Of Ealing, Middlesex.
349 BaronAlbertAircraftman 1st Class1147898RAFVR211Sqn1944-11-21IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 33. A. 12.
350 BarrCyrilAircraftman 2nd Class1014834RAFVR401940-11-13United KingdomNorth Newbald Cemetery, Sec. L.L. Grave 16.Foster-Son Of Ben And Dinah Wiles, Of Balby, Doncaster.
351 BarracloughCyrilSergeant1029627RAFVR231943-11-02United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 141.
352 BarrandLaurence AlbertCorporal989815 RAFVR261946-10-28United KingdomLincoln (Newport) Cemetery, Sec. G. Grave 366 North.Son Of James Albert And Edith Emma Barrand, Of Lincoln.
353 BarrettAlbert EdwardSergeant1152714RAFVR51Sqn251941-09-08United KingdomWoolwich Cemetery, Sec. 3. Grave 30.Son of Alfred Frederick Barrett, and of Mary Ann Barrett, of Plumstead.
354 BarrettGordon Francis AlbertAircraftman 2nd Class1338130RAFVR181942-01-29United KingdomCheltenham Cemetery, Prestbury, Sec. D. 1. 1416.Son Of Francis Albert And Mabel Barrett, Of St. Marks, Cheltenham.
355 BarrickCyrilAircraftman 1st Class936124RAFVR181940-05-28United KingdomNorth Kelsey Cemetery, Grave Aa.29.Son Of George William And Frances Barrick, Of North Kelsey.
356 BarronSamuel EdwardSergeant809003RAF36Sqn391942-11-30JapanYokohama Cremation Memorial, Panel 5.Son Of Albert Edward And Laura Barron, Of Morley, Yorkshire.
357 BarrowsAlbert EdwinSergeant1287636RAFVR221942-07-24United KingdomGunnersbury Cemetery, Sec. A.B. Grave 132.
Son Of William And Jane Barrows: Husband Of Ivy Margaret Barrows, Of North Kensington, London.
358 BarthAlbert KarlGerman Air Force1941-04-15United KingdomExeter Higher Cemetery, War Graves Plot Section ZK Grave 66.
359 BarthelPeter VincentPilot Officer46708RAF35Sqn221942-03-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 68.Son Of Albert Gustav And Eva Agnes Barthel, Of Pulborough, Sussex.
360 BartholomewJohn FrederickAircraftman 2nd Class1853291RAFVR191945-01-06United KingdomDevizes Cemetery, Sec. N.C. Grave 46.
Son Of Albert Victor And Edith Florence Bartholomew, Of Stratton St. Margaret.
361 BartleAlbert James AlfredSergeant1333014RAFVR57Sqn241942-11-09GermanyHamburg Cemetery, Coll. Grave 8A. C. 1-15.Son Of Henry James Bartle And Rosena Bartle; Husband Of Annie Bartle, Of Middleton, Lancashire.
362 BartlettAlbert Victor NormanPilot Officer78669RAF269Sqn351940-05-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 7.Son Of George William And Mary Ann Bartlett; Husband Of Winifred Bartlett, Of Morden, Surrey.
363 BartlettEdward AlbertSergeant1383206RAFVR218Sqn211943-07-31Netherlands (Holland)Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 3. B. 8.
364 BartlettErnest RoyFlying Officer157831RAFVR221944-10-28BahamasNassau War Cemetery, West. C. 7.Son Of Albert Henry And Caroline Louise Bartlett, Of Edgware, London.
365 BartlettCyril AlfredPilot Officer170963RAFVR106Sqn241944-05-08FranceOrleans Main Cemetery, Plot 1. Row A. Coll Grave 1 6-27.Son Of John And Margaret Bartlett; Husband Of Muriel Bartlett, Of Finsbury Park, Middlesex.
366 BartlettKenneth CharlesSergeant1608803RAFVR103Sqn191944-01-06PolandPoznan Old Garrison Cemetery, 6. B. 12.Son Of Charles Albert And Edith Margaret Bartlett, Of Southall, Middlesex.
367 BartonAlbert Henry DickebuschSergeant1359903RAFVR150Sqn271942-04-02FranceLes Gonards Cemetery, Versailles, Row 5. Coll. Grave 31-34.Son Of Albert Edward And May Welstead Barton; Husband Of Eileen Frances Barton, Of Blackpool, Lancashire.
368 BartonWilliam ArthurAircraftman 2nd Class1618038RAFVR1942-10-14United KingdomManor Park Cemetery, Sec. 125. Grave 104.Son Of William Albert And Mary Barton, Of Burton-On-Trent. Staffordshire.
369 BartonAlbert HamiltonPilot Officer176884RAFVR620Sqn1944-06-06FranceRanville War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Via. C. 1-25.
370 BartonCyril JoeFlying Officer168669VC

RAFVR578Sqn221944-03-31United KingdomKingston-Upon-Thames Cemetery, Class C. (Cons.) Grave 6700.Son Of Frederick J. Barton And Ethel Barton, Of New Malden.
371 BashamReginald Walter WilliamSergeant1376972RAFVR291942-07-18United KingdomIsleworth Cemetery, Block R. Class C.E. Grave 62.Son Of Ernest Cyril Basham, And Of Emma Basham, Of Brentford; Husband Of Daisy Violet Basham, Of Twickenham.
372 BaskervilleJohn BrianSergeant1004452RAFVR178Sqn231944-04-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 39.Son Of Albert And Annie Baskerville, Of Garston, Liverpool.
373 BastickNorman Arthur AlbertSergeant1389174RAFVR261942-12-17CanadaVictoria (Royal Oak) Burial Park, Sec. D. Plot 20. Grave 15.Son Of Norman Douglas And Harriet Maria Ruth Bastick, Of Egham, Surrey, England.
374 BatchelorAlbert EdwardAircraftman 2nd Class1183781RAFVR149Sqn271940-10-27United KingdomHornchurch Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 1050.Son Of Samuel And Florence Batchelor Husband Of Florence Ellen Batchelor, Of Hornchurch.
375 BatchelorArthur William JesseLeading Aircraftman2270616RAFVR241947-09-21IndiaMadras War Cemetery, Chennai, 4. C. 5.Son Of Jesse Albert And Mabel Batchelor; Husband Of Gladys Maud Batchelor, Of Tolworth, Surrey.
376 BatemanCyril MccullochPilot Officer65498RAFVR61Sqn271941-06-27GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 3. D. 8.Son of Hubert and Edith Bateman; Husband of Kathleen Bateman, of Morecambe, Lancashire.
377 BatemanAlbert LeroyFlight SergeantR/114520RCAF419Sqn1943-03-01United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 181.
378 BatemanAlbert JohnAircraftman 2nd Class1089748RAFVR341943-10-18United KingdomGloucester Old Cemetery, Plot B. Grave 9763.

379 BatemanClarence KennethFlight SergeantR/187702RCAF201944-08-23United KingdomKirkcaldy (Bennochy) Cemetery, Sec. M. Grave 147.Son Of Thomas P. Bateman And Robina Phillips Bateman, Of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
380 BatesCyril ArthurAircraftman 1st Class511737RAF224Sqn.1939-10-04United KingdomLeuchars Cemetery, Sec. S. Grave 13 S.
381 BatesWilliam AlbertPilot Officer86711RAFVR78Sqn1941-01-01United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 20. A. 17.
382 BatesWilliam AlbertPilot Officer86711RAFVR78Sqn1941-01-01United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 20. A. 17.
383 BatesAlbert Henry CharlesSergeant403088RAAF261942-07-29GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 11. F. 15.Son Of Robert William And Bessie Bates; Husband Of Lorna Ethel Bates, Of Enfield, New South Wales, Australia.
384 BatesCyril WalterSergeant1586116RAFVR101Sqn201943-05-26Netherlands (Holland)Uden War Cemetery, 5. D. 11.
385 BatesAlbert PeterWarrant Officer1066641RAFVR166Sqn231943-08-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 134.
386 BatesJohn EspreySergeant1479898RAFVR156Sqn221944-03-31GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 27. A. 1-6.Son Of Albert Henry And Agness Bates, Of Dublin, Irish Republic.
387 BatesAlbertPilot Officer175422RAFVR429Sqn (RCAF)281944-05-25Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 24. J. 7.Son Of Albert And Lily Bates; Husband Of Iris M. Bates, Of Rhyl, Flintshire.
388 BatesEdgar Cyril ShipleyAircraftman 1st Class618731RAF211Sqn271945-06-07Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan War Cemetery, 14. C. 2.Son Of William Edgar And May Bates.
389 BatesDennis ArchibaldSergeant1868033RAFVR191945-03-19United KingdomBirmingham (Yardley) Cemetery, Grave 46724.Son Of Archibald Albert Bates, And Of Gertrude Mary Bates, Of Bedworth.
390 BathAlbert ThomasAircraftman 1st Class1612293RAFVR341943-09-23United KingdomCity Of London Cemetery And Crematorium, Manor Park, Square 288. Grave 111111.
391 BaumannAlbert ElvinSergeant1293621RAFVR9Sqn221943-12-16GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 16. A. 5.
392 BawlerReginald Charles ArthurSignaller II1852785RAFVR216Sqn221947-03-08ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Coll. Grave IV. S. 6-13.Son Of Albert James Bawler And Violet Bawler, Of Curry Mallet, Somerset.
393 BaxterGeorge Edward AlbertWarrant Officer513278RAF138Sqn1942-01-28United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 72.
394 BaxterHarold AlbertSergeant1389143RAFVR211942-07-18United KingdomEast London Cemetery, Plaistow, Grave 18149. (Screen Wall, Panel 1).Son Of Charles And Mary Baxter; Husband Of Gertrude Eva Baxter, Of Tiverton, Devon.
395 BaxterVictorSergeant1375526RAFVR321942-03-20United KingdomCity Of London Cemetery And Crematorium, Manor Park, Cremation, Panel 2.Son Of Albert Frederick Horace And Maria Louise Baxter, Of Plaistow. A.M.I. Struct. E., Chartered Structural Engineer.
396 BayfieldSidney AlbertSergeant900952RAFVR76Sqn241943-03-30GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 4. J. 9.Son Of Frank Lane Bayfield And Fanny Bayfield, Of Peckham, London; Husband Of Lily Louise Bayfield, Of Peckham.
397 BayfordCyrilSergeant531871RAF57Sqn281944-11-11GermanyHamburg Cemetery, 10A. L. 1.Son Of Walter And Elizabeth Bayford, Of Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire; Husband Of Maisie Bayford, Of Bishops Stortford.
398 BaylissAlbert HenryPilot Officer135001RAFVR231943-04-16United KingdomMiddleton Cheney Cemetery, Class A. Grave 139.
399 BaylissKeith AlbertPilot Officer162252RAFVR208Sqn231944-06-06ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Iii. D. 10.Son Of Albert Henry And Lorna Bayliss, Of Thorpe Hesley, Yorkshire.
400 BaylissCyril ErnestFlight Sergeant1580230RAFVR106Sqn221944-11-01Netherlands (Holland)Bergen-Op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery, 6. G. 10.Son Of Harold Augustus And Ellen Bayliss, Of Redditch, Worcestershire, England.
401 BaylyRonald LawrenceFlight Sergeant4210518RNZAF201944-08-29New CaledoniaBourail Memorial, Panel 6.

Son Of Cyril Thomas Bayly And Of Mary Hilda Bayly (Nee Russell), Of Te Awamutu, Auckland, New Zealand.
402 BayntonCyrilFlight Sergeant1168793RAFVR70Sqn

271943-11-25ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. B. 16-20.
403 BaythorpAlbert JohnFlying Officer152931RAFVR624Sqn201944-07-14FranceHaut Nistos Communal Cemetery, Memorial PlaqueSon Of Albert James Baythorp And Ethel Margaret Baythorp, Of Barrow-In-Furness, Lancashire. Alternative Commemoration - Buried In Pic-De-Douly Isolated Burial Ground.
404 BazeleyDouglas StanleySergeant755028RAFVR106Sqn281940-10-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 11.Son Of William Albert And Florence Daisy Bazeley, Of Whitton, Middlesex.
405 BeachBenjaminFlying Officer82305RAFVR351941-09-14EgyptKantara War Memorial Cemetery, C. 169A.Son of Arthur Charles Cyril and Ada Emma Beach, of Broadstairs, Kent.
406 BeachJohn AlbertFlight Sergeant926857RAFVR159Sqn1943-04-07SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 424.
407 BeachamNeville Thomas GeorgeFlight Lieutenant405041RAAF271943-03-10EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 271.Son Of Albert And Gwenllian Beacham, Of Bardon, Queensland, Australia.
408 BeairstoCarl PhillipsWarrant Officer Class IIR/86923RCAF427Sqn1943-06-23GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 6. C. 4.
409 BealesRexSergeant742726RAFVR83Sqn241940-08-02United KingdomBiscot (Holy Trinity) Churchyard, Sec. D. Row 8. Grave 19.Son Of Percy Albert And Rhoda Beales, Of Luton; Husband Of Evelyn Mary Beales, Of Luton.
410 BeamesGeorge NormanSergeant1237250RAFVR149Sqn211942-11-30ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 1-10.Son Of George Albert And Alice Elsie Beames, Of Oadby, Leicestershire.
411 BearcroftAlbert BramwellFlying Officer138406RAFVR619Sqn1944-01-03GermanyHamburg Cemetery, 10A. D. 3.Son Of Albert William And Alma Annie Bearcroft, Of Brightlingsea, Essex.
412 BeardAlbert JohnFlight Sergeant305RCAF271940-09-24CanadaBurnaby (Forest Lawn) Memorial Park, Crescent Sec. Lot 79. Grave 5.Son Of William A. Beard And May Beard, Of New Westminster; Husband Of Mae Irene Beard, Of Victoria.
413 BeatsonCyrilFlying Officer15244RAFVR49Sqn211944-10-06GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 12. C. 6.Son Of Percy And Maud Beatson, Of Newmillerdam, Yorkshire.
414 BeattieAlbert JohnSergeant567281RAF10Sqn241942-07-20United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 78.Son Of Ernest And Kathleen M. Beattie, Of Elson, Hampshire.
415 BeattyMaurice Alfred AlbertCorporal626496RAF84Sqn231943-11-29SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 426.
416 BeavenAlbert EdwardSergeant1358410RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

1943-03-12GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 12. A. 4.
417 BeavenDouglas AlbertSergeant1396630RAFVR40Sqn201944-08-19MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 14, Column 2.Son Of Charles Frederick And Kathleen Beaven, Of Folkestone.
418 BeavisPatrick AlbertSergeant1291065RAFVR191942-04-21CanadaMontreal (Mount Royal) Cemetery, Sec. G.943. Grave 338.

Son Of Frederick And Margaret Beavis, Of Tottenham, Middlesex, England.
419 BebeRobert CharlesSergeant2211019RAFVR99Sqn191945-04-23SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 451.Son Of Albert Edmund And Mary Edith Bebe, Of Mullavilly, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland.
420 BeckAlbert JohnFlying OfficerJ/40392RCAF626Sqn (RAF)241945-02-21GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 18. F. 2.Son Of Albert George And Mary Edith Beck, Of Simpson, Saskatchewan, Canada.
421 BeckerRobert Douglas AlbertPilot OfficerJ/94373RCAF201Sqn (RAF)201945-03-14United KingdomIrvinestown Church Of Ireland Churchyard, Plot 2. Grave 71.

Son Of George Albert And Jean Lindsay Becker, Of Pouce Coupe, British Columbia, Canada.
422 BeckettAlbert JohnAircraftman 1st Class1055052RAFVR231943-02-01JapanYokohama Cremation Memorial, Panel 6.
423 BeckettAlbertFlight Sergeant408343RAAF221943-09-05Papua New GuineaRabaul Memorial, Panel 35.
424 BedfordRonald Ernest EdwardSergeant1331222RAFVR142Sqn201942-07-30BelgiumAdegem Canadian War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1. Aa. 2-7.Son Of Ernest Albert And Jane Rosaline Bedford, Of Stanmore, Middlesex.
425 BedfordGeorge AlbertLeading Aircraftman631079RAF391943-02-21United KingdomHull Northern Cemetery, Compt. 263. Grave 19.
426 BeeAlbert LawrenceAir Mechanic209691VSAAF26Sqn261943-12-02GhanaTakoradi European Public Cemetery, Grave 58.
427 BeechKenneth AlbertFlight Sergeant1318329RAFVR44Sqn211943-12-24GermanyHanover War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 8. K. 13-16.Son Of Henry Charles Lovett Beech And Kathleen May Beech, Of South Chingford, Essex.
428 BeechCyrilSergeant1584473RAFVR75Sqn RNZAF
201944-03-05FranceClermont-Ferrand (Des Carmes-Dechaux) Communal Cemetery, Row A. Coll. Grave 4-6.Son Of Herbert And Nellie Beech, Of Halmer End, Staffordshire.
429 BeechStanley PercySergeantR/60032RCAF51Sqn251944-05-25United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 255.Son Of Albert Henry S. And Mary Annie Beech, Of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
430 BeecroftRobert GordonSergeant2201738RAFVR115Sqn191944-08-13GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 21. B. 4.Son Of George Albert And Alice Beecroft, Of Holmesfield, Yorkshire.
431 BeerCyril Sydney FrankSergeant751495RAFVR22Sqn191940-09-10Netherlands (Holland)Texel (Den Burg) Cemetery, Plot K. Row 3. Grave 67.Son Of Thomas And Eva Flora Beer, Of Prittlewell, Southend-On-Sea, Essex.
432 BeerRaymond HenryFlying Officer151422RAFVR103Sqn211944-05-28BelgiumEggewaartskapelle Churchyard, Coll. Grave.Son Of Albert Henry And Daisy Beer, Of Newport, Monmouthshire.
433 BeerHenry AlbertFlying Officer197600 RAFVR10Sqn281946-03-29SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 459.Son Of Frank And Mary Ann Beer; Husband Of Muriel Elizabeth Beer, Of Sheerness, Kent.
434 BeetCyril HardwickPilot Officer68166RAFVR252Sqn211942-01-18EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 248.Son Of Charles Frederick And Minnie Beet, Of Wigmore, Gillingham, Kent.
435 BeetzMax AlbertAircraftman 2nd ClassR/96845RCAF211942-03-26CanadaThe Quebec Memorial, Pointe Claire Field Of Honour, Son Of Johan And Adela Beetz, Of Quebec City. Alternative Commemoration - Buried In Quebec City (Notre Dame De Belmont) Cemetery.
436 BefusAlbertRadio OfficerRAF Ferry Command211943-03-10CanadaGoose Bay Joint Services Cemetery, Labrador, Plot A. Row 2. Grave 1.

Son Of Henry And Elizabeth Befus, Of Calgary, Alberta.
437 BegernieAlbert Henry JamesFlying Officer149515RAFVR619Sqn1944-07-19FranceAuger-St. Vincent Communal Cemetery, Joint Grave 4.
438 BelascoAlbert EdwinSergeant964959RAFVR311941-10-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 39.Son of Albert William and Ellen Georgina Belasco; Husband of Cecile Muriel Beatrice Belasco, of Morden, Surrey.
439 BelcherBernard AlbertLeading Aircraftman1164391RAFVR301941-07-03CanadaMedicine Hat (Hillside) Cemetery, Lot 13. Block 139D. Sec. C.Son of Albert and Kate Belcher, of Kingham, Oxfordshire, England; Husband of Winifred Belcher, of Worcester, England.
440 BelcherArthur HenryAircraftman 2nd Class1449598RAFVR361942-03-11United KingdomWokingham (All Saints) Churchyard, Old Ground. Grave 609.Son Of Albert And Emma Belcher; Husband Of Evelyn Belcher, Of Wokingham.
441 BelfieldAlbert HenryAircraftman 1st Class1449186RAFVR401943-12-08United KingdomDanehill Cemetery, Grave 616.
442 BellAlbert HenryFlight Sergeant937637RAFVR149Sqn201941-07-24United KingdomStoke-on-trent (Hanley) Cemetery, Grave 3402.Son of Albert Henry and Susannah Bell, of Hanley, Stoke-on-trent.
443 BellCyrilPilot Officer173058RAFVR207Sqn1944-05-04FranceDontilly Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave.
444 BellAlbertLeading Aircraftman644334RAF271945-03-29SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 452.Son Of George Thomas And Maria Bell, Of Bessbrook, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland.
445 BellAlbertLeading Aircraftman58252 RAAF591946-08-14AustraliaPreston General Cemetery, C. of E. Plot. Compt. A. Grave 380.Son Of John And Rebecca Bell, Husband Of Ada Emily Bell, Of Rosebud.
446 BellAlbert RennisonAircraftman 2nd Class1243879RAFVR401946-05-04United KingdomNortholt (St. Mary) Churchyard,
Son Of William And Florence Bell; Husband Of Annie Dorothy Bell, Of Northolt.
447 BellamyJohn EdwardWarrant Officer1181118RAFVR103Sqn231943-12-02GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5. D. 28-33.Son Of Albert Arthur And Florence Georgina Bellamy, Of Hoton, Leicestershire.
448 BellertMorris AmbroseFlying Officer404001RAAF82Sqn271944-10-18Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, Nn. C. 14.

Son Of Richard Albert Julius And Mary Jane Bellert; Husband Of Nea Raie Bellert, Of Casino, New South Wales.
449 BelotTheodore AlbertFlight Sergeant408382RAAF281943-06-14United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
450 BelshamAlbert EdwardCorporal1116586RAFVR242Sqn321943-05-24IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 10. A. 16.
451 BeltonRobert EdwardSergeant1851875RAFVR15Sqn241943-09-04DenmarkFrederikshavn Cemetery, Allied Plot. Grave 42.Son Of Albert Henry And Emily Belton, Of Hastings, Sussex.
452 BendallJackFlight Sergeant745763RAFVR105Sqn1941-09-17MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 1, Column 1.Son of Albert George and Florence Elizabeth Bendall, of Kelvedon, Essex.
453 BenhamAlbert CliffordSergeant1580616RAFVR514Sqn211944-06-13Netherlands (Holland)Bathmen General Cemetery, Coll. Grave 173-176.
Son Of Albert And Kate Edith Benham, Of Nottingham.
454 BenjaminEric ArthurWing Commander77777DFC & Bar

RAFVR627Sqn251945-02-20GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 1. Z. 13.Son Of Albert And Beatrice Benjamin; Husband Of M. E. Benjamin, Of Twickenham, Middlesex.
455 BennettAlbert EverallAircraftman 1st Class1081395RAFVR201Sqn191941-12-03Ireland, Republic ofKillard Church of Ireland Churchyard, Son of Thomas and Annie Bennett, of Liverpool; Husband of Norah Elizebeth Bennett, of Liverpool.
456 BennettCyril HerbertSergeantR/101488RCAF221942-10-29CanadaVancouver (Mountain View) Cemetery, Abray. Block 5. Plot 5. Lot 3.Son Of G. Frank And Edith Bennett, Of Vancouver.
457 BennettJohn CharlesSergeant1284385RAFVR13Sqn271942-05-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 78.Son Of James Albert And Eleanor Frances Bennett, Of Dalston, London.
458 BennettAlbert Frank Reuben (Robin)Wing Commander33049RAF291942-07-01United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 24. B. 13.
Son Of Albert Bennett And Of Kate Bennett (Nee Vincent); Husband Of Phyllis Marion Bennett, Of North Harrow, Middlesex.
459 BennettGeoffrey AlbertSergeant1323266RAFVR1943-11-28United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 142.
460 BennettCharles AlbertCorporal923280RAFVR2752Sqn RAF Regt.281944-07-03United KingdomChadwell Heath Cemetery, Sec. L. Grave 1971.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Charles Bennett, Husband Of Ellen Mable Bennett, Of Slough, Buckinghamshire.
461 BennettRichard Albert JohnPilot OfficerJ/87679RCAF514Sqn201944-01-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 249.Son Of Gordon W. And Catherine Janet Bennett, Of Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada.
462 BennettCyril DouglasSquadron Leader78296RAFVR471945-08-26GermanyMunster Heath War Cemetery, 3. D. 14.

Son Of Reginald Henry And Frances Octavia Bennett; Husband Of Marjorie Bennett.
463 BennettStanley AlbertFlying Officer164183RAFVR1945-08-02Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)Ramleh War Cemetery, 7. B. 8.
464 BennettCyril VictorSquadron Leader109072DFC

RAFVR515Sqn331945-01-13United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 264.Son Of William And Edith Emily Bennett; Husband Of Marion Bennett, Of Newcastle-Under-Lyme.
465 BennimanDonald EdwardLeading AircraftmanR/66132RCAF261941-03-21CanadaFonthill Cemetery, Sec. H. Plot 62. Grave 3.Son of Albert Edward and Jessie Louise Benniman, of Thorold.
466 BensleyGeorge GilbertSergeant1001940RAFVR83Sqn281941-08-31BelgiumHeverlee War Cemetery, Coll. grave 3. F. 1-4.Son of George Albert and Priscilla Irene Bensley, of Marton, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire.
467 BentickRaymond Cyril WalterSergeant1603964RAFVR331944-10-28BahamasNassau War Cemetery, West. B. 7.Son Of Herbert And Charlotte Bentick; Husband Of Enid Bentick, Of Watford Hertfordshire.
468 BentleyJames WilliamLeading Aircraftman83519 RAAF201946-04-27AustraliaPerth War Cemetery And Annex, L.B.9.Son Of Albert Edward And Vera Alberta Bentley, Of Victoria Park.
469 BenwellHenry EdwardSergeant2221864RAFVR191945-02-16United KingdomBirmingham (Witton) Cemetery, Sec. 208. Grave 45879.
Son Of Albert Edward And Rose Benwell, Of Birmingham.
470 BergerCyril SeymourSergeant1211177RAFVR612Sqn201943-02-28United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 142.
471 BergeronJohn AlbertPilot OfficerJ/87384RCAF408Sqn (RCAF)191944-06-13FranceCanada Cemetery, Tilloy-Les-Cambrai, Plot 2. Row G. Grave 4.Son Of Adelard Joseph And Aimiee Margaret Bergeron, Of Victoria, British Columbia.
472 BerrettEric AlbertSergeant1181332RAFVR49Sqn221942-08-28Netherlands (Holland)Mook War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. C. 10.Son Of Albert And Rosa Berrett; Husband Of Edith Gladys Diplock Berrett, Of Faversham, Kent.
473 BerrySidney AlbertFlight Sergeant1339099RAFVR10Sqn1943-12-20GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 9. H. 1-5.
474 BerryAlbertFlight Sergeant710051RAFVR1943-05-29IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 12. C. 15.
475 BerryAlbert WarrenSergeant1162200RAFVR50Sqn221943-04-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 142.
476 BerryWilliam ArthurSergeant1868459RAFVR12Sqn241944-10-14GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 16. C. 5.Son Of Albert Edward And Clara Berry, Of East Ham, Essex.
477 BerryAlbert JamesFlight Sergeant1800664RAFVR10Sqn221945-02-14DenmarkHolbaek Ostre Churchyard, Grave FF. 93.Son Of Alfred George And Annie Louisa Berry, Of Southwark, London.
478 BerrymanArthur Albert WilliamPilot Officer415495RAAF291944-06-25FranceNeuilly-L'Hopital Churchyard, Son Of Frederick Langley Berryman And Gertrude Annie Berryman; Husband Of Agnes Elizabeth Berryman, Of Victoria Park, Western Australia.
479 BertelsenFrederick CastellFlight LieutenantJ/9077RCAF582Sqn (RAF)221944-05-04FranceMontdidier French National Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5822-5824.Son Of Albert Frederick And Florence Rebecca Bertelsen, Of Salmonhurst, Victoria Co., New Brunswick, Canada.
480 BerthelsenMervin LeeSergeant426451RAAF201944-03-28AustraliaPerth War Cemetery And Annex, N.C.15.Son Of Christian Albert And Alice Beatrice Berthelsen Of Scarness, Queensland.
481 BertieSidney AlbertSergeant1396204RAFVR201943-08-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 142.
482 BeskeenHenry RonaldAircraftman 1st Class1498017RAFVR1944-06-23EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, Xx. D. 1.Son Of Albert And Beatrice Beskeen, Of Mount Ambroso, Cornwall.
483 BessAlbertSergeant1172554RAFVR341941-12-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 39.Son of Henry and Emily Bess, of Torquay, Devon; Husband of Nellie Bess, of Chelston, Torquay.
484 BettsAlbert JohnLeading Aircraftman932521RAFVR1943-03-17Bangladesh (ex India)Chittagong War Cemetery, 1. G. 3.
485 BettsAlbert EdwardSergeant1811721RAFVR158Sqn311943-09-07GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5. G. 12-14.Son Of Victor Albert George And Florence Bessie Betts, Of Ealing, Middlesex; Husband Of Frances Betts, Of Ruislip, Middlesex.
486 BettsCyril WhitbyLeading Aircraftman1082010RAFVR331945-09-09United KingdomSpalding Cemetery, Plot A.A. Grave 360.Son Of Ernest And Mary Elizabeth Betts; Husband Of Dorothy Irene Betts, Of Spalding.
487 BevanCyril JohnFlight Sergeant755892RAFVR10Sqn251941-07-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 35.Son of Ernest James Bevan and Eva Bevan, of Okehampton, Devon.
488 BevanCharles Albert LeslieSergeant565468RAF6 A.A.C.U.251940-04-22United KingdomHarefield (St. Mary) Churchyard, Grave 1212.Son Of Sidney Harold And Isabella Bain Bevan; Husband Of Hilda Elizabeth Bevan, Of Harefield.
489 BevanCyril JamesLeading Aircraftman1048764RAFVR391945-05-15FranceLille Southern Cemetery, Plot 5. Row A. Grave 9.Husband Of Violet May Bevan, Of Newport, Shropshire.
490 BeverleyAlbert Edward RathboneSergeant532443RAF15 OTU231941-10-14FranceBarville Churchyard, Grave 2.Son of Albert and Emma Beverley, of Weaste, Salford, Lancashire; Husband of Dorothy May Beverley, of Weaste.
491 BeverleyAlbertLeading Aircraftman1526919RAFVR381943-10-28EgyptAlexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery, 5. G. 11.Son Of Herbert And Caroline Beverley; Husband Of Helen Beverley, Of Byker, Newcastle-On-Tyne.
492 BeverstockAlbertLeading Aircraftman62078RAAF581944-06-13AustraliaSydney War Cemetery, T. D. 12.(Served As A. Smedley).  Son Of Albert And Henrietta Beverstock; Husband Of Eva Mary Pearl Beverstock, Of Paddington.
493 BevertonHarry AlbertFlight Sergeant1880277RAFVR15Sqn1944-09-12GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 7. A. 18.Son Of Arthur Jarmain Beverton And Edith Mary Beverton; Husband Of Esther Beverton, Of Croydon, Surrey.
494 BiceFrederick CyrilSergeant1101768RAFVR18Sqn281945-05-15ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. H. 12.Son Of Frederick Malachi Bice And Flora Bice; Husband Of Edith Bice, Of Lincoln.
495 BickFrederick George AlbertSergeant1378704RAFVR10Sqn1942-07-20United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 78.
496 BickmoreFrederick William AlbertFlight Sergeant1332155RAFVR265Sqn231944-08-20EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 279.Son Of Frederick Ernest And Rose Alice Bickmore, Of Walthamstow, Essex.
497 BicknellKenneth John AlbertFlight Sergeant1585155RAFVR77Sqn211945-01-05GermanyHanover War Cemetery, Coll. grave 1. E. 2-5.Son Of Edward Bernard And Annie Elizabeth Bicknell, Of Harrow, Middlesex.
498 BiddulphArthur OrchardAircraftman 1st Class635791RAF211942-12-16United KingdomWoolwich Cemetery, Sec. 7. Coll. Grave 838.Son Of Albert Biddulph, And Of Grace Violet Biddulph, Of Woolwich.
499 BiffinAlbert SamuelSergeant1313932RAFVR214 (FMS)Sqn211943-08-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 142.
500 BiggsWilliam FrederickSergeant1180082RAFVR37Sqn211943-04-16EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 270.Son Of Walter Leonard Cyril And Lilian Violet Dagmar Biggs, Of New Malden, Surrey.
501 BiggsAlbert HenrySergeant1316618RAFVR428 (RCAF)Sqn221943-11-27United KingdomBristol (Avon View) Cemetery, Plot Purple. T. Grave 1415.
502 BiggsAlbert FrederickFlying Officer154221RAFVR22Sqn231945-03-06Myanmar (ex Burma)Taukkyan War Cemetery, Joint grave 23A. E. 7-8.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. A. Biggs, Of Romford, Essex.
503 BilesAlbert JamesCorporal1151571 RAFVR291946-03-06United KingdomIpswich New Cemetery, Sec. X.G. Div. 5. Grave 363Son Of Walter Albert Francis And Agnes Mary Biles, Of Ipswich.
504 BillardCharles EdwardSergeant1595492RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

271945-03-03GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. grave 24. D. 12.-14.Son Of Arthur Albert And Annie Elizabeth Billard, Of Walkley, Sheffield; Husband Of Hilda Billard, Of Walkley.
505 BillennessAlbert FrederickLeading Aircraftman1662256RAFVR421943-12-23United KingdomPitcombe (St. Leonard) Churchyard Extension, Grave 13.
506 BillettJames FordSergeant1051615RAFVR18Sqn221941-12-26MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 1, Column 2.Son of Albert and Marion Billett; Nephew of Mr. D. Mcewan, of Drymen, Stirlingshire.
507 BillettCyril WilliamSergeant1320794RAFVR50Sqn211943-11-27GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 22. A. 5.Son Of William Henry And Mary Ann Billett, Of Carshalton, Surrey.
508 BillingAlbert Norman JamesFlight Sergeant436283RAAF211944-08-26GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 3. H. 18.Son Of Norman John Silas And Lydia Jane Billing, Of Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
509 BinderHector FrederickWarrant Officer Class IIR/72273RCAF626Sqn (RAF)331944-02-25FranceMarsal (Moselle) Churchyard, Grave 3.Son Of Albert And Elizabeth Binder; Husband Of Irene Rose Binder, Of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
510 BindleyThomas AlbertSergeant1375022 RAFVR301946-06-09United KingdomHarrow Weald Cemetery, Sec. C. Grave 425.Son Of Thomas Alfred And Thirza Kathleen Bindley; Husband Of Sheila Bindley, Of Stanmore.
511 BinghamRonald AlbertPilot Officer119177RAFVR103Sqn221942-08-28BelgiumGosselies Communal Cemetery, Row 1. Coll. Grave 16-17.Son Of Albert And Florence Emily Bingham, Of Kidderminster, Worcestershire.
512 BinningTerence WilliamWarrant Officer420432RAAF221945-07-13Myanmar (ex Burma)Taukkyan War Cemetery, 12. D. 23.Son Of Albert William And Florence Binning, Of Guildford, New South Wales, Australia.
513 BinnsAlbert FrederickSergeant1375801RAFVR72Sqn1941-09-27United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 39.Son of Albert Ernest Binns, and of Emma Elizabeth Binns, of New Eltham, London.
514 BinnsAlbertFlight Sergeant1598599RAFVR357Sqn231945-07-30SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 449.Son Of Albert And Mary Ann Binns, Of New Scarboro', Wakefield, Yorkshire.
515 BinothBasilCorporal1173097RAFVR261942-03-17United KingdomBorehamwood (All Saints) Churchyard, Grave 350.Son Of Albert And Edith E. Binott, Of Boreham Wood.
516 BirchGeorge Herbert ArthurSergeant1388177RAFVR207Sqn211942-09-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 78.Son Of George Albert Birch, And Of Evelyn Maud Birch, Of Ashford, Middlesex.
517 BirchAlbert HenryAircraftman 2nd Class1245406RAFVR371943-04-20United KingdomEast London Cemetery, Plaistow, Grave 17553. (Screen Wall, Panel 2).
518 BirchFrederickAircraftman 1st Class1521267RAFVR231947-04-12United KingdomPlymouth (Ford Park) Cemetery, Gen. Sec. L. Row 25. Grave 6.Son Of Violet E. Birch; Stepson Of Albert Clace, Of Stonehouse, Plymouth.
519 BirchallAlbertPilot OfficerJ/15411RCAF15Sqn (RAF)231942-09-19FranceNoyers-Le-Val Communal Cemetery, 
Son Of Thomas And Emily Birchall, Of St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. His Brother Roland Also Died On Service.
520 BirchallRolandWarrant Officer Class IIR/90351RCAF408Sqn (RCAF)201943-04-17FranceLouppy-Le-Chateau Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave 3-5.

Son Of Thomas And Emily Birchall, Of St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. His Brother Albert Also Died On Service.
521 BirdCyril PercivalAircraftman 1st Class1017113RAF31Sqn RAF

1942-07-24IndiaMadras War Cemetery, Chennai, 1. G. 2.Son Of Harry Louis And Ethel Bird, Of East Ardsley, Yorkshire.
522 BirdHerman Albert BenjaminSergeant927772RAFVR408 (R.C.A.F.)Sqn1942-03-27United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 78.Son Of Brice Herman Frederick And Henrietta Alice Bird, Of Colchester, Essex.
523 BirdRobert FrancisWarrant Officer Class IIR/60554RCAF61Sqn (RAF)221943-01-16GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 1. F. 11.Son Of Albert And Margaret Bird, Of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
524 BirdJohn PowellFlying Officer410619RAAF231944-03-25GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 16. E. 2-5. Son Of Leigh And Lucie Stocker Bird, Of Mont Albert, Victoria, Australia.
525 BirdDerek AlbertCorporal1162448RAFVR281944-04-17IndiaDelhi War Cemetery, 7. J. 3.Son Of Albert Edwin And Mabel Elizabeth Bird, Of Cromer, Norfolk; Husband Ofkathleen Ivy Bird, Of Cromer.
526 BirtlesCuthbert Albert ErnestSergeant652646RAF38Sqn281941-04-13EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 242.Son of Arthur and Beryl F. Birtles; Husband of Marjorie Birtles, of Croydon, Surrey.
527 BirtlesCyrilSergeant955619RAFVR50Sqn231943-04-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 142.
528 BishopFrederick AlanPilot Officer41821RAF231939-09-14United KingdomDirleton Cemetery, Sec. E. Grave 1002.Son of Albert and Susannah Mary Bishop, of Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia.
529 BishopRobert AlbertSergeantR/74699RCAF191941-12-25United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 60.Son of Sydney Robert and Phoebe Jane Bishop.
530 BishopRobert CharlesSergeant653306RAF214Sqn211940-11-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 12.Son Of Albert Philip And Emmie Bishop, Of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.
531 BishopCyril ArthurPilot Officer172471RAFVR106Sqn291944-04-27GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Joint Grave 5. E. 27-28.Son Of Charles And Beatrice Bishop, Of Bristol; Husband Of Florence Ellen Bishop, Of Bristol.
532 BissCyril William AlfredLeading Aircraftman1833639 RAFVR221946-09-16SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 460.Son Of William And Violet Rose Minnie Biss, Of Weymouth, Dorsetshire.
533 BissellAlbert FrankSergeant404051RNZAF103Sqn (RAF)271942-06-24Netherlands (Holland)Ameland (Nes) General Cemetery, Plot D Row 15. Grave 19.Son Of Albert Francis And Mary Elsie Bissell, Of Ruatapu, Westland, New Zealand.
534 BissonAlbert James GeorgePilot Officer41774RAF8Sqn251940-08-10EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 239.Son Of Bdr. Albert Frederick Bisson, Royal Garison Artillery, Killed In Action 27Th October, 1917, And Kittie Maud Bisson.
535 BjarnasonAlbert LloydWarrant Officer Class IIR/100110RCAF424Sqn221943-07-29TunisiaEnfidaville War Cemetery, Vi. C. 21.

536 BlackbournBarry FrankLeading Aircraftman1439342RAFVR231945-12-03FranceRochefort-Sur-Mer Naval Cemetery, N.E. Plot. Row 1. Grave 2.Son Of Frank Albert And Dorothy Thirza Blackbourn, Of Orpington, Kent.
537 BlackmanHorace Cecil DonaldSergeant1151431RAFVR610Sqn241941-07-10FranceMaizieres Communal Cemetery, Son of Ernest Albert Cecil and Amy Blackman, of Theydon Bois, Essex.
538 BlackwellCharles AlbertSergeant933271RAFVR228Sqn251942-05-31United KingdomMerton (St. Mary) Churchyard, South Of Church.Son Of Albert Victor And Alice Emilie Blackwell; Husband Of Florence Harriet Blackwell, Of Balham, London.
539 BladonAlbertSergeant2206239RAFVR231945-02-16United KingdomManchester (Philips Park) Cemetery, Sec. D. Nonconformist. Grave 167.Son Of William And Edith Bladon, Of Newton Heath, Manchester.
540 BlakeAlbert EdwardAircraftman 2nd Class1465559RAFVR381941-10-24United KingdomHarrow Weald Cemetery, Sec. C. Grave 450.Son of Albert Edward and Louisa Blake; Husband of Florence Hilda Blake. Of Harrow Weald.
541 BlakeCyril HowardFlight Sergeant741885RAFVR241941-04-07United KingdomOtham (St. Nicholas) Churchyard, South of tower.Son of Henry Howard Blake and Violet May Blake; Husband of Euralys Evetta Mills Blake, of Willington.
542 BlakeAlbert WilliamSergeant932614RAFVR106Sqn1942-02-24GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 3. B. 15.Son Of Albert John And Sarah Ethel Blake, Of Brockley, London.
543 BlakeEdward AlbertSergeant1391561RAFVR106Sqn201942-10-15GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 17. A. 6-11.Son Of John George Albert And Alice Maud Blake, Of Hampstead, London.
544 BlakeAlbert EdwinSergeant4560RAAF251942-01-20IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 11. D. 5-16.Son Of Edwin And Mary Jane Blake, Of Heywood, Victoria, Australia.
545 BlakeReginald AlfredSergeant1284072RAFVR149Sqn271942-10-24United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 23. A. 15.
Son Of Henry Albert And Jennie Blake; Husband Of Dorothy Violet Blake, Of St. Mary Cray, Kent.
546 BlakeAlan AlbertSergeant1435813RAFVR191942-11-13United KingdomTilehurst (St. Michael) Church Cemetery, Grave 893.Son Of Albert And Grace Elizabeth Blake, Of Reading.
547 BlakeWilfred AlbertSquadron Leader40202RAF7Sqn1943-04-21DenmarkSvino Churchyard, Grave 7.
548 BlakeWilliam VincentFlying OfficerJ/14132DFC

RCAF428Sqn211944-04-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 245.Son Of William Albert Blake, And Of Helen Parr Blake, Of Dundas, Ontario, Canada.
549 BlakeEdward GeorgeSergeant1892602RAFVR49Sqn191944-11-26United KingdomHendon Cemetery And Crematorium, Sec. J.2. Grave 56558.
Son Of George Albert And Alice Selina Blake, Of Edgware.
550 BlakelyRobert AlbertAircraftman 1st ClassR/85323RCAF201941-12-15CanadaKamsack (Riverview) Cemetery, Plot 4. Block 6. Grave 7.Son of Mr. And Mrs. George Andrew Blakely, of Kamsack.
551 BlanchardCyril FrancisFlying Officer416445RNZAF218Sqn (RAF)311943-05-26GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 4. E. 4.Son Of John William And Charlotte Blanchard, Of Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand; Husband Of Zora Louis Blanchard, Of Auckland City, New Zealand.
552 BlanchardAlbert SheppardLeading AircraftmanR/117405RCAF191944-03-08United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. F. Row C. Grave 7.Son Of Charles George And Mary Elizabeth Blanchard, Of Minnow Lake, Ontario, Canada.
553 BlandAlbert EdwardLeading Aircraftman1158526RAFVR271943-05-24United KingdomKings Lynn Cemetery, Sec. N. Grave 130.
554 BlandEric BoysSergeant1673627RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

181944-06-25FranceFontaine L'Etalon Churchyard, Grave 10.Son Of Albert Edward And Eleanor Boys Bland, Of Didsbury, Manchester.
555 BlandonCyril GeorgeSergeant645412RAF9Sqn301941-07-08Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 20. B. 9.Son of Walter James Blandon and Minnie Blandon, of Hammersmith, London.
556 BlaxallAlbert WalterWarrant Officer1318859RAFVR211Sqn1944-09-24SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 433.
557 BlazierJohn KennethSergeant746887RAFVR82Sqn201940-08-10United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 12.Son Of John Albert And Evangeline Blazier, Of Hull.
558 BlockeyRobert CharlesFlight Lieutenant81376RAFVR156Sqn341944-01-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 201.Son Of Albert Joseph And Eveline Mabel Blockey; Husband Of Irene Mary Blockey.
559 BlockleyRichard BarrySergeant1125813RAFVR148Sqn211942-08-13EgyptFayid War Cemetery, 2. G. 1.Son Of Albert William And Eleanor Blockley, Of Borth-Y-Gest, Caernarvonshire.
560 BlofieldEdwin EllisSergeant564554RAF47Sqn261941-02-07EritreaAsmara War Cemetery, Coll. grave 3. A. 7-8.Son of Albert Edward and Edith Exley Blofield, of Ipswich, Suffolk.
561 BloomfieldAlbert GeorgeSergeant751847RAFVR39Sqn1942-03-10EgyptHalfaya Sollum War Cemetery, 4. G. 10.
562 BloomfieldAlbert FrancisLeading Aircraftman934667RAFVR221942-11-13United KingdomDanbury (St. John The Baptist) Churchyard, Row 2. Grave 12.Son Of John William And Mabel Annie Bloomfield, Of Woodham Walter.
563 BloorAlbert EdwardSergeant946180RAFVR261942-04-06Zimbabwe (ex Rhodesia)Harare (Pioneer) Cemetery, Eur. War Graves Plot. Grave 60.Son Of William John And Isabella Bloor, Of Liverpool.
564 BloorReginald AlbertFlight Sergeant1582172RAFVR1945-04-30EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 283.
565 BloreEric AlbertSergeant1194649RAFVR19Sqn211942-08-19United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 78.Son Of Thomas George And Lillian Harriet Blore, Of Cippenham, Buckinghamshire.
566 BlundellThomas JohnLeading Aircraftman1803301RAFVR201942-11-23CanadaWindsor Maplewood Cemetery, Lot 806.Son Of John Albert And Margaret Eleanor Blundell, Of Finchley, Middlesex, England.
567 BlundenArthur ThomasSergeant1811667RAFVR514Sqn371944-05-20United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 13764.Son Of Albert And Louisa Blunden, Of New Cross, London.
568 BoadAlbert AlanFlying Officer50036RAF207Sqn1944-03-10FranceClermont-Ferrand (Des Carmes-Dechaux) Communal Cemetery, Row A. Grave 8.
569 BoamAlbert MontagueSergeant1355813RAFVR205Sqn271942-12-18SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 414.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Michael Boam, Of Battersea, London; Husband Of Leah Boam, Of Newcastle-On-Tyne.
570 BobbyCyril RoyFlying Officer154328RAFVR10Sqn211945-02-17United KingdomCoventry (Canley) Crematorium, Son Of William Henry And Emily May Bobby, Of Coventry.
571 Bodemeide-BurbageGeorge AlbertAircraftman 1st Class1030835RAFVR271944-10-12SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 439.Son Of Alfred George And Eleanor Caroline Bodemeide-Burbage.
572 BodieRonald Lionel ListerFlying Officer401487RAAF221944-10-14IndonesiaAmbon Memorial, Column 8.Son Of Albert Frank Lionel And Elsie Gertrude Bodie, Of Epping, New South Wales, Australia.
573 BoehmerAlbert Edward CharlesPilot OfficerC/87869RCAF434Sqn191944-06-17Netherlands (Holland)Bergen-Op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery, 7. G. 10.Son Of Herman A. O. And Gertrude Boehmer, Of Ottawa, Ontario.
574 BoettcherArthur HaroldFlight Sergeant414305RAAF261944-01-02GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 1. G. 12.Son Of Albert And Bridget Boettcher, Of South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
575 BoganEdward AnthonyPilot Officer424320RAAF211945-02-02BelgiumBrussels Town Cemetery, X. 27. 54.Son Of Edward Albert And Irene Maud Bogan, Of Roxburg, New South Wales, Australia.
576 BohlingCyril Norman ByronSergeant1161242RAFVR86Sqn261942-03-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 78.Son Of George Ernest And May Bohling.
577 BohunRoy CharlesLeading Aircraftman56876 RAAF221946-11-30AustraliaGoulburn General Cemetery, Plot G. Row B. Grave 12.Son Of Charles Albert And Irene Ellis Bohun; Husband Of Patricia Beryl Bohun, Of Manly Vale.
578 BoireLeo AlbertFlight SergeantR/132245RCAF201943-06-03United KingdomKidlington Burial Ground, Sec. B. Grave 17.

579 BolderCyrilSergeant1534445RAFVR464Sqn (RAAF)211944-02-24FranceGrandcourt War Cemetery, E, 9.

Husband Of Edith Emily Bolder, Of Bradford, Manchester.
580 BolerAlbert EdwardAircraftman 2nd Class869258RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)939Sqn Balloon461939-09-27United KingdomSheffield (Crookes) Cemetery, Sec. I.I. Grave 5564.Son of Albert E. Boler and Mary Boler, of Sheffield; Husband of Gwladys Boler, of Sheffield.
581 BollandGeorge AlbertCorporal958487RAFVR167Sqn211943-04-22United KingdomFerrybridge Cemetery, Grave 181.
582 BolleJohn AlbertFlight Sergeant951745RAFVR59Sqn221942-01-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 73.Son Of Albert George And Florence Bolle, Of Edmonton, Middlesex.
583 BolsterCyril LeslieFlying OfficerJ/7441RCAF1Sqn1943-03-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 173.
584 BolterJohnSergeant1581572RAFVR231944-07-07United KingdomBirmingham (Handsworth) Cemetery, Sec. 41. Chapel. Class C. Grave 13107.Son Of Albert James Bolter And Sarah Lilian Bolter, Of Winson Green, Birmingham.
585 BoltonHenry AlbertSergeant754530RAFVR79Sqn211940-08-31United KingdomHartlepool (Stranton) Cemetery, Plot 10. Div. A. C. Of E. Grave 258.
Son Of Herbert Sainty Bolton And Margaret Bolton, Of West Hartlepool.
586 BoltonJohn AlbertSergeant1333378RAFVR218Sqn (Gold Coast)211943-04-28DenmarkCopenhagen (Bispebjerg) Cemetery, X. 7. 129.Son Of Harry And Dorothy S. Bolton, Of Herne Hill, London.
587 BonanyAlbert LouisPilot OfficerJ/93685RCAF354Sqn (RAF)1944-12-04SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 443.
588 BonassAlbert EdwardSergeant1898979RAFVR341945-10-09United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. G. Row K. Grave 11.Son Of George And Amelia Bonass; Husband Of Dorothy Bonass, Of Earswick.
589 BondVictor CyrilSergeant628257RAF203Sqn271942-10-09EgyptAlexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery, 3. L. 17.Son Of Harold Thomas Bond And Alice Elizabeth Bond, Of Luton, Bedfordshire.
590 BondFrancis CharlesSergeant651275RAF405 (R.C.A.F.)Sqn221942-08-01GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 28. D. 17.Son Of Albert Edwin Bond, And Of Cassandra Bond, Of Mitcham, Surrey.
591 BonesJohn Ralph VigursSergeant1168777RAFVR1 COTU201942-01-31United KingdomWinchester (Magdalen Hill) Cemetery, Row H. 1. Grave 111.Son Of Councillor Cyril Howard Bones J.P. And Nellie Bones, Of Winchester.
592 BonnerAlbert RobertLeading AircraftmanR/121739RCAF221942-07-03CanadaKimberley Cemetery, British Columbia, Sec. G. Grave 48.Son Of Michael James Bonner And Isobel Bonner, Of Kimberley.
593 BonnerGilbert Frederick CummingsSergeant1176413RAFVR150Sqn241942-06-05Netherlands (Holland)Amersfoort (Oud Leusden) General Cemetery, Plot 13. Row 3. Grave 37.
Son Of Albert Charles And Hazel Grace Bonner, Of Wraysbury, Buckinghamshire.
594 BonnerAlbert CareyFlying Officer124717RAFVR431Sqn RCAF

241943-05-26Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 7. H. 2.
595 BonnerJames AlbertLeading Aircraftman1502282RAFVR231945-04-06IndiaKirkee War Cemetery, 1. H. 9.

Son Of Albert Edward William And Lily Maud Bonner, Of Lilford, Northamptonshire.
596 BonnettAlwynn LincolnFlying OfficerJ/16551RCAF248Sqn (RAF)241944-06-09United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 54. H. 1.
Son Of Albert And Una Asta Bonnett, Of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Husband Of June Margaret Bonnett, Of Vancouver.
597 BonneyAlbert MilvronFlying Officer53201RAF31Sqn SAAF

221944-08-17PolandKrakow Rakowicki Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1. D. 3.Son Of Harold Charles And Daisy Ellen Bonney, Of Stansted, Essex.
598 BonnickRichard AlbertPilot Officer158149RAFVR200Sqn271943-08-11MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 6, Column 2.
599 BonorinoCarlos FrederickSergeant656732RAFVR231942-12-05United KingdomBrigg Cemetery, Plot C. R.C. Grave 48.

Son Of Albert Edward And Clara Matilda Bonorino, Of Moseley, Birmingham.
600 BoonStanley John AlbertSergeant1210229RAFVR612Sqn231944-02-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 225.Son Of John And Kate Boon; Husband Of Florence May Boon, Of Speke, Lancashire.
601 BoothGeorge Vincent CyrilWarrant Officer Class IIR/67602RCAF115Sqn (RAF)201942-07-21Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 24. G. 8.Son Of George Vincent Booth And Madeline Booth, Of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
602 BoothAlbert WilliamSergeant1424526RAFVR10Sqn1943-06-29Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 4. G. 4.
603 BoothAlbert EdwardLeading Aircraftman1165702RAFVR361945-04-25IndonesiaJakarta War Cemetery, 1. B. 2.Son Of Albert Edward And Caroline Booth; Husband Of May Booth, Of Harborne, Birmingham.
604 BoothbyCyril DenysFlight Lieutenant126120DFC


RAFVR624Sqn1943-09-10MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 6, Column 1.
605 BootyCyril AndersonSergeant903448RAFVR602Sqn221941-08-16FrancePihen-les-guines Communal Cemetery, Row B. Grave 4.Son of Cyril and Ida May Booty; Husband of Madge Marguerite Booty, of North End, Portsmouth.
606 BootyGeorge AlbertSergeant1376398RAFVR13Sqn1942-12-04TunisiaBeja War Cemetery, Joint Grave 2. B. 11.
607 BorehamEdward RoySergeant1723161RAFVR156Sqn201943-10-09GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 5. D. 2.Son Of Albert George And Elsie Annie Boreham, Of Bures, Suffolk.
608 BorrasCyril John SamuelWarrant Officer561982RAF100Sqn321942-01-26SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 413.Son Of Walter And Mercy Borras; Husband Of Gwendolen E. Borras, Of Minster, Isle Of Sheppey.
609 BostockAlbertSergeant1541998RAFVR434 (RCAF)Sqn361943-12-29United KingdomNottingham Southern Cemetery, Sec. N.29. Grave 81.
610 BostonJack NorthwoodSergeant1385337RAFVR640Sqn

221944-03-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 225.Son Of Cyril Arthur Northwood Boston And Olive Edna Boston. A Member Of The Crew Of Halifax Lw430. The Remains Of Five Crewmembers Were Discovered And Reburied In Plot 14, Row K, Grave 8 Of Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery In 2005. Unfortunately, It Was Not Possible To Identify The Individual Airmen.
611 BosworthRonald Albert JohnSergeant1807185RAFVR640Sqn

201944-08-25FranceLonguenesse (St. Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, Plot 6. Row C. Coll. Grave 2.Son Of Jesse John And Kathleen Francesca Bosworth, Of Sonning, Berkshire.
612 BotcherAlbert JohnAircraftman 2nd Class1258409RAFVR221942-06-18CanadaMiddleton Old Holy Trinity Cemetery, Sec. 1. Grave 13.

Grandson Of Annie Botcher, Of Rugby, Warwickshire, England.
613 BottJohn AlbertCorporal616651RAF1940-11-12United KingdomHanbury Church Cemetery, N.E. Sec. Grave 924.
614 BottingArthur FrancisAircraftman 1st Class1304692RAFVR191942-02-14SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 417.Son Of Arthur Albert Botting, And Of Jessie Frances Botting, Of Hackbridge, Surrey.
615 BouchAlbertFlight Sergeant1336404DFM

RAFVR582Sqn211944-06-15BelgiumCoxyde Military Cemetery, V. G. 1.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. F. A. Bouch, Of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.
616 BoucherArthur FredSergeant1310779RAFVR48Sqn RAF
211942-02-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 78.Son Of George Albert And Daisy N. Boucher, Of Flixton, Lancashire.
617 BoucherGeorge EdwinSergeant1315053RAFVR101Sqn231943-11-03GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 22. F. 6-9.Son Of Albert Edward And Lena Boucher, Of Sandy Gate, Devon.
618 BoucherErnest GeorgePilot Officer174408RAF174Sqn211944-08-05FranceCaligny (La Chapelle Notre Dame Du Chene) Grave, Son Of Cyril Benjamin And Margaret Annie Boucher, Of Kinver, Staffordshire.
619 BoucherRodolphe Joseph LorenzoFlying OfficerJ/24483RCAF76Sqn (RAF)311945-02-27GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. grave 8. A. 1-5.Son Of Lorenzo And Marie B. Boucher; Husband Of Audrey F. Boucher, Of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada.
620 BoulangerJoseph Francois Yves AlbertPilot OfficerJ/4113RCAF615Sqn (RAF)261941-08-16United KingdomHolyhead (St. Marys) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Grave 129.Son of Adelard and Eva Boulanger, of Lachine, Province of Quebec, Canada.
621 BourgeoisArthur Edmond QuentinPilot Officer42100RAF248Sqn211940-05-20United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 7.Son Of Albert Edmond And Alice Maud Bourgeois, Of Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
622 BourkeCyril WellesleySergeant625779RAF115Sqn1942-07-26GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 28. D. 13.
623 BourneCyrilSergeant971466RAFVR42Sqn241941-02-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 40.Son of Thomas and Edith Ellen Bourne, of Sheffield.
624 BourneCyrilFlight Sergeant933423RAFVR35Sqn211943-04-16FranceLiesse Communal Cemetery, Mil. Plot. Row A. Coll. Grave 3-6.
Son Of Herbert Walter And Alice Bourne; Husband Of Gladys Sylvia Bourne, Of Bellingham, London.
625 BourneGeorge VictorSergeant1395380RAFVR211944-01-31United KingdomWhitchurch Cemetery, Grave 780.Son Of Albert Ernest And Maude Penelope Bourne, Of East Ham, Essex.
626 BournerAlbert Edward JamesFlying Officer89074RAFVR48Sqn RAF
1942-01-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 66.
627 BousquetElbert CyrilPilot OfficerJ/88339RCAF425Sqn191944-03-02United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. F. Row B. Grave 11.Son Of Ernest E. Bousquet And Lucy E. Bousquet, Of Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Canada.
628 BouttellRobert LawrenceSergeant1892607RAFVR7Sqn201944-06-24FranceLedringhem Churchyard, Row E. Grave 1.Son Of Albert Edward And Ethel Bouttell, Of Croydon, Surrey.
629 BowdenTerenceSergeant1591660RAFVR61Sqn191944-01-28United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 225.Son Of Albert And May Bowden, Of Hull.
630 BowdenRichard AlbertLeading Aircraftman1469477RAFVR381945-11-16United KingdomCollaton (St. Mary) Churchyard, Grave 782.Son Of Samuel John And Eliza Ann Bowden, Of Collaton St. Mary; Husband Of Edith Mary Bowden, Of Paignton.
631 BowenCyril KeithPilot OfficerJ/5315RCAF241941-08-28United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 59.Son of Cyril F. And Olive Bowen; Husband of Margaret Berniece Bowen, of Woodlands, Chateauguay, Province of Quebec, Canada.
632 BowenHugh BlakistonAircraftman 1st Class1283063RAFVR1942-05-16United KingdomWorthing (Durrington) Cemetery, Sec. 7. Row 8. Grave 36.Son Of Cyril H. Bowen And Julia C. Bowen, Of Worthing.
633 BowerCyril NormanSergeant1203654RAFVR104Sqn281942-02-24EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 250.Son Of Charles John And Esther Florence Bower; Husband Of Marjorie Edna Bower, Of Frome, Somerset.
634 BowermanBevill CyrilCorporal1198140RAFVR231943-12-30United KingdomBedford Cemetery, Bedfordshire, Sec. I. Grave 361.
635 BoweryEdwin MauriceSergeantR/99736RCAF233Sqn (RAF)211942-11-08MoroccoBen M'sik European Cemetery, Plot 59A. Row 2. Grave 1. Son Of Albert And Greta Bowery, Of London, Ontario, Canada.
636 BowesCyril AlfredSergeant1290940RAFVR50Sqn1942-07-30BelgiumBraine-Le-Comte Communal Cemetery, Ii. C. 6.
637 BowesDonald Stuart MaxwellFlying OfficerJ/37559RCAF419Sqn211945-03-31GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 13. A. 9.Son Of Victor Albert And Elizabeth Stuart Maxwell Bowes, Of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
638 BowlerJohn ThomasLeading Aircraftman1355815RAFVR261943-02-05CanadaSt. Jean-Sur-Richelieu (St. James) Cemetery, Quebec, Plot 184. Row 5.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Albert Bowler, Of Kegworth, Leicestershire, England; Husband Of C. M. (Peggy) Bowler, Of Carrington, Nottingham, England.
639 BowlerAlbert HenryFlying Officer124347RAFVR511Sqn1943-03-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 123.
640 BowlesCyrilSergeant580170RAF105Sqn1940-09-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 12.
641 BowleyMichael LyonPilot Officer110343RAFVR223Sqn211942-06-20EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, Xxxi. F. 8.Son Of Cyril George Lyon Bowley And Mary Doreen Bowley, Of Hampstead, London.
642 BowmanHenry Cyril FrancisFlight Lieutenant111776DFC

RAFVR129Sqn261942-07-28United KingdomBurwash (St. Joseph) Roman Catholic Churchyard, Grave 32.

Son Of Rfn. Henry Frederick Bowman, The Kings Royal Rifle Corps (Killed In Action In France, 23Rd April, 1917), And Of Thyrza Elizabeth Bowman, Of Ilford, Essex; Husband Of Myra Bowman (Nee Jackson). Member Of Hertfordshire And Essex Flying Club.
643 BowmanCyril ThomasSergeant1291113RAFVR221943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 30.
644 BowmanEdward AlbertSergeant1395762RAFVR156Sqn231943-06-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 143.
645 BownBruce OswaldPilot Officer413950RAAF301943-01-01United KingdomSilloth (Causewayhead) Cemetery, Holme Low, Sec. R. Grave 21.Son Of Albert Henry And Edith Margaret Bown, Of Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia; Husband Of Winifred Moore Bown, Of Kew, Victoria.
646 BowreyCyril Kenneth GeorgeLeading Aircraftman1338985RAFVR191942-08-13CanadaPortage-La-Prairie (Hillside) Cemetery, Lot 365. Block 2. Grave 4.

Son Of W. A. Bowrey And Alice Bowrey, Of Bristol, England.
647 BowringNorman HarveyFlying Officer116422RAFVR405Sqn RCAF

231943-12-04GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 4. L. 6.Son Of Cyril And Clara Maria Bowring, Of Merstham, Surrey.
648 BowyerAlbertWarrant Officer1577039RAFVR221943-10-27United KingdomStoke-On-Trent (Hanley) Cemetery, Grave 11135.
649 BoyceJohn WilliamFlight SergeantR/62091RCAF115Sqn (RAF)251941-09-01United KingdomBlundeston (St. Mary) Churchyard, Grave 21 L.Son of Albert William and Amy Isabel Boyce; Nephew of Dorothy A. Daniels, of Belton.
650 BoyceAlbert GeraldWarrant Officer1101201RAFVR210Sqn231944-11-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 213.Son Of Albert And Phyllis Boyce, Of Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
651 BoydAlbert BartramSergeant1376657RAFVR76Sqn291943-03-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 143.
652 BoydLeslie CyrilLeading Aircraftman40014RAAF231944-01-23AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, C.C.9.Son Of Samuel And Florence Kathleen Boyd, Of North Brighton, Victoria.
653 BoyerJoseph Paul AlbertFlight SergeantR/69361RCAF425Sqn221942-10-24United KingdomDishforth Cemetery, Grave 29.Son Of Arthur And Margaret Boyer, Of North Bay, Ontario, Canada.
654 BraceAlexander AlbertSergeant798553RAFVR101Sqn231942-07-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 98.Son Of Eleazor And Jessie Brace, Of St. Johns, Newfoundland.
655 BraddDennis GeorgePilot Officer177394RAFVR630Sqn201944-06-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 210.Son Of Maurice Albert George And Clarissa Eleanor Bradd, Of Stifford, Essex.
656 BradesCyril FrederickLeading Aircraftman755593RAFVR261940-01-29United KingdomWindsor Cemetery, Berkshire, Sec. G.N. Joint Grave 85.Son Of Arthur And Florence Brades, Of Windsor; Husband Of R. M. Brades, Of Ebrington, Gloucestershire.
657 BradfordMichael Albert EdwardFlight Sergeant411478RAAF271943-04-15GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 8. C. 12-15.
658 BradfordEdward Albert JohnFlight Sergeant415742RNZAF115Sqn (RAF)231943-09-14United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 13539.
659 BradfordCyril SamuelFlight Lieutenant49100RAF692Sqn281944-05-27LuxembourgHeinerscheid (Hupperdange) Churchyard, Left Side Of Church.Son Of Samuel James Bradford And Annie Bradford; Husband Of Evelyn Winifred Bradford, Of East Sheen, Surrey.
660 BradleyAlbert Gaston ThomasPilot Officer136336RAFVR78Sqn261942-09-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 68.Son Of Albert Alfred And Jeanne Bradley; Husband Of Annie Hall Bradley, Of Edinburgh.
661 BradleyKeith JamesSergeant411117RAAF251942-07-19United KingdomPembroke Dock Military Cemetery, Sec. C. Grave 21.Son Of James Albert And Alice Maud Bradley, Of Five Dock, New South Wales, Australia.
662 BradlyAlbert ThomasFlight SergeantR/54033RCAF51Sqn (RAF)321941-11-01United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 291.Son of Charles C. Bradly and Bilanda Bradly, of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Husband of Ethel Lydia Bradly (Nee Kneen), of Ottawa.
663 BradshawAlbert RichardsonCorporal16373RAF18Sqn1940-05-10FranceLe Quesnel Communal Cemetery Extension, Row B. Grave 14.
664 BradshawNevilleSergeant1216161RAFVR103Sqn1944-07-29FranceCharmes Military Cemetery, Essegney, Plot 2. Row A. Coll. Grave 18-19.Son Of Albert And Lizzie Bradshaw, Of Bulwell, Nottingham.
665 BradshawGeorge WilliamSergeant1803965RAFVR31Sqn SAAF

211944-09-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 5.Son Of Albert And Jessie Florence Bradshaw, Of East Dulwich, London.
666 BradshawRobert RanuiFlying Officer4215727RNZAF550Sqn (RAF)201944-10-04United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. H. Row A. Grave 6.Son Of Albert Ernest Bradshaw And Of Daisy Bradshaw (Nee Walters), Of Haumoana, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
667 BraidAlexander AlbertWarrant Officer408562RAAF261944-06-17Netherlands (Holland)Uden War Cemetery, 5. C. 8.Son Of Alexander And Albertha Agnes Braid; Husband Of June Beverly Braid, Of Mitcham, Victoria, Australia.
668 BrainAlbert LeslieLeading Aircraftman637253RAF331944-10-09SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 438.Son Of Stanley John And Kale Brain, Of Islip, Oxfordshire.
669 BranchAlbert CharlesFlight Sergeant962835DFM

RAFVR83Sqn211943-10-20Netherlands (Holland)Assen Southern General Cemetery, Plot E. Row 1. Coll. Grave 53-55.
670 BrandAlbert CharlesAircraftman 2nd Class1406479RAFVR231945-07-20United KingdomBristol (Arnos Vale) Cemetery, Plot UUU. Grave 24.Son Of Percy Tom And Gladys Eliza Brand, Of Chessels, Bristol.
671 BrantAlbert RonaldAircraftman 2nd Class1307848RAFVR241941-01-04United KingdomWarfield (St. Michael the Archangel) Churchyard Extension, Row L. Grave 15.Son of Mr. And Mrs. H. J. Brant, of Warfield.
672 BrasherEdward Keith ForbesFlight Sergeant404949DFM

RAAF251942-09-14GermanySage War Cemetery, 11. B. 9.Son Of Albert Edwald Joshiah And Amy Brasher, Of Windsor, Queensland, Australia.
673 BrayWilliamSergeant1075896RAFVR211942-04-13United KingdomGreetland (St. Thomas) Churchyard, Sec. G. Grave 14.Son Of Albert And Ethel Bray, Of Greetland.
674 BrayneFrederick CharlesSergeant404948RAAF241942-07-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of Albert Frederick And Caroline Jane Brayne, Of South Toowong, Queensland, Australia.
675 BreachCyril Wallace FrederickAircraftman 1st Class1325569RAFVR311943-02-11JapanYokohama War Cemetery, Brit. Sec. C. A. 8.
676 BreachWilliam AlbertSergeant640855RAF351944-09-07Pakistan (ex India)Karachi War Cemetery, 2. B. 2.Son Of Bernard And Marie Breach, Of Manchester; Husband Of Margaret Lilian Breach, Of Manchester.
677 BreakspearAlbert RolandSergeant1176410RAFVR240Sqn191942-01-19United KingdomHamnavoe Churchyard, Coll. Grave.Son Of William Nicholas And Maud Ellen Breakspear, Of Cumnor Hill, Oxfordshire.
678 BrearleyElias CyrilSergeant1177594RAFVR291941-09-07United KingdomAlfreton Cemetery, Sec. C. Grave 1346.Son of William and Eliza Brearley, of Alfreton.
679 BrennanJack StephenSergeant391875RNZAF23Sqn (RAF)221940-08-21United KingdomWittering (All Saints) Churchyard, Row C. Grave 8.Son Of John And Olive Brennan, Of Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand.
680 BrennanCyrilSergeant404771RAAF231942-06-25United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of Frank Cyril And Helen Borthwick Brennan, Of Morningside, Queensland, Australia.
681 BrentnallKenneth ThomasSergeant1477508RAFVR61Sqn211943-08-15FranceRugles Communal Cemetery, Grave 2.Son Of Cyril F. B. Brentnall And Ethel M. Brentnall, Of Rangemore, Staffordshire.
682 BrettJames AlbertFlying Officer130599RAFVR50Sqn211943-10-04GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 9. G. 12.Son Of Archibald And Janet Brett, Of Staplehurst, Kent.
683 BretterAlbertLeading Aircraftman938045RAFVR92Sqn1942-09-10EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery, 2. D. 19.Son Of William And Margaret Bretter, Of Darlington, Co. Durham.
684 BrewerFrank EdgarSergeant656817RAFVR272Sqn271942-12-27EgyptAlexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery, 4. H. 17.Son Of Albert Edgar And Edith M. Brewer; Husband Of Phyllis Mary Brewer, Of Hove, Sussex.
685 BrewerCyrilSergeant1418695RAFVR75Sqn RNZAF
221944-11-30GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 25. A. 13-18.Son Of John And Catherine Brewer, Of St. Athan, Glamorgan.
686 BriceAlbertFlight Sergeant811164RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)158Sqn281944-03-31FranceCaumont Churchyard, Grave 4.

Son Of John Henry And Edith Margaret Brice, Of Stoneycroft, Liverpool; Husband Of Dorothy Brice (Nee Woods).
687 BridgartReginald AlbertSergeant742924RAFVR251941-01-05United KingdomOxford Crematorium, Left Hand Column.
688 BridgemanEdward Garrod JoshuaSergeant1393427RAFVR231944-05-27United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. B. Row D. Grave 13.Son Of Albert And Lilian Bridgeman; Husband Of Violet Bridgeman, Of Lee, London.
689 BridgerCyril JackFlight Sergeant417192RNZAF75Sqn RNZAF
261943-08-28GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 9. C. 20.Son Of Cyril And Kathleen Blanche Bridger, Of Nelson City, New Zealand; Grandson Of Clara Maud Hoult, Of Nelson City.
690 BridgettCyril JohnFlight Sergeant1320049RAFVR98Sqn231945-02-10GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 2. D. 13.Son Of William John And Florence Emily Bridgett, Of Newton Abbot, Devon.
691 BrierleyAlbertSergeant1685598RAFVR211945-04-06United KingdomRochdale Crematorium, Panel 1.Son Of Harry And Frances Maud Brierley, Of Rochdale.
692 BriersJohn KeithLeading Aircraftman1245091RAFVR211941-12-26United States of AmericaMontgomery (Oakwood) Cemetery Annexe, Sec. N. Lot 108. Grave 3.
Montgomery (Oakwood) Cemetery Annexe contains 78 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, all airmen who died while training in Alabama under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. There are also 20 French war graves in the cemetery and two non-war burials.
Son of Mr. And Mrs. Albert Briers, of Alvaston, Derby, England.
693 BriggsHenry AlbertLeading Aircraftman534227RAF1940-08-31United KingdomSilloth (Causewayhead) Cemetery, Holme Low, Sec. P. Grave 3.
694 BriggsAlbertLeading Aircraftman1104265RAFVR251943-04-18TunisiaMedjez-El-Bab War Cemetery, 14. B. 19.
695 BrightKenneth ErnestSergeant648514RAF106Sqn261943-09-04GermanyHanover War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 3. F. 8-10.Son Of Albert And Lily Sussanah Bright, Of Higham, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.
696 BrightLeslie RaymondSergeant1392836RAFVR77Sqn231944-01-29GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 2. D. 1.Son Of Albert George And Frances Nellie Bright, Of St. Pancras, London.
697 BrightonAlbert EdwardSergeant518563RAF42Sqn1940-10-13United KingdomWisbech St. Mary (St. Mary) Churchyard, 
698 BrightonKennethSergeant1001920RAFVR272Sqn211942-12-11Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)Khayat Beach War Cemetery, B. J. 1.Son Of Albert And Alice Annie Brighton, Of Rothwell, Yorkshire.
699 BrignellCyrilFlight Sergeant1393046RAFVR61Sqn231944-11-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 216.Son Of William And Elizabeth Brignell, Of Tottenham, Middlesex; Husband Of C. Brignell, Of Tottenham.
700 BrignellDennis Horace AlbertSergeant1800930RAFVR78Sqn191944-03-24United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 14157.Son Of Horace George Henry And Ada Elizabeth Brignell, Of Holborn. London.
701 BrimfieldDennis GeorgeSergeant1288349RAFVR201942-08-01Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 20. B. 3.Son Of Albert Edward And Annie Elizabeth Brimfield, Of Purfleet, Essex.
702 BrinkhurstAnthony Joseph WilliamAircraftman 1st Class1459240RAFVR211944-09-03United KingdomWillows (St. John'S) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Plot A. Row B. Joint Grave 4.Son Of Albert And Kathleen Brinkhurst, Of Sydenham, London.
703 BrinsdonBernardCorporal1057153RAFVR311944-10-11SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 436.Son Of Albert Ernest And Ada Brinsdon, Of Leeds, Yorkshire.
704 BrittainAlbert GrosvenorSergeant8124RAAF291944-05-14AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, P.C.9.Son Of Albert And Gladys Brittain; Husband Of Stella Maude Brittain, Of Gingin, Western Australia.
705 BrittainAlbert LeonardSergeant4216027RNZAF221944-02-21New ZealandAuckland (Waikumete) Cemetery, Prot. Soldiers Area E, Row 3A, Grave 35.Son Of Frederick William Brittain And Of Sarah Brittain (Nee Foley), Of Glen Eden, Auckland City.
706 BritterJohn StapletonFlight Sergeant1314401RAFVR27Sqn221944-01-11SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 434.Son Of Albert George And Caroline Ethel Britter, Of Teddington, Middlesex.
707 BrittonRonald VictorAircraftman 2nd Class547193RAF139Sqn.191939-10-01GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 1. A. 16.Son of Albert Edward and Margara Jane Britton, of Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire.
708 BrittonHenry Wilfred ArthurPilot Officer42458RAF17Sqn191940-08-06United KingdomWimbish (All Saints) Churchyard, Son Of Maj. Albert Henry Britton, Royal Corps Of Signals, And Olive Muriel Britton, Of Edinburgh.
709 BroadEdgar GerogePilot Officer402849RAAF231942-01-14United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 111.Son Of Albert George And Louise F. Broad, Of Moss Vale, New South Wales, Australia.
710 BroadbentHarold Cyril FrederickFlight Sergeant971256DFM

RAFVR218Sqn251942-06-04Netherlands (Holland)Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 32. A. 7-8.Son Of Charles And Jane Broadbent, Of Oldham, Lancashire; Nephew Of Miss L. Broadbent, Of Oldham.
711 BroadbentRobert CharlesSergeantR/176158RCAF620Sqn (RAF)211943-07-31BelgiumFlorennes Communal Cemetery, Row 4. Grave 55.Son Of Charles Frederick And Mary Broadbent, Of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada.
712 BroadbentAllan RobinsonFlying Officer130884RAFVR7Sqn211944-01-14GermanyHanover War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 3. G. 4-11.Son Of Albert Robinson Broadbent And Gertrude Broadbent, Of Rastrick, Brighouse, Yorkshire.
713 BroadbentAlbert EricSergeant1591260RAFVR5 OTU191945-06-01CanadaOttawa Memorial, Panel 4. Column 1.Son Of John And Alice Broadbent, Of Leeds, Yorkshire, England.
714 BrockFrederick AlbertFlying Officer151684RAFVR613Sqn231944-11-19United KingdomMelton Mowbray (Thorpe Road) Cemetery, Grave 213.Son Of Frederick And Alice Elizabeth Brock, Of Tunstall, Stoke-On-Trent.
715 BrockCyril JohnCorporal918748RAFVR261944-08-15United KingdomOxford Crematorium, Left Hand Column.Son Of Harold And Adela Brock, Of Oxford.
716 BrocklebankCyril StanleyFlying Officer42189RAF94Sqn221941-07-05EgyptPort Said War Memorial Cemetery, V. B. 4.Son of Charles and Violet Brocklebank, of Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada.
717 BrodieAlbert EdwinSergeant658031RAF51Sqn231943-06-12Netherlands (Holland)Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, 3. B. 4.
718 BrodieRichard Frederick CharlesFlying Officer136196RAFVR43Sqn211944-01-02ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. J. 14.Son Of Cyril Fredrick Clements Brodie And Catherine Eliza Brodie, Of Balham, London.
719 BroganAlbert CharlesAircraftman 2nd Class552071RAF59Sqn181940-05-26BelgiumWarneton (Waasten) Communal Cemetery, Row A. Joint Grave 9.Son Of Albert Henry And Louisa Victoria Brogan, Of Folkestone.
720 BrookCharles CyrilSergeantR/78891RCAF102Sqn (Ceylon)

1942-11-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 102.
721 BrookJohn EdwardFlight Lieutenant116765RAFVR105Sqn281944-10-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 201.Son Of Albert Edward Brook And Of Maria Brook (Nee Fitton); Husband Of Peggy May Brook (Nee Gillett), Of Chelsea, London.
722 BrookCyril William HughLeading Aircraftman1193941RAFVR321944-03-26United KingdomBristol (Arnos Vale) Cemetery, Plot Ttt. Grave 600.Son Of William And Ellen Brook, Of Bristol; Husband Of Dorothy Hilda Brook, Of Clifton, Bristol.
723 BrookeHoraceSergeant1181084RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)241945-03-22GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 11. C. 18.Son Of Frederick Albert And Hannah Marion Brooke, Of Birmingham.
724 BrookerAlbert FrederickAircraftman 2nd Class1168029RAF1940-08-13United KingdomMaidstone Cemetery, Kent, Plot C.C.1. Grave 95.
725 BrookerAlec AlbertSergeant742459RAFVR61Sqn201940-09-13FranceWimereux Communal Cemetery, Plot 7. Row B. Grave 3.Son Of Harold Thomas Brooker And Daisy Maud Brooker, Of Lower Weston, Bath, Somerset.
726 BrookerDouglasAircraftman 2nd Class1454439RAFVR121 (Eagle)Sqn181942-03-17United KingdomNorth Weald Bassett (St. Andrew) Churchyard, Row 3. Grave 8.Son Of Albert Victor And Marguerite Lily Brooker, Of Swaythling, Hampshire.
727 BrookerWilliam JohnFlight Sergeant430434RAAF201945-04-09ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. B. 27.Son Of Roy Ulric James Hubert And Elizabeth Mary Brooker, Of Albert Park, Victoria, Australia.
728 BrookesErnest AlbertSergeant1198300RAFVR7Sqn201942-12-06BelgiumHeverlee War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 2. D. 1-6.Son Of Ernest And May Florence Brookes, Of Loughborough, Leicestershire.
729 BrookesDennis WilliamPilot Officer155004RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

241943-10-22GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 2. A. 1.Son Of William Albert And Edith Maud Brookes, Of Stanmore, Middlesex.
730 BrookesArchibaldCorporal869570RAFVR974 (Balloon)Sqn411944-06-07FranceBayeux War Cemetery, V. D. 8.Son Of Albert And Amy Brookes, Of Sheffield.
731 BrookesCharles AlbertSergeant955093RAFVR100Sqn261944-03-22GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1. B. 3-5.Son Of Mrs A. Brookes, Of Northfield, Birmingham.
732 BrooksWilliam AlbertSergeant925823RAFVR83Sqn241941-10-11Netherlands (Holland)Texel (Den Burg) Cemetery, Plot K. Row 4. Grave 73.Stepson of Robert Wyndham, of Camberwell, London.
733 BrooksAlbert James JarvisSergeant1177015RAFVR9Sqn211942-09-24GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 9. J. 22.Son Of William James Brooks And Emma Brooks, Of Wokingham, Berkshire.
734 BrooksPhilip GardnerFlying Officer407219RAAF241942-05-22IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 24. A. 6.Son Of Albert Joseph And Elsie Margaret Brooks; Husband Of Marjorie Isobel Brooks, Of Wattle Park, South Australia.
735 BrooksWilliam AlbertLeading Aircraftman1317336RAFVR211942-09-19United KingdomNewport (St. Woolos) Cemetery, Block 82. Grave 230.

Son Of William Robert And Laura Emma Brooks. Of Newport.
736 BrooksCyrilFlight Sergeant1591223RAFVR12Sqn201945-04-05GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 6. Z. 11.Son Of Ellen Dorcas Brooks, Of Leeds, Yorkshire.
737 BroomfieldAlbert EdwardWarrant Officer1078667RAFVR630Sqn251944-01-29GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 7. C. 3-6.Son Of William Wilson Broomfield And Susan Broomfield, Of Dalton Piercy, Co. Durham.
738 BroughtonLeslieSergeant518879RAF213Sqn251940-03-05United KingdomKings Cliffe Cemetery, Grave 442.Son Of Albert Edward And Annie Broughton, Of Kings Cliffe; Husband Of Pearl Broughton, Of Kings Cliffe.
739 BrounRonald RichmondFlight Sergeant417013RNZAF211944-02-15United KingdomChester (Blacon) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 498.Son Of Richmond Thomas Broun And Of Frances Caroline Broun (Nee Boxall); Nephew Of Mrs. G. G. Conley, Of Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand.
740 BrownGordon Fred CyrilAircraftman 2nd ClassR/101665RCAF201941-08-15CanadaWinnipeg (Elmwood) Cemetery, Lot 477. Sec. 18. Grave 1.Son of Cyril E. Brown and Kathleen V. M. Brown, of Winnipeg.
741 BrownJohn HerbertSergeant742961RAFVR144Sqn241940-10-17DenmarkNorre Havrvig Churchyard, Son Of Albert And Lily N. Brown, Of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.
742 BrownDavid CampbellLeading AircraftmanR/115900RCAF191942-08-19CanadaOttawa (Beechwood) Cemetery, Sec. 29. Lot 1. Grave 1 3 1.Son Of Albert Edward And Dorothy F. C. Brown, Of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
743 BrownAlbert ErnestFlight Sergeant403105RAAF281942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 4. A. 7.Son Of Albert Edward And Margaret Isabell Brown, Of Wellington, New South Wales, Australia.
744 BrownCyrilSergeant1183446RAFVR60Sqn191942-05-17SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 414.Son Of John William And Annie Brown, Of Bulwell, Nottingham.
745 BrownFrancis GeorgeSergeant1320388RAFVR77Sqn211942-12-20United KingdomBristol (Shirehampton) Cemetery, Plot B. Grave 1691.

Son Of George Albert And Charlotte Edith Brown, Of Shirehampton, Bristol.
746 BrownAlbert Ernest EdwardAircraftman 1st Class1211702RAFVR191942-11-14United KingdomStreatham Cemetery, Block 17. Grave 65.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. R. Brown, Of Tooting, Surrey.
747 BrownJohn Albert CampbellFlying Officer83331RAFVR411942-01-30United KingdomShawbury (St. Mary The Virgin) Churchyard, Row 19. Grave 2.

Son Of John Albert And Margaret Jameson Brown; Husband Of Dolores Campbell Brown, Of Shirley Surrey.
748 BrownDenis JamesPilot Officer51130RAF218Sqn (Gold Coast)221943-04-29DenmarkEsbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery, A. 11. 7.Son Of Albert James Brown And Sophia Louisa Brown, Of Devonport.
749 BrownAlan MckeandFlight Lieutenant61007RAFVR103Sqn221943-06-15GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 3. B. 1.Son Of Harry Albert And Mabel Clare Brown, Of Badgers Mount, Kent.
750 BrownCyril MacdonaldPilot Officer149639RAFVR103Sqn241943-08-10GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 2. J. 7-14.Son Of Cyril Macdonald Brown And Edith Macdonald Brown, Husband Of Edith Bessie Brown, Of Hendon, Middlesex.
751 BrownCyril DouglasFlight Sergeant1272049RAFVR61Sqn201943-07-30GermanyHamburg Cemetery, 4A. D. 5.Son Of Clara Brown, And Stepson Of Arthur Potiphar, Of Brighton, Sussex.
752 BrownCyril John AmbroseSergeant366040RAF331943-11-09Thailand (ex Siam)Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, 2. B. 33.
753 BrownHarold MervynFlying Officer2367RIAF (India)9Sqn261944-11-21Bangladesh (ex India)Maynamati War Cemetery, 4. E. 11.Son Of James Albert Brown And Dr. Alice Brown, Of Akbarabad, Madras, India. B.E.
754 BrownAlbert HenrySergeant2209356RAFVR550Sqn271944-05-28BelgiumWevelgem Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave E. 498.Son Of Joseph And Annie Brown, Of Radcliffe, Lancashire; Husband Of Alice Brown, Of Radcliffe.
755 BrownGeoffrey AlbertFlying Officer408452RAAF201944-09-24FranceCalais Canadian War Cemetery, Leubringhen, 3. B. 3.Son Of Albert Edgar And Marie Victoria Brown, Of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
756 BrownStanley AlbertFlight Sergeant1399174RAFVR171Sqn221944-12-09GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 9. K. 5-7.Son Of Albert James Brown And Clara Beatrice Brown; Stepson Of Mr. C. Mundill, Of Dagenham, Essex.
757 BrownAlbert Sidney HarrisonFlight Sergeant1812632RAFVR614Sqn201944-06-26HungaryBudapest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. B. 1-6.Son Of Albert And Violet May Brown, Of Enfield Wash, Enfield, Middlesex.
758 BrownAlbertCorporal941969RAFVR231944-06-15SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 437.Son Of Henry And Evelyn Brown, Of Newmillerdam, Wakefield, Yorkshire.
759 BrownAlbert EdwardAircraftman 1st Class702279RAFVR261944-09-28SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 439.Son Of Albert Edward And Ethel Brown, Of Coggeshall, Essex.
760 BrownAlbert HenrySergeant1292798RAFVR149Sqn321944-06-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 225.Son Of James And Lucy Brown.
761 BrownCyrilSergeant1875016RAFVR514Sqn371944-07-25United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 225.Son Of Arthur And Ada Martha Brown, Of Hitchin, Hertfordshire.
762 BrownWilliam DonaldWarrant Officer945000RAFVR7Sqn231944-01-20United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 213.Son Of Albert Edward Brown, And Of Mary Brown, Of Stafford.
763 BrownAlbertSergeant1803013RAFVR231944-06-01United KingdomSouth London Crematorium, Mitcham, Panel 22.

Son Of Charles S. Brown And Matilda Brown; Husband Of Peggy Brown, Of Balham, London.
764 BrownArnoldWarrant Officer746717RAFVR107Sqn341945-04-20GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 11. N. 8.Son Of Cyril And Edith Brown, Of Northampton; Husband Of Miriam Doris Brown, Of Northampton.
765 BrownJames WaldronThird OfficerAir Transport Auxiliary261945-03-20United Kingdom Llandudno (St. Tudno) Churchyard, S.W.of Old Church.

Son Of Albert And Maggie Muir Brown, Of Liverpool.
766 BrownNorman JamesLeading Aircraftman1413212RAFVR381945-12-17United KingdomEastcombe Baptist Cemetery, Near North boundary. Grave 21.

Son Of Albert E. Brown And Isabel Brown, Of Eastcombe.
767 BrownLeslie AlbertWarrant Officer1880252 RAFVR321946-08-03FranceMazargues War Cemetery, Marseilles, Plot 4. Row C. Grave 73.Son Of Albert And Ellen Eliza Brown, Of Hatfield Heath, Essex.
768 BrownJames AlbertAircraftman 2nd Class1550559 RAFVR261946-10-21United KingdomGlasgow (Riddrie Park) Cemetery, Sec. H. Grave 1306.Son Of William And Elisabeth Brown, Of Glasgow; Husband Of Jean Vallance Brown, Of Glasgow.
769 BrownAlbert JosephCorporal651198RAFVR311947-01-23United KingdomBournemouth East Cemetery, Plot M. Row 4. Grave 74.Son Of James A. Brown And Nellie Louisa Brown, Of Boscombe, Bournemouth.
770 BrownbillAlbert EdwardSergeant995904RAFVR106Sqn1941-07-05GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 17. C. 1.
771 BrowneCyril DennisLeading Aircraftman1069726RAFVR1942-12-17MaltaMalta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery, Prot. Sec. (Mens). Plot F. Coll. Grave 18.
772 BrowningCyril MacWarrant Officer514188RAF291942-12-31United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 72.Son Of Mac Bruton Browning And Sarah Browning, Of Davenham, Cheshire.
773 BrowningAlbert CharlesSergeant1179328RAFVR331945-12-24ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. O. 3.Foster-Son Of Henry And Selina Smith, Of Whitehall, Bristol.
774 BrowningCyril Reginald ArthurFlying Officer165962RAFVR48Sqn RAF
1945-10-23SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 447.Son Of Reginald Alfred James And Mabel F. Browning, Of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
775 BroxhamWalter ErnestCorporal943558RAFVR225Sqn271943-02-10AlgeriaBone War Cemetery, Annaba, Iv. B. 15.Son Of Albert And Agnes Broxham, Of Lincoln; Husband Of Esther Broxham, Of Lincoln.
776 BruckRaymond AtholSergeant1815134RAFVR630Sqn221944-12-22United KingdomTankersley (St. Peter) Churchyard, Son Of Albert Edward And Beatrice Virginia Bruck, Of Tankersley.
777 BruderlinDouglas AlbertFlight Sergeant444773RAAF191945-11-15Papua New GuineaRabaul (Bita Paka) War Cemetery, C. A. 16.Son Of Albert Harry And Susan Whyburn Bruderlin, Of Singleton, New South Wales, Australia.
778 BrumbyGeorge AlmaAircraftman 2nd Class2216901 RAFVR211946-03-29United KingdomBeckingham (All Saints) Churchyard Extension, Son Of George Albert And Eva Brumby, Of Beckingham.
779 BrumfittThomasFlight Sergeant1030695RAFVR226Sqn221944-11-25United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 216.Son Of Charles Albert And Harriet Brumfitt, Of West Derby, Liverpool.
780 BrumwellAlbert NormanFlying Officer190873RAFVR57Sqn261947-03-19Sri Lanka (ex Ceylon)Colombo (Liveramentu) Cemetery, 2. A. 12.Son Of William And Frances Susan Brumwell; Husband Of Jessie Brumwell, Of Kentish Town, London.
781 BryanAlbert GeorgeSergeant1389594RAFVR9Sqn271943-06-23GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 3. C. 10.
782 BryanEugene AlbertFlight Sergeant1397438RAFVR62Sqn201945-04-27Myanmar (ex Burma)Taukkyan War Cemetery, 10. K. 5.Son Of Alfred And Margaret Elizabeth Bryan, Of Battersea, London.
783 BryantCyril ArthurSergeant590534RAF9Sqn.1939-10-30United Kingdom Billingborough (St. Andrew) Churchyard,
784 BryantDerek ArthurFlight Sergeant565225RAF271942-04-28United KingdomThorpe-Next-Norwich (St. Andrew) Church Cemetery, Son Of Albert James Bryant And Amy Lsabel Bryant, Of Thorpe St. Andrew.
785 BryantCharlesSquadron Leader43915RAF381947-02-05United KingdomWest Thorney (St. Nicholas) Churchyard, Plot 1. Row D. Grave 11.Son Of Albert Bertie And Mary Ann Bryant; Husband Of Evelyn Joan Bryant, Of Barnes, Surrey.
786 BryerDennis George AlbertSergeant1874880RAFVR75Sqn RNZAF
191944-11-20GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 7. B. 5-7.Son Of Albert Edward Bryer, And Of Dorothy Beatrice Bryer, Of Grays, Essex.
787 BrysonNorman AlbertFlight Sergeant40859RNZAF75Sqn RNZAF
261942-07-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 117.Son Of Henry Albert Bryson, And Of Alice Idoline Bryson, Of Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
788 BuchananRobert MurrayFlight Lieutenant408622RAAF291944-12-08AustraliaBairnsdale War Cemetery, Plot A. Row C. Grave 1.Son Of Cecil Albert And Elizabeth Buchanan; Husband Of Joan Buchanan, Of Woodglen.
789 BuchhornMaxwell HenryAircraftman 1st Class8594RAAF251944-06-24SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 444.Son Of Albert And Alma Gertrude Buchhorn, Of Gilberton, South Australia.
790 BuchwalterFrederick DavidSergeant1330654RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

201942-12-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.Son Of Frederick Albert David And Florence Jane Buchwalter, Of Reading, Berkshire.
791 BuckLeslie AlbertFlying Officer137256RAFVR281943-09-17United KingdomColchester Cemetery, Sec. D. Div. D. Grave 694.
792 BucklandWilliam HenryLeading Aircraftman1360425RAFVR691Sqn291944-08-30United KingdomSwindon (Whitworth Road) Cemetery, Sec. L. Grave 705.Son Of Albert And Mary Buckland, Of Swindon; Husband Of Irene Buckland, Of Swindon.
793 BucklandEdward CyrilFlying Officer430358RAAF191944-09-18United KingdomChester (Blacon) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 983.Son Of Cyril Norman And Mary Buckland, Of St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia.
794 BuckleRoy William JohnSergeant1865368RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

191943-11-26United KingdomMargate Cemetery, Kent, Sec. 23. Grave 7497A.
He was the Engineer aboard Halifax II, HR804, DY-T which crashed at/near Warter Priory at 0355 hours on the 25/26 November 1943 when returning to base (Pocklington) whilst in the Pocklington circuit after a raid on Frankfurt. Two others of the crew perished in the crash and four survived. Son of William Albert and Doris Louise Buckle, of Folkestone
795 BuckleyJohn CyrilFlying Officer44821RAF208Sqn251942-07-18EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 247.Son Of John And Sarah Buckley, Of Douglas, Isle Of Man.
796 BuckleyJackSergeant1008481RAFVR61Sqn221942-03-26GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 22. F. 1-5.Son Of John Albert And Mary Elizabeth Buckley, Of Rochdale, Lancashire.
797 BucktonAlbertFlight Sergeant751516RAFVR231942-11-20NorwayHelleland Churchyard, 2Son Of Charles Gregory And Elizabeth Buckton, Of West Hartlepool, Co. Durham.
798 BucktonLeslie Albert GeorgeSergeant656435RAFVR221942-10-15United KingdomAlperton Cemetery, Plot D.D. Grave 60.Son Of George Thomas Buckton And Evelyn Grace Buckton, Of Sudbury Hill Husband Of M. L. M. Buckton, Of Eastcote. Pinner.
799 BuddJack AlbertWarrant Officer564132RAF208Sqn281942-06-08EgyptHalfaya Sollum War Cemetery, 1. B. 10.Son Of Alfred Allan And Sarah Budd; Husband Of Gertrude Maud Budd, Of Sawston, Cambridgeshire.
800 BudgenCyril FrederickSergeant1322367RAFVR10Sqn201942-12-11FranceVilliers-Le-Duc (St. Phal) Churchyard, Row 2. Grave 6.Son Of Arthur And Esther Budgen, Of Redhill, Surrey.
801 BuggAlbert Samuel ThomasLeading Aircraftman974661RAFVR291942-09-17IndonesiaJakarta War Cemetery, 4. K. 5.Son Of Albert James And Jemina Bugg, Of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk; Husband Of Mary Dorothy Bugg.
802 BuickJohn AlbertWarrant Officer Class IIR/87708RCAF12Sqn281943-01-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 179.
803 BullAlbert EdwardFlight Sergeant1816650RAFVR44Sqn201945-04-10GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. grave 13. J. 3-7.Son Of Henry And Rose Bull, Of Derby; Husband Of Doreen Margaret Bull, Of Derby.
804 BullenAlbert ReginaldAircraftman 2nd Class1628933RAFVR181942-10-24United KingdomSouthborough Cemetery, Sec. 11. Grave 386.Son Of William John And Sarah Matilda Bullen, Of Southborough.
805 BullivantAlbert EdwardSergeant1805873RAFVR7Sqn201944-03-22GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 8. A. 17.Son Of Alfred And Flora Bullivant, Of Nunhead, London.
806 BullockWalter AlbertSergeant512515RAF301942-02-16SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 414.Son Of George Albert And Edith Martha Bullock, Of Newport, Monmouthshire.
807 BullockAlbertFlight Sergeant562422RAF311944-09-16United KingdomNuneaton (Oaston Road) Cemetery, Sec. K. Grave 17.
Son Of Henry And Maud Bullock; Husband Of Heather Irene Marshall Bullock, Of Notting Hill, London.
808 BullockDouglas AlbertFlight Sergeant1274943RAFVR10Sqn241945-01-05GermanyHanover War Cemetery, Coll. grave 12. C. 13-16.Son Of Albert Edward And Ivy May Bullock, Of Birmingham; Husband Of Jocelyn Audrey Bullock, Of South Yardley, Birmingham.
809 BulmerAlbert DerekSergeant1334618RAFVR115Sqn211943-06-12Netherlands (Holland)Uden War Cemetery, 5. H. 9.
810 BumpsteadJohnSergeant1017138RAFVR281942-09-06United KingdomSheffield (Tinsley Park) Cemetery, Sec. E.A. Grave 84.Son Of Albert Henry And Sarah Esther Bumpstead. Of Darnall, Sheffield.
811 BunnAlbert WilliamSergeant656181RAFVR271942-06-10Zimbabwe (ex Rhodesia)Gweru Cemetery, Plot 3. Row A. Grave 11.Son Of Sydney William And Alice Margaret Bunn, Of Limpsfield, Surrey.
812 BunnCyril LeonardLeading Aircraftman1191654RAFVR96Sqn241945-06-14IndiaDelhi War Cemetery, 5. H. 5.Son Of Leonard Oscar And Beatrice Bunn, Of Redditch. Worcestershire.
813 BurbridgeAlbert GeorgeSergeant951997RAFVR103Sqn211941-06-13Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 23. I. 4.Son of Harry and Eileen Mary Burbridge, of Doncaster, Yorkshire.
814 BurchCyril RobertsonFlight Sergeant754234RAFVR149Sqn221941-05-09GermanySage War Cemetery, 4. C. 14.Son of Reginald Rout Burch and Sarah Catherine Burch, of West Worthing, Sussex.
815 BurchRoy VictorPilot OfficerJ/85620RCAF578Sqn (RAF)281944-03-24GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 5. B. 29.Son Of Lancelot Cyril And Amy Matilda Burch, Of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
816 BurchardtCyril GeorgeFlight Sergeant754231RAFVR233Sqn211941-08-20United KingdomWolvercote Cemetery, Sec. C.1. Grave 121.Son of Ernest Ashton Burchardt and Viola Mary Bruce Burchardt, of Oxford.
817 BurdallJames WilliamSergeant1591356RAFVR76Sqn1945-04-25GermanySage War Cemetery, 11. E. 10.Son Of George Albert And Beatrice Burdall; Nephew Of Mrs. M. I. Rodmell, Of Hull.
818 BurdenDudley AlbertFlying Officer144193RAFVR248Sqn1944-06-10United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 204.
819 BurgesNorman George AlbertFlight Sergeant432109RAAF191944-08-26United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 4. O. 10.
Son Of Frederick Oswald And Winifred Gertrude Helena Burges, Of Wincham, New South Wales, Australia.
820 BurgessClifford LeonardLeading Aircraftman749154RAFVR231941-03-07United KingdomSt. Helens Cemetery, Sec. 11. Grave 516.

Son of Albert Lloyd Burgess and Gertrude Maud Burgess; Nephew of Mrs. A. E. Bedford, of St. Helens.
821 BurgessAlbert EdwardPilot Officer54997RAF1944-11-04IndiaMadras War Cemetery, Chennai, 9. D. 10.
822 BurkittAlbert EdwardSergeant900855RAFVR218Sqn1942-08-20United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.
823 BurleyAlbert RoystonSergeant1814741RAFVR101Sqn181944-09-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 226.Son Of William Henry And Martha Lottie Burley, Of St. Briavels, Gloucestershire.
824 BurlingAlbert JamesFlight Sergeant1877098RAFVR358Sqn201945-05-01Myanmar (ex Burma)Taukkyan War Cemetery, 12. E. 17.Son Of Albert Edward And Annie Burling, Of Cross Green, Suffolk.
825 BurneColinFlying Officer131029RAFVR207Sqn201943-07-28GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 11. B. 1.Son Of Albert Wadham Burne And Dorothy May Burne, Of Peneden Heath, Maidstone. Kent.
826 Burnell-phillipsPeter AnthonyFlight Lieutenant37848DFM

RAF607Sqn1941-02-09United KingdomDirleton Cemetery, Sec. E. Grave 998.Son of Anthony and Ida Burnell-phillips.
827 BurnettKenneth JohnLeading Aircraftman1701051RAFVR201Sqn221945-07-31United KingdomIrvinestown Church Of Ireland Churchyard, Plot 2. Grave 68.

Son Of Leonard Cyril And Priscilla Burnett, Of Bampton, Devon.
828 BurnhamHubert JohnSergeant420135RAAF191943-02-08CanadaMoncton (Elmwood) Cemetery, Section Bpc. Row 924. Grave 4.Son Of Albert George And Doris May Burnham, Of Worthing, Sussex, England.
829 BurnsMervyn Albert ThomasFlight Sergeant1208640RAFVR271942-08-11United KingdomThornbury Cemetery, Gloucestershire, New Church Portion. Grave 179.Son Of William Francis And Ella Lilian Burns, Of Thornbury; Husband Of Isobel Rose Burns, Of Thornbury.
830 BurnsWilliam RobinsonCorporalR/138693RCAF531945-06-11CanadaMilltown Catholic Cemetery, Lot 15. Sec. I.Son Of Albert And Mary Burns, Of Milltown; Husband Of Stella Mary Burns, Of Calais, Maine,  U.S.A.
831 BurnsAlbertFlight Sergeant2209624RAFVR576Sqn201945-03-07GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 30. D. 13.Son Of Jane Burns, Of Clayton, Manchester.
832 BurrNorman AlbertSergeant1254030RAFVR148Sqn331942-07-08EgyptFayid War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 6. F. 4-9.Son Of Albert Edward And Alice Edith Burr; Husband Of Rosa Helen Burr, Of Leigh-On-Sea, Essex.
833 BurrageCyril LawrencePilot Officer178941RAFVR605Sqn1944-10-02GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 4. G. 19.
834 BurrellEdward FrederickSergeant804335RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)78Sqn211942-08-12BelgiumMean Communal Cemetery, Grave 1.Son Of Albert Charles And Rebecca Harper Burrell; Husband Of May Emily Violet Burrell, Of Forest Gate, Essex.
835 BurrowesMavis MyrtleCorporal91725Womens Auxiliary Australian Air Force281943-08-15AustraliaAdelaide (Centennial Park) Cemetery, Plot M. Row A. Grave 5.Daughter Of Albert Willie Theodore And Emma Matilda Obst; Wife Of William Thomas Burrowes, Of St. Morris.
836 BurrowsAlbert EdwardSergeant751057RAFVR7Sqn211941-09-29United KingdomDerby (Nottingham Road) Cemetery, Sec. F. Grave 592.Son of Mr. And Mrs. A. E. Burrows, of Derby.
837 BurrowsFrederick ArthurFlight Sergeant536709RAF202Sqn231941-06-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 35.Son of Albert Charles Burrows, and of Annie Burrows, of Warrington, Lancashire.
838 BurrowsAlbertFlight Sergeant349996RAF391940-05-28United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 10.Son Of Frank And Sarah Jane Burrows.
839 BurseRussell ErvineLeading AircraftmanR/267579RCAF221945-06-22CanadaFredericton Rural Cemetery, Lot 8. Block L. Maple Drive.Son Of Albert True Burse And Mertie Edna Burse, Of Old Town, Maine, U.S.A.; Husband Of Lora Christina Burse, Of Fredericton.
840 BurtEric CyrilFlight Lieutenant118027DFC

RAFVR97Sqn231944-07-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 201.Son Of Victor And Anne Burt; Husband Of Peggy Marion Burt, Of Edgware, Middlesex.
841 BurtonCyril KitchenerSergeant1314108RAFVR76Sqn281943-06-12Netherlands (Holland)Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, Plot Jjb. Coll. Grave 82-85.
842 BurtonCyrilSergeant612357RAF207Sqn1943-11-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 144.
843 BurtonBrydon AlbertFlight Sergeant42178RNZAF211943-11-24United KingdomMontrose (Sleepyhillock) Cemetery, Sec. 2. Class C. Grave 13.
844 BurtonOwen AlbertFlight Sergeant422256RNZAF201943-11-25United KingdomBath (Haycombe) Cemetery, Plot 51. Sec. H. Row P. Grave 246.
845 BurtonAlbert WilliamSergeant1283980RAFVR192Sqn351944-05-04FranceLa Ville-Aux-Bois Churchyard, Son Of Albert William And Maud Burton; Husband Of Florence Burton, Of Bermondsey, London.
846 BurtonHerbert EricFlight Sergeant439540RAAF251945-04-09United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot H/1. Grave 191.Son Of Albert Eric And Helen Burton, Of Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia.
847 BurttHenry JohnFlying Officer414560RNZAF75Sqn RNZAF
311944-07-21Netherlands (Holland)Tilburg (Gilzerbaan) General Cemetery, Plot B. Row 2. Grave 58.Son Of Albert John And Edith Jessie Burtt, Of Durie Hill, Wanganui, Wellington, New Zealand.
848 BusbyDenis GeorgeSergeant1391156RAFVR57Sqn201943-02-04FranceSt. Germain-Au-Mont-Dor Communal Cemetery Extension, Row C. Grave 19.Son Of Albert V. Busby And Bertha Busby, Of Hastings, Sussex.
849 BuschAlbert CliffordLeading Aircraftman144520RAAF191945-01-25AustraliaTownsville War Cemetery, E.C.12.Son Of Albert Sydney And Pearl Florence Busch, Of North Richmond, Victoria.
850 BushCyrilFlight Lieutenant139961DFC

RAFVR7Sqn1944-02-20GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 6. E. 23-28.
851 BuskJackSergeant1617032RAFVR251945-01-02United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 274.Son Of Albert And Gertrude Emily Busk; Husband Of Joyce Mary Busk, Of Staines, Middlesex.
852 ButcherJohn AmbroseLeading Aircraftman515617MiDRAF261940-03-03United KingdomNorthwood Cemetery, Sec. H. Grave 164.Son Of Albert And Ida Suie Butcher; Husband Of Dorothy Alice Butcher, Of Uxbridge.
853 ButcherWilliam AlbertFlight Sergeant901752RAFVR630Sqn1944-07-29GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 8. D. 21.
854 ButcherCyril George RaymondSergeant1866662RAFVR191944-11-10United KingdomRomford Cemetery, Sec. L.L. Grave 2664.
Son Of Henry Thomas Butcher And Ethel Melinda Butcher, Of Romford.
855 ButcherJack RichardLeading Aircraftman907696RAFVR251945-09-30United KingdomThames Ditton (St. Nicholas) Churchyard, Old Part. Grave L. G. 9.Son Of Charles George Albert And Alice Florence Butcher Of Esher.
856 ButlerCyril John EdmundSergeant1154913RAFVR420 (R.C.A.F.)Sqn1942-04-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.
857 ButlerCyrilFlight Sergeant1596394RAFVR12Sqn201945-02-04GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 2. E. 9.Son Of Harold And Margaret Butler, Of Hull.
858 ButlerCyril JosephFlying OfficerJ/88278RCAF407Sqn261945-03-07United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 50. G. 7.
Son Of Theophilus Mack Butler And Margaret Martina Butler, Of Sheet Harbour Road, Halifax Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.
859 ButlerJack AlbertFlying Officer167805 RAFVR221946-11-07GermanyMunster Heath War Cemetery, 4. D. 18.

Son Of Henry George And Harriett Butler; Husband Of Joyce Adeline Butler, Of East Croydon, Surrey.
860 ButtEdward LeslieSergeant1262088RAFVR86Sqn271941-09-07Netherlands (Holland)Ameland (Nes) General Cemetery, Plot D. Row 15. Grave 3.Son of Albert John and Elsie Anne Butt, of Drayton, Portsmouth.
861 ButtelAlbert FrancoisSergeant403717RAAF221942-06-07GermanySage War Cemetery, 7. C. 5.Son Of Mark Albert And Jane Laidlaw Buttel, Of Oatley, New South Wales, Australia.
862 ButterworthCyrilFlight Sergeant1425005RAFVR57Sqn211943-08-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 135.
863 ButterworthRobert StuartFlying OfficerJ/38675RCAF405Sqn RCAF

261945-03-19GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 13. F. 7.

Son Of Ernest Albert Reynolds Butterworth And Agnes Bannerman Butterworth; Husband Of Georgina Best Butterworth, Of Richville, New York, U.S.A. Member Phalanx Hon. Frat., Clarkson College, U.S.A.
864 ButtonCyrilFlight Sergeant1339068RAFVR115Sqn221943-08-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 135.
865 ButtonFrederick Albert JonathanFlight Sergeant1398862RAFVR236Sqn211944-07-22GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 5. B. 19.Son Of Frederick John And Edith Emma Button, Of Woodbridge, Suffolk.
866 BuzikJoseph PaulAircraftman 2nd ClassR/158266RCAF181942-07-11CanadaPrince Albert (South Hill) Cemetery, Plot 10.Son Of Paul And Nellie Buzik, Of Prince Albert.
867 ByattHaroldAircraftman 2nd Class1188532RAFVR321945-02-05United KingdomNewcastle-Under-Lyme (Silverdale) Cemetery, Grave 2872.Son Of Albert And Elizabeth Byatt; Husband Of Ida Byatt, Of Newcastle-Under-Lyme.
868 ByrneRogerFlying Officer419791RAAF261944-06-01AustraliaMildura Public Cemetery, Plot C. Row B. Grave 11.Son Of Richard Thomas Patrick And Mary Byrne, Of Albert Park.
869 ByromAlbertSergeant1100665RAFVR97Sqn211942-09-02United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.Son Of William And Emma Byrom, Of Northwich, Cheshire.
870 BywatersHarry FrancisFlight Sergeant552640RAF254Sqn181941-04-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 35.Son of Albert and Abegale Bywaters; Husband of Margaret Mcd. Bywaters, of Bucksburn, Aberdeenshire.
871 CadeauAlbert JosephFlight SergeantR/131235RCAF428Sqn1943-10-03GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 11. C. 6.Son Of Peter And Julia Cadeau, Of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
872 CaileAlbertFlight Sergeant1018880RAFVR166Sqn1944-01-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 216.
873 CalderJames StanleyPilot Officer416453RNZAF15Sqn (RAF)251943-11-18FranceSouain Communal Cemetery, Grave 5.
Son Of Albert Edward And Hilda Calder, Of Kingsland Auckland. New Zealand.
874 CalderAlexander FraserFlight Sergeant1894540RAFVR357Sqn201945-09-07Myanmar (ex Burma)Taukkyan War Cemetery, Spec. Mem. 2Son Of Cyril Arthur And Marian Dorothy Calder, Of Dagenham, Essex.
875 CalvertCyrilSergeant1191329RAFVR156Sqn1942-12-20Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 12. D. 1-2.
876 CalvertCyril DesmondPilot Officer137298DFM

RAFVR83Sqn281943-04-03GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 2. D. 13.
877 CameronCyril CharlesAircraftman 2nd Class3225065RAFVR191944-10-22United KingdomBangor Cemetery, Sec. 4.V. Grave 86.
Son Of Hugh And Alice Eleanor Cameron, Of Bangor.
878 CameronPhillip GreigFlight Sergeant400112RAAF311945-02-09MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 19, Column 1.Son Of James Albert Park Cameron And Christina Cameron, Of Colac, Victoria, Australia.
879 CampbellSydneyPilot Officer179864RAFVR90Sqn
231944-10-31GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 30. C. 11.Son Of Albert James Campbell And Rebecca Campbell, Of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
880 CampsAlbertSergeant1133327RAFVR149Sqn1943-05-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 144.
881 CamptonAlbert Spencer BlairPilot OfficerJ/95225RCAF576Sqn291945-01-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 280.Son Of James And Ruth A. Campton, Of Ville St. Michel, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
882 CandlineAlbert EdwardFlight SergeantR/100359RCAF408Sqn (RCAF)1944-07-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 254.
883 CanetDavidSergeant401298RAAF231942-08-19United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of Albert And Linda Caroline Canet, Of St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia.
884 CanhamAlbert EdwardAircraftman 1st Class770416RAFVR1940-08-22United KingdomEly Cemetery, Sec. F. Grave 293.

Husband Of R. Canham, Of Cambridge.
885 CanningAlbert GeorgeAircraftman 2nd Class1283677RAFVR311945-12-19United KingdomCardiff Western Cemetery, Sec. F. Grave 619.Son Of John Henry And Elizabeth Canning, Of Cardiff; Husband Of Irene Canning, Of Grangetown, Cardiff.
886 CanningsKenneth LevernePilot OfficerJ/90920RCAF463Sqn RAAF

201944-05-09BelgiumWevelgem Communal Cemetery, Grave E. 463.Son Of Albert George And Harriett Cannings, Of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.
887 CannonDavid ArmstrongFlight SergeantR/103962RCAF201943-03-13CanadaOttawa Memorial, Panel 2. Column 4.Son Of William Carmon, And Of Grace Armstrong Cannon, Of Albert Park, Alberta.
888 CannonErnest AlbertSergeantR/182457RCAF106Sqn (RAF)201943-09-04GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 3. F. 11.Son Of Harry Richard And Jennie Cannon, Of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
889 CannonRoy Albert ArthurFlying Officer142064RAFVR548Sqn241945-02-26USAArlington National Cemetery, Sec. 34. Coll. Grave 2084.Son Of Frederick Henry And May Cannon.
890 CantyEdwin AlbertPilot Officer414898RAAF291944-06-22Netherlands (Holland)Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, Plot Kk. Grave 75.Son Of Edwin Paskin And Evelin Canty, Of West Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.
891 CapelStanley GeorgeSergeant906191RAFVR53Sqn251941-04-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 40.Son of Albert and Emma Amelia Capel, of Exmouth, Devon.
892 CapelCyril FrankFlight Sergeant953916RAFVR286Sqn211943-06-23United KingdomOld Church Cemetery, Isles Of Scilly, North Square Plot.
893 CarcaryAlbert AlexanderFlight SergeantR/86290RCAF73Sqn (RAF)1942-07-22EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 264.
894 CardwellJohnSergeant964276RAFVR148Sqn251942-01-12EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 250.Son Of Albert Henry And Sarah Jane Cardwell.
895 CareyAlbert MooreFlying OfficerJ/10622RCAF1942-11-28CanadaOttawa Memorial, Panel 1. Column 4.
896 CarlileDerek ReginaldPilot Officer171073RAFVR630Sqn191944-02-15GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 6. D. 19.Son Of Reginald Albert And Lilian Carlile, Of Nuthall, Nottinghamshire.
897 CarlingThomasAircraftman 1st Class145624RAAF181944-02-05AustraliaSpringvale War Cemetery, Melbourne, 2.P.B.3.Son Of Albert Alfred And Maud Mary Carling, Of Malvern.
898 CarltonAlbert GeorgeFlight Lieutenant412390RAAF251944-11-01ThailandKanchanaburi War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 10. L. 6-12.Son Of George And Ellen Carlton, Of Manly, New South Wales, Australia; Husband Of Betty Jewel Carlton, Of Haberfield, New South Wales.
899 CarmanCyrilSergeant1520948RAFVR210Sqn1944-11-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 226.
900 CarnLeslie AlbertFlight Sergeant743067RAFVR50Sqn1941-04-10United KingdomSouthend-on-sea (Sutton Road) Cemetery, Plot R. Grave 12143.
901 CarnallAlbert KennethAircraftman 2nd Class3000531RAFVR191945-11-28United KingdomBarkby Cemetery, Sec. W. Grave 163.Son Of Albert Henry And Florence May Carnall, Of Barkby.
902 CaroJ LLieutenant79689VSAAF614Sqn (RAF)271944-08-14MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 17, Column 1.Son Of Cyril And Hilda Caro, Of Cape Town, South Africa.
903 CarpenterAlbert JohnFlight Sergeant413023RNZAF136 (RAF)Sqn271943-04-04Bangladesh (ex India)Chittagong War Cemetery, 7. B. 8.Son Of Albert And Margaret Carpenter; Husband Of Olive Burroughs Carpenter, Of Glendowie, Auckland City, New Zealand.
904 CarpenterLeonard Albert GordonWarrant Officer1195300RAFVR278Sqn241945-03-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 269.Son Of Charles James Carpenter, And Of Louisa Kate Carpenter, Of Templecombe, Somerset.
905 CarpenterAlbert JohnAircraftman 2nd Class2245973RAFVR951Sqn Balloon361945-03-13United KingdomBexleyheath Cemetery, Sec. E. Grave 460.Son Of Albert John And Beatrice Victoria Carpenter; Husband Of Miriam Kathrine Carpenter, Of Bexleyheath.
906 CarpenterCyril NelsonWing Commander29236RAF1945-02-25United KingdomOborne (St. Cuthbert) Churchyard, East of church.
907 CarrAlbertPilot Officer139490RAFVR191943-02-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 131.
908 CarrAlbert NelsonLeading Aircraftman125474RAAF371944-04-09Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, T. B. 3.

Son Of James And Sarah Ann Carr.
909 CarrFrankLeading Aircraftman1635254RAFVR401945-04-23United KingdomSheffield Crematorium, Screen Wall. Panel 1.Son Of Albert And Harriet May Carr, Of Sheffield.
910 CarrAlbert EdwardLeading Aircraftman1180761 RAFVR1946-07-10United KingdomIslington Cemetery And Crematorium, Sec. O. Block 10. Grave 22569P.
911 CarriereJoseph Charles LionelPilot OfficerJ/41813RCAF211944-07-31United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 52. J. 1.
Son Of Albert And Delima Carriere, Of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.
912 CarrollLeonard AlbertLeading Aircraftman1163804RAFVR221941-02-21United KingdomWellingborough (Doddington Road) Cemetery, Sec. N. Grave 22.Son of Albert Ernest and Ellen Carroll, of Wellingborough.
913 CarruthersAlbert LeslieSergeant1347717RAFVR251943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. B. 8.
914 CarscaddenCyril HudsonSquadron LeaderJ/2968RCAF271945-02-04CanadaVancouver (Mountain View) Cemetery, Abray. Block 3. Plot 19. Lot 14.Son Of James Milton Carscadden And Adelia A. Carscadden, Of Vancouver; Husband Of Margaret Carscadden, Of Vancouver.
915 CarsonWilliam AlbertSergeantR/61206RCAF291943-08-28CanadaGood Hope Cemetery, Block 5. Lot 2. Grave 4.Son Of John William E. Carson And Alice Mae Carson, Of Edmonton.
916 CarswellAlbert StewartFlight Lieutenant89368AFCRAFVR1945-10-17United KingdomGlasgow (Eastwood) Old And New Cemetery, Sec. G. (New Part). Grave 1447.
917 CarterLeslie RaymondFlight Sergeant754236RAFVR74Sqn211941-07-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 35.Son of Albert William and Jeanetta Caroline Carter, of Shenley, Hertfordshire.
918 CarterRonald Graham WhiteSergeant655269RAF241942-01-01United KingdomHylton (Castletown) Cemetery, Sec. D. Row 1. Grave 708.
Son of Albert Edward and Nora Carter, of New Malden, Surrey.
919 CarterAlbert MartinFlight SergeantR/91412RCAF405Sqn RCAF

221942-10-01GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 4. A. 2.Son Of Albert Edward And Mary Etta Carter, Of Orillia, Ontario, Canada.
920 CarterDerek GuyFlying Officer88404RAFVR50Sqn221942-02-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 66.Son Of Major Cyril Rodney Carter, D.S.O., And Of Celia Ellen Alexia Carter, Of Penhalonga, Southern Rhodesia.
921 CarterRonald Graham WhiteSergeant655269RAF241942-01-01United KingdomHylton (Castletown) Cemetery, Sec. D. Row 1. Grave 708.
Son Of Albert Edward And Nora Carter, Of New Malden, Surrey.
922 CarterEdward AlbertFlight Lieutenant104344RAFVR82Sqn311943-12-15SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 423.
923 CarterStanley AlbertFlight Sergeant1585185RAFVR25Sqn201943-10-02United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. C. Row C. Grave 11.
924 CarterNorman EdwardPilot OfficerJ/88698RCAF429Sqn231944-01-20GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 11. N. 6.Son Of William Albert And Nellie Carter. Of St. Clair, Michigan, U.S.A.
925 CarterAlbert LeslieSquadron Leader44553DFC

RAF582Sqn291944-12-23GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 14. C. 10.Son Of Thomas And Alice Emma Carter; Husband Of Ruby Eileen Carter, Of Wroughton, Wiltshire.
926 CarterAlbert VictorFlying OfficerJ/35424RCAF426Sqn221944-12-05United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 51. J. 8.
Son Of Albert Victor Stephen And Edna Scott Carter, Of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Husband Of Bernice Eva Carter, Of Toronto.
927 CarterAlbert Henry HaydonWarrant Officer546374RAF261944-01-28United KingdomExeter Higher Cemetery, Sec. Z.K. Grave 93.Son Of Thomas And Elizabeth Jane Haydon Carter; Stepson Of John Lindsay, Of Exeter.
928 CarterAlbert EdwardAircraftman 1st Class1668381RAFVR1944-10-06United KingdomBirmingham (Yardley) Cemetery, Grave 66964.Son Of Albert Edward And Elizebeth Carter; Husband Of Sarah Lilian Carter, Of Edgbaston, Birmingham.
929 CarterAlbert CharlesFlight Sergeant335766RAF421947-11-09United KingdomGillingham (Woodlands) Cemetery, Kent, Sec. B. Grave 56.
Son Of Alfred And Alice Maud Carter, Of Gillingham; Husband Of Phyllis Carter, Of Colchester, Essex.
930 CartmaleAlbertLeading Aircraftman1502038RAFVR221943-07-24EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery, 5. F. 10.Son Of Albert And Agnes Cartmale, Of Lichfield, Staffordshire.
931 CartwrightLancelot CyrilSergeant530247RAF50Sqn1942-09-11GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 28. A. 14.
932 CartwrightEdward Thomas AlbertSergeant655428RAF231942-02-13United KingdomStratford-On-Avon Cemetery, Grave 4019.

Son Of James And Kate Mary Cartwright, Of Stoke Newington, London; Husband Of Kathrine Margaret Maud Cartwright, Of Stoke Newington.
933 CaryAlbert ErnestLeading Aircraftman126705RAAF241944-04-08Papua New GuineaPort Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, B2. F. 21.Son Of Ernest Arthur And Janet Mary Cary, Of West Preston, Victoria.
934 CaryEarl StanleyPilot OfficerJ/89984RCAF149Sqn (RAF)271944-08-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 249.Son Of Ernest Albert And Ida Catherine Cary, Of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
935 CashChristopherFlight Sergeant1318226RAFVR143Sqn221945-01-15NorwayBergen (Mollendal) Church Cemetery, A. 11.Son Of Albert E. And Lily Cash, Of Seven Kings, Ilford, Essex; Husband Of Margaret H. Cash.
936 CashmorePhilipLeading Aircraftman936370RAFVR271Sqn221942-12-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 97.Son Of John Albert Cashmore, And Of Sarah Ann Cashmore, Of Linthwaite, Yorkshire.
937 CasperLeonard CharlesFlight Sergeant1392257RAFVR115Sqn221944-02-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 216.Son Of Cyril Leonard And Beatrice Maud Casper, Of Peckham, London.
938 CasselyAlbert HaroldCorporal13633RAF1940-08-13United KingdomHeston (St. Leonard) Churchyard, Long Walk. Grave 19C.Son Of Sydney And Ada Elizabeth Cassely; Husband Of Alice May Cassely, Of Feltham.
939 CassonFrank AlbertPilot OfficerJ/95417RCAF354Sqn (RAF)211945-08-09IndiaMadras War Cemetery, Chennai, 9. F. 8.Son Of Albert Joseph Casson, And Of Margarita S. Casson, Of Seaforth, Ontario, Canada.
940 CastellRichard AlbertPilot Officer48954RAF191942-08-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 68.Son Of Oliver John And Caroline Castell, Of Billericay, Essex.
941 CastonCyril LeonSergeant1627211RAFVR166Sqn201944-09-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 226.Son Of Robert And Emily Emma Caston, Of Thorpe, Norfolk.
942 CatererJamesFlying Officer134311RAFVR635Sqn1944-06-16FranceBeaurains Communal Cemetery, N.E. Portion.Son Of Albert And Elizabeth Ellen Caterer, Of Wealdstone, Middlesex.
943 CathlesNoel Alfred CampbellPilot Officer102975RAFVR110Sqn251941-07-23ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 20.Son of Albert Cathles, and of Ada R. Cathles, of Old Hunstanton, Norfolk.
944 CatonGeorge ArthurFlying Officer138390RAFVR221944-11-16AlgeriaDely Ibrahim War Cemetery, 3. A. 18.Son Of Albert Arthur And Ethel Sophia Caton, Of Worthing, Sussex.
945 CausierRussell GeorgeSergeantR/120674RCAF191942-12-14United KingdomStratford-On-Avon Cemetery, Grave 4199.

Son Of Albert Henry And Florence Elizabeth Russell Causier, Of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
946 CausonJohn AlbertSergeant754964RAFVR139Sqn211941-07-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 41.Son of John and Alice Causon, of Cranham, Gloucestershire.
947 CaveCyril GeorgeSergeant1325001RAFVR276Sqn221942-11-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.Son Of Algernon Frank And Irene Cave, Of Wolverhampton.
948 CaveAlbert FerdinandSquadron Leader35222RAF431944-09-23United KingdomWarblington Cemetery, Sec. 3. Grave 750.Son Of Albert Joseph And Ellen Jane Cave; Husband Of Jean Marjorie Helen Cave, Of Emsworth.
949 CavillWilliam Horace JamesLeading Aircraftman1536615RAFVR221944-08-11Pakistan (ex India)Karachi War Cemetery, 5. A. 9.Son Of Albert William And Alice Louisa Cavill, Of Reading, Berkshire.
950 CayerAlbert Jean WilliamPilot OfficerJ/89721RCAF424Sqn1944-11-03GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 29. F. 1.
951 ChadawayJohn AlfredSergeant755149RAFVR217Sqn221941-12-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 41.Son of Albert James Chadaway and Margaret Chadaway, of Hall Green, Birmingham.
952 ChaddockHorace AlbertSquadron LeaderRCAF521947-10-29USADerby Line Cemetery, Family Plot.Son Of Robert H. And Ellen M. Chaddock; Husband Of Ruth Esther Chaddock, Of Rock Island, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
953 ChadwickCyrilSergeant1622527RAFVR156Sqn201943-08-24GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 14. B. 7-8.Son Of Ernest And Evelyn Chadwick, Of Pemberton, Wigan, Lancashire.
954 ChaffeyHector ClaytonSergeant798757RAFVR211944-09-30United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. E. Row E. Grave 19.Son Of Albert C. Chaffey And Bessie Chaffey, Of Musgravetown, Newfoundland.
955 ChalkFrederick Rodney AlbertSergeant534048RAF240Sqn251941-03-21United KingdomIrvinestown Church of Ireland Churchyard, Plot 1. Grave 4.

Son of Joseph Hiram and Alice Louisa Chalk, of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire; Husband of Doreen Mildred Chalk.
956 ChalkEdward EugeneFlight Sergeant1259642RAFVR99Sqn211943-10-08Bangladesh (ex India)Chittagong War Cemetery, 3. D. 4.Son Of Albert Edward And Queenie Maud Chalk, Of Neasden, Middlesex.
957 ChalkAlbert EdwardSergeant1322049RAFVR408 (RCAF)Sqn231943-07-31United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 145.
958 ChallengerAlbert EdwardFlight Lieutenant80068RAF301944-11-06Zimbabwe (ex Rhodesia)Bulawayo (Athlone) Cemetery, Grave 115.
959 ChallisBrian WilliamPilot Officer120162RAFVR33Sqn201942-07-05EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 248.Son Of Albert Edward And Nora Louise Challis, Of Selsdon, South Croydon, Surrey.
960 ChallisAlbert CliffordFlight SergeantR/82327RCAF425Sqn221942-10-05United KingdomSaffron Walden Cemetery, Compt. 39. Grave 14.Son Of Albert Edward And Edith Lilian Challis, Of Ottawa, Ontario. Canada.
961 ChambersCyril HenryLeading Aircraftman1380464RAFVR191941-08-29United KingdomMontrose (Sleepyhillock) Cemetery, Sec. 7. Class C. Grave 79.Son of Wilfred and Mabel Chambers, of Bristol.
962 ChambersDouglas Edward CyrilSergeant1330903RAFVR419Sqn (RCAF)1943-06-12GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 1. G. 7.
963 ChambersSydney John AlbertAircraftman 2nd Class1229958RAFVR1943-11-29SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 429.
964 ChambersJohn AlbertSergeant1451459RAFVR9Sqn1944-05-12BelgiumWilsele Churchyard, Row B. Grave 2.
965 ChambersWilliam JohnPilot Officer157673RAFVR9Sqn231944-02-21GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 11. D. 15.Son Of Ernest Cyril And Margaret Emily Chambers, Of Ilford, Essex.
966 ChambersAlbertFlight Lieutenant113350DFC & Bar

RAFVR97Sqn231944-06-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 201.Son Of Albert And Mary Chambers; Husband Of Vera Chambers, Of Chaddesden, Derbyshire.
967 ChambersAlbert EdwardLeading Aircraftman450315 RAAF201946-07-25IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 33. A. 1.Son Of Albert Henry And Eva Lillian Chambers, Of Chiltern, Victoria. Australia.
968 ChampionWilfred AlbertSergeant1315034RAFVR221943-03-01United KingdomTreverbyn Cemetery, Sec. A. Row 6. Grave 8.
969 ChampionAlbert GeorgeCorporal536315RAF291947-05-31United KingdomHawkinge Cemetery, Plot N. Sec. A. Grave 342.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. C. F. Champion, Of Folkestone; Husband Of Joyce A. Champion, Of Folkestone.
970 ChanceAlbert DonaldSergeant1044874RAFVR425 (R.C.A.F.)Sqn1942-10-01GermanyKiel War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 2. D. 8-10A.
971 ChanceAlbert EdwardPilot Officer147544RAFVR371943-12-23Sri Lanka (ex Ceylon)Colombo (Liveramentu) Cemetery, 1. O. 1.
972 ChandlerCyril FrankAircraftman 2nd Class1047058RAFVR361941-06-02United KingdomHenley-on-thames (Fairmile) Cemetery, Sec. 13. Grave 93.Son of John and Elizabeth Chandler; Husband of Elsie E. Chandler, of Henley-on-thames.
973 ChandlerCyril HarrySergeant755118RAFVR9Sqn201941-08-12GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 21. A. 1.Son of Harry Newman Chandler and Edith Mary Chandler, of Cambridge.
974 ChandlerAlbert WilliamSergeant1800725RAFVR419Sqn (RCAF)211943-09-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 145.
975 ChandlerKenneth ErnestSergeant1162631RAFVR10Sqn241944-06-29FranceFeigneux Communal Cemetery, Mil. Row. Grave 7.Son Of Ernest Albert And Ethel Chandler, Of Derby; Husband Of Hilda Chandler, Of Littleover, Derby.
976 ChandlerWilliam CharlesFlight Sergeant408476RAAF201944-05-25Netherlands (Holland)Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, Plot Kk. Grave 62.Son Of Albert Percy And Rita Mary Chandler, Of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
977 ChandlerLeslie AlbertFlying Officer151716RAFVR39Sqn221944-07-14SerbiaBelgrade War Cemetery, Joint Grave 10A. B. 9-10.Son Of Albert And Ethel Chandler Of Leigh, Kent.
978 ChanningCyril OscarSergeant1337189RAFVR228Sqn221944-06-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 226.Son Of Oscar Rawle Channing And Ellen Louisa Channing, Of Ventnor, Isle Of Wight.
979 ChantCyril DinhamPilot Officer73124RAFVR261942-06-24United KingdomMinehead Cemetery, Cons. Ground. Grave 2716.Son Of Thomas William And Lilian Annie Chant, Of Minehead. M.Sc. (Lond.).
980 ChapmanPhilip AlbertSergeant1861645RAFVR50Sqn191943-07-10FrancePoix-De-Picardie Churchyard, Row E. Grave 3.Son Of Walter Ernest And Lottie Chapman, Of Kensington, London.
981 ChapmanCyrilFlight Sergeant1425936RAFVR576Sqn211943-12-16GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 4. H. 14.Son Of G. A. Chapman And Clara Chapman, Of Bradford Moor, Yorkshire.
982 ChapmanHarold EdwardSergeant1876520RAFVR625Sqn191944-03-15GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 11. E. 15-18.Son Of Albert Victor And Maud Violet Chapman, Of East Greenwich, London.
983 ChappelAlbert James AidanFlight Sergeant1097462RAFVR115Sqn251944-01-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 216.Son Of Alice Chappel And Stepson Of J. P. Sanderson, Of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.
984 ChappellAlbertSergeant1591968RAFVR9Sqn191944-02-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 226.Son Of Albert And Eliza Chappell, Of Cadishead, Lancashire.
985 CharlandRobert AlbertFlying OfficerJ/29054RCAF626Sqn (RAF)1944-10-15GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 25. C. 1-4.
986 CharlesWalter JamesSergeant1665264RAFVR12Sqn211945-03-16GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 9. E. 17.Son Of Walter Albert And Frederica Charles, Of Tufnell Park, London.
987 CharlesHilton DavidFlight Sergeant1810279RAFVR228Sqn261945-04-27United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 270.Son Of Albert Joseph And Mary Charles, Of St. Joseph, Trinidad, West Indies.
988 CharltonRaymond Cyril FrederickFlight Sergeant552446RAF236Sqn201942-08-19United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 73.Son Of Frederick Richard And Elsie Edith Aderlaide Charlton, Of Walderslade, Kent.
989 CharltonLeslie AlbertSergeant1333575RAFVR211943-08-02United KingdomGolders Green Crematorium, Panel 1.
990 ChaseAlbert JohnSergeant1323849RAFVR115Sqn211944-08-13GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 21. B. 12-14.Son Of Albert Thomas Chase And Emily Clara Chase, Of Portsmouth.
991 ChattawayAlbertSergeant740638RAFVR21Sqn301941-02-11United KingdomBirmingham (Perry Bar) Crematorium, Left Hand Column.Son of John and Christine Chattaway, of Coventry; Husband of Lucie Marguerite Chattaway, of Coventry.
992 ChattersWilliam Albert AlfredSergeant1897453RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)201945-03-04GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 18. C. 9.Son Of Alfred George And Ada Elizabeth Chatters, Of Barkingside, Ilford, Essex.
993 ChattertonLawrence AlbertPilot Officer100987RAFVR71 (Eagle)Sqn1941-10-22United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 21. A. 13.
Of the U.S.A.
994 ChecchiDavid AlwynLeading Aircraftman409511RAAF211942-05-13AustraliaWillaura Cemetery, C. Of E. Plot. Row B. Grave 5. (Grm/3).Son Of Dr. Cyril Checchi And Frances Suddaby Checchi, Of Willaura.
995 CheeseCharles AlbertPilot Officer130692RAFVR162Sqn1943-05-18MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 6, Column 1.
996 CheesewrightAlbert George FrederickFlying Officer65030MiDRAFVR411942-05-04SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 412.Husband Of Dorothy Cheesewright, Of Earls Court, London.
997 ChellewJohn AlbertFlight Sergeant433893RAAF201945-09-03Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, GG. C. 6.

Son Of Arthur Roach Chellew And Lu Alicia Chellew, Of Young, New South Wales.
998 CheneyClarence AlbertLeading Aircraftman47626RAAF211945-05-17AustraliaAdelaide (Centennial Park) Cemetery, Plot W. Row B. Grave 12.Son Of Frederick And Hilda Louisa Cheney, Of Prospect.
999 ChesherCyril GeorgeSergeant701547RAFVR261944-10-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. E. 37.Son Of Edgar Stephen And Emma Elizabeth Chesher, Of Kempston, Bedford.
1000 ChesnuttCyrilFlight Sergeant633841RAF49Sqn251945-03-08United KingdomTorquay Cemetery And Extension, Sec. M. Grave 12111.

Son Of George And Cecilia Maud Chesnutt, Of Higher Brimley. His Brother Ralph Also Died On Service.

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