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#NameFirst NamesRankMilitary ServiceHonoursStatusAircraft TypeTail NumberDateIncidentSquadronGroup or WingCircumstances Of Incident        Notes        Links        Photo          
1 GloverErnest A 'Ernie'Flight LtRCAF assigned to USAF (Canada)F-86 SabreF000174841952-09-08334th Fighter Interceptor: Eagles
4th Ftr-Int Gp1 MIG-15 Victory + 1 Damaged MiG-15

Flying number four position when a two-ship element of MIGs was intercepted. The F-86 flight closed, but in the evasive action the MIGs made a hard-right turn which the number one and two men were unable to follow. Flight Lieutenant Glover, being in a more advantageous position, fired, observing immediate hits. The MIGs dived from 40,000 to 15,000 feet and during one violent pull up, the number two MIG went out of control and plunged into the ground. The lead MIG with Flight Lieutenant Glover still firing reached the sanctuary of the Yalu River. By this demonstration of tactical skill Flight Lieutenant Glover destroyed one MIG and inflicted damage on another,
2 GloverErnest A 'Ernie'Flight LtRCAF assigned to USAF (Canada)F-86 SabreF000174841952-09-09334th Fighter Interceptor: Eagles
4th Ftr-Int Gp1 MIG-15 Victory
3 GloverErnest A 'Ernie'Flight LtRCAF assigned to USAF (Canada)F-86 SabreF000174841952-09-16334th Fighter Interceptor: Eagles
4th Ftr-Int Gp1 MIG-15 Victory
4 GloverErnest A 'Ernie'FLTLTRCAF assigned to USAF (Canada)DFC, DFC (USA)F-86 Sabre334th Fighter Interceptor: Eagles
4th Ftr-Int Gp3 MiG-15 Victories. 2 Damaged MiG-15. 1952-06-15 - 1952-10-18.

Ernie Glover entered air combat during World War II flying night fighter missions in a Hawker Hurricane. Gaining valuable combat experience in Hurricanes, Ernie soon moved into the more powerful and formidable Hawker Typhoon, flying fighter missions into occupied Europe. On one such mission in 1943 over France, Ernie was blasted by German flak that downed his Typhoon forcing him into the hands of the Germans and a Prisoner Of War.

RCAF pilots in USAF marked Sabres flew over 900 combat missions with 9 confirmed MIG kills. Ernie happened to down 3 of those nine MIGs, the highest score of any RCAF pilot in Korea making him a distinguished combat pilot.

The Americans were generous in distributing Air Medals and their version of the Distinguished Flying Cross. Flight Lieutenant Ernest A. Glover, another “old sweat” from the Second World War, joined the USAF’s 334th Fighter Squadron at Kimpo (Seoul) in June 1952. Up until Aug. 26 he never saw a MiG; from then until the end of September he saw them nearly every day. He was ultimately credited with three MiG-15s destroyed, for which he was awarded both the American and Commonwealth DFC.

Glover sitting in his Canadian-built Sabre


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