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Luftwaffe Victories by Name and Date

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Data derived from many sources. Corrections/Additions requested through Helpdesk
This is a non-political research resource. The author of this material does not condone hatred in any form,
neither does he support oppressive and despotic regimes or political systems. See our Statement.

This remarkable database is intended to complement data in the Kracker Archive (on this site) by providing a daily account of each Luftwaffe pilot's actions against his opponent(s). Using a number of primary and secondary sources, we attempt to list for each pilot, his victories in their date order, so far as this has been possible (records, however, are on many occasions not up to this task). One line thus covers one complete action and victory. Thus, for example, you can read across from a pilot's name to discover that he scored 65 victories in total and the line you are reading is the 38th victory he recorded.

This is a work-in-progress.
It is our first 'crowd-corrected' database. The number of errors contained in the raw data is higher than for other of our databases and as a consequence, we need your help in cleaning up the data: with over 600,000 data items in the database we simply can't do this on our own. Duplication errors were introduced when we consolidated data from several sometimes-overlapping sources, and there are the usual errors associated with wartime records. Despite this, the records contain information not commonly found elsewhere and hence merit publication. It's relatively easy to see when a pilot's record is duplicated: 2 victories on the same date and at the same time are obviously describing a single incident, even if one version has the pilot's first name and other might not, comparing other details will show it's the same person. Let us know please when you find any of these, or any other errors, by raising a ticket on the Helpdesk. Thanks in advance.

Bear in mind when cross-referencing Luftwaffe claims to our Allied Losses and Incidents Database that for consistency, Date of Death in the Allied Losses and Incidents Database is the date the mission was briefed since the precise time of a loss was not usually certain at the time. Take-off was usually later the same day as the briefing, though occasionally a delay meant take-off occurred after midnight and therefore strictly the 'next day'. Our date is always the briefing date. Obviously many missions flew through midnight, therefore a Luftwaffe claim against a plane - or a locally generated crash report - may record the incident as occurring on the day following our date. For example, a Luftwaffe claim for a shoot-down at 0345 on 4 April will correspond to a Loss in the Allied Losses and Incidents Database for 3 April. Times are from German records and are thus are LOCAL (not GMT)

Search on date (format YYYY-MM-DD) to show who recorded victories in that date. Search on 'YYYY-MM-DD AND LaGG-3' to show who claimed a LaGG-3 victory on that date. Search on '1944-06' to discover all recorded victories on all fronts for June 1944. To Search on name, try 'last name'. If this produces too many results, use 'last name AND first name', thus 'marseille AND hans-joachim'

There are numerous duplicate entries included owing to the number of sources employed. These are being removed as found.

In the Links column you may find Links back to the Kracker Archive or forward to an extended story about this pilot, or a reference to his action in one of our other Databases. Where links are not provided, you may search for the pilot's name in our Kracker Archive, or you may use the serial number of his victim to search for further information in our Allied Losses and Incidents Database.

The Luftwaffe employed a grid reference system for action locations, as is occasionally shown in the location column. An explanation of the complex system is provided. An external site provides a conversion facility (unfortunately not currently accessible) which allows you to see the exact location of an action.
In order to get the location correct you must first determine (by reference to other sources) the location at which the pilot was based for this victory. This will tell you the Zusatzzahlgebiet (largest square) in which he was operating. Select that in the 'Current “Zusatzzahlgebiet“ (the largest square of Luftwaffe Map)' for example select 15 O (for 15 degrees East of Greenwich Meridian). After you have done that, put the location grid shown in the database in the 'Change Planquat' box, and you will then see a map showing where the action took place.

For actions on the Eastern Front, assistance with identifying Russian plane types is found here.

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#NameFirst NamesRankVictoriesSequenceVictoryDateVictory TimeOpponentAirCraftUnitLocationNotesLinksPhoto
1 OseauWalter (Gulle)1271271944-05-089:45P-47 Thunderbolt

Stab JG 1SW Verden
2 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71171942-06-0813:59Spitfire

4./JG 26WNW Dunkirk 
3 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71161942-06-0515:50Spitfire

4./JG 26WNW Ault 
4 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71151942-05-1711:35Spitfire

4./JG 26ArdresSpitfire of 602 Sqn, RAF
5 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71141942-04-2516:43Spitfire

4./JG 26Abbeville 
6 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71131942-04-1418:50Spitfire

4./JG 26CalaisSpitfire of 317 Sqn, RAF
7 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71121942-04-1017:43Spitfire

4./JG 26ÉtaplesSpitfire of 340 Sqn, RAF
8 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71111942-03-1316:29Spitfire

4./JG 26mid-Channel-DungenessSpitfire of 401 Sqn, RAF
9 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71101942-02-1217:08Spitfire

4./JG 26E Eu 
10 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'7191942-01-0915:36Spitfire

4./JG 26Le TouquetSpitfire of 71 Sqn, TAF
11 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'7181941-11-0813:08Spitfire

4./JG 2615km N Calais 
12 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'7171941-11-0510:40Spitfire

4./JG 26GravelinesSpitfire of 611 Sqn, RAF
13 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'7161941-08-278:25Spitfire

4./JG 26Bergues 
14 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71701944-12-2412:28P-47 Thunderbolt

6./JG 26LiegeP-47 of 36 FG, USAAF
15 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71691944-12-2412:27P-47 Thunderbolt

6./JG 26LiegeP-47 of 36 FG, USAAF
16 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71641944-06-1017:58P-47 Thunderbolt

6./JG 26N LissieuxP-47 of 365 FG, USAAF
17 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71631944-06-1017:58P-47 Thunderbolt

6./JG 26N LissieuxP-47 of 365 FG, USAAF
18 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71621944-06-1017:56P-47 Thunderbolt

6./JG 26N LissieuxP-47 of 365 FG, USAAF
19 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71571944-02-2215:30P-47 Thunderbolt

5./JG 2615km NW GeilenkirchenP-47 of 78FG, USAAF
20 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71521944-01-0713:45P-47 Thunderbolt

5./JG 26Near BoulogneP-47 of 4 FG, USAAF
21 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71461943-11-2610:40P-47 Thunderbolt

5./JG 26ChantillyP-47 of 78 FG, USAAF
22 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71-1943-10-1414:00P-47 Thunderbolt

5./JG 26Near BudelP-47 of 353 FG, USAAF – not confirmed
23 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71-1943-06-2618:55P-47 Thunderbolt

4./JG 26NW NeufchatelP-47 of 56 FG, USAAF – not confirmed
24 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71371943-06-2618:54P-47 Thunderbolt

4./JG 26NW NeufchatelP-47 of 56 FG, USAAF
25 AgricolaWalter1944-03-0612:45B-17 Fortress

5./JG 3SE Gardelegen 7000m
26 AgricolaWalter1944-05-2912:27B-24 Liberator

5./JG 3AK 7 Wollin 6500m
27 AgricolaWalter1944-06-2511:25P-47 Thunderbolt

5./JG 304 East N/AC (St Andre area) 50m
28 AgricolaWalter1944-06-1011:05P-51 Mustang

5./JG 3AB-8 (5km E LAigle) Low Level
29 AppelWalter1944-05-12 B-17 Fortress

8./JG 27   
30 AppelWalter1944-02-09 Beaufighter
9./JG 27S Insel Samos Low Level
31 AppelWalter1944-02-1312:07Beaufighter
8./JG 274km N Insel Milos Low Level
32 AppelWalter1944-04-2314:50P-51 Mustang

8./JG 2710km N Grubišno Polje (E Zagreb) 500m
33 ArnoldWalter1944-04-06 B-17 Fortress

9./JG 27SE Marburg  
34 ArnoldWalter1944-08-1714:50Typhoon

9./JG 27AC-14 (S. evreux) 1000m
35 BarteWalter1944-04-2302:084 MotorStab III./NJG 3SW Dusseldorf 5400m
36 BarteWalter1943-08-1711:35B-17 Fortress

4.NJG 1E. Liege  
37 BarteWalter1944-04-0915:50B-17 Fortress

Stab III./NJG 3FlPl Vaerlose 1530- 200-300m
38 BarteWalter1944-04-2913:28B-17 Fortress

Stab III./NJG 3FD-47 (Javenitz SW Stendal) 4300m
39 BarteWalter1943-06-1201:52Halifax

4./NJG 15255 6200m
40 BarteWalter1943-08-1801:59Halifax

4./NJG 1Peenemunde 2500m
41 BarteWalter1941-09-1523:54Hampden

Stab II./NJG 1   
42 BarteWalter1941-09-1522:51Hampden

Stab II./NJG 1   
43 BarteWalter1942-08-2501:46Lancaster

4./NJG 142267 15km SE Morkhoven 4700m
44 BarteWalter1943-06-1201:12Lancaster

4./NJG 15199 6500m
45 BarteWalter1943-08-1801:35Lancaster

4./NJG 1Peenemunde 2000m
46 BarteWalter1943-12-1620:05Lancaster

Stab III./NJG 3Bln-Reindendorf  
47 BarteWalter1944-01-1419:05Lancaster

Stab III.NJG 3W. BennebEastel  
48 BarteWalter1944-01-3020:10Lancaster

Stab III.NJG 3   
49 BarteWalter1942-05-3102:14Manchester

Kdo.II./NJG 1Kinroy 3500m
50 BarteWalter1942-05-3102:14Manchester

4./NJG 1   
51 BarteWalter1942-06-0602:27Stirling

4./NJG 1   
52 BarteWalter1942-05-3101:57Wellington

Kdo.II./NJG 130km N Hasselt 3400m
53 BarteWalter1942-05-3101:57Wellington

4./NJG 1   
54 BarteWalter1942-08-0102:28Wellington

Stab I./NJG 152/4/8 2km SW Oploo 3300m
55 BarteWalter1942-09-1701:23Wellington

4./NJG 151/1/2D3 4400m
56 BarteWalter1942-09-1700:55Wellington

4./NJG 141/2/3F6 2700m
57 BartelmeszWalter1943-05-1913:18B-17 Fortress

5./JG 1105 East N/8562 Hollig Southfall 7400m
58 BaurWalter1944-06-14 B-17 Fortress Hss

9./JG 27E Nangis  
59 BaurWalter1944-06-1409:00B-17 Fortress

9./JG 27Eastw Nangis 7000m
60 BeckerWalter1944-04-2911:05B-17 Fortress

6./JG 3Area Helmstedt 7500m
61 BeckerWalter1944-05-1212:40B-17 Fortress

6./JG 3QR-PR 6500m
62 BeckerWalter1944-05-1212:40B-17 Fortress

6./JG 305 East S/RR to PR-9 6500m
63 BeckerWalter1944-05-2912:20B-24 Liberator

6./JG 3BK Wollin 6500m
64 BeckerWalter1943-12-0813:48Beaufighter
10./JG 505 East N/FR-9 30m
65 BergerWalter1942-09-2917:30Wellington

13./KG4014W/8760 Bay of Biscay 311Sqn  
66 BerlinskaWalter1944-07-0210:28B-24 Liberator

2./JG 30214 East N/GS (W Budapest) 6500m
67 BerlinskaWalter1944-07-0210:25B-24 Liberator

2./JG 30214 East N/GS (W Budapest) 6500m
68 BerlinskaWalter1944-07-1610:25B-24 Liberator

2./JG 302Eastw NeusiedlerSea 6500m
69 BinderWalter1940-05-1420:20Curtiss Hawk 75A

3./JG 3NW Dinant  
70 BinderWalter1940-06-21 Float-plane3./JG 3Loire Estuary  
71 BinderWalter1940-06-21 Unident:3./JG 3Loiremundung  Shared half
72 BlumeWalter1944-04-0311:00B-17 Fortress e.V.B

3./JG 27KS-5 Kecsemet-Paks/Tolna 4000m
73 BlumeWalter1944-04-2413:38B-17 Fortress e.V.B

3./JG 27CC-9 (Dachau E Augsburg) 7000m
74 BlumeWalter1944-04-1212:20B-24 Liberator Hss

3./JG 27FN-5 (Neunkirchen) 7400m
75 BlumeWalter1944-04-1212:20B-24 Liberator Hss

3./JG 27FN-5 S Wiener Neustadt  
76 BlumeWalter1944-04-2314:25B-24 Liberator

3./JG 27SW Wiener Neustadt  
77 BlumeWalter1940-06-1417:40Defiant

7./JG 26Dreux  
78 BlumeWalter1940-06-1417:40Defiant

7./JG 26Dreux  
79 BlumeWalter1940-05-1418:45Hurricane

7./JG 26Brussel  
80 BlumeWalter1940-06-0810:15Hurricane

7./JG 26Neufchatel 3000m
81 BlumeWalter1940-06-0810:15Hurricane

7./JG 26Neufchatel 3000m
82 BlumeWalter1940-07-2516:35Spitfire

7./JG 26Dover Hafen  
83 BlumeWalter1940-08-1515:55Spitfire

7./JG 26East of Dover  
84 BlumeWalter1940-08-16 Spitfire

7./JG 26West of Calais  
85 BockEberhard28-1940-06-21Seaplane3./JG 3Loire EstuaryOn water- Shared with Lt Walter Binder
86 BohatschWalter1944-04-2911:20B-17 Fortress e.V.B

3./JG 3HE-8 (N Zerbst) 3000m
87 BohatschWalter1943-07-2616:55Il-75./JG 361888 200m
88 BohatschWalter1943-07-0503:45Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
5./JG 360169 50m
89 BohatschWalter1943-07-0611:00Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
5./JG 361638 200m
90 BohatschWalter1943-07-0703:46Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
5./JG 361491 200m
91 BohatschWalter1943-07-1404:57Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
5./JG 361493 300m
92 BohatschWalter1943-07-1715:50Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
5./JG 361131 200m
93 BohatschWalter1943-04-1715:03Lavochkin LaGG-3
5./JG 385341 200m
94 BohatschWalter1943-05-0917:10Lavochkin LaGG-5

5./JG 375262 200m
95 BohatschWalter1943-06-1405:31MiG-1

5./JG 360453 800m
96 BorchersWalter1943-12-1620:084 MotorStab III./NJG 510km NE Berlin 5800m
97 BorchersWalter1944-05-2500:544 MotorStab /NJG 515km W Aachen 4800m
98 BorchersWalter1944-06-0802:314 MotorStab /NJG 530km WSW Paris 1300m
99 BorchersWalter1944-06-0802:294 MotorStab /NJG 535km W Paris 1300m
100 BorchersWalter1944-06-0802:214 MotorStab /NJG 530km West of Paris 1300m
101 BorchersWalter1944-06-2500:254 MotorStab /NJG 5QD 3000m
102 BorchersWalter1944-06-2500:484 MotorStab /NJG 5NB 3 1000m
103 BorchersWalter1944-07-0501:504 MotorStab /NJG 505 East N/RE (Aniens) 2000m
104 BorchersWalter1944-07-1601:354 MotorStab /NJG 5Chalons-sur-Marne 1800m
105 BorchersWalter1944-07-2901:584 MotorStab /NJG 5NW Stuttgart 4000m
106 BorchersWalter1943-04-1713:52B-17 Fortress

Stab IV./NJG 105 East S/74/1 2G6 20m
107 BorchersWalter1943-10-09 B-17 Fortress

Stab III./NJG 5   
108 BorchersWalter1943-03-1815:45B-24 Liberator

8./NJG 350-100km NW Jademundung 4500m
109 BorchersWalter1944-01-04 B-24 Liberator

III./NJG 5   
110 BorchersWalter1944-01-04 B-24 Liberator

III./NJG 5   
111 BorchersWalter1944-01-05 B-24 Liberator

III./NJG 5Kiel-Tonning (assessed)  
112 BorchersWalter1940-06-0817:40Curtiss Hawk 75A

113 BorchersWalter1940-08-3012:30Hurricane

114 BorchersWalter1940-09-0414:35Hurricane

115 BorchersWalter1940-09-1117:05Hurricane

4./ZG76S Portsmouth 4500-5000m
116 BorchersWalter1944-04-1709:20Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
11./JG 5151811 30m
117 BorchersWalter1943-09-0400:45Lancaster

Stab III./NJG 510km ssE Neuruppin 4300m
118 BorchersWalter1940-05-1712:40Morane 405

4./ZG76   Listed as Morane
119 BorchersWalter1940-06-2217:50Morane 405

4./ZG76   Listed as Morane
120 BorchersWalter1940-06-0817:40P-40 Warhawk

121 BorchersWalter1940-05-2914:00Spitfire

122 BorchersWalter1940-05-2914:00Spitfire

123 BorchersWalter1940-08-1519:05Spitfire

4./ZG76S Salisbury 3500m
124 BorchersWalter1940-09-0414:05Spitfire

125 BorchersWalter1940-09-0414:10Spitfire

4./ZG7610km S London 3500m
126 BorchersWalter1943-08-2401:14Stirling

Stab III./NJG 5NE v Berlin Helenau 5300m
127 BorchersWalter1943-09-0100:50Stirling

Stab III./NJG 5S Berlin 4500m
128 BorchersWalter1943-03-0322:30Wellington

8./NJG 31km W Launsfert 3500m
129 BorchersWalter1943-04-0500:46Wellington

Stab IV./NJG 1546 1D in Sea 2900m
130 BorknerWalter1941-08-2015:35Spitfire

5./ZG764317 500m
131 BrandtWalter43161942-06-1316:15Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
2./JG 77
132 BrandtWalter43391944-12-1213:54Lancaster

2./JG 3Bottrop-Recklinghausen
133 BrandtWalter43401944-02-1916:07Lavochkin LaGG-3
2./JG 3
134 BrandtWalter43411945-03-0317:10Lavochkin LaGG-3
2./JG 3
135 BrandtWalter43181942-06-2617:00Lavochkin LaGG-3
2./JG 77
136 BrandtWalter43101942-03-0916:17Lavochkin LaGG-3
2./JG 77Designated L-301, but probably LaGG0
137 BrandtWalter4351941-10-2316:10Mig-3

2.(J)/LG 2
138 BrandtWalter43191942-06-286:16Mig-3

2./JG 77
139 BrandtWalter43201942-06-2816:15Mig-3

2./JG 77
140 BrandtWalter43321942-12-1011:30P-40 Tomahawk

2./JG 77
141 BrandtWalter43331942-12-1015:05P-40 Tomahawk

2./JG 77
142 BrandtWalter43341942-12-138:37P-40 Tomahawk

2./JG 77
143 BrandtWalter43351942-12-1315:37P-40 Tomahawk

2./JG 77
144 BrandtWalter43361943-01-128:37P-40 Tomahawk

2./JG 77
145 BrandtWalter43371943-01-1215:10P-40 Tomahawk

2./JG 77
146 BrandtWalter43-1943-01-138:37P-40 Tomahawk

2./JG 77Probably double (see victory 36)
147 BrandtWalter43381943-01-1410:20P-40 Tomahawk

2./JG 77
148 BrandtWalter43421945-03-0317:12Petlyakov Pe-2

2./JG 3
149 BrandtWalter43431945-03-0317:13Petlyakov Pe-2

2./JG 3
150 BrandtWalter4391942-02-2014:57Petlyakov Pe-2

2./JG 77
151 BrandtWalter4341941-10-1915:10Polikarpov I-15

2.(J)/LG 2
152 BrandtWalter4361941-11-0112:07Polikarpov I-15

2.(J)/LG 2
153 BrandtWalter4371941-11-0112:08Polikarpov I-15

2.(J)/LG 2
154 BrandtWalter4381942-02-0915:45Polikarpov I-15

2./JG 77
155 BrandtWalter43111942-05-087:04Polikarpov I-15

3 Chaika
2./JG 77
156 BrandtWalter43121942-05-285:24Polikarpov I-16
2./JG 77
157 BrandtWalter43131942-05-285:29Polikarpov I-16
2./JG 77
158 BrandtWalter43171942-06-1418:40Polikarpov I-16
2./JG 77
159 BrandtWalter4311941-03-1315:20Spitfire

2.(J)/LG 220km N Cap Gris Nez
160 BrandtWalter43211942-07-106:33Spitfire

2./JG 77
161 BrandtWalter43221942-07-138:22Spitfire

2./JG 77
162 BrandtWalter43231942-07-2616:55Spitfire

2./JG 77
163 BrandtWalter43241942-07-3018:20Spitfire

2./JG 77
164 BrandtWalter43251942-09-1510:17Spitfire

2./JG 77
165 BrandtWalter43261942-10-118:25Spitfire

2./JG 77
166 BrandtWalter43271942-10-1210:15Spitfire

2./JG 77
167 BrandtWalter43281942-10-148:10Spitfire

2./JG 77
168 BrandtWalter43291942-10-1417:50Spitfire

2./JG 77
169 BrandtWalter43301942-10-1617:40Spitfire

2./JG 77
170 BrandtWalter43311942-12-0715:03Spitfire

2./JG 77
171 BrandtWalter4321941-06-24Tupolev SB-2

2.(J)/LG 2
172 BrandtWalter4331941-10-1614:00Tupolev SB-2

2.(J)/LG 2
173 BrandtWalter43141942-06-0212:33Yakolev Yak-1

2./JG 77
174 BrandtWalter43151942-06-1010:42Yakolev Yak-1

2./JG 77
175 BreugelWalter1944-05-1202:384 Motor4./KG 51Bredstedt 100m
176 BrieglebWalter1944-02-2003:224 Motor10./NJG 350-100km West of Berlin 5600m
177 BrieglebWalter1944-03-2423:234 Motor10./NJG 3Halle-Leipzig 5800m
178 BrieglebWalter1944-04-2323:424 Motor10./NJG 3100km WSW Copenhagen 4000m
179 BrieglebWalter1944-05-0323:484 Motor7./NJG 1Maibach-Harz  
180 BrieglebWalter1944-05-2200:444 Motor10./NJG 305 East N/PU 68 4300m
181 BrieglebWalter1944-06-1101:174 Motor10./NJG 3Stadtgeb Gosser Paris 1500m
182 BrieglebWalter1944-06-1101:144 Motor10./NJG 3NW Rand Paris 1200m
183 BrieglebWalter1944-06-1101:244 Motor10./NJG 320km West of Paris  
184 BrieglebWalter1944-06-1101:324 Motor10./NJG 3Eastw Rouen 2500m
185 BrieglebWalter1944-06-1302:064 Motor10./NJG 3Area Abbeville 1000m
186 BrieglebWalter1944-06-1702:164 Motor10./NJG 3FuF Kurfurst 4000m
187 BrieglebWalter1944-07-1902:204 Motor10./NJG 350-100m NW Amsterdam 3500m
188 BrieglebWalter1944-07-2101:334 Motor10./NJG 350km S FuF Kurfurst 3500m
189 BrieglebWalter1944-07-2101:154 Motor10./NJG 350km S/FuF Kurfurst 4500m
190 BrieglebWalter1944-07-2902:164 Motor10./NJG 305 East S/AN (Normeny S Metz) 2500m
191 BronderWalter1944-06-3020:39P-47 Thunderbolt

6./JG 3UA (Lisieux) 2200m
192 BuddeWalter1943-10-1414:25B-17 Fortress

193 BuddeWalter1944-04-1111:50B-17 Fortress

5./ZG26SK EastSea (NE Rugen) 3000m
194 BuddeWalter1944-05-1214:25-35B-17 Fortress

5./ZG26OA-OB 6000m
195 BuddeWalter1944-06-2009:10-15B-24 Liberator

5./ZG2615 East N/SF Rugen 7500m
196 ClausenWalter1939-09-0911:10PZL P-43

I.(Z)LG1E. Siedlce  
197 CzikowskyWalter1939-09-2415:40Curtiss Hawk 75A

6./JG 53S Saarbrucken  
198 CzikowskyWalter1939-09-2512:20Curtiss Hawk 75A

6./JG 53S Bienwald  
199 CzikowskyWalter1939-09-2415:40P-40 Warhawk

6./JG 53S Saarbrucken  
200 CzikowskyWalter1939-09-2512:20P-40 Warhawk

6./JG 53S Bienwald  
201 DiesselhorstWalter1942-02-1216:47Wellington

5./JG 190km W. Texel  
202 DobrathWalter1944-05-2411:02B-17 Fortress

1./JG 1CH-CI-DH (Prenzlau) 6500m
203 DobrathWalter1944-05-2814:08B-17 Fortress

1./JG 1HD-HC-IC-ID (SW Magdeburg) 7000m
204 DobrathWalter1944-04-2913:35B-24 Liberator Hss

1./JG 105 East S/ER Area Vechta 5500m
205 DobrathWalter1944-06-2009:05P-38 Lightning

1./JG 1AU-AA (Trun-Argentan) 1000m
206 DobrathWalter1944-06-2009:05P-38 Lightning

1./JG 1AU-AA (Trun-Argentan) 1000m
207 DobrathWalter1944-06-1319:58P-47 Thunderbolt

1./JG 1BS-BT-CS-CT (Ernee) 2000-1500m
208 DobrathWalter1944-06-1519:35P-47 Thunderbolt

1./JG 1AU (Falais area) 1000m
209 DobrathWalter1944-06-1621:25-35Spitfire

1./JG 1AT-AU (Conde-sur-Noireau) 1-150m
210 DrewesMartinHptm.41st1944-06-1702:16Halifax

Stab III./NJG 1North sea 80 km WSW IJmuiden at 4.700mHptm. Martin Drewes from Stab III./NG1 claimed a Lancaster (his 41st Abschuss) over the sea 80 km WSW IJmuiden at 4.700m at 02:16 hrs. This was recorded as a probable for 103 Sqn Lancaster LM173. However it is believed that the aircraft was in fact 426 Sqn Halifax LK879, which was claimed as a probable Lt. Walter Briegleb his 9th Abschuss, from 10./NJG3.
211 EbertWalter1942-10-2114:00B-17 Fortress II

8./JG 230km S Brest 4000-200m
212 EbertWalter1942-11-1814:42B-17 Fortress II

8./JG 26963/14 West 100m
213 EbertWalter1942-11-2313:33B-17 Fortress

8./JG 214 West N/40/3/7 3000m
214 EbertWalter1942-12-3013:17B-17 Fortress

8./JG 214 West N/48/5/7 5900m
215 EbertWalter1943-05-0113:54B-17 Fortress

8./JG 25958/14 West Low Level
216 EbertWalter1943-05-2916:25B-17 Fortress

8./JG 22934/14 West 5000m
217 EbertWalter1943-06-2817:55B-17 Fortress

8./JG 26836/15 West 2000m
218 EbertWalter1943-09-0612:25B-17 Fortress

10./JG 210km South Villeneuve 5-7000m
219 EbertWalter1943-09-0612:35B-17 Fortress

10./JG 229555/04 East 200-100m
220 EbertWalter1944-01-1111:31B-17 Fortress

10./JG 2Minden  
221 EbertWalter1944-02-0814:07B-17 Fortress

10./JG 205 East S/00/5/5 8500m
222 EbertWalter1944-02-2216:05B-17 Fortress

10./JG 28km South Antwerpen 6000m
223 EbertWalter1942-11-2613:41Beaufighter
8./JG 214 West N/68/5/5 50m
224 EbertWalter1943-04-0713:45Catalina PBY

8./JG 25944/14 West 90-100m
225 EbertWalter1940-08-2617:35Hurricane

8./JG 2Portsmouth  
226 EbertWalter1943-04-3015:54P-51 Mustang

8./JG 240km N Morlaix Low Level
227 EbertWalter1943-06-1209:48P-51 Mustang

8./JG 25086/15 West Low Level
228 EbertWalter1943-04-0517:58Spitfire

8./JG 25917/14 West Low Level
229 EbertWalter1943-04-1116:45Spitfire

8./JG 215 West S/5054 Low Level
230 EbertWalter1943-05-1617:55Spitfire

8./JG 24918/14 West 7-800m
231 EbertWalter1943-01-0617:53Whitley V

8./JG 210km NE Ile d Oeussant 100m
232 EckelWalter1943-08-2801:45Lancaster EE194

2.NJG 4NW Nurnburg 4000-4500m467 Sqd (Boiten)
233 EhleWalter1942-08-0702:404 MotorStab II./NJG 12km SW Graubroek 4500m
234 EhleWalter1943-08-1801:444 MotorStab II./NJG 1Peenemunde 5000m
235 EhleWalter1943-11-0314:25B-17 Fortress

Stab II.NJG 1   
236 EhleWalter1942-06-0202:34Blenheim

Stab II./NJG 1   
237 EhleWalter1943-05-2601:51Halifax

Stab II./NJG 161/1/6 4800m
238 EhleWalter1943-05-3001:05Halifax

Stab II./NJG 16113 4200m
239 EhleWalter1943-05-3000:37Halifax

Stab II./NJG 16132 5600m
240 EhleWalter1943-06-2202:39Halifax

Stab II./NJG 14km NW Boxtel 5000m
241 EhleWalter1942-09-0301:59Lancaster

Stab II./NJG 151/5/3A8 3200m
242 EhleWalter1943-05-1302:44Lancaster

Stab II./NJG 162/7/1 4800m
243 EhleWalter1943-06-1701:18Lancaster

Stab II./NJG 1SW Julich 5000m
244 EhleWalter1943-07-2801:26Lancaster

Stab II./NJG 1Glinde (E Hamburg) 6000m
245 EhleWalter1943-08-3103:45Lancaster

Stab II./NJG 1Giesenkirchen 4500m
246 EhleWalter1943-11-0319:40Lancaster

Stab II.NJG 130km WNW Koln  
247 EhleWalter1943-08-1801:46Lancaster

Stab II./NJG 1Peenemunde 2800m
248 EhleWalter1941-06-3002:45Stirling

Stab II./NJG 1   
249 EhleWalter1942-09-0204:13Stirling

Stab II./NJG 141/2/4D5 4000m
250 EhleWalter1942-09-1701:08Stirling

Stab II./NJG 141/4/3G9 4000m
251 EhleWalter1943-04-1103:45Stirling

Stab II./NJG 11km S Tongerlo (Venlo) 4000m
252 EhleWalter1943-05-2601:52Stirling

Stab II./NJG 161/1/6 4700m
253 EhleWalter1943-05-2601:52Stirling

Stab II./NJG 161/16 4700m
254 EhleWalter1943-05-2601:55Stirling

Stab II./NJG 161/1/3 4300m
255 EhleWalter1943-06-2902:55Stirling

Stab II./NJG 140km WSW Diest 4600m
256 EhleWalter1943-08-2802:00Stirling

Stab II.NJG 1NW Nurnburg  
257 EhleWalter1940-07-2101:38Wellington

3.NJG 112km NW Munster  
258 EhleWalter1941-05-1100:57Wellington

Stab II./NJG 1Westhever/Schleswig-Holstein  
259 EhleWalter1941-06-3001:52Wellington

Stab II./NJG 1   
260 EhleWalter1942-08-1203:12Wellington

Stab II./NJG 14121J3 Thilbroek 3000m
261 EhleWalter1942-08-2823:51Wellington

Stab II./NJG 1   
262 EhleWalter1942-08-2823:02Wellington

Stab II./NJG 1515 4g6 E 4700m
263 EhleWalter1942-08-2823:51Wellington

Stab II./NJG 1N Charolle 2000m
264 EhleWalter1942-08-2902:52Wellington

Stab II./NJG 1N Gross Doireau 3000m
265 EhleWalter1942-09-0704:55Wellington

Stab II./NJG 152/3/7G4 3000m
266 EhleWalter1943-05-2602:35Wellington

Stab II./NJG 152/6/8 3000m
267 EhrhardtWalter1944-05-0613:58Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
4./JG 5235332 200m
268 EhrhardtWalter1944-05-0711:11Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
4./JG 5235474 500m
269 EhrhardtWalter1944-05-0817:36Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
4./JG 5235362 1000m
270 EhrhardtWalter1944-05-0908:10Yakolev Yak-7

4./JG 5235473 1000m
271 EngelWalter1021944-12-1822:114 Motor3./NJG 5N Gotenhafen
272 EngelWalter10101944-12-2318:17B-253./NJG 5
273 EngelWalter1031944-12-2018:40Ilyushin DB-3

3./NJG 5
274 EngelWalter1041944-12-210:51Ilyushin DB-3

3./NJG 5E Memel
275 EngelWalter1051944-12-211:01Ilyushin DB-3

3./NJG 5NE Memel
276 EngelWalter1061944-12-211:07Ilyushin DB-3

3./NJG 5E Memel
277 EngelWalter1081944-12-2217:39Ilyushin DB-3

3./NJG 5
278 EngelWalter1091944-12-2317:50Ilyushin DB-3

3./NJG 5
279 EngelWalter1071944-12-2217:17Lisunov Li-2 (PS-84)

3./NJG 5
280 EngelWalter1011944-12-143./NJG 5
281 EnserWalter1944-05-2915:42B-17 Fortress

9./JG 54TN1/SM 9 (Baltic off Kolberg) 10m
282 EnserWalter1944-08-0612:20B-24 Liberator

9./JG 54UE-1 4500m
283 EnserWalter1944-08-0612:21B-24 Liberator

9./JG 54UE-4 4500m
284 EnserWalter1944-06-1407:31P-47 Thunderbolt

9./JG 54AC-5 (St Andre-de-lEure) 50m
285 EnserWalter1944-06-2316:55Spitfire

9./JG 54UU-5 (Caen town) 200m
286 ExnerWalter1944-06-0802:064 Motor7./NJG 2NW Paris 1800m
287 ExnerWalter1944-06-0802:084 Motor7./NJG 2NW Paris 1800m
288 FenskeWalter1942-08-0503:50B-24 Liberator

9./NJG 2   
289 FenskeWalter1941-06-3013:30Halifax

I.NJG 1SW Husum  
290 FenskeWalter1941-06-3013:20Halifax

I.NJG 1S. Garding  
291 FenskeWalter1943-07-2822:44Ilyushin DB-3

11./NJG 579822 2000m
292 FenskeWalter1941-06-2701:46Manchester

I.NJG 1NW St. Peter  
293 FenskeWalter1941-06-2701:31Manchester

I.NJG 1Adolf Hitler-Koog  
294 FenskeWalter1939-09-0117:10PZL P-24

295 FenskeWalter1939-09-03-PZL P-24

296 FenskeWalter1942-08-0101:37Stirling

9./NJG 2   
297 FenskeWalter1943-06-1502:15Stirling

11./NJG 512km SE Rennes 2500m
298 FenskeWalter1941-08-0903:22Wellington

I.NJG 13km N. Heligoland  
299 FenskeWalter1941-06-2600:53Whitley

I.NJG 13km W. Wittbrock  
300 FielWalter1940-09-1118:40Albacore

8./JG 53Calais v FAA  
301 FielWalter1940-09-1118:40Blenheim

8./JG 53Calais v 235Sqn  
302 FielWalter1940-05-25 Morane 406

Stab I./JG 3Arras  
303 FielWalter1940-05-2212:40Potes 63

Stab I./JG 3Near Arras  
304 FielWalter1940-05-2212:40Potes 63

Stab I./JG 3Near Arras  
305 FinkWalter1942-04-2509:55P-40 Warhawk

7./JG 27NNE Gazala in Sea  
306 FinkWalter1942-06-1615:37P-40 Warhawk

7./JG 2710km SE El Adem  
307 FinkWalter1942-09-0114:15Spitfire

7./JG 27North of Amriya  
308 GehrWalter1944-05-2814:07B-17 Fortress Hss

4./JG 1   
309 GeisenWalter1943-06-2209:38Hurricane IIc

7./JG 536 East/39/1/7 1000m
310 GeisenWalter1943-06-2209:34Hurricane IIc

7./JG 536 East/39/1/4 800m
311 GeisenWalter1943-02-1712:30Hurricane

7./JG 520422 200m
312 GeisenWalter1943-05-2218:30Hurricane

7./JG 537 East/20 482 1500m
313 GeisenWalter1943-05-2401:02P-39 Airacobra

7./JG 537 East/20 763 200m
314 GeisenWalter1943-06-0503:50P-39 Airacobra

7./JG 537 East/20/3/6/2 10m
315 GeisenWalter1943-04-2903:37Polikaprov Po-2

7./JG 537 East/2925 50mClaimed as P31
316 GerigkWalter1940-08-0518:51Spitfire

317 GerigkWalter1940-08-1307:45Spitfire

13.(Z)LG1S. Guildford 5500m
318 GerigkWalter1940-08-1518:51Spitfire

319 GlaserWalter1942-07-1410:37Hurricane

2./JG 2720km S El-Alamein  
320 GlaserWalter1942-07-1410:37Hurricane

2./JG 2720km S. El-Alamein  
321 GlaserWalter1942-07-2009:35P-40 Warhawk

2./JG 27SE Fuka  
322 GlaserWalter1942-07-2009:35P-40 Warhawk

2./JG 27SE Fuka  
323 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71321943-04-0514:42B-17 Fortress

4./JG 26N Scheldt EstuaryB-17 of 306 BG, USAAF
324 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71361943-06-229:15B-17 Fortress

4./JG 26Katz-N Beveland IsB-17 of 381 BG, USAAF
325 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71391943-08-129:28B-17 Fortress

4./JG 26W Mönchen- Gladbach 
326 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71401943-08-1717:45B-17 Fortress

4./JG 26NW SchouwenB-17 of 305 BG, USAAF
327 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71411943-08-3119:32B-17 Fortress

4./JG 26Le TréportB-17 of 303 BG, USAAF
328 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71421943-09-0310:35B-17 Fortress

4./JG 26E Paris 
329 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71431943-10-1015:41B-17 Fortress

5./JG 26N DeelenB-17 of 100 BG, USAAF
330 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71441943-11-1114:55B-17 Fortress

5./JG 26SW DordrechtB-17 of 94 BG, USAAF
331 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71-1943-11-1114:57B-17 Fortress

5./JG 26SW DordrechtB-17 of 94 BG, USAAF – not confirmed
332 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71471943-11-2611:03B-17 Fortress

5./JG 26Near BeauvaisB-17 of 100 BG, USAAF
333 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71511943-12-3115:00B-17 Fortress

5./JG 26Lorient-Auringes 
334 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71531944-02-1114:05B-17 Fortress

5./JG 2620km NW PoixB-17 of 351 BG, USAAF
335 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71541944-02-2115:50B-17 Fortress

5./JG 266km W Bergen aan SeeB-17 of 95 BG, USAAF
336 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71551944-02-2212:50B-17 Fortress

5./JG 267km W Dorsten 
337 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71581944-02-2215:35B-17 Fortress

5./JG 26SW Grevenbroich 
338 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71-1944-02-2215:40B-17 Fortress

5./JG 26GeilenkirchenNot confirmed
339 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71-1944-02-2517:00B-17 Fortress

5./JG 26 B-17 of 390 BG, USAAF – not confirmed
340 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71381943-08-129:05B-17 Fortress

4./JG 26Near Hagen 
341 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71-1944-02-2212:55B-17 Fortress

5./JG 26 Not confirmed
342 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71561944-02-2213:10B-17 Fortress

5./JG 2612km NE Wesel 
343 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71591944-05-099:51B-24 Liberator

6./JG 267km E TurnhoutB-24 of 453 BG, USAAF
344 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71601944-05-099:57B-24 Liberator

6./JG 267km SSW TurnhoutB-24 of 466 BG, USAAF
345 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71611944-05-1114:00B-24 Liberator

6./JG 26NE ChateudunB-24 of 44 BG, USAAF
346 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71-1943-08-1912:30B-26 Marauder

4./JG 26N FranceB-26 of 323 BG, USAAF – not confirmed
347 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71661944-09-2117:18C-47 Dakota/Skytrain

6./JG 26Nijmegen 
348 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71281943-03-2818:42Mosquito

4./JG 26S LilleMosquito of 105 Sqn, RAF
349 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71291943-03-2818:41Mosquito

4./JG 26S LilleMosquito of 105 Sqn, RAF
350 GlunzAdolph 'Addi'71451943-11-1410:06Mosquito

5./JG 26Near LensMosquito of 1409 Flt, RAF

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